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Seeking Truths and Our Will to Rebel Old Growth Ecocide, 35 Indigenous Genocide, listed, p.2 Palestinian Genocide, 44 Dr. Lonsdale Fairy Creek: REPORT from Susanne Lawson 29 June 2021, p. Cover image from the documentary, “ Last Stand for Ancient Forests” P.,



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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Lisa Wildman & Norm Zigarlick

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SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue

dialogue is...

Dedicated to the memory of Maurice J. King, 1927~2019

Dear Reader, The most important raison d’être for Dialogue is to provide a space for people to share their stories and express themMaurice, Janet selves and their ideas. And each of us hopes to contribute to & Penny (2019) making the world a better place. So, once again, this is a marathon issue that just kept growing – it felt a bit like the “little engine that could” – struggling up the mountain to make sure that its cargo was delivered! Kudos to Alexandra Morton re her new book, Not On My Watch, reflecting her dedication to protecting wild salmon. And to Susanne Lawson and all others who are standing to protect our last remaining old-growth Forests. And, of course, to Kevin Annett’s long-standing campaign, at great personal cost, to expose the Canadian Genocide operation against First Nations (p.36). There are many comments on this historical & ongoing tragedy. And to the doctors, such as Dr. Christian (15) and Dr. Hoffe (26), who are putting their careers on the line to alert us to the potential health risks of experimental ‘vaccines’ and more. There are many efforts to ‘deconstruct’ the “Covert Covid Op” and attempts to anticipate what comes next, i.e. Michel Chossudovsky (12), Connie Fogal. (16) +++ Many of the extra pages are dedicated to the saga of several Saskatchewan seniors, whistleblowers, who are facing eviction from their homes by self-serving bullies, in positions of power, who keep abusing the legal system in their attempt to get rid of them. (Lisa, 45, Norm, 74) Bank whistleblower Tony Crawford shares his enigmatic tale about banking intrigue and loopholes that continue to allow banks to ‘rip off’ their clients and taxpayers (31); Tony’s artwork, on back cover, is from the cover of his book Contaging. And Kim McConnell concludes her reminiscence. (59) And many more heart-warming stories (63-67) and thought-provoking essays, including Paul Bowles’ “What I believe” (69). A special thank you to Ed Curtin for his suggestions on how to “wake up and rebel.” (8) Thank you to every one of Dialogue’s readers and writers – those of you who passionately share your ideas and those who read & ponder but rarely get around to writing. Enjoy! And, as always, read with an open but discriminating mind! We look forward to hearing from you. Janet Hicks King, volunteer editor dialogue@dialogue.ca (& Lucky!)

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Injustice at Fairy Creek: Who is breaking the law here? https://susannelawson.substack.com/p/injustice-at-fairy-creek by police and military. Susanne Lawson, from Fairy Creek, BC 6. Police are not telling the truth when questioned JUNE 29, 2021: Illegal actions by police and loggers about people, vehicles or actions. are taking place. Where's the law for human rights? 7. Prohibiting and disallowing media access to what Ecocide continues in British Columbia due to the is going on in public areas and at arrests by pologging of the last of the old growth forests. Illegal lice is ongoing. actions by government and violence by military po8. Police are using tarps and other methods to hide lice and loggers is ongoing, with no recrimination. what they are doing to protestors at arrests. While whole log exports are being shipped out to 9. Endangered species that have been observed by China, government-sanctioned harm against peacebiologists in the area, like screech owl nests and ful protestors is ongoing. Demonstrators following many other inhabitants of the rapidly disappearstrictly peaceful actions to prevent and slow down ing old growth forests, are ignored by governthe destruction of the last remainment and industry. ing stands of the ancient forests All of these incidents and isare enduring physical abuse and sues should carry penalties and terror as government representain a civilized democracy would tives are turning a blind eye to not be permitted. Peaceful prothe injustices happening in the test is supposedly a right in this area as well as the injustice to the country. Where and what do Earth, waters, forest and wildlife our laws stand for? Industrial that depends upon these last regreed it seems. maining ecosystems. B.C. does not have any endanWhile lawyers grind through the gered species legislation, princourts on behalf of the Rainforest cipally due to the ongoing masFlying Squad, elders and media sive logging taking place as well as others to attempt to get Susanne Lawson at Fairy Creek, throughout the province. Many some justice…the violence goes standing for our old growth forests threatened species of owls, salon and old growth forests are beamanders, flying squirrels, woodpeckers, other ing eliminated. birds, fish and plants as well as these forest giants The following are just some of the illegal are the last holdouts for so much that depends upon actions and human rights abuses taking these forests for survival, humans included. place.... One cannot talk about climate change while allow1. Arbitrary exclusion zones outside the injunction ing this kind of destruction to take place. There is area that was designated by the courts have been Natural Law and as a species on this planet, we are set up regularly on public roads and public lands doomed if this greed and destruction is not curby the police and military. tailed. 2. Violent bodily assault on peaceful bystanders as Susanne Lawson, Tofino, BC, councilfire@hotmail.com well as protestors is ignored and condoned. READ OR SUBSCRIBE TO SUSANNE’S REPORTS AT: 3. Destruction of property by hooligans and dumping of vehicles in remote areas by police is taking https://susannelawson.substack.com/people/27092689susanne-lawson place and ignored. SEE: Shattered Glass, www.focusonvictoria.ca/forests/79 4. Vehicles are attacked at night with shattered glass LAST STAND FOR ANCIENT FORESTS – A 9-min. docuspraying people as they are sleeping in their cars mentary: Leigh Hilbert’s compelling video about what is at and vans. stake. [Cover image is from the video] 5. Youth under 16 are being hurt and manhandled LINK: https://tinyurl.com/Doc-afls – Susanne ♣ 4 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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Renegade Biologist Alexandra Morton Is Fighting for the Future of Wild Salmon – her new book: “Not On My Watch” ‘It’s not a great measure of our democracy when occupying a fish farm is what you need to do to make change.’ By Cinnamon Janzer, June 23, 2021 Reprinted with permission from Civil Eats

https://civileats.com In the early 1980s, marine biologist Alexandra Morton followed the orcas she was studying to British Columbia’s remote Echo Bay. She fell in love with the community where she raised her two children— until salmon farms moved into the region in 1989. The change took a toll on the local ecosystem: Wild salmon started dying off—from sea lice, she would later learn—and the orcas left. What comes next is a tale of chasing viruses and documenting destruction that only a scientist could tell. Morton’s book, Not On My Watch: How a Renegade Biologist Took on Governments and Industry to Save Wild Salmon, is already a national bestseller in Canada. It chronicles how Morton founded the Salmon Coast Field Station in 2006 and published dozens of research papers on wild salmon and sea lice, only to find that they didn’t move the dial with the Canadian Government or the Norwegian fish farming industry. This is the story of how she instead chose to work with Indigenous governments, which hold treaty rights and maintain reverence for the natural world. Ultimately, it is an account of how Morton transitioned from research to activism, occupied Swanson Island fish farm alongside Indigenous women in 2017, and sued the government four times (including a current lawsuit). As Morton describes them, sea lice are a naturally occurring parasite that adult salmon can weather, but young fish cannot. The lice breed rapidly on crowded fish farms, and have become resistant to the delousing drugs traditionally deployed to control them. When they slip into the surrounding waters they attach to www.dialogue.ca

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young fish, weakening them and ultimately killing them. The impacts can be staggering, says Morton. She writes that she has heard her Indigenous partners repeatedly say: “They killed us and now they are killing our food like they did to the people of the plains when they killed the buffalo.” Civil Eats spoke with Morton by phone from her home in Alert Bay, British Columbia. You’ve spent decades working to restore wild salmon. Why is this cause important enough to be your life’s work? Wild salmon are so important. They’re like a power cord; they collect the energy of the sun hitting the open Pacific Ocean by eating the little fish and the plankton. Then they carry it up the hillsides as they migrate and, when they die, those nutrients are poured down over the mountains. When you remove a power supply like that from an ecosystem like this, you kill it. In the face of climate change and destruction of biodiversity and habitat, this was my fight. It was my responsibility because I was the biologist on the scene in British Columbia. I had the capacity to [record] the data that would show the impacts of salmon farming. The industry said it would be good for us, it would benefit the community, that they’d be sustainable, and they hurt us. The whales I was studying left. The salmon were clearly in shock. In the book you describe how your naivete fell away as you interacted with non-Indigenous governments. Can you talk about that? It was a huge shock for me. I totally trusted government. When I first began to run into problems, I thought they just didn’t know, but I was met with such obfuscation. Eventually, I realized they were facilitating the salmon farming industry at all costs, and they didn’t actually want to know what the problem was. For the first 10 years, I thought the solution was writing letters. Fisheries and Oceans Canada kept saying there was no evidence of what I was saying. So, okay, I did the science. I poured myself into 10 really intensive years of sea lice research. I measured every variable and sometimes published several papers a year. When that didn’t work, I switched to protests. But …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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they don’t work either because it’s like rain on a rock. a bunch of us stand on a farm or 5,000 of us end up at the Parliament buildings or a hundred of us paddle Now I realize that simply putting your body physidown a river, then we’re on the cover of newspapers cally in the way while behaving in a highly honorable and we can deliver some piece of the real information. manner—like we did during the fish farm occupaThat’s why I do activism—to make sure there’s a tion—is one of the most powerful things any individplatform to get the message out. ual can do. It was the only thing that has worked. It’s not a great measure of our democracy when occupyToday, there’s this young cadre of scientists who grew ing a fish farm is what you up knowing that what their need to do to make change. government was saying was not true. And yet, they’re One of the things that has leapt tenured professors. They out at me is that non-Indigehave prestigious chairs nous governments actually awarded to them. They have no mechanism in place to would work for some of the protect the living world, particbiggest wild fish organizaularly anything that we don’t tions in Canada. They’ve pay for. But the Indigenous moved into positions of augovernments grew up dependthority with a sense of ing on these systems, so they Protestors occupy a salmon farm in BC [Photo courtesy of Alexandra Morton] what’s right and wrong. So, have mechanisms to protect the whole activist-scientist [divide] has [disappeared]. them. Of course, these governments have been profoundly damaged, but there’s enough left and they’re Where are we at with wild salmon now? reconstituting. It really is the only hope. It’s a really delicate moment, and First Nations are bearing the brunt of it. The industry is pushing back Truth is a recurring theme within the book. What hard and aggressively, accusing them of killing jobs. role does truth play in all of this? The wild salmon [populations] are so low right now. What I mean by the truth is the reality of what is hapThe Fraser River sockeye salmon run (the annual pening to these [wild] fish. [We have documented event when the salmon return to the river where they their demise but the farmed salmon industry claims were born) just had two consecutive years that are by that the wild salmon aren’t dying.] And you can’t say far the lowest in the history of this fish. Instead of 10 that both sides are right because that’s actually not true. The natural world is based on truth. If you are million fish, there were only 200,000 fish. going to try to restore the natural world, every move But there’s this very powerful science that is in the you make has to be based in truth. On the other hand, process of being developed that reads the immune syspoliticians have to get re-elected. They’ve always got tem of fish. You can tell if the fish is suffering from their finger to the breeze and want to know who below oxygen or high temperature or a bacteria or virus. lieves something more. I don’t think the politicians are If you were to test the fish as they’re migrating, you necessarily looking for the truth. They’re looking for . would see at what point their immune systems start . . what’s popular? What will get them re-elected? fighting something. Because that gives you a location, The truth is not a factor. you can go into that area and ponder what caused that and then try to fix it. Then the next year you can read You came from the field of science, which is often the immune systems of the fish again and know at odds with activism. You grappled with that and whether you made it better or not. eventually went with activism. How have you walked that line? What are the implications to human food systems? If my government [made decisions] based on science Wild salmon are part of food security. Salmon also are then research is all I would have to do, and that would part of fighting climate change. Trees are very effecbe a much more comfortable existence for me. But tive at drawing down carbon and releasing oxygen, our government is not based on science. If you know and research shows that the more salmon that come that an ecosystem is being destroyed, you have to do back to a river, the bigger the growth ring on a tree. everything you can to make sure people know. When Salmon not only feed people, but they feed a whole 6 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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economy here because, love it or hate it, wilderness tourism is huge, and that involves whales and bears and eagles—all of which need salmon. By restoring salmon, you get food security, and you’re fighting climate change. It’s a true act of reconciliation. What can consumers do? What do you want readers to take away from this book? When you’ve got your hand hovering over which salmon package you’re going to buy, you are making a life-and-death decision for this coast. Don’t pick that farmed salmon. First, I don’t believe it’s good for you. Next, when you do buy farmed salmon, you’re killing orcas, you’re killing wild salmon, and you’re destroying First Nation cultures. People think that buying farmed salmon protects wild salmon, and that’s wrong. When you buy wild salmon, you are actually

funding an economy that demands it. It’s absolutely critical. Stop buying farmed salmon and tell the store and the sushi restaurant why. This interview was edited by Civil Eats.com for length and clarity. Cinnamon Janzer is a Minneapolisbased freelance journalist with a focus on lesser-told stories on a mission to change how the world sees the Midwest. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, National Geographic, New York magazine, the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Rewire.news, Fast Company, Eater Twin Cities, USA Today's Go Escape magazine, and more. READ MORE, online: https://civileats.com/2021/06/23/renegade-biologistalexandra-morton-is-fighting-for-the-future-of-wildsalmon/ ♣


Are Things Getting Back to ‘Normal’ in BC…? From: Sanse Fitzpatrick, sfitzpaa@yahoo.com:

British Columbia has dropped the requirement to wear masks in indoor public spaces. Starting on July 1, wearing a mask in an indoor public space will be recommended, but not mandatory, for those who are not fully vaccinated. Those who are fully vaccinated, having waited 14 days since receiving a second dose, do not have to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. “The Face Coverings Order under the Emergency Program Act will be lifted and no proof of vaccination will be needed.” The change includes getting rid of any capacity limits on social gatherings either indoors or outdoors at someone’s home. • All sectors must follow communicable disease prevention

• • • • • • • •

guidance from WorkSafeBC, and drop COVID-19 safety plans Sleepovers are now allowed Fairs and festivals can operate when following communicable disease prevention guidance Canada-wide recreational travel will be encouraged No group limit for indoor and outdoor dining Liquor service restrictions lifted Casinos and nightclubs can operate with a limited capacity All indoor fitness classes allowed, usual capacity Limited indoor spectators allowed

Have a great day, Sanse LINKS: https://globalnews.ca/news/7989652/bc-endingmandatory-masks/ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bcreopening-plan-step-3-1.6084382 ♣


How can you have ‘stages’ to any re-opening, when all emergency measures have been cancelled? Rec’d from: Karen Karateew, Qualicum, BC From https://awake-canada.org The cancellation of emergency measures means: 1. It is illegal to administer vaccines that are approved for emergency use only. 2. All laws imposed during this time, (closing times, masking mandates, seating capacities) ARE OVER! NO STAGE 3 RULES, WHEN THERE IS NO EMERGENCY.

3. All employees can take off their masks regardless of employers’ decisions. Any non-compliance from employer should be referred to a lawyer. www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

4. We have a lot of educating to do re all the psychologically-damaged people that will wear masks, social distance, and live like this indefinitely. 5. We cannot stop our fight on holding all the politicians and health ministers responsible for their actions. Article/video at LINK: https://awakecanada.org/stage-3-of-reopening-act-is-a-blatant-lie/ Official BC Gov. Announcement: Cancellation of State of Emergency: www.bclaws.gov.bc.ca/civix/document/id/mo/mo/m0275_2021?fbclid=IwAR309lHdQCrEdBaF6q2dUMwr5CbevxjJ94CweOLK-VUSBx7bEweX725KE ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Behind the Curtain

The Etymological Animal Must Slip Out of the Cage of Habit to Grasp Truth “(W)e need to develop a way to cut through the enervating miasma of fear that grips so many. A fear created by elites to cower regular people into submission…” Etymology – from Greek, etymos, true, real, actual (the study of roots) By Edward Curtin, http://edwardcurtin.com [Global Research, June 03, 2021]

Life is full of slips. Words slip out of our mouths to surprise us. Thoughts slip into our minds to shock us. Dreams slip into our nights to sometimes slip into our waking thoughts to startle us. And, as the wonderful singer/songwriter Paul Simon, sings, we are always “slip sliding away,” a reminder that can be a spur to courage and freedom or an inducement to fear and shut-upness. Slips are double-edged. It is obvious that since September 11, 2001, and more so since the corona virus lockdowns and the World Economic Forum’s push for a Fourth Industrial Revolution that will lead to the marriage of artificial intelligence, cyborgs, digital technology, and biology, that the USA and other countries have been slipping into a new form of fascist control. Or at least it should be obvious, especially since this push has been accompanied by massive censorship by technology companies of dissenting voices and government crackdowns on what they term “domestic terrorists.” Dissent has become unpatriotic and worse – treasonous. Unless people wake up and rebel in greater numbers, the gates of this electronic iron cage will quietly be shut. In the name of teleological efficiency and reason, as Max Weber noted more than a century ago in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, capitalist elites operating from within the shadows of bureaucratic castles such as The World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization WHO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank (WBG), The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Google, Facebook, the National 8 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Security Agency (NSA), the CIA, etc. – run by people whose faces are always well hidden – have been using digital technology to exert increasing control over the thoughts and actions of people worldwide. They have been doing this not only by diktats but by manufacturing social habits – customary usages – through which they exert their social power over populations. This linguistic and ideational propaganda is continually slipped into the daily “news” by their mainstream media partners in crime. They become social habits that occupy people’s minds and lead to certain forms of behavior. Ideas have consequences but also histories because humans are etymological animals – that is, their ideas, beliefs, and behaviors have histories. It is not just words that have etymologies. When Weber said “a polar night of icy darkness” was coming in the future, he was referring to what is happening today. Fascism usually comes on slowly as history has shown. It slips in when people are asleep. John Berger, commenting on the ghostly life of our received ideas whose etymology is so often lost on us, aptly said: Our totalitarianism begins with our teleology.*

And the teleology in use today is digital technology controlled by wealthy elites and governments for social control. For years they have been creating certain dispositions in the general public, as Jacques Ellul has said, “by working spells upon them and exercising a kind of fascination” that makes the public receptive to the digital life. This is accomplished slowly in increments, as permanent dispositions are established by slipping in regular reminders of how wonderful the new technology is and how its magical possibilities will make life so free and easy. Efficient. Happiness machines. A close study of the past twenty-five years would no doubt reveal the specifics of this campaign. In The Technological Society, Ellul writes: … the use of certain propaganda techniques is not meant to entail immediate and definite adhesion to a given formula, but rather to bring about a long-range vacuity of the individual. The Digital Edition


individual, his soul massaged, emptied of his natural tendencies, and thoroughly assimilated to the group, is ready for anything. Propaganda’s chief requirement is not so much to be rational, well-grounded, and powerful as it is to produce individuals especially open to suggestion who can easily be set into motion. Once this softening up has made people “available,” the stage is set to get them to act impulsively. Ellul again: It operates by simple pressure and is often contradictory (since contradictory mass movements are sometimes necessary). Of course, this dissociation can be effective only after the propaganda technique has been fused with the popular mores and has become indispensable to the population. This stage may be reached quickly, as, for example, in Germany in 1942, after only ten years of psychic manipulation. The end result, he argues, is the establishment of an abstract universe, in which reality is completely recreated in people’s minds. This fake reality is truer than reality – as the news is faked and people are formed rather than informed. In today’s computer-driven world, one thing that people have been told for decades is to be vigilant that their computers do not become infected with viruses. This meme was slipped regularly into popular consciousness. To avoid infection, everyone was advised to make sure to have virus protection by downloading protection or using that provided by their operating systems, despite all the back doors built in which most have been unaware of. Now that other incredible “machine” – the human body – can get virus “protection” by getting what the vaccine-maker Moderna says is its messenger RNA (mRNA) non-vaccine “vaccine” that functions “like an operating system on a computer.” First people must be softened up and made available and then “set in motion” to accept the solution to the fearful problem built in from the start by the same people creating the problem. A slippery slope indeed. But slipping is also good, especially when repetition and conventional thought rules people’s lives as it does today in a digital screen life world where algorithms often prevent creative breakthroughs, and the checking of hourly weather reports from cells is a www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

commonplace fix to ease the anxiety of being trapped in a seemingly uncontrollable nightmare. It seems you now do need computer generated weather reports to know which way the wind blows. In our culture of the copy, new thoughts are difficult and so the problems that plague society persist and get rehashed ad infinitum. I think most people realize at some level of feeling if not articulation that they are caught in a repetitive cycle of social stasis that is akin to addiction, one that has been imposed on them by elite forces they sense but don’t fully comprehend since they have bought into this circular trap that they love and hate simultaneously. The cell phone is its symbol and the world-wide lockdowns its reality. Even right now as the authorities grant a tactical reprieve from their cruel lockdowns if you obey and get experimentally shot with a non-vaccine vaccine, there is an anxious sense that another shoe will drop when we least expect it. And it will. But don’t say this out loud. So repetition and constant change, seemingly opposites, suffuse society these days. The sagacious John Steppling captures this brilliantly in a recent article: So ubiquitous are the metaphors and myths of AI, post humanism, transhumanism, et al., that they infuse daily discourse and pass barely noticed. And there is a quality of incoherence in a lot of this post humanist discourse, a kind of default setting for obfuscation…. The techno and cyber vocabulary now meets the language of World Banking. Bourgeois economics provides the structural underpinning for enormous amounts of political rhetoric and, increasingly, of cultural expression…. This new incoherence is both intentional, and unintentional. The so called ‘Great Reset’ is operationally effective, and it is happening before our eyes, and yet it is also a testament to just how far basic logic has been eroded…. Advanced social atomization and a radical absence of social change. Today, I might argue, at least in the U.S. (and likely much of Europe) there is a profound sense of repetitiveness to daily life. No matter one’s occupation, and quite possibly no matter one’s class. Certainly the repetitiveness of the high-net-worth one percent is of a different quality than that of an Uber driver. And yet, the experience of life is an experience of repetition. …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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submission; as another doctor named Anthony A kind of flaccid grimness accompanies this sensibilFauci has said: “Now is the time to just do what ity. Humor is absent, and the only kind of laughter allowed is the mocking kind that hides a nihilistic spirit you are told.” of resignation – a sense of inevitability that mocks the [ https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3905897/posts ] spirit of rebellion. Everything is solipsistic and even But obviously words do matter, but what they matter jokes are taken as revelations of one’s personal life. is open to interpretation and sometimes debate. To be The other day I was going grocery shopping. My wife told to shut up and do what you’re told, to censor differences of opinion, to impose authoritarian rehad written on the list: “heavy cream or whipping strictions on free speech as is happening now, speech cream.” Not knowing if there were a difference, I that can involve slips of the tongue, is a slippery slope asked her which she preferred. “I prefer whipping,” in an allegedly democratic society. Jim Garrison of she said. JFK fame said that we live in a doll’s house of propaI replied, “But I don’t have a whip nor do they sell ganda where the population is treated as children and them at the supermarket.” fantasies have replaced reality. He was right. We both laughed, although I found it funnier than she. She slipped, and I found humor in that. Because it was So how can we break out of this deeply imbedded an innocent slip of the tongue with no significance and impasse? This is the hard part, for digital she had done the slipping, there was also a slippage between our Jim Garrison of JFK fame addiction has penetrated deep into our lives. senses of humor. said that we live in a doll’s I believe we need to disrupt our But when I told this to a few house of propaganda where routines, break free from our people, they hesitated to laugh – the population is treated as habits, in order to clearly see what as if I might be revealing some children and fantasies have is happening today. sado-masochistic personal reality, replaced reality. We need to slip away for a while. and they didn’t know whether to He was right. So how can Leave our cells. Let their doors laugh or not. we break out of this deeply clang shut behind. Abandon It’s harder to laugh at yourself television. Close the computer. because we get uptight and are imbedded impasse? Step out without any mask, not afraid to say the “wrong” things. just the paper kind but the ones used to hide from Many people come to the end of their lives hearing others. Disburden our minds of its old rubbish. the tolling for their tongues that never spoke freely Become another as you go walking away. Find a park because of the pale cast of thought that has infected or some natural enclave where the hum and buzz them. Not their own thoughts, but thoughts that quiets down and you can breathe. have been placed into their minds by their controlRecall that in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four the lers in the mass media. only place Winston Smith can escape the prying Freud famously wrote about slips of the tongue and tried to pin them down. In this he was a bit similar to a eyes and spies of Big Brother, the only place he can lepidopterist who pins butterflies. We are left with the grasp the truth, was not in analyzing Doublethink or Crimestop, but “in a natural clearing, a tiny grass eponymous Freudian slips that sometimes do and knoll surrounded by tall saplings that shut it in comsometimes don’t signify some revelation that the pletely” and bluebells bloomed and a thrush sang speaker does not consciously intend to utter. madly. Here he meets his lover and they affirm their It seems to me that in order to understand anything humanity and feel free and alive for a brief respite. about ourselves and our present historical condition – which no doubt seems very confusing to many people, Here in the green wood, the green chaos, new thoughts have a chance to grow. as propagandists and liars spew out disinformation It is an old story and old remedy, transitory of daily – we need to develop a way to cut through the course, but as vital as breathing. In his profound enervating miasma of fear that grips so many. A fear meditation on this phenomenon, The Tree, created by elites to cower regular people into 10 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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John Fowles, another Englishman, writes: It is not necessarily too little knowledge that causes ignorance; possessing too much, or wanting to gain too much, can produce the same thing. I am not proposing that such a retreat is a permanent answer to the propaganda that engulfs us. But without it we are lost. Without it, we cannot break free from received opinions and the constant mental noise the digital media have substituted for thought. Without it, we cannot distinguish our own thoughts from those slyly suggested to us to make us “available.” Without it, we will always feel ourselves lost, “shipwrecked upon things,” in the words of the Spanish philosopher Ortega Y Gasset. If we are to take a stand against the endless lies and a world-wide war waged against regular people by the world’s elites, we must first take “a stand within the self, ensimismamiento,” by slipping away into contemplation. Only then, once we have clarified what we really believe and don’t believe, can we take meaningful action. There’s an old saying about falling or slipping between the cracks. It’s meant to be a bad thing and to refer to a place where no one is taking care of you. The saying doesn’t make sense. For if you end up between the cracks, you are on the same ground where habits hold you in learned helplessness.

Better to slip into the cracks, where, as Leonard Cohen sings, “the light gets in.” It may feel like you are slipping away, but you may be exploring your roots. Ed Curtin This article was originally published on the author’s blog [Some emphasis added.] site, Behind the Curtain. LINK: http://edwardcurtin.com/the-etymological-animalmust-slip-out-of-the-cage-of-habit-to-grasp-truth/ ALSO at: https://www.globalresearch.ca/etymologicalanimal-must-slip-out-cage-habit-grasp-truth/5746855 “Educated in the classics, philosophy, literature, theology, and sociology, I teach sociology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. My writing on varied topics has appeared widely over many years. I write as a public intellectual for the general public, not as a specialist for a narrow readership. I believe a noncommittal sociology is an impossibility and therefore see all my work as an effort to enhance human freedom through understanding.” Ed Curtin’s new book is: Seeking Truth In A Country of Lies: www.claritypress.com/product/seeking-truth-in-a-country-of-lies/ ♣

* Teleology: the explanation of phenomena in terms of the purpose they serve rather than of the cause by which they arise. [Editor] ♣


The Horrifying Rise Of Total Mass Media Blackouts On Inconvenient News Stories By Caitlin Johnstone, July 4, 2021 “We have not found a single report by any ‘serious’ Two different media watchdog outlets, Media Lens UK broadcaster or newspaper,” says the report by and Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), have Media Lens. “But in a sane world, Stundin’s revelapublished articles on the complete blackout in maintions about a key Assange witness — that Thordarson stream news institutions on the revelation by Icelandic lied in exchange for immunity from prosecution — newspaper Stundin that a US superseding indictment would have been headline news everywhere, with in the case against Julian Assange was based on false extensive media coverage on BBC News at Six and testimony from diagnosed sociopath and convicted Ten, ITV News, Channel 4 News, front-page stories in child molester Sigurdur Thordarson. the Times, Telegraph, the Guardian and more.” “For those who still believe the media provides news, FAIR’s Alan MacLeod writes that “as of July 2, there please read this,” tweeted Australian journalist John has been literally zero coverage of it in corporate Pilger regarding the Media Lens report. “Having led media; not one word in the New York Times, Washthe persecution of Julian Assange, the ‘free press’ is ington Post, CNN, NBC News, Fox News or NPR.” uniformly silent on sensational news that the case “A search online for either ‘Assange’ or ‘Thordarson’ against Assange has collapsed. Shame on my fellow will elicit zero relevant articles from establishment journalists.” […] READ IN FULL AT: sources, either US or elsewhere in the Anglosphere, even in tech-focused platforms like the Verge, Wired or Gizmodo,” MacLeod adds. www.dialogue.ca

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www.activistpost.com/2021/07/the-horrifying-rise-oftotal-mass-media-blackouts-on-inconvenient-newsstories.html ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Understanding The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” LINK TO E-BOOK follows (extract below…) LINK: https://tinyurl.com/GR-corona-crisis-ebook and https://vimeo.com/514871958

From: Inge Hanle, Vancouver hanle@alternatives.com

Prof Chossudovsky, PhD, the founder of Global Research, is a remarkably astute analyst, with years of experience, and an unequalled accuracy record of "hitting the nail on the head." Please help in our mutual 'battle for survival' by passing this article and video on to contacts, friends, acquaintances. Educating with accurate information is the essential prerequisite to awareness and intelligent action. [LINKS and Article follow] - Inge

Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, Editor of Global Research. He has taught as visiting professor in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Latin America. He has served as economic adviser to governments of developing countries and has acted as a consultant for several international organizations. He is the author of eleven books including The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003), America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005), The Global Economic Crisis, The Great Depression of the Twenty-first Century (2009) (Editor), Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War (2011), The Globalization of War, America's Long War against Humanity (2015). He is a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His writings have been published in more than twenty languages. In 2014, he was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit of the Republic of Serbia for his writings on NATO's war of aggression against Yugoslavia. He can be reached at crgeditor@yahoo.com ♣

The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, June 05, 2021 Watch the summary - 25 min video: The 2021 Worldwide Corona Crisis (https://vimeo.com/514871958 )

The Worst Crisis in Modern History The E-Book is made available by Global Research free of charge with a view to reaching out to people Worldwide.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The E-book consists of a Preface and Ten Chapters. Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, Montreal

We are dealing with an exceedingly complex process. In the course of the last twelve months starting in early January 2020, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the Covid crisis. From the very outset in January 2020, people were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic. I suggest you first read the Highlights (below), the Preface and Introduction before proceeding with chapters II through X. Each of the ten chapters provides factual information as well as analysis on the following topics: • What Is Covid-19, what is SARS-CoV-2, how is it identified, how is it estimated? • The timeline and historical evolution of the Corona Crisis, • The devastating economic and financial impacts, • The enrichment of a social minority of billionaires, • How the lockdown policies trigger unemployment and mass poverty Worldwide, • The devastating impacts on mental health.

The E-book also includes analysis of curative and 12 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

preventive drugs as well as a review of Big Pharma’s Covid-19 “messenger” mRNA vaccine which is an “unapproved” and “experimental” drug affecting the human genome. (It is a dangerous drug. See Chapter VIII) Also analyzed are issues pertaining to the derogation of fundamental human rights, censorship of medical doctors, freedom of expression and the protest movement. The last chapter focusses on the unfolding global debt crisis, the destabilization of national governments, the threats to democracy including “global governance” and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” proposal.

