AAOF 2022 Year in Review

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The mission of the AAO Foundation is to advance the orthodontic specialty by supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care, and by promoting orthodontic charitable giving.



I am thrilled to report the AAO Foundation had a very successful and busy 2022. Among many other priorities, the focus remained fundraising to allow us to meet our mission of supporting quality education and research as well as expanding our charitable giving through Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) and the Disaster Relief Fund.

We were excited to attend our first in-person AAO Annual Session in Miami in two years. Over 750 Residents visited the AAOF booth and became eligible for the Fred A. Garrett Resident Education Program incentive of $400 to offset expenses for them to attend the valuable conference. We hosted our first annual Donor Appreciation Cocktail Reception to raise our glass to you, our donors. We recognized several award recipients at the AAO Foundation Breakfast, including the 2022 Eugene and Pauline Blair Distinguished Service Award, which went to Dr. David M. Sarver.

Our Awards Program continues to support quality education and research and this year alone granted over $459,000 to worthy applicants to support their projects.

AAOF continues to support the Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection Project, extending the support for an additional 5 years. AAOSI announced in 2022 a matching gift campaign, pledging to match up to $25,000 in donations made toward the support of this project.

The Foundation continued its support for the GORP meeting, which was held in person for residents, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If you want to further your commitment to the AAOF, join me and the AAOF Board of Directors by making a financial contribution to the AAO Foundation today. https://aaof.aaoinfo.org/select-pledge

2022-2023 AAOF BOARD OF

Chris Bentson President, Public Director

Lili Horton, DMD, MS President-Elect (PCSO Director)

Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE Secretary-Treasurer & AAO Ex-Officio

Simon Beard Public Director

Mark Berkman, DDS, MS GLAO Director

Robert James Bray, DDS, MS National Planned Giving Chair, MASO Director

John Carter, DDS, MSD SWSO Director

Wanda Claro, DDS, MS PARC Liaison, SAO Director

Frank Hemm Public Director

Christina Bonebreak Jackson, DDS NESO Director

James G. Klarsch, DDS, MSD National Vanguard Society Chair, MSO Director

James G. Klarsch, DDS, MSD MSO Director National Vanguard Society Chair

Andrew Larkin, DMD, MPH Resident Director

Kristen Lowe, DDS, MS RMSO Director

Christine D. Nguyen, DMD Resident Director

Orhan C. Tuncay, DMD MASO Director

Richard Williams, DDS, MS AAO Ex-Officio

DIRECTORS Front row (left to right): Chris Bonebreak Jackson, Christine Nguyen, Mark Berkman, Jackie Bode (staff), Chris Bentson, Lili Horton, Richard Williams, Kristen Lowe, John Lorenz (incoming Resident Director), Jennifer Shahar (incoming Resident Director) Back row (left to right): Mindy Copp (staff), James Klarsch, John Carter, Frank Hemm, Orhan Tuncay, Wanda Claro, Lynne Thomas Gordon, Andrew Larkin, Jennifer Stocks (staff) and Simon Beard. Not pictured: Robert Bray, Cheryl Young (staff)




Align Technology

American Orthodontics Corporation



3M Oral Care

Dentsply GAC

Ormco Corporation

TP Orthodontics, Inc.



Great Lakes Dental Technologies


Ortho Technology, Inc.



AAO Services, Inc.


Pacific Dental Services

Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc.



Carestream Dental


Dental Monitoring

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions

Forestadent USA

G & H Wire Company

Henry Schein Cares Foundation

Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Intrado Interactive Services Corporation

Ortho2 - Ortho Computer Systems, Inc.

O.S.E. Co., Inc.

Philips Sonicare

Specialty Appliances

Tru-Tain Orthodontics

Charlene White

Roth Williams Center for Functional Occlusion, Inc.

Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd

Zuelke & Associates, Inc.



Boyd Industries, Inc.



Allesee Ortho Appliances/AOA Lab

Lancer Orthodontics, Inc.

Matlack/Van Every Design Inc.



Class One Orthodontics/Zulauf

Dexta Corporation

DOME, Inc.

Joan Garbo & Associates


Ortho Organizers, Inc.

Ross Orthodontic Equipment

Venture Six, Inc.





Acuscape International, Inc.

Beck Instrument - E.A. Beck & Co.

Bentson Copple & Associates

Debbie Best, Consulting Network

Byrne Consulting

GC America, Inc.

Hummingbird Associates

Interplak By Conair

Lang Dental Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Lending Club Patient Solutions

LeoneAmerica Dental Products, Inc.

LightForce Orthodontics, Inc.

Neon Canvas

Oasys Practice, LLC

OREC Professional Marketing Systems, Inc.

Ortho Arch Company



PAR Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc.

Quick Ceph Systems, Inc.

Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc.

Rosen & Associates, LLP

Sesame Communications


Summit Orthodontic Services, Inc.


UBS Financial Services

US Orthodontic Products

The Wehmer Corporation

WildSmiles Braces

“At DentalMonitoring we like to partner with organizations that share our values and passion for the orthodontic specialty. Together with the AAOF, we support continuous education and research to help advance the knowledge and expertise in our industry all with the aim to provide excellent patient care and experience and to help our customers grow. Improving accessibility to treatment through charity is another important driver in our collaboration with the AAOF.”



Fred A. Garrett Resident Education Program

The AAO Foundation recognizes the importance of residents having the opportunity to experience an AAO Annual Session, and we offer support through this program by offering a one-time incentive to help offset expenses to attend the conference. In 2022, we assisted 750 residents through this program. The AAOF Board of Directors and staff enjoy interacting with the residents as they visit the AAOF booth in the exhibit hall to confirm their attendance by completing a brief survey, which includes a selfie in the booth. It was recently announced that the program will return for 2023 in Chicago.

For more information on the program, visit www.aaofoundation.net/residents

“This program is so appreciated by the residents. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect them with the AAO and AAOF at this early stage in their career.”




This award is presented to a person, group or organization who has made exceptional contributions to the furtherance of the mission and goals of the Foundation. We proudly present the 2022 Blair Award to: Dr. David M. Sarver for his dedication and commitment to the AAOF.


The AAO Foundation hosted its first exclusive donor appreciation cocktail reception in Miami in 2022. This invite-only event was well attended, and will return in 2023 in Chicago.

His commitment to the AAO Foundation is evident as a Founder Level giver. Dr. David M. Sarver has spent the last 42 years providing exceptional results to his patients and giving liberally to the specialty in the form of research, publishing, and teaching. His reach extends beyond the U.S. to around the globe. The list of accomplishments, publications, lectures and contributions to organized orthodontics at local, state, regional and national levels is extensive. His commitment to the AAO Foundation is evident as a Founder Level giver. Significantly, upon hearing about Robert Hazel’s cancer, he increased his pledge and contributions in honor of Robert. His dedication and commitment to the profession have been rarely seen or matched in the history of modern orthodontics.

DR. DAVID M. SARVER 2022 Eugene and Pauline Blair Distinguished Service Award recipient Dr. David M. Sarver poses with his award surrounded by his team and family.


7 7 12

Biomedical Research Awards


Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards


Research Aid Awards


Craniofacial Growth Legacy Project Support


Total of $459,425




• Iacopo Cioffi, University of Toronto

B.F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award

• Hyeran Helen Jeon, University of Pennsylvania Graber Family Biomedical Research and Teaching Award

• Yan Jing, Texas A&M College of Dentistry Burstone-Indiana Biomechanics Award

• Toru Deguchi, The Ohio State University

Fred F. Schudy Memorial Research Award

• Eliane Dutra, University of Connecticut Health Center

Robert L. Boyd Biomedical Research Award

• Christine Hong, University of California, San Francisco

Robert James Bray Biomedical Research Award

• Amy Tasca, University of Minnesota

The Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award


• Ginny Ching Yun Hsu, Oregon Health & Science University

Willie and Earl Shepard Fellowship Award

• Jonas Bianchi, University of the Pacific

Graber Family Teaching and Research Award

• Shivam Mehta, Marquette University School of Dentistry

James L. Vaden Teaching Fellowship Award

• Maysaa Oubaidin, University of Illinois, Chicago

Orhan C. Tuncay Teaching Fellowship Award

• Po-Jung Chen, University of Connecticut Health Center

T. M. Graber Teaching Fellowship Award

• Ildeu Andrade, Medical University of South Carolina

Eugene E. West Memorial Fellowship Award

• Dimitrios Michelogiannakis, Eastman Institute for Oral Health, University of Rochester

Robert E. Gaylord Teaching Fellowship Award

• Meenakshi Vishwanath, University of Nebraska Medical Center

T.M. Graber Teaching Fellowship Award


• Silvia Gianoni Capenakas, University of Alberta

Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award

• Erika Babikow, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award

• Adam Hoxie, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award

• Emelia Karkazis, University of Illinois, Chicago

Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award

• Erin Yoshida, University of Washington

• Youngjae Sung, University of Illinois, Chicago

• Sara Kahng, University of Illinois, Chicago

• Nathaly Lemoine, Texas A&M College of Dentistry

• Fatemah Husain, University of Buffalo School of Dentistry

• Jia Lin Liu, University of Toronto

• Sheng Wang, The Ohio State University

• Ronald Lowe, University at Buffalo School of Dentistry


1994-1998 $1,399,093

$15 million





“Generous funding by the AAOF is indeed pivotal to my research investigations and growth as an independent research scientist and orthodontic educator. I truly express my very sincere gratitude for the continuous support from the AAOF.

