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...Adore was released; she did a promotion tour all over Germany with a lot of great interviews, and Jasmine finally met her idol, Ed Sheeran.’’

The summer is almost over and as I have promised you in our last issue, we are back with the JasMag #3. A lot of things happened with Jasmine and her music over this summer: ‘‘Adore’’ was released; she did a promotion tour all over Germany with a lot of great interviews, and Jasmine finally met her idol, Ed Sheeran. But that’s still not everything for this year! Jasmine’s new EP—which is also called ‘‘Adore’’—will be released on September the 18th and comes with a lot of new original songs written by her. Jasmine about the EP in a german


jasmag / issue no.3

interview: ‘‘I like to write about things that have happened to me, but at the same time I hope that my songs will find universal appeal, so that others can enter into a connection with these.’’ You can read more about the EP on the next pages. Also, we have a lot of new things for the JasMag: • I’m really proud that we have Brooke Falls as our featured artist in this issue! • Augustus is now a fixed writer and a great new part in our team. • Kunwar completes the team by checking our text for mishaps. • Kayla tells us her story

about how she discovered Jasmine. • ‘‘Adore’’ is of course our song of the issue. • And we have again a lot of unreleased photos from Jasmine for you. It’s still unbelievable for me that we can now release the 3rd issue from our fan magazine. After the last issue we got a lot of requests asking if we could make more printed versions and send them to fans all over the world. I like to answer that question here for everyone: Please remember that we do the JasMag in our spare time, beside our jobs, family and all the other stuff. Making a

CONTRIBUTORS PDF version is still a lot of work and even that needs a lot of time to do it until everything is finished. Making a printed version would mean even more work. But I know that a lot of you guys would really like to have a printed version from it. So, I’ll check if there is a easy way to bring you a physical copy of our fan magazine. But please be patient—I don’t know if we can make it happen for the next one. Last but not least a big ‘‘Thank You’’ to Jasmine and her team (especial to Annie) for the support on this issue and of course also to Anis, Eca, Kayla, Augustus and Kunwar— without these guys it would not be possible to release this great fan magazine. A special thanks also to Brooke and her Mum. It was a lot of fun to work and chat with you both! And now please enjoy the JasMag number 3!

Stefan Simon Associate Editor

Editors: Stefan Simon Germany Anis El Idrissi Kingdom of Morocco Writers: l Augustus700 Proofreader: l Gimpanzee123 Graphic Designer: Anis El Idrissi l aniselidrissi Contact us: Stefan Simon (fan site’s webmaster) l jasmine_fanpage f jasminethompsonfanpage i officialjasthompsonfanpage



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Song of the issue: Adore Can’t Get Enough of Adore? Here Are Some More!




Jasmine’s performances in Germany More about the new EP The new extended play is coming, get ready!


Kayla’s story An unforgettable voice, Kayla tells us her story.


A happy Back to School How to have a great back to school? Fun accessories in printing section.


Brooke Falls What is an outstanding female vocalist?

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september 2015 / jasmag


Song of the issue

#Adore 8

jasmag / issue no.3


The official album cover of Adore. Released on June 12, 2015


Adore is a really special song to me because it’s all about the thing I adore most—music. It’s about how music was there for me even before I realized I wanted to be a singer.’’ —Jasmine Thompson

Come to me and I shall give you peace / Come to me lay down your head / Touch the rain and feel the summer breeze / Say the things we’ve never said // I will keep you from the world outside / I will never let you go / I will be the thing you dream about / Come to me and you will know // I adored you before I laid my eyes I laid my eyes on you / L’amour toujours I just can’t take my eyes can’t take my eyes off you // Follow me to where the rivers meet / Tell me I belong to you / Feel the grass crumble beneath your feet / Set me free and let me loose // Take my heart for it is yours to keep / Shackle my spirit to you / You are mine and mine eternally / Come to me you always knew // I adored you before I laid my eyes I laid my eyes on you / L’amour toujours I just can’t take my eyes can’t take my eyes off you //

