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march 2015 / jasmag





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Q&A 35 questions


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jasmag / issue no.1

She’s only 14 years old with an amazing voice! what’s happened?

One of the best songs in 2014, by Robin Schulz feat. Jasmine, here are the lyrics.

Jorge’s story

One of the biggest fans of Jasmine Thompson tells us his story.

The angelic voice

A cool flyer that we’ve chosen for you in printing section.

Featured artist: Nina Morgan

She is one of the most talented singer on YouTube, so let’s find out her talent!

Loyal fans

Everyone loves Jasmine, the evidences...


Editor’s first issue, that fan will be Jorge aka @sheeponatrip from Twitter. We also want to feature other great talents. As you can see on the next pages, we choosed for the first issue my dear friend Nina Morgan. You really need to check her out on Youtube! Now to myself: I Welcome to the first issue think most of you already know me. My name is of the ‘‘JASMAG’’ As you Stefan - I am the webmascan see, it is a magazine ter from Jasmine’s official about Jasmine Thompfan site. My story about son - our star with the how I become a fan from angelic voice. Before I Jasmine is really short: I start, a big ‘‘Thank You’’ was searching on Youtube to Anis, who came to me for Passengers original with this great idea and song ‘‘Let Her Go’’, but he is also responsible for because of some copyright the design of this brand new magazine, which will problems here in Gerapear quarterly from now many, we can’t see all of the music videos. Youtube on. What can you expect guessed me a couple of from this magazine? It’s a little highligt magazine, cover songs from ‘‘Let Her Go’’ and Jasmine’s where we put all of Jasmine little highlights from version was on number 1 of the list. So I clicked the past month together on it, saw that little girl for all of her fans. But with her headphones not only that: We also and the microphone and bring in every issue one fan into the spotlight and Jasmine start singing... Yeah and the rest is can listen to her or his story how she/he become history! I would not say that I am the biggest fan a fan of Jasmine. In this


from Jasmine - for me there is no ‘‘biggest’’ fan. Every fan counts to help Jasmine and I would like to say that we fans from Jasmine are a very nice and kind group of people from allover the world! Enough text from me. Enojoy the first issue of our ‘‘JASMAG’’ and if you also want to be in the fan corner from one of our next issues, just contact me. Many greetings from Germany.


I would not say that I am the biggest fan from Jasmine - for me there is no biggest fan.’’

Stefan Simon Associate Editor

march 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine Thompson Born on 8th Nov 2000 London, UK

Q&A 35 questions

Jasmine Thompson answered to the questions from fans

What’s your ethnicity? My ethnicity is half Chinese and half English. My mum is Chinese. How tall are you? I’m 5’8 or 5’9 tall. I’m not quite sure. What are your favorite songs? I don’t really have a favorite song, I like Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez and Words by Ane Brun. What are your favorite actors? Chloë Grace Moretz, Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort.


jasmag / issue no.1

What languages do you know? When I was younger I learned French, Spanish and Latin. Also I learned a bit of Chinese (my mum is Chinese). So, are you ready? Ready to be amazed by my amazing counting? yî (1), èr (2), sân (3), 4... 20, 21, 23 (I missed 22). I’m bad at Chinese (she laughs). Also I know nî hâo ma (how are you) and zàijiàn (goodbye). I also know something else but I’m not going to say it. What’s your favorite subject? Art.

MISS JASMINE What instruments do you play? I play guitar, not very well, piano and I play the irish flute whistle in the key of D. How do you choose songs for YouTube? Usually they’re songs I like or the songs you guys (fans) suggested. What’s your recording setup? I use a Rode NT1 microphone, which is setup to a Tascam US-144MKII audio interface, which is connected to my computer.

What’s your favorite TV show and cartoon? How I Met Your Mother, and SpongeBob. Do you have any phobias? I’m terrified of spiders, insects and all of the creepy crawlies.

HIMYM is her favorite TV show, maybe because of the LEGEN... wait for it... DARY Barney

Ane Brun and Jose Gonzalez, Jasmine likes them

What’s your favorite perfume? Hollister and Victoria Secret. What makes you cheerful? I love kittens, puppies and animals, and food. Just the normal stuff that makes you smile. Do you have discussion with my friends? Yes I do. We talk way too much. march 2015 / jasmag


Does your mum ever scold you because you’re messy? Yes, quite a lot! I’m very messy. I don’t like tidying up my room. It’s my room, it doesn’t need to be tidy. My brother gets told off more though, he is terrible. Do you have pets? Yes I do. I’ve a cat called Lily. What do you do in your spare time? Usually I just watch endless YouTube videos. I mess about, text and chat with friends, stuff like that. Do you play video games? Yes, no. I play phone games, I play flappy bird and skippy squirrel. There is e new game called 2048, It’s really addictive, I’m really bad at it though. What’s the longest hours you slept? Once I slept for 13 hours, because I did an all nighter with my friends at a sleepover. Don’t do that! What’s your favorite meal? I love spaghetti bolognese. Do you swear much or ever? Hmm no, maybe, no. Not saying...


jasmag / issue no.1

Jasmine Thompson and her lovely cat called Lily


I’d eat tons and tons of ice cream, get really fat. And I’d like to have a group hug with everyone. Yeah... I’d do that.’’