I also looked back and found how grateful I have been with the AAOF support I received for the past years (PFA, OFDFA, BRA). They were certainly a huge support being step stones for my NIH funding.”

– KYUNGSUP SHIN DMD MS PhD Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

10 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022

1994 - $108,945 1995 - $221,208 1996 - $275,695 1997 - $396,785 1998 - $396,460 1999-2003
1999 - $562,578 2000 - $624,950 2001 - $723,660 2002 - $469,419 2003
2004 - $295,347 2005 - $337,231 2006 - $652,978 2007 - $712,800 2008 - $594,911
$470,000 2015
TOTAL $15,038,246
2014-2021 $3,421,316
- $687,000
- $800,830
- $676,774 2018 - $786,712 2009-2013 $2,395,000
- $120,000
- $150,000
- $980,000
- $540,000
- $605,000 2019-2022 $2,726,963
- $774,738
- $721,629
- $771,171
- $459,425
Since 1994, the AAOF Awards Program has contributed the following to orthodontic education and research.



Members of PARC, who met in St. Louis in January 2023 are pictured: L/R Front Row: Mark Berkman (GLAO - AAOF Board); Sunil Wadhwa (NESO/NY); Sarandeep Huja (SAO/ SC – Chair); Sylvia Frazier-Bowers (GLAO/IN – Vice Chair); Martin Palomo (GLAO/OH) L/R Back Row: Jackie Bode (Senior Vice President, AAOF); Peter Buschang (SWSO/ TX); Christine Hong (PCSO/CA); Veerasathpurush Allareddy (MSO/IL); Wellington Rody (GLAO/PA); Orhan Tuncay (MASO/ PA – AAOF Board); Mindy Copp (AAOF Staff); Jennifer Stocks (AAOF Staff) Not pictured: Wanda Claro (SAO/TN – AAOF Board Liaison); Eric Kang Ting (PCSO/CA); Cheryl Young (AAOF Staff)

While keeping the ultimate fiduciary responsibility of the Awards Program, the Foundation Board has delegated to the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) the responsibility of reviewing the various applications and recommending which are to be funded. In addition, the committee is responsible for making recommendations about any alterations in the Foundation’s Awards Program. PARC is composed of nine voting members and one nonvoting member: Voting members of PARC are selected by the AAOF Board of Directors from recommendations originating from the AAO Board of Trustees; through the AAO Council on Education (COE) and AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA), PARC and from the AAOF Board itself. Individuals recommended by either council and nominated by the AAO BOT need not be members of either council. Typically, PARC members serve a maximum of two three-year terms. The Chair and Vice Chair of PARC are both determined by the AAOF BOD. The member of PARC, who is designated the AAOF Board Liaison to PARC, is selected by the AAOF BOD from among Foundation Directors.

PARC membership for 2022–2023

Sarandeep S. Huja DDS, Chair (SAO/SC)

Sylvia Frazier-Bowers, DDS, PhD, Vice Chair (GLAO/IN)

Veerasathpurush Allareddy BDS, PhD (MSO/IL)

Peter Buschang PhD (SWSO/TX)

Wanda Claro DDS, MS, Board Liaison (SAO/TN)

Christine Hong, DMD, MS (PCSO/CA)

J. Martin Palomo DDS, MSD (GLAO/OH)

Wellington Rody DDS (GLAO/PA)

Eric Kang Ting DMD (PCSO/CA)

Sunil Wadhwa DDS, PhD (NESO/NY)

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 11



Graber Family Biomedical Research and Teaching Award

Project Description

Dr. Hyeran Helen Jeon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Jeon has received her DDS at Pusan National University, Periodontics training and a MSD degree at Ewha Womans University, and Orthodontics training and a DScD degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Jeon is a Korean Board of Periodontology Board-certified periodontist (2008) and an American Board of Orthodontics Board-certified orthodontist (2014). Recently Dr. Jeon received her DMD at the University of Pennsylvania (2021).

Maxillary transverse deficiency is a common skeletal deformity of the craniofacial region with about 21% of children in the primary dentition. It leads to occlusal disharmony, facial asymmetry, and breathing problems. To address this, the maxillary expansion procedure has been used for more than 50 years, including the separation of two maxillae and allowing new bone to fill in the midpalatal suture area for about six months. Even though it has been one of the most common procedures in the orthodontic field, the underlying mechanisms of how the mechanical force converts into biochemical responses are largely unknown. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the midpalatal suture have been suggested to proliferate and differentiate into osteoblasts when the suture is expanded. MSCs maintain craniofacial bone homeostasis and interact with osteoclasts and osteoblasts in bone remodeling. The Gli1+ cells within the suture mesenchyme are considered the main MSC population for craniofacial bones, whereas their ablation leads to craniosynostosis and arrest of skull growth, demonstrating the importance of these cells. The nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB) is a central regulator of inflammation and bone homeostasis and controls cell proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation. Interestingly, a recent study supports that the sterile inflammation-induced bone resorption must precede the anabolic response to tensile force during the maxillary expansion. We will test the possible mechanisms using the transgenic mice with a lineage-specific inhibition of NF-kB in MSCs.

To read the complete summary, visit



Benefit to Orthodontic Education

While only limited information is available on the cellular and molecular events during maxillary expansion, the transgenic animal models described here will provide an opportunity to examine how MSCs respond to tensional force via NF-kB and clarify the cause-and-effect relationship. In addition, the findings of our study can affect the treatment of craniofacial syndrome patients, including distraction osteogenesis, bone remodeling, and tissue engineering.



2022 James L. Vaden Teaching Fellowship Award

Project Description

The current research proposal entails the development of a user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) based decision making for orthodontic diagnosis. It will utilize more than 14,000 cephalometric radiographs and a multicomponent model using the deep learning technique - Regression convolutional neural networks (RCNN). The first aspect of the project entails the automated identification of landmarks on lateral cephalograms. The accuracy of AI based landmark identification will also be compared with human examiners with different levels of experience. Thesecond part of the project includes the interpretation and automated diagnosis from the feature variables of the datasets including cephalometric radiographs, panoramic radiographs, and photographs. It will work by 1) receiving inputs in the form of specific data (feature variables) obtained from patient radiographs; 2) automatically applying its multicomponent model & RCNN to analyze data & provide diagnosis; and

Dr. Mehta is full-time faculty - assistant professor in the department of Developmental Sciences/Orthodontics at Marquette University School of Dentistry. He is a dental graduate from India. He also obtained his master’s degree and certificate in orthodontics from India. In 2018 he completed a 1-year fellowship program on Recent Advances in Orthodontics at University of Illinois, Chicago. Following his fellowship, he was invited to join University of Connecticut for a dual degree/certificate program (Master of Dental Science and certificate in orthodontics). He completed his orthodontic residency from the University of Connecticut in 2021 and joined academia after graduation as a full-time faculty at Marquette University.

3) recommend a primary and alternate treatment option out of 14 possible options. The RCNN model proposes to optimally combine safety, accuracy, and interpretability, allowing the clinician to understand why an extraction (or nonextraction) decision was taken. It will also continuously update itself with new information from patients, literature, and research.

To read the complete summary, visit https://www.aaofoundation.net/awards-program/about-the-aaof-awards-program

DR. SHIVAM MEHTA, Marquette University

Importance of AAOF Funding

Dr. Mehta is very thankful to AAOF for funding the project. The support and generous funding from AAOF Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship (OFDFA) will play a key role in conducting his research. Dr. Mehta’s desire is to excel in academia. The completion of this research will serve as a key professional steppingstone to advance his career goals in academia combining his interests in clinical excellence, teaching, personal development, and research.



Biomedical Research Award (BRA)

• B.F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award*

• Robert L. Boyd Biomedical Research Award

• Robert James Bray Biomedical Research Award

• Burstone-Indiana Biomechanics Award**

• Graber Family Biomedical Research and Teaching Award***

• Fred F. Schudy Memorial Research Award

• The Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award

Corporate Center Award

• GAC International Corporate Center Award

• Ormco/”A” Company Corporate Center Award

• 3M Unitek Corporate Center Award

• Align Technology, Inc. Corporate Center Award

• American Orthodontics Corporate Center Award

• T.P. Orthodontics Corporate Center Award

CONTACT AAO FOUNDATION to learn how to name an award!

Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Award (OFDFA)

• Willie and Earl Shepard Fellowship Award*

• Robert E. Binder Teaching Fellowship Award

• Robert E. Gaylord Teaching Fellowship Award

• Anthony A. Gianelly Teaching Fellowship Award

• T.M. Graber Teaching Fellowship Award

• Michael Matlof Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award

• Robert M. Ricketts Sunflower Orthodontics Fellowship Award

• Subtelny, Baker, Eastman Teaching Fellowship Award

• Orhan C. Tuncay Teaching Fellowship Award

• Eugene E. West Memorial Fellowship Award

• Albert P. Westfall Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award

• James A. McNamara Orthodontic Faculty Fellowship Award

• James L. Vaden Teaching Fellowship Award

Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (PFA)

• Martin “Bud” Schulman Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Research Aid Award

• Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award

*Designation given to the most meritorious proposal within each Award Category

**Successful applicant of the award each year designated as a Burstone Fellow in Biomechanics

***A preference for Junior Faculty

14 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


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• Join the Century Club with Monthly Giving

• Resident Pledge to Vanguard Society

• Become a Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) Volunteer

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YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 15

“Contributing to ADORE is one of the best ways to show your commitment to the orthodontic profession. Contributing to the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation is not just an investment in the future of orthodontics, but an investment in the health and well-being of patients. By supporting education and research, we are helping to ensure that the orthodontic specialty continues to advance and provide the highest level of care possible. ”

Auxiliary Donations for Orthodontic Research and Education (ADORE) was created to offer opportunities to orthodontic team members to join the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation in their mission to advance the specialty by supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care. Members of ADORE receive special benefits, communication, and recognition from American Association of Orthodontists Foundation for their commitment.

Beth Leach
YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 17


Individuals who have made a commitment in advance to leave a lasting legacy by including AAOF as a beneficiary in his/her final wishes (will, life insurance, estate, etc.) are considered members of the Foundation’s Keystone Society. https://www.aaofoundation.net/news/keystone-society

18 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2021

“ When I think about what the future will bring now that I am retired, I worry that Orthodontic treatment could diminish in importance as a health science if we do not give enough support for good clinical research and teaching for our universities.

As a lifetime educator, I thought it was very important to first become a Regent of the AAOF and then to become part of estate giving through the AAOF Keystone Society.

Our department at the University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry would never have been able to achieve the level of excellence we did without the sustained and generous support of the AAOF over the last 20 years.”

“I started my career in 1975 in the dental field and 1978 in the specialty of orthodontics. Being a part of this incredible profession for 40+ years, I have seen many changes in the industry. I am passionate about the integrity of the orthodontic field continuing for generations to come.

The American Association of Orthodontists Foundation provides the opportunity for residents and orthodontists to receive the best education in the field. The research funded by the AAOF has allowed the profession to stay on top of changing trends and new treatment modalities. This organization has also been valuable in providing continuing education through seminars and publications.

In addition to enhancing the research and education for orthodontists and residents, the AAOF has set up a network of orthodontists who participate in Donated Orthodontic Services. This helps to provide orthodontic education and care to patients who are not financially able to pay for needed treatment. They are also set up to assist orthodontists with financial relief in the case of a natural disaster.

I made a commitment to the AAOF several years ago by donating $5000, as well as including a donation in my estate for $25,000. In addition to the initial donation and estate planning, I am also donating a fixed dollar amount around the holidays to the AAOF for each of my clients. If you want to see this profession continue to flourish by offering the highest standard of education available, please consider making a donation to the AAOF.”

LET’S BE FRIENDS! Follow AAOF in social media and help us spread the word.  AAOFoundation  @aaofevp @aaorthofoundation VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.aaofoundation.net SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER: Get the latest updates on what we’re up to by subscribing to our eNewsletter, The Wire: mail.aaofoundation.net/k/Kcc/ aaof_email_sign_up
– DEBBIE BEST Consulting Network ADORE Committee
YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 19


The AAO Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collections Project is available on a complimentary basis to whomever would wish access to this valuable resource of untreated cases. The AAO Foundation Board of Directors recognizes the value of this collection and in 2022 has approved a five-year extension to the support of this project, committing over $500,000 more in support. Consequently, we are asking you to help fund its continued existence. Please donate now to help preserve this important legacy of orthodontics. We thank you in advance for your support.


20 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


With support from the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation (AAOF), nine of the eleven known collections of longitudinal craniofacial growth records in the United States and Canada have joined together to create this web site and its underlying numerical database. Our purpose is to make representative materials from the participating collections available for viewing and further investigation by clinicians, craniofacial investigators, students of human growth, and interested members of the public.

These collections represent the work of hundreds of investigators. They have been gathered, cataloged, and studied over a period of more than seventy-five years. The contributing collections have produced most of the information that is available in the contemporary orthodontic literature on longitudinal craniofacial growth in untreated children. Now, by merging data

from the several collections, we hope to make possible further collaborative studies that will enrich and refine our knowledge of craniofacial growth in untreated children and adolescents.

Presently available on the site are more than 13,000 digital images including 8,700 lateral cephalograms and over 3,000 frontal (PA) cephalograms generated at different ages from 704 cases, gathered from 9 different collections. Summary statistics on case distribution by sex/ gender, age and Angle Class may be found by clicking on “ Statistics” in the About menu.

This entire site is a continually developing resource for orthodontic teaching and research. Its primary role is to serve as a repository for longitudinal records of all types with sufficient numerical documentation to facilitate useful search and querying.


St. Louis, Missouri - AAO Services Inc. (AAOSI), an entity of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), recently announced a dollar-for-dollar matching campaign in support of the Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection project.

Spearheaded by the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation (AAOF), the Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection project is a complimentary website and database of nine collections, from both U.S. and Canada, providing access to 842 subjects and over 18,900 radiographs of irreplaceable longitudinal growth records in untreated children and adolescents.

The AAOSI is challenging AAO members to join them in further cultivating this important project through a financial matching campaign.

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 21


The Century Club option is an open-ended, ongoing commitment of a minimum of $100 per month, either by bank authorization or credit card.

Dr. Brian Amy

Dr. Mariela Anderson

Dr. Rolf G. Behrents

Dr. Breck S. Brewer

Dr. Kevin Michael Cassidy

Dr. Allen Chance

Dr. Wanda Claro

Dr. David T. Copus

Dr. Chris L. Cramer

Dr. Joseph Y. de Jesus

Dr. J. Kendall Dillehay

Dr. Tim Donald Dumore

Dr. Alison Fallgatter

Dr. Michael J. Foy


Dr. Fred A. Garrett

Dr. David C. Gehring

Dr. Maggie Kerper Grissom

Dr. Zane K. Haider

Dr. Nathan R. Hamman

Dr. Lili Horton

Dr. Charles A. Lindsey

Dr. Kristen Lowe

Dr. Liliana Mejia

Dr. Eric R. Nease

Dr. Heesoo Oh

Dr. Jae Hyun Park

Dr. Michael H. Payne

Dr. Randall P. Rigsby

Dr. Nicholas Shirey

Dr. Thomas M. Stark

Dr. Charles M. Taylor

Dr. Luis A. Toro, Jr.

Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay

Dr. Charles K. Wear

Dr. Richard A. Williams

Dr. Ronald P. Wolk


The AAO Foundation Board of Directors wishes to express appreciation and gratitude to those who have completed contributions at the $25,000 level or higher. For a full list of pledges, please visit the AAO Foundation website page: https://www.aaofoundation.net/ways-to-give/ make-a-pledge

$1,000,000 and above Align Technology, Inc. American Orthodontics

$500,000 - $1,000,000

GAC International


$100,000 - $499,999

Dr. Eugene S. Blair

Dr. W. Kelley Carr

Mr. Leo A. Dohn

Dr. Charles J. Burstone Foundation

Dr. Earl Shepard Estate

Dr. Patrick M. Dreiling

Estate of Dr. Eugene Blair

Estate of Jane Kirkland Bedell

Graber Family Foundation

Dr. Fred and Dianne Garrett

Dr. Joseph W. Gray

Great Lakes Dental Technologies

Dr. Gregg G. Hipple

Northeastern Society Of Orthodontists



Thomas M. Prescott

Dr. David M. Sarver

Schulman Group

TP Orthodontics, Inc.


AAO Services, Inc.

Dr. Kolman P. Apt

Dr. Richard W. Boyd, Jr.

The Bray Family Foundation

Dr. Richard L. Bridgham

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bunkers

California Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. Robert P. Campbell

Dr. C. Lynn Davis

Dr. Harry L. Dougherty, Jr.

Dr. Terry L. Duncan

Dr. Randy K. Ellis

Estate of Dante DeAngelo

Estate of Dr. Paul Jorgensen

Dr. Robert W. Fry

Dr. Philip F.M. Gilley, Jr.

Dr. James E. Gjerset

Dr. Lee W. Graber

Dr. T. M. Graber

Great Lakes Association Of Orthodontists

Dr. Stephen R. Haught

Dr. Kevin Horner

Dr. Lili K. Horton

Mr. Scott Huge

Mr. Arlen J. Hurt

Dr. Brent E. Larson

Dr. John R. Mariotti

22 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022

Dr. L. Donald Mayer

Middle Atlantic Society Of Orthodontists

Dr. Steven J. Moravec

Dr. Robert T. Morrison

North Carolina Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. Robert S. Olson, Jr.

Ortho Technology

Pacific Coast Society Of Orthodontists

Dr. John K. Pershing, Jr.

Dr. Robert N. Pickron

Dr. J. Anthony Quinn

Dr. Ron Redmond

Dr. John N. Reichheld

Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc.

Dr. Stephen C. Roehm

Dr. Robert P. Scholz

Southwestern Society Of Orthodontists

Dr. Frederic C. Sterritt

Dr. Donald J. Thompson


Dr. Emeline B. Abay

Dr. David O. Adame

Dr. Thomas L. Ahman

Dr. Richard H. Albright, Jr.