Highlights […] If the public had been informed and reassured

that Covid is (according to the WHO definition) “Similar to Seasonal Influenza,” the fear campaign would have fallen flat. The lockdown and closure of the national economy would have been rejected outright. …/ Digital Edition


The first stage of this crisis (outside China) was launched by the WHO on January 30th 2020 at a time when there were 5 cases in the US, 3 in Canada, 4 in France, 4 in Germany. Do these numbers justify the declaration of a Worldwide public health emergency? The fear campaign was sustained by political statements and media disinformation. […] Since early February 2020, the Super Rich have cashed in on billions of dollars. Amply documented it’s the largest redistribution of global wealth in World history, accompanied by a process of Worldwide impoverishment. […]

This E-Book is made available by Global Research free of charge with a view to reaching out to people Worldwide. LINK: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-2020-worldwidecorona-crisis-destroying-civil-society-engineered-economicdepression-global-coup-detat-and-the-great-reset/5730652 If you wish to make a donation click here to cover the costs of the book, (e.g. $10-$20 dollars) that would be much appreciated. Please help Global Research in this endeavor. Kindly forward to family, friends and colleagues, within your respective communities. Since its publication in mid-December 2020, the E-Book has been consulted by more than 230,000 readers. Readers can reach Prof. Michel Chossudovsky at crgeditor@yahoo.com Readers can reach Prof. Michel Chossudovsky at crgeditor@yahoo.com ♣

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The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of

“Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research June 06, 2021 [First published on March 21, 2021] LINK: https://tinyurl.com/GR-who-pcr-test-flawed

The Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) test was adopted by the WHO on January 23, 2020 as a means to detecting the SARS-COV-2 virus, following the recommendations of a Virology research group (based at Charité University Hospital, Berlin), supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (For Further details see the Drosten Study) Exactly one year later on January 20th, 2021, the WHO retracts…The retraction is carefully formulated. (See original WHO document here as well as in Annex)… If the test is conducted at a 35 Ct threshold or above (which was recommended by the WHO), segments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus cannot be detected,

which means that ALL the so-called confirmed “positive cases” tabulated in the course of the last 14 months are invalid. […] READ IN FULL https://tinyurl.com/GR-who-pcr-test-flawed ♣

A “Pack of Lies” – Crimes Against Humanity: by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, June 21, 2021 LINK: https://tinyurl.com/grc-48230 ♣


Covid information being withheld from the public From: Terry McNickle, Duncan BC Doctors across Canada are beginning to speak out regarding the inefficacy of masks and lockdowns, the exaggerated covid 'case' figures from completely inaccurate PCR tests, and the lack of safety of the rushed and poorly tested covid 'vaccines'. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service reveals the rising number of dangerous side-effects of these experimental mRNA 'injections'. Deaths from the 2018 flu/pneumonia season in BC is equal to the total number of covid deaths from 2020 in BC (approx. 900). Exposing this fact would greatly reduce the fear factor being promoted by health authorities. I googled "Canadian Doctors Speak Out" and their www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

concerns are legitimate. Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Dr. Patrick Phillips, Dr. Caroline Turek, Dr. Neda Amani, Dr. Dorle Kneifel, Dr. Bill Code and Dr. Charles Hoffe are telling us to be wary of the poorly-tested vaccine which is fraught with dangerous side-effects. News reporters in BC must investigate recent deaths and ICU hospital admissions that occurred after the first group of 100 First Nations in Cowichan received this experimental 'vaccine' on January 13th, 2021. How many more covid deaths and ICU hospital admissions have received the Covid 'jab'? Are doctors and nurses informing the populace of the possible long-term, side-effects of these experimental vaccines? terryturtlemcnickle@gmail.com ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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UK Scientists Admit to ‘Unethical’ and ‘Totalitarian’ Use of Fear in Covid Response from Covid-19 because “a substantial number of peoUse of fear to control behaviour in Covid ple still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”. crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists By Gordon Rayner, Associate Editor, Telegraph www.telegraph.co.uk 14 May 2021

Members of Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B) express regret about ‘unethical’ methods

One scientist said the Government ‘was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down’ Scientists on a committee that encouraged the use of fear to control people’s behaviour during the Covid pandemic have admitted its work was “unethical” and “totalitarian”. Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B) expressed regret about the tactics in a new book about the role of psychology in the Government’s Covid-19 response. SPI-B warned in March last year that ministers needed to increase “the perceived level of personal threat”

Gavin Morgan, a psychologist on the team, said: “Clearly, using fear as a means of control is not ethical. Using fear smacks of totalitarianism. It’s not an ethical stance for any modern government. By nature I am an optimistic person, but all this has given me a more pessimistic view of people.” Mr. Morgan spoke to author Laura Dodsworth, who has spent a year investigating the Government’s tactics for her book A State of Fear, published on Monday. Ministers have faced repeated accusations that they ramped up the threat from the pandemic to justify lockdowns and coerce the public into abiding by them – a claim that will be examined by the forthcoming public inquiry into the pandemic response.[…] READ IN FULL: https://www.tele-

graph.co.uk/news/2021/05/14/scientists-admit-totalitarianuse-fear-control-behaviour-covid/ (free registration required to read) ♣


CPSO to Ontario Doctors: “Shut Up or Lose Your Licence” By Karen Selick, Global Research, June 07, 2021 LewRockwell.com

On April 30, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) announced explicitly a controversial policy that many Ontario doctors had intuitively feared it would adopt. CPSO commands Ontario’s doctors not to make any statements that might be considered anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing, or anti-lockdown. It forbids them to promote “unsupported, unproven” treatments for COVID-19. (Unproven by what standards? CPSO doesn’t say.) Doctors are further forbidden to make comments that might encourage peopl contrary to public health orders. Finally, there’s a naked threat: say the wrong thing and you’ll face “disciplinary action”. This translates into, “We’ll suspend your licence, cut off your income stream and impoverish you.” This is a horrifying statement from both a medical and a legal perspective. A courageous group of doctors calling themselves Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth quickly pushed back with this online Declaration. 14 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

[ https://canadianphysicians.org/#signatures ]

As I write this, 548 doctors and 14,487 concerned citizens have already signed it. The doctors make these three major objections. First, the CPSO is commanding them to abandon the scientific method, which requires vigorous, open debate in order to test existing theories and improve upon or replace them with more accurate ones. That’s how science advances. Second, the CPSO is commanding doctors to breach their pledge to patients to seek out and apply evidence-based medicine in their care and treatment. Instead of a full range of current and emerging evidence from multiple sources, doctors are restricted to applying stagnant information from only one source: the government. Third, doctors are being ordered to violate their patients’ right to be fully informed before receiving medical treatment. This implies that doctors will also have to violate their own duty to obtain fully informed consent, putting themselves at risk for eventual lawsuits. Full information about masks, social distancing and vaccinations is not something Digital Edition


you can impart to a patient in a 5-minute office visit. Half the world has spent the past 15 months seeking out information about these subjects, and there’s still plenty of room for debate. It’s therefore easy to see why doctors are outraged by the new CPSO policy. But as a lawyer, I can see two other problems. First, the dictates of the CPSO violate the Ontario Human Rights Code. Section 6 of the code says: “Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to membership in any trade union, trade or occupational association or self-governing professionwithout discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex…” [emphasis added]. The CPSO’s threat is a clear statement of its intention to discriminate on the basis of creed. Although some people interpret “creed” as religion, it actually has a broader meaning. If ever anything qualified as a creed, a doctor’s Hippocratic oath would. It requires doctors to use their own judgment for the benefit of their patients and to “abstain from whatever is deleterious.” Doctors also pledge to “give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked.” Any doctor who has extensively researched the scientific literature on mask-wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and COVID vaccinations will know that there is an increasing body of evidence that all of these practices can do more harm than good. More than 5,100 vaccination-related deaths have this been recorded in the US database called Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), where adverse events are notoriously under-reported. The number in Europe is over 10,000.

Doctors can’t “un-see” this information. It forms an important part of the cost/benefit analysis in determining whether or not COVID vaccines are appropriate for their patients. The CPSO, by threatening the licences of doctors who speak up about these issues, is forbidding them to exercise their creed and discriminating against those that do, contrary to the Human Rights Code. Doctors also have rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: section 2 rights to freedom of conscience, belief, opinion and expression, as well as section 7 rights to liberty and security of the person. The CPSO statement, with its implicit threat to cut off doctors’ incomes, violates these rights. As the body exclusively empowered by the state to govern doctors’ conduct, there’s no question that the CPSO is an agent of the state and is therefore governed by the Charter. Other professionals in the health care industry – chiropractors and naturopathic doctors – have told me privately that they too are being bullied into silence and forced to comply with inadvisable practices such as masking. Eventually, this issue will come before the courts – possibly when a doctor disobeys the CPSO and is facing disciplinary action, or when doctors proactively hire lawyers to sue the CPSO for violating their rights. For me, the moment can’t come too soon. Karen Selick [ karen.selick@gmail.com ] is a retired lawyer who now works as a freelance writer, editor, and video maker. https://www.globalresearch.ca/cpso-ontario-doctorsshut-up-lose-your-licence/5747155 ♣


AND IN OTHER PROVINCES… Vaccine Choice Canada: Open Letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC By Ted Kuntz, June 30, 2021 The recent statement issued by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) is a clear violation of the mission of the CPSBC to “act first and foremost in the interest of the public.” The CPSBC fails in this duty by stifling genuine inquiry into what is best for patients and threatening to sanction any doctor who dares to question the merits of the prevailing measures. LINK: www.globalresearch.ca/open-lettercollege-physicians-surgeons-bc/5748922 www.dialogue.ca

Sask. Health Authority terminates contract with Doctor who called for “informed consent.” [by Phil Tank, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, June 23 2021] https://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/saskatoon-surgeryprofessor-suspended-terminated-from-key-roles The Saskatchewan Health Authority said on June 30th it has terminated its contract with Dr. Francis Christian, who occupied a key role in the organization with respect to surgery. Christian said, at a minimum, parents and children need to be made aware of eight points, including that mRNA is an experimental vaccine design that only has “interim authorization” in Canada and that “COVID-19 does not pose a threat to our kids.” He said that there is a “sacrosanct principle” of informed consent before administering “any kind of drug or treatment or intervention.”♣

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 15

Open Letter to the Warriors of Light from Connie Fogal From: Connie Fogal, Vancouver, July 1st 2021 conniefogal@protonmail.com

I am taking the liberty to write my thoughts to you. Today, July 1, 2021, I celebrate you, Warriors of Light. I urge you to celebrate your sovereign body, your sovereign person, your sovereign nation state. I applaud your “NO” to cancel culture, your “NO” to cancel humanity. Our complicit politicians can cancel Canada Day and destroy Canadian statues to cancel our history. Our complicit politicians will do all they can to destroy our sovereign nation, but they cannot destroy our personal sovereignty and freedom. These are direct gifts to us from the Creator and as such cannot be destroyed. They cannot cancel the power and strength these gifts bestow on us. They cannot cancel our free will. (But they can deceive, so we must be wary and wise.) This letter maybe will say nothing new to you informed warriors. It is my letter of support to you. It is my synopsis of where we are at and what we can do, all based on the plethora of trusted information circulating. It is my way of connecting to likeminded souls. As you know, we are in WW3 which intends massive global depopulation. It is a eugenics program. As you know, this is not a war of battle ships and trench warfare and air power. It is one of technocratic mind control in effort to eradicate most of humanity, except for those few (who may not be human at all or only part) who pull the strings, and the few to be their slaves. As you know, the Plandemic was the tool to convince the masses to accept the killing jab, and it still is because of censored evidence of the resulting deaths and serious damage to many. With “vaccine resistance” growing, the Plandemic talks of strong variants of the virus requiring more vaccinations. The seriousness is “proven” by the return of significant numbers of “cases” established by a faulty and rigged PCR test. Those of us who resisted the brain washing (or were protected from it) and will never take the jab will survive this first round of the lockstep plan. Resistance to the oppression is growing in the form of emerging awareness and “vaccine hesitancy” due to the successful alternate media information of deaths 16 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

and grave injuries from the injections. Some with one injection are saying no to the next. They, like we original resisters, are seeking ways to defend against these attacks, and ways to go on the offensive to take control of the shaping of a new world in the interest of humanity. But because the masses are waking up to the lies, two other rounds are forming. We must consider how to survive them. Which round will come first is unclear, but rumblings on both fronts are emerging. One is a cyber attack. A practice-run scenario is set for mid-July, 2021. Just as Event 201 laid out the strategy for the plandemic and was applied verbatim globally, the July 2021 practice run will work out the mechanism to deliver and manage a cyber-attack. It will be a practice session of how to reassert massive control over humanity and continue delivery of the eugenics program. When this round will be implemented, following the Event, is not yet revealed. We will learn more after the Event. But remember, how much these controllers accomplish on all fronts depends on how much we let them. The power of “NO,” the power of “WE SEE YOU,” the power of “WE KNOW” is everything. The other round will be a “climate change” lockdown. The WHO is currently shaping language of the ‘climate global carbon disaster’ which they will say can be stopped only by once more locking down the world. The WHO expects humanity will be as gullible again, as with the GREAT LIE of the Plandemic, i.e., locking down the world as a solution to a fake problem. This current lifting of restrictions in parts of Canada is only a lull in the storm. Canada moves later than other commonwealth countries who are already reverting to lockdowns. Because the damage from the injections will continue and will escalate once flu season hits, we must prepare not only resistance to the next phases of tyranny, but also for the social shock and health issues that will emerge as the number of casualties increase. We must prepare to care for each other. The system will not. It may not even be able to do so. We must go on the offensive: – by taking the initiative, – by acquiring supplies and means to provide for the sick and dying and for ourselves and our families, Digital Edition


– by considering actions to defy future lockdowns in order to protect and assist the vaccine injured or dying, and especially to prevent a repeat of the devastation and suffering for everyone caused by the last lockdown. Together we face massive and growing censorship designed precisely to prevent resistance and defence, and especially prevent strategies of offence. We face complete betrayal and treason by our political leaders who promote the death of the nation state and the death of sovereignty. They have “taken the knee” to the rule of unelected, unaccountable medical and technological and financial mafia with intent of delivering us to them on a platter.

We are on our own. So what to do?? First: HAVE NO FEAR. The best way to accomplish this is to realize and remember, as David Icke and others say, that we are eternal spirits (energy) having an earthly experience. We are immortal beings created in the image of God. Our life force is so much more than our earthly bodies. Our force is infinite and powerful. As says Chris Sky, Canada’s leading Light Warrior, “Just say No”. And he implores us to do so in unison. Second: Realize THIS IS A WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. There is no question it is a spiritual matter. We are here now at this time for a reason. We have a job to do. It is to restore this earth as a garden of Eden, and preserve humanity’s experience of the gift of life: the gift from the Creator. Third: UNITE in safety and success. Because we are in a war, this will not be and is not easy. However, each of us has the wisdom in our hearts to guide us. We can take time to be still. We can ask for guidance. If we open our hearts, the direction will come to us despite the difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow. Fourth: Some PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS: – FIND YOUR LOCAL TRIBE. We are on our own. There is no political body, no non -governmental organization, no organized historical group, no country to lead us. We must be as the partisans ever were in every period of war. It is no use to try to be one giant group. That is too easy a target for the enemy. – GATHER WITH OTHERS. All significant gatherings (especially churches where emotional and spiritual support are fundamental practices) have been criminalized because when people gather they share thoughts and strategies. Alberta’s disgraceful www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

imprisoning of Pastors who follow the command of scripture to gather and nurture their flock, to pray and sing together, is a shock reverberating around the world. That spiritual leadership and sacrifice and courage is a beacon of light and direction. – CONTINUE TO: – keep televisions and radio off; – avoid google, use email rather than social media where possible; – support all forms of alternate media, like Rebel News and Druthers and many others; – watch the great videos on alternate media platforms, – listen to great speakers and thinkers, and warriors of various sorts, – participate in the emerging groups like Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada, Rocco Galati’s Constitutional Law Centre, other law groups, CLEAR, church gatherings, etc.; – follow the numerous movements in the USA of heavyduty resistance and leadership offensives to take back their country, their sovereignty, their humanity, their community, their jobs, their education systems, their elections, their laws, their communications; – identify our like-minded souls in our immediate neighborhoods; – meet frequently in small groups to share our thoughts, to keep abreast of emerging information, and mutual support; – establish our tribe’s safe meeting place (maybe more than one) where we can gather in an emergency to be with supportive, protective people, friends and family; – prepare as if for an environmental emergency, e.g., have a significant food supply, water supply, medical supply, emergency health kits, weather protection, survival equipment; – consider getting a satellite operated phone. (Alex Jones of Infowars sells them.); – consider having short wave radios or walkie talkies, – get a crank-wound radio from an emergency supply store.

These points are being expressed and already practiced by some. An unfolding collective consciousness is mushrooming. Just flow with it. Recognize your power. Be ready to STAND! Connie Fogal, Vancouver conniefogal@protonmail.com Connie’s Letter is also posted by Arthur Topham, at: https://quesnelcariboosentinel.ca/2021/07/02/open-letterto-the-warriors-of-light-from-connie-fogal/ ♣

VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 17


My purpose for writing to the Finance Minister re the CPP Fund Comments re The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and its Investment Board (IB) Erik Andersen, Gabriola Island BC twolabradors@shaw.ca

Long ago I became used to having no reply to my letters to Governments and mostly that was where I let matters stand. In the case of the CPP Fund that is different, as with 16 million other Canadians, the money has been put there by ourselves and employers on our behalf. This money is not the property of any Government but the property of a lot of Canadians, personally. When parliamentarians decided to be more pro-active with CPP Fund investing, the spin included lots of aspirational words and statements about prudency and risk aversion. Since then, I have watched most of the caution evaporate. The latest example of this process is the recent report that the CPP IB were considering or have invested CPP money in a plan in South America to buy into and operate an urban fresh water private company. Our petition included four suggestions/requests and the Government's reply was void of anything meaningful on all four. That reply almost exactly coincided with the public delivery of the CPP IB's annual report of the past fiscal year. This report was of about 150 pages and it was not until page 143 was anything presented that could be described as not propaganda and it was not presented by the IB, rather by the auditor Deloitte LLB. On page 143, the auditor tells the readers that assets total $599,385 million but liabilities total $102,198 million. After a few of life's hard lessons, I learned that all liabilities are certainties and

assets are very often only aspirations. On page 86 there is a category labelled "Private Equities" and they total $53.3 billion. Now return to our petition and you can read that we are asking that no use be made of debt/liabilities when making investments but at the same time the IB has an exposure of 17% to the fund. We also asked that the IB discontinue investing in "private equities" where the pricing of the investment is not market determined, opening up opportunities for conflicts of interest. As well we asked that the CPP IB withdraw from all fossil fuel investments as it is becoming more and more obvious that the future for this industry is becoming riskier. Lastly we asked for an independent "value at risk" analysis be done as it was for the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. As in the 1970s, Canada is heading into an inflationary period brought on by quantitative easing. Our family suffered financially in that period as did many other innocents. The PM's father did his version of a command economy, imposing wage and price controls on the victims plus ratchetting interest rates into the noise bleed sections, when everyone knew it was the OPEC cartel that was the culprit. A "value at risk" analysis is one way to try to be prepared for what lies ahead rather than be a deer in the headlights. My purpose for writing the Finance Minister is to suggest the above and invite her to perhaps craft a more thoughtful reply given the circumstances we have today.

* * * * * * * * * * *

GOV. RESPONSE TO THE PETITION RE FOSSIL FUEL INVESTMENTS BY THE CPP-IB The government’s response to the CPP InvestThe petitioners call upon the Government of Canada ment Board petition is available here: to direct the CPPIB to divest of all fossil fuel investhttps://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Dements and to no longer entertain any fossil fuel intails?Petition=e-2615 th Here’s what M.P. Paul Manly said on Nov 4 when vestment opportunity; hire a qualified independent he presented it in Parliament: Mr. Speaker, it is an consultant to examine the total Canada pension plan honour and privilege to present petition e-2615. This fund portfolio of investments for the purpose of comis a petition that was initiated by constituents in pleting a value-at-risk analysis in 2020 and every four Nanaimo—Ladysmith who are concerned about the years thereafter, which will also be publicly reported; investments of the Canada Pension Plan Investment refrain from making private equity investments and Board, and in particular, investments in fossil fuels. to progressively divest the fund of these investments; 18 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Digital Edition


and discontinue the use of borrowed money. I would like to thank Brian Fisher and Erik Anderson for their work on this petition. – Paul Manly, M.P. The video of Paul presenting the petition is available here:

https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony/en/PowerBrowser/PowerBrowserV2/20201104/-1/34146 To find the right spot, you would have to move the scroll bar to time 16:04:20.

* * * * * * * * *

WHY WE SHOULD FEAR THE LIBERALS From Erik Andersen To: Elizabeth James, MLA, And Premier John Horgan, MLA, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca

Dear Premier, Carney and the new boss of the CPP IB are careful political navigators. They both know that changes must come progressively which is another way of saying that if change is expected, wait until the direction makes itself evident then join the front line. Leadership is entirely different. If the history of "4th turnings" is believable, then we are in one now and the correct path forward has yet to be revealed. Unfortunately the best path forward only reveals itself long after a lot of unnecessary human misery must be endured. It should not have to be thus. This was/is the reason for suggesting the CPP IB and Fin. Min. use a process of analysis labeled "Value at Risk." To do this analysis correctly, it must be done by consultants that are independent in the fullest sense of the word. So far our Government and the IB make the point of not doing this job because it would put them in conflict with the 1% who view the CPP IB as buyer of last resort for dubious assets. Goodness

knows I have asked the Fin. Min. often enough. In 2014, the Bank of England floated the idea of pension funds and insurance investment plans becoming the buyers of no-value, commercial bank holdings. This plan was the newest bank bailout idea and I have not read anywhere where this has been taken off the table. Mark Carney was then the head of the BoE even though Andrew publicly presented the idea. Connect the dots and you will quickly see how this notion is being imported to Canada and why we should be very fearful of the Liberals. They represent those in our population who want it all. LINKS FROM ERIK:

https://financialpost.com/fp-finance/a-short-on-humaningenuity-why-cppibs-john-graham-says-fossil-fueldivestment-is-off-the-table-under-his-watch and, to add one more... www.cp24.com/news/former-bank-of-canadagovernor-mark-carney-pledges-support-forfederal-liberals-1.5382074 but, with a caution... www.cbc.ca/news/politics/carney-speech-liberalconvention-2021-wherry-1.5982396

* * * * * * * * *

BC Auditor General reports on “Material misstatement” and “departure from Cdn. Public Sector Accounting Standards” Erik Andersen, Gabriola BC

For reasons unknown to me, the BC main stream media (MSM) have walked right by what has been happening in the accounting and accurate reporting of the province's financial affairs. What follows is information all taxpayers should know if they are to have knowledge before voting again. In 2016 the crown corporation BC Hydro ceased reporting annually, using the Annual Report format, as required by provincial legislation. Instead, we were offered a "Service Plan" which carries no legal liability for those signing. Despite asking for a reversal to have accountability, nothing has changed. Moving on to the "Report on Financial Audit Work for the 2019/20 Fiscal Year" by the BC Auditor www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

General (AG), it contained a large uncomplimentary section, directed at the Government, yet it is difficult to find any MSM observations. To illustrate just how bad matters have become, the Auditor General found it necessary to publicly write that "I conclude that there is material misstatement herein," followed by "departure from Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards." Made curious by a statement from the BC Auditor General in March of 2021, I asked why the proposed new accounting standards were necessary and were planned to come into effect a year from now. The polite answer is: “The Public Sector Accounting Board revises CPA Canada Public Sector Accounting Standards (PSAS) from time to time with the intention …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 19

of improving transparency and accountability of information for the public. You can read more about the intentions behind PSAS at the following link. http://www.frascanada.ca/en/psab/about/what-arepublic-sector-standards “

Now what are the take-aways? First off, BC Government accounting and what follows from that, accountability to the BC taxpayers, has been for more than a decade "material misstatements". Secondly, the BC MSM and MLAs have chosen to be

ignorant/silent, leaving the job of maintaining expected high standards of accounting and reporting completely in the hands of the BC AG. I have no idea of where the change in Accounting standards will take the Province, but the fact that change is needed is very bothersome. The above summary is designed to help citizens/taxpayers be better informed than the MSM seems to want. It is all part of the public record. Sincerely, Erik Andersen; Economist ♣


Not exactly a peacekeeping nation Canada building global network of military bases in aggressive shift From BreachMedia.ca Documents reveal Canadian plan influenced by strategy of US-led counterinsurgency throughout the Global South As Canada undergoes an overdue reckoning with its history of colonial violence at home, it might be time to topple yet another myth: its self-image as a blue-helmeted peacekeeper abroad. A new expose by Martin Lukacs reveals that the Trudeau government has overseen the implementation of a plan, initially developed by the military under the Conservatives, to construct a global network of military bases. According to government documents and interviews with key military planners, the plan was heavily influenced by U.S. military strategy, and may be a stepping stone to a future of Canadian participation in U.S.-led counterinsurgency wars throughout the Global South. READ THE INVESTIGATION by Martin Lukacs, 29 June 2021: [EXTRACT, Breach Media link follows]

The Canadian military has spent the past 10 years establishing a global network of bases in order to “project combat power” under the influence and leadership of the United States, documents obtained by The Breach reveal. The bases in Kuwait, Senegal and Jamaica have been used as staging grounds for military operations and “counter-terrorism” trainings throughout Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. According to government documents obtained through access to information requests and interviews with key former Canadian military planners, the locations and small size of the bases were heavily influenced by U.S. military strategy. The plans follow a U.S. shift toward what Pentagon planners have dubbed “lily pads”—smaller military bases that can serve as jumping-off points for larger-scale interventions. Canada’s initiative “was launched to improve the CF’s 20 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

ability to project combat power, security assistance and Canadian influence rapidly and flexibly anywhere in the world,” according to a directive from top General Walter Natynczyk in 2010. The bases will serve Canada’s increasing role as an ally to the U.S. that is “small militarily, but with an outsized policing function,” former top U.S. military advisor Thomas Barnett told The Breach. Barnett’s global blueprint for U.S. forces, known as the Pentagon’s New Map, helped inspired the location of the Canadian bases. Jerome Klassen, a Canadian political scientist at University of Massachusetts Boston and research fellow at the MIT Centre for International Studies, said the bases are a stepping stone for a more aggressive Canadian foreign policy and a transformed military priming itself for a future of U.S.-led counterinsurgency wars in Global South countries. “These bases will allow for Canadian military, policing and special forces operations on a permanent basis, and support large-scale surges of military forces on terms favourable to the United States,” Klassen said. […] READ IN FULL: https://breachmedia.ca/canada-buildingglobal-network-of-military-bases-in-aggressive-shift/ ♣

Response from Erik Andersen: Dear Breach; Thank for writing this article on the CAF. I hope you and your team can find a way to help us bulk up signatures supporting our petition e-3398.* This is our request that the Government of Canada introduce the word and concept of "sovereignty" into the current CAF Mission Statement as a matter of first importance. I think it would be a trigger to the type of discussion your article is seeking. – Sincerely, Erik Andersen * https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-3398 ♣ Digital Edition


Robin Mathews Uncut

Government and The Residential Schools Question by Robin Mathews, June 2021

Work done on the Residential Schools History has been purposeful and determined. But there appears to be an oversight which – while easy to understand – perhaps needs serious attention. “The Churches” were the operators of the residential schools … and the largest number were operated by the Roman Catholic Church. Other churches have apologized before now for their mistreatment of indigenous children. That statement should strike readers forcibly! Why have they needed to apologize? Because, it seems, more or less every denomination which took part in the education (through Residential Schools) of indigenous children mistreated them! Read that again…. The present noise is not because the only church that mistreated indigenous children in residential schools has been exposed and was the Roman Catholic Church. Apparently they all did it and the others have apologized already; the Roman Catholic Church (for some reason) is loath to apologize (though it doesn’t seem to claim that the reports of abuse are false). Behind it all … and so far unmentioned as far as I can see, is the creator of the system, so to speak. And it is there that commentary has seemed to me to be almost completely missing! The Churches would not have become the educators of indigenous children unless the Government of Canada had chosen them to be the educators. And the government set up that system in the nineteenth century. The intention, quite simply it seems, was to eradicate the indigenous culture and “fit” the residential school pupil into the white society in a way ‘pleasing’ to that society. The churches ran the Residential Schools. What support did they get from the federal government? What directions? What exchanges of money for the job … and, how much? We know so little…. How did the government of Canada support the churches so that they could run the Residential Schools? How often did federal officials inspect the Residential Schools in order to assure themselves the indigenous children were being well cared for? www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

A major actor in Indian Affairs (from 1879 to 1932 – Superintendent from 1913 to 1932) – was Duncan Campbell Scott (a major Canadian poet who has written fine and sensitive poetry about the indigenous people; he is one of the important, early group called “The Confederation Poets”). His goal, in Indian Affairs, stated by himself, was “to get rid of the Indian problem”. Residential schools were intended to “solve the Indian question in Canada”. (Precisely what were "the Indian problem" and “the Indian question”?) The Residential Schools were copied mainly from – seemingly oppressive – British, U.S., and Scandinavian models. When we recognize that the ultimate power over the indigenous people was in the hands of the Government of Canada … our attention shifts that way a little… it has to. And it seems to be true that the Government of Canada wanted to move the indigenous people aside, to get them out of the way of the dynamic, bustling, powerful white forces forging a new country. The residential schools were a part of the way to do just that, it seems. There always has been (in some form, with records) a Department of Canadian Government dealing with the welfare and ‘management’ of the indigenous people. There always has been, since at least John A. Macdonald, first Prime Minister, a Minister (doubtless named slightly differently over the decades) in charge of “Indian Affairs” … and a Department with variously named deputies to carry out the policies put in place by successive governments (and to produce records of their actions – which must be there to examine, now). Shouldn’t someone look at those records and see why The Government of Canada chose to appoint religious bodies to conduct the education of the indigenous people? It might have set up a government-ownedand-operated Indigenous Peoples Education Department run wholly from the Indian Affairs Branch of government in Ottawa … a national system run by the national government. By whatever name it was called, the Indian Affairs Department was not going to get into ‘the Education business’ and handed the task to the Churches. The Churches, as we see, not only did a bad job… …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 21

Robin Mathews, The Question, contd. they too often did a brutal job. And they appear never to have been seriously reprimanded and called into serious question for the quality of their care. Was that because the Government of Canada approved of the kind of care the churches were providing for the indigenous children? Excellent material has been written about the Residential Schools and the brutalities they engaged in. Graves are yawning open with the terrible stories…. But… so far … there doesn’t seem to have been a determined effort to make clear the relation between the Churches involved and the Government of Canada through its Indian Affairs Branch … or to survey Department of Indian Affairs and available Cabinet materials to try to discover exactly what Canadian Government intended when it handed Indigenous Education to the Churches of Canada. The man whose name is blackened as administrator of Indian Affairs in the Civil Service is Duncan Campbell Scott, a major poet, an accomplished pianist, and an intellectual. His only child by a first marriage died at twelve years old. He married a younger woman, also a poet, after the death of his first wife. When Scott died, his wife sold up everything – the library, Group of Seven paintings, and all else – left Canada, travelled through India … and settled for the rest of her life in an Indian Ashram (writing a book about her travels through India).

A member of the Group of Seven wrote somewhere that the Group wanted to do – in painting – what The Confederation Poets had done for Canada in poetry. A major member of the Confederation Poets (including Archibald Lampman, Charles G.D. Roberts, and Bliss Carmen) was Duncan Campbell Scott. Some years ago in Ottawa I met a retired “Indian agent” from Alberta who worked for the Indian Affairs Department, headed in Ottawa by Duncan Campbell Scott, who, apparently, occasionally travelled Canada surveying the operation. The former agent very clearly held Scott in the highest regard and very clearly believed Scott had done everything he could to further the welfare of the indigenous people of Canada. In fact, Scott seemed aware of the limitations he and his Department had to deal with. The Agent reported to me his conversation (upon his retirement) with Duncan Campbell Scott. As they were parting, Scott said to him: “Remember… we did all we could for the Indian people. We did not do all we should have done; but we did all we could….” Robin Mathews, Vancouver BC rmathews@telus.net Robin Mathews is a retired professor who taught English literature at Carleton University in Ottawa and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He is well known for his campaign to Canadianize the faculty and curricula of Canadian universities. ♣ SEE ALSO ROBIN’S REFLECTIONS ON P.28

ROBIN’S COMMENTS ABOUT RE-WRITING HISTORY AND HISTORICAL STATUES: People are beginning (foolishly!!) to pull down statues people represented were very, very likely racist… of John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister Duncan Campbell Scott, the top Civil Servant in In… because… it is alleged … he was a racist. There is dian Affairs for decades, believed that the only way to a strong possibility he was (though ‘good mannered’ bring equality to the indigenous people was to lift on the subject). them out of their pre-civilized condition into civilized INVESTIGATION would show that at least 95% of the condition. Some say nastily the desire was to take the Canadians who voted for John A. Macdonald were Indian out of the native person … and inasmuch as also racist. Investigation would also show that almost that meant the “uneuropeanized” person … that is 95% of those who voted against John A. Macdonald true. But Duncan Campbell Scott REALLY wanted were also racist…. And it would show that 95% of equality for the indigenous people… as he saw the sitthose who chose not to vote… were also racist…! uation in the years before the Second World War. (REMEMBER: the indigenous people at the time did (Duncan’s father met John A. Macdonald when Dunnot have the vote!!!) That means there are a lot of can was about 16… and John A. got him into the Instatues to pull down!!! dian Dept. where Duncan Campbell Scott spent his working life.) SO ALMOST ALL STATUES OF ALL PUBLIC FIGURES FROM CONFEDERATION UNTIL VERY REAND, of course, we will have to examine all statues of CENT DECADES… must be torn down, because the all people in BC from 1939 until 1950 … because, 22 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Digital Edition


with the Second World War, the Japanese in BC had their fishing boats seized, their properties seized (whether they had Canadian citizenship or not!!)… and their children – many of whom only knew English – were treated as “enemy aliens” and they were shipped off to various parts of the Interior – ‘because they might help Japan wage war against BC’??? As many know – AND AS HAS NOT BEEN FULLY TOLD IN BRITISH COLUMBIA – the boats and gear and properties of the Japanese-Canadians thus “removed” ended up in the hands of mostly (it is said) White, Liberal, British Columbians… with NEVER

any compensation to those robbed…. The statues of all those “leading” white British Columbians will surely have to be pulled down, too… because they HAD TO BE RACIST!!!

