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november 2016 / jasmag






We finally released some printed versions, and all magazines was read more than 7.000 times overall.’’

Another year is almost over and so much happened with Jasmine and her music. She was on tour with Robin Schulz and Felix Jaehn; travelled to Italy, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Poland and so much more countries that even I have problems to remember all of them. Jasmine also did a great collab with Hugel and released together with Thomas Jack her original song ‘‘Rise Up’’. Speaking of ‘‘Rise Up’’, in this issue Jasmine answered exclusive your questions about this song. 2016 was a great year


jasmag / issue no.7

for Jasmine and also for this little fan magazine. We finally released some printed versions and all magazines was read more than 7.000 times overall. As always, we have a lot of great stuff for you in this issue: • Unreleased photos from Jasmine. • Tiffany helps you to get the look from Jasmine with an awesome style tutorial. • Jenna Chessall as our featured artist. • Great fan stories. • Anis made a beautiful calendar of 2017 for you. • And a lot of great fan arts...

again a lot of her time for this magazine. The last year was a blast and I’m sure 2017 will be even more amazing for Jasmine, this magazine and the official fansite! Thanks to all of you guys for supporting this so much. From the whole JasMag team, I wish you a very

mery Christmas and a happy new year with your loved ones—we will be back in 2017! With lots of love from Germany.

Stefan Simon Associate Editor

This was the last issue from our Jasmine Thompson fan magazine for this year. A huge thanks to Anis, who made a again a beautiful layout. Thank you to Tiffany who made a great ‘‘Get The Look’’ tutorial for you, Kunwar for the proof reading again and last but not least Annie, for taking

november 2016 / jasmag





jasmag / issue no.7






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Rise Up - Exclusive (Q&A) Jasmine and the fans love that song!


How to look like Jasmine Thompson in 11 steps


The best hugs I have ever got From Germany, Leonard’s story.


An afternoon with some great people!


She should be my idol By Asya from Turkey.

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Double exposure calendar Jenna Chessall

A 14-year-old singer, songwriter from Canada.

november 2016 / jasmag




Jasmine & the fans love

Rise Up (Q&A) ‘‘

Rise Up is about me being ready to take on my career as a singer even though some people might think I’m too young.’’ Q: @Alaska_Mendes: Which artist would you like to cover this song? A: I would love it if Lapsley would make a version, she could do some kind of minimal elctro-pop version! Q: @RubenftMelanie: What do you think about the remixes of this song? A: The instrumental breakdown with the panpipes is so fun to play with, so I’m always excited to hear how different people use that


jasmag / issue no.7

section in the remixes. Q: @NaumiSn: Where you got your inspirations especially for the first words? A: I wanted to write a song about being ready to tackle the problems that come up when you’re trying to achieve something. ‘‘Rise Up’’ is about me being ready to take on my career as a singer even though some people might think I’m too young. ►

november 2016 / jasmag



jasmag / issue no.7

november 2016 / jasmag



jasmag / issue no.7

november 2016 / jasmag


To watch the official Music Video:

Q: @TantrumAxis: How long did it take to get the all the text for the song ready? A: I wrote the lyrics to the song in one day with my songwriter friends Isa and Em. Once we got the idea down, it came pretty quickly to us.


jasmag / issue no.7

Q: @seymourganiyev: Do you sing an acoustic version of this song (piano and your voice)? A: I am actually working on an acoustic guitar version right now. I’ve sang the song while playing piano before, but there are no plans to

release a piano version. Q: @miguel_18_2001: How much time did you spent in general with this song? A: I wrote the song last year and then it got sent around to a couple of producers. The first time that I heard Thomas’ produc-

tion was back in January while I was in LA. I remember listening to it on some laptop speakers after a long day of sessions and instantly loving it. So I’ve been waiting for over 8 months to share this with you! Q: @drawdrag: How was

the experience of filming there (Ibiza)? A: I absolutely loved it! I am so grateful that the video was filmed in Ibiza, as it was such a beautiful place to spend some time at the end of Summer. We stayed in this really cool villa with the whole

crew, so it was kind of like summer camp. It’s always nice to get to know the people that we’re working with like that and I hope we can all work together again soon! □

november 2016 / jasmag


Jasmine posted this selfie on Instagram a few weeks ago (...) Now I’m going to tell you how, step by step, to achieve it! ►