Dr. R.G. (Wick) Alexander

Dr. C. Moody Alexander

Dr. Timothy J. Alford

Dr. Michael C. Alpern

Dr. Lisa A. Alvetro

American Association of Orthodontists

Dr. David J. Angus

Dr. James J. Awbrey, IV

Dr. Dean W. Baesel

Dr. Thomas R. Bales

Dr. Kathleen M. Bales

Dr. Mary K. Barkley

Dr. Nicholas D. Barone

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bassin

Dr. Paul J. Batastini

Dr. Peter F. Bayer

Dr. Mark F. Bellard

Dr. Stephen J. Belli

Dr. Ronald M. Bellohusen

Dr. Greg R. Bennett

Dr. Allen N. Benning

Dr. Brian H. Bergh

Dr. Michael Bernard

Dr. Samuel S. Berro

Dr. Karl L. Bierdeman

Dr. Keith Allan Blalock

Dr. Michael A. Blau

Dr. Jimmy C. Boley

Dr. Paul Bonham

Dr. Barry E. Booth

Dr. Normand Boucher

Dr. Jason R. Bourne

Dr. Steven Jay Bowman

Dr. Robert L. Boyd

Dr. Bloyce Britton, III

Dr. Eugene C. Brown, Jr.

Dr. Clark C. Browne

Dr. William A. Buhner

Dr. Donald R. Burkhardt

Dr. Harry I. Bussa, Jr.

Dr. John F. Buzzatto

California, U of, At Los Angeles (UCLA) Ortho Alumni

Dr. John D. Callahan

Dr. R. Paul Campbell

Dr. Robert B. Campbell

Dr. Joseph Carastro, IV

Carestream Dental

Dr. Sean K. Carlson

Dr. Paul Carpinello

Dr. Guthrie P. Carr

Dr. Stephen L. Carter

Dr. John W. M. Carter

Dr. Jerry F. Cash

Dr. Kevin Michael Cassidy

Dr. Jeffrey Thomas Cavanaugh

Dr. Gerald D. Cavanaugh

Dr. Milton D. Chan

Dr. Lewis P. Chapman, Jr.

Dr. Thomas J. Chin

Dr. Stephen B. Clark

Dr. Theresa Lenise Clifton

Dr. Charles Y. Coghlan

Mr. Brandon Collier

Mr. Richard A. Collier

Dr. Clark Colville

Dr. John A. Coombs

Dr. Jason B. Cope

Dr. John X. Cordoba

Dr. R. Glen Cowan, Jr.

Dr. Sidney M. Craft

Dr. John R. Crawford

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 23
24 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


Dr. Ross L. Crist

Dr. Antonio Cucalon, III

Dr. John M. Damas

Dr. Paul Damon

Dr. John A. Daniel

Dr. Dale J. Davis

Dr. Lisa M. Davis

Dr. Damon De Arment

Dr. Daniel M. DeAngelo

Dr. William H. DeKock

Dr. Eugene L. Dellinger

Dr. Thomas H. Dembinski, II


Dr. B. Melvin DeSoto

Dr. J. Kendall Dillehay

Dr. Henry DiLorenzo

Dr. Frederick W. Distelhorst

Dolphin Imaging/Patterson Dental

Dr. David E. Drake

Dr. Oles Basil Drobocky

Dr. Steven A. Dugoni

Dr. S. Kendall Dunn

Dr. Michael G. Durbin

Dr. Dean P. Dyer


Dr. Donna L. Ebert

Dr. Jeffrey J. Eberting

Dr. Michael Ellis

Dr. Jerald E. Elrod

Dr. Kevin W. Ensley

Dr. Duane C. Erickson

Estate of Donald J. Thompson

Estate of George and Norma Kotteman

Estate of J. Daniel Subtelny

Estate of Richard B Myers

Estate of Ronald Koster

Mr. Dan Even

Dr. James M. Faulkner

Dr. Guy A. Favaloro

Dr. Edward Thomas Ferry

Dr. Thomas J. Fischer

Dr. John J. Flowers, Jr.

Dr. Kim K. Forrest

Dr. Devek Kent Frech

Dr. Gregg Frey

Dr. James F. Fruge, Jr.

Dr. Jeremy R. Fry

Dr. Rick W. Fuchs

Dr. Michael A. Fuchs

Dr. David S. Fuller

G & H Orthodontics

Dr. James H. Gallagher

Dr. Wayne H. Garrett

Dr. Paul A. Gates

Dr. Mark S. Geller

Dr. Jeffrey S. Genecov

Dr. Raymond George, Jr.

Dr. Raymond George, Sr.

Dr. John A. Gerling

Dr. Robert F. Girgis

Dr. James R. Glauser

Dr. Gayle Glenn

Dr. Monica Goldenberg

Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE

Dr. J. Courtney Gorman

Dr. G. Bradley Gottsegen

Dr. Katherine Rene Graber

Dr. Charles Ray Graham

Dr. Mervin W. Graham

Dr. Michael J. Graham

Dr. John C. Griffiths

Dr. Ronald B. Gross

Dr. Jeffrey E. Gust

Dr. David G. Haas

Dr. Maria C. Haas

Dr. David G. Hall

Dr. Tucker Haltom

Dr. David C. Hamilton, Jr.

Dr. David C. Hamilton

Dr. R. Cree Hamilton

Dr. Scott D. Hamilton

Dr. Timothy A. Hanigan

Dr. J. Joseph Hannah

Dr. Heidi Anne Harman

Dr. Lawrence S. Harte

Dr. Anthony L. Harwell

Dr. Jeffrey W. Haskins

Dr. Harry H. Hatasaka

Dr. Michael D. Hayward

Robert Hazel

Dr. David J. Henderson

Dr. Steven John Henseler

Dr. James S. Henson, Jr.

Dr. James I. Heslop

Dr. Joseph T. Hicken

Dr. Jerry R. Hickman

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 25
26 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


Dr. Arnold J. Hill

Dr. Dennis C. Hiller

Dr. Brian N. Hockenberger

Dr. Michael C. Hollen

Dr. Thomas M. Horrigan

Dr. Michael H. Hoxie

Dr. Joseph Hudgins

Dr. James D. Hudson

Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Dr. Jon G. Hullings

Dr. Bruce W. Hultgren

Dr. J. Todd Hunt

Dr. Chester Hurst

Illinois Society of Orthodontists

Dr. Curtis R. Imel

Dr. Gary O. Inman

Dr. William W. Iversen

Dr. R. D. Jackson, Jr.

Dr. Amy E. James

Dr. J. Dean Jensen

Dr. Brian R. Jesperson

Dr. David A. Jones

Dr. Richard T. Jones

Dr. Robert B. Julius

Dr. Thomas P. Kadar

Dr. John S. Kanyusik

Dr. James Karpac

Dr. Marvin C. Kastrop

Dr. Jeff G. Keeling

Dr. Robert Kennemer

Dr. Larson R. Keso

Dr. Edward Stan Key

Dr. Lisa King

Dr. Michael S. Klein

Dr. Michael Klepacki

Dr. Herbert A. Klontz

Dr. James W. Kohl

Dr. Vincent G. Kokich

Dr. George J. Kottemann

Dr. William J. Kottemann

Dr. Neal D. Kravitz

Dr. William L. Krieg

Dr. Michael R. LaFerla

Dr. Samuel L. Lake

Dr. Dennis K. Langwith

Dr. Idalia Lastra

Dr. James A. Leithead, Jr.

Dr. Dean P. Leonard

Dr. John T. Lindquist

Dr. Arthur N. Litowitz

Dr. Rodney D. Littlejohn

Dr. Stephen Litton

Dr. Mark David Lively

Dr. Elizabeth A. Long

Dr. Barkley Low

Dr. W. Bonham Magness

Dr. Lee A. Mahlmann

Dr. Nahid Maleki

Dr. Michael R. Marcotte

Dr. William J. Mardaga

Dr. Steven D. Marshall

Dr. Joel Martinez

Dr. John D. Marx

Massachusetts Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. James W. May

Dr. Joe H. Mayes

Dr. Stephen J. McAuliff

Dr. DeWayne B. McCamish

Dr. Joseph A. McCormick

Dr. James W. McCulley

Dr. Fred T. McDonald

Dr. Richard A. McFarland

Mr. John McGill

Dr. Paul J. McKenna, Jr.

Dr. Stephen W. McKenna

Dr. Raymond A. McLendon

Dr. James A. McNamara

Dr. Liliana Mejia

Dr. Carolyn Melita

Dr. Wendell J. Mettman

Midwestern Society Of Orthodontists

Dr. Jeffrey Carl Miller

Dr. Ronald L. Miller

Dr. Michael L. Mizell

Mr. Ronald S. Moen

Dr. Donald Ray Montano

Dr. John F. Monticello

Dr. Alton W. Moore

Dr. Michael H. Moore

Dr. Darrel G. Moreland

Dr. Vanessa A. Morenzi

Dr. Gary Dean Mundy

Dr. John J. Murray

Dr. David R. Musich

Dr. Richard B. Myers

Dr. Norman Nagel

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 27


Dr. Eric R. Nease

Nebraska Soc of Orthodontists

Dr. David R. Nelson

Dr. Gerald D. Nelson

New York State Soc Of Ortho

New-Conn Orthodontic Foundation

Dr. Hilary Nieberg-Baskin

Dr. Raymond (Reggie) Noble

Dr. Reagon Noble

Dr. Robert (Tito) Alan Norris

Dr. William M. Northway

Dr. Kathleen J. Nuckles

O.S.E. Co., Inc.