There are those of us who say: “Statues are History” – LEAVE THE STATUES ALONE!!! And plaques should not be replaced… but added to … to show how, over time, people change their views of history and of historically “important” people. Robin Mathews, Vancouver ♣ [MORE FROM ROBIN ON P.28]

* * * * * * * * *


From: Andrew Blair, Lethbridge

Kevin Annett blew the lid open on the residential schools in general back in 1998. Specifically it was February when he held a meeting at SFU downtown, with a panel of Indigenous survivors and one sympathetic former teacher who was fired for trying to defend some of the children. On the statues: I agree exactly with Robin. Add information about their deeds. I had no idea about Cornwallis, although I worked in Halifax as a young planner in the late 60’s. Just learned what he did from a very interesting APTN series called Nations at War. It’s the history of Canada from the perspective of the Indigenous nations. Truly interesting, and should be taught in every school. On the history of Canada — here is yet a different point of view. When we became citizens of Canada in the mid 1950’s, we were given a booklet - something like “Here’s Your Canada.” Right off the bat it said “Canada is a land of immigrants” as a heading. The first sentence after that said “The first to arrive were the Indians, who came from Asia 600 years ago” (yes, six hundred!!). A hundred years later came the French and it just never stopped — words to that effect. The first sentence about the Indians is verbatim. This booklet was published in 1950, still being handed out in the mid 1970’s. So that means that at least 15 million new Canadians were lied to. How could we be expected to understand what was going on here? I saved that pamphlet, but so well that I can’t find it. I will find it one day, but there may be other ways to get a copy, if anyone wanted to get one. Eva Lyman, evalyman@gmail.com ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition


I explore a wide range of "conspiracy theories" on the internet. (I do not use the term as a put-down. I have become a conspiracy theorist myself.) In doing so, I have come across Kevin Annett many times, in many places, always like a lone voice crying in the wilderness. For anyone interested, here is the most recent appearance I have come across: https://odysee.com/@sarahwestall:0/KevinAnnet---6-5-21:2?r=DfmKEuxZyRMvNy92gft84cZv5pHsiKHv. ♣

From: Anthony James Hall

Native Liberty, Crown Sovereignty is Bruce Clark's Ph.D. thesis. Bruce got to apply his constitutional theory from his thesis to the Bear Island case in Northern Ontario in the 1980s. Read Bruce's reflections on his defense of the Ts'pten Defenders in the outgrowth of the Battle of Gustafsen Lake--- a truly stupendous saga circa 1995--- it’s all in Justice in Paradise (1999). Both volumes are published by McGillQueen's University Press. AJH antoniusjameshall@gmail.com ♣

More about Bruce Clark’s book, Justice in Paradise on the next page… …./ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 23

Justice in Paradise – 1999 book by Bruce Clark A jurisprudential adventure story, Justice in Paradise recounts how a commitment to Native rights and an extraordinary passion for the rule of law have determined the course of Clark's life. From a childhood in an Indian residential school, to the defense of aboriginal rights before the World Court, to being disbarred, Bruce Clark's struggle has led him to a fight against the justice system itself. Justice in Paradise explains the legal and philosophical position behind Clark's opposition to the Indian rights industry. He argues that the North American legal system causes the genocide of those indigenous peoples who embrace traditional religion and identity and accuses those who administer it with chicanery and abandoning the rule of law.

Smeared in the media for his beliefs and attacked from the bench – Bruce Clark has been called "a disgrace to the bar" by the Chief Justice of Canada's Supreme Court – his book Native Liberty, Crown Sovereignty has been hailed as "the most important and meticulous recent study of native rights in common law" (Canadian Journal of Political Science). Clark turned his back on a comfortable lawyer's life to defend the rule of law and Native rights. He moved with his family to Indian reservations and then to squats, while he argued his case before the World Court in Europe. Then, no longer able to practice law, he was adopted by the Mohicans and together they are fighting for Liberty Island and the Hudson River drainage basin. In his extraordinary memoir, Justice in Paradise, Bruce Clark – hero to some, extremist to others – details the battles of a renegade's life. Publisher : McGill-Queen's University Press Illustrated edition (Oct. 19 1999) Hardcover : 440 pages; ISBN-10 : 0773520015 ♣


No one willing to tackle social issues, Libya put us to shame. www.kelownadailycourier.ca/opinion/article_f663777a-750e-11e8-b96c-6bd6fdfab8f4.html (June 2018)

Open letter to Colin Basran (Mayor of Kelowna):

I read with great interest that “social issues keep you up at night.” I believe that you truly care, but as mayor you can only offer Band-Aid solutions, because some of the real reasons for your sleepless nights are complex and are explained in documents on a USB memory stick that I gave you a few years ago, when we had a half-hour meeting. Last week, two homeless persons were caught on surveillance tape at 5 a.m. in Vernon, stealing a hammock and bags with recycling stuff, from a private property. Surely, nobody deserves to be traumatized by a burglary, for any reason. But how pathetic is it, in our society, that people without a home and bed to sleep in, have to resort to steeling a hammock so they don’t have to sleep in the dirt? How many people care to search for the truth of the much maligned Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, who was brutally murdered after his country was destroyed by 7,505 U.S./NATO bombing raids. Why? Just to kill one person, Gadhafi? Or was it because he practised what he preached? 24 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

He said, in his 1975-published Green Book: “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.” Under Gaddafi’s regime, education and medical treatments were all free, as well as electricity, and other good things that would put Canada to shame. And Libya had its own state bank without any external debt. Yet, we in Canada are burdened and paralyzed by a $1.4 trillion provincial and federal debt (2018 figure); and according to the Financial Post of Jan. 19, 2017, Ottawa expects that by 2051 another $900 billion of new debt will have been added. [2021 est. $2 trillion] How do you feel, Colin, to burden your children’s children which such dastardly legacy? And there seem to be no influential people who care about these things?

Digital Edition

Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna BC gco@shaw.ca www.dialogue.ca

Inalienable Rights Peter Weygang, Bobcaygeon ON

Inalienable rights are not something given to us by Zeus, on Mt. Olympus. They are not our birthright as human beings. They are part of a behavioral modification of society that has occurred over millennia. There is only one ‘right’ that is essential for a species to survive, and that is freedom of speech. It does not matter whether that ‘speech’ is the cawing of crows, or the rumbling of elephants. Freedom of speech is totally unfettered communication. It may be the yap of a fox warning the wildlife of a farmer with a shotgun, or the singing of whales keeping in touch as they migrate. Or the voices of the people raised against their governments. The dominance of humans, above all other sentient creatures, is only possible because of our sophisticated language. It is the ideas we share, the plans we make, the informal think-tanks that take place in every marketplace, or Legion Hall. It is this freedom of speech that drives innovation, and progress. All other ‘freedoms’ come from that one survival strategy. The right to assemble is necessary if people are to commune together. The freedom of belief, and all other concepts, and ideas, are part of the open discussions that shape society. They are free because speech is free. A person cannot speak freely when in bondage. The absolute liberty of the person is a pre-requisite for free speech. And that liberty is the cornerstone of democracy. It is through freedom of speech that we define all other subsidiary human rights. Freedom of speech is a line in the sand which must never be crossed. Political correctness has already scuffed away much of that line. The “Woke” movement, rewriting history, and emasculating language, is hard at work on what is left. The eradication of free speech by Hitler, and other dictators, is one technique in creating a mass psychosis which can change whole populations into compliant thugs. We must return to blunt speech. We must, in simple words, say what we mean, and mean what we say. We must defend that right as the first order of democracy. It must never be sidestepped by government decrees, emergencies, or even war. www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

We are already legally protected from slander, and libel. That is enough to prevent falsehoods, but does not prevent the speaking of truth, even when it hurts. Freedom of speech, all speech of every kind, is the sine qua non for the survival of humanity. It is also the bête noir for the “Woke” and of the mainline media government propaganda. They will not go down easily. It is clear that any independent voice has been gagged by the government. The YouTube problems foisted on Rebel News strike my heart with an icy chill. This is right in line with the government’s plan to give $60 million to the mainstream press. The government will select the recipients! The government says there's nothing political about its plan — that it only wants to ensure Canadians have access to accurate, relevant news. The Center for Countering Digital Hate, CCDH, seeks to disrupt the architecture of online hate and misinformation. In particular it wants the government legislation to force the online media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to remove the accounts of the Disinformation Dozen. Similar steps have been taken in Canada over the years to remove accounts that use social media platforms to spread ‘fake news’ and ‘hateful speech.’ The proposed amendments to Bill C-10, which permits the government to censor major media sources, threatens to do the same to personal communications. Of course, this has been denied, and the usual reassurances have been given. I have one maxim for life that seems to be always true. There is never a change in government policy, business practices, packaging of goods, or any other change, that does not benefit the organization or persons making the change. The social media platforms are being pressured by the government to gag freedom of speech by removing the free voice box of the people, the internet. This is in direct conflict with their obligation to protect the Charter rights; but that seems to matter less and less. It is not for governments to restrict views, and discussion, on any topic whatsoever. No part of our Canadian Constitutions gives the government the power to censor the opinions of the people. Nor should the pro-government agencies, and media, have the sole right to disseminate their own propaganda without rebuttal. …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 25

P.S. This video (below) provides a well-documented critique of the blunders, half-truths, and lies, behind the lockdown = control method in Australia. It applies here.

I would like to believe that without free speech, we will all perish together. That is not true. The media will be muzzled. The elite will not perish. And they have some interesting plans for the rest of us. Peter Weygang, M.A.; D.I.C.; M.Ed.

Regards, Peter VIDEO: A crushing analysis of false data being used for lockdowns in Victoria, Australia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZIKDfdjaHU ♣

Sec., Citizens for Direct Democracy Email: peterweygang@gmail.com


Genocide against Lytton BC First Nations People and the cure for VHD Letter to the OHCHR - Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights asking for an investigation into the likelihood of genocide being perpetrated by the Governments of BC and Canada against First Nations people at Lytton, BC RECEIVED FROM ARTHUR TOPHAM From: Franklin Poley, aietbible@shaw.ca, April 18, 2021 To: PETITIONS, petitions@ohchr.org, UN THE HAGUE COURT, bureau@pca-cpa.org, World Health Organization, worldhealthupdates@who.int Cc: akakaka, akakaka@freelists.org, Laura Lynn, LauraLynnLive@protonmail.com, Dr Charles D Hoffe, hoffe.charles@gmail.com +++ [full list online at link below]

Dear OHCHR, et al: Could you please investigate the likelihood that genocide is being perpetrated by the Governments of BC and Canada against First Nations people at Lytton, BC? The nightmare which Dr. Charles D. Hoffe describes on Laura Lynn TV “began with the First Nations members of our community in midJanuary 2021; 900 doses (of Moderna experimental drugs) have now been administered” Health Care in Canada is jointly a national and provincial responsibility. Combining the wording in the Canada Health Act and Access To Information Act it is 100% certain that all Canadians under the rule of law are granted “reasonable access to medically necessary (information) services”. Those information services are illegally denied when medical data is suppressed. Information which the public needs is in the files of Dr. Hoffe and it is under Government suppression. Disturbingly even the basic symptom-level information which Dr. Hoffe received from patients came under suppression with a gag order because it led to the obvious question of whether these symptoms (especially neurological) were caused by the Moderna injections. Dr. Hoffe’s two-part statement under gag order is the sine qua non for every medical practitioner in the world. What are the symptoms? What is the likely cause of those symptoms? 26 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Dr. Hoffe says the form sent out from Government “does not even have any place to report vaccine injuries of the nature and severity that we have seen.” Does that not suggest deliberate cover up of a crime to you? Dr Hoffe says “In our small community of Lytton, BC, we have had one person dead and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled” (ages 38-82). But there may well be many more fatalities and injuries since these cases came to him by accident, in the course of his practice as a GP. He did not seek them out. An investigation as OHCRH might conduct would, I expect, lead to the conclusion of culpable homicide and injury inflicted on the First Nations people in Lytton, undertaken with full knowledge of both provincial and national governments. This gives every appearance of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, centered in Victoria and Ottawa. It gives every appearance of genocide, proscribed under the Criminal Code of Canada and proscribed by international law. I have apprised Drs. Bettinger, Sadarangani, et al of this concern about falsification of medically necessary information/data in their large scale survey which has two sample sizes, one for vaccinated and one for non- vaccinated, each in the hundreds of thousands. Even the forms used may serve to distort the situation as Dr. Hoffe observed. The Nuremberg penalties for medical experimentation causing death and injury included capital punishment so therefore we would expect the most extreme and desperate efforts by genocidalists in Victoria and Ottawa to falsify the data. Should the word “genocide” be qualified by “suspected” or “accused”? Falsely inducing or tricking someone into playing Russian roulette is first degree

Digital Edition


murder when the gun goes off. This Government has induced false fear in the public with a COVD-19 pandemic which Conrad Black at National Post has called “hysteria.” Emergency legislation has been invoked in BC under the 100% PROVEN LIE that there is a public health emergency. Dr. Hoffe states that “we have not had to give any medical care whatsoever to anyone with COVID-19.” NO COVID MEDICAL EMERGENCY has been proven all over Canada and that means for one person, as above, to have been falsely induced into taking a dangerous experimental drug which resulted in death is a case of first degree murder. This is first degree murder by chemical roulette as surely as first degree murder by Russian roulette, if the victim is tricked, deceived or forced into participation. The individual case which I am asking you to investigate in detail immediately opens up the issue of targeting the First Nation population and that is genocide. VAERS statistics leave no doubt that fatalities are caused by the injection of mRNA experimental genecarrying drugs. How many of those killed by injection were told that the drugs were safe? How many were told that the injections could be fatal or could cause severe injury? The BC Government LIES about the COVID-19 “emergency.” There was and is no emergency in Lytton or here in Chilliwack-Hope where MP Strahl covers up for the lie, or anywhere in Canada. My repeated request over the past year to COVID-19 ‘believers’ in media, academia and government has been totally ignored. When will they name one community in Canada where CBC or CTV could take a film crew to show the ‘emergency’ – as the emergency conditions would be shown if the dykes here failed and Chilliwack-Hope came under flood waters? If the vaccine is so safe and effective as the Governments in Victoria and Ottawa say and strongly advised for everyone why don’t Government personnel and their families step forward to participate in a 1 day/1 week/ 1 month study? If someone questions whether the food I serve is poisonous I will gladly eat it myself to prove it is not poisoned. Will MP Strahl and Prime Minister Trudeau et al likewise prove that these experimental vaccines are not causing neurological and other injuries? So let’s say you have 100 volunteers from the political class of Canada “from sea to sea”. One half are randomly www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

assigned to the control group and ½ are randomly assigned to the experimental (vaccinated) group. What does a COMPREHENSIVE symptom list for members of the Canadian political class reveal post-vaccination after 1 day/1 week/1month? Franklin (Alpha Kappa You Tube) Franklin Poley. aietbible@shaw.ca FOOTNOTE – My career included 10 years of full time work on a multidisciplinary medical psychology team which used DSM* and many standardized psychological tests to make diagnoses. How did I miss, on the pages of DSM, “vaccine hesitancy” disorder (VHD), a psychological illness so important that a physician like Dr. Hoffe could lose his livelihood if he does not take the cure? Do the health administrators in Victoria who have put this absurd diagnosis of Dr. Hoffe on paper happen to know? One of my greatest single case challenges required making a psychological assessment of a patient with Tourette’s Syndrome. It is “challenging” to give IQ test blocks and puzzles to someone who is cussing you out and spitting on your test kit. But how would I test someone with dreaded VHD? I shudder to think that it could become a world-wide psychological pandemic, perhaps progressing into a more severe “variant” like VDD or vaccine denial disorder. Newfoundland had a political tome so authoritative that it was called the “Newfoundland Catechism”. When will we see the “Canadian Covid Catechism” with a section on the dogmas related to VHD and VDD as well as a section on the heroic politicians like MP Strahl and PM Trudeau who participated in the 1 day/ 1 week/1 month study with their families and friends? – Franklin Poley FROM ARTHUR TOPHAM: LINKS https://quesnelcariboosentinel.ca/2021/04/18/genocideagainst-lytton-bc-first-nations-people-and-the-cure-for-vhd/ DR. HOFFE VIDEO: https://tinyurl.com/QCS-DrH-LL Blessings & Peace, Arthur Topham, Pub/Ed, The Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel, QuesnelCaribooSentinel.ca "Standing on Guard for the People and the Land." editor@quesnelcariboosentinel.ca ♣

And the Firestorm was an accident? Rec’d via John Shadbolt: Knowalittle@mail2Canada.com PE: Regarding that fire in Lytton on June 30th… I see the media is wanting to blame the fire on 'sparks from a train'. Really? When all the residents talk about having no more than 10-15 minutes from the time they smelled smoke until the fire was, quite literally, at their doorstep? From a spark from a train passing through that would first have started a small grass fire which would then, because of the temperatures and wind, quickly develop into a large grass fire close to the town. And nobody would have noticed or smelled a growing grass fire? And then it morphs, almost instantly, into a raging inferno that descends on the town like a fire tornado? ...just an awful coincidence, though, right? ♣ Patricia White, July 4, 2021: It now appears that recent local fires are aimed attacks on reserves. ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 27

Robin Mathews – Reflections… Are We Trapped in History? Robin Mathews, Vancouver

RE: Is it time for a new organization.... Greetings. The present issues are all so important and worked over and worked over and cared about … and nothing of substance is done. It seems the people who care can do nothing of substance about them. (I include myself.) Are we really trapped in history? Do we really see gigantic injustice by people who are much published and accepted as ‘expert’, while the well-meaning are crushed and tossed aside? Are we really witnesses to our own irrelevance in the operation of our society? Since 1980 (to choose a date) the failure to effect a real victory for the battered and for the vision of a better Province has been total and … and even quiet. The Residential Schools disaster … weaving into the slow discolouration of the reputation of, say, just for instance, someone like Ed John, and the long-running allegations of sexual abuse connected to the Vancouver Club…, etcetera, go on effortlessly (to say nothing of the GIGANTIC money-laundering that the NDP found (when it won office recently) was daily fare at the Gambling Establishments – to which an RCMP spokesperson remarked that The Force didn’t have the personnel to police that activity… And a host of other such monumental events happen … and nothing is done and nothing changes….. (A friend told me about coming to Vancouver for a small convention and stepping out of the rain into a bar where sat (then famous) Jack Webster (broadcaster). They were alone in the bar, and Webster pulled out his wallet and took a photo out of it and thrust it at my friend. It was a photo of an adult male in a compromising relation with a youngster. “That”, said Jack Webster to my friend, “is Mr. Justice X of the BC Supreme Court, and I can’t do a goddamned thing about it.” Or so he said. I got to know Jack Webster well … and he was, remember, the daring, upfront, fearless newsman … who seems, maybe, not to have been daring enough to open up some of the most important criminal issues he knew about …. But Webster was just a very high-profile actor. There are ALL OF US … with theories and ideas and principles and stories and facts and skills and knowledge and experience … and we somehow don’t work together, don’t organize and build. We don’t create the 28 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

on-going organization that would bring evidence together and secure it, that would move past the nice people looking after the oppressed to get at the oppression, that would nail the oppressors, that would archive the evidence for public examination…. Perhaps, to wind down …, the most important thing about the Piggy Palace scandal was how many of the major actors slipped by into anonymity, making clear the ACTION was really public relations fanfare. The three year trial of Basi, Basi, and Virk as tiny, minor actors in the GIGANTIC BC RAIL SCANDAL (never really addressed, NEVER dealt with, never really unpicked and restored), ended with the Gordon Campbell government, in fact, paying ALL the costs of the defendants to shut them up and end the trial and get them out of sight…. So that all the people deeply and criminally involved in the destruction of the ‘people’s railway’ would not be named and held accountable. And we let that happen. Maybe it’s time for a new organization, a research organization (?) an archival organization (?) a continuing fact-finding organization keeping exact records, an on-going organization that gathers evidence … and uses it when it can have effect…. with a structure that guarantees permanence … an organization that is built to be permanent though its actors are not in a single office or even ANY rented space…. We should think about that as an idea … shouldn’t we…. Robin, rmathews@telus.net ♣ * * * * * * * * Response from Bob Hansen, Ladysmith BC Sent: June 13, 2021 7:20 AM To: Robin Mathews

Thanks, Robin. Your letter reads like poetry, I needed that honest overview of our culture at this time. Thanks for putting it all together so well. One of our major problems is 'trusts' or 'wills' that are set up by super wealthy people and put into contract with 'perpetual corporations' so that NO SINGLE GENERATION sees what was happening, all governance and policing and law taking place under a blanket, with a flashlight,.... We need the same sort of 'trust' established for this project you describe (which may not qualify to be called a 'project' because it will have no end) that can

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be used for media, for FOI requests, for acquisition of documents, ... Either that, or we should work to destroy all trusts that are directed at social change by individuals or groups, and especially by corporations. These two avenues are not mutually exclusive. Our work can be to nail these trusts as nothing more than individual models of what the Nazis did after WWII when they asset stripped Europe and fled to the Americas and England, courtesy largely of the Vatican. Martin Bormann himself arrived in Buenos Aires disguised as a Jesuit priest (with the help of his Jesuit priest son and the church). We need a media platform package, some of us are more acutely aware of this than others. We need a platform package that we 'own', and that cannot be squelched. Most of all, we NEED what is NEVER offered to us in our 'democratic governance', and that is a plan for the long term benefit of ALL who live in this beautiful land. This is not difficult, and it needs to be accepted and advertised to attract support of all kinds. In BC it will internalize First Nations' culture that will help us out of the present destruction. Our writings should deal with the past and how we got where we are now, in palatable form; our writings should deal with the present in fearless transparency, to clarify who is presently doing harm, who the victims are, and who the beneficiaries are; and we open this all up to the suggestions for solutions for our future, and this won't need so much debate because we will have a much better idea of our collective errors

over the last two centuries. A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step. As we put all of this together we can reach out to nonempire territories in Scandinavia, Russia, Latin America, Africa and Asia and we will be clear that we do not agree with the principles of Empire. We do this out of love. We do this because it does not have to be the way it is now. We do this because we comprehend the importance of 'truth' to all of society. We must do this because the future of humanity is at stake like never before and this is happening in our time. On our watch. To our children and living ancestors. To every one alive at this time. We all have a stake in this change, to go against the hegemony of wealth and fear. It isn't easy, if it were it would have been done before now. Life is short, and when we die we are dead for a long time. We presently have the 'privilege' of having knowledge that spans several ages of change. Will this knowledge be allowed to be available to future generations once this corporate/banking 'reset' process is complete? Why would the cabal allow that to happen? It would be counterproductive to all of these massive changes they are foisting on us now. It appears not to be overly dramatic to declare that the 'truth' of all of humanity is under siege. Bob Hansen, hansen.bob5@gmail.com The Corporation IS the Enemy. Altered Egos Nearing ♣


"Life Affirming Culture" Mike Nickerson, Lanark, ON

Might these three words express a common goal for meeting the challenge of our times? It encompass, biological life of all kinds, human societies of all kinds and the collective life of our planet. Could the movements for peace, justice, environmental balance, human potentials and building what is needed to secure it all, recognize common cause in a life affirming culture? The vast majority of the human family want a secure www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

world for themselves and for those who come after. Perhaps a life affirming culture is the phrase we have been looking for to unite the many constituent concerns. In our billions, we can power the transition. LINK: www.InspiringTransition.net From: Mike Nickerson, Sustain5@web.ca - (613) 482-1208 7th Generation Initiative / Sustainability Project http://www.SustainWellBeing.net ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 29

That’s My Take On It! From John Shadbolt, Acton ON, knowalittle@mail2canada.com … Why am I not surprised? - John From: Ezra Levant, info@rebelnews.com You can read the court’s ruling for yourself at our To: John Shadbolt, Acton ON June 19, 2021: Bad news, but not completely unex-

pected: this morning, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that Justin Trudeau’s airport Covid jails do not violate the Charter of Rights. Obviously we’re appealing that ruling. Rebel News challenged that law. We hired two of the best constitutional lawyers in Canada. Trudeau threw the unlimited resources of the Justice Department against us; it’s really a David and Goliath battle. Here’s my video report of what happened:

website, NoCovidJails.com. [LINK www.rebelnews.com/tags/no_covid_jails ]

It’s over 130 pages long; frankly it’s a very frustrating read. But you’ll see the importance of our participation — Rebel News and our arguments are mentioned more than 50 times in the document. If we hadn’t been there, important ideas and facts wouldn’t have been put to the court. And I think our lawyers were also the most effective at grilling the government’s own witnesses. www.rebelnews.com/federal_court_canada_rulOur lawyers were in court alongside lawyers from the ing_justin_trudeau_covid_airport_jail_legal_appeal Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and a The judge, Chief Justice Paul Crampton, handful of other inQUOTE FROM THE VIDEO REPORT: ruled that stopping healthy, law-abiding dividuals who sued “What’s so weird is, if you land in Canada citizens who have done nothing wrong, too — all our cases and say you have coronavirus, you are told jailing them for up to three days, and bill- to go straight home. Only healthy people were bundled toing them thousands of dollars for the cost are told to quarantine. I’m serious. This law gether. But I note is a joke, this government is a joke. And of it, is just a minor inconvenience, not there wasn’t a single this judge stood by it.” – Ezra Levant an important violation of our liberties… lawyer in court from traditional, left-wing These Covid jails make no sense from a civil liberties groups; no tourism or business groups. health point of view; it’s no safer to send someone to a No political group, no opposition political party. Nohotel for three days, where they will have contact with body. I think the government got the message loud many people, than sending them straight home by and clear — no-one “important” cares. Well, I care. themselves. And I hope you care. So we’re going to appeal. If you The government provided no evidence that this think we have to continue to fight, please help us... scheme has saved lives. In fact, there was evidence Yours truly, Ezra Levant, Rebel News that Covid jails are actually dangerous — from panP.S. We’re fighting on all fronts. We have another constitudemic outbreaks to cases of alleged rape. tional challenge underway against Saskatchewan’s antiWhat’s so infuriating is that Trudeau and the rest of gathering lockdown rules. Plus, we’re helping over 1,000 the ruling class themselves don’t follow these rules. individual Canadians who have received unfair lockdown The president of the CBC flies back and forth to Canfines... We’re also looking very carefully at the threat of “vaccine passports,” which have already been rolled out in ada from her home in New York City every week – Manitoba… www.rebelnews.com ♣ she doesn’t quarantine. Trudeau himself just got back from a week of boozy diplomatic parties in Europe, Also from John Shadbolt: violating every quarantine rule, masking rule, social distancing rule – and when he came back to Canada, he reportedly spent a few hours in one of these hotels, and then just left. The rules are for the little people. Our lawyers did an excellent job. Sarah Miller and Robert Hawkes ran circles around the government's lawyers. In cross-examination, they were able to get damaging admissions from the government’s witnesses, and they grilled the health bureaucrats the government sent out to defend the law. But it just https://thehighwire.com/videos/mrna-vaccine-inventorcalls-for-stop-of-covid-vax/ ♣ wasn’t enough. 30 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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Contaging: The tax invasion plan twice fooled carny mark By Tony Crawford, author, Oakville ON A DIALOGUE IN PRAISE OF A FOOLPROOF BANK OF CANADA ACT

My name is Tony Crawford and I want to apologize to Canadian taxpayers. I should not have computerized tax-deductible securities fraud in the 1990s. I became a bank whistleblower in 2012 in my ‘Magna Carta Loophole Gullible Taxpayer Law’ published in 2019, and ‘My Bank System Twice Fooled Carny Mark Tax Invasion Plan’ for debt – published as CONTAGING in 2020. I am known for IBM IT – Information Technology: design methodology re how to write and test business function through a ‘Ruly English’ syntax compiler that checks for ambiguity – such that each word has single meaning and each meaning a single word in a prototype system user guide, to program data processes and network communications in binary code. A legal sentence from court-ruled code of law is in typical “Ruly English.” A radar device with a licence plate reader can issue a speeding ticket, but my work in banking had nothing to do with breach of law, only numbers in workflow, dataflow, and cash flow, just for quicker banking. I became a Canadian citizen in 1987, when a coin called a loonie replaced a dollar banknote billed as money. It was my job to streamline financials and automate cash flow, in private and public banking, to balance as required in daily reports. My wages were deposited in my loonie checking account, as I borrowed from future credit for a loan to buy a car and a mortgage to buy a house – owed in debt to loonies in Canada Trust. All my money was all my promises to repay my bank how much I spent and saved plus income tax paid to the Treasury, in sum, called revenue. One of my projects was to modernize a back-office trading function for bank frontline sales [which I didn’t know was where my accountant worked as an unlicensed dealer]. I am good with systems, but not money, so my bank introduced an accountant to me to do what I still cannot do, which is books of accounts and tax returns. I had an RRSP – Registered Retirement Saving Plan – in bank payroll, but my accountant advised another way to save government-approved income tax credits in tax-shelter schemes. It sounded a good idea in 1989, and in 1990; but I had no idea he was a bank operative, and I didn’t think he was www.dialogue.ca

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criminally-minded until investors faced multi-million dollar losses to a bank suing trick loans to invest, like mine to collect in 1999. My accountant made a living defrauding people until the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and one of his clients sued the infamous, ‘Art-flip Tax Scheme Busted’ case, in the news in 2004. The court ruled a breach of fiduciary obligation and that he profited from secret commissions, selling loan-dependent tax-deductible securities fraud. The CRA changed tax law in a precedent-setting ruling for taxpayers, like me, duped by a financial advisor to invest in bank-loan-dependent tax shelter schemes that concealed pre-executed loans that couldn’t be sold – or defraud without them. This storybook sleazy tax shelter scheme is about a bank making sense fake-money-trafficking signed-but otherwise-blank cheques, which is a matter of trust who knows how much and where forged money goes. Section 165(3) was defined in 1966, enacted into law when Hon Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Prime Minister― ‘Where a cheque is delivered to a bank for deposit to the credit of a person and the bank credits him with the amount of the cheque, the bank acquires all the rights and powers of a holder in due course of the cheque.’ Taken literally, a ‘bank is always right’ – and that a bank can plead its own wrongdoing as a legal defense of a potentially criminal Act. That was the case when my accountant – already found guilty of taking secret commissions, and a commercial property-owner and mortgage-holder and taxshelter-scheme-promoter who notarized bank-paid witness of promissory notes as agent for a bank – was noted in default to defend. A judge denied trial of my undefended counterclaim in 2008, which the Court of Appeal sentenced in Canadian Case Law Ruly English in 2009: ‘The essence of the defense in this matter is that the appellant failed to read the loan documentation when he took out the loan or at any point in the following ten-year period when he made payments on the loan. The loan documentation makes it clear there is no genuine issue for trial in relation to the Bank…’ [i.e. using their own misdeeds to defend themselves!] Then, two years later, constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati announced a taxpayer Class Action for …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 31

COMER (Committee for Monetary and Economic


use of the Bank of Canada for the benefit of Canadians and remove it from the control of international private entities whose interests and directives are placed above the interests of Canadians and the primacy of the constitution of Canada. The action also constitutionally challenges the government’s fallacious accounting methods in its tabling of the budget by not calculating, nor revealing, the true and total revenues of the nation before transferring back “tax credits” to corporations and other taxpayers. COMER alleged the cost of money increased by more than a trillion dollars since 1974. Galati suggested Prime Minister Trudeau was not aware and was ill-advised when he started to borrow from foreign private banks to print domestic money, as history proved that public Bank of Canada loans were less expensive and better economics in the best interest of taxpayers, since 1933. Galati told the Court, “Parliament can be as nincompoop as much as they want, as long as they don’t inflict constitutional violations.” He went on to explain that hiding and not revealing tax credits is a government sleight of hand, and that not keeping a true account of tax revenue in the budget process― is a breach of the Magna Carta, “no taxation without representation” principle. Peter Hajecek, lawyer for the Deputy Attorney General of Canada for the Crown [albeit Prime Minister Trudeau said the budget balanced itself], pleaded nothing could be more important than the budget process. However, the Crown questioned the wisdom of Members of Parliament who are mistaken in thinking the House has a balanced budget to vote on. Hajecek reviewed judicial interpretation of section 18 in the Bank Act: whether the public Bank of Canada “may” or “should” lend cheap money to citizens who own the bank benefit of dividends returned to public good through the Treasury. He opined that a government rules supreme and can choose to borrow expensive money from a foreign private banks that divvies public debt to shareholders, and that courts are better with facts than, “sort of making a general statement about 32 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

what a [legal] provision may mean.” Justice Russell agreed, and he ruled against trial, advising that if people didn’t like bank law they should complain to their representatives, or vote in a different party that would change the law. COMER appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada: where a judge purged my whistleblower testimony from the court record, pursuant to Rule 74, in January 2017; and the case was dismissed in May 2017. The law sided to the Bank of Canada that, just as it ruled for tax-saver private debt, without trial, in 2009, the Supreme Court ruled against trial of taxpayer public debt in 2017. Political dialogue to discuss financial consumer safeguards and taxpayer protection in law is long overdue. We have ‘Blockchain’ – but the problem with double presentment is that without a transaction number, it’s all too easy to copy one financial instrument to trade in two markets at the same time – to launder counterfeit private papered notes to re-bill public tax credits – to profit twice over. I am grateful that MMP Andrea Horwath supported Petition 44 in Toronto Queen’s Park legislative assembly and urged the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) to reinvestigate my file in 2007. The OSC offered a bounty from the OSC Whistleblower Act, which I accepted in 2017 and I delivered a body of evidence to my Member of Parliament, asking for reward to go to charity. The OSC reviewed my case and it now regulates otherwise deregulated banking – to disclose tied selling arrangements with security dealers and business associates since 2020. My analysis endorses academic works of Canadian professors; Benjamin Geva, York University, Stephen Scott, McGill, and Margaret Ogilvie, Carleton, who have long questioned the validity of section 165(3)* of the Bank Act. My quasi-usufruct** title-acquiring bank scenario lacks financial consumer safe-guards, and my quasi-tort of conversion twice-paid collecting bank scenario, which is Magna Carta loophole gullible taxpayer law has a most urgent need for taxpayer protection. Lawless bank design appears to mean, ‘Any taxpayer can sign a promise, as a tax saver, to pay money for a private imaginary dollar as a tax-credit note-maker, conversion of which through the Treasury coins a real dollar from national debt to a holder, in due course, of the note.’ …/

Digital Edition


I reported my tax-credit loonies hidden from the Treasury not reported in the budget. I wrote Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to recommend a bank transaction control number in the 2017 Tax Plan to improve transparency and accountability. At least the COMER Class Action dispelled any notion a balanced budget is merely a snapshot, so I drew the ‘Fiscal Snapshot 2020’ in my picture of debt that is CONTAGING in my secret bankbook story for your reading pleasure. If you don’t like my picture, please complain to your Member of Parliament to change the law.

* 165. (3) Where a cheque is delivered to a bank for deposit to the credit of a person and the bank credits him with the amount of the cheque, the bank acquires all the rights and powers of a holder in due course of the cheque.

** Usufruct as a legal right granted to a person or party which grants a temporary right to use/derive income/benefit from the property of another individual. including property that is consumable or expendable, such as money, agricultural products, and the like, which would be of no advantage to the usufructuary if he could not consume them, expend them, or change their substance.

