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VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

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AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1


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VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

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U is for Unforgotten….

Following up on the court decision to free John Nuttall, Amanda Korody Letter to MP Murray Rankin and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Jack Etkin, Victoria BC

I am writing you as my local MP (Murray Rankin) ... and Elizabeth May as the leader of the Green Party of Canada ... with a small question. In January of this year, the Trudeau government appealed the decision by BC Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce to free John Nuttall and Amanda Korody. She blamed instead the RCMP and the Stephen Harper federal government for planning and carrying out the so called Terror Attack on the BC Legislature on Canada Day 2013. It is now October

and as far as I know, there has been no decision made re this appeal. Do either of you have any information about what is going on in this case? This is a very important issue, and goes very deep into the sad reality of what has been going on in our country for a long time. Thank you very much for any help you can give. jetkin@hotmail.com ♣ LINK: Justice Catherine Bruce says police went too far, using trickery and subterfuge to manipulate the pair; CBC News, Posted Jul 29, 2016: https://tinyurl.com/cbc-0599 ♣


"We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN." – B.W. Powe, Towards A Canada Of Light ♣ **************************************************************

“Unforgotten” By Brendalee Vokes, Owen Sound, Ontario

August 29, 2018: The other day I found an old photograph... an old black and white one with the white borders around it from the 1960s. It had captured my brother and myself feeding a deer – and no, not one in a zoo, but a wild one on the side of the road in Algonquin Provincial Park. Most people now would find it hard to believe that you could feed a wild deer by hand, or even share an area near a picnic table together. What a surprise to be reminded of that scene! It has been more than forty years since I was last in Algonquin Park. Our family would make annual trips through Algonquin on our way to a small city close to Ottawa, where my parents' relatives lived. As my memory skipped back in time like a stone skipping over the water, it landed on several memories simultaneously... I recalled one time when we were driving through the Park we saw a mature moose wading through the sunny yellow-flowered lily pads. That moose was enormous and I decided right then and there that I never wanted to come close to one on foot… ever! My next recollection was of the time we stopped on a beautiful sunny winter day and brushed the snow off 4 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

a picnic table to have our lunch. Although there wasn’t any large wildlife that day to keep us company, a few birds serenaded us. I can’t say that I have ever had a winter picnic before or since. On my last trip through Algonquin Park, we stayed over and camped at Canoe Lake. Maybe you know that's the lake where Tom Thomson, one of the great influences on the Group of Seven artists, drowned, on July 8, 1917. On an early morning walk along the lakeshore, I watched as the Sun burned off the mist, and heard the lonesome calls of the loons bouncing off the rocks and ridges. There as I scanned the lake, its shorelines, and the sky, I thought of the mysterious circumstances surrounding Thomson's death – as if I would find the answers to that mystery just because I was standing there at the lake where it happened! The only answers I received in return were the noises of nature: the frogs croaking, the crickets chirping, the birds singing and the wind swishing through the cattails. Perhaps these too were the last sounds that Tom Thomson heard... his beloved wilderness environment. My only consolation was in knowing that he had died in the place he loved best and I must say I have always loved this place too. ♣ www.dialogue.ca


The Apocalypse Not Now By Edward Curtin, Massachusetts

It was balmy and breezy by the bench where I sat outside a public library east of Atlanta, Georgia, brooding about the state of the world. It seemed like the end times, and I had just attended a fire and brimstone sermon, not perused the mainstream and alternative press. I had earlier spent a few hours on the internet, noting so many articles that announced that the world as we know it was coming to an end, or maybe just the world. The American Empire was collapsing, the U.S.A. was a failed state, climate change would soon destroy the world if nuclear war didn’t do it first, etc. Many of these articles were predicting that soon the elites who run the U.S. would be getting their comeuppance because of hubris and overreach and, like the Roman Empire, the die had been cast and disaster was on the horizon. Such prognostications were appearing in publications that covered the political spectrum. All of it was fear-inducing, notwithstanding one’s political beliefs. Left, right, and center had reasons to be depressed or elated by the claims, depending on one’s politics and existential reality. And, need I surmise, the writers of these jeremiads were probably writing from a position of personal privilege, not scrounging for their next meal. And it was a beautiful mid-October day. The benches by the adjacent church were full of homeless people, their meagre belongings arrayed at their feet. The susurrant sound of the leaves of the sycamore tree that formed a sacred canopy above me was lulling me to sleep. In my half-asleep state, I, a northerner, was dreaming I was a Georgian civilian hiding behind the enemy’s lines, those lines being General Sherman’s Union Army’s artillery that was arrayed a few miles to my west and was shelling Atlanta. And in this reverie I was also aware, as I wouldn’t have been in 1864, that Sherman would soon leave Atlanta and lead his troops on the savage “march to the sea” that would earn him the appellation as the American father of total warfare that would become America’s tactic from World War I until the present day, a form of warfare that has brought apocalyptic death and destruction to millions around the globe. Lost and frightened in this halfdreaming state with my eyes closed, I was startled by a thud and dim awareness of a shadow to my left. Awakening, I saw that a homeless man had sat next to www.dialogue.ca

me. We said hello. “Sorry to give you a fright,” he said, “but all the benches by the church are taken.” We got to talking. He told me that he had been homeless for almost two years, that he had originally been from Indiana, where he had graduated from the University of Indiana, and that when he was laid off he was unable to pay his mortgage and had lost his small house. He looked to be in his late thirties, with a scruffy beard and a very tired face. His name was Paul. Among his tattered belongings, I was surprised to see an old paperback copy of a book sticking out of a side pocket of one of his bags. I knew the title – Raids on the Unspeakable – by the anti-war Trappist monk, Thomas Merton, who died in a very mysterious manner in Bangkok, Thailand fifty years ago this December 10. Merton’s death was the third that year: of prominent and influential anti-war fighters, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy having earlier been assassinated by forces of the American national security state. Nineteen sixty-eight had been a very bad year for peace and peace-makers. It was a year of endless war and strife, a time when everything seemed to be collapsing. And here we are. Paul told me he had picked the book out of a box of books that had been set out for garbage pickup. He said he had read a few of the essays and one in particular had struck him. It is called “Rain and the Rhinoceros.” I knew and loved the essay and was startled by the serendipity of our meeting. He said the reason the essay struck home to him was because he had grown up on a farm in Indiana and had spent much of his youth outdoors. He loved the natural world, and his mother and grandmother had early introduced him to the “Hoosier Poet,” James Whitcomb Reilly, whose poems he had memorized. He proceeded to recite a stanza from one of them for me, as I, mesmerized, watched his expressive face light up. Oh! the old swimmin'-hole! When I last saw the place, The scenes was all changed, like the change in my face; The bridge of the railroad now crosses the spot Whare the old divin'-log lays sunk and fergot. And I stray down the banks whare the trees ust to be— But never again will theyr shade shelter me! And I wish in my sorrow I could strip to the soul, And dive off in my grave like the old swimmin'-hole.

Then his face grew dark again, tired and forlorn. …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 5

Edward Curtin, The Apocalypse Not Now, contd.

He said that when he lost his home, the last piece of mail he opened was his water bill, and it was sky high. He thought it appropriate that since he couldn’t afford a home, he couldn’t afford water, the water of life that should be free. And that’s what so resonated for him in the Merton essay. Merton’s opening paragraph, which he opened to show me, goes like this: Let me say this before rain becomes a utility that they can plan and distribute for money. By "they" I mean the people who cannot understand that rain is a festival, who do not appreciate its gratuity, who think that what has no price has no value, that what cannot be sold is not real, so that the only way to make something actual is to place it on the market. The time will come when they will sell you even your rain. At the moment it is still free, and I am in it. I celebrate its gratuity and its meaninglessness.

“When they will sell you even your rain,” he said sadly. “They sold me a bill of goods. The American dream! What a bad joke, here I am, a college graduate, not a drunk or drug addict, and I’m living in a tent in the woods in a ravine by a golf course. Some nights I think they make it rain on me for fun, as if to say: here’s your free water, you loser.” He asked about me, and I told him who I was and why I was there. I mentioned the end-of-the-world articles I had been reading earlier, realizing as I did that I was saying a dumb thing to this this poor guy whose world was in tatters already. Then he taught me this, as if he were Socrates asking questions. I paraphrase: If you were Merton’s “they,” those who rule the American Empire and your oppressed subjects were restless and awakening to their plight, what message would you want to convey to keep the peons from rebelling? What strategies, short of direct violence, would be most effective in rendering even the relatively well-off middle class passive and docile? What, in other words, is the most effective form of social control, outside economic exploitation and fear of penury, in a putative democracy when all the controlling institutions have lost the trust of most of the population?

Then, without skipping a beat, he answered his own questions. You would, he said, tell them that the sky is falling, the empire is collapsing, that the rich rulers are going to

6 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

get theirs when the system collapses on itself and that this is in the process of happening right now. So sit back and watch the show as it closes down. The end is near.

Then he said he had to go. Lunch was being served at the nearby soup kitchen and if you didn’t get there early, they sometimes ran out of food. As he walked away, I thought of my vast ignorance and the society of illusions and delusions that I was living in, a constant streaming theater of the absurd. I wanted to cry for this man and all people, even myself, as he disappeared around the corner. He seemed to carry his loneliness in the old backpack that weighed him down. As he turned the corner, he looked back and waved, a smile on his face. I felt overcome, and when I recovered my bearings, I noticed he had left the book on the bench. But by then he was long gone. I opened it to a page that was dog-eared, and read these words of Merton, another solitary man in the woods, his solitude a choice, not, like Paul, an imposed necessity, at least the living arrangement part: It is in the desert of loneliness and emptiness that the fear of death and the need for self-affirmation are seen to be illusory. When this is faced, then anguish is not necessarily overcome, but it can be accepted and understood. Thus, in the heart of anguish are found the gifts of peace and understanding: not simply in personal illumination and liberation, but by commitment and empathy, for the contemplative must assume the universal anguish and the inescapable condition of mortal man. The solitary, far from enclosing himself in himself, becomes every man. He dwells in the solitude, the poverty, the indigence of every man.

Next to this paragraph was the word “Paul,” written in blue ink. It was such an achingly beautiful day. I got up and left the book on the bench, as I too walked away, after writing “Ed” in black ink next to Paul’s blue. We are all bruised, aren’t we? But often times those bruised the most have the most to give. This is Paul’s gift. Edward Curtin, October 26, 2018 This article first appeared at Global Research. The author’ website: http://edwardcurtin.com/ ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Links from June Ross From: June Ross [jross12@telus.net ]

Site C Related, from Ken Boon More than 200 of Canada's leading scholars looked at Site C and compared it to other major projects, and they concluded that the Site C dam would have more adverse environmental effects than any project ever examined in the history of Canada's Environmental Assessment Act."

https://www.peacevalleyland.com/singlepost/2018/09/06/Videos-Paddle-for-the-Peace-and-Stakein-the-Peace Peace Valley Landowner Assoc., Ken Boon, President SS#2, Site 12, Comp 19, Fort St. John, BC V1J 4M7 (250) 262-9014

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” – A. Einstein ♣

* * * * * * * * *

The effects of electrosmog on insects Murder by Emoji - The Digital Killing Fields - The Insect Inspector Report From Dr. Magda Havas:

“I just watched this video on the effects of electrosmog on insects by mickeytwonames (published Oct 15, 2018). It is a must see video… only 13 minutes long and worth every second. Share it with friends and especially children because it is their world we are destroying! As much as most of us don’t like insects, at least the biting/stinging kind, they are a natural and

essential part of the ecosystem and when they die/disappear, the repercussions are felt far and wide. We are going to hear a lot more about this in the coming years. Expect that 5G is going to have (an even more) profound effect on insects. Documenting numbers now will be essential to tracking how insects populations change and how quickly.” [Video 13 min.] LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHhUch5GgtY ♣

* * * * * * * * *

5G—the 5 Generation of wireless technology—must be stopped International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space th

Received from Sharon Noble, October 18, 2018: Arthur Firstenberg, author of The Invisible Rainbow, A History of Electricity and Life and long-time warrior for a safer environment, has written an appeal which will be sent to the UN. Information about it is below. I have signed it on behalf of the Coalition (www.stopsmartmetersbc.com). If you are a member of another group concerned about the environment, EMR, etc. please consider having someone sign on behalf of that group.

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, from Arthur Firstenberg To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations; www.5gspaceappeal.org/

The signatories to this Appeal are scientists, doctors and environmental organizations from every continent who have been working tirelessly for many years to call the world’s attention to an invisible assault on our biosphere. That assault can be ignored no longer. 5G—the 5th generation of wireless technology—must not be built on Earth or in Space. The notion that radio frequency radiation, commonly known as radio waves, is somehow not real radiation and is harmless, was disproven by the 1970s in laboratories all over the world, and the harm to humans, animals and plants has since been confirmed in over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies. If 5G is built, radiation levels will www.dialogue.ca

increase 10- to 100-fold, virtually overnight, everywhere. There will literally be no place on Earth to hide from it. The effects of levels of radio frequency radiation already existing now on the health of the population and the environment, as reflected in quality of life; high rates of cancer, neurological disease, heart disease and diabetes, even in children; plummeting populations of birds, bees and butterflies; and unhealthy forests, can be seen and felt everywhere. We urge governments and the public to read the Appeal carefully, and to act accordingly. Arthur Firstenberg, Appeal Administrator Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA The Appeal, together with the list of signatories, will be formally presented to the United Nations, World Health Organization, European Union, and world governments on or before December 1, 2018.

Scientists from each continent who have agreed to be initial signatories are listed on our website. This email is being sent to 2,400 scientists, doctors and environmental organizations in 90 countries, as well as to people on the Cellular Phone Task Force email list. If you are a scientist, doctor, health professional, building biologist, or other professional or consultant, or if you VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 7

represent an environmental organization, please sign the Appeal. With your help, stopping 5G is possible. Information about signing the Appeal is provided at: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal/ The rollout of 5G is a planetary emergency. Technical standards for terrestrial and satellite 5G networks were released in June 2018. Commercial 5G networks are already in place in parts of Estonia, Finland and Qatar, & trials of 5G are underway in China and South Africa. 5G is radically different from previous generations of wireless technology: • Instead of being on private property relatively far from where people live and work, 5G antennas will be on the sidewalk in front of every 3rd or 5th house • Instead of emitting hundreds of watts of microwave

radiation, each 5G antenna on the sidewalk will emit beams with an effective power as high as tens of thousands of watts of millimeter wave radiation • Instead of nature being protected, 20,000 5G …/ satellites in low orbit will irradiate every square inch of the Earth Stopping 5G will put large investments at risk. Governments are therefore unlikely to act without a strong, detailed, unequivocal, united statement led by scientists, doctors and environmental organizations. We are speaking for humanity and the Earth in demanding that the world’s governments take immediate, affirmative action to prevent imminent, serious and widespread harm. Read the Appeal: www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal (Translation into many languages is in progress.) Sign the Appeal online: www.5gspaceappeal.org/ ♣


On Employment and Poverty Reduction Larry Kazdan, Vancouver BC

The Bank of Canada has just raised interest rates to cool the economy and keep inflation low. But this policy maintains a buffer pool of distressed unemployed people — currently 1.1 million Canadians. While many poverty reduction initiatives are needed, simply offering jobs to all those willing to work would eliminate much poverty. With a federal job guarantee, there would be a pool of workers, paid a minimum livable wage, whose total numbers would rise during periods of recession and fall as the private sector recovered.

This would keep everyone productively employed throughout the economic cycle. Management of projects would be delegated through grants to non-profit, social enterprise ventures, and sub-regional governments. Canadians would benefit with many useful services in areas such as seniors care, youth recreation, arts and culture and environmental protection. The stark reduction in poverty produced by this plan would provide expected additional benefits of lower crime rates, less mental illness, fewer drug addictions and a decrease in family breakdowns.


Footnotes with Larry’s letter (above): 1) L. Randall Wray, Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Research Director with the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability and Senior Research Scholar at The Levy Economics Institute: LINK: http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2014/04/mmt-policy.html "Well it’s very easy to reduce the inequality that results from low income, from poverty, from low wages; all you have to do is offer jobs. Minsky did a calculation [in] 1974 and Professor Kelton and I did one around 2000. We showed that if you just give a job to anyone who wants to work you will eliminate two thirds of all poverty, even if you pay only the minimum wage. We would like to see the job pay more than that, but even at a minimum wage you eliminate two-thirds of all poverty. So most poverty is due to joblessness. People who cannot get jobs or maybe they get jobs that last a few months and then they are unemployed again. We need permanent jobs that pay a decent wage and you’ll eliminate most poverty. You’ll still need some kinds of anti-poverty programs but the jobs are the best anti-poverty programs there are, then you need something else to fill the gaps."

8 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

2) The Job Guarantee: A Government Plan for Full Employment: www.thenation.com/article/161249/jobguarantee-government-plan-full-employment The benefits of full employment include production of goods, services and income; on-the-job training & skill development; poverty alleviation; community building and social networking; social, political and economic stability; and social multipliers (positive feedbacks and reinforcing dynamics that create a virtuous cycle of socioeconomic benefits). An “employer of last resort” program would restore the government’s lost commitment to full employment in recognition of the fact that the total impact would exceed the sum of the benefits. 3) We Work – Give job guarantee a chance https://thebaffler.com/latest/we-work-galbraith "On April 23, Bernie Sanders announced he will propose a “job guarantee” program—the most radical new piece of economic policy legislation in decades." Larry Kazdan CPA, CGA, lkazdan@gmail.com ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Everything Is A Hoax

More U ntruths

October 5, 2018 | Paul Craig Roberts

An Israeli expert on terrorism and covert assassination procedures explains that the alleged Russian GRU attack on the Skripals with a supposedly deadly nerve agent is a completely obvious hoax to anyone who knows anything at all.[https://tinyurl.com/RU-skripal-hoax] The official story, says the expert, is “stupidity on stupidity.” I agree with him. The question is: Why did the British government think that they could get away with such an obvious hoax? The answer is that the people in Western countries don’t know anything about anything. They live in a world in which their reality is a product of the propaganda fed to them by “news organizations” and Hollywood movies. They only receive controlled explanations. Therefore, they know nothing about how anything really functions. Read the account by the Israeli expert to understand the vast difference between the British government’s hoax and the reality of how an assassination is conducted. The Israeli expert got me to wondering why the British government thought anyone would fall for such a transparently false story. Having just read David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth’s new book, 9/11 Unmasked, and David Ray Griffin’s 2017 book, Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World, the answer became obvious. The British government had watched the idiot Western populations fall for the official 9/11 conspiracy story in which a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes and without the support of any intelligence agency, caused the entire security apparatus of the United States to fail utterly, and no one was held responsible for the total failure. The British government concluded that anyone who could possibly believe such an obviously false story would believe anything. I remember coming to that conclusion years ago before the official conspiracy theory in the 9/11 Commission Report was blown to pieces by thousands of scientists, structural engineers, high-rise architects, military and civilian pilots, first responders on the scene, and a large number of former high government officials both in the US and abroad. At first I did not connect the zionist neoconservatives’ plot, outlined in their public writings (for example, www.dialogue.ca

Norman Podhorttz in Commentary), to destroy 7 Middle Eastern countries in five years (also described by General Wesley Clark) and their statement that they needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to implement their plan, with the attack on the World Trade Center. But as I watched the twin towers blow up floor by floor it was completely obvious that these were not buildings falling down due to asymmetrical structural damage and limited, low temperature office fires that probably did not even warm the massive steel structure to the point of being warm to the touch. When you watch the videos you see buildings blowing up. It is as clear as day. You see each floor blow. You see steel beams and other debris fly out the sides as projectiles. It is amazing that any human is so completely stupid as to think what he is seeing with his own eyes are buildings falling down from structural damage. But it required many years before half of the American people realized that the official account was pure bullshit. Today polls indicate that a majority of people do not believe the official 9/11 propaganda any more than they believe the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the alleged Gulf of Tonkin attack, or the report from Admiral McCain (father of John) erasing Israel’s responsibility for the destruction of the USS Liberty and its crew during LBJ’s administration, or that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, or Iran had nukes, or the many lies about Syria, Libya’s Gaddafi, or Somalia, or Yemen, or the “Russian invasion of Georgia,” the “Russian invasion of Ukraine.” But at each time, the idiot population – no matter how many times they had learned that the governments lied to them – initially believed the next lie, thereby permitting the lie to become fact. Thus, the idiot Western populations created their own world of controlled explanations. Only a deranged person could believe anything any Western government says. But the Western world has a huge number of deranged people. There are plenty of them to validate the next official lie. The ignorant fools make it possible for Western governments to continue their policy of lies that are driving the world to extinction in a war with Russia and China. Perhaps I am being too hard on the insouciant Western …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 9

Paul Craig Roberts, Everything Is A Hoax, contd.

populations. Ron Unz is no moron. Yet he accepted the transparently false 9/11 story until he started to pay attention. Once he paid attention, he realized it was false. [https://tinyurl.com/unz-con-theories; an incredible 1125 pages of solid research and references.]

Like myself, Ron Unz has noticed that the 9/11 Truth movement has succeeded in totally discrediting the official 9/11 story. But the unanswered question remains: Who did it? Unz says it was Israel, not Bush

& Cheney. This is also the position of Christopher Bollyn. It seems certain that Israel was involved. We have the fact of the Mossad agents caught celebrating as they filmed the collapse of the WTC towers. Obviously, they knew in advance and were set up ready to film. Later they were shown on Israeli TV where they stated that they had been sent to film the destruction of the buildings. […] Continue at: LINK: https://tinyurl.com/PCR-everything-hoax Paul Craig Roberts, Extract & Link ♣


Open letter from Gunther Ostermann to Colin Basran (Mayor of Kelowna, BC): No one willing to tackle social issues Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna, gco@shaw.ca

I read with great interest that “social issues keep you up at night.” I believe that you truly care, but as mayor you can only offer Band-Aid solutions, because some of the real reasons for your sleepless nights are complex [as explained in documents on a USB memory stick that I gave you a few years ago, when we had a half-hour meeting.] Last week, two homeless persons were caught on surveillance tape at 5 a.m. in Vernon, stealing a hammock and bags with recycling stuff from a private property. Surely, nobody deserves to be traumatized by a burglary, for any reason. But how pathetic is it, in our society, that people without a home and bed to sleep in, have to resort to steeling a hammock so they don’t have to sleep in the dirt? How many people care to search for the truth of the much maligned Colonel Gadhafi of Libya, who was brutally murdered after his country was destroyed by 7,505 U.S./NATO bombing raids. Why? Just to kill one person, Gadhafi? Or was it because he practised what he preached in his 1975 published Green Book:

“The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others?” Education and medical treatments were all free in Libya, as well as electricity, and other good things that would put Canada to shame. And Libya had its own state bank without any external debt. Yet, we in Canada are burdened and paralyzed by a $1.4 trillion provincial and federal debt; and according to the Financial Post of Jan. 19, 2017, Ottawa expects that by 2051 another $900 billion of new debt will have been added. How do you feel, Colin, to burden your children’s children which such a dastardly legacy? And there seem to be no influential people who care about these things? Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna, 20 June 2018 Letter online at: https://tinyurl.com/GO-kdc-social Gunther’s letter forwarded by Stephanie McDowall, with her comment:

Good letter! It's time for Canadians to admit we do not have a democracy. Not even close. We need to stop being so apathetic. – S ♣


Salmon Farming: In court again ~ as Minister refuses to acknowledge court’s decision! Alexandra Morton, Sointula BC Sep. 9, 2018: I am in court next week to stop piscine

reovirus from entering BC waters. I already won this case, but the Minister of Fisheries refuses to acknowledge the court's decision. The Namgis of Alert Bay have filed a lawsuit to stop the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Harvest from putting piscine reovirus-infected farm salmon into their territory. A reasonable request as this is the law. [These cases 10 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

were to be heard together on September 10-14, 2018, in Vancouver.] This is a critical moment for the salmon

farming industry, because they are so heavily infected they state they will be "severely" impacted if they can't grow piscine reovirus infected fish in their farms. SEE UPDATES AT: http://alexandramorton.typepad.com/

You can stay more current via my Facebook page. Thank you, Alexandra Morton ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Government of, by and for We The People Gerry Masuda, Duncan BC

The concept of the 1%ers and 99%ers illustrates the growing wealth gap between the super-rich and the remaining 99% of voters. According to one reference, 1% of the population now control 60% of the total wealth, and this percentage is systematically growing as the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer.* This trend is leading to social instability. It has to be reversed and this reversal would be through political action. The term ‘government of, by and for the People’ is a concept worth striving for. If we implement this concept, We the 99%ers would have the political power our numbers justify.