How to look like Jasmine Thompson in 11 steps november 2016 / jasmag


Here we go! Start off with a clean and moisturized face. Apply concealer: To help cover up dark circles and brighten the under eye area, apply and blend your concealer in an upside down triangle shape. To give my face a natural highlight, I also applied concealer on the center of my forehead, along the bridge of my nose, and on my chin. The concealer I used today, which is my favorite drugstore concealer, is the ‘‘Maybelline Fit Me Concealer’’. For the most natural finish, I like


jasmag / issue no.7

to blend with a beauty sponge. Set your face: It’s important to set your face with a powder to make sure your concealer doesn’t crease and to help it last all day. I used the ‘‘L’Oréal True Match Setting Powder’’. Prime your eyes: Priming your eyes will help prevent your eyeshadows from creasing throughout the day. For this, I used a little concealer and set it with some powder. Define the crease: Take a fluffy blending brush and a


warm medium matte brown (I used ‘‘Buck’’ from the Naked Palette) and work that back and forth 02



Instagram/Tiffster_98; Twitter/Tiffster_98; Snapchat/misstiff98; YouTube/LittleMissTiff

01| 02|


Hey, there! My name is Tiffany*, and I’m in charge of the new beauty and fashion articles for JasMag! The wonderful editor of this magazine, Stefan, found me through my YouTube channel (LittleMissTiff)

and invited me to join this awesome project! Jasmine posted this selfie (p. 17) on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I thought this makeup look would be perfect for this October issue of JasMag. It consists of natural skin, a warm smokey eye with bold dark brown wings, bold brows, and a mauve lip. This look is great to rock during the fall season. Now I’m going to tell you how, step by step, to achieve it!


into your crease. Keep blending until you’re happy with the amount of smokiness. Apply the lid color: Using your ring finger or a flat shader brush, take a matte light brown eyeshadow (I used ‘‘Naked’’ from the Naked Palette) and apply it all over your lid. Eyeliner: This is the star of this makeup look! Take a dark brown eyeshadow or gel liner (I used ‘‘Chocolate’’ from the Lorac Pro Matte Palette) on an angled eyeliner brush, and create the flick by placing your brush in line with your bottom lash line and then bringing it up and out towards the tail of your brow. Create the triangle shape of the wing by starting at the top of the flick and going towards the inner corner of your eye. To finish it off, just fill in the empty space, and voilà! You have yourself a nice, bold wing! Smoke out the lower lash line: Apply the same warm medium matte brown from earlier from the outer to the middle of your lower lash line and blend until you reached






your desired smokiness. Next, take a smaller brush and apply the dark brown shade you used for the eyeliner, but stay nice and close to your lash line. Blend as needed. Mascara: Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Define your brows: In her selfie, Jasmine has nice, thick brows. To try to replicate that, using whatever brow product you’d like (I used a dark brown eyeshadow and an angled brush), line the top and bottom of your eyebrow then use small feathery strokes that follow the natural direction of your hair growth to fill in. When you’re done, set your brows with a brow gel (I used the L’Oréal Brow Stylist Plumper). Lips: Apply a mauve lip color that’s a few shades darker than your natural lip

09| 10|


color. I used the ‘‘Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter’’ in the shade Pink Truffle. And now you’re all done! This is a really fun look to wear in the fall when you want to add just a little drama to your look. Of course you can alter the look to whatever fits your style! I hope you guys enjoyed this little makeup tutorial! Lots of love from California, Tiffany. □

november 2016 / jasmag


At Lichterfest in Dortmund, Jasmine Thompson hugging a fan just before her meeting with Leonard—the writer of this story


She made a heart with her hand and I thought I dreamt.’’