[FROM THE BACK COVER] Contaging is a storybook,

sleazy, tax-shelter scheme about lawmakers who invented 'Signature Specific Identity Theft' to draw cheques on imaginary accounts of 'Sitting Duck' loans, sued in courts to collect. Dream laws and politics for hungry bankers would be most usury – spent, configured, lent. A carny mark converts counterfeit tax credits to money, hidden from the Treasury, not reported in the budget, (then) to cash through taxation, laundered once, and once again, twice over. When judges ruled no breach of law in the global credit crunch, it was all smoke and mirrors. Fairy tale economics tricked everyone, especially gullible taxpayers, and twicefooled carny marks. Loonies raided the bank and snapshot budgets hid legal fiction that continues to lie in the big picture, making sense fake money... • Publisher : New Generation Publishing (Oct. 19 2020) • Paperback : 244 pages [IMAGE ON FRONT COVER] • ISBN-10: 1800315899 / ISBN-13: 978-1800315891 ♣

Note from Tony: a pdf of the book is available for readers: request by email: dialogue@dialogue.ca

SEE BACK COVER FOR FULL-SIZE IMAGE. **************************************************************

Government Spending should be determined by real-world feedback, not arbitrary debt-to-GDP ratios Larry Kazdan, Vancouver The limit on federal government spending should be determined not by an arbitrary debt-to-GDP ratio but when real-world feedback indicates that economic resources are nearing capacity, for which true full employment is an excellent sign. Of course government should always say no to silly or counterproductive expenditures. But since Canada currently has over 1.5 million Canadians actively seeking work and many others underemployed, adequate room for additional targeted stimulus certainly exists. According to economist John Maynard Keynes, www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

public spending to create jobs was warranted regardless of prior debt, "I do not believe that measures which truly enrich the country will injure the public credit…Look after the unemployment, and the Budget will look after itself." [Footnotes available on the Dialogue website at: http://www.dialogue2.ca/columnist-larry-kazdan.html ] Email: lkazdan@gmail.com (604) 874-9982 Website: http://mmtincanada.jimdo.com/ Larry Kazdan has undergraduate degrees in history and sociology, is a retired Chartered Professional Accountant & runs the website: Modern Monetary Theory in Canada. ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 33

The Erosion of Canadian Federalism – comments & questions From: Al Speyers, Ottawa area alspeyers@gmail.com [Extract from an exchange with Gordon Miller]

All the provisions of and for decentralization are already there under the 1867 BNA Act. But, something happened on the way to the forum: the federal government, constituted by the pleasure of the provinces that "came together" to form a united federation called Canada, grew beyond anything the BNA Act had envisioned. And you are correct in asserting that this is no longer recognizable as Canada today – where the roles between the provinces and the federal government have been (almost) completely reversed, with whatever powers the individual independent provinces may have had under the initial BNA Act, have been usurped (taken over) by the federal government. And an enormous contributor in that process was Pierre Elliott Trudeau's insertion of the Official Languages Act (OLA) into Canadian civil life. As a federal statute, the OLA has a massive reach throughout the Dominion and has its own bureaucracy in Ottawa, primarily that of Canadian Heritage (or, predominantly, French Canadian Heritage) that oversees the implementation and enforcement of the OLA wherever possible. Insofar as all the provinces have significant federal government presence, and even though under the BNA Act language issues are the lawful purview of the provinces, the introduction of the OLA in 1969 began in earnest the clash between the rightful authority and jurisdiction of the provinces and the intrusion into that authority by the federal government. The end result, and one that increasingly haunts us today, is the erosion of the BNA-agreed-to principles of Canadian federalism. In short, the greater (deeper) the reach by the federal government into the rightful jurisdictions of the provinces, the more the defining characteristics of Canadian federalism dissolve. And with the "help" of a perverted 1982 constitution, the federal government can now "willynilly" bring into ruin the economy of any of the provinces while those provinces that it so favours, can increasingly prosper. And all with the powers vested in the (largely francophone) federal bureaucracy – that Weberian "institutionalization of charisma" – that now wields all the power and effectively neuters any and all elected members of the political officer class. 34 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

A renewed drive toward more decentralization is next to impossible (humanly speaking) given not only the growth of the federal bureaucracy, sustained as it is by constitutional provisions, but the institutionalized dependency on the federal government and its control over the national economy. This makes opening up the constitution a daunting and dreary prospect. The failed Charlottetown and Meech Lake accords can attest to that. Many provinces have suffered and chafed under federal intrusions while others have (ahem) greatly benefited. As such a "renewed federalism" will likely remain a lofty ideal with the federal bureaucracy ready and willing to thwart any and all efforts in that direction, with endless and meaningless "negotiations." And, lastly, from where will come the required leadership to champion a change in direction? From a political party or its leadership mired increasingly in a woke cancel-culture ideology that has lost its historical and moral foundations on its way to the dark abyss of nihilism? The Communists had their Stasis and Gulags; the Nazis had their Gestapos and death camps. And what passes for leadership in Canada today has their "lock downs," quarantines and isolation camps. What and where is the momentum today? In the direction of a more prosperous and decentralized Dominion or toward a future of fear, despair and crushed liberties? Is there any light or hope at the end of this Canadian "tunnel" – this tragedy – or are we descending into a new and unfamiliar darkness? Al Speyers, 16 Feb 2021, Member, Canadians for Language Fairness, WEBSITE: https://languagefairness.ca Al Speyers taught in university, is a former Ontario provincial and federal public servant, was a hi-tech manager, now retired and living in the Ottawa area. ♣

Laughter & Ligtenment Apparently, the name “Pete” in these exclamations is chiefly a replacement for God or Christ, to avoid taking the Lord’s name in vain; it has been in use for over a hundred years. From Sammy Camilleri, Sault Ste. Marie ON ♣

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“The Fifth Columnist”

The Wheels on the Bus Mike Neilly, Dunrobin ON

This is a stream of consciousness. For that, I apologize. We are an angry lot. I see it on the road, on television. During a Christmas holiday long gone, I happened to be waiting for my wife outside a store in the Rideau Centre, a fairly typical scenario. A woman beckoned, smiling, appearing to be friendly and in need of assistance. I was surprised when she lit into me, “You look like a lumberjack.” I was dumbfounded. She quickly said – and I could tell she’d done this before – “Look at you, you’re afraid.” Then, “Leave!” Not being the quickest guy on the draw, all I could say was, “Please yourself!” Looking back, she was probably aboriginal; the “lumberjack” in this story, me, the interloper, the settler, the invader, a taker of aboriginal lands. There’s that anger I was talking about. To confront a total stranger that way, this animus is spreading. The recent furor about 215 [and subsequently many more] unmarked graves found at an Indian Residential School likewise ripples through the news. Even Ottawa’s Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway was a casualty, Sir John A. being one of the architects of Confederation and at best an “assimilationist” of Canada’s natives. Some Ottawa city counsellors want the road renamed. I seem to remember it used to be called “Parkway Promenade.” Or we could just number the roads and avoid naming them after people altogether: “Route 66” or similar. Let’s be clear. What started to happen over 1,000 years ago with the Viking settlements, 500 years ago by the French and English, well, that was the beginning of what we now call “ethnic cleansing.” An inconvenient race was pushed aside to accommodate a more “civilized” society. Indian Residential Schools were a part of this. Still, what goes around comes around. In the United States, far-right elements of the Republican Party lament about their “replacement” www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

by minorities. Make America Great Again (MAGA), it’s really ‘Make American White Again.’ What is white, Christian fundamentalism but the nationalism based on race and religion, the very definition of fascism. Irony of ironies, our grandparents fought fascism some 70 years ago, but cannot recognize it in their own people. This is the brainchild of the Republican Party, their so-called “movement,” fascism. They’ll deny it, but this is the simmering resentment that drives the Big Lie, a “stolen” election. And here is another irony, when you consider that Europeans displaced the previous inhabitants so cruelly, and now they are getting a dose of their own medicine. Maybe not irony, more nemesis? There’s anger here in this fair Dominion, too, make no mistake. It’s not your grandfather’s Canada any more. “Virtue signaling,” putting away statues of Sir John A., renaming roads, that’s not going to right the wrong. Maybe it’s too late? Years ago, I wrote a column, likening the generations to waves crashing on the beach. Each generation rises up like a wave, peaks, then dies on the beach in rivulets leading back to the ocean. I remember getting some negative comments along the lines of, What the hell was that?! Still, we are dust, at least according to God in Genesis, and to dust we’ll return. Deepak Chopra called it the cosmic soup. Wave #1 doesn’t whine that it is being replaced by Wave #2! In many respects, Wave #2 IS wave #1 reconstituted. Maybe Shakespeare’s Macbeth said it best, "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Yes, we’re dust all right, but it’s a gift, so show some respect. I once wrote about a First Nations chief who said we only rent the land. I’d go further and say we only occupy the land, the space. In a few hundred years, who knows who will occupy this space. Animated space dust, a gift from our parents, and a soul from the Creator, we walk along this path, this space. Just ants on the ant hill, we should know our place. Still, there’s this conceit, our destiny, beyond the ant hill. Tribes were deposited here on Earth in many Gardens of Eden, by God or gods. We ate of the Tree of Knowledge. Our collective …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 35

destiny, black, white or brown, is transcendence. It’ll just require a few thousand trips around the Sun, I reckon. As much as it hurts, there’s no sense getting angry about it. Michael Neilly, michael.neilly@bell.net

p.s. I’m convinced that we’ve forgotten who we are, a world of souls; and that is our connection to find. All I know is that our parents gave us a body, and God a soul. During all the drama, take a breath. Wonder must replace fear. - Mike ♣


What Children’s Bones Reveal: A Lament for the Dead and a Call to the Living by Kevin Annett, June 1, 2021 Canadian Field Secretary of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State, ITCCS WEBSITE : www.murderbydecree.com

I first learned of the mass graves of children in Kamloops twenty-three years ago from an eyewitness who had helped bury the children. In June 1998, he spoke at a Vancouver Tribunal I organized to investigate genocide in Canadian Indian schools. His name was Jessie Jules. Jessie was a frightened man. He had been warned by his own native band council in Kamloops not to speak about what he knew. “They told me I’d get thrown out of my home on the reserve if I ever mentioned the dead kids,” Jessie said, on record, to our panel of Tribunal judges. But despite this threat, he spoke anyway. Jessie told us how his fellow Kamloops students were starved to death in underground chambers at the Kamloops school and forced to sleep with children dying of tuberculosis after they tried running away. He named catholic priests like Brother Murphy who sodomized kids with cattle prods and beat a boy named Arnold to death with a club. Jessie saw another priest push a young girl named Patricia out a window to her death at the Kamloops school. He even drew us a map of where he buried children, at night, at the order of the priests. “There were lots of those little bodies” he said. “We ran out of room in the ground, so they started burning them in the school furnace. It was kept going 24-7. They even chucked in there the babies from the girls they’d got pregnant, to get rid of the evidence. I saw the nuns do it.” The Kamloops center was a particular house of horrors, even by residential school standards, which is why such an effort has been made by the guilty to hide its crimes. For many years, it was an experimental center where particularly rebellious Indian children were sent for “special treatment,” including involuntary drug testing, sterilizations, and pain threshold studies to see how much torture the mind and body can endure. Generations of experimental vaccines were tried out on Indian children at Kamloops by drug companies like Pfizer, 36 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Bayer, and Eli Lilly, with the help of the Catholic church and the government. Most of the little test subjects died. After our Tribunal had catalogued these grisly crimes, in mid-June of 1998, we shared with the world the evidence, including Jessie’s account and that of twentyeight other survivors with similar stories of the Canadian Holocaust that killed more than 60,000 children over a century. We included Indian school records from Kamloops and across the country showing a huge death rate of over fifty percent that spanned decades, and evidence that disease was routinely and deliberately spread among children by the staff, and letters confirming the sexual sterilization of native children by church doctors that was funded by the Canadian government. We sent this proof of genocide to the world’s media, the Canadian government, the United Nations and to aboriginal groups and band councils across Canada, including the one in Kamloops. And every single one of them ignored us. Over the years that followed, some of us did not give up. Our campaign to expose our home-grown genocide grew until it threatened the killers of church and state, as lawsuits by survivors escalated thanks to our work. And in retaliation, the RCMP and the bloodsoaked Catholic, Anglican and United churches began attacking us, smearing us to the press and even killing our native eyewitnesses. They even dug up and destroyed the graves of children we had identified. Like a huge baby-burning furnace, Canada has done everything possible to get rid of the evidence and wipe clean the memory of its mass murder of children. And that deadly cover-up is still going on. We have witnessed it happen again, just this past week, at the scene of the crime: the site of the former Indian residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia. Last week, the Kamloops Indian band leaders displayed a sudden concern for their relatives in the ground whom they have ignored for so many decades. The state-funded Tk’emlups band council announced that it is digging up a mass grave of 215 children just south of the former school. In fact, what they are doing is interfering with a crime scene and obstructing justice by destroying the

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evidence of how those children died. So naturally they’re doing the dig quickly and in secret, without any plan to determine how the children died or who caused their death or to lay criminal charges. Even though the site is a crime scene, the police are absent, and the media and public are banned from the site. Meanwhile, to cover their misdeeds, the band council PR people are issuing the usual politically-correct phrases about justice and remembrance. This is smokescreen is to distract from their destruction of the graves, and also to hide the fact that for decades the Kamloops chief and council actively colluded in keeping secret the murder of so many of their children. As early as 1922, the Canadian government made a deal with band council chiefs that, in exchange for benefits, they would round up the children from their tribes and deliver them into the residential school death camps and hospitals. The chiefs also agreed to track down runaway children and bury those who died, in secret. Is it small wonder that the same chiefly families are now posing as the good guys? Those kind of sweetheart deals with the native elites are nothing new in Canada and have ensured that our domestic genocide has been hidden and continues today. But a particular insiders’ arrangement took place in the spring of 1996 that ensured that west coast chiefs and councils would steer clear of mentioning dead residential school children and mass graves. On April 10th of that year in Port Alberni, leaders of all three guilty churches made a deal with the state-funded chiefs. The deal was that the churches would fork over monetary settlements for limited “sexual and physical abuses” to residential school survivors provided the chiefs never supported investigations into deaths and secret burials in the schools. The chiefs agreed to this Judas offer, and their silence was bought. This private arrangement broke down over the years, as our campaign forced the little matter of buried children to the surface and the crime could no longer be denied: especially two years ago, when Justin Trudeau publicly admitted that genocide had happened in Canada. At that point, under international law Trudeau should have been hauled before a war crimes trial, along with his co-conspirators in the churches and band councils. Instead, the world community turned a blind eye on the Canadian Holocaust and did not enforce its own Genocide convention. That freed up (PM) Trudeau to give the same assurances and legal indemnification to the native chiefs that the churches had received. The issue of buried children could now be safely spun and damage controlled, as is now being done in Kamloops. www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

And so, like their church and state partners, the disinterring of children’s remains by the Tk’emlups band council is openly defying international law, which says that the parties to a Crime against Humanity cannot investigate their own crime. This fact seems to have eluded everyone who is applauding the Kamloops dig, now that the law is a dead letter, and the killers are officially exonerated. Like a bad comedy, all the dirty actors are jumping in now to milk this chance to evade justice and look good in the process. This week in the press the British Columbia Coroner announced that he will be on the scene working closely with the Tk’emlups band council to investigate the children’s remains, as if that’s a good thing. It isn’t, actually, since the BC Coroner has a long and sordid history of issuing fake death certificates concealing murdered Indians. My murdered friend William Combes suffered such a fate at the hands of the Coroner’s office. After enduring years of sodomy, torture on a rack and electric shocks at the Kamloops school, William witnessed the abduction of ten Kamloops school children by Queen Elizabeth in October 1964. Just before he was to give his testimony before a citizens’ Grand Jury, in February 2011, William was killed by arsenic poisoning at the Catholic St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver. The BC Coroner said William’s death was due to tubercular meningitis. His nurse Chloe Kirker said he had no symptoms of TB, just the bloated and discolored look of one poisoned by arsenic. So, the very fact that the BC coroner is showing up in Kamloops now is proof that an official cover-up is at work and any incriminating evidence found on those little bones will be expunged as quickly as were their little lives. The whole sorry charade reminds me of a scene from the movie Mississippi Burning, when three civil rights workers are murdered by the Ku Klux Klan and thrown into a swamp. But when their bodies are discovered, it is the sheriffs and judges who are KKK members who disinter the remains and conduct the autopsy and issue the verdict on their death that prevented anyone from going to jail. And all the locals and the press were satisfied that justice had been done! Well, in that regard, it’s not only the aboriginal accomplices to the serial killer called Christian Canada that are falsely posing as the friends of the slaughtered innocents. So too is the rest of the world and its media. Suddenly the mass graves of Canadian residential school children is hot news in the New York Times and the BBC and China Daily News. But where were they all in 1998 …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 37

Kevin Annett, Continued

after our Tribunal first broke the news? And in 2011 when our campaign unearthed the positively identified bones of Mohawk residential school children in Brantford, Ontario? We know very well why this contrivance is happening now and how it is not simply another sordid cover-up. It is the way of all serial killers who hold power. First, they torture and kill their victims for profit or sport, then they secretly bury them and their memory, and much later after the truth gets known and it is safe to do so, the murdered are disinterred by the killers themselves who shed crocodile tears and claim it was all an unfortunate accident, a sad chapter that can be healed and reconciled, somehow. This farce is ultimately about power. It is how a few people hold power over the many. The killers on their thrones must continually prove that they can murder whomever they like and get away with it, and then, with noblesse oblige, issue insulting “apologies” to pretend they’re different now. That big lie is not just a way to legally indemnify themselves: it’s to laugh in the face of their victims and keep them in their place. We know the agenda of the mighty all too well because it keeps repeating itself: the same murderous pattern of Church and State to kill, conceal and repeat. And yet their reopening of the graves of those they have tried so hard to erase is in fact an act of desperate self-destruction: a turning of the tables on themselves, like during an exorcism when the possessing entity is forced to name itself and thereby loses its power. With all their power, Canadian Church and State have been forced to respond to our initiative, and to the issues that our campaign established at the start. For we did as Sun Tzu advises in The Art of War by first forming the ground of battle, and so we won the fight before it began, even though we faced an enormous adversary. For over two decades we have defined the residential schools issue as one of genocide and mass graves, not “abuses” and compensation. Now, despite all their weight, the killers have had to do so too. No matter how much Canada tries to soften its mass murder of children, it can no longer deny the crime or its collective guilt. Its mask is off and its murderous nature stands revealed. But frankly the Church and State killers were exposed years ago. In early 2013, a Brussels common law court established by our campaign convicted Canada, its churches and their sponsors in London and Rome of Crimes against Humanity and sentenced their leaders to prison, even forcing Pope Benedict from office. Every Canadian is therefore required by law to shun the system 38 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

that slaughtered entire nations of original people, by not paying its taxes or voting for it or obeying its laws. The imposition of the covid police state by the same system that slaughtered the Kamloops children has made our non-cooperation with its evil all the more urgent. For the same agency of Health Canada that is forcing the socalled corona vaccine into your arms used the Kamloops children as lab rats and killed them, en masse. Will you allow these killers to shove a needle into your children’s arms? The graves of the Kamloops children reveal much of the criminality of our society, of the Canadian government and the churches and their aboriginal accomplices. But the graves are also a mirror on all of us and of the future that could await us. For we have all been accessories to the worst crime and the biggest cover-up in Canadian history, through our taxes, our church tithings, our willful ignorance of the death camps in our own backyards and our willingness to look the other way and believe the words of the killers in high office. When we fully embrace that dark truth and refuse to participate any longer in the criminal conspiracy called Canada, we will have taken our first step out of the shadows – but only by first risking and sacrificing the security we have gained off the avails of genocide, and from the torture and death of little children, who were sacrificed in our name. There is no answer to this crime within the status quo. Canadians stand under a judgement imposed by the consequences of their own complicity in mass murder. As much as we deny our real heritage and history, we cannot escape its results. The tyranny and death we imposed on others is now blowing back on all of us, as it must, before we see the truth. If we are to survive ourselves, we must finally realize and act on the realization that there is no answer or salvation for any of us within our corrupt and irredeemable status quo. It is time for the living to leave Sodom and its Molochworshipping rituals of child sacrifice. We can begin today by knowing the truth of the Kamloops death camp and the real history of the system that spawned it, and stopping this latest obscenity of deceit and cover-up by the criminals. Stand down orders have been issued and will be enforced against those destroying the children’s graves. Come to Kamloops and join our witness and protest. And act where you are to enforce the verdict that disestablished the Catholic, Anglican and United churches, whose property and assets can be lawfully seized as reparations for their crimes against children. Squamish traditional elders in Vancouver did so in 2008, when Siem Kiapilano evicted these churches

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from their territory in 2008. The rest of us can do nothing less if our words are more than words. At the end of the day, we have learned that the power to stop evil and defend the innocent lies in our own hands, once we recover ourselves, form the ground of battle and refuse the lies and the strategies of our guilty adversary. The events in Kamloops these days are the playing out of a huge exorcism of that adversary that a few of us began in 1995 and has reached as far as Rome. Do not

succumb to the lies of that expelled entity. Step out of its collapsing world while you still can, lest you too are embraced by the mass grave that is planned for humanity by the same dark power that shoved those children in the ground. Kevin Annett, Nanaimo BC ♣ SEE LINK: https://republicofkanata.ca/ June-20-2021: Genocide whistleblower nominated for Order of Canada.


Summer 2021 reading opportunities: From Bob Hansen, Ladysmith BC

I’ve had the great fortune to read some excellent books recently and four are almost constantly on my mind, they’ve been so helpful for me to comprehend what is going on at this time, and the origin of some of the fundamental problems we have now. I present the four here, with a brief description of the relevance of each. I also provide a link to them on Amazon because you’ll see more description of them there as well. All four books relate to major changes that began to take place in western societies after the bubonic plague in Europe ~ 1350 CE, and their relevance to present science, religion and of course, economics. In the case of the Italian Renaissance, however, much of that novel thinking was not new at all, it stemmed from a large collection of books (42 were observed in Alexandria, Egypt in ~ 50 CE by a Roman historian) that date back to Egyptian antiquity. I place these books here in the order that makes them most valuable, essentially moving forward in time from the Renaissance to the 21st century. The four books I recommend for this summer are: The Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science and the Search for the Mind of God, by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince (2011). [https://tinyurl.com/ForbiddenUniverse ]

Almost all of the great scientific theories around the time of the Renaissance came from men who were secretly reading and adhering to an ancient set of books on science, religion and the cosmos. These ancient books described, long before Christ, how the Earth revolved around the Sun, and the moon around the Earth, and that there are other solar systems with Suns and planets of their own. Those scientists are: Bruno, Galileo, Newton, Leibniz, Bacon, Tycho Brahe, Kepler and others, and even Shakespeare was in on it. The prevailing power at the time was the Catholic www.dialogue.ca

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Church and it treated any ideas of heliocentricity with extreme violence, including the burning of scientists, like Giordano Bruno in 1600. It appears that what we think has been relatively recently ‘invented’ or ‘discovered’ was actually discussed 3000 years or more ago, but the problem has always been entrenched, intransigent power. We are seeing the dying remnants of that human historical drama today. Béchamp or Pasteur? By Ethel D. Hume (2006). [https://tinyurl.com/Bechamp-Pasteur ]

This book has had a particular impact on me. I first read it when I was 9 years old, as my father drove the family in our car across Canada on summer vacation. It set me on the track to go into the field of biology in some way. However, institutional teaching (i.e. public schools, as well as some personal harm) washed the truth from my mind until only a year or so ago. Now is different. Written firstly in 1923 and updated in 1943 (with all of the original book included in the 1943 edition), this book is actually two books. They detail the tumultuous years of the rise of mass vaccination in the western world in the mid-19th century. Pasteur is not at all what I had learned in school. Béchamp, arguably the most skilled microscopist of his day explained much more in biology, and in particular cellular biology than Pasteur ever did; and Béchamp’s theories hold far better ground …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 39

Bob Hansen, Summer Reading, contd.

scientifically at present than does germ theory. The theories on vaccination are an offshoot of germ theory.

Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, by Paul Manning (1981). [https://tinyurl.com/Martin-Bormann ]

Béchamp’s rejection of ‘germ theory’ can be glimpsed in one of his most valuable concluding statements: “Life is not the prey of Death. Everything is the prey of Life.” Europe and England had mandatory vaccinations for several years until the negative effects could no longer be tolerated by society, but by that time vaccination processes were well established medically, and very profitable to all involved in their manufacture and distribution. Although another scientist, who is not in this book, needs to be spoken of, in relevance to Béchamp’s findings, and the present medical dogma. That is Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971), also one of the most skilled microscopists of his time who built his own microscopes, using coherent light, and was able to see into cellular structures with a level of detail that was not equaled until the advent of modern electron microscopy. Rife (who is mentioned in Béchamp’s last book, The Blood: And Its’ Third Element) was an adherent of the theories of Béchamp and used various microwave frequencies beamed on tissue cultures he was watching with his coherent light microscope to kill disease cells, including cancer, in his labs, and had a list of over 200 disease cell types he had killed, along with their attendant electromagnetic frequencies. He applied his research to patients and had an incredible success rate. He was resisted with force by Big Pharma and the medical establishment and when he died all of his equipment and most of his writing was destroyed. This destruction of truth once more facilitated the march of Big Pharma that has brought us to the present state of ‘germ theory’ and, of course, its’ expansion to virology, resulting in…. covid. Pasteur firstly corrupted Biology, and then Medicine, and now Medicine has corrupted Science. Pasteur’s persona is mirrored in Bill Gates, separated neatly by 100 years. 40 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Martin Bormann is thought to have been the brains behind Hitler. The book describes funding and support of the Nazi party before and during World War II by British and American corporations and oligarchs; and the asset-stripping of Europe by the Nazis at the end of the War, before they fled to South and North America and England, with the help of the Vatican. I.G. Farben boss Hermann Schmitz showed Bormann how to create 750 secret corporations, as he had done at I. G. Farben, to hide this liquid stolen wealth globally. This stolen wealth (One banker quoted by Manning termed the Bormann Organization, the "world's most important accumulation of money power under one control in history”) ripples on today in the form of the so-called 5th Column, which I allege is very strong on Vancouver Island. The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies that Threaten to Take Over America, by Jim Marrs (2008). [https://tinyurl.com/Rise-of-4th-R ] This book describes the development of the trusts set up by Cecil B. Rhodes in his seven wills, managed by corporations, to expand the British Empire globally; secret societies (like the Skull and Bones), and others in view (the Fabians) in English-speaking countries continue to this day – with new names like: the Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S.A.; the Canadian International Council (its roots are the Canadian Institute of International Affairs); and in England, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (i.e. Chatham House). Every English speaking country has these groups and their mindsets, and I can’t help but to wonder if all countries globally now have such groups. From the Vatican, to Cecil Rhodes to Rockefellers and DuPonts to Gates and likely Bezos, these people’s nontransparent personal wealth, coupled to associations, secret societies and corporations, have been placing humanity on the wrong path for over two millennia (the oldest and one of the three most powerful entities on the planet is the Vatican). Now the issue is nearing a critical shift in social order. The adage that ‘three things cannot long be held from view: the Sun; the Moon; and the Earth’ is proving itself once again. These books help to show us what the problems are. I’ve always felt that knowing the problem is half the

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solution. So they will help us to defuse the present social time bomb and keep humanity safe from exploitative philosophies that include, in the extreme, depopulation, which is a plan of the cabal supporting the Rhodes’ objective, all of it for the benefit of the plan to expand the British Empire globally. Racism and its related cover, eugenics have been threatening humanity since the early 19th century. The play of corporate wealth beyond the lives of those who acquired it, for example Cecil B. Rhodes, is mirrored in the personal wealth of Bill Gates and his present trusts and massive financial donations to established global bureaucracies, certainly to be followed by Jeff Bezos, and soon others. So, the undercurrent of these four books is that we are very likely on a less-than-optimal path, again controlled by oligarchs, and that some of our present historical baggage is pointing to as far back as 3000 years BCE (in the case of Hermes Trismegistus and the 42 Egyptian books of knowledge on science, religion and the cosmos). In the light that these four books shed on the trail behind us, it appears that we are now at a crossroads that has taken perhaps 3500 years to reach; this juncture is an opportunity Humanity cannot afford to lose. I hope you enjoy and otherwise benefit from these books as much as I have. Bob Hansen, hansen.bob5@gmail.com BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE FROM BOB: Last year I published 2 books of memoirs relating to the control of Canada by the British terrorist group, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (HA), who have a bloodline

harassment contract against me and specific members of my family that began with my great grandfather, Scott Nearing. Scott was an economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania during WWI. The RCMP have worked with me to close the HA clubhouse in Nanaimo which had to be done to give myself some room to complete these memoirs. I think you would benefit from reading these two memoirs, a third one was about to go out at the same time (the 3 have taken me 20 years to conclude) but a personal tragedy slowed me down and then allowed me to expand my material in the third book, which will make all 3 more relevant. The third memoir is called 'Jade Baby Elephant', to be out this summer. The upshot of these books is that the British suzerain that controls and manages Canada (from Chatham House, England since 1871 and the sale of Rupert’s Land to Gov. of Canada) has overstepped its privilege of being a suzerain. My intention is to get them out of the governance of Canada. That sale agreement in 1871 has some nasty conditions, one of which is that the Gov. of Canada will work to extinguish First Nations titles to their land, and some other similar conditions. I am saying that those conditions of sale/purchase are still in effect and that we need to get that original agreement for sale to track down all such conditions and to discuss them and likely to toss some of them. Some of this sale agreement is in the book, The Remarkable History of the Hudson’s Bay Company by Bryce (~1910). You can read the descriptions of my books on Amazon: Bound By Precious Hostages (2020). [https://tinyurl.com/rlh-memoir1 ] By A Thousand Cuts: Memoirs of a Third Generation Canadian Blood Line Criminal Harassment Refugee in His Native Land (2020). [https://tinyurl.com/rlh-memoir2] ♣


About the Hidden History of the Second World War Re: The Guardian article, www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar From: Jack Etkin, Victoria, jetkin@hotmail.com

So it seems to me that the entire official story of WWII was a lie.... Corporate America and, no doubt the wealthy around the world, FUNDED Hitler and the Nazis in order to bring them to power. And start a world war?? And somehow that is barely worthy of a mention anywhere in our media for the past 50 years?? What kind of Crazy World are we living in? They tell us here in Canada we are a great democracy. I no longer believe that, but I certainly did for many www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

years. They tell us we have A Free Press. Yeah. Right. The politicians don't work for us and don't care about us. They are just actors, making a very nice living ... and their real job is to 'convince us' they care, while betraying us 365 days a year. And our entire planet has been destroyed for corporate profit. How good is THAT. We clearly need a complete and total democratic revolution if we want to save a future for the generations to come. Our ruling class have declared war on US, and so they have to be removed. That's the game we are in right now. Interesting times. ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 41


Exploring the “rabbit hole” – Questioning the official narratives Bill Woollam, Duncan, BC

I've never been afraid of entering the 'rabbit hole' to see where it leads. Be it the rabbit hole of self-reflection ...or the rabbit hole of questioning what is being spouted as truth by my news agency or public health authority. To go down this rabbit hole of questioning the 'official covid narrative' is full of challenges and confrontations, in my experience. I used to be a 'lazy thinker'. I would take my mainstream news reports seriously without questioning their intent. Now I ask, “Who funds these 'perception management firms?” “Why do the press and televised news reporters not question the conflict of interest between the World Health Organization and the Pharmaceutical cartels who are the W.H.O.'s major funders?” and lastly, “Why are the doctors, scientists, data analysts, and lawyers who have concerns with the masks, lockdowns and the rush to push 'experimental' mRNA injections on the general public... not being given a platform of televised debate, dialogue, and or press releases?” I realized I had to 'man-up' and listen to what the concerned doctors were saying. How else was I to understand? I soon realized that there is no covid debate in the press or on televised news about the mask-wearing, the lockdowns or the possible harm from the 'experimental' covid injections. Why? The answer came in a tidal wave. The 'official covid narrative' is completely biased and full of censorship. That has been what I found in this rabbit hole of digging and searching. So, I share the bits and pieces of research and doctors' statements and interviews ...and low and behold, the material is being debunked, fact-checked, censored, demonized and marginalized by internet platforms and news agencies. That told me about the power of the World Health Organization's ability to control the 'message'. But again I asked myself: "Who is the major funder of the W.H.O.?" and I searched that rabbit hole and came up with the Bill Gates, the Gavi Alliance and other Pharmaceutical corporations and anonymous donors as the major funders of the W.H.O. 42 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

(besides the smaller donations of wealthy countries). So, does anyone doubt the power of influence of the Pharmaceutical cartels funding of the W.H.O.? This rabbit hole is not for the shy or timid. I had to dare to question who funds mainstream media and 'fact-checker' agencies? Is the long, monied arm of the Pharmaceutical industry influencing the message the public eventually receives via news agencies and their public health authorities? I had to ask myself many more questions: "Would my government leader lie to me and the public?" "Are all doctors aware of the 'Adverse Event Reporting Service' and the reported harm of rushed 'experimental' covid vaccines?" That opened up another rabbit hole. I began to look helter-skelter for any and all doctors, nurses, data analysts, and lawyers in North America and Europe who disagreed with the protocol being pushed on all nations by the W.H.O. as a covid response. And boy did I get an awakening. The World Health Organization, news agencies, and public health authorities are under the influence of the monied arm of the Pharma mafia. That is my conclusion. Since going down this rabbit hole, I have been mocked, marginalized, demonized, ignored, vilified and insulted. My first reaction was to push harder, dig deeper, make sure my shared information was credible and accurate. I soon realized that sometimes a piece of information was not accurate. That only increased my intention to be more thorough and vigilant in listening to the experts in the field who had grave concerns about the lockdowns and the experimental covid injections. I discovered hundreds of doctors and scientists across the globe who were willing to risk their career and reputation to blow the whistle on this un-scientific response to this coronavirus season. This is where I am today. I realize there are those 'lazy thinkers', just as I have been, who won't bother to investigate outside of mainstream news and public health press releases. Fair enough. It is a long, slow process to weed through interviews and articles to finally get the gist of what the concerned members of the medical profession are saying. I can honestly say that I now know more about the inaccurate PCR 'swab' test. I understand why it is inaccurate, and thus over-inflates the 'case' figures by

Digital Edition


including up to 80 percent false positives. A person who is 'false positive' is someone who is not sick, has little to no symptoms (maybe had a sweat during the night), but due to the inaccurate test are told they are a covid 'case'. I understand that occurs due to the over 35 cycles of amplification being used to inaccurately diagnose a covid 'case'. I understand that up to 80 percent of false positive 'cases' will be completely healthy. When I look at the charts advertised on mainstream news regarding covid 'cases,' I noticed that the covid 'death figures' pretty well bottomed out last June of 2020. However, just as a flu/pneumonia season takes root in the Fall and rises in the Winter until April, the covid hospitalization follows that pattern as well. Summer season seems to minimize deaths from flu, pneumonia and coronaviruses. But that too is not brought to our attention on mainstream press or televised covid info releases. Why not? Why no comparison of Covid death figures to the past pneumonia/flu death figures? Not just flu deaths, but pneumonia/flu deaths of previous years? Why not compare? Because in BC, they are equal. I learned from a Montana, USA doctor, who told the public that the Center for Disease Control, back in March 2020 in the US, altered the traditional way of writing up death certificates. In her estimation this inappropriate change, results in over-inflating the covid death figures by about 60 %. For example, a person who has lung cancer but had a PCR swab test that indicated there was a presence of Covid, was to be now diagnosed as having died of Covid and not of lung disease! In the past the person would be written up as having died, say, 'of' lung disease 'with the presence' of coronavirus and other viral particles... However since those March 2020 changes to the protocol for writing up death certificates, now the person would be said to have “died of” covid with the presence of lung disease. Meaning, Covid would be bumped up as the cause of death... and the lung cancer, heart failure, COPD, Cardiovascular disease, or stroke would be secondary. This was previously unheard of. Same thing happened when I investigated down the rabbit hole of mask-wearing and its efficacy in the hospital operation rooms. In 1981, one of the first peer-reviewed studies was performed at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. For six months the surgeons and staff did not wear masks in the operating room. They compared the operating room rate of www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

infection of those six months to the infectious rate in the operating room for the same six months for four years previous. What they found was hard to fathom. The infectious rate was significantly less for the six-month period without the mask-wearing. I can provide 14 other peer-reviewed studies on the comparison to mask-wearing and not-wearing in the operating room....and in each study over the following 25 years, the infectious rate in the operating room of the non-masked group was less than or equal to the masked group. I understood that the moisture accumulating on the inner wall of the mask, along with being adjusted regularly, acts as a petri dish for the formation of bacteria, fungi, and poor oxygen flow to increase possibility of infection. Kind of like when I was a cook in an elderly care home for ten years, I quickly realized that wearing plastic gloves only gave the illusion of not cross-contaminating in food preparation. Going from raw chicken or raw fish to making sandwiches and a salad is only going to cross contaminate if I wear plastic gloves. Instead, myself and my cooking colleagues simply washed our bare hands after touching possibly contaminated raw fish or chicken. And thus, our hands were always rinsed and dried before touching new foods. So, like that, wearing a mask is only an illusion of protection, when in fact it is a source of cross-contamination. I’m not saying I don't cover my nose and mouth when I sneeze, but in general, if a person is coughing and sneezing constantly, they ought not to be cooking or socializing anyways. I listened to the doctors who have successfully treated covid patients in the early stages, and who asked the question: "Why were the early successful treatments for covid never shared or promoted across the mainstream media?" and "Why weren't the proper recommendation for clean drinking water, clean air, healthy eating practices, sunshine and exercise along with Vitamin D and early known treatments promoted?" Why were successful early treatments not even mentioned? Why was the 'official covid narrative' always: "There is no way out of this unless we get a vaccine?" All the time ignoring that such a rushed and inadequately tested covid mRNA injection has never been given to the general public before. Let us all remember even the vaccine manufacturers tell us that this covid …/ 'injection' does not prevent one from getting a VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 43

future coronavirus. Thus, the inappropriate masking, the ineffective lockdowns which continue to bankrupt small business across the globe, and the 'experimental covid injection’ are all pointless. These are just some of the questions and answers which I have discovered from diving into the rabbit hole of forbidden alternate covid research. I have chosen to question my news agencies, my public health authorities, the Pharmaceutically-funded medical institutions, and my government officials... and it has been quite a wakeup call to say the least. Am I your enemy for this?