Released on 12 June, 2015, ‘‘Adore’’ is Jasmine Thompson’s fifth original song and the first one since she signed to a contract with Atlantic Records—the label which has housed famous artists like Muse, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars. On her new song Jasmine

said: ‘‘...I hope when you listen to it, you think of what you adore most of all’’. The single includes two versions of Adore: an original and an acoustic version. With these two versions we can say that Adore caters for all tastes and ages.

september 2015 / jasmag


Jasmine Thompson’s original song Adore is an undeniable smash hit. The music video on YouTube has garnered over two million views in just six weeks since its release. It charted on the German I-Tunes Top 100 and on German radio. Fans, including myself, have listened to it repeatedly without tiring of it. We absolutely adore the song and simply cannot get enough. Luckily, there is more than just one Adore to listen to. The release of Adore has spawned numerous different versions of the songs, including remixes, covers and Jasmine’s own acoustic versions. In this review, I review the best alternative versions of Adore. These versions are available on YouTube and/or on Soundcloud.


jasmag / issue no.3

Can’t get enough of Adore? Here are some more! by Augustus700

Adore is Jasmine Thompson’s fifth original song, and the first one with Atlantic Records

A screenshot of the official music video, more than 2 millions views in just six weeks

1. Jasmine’s Acoustic Version—The original version is an up-tempo electronic track with a driving dance beat. Jasmine’s acoustic version is a soft, lush, soothing version, with a slower tempo, with piano and string backing. The acoustic version is similar in sound to Jasmine’s covers and so is calmer, more haunting than the electronic version. While the

original version is great for dancing to or listening to while driving, the peaceful, serene sound of the acoustic version makes it perfect for study and relaxation. 2. Jasmine’s Live Unplugged Version— During Jasmine’s tour of German radio stations promoting Adore, she sung live, ‘‘unplugged’’ renditions of Adore. Unlike the studio acoustic

version, the live acoustic version is accompanied only by acoustic guitar. This version of Adore is fantastic. The guitar backing gives the version a folk-rock feel. I “adore” the way Jasmine sings the “I-I-I-I-I-I” part of the song and the way she really belts it out during the last chorus. This version is unique in its own right and I’d consider it a third version of Adore. ► september 2015 / jasmag


3. Adore Remixes— within seven weeks of the song’s release, there have been at least thirty remixes released on either Soundcloud or YouTube. Remixes are tributes or homages to the original source material. The fact that so many D.J.’s have been inspired to remix Adore is a testament to the song’s compelling and unique sound, and, of course, to Jasmine’s angelic vocals. Some of my favorite Adore remixes are those by top-notch producers Teemid, Trashyouth, Aviate, K Theory and Addall. But, if I were stranded on a desert island and could only pick one remix of Adore to listen to, I’d pick Trashyouth’s remix of the acoustic version of Adore. It is a beautiful, “chill” remix which is true to the original yet unique sounding in its own right. There is a part to the remix that makes it stand out. It starts around the 2:00 minute mark and repeats itself at the 4:30 minute mark. It’s when the remix creates a vocal stuttering effect with Jasmine’s voice that is out of this world amazing.


jasmag / issue no.3

The effect is so sublime, so ethereal. The effect amplifies the heart-aching quality of Jasmine’s vocals. I cannot recommend Trashyouth’s remix enough, it’s that good. 4. Adore covers—Singers and musicians have also been inspired to cover Adore and to put their own spin on the song.

Adore, the official music video of the acoustic version


Adore’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and we should see even more new covers and remixes over the next few months. Who wants more Adore? Apparently, we all do!’’ After about two months since its release, there are at least 15 or so covers of Adore on YouTube, including both vocal and instrumental covers. My favorite vocal cover is by Miriam Ferrigno. She sings Adore while playing her acoustic guitar as accompaniment. The guitar arran-

gement is beautiful and spare, Miriam’s vocals are earthy yet soothing. The cover gets to the essence and heart of Adore, staying very much true to the original while being unique in its own right. A very nice effort. There are also instrumental piano and guitar covers of Adore that

are excellent. One cover of note—a guitar instrumental cover by Stuart Mathews. Using both acoustic and electric guitars, the cover gives Adore a thumping rock sound that will get your head nodding up and down to the beat. Definitely a unique take on Adore. Adore’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and we should see even more new covers and remixes over the next few months. Who wants more Adore? Apparently, we all do! □

september 2015 / jasmag




She did interviews in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim, BadenBaden, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin.’’