Rather than parties presenting their election platforms, We the People can develop our own platform, developed from the grass-roots and reflecting what We the 99%ers want from our government Elections will change from wealth/power based to a government which represents the wishes of 99% of the electorate. It will take a revolution to change this, a peaceful, democratically-driven revolution from wealth/power driven to government of, by, and for We the People. [ gerry.masuda@gmail.com ]

* www.theguardian.com/business/2018/apr/07/globalinequality-tipping-point-2030 ♣



Thoughts on Canada’s history… Erik Andersen, Gabriola Island

I just ordered a book with the title, Last Stop Paris. It is about the assassination of a guy with the name Blanchard and done so at the direction of Trudeau senior. You probably remember the period in Canada when the War Measures Act was imposed by Trudeau. Lately I have come across information – not yet officially air brushed from the history of Canada – that makes it clear that the suspension of citizen rights in Canada was never necessary and was instead contrived to give the government absolute power. I had a Quebecer client in the ‘90s who also had the same take on the matter. The weekend Laporte was murdered (17 October 1970) a lot of Ottawa people were to demonstrate in front of Parliament on Saturday. On the Friday evening, all the MPs, including Eric Nelson from the Yukon, committed to coming out to demonstrate. Laporte was murdered Friday night, then not one MP showed at the demonstration the next day.

A friend who was politically active at that time was in the habit of giving presentations at York University and they were typically packed out and had lively discussions in the second half. He took the opportunity to discuss the facts of the War Measures Act after it was imposed and said there was not one question or comment from either teaching staff or students. He said it seemed that people were so totally scared that they could not bring themselves to do what they usually did. Something I have yet to get is a copy of is Trudeau's essay he wrote to satisfy an entry requirement for post grad studies at Harvard. Apparently he shocked the receiving Prof with his contention that statesmanship was all about the ends justified the means. Interesting insight into the mind of our yet-to-be PM. [See more on this topic from Robin Mathews, on p.24]

Subject: F-35 jets: US military grounds entire fleet – BBC News www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-45827795

Following the tradition of the F 104. Doesn't belong in the air. – Erik, twolabradors@shaw.ca ♣


Comments regarding the Genocide of the Greek Nation EXTRACTS FROM REFLECTIONS IN AN E-MAIL DIALOGUE… From: Stephanie McDowall, smcdow@telus.net word. Everyone was at the trough. The West owes

All most all of Greece's valuable assets have been sold off at bargain prices to Western predators. The West has watched this happen without saying a www.dialogue.ca

a great deal to Greece but there is no mention of that. Greece underlies all of Western countries …/ culture. This disgusts me. – Stephanie VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 11

Comments re the Genocide of the Greek Nation, contd. From Jack Etkin, jetkin@hotmail.com

I think Greece was 'practice'; we can expect the same to be coming here to Canada in the not too distant future. They have certainly got us 'set up' for an economic disaster ... in my opinion. – Jack From Erik Andersen, twolabradors@shaw.ca:

For those interested in the inside story of how the Greek condition unfolded please read Adults in the Room by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Finance Minister. I have yet to read it but now on delivery. You know that those who directed the "Economic Hitman" Perkins did not restrict their focus to Greece and a handful of others. As Jack says, BC and Canada likely included. – Erik From Robin Mathews, rmathews@telus.net

Varoufakis is a most interesting personality. He fell out with leader Alexis Tsipras (Greek Prime Minister) who was the promise of Greek Resistance to “austerity” and EU sellout (Tsipras' sign of his “otherness” was his refusal to wear a tie among European officialdom). Then Tsipras sold out and dumped Varoufakis as Minister of Finance (or whatever they call it in Greece). He did so because Schäuble, the German imperialist in Merkel’s government, demanded Varoufakis GO!) But Varoufakis has, apparently, remained a good friend (??), though Tsipras “sold the farm”… after being elected to prevent that happening!! Very strange. Goldman Sachs made gigantic loans to Greece (to an earlier administration) in order to cover up the chaos and corruption in Greek affairs … and then it sunk the dagger … of course. Varoufakis never mentions that … in anything I’ve read. A Troika (as it is called) of three unelected “officials” from the EU Commission, the EU Central Bank, & the IMF set to work to “dismantle” Greece: its national airline going to a German corporation, its magnificent port of Piraeus sold to China, etc., etc. (You may be able to buy souvenir bricks from the Parthenon on Amazon any day now … as it, too, is dismantled “for sale.” That’s a bad joke.) Varoufakis … then … became a Star on the international circuit … proposing in his (the) new organization what I believe is a watered down version of the present EU. (I haven’t read the book). I think there is no question that Varoufakis wants something better 12 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

for Greece and for Europe … but a something better that can be achieved by highly-paid lectures and “stardom” on the speakers circuit … and, yes, maybe, building an organization to counter the worst effects of Naked Theft and Repression … not by getting into Greece politics and dirtying his boots in what would have to be a vicious political battle. He has energy, brains, economic savvy, PERSONALITY …and is one of those bold moderns who claims to have read and been influenced by Karl Marx. One of the take-aways from the Greek story is the total and abject failure of the European Union (which now, some of us think, is a consortium of corporations, a deep state, in cooperation and competition with the USA/ NATO/ the-dark-state-in-the UN to do whatever comes its way to thrive as the .001% … and screw Europeans). Varoufakis supports the European Union …. Because he is nobody’s fool, Varoufakis will have interesting things to say in his book, no doubt. But he reminds me of those Canadians who think we can be independent and “hold our heads high” when the U.S. destroyed our world-class merchant fleet (“the ocean”); ties us into agreements that gives them de facto control of our skies (the air); and is the undoubted master of the Canadian economy (the land) … and now is master of our Intelligence services and our mainstream press and media (our thought processes). We must hold our heads high in this independent Democracy of Canada. AND Anyone who says Varoufakis does not want a gentler, more humane Europe is simply wrong. – Robin, 2 Oct 2018 ♣ From: Eva Lyman evalyman@gmail.com

We have already been preyed on since the FTA! Now Trump wants to eat the rest of us. The world is ruled by criminal gangsters! I was watching the swift stream of Adams river the other day, and marvelled how the exhausted salmon swim against that current to spawn. It struck me that they are showing us our direction if we want our future generations to thrive! The stream that flows against us is the above criminal corporations. How do we swim against them to succeed? “Where there’s a will there’s a way”! But what is it? – Eva L. ♣ [END OF REFLECTIONS ON GENOCIDE OF THE GREEK NATION.] ♣


Salmon and the circle of life By Jim Taylor, Okanagan Centre BC

The conference hall was packed full. Five hundred people leaned forward to watch as an elder from a First Nations community along the B.C. coast moved down the aisle towards the microphones on stage. His red-and-black blanket cloak swished as he walked; the mother-of-pearl buttons adorning it flashed back at the spotlights following him. This happened long before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission called for better relationships with Canada’s indigenous peoples. But the church, my church, was making its first tentative moves towards that goal. The old man – he may not actually have been old, but he was older than I was, and he had a deeply weathered face – climbed the stairs onto the stage. He took the microphone from its stand. He held it to his mouth. We waited, breathlessly, for his words of wisdom. “We are the salmon,” he said. Then he put the microphone back, and left the stage. Well, that may not have been exactly how it happened. But that’s how I remember it. Because anything else, after that opening statement, was padding. “We are the salmon” said it all. The annual salmon run up B.C. rivers defined the circle of his people’s lives. The food that fed them. The culture that sustained them. The myths and legends that shaped them. They and the salmon were one body, indivisible. All are one We who live in an industrial cocoon are slowly learning that truth. Life has no individual components. You can’t treat the salmon, the forest, or bears and wolves, in isolation. They are one integrated whole. Botanists wondered why the spruce and firs along

spawning rivers grew taller, stronger, than forests a mere hundred metres further back. They found it’s because of the salmon. Bears catch the salmon, drag their catch back into the woods, leave the remains under the trees. The rotting fish fertilize the trees. The forest, in turn, controls water flow into the stream. Provide shade to control the stream temperature. Shelter the bears who catch the salmon. It is a single interlocking circle of life, and death, and new life. This year is supposed to be a dominant sockeye run for the Adams River, possibly the finest display of spawning salmon in the entire province. At its peak, 10 million deep red salmon look like a solid mass filling the river’s pools. But only about two out of every 100 fertilized eggs will survive a winter in the river gravels, a year in fresh water, the long migration down to the ocean, two years roaming wild in the Pacific, and then 500 kilometres back up the rushing Fraser, Thompson, and Adams river to spawn and start the cycle again. The river flow, the forests along the river banks, the sediment runoff, even the smells in the water that the salmon follow to their home ground – all can be affected by as little as a slight change in temperature. Tinkering with one variable in the great equation of life affects the total outcome. Including the lives of the People of the Salmon. It took me more than 500 words to express that concept. It took the elder in his buttoned blanket only four. **********

Copyright © 2018 by Jim Taylor. Non-profit use in congregations and study groups, and links from other blogs, welcomed; all other rights reserved. To comment on this column, write jimt@quixotic.ca (and send a copy to dialogue@dialogue.ca too, please!) ♣


U is for Usury

“Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nation’s laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of Sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is futile” – William Lyon MacKenzie King ♣ www.dialogue.ca

VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 13

“Have Computer Will Write” ~ Jeremy Arney

Orcas, Salmon and their health Jeremy Arney, Sydney BC

Is it irrational to think that the fish farms with their sick toxic fish should not stay in place or even be expanded? I don't think it is, but our corporate politicians seem to think so. The forked tongue that the American Indians referred to about the white man is still very much in place with these people. - Jeremy From: Jeremy Arney, iamjema@gmail.com 8th September 2018 To the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Fisheries Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, jonathan.wilkinson@parl.gc.ca

Welcome to your new position. I had absolutely no luck in getting any answer from you predecessor concerning anything to do with the West Coast of Canada or lakes and rivers, and am really hoping that you will be more receptive to not only questions but also ideas. I would refer you to a release: Government of Canada takes action to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales May 24, 2018, 17:02 ET, NEWS PROVIDED BY: Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Canada

Which promised much but actually delivered nothing. From this I quote: Quote "Southern Resident Killer Whales need our help in order to survive and recover. Together with my colleague, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, we have determined that the species faces an imminent threat to its survival and recovery, and we need to keep taking concrete action. Today I am pleased to announce new fishery management measures to increase prey availability and reduce disturbances to these whales and we continue to work hard on additional actions to be put in place soon." - The Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

With all the right words and quotes from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, particularly concerning the staple food of the Orcas namely the salmon and how best to increase that rapidly declining population, there was absolutely no mention of the main cause of the decline in all forms of salmon, and 14 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

that is the Norwegian fish farms up and down our coast and in the direct path of the migrating fish. Alexandra Morton has spent years carefully documenting the destruction these farms have upon the wild salmon which have to pass by them in both directions of their migration routes. The result of her works is that she is spending way too much time in court defending the salmon in lawsuits with the Federal Government of Canada, namely your department, and the fish farms are still there and the wild salmon are still getting sick, dying and therefore declining in number Meanwhile from the LeBlanc (release): To address this, Minister LeBlanc announced today measures to increase prey availability and conserve Chinook salmon. A reduction in the total fishery removals for Chinook salmon of 25-35% will help conserve this important species and increase prey availability for Southern Resident Killer Whales. Yes, that’s right, Mr. Wilkinson, restrict the number of declining fish that can be caught by humans but ignore the main cause in the decline of the salmon population and therefore prey for the Orcas: the fish farms. Although this government has shown it is not really serious about anything that affects the people of Canada in contrast to its total capitulation to corporate needs at least you as a West Coaster could stand up for our iconic whales and healthy numerous salmon, but I suppose the question is, will you? From the quick facts at the bottom of this release: “The Government of Canada is considering all options to ensure the necessary protections are in place to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales as rapidly as possible.” Yeah right, still considering how to do nothing. Once the Orcas have to move further north to catch their prey and start eating diseased salmon and getting very sick and most likely dying, what will you do then? It is time to act now Mr. Wilkinson, not to wait until the Orcas are gone and that is something neither Mr. LeBlanc nor Ms. McKenna seem to either understand or care about. In increasing frustration, Jeremy Arney Leader of the Canadian Action Party …/ www.dialogue.ca

CAP: PO Box 52008, RPO Beacon, Sidney BC. V8L 5V9 250-216-5400; jeremyarneysblog.com CC: Justin Trudeau justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca, and C. Freeland chrystia.freeland@international.gc.ca, Catherine McKenna catherine.mckenna@parl.gc.ca, Jody Wilson-Raybould jody.wilson-raybould@parl.gc.ca, Elizabeth May Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca, and many M.P.s John Horgan Premier@gov.bc.ca, Lana Popham, AGR.Minister@gov.bc.ca, David Eby david@bccla.org,

George Heyman ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca, Doug Donaldson FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca, Scott Fraser IRR.Minister@gov.bc.ca, The Tyee.ca editor@thetyee.ca, Times Colonist letters@timescolonist.com

“What is physically possible, desirable and morally right, we can make it financially possible through the Bank of Canada.” If you don't like what you see or hear do something about it instead of complaining ♣

Some “U” thoughts from Jeremy follow…


Unforgivable… unlawful… unbelievable… understanding… By Jeremy Arney, Sydney BC granpaiswatching@gmail.com

Thank you for the copy of Dialogue that arrived a few days ago, another great edition. So now… the next letter is “U” and whilst sitting in the sun on my patio, I started thinking of some of the more egregious actions latterly that were totally unforgivable. Perhaps a bit tongue in the cheek but here we go: I suppose what prompted this is the never-ending gaucheness of the current president of America. Too bad really as he is only one leader and yet he dominates the news with his antics and bullies the rest of the world as if he was still in his reality show. I have to wonder just how many of these tweets he issues as diplomatic statements are actually intended to be serious. His criticism of Canada and our current PM after the G7 meeting had me remembering. Mr. Trump, Canada has been your country’s ally for more years than you have been failing to live up to the contracts you have signed – maybe that’s because you can’t read them, eh? We supported you in Korea even though it had nothing to do with us and left us with hundreds of vets, now probably dead, who never got recognition from the US, and most likely never will. As far as Vietnam is concerned we provided special forces members who flew rescue missions your own helicopter pilots wouldn’t touch, and more importantly maybe gave a safe place for those who objected to the folly of that fiasco and were glad to have them. I know some today remaining from that exodus and I am proud to call them my friends. They were glad to be in a friendly country not hell bent on war anywhere at any cost. When Regan’s trickle-down theory combined with austerity cuts hurt all normal Americans, who came to his rescue? Canada in the form of Mulroney and FTA. The Americans are still benefitting from that terrible deal, made worse by adding in Mexico for NAFTA. www.dialogue.ca

How many millions have the American corporations extracted from the Canadian people to make up for perceived lost profits because we refused to allow them to do to us what we were/are doing in South America? Read The Ugly Canadian by Yves Engler to get a full picture of that, and go here [LINK: https://tinyurl.com/IDSpending ] for IDS (Investor Dispute Settlement) payments and pending millions against us. When you had diplomats trapped in Iran who rescued them for you and bought them home? Canadians. When a President closed all US airports after a false flag operation called 9/11 with thousands of Americans stranded over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with nowhere to go but swimming, who came to their rescue without hesitation and not only gave them a place to land their fuel starved aircraft, but gave them beds, food and sustenance just as if they were fellow human beings instead of Americans abandoned by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld? Canadians. When the Americans needed something done about Libya on behalf of the IMF which would lose trillions in interest payments from Africa if Libya did indeed create an African-owned bank, who came to their aid and organised the destruction of that country. We, the Canadian people, are not proud of that – but our blood thirsty war-mongering government of the time, still smarting from our refusal to go to Iraq, was eager to prove just how effective our planes could be in undefended skies; and when the American-inspired (and most likely paid-for) mercenary terrorists were ready to give in, our infamous John Baird went to Libya and told them how wonderful they were and gave them new life. The result was that America rid themselves of a man they could not control when he was murdered. Couldn’t help with your ambassador there as that entirely your own fault. Did we get any thanks from the IMF or the USA? We take immigrants fleeing for their freedom and …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 15

Jeremy Arney, Unforgivable…unlawful…unbelievable…, contd.

maybe lives from your country and crossing our undefended border in the most difficult of circumstances and we have no intention of installing a wall. They too, just like our forefathers, are fleeing from tyranny and we take them as human beings not trash. You, Mr. Trump, had the nerve, and very bad manners, to leave the G7 early and then object by twitter, of all diplomatic channels, from the safety of Air Force One (or whatever one it was) at what our PM said, even though it was nothing new. Then you threatened us. Good luck with that. Unforgivable, Trump, simply unforgivable but typical. Now to home grown stuff. Let’s change the word here to unlawful. Supposedly our country is based on the rule of law, but in reality, our “law” is simply a pawn to the corporate entities from around the world. This is most magnificently exposed by the reaction of the judges and their version of the law concerning the defense of the Burnaby mountain, BC interior rivers, lakes and forests and the Salish Seas by First Nations humans who have not and will not give permission to have a pipeline for bitumen (yes bitumen not oil) through their unceeded lands and waters. How many more will be sent to corporate jails by judges who are paid to uphold the law, not to punish those who abide by it and object to the manipulation of it in favour of a foreign corporation of destruction. I suppose it begs the question of who actually pays the judges. The Crown? The people? Or those who need an extra dollar or two to support their financial portfolio overseas? So, what are laws and their supporting regulations supposed to be about? The Canadian Oxford Paperback dictionary defines law as: “1 (a) a rule enacted or customary in a community and recognized as enjoining or prohibiting certain actions and enforced by the imposition of penalties.”

This is the overarching definition – as, of course, there are branches of the law, criminal, civil, etc., but they all fall under this general purview. “2 (a) the body of divine commandments as expressed in the bible (or other sources” - such as the Koran?).

How many of the Ten Commandments are followed on any day by our servants in the House of Commons and why do we allow them to continue that way? Ah, I hear, “but they owe allegiance to the Queen, not to 16 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

us,” and yet she is also the head of the Church of England and therefore should insist on the obedience to the 10 commandments should she not? Well no, and neither does the PM of Canada, this one or the previous ones. The rule of corporate law supersedes that of any/all religious leanings. It seems that in the reading of this 1(a) definition by judges, they forget or simply ignore the ‘community’ aspect of this and substitutes the word ‘corporation’ in place of community. In the same way that modern investment treaties such as NAFTA, CETA, TiSA and this new TPP – all created by lawyers (surprise, surprise) – give all the power to corporate entities, at the expense of the humans within the signature countries. Further to that, those foreign corporations have the same rights and privileges as natural people in Canada, as was confirmed by Francois-Phillipe Champagne to me in a letter when he was underling to Freeland as Trade Minister. He has yet to answer my question as to when a company such a Mercedes Benz would be allowed to vote in one of our elections as they have the same right as any other natural person in Canada. Jim Carr has replaced him, according to my latest cabinet list, and he does not appear to know anything or at least how to respond to letters. These agreements are/will be laws for the community? And if so, which community? It isn’t too far a stretch to see that the law in Canada is for the rich and for corporate entities, both homegrown and foreign, and therefore does not apply to us mere humans – which makes us unlawful? Thus, the question is now: Is the “law” in Canada applicable to we the people? Or is it to benefit only the corporate entities of the world? If the latter, which appears to be the case, then we can and must all become peacefully unlawful until such time as the laws of the land apply to we the people. It should be unlawful to refer to Canada as a democratic country when our basic laws serve paper entities not real humans – and real humans have no voice or representation in our House of Commons. Finally, on a more positive note we live in a land of unbelievable beauty and potential, and it is our unmistakable duty to ensure that this beauty is there for our descendants into the unknown future. Pick as many holes as you can in this, please – and refine this to fit your own understanding of and www.dialogue.ca

actions about our “laws” and how they actually and really apply to you. Unapologetically yours, Jeremy Arney, Sydney BC “What is physically possible, desirable and morally right, we can make it financially possible through the Bank of Canada.”

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand. – Mark Twain Website: https://jeremyarneysblog.com/ I am adding letters; to see them, visit: LINK: iamjemaletters.wordpress.com Jeremy, granpaiswatching@gmail.com ♣


My M.P. asked his constituents for “new ideas”… JIM BJORK’S ANSWER TO TONY CLEMENT Conservative M.P., Parry Sound, Ontario Email: tony.clement@parl.gc.ca From Jim Bjork, Huntsville ON, bjork@cogeco.ca

This is a letter in response to a flyer which ended in my mailbox, paid by taxpayers. It was a promotional flyer sent by Tony Clement, our Muskoka-Parry Sound MP. It asked for NEW IDEAS from Tony’s constituents. The only mail I get is either from Tony, or the CRA, or our Municipal government asking Jim Bjork me to pay my house taxes. Needless to say, I really don’t get too excited going to my mailbox. But seeing as Tony asked for my input, I thought the least I could do would be to respond to his gracious offer of providing him with some NEW IDEAS that he could ruminate on as he sits in opposition in the House of Commons. By the way, these people receive the moniker “Honourable” once they are successful in an election. So this is addressed to the Honourable Tony Clement, MP Muskoka-Parry Sound. So here goes, Tony! I hope you enjoy it! I hope it provides you with hours of fodder – while you and your colleagues sit fuming and scheming on the back benches – for your supposed planned program of providing meaningful representation for your loving constituents. Why should someone give half and more of his income to the government? At the expense of his own family, and of his future security? By security, I mean financial security. Physical security is something else; yet another purported function of government in exhibiting its deep concern for the average citizen (see below discussion of the G-8). Where does this money, collected by force by the government, go? This situation occurs, and has been occurring in country after country, for hundreds of years. And if the situation has not been changing to the benefit of the www.dialogue.ca

average taxpayer, it has been getting worse, year after year. Inevitably; inexorably; invariably. Do you ever think about how government started; why we supposedly need government, why the entire population has been programmed to believe in allowing “elected” people to make decisions for us. They must be a lot smarter than us, right? They must have hugely more altruistic intentions than the average working stiff, correct? That’s what our education system ingrains in us. How is there time in our shortened secondary school system to produce truly independent, freethinking, hard-reasoning citizens? Most high school graduates never read another book after leaving school. Some graduates are functionally illiterate. No matter what school you attend, post-secondary or otherwise, your education begins, not ends, the day you walk out the door. Once someone gets their first job, they get introduced to our tax system. They get it taken off their pay before they ever get the remainder. They’ve been indoctrinated to believe profoundly that that’s just how it is: you make money and you pay a large percentage to the shadowy government. A government you really don’t see until April every year. A government that never gets smaller. Civil “servants” make twice the wage any small business can afford. A friend of mine had a small furniture business for several years, found it difficult to compete with the large tax-exempt box stores, etc. Eventually she lost her best employee to the government, who could pay her twice the wage, with her birthday off, full benefits, and an indexed pension. And the small business owner is indirectly paying the salary of her old employee, stolen from her by the government. But you’re told your money goes to government services: roads, bridges, hospitals, airports, various and sundry health care programs, “defence” from shadowy bogeymen drummed up by various military contractors in order to grease the palms of the defence …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 17

Jim Bjork to his MP Tony Clement, contd.