Am I an 'anti-this' or 'anti-that' for my concerns? For anyone who has read this far and would like the interviews of doctors, or the peer-reviewed medical studies, or the data I have referred to, I will be happy to share if you email me. However, it is a long road, and a deep rabbit hole. This path is for those who have a sincere desire to understand what is not being told to us by mainstream news agencies, the W.H.O., public health authorities and our government politicians. All the best, Bill Woollam Compassionate Wolf templelife@hotmail.com ♣


“Have Computer Will Write” ~ Jeremy Arney

What to do?

Jeremy Arney, Langford BC, jemaisme@gmail.com

Dear Janet. I was going to give this month a miss as I really didn’t have anything new to write about. I have just completed a move from a basement suite in a largish house in North Saanich to very small one bedroom in Langford. I can see the floor in some spots and some clothes have found a home! This afternoon I had a phone call from my dear, delightful, darling daughter which dismayed us both. IT appears both she and her brother are very worried because I will not take the fake vaccination against C-19. She was trying to explain that by not doing so I was putting others in the family “at-risk” in danger!!! As we haven’t really met as a family since Xmas – and no one got sick – I am not convinced. We both admit that she is taken in by the propaganda and I am a non-conformist who sides if anything with some of the “conspiracy theories” – because it really has boiled down to that. Propaganda or conspiracy theories: black or white and no shades of colour or room for personal thoughts and opinions, nor respect for other’s opinions anymore. The concept that science tell all and rules all is also absolutely absurd as both sides have scientist with diametrically opposite views on what has and is happening. 44 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Whilst I am willing to forgo family events if others are that scared of the flu and said so; that was greeted with a flood of tears and ‘no dad, that’s not what I meant or want.’ So I started to wonder how many others have been put in the same spot by families that have bought into the fear of a pandemic which has killed less than the usual or historical influenza victims over the same period of time. The ‘official pandemic response’ is clearly a boon for big pharma, Bill Gates and Fauci and has meant the death of the dreams of way too many small business owners. As usual, the beneficiaries of this fake pandemic are those who already have more money than compassion, and whose insatiable greed continues unabated. Meanwhile, what to do about my family dilemma? Peace and love, Jeremy Arney Langford, BC, 250-216-5400 Letters at: https://jeremyarneysblog.com/ And at: iamjemaletters.wordpress.com ♣

Laughter & Ligtenment “Immutable Laws”

from Sammy Camilleri

Variation Law – If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now. Law of the Result – When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, IT WILL!!! The Coffee Law – As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.

Digital Edition


More from Whistleblowers and Truth Tellers PARKS, PLANS, PERJURY, PERSECUTION Lisa Wildman, Marsden SK

I am a whistleblower – a person who exposes, to mandated authorities, information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, incorrect, wasteful, or an abuse of taxpayer funds within a public or private organization. I am not an adult tattletale with an agenda, but a Canadian citizen concerned enough to invest myself in righting wrongs. That sounds so adorably superhero! The reality is much grimmer. I have been the target of reprisals encouraged by a lack of effective oversight and a failure to investigate and address wrongdoing. I am not alone. The paperweight on my desk effectively characterizes me, “sometimes PLAN, but sometimes WING IT”. My PLAN in 2013 was to buy an affordable retirement home. Sensible pre-retirement thinking. My search brought me to Suffern Lake, Saskatchewan to a 900 square foot, three-level split, plank-sided cabin in need of renovations but within my purchase capabilities. Having grown up on a family farm, I am old-fashioned in my land ownership values, so I did fret about not actually owning the lot, but what could go wrong when the sign at the entrance to the regional park said it operated under the auspices of the Province! It’s a good thing I’ve got that adaptable, “wing it” side to my personality. I am one of a small group of people, four seniors and one younger grandmother, who brought forward to all levels of government (local, municipal and provincial) concerns regarding unfair property taxation practices in the regional parks of Saskatchewan. Our initial efforts focused on the lack of elected representation in park communities. That should have been a straight-forward discussion about democratic expectations. You pay taxes, you get to vote. As Benjamin Franklin said in 1789, “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes”. Retirement status brings me closer to the one and, well, taxes! Our research into taxation concerns evolved into a multi-year effort to hold the park and its oversight bodies, including the Provincial government that I had assumed would be my champion, to account for mismanagement of regional park property taxation www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

practices. Throughout its geographic diversity of prairie landscapes, badlands, boreal forest, sand dunes, and lakes, Saskatchewan boasts a network of nearly 100 regional parks offering a wide variety of activities and amenities. About two dozen of these parks have cabin communities. Each regional park is administered by a local volunteer authority. Some have limited elected representation, some only appointed members and obviously, some park authorities are responsible for management and operation of both public areas and cabin communities. Management practices are as varied as the parks themselves. However, the distribution of tax burden and the collection of those dollars would reasonably be expected to be standard. Right? WRONG! Here is a tale of taxation in three parks: all three operate under the same legislation and regulations, all three have first-level rural municipality oversight with legislated taxation jurisdiction; all three have cabin communities. Only one is doing it right. 1. Atton’s Lake Regional Park Authority, ALRPA (200+ cabins): cabin owners pay no local property tax; the Park Authority made the legislated choice to support its operating budget through annual lease fees. Education Property Tax is appropriately charged at the provincial rate based on property assessments determined by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) with the value of both improvements and lots considered in the tax calculations. 2. Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority, SLRPA (55 cabins): cabin owners pay local property tax at a mill rate of 11. The high mill rate is necessary because the authority, for many years, deliberately manipulated cabin assessments keeping values falsely low by failing to report property sales and improvements as required to SAMA. SLRPA conducted a property survey in 2017 at a cost of $300/cabin. In 2020, they had not yet informed SAMA that the lot dimensions had been surveyed because the existing “plot” value of $900 would officially convert to a market assessment value taking the real estate maxim “location, location, location” into account. For …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 45

Lisa Wildman, Parks, Plans, Perjury…, contd.

example, my plot, previously worth $900, became a lot assessed at $13,400. This value will now be included with my cabin revaluation (up from $29,900 to $42,000) for my corrected taxation value. The Education Property Tax has, historically, been charged at the provincial rate but on the false property assessments, thereby shortchanging the province’s education tax income. 3. Lemsford Ferry Regional Park Authority LFRPA (under 20 cabins): cabin owners pay no taxes. Apparently neither the park authority nor the rural municipality (RM) holding first-level oversight had informed SAMA of their small cabin community. Assessments did not exist and seemingly no local property or Education Property taxes were collected. The Municipalities Act includes a provision that allows an RM or a regional park to choose to establish an annual licensing fee for mobile homes or trailers rather than assess them. The obvious difficulty is that many of the dwellings in this regional park are neither mobile homes nor trailers. SAMA acknowledged the reporting abuse and associated inaccuracies at Suffern Lake in February 2020, and also recognized the situation discovered at Lemsford Ferry in March 2021. The agency maintains an open line of communication with the whistleblowing cabin owners responsible for uncovering the tax irregularities. Regional park authorities are public bodies performing a function of government. In this instance, Suffern Lake and Lemsford Ferry Regional Park Authorities and their oversight RMs appear to have been involved in long-term wrongdoing, knowingly shortchanging the provincial government and associated school boards of Education Property Tax monies.

How can these situations continue to exist given that responsible authorities have been informed of the wrongdoing? It appears the politically motivated choice is to suppress information of situations in which all levels of government appear inept and because rural votes have been the Sask Party’s stronghold since its formation, government is understandably unwilling to cast a negative shadow on regional parks which are shining stars of municipal engagement and insurance for garnering rural votes. With 31 seats required for a majority, the 29 rural seats are crucial. Both Park Authorities remain in place and in power. 46 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Government Remains Silent Government, including the Ministries of Justice, Government Relations, Environment and Parks, as well as Executive Council, has not provided any response to tax-related correspondence. That there has been no response, no intervention, no sanctioning of wrongdoing from government amounts to a deliberate, destructive failure of oversight that puts individual investments at risk and allows taxation process inequities to continue throughout the regional park system with no regard to fairness or personal impact. Pamela Forward, President of Whistleblowing Canada Research Society, says, “this situation unfortunately illustrates a typical pattern of behaviour all too often engaged in by many - both by those senior in organizations and those with oversight responsibilities for the organization. Politicians at all levels of government often will not accept responsibility for errors or wrongdoing. They often react defensively when problems are raised – whether it be an inside employee in a public organization or an outside person receiving services from some entity or organization – public or private. They seem to be unaware that this stance contributes to loss of trust in government apart from the other damage it causes. Park Life Post-Whistleblowing Forward recognizes that, “the people raising concerns – we like to call them truth-tellers, more often known as whistleblowers – are often dismissed, denigrated, and punished; but to do nothing encourages wrongdoing and is equivalent to accepting corruption, fraud and regulatory failure as the norm in our public and private organizations”. The devastating impact on our small group through reprisals from SLRPA include terminated leases, eviction notices, denial of critical services, court actions to seize properties supported by perjured statements, padded invoices and denial of 2021 lease renewals. Government actions and inaction were employed in concert with a local authority against individuals who disclosed violations of law and regulations. The social impacts of SLRPA’s vindictive campaign of defamation and disinformation included a petition urging the court to remove the whistleblowers from the park. We have been publicly portrayed as “harder to get rid of than a troublesome bear” (OUCH!) There was a troublesome bear, they shot it. …/ Digital Edition


In spite of having requested and been refused mediation FOUR times prior to court actions, SLRPA has attributed the lack of operating funds to upgrade the community water system to three cabin owners who caused them to spend money on legal fees. A whistleblower needs a thick skin and a well-developed sense of self. It is to counteract such scenarios that Forward advocates for comprehensive Canadian whistleblowing protection legislation. She believes that “any person/s with evidence of wrongdoing attempting to raise it to authorities should be taken seriously by those in authority and protected from reprisals by law, and there should be proper mechanisms set up to investigate and report publicly the findings of such investigations. Some twenty-two countries in the world have such legislation such as Australia, France, Ghana, Namibia. Sadly, Canada is not one of them. Our approach is very narrow and restrictive – to our great detriment”. The lack of integrity in organizations has serious consequences when truth-tellers are ignored; in our regional park situation it is the potential loss of home and community. Forward paints a bleak national picture, “when truth-tellers are ignored and punished it can, and has, escalated to loss of life and given rise to threats to our national security”. Fortunately for my friends and I, Whistleblowing Canada is committed to developing a national culture where truth-tellers are valued, not punished, and are

recognized for their efforts in maintaining transparent, accountable and ethical public and private organizations. Ever since it was introduced in 5th century BC, democracy has always meant a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting. The 2018 Whistleblowing in Canada: A Knowledge Synthesis Report states, “whistleblowers have been involved in the evolution of modern democratic societies and have spurred growing interest from citizens for transparency and freedom of information”. Hopefully, our whistleblower efforts can spur Saskatchewan’s regional park oversight agencies to grow an interest in correcting the autocratic, disrespectful, unethical and fraudulent conduct of their authorities. Lisa Wildman, Marsden SK atamewildman@hotmail.com

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.” ― Robert Frost Postscript Just prior to the publishing of this installment, the law firm Robertson-Stromberg, Counsel for Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority, served notice to John Danilak and Lisa Wildman that it was the intention of the Authority to again file for Writs of Possession on their respective properties. This will be the fourth attempt in three years. ♣ [Part Eight of Norm Zigarlick’s saga, “Feudal Fiefdoms of Saskatchewan,” starts on p.74]


Nature and/or Nurture… Denise Ward, denisemward@gmail.com

It's funny how this "either/or" understanding has had so much debate without understanding that it's more like that it's both nature AND nurture. When we're born, we learn through seeing what others do. We learn from our environment. It's like a program. I call it the default. Once we know that it was just there to get us started, then we can take it a step further and recognize that we can change the default program. This understanding is phenomenal. We are really empowered when we know this. The geneticist, Bruce Lipton discovered that we influence our DNA. Our DNA changes by our thoughts. If we think that we are stuck, then we will be. Rather we www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

could be talking about how we unstick ourselves. We must do this as individuals… but, as individuals, share ideas and experiences. Rather than have a "go to" organization that makes our decisions. I have been working on this myself for the last 8 years. We need to also understand that there is very little, (very, very, little), that has been taught or written about, that exposes us to our intrinsic power. I call it power as there are very few words in English (deliberately so) but one could also call it "capacity" or ability. The English language is a Trojan in itself, made to keep us in a negative spin. If this sounds too "esoteric" for anyone, I'm happy to clarify any points or be challenged on any points. Have you seen or read Paul Levy's works on wetiko? …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 47

Wetiko is an indigenous word and in a nutshell means evil. Here are two intros, one a video interview and one an article by the foremost writers on the subject and the only ones that exist, from my searches. There may be more. But very valuable information. www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/3472 www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGJCJSwWyE8&t=1612s

I think this subject could take you on a journey as it's highly compelling. Another writer associated to this

subject, is an author named Andrew M. Lobaczewski. His book is called Political Ponerology. Ponerology is the study of evil. His book is free on the internet. This should be standard education but it isn't. Why it isn't is very clear and reveals how information is filtered by the jackals that run the world. Information is the true wealth. Everything is so orchestrated that it's quite easy to suffer from cognitive dissonance over it. Denise Ward, denisemward@gmail.com ♣


FROM SHUSWAP, BC - SECWEPEMC TERRITORY Patricia White, Lee Creek BC, pwhite.red@gmail.com We must continue singing & dancing! April 13, 2021: When I feel my heart breaking, I let it, and let it crack open more and more and more… Sometimes the tears run down onto my lap… Colonization of the mind, body, soul and spirit has been going on since they brought the bible around 5000 years ago. Now we see the finale which is the DNA hybridiPatricia with Peanut, zation. In my opinion it is much one of her 3 canine deeper than we can even imagine. companions. They have been cultivating their operatives via technology now which is much quicker than the schools and universities. The pied piper demonstrates the soul capture we are witnessing of our children. They are mesmerized and practically unreachable. We are in their way. They are addicted. It is a gorgeous sunny day here today and I’m on my way to the groomer to have my little companions spruced up … yesterday I distributed 100 copies of ‘Druthers’ with another Grama and I’ll put up posters and flyers again today. tra la la !!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlfi21jeqQU …ENJOY! Puisse ce moment musical en forêt stimuler la reprise des concerts en plein air aux beaux jours! [May this musical moment in the forest stimulate the resumption of outdoor concerts on sunny days!] Merci à HK de nous avoir autorisé à chanter sa chanson avec nos mots. Nous avons souhaité participer à la grande vague de flashmobs qui déferle en ce moment dans toutes les villes de France... en Forêt ! Cette vidéo a été tournée en mars 2021 en Vallée du Cousin (Yonne, Bourgogne) ♣


“When God Had a Wife: The Fall and Rise of the Sacred Feminine in the Judeo-Christian Tradition”

by Lynn Picknett (Author), Clive Prince (Author) This book reveals the tradition of goddess worship in early Judaism and how Jesus attempted to restore the feminine side of the faith. It provides historical and archaeological evidence for an earlier form of Hebrew worship with both male and female gods, including a 20th-century discovery of a Hebrew temple dedicated to both Yahweh and the warrior goddess Anat. It shows how both Jesus and his great rival Simon Magus were attempting to restore the ancient, goddess-worshipping religion of the Israelites. Despite what Jews and Christians – and indeed most people – believe, the ancient Israelites venerated several deities besides the Old 48 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Testament god Yahweh, including the goddess Asherah, Yahweh’s wife, who was worshipped openly in the Jerusalem Temple. After the reforms of King Josiah and Prophet Jeremiah, the religion recognized Yahweh alone, and history was rewritten to make it appear that it had always been that way. The worship of Asherah and other goddesses was now heresy, and so the status of women was downgraded and they were blamed for God’s wrath. However, as Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince reveal, the spiritual legacy of the Jewish goddesses and the Sacred Feminine lives on. Drawing on historical research, they examine how goddess worship thrived in early Judaism

Digital Edition


and included a pantheon of goddesses. They share new evidence for an earlier form of Hebrew worship that prayed to both male and female gods, including a 20thcentury archaeological discovery of a Hebrew temple dedicated to both Yahweh and the goddess Anat. Uncovering the Sacred Feminine in early Christianity, the authors show how, in the first century AD, both Jesus and his great rival, Simon Magus, were attempting to restore the goddess-worshipping religion of the Israelites. The authors reveal how both men accorded great honor to the women they adored and who traveled with them as priestesses, Jesus’s Mary Magdalene and Simon’s Helen. But, as had happened

centuries before, the Church rewrote history to erase the feminine side of the faith, deliberately ignoring Jesus’s real message and again condemning women to marginalization and worse. Providing all the necessary evidence to restore the goddess to both Judaism and Christianity, Picknett and Prince expose the disastrous consequences of the suppression of the feminine from these two great religions and reveal how we have been collectively and instinctively craving the return of the Sacred Feminine for millennia. Publisher: Bear & Company; Illustrated edition 336 pages (Dec 10 2019); ISBN-10: 1591433703 ♣


A Letter from Dolly Dennis – one of Dialogue’s first columnists… Dolly Dennis, Edmonton AB sabby_dd@hotmail.com

Hi Janet, At 73, feeling 23 – except for the bones. I have come a long way since I started to write my Dialogue column in 1989. I wrote 52 columns and have them all. My thanks again to you and Maurice for giving me that opportunity. The physio sure helped yesterday and I'm in for 6 months of it. Hope to walk without the walker and be more mobile. In the meantime, I'm hosting a panel discussion May 28 on the topic of POV (Pointe of View) at the Writers Guild of Alberta Conference. Also three of my poems have been accepted in poetry anthologies. World City is digital and they will be showing my “mother” poem with a sketch I did of my young mother and me. The theme of this journal is mothering. First time this has happened. I have returned to writing poetry and have come full circle since I wrote poetry in my teens. The poem Sunflowers (right) is from my third book which is almost done. It's called The Quiet Wound and captures my childhood memories growing up in Ville Emard and Verdun as a displaced person when my parents came to Canada. The book includes my prose, poetry and essays. My publisher has first dibs for publication. I continue to paint. My grandson is two and I will become a grandmother again in September. My daughter in law has asked me to do a painting for the new grandson's room as I did for Cal, my first grandson. www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

Attaching my painting of sunflowers* which to me always denotes summer. Hope you can use it. (The painting was sold.) Here's the poem:

WINDY SUNFLOWERS (after Van Gogh) sunflowers make me weep— those giant clod-hoppers undulate fornicate the breeze. no wonder Van Gogh painted them. stubborn, leggy, robust acned faces scarred and charred hair ablaze, a golden beacon for the castaways, rejected squatters tagged as weeds. sunflowers carry madness— such a burden for so bright a bloom. muddy back yards, bare and barred, weary heads droop and scoop, genuflect the garden floor. cockeyed bonnets all askew petals slanted in a tilt of plates scatter like a wedding day. littered dreams buried deep. * Sunflower painting on P.2.

Dolly Dennis

Editor’s Note: We are looking forward to sharing, in future issues, some of Dolly’s early columns. ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 49

On the Wisdom of Not Knowing… Christina Stafford, Nanaimo cm.stafford@shaw.ca

Amazingly, this ‘wisdom of not knowing’ is what I’ve been realizing ever so gradually over years of questioning things… It’s positively amazing how many assumptions we’ve learned to make – about everything… and how the lens of intellectual knowledge prevents us from realizing that consciousness exists in everything…. even if it’s different from our human type…. and that we were born with conscious awareness… But our whole body wisdom has been forgotten, in the pursuit of what we’ve been conditioned to believe is the far superior – but exclusive – mental way of knowing… Researchers learned to take things apart and reverse engineer them…. never considering that taking them out of their living context, to dissect them, meant that this research was only relevant to dead things… But I don’t think this was a mistake... I think humanity had to pursue this kind of knowledge to know – viscerally over time – what it would lead to… and what it would do to our existential yearning for re-connection and intimacy... But, being disconnected from our body/heart/mind wholeness, we’ve been caught in a nightmarish feeling of separateness from all that, in

truth, we are profoundly and lovingly connected with. … And living this delusion for thousands of years. Free choice may also be another distorted idea that has reified our false sense of separateness…. But this doesn’t mean that uniqueness doesn’t exist…. It’s just that like drops of water from the ocean, we are simultaneously individual drops and also part of the whole ocean…. Or a different way of saying this is that there is a source of intelligence within the totality that has been guiding everything in an evolutionary dance for billions of years… and each of us – and everything else in the universe – is a particle of this source… participating in the dance of evolution – even if not consciously aware of it... So surrendering (to source) (love) (wisdom) (God) – or whatever name – is to be free of fear…. free of resistance to life…. free of the need to know… and free of the burden of “thinking” we must control things to be safe… And what’s left after this is simply what’s always been – the energy of love – the “presence” or “light" – the implicate, loving, self-organizing principle within everything that exists…. including us…. [Link to an interesting article below] Christina ♣

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The Wisdom of Forgetting Everything You Know by Gail Brenner, Jan 29, 2013, syndicated from http://aflourishinglife.com/2012/11/not-knowing/,

“Right now, and in every now-moment, you are either closing or opening. You are either stressfully waiting for something – more money, security, affection – or you are living from your deep heart, opening as the entire moment, and giving what you most deeply desire to give, without waiting.” – David Deida [QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE:]

How to Forget What You Know Center yourself in the wisdom of not knowing: You are aligned with the truth of things as they are. You open to the possibility of freedom from habits that are limiting and painful. You live in reality and not in your mind-constructed version of a false reality. You are here, alive, embodied, available. Then, from this space of your truest desire, simply 50 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

stop. Have the courage to let life unfold. Put the mind aside and be receptive to what happens next. This is the sacred shift from doing to being. Maybe you’re afraid you won’t get out of bed all day or you’ll end up like a slug on the couch. Maybe you fear not being able to contain joy or love. Maybe you wonder if your life circumstances will change dramatically. It is natural to be afraid to let go of the known. Remember that life wants you to live fully and to express yourself in beautiful and amazing ways. But you can’t know what they are. Be willing to forget everything you know – about yourself, others, and the way you think the world works. Stop, be quiet, and don’t know. You just might discover exactly what you have been looking for your whole life. […] Read in full at: http://aflourishinglife.com/2012/11/not-knowing/ ♣ Digital Edition


Why 5G is so deadly… Interfering with the Fires of Life – by Arthur Firstenberg From: Herb Spencer, spsi99@telus.net Here’s the biological science why 5G is deadly. It messes around with the tiniest flows of electrons in our mitochondria that are vital to energy generation in every cell. No wonder 5G is a booster to the anti-health plans of the virus/mRNA conspiracy that are hurting so many. The naive just keep trusting the Rulers, while the Few who know better, keep their mouths shut to stay employed. – Herb

Interfering with the Fires of Life Arthur Firstenberg, arthur@cellphonetaskforce.org Santa Fe, June 30, 2021 LINK: www.cellphonetaskforce.org/newsletters/

Eating and breathing are the fundamental requirements of life. But the energy for life also requires combustion: the food we eat must combine with the oxygen we breathe. This combustion takes place inside our cells in tiny structures called mitochondria. And within our mitochondria are even tinier structures called electron transport chains. These are the invisible wires that carry the electrons generated by the digestion of our food to the molecules of oxygen supplied by our lungs and blood. Anything that interferes with these tiny electric currents interferes with life. Wireless technology, by bombarding our cells with complex, pulsed, modulated electromagnetic fields, plays havoc with these currents of life. The whole process of eating, breathing, digesting, and producing energy -- the process of living -- slows down. We are seeing the consequences everywhere. Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer When the electron-generating enzymes in our mitochondria cannot keep up with the volume of sugars, fats and proteins being supplied by our digestive system, those components of our diet accumulate in our blood. The accumulation of sugar in the blood, and its excretion by the kidneys, is called diabetes, a disease that was so rare before 1860 that most doctors never saw a case during their lifetime. Eating sugar, no matter how much, once did not cause diabetes. The accumulation of fats in the blood, and their deposition in the walls of our arteries, including our coronary arteries, causes heart disease, which was uncommon in 1850 and almost never occurred except in infants and the elderly. Cholesterol, and high-fat diets, once did not cause heart disease. Later, the same changes occurred in zoo animals. Heart disease, for example, did not exist in any animals in the Philadelphia Zoo before 1945. And the first heart attacks ever www.dialogue.ca

recorded in zoo animals occurred in 1955. Yet sclerosis of the coronary arteries increased so rapidly that by 1963, over 90 percent of all mammals and 72 percent of all birds that died in the zoo had coronary disease, while 24 percent of the mammals and 10 percent of the birds had had heart attacks. Similar trends were reported from the London Zoo and the Zoo of Antwerp. When our cells are starved of oxygen because they cannot use all the oxygen we breathe, sometimes they revert to anaerobic (non-oxygen using) metabolism and become cancerous. Cancer, too, was once quite rare. In 1850 it was the 25th most common cause of death in the U.S., behind accidental drowning. Even tobacco smoking, before about 1920, did not cause lung cancer. And during the 1930s and 1940s the rates of both malignant and benign tumors increased dramatically among many families of mammals and birds at the Philadelphia Zoo. The modern pandemic of obesity is also an electrical disease caused not by overeating and lack of exercise but by the same slowing down of metabolism. Depending on our genetic disposition, our bodies either excrete a large portion of our digested food unused, causing weight loss, or else convert much of the carbohydrates and fats we eat into fatty tissues, causing obesity. Obesity has been steadily increasing, worldwide, not only in humans, but in zoo animals, laboratory animals, pets, farm animals, and wild animals, due to the increase in radiation. Longevity Contrary to popular belief, the lengthening of the human life span is not due to modern medicine. It is instead caused by the interference with metabolism that slows down our rate of living. And also contrary to popular belief, this is not a good thing: we are all living slower, sicker, less vital lives. This was observed in 1880 by Dr. George Miller Beard in his book on neurasthenia: “Although [neurasthenia] may tend to prolong life and to protect the system against febrile and inflammatory disease, yet the amount of suffering that [it] cause[s] is enormous.” And the same observation was made by Yasuo Kagawa in 1978 about the remarkable increase in lifespan in Japan: “Extended life expectancy but increased diseases.” This, too, has been occurring in both humans and animals. The evidence for what I have summarized so far is set out in detail in chapters of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life: [Ch. 11, Irritable Heart; Ch. 12, The Transformation of Diabetes; Ch 13, Cancer & the Starvation of Life; Ch 14, Suspended Animation. …/

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Arthur Firstenberg, The Fires of Life, cont’d The rest of this newsletter is devoted to additional evidence that has been brought to my attention only recently.

Normal Body Temperature is Decreasing Dousing the fires of life by interfering with metabolism might be expected to lower the body’s temperature. And it is so. Two weeks ago, Dr. Mark Thompson, a biochemist in the UK, called my attention to a paper published by a group of doctors at the Stanford University School of Medicine. They pointed out that normal body temperature is no longer 37° Celsius (98.6° Fahrenheit), but that it in fact has been steadily declining for close to 150 years. Their paper, published January 7, 2020, is titled “Decreasing human body temperature in the United States since the Industrial Revolution.” The data they relied on were hundreds of thousands of temperature measurements taken from three databases: the Union Army Veterans of the Civil War (measurement years 1862-1930); the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I (NHANES) (1971-1975); and the Stanford Translational Research Integrated Database Environment (STRIDE) (2007-2017). Because these scientists could not figure out what could make body temperature drop so steadily, they attributed it to “physiologic evolution” instead of to an environmental factor. Another study, this time of the Tsimane’ people in the Bolivian Amazon, came to my attention a few days ago. It is titled “Rapidly declining body temperature in a tropical human population.” Most Tsimane’ villages still have no electricity, but in 2004, many of the villagers acquired cell phones, radios, antennas, light bulbs, and solar panels, and in 2009 a 374-kilometer, 115-kilovolt transmission line was completed through the area. The line runs close to about a 50-kilometer stretch of the Maniqui River, where many of the villages are located. Today there is cell phone service for at least 25 kilometers, and probably farther, in every direction from the only town, San Borja. 16,800 measurements of body temperature were made between 2003 & 2018. During this period of time, normal body temperature plummeted among these people from 37.4° C (99.3° F) to 36.4° C (97.5° F). I have charted all the data from both these papers on the same graph. [View online at link at the end.] One detail that the Stanford scientists ignored is the sharp drop in body temperature that occurred in the U.S. when it entered World War I in 1917 and that continued through most of the 1920s. This is consistent with the deployment of immensely powerful low frequency radio stations by the United States in order to reach Navy ships 52 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

overseas during the war, most of which were dismantled or replaced by lower power shortwave stations by the end of the 1920s. The role of electricity and radio in causing influenza, including the Spanish influenza of 1918, is also explored in my book: Chapter 7, “Acute Electrical Illness”; Chapter 8, “Mystery on the Isle of Wight”; and Chapter 9, “Earth’s Electric Envelope.” Cancer is Not a Genetic Disease Additional evidence that cancer is a metabolic mitochondrial disease has also come to my attention recently. Although modern oncologists are wedded to the idea that cancer is caused by genetic mutations caused by environmental toxins, a rival theory, formulated a century ago by Otto Warburg, holds that cancer is a metabolic disease caused by lack of oxygen, and that carcinogens cause cancer by damaging cellular respiration. Warburg based his hypothesis on the observation that cancer cells do not require oxygen, and this observation is behind the modern method of diagnosing and staging cancer using positron emission tomography, or PET scanning. Because anaerobic metabolism is inefficient and consumes glucose at a tremendous rate, PET scans can easily find tumors in the body by their more rapid uptake of radioactive glucose. Now, new research by Thomas Seyfried at Boston College has virtually proven that cancer is not caused by genetic mutations. He reviewed evidence from nuclear transfer experiments done in his own and other laboratories in recent years that prove that it is the mitochondriacontaining cytoplasm, and not the DNA-containing nucleus, that determines whether a cell is cancerous or not. When the nucleus of a cancer cell is combined with the cytoplasm of a normal cell, the resulting fused cell grows normally when implanted into an animal. Conversely, when the nucleus of a normal cell is combined with the cytoplasm of a cancer cell, the fused cell forms a tumor when implanted. It is the mitochondria, and not the DNA, that determines whether a cell is cancerous or not. “In contrast to the somatic mutation theory,” writes Seyfried, “emerging evidence suggests that cancer is a mitochondrial metabolic disease, according to the original theory of Otto Warburg.” Cancer, he says, is caused by lack of oxygen, and DNA mutations are a secondary effect of that lack. “It has been my view,” he writes, “that the plethora of random somatic mutations seen in tumors of almost every kind arise ultimately as downstream effects of insufficient respiration with compensatory fermentation.”