The best hugs I have ever got 20

jasmag / issue no.7


I finally met Jasmine on Saturday 20th August! I’m a fan from Jasmine for one year already, so I had to wait one year for meeting her. I was totally shocked and nervous at the moment she came towards me, because I didn’t know what to say! When the

Meet & Greet began I firstly made many photos and then I asked Jasmine to sign my albums from her and she did. I was so happy at that moment. After that she had to go already because she had to perform on stage! She sang all my favourite songs—Ain’t Nobody,

Rise Up and many more. When she has finished performing I thought that was the end of this awesome day but it wasn’t! After she show I went to a hill where I could get a view in her tent but I only saw her because she said a load ‘‘hi’’. She made a heart ► november 2016 / jasmag


and I thought I dreamt. And then happened the best action which Jasmine could ever make! She came out again to us behind the fence although she doesn’t need to! I couldn’t believe how


...I firstly made many photos and then I asked Jasmine to sign my albums from her and she did!’’ lucky I’m at that moment. The surprise was: When she saw me, she spoke to me and she started to ask questions to me and we talked for MINUTES! She asked me if I live near Düsseldorf (because she is there so often) and I just said: ‘‘I live in the near just so close to Dortmund’’. I couldn’t believe it when she said that she wants to meet me again! Then we took photos again. After that I asked her to make a voice mail to our fan group on What’s App on she luckily said YES! I couldn’t believe my luck again! Another thing which was unbelievable was that we ►


jasmag / issue no.7

november 2016 / jasmag


Jasmine’s live performance after she met Leonard


jasmag / issue no.7

The lucky Leonard with the lovely Jasmine Thompson

hugged us so much and so often that we couldn’t let us go from each other (this was one time too before the show too). But Jasmine hugged me although I had to hug her but she hugged me! Her hugs are the best I’ve ever got, so warm and awesome! Then she took photos with other fans and then she had to go. At this point we decided to go away because

we knew that Jasmine couldn’t come again. So we went to the meadow where the firework was because that happened too later on that evening and we had to wait one hour and then it began! We looked at the firework until it ended at about half past 12 pm. Then we went home too because this was the end of the day and all people had to go home. At the end I

can say that this day was the best day of my life and that my life wouldn’t be the same without Jasmine! I’m so freaking lucky that I could met her like it happened! □


november 2016 / jasmag


An afternoon with some

great people!

It was Sunday, a special day for me (Henrike) and my friends Katja, Gergana and Pati, because Jasmine was in Hamburg again, together with Felix Jaehn. We wanted all to see each other again because it was 7 months ago as we met the last time. But how? The tickets were all sold out. We wrote with Jasmine about it, until we got the idea to meet us before the show, more specifically at McDonald’s. We planned to meet at 4pm, but Jasmine arrived 1 hour later—she was


jasmag / issue no.7

stuck in the traffic while driving from Cologne to Hamburg. This is a very long way! Later she arrived with Annie at the Docks in Hamburg. Jasmine did her soundchek and came to McDonald’s right after it. We drunk a cofee and talked a little bit about school and friends. She gaves us autographs for our friends, too. I gave her a little present from Julchen and me (Popcorn). Julchen wasn’t there because she was sick, I was so sad because I

missed her. Later we took photos and Annie filmed us (I dont know why hahah) that’s why I filmed Annie also haha. The time was so fast over... I was very sad, but I knew that I have the chance to meet Jasmine soon again—on the 14th of December because she will be again in Hamburg with The DJ Robin Schulz.