Jasmine’s favorite meal

Ever face planted in public when running? Yes I have. Multiple occasions. Basically one of my favourites is when I was walking to the bus stop with my friend Cat. I don’t know what happened. We were running and my knees just buckled, I don’t know what happened. So I tripped and fell, face planted, I was still holding the coffee. Cat was like ‘‘Oh my god, Jasmine are you ok?’’ I said: ‘‘Yeah, I am fine.’’ We carried on running. It was good, but there were tons of people

from my school, it was awkward. If you have just one day to live what would you do? I’d eat tons and tons of ice cream, get really fat. And I’d like to have a group hug with everyone, Yeah... I’d do that. What do you do when you are mad? Usually I give people the silent treatment. If I look at you with evil eyes... Will you give blonde hair a go? Probaly not. I don’t think so. Might change my

minde later but no. Ever thought of a new hair style? Not really. When I was younger, I was really stubid. I guess I really wanted to have a bob. My mum was on the phone, I was about 4. I was sitting under the table, I cut my hair into a ‘‘bob’’. My mum didn’t like me for a while. What do you think of marriage? I will tell you in 20 years.

march 2015 / jasmag


A country you always wanted to go to? The next country I really want to go to is Cyprus. What kind of man would you like to be your boyfriend? Anyone like Theo James and Ansel Elgort. I like them. What’s your favorite movie? The Divergent series. I can’t wait for the series to come out. I’m really excited.

Poster of the next episode of the Divergent series (Jasmine’s favorite movie) It’ll be released on March 20, 2015 entitled INSURGENT with Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort (Jasmine’s favorite actors)


jasmag / issue no.1

Do you sing when you take a shower? No I actually don’t. I don’t know. I’m scared people might hear me. Do you like pizza or ice cream? I don’t know. I guess I like both. Do you like donuts? Yes I do. I love donuts, but only the ones that have chocolate in them.

To watch the video of Questions & Answers with Jasmine Thompson, visit her official YouTube channel: TantrumJas

What was the best part of being on tour? Being on tour was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I loved meeting all the new people, and I loved meeting some people in the audience as well. That’s really cool. Everyone’s really nice. They had free food. That was good. My very first performance was in front of 2000 people. It’s really exciting. I thought I’d be really scared but I actually wasn’t. I just really enjoyed. I want to do more tours.


Do you have plans creating an album of your onw songs? Yes I do. Not sure when but we’re working on it. If you could collaborate with any artist, who’d you choose? For singing I’d choose Jose Gonzalez. For song writing I’d choose Ane Brun, I love her style of writing.

Thank you for all the support and everything. Thank you so much.’’

march 2015 / jasmag


Song of the issue

Sun Goes Down Robin Schulz was born on 28 April, 1987, in Osnabrück, Germany. He is an electronic DJ and produce. On February 4, 2014, he released his first single, a remix of ‘‘Waves’’ by Dutch hip hop artist Mr Probz. This remix later received a nomination for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. His second single, re-

Robin Schulz ft. Jasmine Thompson The official album cover

leased June 6, 2014, was a remix of the Lilly Wood & the Prick track ‘‘Prayer in C’’ from their 2010 album Invincible Friends. Both remixes have charted in many European countries and the United States, leading to international recognition for Schulz. He co-founded Lausbuben Records with Daniel Bruns and Christopher Noble. Robin Schulz’s debut album is ‘‘Prayer’’ which we found his song Sun Goes Down featuring Jasmine Thompson. Currently, the official music video has more than 32 million views on YouTube. Source: Wikipedia.

nothing’s ever what we expect / but they keep asking where we’re going next / all we’re chasing is the sunset / got my mind on you / doesn’t matter where we are are are are / doesn’t matter where we are are are are... / doesn’t matter no / if there’s a moment where it’s perfect / we’ll carve our names / as the sun goes down / hey, as the sun goes down / hey, as the sun goes down / as the sun goes down / doesn’t matter where we are are are are / doesn’t matter where we are are are are... / doesn’t matter now / surround me now / surround me now // nothing’s ever what we expect / but they keep asking where we’re going next / all we’re chasing is the sunset / got my mind on you / doesn’t matter where we are are are are / doesn’t matter where we are are are are... / doesn’t matter no / if there’s a moment where it’s perfect / we’ll carve our names / as the sun goes down / hey, as the sun goes down / hey, as the sun goes down / surround me now / surround me now / as the sun goes down //


jasmag / issue no.1

(Single from Prayer) Released: 24 Oct, 2014 Length: 2:57 Label: Tonspiel Written by: Robin Schulz, and Tom Havelock Producer: Robin Schulz


