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VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

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SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

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Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue

Dedicated to the memory of Maurice J. King, 1927~2019

Dear Reader, May Susanne’s art and Paul’s Invocation on the cover inspire each of us. Whether your ‘Purpose’ is deepening your understanding of what is going on in the world, or devising strategies for the future of your family, comMaurice, Janet munity or ‘humanity’ – or if it is following your spiritual & Penny (2019) path and/or connecting with Nature and ‘making the most of each precious day’… we trust you will find nourishment for your journey – in this expanded edition of 76 pages! Happy Reading! As this IS 2021… there continue to be serious warnings about many topics that you do not see on your nightly news (if you are still watching TV). The gravity and complexity of some of the challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. So it is a very welcome relief to be able to enjoy the wide range of personal stories that remind us of the importance of simple joys and connections that we cherish in our lives. [See Contents, opposite.] In this issue, we are pleased to welcome several new writers. Owen Holmes shares his important essay, Genocide in Canada, on p.16. Ken Davies, p.35-6, shares his story that portrays the deeply personal impact of the imposition of the Official languages Act on Canadian civil servants in the mid-1970s; with an introduction re the OLA by Al Speyers. Also, David S. Dunaway provides an overview, p.20, of his long-standing efforts to hold the Regional District to account over zoning & covenant restrictions & conflicts of interest re Nanaimo Airport development. Derek Skinner (p.25) shares the Prologue for the book he is working on; Robin Mathews (p.38) examines the 1960s. And Kim McConnell, the ‘energy’ behind Canadians for Language Fairness, shares the first chapter of her autobiographical tale, “Our Story,” remembering her life with her husband Dick, p.55. And, of course, on-going series continue: Dr. Lonsdale (52), Moon Lake (65), and Feudal Fiefdoms (67). Thank you to every one of Dialogue’s readers and writers – those of you who passionately share your ideas and those who read & ponder but rarely get around to writing. Enjoy! And, as always, read with an open but discriminating mind! We look forward to hearing from you. Janet Hicks King, volunteer editor (& Lucky!)


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VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 3

Press Release:

International whistleblower protection report ranks Canada tied for last out of 62 countries with protections Trudeau Cabinet rejected unanimous July 2017 House Committee report – all parties must work together to implement its recommendations now Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Joe Friday should be fired as he has been found guilty three times by Federal Court of violating whistleblowers rights. Governments across Canada need to make all the changes needed to ensure government and business whistleblowers are fully protected Wednesday, March 3, 2021

OTTAWA – In response to an international report *

that ranked Canada tied for last out of 62 countries with whistleblower protections (See pp. 10 and 75 of PDF of report), Democracy Watch called on the federal Liberals to strengthen whistleblower protection for everyone in federal politics, including political staff, and in all federally-regulated businesses. The unanimous June 2017 report by the House of Commons Government Operations Committee called for many key changes to change the law and enforcement system to strengthen protection for whistleblowers who report wrongdoing by people in the federal government. However, then-Treasury Board Minister Scott Brison rejected the Committee’s recommendations in an October 2017 letter – committing the government only to reinforcing the internal disclosure process. The Liberals’ Bill C-65 in 2018 did nothing to change the Canada Labour Code’s requirement that federal workplace victims file complaints with their boss, who is often the harasser, and so it left political staff and other whistleblowers essentially unprotected. Click here to see Backgrounder on Key Developments in Federal Whistleblower Protection since 2017). Democracy Watch appeared before the House Committee twice, and its submission included the Change.org petition that more than 22,000 voters signed calling for 17 key changes by the federal government to protect people who blow the whistle on 4 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

government and big business abuse, waste and lawbreaking. As several recent scandals have shown, such protection is much needed. "The international report shows yet again how much the Trudeau Liberals have failed to protect whistleblowers, and continue to let people in federal politics who do wrong threaten and attack people who try to disclose their wrongdoing," said Duff Conacher, Cofounder of Democracy Watch and Ph.D. student at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. "The House Committee, public sector unions and citizen watchdog groups have been unanimously calling for key changes to strengthen whistleblower protection for years, as have tens of thousands of voters who have signed a national petition, so there is no reason for the Liberals to fail to work together with the other parties in this minority government and finally make these much-needed changes." Democracy Watch also called on Parliament to fire Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Joe Friday, finally, as he was for the third time found guilty in December 2017 by the Federal Court of violating a whistleblower’s rights. “The federal Liberals claimed in their 2015 election platform that greater openness and transparency are fundamental to restoring trust in Canada’s democracy but if they don’t strengthen whistleblower protection and use an independent process to appoint a new, effective Integrity Commissioner, they will continue breaking their open government promise in this key way,” said Conacher. "Unfortunately, the House Committee did not recommend in its June 2017 report any changes to strengthen protection for whistleblowers who work for federal politicians or for businesses that are regulated by the federal government, and the Liberals also need

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to make those changes to help stop the widespread, serious wrongdoing and abuse caused by politicians and people in Canada's big banks and other financial institutions, and in airlines, phone, cable TV, food, mining and forestry companies," said Conacher. Section 334 of the Liberals’ Bill C-86 in 2018 was supposed to add sections 979.1 to 979.4 to the Bank Act to create a right for bank employees to blow the whistle on wrongdoing, but the measures have still not been implemented (not that having the right to blow the whistle is enough protection to actually encourage and support whistleblowers).

Measures to strengthen whistleblower protection are needed across Canada. Democracy Watch will continue its ProtectWhistleblowers.ca letter-writing campaign and petition until these changes are made. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Duff Conacher, Co-founder of Democracy Watch Tel: (613) 241-5179; Cell: 416-546-3443 Email: info@democracywatch.ca Democracy Watch’s Protect Whistleblowers Who Protect You Campaign

* Report by the International Bar Association: Are whistleblowing laws working? A Global Study of Whistleblower Protection Litigation – LINK : https://tinyurl.com/iba-whistleblowers ♣

* * * * * * * * *

Democracy Watch sues Ont. Integrity Commissioner for failing to penalize 6 of 7 lobbyists who violated the law in serious ways last year Did Commissioner not penalize the 6 lobbyists because he was up for reappointment by party leaders and MPPs last fall? Cases challenge 6 of rare public rulings – since 2018 Commissioner has made 763 secret rulings, and failed to penalize 23 of 27 lobbyists who violated law Thursday, March 4, 2021

OTTAWA – Today, Democracy Watch announced that it has filed six applications in Ontario’s Divisional Court, challenging rulings by Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner J. David Wake that failed to penalize six lobbyists who violated Ontario’s lobbying law in serious ways, mainly by failing to register and disclose their lobbying for a year or more. The Commissioner has failed to penalize 23 of 27 lobbyists (85%) who have violated the law since 2018. During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, Commissioner Wake only penalized one lobbyist, Lawrence Gold, for violating Ontario’s Lobbyists Registration Act (LR Act) by failing to register and disclose his lobbying for a long period of time. The Commissioner only imposed the minimum penalty of naming Mr. Gold publicly. Four of the other six lobbyists who were not penalized by the Commissioner, not even by naming them publicly, did exactly the same thing as Mr. Gold – they didn’t register and disclose their lobbying for a long period of time. The other two lobbyists violated the law by lobbying politicians after campaigning for them or giving them gifts, in violation of section 3.4 of the LR Act that prohibits lobbying any politician or other www.dialogue.ca

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public office holder if it will create a real or potential conflict of interest or make it improper for them to further the interests of the lobbyist or their clients. When the Integrity Commissioner lets a lobbyist off for a violation of the law, the lobbyist’s identity is kept secret, as are the details of their lobbying. The Commissioner can penalize a lobbyist for a violation of the LR Act by only naming them publicly or naming them and banning them from lobbying for up to two years (section 17.9). Democracy Watch’s six cases, which will be heard by the Divisional Court in Toronto all together, challenge rulings #5, 14, 17 and 23 (the four lobbyists who also failed to register) and rulings #13 and 20 (the two lobbyists who violated the lobbying ethics rule) in the Commissioner’s 2019-2020 Annual Report. The six cases are Division Court file numbers 644/20, 645/20, 646/20, 647/20, 648/20 and 669/20. Nick Papageorge of Ross McBride LLP is representing Democracy Watch for the initial steps of the cases. Click here to see the Notice of Application challenging ruling #5 (the other five applications are very similar). Democracy Watch also recently filed three applications in Ontario’s Divisional Court challenging three other rulings by Integrity Commissioner Wake that allowed lobbyists who worked on campaigns for Ontario politicians, or gave them gifts, to lobby the politicians soon afterwards. Nick Papageorge is also representing Democracy Watch for those cases. …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

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DWatch sues ON Integrity Commissioner, contd.

All nine cases also ask the courts to rule that Commissioner Wake was biased when he issued the six rulings, given he knew that he would need the unanimous approval of Ford’s Cabinet and all MPPs to be re-appointed for a second five-year term, which happened on December 1st (although many MPPs were not present for that snap vote). “Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner has failed to penalize almost all the lobbyists he has found in violation of the lobbying law since 2018, and so Democracy Watch is taking the commissioner to court to challenge the worst of his many bad rulings,” Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch. “Hopefully the courts will issue rulings that require the Commissioner to start enforcing the lobbying rules strictly and strongly by penalizing all lobbyists who violate the law.” “Democracy Watch will continue challenging the Integrity Commissioner’s rulings in court, and his excessive secrecy including 763 secret decisions since 2018, as long as the Commissioner continues letting off lobbyists who violate the law by failing to disclose their lobbying or lobbying politicians unethically,” said Conacher. 763 secret rulings since 2018, all of which should be made public Since April 2018, Commissioner Wake has issued 192 secret Advisory Opinions, closed 135 secret compliance reviews at the initial stage, and resolved 436 cases informally in secret (Click here to see Backgrounder on Integrity Commissioner’s Rulings 2018-2020). Because those 763 decisions were made in secret, it is unclear exactly how many other lobbyists Commissioner Wake has let off even though they violated the law. Integrity Commissioner Wake has also taken the negligent position (in response to a letter sent by DWatch in January 2020) that he will only issue public summaries of his rulings in his annual report which is made public in June of each year, and covers the fiscal-year period which runs from April 1 to March 31 of the previous year. This means if Commissioner Wake completes an investigation of a lobbyist after April 1st any year, he will not issue any information or a public ruling on that investigation until his annual report in June of the following year (14 months later), unless he decides to penalize the lobbyist (which he rarely decides to do). 6 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