“industry”. The Grace Commission in the US in the 1980’s determined that NONE of the money collected in taxes goes to anything that benefits the average taxpayer. Why would it be any different in Canada, or for that matter, in any other country? Mark Twain said, “The only things guaranteed are death and taxes.” Everybody says it was humour. A very accurate, dark humour, when you examine the issue. Will Rogers said, “Thank God we don’t get all the government we pay for.” Similar sentiment here. And year after year, nothing ever changes; the average Joe working two jobs to pay the bills, pay for his kids, pay the hydro; can’t look up from the grinding wheel long enough to examine the situation. Who raises their children when they’re gone 12 hours or more per day? Government education, where they get taught about transgenderism. Divorce is the norm. Marriage is the scariest institution for the millennials and beyond. Everyone blindly conforms; they don’t want to be the whack-a-mole. What would their similarlyindoctrinated friends think? There are probably hundreds of issues not addressed here. None any less important than the ones discussed. I invite you to follow every link in the bibliography [next issue]. I invite you all to become aware of these issues and determine for yourselves their truth and their import. I invite you all to turn off your TVs, start reading, and become an advocate. I invite you all to get off the couch and participate in changing our society to benefit everyone, not just a tiny fraction of the population who by their sheer wealth, have perverted our society to the point where its very survival is in jeopardy. Several members of our own governments and large corporations move money offshore to avoid tax. Even sitting members of Parliament. Watch “Oh Canada-the Movie,” produced by a kid who wanted to go back to school and couldn’t afford it; he started scratching his head and wondered, “Why can’t I go back to school? Why is it so expensive in this wonderful country, supposedly one of the best in the world?” Why do our taxes not go to providing post-secondary education to our young people? Why is post-secondary education not free? Guy McPherson details how climate change is the biggest threat to life on earth. Methane release from the Arctic is expected to happen in huge quantities (billions of tons of methane) at any time in the near 18 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

future (less than 10 years); no-one knows exactly when. Methane hydrates are ice-bound components of the ice shelves in ALL the Arctic shelves. The arctic shelves are warming from below. See the paper by Hinton and colleagues “Young People’s Burden.” A report by Schwartz and Randall entitled Abrupt Climate Change (the source for the Movie “The Day After Tomorrow”) also explained this in meticulous detail. Water vapour as a greenhouse gas promotes planetary warming even more than methane release. The Gulf of Mexico has increased in average temperature by 7 degrees. This increased water vapour comes back down as an increased number of hurricanes of increased intensity. One degree temperature rise holds 7% additional moisture in the atmosphere. Global dimming (the aerosol masking effect) is never discussed by any mainstream media. The McPherson paradox indicates that civilization is a heat engine, regardless of how it’s powered. Using the laws of thermodynamics, this set of living arrangements is a heat engine. Turning this heat engine off; if we cease industrial activity; within about 6 weeks sulphates fall out of the sky and stop serving as an umbrella, the planet heats up 1-1.5 degrees Celsius; as a result of reduction of 35% in industrial production. This is based on Tim Garrett’s work at the University of Utah. Entire island states will be under water. There is no discussion of this in corporate media, anywhere. Turning it off will heat the planet even faster. Giving more money to a profligate out-of-control government in the form of Carbon Taxes is unlikely to positively affect this situation. How do we make these politicians responsible for applying these unnecessary, immoral tax monies once they decree we have to pay them? We have little or no investigation in Canada of food (and not just food) that comes from China (and not just from China). Farmed fish are fed sewage, antibiotics, industrial effluent (heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals). And these products are sold in our “food” stores. GMOs have been proven beyond any doubt to be hazardous to our health. GMOs have been banned in the EU. Ask yourself why they have not been banned in Canada or the US. Glyphosate is present everywhere, in everyone’s body fluids and organs. It is the number one herbicide used in the world. It has been proven to be toxic to every biological process in the body. …/ www.dialogue.ca

Pesticide and herbicide runoff has destroyed our water supply worldwide. Dead zones are everywhere. Add to this the pharmaceutical runoff and it is obvious that our water supplies have been poisoned with no chance of adequate clean-up. Worldwide. Add to this the Gulf oil “spill” where they “cleaned” it up by making the oil sink; then brought in huge amounts of new beach sand to cover up what landed on the beaches. There was a huge fish kill; never mentioned in the media or in promotional advertising for tourism in the gulf. We have huge toxic algae blooms in Florida due to sugar agriculture and overuse (maybe any use is overuse of the agricultural chemicals). The effect on property value in the coastal communities (like Sarasota, Naples, etc.) will be catastrophic. And there is no discussion of this in the media. As an example; independent testing commissioned by the Coalition for Action on Toxics has found glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, in common children’s lunch foods and snacks sold in Canada. The foods affected were Cheerios, Tim Hortons Timbits and bagels, Catelli multigrain spaghetti and Fontaine Santé hummus. (Chickpea and wheat-based products were among the highest contaminated, likely because they are often sprayed with glyphosate weeks before harvest.) This was from Health Nut News Sep.17 2018 Where are we supposed to safely store used fuel rods from nuclear reactors? This topic is never covered in the media. Would you allow them to be stored in your back yard? ALL of the existing reactors in the world have reached or are reaching (and who has decided how long these are safe to run?) the end of their “safe” operating life. ALL of these sites use billions of gallons of “fresh” water to cool their reactors. Billions of gallons of radioactive water go downstream. But we’re told everything is OK; the people in charge know what they are doing and we shouldn’t worry. There is so much talk about a potential EMP (Elecromagnetic Pulse) strike against the US. What happens to these reactors when the power goes out? They have on average a store of two weeks of diesel to power the backup pumps to cool these down. What happens after they run out of fuel? One hundred nuclear reactors going critical and beyond, in a matter of a month. Mainly because, once the grid goes down, there will be no more deliveries of fuel to the reactors. What happens in the event of an EMP strike to the delivery www.dialogue.ca

of food and other essentials once the general fuel supply ends? All of our electrical infrastructure has been very poorly, if at all, maintained over the last forty years. The large transformers are now made in China. Do you think they will supply us with our needed transformers if their own country needs them? Or maybe they’ll withhold these for political reasons. It takes six months to a year to build these transformers in the first place. And there will be no diesel for the container ships which could bring these non-existent transformers to North America. There is no stockpile of these essential transformers anywhere in the world. Why have the power providers not been forced by legislation to maintain the grid? What will happen to our electrical grid and the price to consumers once privatization of the power supply is complete? (Like it has with nuclear, with Westinghouse and GE.) The corporations get the profit, the taxpayer gets the bill. Our existing medical “care” system has been proven to be ineffective, unsafe, and expensive. It is very effective in emergency care. If drugs cured anything, why do you have to continue to take them? Why do drugs that may cure something have a price tag beyond the means of most people? Why is the cancer industry still supporting things like mammography (which irradiates women and by its very nature PRODUCES cancer)? Is anyone at “Health” Canada tasked with assessing the efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs, including chemotherapy? There exists other reliable (thermography) technology for investigating the human body. Yet these techniques are never mentioned anywhere. Vioxx killed at least sixty thousand, with the upper estimate of five-hundred thousand, while it was approved by the FDA. Questions… and more questions… Why are natural cures demonized at every opportunity in the mainstream media? Why is human nutrition denigrated by medicine? Why do medical doctors lose their licenses if they decide to give their patients “alternative” therapies? Why is health “care” one of our biggest expenses? Where does the money go? Are we really any healthier in light of this huge outlay of tax dollars? Can people see who is behind any program of providing more drugs at public expense to younger people? Almost every child in foster care has been put on various and sundry SSRIs. When all …/ Jim Bjork to his MP Tony Clement, contd. VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 19

they really need is a loving family. These drugs work no better than a placebo. 15+% of high school kids are on these medications. 15+% of housewives are on them. No better than a placebo; at huge cost to our government drug benefit plans. With the added effect of suicidal/homicidal ideation. Isn’t that great? Join Risk.org. Read Death by Prescription by Terence Young, an Ontario MPP. Join and support “Vanessa’s law” (Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs). We’ve just paid four billion taxpayer dollars for a pipeline that might get scrapped. Isn’t “democracy” great? ‘Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.’ NO accountability anywhere. I made big mistakes in the last few years; I made what I thought were investments only to find out they were (run by) criminals. Now I have to make that money back and send it to CRA (and pay tax twice on this money that I had to make twice).

Our politicians criticize every other politician while they are in the opposition; then do the same thing if and when they get into power themselves. Why are public expenses, above a certain amount (which could be determined by an additional referendum) not subject to referendum? The politicians will tell you that that’s why you vote in the first place; to place these decisions in the hands of people who are looking out for our best interests. Does anyone still believe this? Do we really think these people are any smarter than you? Is there any proof that this electoral process still functions for the people? YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. But we’re all afraid to say it in public, for fear of triggering a CRA audit. Jim Bjork, Huntsville ON bjork@cogeco.ca TO BE CONCLUDED IN THE NEXT ISSUE (with bibliography) ♣


Revolution anyone? Derek Skinner, Victoria BC

Several articles have crossed my screen recently and they have all dealt with one or more of the major problems that confront us today. Let me see if I can stitch them together to illustrate a bigger problem that encompasses them all. I’m talking about global revolutions and we have had a few. Revolution # 1. The transition from animals to hunter/gatherer hominids. The evolution of mankind is generally accepted as culminating in the development of hominids (Lucy et al) in Africa and China. The big change or revolution was when these hominids spread over the face of the earth. They were nomadic hunter/gatherers in familial groups. They had not existed before this. Revolution # 2. The transition from hunter/gatherers to agriculture. The groups gradually got larger (tribes) and the females remembered that roots and berries were more plentiful along river banks and over a few thousand years the hunter/gatherers developed agriculture and stationary locations in certain areas. Revolution # 3. The transition from personal labour to slave/serf labour. As tribes got larger and possibly coalesced, they needed to claim areas for themselves and fight off any intruders. The defeated tribe or population became slaves of the winners. Slave trading became a normal business. The use of slaves for 20 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

agriculture or as servants gradually morphed into a landowner and serf relationship that lasted in some areas into the 19th century. (i.e. Russia). Revolution # 4. The transition from slave/serf labour to wage labour. Meanwhile, in the newly industrialised areas of the world, slave/serf labour was changed into wage labour as workers were needed to run the factories. The transition was not without problems as workers had to be herded from farms to concentrated areas around factories. Wage labour is the necessary muscle that enables the capitalist entrepreneur to realise his dreams of creating wealth. It is, or has been, needed for growth. I believe we are now entering the period of Revolution # 5, when we change from growth to something else. Call it “no growth” or stability or reduction, as you will. It will probably be a period of absolute chaos and significant loss of life. It will have to provide solutions to the following problems which are all being discussed as individual entities. My point is that solving any one of the problems will not prevent Revolution # 5. Revolution # 5. Challenges – in detail. I am not competent to propose solutions to the following list but it may interest readers to try and work out a comprehensive solution. We can either sit on our www.dialogue.ca

butts and let the consequences happen, or we can collectively do something. A. Growth. In the beginning around 1500 or 1600 AD growth benefited Europe as resources were extracted from untouched sources. Now, after 500 years it is becoming apparent that further extraction of resources from a limited supply cannot continue. Government economists and money lenders still expect 3% growth in National economies in order to keep the capitalist game going. Add to this the demand by three quarters of the world population that they want the same standard of living as seen in Europe and North America and a change in management is inevitable. B. Money manipulation and control. Money was originally issued by King or Church authorities as a standard by which values for different objects could be compared. It quickly morphed into a commodity that could be lent at interest and private money changers and lenders started issuing credit notes for values far in excess of any valuables they had in their vaults as back-up for the paper notes. People are now starting to understand that up to 97% of all the money in the world is issued by private money lenders as credit on which simple and then compound interest has to be paid. At 5% average interest can you imagine what astronomical sums of money are transferred every year from governments, corporations and individuals who borrow and are in debt to those who lend credit. C. New World Order or Alternatives. At the time of the First World War (1914-1918) the world was horrified at the carnage in Europe, the Russian Revolution and the turmoil in the Middle East and plans were made for world bodies to prevent such horrors again. The League of Nations was established and writers like H.G. Wells produced novels like The Shape of Things to Come postulating a peaceful, authoritarian world run by elites. Then came World War!! And the United Nations, but it is not working very well. The concept of a New World Order was reactivated with transglobal/ transnational corporations and America attempted to establish itself as the one and only world Leader. This was exemplified by “The Project for a new American Century” (PNAC) written by a group of Israeli/American dual citizenship members of the American Administration. Anyway, Russia and China are pushing back www.dialogue.ca

strongly against PNAC and the project is virtually dead in the water. So what comes next? D. Population Control. Eugenics. One of the uglier and less known aspects of the Proposal for a New World Order dealt with population control. The current 7 Billion plus number is expected to increase to 9 Billion and then stabilise at that level. Some of the proponents propose that a reduction to maybe 1 or 2 Billion would give everyone a chance to live close to current European or North American levels of affluence and comfort. In order to get to that lower level, it will be necessary to cull the herd. Wars help in a small way but more is needed. Sterilisation by vaccination or direct injections to those thought to be less intelligent or carrying genetic abnormalities has been proposed. Compulsory limitation to one child per family was tried in China and was successful until it was discovered that families preferred to keep male children and abort female fetuses leading to a shortage of marriageable women. The sperm count of North American and some European countries males is less than the value required to maintain a given population level whereas the count in brown, yellow and black races is adequately high. Male vasectomies are effective and can be reversed if necessary. E. Climate Change or Global Warming. These two phrases represent diametrically opposite theories and consequences. The Climate Change Theory. The weather around the world has, within the last few years, become more violent with excessive heat, drought and fires in some areas and excessive rain and floods in other areas. Some scientists think this is due to the natural decline in sunspot activity which appears to occur in a cycle of approximately 400 years. (16002000?). It has nothing to do with CO2 levels being off the charts due to human activity. We could be heading for the next ice age. Alternatively, F. The Global Warming Theory. CO2, Methane and other pollutants are messing with Earth’s protective stratospheric blanket and permitting extra solar radiation to reach Earth. The regular ambient temperature of Earth was around 140 C but has now increased to 160 C. The melting of the ice caps and glaciers combined with the increasing volume of the seawater as it heats up is increasing the level …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 21

Derek Skinner, Revolution anyone? (C. contd.)

of the seas, currently by inches. If the Earth ambient temperature increases by 40 C we could start a runaway feedback loop of increasing temperatures that cannot be stopped with sea level rises up to 30ft. G. Environmental and Ecological Collapse. If the Earth enters a period of chaos due to a combination of the above problems, such that Rules no longer apply, the most serious consequence will probably be the collapse of the food chain. The weakest and smallest aquatic life forms, (corals, plankton) are dying and reducing the food available to the next level in the food chain, This continues up the scale leading to overfishing,(sardines, cod, salmon), for human consumption and less for major species. The killer whales (orcas) of the pacific are dying of starvation. On land, excessive droughts and floods are wrecking farm production despite the efforts of the aggritech corporations to patent drought and disease resistant seeds. Above all will be the massive refugee crisis resulting from Global Warming as billions of people flee the inundation

of low lying land [Or other unforeseen consequences of Climate Change]. H. Governance and Morality. Political Parties, corporations, media and monied individuals are all connected by the influence of the Public Relations firms and the corruption of language and visual Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that they utilise. Truth may be just personal conviction or more often the contrived definition concocted on behalf of an authority that seeks market share or vote plurality. Communication has been reduced to a mix of lies, misrepresentation, the suppression of alternate facts, and the current mistrust of “fake news.” So who can you trust? Religious, business or political leaders? Somehow, out of all this mess, we and our children will have to create a new system of language and governance that all can trust. Hopefully there will be some areas where educated people can discuss options in democratic circles and arrive at solutions by consensus. The purpose of this revolution (Revolution #5) will be to replace capitalism with a more stable and peaceful society. Derek Skinner, Victoria, Aug. 2018, DandJSkinner@shaw.ca ♣


Understanding the Tactics of Subversive Globalism – Brandon Smith on the Globalist Agenda Rec’d. from Eva Lyman, West Vancouver

“An enlightening article” – Eva When the ideology of globalism is discussed in liberty movement circles there are often misunderstandings as to the source of the threat and what it truly represents. This may in some cases be by design. In the latest era of supposed “populism” led by figures like Donald Trump, an entirely new and very green generation of liberty activists find themselves hyper focused on the political left in general, but they seem to be obsessed with attacking the symptoms of globalism rather than the source. I attribute this to a clever propaganda campaign by globalist institutions. For example, when globalism is brought up in terms of its conspiratorial influences, the name of George Soros is usually mentioned. Soros is an obvious bogeyman for liberty activists because his money can be found flowing to numerous Cultural Marxist (social justice) organizations and his influence is easily grasped and digested in that way. Conservatives like SEP. 13, 2018: [Extract & Link]

22 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

placing emphasis on Soros because he appears decidedly leftist and thus globalism becomes synonymous with leftist movements. But what about all the globalists within the political right? Globalism has its gatekeepers in both political camps; people that manipulate or outright control political leaders and political messages on the right just as they do on the left. While someone like George Soros acts as a gatekeeper for the left, we also have people like Henry Kissinger, a globalist gatekeeper for the right. Kissinger’s close relations with the Trump administration or his long-time friendship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin are brought up far less in the liberty movement these days. Why? Because this does not fit with the false narrative that the globalists are “targeting” Trump or Putin. When you examine these leaders and their ties to a vast array of globalist proponents, this claim becomes absurd. […] Continue reading at: https://www.activistpost.com/tag/globalist-agenda From Eva Lyman, evalyman@gmail.com ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Honesty, Democracy and Elections… Brian Fisher, Vancouver Island,

We do seem to be so far away from anything that even looks like honesty, much less democracy, that it seems that some form of revolution is the only possibility left. Being “mop-eared from the fray,” I don’t think I can bring myself to not vote in the next election unless I can do so as a part of a movement. I am thinking

that buying and erecting election signs encouraging people to: “Vote with the Apathetic - Don’t Vote!” or perhaps “Don’t vote – It only encourages them!” might be the route to go. I am thinking of a line from an old Monty Python Beyond the Fringe skit. “Go for it Higgins – We need a futile gesture at this stage!” Regards. Brian, bhimself@the-druid.net ♣


Stats Canada to Seize Personal Financial Info of Canadians From Kim McConnell, Ottawa kimlian@bellnet.ca

This is well worth the read. The government cannot keep their nose out of our business! – Kim, 29 Oct. 18 Forwarded from Sharon Maclise: (link, right)

When challenged by the Conservatives today in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau defended Stats Canada’s invasion into our personal financial information… The personal banking and financial transactions being requested [seized from the banks] by Stats Canada include bill payments, cash withdrawals from ATMs, credit card payments, electronic money transfers and even account balances of Canadians across the country. The following article is from Global news. – Regards, Sharon (article, right)

Stats Canada requesting banking information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge [QUOTE & LINK] “Statistics Canada is asking banks across the country for financial transaction data and personal information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge, Global News has learned. Documents obtained by Global News show the national statistical agency plans to collect “individual-level financial transactions data” and sensitive information, like social insurance numbers (SIN), from Cdn. financial institutions to develop a “new institutional personal information bank.” […] VIDEO LINK at Globalnews.ca: https://tinyurl.com/gn-sc-banks


We've Entered Full Clownworld From ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net

[A friend] recently described the news media of our times as akin to "being in a wind tunnel". This was true until the FBI's arrest on Friday of the "MAGABomber", Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., a homeless retired male stripper living out of a van that's elaborately festooned with Trump stickers. Now, we've entered full Clownworld. A few grains of ricin the size of table salt can kill an adult human. On October 2nd, envelopes that tested positive for ricin were mailed to President Trump, Defense Secretary James Mattis and to Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson. Two days later,

police arrested former US Navy sailor, William Clyde Allen III of Logan, Utah in connection with those mailings. This story received next to no media coverage. What has received wall-to-wall coverage on the Mainstream Media is a so-called "mail-bombing spree," in which 13 packages containing prop pipe bombs were allegedly sent through the US Mail from Sunrise, Florida, without any of them being postmarked. All were apparently hand-delivered to each targeted location, from NYC to California and in between. 25 min, LINK: https://tinyurl.com/fktv-clown


Mobile Health Apps Are Going Largely Unpoliced… By Michael L. Millenson, Undark Magazine, 23-10-2018

The heart rate monitor built into the new Apple Watch has sparked sharp debate* over its risks and benefits, even though the feature was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. But out of the spotlight, the FDA has been doing away with regulatory action altogether on many diagnostic health apps targeting consumers, seeking to accelerate digital health adoption by defining www.dialogue.ca

many of these as “low-risk” medical devices. As the number of mobile health apps surged to a record 325,000 in 2017, app performance is going largely unpoliced, leading to what’s been dubbed a “Wild West” situation. Unfortunately for health consumers, the public can’t rely on the research community to play the role of sheriff. […] LINK: https://tinyurl.com/udm-apps * Debate, LINK: https://tinyurl.com/MW-apple-worry ♣ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 23