With Ben Martinez doing a soundcheck before the Lichterfest show


jasmag / issue no.7

She should be my idol Hello! I’m Asya, I’m 14 years old and I live in Turkey. Like a lot of fans, I first discovered Jasmine on the radio. It was about 1 or 1,5 years ago. One day, and Jasmine’s song ‘‘Ain’t nobody’’ began to play. When I heard the song, I was fascinated. Instantly I began to research Jasmine. I started listening to her other songs. I was more fascinated in every song I heard. I said: she should be my idol! Every day I learned something else about her. And so I was more attached to her. After 2-3 months I decided to open a fan page for her. Opening the page meant that I met other fans, and I made new friends, every day. I hope one day I can meet her, maybe she will

come to Turkey and visit Malatya... Then I hope I can met her. I sent a few fan mails to Jasmine, and many gifts to her. She loves my gifts and takes selfies with my them, and thanks me. She sent me her signed ‘‘Adore’’ album and one signed photo. My family love Jasmine! I think that, in Jasmine’s future. She’ll be a young superstar all around the world! And I’m sure: Everybody will know and like her!


november 2016 / jasmag


Calendar 2017 Size A4 (210x297mm) Portrait 3mm Bleeds Print Ready CMYK color 300 DPI


jasmag / issue no.7

Calendar 2017


double exposure november 2016 / jasmag


Clean double exposure effect, and a high resolution design

2017 is almost here! Do you want to be ready for it? You can begin by just having this double exposure wall calendar in your office or home. Our calendar is an A4 size design, includes 14 months from December 2016 to January 2018 plus front and back cover. If you have ever


jasmag / issue no.7


2017 is almost here! Do you want to be ready for it?’’ watched the music video of Jasmine Thompson’s Adore, then you know what we meant with “double exposure”. And even more simply: it’s the superimposition of two images to create a single one. In other words, each month has its own season background with a beau-

tiful photo from our photogenic girl—Jasmine. We added a notes field and the official holidays with many observances in United Kingdom. There is also some Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious events (Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan…). We hope you enjoy it! 2017 will be another amazing year for Jasmine Thompson—the sky’s the limit for her! We wish you the same, and happy new year!



jasmag / issue no.7

Jenna Chessall For our featured artist in this issue from our fan magazine we are going to a beautiful country in north america with huge forests and a lot of snow. I speak from Canada and I’m very happy that we have Jenna Chessall in this JasMag. The 1st cover from Jenna on YouTube

Jenna Chessall 14 Years old Singer, Songwriter Canada

was ‘‘Safe & Sound’’ back in 2013 and her voice reminds a little bit to Jasmine’s version from that song: very soft, very warm and with a lot of emotions. I am a fan of old songs, that’s why I was really curious about Jenna’s version from Eric Clapton’s ‘‘Tears Heaven’’

and I was really amazed how Jenna did it with her own interpretation from this classic. Beside her brilliant and clear voice looks Jenna very self confident in front of the camera, which is very important too. Let’s ask her how she’s doing that. ► november 2016 / jasmag


JasMag: Hi Jenna, how are you? Jenna: Hi! I am doing great, thank you! I am very excited to be a part of your magazine. I have been a Jasmine Thompson fan since I was about 10 years old! She has been a huge inspiration to me. JasMag: When was the first time you noticed that you have such a great voice? Jenna: When I was about 2 or 3 years old I would play games on the computer and I would sing along with the music on the game. My parents always loved how my voice sounded, so when I was 8 years old, my mom signed me up for singing lessons! So, I guess I’ve pretty much been singing my whole life! JasMag: With ‘‘Safe & Sound’’ you uploaded your first cover song. Was it your idea to start a YouTube channel? Jenna: It was my mom’s idea to start up my YouTube channel because she wanted to share my singing with family and friends. I am so glad she made the Youtube channel for me because I wouldn’t be where I am today without her ►


jasmag / issue no.7

I just love being in front of the camera! I think making music videos and having photoshoots is so much fun.