Commissioner Wake also claimed in his 2018-2019 Annual Report (p. 47) that the advisory opinions he gives lobbyists under section 15 of the LR Act are confidential, but there is nothing in that section or anywhere in the LR Act that requires them to be kept secret. They are rulings, and the public has a right to know how the Commissioner has ruled every time. The Commissioner should at least issue a summary of every ruling. “There is nothing in the lobbying law that prohibits Integrity Commissioner Wake from issuing a public ruling on a lobbyist’s alleged violations of the law after he completes his investigation and the lobbyist has been given an opportunity to respond, and it is absurdly negligent for him to claim that the law allows him to wait a year or more to issue a public ruling, and to keep almost all his rulings secret,” said Conacher. Huge loopholes in lobbying law make it legal to lobby secretly and unethically As well, huge loopholes in the LR Act allow countless other lobbyists to lobby in secret and unethically. None of the following lobbying activities are required to be disclosed: unpaid lobbying, business lobbying or nonprofit organization lobbying of less than 50 hours a year, lobbying about the enforcement of a law, or in response to a request for feedback from a Minister, official or MPP. As a result, anyone lobbying in these ways is also allowed to give gifts to and campaign, fundraise and do favours for Ontario Ministers, MPPs, political staff and government officials they are lobbying. “Until huge loopholes are closed in the lobbying law & public officials are banned from lobbying for years after they leave their position, and the Integrity Commissioner enforces the law more strictly and strongly, secret, unethical lobbying will continue to corrupt Ontario government policy-making,” said Conacher. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Duff Conacher, Co-founder of Democracy Watch Tel: (613) 241-5179; Cell: 416-546-3443 Email: info@democracywatch.ca ♣

Are Covid Mandates a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights? Bill Woollam, Duncan BC, templelife@hotmail.com A hard-hitting Interview with Canadian patriot/activist, Chris Sky, including discoveries of the covid mandates being a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights: (2 hours) https://www.bitchute.com/video/aMlLPPrN3pwS/ ♣

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Open Letter to Adrian Dix, Bonnie Henry, Mike Farnworth and John Horgan From: Constance Fogal, B.A., B.Ed, M.A., LLB Date: 26 February, 2021 To: adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca ; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca ; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca ; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca ; bonnie.henry@gov.bc.ca ; premier@gov.bc.ca

I write to comment on the video of Dix and Henry presented by the Vancouver Sun on or about February 25, 2021 titled "Personal Attacks Unacceptable" and the subsequent chiming in of the Premier. Dear Dr. Bonnie Henry, Minister Dix, Minister Farnworth, and Premier Horgan: So, “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” What an embarrassment (or is it a revelation?) to see our "rulers" whining almost tearfully (real or staged?) on video about personal attacks, about protests outside Bonnie's office doors, about the "language" (i.e. criticism) being unacceptable... So, now the censorship and media manipulation heats up? Minister Dix said of Dr Henry, “She never loses sight of people in this pandemic. She continues to have compassion for every single person.” Odd to admit the witting observance of the suffering of people, and odd to say she has compassion for everyone since she, Minister Dix, Minister Farnworth, Premier Horgan and all MLAs: – are directly responsible for the reported agony of children, as well as the elderly and many others who've died alone, deprived of the comfort and solace of loved ones, not to mention the ongoing agony of the surviving families tortured by traumatic memories forced on them and their loved ones by Henry, Dix and complicit MLAs . – are directly responsible for the year long and continuing lock up of seniors in old folks homes, deprived of all visitors, forced to languish in loneliness and despair and agony over what they perceive, in their reduced mental capacities, as abandonment by their loved ones, and in some cases, endure outright additional physical abuse because there's no outside oversight. They're dying in droves from abusive rules. – are directly responsible for the reported cancelled www.dialogue.ca

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surgeries and medical treatments and lockdown of empty hospitals causing the reported suffering and deaths from cancer, heart attacks and other ailments. – are directly responsible for the reported impoverishment of small businesses driven to bankruptcy in lockdowns contributing directly to the reported broken families, family violence, suicides, child abuse, despair. – are directly responsible for lockdowns, mandated masking and social distancing reportedly resulting in psychological pathology. If people write or gather to protest in person because of their experiences of these facts as set out above, then they are protesting against: crimes against humanity, violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, violation of the Nuremberg Code, violation of the Geneva Convention, and violation of our Canadian Constitution and our Charter Rights. If criminal language was directed at anyone, our Criminal Code protects everyone. And then the Premier weighs in saying that because Henry is not a politician, she should not be subject to criticism, never mind that she is exercising the very globalist goal of unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic tyrannical power. Bonnie Henry is the smokescreen and buffer, behind whom all our MLAs and the Premier hide with selfrighteous glee, as they pass laws indemnifying themselves from any harm suffered by their constituents arising out of these "pandemic" orders. None of our MLAs have any problem letting Dr. Henry take the flack. Nor does she opt to walk away from her powerful position. Neither she nor Dix nor any MLA have any problem harassing pastors who open their doors ministering to their flock, while leaving casinos open to drive users to social and economic problems. Instead Dix, Henry, Farnworth and the Premier would have the suffering citizens silenced while Dr Henry wrings her hands in pitiful commiseration with her colleagues about these ungrateful hordes who call for justice. What?! Justice? Freedom of Speech? Freedom of assembly? Freedom of worship? The right to life and liberty? How dare they! …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

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And so now, after a year of clever finessing, deceit, and outright "pandemic" lies, we shall see the tightening of the screw to show who's the boss and who's the slave who has learned to submit under the mark of slavery: the wearing of the mask. All this for a “global pandemic” in 2020 (and now 2021) with the WHO reporting fewer deaths worldwide from all causes (including Covid) than deaths from all causes in the previous five years. Is there a pandemic? Hmm, let me see... Oxford dictionary defines "pandemic" as “a prevalence, especially a disease over the whole of a country or continent or world.” There is no increased prevalence of disease or deaths, but there is a deliberate increased prevalence of fear. We are subjected to a pandemic of fear perpetrated by the medical rulers emasculating and torturing the populations. Was Henry called a "dictator?" Hmm, let me see: Oxford Dictionary defines: Dictator=a person exercising absolute authority of any kind or any sphere Absolute=despotic Despotic=arbitrary, tyrannical Despotism=an arbitrary government Despot=any person who exercise tyrannical authority

Authority= power to enforce obedience Tyrant= a ruler who exercises power in an oppressive, unjust, or cruel manner.

So, who is the tyrant here? "Poor Bonnie" who does the dirty work or her bosses who hide behind her skirt, letting her suffer the slings and arrows, OR Bonnie and her bosses, all of whom are complicit in these crimes against humanity, all of whom seem drunk on power. Constance Fogal, Vancouver Island Email: conniefogal@shaw.ca [See also p.15]♣ *******

Support for Constance Fogal’s letter from Anthony Hall I agree with the substance of Constance Fogal's letter on the government's abuse of emergency measure provisions to institute supposed public health measures that do much more harm than good. The fact the our government structures did not protect against the kind of lethal and abusive treatment being piled on us by our own governments reveals a chronic weakness in our system that must be addressed. Criminal charges against those in government and media who have been pushing these crimes against humanity would be a good start. Anthony Hall, Lethbridge Alberta Email: raprockprof2@gmail.com ♣


Time to question our unwavering belief in authority From: Christina Stafford, Nanaimo cm.stafford@shaw.ca

This article (below, by Dr. Hänsel) is saying the same things as Larken Rose, the author of The Most Dangerous Superstition…. but now it’s a Canadian pathologist and virologist, who spoke to Government officials back in November of last year… Obviously they didn’t listen. But his observations of how we are both Victims and Perpetrators illumines the psychological dynamics that Larken Rose wrote a whole book about… [The title of his book refers to belief in the necessity for “Authority.”]

I think this shift in consciousness is basic to the kind of independent “empowerment” in which change could happen... It seems a lot like leaving home and all that was comfortable and familiar and becoming responsible for our own lives, rather than trusting authorities to tell us what we must do and why… The existing power structure is so far out of balance that it can only support more civil 8 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

unrest and intensifications of polarization… I’ve certainly needed to unlearn a lot before I could see through the conditioning of fear… and I’m still unlearning…. - Christina S. ARTICLE LINK : https://www.globalresearch.ca/see-


Let Us Put an End to the Corona Pandemic Hoax: We Are Victims and

Perpetrators at the Same Time By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, Global Research, Feb. 25, 2021 “There exists an unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It is outrageous, this is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting society.” This is what top Canadian pathologist and virologist Dr Roger Hodkinson told Canadian government officials about Corona back in late Nov 2020,

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during a Zoom conference call. (1) And he is right! We can only stop this pandemic hoax and give our children a future worth living if we realise that we are both victims and perpetrators. Don’t hand over power to anyone! Every few years we elect corrupt politicians to high government offices and regard them as respectable authorities. Politicians immediately associate this ascription with claims to power, create a relationship of superiority and subordination and enforce the will or instructions of the global power elite on the citizens. These mendacious politicians can neither be trusted today nor in the future, wrote Leo Tolstoy as early as 1905. (2) For more than a year, they have been stirring up irrational fears and a public hysteria and panic of a terrible choking death with their loyal mass media – without any reason. Yet the deliberate stirring up of irrational fears has been an instrument of discipline and domination by unscrupulous despots for centuries. They are doing the work of the devil, not the work of God. We do not have a medical problem worldwide, but a political one! We are all to be panicked into obeying so they can do what they want with us. But despots not only stir up unfounded fears, they also use religion for their satanic plans. The state and the church have been allies and henchmen, respectively, since time immemorial! Both want us to believe in the so-called authorities and show absolute spiritual obedience – a so-called cadaver obedience! Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order, demanded this as early as the middle of the 16th century: According to divine providence, we should let ourselves be led and guided by the superiors as if we were a dead body or the staff of an old man with which one can do what one wants.

We are victims… And that’s how most of us behave too! Many adults react to these politicians like children or like primitive man reacted: In the form of a “magical belief in authority” – uncritical, and clouded by moods, feelings and promises of happiness. And this has consequences: Belief in authority inevitably leads to allegiance to authority, which usually triggers the reflex of absolute spiritual obedience and paralysis of the mind. Full-headed adults can www.dialogue.ca

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then no longer think for themselves and judge rationally and ,instead, hand over decision-making power to immoral politicians or to a supernatural being who is supposed to guide us and protect us as a “deity” until the end of days. That is why priests receive massive financial and ideological support from the secular authorities. And this obedience is drilled into us humans from childhood! All this leads, among other things, to the fact that citizens worldwide:  be locked up at home or in segregation camps,  distancing themselves from relatives, friends and neighbours,  wearing health-threatening mouth guards day in, day out,  get vaccinated with an unproven and therefore lethal vaccine.  and denounce to the authorities fellow citizens who rebel against this madness.