Unmasking of an Unsavoury Political Legacy…

Robin Mathews Uncut

WHO KILLED PIERRE LAPORTE? By Robin Mathews, October, 2018

When Pierre Elliott Trudeau ‘undertook’ the October Crisis and unleashed The War Measures Act, (October 15, 1970) he faced significant criticism – especially from people in Quebec who accused him (to quote Tommy Douglas, NDP) of using “a sledge-hammer to crack a peanut.” Trudeau imposed The War Measures Act, flooded an army into Quebec, seized (without arresting) around 500 Quebecers who opposed him politically and jailed them … and conducted hundreds of “raids” on people’s homes, and even had cabinet member Jean Marchand say there were “three thousand” FLQ members, when there were … at huge exaggeration … maybe 20 who claimed to be FLQ. There was no overall FLQ organization with any kind of structure or ‘membership’. A few people would make a “cell”, call it FLQ, and (maybe) release a communiqué making a demand. It was so easy to do the RCMP did it frequently themselves … or did it with RCMP “moles” and unknowing others … who would then set about working to blacken the name of ANYONE who wanted, legitimately, to work for Quebec independence. In pursuit of Trudeau government goals, the RCMP “broke and entered”, thieved private files, burned down a barn in the country, made a theft of dynamite, and worked with double agents who acted criminally. Those are RCMP crimes recorded. Most weren’t. Pierre Trudeau believed the democratic and open pursuit by some Quebecers of an independent state was totally unacceptable … and so opposable by whatever form of action (legal or illegal) “the State” decided to undertake. The overwhelming body of Independentists were completely against violent methods but Trudeau lumped them all together, purposefully blurring the lines. Little known to Canadians, Pierre Trudeau spent time at (U.S.) Harvard University doing ‘graduate studies’ (1944-5) where he wrote an intriguing long, (59 typewritten pages) major essay called “A Theory of Political Violence.” In it, quite simply, he advocates criminal activity by the State. As for the population in a 24 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

democratic state, Trudeau writes: “the mass of the people is an inert body with no will of its own. It obeys whatever force or power may be applied to it.” He uses the word “terrorism” to describe ‘positive’ violence undertaken by the State. And he posits three necessary rules for such political violence. (1) The method shall be chosen that is best apportioned to the desired end. (2) The method shall be applied implacably. (3) The method shall be subject to perfect control. And he wrote a charming gloss on those three rules: “If an action has been singled out as the most appropriate one … it is sheer stupidity to begin belly-aching over its illegality. The superstitious fear of illegality has made more than one great man tremble and spoiled his aim.” (Max and Monique Memni, Trudeau Transformed, 1944-1965, McClelland and Stewart, 2011, pp. 28-35) His U.S. professor reading the essay might be called a liberal democrat. He gave Trudeau the lowest grade the future Prime Minister of Canada received at Harvard – and probably in his whole academic career! In what one may see as an extension of those noble ideas, Prime Minister Trudeau created the little known May 7 (1970) Committee, which, on that day began to prepare to impose the War Measures Act – a statement that will be loudly denied. The Committee was put together seven days after the Quebec election in which the Parti Quebecois received 23% of the vote. It was tasked to find ways to strengthen the role of the Army and the RCMP… (?) [Richard Fidler, RCMP The Real Subversives, Vanguard Publications, 1978, pp. 23-24] (Trudeau assumed – pretended? – that normal anticriminal action couldn’t contain the very few – and usually known – violent actors.) The RCMP became – in the process – a criminal organization, and because of the gigantic failure of the McDonald Commission (1977-1981) to lay out cause and effect, and to demand a thorough cleansing of the RCMP – the Force has, some say, become an increasingly powerful, national criminal organization. Claude Jean Devirieux (Radio Canada journalist) reports John Starnes, major RCMP superior, [“furious”] telling him the RCMP acted only on orders coming from “very high up.” The claim is, unhappily, true… www.dialogue.ca

or very close to it. [Claude Jean Devirieux, Derrière l’information officielle 1950-2000, pp. 110, 111] Indeed, Devirieux marvels that from all the Commissions that went to work: “Finally, ouf! No one was convicted.” And Jeff Sallot, in Nobody Said No (Lorimer, Toronto, 1979, p. 182) makes clear that two reports were presented to top cabinet committees about the matter of “RCMP or paid agents” engaging in criminal activity. Nothing was done by either committee – both chaired by Pierre Elliott Trudeau. If proof is needed of the (in fact) criminal intent and action by some members of the Trudeau cabinet … we must be clear that the federal “inquiry” into RCMP misdoings was forced upon the government. Francis Fox (solicitor general) had to try to keep ahead of an explosion of revelations and the creation of the Quebec Keable Inquiry to examine RCMP criminal acts. And so the federal Commission was arranged with the appointment of loyal Liberal David McDonald as chief commissioner. On June 16, 1977, the Parti Quebecois government set up the Keable Commission to look into RCMP crimes; on July 6, 1977, the federal McDonald Commission of Inquiry into Certain Activities of the RCMP was set up. No accident. The Liberal Cabinet did everything it could to frustrate the investigations of the Keable Commission … even trying to have it declared unconstitutional - almost as an admission the RCMP was working criminally for the Liberal government led by Pierre Trudeau. [The McDonald Commission Report was presented to the federal Liberal government on January 6, 1981. On Sept. 24, 1980, Jean Francois Duchaine was appointed to look into October events, and released his final Report on January 27, 1981. On March 6, 1981 the Keable Commission Report was released.] Trudeau set to work to defeat a democratic campaign for Quebec independence ... not by open, democratic persuasion and reform, but, it seems, by subterfuge, force, and guile. And in the mess that followed, the Acting Premier of Quebec, Pierre Laporte, was murdered a day after the War Measures Act was imposed. Of course, many people said he was murdered as a result of Trudeau’s heavy-handed attack on Quebec… and … moreover … to this very day no one (in the general public) can be sure who were the murderers of Pierre Laporte. Paul Rose (with others) was accused and tried and convicted. But the Duchaine Commission in Quebec www.dialogue.ca

ruled that it would have been impossible for Paul Rose to have committed the murder since he was, without question, in another part of the city when the murder happened! Francis Simard who (also) admitted to the murder carefully avoids any report of the event in his semi-autobiography. And Jacques Rose – also claiming responsibility - was convicted as an accessory after the fact… Confessions of the accused perpetrators are described as “unsigned.” Who killed Pierre Laporte? To cover over that difficulty, what almost seems to be a ‘movement’ to falsify the timeline of The October Crisis has been put in operation … and still, I believe, is in operation. Recently, I went on the computer to look at entries on The War Measures Act and saw there that because Pierre Laporte was murdered Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act. A falsehood. Pierre Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act … and then … Pierre Laporte was murdered. But if people can be convinced Trudeau imposed the WMA after and because of the terrible, grisly murder of the Deputy Premier of Quebec … then the War Measures Act might seem to have been imposed for intense, human reasons … not for very questionable ‘reasons of State’. The false story has, it seems, long legs. In the (unsigned) entry for Pierre Laporte in the 1985 Canadian Encyclopaedia – which was sent to every school in Canada that had a library… and sold all over the country, readers are told the falsehood that the War Measures Act was imposed after (and because) Pierre Laporte was murdered (Vol. 2, p. 977). All the thousands of entries in that Encyclopaedia are signed … except that (lying) one. Equally strange: not a single history-making FLQ person has an entry in that Encyclopaedia. Not one. Someone, it seems, is determined to erase the real history of the 1970 October Crisis … and remake the life and political history of Pierre Trudeau. The entry for Trudeau in that 1985 Encyclopaedia – (fittingly?) also misreports the event. Distinguished Canadian political scientist Reg Whitaker writes, in his signed entry, of “the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross and the kidnapping and later murder of Quebec Cabinet minister Pierre Laporte by the terrorist FRONT DE LIBERATION DU QUEBEC (FLQ). In response, Trudeau invoked the WAR MEASURES ACT, with its extraordinary powers….” That statement, as already pointed out, is completely incorrect! (Canadian Encyclopaedia, Vol. 3, pp. 1855-56) …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 25

Robin Mathews, Who Killed Pierre Laporte? Contd.

David McDonald’s work is, I believe, overall, a slavish matter of toadying to Cabinet wishes. To my mind, he failed to do work he should have done … and permitted the burial of a huge amount that should have been reported to the public. Why did Pierre Trudeau reach half way across Canada to pick as chief Commissioner a Liberal (he knew personally) whose loyalty (at the very least) was assured? And why was that Liberal directed to report to the Liberal government which was under dark suspicion – and not to the Canadian Parliament? Several police forces, the army, Mountie Moles, journalists … and more were involved in the 1970 October Crisis (so-called). They competed often … and tongues wagged… as follows: At least one Mountie Mole was present at the kidnap of James Cross, British Trade Commissioner. The hiding place was known from Day One (though the combined police forces of Canada claimed to be unable to find Cross!). [Devirieux, p. 52, pp. 186-190] For the more than 50 days that Cross was held, the place was bugged and listened to 24 hours a day from an adjoining apartment. But the police didn’t move to release him … because it was a PUBLIC RELATIONS Kidnap …. The Gilbert and Sullivan absurdity of it all was borne out when – very early in the “kidnap” – it was realized that James Cross needed regular medication and had none of the medicines with him. “Authorities” negotiated with a ‘Mole’… and he carried the medications to a kidnapper-contact who took them to Cross. BUT … the gigantic national and Quebec intelligence/police forces were unable to use that trail to “find” James Cross! Subsequently, Devirieux reports he sought out the people ‘removed’ from the apartment above the kidnap place to make room for the RCMP “listeners.” He reports he “found himself facing an older man who became pale, showed signs of being terrified, and shut the door in my face.” (Devirieux, p. 188) Before the abduction of Cross, his daughter, Susan, was seen at a café used by ‘radicals’ in Montreal, The Prague. She was also captured in a photograph (with her then husband) taken at the famous gathering place of Independentists at Percé the Gaspé region, called La Maison du pecheur. She was seen, too, some insist, in the company of Paul Rose at the school (Lachute High School) where she worked. Later, Claude Jean Devirieux, Radio Canada journalist, met her then ex-husband at The Prague and asked him 26 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

what they were doing at La Maison du pecheur? The ex-husband of Susan Cross said (according to Devirieux) that he would answer the question for a payment of thirty-five thousand dollars. (Devirieux, pp. 68-71; Pierre Vallières, L'Exécution de Pierre Laporte, editions quebec/amerique, 1977, pp. 44-45) During the capture of James Cross, his wife and daughter removed from Montreal to the British Embassy in Switzerland. Cross admitted, finally, that he had earlier worked with British Intelligence … from time to time. (Devirieux, p. 68). Police patrols were (amazingly) absent at the time of the kidnap of Pierre Laporte, Deputy (and Acting) Premier of Quebec, five days after the kidnap of James Cross. [Police - in answer to the report of the kidnap of James Cross … and five days later in answer to the report of the kidnap of Pierre Laporte … rushed – in both cases - to wrong addresses.] Police knew the place to which Pierre Laporte was taken but there is no certainty it was the place, later named: the famous 5630 rue Armstrong. Indeed, a Quebec cabinet member (Jerome Choquette) reported Laporte was not there after the kidnap, and on October 14 premier Robert Bourassa told Madame Laporte that authorities had found where Laporte was and his release would be a matter of hours. But … perhaps … a power higher than the premier of Quebec had other plans …. [Vallieres, L’Execution…. p. 98] Laporte was murdered (somewhere) three days later.[Reporters were allowed – after the events – to visit the scene reported by police to be the site of the kidnap and murder (5630 rue Armstrong)]. The reporters couldn’t understand why police had used explosives to enter an address they had long had under surveillance and, as well, smashed the place to pieces before allowing the press to see it.] The most vexing matter of the whole strange tale of the October Crisis is the role of the five or so people apparently involved in the death of Laporte. Richard Therrien gives almost certain evidence that Jacques Rose and Francis Simard could not have been part of the murder of Laporte. The Duchaine Inquiry cleared Paul Rose. And, yet, the actors themselves admitted guilt in various ways. That brought Vallieres to ask about “guinea pigs”, suggesting even deeper and more disturbing interrelations. (Vallieres, L’execution, pp.112-115). The autopsy conducted on The Deputy Premier of www.dialogue.ca

Quebec, Pierre Laporte, was strangely mishandled by seasoned professionals. It was so unorthodox that one of the presiding doctors refused to sign the Autopsy Reports. Almost no other comment is necessary. Required to be recorded as undertaken, no recording of the autopsy exists or existed. The two doctors who signed the Autopsy Report changed their version the day after the examination of Laporte’s body. They, in fact, took twenty days to reach a final report. The coroner appointed on that last day, judge Jacques Trajan, named Paul and Jacques Rose, Francis Simard, and Bernard Lortie criminally responsible for the death of Pierre Laporte… though the actual place of his death is not known… and his murderers have never been identified for certain. In 1973 the federal government shifted … and declared that the death of Pierre Laporte was an accident … effected unintentionally when he was trying to escape… So no one was guilty of premeditated murder in his case. (That declaration may have shortened the time “inside” for those declared guilty of Laporte’s murder.) Nothing is certain about the death of Pierre Laporte but the apparently intended confusions created by persons in authority. Experts agree that the time of his death should have been determined within about sixty minutes at most: the “experts” appointed could, however, only guess at a possible time over many hours. That made the movement of possible killers unimportant, unnecessary to investigate … or … impossible to relate to the murder. The doctor who refused to sign the Autopsy Reports was asked by Le Jour in 1975 about the findings, and he declared that the conclusions of the pathologists seemed to him to have the same worth as the expert findings on ballistics reported after the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. That is a murder which has famously had almost every claim made by officialdom challenged by researchers and experts. And the death of Kennedy has been explained as a Deep State determination to be rid of the policy views held by the Kennedy family (which explains the murder of Robert Kennedy, too, a little later). Laporte’s wife and family and friends didn’t believe the official story of Pierre Laporte’s death. They considered the State responsible. Madame Laporte wanted a small, family funeral. Pierre Trudeau took it out of the family’s hands and had a huge (widely www.dialogue.ca

reported) State Funeral in Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal ... for The Great Canadian Wantonly (the story went) Murdered By The FLQ. Laporte may have, in fact, been ‘dealt with’ by the RCMP, or by the Canadian Military, or … by someone else …. His body was delivered (unchallenged, unnoticed) – a few hundred feet from the Headquarters of the Mobile Command group of the Canadian Army, on federal territory, in full daylight, at a time of high public alert – in a Chevrolet (the kidnap car) whose licence number was known and had been published widely by police as the kidnap car license …. In fact, the imposition of the War Measures Act was not pleasing to a large number of Canadians and their Parliamentarians (before the murder of Laporte). Many of them were going to assemble in protest on Parliament Hill. (The organizing telephones were almost certainly tapped by the RCMP: mine was. As was the telephone – for instance – in the parliamentary office of Progressive Conservative MP Erik Neilson, with whom I was speaking). The protest Demonstration began to loom as an important event. And it is fair to assume the RCMP “listeners” were reporting to certain Cabinet Committees the potential size of the coming Event to be attended by Opposition Party members and their leaders. Across Canada, Canadians were uneasy and unsure ... but open to seeing challenges to the brutal use of State power for political ends. And then … Pierre Laporte was murdered … by vicious, mindless, terrorists… and all of Canada got behind the War Measures Act. The Parliament Hill protest never happened. Parliamentarians (and others) were disabled by the shock. Support for Pierre Elliott Trudeau sky-rocketted. Marshall McLuhan’s statement that the October Crisis produced the first electronic revolution is simply untrue – because a succession of shoddy falsehoods and violent actions projected by modern forms of communication have repeatedly misinformed and misled fairminded populations over the last hundred or so years ... to enable, in fact, “revolutionary” changes in policy. McLuhan might have said that the October Crisis created the first major response in Canada to a revolution that didn’t exist … but to say that would have offended his prime ministerial friend engaged in meeting – with the full power of a lawless State – a perfectly legitimate democratic movement. …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 27

Robin Mathews, Who Killed Pierre Laporte? Contd.

Public sentiment – which was on the cusp of turning, nationally, against the imposition of the War Measures Act and was on the cusp of placing Pierre Trudeau on the Hot Seat – turned abruptly, with the

murder of Pierre Laporte, and then stayed warmly in Trudeau’s favour… WHO (we may fairly ask) killed Pierre Laporte? ROBIN MATHEWS, VANCOUVER rmathews@telus.net ♣


Interesting Links from Herb Spencer Herbert Spencer, Surrey BC, spsi99@telus.net

Smart Elephants

Here’s a fascinating essay on wild elephants: smart creatures; especially adopting female rulers (Matriarchs). “To an outside observer, elephants appear to have highly responsive minds, with their own autonomous perspectives that yield only to careful, respectful interaction.” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/aeon-elephants♣ Your life as a Movie: This is how our brain produces the illusion of continuity. LINK: www.sciencenews.org/article/how-your-brain-film-editor ♣

Epigenetics, etc. Here’s an article about epigenetics lasting 14 generations [Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression due to interaction with the environment rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.]. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/gmi-14-gen ♣

Smartphones -- The Dark Side Here’s how digital tech. and money make addicted slaves of almost everyone. You have been warned – so get your life back, unless you like to be just a trained rat or pigeon… [LINK below, BBC VIDEO, 29 min.) There are billions of people increasingly glued to ‘smartphones’ and consumed by the seemingly endless spectacle of ‘social media.’ But why? Reporter Hilary Andersson seeks to answer this question by tracking down insiders who reveal how social-media companies have deliberately developed habit-forming technology to get people addicted. Former Facebook manager, Sandy Parakilas, tells us the “goal is to addict you and then sell your time.” Likewise, Leah Pearlman, the co-creator of the renowned ‘Like’ button, warns of the dangers of social-media addiction. […] https://thoughtmaybe.com/smartphones-the-dark-side/♣


Love, Understanding


Unbearable Pity

Bertrand Russell: What I Have Lived For "Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. These passions, like great winds, have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course, over a great ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair. “I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy – ecstasy so great that I would often have sacrificed all the rest of life for a few hours of this joy. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness--that terrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. I have sought it finally, because in the union of love I have seen, in a mystic miniature, the prefiguring vision of the heaven that saints and poets have imagined. This is what I sought, and though it might seem too good for human life, this is what -- at last -- I have found. “With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I 28 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

have wished to understand the hearts of men. I have wished to know why the stars shine. And I have tried to apprehend the Pythagorean power by which number holds sway above the flux. A little of this, but not much, I have achieved. “Love and knowledge, so far as they were possible, led upward toward the heavens. But always pity brought me back to earth. Echoes of cries of pain reverberate in my heart. Children in famine, victims tortured by oppressors, helpless old people a burden to their sons, and the whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be. I long to alleviate this evil, but I cannot, and I too suffer. “This has been my life. I have found it worth living, and would gladly live it again if the chance were offered me." Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) won the Nobel prize for literature for his History of Western Philosophy and was the co-author of Principia Mathematica. ♣ www.dialogue.ca



Randy Vancourt, Toronto ON

“What’s your favourite song?” a friendly audience member asked me after a recent show. I make the majority of my living as a pianist and performer, and have lost track of how many times I have been asked this question. In all fairness I suppose most people do have a favourite song, or at least one that’s special to them, so it’s reasonable to assume that musicians do as well. Perhaps it’s because I have spent my life cramming as many songs as possible into my head, but I can honestly say I have never really had a favourite. Sure there are a lot I like and enjoying playing, but it would probably be easier for me to name the ones I never want to play again. Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is the bane of every pianist’s life, and I could happily live without ever hearing another maudlin, histrionic rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” An easier question would be to ask what song most inspired someone to become a musician; what inspired that “Aha!” moment when we decide to try and make a living in this business? For me it was “Great Balls of Fire.” Mine wasn’t an immediate love affair with this song; I first heard it on a 45-rpm record in a bizarre performance by the eccentric Tiny Tim. In case you never had the pleasure of experiencing this entertainer, he was a rather peculiar 6 foot 4 inch, longhaired ukulele player who sang in a high falsetto voice. He really was a novelty act, but still somehow managed to release several records that hit the charts. Why a ukulele player chose to record this classic piano song remains a mystery to me. Stranger still, the flip side was an equally ill-conceived rendition of As Time Goes By from the film Casablanca. It was only later that I discovered the original Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis, and I was www.dialogue.ca

hooked. Listening to how he took a simple tune and turned it into a showcase performance was a revelation to a young piano student. The Royal Conservatory taught me a lot, but they never mentioned you could play the piano with your feet, or that it was acceptable to set it on fire. I tried to imitate Jerry Lee in my next show, kicking the bench across the room, pounding the piano wildly and even jumping on top of it. That was the last time I ever played at THAT church. Sadly there wasn’t much else you would want to emulate about Jerry Lee. His career imploded after it was discovered he had married his 13-yearold cousin, proving that at least back then the American public could still be horrified by wretched behavior. Maybe I’m biased but I like to think that the piano was the original rock and roll instrument. I know the electric guitar is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of popular music, but people like Jerry Lee, Little Richard and Fats Domino, and later on Elton John and Billy Joel, made the piano iconic in the rock world. In 1991, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame declared the 1951 song Rocket 88 to be the first true rock and roll song ever recorded. This was a point of great contention because rock and roll didn’t just burst onto the scene fully formed; it evolved over the years through rhythm and blues, jazz, and various other styles. An homage to the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 automobile, the song featured a talented 19-year-old musician named Ike Turner, the same guy who later became infamous as half of the duo Ike and Tina Turner. He wrote the song and led the band, and do you know what instrument he chose to play the very first note on the very first rock and roll recording ever made? A guitar? A bass? A sax? Nope. It was a piano. I rest my case. Website: www.randyvancourt.com ♣ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 29

“BOOK TALK” J.S. Porter, Hamilton, Ontario


Stephen Greenblatt, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2018. Stephen Greenblatt, one of the great Shakespeare critics of our time, doesn’t mention Donald Trump anywhere in the 212 pages of his new book. He works the way Shakespeare himself worked: obliquely, with “strategic indirection.” Greenblatt does, however, let the reader in on a little secret in his Acknowledgments page: Not so very long ago, though it feels like a century has passed, I sat in a verdant garden in Sardinia and expressed my growing apprehensions about the possible outcome of an upcoming election. My historian friend Bernhard Jussen asked me what I was doing about it. ‘What can I do?’ I asked. ‘You can write something,’ he said. And so I did. You wouldn’t expect plays written over 400 years ago to say more about the political shenanigans of the Trump White House than most things written in today’s newspaper, but that seems to be the case. Shakespeare even created the figure of Rumour, in a costume “painted full of tongues” whose task was to circulate stories “blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures” (2 Henry IV). Sound familiar? Shakespeare knew the narcissistic personality, the sycophants who surround it and the dupes who are deceived by it. He knew the self-deception of King Leontes of Sicilia in The Winter’s Tale and how a tyrant “does not need to traffic in facts or supply evidence. ... Anyone who contradicts him is either a liar or an idiot.” He knew the ruthlessness of Macbeth, the self-aggrandizing Coriolanus who believed himself “author of himself,” and in Richard III, he knew “the limitless self-regard, the law-breaking, the pleasure in inflicting pain, the compulsive desire to dominate.” He knew the “grotesque sense of entitlement,” the expectation of absolute loyalty while giving no one loyalty in return. In Richard III, Shakespeare created a character—does this sound familiar?—with “no natural grace, no sense of shared humanity, no decency.” I’d add one more Trumpian 30 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

detail: no self-humour. Tyrants, real and imagined, take themselves very seriously. Greenblatt argues convincingly that Shakespeare asks the big questions, relevant in his time and relevant to ours: How is it possible for a whole country to fall into the hands of a tyrant? Why do large numbers of people knowingly accept being lied to? Why would anyone…be drawn to a leader manifestly unsuited to govern, someone dangerously impulsive or viciously conniving or indifferent to the truth? Why…does evidence of mendacity, crudeness, or cruelty serve not as a fatal disadvantage but as an allure, attracting ardent followers? Why do otherwise proud and self-respecting people submit to the sheer effrontery of the tyrant, his sense that he can get away with saying and doing anything he likes, his spectacular indecency? I’m not sure even Shakespeare himself fully answers these questions, but he does explore them in many of his history plays and in a few of his tragedies. Both Shakespeare and Greenblatt make clear how populism works, how it “may look like an embrace of the have-nots, but in reality it is a form of cynical exploitation.” Greenblatt moves from consideration of “Fraudulent Populism”—“the plutocrat, born into every privilege and inwardly contemptuous of those beneath him…mouths the rhetoric of populism during the campaign”…and abandons it “as soon as it has served his purpose”— to “Enablers.” These people (characters) “trust that everything will continue in a normal way. They persuade themselves that there will always be enough adults in the room…to ensure that promises will be kept, alliances honored, and core institutions respected…” They rely on “a structure that proves unexpectedly fragile.” Greenblatt is talking about the men around Richard; he could just as easily be talking about the men around Trump. And the American political structure does seem very fragile. www.dialogue.ca

As I read Greenblatt on certain Shakespearean characters, I imaginatively transpose them to now when the Supreme Court is stacked, when the Congress is dominated by one party, when the free press is derided on a daily basis, where the Pences and the Pompeos and the Boltons think they can control the uncontrollable one for their own purposes. “Watching longtime antiRussia hawks,” Thomas Friedman in the New York Times Feb. 25, 2018 points out is to witness “careerism, sycophancy and cynicism on an industrial scale.” A system famous for its checks and balances seems to have lost all balance and any check on reckless presidential power. “There is one critical defense line left — that formed by F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray, National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,” Friedman writes.

