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Photographer: Dante Marshall

Photographer: Dante Marshall



2015 is now almost over and we would like to bring you a little Christmas present: JasMag #4 in a Christmas style with a review from Jasmine’s 2015. Not much text, no featured artist this time but a lot of beautiful highlight photos from the past 12 month.’’


jasmag / photo album 2015

Where has the last year gone? It feels like yesterday that Anis and I released the first issue from our JasMag. So much has happened over the past 12 months with Jasmine, that keeping up with everything going on is a fulltime, but fun endevour. EP release, signed to Atlantic Records, video shooting with Felix in Barcelona, the huge success from ‘‘Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)’’ on a global scale, her trip to Bali, the promo tour in Germany with a lot of interviews and apperances on TV & Radio stations across the country, her tour with Ella Eyre in Germany & Great Britian, her first own headline show in her home city... I think I could fill this whole magazine with all the highlights from this year! 2015 is now almost over and we would like to bring you a little Christmas present: JasMag #4 in a Christmas style with a review from Jasmine’s 2015. Not much text, no featured artist this time but a lot of beautiful highlight photos from the past 12 month. With this issue I also would like to say ‘‘Thank You!’’ to a lot of people: Anis, the true hero behind this fan magazine, who always make these outstanding layouts and come up with awesome ideas. Thank you Anis; Jasmine, for giving me the trust and the possibility to do all the fan accounts as her official fan site. Thank you Jasmine; Jasmine’s management—especially Annie, for always supporting me, even with her limited time. Thank you Annie; Nina Morgan, Martine Singer, Brooke Falls and their family for making the work on the last JasMags even more great and funny. Thank you; A special person, who don’t liked to be mentioned here, but I know she reads it. Thank You; Augustus and Kunwar for their great work and helping to make this magazine even more beautiful. Thank you both! Last, but definitely not least a big Thank You to everyone of you out there who helped make not only this fan magazine a huge success, but also the official fan accounts. THANK YOU! I wish you all a beautiful Christmas time with your beloved ones and a happy new year 2016. Anis are I are back with a new issue in the early spring time. Speaking of Anis, it’s time to hear something from him.

Stefan Simon Associate Editor l jasmine_fanpage

Stefan Simon photo album 2015 / jasmag



What was I doing at age 14? Certainly nothing close to what Jasmine Thompson has managed! 2015 was a fabulous year for her career—as you can see in this special photo book. For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Anis, I’m an associate editor and the graphic designer of the JasMag. I want to share with you two things about me. First, how I work, everyone knows I’m a very selective person—I don’t work on projects that I don’t have a passion for. So Jasmine has all my admiration and support. Her music is a source of inspiration to me, pure, innocent and powerful at the same time. Honestly, I’m also fascinated by the way she runs her life, and curious to see what kind of celebrity she will become in three years, when she will get more experiences and independence! Second, the idea—the initiative—that Stefan and I had to create the JasMag means a lot to me, and I’m very proud of it. I believe that perfection doesn’t exist, but we always desire to reach something special by giving our best in each and every issue we carry out. By the way, we all need to support Jasmine to make her more famous, I think it’d be nice if our goal is to show to the world that she’s unique and her fans as well! Logical, isn’t it? I would like to thank Jasmine, her managers and everyone has helped us with our magazine—your magazine! Also, a special thanks to Stefan who does so much for our girl, trust me! Last but not least, I wish you a happy new year, and merry christmas to all those who celebrate it! 2016 will be another sensational year for Jasmine Thompson, with more challenges and more success. And because I’m pretty sure of that—let me think in advance of what was I doing at age 15.

Anis El Idrissi l aniselidrissi Associate Editor Graphic Designer

Aniselidrissi photo album 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine Thompson’s first post in 2015 was: ‘‘It’s going to be a good year’’


jasmag / january 2015

Cover of Hozier’s Take Me To Church

Reached one million subscribers on YouTube

photo album 2015 / jasmag


At the ‘‘RTL Late Night’’ in Holland

In France with Robin Schulz to perform at ‘‘C à vous’’

Cover of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud

‘‘Imagine Dragons Medley’’ by Jasmine Thompson, MAX and Kurt Schneider


jasmag / february 2015

Jasmine made her very first red carpet appearance at the ‘‘ECHO Awards’’ in Berlin, Germany


jasmag / march 2015

Robin Schulz, Jasmine Thompson and Felix Jaehn at the ECHO Awards

Cover of Death Cab for Cutie’s I Will Follow You Into The Dark

photo album 2015 / jasmag



Jasmine and Ben Martinez supported ‘‘Sheppard’’—a band from Australia at ‘‘The Borderline’’ in London


jasmag / april 2015

With Robin Schulz at the NRJ Music Tour in Lyon, France

Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson

Cover of The Weeknd’s Earned It

photo album 2015 / jasmag


At Barcelona’s beach (Spain) for shooting a music video


jasmag / april 2015

photo album 2015 / jasmag



jasmag / april 2015

Felix Jaehn and Jasmine Thompson shooting ‘‘Ain’t Nobody’’ music video in Barcelona