Dr. Mark C. Oberheim

Dr. James M. O’Leary

Dr. Jay M. Oltjen

Dr. Perry M. Opin

Dr. Jeremy D. Orchin

Dr. Robert L. Orr


Dr. Albert H. Owen, III

Pacific Dental Services

Dr. Juliana Panchura

Dr. Natalie M. Parisi

Dr. Daniel E. Pearcy

Dr. Daniel C. Peavy, Jr.

Pennsylvania Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. William D. Petty

Dr. Joseph E. Pezza

Dr. E. Gregg Pfund

Philips Sonicare & Zoom Whitening

Dr. Hugh R. Phillis

Mr. Floyd Pickrell

Dr. Gina B. Pinamonti

Dr. Rebecca Poling

Dr. Mario Polo

Dr. Morris N. Poole

Dr. Robert S. Portenga

Dr. Terry R. Pracht

Dr. Frederick G. Preis

Dr. Grady L. Price, Jr.

Dr. John C. Pryse, Jr.

Dr. Anthony Puntillo

Dr. Robert S. Quinn

Dr. Todd H. Rankin

Dr. Melisa Anne Rathburn

Dr. Craig D. Ratzlaff

Dr. Richard R. Reed

Dr. Richard Resler

Dr. Michael L. Reznik

Dr. Richard J. Risinger

Dr. Chris A. Roberts

Dr. William W. Roberts, III

Dr. W. Eugene Roberts

Dr. Roxanne G. Robertson

Dr. W. Scott Robinson

Dr. Michael B. Rogers

Dr. Loring L. Ross

Roth Williams Center

Dr. Barry F. Rouch

Dr. Todd K. Rowe

Dr. Richard J. Rozehnal

Dr. Charles J. Ruff

Dr. Harry L. Ryburn

Dr. David G. Sabott

Dr. Anna Maria Salas

Dr. Richard A. Savage

Dr. Bruce W. Scarola

Dr. Alan B. Schafer

Dr. Jeffrey L. Schauder

Dr. L. William Schmohl, III

Dr. George W. Scott

Dr. Robert T. Scott

Dr. Stephen A. Scott

Dr. Stephen E. Searcy

Dr. Robert N. Seebold

Dr. Terry A. Sellke

Dr. David T. Shen

Dr. Even Diane Shieh

Dr. James E. Shuffield

Dr. Steven M. Siegel

Dr. Kirt Edward Simmons

Dr. Leo C. Sinna

Dr. Aimee S. Skelton

Dr. Larry C. Smedley

Dr. Robert D. Smith

Dr. Gilbert H. Snow

Dr. Edward Philip Snyder

Dr. David M. Solomon

Dr. Dennis D. Sommers

Southern Association Of Orthodontists

Dr. Elizabeth B. Spannhake

Specialty Appliances

Dr. John R. St Clair

Dr. J. Michael Steffen

Dr. Marvin G. Stephens, Jr.

28 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


Dr. Claude R. Stephens, Jr.

Dr. Corbett K. Stephens

Dr. Lamon A. Stewart, Jr.

Dr. Michael B. Stewart

Dr. Kurt D. Stormberg

Dr. Jeri Lynnette Stull

Dr. Wendell R. Stuntz

Dr. Joseph A. Sweet

Dr. Charles M. Taylor, III

Tennessee Assn of Orthodontists

Texas Association Of Orthodontists

The Center For The Correction Of Facial Deformities

The Friends of Dr. J. Daniel Subtelny & Eastman

Orthodontic Alumni

Dr. R. Wayne Thompson

Dr. Philip J. Tighe

Dr. Patricia Bucken Timmeny

Dr. Kimberly H. Travers

Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay

Dr. Patrick K. Turley

Dr. David L. Turpin

Tweed Foundation

Dr. Henry Udouj, Jr.

Dr. James L. Vaden

Dr. Robert E. Varner

Dr. Jeffrey W. Vecere

Victoria T. Ewan Trust (George E. Ewan)

Dr. William A. Viechnicki

Dr. John H. Warford, Sr.

Dr. Robert M. Waxler

Dr. David L. Way

Dr. Charles K. Wear

Dr. Karen L. Wedde

Dr. Adam J. Weiss

Dr. Terrence L. Wenger

Dr. Ryan Terrence Wenger

Dr. Robert G. Wertz, Sr.

Dr. Kristine West

Dr. Dorothy E. Whalen

Dr. Cassy B. Wiggins

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane

Dr. Henry S. Zaytoun, Jr.

Dr. John T. Ziegler

Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd

“Sustenance of orthodontics as a specialty requires nurturing from all of us. The simplest way to sustain our specialty is to tip the AAOF as one leaves a tip for good service. Everyone is capable to leave tips of $100 every month. To join the Century Club is no different; a $100 monthly donation will maintain the noble stature of orthodontics. Please be selfish to protect your livelihood. We hope the day will never come when an orthodontist cannot afford $100 to stay in business.”

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 29


Did you know, when you have a patient whose life is made better because of your commitment to their orthodontic health, you can encourage them to give to AAOF in your honor through our Grateful Patient Program? Not only do they receive the tax deduction for their donation, but you receive the credit with AAOF for that donation, which will advance you in our giving level benefits and recognition. With donations like these, AAOF can continue funding research and education that will lead to increased excellence in patient care in the future.

For more information about this program, and a printable form to offer your patients, visit www.aaofoundation.net/ways-to-give and select Grateful Patient Form.


30 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


Together we are making an impact on the future of orthodontics. We offer our gratitude to those who have made contributions in 2022.


AAO Services, Inc.

Dr. Samantha Abod

Dr. Mayte Accornero

Ashley Adams

Alabama Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. Steven Alexander

Dr. Janet Allwood

Dr. Eduardo Alvarez Palacios

Dr. Brett Alvey

AmazonSmile Foundation

American Orthodontics

Dr. Brian Amy

Dr. Benjamin Anders

Dr. Amy Anderson

Dr. Sara Andrews

Dr. Danielle Antal

Dr. Gisli Arnason

Dr. Jack Austerman

Dr. Steven Austin

Dr. Alexander Bageris

Daniel Bahner

Dr. Luke Bailey

Dr. J. Baker

Dr. Richard Ballard

Dr. Philip Barer

Mary Barney

Dr. Aubrey Barrett

Dr. Sheldon Bates

Mrs. Taylor Bates

Ms. Rita Bauer Alan Baum

Dr. Thomas Beattie

Dr. Rolf Behrents

Jackie Bell

Dr. Ronald Bellohusen

Ms. Debbie Best

Donna Bidelman

Dr. David Blackburn

Valerie Blackburn

Dr. Michael Blau

Dr. R. Bocklet

Jackie Bode

Dr. Brian Bolerjack

Dr. Richard Boyd Jr.

Dr. Brian Bragassa

Ms. Rosemary Bray

Dr. James Brennan

Dr. Breck Brewer

Dr. Richard Bridgham

Mindi Brothers

Dr. Matthew Brown

Dr. Kathryn Bullwinkel

Lynn Bunim

Dr. Beverley Bunn

Stephen Burrus

Dr. Charles Canepa

Mark Caplan

Dr. David Carpinello

Ms. Lauren Carr

Dr. Kevin Cassidy

Dr. Tommaso Castroflorio

Dr. Claudio Caycedo

Dr. Joseph Cerniglia

Dr. Sylvain Chamberland

Dr. Ronald Champion

Dr. Byron Chan

Allen Chance

Lisa Chandler

Myriam Chardon

Dr. Jasper Chesson

Dr. Chance Choate

Dr. Narumol Chongthanavanit

Dr. Allison Clark

Dr. Wanda Claro

Dr. William Cline

Coastal Carolina Orthodontics

Dr. Devin Cochran

Melissa Cole

Dr. Theresa Coleman

Deanna Collins

Dr. Todd Connell

This chart displays the origination of contributions in 2022.

50% 32% 18% YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 31
Individual Organization Company


Dr. Devon Cook

Dr. R. Bryn Cooper

Mrs. Mindy Copp

Dr. David Copus

Dr. Michael Courtright

Dr. David Covell Jr.

Dr. Thomas Covington

Dr. Chris Cramer

Ms. Diana Crisanto

Dr. Stephanie Crise

Susan Cronholm

Dr. G. Currier

Dr. Leigh Curtis

Dr. Mark Dake

Dr. Julian Davila

Dr. William Davis Jr.

Dr. Edward Davis

Dr. Joseph de Jesus

Dr. Christopher DeLeon

Dr. J. DeMeo

Dr. Daniel Diaz-Rubayo

Dr. Emma DiCarlo

Dr. James Dillehay II

Katherine DiPrimo

Libby Dischert

Dr. Mark Douglas

Dr. Charles J. Burstone Foundation

Drake Orthodontics

Dr. Isabel Drewling

Dr. Michael Duers

Dr. Steven Dugoni

Dr. Tim Dumore

Mariel Dunham

Dr. John DuPlessis Jr.