The logotypes are classified in chronological order of Jasmine’s performances and interviews. All rights reserved to Webvideopreis, ARD Morgenmagazin, hr3, planet radio, Radio Regenbogen, SWR3, antenne 1, 1LIVE, bigFM, Radio Hamburg, YOU FM, KISS FM, NRJ, Hit Radio FFH, DASDING, RTL, StarFlash, and Bravo.


jasmag / issue no.3

Jasmine’s new single ‘‘Adore’’ was released on June the 12th and just one day later Jasmine did a great performance at the live world premiere at the ‘‘Deutscher Webvideo Preis’’ in Dusseldorf, Germany. Another highlight was the live performance of the acoustic version of ‘‘Adore’’ on the german TV program ‘‘ARD Morgenmagazin’’. That was just the start of her promotial tour all over Germany. She did

interviews in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin. You can find most of her video interviews on the YouTube fan channel and a lot of translated german text interviews at the official fan website* on the new created ‘‘FAN CORNER’’ there.


Jasmine at Allianz Arena

Red carpet Webvideopreis


jasmag / issue no.3

Behind the scene of Jasmine’s TV report on RTL

Jasmine Thompson on the German TV show ‘‘ARD moma’’, she did an interview and performed together with Ben Martinez the acoustic version of Adore

september 2015 / jasmag


The very 1st live performance of Adore was at Webvideopreis

Jasmine at antenne 1, she performed two songs ‘‘Adore’’ and ‘‘If I Could Change Your Mind’’

After Adore’s promotional tour, Jasmine returned in Germany to perform together with Robin Schulz ‘‘Sun Goes Down’’ at Allianz Arena for FC Bayern Munich team presentation


jasmag / issue no.3

Jasmine Thompson and Ben Martinez at SWR3 studio

september 2015 / jasmag


More about Jasmine’s new EP ‘‘ADORE’’ Here are some facts and info about the new EP from Jasmine Thompson—which is also called ‘‘Adore’’. According to Warner Music Germany, the EP will be released on September the 18th and it contains five original songs by Jasmine.

1 Adore is Jasmine’s 1st extended play with Atlantic Records

2 3 4

I really can’t wait to hear Jasmine’s new songs on the upcoming EP! Maybe also because Jesse Shatkin (Sia), Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran), Josh Grant and Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes) as well as Emily Warren (Jessie J) stood by her side for these songs.


Adore It’s already released everywhere and gets played more and more at the radio stations all over the world. Let Myself Try In that song Jasmine sings about the fear of failure, but also from the courage to go her way further. Do It Now Jasmine tells her listeners in ‘‘Do It Now’’ that they have to accept what they cannot change and to learn from it and to go on. Loud and Clear The song is about the existence in the shadow of another person, from finding the own voice and finally stand up for themselves. Crystal Hear is dedicated to the fear of the judgment of others and the insight that it is at the end still better to open towards others. september 2015 / jasmag



An unforgettable voice

Kayla’s Story ‘‘

February 2015. Since I couldn’t believe she had then I noticed she’s becoming more well known. such a powerful and unique Jasmine has been travevoice. If there was one word ling and performing so much this year. It really to describe her it would be is incredible that she’s so angelic.’’ young and already this successful. I listen to her It all started when I was music everyday. You can searching for covers of never get tired of a voice ‘‘Take Me to Church’’ on like that. YouTube. I watched one I hope to meet Jasmine cover and then looked at the recommended videos. one day and be able to Jasmine’s cover was at the see her perform live. I would also love to get her top. I almost didn’t click signature on one of my on it but I’m glad I did. drawings of her. I would Right when she sang the like to thank Stefan and first few words I fell in Eca for letting me share love with her voice. my story. I would also After I watched that I like to thank Jasmine for started watching her making me happy eveother videos. I couldn’t ryday with her beautiful believe she had such a Boston city, voice. powerful and unique Kayla always voice. If there was one amazed us with her beauword to describe her it tiful drawings would be angelic. With of Jasmine (p. 42), and now such a powerful voice I by this cool wasn’t sure how old she photo! So, will she meet her was. I guessed around 17 idol here one years old. Then I figured day? out she was only 14 years We hope so... old. I was amazed. I discovered her in


september 2015 / jasmag


Have a happy B


jasmag / issue no.3


Back to School!