Can a few good men —in the US, a few good women don’t have any measure of power— successfully resist a tyrant? So who should read Tyrant? Anyone with an interest in Shakespeare, anyone who wants to understand the narcissistic personality and cares about its capacity for destruction—anyone who wants to be part of the Resistance Movement. Playwright Shakespeare and critic Greenblatt have given us a new political handbook to aid our understanding of the self-centered, poorly read, narrowly educated extremist who occupies the White House. They may even have given us a few subtle suggestions on how to resist. J. S. Porter ♣


“The Fifth Columnist”

The Manchurian Candidate

Michael Neilly, Dunrobin ON

Watching the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki, I was immediately put in mind of the 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate, about an American soldier who is captured and brainwashed in Manchuria, Communist China. He returns to the States as a sleeper agent programmed to kill a presidential candidate, in order to ensure that China’s “Manchurian” candidate is swept into power. When Trump emerged from his meeting, did he look afraid to you? Did his choice of words, “I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,” strike you as an odd way for one man to comment on another man? “Oz, the great and powerful,” he might as well have said. Judging by what my Industrial Arts teacher once termed diarrhea of the mouth or its Twitter equivalent, this president has scrupulously avoided commenting on Putin, while savaging one Omarosa, a non-existent player on the world stage. Like walking in a murder scene and seeing a body outlined in a spray of blood, it suggests something when our man in Washington rants at anyone but dictators! Though our Siberian candidate isn’t brainwashed, www.dialogue.ca

he certainly seems to be co-opted somehow. While Raymond Shaw, protagonist of The Manchurian Candidate, did relatively little damage, the president is a child who has managed to incite some very dark emotions in American, giving licence to passions once thought buried. When a superior or supreme being finally shows up, I wonder if this being will care which tribe has managed to dominate all the others by any means possible. It would be like greeting a stranger and extending a bloody hand in friendship. Would you shake this person’s hand? In the end, Raymond Shaw kills the “Manchurian candidate” instead of the target and turns the gun on himself. By comparison, in the lens of the present day, a foreign power has chosen its “Siberian” candidate by impugning the reputation and actions of Hillary Clinton, brainwashing the American public instead. We occupy a space in time, or a time in space! We’re told that our lives are a series of moments. The Earth rotates at about 1,000 miles per hour and orbits the sun at a rate of 67,000 mph (sorry, Mr. Trudeau, I was never metricated), which in turn orbits around the Milky Way at 514,000 mph (Wikipedia). Inside our bodies, we have atoms and electrons orbit them in concentric rings (Niels Bohr) …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 31

or orbitals, where they might or might not be— never quite got quantum mechanics. In sum, we are a heap of vibrating things, vibrating so fast and so vast that they appear seamless and solid. Maybe animated stardust would be a better way to say it. With all that going on, I wonder if building a

wall, blood and soil, all that “this land is my land” stuff, really matters. Were I standing in the Oval Office, my first impulse would be to take away that man’s cell phone, take a deep breath and ponder the night sky. Michael Neilly, michael.neilly@bell.net ♣


Ideas from David Foster

On Monarchy, Britannia, G7, EMF exposure… David Muir Foster, Port Perry ON

About the year 2000, Dialogue tried to do a survey of ‘Belief Systems, triggered by expectations over the Millennium, year 2000 plus. What you published in Dialogue was data that convinced me our belief systems can shift based on the latest information we have heard/seen. I looked of course at my own belief system, me being immune to the Year Two Thousand fads. Inwardly, I reviewed when, I as a boy, I first became aware that I held a ‘Belief System,’ and the constraints or freedom it allowed or not. How it changes with time and experience. A few days ago, I was in a used book shop when I fell into a conversation with a man of about 60, who made the startling comment that ‘the reason the people of Europe accepted Nazi occupation was because they all were basically Roman Catholics who were used to constraints and obedience imposed for 2000 years by Rome and single-person leaders. They accepted a built-in personal spy system of the Confessional. Hitler was defending all the people against perceived threats from godless communism.’ The British Leadership at the time were Protestant. And then ‘Multi religious’ – with the looser tolerance of the Empire and Army chaplains who could handle any belief in support of the soldiers old enough to fight but too young to know their own minds and what comes after death. Turns out we have a suicide gene that kicks-in to protect others. To serve under the Authority of the Crown. Royal Families had gone through the ying/yang of 32 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

Religious Wars. Finally, we have The Monarch as independent of Rome (Henry 8th) with a version of Catholicism called ‘High Church Anglicanism’ (which became the Approved Platform to get ahead; gain royal favour.) Really ‘Episcopalianism’ was a carbon copy of Catholicism but with the king himself at the top of the heap. No accommodation yet for Jews or Muslims or Indians or Asians. That was the accomplishment of Lord Rawdon Hastings, Governor of India for 10 years who brought peace among 350 quarrelling maharajas and the British ruthless East India Company of money-makers in the 1820 era. Most of him now lies in a tomb in Malta. That relationship of the Commoner to the Crown came out in sharp contrast in the 1953 Coronation of QE2 when the religious part of the enormous spectacle had two prominent Christian partners, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the ‘Moderator’ (for the first time) of the Church of Scotland. Some 70 million people watched the TV spectacle or followed it on radio. It is still available Free on the Net and is still viewed as how to do a British Royal event. How much did the Catholics feel left out? How much of that is behind current indifference to the Crown now, and the decay of the Monarchist League? That story of the DamBusters (WW2 squadron) and Guy Gibson, the young RAF daredevil (allegedly killed by ‘friendly fire,’ 75 years ago) who eventually was buried in the Catholic part of a military cemetery. No hesitancy that the Crown of King George 6th (although Protestant) was good for everyone. Belief in ‘duty’ does trump Religious beliefs. To be judged after death by Posterity? Or by God in the Sky? …/ www.dialogue.ca

The Junior God – by Robert Service The junior god looked from his place in the conning towers of heaven And he saw the world through the span of space like a giant Golf Ball driven And because he was bored (as some gods are), with high celestial mirth He clutched the reins of a shooting star and rode it down to earth. The Junior god (mid leaf and bud) passed on with a weary air, ‘til he came at last to a sea of mud and some swine were wallowing there. Then in he plunged with reckless glee, and down he lay supine (for they have no mud in Paradise, and they likewise have no swine). He tired at length. In a stream nearby he washed off every stain Then softly up the radiant sky he rose a god again. That Junior god now heads the Roll in the list of Heaven’s Peers And he sits in the House of High Control, governing the Spheres. Yet does he think do you suppose, that even with gods Divine? Perhaps the wisest may just be those who have wallowed a while with the swine… Scotland was actually torn in three with its own Roman Catholic base, its Presbyterians and Humanists – with Scotland leading much of the intellectual advances of the British Empire. Rolls Royce in Glasgow and the Macs and Mcs of shipping and engineering, world wide. ‘Beam me up Scotty!’ What religion did Rudyard Kipling or Robert Service hold at base? How do religious beliefs beyond reason influence poets, writers and politicians, (even soldiers)? Even the public. And over-population growth by making baby production the main goal of most women, and pride in how many descendants. (Locally we have one family of two immigrants that has over 500 descendants, and they are proud of it rather than ashamed of their selfishness. The Earth (Gaia... another Belief system) can’t stand it. Not their fault... it is Nature’s plan because of the power of sex. From 2 billion to now 7, going on 9 billion, all within my lifetime. www.dialogue.ca

And this is what Prince Charles has to face within four years. Stick-handle his way through. No longer ‘Defender of the Faith’... (which Faith? Commercialism? International Corporatism? The conspiracy to tell no one our primary tribal/religious links or beliefs?) With Trudeau and the last five or so Prime Ministers, it has obviously been Catholics or Evangelists in reaction in Canada. One Catholic in the USA (Kennedy whom they murdered ‘Texas Style’ for being ‘Democrat’ more than having all those children). The family needed all the children, knocked off one by one. And there were many Catholic children. Then the run of the US ‘Silent Majority’, poor Protestants, some calling themselves ‘Episcopalians’... Henry the Eighth’s idea of being your own local ‘Pope’ rather than looking elsewhere. ‘Doctor’ Martin Luther King. (‘Doctor’ because classically formal religious scholarship was awarded with a PhD, Doctor of Philosophy. From which many migrated to moral Medicine). Now even a dentist is ‘Doctor’ whose philosophy we don’t really know. I find the ‘King’ connection in Maurice’s antecedents as a powerful and still valid symbol everywhere. For myself, I was pushed through Scottish Anglican, and French Canadian Roman Catholic, and Military High Church schools to become simply an agnostic, unwilling to take much ‘on faith.’ I rely on what I hope is Reason. So I think all who get to be widely read should sign their names with their current age, formally recognized religious belief, and economic circumstance. Then the reader has a fighting chance to know where ‘Scotty’ is going to beam us up or down to, and with what expectation. Being ‘widely read’ has been the domain, up to recently, of the classical poets of the previous 100 years and hack media correspondents who serve political agendas. David Muir Foster, 83 in 2018, agnostic Gaian, Educational Class Level-2, Social Class level-3 and falling, david.foster2@powergate.ca - 19 August, 2018 ♣

VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 33

“Your Health Matters”

A house built on sand

Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, Strongsville OH

At the risk of repeating myself too much as in former pages of this magazine, I want to return to discussing in some depth the fallacies incorporated in our present approach to health and disease. You may or may not remember that I have stated a number of times that Hippocrates (400 BCE) uttered the formula "Let your medicine be your food and food be your medicine." Having been construed as the "father of modern medicine," this man, it has seemed to me for a long time, has been ignored as a "parent." So let us see how the present medical model arose. For centuries, there was no idea about disease. The early Egyptians bored holes in people's heads "to let out the evil spirits." Throughout medieval history the only treatment seems to have been "bloodletting.” In our modern world, horns from the rhinoceros are regarded so highly for their medical properties, that this wonderful animal is reaching the point of annihilation. Pharmaceutical drugs, with the exception of antibiotics, only treat symptoms. I ask you, does this make any sense at all in the light of what Hippocrates suggested? Because humanity tends to follow a collective pattern and only rarely listens to an idea derived from rational deduction, I view medicine as being like a traveler on a road without a known destination. In my imagination, he comes to a fork in the road, but the signpost records information on only one fork. It reads "kill the enemy," reminding me of the story of Semmelweiss (1818-65), a lone thinker in his time and who "gave thought to the message on the signpost.” Most physicians are familiar with this story but it is worth repeating, even for them. He was a physician who lived at a time before microorganisms had been discovered. He presided over an obstetric ward where there were 10 beds on one side and 10 beds on the other. The physicians would deliver their patients without changing their clothes or washing their hands. As we would expect today, the death rate from infection was extremely high. Semmelweiss said to himself, “they must be bringing [the enemy] in on their hands” and he devised the first known clinical experiment. He made it a rule for the physicians on one side of the 34 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

ward to wash their hands in chlorinated lime before they delivered their patient. The physicians on the other side of the ward continued to deliver their patients in the same old way. As we would easily recognize today, it did not require a statistician to see the difference between the incidence of infections on the two sides of the ward. Irrespective of the fact that this was a dramatic discovery that later had obvious meaning, Semmelweiss was accused by the medical authorities of the day of being non-scientific because he could not explain what it was that was supposed to be on the hands of the physicians. Of course the “medical establishment” had no idea that their model for disease was catastrophically wrong, although collectively certain that their philosophy bore all the hallmarks of scientific truth. Semmelweiss had offended the medical establishment and they threw him out of the hospital. He died a pauper in a mental hospital. The first medical paradigm Well, when microorganisms were discovered to be responsible for infections, it fulfilled the message on the signpost and it became the first paradigm in medicine. Kill the bacteria: kill the virus: kill the cancer cell, but try not to kill the patient. If we look at the history of this time, we find that a lot of patients were killed in the concerted attempts to find ways and means of "killing the enemy.” We all remember the discovery of penicillin and how it led to the antibiotic era, still the major therapeutic methodology, even though we know that it is running into bacterial resistance and has never been a good idea for viruses or cancer cells. The “enemy” Although the germ theory had been around for a long time, Louis Pasteur, Ferdinand Cohn and Robert Koch were able to prove it and are regarded as the founders of microbiology. However, Pasteur was said to have uttered the words on his deathbed "I was wrong: the microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (the interior of the human body) is everything.” Perhaps he had unknowingly voiced the principles of the next paradigm in medicine. Genetics The monk, Mendel, by his work on the segregation of peas, formulated what came to be known as the www.dialogue.ca

genetic mechanisms of Mendelian inheritance; and the discovery of DNA modelled the next stage in our collective development. The fact that each of us is built from a complex code that dictates who we are was a remarkable advance. The fact that the construction of the code sometimes contained mistakes (mutations) led us to explaining many diseases and for a long time we believed that the genes were fixed entities, dictating their inexorable commands throughout life. However, the newest science of epigenetics has shown us that the DNA that makes up our genes can sometimes be manipulated by nutrition and lifestyle, as well as by artificial means in the laboratory. The Terrain We are surrounded by germs that exist everywhere, many of which cause disease as we are all too well aware. Nevertheless, whatever evolutional mystery guides our development, we are all equipped with an extraordinarily complex, genetically determined, defense system. We now know that this is organized and directed by the brain. Assuming that the genetic determinations of the terrain are completely intact, we can be reasonably assured that we can defend ourselves from any germ that Mother Nature can throw at us. Built in mechanisms in the brain require a huge amount of energy when it goes into action directing the traffic of the immune system. It is a crisis and can be likened to a war between the body and the attacking organisms. Thus, if Pasteur may have stated the next paradigm in medicine – the terrain is everything – what does it mean? Response to infection As an example, a typical microbial attack causes a common disease that goes by the name of febrile lymphadenopathy (strep throat). The throat becomes inflamed, perhaps because the increased blood supply brings in white blood cells, acting in defense. An increase in circulating white cells also occurs, a “brigade of defensive soldiers.” The glands in the neck become swollen because they catch the germs that get into the lymph system. Lastly, the increased temperature of the body is also part of the defense. Germs are programmed to have their most intense virulence at 37°C, the normal body temperature. If this temperature is increased, the attacking germ does not have its maximum efficiency. In other words, what we are looking at as the "illness" is really the act of brain/body defensive interaction. Besides attempting

to kill the attacking germ as safely as possible, should we not be assisting the defense? The answer calls into question the relationship between genetic intactness and the required energy to drive the complex defensive action. Perhaps a genetic mistake (mutation) can sometimes be manipulated by an epigenetic approach through nutrients, just as advised by Hippocrates. Lack of defense When I was a resident in my English teaching hospital, before the antibiotic era, I admitted a patient with pneumonia who was known to have chronic tuberculosis. He was seen to be "unconsciously picking at thin air with his fingers" and the physician for whom I was resident pointed out that it was a classical example of "a sick brain" and that he would die. He never had any fever, elevation of white blood cells or any other marker of an infection and at autopsy, his body was riddled with small staphylococcal abscesses. He had lived in the east end of London, notorious for poverty and malnutrition at that time. In fact, as an organism, he never showed the slightest sign of a defense. His “sick brain” was completely disabled in any attempt to organize his defense. Excessive defense Many years ago I was confronted with two six-yearold unrelated boys who for several years had each experienced repeated episodes of febrile lymphadenopathy. Both boys had been treated elsewhere as episodes of infection. In each case the swollen glands in the neck were enormous. One of the boys had been admitted to a hospital for a gland to be removed surgically for study. It had been found that the gland was just enlarged but had a perfectly normal anatomy, only contributing to the mystery. One of the curious parts of the history was that each of these boys had been indulged with sweets. Because I was well aware that sweet indulgence could induce vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency, I tested them and found that both were indeed deficient in this vitamin. Treatment with large doses of thiamine completely prevented any further attacks. The mothers of the boys were advised to prohibit their sweet indulgence. I needed some evidence and asked one of the mothers to stop giving thiamine to her son. Three weeks later he experienced a nightmare, sleep walking and another episode of lymphadenopathy, that quickly resolved with thiamine. A nightmare and sleep walking supported the contention that the brain was involved in the action. In addition, …/


VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 35

Derrick Lonsdale, A House Built on Sand, contd.

his recurrent illnesses had been associated with increased concentrations of two B vitamins, folate and B12, both of which decreased into the acceptably normal range with thiamine treatment. Of course, this added complexity to an explanation. A tentative explanation What I had already learned about thiamine deficiency is that it makes the part of the brain that controls automatic mechanisms much more sensitive. One or more reflexes are activated unnecessarily. No reflex activation is as bad as too much. Thus, the "trigger-happy" defense mechanisms were being activated falsely. Thiamine is perhaps the most important chemical compound derived from diet that presides over the intricacies of energy metabolism. All that was required was an improved energy input to the brain. Folate and B12 are vitamins that work in energy consuming mechanisms and I hypothesized that their respective functions were stalled for lack of energy, causing their accumulation in the blood. Whatever the explanation, the facts were as described. It is interesting that the high levels of folate and B12 had been found at the hospital where a lymph node had been removed. The mother had been accused of giving too many vitamins to her child. She had told me that she did not understand this explanation because she had not given any vitamins to him. I had measured them solely to verify this finding. Conclusions We exist in a hostile environment. Each day throughout life we live in anticipation of potential attack. A physical attack may be an injury, an infection or an ingested toxin. A mental attack, divorce, grieving, loneliness, generally referred to as "stress" may be virtually anything that causes the brain to go into increased action. In facing both physical and mental forces, it is the brain that organizes the defense and it demands an increase in energy output that depends solely on the ability to burn fuel. The fuel burning process is governed by a combination of genetically determined ability and the nature of the fuel. Thus, the treatment of all disease is dependent on this combination being effective. It can be seen as obvious that "killing the enemy" is insufficient. As our culture exists at the present time, trying to get people to understand the necessity of perfect nutrition is a pipe dream. This particularly applies to youth and the artificiality of the food 36 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

industry. However, our culture is also virtually brainwashed to accept tablets as a means of treating anything. In our recently published book Thiamine Deficiency, Dysautonomia and High Calorie Malnutrition, Dr. Marrs and I have shown that thiamine deficiency is extraordinarily common and that supplementary thiamine and magnesium together balance the ratio of empty calories to the required concentration of cofactors necessary for their oxidation. The question remains, would vitamin supplementation, just as artificial, be a more successful "sell" as a preventive measure? We have shown that the symptoms derived from prolonged high calorie malnutrition can last for years as an unrecognized polysymptomatic illness that haunts many physicians' offices. Early recognition represents an easy cure. There is a good deal of evidence that ignoring the symptoms and the persistence of high calorie malnutrition creates a gradual deterioration that then turns up as chronic disease. Some drugs, metronidazole being an example, will precipitate thiamine deficiency, so we have to recognize the precarious nature of the present medical approach in the use of drugs whose action in treating disease is often unknown. Although recognition of the artificiality of thiamine supplementation is implicit in this proposal, it is better than allowing a common example of continued morbidity to exist. – Derrick Lonsdale, M.D. “Everything is connected to everything else.” Dr. Lonsdale retired in 2012 at the age of 88 years; he is a retired Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Website: www.prevmed.com/ Blog: http://o2thesparkoflife.blogspot.com/

Dr. Lonsdale is author of: A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine – Is Modern Medicine Helping You? and also Why I Left Orthodox Medicine, and, in Aug 2017, his new book: Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition by Derrick Lonsdale (Author), Chandler Marrs (Author) explores thiamine and how its deficiency affects the functions of the brainstem and autonomic nervous system by way of metabolic changes at the level of the mitochondria… This book represents the life work of the senior author, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, and a recent collaboration with his co-author Dr. Chandler Marrs. The book: • Presents clinical experience and animal research that have answered questions about thiamine chemistry; • Demonstrates that the consumption of empty calories can result in clinical effects that lead to misdiagnosis; • Addresses the biochemical changes induced by vitamin deficiency, particularly that of thiamine. ISBN: 0128103876 / Kindle, ASIN: B073NCFNLX ♣


Hidden Dangers

EMF and Your Health

How Governments, Electric Power Utilities & Telecom Industries suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation

New book by Jerry Flynn

(Rec’d from Stephanie McDowall, Nanaimo)

Hi everyone, The jacket of my first-ever, 10 years-in-the-making, 344page soft cover book: Hidden Dangers is attached (right) and a description of the book itself (below).

Because this is the ONLY book of its kind in the world, and because the public is slowly waking up to realize what scientists, globally, say CAUSES (albeit not solely) the following: a) 1 in 2 Canadians will get cancer; b) 1 in 3 Americans will get cancer; c) cancer is the number 1 cause of deaths from disease in children! d) the incidence of autism in 2016 in the USA was 1 in 36 children and 1 in 28 boys! e) ‘special needs’ teachers today are commonplace in schools; and, f) today’s other disease epidemics, e.g., brain tumors/ cancers, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and most other cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) suicides, depression, miscarriages, sterility, infertility, asthma, heart ailments, behavioural problems, etc.