Dr. Michael Durbin

Dr. James Durham

Dr. Mark Dusek

Dr. Amy Dustoor

Sarah Dvorak

Dr. Gregory Dyer


Dr. Elizabeth Eakes

Dr. Ruth Edmonds

Dr. John Eisinger

Dr. Ousama El-Hillal

Dr. Tarek Elshebiny

Estate of Richard B Myers

Estate of Ronald Koster

Ms. Kenzie Evitch

Dr. Beth Faber

Dr. Alison Fallgatter

Dr. Adejoke Fatunde

Dr. Dale Featheringham

Dr. Travis Fiegle

Dr. Gerald Finkelstein

Joan Finton Baumrind

Bobbi Jo Fornell

Dr. Katrina Foster

Dr. Michael Foy

Dr. Kenneth Freer

Dr. Monica Freifeld

Dr. John Frick

Dr. Caleb Frick

Dr. Rick Fuchs

Dr. Sara Gaalaas


Dr. Mary Gangoy

Ms. Joan Garbo

Dr. Gary Gardner

Mrs. Rachelle Gardner

Dr. Fred Garrett

Dr. David Gehring

Dr. Felix Gen

Georgia Assn Of Orthodontists

Dr. Danielle Geshay

Dr. Robert Girgis

Dr. Phoebe Good

Lynne Gordon

Dr. Lee Graber

Graber Family Foundation

Dr. Joseph Gray

Great Lakes Association Of Orthodontists

Kira Grigg

Dr. Maggie Grissom

Dr. Camille Guez

Brandon Hackworth

Dr. Zane Haider

Dr. Yaser Haj Hamed

Dr. Nathan Hamman

Dr. Christine Hammer

Dr. Thomas Handy Sr.

Dr. Brandon Hanna

Mr. Dylan Hao

Dr. Louis Hardy

Dr. David Harmon Jr.

Dr. James Hart

Dr. Katherine Hart

Jill Hawkins

Dr. Nimrat Heir

Dr. Alan Heller

Robert Hendry

Dr. Chris Henry

Dr. J. Hicken

Dr. Bryan Hicks

Robin Hilt

Dr. Krista Hirasuna

Katherine Hobler

Dr. Brian Hockenberger

Pamela Hoffmann

Dr. Mihee Hong

Dr. Lili Horton

32 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


Dr. Heather Horton

Dr. Richard Hoskinson

Dr. Timothy Howarth

Dr. Bryan Hsu

Dr. Joseph Hudgins

Bill Hughes

Dr. Sarandeep Huja

Dr. Howard Hunt

Dr. Ross Hunter

Dr. Ali Husain

Dr. Chi Huynh

Dr. Curtis Imel

Dr. Richard Ingraham

Invisalign iTero

Dr. Paul Ira

Karl Isaacs

Dr. Laura Iwasaki

Dr. Kyra Iwen

Dr. Idia Ize-Iyamu

Dr. Holly Jafarzade

Dr. Amy James

Shelby Jennings

Dr. Brad Jennings

Dr. Elizabeth Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Dr. David Jolley

Elizabeth Jones

Dr. Matthew Joosse

Dr. Glenwood Jordan

Dr. Daniel Joseph

Dr. G. Kabot

Dr. Thomas Kadar

Jessica Kaesberg

Dr. Paul Kasrovi

Dr. Erin Kazmierski-Furno

Dr. Robert Kent

Kentucky Assn of Orthodontists

Nena Kesling

Ms. Holly Kiel

Dr. Hoon Kim

Devin King

Dr. James Klarsch

Dr. Nigel Knight

Dr. Jacob Koch

Dr. Neal Kravitz

Dr. William Krieg

Gayle Lackey

Dr. Chad Larson

Dr. Christodoulos Laspos

Dr. Idalia Lastra

Dr. Caroline Laurent

Debra Lawson

Dr. Nancy Le

Dr. Daniel Lee

Dr. Shawn Lehman-Grimes

Rose Leifeld

Dr. James Leitner III

Dr. Vladimir Leon-Salazar

Dr. Lindsay Limbaugh

Dr. Edward Lin

Dr. Charles Lindsey

Dr. Megan Lineberger

Dr. Shari Lisann

Lexi Lopez

Dr. Kristen Lowe

Dr. Larry Luke

Dr. Tina Mahmoudi

Dr. John Mariotti

Dr. Ceceilia Markham

Dr. James Martin

Dr. Rick Martin

Dr. Paul Martin

Dr. Maria Martinez

Dr. Ana Martins Wright

Joe Marus

Dr. Amin Mason

Sue Matlof

Erin Matthews

Nicole Maune

Dr. Colin Mayers

Bianca Mayorquin

Dr. G. McCall III

Dr. Stephen McCown

Dr. Andrew McDonald

Dr. Jesse McGuire Jr.

Robyn McNames

Dr. Robert Meister

Dr. Liliana Mejia

Dr. Elizabeth Melvin

Dr. Maria Mendez

Nathan Mick

Middle Atlantic Society Of Orthodontists

Midwestern Society Of Orthodontists

Dr. Preston Miller III

Dr. Michael Mizell

Dr. Samantha Montoya

Dr. Thomas Mooney III

Dr. Larry Moray

Ms. Shelly Morris

Dr. David Mouritsen

Dr. Massod Mousavi

Ms. Gianna Nawrocki

Dr. Eric Nease

Dr. Deborah New

Dr. Monica Newby

Dr. Laura Nichols

Dr. Ib Nielsen

North Carolina Assn of Orthodontists

Northeastern Society Of Orthodontists

Barb Oelfke

Dr. Heesoo Oh

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 33


Dr. Larry Okmin

Dr. Patrick O’Neil

Dr. Wanida Ono

Dr. Perry Opin

Dr. John Ordahl

Ortho Technology

Vanessa Ortiz

Carlos Otero

Pacific Coast Society Of Orthodontists

Pacific Dental Services

Dr. Philip Pan

Dr. Patricia Panucci

Dr. Stephen Papas

Dr. Jae Park

Dr. Pranav Patel

Dr. Michael Payne

Dr. Saijai Peng

Dr. Brian Penton

Dr. Christina Pepper

Dr. Sang Pham

Allison Phillips

Dr. Chuck Pierson

Dr. Thomas Pitts

Dr. D. Spencer Pope

Dr. P. Justin Power

Michelle Prince

Dominika Przygocka

Dr. Laura Pulver

Dr. Anthony Puntillo

Stephanie Rangel Cazares

Dr. Mark Rashidi

Dr. Cameron Rasool

Mark Rawlins

Dr. Paul Reed

Dr. Jeff Rickabaugh

Dr. Randall Rigsby

Michelle Ritterskamp

Dr. Stephen Robirds

Dr. Wellington Rody Jr.

Dr. Alejandro Romero-Delmastro

Scott Roslyn

Greg Ross

Dr. Bertrand Rouleau

Lisa Russell

Dr. Wilbert Saavedra

Dr. Rashelle Salaita

Dr. Omar Salem

Dr. Marlin Salmon

Dr. Lyndsey Sandifer

Dr. Ross Savage

Dr. Christy Savage

Casandra Scales

Dr. Jeremy Scarpate

Dr. L. Schmohl III

Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser

Dr. Aaron Schubel

Schulman Group

Jenn Seiler

Joe Selby

Dr. Deborah Sema

Dr. Seth Senestraro

Dr. John Shell

Dr. Michael Sherman

Dr. Nic Shirey

Dr. Jamie Signorino

Dr. Kirt Simmons

Dr. Patricia Simon

Dr. Ronald Sluiter

Dr. Henry Smith

Tripp Smith

Dr. Gilbert Snow

Aimee Snyder-Jackson

Southern Association Of Orthodontists

Southwestern Society Of Orthodontists

Dr. Richard Sparks

Dr. Thomas Stark

Dr. Brian Steinhoff

Dr. Meagan Struby

Dr. Sam Suliman

Dr. Elizabeth Swearingen

Dr. Kyla Swearingen

Dr. Joseph Sweet

Dr. Leslie Talbert

Dr. Isaac Tam

Dr. Samuel Tam

Dr. Dana Tang

Dr. Charles Taylor III

Dr. Penny Taylor

Tennessee Assn of Orthodontists

Texas Association Of Orthodontists

Dr. Dawn Thatcher

Dr. James Tinnemeyer

Dr. R. Tompkins

Dr. Luis Toro Jr.

Dr. Timothy Tremont

Dr. Orhan Tuncay

Dr. Patrick Turley

Dr. Beau Ulrich

University Of The Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Anne Van Pelt

Dr. Abraham Vargas Contreras

Dr. Karin Vargervik

Victoria Vega

Lorena Velez

Joan Vennemeyer

Dr. Massimo Verduci

Dr. Rakesh Verma

Dr. Rodrigo Viecilli

Dr. Charles Vondran Jr.