september 2015 / jasmag


Be prepared for your first day back at school, here we share with you some ideas that should make you more enthousiaste for it. Custom notebooks, sketchbooks and a lot of stickers, just for you! And now we can say: ‘‘Our beautiful girl—Jasmine Thompson—will be with you wherever you are, even at school’’.

The notebook (exersice book) is created in different sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5 and B6, and different ruled paper depending on use case (writing, drafting, drawing...). It includes a double cover with a space where you can put your personal information, also some pages contains something about Jasmine: lyrics of her original


Our beautiful girl—Jasmine Thompson—will be with you wherever you are, even at school.’’

Lined notebook used strictly for writing

Graph paper used for drawing and drafting

We created eight different label names (stickers), and these are two samples


jasmag / issue no.3

Blank notebook, favorite of most people

songs, quotes, important dates in her career, and a 2016 calendar. The covers are printed on 250gsm matte finish laminating, and the pages on 80gsm with a spiral notebook. The stickers and the name labels can be used on books, folders or on any small item, and they are made with a French style. We hope you enjoy our ideas! With this, are you ready for your first day at school?

The notebook was created in different sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5 and B6

Blank notebook, and a cool drawing by our artist Jasmine Thompson

september 2015 / jasmag



jasmag / issue no.3


Brooke Falls ‘‘

If you don’t know who Brooke is, you’re definitely missing a beautiful, powerful and absolutely outstanding voice!’’

Brooke Falls 15 Years old Singer, United States

‘‘I want you to know, that every day counts.’’ is one line from our featured artist in a beautiful video on YouTube, where she took the time to thank all of her supporters for the last year. Truly wise words. Even more impressive if you consider that she is just 15! I am honestly proud, that we have Brooke Falls as our featured artist in this issue! If you don’t know who Brooke is, you’re definitely missing a beautiful, powerful and absolutely outstanding voice! ► september 2015 / jasmag


Sitting here on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee in my living room and listen to Brooke’s cover of ‘‘The Power of Love’’, I have to confess that I get goosebumps from her voice. Not many singers can do that to me and even less have the voice to get close to the original from Jennifer Rush. I’m sure if Jennifer Rush


jasmag / issue no.3

listened to Brooke’s cover, she would be really impressed with it. Therefore I am not surprised that Brooke already won an award for a ‘‘Outstanding Female Vocalist’’ and the Grand Prize of ‘‘The Rising Stars’’. Just a few weeks ago, Brooke sung at the Kimmel Center for the performing arts in

You can find Brooke Falls on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+

Philadelphia for the 2015 graduating class. She dreamed to sing on that stage since she was a small child. After her performance, Brooke wrote on Instagram that it was a ‘‘life changing’’ moment for her. When listening to her songs, you can really feel that Brooke enjoys singing. Especially if you take a look on her live

performances. I have never seen a young artist who is that natural on stage. Subcribe to her channel and don’t miss her upcoming music. I’m 100% sure that we will hear much more from her in the future—not only on YouTube! □

september 2015 / jasmag



Jasmine Thompson with her awesome fans in Bali

Before sharing with you your incredible works and your nice support for Jasmine, we would like to congratulate again the winners of the raffle in the last issue—thank to them for their feedback! Also congratulations to all the fans who had the chance to meet Jasmine during her stay in Bali (picture). We all hope to be lucky enough to meet our idol! So, believe in your dream and good luck!