The book sells for $24.99 plus $1.25 GST plus shipping – we use Canada Post’s least expensive method to ship book(s). First come, first served! Cheers, Jerry Flynn, jerryjgf@shaw.ca

About the book: Sixty years ago, few people had heard of autism, ADHD, leukemia, breast cancer, brain tumors/cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, suicides, depression, behavioural problems, miscarriages, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), asthma, etc. And schools didn’t need ‘special-needs’ teachers. Today, autism affects more than 1 in 28 boys! Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease! And 1 in 14 children has behavioural problems! Why is this happening – all around the world? Governments and industry say that overhead power lines, substations, smart meters, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth www.dialogue.ca

devices, baby monitors, etc., are SAFE! But non-industry scientists, globally, say that the non-thermal EMF radiation from these technologies is a major CAUSE of today’s cancers and disease epidemics! Notes: 1) Anything in which electrical current is flowing produces hazardous electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), which includes all of the above! 2) Lloyd’s of London underwriters will not pay for claims: “directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electro-magnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.” 3) There is NO material available on the market today that can protect people from magnetic fields! In North America, magnetic fields are measured in units called ‘Gauss,’ and non-industry scientists, globally, say that a ‘normal’ safe level of magnetic field in homes or schools should not exceed 1 mG (one-thousandth of a Gauss); but industry-captured governments and Regulatory Agencies say that up to 2,000 mG is safe! This outrageous difference enables electric utilities to build overhead power lines, substations, etc. dangerously close to schools, homes, hospitals, etc.! Non-industry scientists also say that the ‘safe’ radio/microwave frequency exposure Limits, to which the public in Western countries can be exposed (from all of today’s wireless products, including smart meters, baby monitors, cell phones, etc.), need to be: a) reduced 3-6 million times; and, b) biologically- not thermally-based! Today’s thermal-only ‘guidelines’ enable industry to produce their ever-expanding galaxy of extremely profitable wireless products – all of which emit hazardous non-thermal EMF radiation – which, because of the obscenely-high ‘safe’ Exposure Limits permitted, enables industry to install wireless products in cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, public buildings etc., and to locate cell towers close to hospitals, schools, residential areas, etc. Hidden Dangers is a truly one-of-a-kind, 344-page, evidence-packed exposé of industry-captured governments and how, together, they are responsible for what scientists today say is proving to be the disaster of the 21st century! The book is divided into 10 Chapters: Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS); the U.S MilitaryIndustrial-Complex; the News Media; Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) and Safety Code 6; Cell Phones; Cell Phone Towers; Wi-Fi; Powerline Frequency EMFs; Smart Meters, & National Security. In all cases, references are provided. ♣ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 37

Documentary: 'Genetically Modified Children'- available to view (limited time) Please Share - this is information that affects everyone! – Inge Hanle, Vancouver [CDSAPI] Comment by Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political and Media INTEGRITY:

The Power of the multinational Corporations that produce these extremely toxic chemicals (such as glyphosate) – their power over research, governments, courts, and media – is so pervasive that anyone who dares to report the "actual science of resulting consequences" is discredited and becomes the target of malicious attacks and threats. These toxic poisons that cause all manner of genetic damage, birth defects and diseases, especially neurological and cancer are arbitrarily "PROCLAIMED as SAFE" by the industry without authentic safety testing – as though foundationless proclamations were equivalent to real scientific research. This is "Pseudoscience by Declaration." And, repeated often enough, it becomes accepted by a brainwashable population of many who accept this misinformation and refuse to believe what they see before their eyes. To protect corporate profits and expediency, we are

sacrificing an entire generation of children – which these Corporations claim do not exist – and about the lives of whom these Corporations don't give a diddle. (Monsanto leads the pack as the biggest offender and most prolific and consistent liar.) To them, the people exposed to these chemicals are simply acceptable and unavoidable "collateral damage" in the ‘economics’ (i.e. profiteering) that they are determined to protect, no matter what…!! Please try to watch and share this disturbing, but urgently important documentary, which is free to view for a short time. If you don't have time (approx 1 hr.) for the documentary, try to skim through the article and see the trailer for the film: Genetically Modified Children (FREE VIEWING - LIMITED TIME) www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/genetically-modifiedchildren-free-viewing-limited-time There is a growing awareness that glyphosate is much more toxic than we have been led to believe, and I am confident that in time it will be banned worldwide, just like DDT From: cdsapi cdsapi@telus.net ♣


Brain Rejuvenation/Release of Energy blockages in the Head From Anna Christine Doehring, Nanaimo BC energyallaround@gmail.com

Why I decided to offer Brain Rejuvenation I decided to offer this (by Donation at my office in North Nanaimo) because of the startling condition of many people’s brains when I gave Brain Rejuvenation sessions at the Wellness and Spirit Fair in Nanaimo, on Sep. 15, 2018. Too many are suffering from Brain Fog, poor memory, poor sleep, and many other

problems caused by WiFi… I am very concerned. Brain Rejuvenation is the Spiritual Gift of Healing I received 20 years ago; it releases energy blockages in the brain, but also anywhere in the body. These first sessions were held on Friday afternoons in October. For information about future sessions, please contact: Tel. 250-756-2235 or Email: healing@energyallaround.com ♣


Telekinesis is REAL: Declassified CIA Documents From ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net

The creator of this video describes a declassified CIA document available online, which outlines the Chinese government's interest in parapsychology, remote viewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc. The document is titled, "Chronology of Recent Interest in Exceptional Functions of the Human Body in the People's Republic of China." It was declassified through a Freedom of Information Act request and it outlines specific people with very special abilities and how they've been studied by thousands of scientists and governments around the world for a very long time. 38 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

Scientists have been exploring the mind-matter relationship for more than a century and they have established that consciousness or factors associated with consciousness do, in fact have observable effects on what we call the physical, material world although they are very small. The US military has had an interest in parapsychology, as evidenced by the US Army's Stargate program, established in 1978 at Fort Meade Maryland, which investigated the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications, specifically, the "remote viewing" phenomenon, also www.dialogue.ca

known as "astral projection". In his book, The Yoga of Time Travel, bestselling author and physicist, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf proposed to explain the superhuman abilities of omniscience, telekinesis, levitation and manifesting objects out of thin

air, which have for millennia been reported of "fullyrealized" Hindu yogis after years of practice in seeking to become "one" with Brahman/Atman ("God"). From ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net LINK: https://tinyurl.com/fktv-telekinesis/ ♣


Tales from Fruitvale…

The summer convergence of AMELIE, HENRI AND MALACHI at Fruitvale Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC

Once again the house in Fruitvale is silent after many weeks of grandchildren filling it with the pattering of little feet across the floor or stomping up and down the stairs in search of play. Now with no commitment I meander between rooms looking for my lost connections that were swept away with the pressing needs to find crayons or paper or build a fort from cardboard boxes and such other business. Amelie’s artwork is everywhere, cards that picture a happy brother and sister under blue skies, radiant sun, and a house with windows and door with bright sparkles here and there. Malachi (7), Amelie (4) and her toddler brother Henri (1 ½) along with their mums and dads and us grandparents filled this house with voices, action, ideas and fun. When a bright little person has a disarming smile, is on the cusp of learning words, yet understands how to indicate his needs, affection flows readily. Just as when Henri’s bilingual sister hugs him and tells us she loves her little brother and it is reciprocal, something special has been cultivated in the world. Amelie also loves her dolls. Stored in the basement for 30 years and resurrected for this summer occasion was a large open plan dolls house which my wife and I had designed and built for our kids. Refilled with furniture, pots, dishes and clothes, Amelie spent many hours changing doll clothes and rearranging decor. Anticipating fresh air time outside in the yard, my wife and I had dug a pit and filled it with sand, sand castle moulds, little rake, and shovel, dinosaurs and trucks. For blistering heat time we had a modest pool provided courtesy of Malachi’s family. For exercise time we had a self-propelling grasshopper riding toy for Henri who soon figured out that pedalling around the yard was the key to visiting the blueberry bush. Amelie had a tricycle with a box on the back which accommodated rocks and flowers. Malachi took off www.dialogue.ca

on the bike which he brought with him sounding off his accelerator devise. We are fortunate to have Champion Lakes just outside town which is nestled in the woods and is free of noisy motorised vessels. Picnicking, splashing around and serendipitously bumping into other Fruitvalian’s to share the hours with on the beach, here, is a part of small town community living. In Trail, our silver city on the banks of the Columbia River, we have a water park and playground for kids. It is a great delight for the old to see the young ones prancing around the fountains erupting beneath their feet and running through the spray ejected from the ‘frogs’ mouth. Their excited squeals are a tangible joy. On the playground, Malachi has mastered the monkey bars, Henri, seems to be a natural climber, taking on everything he can reach and unafraid of soloing down steep winding slides, Amilie liked the high swings with the long travel. Back home, all the kids gravitated to my studio/music room to play on the old wooden xylophone and djembe drum and crash the cymbals. Henri would indicate for me to put the xylophone on the floor for him to play. He liked to give me one stick and he play with the other, then when he was done, would take both sticks and place them very carefully and deliberately in the slots designed to house them, being attentive to balance, since the rubber ball end would tip off the sticks unless positioned well. Henri’s care for order could be seen in other things like the magnetic squares and triangles that I would build with, he would detach and reorder them square on square and triangle on triangle. But to return to the music play, for Amelie it was singing ‘Twinkle’ in the microphone while Malachi was pounding on the drum, for Henri it was a fascination for the Hi/Hat cymbals operated with the pedal. When it was quiet, I enjoyed bonding with Henri, sharing the harmonica which he loved, passing it back and forth. Occasionally I …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 39

would wipe it and tap out the inevitable slobber on my trouser leg; it didn’t take long before every time he took it back from me that he did the same. Unfortunately the intensity of the B.C. wildfires curtailed our outside time towards the end of their stay, being too smoky to endure for long. Fires were all around us and visibility at one point was only two blocks. Inside time was relegated to reading, Lego building, playing on the ‘Baby’ grand piano, (a beautiful PINK Swiss-made Hape with two and a half octaves, standing knee high that had a little seat with flanged legs which my wife found for $25). They watched the odd baby

Einstein video and cartoons of Calliou, made visits to the library, built inside forts, with blankets and cushions, there were popsicles and banana bread, and Amilie played popcorn and peanuts on her violin. Malachi’s folks came to take him home by road, but for the others, all flights out of Castlegar were cancelled due to the smoke conditions, however, for one day, on THE day of return, there was a window of opportunity, the family from Montreal boarded the plane and disappeared into the sky. Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC [PHOTOS on p.60 ] ♣

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

PHENOMENA OF PROFOUND PROPORTIONS [Photos on back cover] Paul Bowles, scribepoet@hotmail.com Have you ever seen a UFO? The chances are slim, but

some would say yes. The question could also be, “Do you believe in UFO’s?” Then it would be safer to say yes, but, evidence would be necessary for credibility. Lights in the sky have been seen, with erratic moving patterns, such that they would be discounted as normal aircraft. In 1960, a full scale investigation was launched when a flotilla of UFO’s appeared over Europe; many other countries are quite open about encounters. In the United States they keep a lid on any enquiry or report ever since the ‘Roswell incident’ in 1947. In 1968 there was discussion in Congress on UFO sightings but no resolution on the subject. The outcome was: ‘The government does not care about such things.’ Many pilots have experienced close encounters in the air with mysterious craft and have reported the unidentified flying objects, becoming a matter on record. These reports never see the light of day, but there are many such VERBAL reports from credible (retired) senior officers at The Witness Testimony Disclosure conference National Press Club in Washington in 2010. To cite one of the many: U.S. Air Force missile launch officer Captain Robert Salas has made public disclosure of UFO’s overflying his military base, notably above the nuclear missile silos. Subsequently, alerted personnel discovered that their weaponry had been neutralised, this has occurred many times. Such information had been secret for decades. Former Canadian Defence minister Paul Hellyer has also called for full disclosure. But here is another aspect of evidence, more tangible to the common person, of a power beyond our comprehension more or less in our own backyard, 40 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

mostly to be witnessed in the south of England in the form of crop circles. [Photo, back cover] Even if you haven’t seen one, there are many to be seen every year, if you are in the right place at the right time before the farmer who owns the field reaps his harvest. But even then, these objects – of artistic and geometric beauty, out of this world accuracy and impossible application – are on film from local aircraft flying directly above the phenomena. How crop circles are done is a modern mystery or rather has been, until the advent of technologically-advanced cameras and diligent operators. Fanatical photographers camp out at night in expectation of crop circles showing up upon a suspected potential field. In all night vigils, cameramen, armed with infrared equipment with motion sensors, have caught the act in creation. The circles (which are not just circles) pop up overnight. I have sat up with the cameraman, in my armchair at home, watching on the computer, and waiting. Suddenly and noiselessly, lights appear flying rapidly all over the field faster than anyone can follow. Dawn comes, and the work or message for us to interpret is done, and visible. What is left behind is a wonder to behold. On the ground, wheat stalks have been depressed but not crushed; they have been twisted with delicate precision. Tetrahedrons, octagons, complex spiral patterns some a thousand feet in length are embedded in the farmer’s field. People come from all over the world to experience crop circles because they are a REAL manifestation on an order that we cannot duplicate, although some people have tried with a sheet of plywood, a rope and a flashlight, but it is soon seen to be out of proportion and hopelessly outclassed not only in graphic capability but in conception of design. …/ www.dialogue.ca

In 1974, a coded message was sent from Earth into outer space from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico, aimed at the Hercules star cluster, 25,000 light years away. This binary code message provided details of our civilisation, of human body type, D.N.A. chain, and population of the Earth, chemical composition, description of the telescope used and position of our planet in this solar system. In 2001, this message was answered, there appeared, in the field adjacent to the Chilboton Radio Telescope in Hampshire U.K., a double crop circle, one, which was a mysterious looking half shaded and dot-screened face and the other a duplicated format of the ‘SETI’ message from Earth, but with particular details changed to communicate the life form of the sender, with star system coordinates and chemical composition, population, D.N.A. chain, and a simple pictograph of their communication system. [Photo, p.60] In 2002 a second crop formation embedded in the wheat field at Crabwood-Winchester was both graphic

and pictorial, a face and hand holding a binary code disk that has since been interpreted as both a greeting and a warning: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time, there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.” In conclusion, is this not something that intrigues? Out there in the cosmos are billions of stars and galaxies; why should we be the only ones living. We are being messaged in many different ways, just as the alien craft above nuclear missile silos gave a message: bringing our attention to the danger of nuclear weapons. They shone a laser like beam upon the sites, nonthreatening, indicating their concern for us, or at least, for the planet suffering as it would from intense nuclear proliferation. Whoever they are, we are a source of interest to them and we have some troubling technology. Possibly, they have ideas of how we can be better gardeners of the Earth. Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC scribepoet@hotmail.com - PHOTOS, p.60 ♣


That’s My Take On It

Another Health Story… John Shadbolt, Acton ON

As you may have read, I have recently had some outstanding results with my health using natural cures. About a year or so ago I had a big nasty looking red circle on my jaw. I ignored it for a while, then when it started growing and looking nasty I went to my doc. He looked at it, and said he thought it was cancer. He sent me to a skin specialist (this took six months) who said I had a fungal infection, and gave me a cream to apply. After using the cream - which did not seem to me to have any effect on it, I decided to go off it (as it had nasty side effects), and try some natural cures for fungus, cider vinegar, tea tree oil, oil of oregano, which also had no effect. The infection was not getting better, but now spreading. Lots of itching. So now I tried a cannabis ointment, which stopped the itch, and helped reduce the infection, but was not stopping it. I went to my naturopath, but basically was not given any help, but blood work – which was ok. www.dialogue.ca

I went back to my doc, he now said I had eczema; gave me two creams for it. I looked them up, one is really bad for your liver. Since I value my liver, I tried another route. Not only that, I was to apply (between the two) five times daily. In desperation I purchased some ‘Mother Of All Cream’ – made by a company called Puriya. I applied it, and noticed it was helping, so I continued using it for a month or so. This is a natural product, no side effects; and much to my delight, the whole mess cleared up. So there is nearly always a better way. Better than we first think! John Shadbolt p.s. Is Oregano oil BETTER than antibiotics? (It kills bacteria, parasites AND viruses; antibiotics are

only for bacteria.) LINK: https://thenutritionwatchdog.com/oregano-oil-morepowerful-than-antibiotics/

I use this all the time. It is an amazing product. Any questions – ask me. shadbolt617@gmail.com ♣ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 41

Twists & Turns from Norm Zig

What and how we learn...

Norm Zigarlick, SK, normzig56@gmail.com

Subject: What a fascinating day The other day I was tasked with driving a couple of commercial fishermen from Yellowknife to Hay River in the NWT. Both are in their mid-50s. They have known each other since childhood. The drive was near 500 km one way. That gave me 5 hours of funny, tragic and fascinating conversation. One fellow is the son of a woman now in her late 70s who is only now coming out of the clouds of residential school. It is amazing that either he or his mother survived this long. The anger and frustration generated by the insane abuse his mother went through was translated into a horrible sense of self worthlessness and self-destructive behaviour that in turn landed on her children. They entered the world surrounded by a generation of people full of self-loathing and where violence was a legitimized form of self-preservation. The law of the drunk jungle. In spite of years of substance abuse, beatings, jail time and poverty, somehow this guy made it through with a surprisingly kind heart and an equally surprisingly good understanding of human nature and social considerations. He is intensely proud of a nephew he has mentored recently. The strikingly handsome 6 foot 1 nephew is working hard to help his mother through addiction treatments and trying to create a stable life style for his younger brother. It seems impossible to find humor in all this discussion but there was plenty of it. For example: How can you not laugh when a guy tells about a bicycle with no brakes and the rider going down a hill (on pavement) into a river valley. In an attempt to slow down from 50 kph, running shoes dragging on the ground became the braking system.... until the shoes started melting and smoking. The comment....“needed a better bike or better shoes.” In our day-to-day lives few have ever had to face the kinds of things these people did. It’s so very easy to say it’s a lifestyle choice. We choose what we are taught to choose. 42 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

I can easily make the case that in a large number of residential schools abuse was taught and that teaching became generational. The other passenger had a different approach; he didn’t want anything to know or to do about politics, personal history or anything else. His world exists today, if he makes it to tomorrow that’s just a new challenge. He did show a crack in that armour when I told him that a few months earlier, on this same piece of highway, I had given a young sow black bear 2 bananas and a chocolate bar. She had two cubs, each less than 5 pounds. She was exhausted. He said “good - maybe you got her to the next day and they found a way to survive.” When put in perspective, having the Internet slow down or cell phone service become intermittent probably isn’t that big of a deal.

And on another day… Who would ever have believed it? Norm Zigarlick, Oct. 12, 2018

I am still trying to process the Kanye West Donald Trump show of yesterday. Keep in mind that as this was happening stock markets were in free fall, Saudi Arabia had knocked off a Washington Post reporter and a part of Florida had been transported to Georgia courtesy of a hurricane. Meanwhile Trump and Kanye had a hug fest. If that isn’t quite crazy enough, financial writer Rick Ackerman said AFTER the meeting that Trump having Kanye at the Whitehouse was “the smartest political move Trump ever made.” I guess that would depend upon what your political goals are but I am having trouble seeing how Trump’s evangelical supporters are going to embrace what Kanye calls a “mother&#@er like me in this office.” As far as the rest of the discussion was concerned, I thought the reference about making a mistake, falling through a trap door and landing beside the Uni Bomber was maybe a bit confusing but apparently that can all be cured by removing trap doors, wearing a superman cap, having the President buy an I plane and also constructing something called “ideation centres” in Chicago. …/ www.dialogue.ca

I could sort of understand the Kanye bit about students studying math while playing basketball. I tried that back in about 1960 (I guess I was just ahead of my time). For what it’s worth, it didn’t work in any direction. I was only 5 foot 9, a foot short of a slam dunk and I failed math, a bunch of times. I short, mediocrity was well above me in all counts. Back to Kanye who said he didn’t answer questions with little sound bites; that has to be a record understatement. He didn’t let Trump talk for about 10 full minutes, but in the process never really answered any questions but did ask one of his own “do you think I can be controlled by racism?” I’d answer that last bit with “apparently not, I didn’t see any sign of control.” When Kanye was done, Trump looked like he had just regained consciousness after a serious head injury. He seemed to have no clue as to what just happened but said “that was impressive” instead of “where am I” which would have been more appropriate. I am obviously a long way out of touch with the modern world and brilliant political moves or free flow hip rap hopper or whatever it’s called. I simply

can’t keep up with the pace. I just found out that Beto O’Rourke wasn’t a leprechaun; it turns out he’s a Texan who played guitar in a punk rock band. You can’t get more distance between perception and reality than that. Did I mention Beto was also a politician who is running against Senator Ted Cruz, whose father was a Cuban refugee who worked in the energy industry and happened to be living in Calgary when Ted was born. So Ted is kind of Canadian but not really a Ted; his name is Rafael. Oh ...I nearly forgot, Trump said Tedael’s dad was involved in the assassination of JFK. Tedael (aka Ted/Rafael) looks a bit like an Iguana dressed in a fine suit and ready to play a villainous part in an animated Disney movie. He is leading the polls by a comfortable margin. So far it looks like Iguana 1, leprechaun no score. In retrospect maybe Kanye isn’t nuts after all, he’s just one of the boys that wants to rule the world and has his own ideas how that should happen. From: Norm zigarlick normzig56@gmail.com ♣


Preamble to my Memoirs from Bob Hansen, Nanaimo

Twenty years ago I began to list the anomalies in my life that, up to that time, I’d been calling ‘coincidences’. After a recent divorce, I asked myself hard questions about how I was doing in this society I belong to, and if I felt I was living a ‘normal’ life in these territories called Canada. As I probed my memories, and after I took an EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) course my ‘doors and windows’ opened up. It all came tumbling out in a painful 6-year process that has resulted in a 3-part series describing my life, as the great-grandson of Scott Winfred Nearing, and as one of 3 primogeniture descendants of Scott. Scott had been an economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, during the First World War. He had argued against the war, saying that war was not the way to resolve these disputes. He was also a strong advocate for reform of child labour laws in Pennsylvania, where children were still being ‘employed’ in the coal mines. Scott did not have his teaching contract renewed by the board of directors at the University of Pennsylvania, where he had the largest classes on campus and was very popular among www.dialogue.ca

students and his colleagues. His supporters sent letters to over 150 newspapers in the U.S. and, after a lot of tumultuous debate, it was decided that all university professors in the U.S. would have tenure. Scott was black listed and was never able to continue with his career as an economist. Also, all of his oldest sons have been criminally harassed, and I am the third such victim. He wrote about 50 books, and one he co-wrote with his wife, Helen, in the early 1950s called The Good Life, caught on in the late 1960s and became a foundation document for the ‘back to the land movement’ at that time. The three parts of my memoirs, called ‘On Schedule,’ will be published this autumn. Each one describes about 20 years of my life, dealing with the gradual institutionalizing of corruption in our society, including: the 1978 labour strike at the Vancouver General Hospital (the largest strike in an acute care hospital in the British Commonwealth), the Picton Farm (49 murdered women), the 9/11 false flag attack, the so-called ‘climate change,’ the destruction of the economy by hedge funds, and much more. …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 43

Bob Hansen, Premble to my Memoirs, contd.