…and perpetrators at the same time Due to the unfounded fear reaction, the religiously conditioned belief in authority and the absolute spiritual obedience reflex, we show no compassion for our fellow human beings in distress and suffering and we abandon them. This goes so far that we even fail to protect our own brood, our children, who have fallen into great distress as a result of the criminal swindle and some of whom no longer want to live. In doing so, we are blocking our entire future. Yet it is compassion for all creatures, that makes human beings truly human, said Albert Schweitzer. Dear fellow citizens, I implore you to think about what I have said and to get out of the belief in authority  from the belief in authority,  from the spiral of fear and  from the obedience reflex. Please wake up and have the courage to use your common sense – before it is too late! This article was originally published on the author’s blog site, NRhZ-ONLINE. Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Notes (1) ORBIS(nju:S), Contra Mainstream Blog, 22 November 2020 VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021


dialogue 9

(2) Hänsel, R. (2020). Handing over power to no one! A psychological manifesto of common sense. Gornji Milanovac. ISBN 978-86-7432-119-5. The “Neue Rheinische Zeitung NRhZ” published the entire text in three installments. An abridged version was also published in the

NRhZ and additionally in “Rubikon” as well as in English in “Global Research” (www.globalresearch.ca ). Rec’d From Christina Stafford, cm.stafford@shaw.ca ♣


The Human Ant… Is this Our Future? Peter Weygang, Bobcaygeon ON

It may be that total subservience to an elite is an evolutionary step when the human population becomes too large. We do see this in animals, where feeding, and breeding, become the privilege of the alpha couple. The rest of the units (dogs, hyenas, people) have the responsibility of hunting, fighting, etc., to serve the elite, and their offspring. It is a feasible, but unpleasant, view of the future for the human race. It does seem that we are being conditioned for such a future. I have attached an essay on that topic. Best regards, Peter Weygang

The Human Ant Totalitarianism is with us, and growing. It is entrenched in China, Russia, North Korea, and Rwanda. Xi Jimping, Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Kagame are de facto lifetime presidents; they are the queen ants. They have their own soldier ants; the army, secret police, and bureaucrats, to keep the people; the workers, the serfs, the proles, the plebs, in their proper place at the bottom of the dung heap of human existence. This is an extension of Plato’s views of a republic, c 400BC, in which society is divided into three classes: the producers, the auxiliaries, and the guardians. The auxiliaries are the warriors, responsible for defending the city from invaders, and for keeping the peace at home. They must enforce the convictions of the guardians, and ensure that the producers obey. This view was diametrically opposite to the view of the Athenians in 510 BC. [LINK: www.youtube.com/watch/kj2R0rrFSNM ]

Democracy, or people power, was established by a revolution. It proved to be far more successful, creative, and prosperous than totalitarian societies, such as Sparta. It brought forth a flowering of civilization that has never been equalled. This democratic view of society has been supported by political leaders such as Lincoln – rule of the people by the people for the people – but the people have 10 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

never again risen in revolt to establish direct rule by themselves. But, is the slide from democracy to totalitarianism an inevitable step in the evolution of the human race? Have we become so numerous that we can no longer exist as free, special, and innovative individuals? Is there no longer a place for the thinking ‘ant’? We know that there cannot be any progress without independent thought that challenges existing ideas. That is why ants have remained the same for 100 million years, frozen in a paralysing social order. So, how do these queen ants, these guardians, create a nest in their own image? They exploit a basic flaw in the human psyche, which is so prevalent that the rest of us are outnumbered, and powerless. Samuel Butler writes, in Erewhon: “…but so engrained in the human heart is the desire to believe that some people really do know what they say they know, and can thus save them the trouble of thinking for themselves.” That was written some 150 years ago. It explains why the Covid crisis was taken over instantly by the quasi elite. There was no discussion regarding possible options, and consequences. There was no impact study. The elite imposed lockdowns as their solution. They were believed, by most of us, with a blind trust that amounts to mental death. And now we see where their path led us. This centralization of power is key to the enslavement of mankind. At first, this power lies with a cadre of likeminded sociopaths; politburos, and Standing Committees. However, a Big Brother always emerges; a Stalin, a Genghis Khan, a Hitler. This is the natural progression we see in nature. Eventually the silverback gorilla stands alone, thumping his chest. Any dissidents are tracked down across the globe, and assassinated. Those who linger too long are imprisoned, and strangely die of alcohol poisoning. Apparently, the filmmaker Shady Habash, who helped make a musical video mocking President Sisi (of Egypt), died of an overdose of hand sanitizer! …/ Digital Edition


The next important move is to control money. At the moment, money is both the stick, and the carrot. Governments can get as much as they like by running the printing presses, or simply writing numbers into the national ledgers. People do not understand that both fines, and bribes, are worthless pieces of thin plastic. The ultra-rich, worth hundreds of billions, have no qualms in imposing their will, and vision, upon humanity. They are the self-appointed guardians. They profit from every calamity that comes our way. Let us remember that the Rothschild fortune was started by funding both armies in the Battle of Waterloo. Rothschild was the winner; everyone else were losers. A war is the best way for the rich to become richer; but a pestilence will do very nicely. Vaccinating the global population will put trillions of dollars into the pockets of the 1%. That money comes, directly or indirectly, from taxpayers. It will bankrupt all nations. The Toronto Star {Aug. 15} reported that America’s billionaires saw their fortunes soar by $434 billion during the U.S. pandemic lockdown, between midMarch and mid-May. In just two months! These same billionaires of this world – like Bezos, Lütke, Gates, and Zuckerberg – have thrown their weight behind globalization, for their own immense profit. When I was a boy there was a gap between the rich, and the poor. That gap is now a chasm that dwarfs the Grand Canyon. In that world, an ant never becomes a queen. This dystopic future becomes more certain as the private global media - and governments - shut down any dissenting voices. Their propaganda has a tendency to harden into a popular orthodoxy, accepted without question or scrutiny. We head towards a Zuckerberg destiny, shrouded in ignorance. Even a polite, reasonable, and well-founded concern, produces only a bite from strong jaws, with sharp teeth. Just ask Roman Baber MPP, who was chucked out in Ontario in midJanuary 2021, for suggesting that lockdowns were a cure worse than the disease. Governments are not mother hens, they are hyenas. Digital currency, such as Bitcoin, was a reaction to governments printing toilet paper, with each roll decreasing sharply in value each year. Independent digital currencies are a direct attack on the monetary carrot and stick power exerted by governments. It comes as no surprise that governments are writing laws faster www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

than the ink can dry, in order to legislate independent digital currencies out of existence. They did it with e-gold, and I fear they will do the same again. So, as every year passes, we become less like homo sapiens, and more like ants. That being the case, then I choose to be a fire ant. Just watch my tail! Peter Weygang

The current situation requires a poem. Here it is:

LOCKDOWN - P. Weygang, Jan 2021 There’s safety in the needle, Or so the egg-heads say. It only takes a little jab To send the plague away. Then you’ll have the strength, they say, To go into the street, And put some cash into the hats Of those with naught to eat. And, as you pass the shuttered shops, And past the padlocked door, Remember what the lockdown did To a billion helpless poor. Some have cracked beneath the strain; In dark despair they cried. Please, have a heart for those sad lives Snuffed out by suicide. Say a prayer for those at home, Alone, and palely loitering. For them the world is withered grey, And no birds sing. Bureaucrats sit in leather chairs, Twiddling with their thumbs. There’s little work for them to do, But still their paycheck comes. But on the streets the people sleep, In foul and bitter weather. While leaders write, with well-greased hands, ‘We’re all in this together.’ While those who force strange rules on us, …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 11

So, hug yourself, in pantomime; No warm arms round your hips. And kiss us through the windowpane, The cold glass on your lips.

From places out of reach. Yes, those who chain us down, like dogs, Party on the beach. Pseudo-science has taken us To a place we all should dread. A place of panic, and of pain, Where commonsense is dead.

Italic quotes, stanza 5, from John Keats Peter Weygang, M.A.; D.I.C.; M.Ed. Sec., Citizens for Direct Democracy Email: peterweygang@gmail.com ♣


Liberty Coalition Canada: “End the Lockdowns” National Caucus

~ formed by Representatives from across Canada INFORMATION ABOUT THE END THE LOCKDOWN CAUCUS BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION BY JERRY FLYNN OF COMOX, BC [From the website: www.libertycoalitioncanada.com/endthe-lockdown-caucus ]

In response to the unprecedented mass violations of Canadian’s Charter Rights from government across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of current and former elected representatives have come together to form the End the Lockdowns National Caucus. The caucus is a non-partisan group seeking to provide formal challenges to current COVID-19 policies with a specific emphasis on ending government’s use of province-wide lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. All members of the caucus which includes Randy Hillier - MPP, Maxime Bernier - PPC Party Leader, Derek Sloan - MP, Daryl Herlick - Perth East Councillor, and Steve VanLeeuwen - Centre Wellington Councillor, signed the following statement as a means of establishing the caucus. The statement reads as follows: “We are current and former elected representatives from municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government across Canada, unified in pursuit of the truth, and resolved to ensure there is open, honest, and public debate regarding the COVID-19 government response. After careful examination and scrutiny of mitigation measures undertaken by all levels of government, it is now evident that the lockdowns cause more harm than the virus and must be brought to an end. We devote our energy and efforts to the just and compassionate objective of reopening our businesses, schools, places of worship, recreational facilities, along with the full resumption and expansion of 12 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

efficient medical services. We desire to restore dignity and respect for all Canadians by safeguarding our representative democracy and its institutions, defending our Constitution, personal freedoms and responsibilities, whilst implementing focused protection for the most vulnerable. We hereby voluntarily sign this agreement on the 2nd day of February, 2021." The caucus is open to all members, at any level, of representative government and others are encouraged to contact the caucus for more information. Liberty Coalition Canada has developed into a national network of clergymen, elected officials, small business owners, legal experts, and other concerned citizens. We are pleased to host and support the End the Lockdowns Caucus on our media platforms. LINK: https://www.libertycoalitioncanada.com/endthe-lockdown-caucus Randy Hillier, MPP | Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, Ontario, Independent Maxime Bernier, Former MP | Beauce, Québec, National Leader | People's Party of Canada Derek Sloan, MP | Hastings—Lennox and Addington, Ontario, Independent Steve VanLeeuwen, Councillor | Centre Wellington, Ontario, Daryl Herlick, Township and County Councillor | Perth East, Ontario Angela Pitt, MLA | Airdrie-East, Alberta, Deputy Speaker, Chair of Committees | UCP Drew Barnes, MLA | Cypress Medicine Hat, Alberta, UCP Dave Bylsma, Mayor | West Lincoln, Ontario André Gagnon, Maire | Saint-Bernard de Beauce, Québec Aaron Wenzel, Mayor | Leader, Saskatchewan Paul Chauvet, Councillor | Town of Whitecourt, Alberta Harold Jonker, Councillor | West Lincoln, Ontario Yannick Côté, Conseiller | Municipal à St-Vianney, Québec Carole Boisvert, Conseillère Municipale | Verchères, Qc Guy Lacroix, Conseiller | Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Québec …/