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The prevailing, mistaken view of cancer is responsible for the artificial, wrong, and devastating distinction made by scientists, governments, and the World Health Organization between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is energetic enough to knock electrons off of atoms and create ions, and anything that can ionize your DNA is supposed to be able to cause genetic mutations which is supposed to be the cause of cancer. Therefore, according to the prevailing theory, wavelengths much shorter than light waves (high-energy ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays) are dangerous and

wavelengths longer than light waves (infrared, radio waves, and power line radiation) are safe, and can be pulsed, modulated and manipulated, and sent all over the planet with impunity. Seyfried and his colleagues have virtually proven that this is wrong. Arthur Firstenberg, Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, P.O. Box 6216, Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA; phone: 1-505-471-0129 Email: arthur@cellphonetaskforce.org LINK: www.cellphonetaskforce.org/newsletters/ ♣


“Your Health Matters”

Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, Strongsville, Ohio EDITOR’S NOTE: We are grateful to

Derrick Lonsdale and his publishing company, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., for their express written permission to serialize and reprint this ground-breaking book.

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine: Is Modern Medicine Helping You? © 2013 Derrick Lonsdale M.D. All rights reserved

E Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. 12620 FM 1960, Suite A4-507 Houston TX 77065

www.sbpra.com -- ISBN: 978-1-63135-336-9 (hardcover) 978-1-61897-092-3 (softcover)

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine: Is Modern Medicine Helping You? By Derrick Lonsdale M.D. DEDICATION To my late wife, Adele; (and) The late James P. Frackelton M.D., Partner and friend who taught me much in the practice of Alternative Medicine. CONTINUED FROM THE LAST ISSUE:


Early Origins of Theory and Practice As we explore the functions of our own bodies and become more knowledgeable about the intricacies of its machinery, we become more arrogant in believing that we can either do better than nature or find ways and means of patching its perceived mistakes. Tracing some of the past history of medicine can perhaps give us an idea of how we arrived at the modern drug-based method of treatment. Disease and health have been regarded in various ways ever since man had sufficient brain sophistication to understand the difference. To see how medical thought has developed, we have to start with pre-history. The word holistic comes from the word holos, meaning a hill. This came from an ancient language used by people who gathered herbs from the hillside. Thus, the use of herbs has a long lineage and is now beginning to be revived in our modern era. This fact www.dialogue.ca

[ Installment 4 ] indicates that people are not entirely satisfied with the present methods of “scientific” medicine used today.

We will start with a consideration of medicine as it was practiced by the ancient Chinese. They were extremely observant and developed methods of treatment that were derived from their observations. Yin and Yang Later in this book, we will emphasize the importance of “balance” in all the mechanisms of the human body. Yin and Yang represent a fundamental philosophy that, when applied to body functions, can open the mind to phenomena that become more easily understood. It is therefore valuable to consider how and why such methods were developed and why, for instance, acupuncture is still used, some five to ten thousand years later. The Chinese sages who developed acupuncture and pulse diagnosis from careful observation of their patients were true clinical physicians who were not diverted by the technology that we have in modern medicine. We tend to believe that these ancients were less knowledgeable than we are today, since they lived at a time when this technology was not available. I am not, of course, suggesting that we should get rid of the technological advances, but there is a tendency for us to be certain that technology will remove all the “guess-work” …/

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Derrick Lonsdale, The History of Medicine, contd.

from the ultimate goal of ascertaining what is wrong with a sick person. So pervasive is this concept, that modern physicians may perform a CAT scan or other form of imaging before listening to what the patient has to say. We have come to believe that we have developed wonders that make the history of medical science obsolete. There are several factors that have made the wisdom of ancient China inaccessible to us. The first is the obvious difficulty of the language symbols themselves, and second, that the language speaks in “mind pictures” that must be interpreted. Western medicine evolved without the benefits of this ancient wisdom. We have perceived Chinese medicine as quaint and developed from a state of ignorance rather than knowledge built on observation. I believe that the philosophy of yin and yang represents the most advanced and realistic picture of reality that has ever been devised. To see how it applies to functions of the body and how it makes sense in our modern world, we must take a look at it. First, the Chinese approach depended upon viewing the body as one whole piece of machinery and that it was well able to carry out its own program of defense. The healing process came from within and was to be assisted in all possible ways. Hence, their preoccupation with nutrition as an appropriate source of body fuel for reaching maximum efficiency. The two prevailing techniques, acupuncture and moxibustion were, and still are, aimed at producing their effect by stimulation. With modern knowledge of how we are constructed, it is probable that they were stimulating that part of the nervous system that deals with our adaptive responses. Such responses depend upon internal messenger systems that receive stimulation from environmental changes. If something is good for us, more of it may be better, but an excess is bad. That is the very heart of yin and yang. There must always be an optimum state. We do not want to be either hot or cold. To be warm is the point of balance between the two extremes. My acquaintance with ancient Chinese medicine was derived from A Brief History of the Yellow-Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine by Ilza Veith and Celestial Lancets by Jen and Joseph Needham. I quote here liberally from these authors. Whether Huang Ti, the Yellow Lord, or the Yellow Emperor, was mythical or not is unclear. Genealogies of Chinese dynasties list him as the third of China’s first five rulers and ascribe to him the period of 2697-2597 B.C. “The Age of the Five Rulers” is said to have lasted 54 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

647 years (2852-2205 BC) and is called the “Legendary Period.” The Yellow Emperor is considered to be the author of Nei Ching Su Wen, the classic treatise on internal medicine, and supposedly the oldest medical book extant. The development of Chinese medical philosophy even predates this and may have been in existence for centuries before the book was written. What did these philosophers and observers of humanity mean by yin and yang? I found no clear definition, although it became obvious that the two words represented extremes on either side of a median, the equivalent of the “bell-shaped curve” which is so popular with statisticians today. Tao, and yin and yang are referred to frequently in the medical canon to which I have referred. Tao is the key to the mysterious intermingling of “Heaven and Earth” and refers to the method of maintaining the harmony between this world and the beyond, by shaping earthly conduct to correspond completely with the demands of the “other world.” Man, in his utter dependence upon the universe, could do no better than follow a way conceived after that of nature. The only manner in which he could attain the right way, the Tao, was by emulating the course of the universe with complete adjustment to it. We might refer to this in modern terms as a process by which each of us adapts to our environment. It was inevitable that Tao, in its role as supreme regulator of the universe and the highest code of conduct, should play an important part in early Chinese medical thought, which was so inextricably entwined with philosophical concepts. Numerous references in the Nei Ching impress the reader that his health, and with it the highly desirable state of longevity, depended largely upon behavior toward Tao. Longevity itself became, to a certain degree, a token of sainthood since it indicated complete adherence to Tao. References to Tao throughout the Nei Ching rarely discuss it alone, but generally in conjunction with the two component parts of the universe, the yin and yang. Although Yin and Yang have received a vast variety of interpretations, by analyzing the ideographs themselves, the original and basic meaning of the “word picture” characters can be ascertained. This results in “the shady side of a hill” for yin and “the sunny side of a hill” for yang. Other interpretations see them as two banks of a river, one of which is in the shade, the other exposed to the sun. Yin represents the shady, cloudy element while yang stands for the sunny and clear element. If we keep in mind these original meanings, cloudy and sunny, their many connotations become more logical, since they

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mean, in essence, the two extremes on either side of an intermediate state. Other contrasts might be virtue/vice, order/confusion, reward/punishment, joy/sadness, wealth/poverty, or health/disease. Yang represented the positive and yin the negative side, but must not be interpreted to mean that yin was “bad” and yang was “good.” They were always conceived as one entity that, both together, were ever-present. Day changed into night, light to darkness, spring and summer into fall and winter. In other words, all happenings in nature as well as in human life were conditioned by the constantly changing relationship of these two cosmic regulators. The general application of this duality led to the realization that neither component existed in an absolute state and therefore there was yang within yin, and vice versa. Duality, in other words, was preserved within a single thing. The most concrete example is man himself. As a male, man is yang, but as female belongs to yin. Yet both male and female are contained in both sexes. It was expressed in the Nei Ching as “the principle of Yin and Yang is the basis of the entire universe. It is the principle of everything in creation.” The book constantly refers to yin and yang in reference to disease and health. Perfect harmony between them meant health and disharmony or undue preponderance of one element brought disease and death. The doctrine of Tao was a way of voluntarily assisting that balance. Hence, “the Yang and the Yin of the universe are called Tao.” This knowledge was considered to be even strong enough to counteract the effect of age. “Those who have the true wisdom remain strong, while those who have no wisdom grow old and feeble.” The ideal age for man was one hundred years and this was considered to be due to living in harmony with heaven and earth, yin and yang, and the four seasons. The seasons were regarded merely as the result of the interaction of the two forces that stood for sun and moon, heat and cold, dryness and humidity. This invoked the same mode of life required of any agricultural people at any time and anywhere in the world. This philosophy says that too little is as bad as too much, but the middle of the road is the correct place to be. That means, of course, that there is something of both extremes that make up a mid-zone for everything. Certainly, modern medical science is showing us clearly that this is true. We need calcium and magnesium in the proper balance and we cannot do without these essential elements, and this theme is reiterated time and time again in our physiology. www.dialogue.ca

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Pulse Diagnosis The chief means of obtaining clinical information from the patient by ancient Chinese physicians was by “pulse diagnosis.” This was derived, at least in part from a cultural notion. A physician, invariably male, was unable to have his female patient undressed because of the code of moral conduct that prevailed. This lead to other ways of gaining information about the functions of the body and the pulse was observed patiently and interminably over many years. The patient would sit on a chair with his hands on a table, behind which sat the physician who held both of the patient’s wrists with his own fingers on the pulses. Observation told them that there were six different kinds of pulse, three in each wrist. There were four principal pulses described in word-picture terms, but could be translated to indicate superficial, deep, fast and slow. This may seem to be absurd today but what these wise observers were checking was the continuously changing features of heart speed and strength in regulating the supply of blood to the body. This is an important part of our ability to adapt to the constantly changing state of the environment in which we have to survive throughout our lives. Modern electronic equipment has been able to show that the balance of the autonomic nervous system in regulating heart speed and variability is a vital part of our continuously adapting machinery. The autonomic system works automatically without any conscious control and this is one of the mechanisms that is under stress from our present civilization. But further than that, in order to find an auspicious moment for his undertaking, the physician had to determine the timing of the examination. It was considered that the best time of day was the early morning when the physician himself was alert. In the words recorded by Ilza Veith, the optimum time was “when the breath of Yin has not yet begun to stir and when the breath of Yang has not yet begun to diffuse, when food and drink have not yet been taken, when the twelve main vessels are not yet abundant and when vigor and energy are not yet exerted.” Because this interpretation seems to us to be strange, we automatically conclude that it was because of observations that were made in a state of ignorance. But consider this in the light of our modern knowledge of physiology. It is becoming ever more clear that the brain …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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rhythm known as Circadian (meaning twenty-four hours) has a fundamental part to play in our physical and mental health. Forget the bizarre wording: it was clear that these people understood that the human body had rhythms that were absolutely vital to health. We now know that this rhythm is an important element in our healthy adaptive mechanisms. These ancient Chinese physicians knew what they were doing when they refused to treat the patient at a certain time of day. Somehow, they recognized that the physical state of the patient was more receptive to treatment, depending upon the time of day. Acupuncture Acupuncture is at least 5,000 years old. It relies on the fact that channels of electrical communication exist within the body and that they are a source of constant communication between organs. They rely on a source of energy that is probably electromagnetic in nature and the acupuncture points on the surface of the body represent the “terminals.” Acupuncture is now being sought more and more frequently in this modern age because people find that it works. Confidence in the therapeutic value of acupuncture was closely connected with the belief in forces that created the world and whose interaction caused the balance within the universe and within the body. These forces, Yin and Yang, were deemed to balance each other completely but were considered to be in a constant state of flux as in day to night. Within the body, the distribution of the forces was considered to be uneven and the dual power could function only if the flux of yin and yang was uninterrupted. Stagnation on one part, producing a deficiency in another, resulted in

disease. Acupuncture is being used today and is very effective for some. It is certainly true that its action is related to the flow of energy that provides necessary communication throughout the body. So much of this philosophy makes sense in the light of our modern knowledge. We now know that the heart and pulse are governed by an extraordinarily complex network of nerves and hormone messengers which create a powerful ability to adapt to rapid changes in both mental and physical circumstances. Dr. Derrick Lonsdale “Everything is connected to everything else.” TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT ISSUE

The serialized reprinting of Derrick Lonsdale’s book: A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine. Softcover version published in 2013. Hardcover version: 2014. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system, without the permission, in writing, of the publisher, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. ISBN: 978-1-61897-092-3 (softcv); 978-1-63135-336-9 (hard)

Dr. Lonsdale retired in 2012 at the age of 88 years; he is a retired Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Lonsdale is also author

of: Why I Left Orthodox Medicine. And his 2017 book: Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition, explores thiamine and how its deficiency affects the functions of the brainstem and autonomic nervous system by way of metabolic changes at the level of the mitochondria… This book represents the life work of the senior author, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, and a recent collaboration with his co-author Dr. Chandler Marrs. ISBN: 0128103876 / ♣


Guts and glyphosate BY PETER EWART, Prince George BC Special to the Prince George Daily News

Every year, much of North America and the world is drenched in the weed-killer glyphosate (the key ingredient in ‘Roundup’). Is this safe? Or are we living in a giant test tube? Since 1974, in the U.S., 1.8 million tons have been sprayed on crops, forests, road sides, waterways, golf courses, lawns and school grounds. Worldwide, 9.4 millions tons have been applied. (1) In British Columbia, hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests have been sprayed, with research showing that the residue can linger in some forest plants for up to 12 years. (2) Since the 1990s, when glyphosate was paired with crops that have been genetically modified to be 56 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

resistant to it, such as GMO corn and soybeans, its use has increased 15-fold. As a result, glyphosate residue has been detected in 85% of the 10,000 foods tested in the U.S., including corn, honey, breakfast cereal, baby food, crackers, cookies, mushrooms, grapes and green beans. (3) The chemical was first developed as a mineral chelator to clean boilers and pipes, but in 1974 the Monsanto Corporation began to promote it as a broadspectrum herbicide that effectively killed vegetation designated as weeds, yet was supposedly harmless to other forms of life including humans and animals. (4) Glyphosate works by blocking the action of an important enzyme at the cellular level in what is called the ‘shikimate’ pathway which is only present in

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plants. (5)(6) This enzyme is responsible for synthesizing three amino acids which are essential to building proteins. Without this enzyme, the plant starves to death. However, vertebrates like humans do not have the shikimate pathway and, as a result, the argument is made by Monsanto that, according to “independent” research, glyphosate does not have a negative impact on human or animal health (Note: some of this supposed research has recently proven to have been “ghost written“ by Monsanto itself).(7) In any case, Monsanto’s conclusion is disputed by a number of other researchers in the scientific, medical and environmental communities. One of the important reasons they give is that Monsanto is leaving out a crucial component. And that is the estimated 100 trillion microbes in the human and animal microbiome, which includes the gut and other parts of the body. Unlike humans and animals, most of these microbes do have a shikimate pathway and thus, as recent research has shown, may be vulnerable to glyphosate.(8) These microbes – bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea – play a key role in the digestion of food in human and animal guts, as well as regulation of the immune system, and other vital functions. Without these trillions of microbes inside us, many of which have a symbiotic relationship with our bodies, we would sicken and die. Our knowledge is still limited about the complex interaction between microbes and our bodies. But we do know that dysfunction of the gut microbiome is associated with a wide range of diseases, including some cancers, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease and other disorders. (9) At the present time, over 96,000 legal cases are pending in the U.S. launched by people who were exposed to glyphosate and have contracted cancers like nonHodgkins lymphoma and multiple myeloma, as well as other illnesses. (10) Recent research has also shown that glyphosate can have a “perturbing effect” on microbes that live inside insect guts, including bees, (11) mosquitoes (12) and beetles, (13) as well as on the microbes and fungi that are crucial to the health of the soil itself. The impact on honey bees is particularly troubling, in that glyphosate can significantly reduce “the abundance of beneficial bacterial species that contribute to immune regulation and pathogen resistance.” (14) For their part, bees provide an economically critical role in www.dialogue.ca

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pollinating crops, as well as supplying honey and other products. Herb Martin - http://stopthespraybc.com/ - of Stop the Spray BC (15) which is based in the Central Interior of British Columbia, believes that glyphosate spraying could also be affecting the digestive systems of moose, with anecdotal reports of moose starving to death yet their bellies remaining full of undigested twigs. So far, there has not been scientific studies on this topic. For Martin, that is a big part of the problem, in that glyphosate is being extensively sprayed on our lands and waters, yet, despite valiant efforts by a few scientists, much has not been researched on its human, animal and environmental effects. He points out that Monsanto claimed for decades that glyphosate would not persist in the environment beyond 30 days after application. That claim has since been proven to be absolutely wrong, yet glyphosate continues to be widely used with humans, animals and insects reduced to virtual test subjects. The glyphosate problem underlines the problem of out-of-control productive forces in North America and the world. Developments in science and technology can be and are a great boon and benefit to humanity. But if they are skewed by narrow interests and private profit at the expense of the public interest, difficulties and even disasters arise. For example, a chemical like glyphosate is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. In that regard, it is like any powerful or toxic chemical that is discovered. Such chemicals have to be assessed as to whether they can play a positive or negative role in terms of human health and the environment, rather than as a calculation on the balance sheet of multinational corporations like Monsanto that utilize suspect research to promote their products. Currently, the herbicide is out of control in many parts of the world. It needs to be brought under control and that includes banning it completely (such as immediately eliminating all spraying on forest lands) or phasing out its applications on crops and other venues, and adopting safer methods of eliminating weeds. It also means that more thorough, independent and authoritative research is needed before such chemicals are unleashed on nature and the public. Peter Ewart is a writer based in Prince George, BC. He can be reached at: peter.ewart@shaw.ca. For some previous articles by the author on this topic see the Prince George Daily News: https://pgdailynews.ca …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 57



Notes 1. “Glyphosate fact sheet: Cancer and other health concerns.” USRTK. October 1, 2020. 2. Botten, L.J. Wood, and J.R. Werner. “Glyphosate remains in forest plant tissues for a decade or more.” Forest Ecology and Management. April 26, 2021. 3. “Glyphosate fact sheet…” USRTK. 4. Don Huber. “Disrupting the integrity of Nature – Pesticides and genetic engineering.” Pesticides and you. Volume 37, Number 2, Summer 2017. 5. University of Turku. “Glyphosate may affect human gut microbiota.” Science Daily. November 20, 2020. 6. Pesticide Action Network Europe. “Alternative methods in weed management to the use of glyphosate and other herbicides.” 2017.

7. Carey Gillam. “Whitewash: The story of a weed killer, cancer, and the corruption of science.” Island Press. Washington. 2017 8. University of Turku. “Glyphosate may affect …” 9. “Daily News Blog.” Beyond Pesticides. April 30, 2021. 10. “Glyphosate fact sheet … USRTK. 11. Erick V.S. Motta and Nancy Morana. “Impact of glyphosate on the honey bee gut microbiota.” NIH. National Library of Medicine. 2020. 12. “Ingredient in common weed killer impairs insect immune systems, study suggest.” John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. May 13, 2021. 13. Philip Kieffer. “The main ingredient in RoundUp doesn’t just kill plants. It harms beetles, too”. Popular Science. May 13, 2021. 14. Erick V.S. Motta and Nancy Morana. “Impact of glyphosate…” 15. Stop the Spray BC. http://stopthespraybc.com/


THE HOUSING MARKET IN ONTARIO ~ AND TINY HOUSES… Local man says Kawartha Lakes should allow tiny houses By Kirk Winter, Lindsay Advocate, May 6, 2021 With local real estate prices spiralling into the stratosphere, Peter Wallace wants Kawartha Lakes to allow the construction and full-time occupancy of tiny homes. Wallace argues it should be both tiny homes on foundations or on wheels as a partial solution to the lack of affordable housing in the area. He would also like to see tiny homes permitted as both secondary dwellings on properties with existing residential homes and as primary dwellings on vacant land. As part of their strategy to make this bylaw change a reality, he’s petitioning the city, and plans to present to council in the near future. According to the Kawartha Lakes Multiple Listing Service, which compiles data for the real estate industry, the last 12 months has seen the local housing market heat up considerably. Largely driven by individuals who are able to work from home leaving the GTA, Kawartha Lakes has become an in-demand area. In April 2021, the average price of a detached home sold in Kawartha Lakes was $706,767. Houses on average sell in only 13 days, for at least 8 per cent over list price. Housing prices have increased 58.6 per cent in just 12 months with a typical three-bedroom home that sold for $466,000 in 2020 selling for more than $754,000 in 2021 — a 62 per cent increase. 58 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

This market has shut out singles, young couples and families where both individuals work, but do not earn enough to come up with a down payment that could be over $100,000 in the current market. The Royal Bank of Canada estimates that a $600,000 mortgage, even with today’s extremely low interest rates, would cost $2,685 a month to carry, pushing many potential buyers right out of the market.

• • • • •

Wallace argues that in the current real estate climate, tiny homes make sense in Kawartha Lakes for the following reasons: • Homeownership is no longer an obtainable goal for a significant portion of the population. The inability for many to achieve home ownership is eroding the middle class. Tiny homes will never be the entire solution, but they offer a meaningful option for those interested in this form of living. Tiny homes should exist as a legal option for those that want to build them safely. Municipalities can benefit from the increased tax revenues by allowing tiny homes as accessory dwellings or on their own. There may be an infusion of young adults in the community, a welcome boost to the local economy for any town with an aging population.

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…/ www.dialogue.ca

• Increased access to affordable housing options particu-

larly for single people or “empty nesters” who do not require a traditional family-sized home. • There may be an increase in the supply of rental housing in the community.

CONTINUE READING at the Lindsay Advocate:

https://lindsayadvocate.ca/local-man-says-kawarthalakes-should-allow-tiny-houses/ Published with permission from Advocate publisher/editor Roderick Benns. Read Advocate issues online at: https://lindsayadvocate.ca/


This is “Our Story” – Part 2

Dick & Kim’s story

Kim McConnell, February 2021

After Dick passed on (October 16, 2020) under very tragic circumstances, I wanted to de-clutter the house. I found a stack of letters that he and I had exchanged from 1959 to 1976. Those letters were a God-send. Yes, some brought tears but most made me realize how lucky I am to have been loved by such a sentimental man who kept ALL the letters I wrote him. He was a very sensitive man who could not express himself verbally in life but who was perfectly able to put his feelings into words. Those words are now the source of my new lease on life. I will tell my story in various stages: Spring 2021: Chapters 1 and 2 covered the period from 1959 to Dick’s last posting before demobilization in 1968. CHAPTER THREE Our letter-writing continued as before – Dick sounded a little happier after the one-month break away from the lousy weather and food at Bahrain, not to mention the home-cooking and the tender loving care of his wife, me!! Now the countdown started (on a daily basis) till August when he hoped to come home and be based nearer home. I continued sloughing at my course with breaks now & then. Let me tell you about an adventure on the slopes of Glen Coe. Four ladies and one gentleman decided to go mountain climbing over a week-end. Frank, Helen and Valerie were experienced climbers; Ann and I had no experience but we were going to stay at the bottom of Meall a’ Bhùiridh* (top was 3636 feet). Ann and I had on walking shoes, the others had proper climbing boots. We took the ski-lift as far as the snow-line and then we walked the rest of the way to the top. Ann and I were not supposed to go that far but it www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

was such a lovely day (sunny for a change), we decided to walk up with the others. The view from the top of Meall a' Bhùiridh was breath-taking!! We had brought our lunch and we had lunch sitting on snow-covered rocks - Frank pointed out Ben Nevis to us. Frank left us to do more climbing and we decided to slide down to the ski-lift. The next day, we went for a walk round Loch Talla. We came across 3 deer which stood and gave us bold stares of curiosity. We were paralyzed – just stood still and returned their stares till they got bored and ran off. What an experience – wild life at its best!!! At the end of my course, while waiting for Dick to come back from Bahrain, some girlfriends (ex-Malaysians) went on a tour of Ireland, Wales and Cornwall. We made sure to visit the Blarney Stone – according to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery). I don’t think it did me any good – I am blessed with neither. We visited Stonehenge on our way back to Penny’s flat in London, but the rain kept our visit short. Dick came back from Bahrain on August 16th and we were very happy that he was given his new posting to Leuchars, N.E. Fife, and I was able to get a teaching job at Waid Academy, Anstruther – a fishing village 16 miles from his camp. We were able to rent a council house within walking distance of the school so Dick drove to work and I walked. No more letters were exchanged till July 1968 when I went on a visit to Malaysia that lasted 9 weeks. The reconnection with family and friends was super wonderful!! I went down to Singapore to visit the Lim family, a very successful branch of the family; and …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 59

then went up north to Thailand. Despite having grown up in Malaysia, I had never visited Thailand. My mother, an aunt, her daughter and the daughter’s son and I went on a boat trip down the famous “Floating Market” – often called “Venice of the East” on the Mae Nam Chao Phraya with its network of canals (called klongs). We visited a Thai silk factory and saw silk fabric being woven. We passed the beautifully decorated Royal Barge as seen in the film “The King & I”. On our route was a snake farm where snake venoms are extracted from poisonous snakes for the manufacture of anti-venoms for treating snake bites. The temple of the “Reclining Buddha” (46 meters long, covered in gold leaf), and the school for monks where all Thai boys are expected to spend a few years of their lives – these were some of the tourist attractions that we visited. Teak is a very popular wood in Thailand and the beautiful teak carvings were difficult to resist – I still have the beautiful teak tray that I bought. Back to Malaysia and Singapore. My father had left enough money and, on the advice of the financial brains in the Lim family, we decided to invest in a flat in Singapore as a potential rental property to support my mother and other dependents in the family. This investment would become an item of interest later in my story. There was a chance that Dick could get a job in Singapore so we pursued that avenue; however I had not discovered when I Ieft on September 12th whether it would be a civilian contract or a Singapore military contract. Dick wasn’t interested in going back to service – he didn’t like the usual chain-of-command protocol that is an essential part of military service. While I was visiting Malaysia, Dick’s sister (Janette) and brother-in-law (John) decided to emigrate to Canada. With Janette and John setting up base in Canada, that seemed to be where we would be headed, as we were eager to start building our permanent home and Singapore would necessarily be a temporary base. Unfortunately for us, a permanent base in Canada came at a price – that will be the topic of my next chapter. CHAPTER 4 Dick went to Canada in April 1969 after trying out as an Insurance Salesman in the UK. He knew a lot about insurance but he didn’t have the personality for 60 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

sales – too reticent and not enough patience to persuade customers into buying when they hesitated. Canada is a large country (3.8 million square miles, 9.9 million square kilometres), which means the UK could fit into Canada over 40 times. Canada is so big that it’s surrounded by three oceans; the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, and its stunning coastline is 151,473 miles long. We all thought that with such expanse to cover, the airplane service must be quite vital and aircraft maintenance work would be easily available. Dick applied to various small air-craft outfits so that he could stay close to Carleton Place where Janette & John were located. Skytron in Arnprior, Spartan Aero at Carp were local. Unfortunately, they were not hiring at that time. Next, he had to try Toronto but neither of us like big cities. My applications for a job landed me an offer from Toronto, which I had to turn down. Job hunting, house hunting, car buying took up a lot of time for him while he waited for me to finish my school term at the Waid Academy and start packing up the house. We shipped the furniture which was very new (teak dining set + living-room set + carpets which were very expensive in Canada. I even brought over my Singer Sewing machine which Billy had gotten for me at staff price – I still have it and it still works. Same with my Hoover carpet cleaner – still functioning after all these years). I said a tearful “good-bye” to all my friends at Anstruther – I was rather sad to leave them – they were such nice people!! Letters from home carried bad political news from Malaysia (May 1969) – racial riots were reported and one of my brothers was shot by soldiers because he dared to peep out from a window. This reinforced the wisdom of our choice to come to Canada. Dick got a job with an aerial survey company in June 1969 and I was able to fly to Canada on July 12th. John & Janette kindly accommodated us till we got our own place. We decided to buy an apartment in the first condominium ever built in Ottawa, at 1356 Meadowlands Drive. We also bought a piece of land in Quebec – 26 acres to be shared with one of Dick’s work-mates. Dick wanted to build his own house and to be a land-owner for the first time in his life. The unfortunate part about Dick’s job is the travelling involved. He had to go with the planes as they take photographs of the areas to be mapped. The frustrating

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part was the unpredictable weather – you had to wait for cloudless days and if the planes don’t need servicing, you just sat around; and what can you do but sit and smoke? North America first – Philadelphia (USA), then Inuvik (NWT) – during the Queen’s visit, no less!! People who have never experienced life in the parts of the world under the term "midnight sun" (consecutive 24-hour periods of sunlight experienced (during summer) in the north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle) may not know how annoying it is to not have the comfort of night-time when you can sleep properly. That eternal daylight also brings out huge mosquitoes; only people who have to work out in the open in the heat & have to put up with those flying monsters will understand how difficult it is! The rooms were not air-conditioned either so we can only imagine how stressful life was for Dick & the boys. While waiting for a teaching position to be available – guess what I did? Selling music lessons for the Canadian Conservatory of Music (grand sounding name for a small musical school looking for students). I wasn’t bad at it either – made 13 enrollments over 2 weeks and got a bonus for the effort. However, door-to-door sales is a very tedious job and hard on the nerves. The survey company sent Dick to Africa next. The same sort of deal with chasing good weather and clear skies for the aerial photos. Whilst travelling from Nigeria to Niger to Algeria in pursuit of the right cloud conditions for the flights to take photos for maps to enable ground-surveyors to prepare for the building of roads, etc., the team had to put up with bad living conditions – bad water, bad food, bad accommodations – all of which played havoc with Dick’s health. Upset tummies and kidney infections were his usual complaints – upsetting for me because there was nothing I could do to ease his pain and general discomfort. In September of 1970, I finally landed a job at the Laurentian High School, teaching Geography to Grades 9 - 12. The school was located on Baseline Rd. at the corner of Clyde, in Ottawa's West End. The school is now the site of a shopping centre. City kids are hard to handle and together with the depression of being alone, without Dick, we decided that teaching was no longer a profession of choice, so I handed in my resignation at the end of the 1971 term. The decision was made that I was to join Dick in Africa. We were working on the assumption that the company would provide accommodation for a wife if www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

the contract was long enough. Decisions had to be quickly made – what to do with the land we had bought and the apartment? The plan to sell the land in Quebec was easy enough – we made a quick sale – no profit. The apartment on Meadowlands Dr. was not so easily solved. I was reluctant to rent it out because I was afraid of tenant abuse of our nice furniture (not being practical, for a change). To repay John & Janette’s generosity to us, we gave them the keys so that they could use the apartment when they were in town. The decision not to sell worked out very well for everybody because J&J decided later that they wanted to return to Scotland – John missed his job as a Glasgow policeman – he didn’t like going back to his trade as a die-maker in Canada. After selling their house in Carleton Place and waiting for preparations to return to Scotland, they were able to stay at the apartment. Dick was home on leave and after it was over, we decided that we would stop at Clydebank (Scotland) and I would wait at Mum & Dad’s while Dick went back to Nigeria to see what could be done about me joining him. My next letter was dated Sept. 27, ‘71 and I was with Mum at her house in Clydebank. The problem is that in the aerial-survey business, you cannot stay in one place for too long and unless the company is willing to pay for accommodation, it is almost impossible to pay for a hotel room wherever they go. While I was with Mum, I helped her sew a cousin’s wedding dress – the wedding was to happen on March 3, ‘72. I was very happy to be able to assist Mum with the project. However, on November 20, 1971, a letter arrived that I was to come to Kano right away. The city of Kano is in N.W. Nigeria. [Once in Nigeria, there were no more letters between us.] I was accommodated in a house with house-help (Tony) who did all the cooking and house cleaning. The company found me a small job to do, annotating maps. The locals from various European outfits in Lagos had an active social life. I was happy there as I became part of the local “high society.” Dick was sent to various locations following the survey planes but I was based in Lagos – he came to Lagos whenever he could. By July 1972, we realized that I was pregnant with our first baby. Arrangements were made immediately for me to fly from Lagos to Constantine, Eastern Algeria so that we could be together for a few …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 61

months before I had to leave for Malaysia. I wanted to go back to be with my mother so I left Dick at the end of October. I made a detour to visit the family in Scotland before I left for Malaysia, so I flew to Clydebank. I spent 2 weeks in Scotland before flying to Singapore on November 20th. CHAPTER 5 I said in Chapter 3 that the family had decided to invest my Father’s money in an apartment for the rental income. The PM of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew, decided that the two blocks of apartments were too close to his ancestral home. For security purposes, the government decided that the apartments had to be taken over by the government. I believe we were paid just below market – but there was no point complaining so the owners just accepted it and that was the end of that problem. At that time, my sister and her husband were tenants – so I went to stay with them to await the arrival of our baby. My mother came down from Kuala Lumpur to help look after me and the baby. Richard was born on February 26th and Dick arrived just a few days later. Singapore was very fussy about non-citizens being born in Singapore – they made sure that we wouldn’t register him as a Singapore citizen – we assured the authorities that we will be registering him a British subject on Dick’s UK passport. We completed our visit in Singapore/Malaysia and flew to Scotland for the Scottish folk to be introduced to Richard. People who have had colicky babies will understand that sleepless nights is the order of the day. One of Dick’s aunts suggested a drop of toddy in his bottle and that seemed to work. When we got to Canada, we met with an unexpected problem. We had forgotten that babies being brought in by “Landed Immigrants” were not covered by their parents’ travelling privileges!! We had to wait at the airport till we got permission from the Ministry of Immigration to allow him in. While Dick was in Nigeria, he befriended a Canadian ground surveyor. When Fred found out that we were looking for rural property to build our house on – he offered his half of a land-lot for $500.00 Cdn (in Eastern Ontario). Dick grabbed the offer!! We bought a cottage kit (Viceroy Cottage) and started work on the lot which had a foundation already built. We sold our apartment on Meadowlands Dr. and boarded with a 62 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

neighbour while the house was prepared for accommodation. Richard spent his 1st birthday at V. Ryan’s house just before we completed the basement and could move across to our house. Dick was working from Ottawa, still with the aerial survey company. He worked on the house after work and we cooked on a camp-side cooker. We were determined not to have a mortgage but to complete the house on small loans, in bits and pieces, as we could afford it. Dick was determined to do as much as he could before being posted away again. In October of 1975, he was sent out to Nigeria again. By that time, I was pregnant with our second baby, due in February of 1976. Luckily for us, he came home just before Ginette was born. I remember driving to the Alexandria Hospital in a snow-storm. In 1981, Dick got into Transport Canada to work on government planes at the hangar at the Ottawa Airport. He was at home at last – no more travelling and no more letters. He finished the house with the help of a young man, Pat (one of Richard’s school-mates) and we have lived there for the last 48 years, doing bits & pieces as we went along. I wouldn’t call it a grand house but it is very comfortable and well-laid out. Dick’s love of wood is shown in much of the house. He taught himself computer programming on the T.I. 99 and later did a lot of graphic works, using MS Publisher, making greeting and business cards for people. His artistic skills gave him a venue for expression as he made some really nice cards. Not having his skills, I was only able to help with the cutting & folding of his productions. We had a good life and I will spend the rest of my life without any regrets. Kim McConnell, Fournier Ontario ♣

Laughter & Ligtenment Travel Destinations from Sammy Camilleri One of my favourite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing & pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! And, sometimes I think I am in Vincible but life shows me I am not. People keep telling me I'm in Denial but I'm positive I've never been there before! I have been in Deepshit many times; the older I get, the easier it is to get there. I actually kind of enjoy it there.