Early in my time at Argyle High School, I joined the Air Cadets who meet at Mahon Park in North Vancouver every week. I joined because I heard that I could get my private pilot’s license at a much reduced price through Air Cadet training, and this had been a focus for me for many years. After a couple of years I was promoted to corporal. In 1967 there was a centennial Air Cadet jamboree at a previous air force base at Penhold, Alberta. My close friend, Al, had switched from Navy Cadets to Air Cadets and he also went to Penhold with me that summer. We flew out of Vancouver in a Douglas DC3 (Dakota) twin engine air force plane. There were about 600 cadets at Penhold that year, and it was a wonderful experience, gliding, parading & learning about life with air force professionals. There were 600 young men bunked together in one hanger. At the end of that summer experience, one of the assistant camp commanders came to me and said that originally they had decided not to give out awards to cadets this summer and to make it less of a competition and more of a fun experience. However, he said, they’d been watching me and they wanted to acknowledge my time there, and so I had been nominated for the most improved cadet at Penhold that summer. I was not much into awards, but I was pleased to hear that I had been nominated. I was to make a presentation to the camp commander in a couple of days. When that time came I was called in to the commander’s office, and asked several questions, ranging from my world views, to what I wanted to do with my life and what I valued in life. It was easy, and I enjoyed talking to this man. When I left the room I was told to wait for a few minutes because they were going to talk to another cadet, but, he said, ‘I think we’ve already made up our minds.’ The 20 minute wait stretched to an hour and a half. I grew impatient, waiting outside with an assistant commander. Finally, pretty much done with this waiting, I asked the assistant commander why this was taking so long, he chuckled, “He’s being made an offer he can’t refuse.” I had no idea what that meant. Eventually I was told it was decided that I would not get the award, and I believe they actually decided not to give it to anyone. I never thought about it afterward. When we returned to North Vancouver at the end of that summer in Penhold, we started back to Argyle High School. My friend came to my parents’ house on that first day of school; we were to begin grade 10. As I 44 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

was getting my jacket on and my parents were asking my friend how he had found the Penhold experience; he also said that I had been up for an award. Both of my parents were surprised and my dad turned to me and said, “You didn’t tell us you were up for an award.” I said, “I didn’t get the award, so… nothing happened.” Later my father came to me and asked me how the award process went, and what did I have to do as a part of it. I told him about the questions I was given and what I said. Then I said we waited endlessly for the second interview to be over. My father asked why it took so long. I said I didn’t know why. When I asked the assistant commander ‘why,’ he said, “He’s being made an offer he can’t refuse.” My father flinched visibly when he heard that part, and I could see he was angry, yet I had no idea why. It was very unusual for my dad to be angry with me. I didn’t ask him. A day or two later I was with my friend Al and I told him that my dad had asked me about the award and when I had told him what the assistant commander had said, my dad became angry and walked away not saying anything. I asked my friend what it means to say, “He’s being made an offer he can’t refuse.” It made no sense to either of us. Al asked his dad and told me later that his dad said that that’s a phrase organized crime use to describe how they force people to cooperate with them. Both of us were puzzled. We were 15 years old. Early that autumn on my walk to school I met the older one of my harassers from Eastview Elementary School just before the turn to the driveway on the lower playground at Argyle High School, and he seemed excited about something, which likely was not a good sign. He said, “I’d like you to meet one of my friends.” I kept walking and he was forced to spin around and to match my speed. I said clearly, “I’m not interested in meeting any of your friends.” Then I turned the corner and began to walk up the recently widened driveway to the lower field. I stopped abruptly. The air was thick with the smell of gasoline, cigarettes and leather. In front of me the entire driveway was blocked by about 50 large motorcycles, parked so close together it was difficult to tell them apart. As I gazed on this spectacle of engines and chrome I saw a narrow path leading to a group of bikers standing together at the right edge of the cluster of glittering machines. I was thinking what I should do when a tall thin man with a ruddy face and blond hair stepped from the www.dialogue.ca

crowd and sauntered up to within 2 meters of me, and said, “See this face? Remember it. I’m going to be premier of this province some day.” (And he was, after a stint as mayor of Vancouver.) Then he turned and took about 3 steps, turned around and with a sinister smile added, “That’s if you last that long.” He disappeared into the group. As I walked along the edge of the wall of machines a seedy biker, sitting on his machine, growled at me, “We’re going to steal your house,” which did not impact me much at that time. But another biker said to my aggressor, who was shadowing me, “There’s nothing nicer than to have the bitch of your pledge.” I had no idea what he meant. I was busy sorting out my next move. I knew I was being challenged. I could walk around the block and up the hill to the other side of the school, but that was not my style. Or I could walk up to this group of guys and take my chances there, which was even less desirable. In a flash I decided to give a symbolic gesture of my own. I began to thread my way through the maze of steel and rubber, carefully twisting and turning so I would barely touch the machines, which I knew were prized possessions of these rather unsavoury types and it was not likely a good idea to get any of them upset at this time. It took me about 20 uneasy minutes, twisting and turning and holding my briefcase above the machines, but I made it through the 20 meters of steel ponies and out the other side, and I continued on and up the steps to the school. At the top of the steps, a kid I did not know was smiling and he said, “It took those guys an hour to park all of those motorcycles this morning. What did that guy say to you?” “I don’t know,” was my only response. Later, I heard that several teachers were upset that this had happened and some were very interested to know whose idea it had been to widen the driveway that summer. This experience, coupled with so many others, convinced me in the autumn of my 15th year that I was indeed being harassed, and I may be for all of my life. Walking the mile to school and then back again was good for me to think through things I’d heard or read, and each day I’d pick up these threads, usually 2 or 3 on-going concurrently, and sort through them, adding new thoughts and material. I told myself that I’d better have a plan of my own, because, for whatever reason, some rather nasty people definitely had plans of their own for me. I decided that I’d have to document my www.dialogue.ca

life, to record and remember the odd things that happen, and when the time is right to bring them all together, perhaps in a book. For weeks I thought of writing this book and wondered how that process would work. I did not consider myself a writer. After the first glow of feeling that this is a good antidote to the harassment, reality began to sink in as I considered that I’d have to go through the harassment before I could write about it. I thought about the publishing process at that time, and wondered if I would be able to write such a book and not have that interfered with as well. These were not fun thought processes, and they often left me a little melancholic, temporarily. Argyle High School had its own student-run radio station on campus. It was almost a secret. When my dad heard me say this, he was instantly interested. He appeared to want me to get involved with this high school radio station, and when I told him that the guy who seems to control it all was a student whose father taught at Argyle, dad became agitated. He said this station should be for the use of all the students, and not taken over by one or two of them. It was difficult for me to accept Dad’s concern about the radio station at Argyle, and his suggestion that I should be involved with it. I was suffering from undiagnosed social anxiety disorder, something I would not be aware of for decades yet. Dad came home from work one day and told me that there were plans to extend the newly developed FM radio broadcast licenses to include a category for community volunteer radio and that I should watch for this and get involved when it happens. This was a frustrating thing to hear, even though I knew my father was looking out for me and had my best interests in mind. However, any talk of me engaging with groups of other people caused me so much anxiety that I’d feel a small flicker of anger inside, as I tried to navigate my unacknowledged feelings of fear. I said, unconvincingly, that I’d keep an eye out for this new FM development. I couldn’t tell my father that I had no interest in radio, and certainly I felt I could not say to him that most of those feelings were due the way CBC management had treated him in his place of work. A couple of months later, dad came to me at home and said he was really concerned that in my future someone might try to tunnel under my home. At first I thought he was joking, and likely responded with something that I thought was funny at the time. This tack …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 45

seriously annoyed him. I realized my mistake and that he was actually a little fearful that this tunnelling would happen. His claim was so abstract and unusual I had to look at him carefully to determine where he was coming from. Finally, to placate his increasingly emotional concerns, I said, “Well, it’d be pretty hard to dig a tunnel under a home with no one knowing about it. There could be an explosion or there’d be other noises I’d hear. And besides, with the FM community radio you

told me about, I could just describe on air what’s happening around my home, and a tunnel, once dug, is impossible to hide.” That appeared to be exactly what dad wanted to hear. He smiled slightly, and immediately stood down from his fearful demeanour, as though I’d passed the exam. I did not think of this conversation again for several decades, until I was actually involved with this very issue. Bob Hansen, hansen.bob5@gmail.com ♣


150 years of patriarchy has managed to bring to the edge of destruction what was Loved, Protected, Supported, and Cherished for thousands of years Patricia White, Vancouver [Extract, 20 July 2018] Open your mind; there is a way out of this mess but it won’t come from using the same ‘thinking’ which is that humans are superior and have the right to rule with violence: Rule over every other living thing with stupidity and violence. There were over 100 million people living here in ‘North America’ before Patriarchy arrived. And no jails, no police, no pyramid of power using violence to decide how to function as a community. Over 100 million people. For thousands of years without destroying that which sustains Life. In a mere 150 years here on the West Coast of North America, this Province which was in all reality a living paradise; Beautiful British Columbia; is now ugly British Columbia ushering in death dealing

corporations which are leaving all of the Air, Water and Land poisoned; a toxic soup for the next generation. 150 years of patriarchy has managed to bring to the edge of destruction what was Loved, Protected, Supported, cherished for thousands of years. And those of us who dare to speak these words are ridiculed, disgraced, held in contempt. Who is the educated one? The one who can demonstrate a better way forward or the one who insists that if we continue doing what we’ve always done there will be a solution? What we’ve always done is assume that We are better than our own Creator. And we worship the god of science no matter how many times the evidence is changed to suit the corrupt powers running this mad show. Patricia White, pwhite.red@gmail.com ♣


“Stirring the Soup” THE SEASON CHANGES, AGAIN… Marie Gaudet, Edmonton AB acadian.lady@hotmail.ca

A message for us all from Marie… “I hope you manage to find time for yourself sometimes, just to relax and breathe, with your feet up, sipping a smooth Pear Cider, recipe below. – Marie Pear Cider

Ingredients • 12 cups unsweetened apple juice • 4 cups pear nectar • 8 cinnamon sticks (3 inches ea.) • 1 tablespoon whole allspice • 1 tablespoon whole cloves 46 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

Directions In a 6-qt. slow cooker, combine juice and nectar. Place the cinnamon sticks, allspice and cloves on a double thickness of cheesecloth; bring up corners of cloth and tie with string to form a bag. Place in slow cooker. [Or if you don’t have cheesecloth, strain out spices before enjoying.] Cover and cook on low until heated through, 3-4 hours. Discard spice bag. Serve warm cider in mugs. *******

Editor’s note: We are looking for a magical story from Marie for the Winter issue! ♣ www.dialogue.ca

“The Vagabond Writer” THE GOOD WEEDS Wayne Allen Russell Clearwater BC I hope readers enjoy these stories, they will bring laughter and a few tears to you. Taken from truth, but the “Family Weed” is fictitious. The family: Archibald Tyrus Weed (Pop)……January 10, 1901 Mary Elizabeth/Loretta (Cook) Weed (Mom) Dec. 19, 1905 Married: August 17, 1923 Children: Juniper Shirley / June (Grouch), May 19, 1925 Patty, Patricia Ann (‘Sweet Pea’) Dec, 21st.,1927 George (‘Donkey’), August 17, 1930 Ben (‘Shooter’), April 2, 1932 Bob (‘Stretch’), October 10, 1934 Adam (‘Flyer’), July 30, 1936 Tom (‘Weasel’), June 4, 1939 Cousins: Marian (cousin), August 21, 1925 Sam (‘Punch’ - cousin), December 26, 1931 Bobby (cousin), May 3, 1935 Ray (my buddy) Joe (Ray’s brother)

THE SNOWBANK We boys slept four and five to a bed; not length ways like most folk, but crossways. On most weekends it was more, as our cousins from the city were always there. One Saturday evening we got to wrestling and carrying on, we didn’t pillow fight because we had no pillows then. I guess you can imagine the noise downstairs, coming from seven young boys. The old farmhouse wasn’t built like those today. It had two-by-four joists with boards nailed on top to make the upstairs floor, and open joists showing overhead from below. Pop let out a holler and you could hear a mouse fart, it was so quiet. But only for a short while. As with most boys of this age, a push here, a pinch there, a “Get over you turd,” a “Who farted, peeuuu,” and the fight was on again. So Pop yelled up the stairs that if we didn’t be quiet, he would throw us out the window into the snow bank. Quiet again, for about three minutes this time, then back at it. Well, we asked for it! The next thing we knew, Pop was in the room, throwing us out the window, one at a time, each of us scrambling out of the way of the next guy coming out www.dialogue.ca

so he didn’t land on us. We were surely glad the snow had drifted high next to the house. Hiding under the covers or the bed or pleadings of innocence did us no good; we went out that window as soon as he got hold of us. Seven boys of all sizes, back doors of their long-johns flapping in the breeze as they ran for the barn in bare feet, through the snow. Oh to have a movie camera! Now this is where having a loving and togetherness family came in handy. A barn is usually quite warm from all the animals. So here we were all cuddled in the hayloft with the smallest ones in the middle. We were almost comfy. We didn’t sleep much, through fear, anticipation, or whatever it is when you’re young and away from your bed. It seemed hours later, it might only have been minutes. I really don’t know for sure, when we heard a whispered, “Hush now, father’s asleep, be as quiet as mice, into the house and straight to bed with you.” Mother, carrying the smallest one, already sleeping, George carrying me. We slipped into the house and went straight to our beds. Mom tucked each and every one of us under our covers, kissed us, and tiptoed out of the room. I like to believe that after Pop’s burst of anger was over, he sent Mom out to bring us in that night, lying in bed with a great big smile on his face, while Mom and seven boys, sons and nephews, barefoot and in long-johns, walked through the snow, up the stairs and crawled into bed.

HARD-HITTING SAM Sam was a big guy, smaller than George but still big. He always had a brush cut. His hair stuck up like bristles, not evenly, as he usually cut his own hair. He never wore a hat, was mean, and always had a chip on his shoulder. Sam was very quiet and, like I’ve said, earned the nickname Punch. As cousins, we were glad he was a friend and not an enemy. He would make us do dangerous things that could have killed us had we not been young and agile. He made us climb to the top beam of the barn from where he would do a double flip landing on his back in the hay. If we didn’t do the same thing, we got the arm punches, really hard. If we chickened out and only did one flip, this was good for ten shoulder punches. They hurt so badly that we eventually, all could do a double flip into the hay. …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 47

One day I was visiting Bobby in the city. It was a real treat to go to Aunt Annie’s. Everything was so clean and fresh. She also had five kids to care for and clothe. Bobby’s Pop had a government job and they had few financial worries. He would never let more than two of us stay at their place at the same time. It was heaven, an inside toilet, a bathtub and running water. They had paved streets which made bike rides a whiz and as I mentioned before, ‘ICE CREAM CONES,’ only five minutes away from their house. This time, Sam decided it would be easy for Bobby and me to get up real early in the morning and steal the money out of the neighbour’s milk bottles for him. When we refused, ten arm punches. We didn’t have much choice, so with numb, black and blue right arms, we did what we were told. The first morning we hit about ten homes, sneaking through the bushes, rushing up to the front steps, pouring the coins into our pockets from the milk bottles, then on to the next house. We got what we thought was a great haul. Sam took the money and told us if we didn’t double the amount tomorrow, it would be the unheard of-twenty punches each. So early the next morning he got us got up before dawn and rubbing our eyes we headed for the first house. Well, the second house we hit, two big policemen hit us in turn. As usual we had no shirts on so one policeman grabbed the two of us by the waist of our pants and carted us off like suitcases to the police station. We found ourselves in a jail cell, bawling like hungry calves, sobbing our hearts out, loud enough that the men in the

other cells were yelling at us to shut up. Aunt Annie came and bailed us out. When we got home, Bobby got the spanking of his life. Aunt Annie had to pay back the neighbours, which she could ill afford. She walked us to each and every neighbour and made us get on our knees, apologising and promising never to steal again. Of course the big shot, Sam had spent all the money on his buddies, even taking them to a movie. He was sitting at home all this time waiting for the big haul we would bring to him. In much fear of the police and the jail, we squealed on him as the ringleader. Also, they said if we told them who set us up to this they would buy us an ice cream cone. ‘MINE WAS CHOCOLATE!’ We always hoped Mom would have forgotten all the things we did. She must have had a diary to remember them because when Pop got home, he knew. No one could remember things that well! Aunt Annie didn’t spank me but I wished she had; I knew what I’d get from Mom and again from Pop when he got home. Aunt Annie had to go to court with us and the judge let us off after telling her to keep Bobby away from us animals. Aunt Annie replied, “That is hard to do; they are cousins and love each other very much.” By good luck only, we never saw a courthouse again. Wayne Russell, The Vagabond Writer slyolfart@gmail.com ♣


Why Unicorns? By Lyn Carlson, Owen Sound, Ontario

They took her fancy early on It was an image fairly shone! The mythical, mystical Unicorn with its magical spiral horn. Beloved for his purity, his strength and his fidelity. With all his majesty and power, yet bowing in his lady’s bower! Elusive in the misty dawn … be honoured with one glimpse, and gone. For some, a pretty bit of whimsy; 48 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

To others, the symbol of fantasy; Always a token of high ideals which stir the heart and hope one feels. You may see dusty figurines but look beyond to what it means… Not just the ornaments they seem - icons to gaze upon and dream. In imagination dreams are born just as the noble Unicorn. This poem was written as an explanation for why unicorns appear on the cover and back of my self-published book of poetry which is entitled "I had in mind...". It appears on the last page as a conclusion of the collection. Lyn Carlson, lyncslink@hotmail.com ♣ www.dialogue.ca

“Observations from Lithuania”

Ken Slade, Vilnius

Changing for Ageing: Part 1: ‘Into the Third-Age’ by KR Slade

In the second week of summer 2018, I fully-converted to septuagenarianism ... Oh ! ... ‘Three and-a-half score years ago’, or ‘six decades and ten years’ sounds less than ‘seven decades’, and much-less than ‘entering 8th decade’ ... For the record, I note that my conversion was forced: I was not consulted. In fact, I was not consulted for even my first birthday, or the causal-event of 9 months preceding. Obviously, democracy is not a part of the actuality of living. Given informed-of-the-future consent for choice of life -- commencement or continuity -- the human population would certainly be significantly smaller. A friend did offer to me a unique birthday-greeting: considering 70 to be in Fahrenheit, then in Celsius I’m only 21(!) ... However, to be 21 again: sounds more scary than to be 70 ... I have much conclusion of ‘been there’ and ‘done that’; the past was great, but I do not want to relive the past ... I had a very-active life; in fact, perhaps over-active -broke several bones, and rattled and re-arranged most of my other bones: including before I reached 30 years of age, much to accelerate both my congenital osteoarthritis, and my degenerative disc (spinal) disease. The intervertebral disks are the little shock-absorbers in the spine. Now, I have come of age to be my age. I do not want to be: a Trump playing golf, a Putin playing hockey, or a Berlusconi playing Viagra. I have had my much-active life, more active than most, probably more active than I should have had. Memories suffice, so that I still smile about the past, and the past in the present. I have no regrets of: ‘woulda -- coulda -- shoulda’. I am fond of the French concept of ‘troisième âge’ (i.e., ‘third age’). This is the concept that one’s age is not measured in years, but in stages-of-life, the precise timing of which depends upon the particular individual. The ‘first age’ is from birth to ~18 to 25; this is the age of ‘formation’. The ‘second age’ can be considered ‘middle age’: from after the first-age until ~55 years. The ‘third age’ is the time of retirement, some time from ~55 to ~65/70. Now, I am definitively in my ‘third age’. www.dialogue.ca

For more than a year prior, I had been thinking of my coming 70th anniversary event; and, I have had a special way of counting birthdays. When I was 38, I hosted my own birthday-party -- for 200 guests: a lobster-bake and steak-BBQ cookout at my Rhode Island seaside house. My girlfriend said, “You look sad.” I replied that I’m getting old; next year, I’ll be 39. She suggested a re-think remedy about my getting-old thinking. Given that my birthday is approximately mid-year, I might consider being older before my birthday: to count my years beginning after the first of the calendar year. This way, by the time of my next birthday, I would be accustomed to my new older-age. Soon thereafter, the girlfriend left, but I kept her idea. However, for my 70th birthday, I was not really ready. In addition to ‘thinking six months ahead-of-the-calendar’, in recent years I’ve noticed changes in my physical-condition and my living-abilities: deteriorations. Therefore, during the last couple of years, I have been researching about ageing. Moreover, several months ago, while exiting the shower, I fainted ... and, when regaining consciousness, I realized that I came within inches of cracking my head on the sink and/or the commode. I would hope for a less-ignominious demise -- a more-respectable passing ... Furthermore, a couple of months ago, a small scratch on my ankle (albeit over a vein), some days later seemed to be healing, but turned into a mini-crisis: when shopping at a store, a salesperson approached me, and pointed to my foot and to the trail of blood that I had left on the floor. My boot had filled with blood; only after reaching home, and applying ice, would the bleeding stop; but, what a mess to clean: a boot full of blood; bloody sock, pants-leg, and coat; and a trail of blood into my house. I see the news stories about expected life-spans, attempting to suggest how to determine how long an individual will live. (e.g., ‘How long are you going to live?’ http://www.bbc.com/news/health-44107940 ) Such ‘studies’ (i.e., completely unscientific) attempt to find the life expectancy for people of a given age, country and gender; and then illogically to apply such general conclusions to individual persons of such agecountry-gender. Such writings are many muddled muddied metrics masquerading as statistics from an alleged ‘study’. There is no logical reasoning to …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 49

Ken Slade, Into the Third Age, contd.

conclude the fact of a particular event, or likelihood of a particular event, from any sample that has less than 100% probability. The only certain outcome of such analysis is that everyone dies. In this article, I offer my conclusions about my own ‘changing-for-ageing’. Of course, we are all different: each of us is an individual -- with our own unique physical / mental / emotional conditions, living circumstances, values / needs / habits, and abilities to change. No one is going to agree with all of what I write here; hopefully, anyone can find some single-thing to help themselves or others. ***

There are the obvious physical-changes of ageing. I have tried to identify the ‘loss leaders’ of functional changes / losses: what situations / events can harm, given increased propensity of occurrence. ▪ With advanced age, healing takes longer: even a small scratch that for a child would heal in the course of a day or two, requires a week or longer to heal. ▪ Broken bones, dislocations, sprains, and bruises seem to become more common in older-age. There is also the ‘jolts’ to neck/spine (e.g., misjudging the height of a step, sudden movement, impact). There is the morefrequent slip-and-fall (e.g., snow-and-ice; slippery surfaces: out-of-doors, getting in and out of the bath or shower, or on a wet bathroom / kitchen floor). ▪ Teeth -- previously healthy -- decay; and such degeneration is both accelerated and in rapid succession. ▪ Eyesight worsens. My vision has required eyeglasses since I was in third grade; however, in the last two years, my vision has greatly changed to being no longer correctable to 20/20. There is an increased need for more / better lighting, and to maximize interior natural-light, as well as to be able to control all light. ▪ Poorer vision and/or unsteady hands increases the risk of cutting (e.g., knives, broken glass, and other sharp objects) or burning; in all ways, especially in the kitchen. ▪ Hearing changes with older-age. More than 40% of people over age 50 have some degree of hearing loss, rising to 70% of those over the age of 70. Fourteen-plus years ago, I became ‘deaf’ shortly after my winter arrival in Lithuania. Lithuanian winters have a reputation for being fearsome; however, certainly are not as extreme as Quebec City, where I 50 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

had lived for the previous 13 years. The difference with the two locations is that Lithuanian winters are colder indoors (!) due to the poor heating I had at my living place and at classes at the university. After extensive tests, the doctors informed me that I was 50% deaf, in both ears, and that nothing medically could be done. The following May, I awoke to the sound of birds chirping; my hearing had returned, albeit with a 10 to 20 percent deficit in my left ear. My hearing worsens with changes (i.e., up or down) in barometric pressure. I also avoid elevators / lifts of more than a couple of floors. I do not travel via airplane. ▪ I noticed also that I had a change in sound preferences. I had liked music with high-treble, and lower mid-range and bass. Now, I find that the high-treble range annoys me; however, the high-bass (e.g., at a disco) no longer bothers me. ▪ I find that I am more comfortable being warmer: extra clothing, always wear a hat, higher temperature in house (especially in bathroom), more blankets in bed. ▪ With increased use of pharmaceuticals, there is the increased risk of mismanaged medications (i.e., both over-the-counter and prescription). ▪ There is likely to be some memory loss of the veryshort term. [e.g., “Did I add the salt to the soup?” This is one of those times where best to assume that the task has been done; better for less salt than more salt!] ▪ Low-back pain is a top cause of disability. The standard therapy, especially (i.e., 60%) in the USA, is opioids -- instead of physical-therapy and exercise, which work better. More than half of the total number of people taking opioids long-term have low-back pain. Rarely can a specific cause of low-back pain be identified; people with physically-demanding jobs, physical and mental irregularities, smokers, and obese individuals are at greatest risk in reports of low-back pain; the problem increases with older age. Some studies suggest what works best to treat lower-back pain: physical therapy, psychological counselling, stretching, massage, and other non-invasive treatments. Rest rarely helps; all patients should be urged to maintain physical-activity. ▪ Sinus sensitivities may develop / increase in olderage. ‘Ears-nose-throat’, a common speciality of medical doctors, includes the very-common illnesses such as colds and influenza; however, this speciality omits teeth and eyes, as well as cervical-spine (i.e., neck) problems. Everything in the head is related! www.dialogue.ca


Obviously: the concept of ‘changing’ has not scared you away from reading this ... and, apparently: the concept of ‘ageing’ has interested you ... However, if you are expecting coddling, cuddling, and/or comforting: then, you should stop reading this, now. This writing is about the social reality of getting ‘old’ -not merely ‘older’. If you are not yet ‘old’, this writing may help you in your becoming ‘old’; or at least, ‘older’. If you are already ‘old’: congratulations! ... Get ‘older’!! And, if you know someone who is ‘old’, perhaps: help them to get ‘older’ -- ‘much older’. An effort ambitious ? Yes ! I’m celebrating !! And, I’m thinking, doing, and planning for my ageing. ‘Life is labile’ (i.e., subject to likely constant change). Said the old geezer, looking in the mirror and seeing a

buzzard, “no bout a doubt it -- now, I’m old.” ***

“Live long, and prosper.” Doctor Spock All Rights Reserved: kenmunications@gmail.com ♣

(Editor’s note: the subject of this article, which continues in our next issue, includes more-detailed health issues, as well as the discussion of particular changes: macro and micro). Ken Russell Slade, B.S., M.Ed., M.R.E., J.D. Kęstutis Sladkevičius / english.lithuania@gmail.com mob. tel. (+370-6) 035-9513 Writer & English Language Consultant, Text Editor, & Instructor / Rašytojas, privatus anglų kalbos konsultantas, redaktorius ir mokytojas / Accredited media reporter, by Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Reporteris, akreditavamo Kortelė Nr. 17338 (Lietuvos Respublika, URM) ♣


Poems from Teresa Rowe Dear Dialogue Magazine, I began writing this series of poems when my Dad was first diagnosed in 2011 with Dementia. With the third poem finished in May 2018, I thought they should be all together to show the progression of what was happening to Dad and the other family members. My Dad has recently entered a Nursing Home and I may write a fourth poem sometime. It’s interesting that when I wrote the first poem, I used my initials so Dad would no know I was writing about him. Now he is past caring. Teresa Rowe, Owen Sound The Journey Who am I? I am a daughter, A friend, A co-worker An appreciator of nature And more.