Dr. Neil Warshawsky

34 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022

Staci Watson

Dr. Charles Wear

Dr. Peter Weber

Dr. Adrienne Weisner

Mrs. saira west

Dr. Julian White

Julianne Wilhelm

Dr. Lesley Williams

Dr. Richard Williams

Dr. Lauren Windhorst

Dr. Bryan Wirtz

Anna Witte

Dr. Franck Wolff

Dr. Ronald Wolk

Dr. Catherine Worthington

Dr. Natalie Yang

Dr. Alan Yee

Dr. Laurene Yen

Dr. Yeong-Charng Yen

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane

Cheryl Young

Dr. Brandon Zipper


Dr. Kent Kisei

Dr. James Vaden

Dr. Kenneth Manning

North Carolina Association of Orthodontists

Dr. Frank Stout

North Carolina Association of Orthodontists

Dr. Marshall Kent Kiser

Dr. George Kaprelian

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO)

Dr. Lee Boese

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO)

Dr. Harry H. Hatasaka

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO)

Dr. Lloyd A. Delman

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Paul E. Draper

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Milton Panzer

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Ralph Bull

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Dennis M. DiPalma

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Gene M. Fryar

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Sondra Gunn

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. M. Donald Hayes

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Peter Kesling

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Robert Berge Najarian

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Ronald E. Nassar

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Harry A. Osborne

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Robert A. Rector

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. David A. Rhodes

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. William G. Schmidt

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Philip C. Warren

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Malcolm Yasny

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Dr. Terrie Yoshikane

Dr. Marvin A. Zuravsky

Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO)

Donations in Memory of Dr. Earl Johnson

Ashley Adams

Dr. Sara Asghari Andrews

Mary Beth Barney

Debbie Best

Valerie Blackburn

Lynn Bunim

Susan Cronholm

Dr. Phoebe Good

Robert Hendry

Robin L. Hilt

Krista Hirasuna


Dr. Gerald Samson

Dr. Gerald L. Finkelstein

Dr. James A. McNamara

Dr. Gerald L. Finkelstein

Paul Gange

Dr. Gerald L. Finkelstein

Ms. Rosemary Bray

Ms. Lynne Thomas Gordon


Dr. James Vaden is being honored by the AAO Foundation with the newly establish James L. Vaden Teaching Fellowship Award. This named award recognizes Dr. Vaden’s exceptional contributions to orthodontic education over the course of his career.

Dr. Vaden has been in orthodontic practice in Cookesville, Tennessee since graduating from the University of Tennessee orthodontic residency program in 1972. He joined the UT faculty as a clinical professor in 1980 and, from 1999 until 2010, was the chairman of the orthodontic program, successfully raising funds for many of the program’s needs.

The AAO Foundation has made it possible to dedicate contributions in support of specific named awards. The following gifts were made in honor of Dr. James L. Vaden as of December 31, 2022.

Alabama Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. Donald B. Balhoff

Dr. Brandon Boggan

Dr. Ryan G. Bowles

Dr. Beverley J. Bunn

Dr. Joseph B. Chadwell

Chance Allen

Dr. Wanda Irene Claro

Dr. Devon R. Cook

Dr. Edward C. Davis

Dr. James Kendall Dillehay

Dr. James B. Donaghey

Dr. Kendall S. Dunn

Dr. Mark Dusek

Dr. Grayson S. Eddy

Dr. Davide Elsido

Dr. Gerald L. Finkelstein

Dr. Jana Tumpkin McQueen

Dr. Preston D. Miller

Dr. Thomas F. Mooney

Dr. Eric R. Nease

North Carolina Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. Eric P. Park

Dr. Michael B. Rogers

Dr. Deborah A. Sema

Edward Philip Snyder

Sr. South Carolina Assn of Ortho

Southern Assn Of Orthodontists

Dr. Elizabeth C. Stapleton

Dr. Jeri Lynnette Stull

Dr. Kyla M. Swearingen

Debra A. Lawson

Dr. Laura O. Nichols

Dr. Ib Leth Nielsen

Vanessa Ortiz

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO)

Mark Rawlins

Scott Roslyn

Dr. L. William Schmohl

Joan Vennemeyer

Julianna Wilhelm

Florida Assn. Of Orthodontists

Lynne Thomas Gordon

Dr. Lee W. Graber

Dr. Nathan R. Hamman

Dr. Brian B. Jacobus

Dr. Daniel I. Joseph

Dr. Lisa King

Dr. Shawn Lehman-Grimes

Dr. Charles A. Lindsey

Tennessee Assn of Orthodontists

Dr. Sims R. Tompkins

Virginia Assn Of Orthodontists

Dr. Buddhapoom


Dr. Donihue Waters

Dr. Richard A. Williams

James Wortham

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The AAO Foundation Board of Directors wishes to express appreciation and gratitude to those who have completed the pledges they committed as orthodontic residents to become members of the Vanguard Society. For a full list of pledges to the Vanguard Society, by name and school, and the list of schools with 100% participation, please click the icon below.

https://www.aaofoundation.net/ways-to-give/ become-a-vanguard-member



“As a resident, support for the AAO Foundation goes well past our time in residency but helps ensure a brighter future for orthodontics. We are so lucky to have access to research funding, state-of-the-art databases and opportunities to network before graduation from our orthodontic programs -- all in part due to support from the AAOF. By becoming a Vanguard Society member, you are not only acknowledging the vast impact that the Foundation had on your education, but you are pledging to be an active part of the future of the orthodontic profession!”

2022-23 Resident Director; AAO Foundation Board of Directors

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Any AAO member who is the victim of a natural disaster may apply to the AAO Disaster Relief Fund for a grant (up to $5,000) to assist in restoring, repairing, or reconstructing a practice facility owned by the applicant, or the dental equipment and supplies therein.


Damages from a natural disaster can create a serious financial hardship and sometimes other sources of adequate funding are not available. Replacement of lost income from practice interruption is not an eligible reason for assistance.


Applicants must meet the requirements prescribed in the Rules for the Disaster Assistance Program and applicants should read the Rules prior to completing this application. Find the rules here: https://www.aaofoundation.net/charitable-giving/ disaster-relief

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Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) is a program of the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation (AAOF) that provides the conduit to connect children lacking access to care with orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to match American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) members with children in need right in their community.







In 2022, Dr. Spencer Pope was recognized as a Daily Point of Light Award honoree by the Points of Light – a global community creating connections between nonprofits, corporations and individuals to address the world’s changing needs.

Dr. Pope has been a part of the Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) program from the beginning. In 2009, the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) launched a pilot program to explore how members could give back. Five states were selected, including Dr. Pope’s home state of Illinois, where he and a colleague began treating applicants and recruiting additional volunteers.


Dr. Bryn Cooper

Dr. Daniel Keith - Vice Chair

Mr. Gary Pickard

Dr. Spencer Pope – Chair

Dr. Jeff Rickabaugh

Dr. George Sabol

Dr. Kelsey White

Dr. Beatrice Williams


Henry Schein Cares Foundation


“I know how important a smile is for self-confidence and selfesteem. When I have kids come into my office for treatment, a lot of times they don’t want to smile because they don’t like how their teeth look, they don’t want to open their mouth or that their mom says that they never smile in pictures and always keep their mouths closed.”

Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) Committee Chair

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Dr. Michael Adkins

Albert Einstein Medical Center / Department of Dental Medicine

Dr. Alexa Albrozi

Dr. Jason Aleman

Dr. Paul Anders

Dr. Eric Anderson

Dr. Efi Andrianopoulos

Dr. Jess Arbon

Dr. Scott Arbit

Dr. Steven Asanza

Dr. Anas Athar

Dr. L’Tanya Bailey

Dr. Kennenth Banasiak

Dr. Rana Barakat

Dr. Nicholas Barone

Dr. Andrew Baxter

Dr. Scott Behnan

Dr. Ted Bennion

Dr. Allison Bergdoll

Dr. Frank Besson

Dr. Chip Bird

Dr. Barry Booth

Dr. Thomas Borgula

Dr. Stephen Bosonac

Dr. Kurt Bowers

Dr.Steven Jay Bowman

Dr. Marybeth Brandt

Dr. Eric Brust

Dr. Robert Bruzzichesi

Dr. James Buckthal

Dr. Chad Bulleigh

Dr. Thomas Burns

Dr. Bruce Burns

Dr. Matt Busch

Dr. Emily Carter

Dr. Stephen Carter

Dr. Paul Caruso

Dr. Jerry Cash

Dr. Robert Cavanaugh

Dr. Christopher Chung

Dr. Kyint Chwa

Dr. David Clark

Dr. Ronald Clark

Dr. Marissa Clemente

Dr. Michael Clemente

Dr. Nicole Clemente

Dr. William Cline

Dr. Kevin J. Coghlan

Dr. Robert Colter

Dr. Brian Cook

Dr. Charles Cooley

Dr. Bryn Cooper

Dr. Karen Cottingham

Dr. Christopher Crane

Dr. Bill Crutchfield

Dr. Gwen Cohen

Dr. Michael Connolly

Dr. Patrick Cuozzo

Dr. David Caggiano

Dr. Mark Caplan

Dr. Kevin Cassidy

Dr. Ileana Cavanagh

Dr. Greg Paul Christensen

Dr. Matthew Croco

Dr. Marcus Dager

Dr. Marie Dang

Dr. Julian Davila

Dr. Ed Davis

Dr. Laura Davis

Dr. Steven Davis

Dr. Jeffery Dean

Dr. Damon De Arment

Dr. Andrew Dehaan

Dr. Aron Dellinger

Dr. Eric Dellinger

Dr. Peter Demarest

Dr. Derby Orthodontics

Dr. Melvin Dillard

Dr. Ken Dillehay

Dr. Bryan Dixon

Dr. Mary Ellen Dobbs

Dr. Jean Driscoll

Dr. Michael Durbin

Dr. Sharon Durfee

Dr. Lynae Ellis

Dr. Michael Erhart

Dr. Paul Ellis

Dr. Christopher Escott

Dr. Michael Ferry

Dr. Alexander Figueroa

Dr. Alvaro Figueroa

Dr. Dennis Flanagan

Dr. Marshall Fleer

Dr. Matthew Forster

Dr. Fox & Abraham Orthodontics

Dr. Devek Frech

Dr. Kristen Fritz

Dr. Lori Fulk

Dr. Thomas Gebeck

Dr. David Gehring

Dr. James Gill

Dr. Mark Greco

Dr. Jessica Greenberg

Dr. Susie Guest

Dr. Mark Geller

Dr. Jeffrey Genecov

Dr. Karl Glander

Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg

Dr. Jon Golub

Dr. Ernest Goodson

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Dr. Barry Gorkowitz

Dr. Tara Gostovich

Dr. Thomas Grisius

Dr. Joshua Gotlib

Dr. Libby Graham

Dr. Lisa Grant

Dr. Azita Abbasi-Hafshejani

Dr. Baron Hall

Dr. Nathan Hall

Dr. Leonard Haltiwanger

Hamilton, Wilson & Hendrickson


Dr. Nathan Hamman

Dr. Shad Hanis

Dr. Joseph Hannah

Dr. Douglas Harte

Dr. James Harris

Dr. Aaron Haskett

Dr. Kenneth Hauser

Dr. Curtis Hayden

Dr. Lana Helms

Dr. Stanton Henry

Dr. Jason Herring

Dr. David Hertzberg

Dr. Tod Hickman

Dr. Elizabeth Hite

Dr. Andrew Hoch

Dr. Kurt Hoffman

Dr. Robert Hoffman

Dr. Callista Holwegner

Dr. Michael Hoxie

Dr. Joe Hudgins

Dr. Gerard Huerter

Dr. David Hughes

Dr. John Hullings

Dr. Gregory Hummon

Dr. Syed Hussaini

Dr. Curtis Imel

Dr. Indiana University Clinic

Dr. Darin Iverson

Dr. Ron Jacobson

Dr. Jordan Jaffe

Dr. Amy James

Dr. Jeff Jamieson

Dr. Marita Janzen

Dr. Bruce Jiorle

Dr. Rene Johe

Dr. Brandon Johnson

Dr. Jeremy Johnson

Dr. Kevin Jarrell

Dr. Thomas Kadar

Dr. Wael Kanaan

Dr. Paul Kattner

Dr. Robert Kazmierski

Dr. Daniel Keith

Dr. Jeffrey Kemp

Dr. Christopher Kesling

Dr. Michael Klein

Dr. William Kochenour

Dr. Michael Koufos

Dr. Charles Krowicki

Dr. Valmy Kulbersh

Dr. Edwin Kwon

Dr. Andre Laprade

Dr. Neal LaRoia

Dr. Robert Larson

Dr. Susan Leiva

Dr. Zack Librizzi

Dr. llya Lipkin

Dr. Bryan Lockhart

Dr. Allison Loeb

Dr. Trent Lofgren

Dr. Shawn Long

Dr. Natalie Luce

Dr. John Lupini

Dr. Steven Mack

Dr. Randall Macon

Dr. Joel Martinez

Dr. Robert Mattioli

Dr. Mart McClellan

Dr. Shelly McColm

Dr. Andrew McDaniel

Dr. Mark McDonough

Dr. Frederick McMillen

Dr. Mark Mele

Dr. John Meschke

Dr. John Metz

Dr. David Meyer

Dr. Ronald Mizrahi

Dr. Christine Michaels

Dr. Marina Milstein

Dr. Jared Moffett

Dr. Julie Mol

Dr. John Monticello

Dr. Heather Moylan

Dr. David Muench

Dr. Russell Mullen

Dr. Dean Murphy

Dr. John Murphy


Dr. Satyan Nayak

Dr. Denise Nguyen

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

Nth Degree Orthodontics

Dr. Robert Nudera

Dr. Christine O’Hea

Dr. Nicole Siara Olds

Dr. Lauren Hood-Olsen

Oliver Family Orthodontics

Dr. Gabriel Ollins

Dr. Jay Oltjen

Dr. Gregory Oppenhuizen

Dr. Edward Orenstein

Chelsea Orthodontics

Orthodontics Battistoni, Beam, Polivka

Orthodontics Petty & Bielik

Richard Risinger

Dr. Nick Palmer

Dr. Pranav Patel

Dr. Michael Perillo

Dr. Joseph Pezza

Dr. Warren S. Phillips

Dr. Carlyn Phucas

Dr. Gina Pinamonti

Dr. Joseph Pittman

Dr. Renee Pompei

Dr. Spencer Pope

Dr. Stephen Powell

Dr. Charles Pritchett

Dr. Scott Prose

Dr. Williams Quest

Dr. Corina Radu

Dr. Barry Raphael

Dr. Eileen Raywood

Dr. Clarence Red

Dr. Alan Reed

Dr. Cynthia Reed

Dr. Karen Reese

Dr. Joseph Restic

Dr. Anne Richards

Dr. Susan Rider

Dr. O.H. Rigsbee

Dr. Gregory Richardson

Dr. Jeffery Rickabaugh

Dr. Ernest Rider

Dr. Kirk Riple

Dr. Ronald Risinger

42 | YEAR IN REVIEW 2022


Dr. Alexander Ritchey

Dr. Luke Roberts

Dr. Stephen Robirds

Dr. Kirsten Romani

Dr. Robert Rosen

Dr. Mark Rosenthall

Dr. Kenneth Rowan

Dr. Hadley Rubino

Dr. Paul Rudnicke

Dr. George Sabol

Dr. Steven Sack

Dr. Charles Sadler

Dr. Ronald Saffar

Dr. Stephen Saks

Dr. Vincent Santucci

Dr. George Sargiss

Dr. Daniel Sarya

Dr. David Sarver

Dr. Adam Saylor

Dr. Gregory Schardt

Dr. Angela Scheele

Dr. GP Schmidtke

Dr. Robert Schudy

Dr. Adam Schulhof

Dr. Karen Seder

Dr. Dary Sexson

Dr. Robert Selden

Dr. Tushar Shah

Dr. Ian Silversmith

Dr. Brian Smith

Dr. Kara Smith

Dr. Scoot Smoron

Dr. Edward Snyder

Dr. Melanie Spears

Dr. Howard Spector

Dr. Brenda Stenftenagel

Dr. Frederic Sterritt

Dr. Melissa Stigall

Dr. Gary Taylor

Dr. Jesse Teng

Dr. Alexis Tessler

Dr. Carrie Thangamani

Dr. Michael Thompson

Dr. Mark Tindall

Trimmell, Anders & White Orthodontics

Dr. Patricia Tran

Dr. Brad Turchetta

Dr. Brad Twaddle

Dr. John Underhill

Dr. Mark Underwood

University – AT Still

University of Iowa Orthodontic Clinic

University of Michigan

University of the Pacific

Dr. James Vaden

Valente & Jarosz – Rudy – Jerry

Dr. Algirdas Vaitas

Dr. Jason Vassar

Dr. Russell Verbic

Dr. Massimo Verduci

Dr. Nancy Villa

Dr. Britt Visser

Dr. Virgil Vives

Dr. Mark Vorhies

Dr. Brandon Wainwright

Dr. Marisa Walker

Dr. Bruce Wardel

Dr. Neil Warshawsky

Dr. Emily Watson

Dr. Colin Webb

Dr. Lisa Wendling

Dr. Randall Welser

Dr. Gerald Wesley

Dr. Kelsey White

Dr. Cassy Wiggins

Dr. Donald Wilcoxon

Dr. Donald Wilson

Dr. Douglas Wilson

Dr. John Wirthlin

Dr. John Wise

Dr. Michele Wittler

Dr. Brent Wood

Dr. Ron Yarbrough

Dr. Ben Youel

Dr. Issac Yue

Dr. Sal Zammitti

Dr. Evan Zeh

Dr. Jacqueline Zimmer

Dr. Cassie Zirbel

In the fall of 2022, the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation (AAOF) was honored by American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) with a Silver Award for the work of the Donated Orthodontic Services program. The award recognized the foundation’s willingness to go above-and-beyond its everyday mission and undertake initiatives with a far-reaching benefit to the community.

YEAR IN REVIEW 2022 | 43


The American Association of Orthodontists Foundation is now offering more opportunities for AAO members to get involved. The AAOF recently welcomed the Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) program and the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) to its philanthropic umbrella so members can engage on multiple levels, all in one place.


The mission of the AAO Foundation is to advance the orthodontic specialty by supporting quality education and research that leads to excellence in patient care, and by promoting orthodontic charitable giving.

The AAOF’s passion for education and research, will always be at the forefront of what it does. Expanding the mission statement and gaining two dynamic programs truly gives the Foundation new ways to move the specialty forward. Both programs, DOS and the Disaster Relief Fund will bring diversification to the Foundation by adding volunteerism and a way to directly support our members, especially after a natural disaster.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.aaofoundation.net/charitable-giving


The AAO Foundation offers resources for residents to encourage early planning for retirement.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.aaofoundation.net/news/personalinvestment

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