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Randy Vancourt, Toronto ON

Throughout history musicians have had a secret side job that not everyone knows about: we call it “church.” We may have been performing in a theatre or club on Saturday night, but lots of us drag ourselves out of bed early Sunday morning to become an organist, conductor or choir member. Over the years I have been Music Director for various denominations; I like to cover all the bases just in case. I’ve been at my current church for about 6 years now and have been fortunate enough to remain working during this pandemic. Within a few days of the first lockdown we shifted gears and I now spend my week recording hymns and editing video (everything shot separately) to create the weekly online service. It’s been an interesting experiment; while I certainly miss seeing everyone each week, not having to rush out on Sunday morning has been a treat. I guess you might say worldwide pandemics have an upside… I was sitting in the empty sanctuary recording music recently when I was struck by just how many hours I have spent performing in churches. Whether for Sunday services, weddings, funerals, concerts or benefit shows, there are probably no venues that have hosted more musicians over the centuries. Maybe it’s because they were traditionally designed to be extremely resonant, but singing in a church tends to add an enormity to the sound that doesn’t occur in most other places. From Luciano Pavarotti recording his famous 1978 Christmas concert at Montreal’s Notre-Dame basilica, to the Cowboy Junkies’ renowned album, “The Trinity Sessions” (recorded at Toronto’s Church of the Holy Trinity), churches have frequently been the go-to location for musical events. My experience as a church musician began back when I was 16 and became the summer organist at my local church. For my first outing I was allowed to choose all the hymns so I picked many of my favourites. After the service a few people pointed out that all of my choices, every single one, were hymns that are usually used at funerals. I’m pretty sure “uplifting” would not www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

describe that first attempt; to this day I can’t hear “Abide With Me” without cringing at the memory. My second service had better selections but a different problem. The church had a nice organ that was amplified through a large sound system, with volume controlled by a foot pedal. I sat behind a small wall but could see the congregation in a large mirror over the organ. As I pounded into the opening hymn I became aware that I couldn’t hear anyone singing. I looked up at the mirror and saw people moving their mouths but strangely none of their sound was reaching me. It turned out I had accidentally fully depressed the volume pedal and the organ was blasting at earsplitting levels throughout the church. Every hymn was played at the same thunderous level. Congregations are known to have a certain amount of elderly members with hearing issues, but I feel that morning I may have contributed to their number. Weddings are always a joy to play; funerals are a bit more delicate, especially when the requests include me singing something. Getting through Amazing Grace without choking is hard enough at the funeral of a stranger, but when it’s for a friend or relative it can be a real challenge. At times like that though, I feel nothing the family wants musically should be out of bounds. I would hate to be remembered as that guy who ruined grandma’s sendoff by not playing her favourite song, even if it was “Baby Got Back.” I’ve played Irish reels, jazz standards, Broadway tunes…one of my favourites was a family who wanted only Johnny Cash music during the service. I put a lot of work into choosing the songs for that one, and in spite of the great temptation I made sure that we did not include “Ring of Fire.” With the requests I’ve had over the years I honestly won’t be shocked the day someone asks for Another One Bites The Dust, Only The Good Die Young or I Will Survive…come to think of it, those could work for weddings too. Randy Vancourt, vancourt@gmail.com Website: www.randyvancourt.com ♣

VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 63

Soft Edges – Jim Taylor

Of Crows… and Dogs…

When the crows went dancing By Jim Taylor, Okanagan Centre, May 20, 2021

When the west wind blows across the lake, it has to rise when it hits the cliffs along the eastern shore. The other day, I watched a cabal of crows dancing in that upwards rush of air. Traditionally, a collection of crows is called a “murder.” I don’t like that term. I suspect it was coined by someone who disliked crows, who shot them whenever he could. “Cabal,” to my mind, better fits crows’ mischievous nature. It’s also alliterative. This particular cabal put on quite a performance. A couple of crows simply raced back and forth, just below the top of the cliffs, riding the air the way a surfer would ride a monster wave. The rest – up to a dozen; they’re hard to count in constant motion – swooped and swirled just above the cliff edge. Right over my head. So close I could have hit them with a stick. Fortunately, I didn’t have one. So I just watched. They flipped over, and flew on their backs. They played chicken (figuratively speaking). Two crows rushed at each other, only to swerve at the last possible instant. They hovered on the wind, just staying still. Exactly (as Douglas Adam wrote in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) the way a brick doesn’t. Or the way Gerard Manley Hopkins’ falcon rode “the rolling level underneath him steady air” in The Windhover. They did a falling leaf routine, flopping forwards and backwards. I had never seen crows fly backwards before, but they did it. They soared up, and let themselves crash, falling like a bundle of lifeless feathers, as if someone really had shot them. Then they spread their wings and soared again. I found myself envying their mastery of the invisible element they lived in. Can they, perhaps, see wind currents in a way that we humans cannot? Too risky for me… Long ago, I dreamed of taking 64 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

flying lessons. Of becoming an amateur pilot. Of seeing the world from a new perspective. I never did it. For all the usual reasons – money, career, mortgages, children… But even if I had learned to fly, I would never have risked the crows’ stunts. To let my wings flap loose? To let go of the controls? To tumble, loose, broken…? I don’t have the courage to crash with my feet on the ground, let alone high in the air. I’m too afraid of getting hurt. I wondered what they were doing. It seemed more than just spontaneous. To have that many crows, all cavorting at once, suggests an intentional gathering. Was it a mating game? Were they enacting some kind of a religious ritual? Crows are certainly intelligent enough to develop some common concepts of the meaning of life. And then, abruptly, they were gone. I didn’t see any of them shake hands with a waiting crow at the edge of the cliff as they left, so it can’t have been a worship service. Perhaps they were just having fun. Taking a break from the thankless routines of building nests, finding food, feeding gaping mouths. Sudden thought: could they have done their dance for me? To tell me not to take life so seriously? To let go, to laugh wildly, to do silly things? Would crows ever do that? * * * *

The dog who didn’t get run over By Jim Taylor, July 1, 2021

I took my dog Pippin to an off-leash dog park on the outskirts of Kelowna a week ago. Pippin loves dog parks. She gets to run and play with other dogs, unhampered by a leash. This visit started out as usual. I unclipped her leash. She pranced off to meet with a group of other dogs, and their owners, gathered in the shade of some trees. Suddenly a black and white and tan streak emerged out of the cluster, heading for the gates, as if it was trying to outrun a load of buckshot. “Is that my dog?” I asked one of the other owners,

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incredulously. I had never seen her run that fast before. “Yes,” she called back I whistled. I called. No response. I expected the double gates at the park entry would stop her. They didn’t. She slid under the first one on her side. Then under the second. And out onto the highway. Running north, as if she were demented. Running, running, running. I started running myself. It took me longer to get through the gates than it took her to get under them. I started my car. Roared out onto the highway – not dangerous, because a panicking dog had brought traffic to a standstill – and raced up the wrong side of the road in pursuit of a distant dot. I don’t know where she thought she was headed, Or why. Maybe she doesn’t either. Because just as I caught up to her, she turned and started racing back again. A kilometre, almost to the dog park. And then whoops, reverse again. Still going hell-bent-for-foreclosure. All along the road, cars had stopped. Half a dozen people were trying to corral Pippin as she raced by. Even a highway works crew stopped repairing potholes to try to corner her. But she would have none of it. I used all of the road. The wrong lane. The gravel shoulder. Finally I got ahead of her, pulled over, opened the car door. She leaped in.

And panted. And panted. And panted…. I had been terrified that I would lose her. That all I would have left of my beloved companion would be a crushed and bloody corpse, run over by some truck that didn’t see her. I’m amazed at the universal response. To stop. To pull over. To flag other drivers down. To get out of the car, to run out onto the pavement, to try to gather in a desperate dog. This column is the only way I have to express my gratitude. It would have been so easy for someone in a selfcentered hurry to pull out, to roar past, to feel a minor thump underneath… But no one did. We may, as a voting public, make occasional foolish decisions. We may, in our economic greed, invest in industries that damage the environment, and harm our health. But where it’s possible for individuals to respond compassionately, most of us do. Sure, there are always a few who give the rest of us a bad name. Not this time. And thank God – in whatever formulation I believe this week – I was able to bring my dear dog home safely. Thank you all. Copyright © 2021 by Jim Taylor. Non-profit use in congregations and study groups and links from other blogs welcomed; all other rights reserved. To comment on this column, write jimt@quixotic.ca ♣


Thanks for thinking of me… and remembering my visit to Nanaimo… From David M. Foster, Port Perry ON [In response to a phone message left]

Ah… to recapture those days… Yes, it (was recently) my Birth Anniversary. I’m 86. My best feature is my singing voice. Ta Taaah! I try to do singing exercises every day. And this week I taught myself all about the Owl and Pussycat… Edward Lear’s strange life. After the Napoleonic wars were over, London had financial trouble. Londoner Edward Lear (a successful business man driven bankrupt) fell on hard times… He sired 21 babies on his wife. Most died early. Edward Lear had a career someone should write up for Dialogue. The Baron Darby befriended him. Edward became an www.dialogue.ca

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accomplished artist as well as writer. There was a Global Owl and Pussycat World celebration among Owl and Pussycat Societies on the anniversary of Lear’s Birthday at end January…! Wiki has a good overview. What to do with money and honey, and runcible spoons. And pigs that wear wigs and have rings in their noses. Even turkey feathers where Bong Trees grow (before they became marijuana equipment). Lovely early summer weather here… and COVID crazies. Crazier than the politicos who invent the Rules and then switch them. Stay well. A few nights of the Full Moon. Howl with an Owl. DMF, davidmuir.foster@gmail.com ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Stories from Owen Sound, Ontario… Oh, Those Were The Days… SUMMER IN THE SUN Bonna Rouse, Owen Sound, ON

In early years, summer days stretched endlessly in front of us, particularly for farm kids. Our parents had to work too hard to play with us, there was no money to provide toys, so we made our own games and played with what we had. My cousin, called “Snooks” by all the family, escaped over the fields to our place nearly every day. We were almost of an age, both rather runty, brown little things, sun-burned and scratched, dressed for the most part in faded pinafores. Her father ‘drank’ as it was delicately put, and I realize now that she came over to Grandma’s to get away from an intolerable situation at home. One of our favourite places was a large rock at the bottom of the old orchard. This rock glittered in the sunshine, smooth on top, tapering away into the ground at one end and sliced straight off at the other. We would gather up our families of dolls, our teathings, books and dress-up clothes and spend all day on this big stone. It’s a wonder we didn’t fry! The rock became our school-room, and we formed our dolls into classes, drilling them mercilessly on the 3’R’s. We held spelling bees and had a Christmas concert at least once a week. We took all the parts ourselves, of course, and recited all the little poems, or at least as much as we could remember of them. We had tea-parties, with our dolls dressed in their finest and ourselves so elegant we were insufferable. We conducted church services with a vengeance. Again our long-suffering dolls got put into rows. We took turns being the preacher, the other was the organist. The flat, straight end of the rock made an admirable keyboard on which to accompany our off-key renditions of “Bringing in the Sheaves”. Our sermons were a mixture of Methodist and Presbyterian theology with lots of exhortations about the fate of sinners, and long prayers asking blessings on everything and everybody we could think of. I recall my doll Joannie fell of the rock once, cracking her head. Either she repented in full or Snook’s version of hell-fire scared her! Ever after, one of her eyes remained permanently 66 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

closed and the other wideopen. A good shake would reverse the order but the problem never righted itself. The funerals were the best, though. On a farm, life and death get pretty well intermingled and farm kids seem to take it in stride. We had wonderful funerals for kittens who never grew up to be cats, birds we took off the luckless cats who got caught with them and, when business was really bad, we buried the furry groundhogs the dog brought home. Our grave-yard was behind the gate. We gathered whatever wildflowers were in season, dressed our dolls in their finest and forced them to attend. Both Snooks and I could preach a funeral service worthy of any little kitten. We had attended funerals all of our short lives, and shamelessly borrowed from both Protestant and Catholic ritual. I recall overhearing our Grandmother telling an aunt that she had eavesdropped on one of the funerals and the performance would have “made a cat laugh”. We pondered this statement for a long time. We had tried press-ganging various cats into joining our services, but they never hung around long enough to laugh or be saved from original sin or anything else. I don’t know what made that rock such a wonderful playing ground. Fully out in the sun, sparkling with granite bits, without a comfortable spot on it, we loved it. A large rock in one of the farm lanes held no such allure. In fact we were rather suspicious of it. It was dark, over-grown with moss and most mysterious, full of fissures running off in all directions and shaded by a large cedar tree. We never thought of playing there. Many years later I went back to the orchard and stood on our rock, marvelling that we had spent so much time there. It seemed to have gotten much smaller. I couldn’t see the organ keyboard at all, and when I sat down, I found it very hard indeed. Still, I wonder if Snooks remembers it as fondly as I do.

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B. Rouse, Grey Bruce Writers Club mistawis@bmts.com ♣ www.dialogue.ca

BY Marion Urquhart Charkow


Grey Bruce Writers’ Club, Owen Sound, Ont.

"I wouldn't mind a game of cribbage one day," exhorted my husband out the back door as I lounged on my swing, reading another Agatha. That brought back many happy memories of my father teaching me the game, as he kept score by pencil and paper. I was about eight, just learning the basics of mathematics which would someday play a role in my occupation, tax collector and treasurer of a small municipality. We often played many games in the evening, especially on weekend nights – not being shuffled off to bed, as on a weekday, with the admonition, "school tomorrow." On very rare occasions, we were allowed to stay up and listen to Luxe Radio Theatre on a Monday night when they aired an adored child story, such as "The Yearling," but that was very, very rare indeed. As I look at the television showing family time in this raging pandemic, I am thrilled to see the families at the kitchen table playing board games, all ages together having fun and relaxation. That was the way it was before Logie Baird's invention* invaded even the lowliest of homes. During the summer months, we dashed through drying the dishes to get outside again with our mates. It was baseball on the vacant lot – one that had the most magnificent hollyhocks, a flower I love to this day; or playing Hide "n' Seek or Giant Steps. And sometimes it was roller skating on the sidewalk, which often had too many cracks. I envied the kids daring enough to go on the smooth pavement of the road, not a good idea but cars moved a lot slower and were a lot fewer in those war days and post-war times. I would never risk my mother's wrath, so I bumped along in safety.

Sometimes my brother, Malcolm and the kid next door, Duncan, would put their heads together, and make a kite out of old newspapers and wood splints and a ball of string. It was magical to see the kite sailing over the houses on Earlscourt Avenue – wishing we could fly up there and look down on the streetscape below. Winter months saw us – the kids next door, my brother and I – walk the two miles to D. B. Hood School, up Dufferin Street, lugging our toboggans behind us. Sometimes Charlie, the eldest would let me, being the youngest, ride on the toboggan, but mostly I was expected to walk and keep up with the rest. Friday and Saturday nights we trekked to Earlscourt Park and, in a non-heated changing house, put on our ice skates to race around the bumpy rink and flirt with the boys. The same antics ensued in warmer climes when we roller-skated to the Hammond organ at Strathcona rink on Christie Avenue, with the same intention of attracting the opposite sex. Monopoly games, checkerboards, Parcheesi, marbles, Rummoli and other card games were all put away in the fifties. And we became a nation, of unfit, overweight, anti-social specimens. So good oh, I say, for the pandemic; it has brought us back to a simpler way of living, embracing our family and enjoying our homes. So I say, "It ain't all bad, rejoice! ♣ * Born in Helensburgh in Scotland, inventor and engineer John Logie Baird (1888-1946) achieved many 'firsts' in television technology. He started experimenting with television in 1922 and took out his first television patent in 1923. He demonstrated the first prototype television in 1925. Inventions: Television, Color television ♣


Healing help in this unusual time… Anna Christine Doehring, Nanaimo BC

During this unusual time, many are looking for help – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical help. Reconnective Healing® is effective, but not everybody is interested in this form of healing or has money for the sessions. Therefore I want you to have a look at the following FREE help possibilities.

The second link gives you instructions how help in all areas of life is possible. www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwkYqnN1vaA&t=212s

When you want to know more, you'll find a contact form on the second link. You can call me too. Wishing you Peace, Joy, Love and Health, Anna Christine, 250-756-2235 (PST) landline

The first is a testimonial and only 4 min. long. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYlt_5hrxvo www.dialogue.ca

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Anna Christine Doehring, RHFP, RCP Energy All Around Therapies, energyallaround@gmail.com ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Poetry by Vereya Sharashkina Awaiting Medieval castle, glowing windows The night is falling over trees, Dark water, sparks of gold and silver, First stars are shining through the leaves. I’m waiting on the stairs. It’s chilly. Inside the hall the others feast The dusk is thickening; I’m looking For special guest in evening mist.

He knows so much; he is a master His speech is effortless and fine. I’m very glad – he is my teacher And probably a friend of mine. I should not cheer when he approaches He sometimes would not say “Hello" Some think it’s rude, but I don't mind; it It only means he’s feeling low. We walk in times in mid-October The leaves are turning into gold Revealing mysteries he tells me Of many things to no one told.

I hope that he will come like always As if appearing from nowhere. He wears a cloak; he’s strange and quiet Just like his smile that’s barely there.

And when he comes I want to greet him Seems that he’s running very late I cannot let him feel unwelcome Standing alone by the locked gate.

He is disliked, but I admire him Because he knows when moon will rise How constellations move. There’s twinkling Of distant stars in his dark eyes.

I cannot join the celebration Though I hear children laugh inside I stand on stairs. I shall keep waiting. And autumn leaves on water glide.

But when I ask he’s also willing To turn his eyes from sky to ground; He knows the name, the use and story Of every herb that grows around.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enlightenment Here are the people, often silent But when sometimes they come to me. From days of past, or from the present, Or from the times that are to be

If I can feel the pain of thousands And if I want to ease their pain I will become a selfless hero So none shall lose and all shall gain.

I say: "My questions go unanswered; There are some things I do not get!" They tap me softly on my shoulder Reminding me, lest I forget:

Let me be wise, I won’t cease learning Let me be kind and make a change Let me forgive the wrong and guilty And take no sweetness in revenge.

“Think of the ages, of your fathers, Great minds and hearts of those long gone, Think of the future generations And what of humans will become.

May I turn into rain for thirsting And into sunshine for the cold. I shall be friendly to the children I'll cherish and respect the old.

We stir you heart, and we remind you That though the most of us have died If you remember us and hear us We shall be always by your side".

Oh, let me shine and be a rainbow For those who fell beyond the gray, Let me console a grieving person And find a thoughtful word to say.

Though these at first are only whispers They echo in a mighty voice, I fill with love and deep compassion My eyes are moist, but I rejoice: 68 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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Poetry and Calligraphy by Paul Bowles

Enlightenment – by Vereya, contd.

More from Paul on the next page…

May I become a thread of friendship That can the nations tightly bind And give a hand to all who need it For no one should be left behind. Let every person, poor or wealthy And every single living being Live and let live, be wise and peaceful And all in harmony will sing. May I be helpful and stay modest And bring some light to every soul May all the people find their places Let us find happiness for all! Vereya Sharashkina, 2020

Magic (Also a fragment of “Pigeon”) Say there’s not such thing as magic? Don’t believe it, yes there is. In the oceans, in the mountains, In the flowers and the trees. When sometimes you stop to marvel At the miracles of life Don’t you think that it is magic; World is smiling, it’s alive. Look at skies; they are so boundless Filled with sun’s soft warming rays Tell me, are they not a wonder— Gentle nights and sunny days? Storms are gathering— keep going If you value love and faith, If your life is ruled by honor There’ll be nothing you can't face. If the truth your heart ennobles Then your hands will never shake. Find your way, and if you choose it It’s a way you won’t forsake. Summer, winter, fire and water Light and darkness in our soul Bind the skies and earth together There is magic, after all. Vereya Sharashkina, 2020

vereyaverte@gmail.com ♣ www.dialogue.ca

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Tales from Fruitvale…

What I Believe and Why

Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC, scribepoet@hotmail.com

I am presently re-reading The Tibetan Book of the Dead (The Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo.) I first read this book when I was a teenager – and now again, as one on the tail end of life. This seven hundred year old classic work – of comforting and guiding the spirit of the departing person through the gamut of psychological projections – has remained in my possession all these years. In the re-reading of it, I had hoped to see a glimpse – or echoes – of what I believe about life and death as I do and why. My purpose is, primarily, to share with my scientificallyminded daughter, who asked me, out of the blue, to explain my core beliefs. She has a professional interest, as an academic researcher, in interweaving scientific knowledge with Indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems. Since the days of Darwin, the generally accepted notion of beginnings is that life has evolved from slime mould or bacteria, and certainly we are the host of it. Apparently, our bodies have more bacterial genes than human ones and our survival depends on them, aiding digestion and producing vitamins and compounds that regulate our immune system. In nature, biological adaptation occurs, producing new species; then natural selection follows, for whatever works best plus mutation to account for differences and changes. It seems quite reasonable to see it that way, at least for the western mind; but it is how it does this that I wonder about. Is it by accident or natural order? I personally admit to being on the Gaia spectrum of seeing the Earth as a self-organising intelligent organism, a web of interdependent life, as opposed to the other view of seeing a chemically reactive unintelligent bumbling accident. I think the apparent mechanism of organic life demands a mysticism. Even clever quantum physicists have said that life is too complex to allow us to begin to explain how it came to be. Presumably, the pinning down of the path and position of the ever-illusive electron or describing the probabilities of multi-dimensional universes in string 70 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

theory is a more natural inclination for the super smart. Upon reflection, I find those quantum threads remind me of the mycelium of a mushroom. Worlds within worlds, communicating one to the other, messaging the imagination. Subjective consciousness, mainstream science would say, cannot be relied upon empirically to answer ‘what is life’ questions, but who would disagree that life is about learning. Is it the atom that learns to aggregate or the cell that learns to split and replicate, certainly we learn about how to survive? For scientists, it is about learning how life works: mathematically, chemically and biologically; and for others it is about how to behave. Religion has usually filled the space of an individual’s belief in something deeper. The Christian message of peace and love seems too cliché today, but fosters at least a sense of community. Community would seem to be a logical evolutionary step, but community with whom? Love one another, but be cautious. Adam and Eve is a great story, in that once we were connected and could trust, (a higher order), apparently, and then we were separated, falling from grace (presumably ‘favour’). Who could deny the blight of humanity in the climate of white slave masters creating an ocean of misery in the world? And who could deny the power of belief and solace from the arising of the Black Church for those who were denied the dignity of human beingness to evolve as they may. The soul in their music still resonates, that change is going to come. Our evolution continues to this day, struggling with something, apart from the iniquities of racial domination, there is greed, power and domination, still visible in ample measure in capitalism and authoritarian regimes. I like to think that the kingdom of heaven is within: that is within all, even if I can’t find the keys to the door. This world is, after all, Paradise Lost – or so it has been posited. It would be the kingdom beyond that is Paradise Regained, eventually, unless we can change things around on Earth. But we must take our momentary joys and appreciation when they come,

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while we are still here amid the crises and pollution; this is the planetary schoolroom after all, the evolutionary matrix. William Blake said, “All religions are one.” My interpretation of that would be: the many, undertaking a journey to understanding unity. Apparently, there are over 4,000 religions in the world, a dozen or so major ones. I adopt those aspects which assist me in relating to basics: the light of knowing (at least in part), the love of life, as I have been blessed to know it and to have had the power to live it. This morning I watched the sun rise from behind the mountains. Light, as the primary power in the universe, is awe inspiring, particularly in the spring – when all life stirs, to blossom in petal and fragrance and fruit. The birds are happy and mating begins. This spring has brought us another grandchild, another creature to love. Love would be the second quality to be acknowledged in religion of any kind. A purposeful life would be the third aspect, lest death claims us and we have wasted the opportunity to find meaning. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, ancient and unaffected by scientific materialism, perceives a view of life in the body as a temporary habitation for the soul to gain Earthly experience. The soul, as I understand it, would be the inner voice or a deeper wiser intuition, seeking to guide or prompt the ego-based vital person, who only wants to be left alone to go his own way. But, where would we be without conscience? The world would be full of despots and slaves. We all want to experience freedom, safety and the fruits of civilisation – or to pursue individual sensory and intellectual interests – to find a place in the busy and confusing world, in order to survive and flourish. What would life be without music and dancing? We are all victims of death eventually. After death, consciousness of one’s life contribution, creative or destructive, avariciousness or humble service, will be vividly realised in the Bardo, “where there is no near or far or love or hate,” a space between death and rebirth – for another chance to work out our personal evolution, in another time, in another body. Perhaps like a cottonwood seed, blown by the wind of fate… or, if there is a case for destiny in the human, then you could have a mission to suit your capabilities. In each rebirth, Plato has mentioned, we would be required then, to drink from the waters of forgetfulness; after all, who could live anew, plagued by past memories of trauma. www.dialogue.ca

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But constant recycling of the soul in the earth body is not the whole story; there has to be a chance to move on up. What do I know?! Except that I suspect it will not be the same place that Plato went when he passed on. A passage in The Tibetan Book of the Dead says, “Whichever of the six realms you will be born in, those of the same nature will see each other.” I would not recommend the book aforementioned, unless one is prepared to foresee a psychological unravelling, on the way from death of the body to that mysterious somewhere, whether it is back to earth or a higher realm. Energy is mysterious. The atom is pure energy that somehow, jostling for position and aggregation, replicates systems of molecules, cells, organs and complete functioning biological entities. That’s pretty miraculous. What smart atoms! And/or smart input?! Apart from a mother and a father, is there a mind behind this quantum origin, a blueprint that evolution works from? Like a cell that produces its components from a chemical soup, it knows what it has to do. The body is a system of systems, within the planetary system, within the solar system, within the galaxy, and universe: a self-propagating and accelerating cosmic proliferation. This much cannot be disputed because it is observed. It is the ‘purpose’ which is in dispute. Is there purpose in life, in a seed, in a leaf taking in sunlight? Is there purpose in a black hole? Maybe it is a recycling system. It is a good job we are in the Goldilocks zone, because we are not done yet with our evolution, even if we, or I should say they – the movers and shakers – are now playing with a nuclear-powered remote toy on another planet that no one would want to live on if they were in their right mind; though it was a credit to intellect in getting there. Their purpose is to expand their horizons, but will it benefit the many or the few? My daughter may well think my belief system – reincarnation – is hogwash! Today’s modern world might seem a one-shot deal; random, purposeless for some, opportune for others, survival instinct of the fittest to many. Yet, ‘Near Death Experiences,’ which are prolific, each tell a story of consciousness beyond the body... to say the least. They are just …/ a click away, and even Maclean’s magazine had a three page story on a few of them, one of which, notably, was neuro surgeon Nathan Alexander. I VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 71

read his book, Proof of Heaven, tremendous suffering and tremendous revelation. And there is always the enigma of Edgar Cayce, a Sunday school teacher and photographer in Virginia Beach during the 1940’s, who could inform you, remotely, when in a trance state, where and when you previously incarnated and what your physical and mental problems were currently and how to fix them. And that is all documented. Read, There is a River. And never sin again. I have also personally known someone who has had a near death experience. An ex-boxer and seaman who was washed overboard and, while near drowning, had contact with ‘the other side.’ He was fished out and lived, being profoundly influenced by his experience. The ‘why’ of my personal beliefs is best described as ... inclination; the literature that I enjoy feeds that – and it is not down to one book (but I don’t want to list my entire library!); imagination could be enlisted and tempered with reason. Here is my philosophical take on the ten planes of the Cabalistic Tree of Life, beginning with the Earth at the bottom and heading up to the origin of things. 10. Upon the Earth we assert and survive. 9. Straying now and then into the world of dreams. 8. Regulated by the splendour of the intellect and knowledge. 7. Moved by our instincts. 6. Touched by the beauty of the world. 5. With a sense of justice. 4. Deriving the qualities and attributes of love. 3. With understanding of the scheme of things. 2. Achieving Wisdom. And… 1. We will merge with the greater reality from which all things come. The above is a bit mystical but reasonable, to me at least. For my daughter, who called upon me to come up with something, I have to add another way of seeing, and here I ask forgiveness for making a list out of an otherwise lengthy and profound prayer, condensed from The First Nations’ Giving of Thanks for the cycles of life. They ask us ‘To bring our minds together as one, to give greetings and thanks to each other as people and to acknowledge:’ Our Mother Earth, water, fish, plant life, trees, birds, the four winds, thunder and lightning, the sun, moon, stars, our enlightened teachers, the great Creator, and the next seven generations. In the end, I think I am a Theosophist. There is no church for it but there is a society although I have 72 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

never contacted it. The Society’s fundamental tenets are to form a nucleus of the universal brother/sisterhood of humanity and to encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science, also to investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the latent powers of humankind. I will leave investigation of dark energy and dark matter to the scientists, but the beauty of this world should not be taken for granted; it is our place of ‘Becoming,’ even though the source of life is, in my view, of another dimension, and perhaps we will realise it when we leave this one. As a final thought, just as a leaf takes in sunlight for its energy and gives off oxygen for us to breathe, ‘the way we see the world affects the way we respond to it; the way we respond to it affects the world itself.’ We are part of the All; therefore the All is within us. If the All would speak, what would it say? It has already been said, in our deeper past. It is offered for digestion here… “Of all that is material and all that is spiritual in this world, know for certain that I am both its origin and dissolution… there is no Truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread… I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the sacred syllable (om in the Vedic mantras). I am the sound in ether and ability in mankind. I am the original fragrance of the earth, and I am the light (heat) in fire. I am the life of all that lives…” [The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7, Verse 6 – 9] Paul Bowles, scribepoet@hotmail.com♣

Laughter & Ligtenment “TRAVEL DESTINATIONS”

From Sammy Camilleri

• I have been in many places in my life but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. • I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. • I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends and family. I live close so it's a short drive. • I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not into too much physical activity anymore. • I have also been in Doubt. It’s a good place to visit after you have been in Transigent. • I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. ♣

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Magical Moon Lake – The Story Continues…

Over the years, Dialogue has featured several of Karl Backhaus’ stories about his home, Moon Lake (Holland Centre, ON) – as featured in his book, Magical Moon Lake… This story about how it all began is continued from the last issue.

Karl Backhaus, February 2006

Meet the animals, insects, trees and stones of Moon Lake, my home –and make unusual and unexpected discoveries along the way. With complementary insights. Written for my nieces and nephews and their children and anyone interested in the magic of life. In Episode 1: How It All Began – and Arriving in Canada: We arrived in Montreal by freighter from Hamburg… Our adventure continued when we took the night train to Toronto; Episode 2: Arriving in Toronto. Episode 3: The Cabin. Episode 4: The Lake (Pt.1); Episode 5: The Lake (Pt.2).