My Father sits in a comfortable chair. Eyes closed, Lost in sleep, Where does he go? Does he have memories of a boyhood long ago? Does he dream of The Great War in which he fought? His security is in the living room, no need to move to another room Unless the bathroom or bedroom. How do I feel as his daughter? Honestly, incredibly sad, angry. This disease has taken him away from me. I cherish the snippets when everything seems fine, Our lives have been turned upside down! (Written in 2016)

* * *

My Father, Who is a husband, A Dad, A prayerful person, And so much more. Who has recently been diagnosed With Dementia. Who will he become? (Written in 2011) www.dialogue.ca

* * *

Now Dad lies in a hospital bed In a Nursing Home, Unable to walk Though he is sure he can. Angry, angry… I know this is part of the disease, But it breaks my heart. (Written May 15, 2018) Teresa Rowe, Owen Sound ON ♣ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

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From Ron G. Hatt, Surrey BC…

“THOUGHTS TO PONDER… AS YOU WANDER” (Volume #1) For Anna, Our First Granddaughter By Ronald G. Hatt ~ and inspired by and with contributions by Donald R. Hatt. [EXTRACT FROM RON’S HANDWRITTEN BOOK OF POEMS] To my Readers, March 2018, Sunshine Hills, BC Dear Friends, Don, my inspiring twin, was the poet. I was the mimic. As it goes… here we are together as one, in Rhyme. He should have written this book… I completed his dream. Personally, I wrote these poems out of living by faith, through flood and rain and fire of the heart. God was truly there to keep me. Please be inspired for a moment, a second, an hour, a day or a lifetime. Sincerely Ronald G. Hatt, Surrey, BC grandoo82@gmail.com

Note to Myself: Words of wisdom to myself: love myself, but love God first. Do what’s right. Be happy and full of peace. God’s love will be released. Hope in tomorrow, live for today. Don’t be dismayed. Make someone’s day! Serve Jesus. p.s. Extreme thanks to staff at InstantPrint in Surrey (publishing couldn’t have been done without them!)

(43) My Girl …Shelley Written April 25, 2010, Sunshine Hills B.C. I love my girl! She’s the absolute best. Forget the rest. God looked down and remembered me. I walk free, I serve him, yet I sin. My girl loves me so much, it drives me wild. I want to make a child, so I could see the smile on both my babies’ faces. She’s God’s grace; as I grow older, I’m God’s soldier. She’s comrade in arms with all her womanly charms. When I am angry, she disarms me, she loves me. I pray each day, I’m good to her, make her wonderful for God loves us both, that too is the greatest wonder of all. He loves us all, let’s hear his call. I’m glad my girl cares and surprise, she mesmerizes me.

(44) When We Are Young Written January 26, 2006 When we are young, we learn to crawl. We are very small and time means so little. When we reach our teens, time can’t hurray enough. Those hours move so slow and broken hearts don’t seem to grow. When time arrives and we lose our teeth, our hair, time speeds along. It seems unfair, it seems wrong. The time between the end and then is what we have to use. 52 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

The clock will tick, it’s time we lose, if we don’t grasp the importance of moments lapsed. Now’s the time to be at peace, let the hurt be released. There will be times of love and times of pain, In all we gain, If we walk in peace. Hope will always reign.

(45) Breathe Slow Written November 9, 2007, Langley, B.C. Breathe slow, breathe deep. There is peace, yours to keep. Remember that is one jewel we spin. God controls the wind. Breathe long, feel calm, it won’t be long and God will enter in. Remember it is one jewel we spin. Once there was only dark and deep. Light was created, ours to seek. God is light, God is kind. He holds us when we fall. He waits for us to crawl, then takes us by our hand, leads us to the promised land. There we will find our cherished rest, milk and honey all the best. Breathe slow, breathe deep, peace is here to keep.

(46) The Wife I Love Written September 2016, Sunshine Hills, B.C. The wife I love is kind to all. The wife I love is patient to all. The wife I love gives and does everything for her family. She is my bride, she is my life, my pride. When I think of how much I love her there are tears that I cry, so I strive to my best in my quest to return such love. The wife I love is never mean, she is the Queen of every scene. The wife I love knows who I am, who I will be. She has faith in me. Little, little me, with her I stand as a giant. She makes me want to be a man. Love is so grand. The wife I love is my soul mate, we are one as God is one, bound in eternal love.

(47) Never …What? Written April 4, 2011, Surrey, B.C. Never think smallness is not greatness nor that meekness is weakness or individuality is freakiness. Never think that all we do is for naught, nor forgot. Don’t be forlorn, there are many open doors. Don’t forget that www.dialogue.ca

Christ too took pain, it can be invigorating, a salve to cure our foolish pride. Slow down, take life in stride. Never think that God can’t or won’t forgive you! He always is able and always will. Never think though miniscule in the universe, you don’t matter, because you do, in macro ways. Never stop venturing forth into the eclectic situations, because you have wisdom, charisma. Never stop praying for our enemies and showing them love.

(48) This Is Me Without You. Witten September 24, 2016, Sunshine Hills, B.C. This is me without you, to continue to be a twin without your twin, who wins? You know who you are, what you were. But …now …O M G …f….ed, got to run, hide, … Then way back then …wind swept life, no relief, too much strife, poverty. Homelessness …just the way of life …always walking with Christ. This is me without you. To be sure, I firmly decided,

very long ago to become who you wanted to be. You were the genius, the writer, the poet, the lover, the traveller, the man, the haberdasher, the one who invented what’s called “Gate Crasher.” You brought us to the stage, film, T.V. You could have done it easily without me. But then again, I was always your big brother, you have four others, but I was the big brother. I took care of you in your last days and cried when you died, for days and days. You taught me to be world class debonair, brass with class, to be humble like a lamb and dammed. But Christ was in your heart from the time you were born. And I swore to God, I would take care of you till your end. Ronald G. Hatt, Surrey BC [Editor’s note: the above extracts were selected by fate… it seems that an unknown computer event deleted the whole booklet that had been diligently typed in by Maurice, leaving only these six segments: 43-48.] See some photos from Ron on p.59 ♣


Poems from Brian Phillips I heard about Dialogue from Bonna Rouse, who recently had a story of hers published in Dialogue. I, by far, prefer to make submissions by mail, but time does not allow in this instance. I have below listed four of my favourite poems, submitted for consideration, to be included in the Autumn edition, or, a future edition, of Dialogue, please. … Without further ado, as Rod Serling on "The Twilight Zone" used to say, "Given for your approval..." Brian Phillips, Chesley ON

TREASURES by Brian Phillips

I'd like to go to a far-off shore Where no one else has been before And find a treasure, precious and old An antique prize more princely than gold Which lay there waiting a thousand years Bathed in splendor, having no peers Shining with the light of a thousand mirrors Unparalleled as the sun's own tears And knowing not its past to ponder Raise it up with awe and wonder Then go, abandoning it behind To leave for someone again to find. www.dialogue.ca


by Brian Phillips

I shall not tarry, I will not stay! My path to the door, thou cannot sway But for one more muffin and one more tea And then you'll see the last of me! Goodbye to you, I must away! But a little while, I shall delay To remain here exacts too high a fee And of this place I must be free. God send me speeding on my way I must be gone ere this noon day! Despite my haste, I will agree A game of chess to play with thee. Have I sorrow? Certainly, nay! Another round here! I will pay! And having done, away I'll be Moving fast both foot and knee! The time doth fly, to my dismay Another hour has slipped away I can't afford a lengthy spree! Perhaps one last day in the shade of a tree. …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 53

Farewell to you, come what may, I'll not linger, I'll not stay! But for one more summer, here by the sea And then you'll see the last of me. * * *

DANCE OF THE DEAD by Brian Phillips

Every night at midnight, Or so the legends say, The ghosts rise in the moonlight, And dance till the dawn of day! The old men laugh and children play, Even though they've passed away, In their graves they do not lay, They up and dance the night away!

THE CAULDRON by Brian Phillips

Late last night in the full moon bright The lighted fire grows very hot And what have we to find its way Into the cauldron pot? We've tree fat and hen's teeth Frog's fur and nash And to that, siddy, We'll add just a dash. Rope's tongue and harfeld We'll drop in the boil Forax and ear hay And just a spoon of stone oil.

On through the night in frenzy sold, Their clothes now tattered, their bodies cold, Dance the departed, the soldier bold, Dance on the dead, your grandmother old!

Late last night in the full moon light The constable espied my secret spot "Aha!" he cried, as he burst through the door "Another witch is caught!"

Honest men and men who lied, Children who know not why they died, To the tomb they'll not be tied, After midnight, their death defied!

Judges buzzed like bees in a hive Bound and condemned and sentenced I got The lighted fire grows very hot Now I'm being burnt alive!

Caring not for mortal woe, Their smiles a gleaming spectral glow, Fearing not Cain's earthly foe, They flutter and glide, to none they owe! Questioning not their untimely end, Their instant over, they've none to lend, No quarter is given, none can defend, From the path to oblivion which they wend. For none are spared the dance of the grave, None can pardon and none can save, It shall consume all mortal crave, To the last of your days its way doth pave! Silently they shout as they swing and sway, Beware ye mortals, the dogs do bay! For joining with them, be soon ye may, Dancing at midnight, till the sun's first ray! 54 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

I hope… that these "examples," despite evidence to the contrary, do not lead you to believe that I might in some small way, be grim. I have a few other stories, like "Georgian Bay Lobster," and "Little Boots," that are not so "morbid.” Anyway… whether Dialogue can use these poems at this time, or, no, I hope that you have perhaps enjoyed reading them even half as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you! Thanks very much! Sincerely, BRIAN PHILLIPS August 28, 2018 brianphillips54@eastlink.ca ♣ EDITOR’S NOTE: We look forward to more poems from you, Brian. Thank you for sharing these. - Janet


Fun and Games on the High Seas… (…and a little built-in chicanery!)

Confessions of a Swimming Pool Deckman. From Herb Losch, Toronto, los134@aol.com

Dear Janet and Maurice, Although I don’t have a story myself this month, I am submitting this one – written by Peter Nicholson, a retired maintenance supervisor in our three-building co-op, who always had an interesting story to tell about his early days at sea. - Herb

Union Castle – true story! Peter Nicholson, Toronto

Bloemfontein Castle was named in the tradition of the Union Castle Line naming their numerous ships after a city’s castle but, eventually running out of castles to name their ships after, they resorted to such names as Capetown Castle – in cities which did not have a castle in the traditional form. The Bloemfontein Castle was named after the city of Bloemfontein in South Africa, with the word Bloemfontein being the Afrikaans word meaning Flower Fountain. She was a passenger liner running, in the 1950s, from London, England, to ports in South Africa and what was then known as Portuguese East Africa, via Rotterdam. She was an Intermediate, known as a cargo/passenger liner, not as big as other ocean going liners, with her having a passenger capacity of about 730 people, one class. South Africa still had an influx of Europeans in those days, especially British and Dutch, and The Bloem, as we called her, was always filled with people on the homeward bound voyage as well as the outbound voyage and the two weeks when she became a holiday ship on the African coast. This meant a full ship of three separate loads of passengers and, like clockwork, her voyages were always a duration of exactly 2 months and 3 days, with about 16 days in London before beginning another voyage with cargo and a full load of passengers completed in Rotterdam. I signed on her as AB (able bodied seaman) which takes three years of unbroken time at sea to gain the experience for that rating. On my second trip on The Bloem, I was given the job of Swimming Pool Deckman – a good job to have as can be imagined. The pool was on the after deck in the www.dialogue.ca

open air and as it was mostly sunshine and calm seas from about the 4th day after sailing from England until the same on the homeward-bound trip, the pool was put to plenty of use, as was the Verandah Café with a bar very close by. Good for me too, with numerous tips being left at the bar for me. “I’ve left a beer at the bar for you Peter,” I would hear several times a day and of course because I couldn’t drink that much beer, I had an agreement with the barman: money instead. I wasn’t allowed to drink at any passenger bar anyway, but we had a great crew bar – crew members only, no officers, no passengers allowed. People planning to use the swimming pool would come to me and ask “When will the pool be filled?” because they’d like to have a swim. I’d tell them, Tomorrow it will be filled and available to all for the rest of the voyage. “Oh great. I do like a nice warm pool to swim in,” or, “I hope the temperature is not above 68 degrees because I like a nice cool swim on a hot day.” I’d assure them that the pool will be to their comfort. When I filled the pool it was a matter of opening a valve to take sea water in and open another valve to pump water out, thereby keeping the pool recirculating permanently with clean sea water. And that’s what they got – water of the temperature of the sea and which I had no control over. I wasn’t at all surprised though when those swimmers came to me showing their gratitude and thanking me for “such a nice warm swim” or “such a nice cool swim.” The pool was kept empty in dock because dock water was usually contaminated with oil and other filthy unmentionables. It was then thoroughly cleaned before refilling when the ship put to sea again. Apart from cash tips as a reward for good and extra service, there were other ways to increase the tip intake. It didn’t take long to “sort out” the passengers as they were under my eye for 12 hours a day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. I watched who was mischievous amongst the kids; I soon recognised which teenagers were likely to be problematical. I also recognised who was chasing who, in both men and women. …/ VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

dialogue 55

Peter Nicholson, Confessions of a Deckman, contd.

One thing I always knew was coming, passenger load after passenger load, voyage after voyage – human nature being what it is, and I was always well prepared for it. As I expected from watching, this guy who came sidling up to me with “Er, can I talk to you?” I played along because I knew what was coming. “Yes certainly.” “Well, er, like, I’m seeing this girl and I’m wondering if you can help me out.” Though I knew what was coming next, I still played along. “So what can I help you with?” “Well, I haven’t got, you know, I need something for, er, hmm, protection.” “Mmm, I see what you mean. But we’re thousands of miles out to sea, where do you think I can get something like that?” “Well I just thought...” “But Hold on a minute, I do know this engine room guy, he may be able to help us both, he’s a greedy bastard though, leave it to me, I’ll see what I can do.” Then I’d let him sweat next morning and afternoon. “No, I haven’t seen him yet, but I’ll get him, leave it to me.” Towards the evening I’d single him out and say something like, “Well sir, he’s got what you want, but as I said, he’s a greedy bastard, so I told him I’d have to see you first.” I knew what his reply was going to be – it always was. “It’s OK, give him what he wants, give him anything, it’s OK, Just get them.” That’s when I’d go to my stash that I always had in expectation of just such an event and get a big fat price for what I got for free from the crew sick bay. It worked every time, numerous times. Most people would take photographs on the voyage of course, especially in the open swimming pool area where they would often ask me to take pictures of them. By doing that, I would get to know their cameras especially the really expensive ones. That was where my “tippage” increased too. Curiously, people tend to think that because they’re on a ship that they can leave stuff lying around like they do at home. Maybe it’s because they live, sleep and eat on the ship, they subconsciously think the same rules apply as when they’re in their own home. Sunglasses, reading glasses, books, magazines, towels are all OK for me to find and pick up to keep in my deck locker for them to get back when they come and ask me if I had found it. But often I’d find, say, an expensive camera that had been left lying on a bench for a few hours, binoculars, and once a jacket with a wallet containing money. Procedure was that anything containing 56 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1

money was taken to the Master at Arms, the ship’s policeman. They notified the wallet’s owner who invariably would seek me out and reward me handsomely for my honesty. As did the camera owners. In those days, unlike today, no security cameras were anywhere on the ship, so it wasn’t possible to play a video to see who had left what and where. Videos weren’t thought of then anyway. Another good tip producer was luggage handling at voyage end. Each of us was given 2 or 3 passengers’ luggage to handle off the ship for them and it would go something like this. Passenger A has, say, 6 pieces of luggage consisting of 1 trunk, 3 suitcases, a bag maybe, and a briefcase. The briefcase was almost guaranteed to double your tip. Ships inbound were met by a dockside train, buses, taxis, and private cars after docking. Each of us was assigned to get a passenger’s luggage from cabin and luggage storage. We would find out from our assigned passenger where he wanted us to take his luggage: to a train, bus, taxi or car. Any briefcase would be stashed in a very safe place and the luggage taken off the ship. That’s it sir, 5 pieces. A trunk, 3 suitcases and a bag. “NO, 6 pieces, where my briefcase?” “l’ll run back and check sir.” Go and have a smoke, then run back with the briefcase, out of breath of course. “Sorry about that sir, I just stopped it from being put on the train. One of the crew had it for his passenger and I stopped him just in time.” That was guaranteed to double my tip. Larceny and pocket filling was rife on the Bloem, as it was on any passenger ship of any nationality afloat. We had to do our own tipping as well. Crew tipping crew. We had to pay the crew cook outward bound and again homeward bound if we wanted to eat ‘passenger’ food. Table waiters had to tip the dish washer or he’d finish up with dirty plates and glassware. The same with the “silver king” – if he wasn’t honored with a set sum, table waiters would finish up with dirty knives, forks and spoons. Soup chefs, the same – or the table waiter would finish up with cold soup to take to their tables. Plus they had to pay the Head Waiter who didn’t serve passengers, so unlikely to get tipped. And so it went on, all through the Catering department. The reasoning being that cooks, dishwashers and silver kings didn’t come in contact with passengers to get tipped, and they knew table waiters, bedroom stewards, barmen, etc. did get tipped, so they www.dialogue.ca

wanted their share. And that is the reason why crew members who did come in contact with tipping passengers relied on those tips. Such was life on those ships in those times, which, looking back, all old ex-seamen look upon and declare as the halcyon days of seafaring. That is from old Captains, Engineers, Officers and crew ratings, not because of tips which were just an incidental part of the life, but because of the ships, the shipmates, the runs. There are no Transatlantic Liners these days, such as Queen Mary and those like her. No passenger liners running the 6 week voyage from Europe to Australia and no ships existing of the likes of my Bloem. All replaced by airplanes which do those journeys in a matter of hours. Incidentally, as a matter of interest to City Park residents. Some years ago, I detected a South African accent in a resident I was speaking with. After me telling him I was familiar with his country and used to visit often on the Union Castle ships, he told me that his mother took him on holiday on one of them. She was

called Bloemfontein Castle he told me. Further discussion revealed he was 10 years old in 1953 at the time we both were on the Bloem, him as a kid passenger and myself as a crew member. Later that day he gave me a photo of the ship. Amazing – bordering on astounding! – that about 60 years later, in a different country, I would be meeting up with an adult, who was a kid that I was keeping an eye on in the children’s paddling pool all those years earlier. From Peter Nicholson, xceeman@gmail.com

P.S. Of the 28 ships I sailed on, "Bloemfontein Castle" was my best. I was also on Union Castle freighters, "Good Hope Castle," "Roxburgh Castle," and "Reibeeck Castle." [The MV Bloemfontein Castle passenger liner was launched at Harland & Wolff's yard at Belfast on 25 August 1949. She operated on the London-Rotterdam-Cape-Beira (Mozambique) route; tonnage of 18400grt, a length of 594ft, a beam of 76ft, and a service speed of 18.5 knots. The Union-Castle Line was a British shipping line that operated a fleet of passenger liners and cargo ships between Europe and Africa from 1900 to 1977.] ♣


Laughter & ‘Lightenment! From Patricia White, pwhite.red@gmail.com

Also from Sammy Camilleri

Little Johnny asks his father… "Where does the wind come from?" - "I don't know." "Why do dogs bark?" - "I don't know." "Why is the earth round?" - "I don't know." "Does it disturb you that I ask so much?" - "No son. Please ask. Otherwise you will never learn anything.”

God's Plan for Healthier Aging: Most seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom, God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they'd have to search for their glasses, keys, and other things, thus doing more walking. And God looked down and saw that it was good. Then God saw there was another need. In His wisdom He made seniors lose coordination so they'd drop things, requiring them to bend, reach, and stretch. God looked down and saw that it was good. Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors would have additional calls of nature, requiring more trips to the bathroom, thus providing more exercise. God looked down and saw that it was good. So if you find as you age, you are getting up and down more, remember it's God's will… It is all in your best interest, even though you mutter under your breath.

From Sammy Camilleri, salvu1@hotmail.com

• All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. • In the 60's, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal. From Herb Spencer, spsi99@telus.net

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. – Mark Twain By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. – Socrates www.dialogue.ca

From David Hill, drh@firethorne.com

A truly wise man often says: "I don't know, ask a woman." VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

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dialogue, Vol. 32 No. 1

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AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1


P.59 Ron Hatt Photos 1. Don Hatt (left), Ron Hatt (right) and their friend Pastor Israel. 2. Ron and Shelley Hatt’s wedding at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Surrey 3. Members of the Straight Up Band (L to R): Dan Houle, John B. Wood, Ron Hatt, Barry Slawter and, in the back, Dean Cullen. https://www.facebook.com/straightup-


What is a Canadian? It is the Canadians’ nature and character that I am impressed with — their ability to hold back, to take modest views of the passing scene… Their self-control is not tense, but quiet… They observe and then — after some thoughtful pause — capitulate on the subject at hand, presenting the proper phrasing, punctuating the noblesse, emphasising the essentials, eliminating the excesses. They know how to cut back — but not too much — like pruning a tree so that it may flower more abundantly… It takes careful courage, intelligent observation and precise demonstration to make the right moves. If you trim back too much you might harm the essentials; to remove too little makes way for the unnecessary to develop. The Canadians’ task — though not dramatic or eyecatching in spectacular display — has far-reaching significance. Like long-distance runners preparing themselves for the course ahead, they know the importance of pacing themselves, of not overdoing with self-importance… The ‘human’ race is crying out for these ways… even though human beings themselves do not always wish to recognise this. Canadians, cherish your worth! Go forth with your healing ways… The leaves of your tree are ‘for the healing of the nations’…* Go forth and heal! Susan K. Hoik (Woodsworth) Ottawa, June 1989 *Revelation of St-John, 22: 2


VOL. 32, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2018

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p.60 – UFO photo Paul bowles and family pics??

60 dialogue

AUTUMN 2018, VOL. 32, NO. 1


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