Digital Edition


Amber Harris, Councillor | Gibbons, Alberta Jonathan Siggelkow, Town Councillor | Town of Sexsmith, Alberta Greg Boehlke, Councillor | Rocky View County, AB Lindsay Kenny, Councillor | British Columbia Tom Ikert, Councillor | Wheatland County, Alberta Joseph Mauro, Councillor | Lethbridge, Alberta Matthew Prychun, Councillor | St. Andrews, Manitoba Dave Sharpe, Councillor | Grimsby, Ontario Brenda Falk, Councillor | Abbotsford, British Columbia Mattias Gibbs, Councillor | Hudson’s Hope, BC Art Hanger, Former MP | Calgary Northeast,Reform Party/Canadian Alliance Eric Lowther, Former MP | Calgary Center, Alberta, Former Councillor | Rocky View County, Alberta, Reform/ Canadian Alliance Shelly Glover, Former MP | Saint Boniface, Manitoba, Conservative Party Paul Hinman, Former MLA | Calgary Glenmore, Alberta, Interim leader | Wildrose Independence party of AB Derek Fildebrandt, Former MLA | Strathmore-Brooks, Alberta, Wildrose Party Gordon Kesler, Former MLA | Olds-Didsbury, Alberta Wes Taylor, Former MLA | Battle River-Wainwright, Alberta, Wildrose/UCP Rob Anderson, Former MLA | Airdrie, Alberta, Wildrose/ PC Carl Brentnell, Former Mayor | Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan John Mutton, Former Mayor | Municipality of Clarington, ON Maryann Post, Former Councillor | Township of Wollaston, Ontario Glen Carritt, Former Councillor | Innisfail, Alberta Jason Alderson, Former Councillor | Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Johann Dewolfe, Former Councillor | Landis, SK Gary Vance, Former Councillor | Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Ontario Bill Clements, Former Councillor | Frobisher, SK Sheila Bull, Former Councillor | Abbotsford, BC Alan Warnock, Former Alderman | City of Airdrie, Alberta Wendy Parker, Former Councillor | District of Lillooet, BC John Siebenga, Former Councillor | District of Houston, BC Catherine Smith, Former Alderman | Medicine Hat, Alberta Armin Arend, Former Chairman | LSDAC of Weldford, NB Nirmala Armstrong, Former Regional Councillor | Markham, Ontario Wade Sira, Former Reeve | Rosedale #283, Saskatchewan - Leader of Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan Donna Lavin, Former Councillor | Battleford, Saskatchewan Paula Havixbeck, Former Councillor | Winnipeg, Manitoba Harry Nibourg, Former Mayor & Councillor | Village of Big Valley, Alberta Julia Butler, Former Councillor | Grand Forks, BC

Join the Caucus Today Are you a current or previously elected official? Please fill out the following form. Please use your official email and follow the verification prompts. LINK: https://www.libertycoalitioncanada.com/endthe-lockdown-caucus ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition


The Greatest Crime In Human History! by J. G. Flynn (Captain) Retired, Comox BC LINK: http://www.dialogue2.ca/columnist-jerry-flynn.html

Tyrannical billionaires, corrupt governments (all levels), health agencies (all levels), Industry, electric power generation, EMF/5G, telecom, electronics, medical research, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, vaccines, depopulation, ++) Part One - One World Government & Wireless Technology Part Two - The Zionist Global Crimes Part Three - World Reactions Linked to Covid-19 Part Four - U.S. Government Conflict-of-Interest/Corruption Part Five - One World Government - Billions of People To Be Eliminated Jerry Flynn, Feb. 18 2021: Part Five concludes by say-

ing: "Scientists, medical experts and other informed people around the world consider Bill Gates to be an evil, maniacal, control freak who is obsessed with the need for him “to rule the world” - which he plans to do by using genetically-modified ‘vaccines’ (imbedded with nanochips, using ‘AI’ and ‘5G’ technology) and by controlling the food people have to eat. Others wanting a One World Government – controlled by them - are those on the extremely powerful Council on Foreign Relations Committee, their colleagues on the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group, etc. It needs to be re-emphasized here that Jews number less than 2% of the entire U.S. population of the USA, yet they are so active in politics and seem to be so focused and have such clout! The Covid-19 Pandemic was purely fabricated by members of the corrupt ‘establishment’ simply as a means to distract the public’s attention (who continue to bombarded, day and night, with Covid-19 data - oftentimes inaccurate, incorrect, false or misleading - by an extremely zealous media) from what is really going on! The corrupt ‘establishment’ is currently attempting to impose a One World Government on us all! One in which there will be no “middle class” (whose jobs will also disappear); where no one owns anything and has nothing. Were it to be successful, this One World Government would abolish all monarchies and all ordered government; all private property and inheritances; patriotism and nationalism; family life and the institution of marriage. It would establish communal education for children and impose a universal digital currency for all people. Shockingly, it would also mean reducing the world’s current population (estimated to be approximately 7.8 billion) to just one billion - or less! ‘Vaccinating’ every person now living (except themselves) will not only make Bill Gates, pharmaceutical companies and others much richer, but is thought to be the best and fastest way to get rid of so many unwanted people! Thanks to today’s vaccines, nano-chip inserts, 5G, …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 13

AI, smart phones, etc., technology will enable those ‘allowed to live’ to be easily remotely controlled. Finally, the unbelievable wealth, influence and power of today’s social media multibillionaires enable them to deny their services to the most powerful person on Earth (whether you like him or not is irrelevant) - the President of the USA – unthinkable! And finally, now the U.S. has

President Joe Biden who has proudly stated that he is a Zionist, and his VP, Kamala Harris (who is said to be friendly towards Israel and Jews), plus Biden’s cabinet, which has more than a disproportionate number of Zionists - Wake-up world! While/if there is still time!" J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired) Comox, B.C. wbjf85@protonmail.com Author “Hidden Dangers – 5G” (See P.71) ♣


A Dire Warning about Genetic Modification of Humans existence. People become mere “caged experimental objects” in their global labs. – Inge Hanle

From Inge Hanle, Vancouver BC hanle@alternatives.com Sent: March 26, 2021

Read this carefully, and if possible, listen to the 6 min audio. This puts the prevailing "Technocracy Crisis" centered around computer-dominated AI and genetic redesigning into its proper perspective: The Age of GMO Humans Has Arrived

When Criminally Syndicated Lunatics are permitted to run the planet, this is the Evil that we get - because we couldn’t be bothered to take notice as this was developing, incremental step by incremental step, over decades, or longer. We agreed to park our brains, not to question, not to connect the dots, and became “analytically paralyzed.” We allowed them to arrange all their ducks in order, unnoticed & unchallenged, while, like compliant sheep waiting to be fed, we swallowed their camouflaging propaganda, hook, line and sinker. We even applauded! "Because we can’t stop Progress, now, can we?!" And it is all “Science” – Science by Declaration." But whose “Science” other than the satanic “Religion of Scientism” -- “Technocracy”? Is this the NEW NORMAL that you thought “officialdom” was talking about? Is this their plan “to save lives” that they were so incessantly shouting about on the mainstream media? Is this the “global prison-lab” we compliantly sacrifice for, only to become genetic lab-rats and guinea pigs? If ever there was a time when it is essential for EVERYONE to WAKE UP – and STAND UP – it is NOW. FAST!!! It is NOW or NEVER! This is the NEW NORMAL that the Technocratic Elite lunatics have in mind for all of LIFE on the planet. When LIFE is no longer sacred; When LIFE has no meaning for them, any and every genetic manipulation is justified in their eyes. Ethics, morality, accountability, survivability evaporate into non14 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

LINK: https://tinyurl.com/FKTV-gmohu Audio Running time 6 min

The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived From Alexandra Bruce, https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net

AUDIO TRANSCRIPT: Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, a think tank started 23 years ago, in 1998 has conducted dozens of exercises on simulated pandemics and bioweapons attacks, including Operation Dark Winter in 2001, where one of the main objectives was how to force-vaccinate an uncooperative population. Atlantic Storm in 2005 addressed the logistics of mass-vaccinations and military quarantines. "Clade X" in 2018 pushed for radical fast-tracking of vaccine production. "Crimson Contagion" was a massive exercise launched in January of 2019. It involved scores of organizations, public and private, from both the federal and state level. Crimson Contagion lasted for over half a year and was based on a severe pandemic that originated in China. On October 18th of 2019, Johns Hopkins partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to sponsor Event 201, a simulation wherein an outbreak of a bat coronavirus kills 65 million people. The culmination of all these studies was published in November of 2019. The CSIS* Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security urges the US Government to, "Replace the cycle of crisis and complacency that has long plagued health security preparedness with a doctrine of continuous prevention, protection and resilience." [Nov. 18 2019 LINK TO COMMISSION’S REPORT: https://healthsecurity.csis.org/final-report/]

In other words, they were calling for the medical tyranny we're now seeing manifest around us. Signed by former military, Big Pharma and US Representatives, the CSIS document calls for continuous rapid vaccines, while also warning that the vaccines may go wrong and start spreading more disease. And on that subject, what disease are we talking about? …/

Digital Edition


After a year of COVID-19, the numbers show us it is no more deadly than the Common Cold and even the WHO admit that all the PCR tests from 2020 are meaningless – and they had the vaccine before the mysterious outbreak ever occurred! The agenda is now clearly about endless vaccinations for everyone. New mRNA vaccines that have never gone through human testing until now; the same controversial technology as the CRISPR** tech, wherein one can easily splice human DNA and permanently modify it. They say the possibilities are endless. Jennifer Doudna, who won the Nobel Prize for CRISPR tried calling for a worldwide moratorium for any application of any gene-editing using CRISPR but no one seemed to care. Not only does there seem to be zero regulation, but anyone can cheaply buy and learn what they need to (online) to permanently change the genome in practically any living creature. The mRNA vaccine is based on CRISPR technology. China recently used CRISPR tech to genetically-modify babies to be immune to HIV – and as a result, lessened their lifespans, just like CSIS warned: It all may go wrong and when it does, Big Pharma et al is free from any and all liability. The solution will be more gene-altering vaccinations, until they finally get it right – or not. Eventually, and certainly sooner rather than later, an unaltered, natural human body will be considered a biohazard and full control over the human genome will become the new normal. Without argument, we are now in the era of geneticallymodified humans and while millions are gleefully lining-up to get their experimental gene-editing jab, others are being tagged like chattel. Vaccine passports, vaccine certificates and "freedom bracelets" made by the same company that specializes in prison monitoring bracelets. And now, we have a new think-tank simulation, the "Spars Pandemic."(1) Another outbreak and another vaccine, with warnings of the anti-vaccination movement. And don't forget the Rockefeller Foundation's "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development;"

"Lock Step", wherein they illustrate plans to use pandemics and Big Pharma to usher in "A world of tighter, topdown government control and more authoritarian leadership." Get ready for the next round, because without any opposition, this thing keeps going – straight into the abyss. [END OF AUDIO TRANSCRIPT] LINK: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/the-age-ofgenetically-modified-humans-has-arrived/

Contributed by Alexandra Bruce, FKTV Rec’d from Inge Hanle, hanle@alternatives.com FOOTNOTES:

* CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Studies (U.S.)

** CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, which are the hallmark of a bacterial defense system that forms the basis for CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology. (1) John Hopkins Center for Health Security Project: SPARS Pandemic Scenario (2025-2028) A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators, Completed Oct 2017 LINK:- https://tinyurl.com/JH-SPARS-scenario ♣ *******

Comment from Herb Spencer spsi99@telus.net Just because engineers CAN do something, does NOT imply that we SHOULD do it. Nuclear research in 1938 implied that we could split the atom (actually nucleus), so in our foolish war-making “thinking” the USA launched the multi-million Manhattan Project that wiped out two Japanese cities and launched the fission-sword of Damocles over humanity. ONE mistake and it’s all over. I see CRISPR as an equivalent biological threat so I would ban all further research worldwide. These bad things happen when we fail to educate people morally: only as technicians. ♣


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Vera Sharav on Historical Ties of the Unfolding Medical Tyranny to the Holocaust From Connie Fogal / Marcia Crozier: “Must watch video - Vera Sharav puts all the pieces together for you when she compares her experience of the lead up to the holocaust and what is happening right now. Very smart woman! Reiner Fuellmich has some great words of encouragement for all of us towards the end too. One of the best I've seen lately and worth watching the whole thing.” – M.C.: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BTRaWaz99UJn/ [EXTRACT] Vera Sharav: “The virus is being exploited to maintain a state of fear. Lockdown has, in this time www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

around, proved to be a very effective tool for social control, but they failed to change the course of the virus. People are being conditioned to submit passively to government dictate. Children… are being conditioned to distrust people. Mandatory masks are an insidious psychological weapon; they demean our dignity as free human beings; they do not work in this or any epidemic; and they are the symbolic equivalent of the (Nazi’s) Yellow Star. Study after study has shown that lockdowns have destroyed millions of lives & livelihoods, throwing millions of people into poverty. Even the …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 15

Vera Sharav: The Unfolding Medical Tyranny, cont’d.

Wall St. Journal has conceded that lockdowns were not worth the pain. However, for global oligarchs, the covid pandemic has been a financial bonanza. American billionaires increased their vast personal wealth by $2.2 Trillion just in 2020. “So I guess we really can’t overlook the strong financial incentive for lockdowns that destroyed competition… We’re supposed to only buy from the large Amazons. This is planned.

“Doctors and scientists who express views that challenge official dictates are treated as heretics; they are threatened with loss of livelihood … Anyone who questions the safety of vaccines that have been rushed through “Warp Speed” is muzzled and vilified by the media […] “Bill Gates stated in 2020 that the ‘final solution’ to the pandemic will be a vaccine. You can decide what that means… To ensure compliance, governments have instituted unprecedented measures. […]” Watch in full at: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BTRaWaz99UJn/ ♣


Genocide in Canada From Owen Holmes, Lethbridge AB

Just a few biographical notes. My illustrious career as the family fool began with my birth on a farm near Swift Current, Sask., on April 1 1929, ushering in the Great Depression. I proceeded from there to a vicarious career as a research scientist, educator, executive administrator in the public and private sectors, and archivist. Over time I became embroiled in numerous bloody battles over the little understood technical institution known as "academic freedom", not as a philosopher but as a sort of itinerant mercenary soldier practitioner. Powerful forces have excoriated me as an anarchist and traitor in the public media, summarily fired me for insubordination, and another time just

failed to do so when I escaped just one step ahead of the sheriff. But like the Easter Bunny I am still beating the drum. And down there in the grassroots I was recognized by my humble peers and associates by being named an honorary Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada, cited for my efforts (if not achievements) in "Science and Public Policy", and nominated as recipient of a Province of Alberta Centennial Medal, for reasons unknown. I was a founding member of the Canadian Association of University Research Administrators and the Archives Society of Alberta, and a competitor in the 1950 Canadian Amateur Golf Championship won by Bill Mawhinney of Vancouver. Like most everything I have ever tried along my undecipherable journey, my Genocide essay is supposed to be based upon EVIDENCE. Best wishes, Owen Holmes

* * * * * * *

GENOCIDE IN CANADA When in his ambitious search for a sea route to Asia Italian mariner Christopher Columbus arrived at the Bahamas, in 1492, an estimated 70 million people were living in the combined North and South Americas. They were widely spread over a vast territory from the frigid Arctic through forests, mountains, prairies, deserts, tropical jungles and islands off both coasts. They consisted of numerous diverse tribes with widely differing governing systems, social organizations, economies, languages, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and styles of life, with well-developed industries in agriculture, artifacts, fishing, and hunting as well as extensive inter-tribal trade. The population of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, located on the current site of Mexico City, exceeded that of any contemporary European city. 16 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

After four centuries of forcible colonization by the hordes of Europeans who followed Columbus across the Atlantic, by 1900 the population of those indigenous peoples had been reduced to an estimated 7 million. There had been a massive crime without a name, unparalleled throughout human history – marked by killing, massacre, disease, seizure of lands, forced migration, destruction of sources of food and shelter, starvation, enslavement, and atrocities against men, women and children. But now that crime has a name. After escaping the Nazi Holocaust in 1941, Polish Jewish jurist Raphael Lemkin embarked upon a mission to outlaw the extermination of ethnic, religious, cultural and national groups. Combining the Greek genos (kinship) and the Latin cide (destroy), Lemkin coined the word …/

Digital Edition


genocide to signify not just the physical killing of people but also the intentional destruction of a group as a collective with common identity and culture. After intense debate, in 1948 the UN adopted a refined version of Lemkin's creative concept as The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group: a) killing members of the group; b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; e) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. Thus genocide became a crime prohibited under international law. In 2016, The Center for Constitutional Rights* reported an extensive history of human rights scholarship and legal analysis that applied the term genocide to the WWII Nazi Holocaust against Jews and other minority groups in eastern Europe (the initial inspiration for Lemkin's work), the mass murder of Armenians by the Ottomans, Stalin's expulsion of Chechens, Tartars, and Jews from the USSR, the removal of Jews and Hungarians from Romania, and Israel's persecution of the Palestinians. There have been successful prosecutions for genocide arising from efforts to destroy the Tutsi population in Rwanda, and the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia/Herzegovina. Horrible as those crimes of genocide have been, the American Indian Genocide dwarfs them all in the span of its duration and the extent of its geography. Little wonder then that Canada has adopted only parts a) and b) of the UN Convention, and only in principle so with no force in Canadian criminal law, just window-dressing. The US has been more forthright, simply ignoring the UN Convention. So, shamefully, the international crime of genocide still continues in both nations, the perpetrators safe from prosecution and conviction. It's not as though the long history of genocide in the land now known as Canada has been a hidden secret. A host of anthropologists, historians, journalists and others have researched and written www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

about the centuries of post-Columbian genocidal colonization of America in general, and Canada in particular. In his encyclopedic two-volume series Bowl with One Spoon, University of Lethbridge historian Anthony Hall devoted an entire 50 pages to genocide as a major component of colonization in the Americas and elsewhere around the globe. Distinguished University of Alberta historian Olive Dickason, of Métis ancestry, commented: "I know of no other works that have synthesized such a range of thought on the establishment of the British empire in the Americas, its interweaving with indigenous politics, and the consequent rise of the United States and Canada." The final reports of two national inquiries have recently exploded upon the Canadian scene. From 2008 – 2015 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) assembled an enormous amount of information about the history and lasting impacts of the infamous Canadian Indian residential schools, a deliberate systemic multi-generational genocide directly driven by Canadian public policy. In the 2018 Journal of the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, both Anthony Hall and Tricia Logan of the University of British Columbia stress the importance of the TRC report. Hall incorporates it within what the Journal's editors call "the damage done to the entire Native Peoples of Canada, and its continuing effects over many generations." Logan emphasizes the absolute importance of protection, security, and privacy of the treasure trove of primary factual data upon which the TRC report is based. Indian children were ripped from the arms of their families for years on end, stripped of their names, forbidden to speak their language, forcibly subjected to a new religion, exploited for their labor, redirected into behaviour of the dominant society, and frequently subjected to psychological, physical, and sexual abuse. Many perished at the schools and were unceremoniously buried in anonymous graves. The lengthy trauma inflicted over many years has haunted children, families, and communities far into succeeding generations. It was a veritable laboratory of criminal genocide. The National Inquiry into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) 2016 -2019 …/

Owen Holmes, Genocide in Canada, contd. VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 17

assembled a vast treasure of detailed first-hand accounts of an epidemic of disappearances and murders, described in the Inquiry Report as "a Canadian genocide – an ongoing deliberate race-, identity-, and gender-based genocide." Prime Minister Trudeau responded to the Report with an ambiguous sermon signifying not much at all – a likely case of contrived obfuscation. Opposition Leader Scheer was clearer; he simply denied that genocide was the right word – a case of either sublime ignorance or deliberate prevarication. So it's not surprising that on June 3 2020, the first anniversary of the devastating Inquiry Report, The Native Women's Association of Canada assigned the federal Government a resounding grade of F for failing to address the Inquiry's call for justice. We Canadians are self-righteously proficient at uncovering and condemning genocide elsewhere in faraway places. In 2004 the Parliament of Canada resolved 153-68 to condemn the 1915 Armenian genocide as a crime against humanity. With much fanfare, in 2017 the Government of Canada dispatched a special envoy to investigate violent events in Myanmar. After receiving his report, Parliament unanimously declared the ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya people there as an act of genocide.