Episode 6: Moon Lake and the "Elephant" There is something magical about the land bordering the easterly three of the five Great Lakes of the North American Continent. It seems to be fitting that my stories happened here, as you will see, when I now take you on an imaginary journey to the real Moon Lake. Let me be your tour guide to find out why. We are in an imaginary space ship, traveling through a cloudless blue sky, hovering above the five Great Lakes, the largest body of sweet water on Earth. This enormous expanse is larger than the size of Great Britain. When we look down at the three easterly Great Lakes - Lake Ontario, Lake Huron including Georgian Bay, and Lake Erie - they leave a peculiarly shaped landmass between them. This is known as Southern Ontario in Canada. We look with wonder as this land almost becomes alive, for with only a little imagination, we can recognize the unmistakable shape of a happy Elephant, the largest land animal on Earth. Even detailed body parts of the Elephant can be easily made out. Just look at an Ontario map and smile when you find the City of Owen Sound under the tail. People who live here know in which body part of the Elephant they are. When asked about it they may say, "Yes, but we have the cleanest water." Fishermen and especially the salmon of Georgian Bay know this too. Every year in autumn both fishermen and fish return in large numbers to the Sydenham River that exits into Georgian Bay at downtown Owen Sound. It is a show, seeing fishermen competing in www.dialogue.ca

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anticipation to catch the largest fish that will produce a trophy and a large sum of prize money. It is also a great spectacle to watch the large colourful salmon battling for the best spawning spots at the Mill Dam in Owen Sound, and all along the fast flowing Sydenham River below the magnificent Inglis Falls. Moon Lake is not very far from here. We will focus on it later. Just east of Owen Sound, also below the "tail" of the Elephant, lies the Meaford Military Range. I began to wonder when I heard repeated rumbling sounds, originating from cannons more than thirty miles away, if the Elephant suffers from indigestion?! To the southeast, less than two hundred miles away, we can see the American city of Buffalo under the "foot" of the Elephant. Several hundred miles southwest lies the city of Windsor at the tip of the "trunk". Above the trunk rests the heart-shaped Lake St. Clair. Perhaps we may doubt an Elephant is visible in the shape of the land, as Thomas in the Bible doubted the resurrection of Jesus, but it is a fact that the largest monument dedicated to an elephant is located in the city of St. Thomas at the imaginary throat of the Elephant. The famous circus elephant "Jumbo" died here many years ago. Today, Jumbo still is remembered every time we use the word "jumbo" for anything really large like "jumbo jets" or "jumbo shrimp". It may surprise you to learn that, even today, elephants of the "African Safari" live in the area of the imaginary heart of the Elephant. …/ VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Here elephants are trained and lovingly cared for. Coming from Vancouver, I once flew in a Jumbo jet. Its path was along the "tail". Crossing Owen Sound, I soon spotted a tiny bluish-green body of water in the distance – the water of Moon Lake surrounded by forest. I was thrilled when I saw it – while looking out of the cockpit, next to the pilot who had allowed me to take a photo of Moon Lake. On our imaginary journey and from our unobstructed vantage point high up in the sky, it should not be too difficult to know where Moon Lake is. And now we are back on the ground and you are better prepared to join me and to hear my stories. I will begin with the peculiar story of "the Dream-hare – Telepathy, the Moon and the Moon Lake link". This story is the result of my unfinished dream of the Storyteller circle…

Inset: # 1 - About Elephants [World Wildlife Fund Newsletter – www.wwf.ca] "Did you know…? A male African elephant can weigh as much as 7300 kilograms and grow to 4 m in height. In comparison, the Asian elephant averages 2300 kilograms in weight and 3 m in height. The African elephant’s large ears match the shape of the African continent and the Asian elephant’s smaller ears match the shape of India."


The stories you will hear will comfortably fit into this frame where time is not of the essence. They will repeat themselves, in various guises, at Moon Lake, long after we are gone. When you open the doors to your imagination, my stories can become your stories. Gradually as we enter the world of Moon Lake, you are on your way to becoming part of this magical world, entering the gates of wonder we all knew as children. ♣


The Feudal Fiefdoms of Saskatchewan :


Local Governance gone awry…

In the Regional Parks of SK, people own their homes, on land leased from management Boards that operate at a frightening level of autonomy, enabled by political interference and wilful blindness from municipal and provincial governments. Five seniors represented themselves in Court of Queen’s Bench against a Board-initiated Writ of Possession application. This is the 7th Installment of the story from Norm Zigarlick and friends on the idylls of Park life and their search for ‘justice’ [Story began in Autumn 2019, Vol.33-1]

Norm Zigarlick, SK, normzig56@gmail.com


“Happy as can be, All good friends And jolly good company…” UPDATE – Just prior to the publishing of this installment, the law firm Robertson-Stromberg, Counsel for Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority, served notice to John Danilak and Lisa Wildman that it was the intention of the Authority to again file for Writs of Possession on their respective properties. This will be the fourth attempt in three years. WHO KNEW? IN CANADA, PERJURY IS RARELY PROSECUTED!

How did I discover this? Along with several friends, I was taken to court a couple of times. The folks on the other side were less than honest. We thought it was essential for the courts to know this and provided 74 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

sworn statements pointing out the false and misleading statements in their documents. We have been well and truly cured of that naïve belief. Nobody said we were wrong, but nobody acted on our truth. A central element of the disagreement that took us to court was our contention that property taxes in a Saskatchewan regional park had been deliberately manipulated and had been used vindictively as a tool to punish some while others benefitted depending on where they ranked in the local social structure. In this particular park, the people running the place, the Park Authority representatives, are not elected and some

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have been appointed again and again during the past two decades by the ruling good ol’ boys’ club. When court decisions were delivered, neither of the two Queen’s Bench judges had considered our materials concerning perjury, nepotism and misleading statements. Both did, however, state that our claims of tax manipulation were disingenuous and debunked theories. History has proved them wrong. There had been a simple but effective tax manipulation scheme in place for a long period of time. The deceptive and, I assume illegal, scheme benefitted those in control. We identified and exposed the malpractice in the eight months between the court hearings and delivery of judicial decisions. Ironically, it was materials contained in the park authority’s own court documents that provided proofs. Saskatchewan’s Minister of Justice was advised of the tax scheme almost three months before the court decisions were delivered. Apparently, he did not bother to tell the Court there had been a material change in facts. The Government of Saskatchewan has not acknowledged the intentional scheme. Fifteen months after it was confirmed, Government is treating the whole mess as if it were a twenty-year administrative problem. The reality is much harsher. The Park Authority is an entity created by the province, subordinate to legislation and subject, at all times, to both oversight and intrusion by the province. The Park Authority has deliberately ripped off tax money from the Government that created and feeds them. In late 2017/early 2018 a small group of cabin owners confronted the Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority (SLRPA) demanding an explanation for outrageous discrepancies in property tax increases. They took a position that they would not pay their taxes until a viable explanation for the discrepancies was provided. Ninety days in arrears, their cabin lot leases were terminated without warning for non-payment of taxes. This was the beginning the process that resulted in a group of five well-aged, self-representing respondents approaching the Bench to appear before a somewhat amused Queen’s Bench Justice on August 1, 2019. The Park Authority had initiated a Summary Writ of Possession action seeking that the court award them three privately-owned cabins. By the time the process reached the decision stage in www.dialogue.ca

May 2020, our legal adventure had directly involved four Court of Queen’s Bench judges. There were five respondents to QB 174 of 2019 which was discontinued on procedure. SLRPA separated us and promptly refiled in the form of three new actions, QB 230, 231 and 232 of 2019. Jim Duffee was the lone respondent to QB 232. He had previous court experiences with SLRPA. In one instance they filed a Queen’s Bench action but withdrew only days before scheduled hearings then switched to a Provincial Court action which was scheduled for trial in early July 2019. We had all agreed to appear as witnesses on Jim’s behalf but that never happened. SLRPA’s Provincial Court lawyer was granted an indefinite adjournment on his action so another lawyer from the same firm (Robertson-Stromberg) could “narrow the issues” in a joint action that included Jim and his witnesses in QB 174. Provincial Court case management hearings are held in the presence of a Judge so by the time QB 232 of 2019 was decided, Jim had been before no less than five judges. Even though Jim’s tax bill was at the heart of our dispute, his court case did not focus on taxes. Jim won QB 232 decisively with the Judge’s dismissal stating, “the Park is not entitled to rely on its own wrongful actions in denying Mr. Duffee a lease as a basis upon which to found an application for a writ of possession”. Jim’s conflict continues as he struggles against SLRPA deceits to hammer out an acceptable lease. Between Provincial and Queen’s Bench actions, matters related to Suffern Lake Regional Park have involved seven judges. Of course, where there are judges, there are lawyers. The lawyer count is now at seven. The number of judges directly involved grew as respondents to QB 230 and 231 of 2019 filed Judicial Conduct Reviews of their presiding Queen’s Bench Justices’ conduct in the hearings and comments in their decisions. The visible plaintiff in this show is SLRPA, our local Regional Park Authority, defined by government as an Other Legislated Entity, a public body performing a function of government. Created by the Government of Saskatchewan, SLRPA’s immediate oversight body is a Rural Municipality with mandated taxation jurisdiction, upstream of them is the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association that calls itself a …/

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 75

Norm Zigarlick, Governance Gone Awry, contd.

governing body. And at the top of the messy oversight heap is the Government of Saskatchewan where several Ministries are responsible for legislation governing regional parks. At the foundation of the property tax process is the Saskatchewan Assessment Managements Agency (SAMA). On the sidelines, because Regional Parks from time to time receive grant funding from them, is the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. Other involved government agencies include the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Provincial Auditor. Over the course of five years, we have dealt with four Ministers shuffling through the portfolio of Parks Culture and Sport and two Premiers. I used the term visible plaintiff, because a number of the agencies noted, have a vested interest in our legal demise but only one, SLRPA, carried the banner to court. It would be reasonable to assume that a chain of events stretching over several years, involving many judges, lawyers, large slices of Government and multiple respondents must center around a large amount of money. NOT SO! Initially, the contested tax amount was only in the order of $1000. I am no legal scholar or mathematician, nor am I an administrative whiz but, to me this ridiculously expensive chain of events is not justifiable by any measure. I must point out the offices of the Privacy Commissioner and Saskatchewan Assessments Management Agency have lived up to our expectations. Neither attempted to mislead or harm us, that was appreciated and refreshing. Had the rest of Government worked in good faith toward a resolution instead of playing self-protection politics, this situation would not exist. SLRPA, an organization that is only operational five months a year and typically grosses well under $200,000 a year (including grants), launched multiple lawsuits and has run up legal bills measured in the tens of thousands of dollars (a former SLRPA representative claims the amount is on the high side of $100,000). I am comfortable stating there is a serious cash problem at SLRPA. The Park was running deficits before they initiated court actions, overspending during an economic downturn that impacted usership on the “public” side of the park where campsites and other 76 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

facilities generate income. Obviously, SLRPA’s financial woes could be cured if a few cabins became park property through court proceedings and were subsequently sold. Rolling the dice on Writs of Possession until they can seize and sell cottages seems to be an all-in, risky move. What underlying conditions might lead SLRPA to justify and undertake such a drastic plan? Perhaps… a two-fold result where getting rid of dangerously determined people digging into the Park’s deceptive tax process would also provide a welcome financial windfall? Back to tax scams for a moment. I ran a scenario past the Justice Minister/Attorney General for the Province: if an agency of Government deliberately avoids collecting taxes due to that government and such action directly benefits individuals who control that agency; if there is no exemption for the agency and its representatives, is that a criminal consideration or a civil consideration? The Minister replied that everyone is subject to criminal code but that his office did not offer legal opinions and suggested I take it up with a lawyer. I truly do not know the answer and I don’t have money to spend solving riddles for the Justice Minister. However, the answer is important regarding which legal path should be followed. The Attorney General is the top of the food chain in the law department. Suppose I filed a criminal complaint it would go something like this: I would make my complaint to the RCMP; it would then find its way to the Crown Prosecutor who may or may not choose to proceed; and if it is a sensitive issue regarding Government or if the law is not clear on matters like this, it would find its way to the Office of the Justice Minister/Attorney General. The guy I asked in the first place. I’m pretty clear on what would happen to me if I ducked taxes for a bunch of years, not sure what happens when people working within an arm of Government do it. JUDGES, LAWYERS, AND SELF-REPRESENTING RESPONDENTS In each of their QB lawsuits, SLRPA was represented

by lawyers from the high-profile, Saskatchewan law firm, Robertson-Stromberg. Cases are as follows: 1. Sask. QB 174 of 2019 initial appearance Justice Meschishnick, adjourned. Appearance before Madam Justice Zerr, discontinued on procedure. …/

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2. Sask. QB 231 of 2019 (Wildman/Zigarlick) heard by Madam Justice Goebel, held in reserve eight months, dismissed. 3. Sask. QB230 of 2019 (Danilak/Ritchot) heard by Justice Zuk, held in reserve eight months, dismissed. 4. Sask. QB 232 of 2019 (Duffee) heard by Justice Zuk, held in reserve eight months, dismissed. Chief Justice for the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Christopher Hinkson joined the judge pool when respondents to QB 230 and 231 of 2019 requested Judicial Conduct Reviews of Justice Zuk and Madam Justice Goebel last fall based on their commentary and dismissal of court materials. Coincidently another Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Justice also faced a conduct review in the fall of 2020 when an anonymous request was made to have Justice Graeme Mitchell reviewed. Justice Mitchell had ruled against the Government of Saskatchewan in an action against Tristen Durocher, a young Metis man who walked over 600 kilometers to set up a tipi on the grounds of the Saskatchewan Legislature in an attempt to bring greater awareness to the province’s suicide crisis and to prompt meaningful Government steps to improve the situation. Seems the Government of Saskatchewan gets quite upset about people using a chunk of public lawn as a stage in an effort to keep young people from killing themselves. Government initiated an action to have the court force Durocher off the lawn. There is a monumental gap of importance between the suicide crisis issues Tristen Durocher was focused on and the issues at Suffern Lake Regional Park. It is the gap between life and death situations and a minor government agency harassing people who otherwise live comfortable lives. The common ground is a Government and its agents that are more inclined to litigate issues, big or small, than to invest in resolution. This is a government that will spend a half million to fight an environmental tax in the Supreme Court of Canada (and lose) and with the same vigor, adjusted for scale, attack a man in court for trying to bring attention to a social crisis (and again lose), then attack www.dialogue.ca

the Judge who heard the case. I can see where, with a change in government attitude, those 600,000 or so wasted dollars might have helped Tristen’s cause. Why a review of Justice Mitchell’s conduct? Because days after he delivered his decision, Judge Mitchell visited Tristen’s tipi to see how the young man was doing. That outing was supposedly a display of judicial bias. The complaint was lodged by an anonymous source but lawyers for the Ministry for Justice were quick to jump in with attempts to discredit Justice Mitchell’s decision. Not surprisingly, Saskatchewan Government and the Ministry lawyers never brought any attention to the other two Queen’s Bench Judges under review at the same time by the same BC Chief Justice. IS THERE AN EXPLANATION FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF GOVERNMENT AND ITS AGENTS?

Perhaps answers can be found in a 2012 document written by “Pedersen” at the law firm RobertsonStromberg. It is a 23-page playbook on how to knock out financially weak opponents at the beginning of a dispute or grind them down with the near “inexhaustible resources” of a rich landlord (Government qualifies as one of those). In short, overload the front end of a legal action to overwhelm the respondent with an awareness of the scope of resources required for the fight. This is exactly the process a Robertson-Stromberg attorney tried on us in QB 174, 230 and 231 of 2019. In one action, he took seven pages just to explain why his client, SLRPA, did not want us as tenants. I am confident in saying we were sued by SLRPA to deflect attention from long- term wrongdoing by way of tax avoidance. Days before the initial hearing for QB 174, we hand delivered around 400 pages of documentation to Robertson-Stromberg’s Saskatoon office (five respondent affidavits and exhibits). Apparently, the Pedersen playbook doesn’t work quite as well on self-representing respondents who, being retired, can invest time in research and selfeducation. The lawyer who had confidently stated that the whole legal effort would be settled at a scheduled August 1st appearance, immediately …/ asked for a two-week adjournment.

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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Norm Zigarlick, Governance Gone Awry, contd.


While the decisions were grudgingly in our favour, we had significant concerns with some of the content in the findings and some of the behaviours of Justice Zuk and Madam Justice Goebel. QB 230 of 2019, SLRPA vs Danilak/Ritchot:

1. Appearing before Justice Zuk, respondent John Danilak asked how it could be fair when the extended family of the Park Authority Chairman was allowed to go five years without paying taxes without a penalty, while John’s lease was terminated after 90 days when the taxation process itself was in dispute. Justice Zuk answered “you got caught.” John didn’t get caught. He was one of the people who raised the issue of unfair taxation. 2. Justice Zuk also said SLRPA had nothing to do with setting taxation. He went on to compliment the Robertson-Stromberg lawyer on his excellent brief of law. Not sure how a 100-page document qualifies as a “brief”. 3. In his Fiat, eight months later, Justice Zuk said Danilak and Ritchot were “knocking on the wrong door” in their claims of SLRPA tax manipulation. His most harmful statement was that the respondents were “disingenuous at best” in their belief. That is as close as you can get to calling somebody a liar without saying “liar” out loud. QB 231 of 2019, SLRPA vs Wildman/Zigarlick:

1. Madam Justice Goebel was also insulting and dismissive. She referred to “the now debunked theory of tax manipulation” without identifying who debunked it, when or how. Evidence provided by SLRPA/the PLAINTIFF acknowledged that they had knowingly NOT followed the required assessment reporting process. 2. In her published decision (CanLII), Madam Justice Goebel writes that it appeared lost on Wildman that her prime residence was at risk in the Summary Action. That’s a pretty disparaging remark. A Robertson-Stromberg attorney filed both QB 174 and 231 of 2019. In both, the outcomes favored Lisa. Comments that Lisa who was too thick to understand why she was in court for QB 174 and QB 231 of 2019, 78 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

yet managed to somehow win, twice, become even more puzzling when you consider that Lisa’s co-respondent was me, a septuagenarian, high-school dropout with a head injury. What does that say about the high-priced legal expertise on the other side of the deal? Madam Justice Goebel and Justice Zuk used identical rationale for not awarding any costs to the respondents. They decided that the respondents had provided extraneous information causing the plaintiff’s lawyer to spend time (and therefore client monies) reviewing the materials. There is a weird twist of humour in there – respondents had been incorrectly sued once (QB 174) and the Robertson-Stromberg published methodology of overloading Respondents at the front end of a dispute was clearly demonstrated by a lawyer who used seven pages just to describe how nasty we were and 100 pages to support his theory of why our cabins/homes should be awarded to his client – but obviously neither Justice thought there was any value to the time and money the respondents had to invest in the process. Chief Justice Hinkson of the Supreme Court of British Columbia found nothing requiring action in his reviews of Justice Zuk and Madam Justice Goebel. Judicial discretion apparently allows judges to dismiss materials and submissions including perjury and “is not an issue of conduct that falls within Council’s mandate”. We’ve requested access to the complete file generated by our review request. Twice. Canadian Judicial Council has not responded. Justice Mitchell also survived his review pretty much intact. CRUX OF THE MATTER: PROPERTY TAXES

We communicated taxation concerns to Government in 2016. Eventually, in late 2017/early 2018 a midlevel bureaucrat from Parks Culture and Sport was assigned to review the Suffern Lake tax concerns. Surprisingly, FOIP responses reveal that the Ministerial review did not involve SAMA, the government agency responsible for the assessments that taxation is based on. Spoiler alert: nor has the Ministry disclosed the report/outcome of their investigation. As noted, we found the clues to how property assessments and taxes were being scammed in SLRPA’s own court documents. So, what is the process that allowed the tax manipulation? SLRPA or their oversight RM is required to report property sales and improvements to SAMA who in turn uses the information to

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calculate rolling market values. SLRPA knowingly avoided providing sale information and selectively reported renovations and improvements. By applying an extraordinarily high mil rate (14 recently reduced to 11) SLRPA could still realize the operating funds they needed from the falsely low assessments but at the same time, generate only minimal Education Property Tax for the province. Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) acknowledged the identified weakness in their reporting system and conducted a complete reassessment of park properties to address the false valuations. Must admit, we were shocked at the SAMA willingness to admit and address a problem. After what we had been through, we wondered what’s the trick this time? Coinciding with the SAMA response was the pragmatic honesty and fairness delivered in reviews by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC). The straight-shooting approach shown by these two government agencies is badly out-gunned by the behaviours displayed throughout the rest of the Saskatchewan Government. Still, we see it as a little bit of hope being better than no hope. The results of the SAMA reassessments were astounding. The overall assessed value of the Suffern Lake Regional Park cabin community doubled. The greatest single change in value on a developed property was over 500% (it had undergone improvements). Many other cabin values rose over 300%. A SLRPA representative, instrumental in launching the lawsuits against us, saw his lakefront property increase by four and a half times. A property held by SLRPA’s Secretary/Treasurer, who supplied most of the affidavits used against us, increased more than three times. He also held an empty lot with a pre-reassessment value of $900 which generated around four bucks a year in Education Property Tax for the province. He sold the right to lease it to another Board member and after SAMA breezed through town, the same patch of dirt had increased to $24,900 (27.7 times the original value). The tax scam was effective – the low assessments and subsequent low taxes ensured nobody was going to complain about taxes; SLRPA could ignore improvements by the guys in good standing even if their www.dialogue.ca

assessments were less than the value of their latest renovations; and when an individual gets identified as a troublesome tenant, report anything to SAMA that resembles an improvement to justify requesting a revaluation. It is easy to get a population mad at anybody that might cause a tax increase. Hell, the local folk might even sign a petition! A SLRPA member did, in fact, circulate a petition urging the court to evict us from the Park. Every one of the thirty-five signatories saw sizable increases in their assessed property values. From the group that signed the petition, seven have now told us the petition they signed was altered before it was presented to the court. I offered the Justice Minister the related evidence, he did not respond. If you think I may be generalizing a bit much or cherrypicking examples, let me go to the other end of the scale: the 2018 tax dispute centered around three cabins owned by Lisa Wildman, John Danilak & Jim Duffee; their taxes increased by 52%, 49% and 71% respectively while other cabins had increases as low as 14%. The alarm bell that set off the 2017/2018 dispute was Jim Duffee’s 71% increase. We contacted the Minister for Parks Culture and Sport asking for an explanation of how and why this could happen. His answer was “I presume they [SLRPA] identified a need”. At its peak in 2017, Jim Duffee’s assessment was around $136,000, it is now $145,300. His revaluation increase is 7%. Clearly, Jim’s was the only property that previously reflected actual values, but it was wildly out of whack with other assessments. Given the years of disputes between Jim and SLRPA and the fact that he outsmarted them regularly, the punitive use of taxes is easily explained. After all it was SLRPA and the RM that supplied SAMA with local property information and transaction values and Jim was on their troublesome tenant list. TIME IS ON THE GOVERNMENT’S SIDE It takes years to sue any level of government especially in Saskatchewan where the court system is backed up to a point where seniors might not live long enough to see the end of a civil lawsuit. Time is a great defensive tool for government. To the people inside the government structure, time and expense mean nothing. If they lose it costs them nothing, payday is Friday, and the retirement benefits are still excellent. …/

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VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 79

Norm Zigarlick, Governance Gone Awry, contd.

We’ve been down the legal path. Government consistently insists that the Suffern Lake concerns are a local issue to be resolved at the local level. However, when we were first served notice for QB 174 of 2019, Premier Scott Moe informed us he couldn’t comment on our concerns because they were “before the courts”. When we checked the date on the Honourable Premier’s letter, it was signed and dated two days BEFORE we knew we were being served. Perhaps I am wrong in my impressions of the Premier, maybe he is the first openly clairvoyant/seance equipped Canadian leader since Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King! If he’s not a prophet, why would the Premier of Saskatchewan be pre-informed of a local issue in which, he is adamant, his level of Government plays no role? In the fall of 2020, we approached Scott Moe’s government to request mediation of the Suffern Lake issues. We asked that the three Ministries holding significant oversight legislation for regional parks participate. The outcome? Ministry of Environment responded to the September request saying, let’s wait until after the election – then failed to respond to their reminder; Deputy Minister for Government Relations bluntly turned us down stating they had no role in the conflict which is surprising given their jurisdiction includes municipal and SAMA; the Deputy Minister for Parks Culture and Sports attacked us over a FOIP request calling us vexatious, frivolous and some other disparaging words that apparently come free-of-charge with her $200,000 per year salary; and a new, but maybe not improved, Robertson-Stromberg lawyer advised Lisa and John that they would not be receiving lease renewals because they had been unkind to the Board (aka SLRPA) and caused them great expense. I guess that’s a “no” to mediation? TAXATION AND OTHER REGIONAL PARKS Early in 2021 Lisa and I visited Lemsford Ferry Regional Park as we had learned that cabin owners there were also having some issues. Returning home to Suffern Lake we decided to compare assessed cabin values between the two parks. That turned out to be an impossible task. Apparently, Lemsford Ferry cabins had never been assessed or entered into the tax rolls. In that case, the RMs providing oversight of Lemsford Ferry had to be in on the joke. 80 dialogue

SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

Lisa had a couple of conversations with a pleasant lady who works with Atton’s Lake Regional Park near Cutknife. The assessed value of Atton’s Lake properties does reflect fair market value. Prior to the reassessments at Suffern Lake the average cabin at the lake was shown to be worth only 35% to 40% of fair market value. Lisa has written a short piece, The Tale of Three Parks which reveals that (shock and horror) taxation in Regional Parks may not be equitable. WHERE ARE WE NOW? From Jan. 1, 2018, to April 30, 2021, SLRPA's foundation lease with the Crown, managed by the Ministry of Environment, was expired for 620 days out of 1217. This is not an “administrative delay” in the lease process; it is gross mismanagement by the Ministry of Environment and SLRPA whose cabin owner leases are to be compatible with their Crown lease, constitution, bylaws and regional park legislation. In early May, cabin owners at Suffern Lake received new 10-year leases (previous leases expired on December 31, 2020). However, in an overt example of whistleblower reprisal, the cabin owners who exposed SLRPA’s manipulation of assessments/taxation to SAMA and the Saskatchewan Government have been denied leases. The revised lease conditions are so onerous that Vladimir Putin is probably trying to hire the lawyer who drafted it. A former Ministry of Justice employee reviewed it and commented, “the amount of power this agency is claiming for itself is dangerous”. Cabin owners contacted the Office of Residential Tenancies and asked what protections they had from the proposed conditions and the four-month lapse of their leases. ORT responded quoting Madam Justice Goebel’s decision for QB 231 of 2019 to claim regional park concerns are not their jurisdiction. When asked where the over 3000 cabin owner tenants within the Saskatchewan regional parks system might find protections of rights and processes similar to those provided by the ORT, the answer was prompt and far too familiar… “GET A LAWYER!” Norm Zigarlick, SK normzig56@gmail.com♣ THE SAGA WILL CONTINUE IN THE AUTUMN 2021 ISSUE. [SEE ALSO LISA’S INSIGHTS ON P.45]

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“The Vagabond Writer” Wayne Allen Russell Clearwater BC

“THE GOOD WEEDS” - The family: Archibald Tyrus Weed (Pop), January 10, 1901 Mary Elizabeth/Loretta (Cook) Weed (Mom), Dec. 19, 1905 Married: August 17, 1923 Children: Juniper Shirley / June (Grouch), May 19, 1925 Patty, Patricia Ann (‘Sweet Pea’) Dec, 21st.,1927 George (‘Donkey’), August 17, 1930 Ben (‘Shooter’), April 2, 1932 Bob (‘Bucky’ then ‘Stretch’), October 10, 1934 Adam (‘Flyer’), July 30, 1936 Tom (‘Weasel’), June 4, 1939 Cousins: Marian (cousin), August 21, 1925 Sam (‘Punch’ - cousin), December 26, 1931 Bobby (cousin), May 3, 1935 Ray (my buddy) Joe (Ray’s brother)


I hope readers enjoy these stories, they will bring laughter and a few tears to you. Taken from truth, but the “ Family Weed” is fictitious.

THOSE OLD RAILROAD TRAMPS The good Weeds grew on. If trouble didn’t find us, we invented some. While looking for five-gallon pails in the railroad dump, we found this great, long logging chain. We wondered what we could do with this. We had tried to get on the freight train before and failed. One of the boys said, “Maybe we could lasso the train somehow.” The next guy added, “Grease the tracks again, slow her down enough to hook the chain on her.” And another said, “YEAH! Let’s run the chain through the drain culvert over there, run it up both banks, lay it along the rails and when she slows down we can hook the chain ends on the side of the boxcar somehow.” “Hey! If we put some limbs and weeds over the chain ends, they won’t be seen.” “Okay, but two guys will have to hide on the other side of the tracks so we can hook both chain ends up at the same time.” “You three, grease the tracks and we’ll get the chain ready.” By this time we had all added a bit to the plan. We soon found out you can’t push a chain, so we found some binder twine and tied one end to a goodsized rock. We chucked it through the culvert as far as we could. We then found some stiff wire, made a hook in one end and dragged the twine on through the culvert. We hooked the chain end to the twine and pulled it through. All this energy! By the time we had the chain ready; the others had greased the tracks really well. We figured two of us should be on the other side of the tracks so one could hold the other to stop him from falling under the train. All seemed well. All we boys were hiding in the weeds in our appointed places. We heard her coming; she started to grunt and slow down trying to climb up the grade. Like Brer Fox again, we lay low. She hit the grease, wheels spun, sparks flew, sand dropped in www.dialogue.ca

front of the wheels. Perfect! There were hooks welded on the corners of the boxcar. Both chains, both sides, dropped into the hooks, chain slowly tightened up, wheels slipping and the train came to a stop. Two boys dove under the train, on through to our side of the tracks. More sand dropping, wheels spinning. “Door’s are locked.” Sparks flying, train stopped. “DOOR’S ARE LOCKED.” Chain was tight, sparks still flying. “The damn doors are locked! Let’s get the hell out of here!” Zip, zap, zang, gone, disappearing into the long grass, harder to find than a snake in a coil of rope. Soon home doing chores, pure innocence.” Oh boy! We are going to die if Pop finds out about this one.” Three weeks later while looking through an old newspaper we noticed an article that startled us and put fear into us again as we passed it around. Those old railroad tramps, if found, are going to jail for life. We never heard another word about it until many years later. One day Mom said to our kids, “Don’t play with black grease, you can’t get it from under your fingernails.” A big smile and a wink to us. She had known all along.

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Wayne Russell, Clearwater BC (slyolfart@gmail.com) ♣

VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

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SUMMER 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 4

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Solutions - Right in Front of Us… Susanne Lawson, Tofino, BC

Wolf on the island…Waiting for humans to wake up Hello out there, I am writing this with no preconceived ideas except that this is a powerful full moon of May and it is a super moon with sunspots happening. We have an opportunity to make positive change and this is a moment to put those thoughts and ideas and energies into motion. There is a lot of destructive energy at work and, if we focus, we can possibly change the course of the money, disease, destructive, controlling game plan that seems to be overwhelming at this time. Thinking about the good in us all, giving light an opening and bringing it through, remembering the teachings we have been given to guide us through these turbulent times, all that we have been given up until now is what we have to guide us all into a new world. It is no small reason that we have been given the teachings and families and friends and experiences we have gained through the past. Those teachings are most important to manifest at present. So it is now that we must remember the good, the strong, the beautiful and the gifts of this planet that feed, clothe and nourish us. Be in the beauty of gratitude, that amazing light and love that brought us forward and that continues to carry us on and surround us with understanding, love, light and being. We are all connected, will forever be no matter how forces try to break that. Love, beauty, harmony, humanity, caring, the forces of air, earth, water and fire – all that makes us beings on this planet at this time – is coming through our hearts at this time and will guide us to what we are here to accomplish. That cannot be destroyed, no matter what! Love this Earth and each other. For All Our Relations,

Deconstructing the mindset of the tech billionaire class From Douglas Rushkoff, author douglas@rushkoff.com July 4, 2021: […] I'm almost to the place where I can say

I'm almost done with my next book. Most basically, it's building on that Survival of the Richest story I wrote a couple of years ago, and deconstructing the 'mindset' informing our tech billionaire class and how ready they are to leave us all behind when the 'event' they anticipate comes to pass. […] I know it's still really rough out there, so please be as kind as you can to whoever you encounter. This may be the only true choice we get to make. Website: http://rushkoff.com

From: June Ross jross12@telus.net FINALLY…A win for Wild Salmon Today, the federal court dismissed Cermaq’s injunction, which sought to reverse Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan's decision to deny two transfer applications to restock farmed fish at Cermaq’s facilities in the Discovery Islands. This exciting news means that Cermaq will not be able to restock these two farms in the Okissollos Channel and that open-net fish farms are still on track to be removed from the Discovery Islands by 2022! The decision puts wild salmon’s health as a priority and respects First Nations’ leadership and concerns about open-net fish farms in their territory. Georgia Strait Alliance, https://georgiastrait.org/

Susanne Lawson, May, 2021 councilfire@hotmail.com © 2021 LINK TO SUSANNE’S BLOG: https://susannelawson.substack.com/ ♣

The God in whom I believe pays no attention to belief systems (religious or atheist), loving all unconditionally. All that matters is growing in love from conception to death and beyond death, and living the Golden Rule.” PEACE, Franklin O’Connor, Nanaimo BC www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

VOL. 34, NO. 4, SUMMER 2021

dialogue 83

P.84 Story on p.

84 dialogue

SUMMER 2020, VOL. 33, NO. 4


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