How Jorge dis First of all, English language is not my mother tongue so I am sorry in advance in case this text is a nonsense. It is very hard for me to explain in this language. Here I go. Jasmine Thompson became my favourite singer since the first time I heard her voice, and I am so proud of that. It was in the beginning of October 2013 or maybe the end of September when I saw a tweet from someone I used to follow on Twitter. They said something like: ‘‘This is amazing! I’m watching Jasmine Thompson on the news in the BBC!’’. I wondered who was ‘‘that’’ Jasmine Thompson, and WHY she was on the news. I searched for her name on Google and I found a YouTube channel called ‘‘TantrumJas’’. Tantrumjas?! The first video I watched was the ‘‘Ain’t Nobody’’ one and then


jasmag / issue no.1


...I never liked the original song, but her cover was much better! Better? It was actually superb! I loved it.’’ Spain (Jorge’s country) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s known for its cultural diversity! So, Will Jorge’s dream come true?

I subscribed to her YouTube channel. I remember that I loved that cover. Later, I discovered that the huge success in the UK of this version was the reason why she got interviewed in the TV news. After that one, I

scovered Jasmine

By Jorge lsheeponatrip, one of the biggest fans of Jasmine Thompson

watched ‘‘Let Her Go’’. To be honest, I never liked the original song, but her cover was much better! Better? It was actually superb! I loved it. So I spent the rest of the day listening to all her songs. I can remember that I loved

especially the preview of an EP she was releasing in the next days, called ‘‘Under the Willow Tree’’ so I pre-ordered the album. And then, I started to follow her on Twitter. A few days later she followed me back, until now. march 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine playing piano in the woods for the official music video ‘‘Run’’

The most I like of her is the kind of voice she has: pure, soothing and powerful at the same time, one of a kind. I love the way she sings. She makes the songs as her own, I mean she doesn’t imitate the original singer as other cover artists do, she makes a NEW song, her song. And of course she’s so kind to every single one of her fans. I bet she will never forget us when she will become a worldwide music star in the future. I want to see her singing live, so I cannot wait to attend a concert of her in my country. Hopefully. It’s been over 16 months supporting her and I will support Jasmine as long as she wants to be a singer. She will be a great artist, soon. Well, she already is, at least for me.

6 October, 2013 Jasmine was on BBC News Channel.

I would like to say a big thanks to Stefan (@ jasmine_fanpage) and Anis (@aniselidrissi) for letting me write these words here. Also thanks to all the nice Jasmine’s fans out there, you all are amazing. And of course a huge THANKS to Jasmine for singing as beautifully as she does and sharing her talent. Jorge, a proud Jasmine Thompson’s fan from Spain.

Jorge march 2015 / jasmag


Calendar 2015 Size A3 (420x297mm) 5mm Bleeds Print Ready CMYK Color 300 DPI (Full view: P.20)

Easy & Free! Go get them


In this first issue, we share with you three professional graphic designs (a calendar and two flyers) that you can print them easily by following the instructions provided.’’ 18

jasmag / issue no.1

PRINTING FOR YOU 1- Full 2015 Calendar: A3 (420x297mm) / 5mm Bleeds / Print Ready / CMYK Color / 300 DPI. It’s a special calendar for Jasmine’s fans with the dates of holidays and some observances in United Kingdom. The notes area allows you to make a list of specific events. And because we

that reflects this description. The dominant color is cyan, it means peace, purity, and serenity. We’ve added wings and white doves, they symbolize gentleness, innocence and peace. Microphones and disco balls remind us that Jasmine is a singer. We hope you enjoy it, let’s listen to the angelic voice.

perfection. The white rose represents purity and innocence. The others items (disco ball, microphones and speakers) are for reminding that Jasmine is a singer. The white cat can express some beautiful things, but here, the reason we’ve added it is Lily, Jasmine’s pet.