november 2016 / jasmag



jasmag / issue no.7

support. I feel very fortunate to have been able to meet so many amazing people from all over the world through my channel. JasMag: What is your secret to always looking so self confident in front the camera? Jenna: I just love being in front of the camera! I think making music

videos and having photoshoots is so much fun. I started dancing when I was 2 years old, and I also have sang and played the piano at music festivals from when I was about 9 years old. So I have gotten used to performing starting at a very young age. JasMag: How do you choose your songs for YouTube? â–ş

Jenna released her first EP album Covers on iTunes* Sep 09, 2016


november 2016 / jasmag


Instagram/jennachessallmusic; Facebook/jennaleechess; Twitter/jennachessall; YouTube/missjennaproductions *

You can get in touch with Jenna via social media*

Jenna: Sometimes, I pick songs from the top 100 charts. I also pick songs that I have meaning to me. Sometimes I pick songs just because I really like them. I also take suggestions from my viewers on YouTube. JasMag: ‘‘Covers’’ is your first EP that you just


jasmag / issue no.7

released on iTunes and Spotify with three beautiful cover songs. Can we also hear your own music in the future? Jenna: I had the opportunity this past summer to write a song with an amazing singer/songwriter. We are planning on writing more songs soon.

I hope to share the music we wrote one day! I really loved the writing process and I can’t wait to do some more and share it with you! JasMag: Thank you very much for this interview Jenna. I’m really excited to hear more from you in the future. □

november 2016 / jasmag


Lovely drawing by the talented disaster__ area16


jasmag / issue no.7

From Paraguay, Pencil drawing made by Numinanttart


Jasmine Thompson with some of her loyal fans at the ESKA Music Awards in Poland

y Emily Shippey: ‘‘Thank you so much for this song (Rise Up). You are bright and beautiful! Amazing job and thank you for spreading a great message to everyone out there to be comfortable with themselves! Thank you for being a role model for those around you!’’


Made by the artist l ersoy ayyildiz

Thanks Jasmine for always being so nice with your fans. For giving us your love every day. For working so hard for us. I love you so much!’’ l _strongJasmine_

l KatHankin: ‘‘I respect Jasmine so much as a person and artist… She’s incredible and she inspires me every day to work toward my dream. She’s so incredible and I love this song!’’


There isn’t a more soothing voice than yours, Jasmine! You make it appear effortless. Thank you!’’ f rgold52

y alhetmooie: ‘‘Beautiful cover (Macy Gray’s ‘‘I Try’’), sweet Jasmine! Your voice carries such passion; it’s so vulnerable and ethereal yet so strong and powerful. You convey feeling as few others can and draw us into your emotion. Your vocals are so poignant and the setting portrays the empty feeling of the song as well. This is an exceptionally touching and tender cover; one of your best. Really love it, Jas, and really love you too!’’ november 2016 / jasmag


Beautiful Fan art made by Peridot

Another work made by l ersoy ayyildiz from Turkey



I Love Rise Up! Even if summer is almost over here in Germany, you bring it back with the track and your lovely voice’’ y Leeysa

y Eirene Song: ‘‘Let me just say that you’re my favourite singer, I’ve been watching you for 3 years now! Your voice is incredibly amazing and I love you so much, Jas!’’


jasmag / issue no.7

Is it just me or does her songs keep getting better? We all love you Jasmine!’’ y jolon Mudd

l Chaima sings: ‘‘Jasmine is the definition of perfection. I’m always talking about you with my friends, my family and at school! Yesterday I was at McDonald’s and they were playing ‘‘Where We Belong’’ it made my day! I love you so much Jasmine, don’t forget!’’

november 2016 / jasmag


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Jasmine Thompson - JasMag #07  

- Jasmine answers your questions about 'Rise Up' - Jenna Chessal as our feat. artist - MakeUp tutorial from Tiffany - Double exposure Calend...

Jasmine Thompson - JasMag #07  

- Jasmine answers your questions about 'Rise Up' - Jenna Chessal as our feat. artist - MakeUp tutorial from Tiffany - Double exposure Calend...