Believe in your Dream! 38

jasmag / issue no.3

september 2015 / jasmag


X Shiny Arts: ‘‘Oh my goodness! I´m from Germany, I have to say that I never hear something like this. When I feel bad or sad I listen to your great music and fell like God! Thanks so much for this great cover! Thanks so very much.’’


Love the passion and heart you put into all the songs you share with us Jasmine. Thank you so much!’’ f Scott Beers

X Paula Tomasiak: ‘‘Just amazing, she’s getting more and more confident and she’s gaining more and more control over her voice, it’s so much fun watching her become a professsional singer. Jasmine, I wish you all the best and good luck with your career, your cover ‘‘Ain’t nobody’’ is played very often on the radio here in Poland.’’


jasmag / issue no.3

X Lara Nardo: ‘‘Your voice has improved so much over the years! I remember subscribing to your channel when you just had a few followers and now I’m hearing you all over the radio! I’m so proud of you Jasmine! Lots of love and support.’’


Jasmine your music has helped me through the toughtest times of You are the best my life. I’m battling singer that I ever depression and heard in my life!’’ your music has insprired me. You f Joshua Meyers saved me life!’’


X Alicia Martinez

Watercolour edit, made by l tinylittle_bird (another work from her p. 45)

Digital art by l taka_maple

A beautiful painting made by i lillydiana_

A quick drawing by f maiirychan

Watercolor painting by i marianacairo

september 2015 / jasmag


Another amazing work from f maiirychan (See p. 41)

An incredible drawing by l arionanrich An artist and illustrator from Italy

Cool drawing made by our guest fan (p. 40) ‘‘Kayla’’ aka l tantrumjass


jasmag / issue no.3


As soon as I think you can’t get any more beautiful you prove me wrong!’’ f Kevin Manchester

X Kristjan Haxholli: ‘‘You really have a fantastic voice and sweet that always manages to give me the strength to do anything; I would be able to lift a mountain just listening to your voice. I wanted to write these few lines to tell you to go ahead; I need your voice. My job needs your voice. The world needs a voice like yours. A special greeting from Italy where you have already won many hearts, even mine.’’

f Maria Fjellborg: ‘‘Love hearing your voice on Swedish radio. Often too... It happens that people come to me to let me hear ‘‘this new star with the fantastic voice’’. I just smile and say that ‘‘I’ve been following you on YouTube for some time, I’m glad that you found her too. Isn’t she lovely?’’


I see how you’ve progressed over the years! Congratulations! Greetings to you from Peru.’’ f Christian River


Your music means the world to us!’’ l tinylittle_bird

l Robert Gold: ‘‘Jasmine, you have one of the most incredibly authentic, haunting and empathetic voices in the world. No wonder I never tire of listening to your music.’’ september 2015 / jasmag



Awesome drawing by f samo. harutyunyan.16 An artist from Armenia

You have a unique voice which makes you special! I wish you the best!’’ f Kevin Manchester

f Solenn Aragon: ‘‘Saw you on TV, on a music channel. And I was like ‘‘it’s Jasmine OMG, bro come to see’’. I’ve got your song in my head all day, ‘‘Ain’t nobody, loves me better, makes me happy, makes me feel this way...’’ OMG! I love you, and love your music.’’


Such a beautiful, haunting and catchy song! I got very emotional listening to it. The lyrics, the video, the music—perfect.’’ l Augustus700

X Gabriella Chaotics: ‘‘I’m happy I discovered this adorable artist. Jasmine is like a beautiful flower; smooth, gentle, innocent, inspiring. Still so young, yet so much developed with such a beautiful voice that relaxes you, takes you close to meditation. It’s like a therapy— it gives you hope and reveals deep beauty. I wish this young sweet lady luck, pleasant times and good career. Keep developing yourself! You’re amazing!’’


jasmag / issue no.3


Profile for JasmineFanpage

JasMag Issue 3  

JasMag - the online fan magazine about Jasmine Thompson. In this issue: - Everything about Jasmine's upcoming EP "Adore" - Brooke Falls as f...

JasMag Issue 3  

JasMag - the online fan magazine about Jasmine Thompson. In this issue: - Everything about Jasmine's upcoming EP "Adore" - Brooke Falls as f...