Perhaps if the envoy had stopped off in the Middle East he might have noticed and been able to report on the ongoing Palestinian genocide. That would have been surprising news to our Canadian national political leaders. Former Prime Minister Harper seemed unaware of the sixty-year incremental, inter-generational Israeli genocide against Palestinians, when he described Israel as "a light of freedom and democracy." More recently, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland vowed Canada's "unwavering and ironclad support" for the state for Israel. A good first step in the much ballyhooed and thus far toothless reconciliation process supposedly underway in Canada would be for Parliament to join the throng of nations that have adopted the UN Convention on Genocide, and incorporate it into Canadian criminal law with specific provisions for prosecution. Owen Holmes, Lethbridge AB, Sept. 2020 * https://ccrjustice.org/ - The Center for Constitutional Rights, located in New York, works with communities under threat to fight for justice and liberation through litigation, advocacy, and strategic communications. Since 1966, we have taken on oppressive systems of power, including structural racism, gender oppression, economic inequity, and governmental overreach. [not to be confused with Rocco Galati’s (Canadian) Constitutional Rights Centre, www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca/ ] ♣


That’s My Take On It! From John Shadbolt, Acton ON, knowalittle@mail2canada.com


Texas Was Planned Target! Video

A couple of years ago there was some information coming out about Deepfake videos, but then it just faded away. This is an excellent reminder to question every damn thing – even, maybe especially, the various leaders. But when the technology is getting so flawless ... how the hell are we supposed to know if anything we see and hear is true...

REPORTER: John Rolls: "This aerosol spraying of the skies is now big business being done also by defense contractors. They are poisoning the earth. There is climate change, but the cause is not natural. The skies look like something out of the movie Blade Runner." Excellent report. LINK:



The Indivisibility of Life

As a former Libertarian… I used to

This by Julian Rose - a man I admire very much – JS Julian Rose: “The art of living involves the assertion of freedom, creativity and empathy with and for fellow humans and all living beings.” LINK: www.wakingtimes.com/the-indivisibility-of-life/

think that there should be no limits on what a company earns or does. Then along came Monsanto - and I completely changed my mind. Why? Because they have no morals whatsoever, and in fact became my enemy. – John Shadbolt ♣

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SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

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Much Ado About Nothing Jeremy Arney, Sydney BC, jemaisme@gmail.com

So some 400 years or so ago, a play was written with this title and I am sure that I was made to study or at least read it when I was at school, but I only have dim memories about the deceit and other such things. (Perhaps I will get around to reading it again). One summary found on the glorious internet of things gave up this titbit: Much A’do About Nothing shows that deceit is not inherently evil, but something that can be used as a means to good or bad ends. Ok, so let’s fast forward to today and what has happened to the world in the last year. Oh, I hear you moan, not more Covid b.s., but maybe a different look this time… As I am sure all the readers will know, there haven’t been any reported cases of influenza this last year in spite of the annual “flu” season and the urging to get the flu shot. Strange indeed. Reported colds too are down in number I am told, and I was told in my local hospital, while awaiting some tests prior to a minor surgery, that there had been no flu this season because of the masks, and that nurses would probably wear them all the time from now on! My, my – and they will queue up for the covid vax too, I am sure. While the world’s economy takes a tumble, so does the number of reported international deaths during 2020 and continues to be down this year as well, which begs the question – is this much a’do about nothing? Then we have the interesting happening at the UN where Bill Gates reportedly applied for nation status, and his application was (luckily) rejected. But the very concept maybe has the Rothschilds thinking that they have more clout with the Bank of International Settlements, so maybe they can exert greater pressure than Billy to get accepted as a nation of thieves. Huh? Meanwhile, other seniors such as I – but not I, I hasten to add – are falling over themselves to get a vax which is not a vax at all, does not contain any covid virus to

stimulate the immune system to respond to Covid, and is having multiple side effects already up to and including death, for which, naturally, Bill Gates and his big Pharma have absolutely no liability, nor can they be held accountable in anyway. No, if one is unlucky enough to suffer after being covid “vaxxed” then the only avenue for compensation for obeying the government(s) is to go after those government(s) and good luck with that. So what is a person to do? There are as many people arguing that not only covid but also the vax are a hoax of gigantic measure as there are those who claim it is the end of the world as we know it. Regretfully, I think they are both correct and the real aim is to reduce the number of people on this once-fantastic planet. However, what will happen to those wealthy elite who will survive their evil deeds when there are not enough people to grow food, find new ways to get around, do manual work, look after sickness etc., etc., not to mention look after their yachts, island estates and more importantly their money. Reminds me of the old Cree saying "Only when the last tree has died, and the last fish has been caught, and the last river has been poisoned, will they realize that money cannot be eaten". Rachel Carson warned many years ago about a future silent spring, and maybe it will not only be the lack of birds singing, bees buzzing but also the silence from lack of children laughing and playing. When you realize that 5G microwave poisoning combined with the implantations from the Covid test swab or vax will put so much information about you, your personal habits, where you eat and when and even how you cook your food on to the smart web of everything…, then will life for whoever is left be worth living as a controlled serf? Or would it be better to be converted into a real robot? (I only chose to mention eating habits being tracked, but actually everything will be available to them.) What freedoms we will have!!! In closing I would offer this vignette sent to me by someone with a sense of haha (See p.58) ♣

Holding Regional Government to Account www.dialogue.ca

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VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 19

THE REGIONAL DISTRICT OF NANAIMO (RDN) and the NANAIMO REGIONAL AIRPORT (NRA) David S. Dunaway, myrdsdin@gmail.com Any time or place one encounters discussion of expansion or construction at the Nanaimo Regional Airport (NRA), this is what needs to be kept in mind: When the Airport was owned by the Government of Canada, it never bothered to exercise its authority under the Aeronautics Act to zone the Airport as an airport. Instead, the Federal Government simply relied on its paramount authority over airports via the Act to operate the Airport as an airport. Prior to and subsequent to the Province’s inclusion of the Airport into the Agricultural Land Reserve [ALR], the Airport operated as a legal non-conforming property. Nothing untoward or unusual. After deciding to divest itself of small, regional airports, Canada offered to sell the NRA to the Regional District of Nanaimo. The RDN declined the offer. Instead, pursuing an alternative plan put forward by legal counsel, Staples McDannold Stewart, in a FAX dated 3 Jan. 1996, suggesting, to avoid the liabilities that might arise through ownership, the RDN might seek “Control of [the Airport] Authority” - With respect to the control of the Airport Authority, the only practical means of controlling the Airport Authority would be through: (a) the bylaws of the Authority; or (b) by contract. An RDN Memorandum dated March 8, 1996 proposes, if the Board does not wish to purchase the Airport To decline Transport Canada’s offer to assume ownership of the Land with the understanding that the Nanaimo Airport Commission will request the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs to amend their letters patent to ensure that sections 3.3 and 17.2 of their bylaws can only be altered with the written consent of three of the four Nominating Entities. Sections 3.3 and 17.2 refer to the Commission membership and the Distribution of Assets and Dissolution. As well, that the Regional District of Nanaimo obtain an option to purchase the airport lands for $10.00, registered as a first charge against the land, if the land were ever to be sold or the Commission dissolved. This provision would be in place after the Federal Government’s interest expires. On March 14, 1996, RDN CAO Kelly Daniels wrote to Nanaimo Airport Commission Chair, Stanley Budd, prefacing a restatement of the above Memorandum’s objectives within a framework to “clarify the agreement between the Nanaimo Airport Commission and the Regional District of Nanaimo regarding ownership of the airport lands and chattels”, concluding “The best of luck to you in your discussions with Transport Canada and we look forward to working with you and your administration in establishing the most appropriate land-use designations for the future of the

Airport and the community.” The Airport Commission (a private, not-for-profit corporation) was successful in purchasing the Airport from Canada for $10.00 on condition that the Airport continue to operate as an airport for at least 50 years - else the Airport and its assets revert back to Canada. The Airport Commission’s Bylaws were amended; though 3.1 expanded the number of Directors to include one Director each from (a) the City of Nanaimo, (b) the Town of Ladysmith, (c) the Regional District of Nanaimo, (d) the Cowichan Valley Regional District, (e) the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce, and (f) up to four additional Directors from the community at large. Authority to amend the Bylaws fell to the approval of the Minister of Transport for Canada via S.15.3. But S.17.2 was written to read “Upon dissolution of the Commission, after payment of all liabilities and subject to any applicable federal options, the assets and property of the Commission shall be paid, distributed and transferred to the Regional District of Nanaimo.” Within this spider web of local governments and businesses, the Regional District of Nanaimo’s conflict of interest is the most explicitly stated. That the RDN has a direct pecuniary interest in the operation of the Airport is an undeniable fact. Division 6 of the Community Charter states those with a direct or indirect conflict of interest must declare and recuse themselves; the result of failure to do so being disqualification from public office. Despite these strictures, the RDN has not shied away from favouring the Airport; currently pursuing bylaw amendments to accommodate the inclusion of land use development plans, authored by SNC Lavalin on behalf of the Airport Commission, over the long-running opposition of those in Area A; amendments purporting to effect the Highwayadjacent portion of the Airport Lands that were excluded from the ALR in 1997; property excluded on condition of a covenant (duly registered by Fabris & Company on behalf of the Airport Commission) reading “The Grantor hereby promises, covenants and agrees that it shall not use or knowingly permit the use of the Lands for any purpose other than airport-related commercial and light industrial activities.” Again, the Government of Canada never zoned the Airport as an airport. The Airport Commission purchased a legal non-conforming property and, courtesy of the covenant, those lands excluded from the ALR can only be used for airport-related activities while, at the same time, those very same lands cannot be zoned for anything airport related by either Canada (no longer the owner) or the RDN: a very real Catch-22. …/

David S. Dunaway, Holding Regional Government to Account, contd. 20 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

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The Local Government Act prohibits expansion of the infrastructure of legal non-conforming properties (RSBC 2015 C.1 Division 14), so the Nanaimo Regional Airport remains a legal non-conforming property… Except that, supported by the RDN, the privately-owned Airport has increased the size of its Terminal building, lengthened its runway and taxiway, and made a number of other improvements, in large part, with public money. https://www.islandcoastaltrust.ca/projects/industry-business-support/nanaimo-airport-expansionphase-1-and-2

ing zoning and covenant restrictions, nor the Regional District’s conflict of interest, must be seen as efforts to evade the law; sophistry bent on obscuring facts and laws. Impropriety paralleling the RND’s refusal to answer repeated questions drawn from these same facts and laws. SEE ATTACHMENTS ON THE DIALOGUE WEBSITE , www.dialogue2.ca/columnist-david-s-dunaway.html