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Unfinished Sympathy by The Six ft. Jasmine Thompson

Cover of Wiz Khalifa’s ft. Charlie Puth See You Again

With Felix Jaehn at ‘‘NRJ Fashion Night’’


jasmag / may 2015

Jasmine did a meet-up at ‘‘Conrad Bali’’ in Bali, Indonesia


jasmag / may 2015

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Adore (Single) Released on June 12, 2015


jasmag / june 2015

Photographer: Dante Marshall

Jasmine Thompson at the Webvideopreis in D端sseldorf, Germany


jasmag / june 2015

A gold award for ‘‘Sun Goes Down’’


jasmag / june 2015

A lot of performances and interviews in Germany On these photos: big FM, ARD moma, antenne1, NRJ, planet radio, Regenbogen DE, Radio Hamburg, Hit Radio FFH, and SWR3

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Behind the scenes of Jasmine’s TV report on RTL


jasmag / july 2015

Cover of Nicki Minaj’s Grand Piano

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Getting ready for ‘‘FC Bayern München Team Presentation 2015’’ at the Allianz Arena in Munich


jasmag / july 2015

photo album 2015 / jasmag



jasmag / july 2015

Jasmine Thompson and Lang Lang (the pianist)

With Robin Schulz and two German footballers: Mario Gรถtze and Philipp Lahm

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Photographer: Christian Nitzsche

Cover of Meghan Trainor’s Like I’m Gonna Lose You


jasmag / august 2015

At the ‘‘Stars For Free’’ in Berlin, Germany

photo album 2015 / jasmag


46 jasmag / september 2015 Photographer: Dante Marshall

Adore (Album) Released on September 18, 2015

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Getting ready to support ‘‘Ella Eyre’’ on her German tour


jasmag / september 2015

Jasmine and her lovely fans during the tour

photo album 2015 / jasmag


In Düsseldorf at ‘‘10 Jahre InTouch—Icons and Idols’’


jasmag / september 2015

With Felix Jaehn at ‘‘Volkswagen Garage Sound’’ More photos on the next pages

photo album 2015 / jasmag


At the ‘‘Energy Air 2015’’ in Bern, Switzerland More photos on the next pages


jasmag / september 2015

photo album 2015 / jasmag



jasmag / october 2015

Jasmine and her team at the beach in Los Angeles, US

photo album 2015 / jasmag


With Corey Harper, working on a new song


jasmag / october 2015

After a stop at ‘‘Shazam’’ and ‘‘Billboard’’ in New York, Jasmine spent her last day in LA with ‘‘CBS TV’’

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine’s first podcast with Jenna Mourey and Julien Solomita’s Channel

Photo shoots with ‘‘Luisa Via Roma’’ in Milan, Italy

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Photographer: Jody Mattioli


jasmag / november 2015

Photographer: Sophie Jones

After supporting ‘‘Ella Eyre’’ on her UK tour, Jasmine did her first headline show in London

photo album 2015 / jasmag


With Ben Martinez at ‘‘Radio Deejay’’ in Italy

Jasmine’s first ‘‘Gold Award’’ for her own music ‘‘Adore (EP)’’

At ‘‘Sanremo Giovani’’ in Sanremo, Italy. Jasmine performed her new cover of Florence + The Machine’s Never Let Me Go

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine Thompson at the ‘‘Ultimate Chart Show’’ in Cologne, Germany


jasmag / november 2015

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Cover of Noah Gundersen’s Isaiah by Jasmine Thompson and Corey Harper


jasmag / december 2015

Jasmine, her manager—Will Gresford, and R2D2

Tickets offered by ‘‘HP UK’’

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Red carpet appearance at ‘‘Premios 40 Ballantines’’ in Madrid, Spain


jasmag / december 2015

Jasmine and Francesco Yates at ‘‘Premios 40’’ They received gold records for their two collaborations with Robin Schulz

photo album 2015 / jasmag


Photographer: Dante Marshall

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Jasmag 04 - Photo Album 2015  

Jasmine Thompson's year 2015 in a 96 pages Photo Album with High-Resolution photos. Some of are exclusive to the magazine, never published...

Jasmag 04 - Photo Album 2015  

Jasmine Thompson's year 2015 in a 96 pages Photo Album with High-Resolution photos. Some of are exclusive to the magazine, never published...