Flyers Size 4x6in 0.25in Bleeds Print Ready CMYK Color 300 DPI (Full view: P.22 & P.23)

wanted to be creative, we’ve added a funny dialog box on which you can write your own name. 2- The Angelic Voice: Flyer size 4x6in / 0.25in Bleeds / Print Ready / CMYK Color / 300 DPI. Many fans describe the voice of Jasmine as being an angelic voice. So the idea was to make a flyer

3- We Love Jasmine Thompson: Flyer size 4x6in / 0.25in Bleeds / Print Ready / CMYK Color / 300 DPI. In this flyer, we wanted to create a classy style, that’s why we’ve changed the color of Jasmine’s dress from red to gold. The color gold symbolizes victory, riches, luxury, elegance and

How can I get them if ever I want to print them? Visit the official fan site from Jasmine Thompson: or, contact the graphic designer via his twitter account: @aniselidrissi

march 2015 / jasmag


Nina Morgan 14 Years old Singer, Songwriter

Featured artist Nina Morgan I am very happy that we have Nina Morgan in the first issue from our JasMag! Who is Nina Morgan? Nina is a 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress from Paris. But don’t worry, she speaks english as well as she does french. Personally I discovered


jasmag / issue no.1

Nina the first time as she posted a drawing from Jasmine on Twitter last summer.

‘‘A drawing of Jasmine Thompson’’ Made by Nina Morgan

OTHER TALENTS Almost at the same time she starts her channel on Youtube with a hillarious Vlog called: ‘‘How to procrastinate with style.’’ A very funny start into a great future on Youtube, if you would ask me. But Nina does not only Vlogs. She is also a great singer and has already written her own songs. One is called ‘‘Shiny Black Dream’’ and this song was recorded in a sound studio in England!


Nina does not only Vlogs. She is also a great singer and has already written her own songs.’’ Her second own song ‘‘Make Me Smile’’ was filmed in the beautiful country side of France in the summer time. A beautiful video which brings you back to that one summer that you always will remember. ‘‘Moondust’’ is her recent cover (at the editorial deadline). A breathtaking acoustic version from Jaymes Young’s original. If you’d like to support

Nina’s YouTube channel: NinaCalistaMorgan

Nina Morgan check her out on Youtube and if you like what you see, subsrcibe to it. You will not be disapointed - trust me! My personal estimation: A must watch artist and an upcoming star!

You can find Nina Morgan on: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter

march 2015 / jasmag




LOVES our girl!

The number of Jasmine Thompson’s fans increases day by day. It’s logical, because when we listen to her voice we are immediately obsessed with it! So, let’s start with the evidences...



Is it just me or do others listen to Jasmine’s songs all day long? Her songs draw you in deeply and you just don’t want to leave.’’

Oh my god Jasmine! You’ve come so far. I’ve been watching you since about your third video. I’m so happy for you. Well done!’’

l Augustine99

l ellewastaken

A lovely drawing made by a Romanian fan l NItuValentin

A nice drawing made by l edwinyeguez

No doubt! It’s just a matter of time before she posing for Vogue or something. A fan art made by Stefan l Jasmine_Fanpage

march 2015 / jasmag


A beautiful drawing made by l TantrumJasART

X robertgold52: ‘‘For almost twenty years Sarah McLachlan was my favorite singer. Today there is Ellie Goulding, Adele and Ella Henderson to enrich my listening pleasure. However, it is you, Jasmine Thompson who has captured the number one spot for me. Your voice moves me and warms my heart!’’

Two cool fan arts made by l JulianRF_


If it can be done, I’m close to wearing out your YouTube site, playing your songs over and over. This is fantastic, Jasmine!’’ l dhunt1911

A very nice painting, made by Eca, a Jasmine’s fan from Romania l tinylittle_bird


jasmag / issue no.1

f jamie.doherty.1238: ‘‘Jasmine! Imagine Dragons is one of the best medley’s I have ever heard, and this is what sets you miles ahead of everyone else, is your talent, your modesty, humbleness, and your humility, don’t ever lose that.’’

X 123naster: ‘‘Your voice, while smooth and soothing, is still empowering when it needs to be. You have the perfect combination, making your voice absolutely amazing. You are awesome Jasmine.’’

A charcoal painting, made by Ersoy, an artist born in Austria and lived in Switzerland l ersoyayyildiz


As expected, 2015 has started off really good! A lot of videos gaining huge amount of views, and now 1 Million subscribers! Yay!’’ l musicofmusix

f camille.spenle.1: ‘‘...I listen your song every day, every night, every hour, every minutes, every second... my mother say I listen you too much. You’re my idol! I have bought all your song. My dream is to met you, to see you in a concert. You cannot imagine how I admire you. Love you Jasmine and kiss from France. And finally, GOOD LUCK!’’

l DanielPWorld1 & his young brother love Jasmine. Poland’s fans #PolishFansLoveJasmine


Never thought I could love another singer as much as I love Taylor Swift! 14 years old? You’re so young with an angelic voice. I really think you can surpass her!’’ l aniselidrissi

march 2015 / jasmag


Profile for JasmineFanpage

Jasmag #1  

Issue #1 from our Fan Magazine

Jasmag #1  

Issue #1 from our Fan Magazine