Talk of Airport expansion which does not begin by mention-



* * * * * * * * * * * *


Who is Accountable When Regional Districts Ignore The Rules? Letter Regarding the First & Second Readings of Bylaw Amendment regarding Nanaimo Regional Airport Growth From: David S. Dunaway myrdsdin@gmail.com Sent: March 16, 2021 4:20 PM To: Keith Wilson; Phyllis Carlyle RDN CAO; tyler.brown@nanaimo.ca Cc: MAH DMO; Josie.Osborne.mla; Minister, AG AG:EX; et al

Subject: Nanaimo Airport Regional Growth Strategy Amendment Bylaw No. 1615.04 First and Second Reading, 9 March 2021

Mr. Wilson, Ms. Carlyle, Mr. Brown: That the Nanaimo Regional Airport was a legal nonconforming property when purchased by the Nanaimo Airport Commission is an indisputable fact; It's also beyond dispute that zoning of the Airport property has not changed while owned by the Airport Commission; As is the fact that the Regional District of Nanaimo is in a conflict arising from its interest in the Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC Bylaws #3.1 & #17.2): So, yet again, the questions that must be answered if we're to avoid using the phrase "aid and abet" while describing the Regional District's ongoing efforts to assist further development of the Airport Commission's property - Where is the legal authority which, presumably, allows the RDN, Board & Staff, to ignore the Local Government Act's prohibition against expansion of legal non-conforming properties? And, where is the legal authority which, presumably, allows Directors to ignore the Community Charter's directives with regard to 'conflicts of interest'? Sincerely, David S. Dunaway Ref. Committee of the Whole Minutes - March 9, 2021 LINK to PDF: https://tinyurl.com/RDN-09-03-21


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Open Letter to the Premier Re: Nanaimo Regional Airport questions From: David S. Dunaway myrdsdin@gmail.com Sent: March 19, 2021 9:33 AM To: Premier, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca Cc: MAH.Minister@gov.bc.ca; Josie.Osborne.mla@leg.bc.ca; Schmidt, Heike MUNI:EX; Minister, AG AG:EX; nredpath@rdn.bc.ca; Paul Manly; Furstenau.MLA, Sonia

Premier Horgan:

As the Regional District of Nanaimo is not a sovereign entity, that it is, rather, as a creation of the Province, a body wholly subordinate to the statutory whims of the Province and subject, at all times, to both oversight and intrusion by Province, and as Ms. Osborne's Ministry has insisted that “the provincial government does not have a role in reviewing or reversing decisions made, or actions taken, by local governments,” you clearly need to remind those of her Ministry that they are mistaken; that there are very real responsibilities attached to their paycheques; that the job of the Province is not that of throwing communities to the wolves and then wishing them good luck in the courts. Please review the lengthy correspondence below. # Thank you, and Sincerely, David S. Dunaway # Please visit the Dialogue website for attachments related to David Dunaway’s efforts to hold the Regional, Provincial & Local Governments to account regarding proposed development at the Nanaimo Regional Airport. LINK: http://www.dialogue2.ca/columnist-david-sdunaway.html ♣

VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 21

Speaking as an Elder


Once upon a time, planners devised New Towns, and Garden Cities where urban growth was to be directed to, so the cities would not grow beyond a human scale. Somewhere in the time after I left city planning as a frustrating waste of time, this concept was abandoned in favor of high density, high-rise real estate developments. The high density high-rise model is being marketed as Green, presumably because it covers less land. I think the goal is more probably maximizing profits for developers. I first encountered the power of developers as a junior planner in the City of Montreal in the early 1960’s. The urban design section came up with an excellent proposal for the slopes below Mt. Royal that would have allowed peekaboo views of the Mountain from downtown Montreal. It entailed some high rise blocks and some lower density town houses in between. Sadly, what happened was that the low rise was not built, to the detriment of urban design. And very probably livability for a mix of urban dwellers from families to singles. From where I sat, the onslaught on the original design came early, at the birthday of the chief planner. A large table had to be set up outside his office to accommodate all the arm loads of liquor brought in by various developers. Now I am not saying gifts influenced the design, but certainly the argument must have been made as to why Developer A could build a high-rise and profit more than Developer B who could only have a few low rise units on his land. Difficult to argue with, when land is privately owned. I bet this argument carries right across the country in our major cities. And no doubt across the globe, judging from the shiny glass towers in the Middle East deserts, where fortunes must be spent on air conditioning alone! Will they be so shiny when water disappears from this mismanagement? Multimillion person cities crammed into tight urban infrastructure cannot possibly be green! What nature does naturally, as part of her role, namely balancing 22 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

greenhouse gases, especially CO2, and oxygen production to sustain life, has to be done by technology in the mega city. That is to say we must waste a lot of energy via petroleum products, since wind or solar cannot be adequate for the job, of heating and air conditioning the concrete jungle. To argue that this is, or could ever be green is wishful thinking! Just think of the square miles of solar panels that would have to cover potential farm land to (maybe) do the job! There may well be political reasons for the mega city, besides real estate profiteering. Some have alleged that the real name of the game is controlling the population, in what amounts to unsustainable, virtual concentration camps where your survival -- via food and water supplies for example -- is in the hands of some global entity, far removed from local control! Whether pure greed, or psychotic desire for global control, I feel the present system is close to ecological breaking point, as well as to a collapse of our humanity. Back in the first half of the 20th century attempts were made to use nature as a friend in the building of cities. We called it New Towns, and some were built. Do your own research, if you want to learn more. I think we need to return to a similar principle, but there is one issue that has to be dealt with first. In Canada and the US it is a sort of sacred cow topic. I’m talking about the artificial population growth of our countries via massive immigration numbers. I cannot speak about the US, but in Canada we love to say “we have an empty country, and can take in untold millions”. However, when you delve a bit more deeply you find the following interesting statistic: “Ever since Confederation, 90% of the population has lived on 1% of the land along the US border”. Now why do you suppose that is? Could it have to do with the geography of Canada? As my husband used to say, “You can’t grow potatoes in permafrost”. And that covers half of Canada, or more. So, unless we were to bring in only immigrants from similar northern latitudes, most new Canadians will prefer to live in milder climates, similar to where they came from. I’m sure that was one of my parents’ considerations when we came to Canada post World Digital Edition


War 2, and settled in Vancouver. Incidentally, at that time Canada had barely 10 million people. [Now 38] It is strange that we know there is a relationship between wildlife habitats and animal populations, but refuse to carry that concept to the human animal. But it is there as well. How much food can we produce domestically to feed how many Canadians? That is the never asked question. And could we still do so if climate change knocks out the prairies? I have a 1960’s Environment Canada report where they estimate that with a 3C degree warming our plains would desertify, and be unable to produce wheat and other food crops! We are already seeing continuous draughts in California, whence much of our vegetables come from even today. It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to realize that in cases of shortage they will feed their people first before exporting the necessary food. Even corporate profiteering must have eventual limits! Given a much reduced population increase, we would not need to continue increasing urban densities in our major cities via continuous, ever denser growth! Should we not say: “Enough is enough, we need to live within our means, in harmony with nature in Canada”? Now let’s go back to the urban design ideas that lay behind the New Town and Garden City concepts. It went back to earlier days when villages were surrounded by farms and forests, which not only provided food, but also were able to correct any imbalances between manmade CO2 emissions and the production of oxygen by green plants which translated into clean breathable air, and probably even a stable climate! I think this is the concept that we need to go back to. While most of the so called Old World -- Europe and Asia -- has moved away from a balance between man and ecology after the industrial revolution, the Indigenous people of the US, and Canada still have a recollection of their lifestyle before contact. Many are sending warnings of impending disaster unless we return to a balance between our activities and nature’s capacity to function unimpaired. I recommend Red Alert [Saving the Planet with Indigenous Knowledge] by prof. Daniel R. Wildcat, as a witty and pertinent statement of the North American situation, and how Native traditions could save us. There was probably some form of spiritual and practical similarity between the Indigenous traditions and the old European village concept in that people www.dialogue.ca

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were closer to the natural world, and paid attention to the messages it was sending, often seeing them as Divine. No doubt this also existed in the traditional Asian, African, and other societies, but I am not familiar with them. Today Canadians of all different traditions need to think back to their cultures’ sustainable concepts, and together we need to look to a future that re-creates a balance between man and our relatives in nature and mother Earth. The high rise glass towers of our megacities, which we seem to be actually proud of, should be seen as the wrong turn on the road to survival, from which we need to reverse direction before it is too late! I offer this essay as an urgent call to rethink the path we are on. People are natural beings, no less than the birds, insects and animals whose habitats we are destroying at our peril. We need the wild forests, prairies, clean rivers, and lakes as well as the undeveloped meadows and mountains with their clear streams, and that includes uncontaminated farmland. We need them for our sanity, and survival and we need them nearby, where we can see, and touch them, not virtually on line! We need them close by where they can provide fresh food from nearby family farms, without energy intensive transport. In actual fact, we are just as dependent on the Earth we live on as our Stone Age ancestors were. To deny this is ignorant hubris! Small “vest pocket” parks in man-made glass tunnels that are to represent “the new habitat” are simply some technocrats’ vision concocted in one of these glass towers. Sadly, it has nothing to do with what life & humanity are all about. These technocrats seem to think they can successfully play God, but they can’t. All they can do is lead mankind to the destruction of life on Earth! So how can we go about changing to a more life oriented democratic Canada? Given the enormous investments in the current urban model, no change will come overnight. What we can do at the moment is to visualize the new goal, and begin moving toward it step by step. The easiest place to begin could well be the small communities which may still have some of the structures we want to revitalize, and build on. People need to have the choice of what their community looks like and will look like into the future. And local residents certainly know their communities and surrounding country better than someone a continent away. What is not certain is whether some of the locals have not dreamed of “development”, having bought the …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 23


corporate promises of jobs and wealth in return for a water contaminating mine, a fracking operation or some other destructive land use. Sadly most of us active in the field of environmental protection know these scenarios all too well. So while it makes sense that the affected locality should have the right to decide what, if any, future developments will take place there, considerable efforts to educate community members may be required. But that too is a part of real democracy. For example, in our small community, the Regional rep and many local business and real state people, were excited when a large commercial cannabis operation chose to start large scale developments there. Hundreds of jobs were promised, but when reality hit on the ground the realtor, once a keen supporter, whose land was next door to the operation “was devastated” at the drop in her real estate values. In the end, the bottom fell out of these operations and after making a mess of the site

(zoned agricultural), no production and jobs have materialized to date. This cautionary tale has not sunk in with the local “leaders” who are still hoping for a pot of gold at the end of some rainbow. Hopefully the community at large will be wiser and more vocal next time! It would seem that local power is a really novel idea in Canada. We have had federal and provincial governments impose mines, pipelines, Hydro dams, Garbage dumps from distant cities, and on and on, upon communities which don’t have any real power to turn them down. These projects should be subject to a binding referendum after a full community wide debate. At least in a country that likes to describe itself as a democracy! With greater local power decisionmaking would hopefully change. But the question remains: how can communities exercise greater local power when the Provinces control their purse strings? Maybe that is where change needs to begin! Eva Lyman, West Vancouver evalyman@gmail.com ♣


Re: Linda McQuaig on Trudeau’s Canada Infrastructure Bank Larry Kazdan, Vancouver In the post-war era, the federal government used central bank financing to build highways, airports, schools, and hospitals. Prior to 1975, the federal government also introduced Canada-wide Medicare, universal pensions, the modern unemployment insurance system, and cost-sharing with provinces for higher education and welfare. The federal government did not go cap in hand to global asset managers then, and should not today. Big money managers seeking maximum returns will charge monopoly rents but if things go sour, the government will inherit a mess. Accountability and transparency are unlikely when private participation provides a pretext for confidentiality. The Canadian public will have far better powers with full ownership of infrastructure than as tied customers footing jacked-up bills. [Footnotes available on the Dialogue website at: www.dialogue.ca ] Email: lkazdan@gmail.com (604) 874-9982 Website: http://mmtincanada.jimdo.com/ Larry Kazdan has undergraduate degrees in history and sociology, is a retired Chartered Professional Accountant & runs the website: Modern Monetary Theory in Canada. ♣

24 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3


Trudeau’s new bank delivers for investors, not the public, Linda McQuaig, Mar 10, 2021, www.TheStar.com [LINK : https://tinyurl.com/TS-48179 ] [QUOTE] “Governments are generally secretive about giving handouts to business, but the Trudeau government has come up with a particularly sneaky way to deliver corporate welfare — through its Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB). This little-known business boondoggle is about to get much richer — billions of dollars richer — as Ottawa gears up for a binge of post-COVID spending to build infrastructure across the country, financed by its new bank. Of course, municipalities badly need new infrastructure so the bank, endowed with $35 billion in public money to help finance infrastructure, should be a godsend. But it isn’t — except for business and investors. That’s because of the business-friendly way the Trudeau government designed the bank. Municipalities that want the bank’s financial support for an infrastructure project must “partner” with a private business. These public-private partnerships (P3s) ultimately drive up the cost of the projects and leave municipalities with less control over their own infrastructure.” [END OF QUOTE]

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Toward Understanding our World…“A Child’s Guide to Reality” Derek Skinner, Victoria BC

Prologue from Derek’s new book… “Inchworm, Inchworm, measuring the Marigold You and your arithmetic, you’ll probably go far Inchworm, Inchworm, measuring the Marigold Seems to me you’d stop and see How beautiful they are.” (Child’s song)

This is an attempt to define a half dozen or so major and very ugly aspects of our current civilisation and body of Humanity, and hopefully find corrective solutions. As I see it, the problem is that mankind has reached a level of ingenuity and destructiveness that might ensure a major collapse and regression to primitive, aggressive, barbarism or the stratified, mechanised serf society envisioned by those promoting a New World Order. That is, unless we find the collective smarts and willpower to plan and activate our own way forward, after the 2020/21 Corona pandemic and a long way into the future. That plan will have to promote a new attitude to the way we utilise the benefits of the planet we have infested like a virus. The major problem will be a massive reset of the major world economies. Currently we plunder and rape rather than conserve and harvest. The current mess has been developed and embedded over thousands of years and the way out will probably be long and hard for many. I am referring to the difference between Nature and Nurture. This dichotomy is reflected several times in the way the two halves of our brains – Left Hemisphere (LH) and Right Hemisphere (RH) – govern how we handle reality, how we value things either by quantity or quality, and how we live and govern our lives. Behavioural Genetics The degree to which Nature in the form of DNA and Nurture, in the form of family circumstances and education or random experiences, influence behaviour has fascinated psychologists for years. The theory that genes (DNA) in the parental make up dominated character led to social Darwinism and the survival of the fittest basis for laissezfaire capitalism. My famous namesake, the psychologist B.F. Skinner, in the 1900s developed the theory that conditioning could modify behavior and this is the basis of our current treatment for criminal acts. Modern studies are now tending towards the theory that DNA does create a hardwired 50% of our character, but our behaviour can be modified TEMPORARILY by treatment or conditions. Society has to trend towards greater fulfilment in the lives of everybody by cooperation rather than private gain for a limited few via competition. This is the essential difference between Matriarchy and Patriarchy. We www.dialogue.ca

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have developed through Patriarchy over the last 10,000 years and the result to date is not pretty. It will take a long time, but hopefully we will establish community as the preferred paradigm rather than competition – and avoid an Armageddon through competition between two or more aggressive world blocks. There are two paths to follow: Civilisation based on Matriarchy and morality, which involves harmonious relations with others, personal conscience, free thought, and inner harmony with the future of the planet; or Patriarchy and authoritarianism, which frequently involves coercion via education and social norms to a specific way of life and negation of free thought or possible protest. These two paradigms are embedded in our DNA. This leads to the hope that the presently-dominant Patriarchal behaviour can be replaced by Matriarchal cooperation, as the preferred way to govern society. While it may not be possible to change the genetic base or character of an individual or a society, it is possible to change the behaviour of that child or society by coercion or education or encouragement and support. It is no secret that all the modern religions have been written by men and promote the domination of society by men, probably because the scribes were male and women had other duties. Some North American indigenous tribes had circles of “wise women” elders but it was still the males that had to use brute strength in war and hunting and tribal protection. The patriarchal system in society ensures that the most powerful, originally physically powerful but now those with the most money, will rise to the top. The next lower level is a few “important” people and so on down an expanding creation of a pyramid of classes. The pyramid is the logo of patriarchy and is evident in the structures of government, military and most corporations. Protestantism has led to capitalism and an emphasis on individualism, self-assertion and self-protection with less concern for community other than as a benevolence. As Helen Forsey said in 2014, “to ignore the connection between patriarchy and the forces of globalisation & planetary destruction will have grave consequences for us all.” The circle is the logo of matriarchy and, while it may be inevitable that rising levels of coordination may lead to an executive top of another pyramid, the decision-making process does arise from the bottom upwards and is closer to real democracy. The decisions will always reflect an allowance for others and a co-ordination with the environment and protection of the female Earth that feeds us and sustains us all. Deliberate conditioning of the RH could …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 25

Derek Skinner, A Child’s Guide to Reality, contd.

lead to a more matriarchal society. This might be the point to record that we are now in an era of gene modification in cattle in the USA and in seeds and vegetables everywhere, and untested gene therapy rushed into production as a “vaccine” for Covid 19 on humans which is a very worrying prospect if it is applied without thought for the consequences. Quantity versus Quality. Quantity is defined by measurement on a variety of scales. It is essential in the translation of a thought into a fact or operation or a manufacturing process and has enabled the development of civilisations and empires. It is the primary instrument of material progress. Quality is defined by appeal to the five senses to which I would add imagination. The degree to which these senses experience the quality of a sensation almost defies description. But we do know when something is pleasant or noxious. These two words represent two aspects of our lives and societies and could almost be said to correspond to the Left and Right hemispheres of our brains. We each have a single brain with a mind that can imagine things unrelated to facts; but the brain is divided into two halves, and science and clinical testing have shown that the two halves (hemispheres) operate in very different ways. The Left Hemisphere (LH) is responsible for handling facts and getting things done and governs the Right side of the body. It is no coincidence that most executives and leaders of our competitive war-based world are righthanded men focused on utility and results. The need to break problems down into manageable details that can be handled mathematically and one-at-a-time is characteristic of the LH. Similarly the endless queries of “what” and “how” are in the domain of the LH and have led to research, invention and progress in understanding what we are, but the understanding is mostly based on a quantitative analysis. Writing and mathematics were developed by the LH because they are central to utility. The Right hemisphere (RH) is survival-oriented and tends to see things as a whole through various sensibilities and feelings and is responsible for the Left side of the body. Feelings are enhanced by empathy and consequential altruism and cooperation. Talking is used to improve relationships rather than for control or domination. The RH is the place where understanding of words and writing are located. Experience, emotion and body language guide the RH in any search for “why” of “if”. It is the domain of the Arts and expressions of quality. Whereas logic and mathematics can be taught and 26 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

reside in the LH, Reason has to be developed by conscious thought or unconscious intuition. I think it will be realised by the reader that intuitive insights are easier to acquire and more satisfying than intellectual abstractions. In passing, there are two levels of thought: conscious and subconscious. Research has shown that subconscious awareness will trigger a physical reaction before the conscious brain can sense what is happening or what needs to be done. The larger LH and the RH are joined underneath by the corpus calosum, which contains 2% of the total nerve cells in the body and whose main function appears to be to prevent the two halves from interfering with each other. Most of our present day world has been shaped by attention to quantity first, with quality sometimes a very poor second. In Chapter 8, I will propose that we could have a more pleasant world with more concentration on Arts rather than the nuts and bolts of more quantity. A world totally dominated by the LH would be a grim, colourless world indeed.

Summary Throughout the Western World there is an idea emerging that a supranational clique exists, composed of proponents of various forms of social reconstructuring, including the managers of the world money systems and the banking and near-bank corporations that use (and abuse) the virtual debt-money system; the mega-rich individuals and families that support the Think Tanks, and societies that promote their policies; old time Royal Houses and the Noble families they patronise; the oligarchs who control the media and information systems; and the governments that are either coerced or co-opted into supporting the agenda promoted by the clique. This is possibly the most serious, immediate problem to be discussed because the plan they propose for the Great Reset of the world economies after the corona virus pandemic is being implemented now. (Chapter 1. The New World Order) Some of the most fundamental impulses that govern our behavior are embedded in the remnants of our reptile brain located in the base of our modern brain. They are essential to survival and include:1. The need to procreate and maintain the species and, 2. The ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instinct which decides which option to take in order to survive. (Chapter 2. Mind Games) and this illustrates a decision my LH brain made to describe separately each of the 7 threads that make up what I call the Matrix of deceit that obscures our view of Reality. The question of misrepresentation and deceit is probably the most pressing problem that we have to contend with first, in order to be able to deal with the other serious Digital Edition


problems that obscure our view of reality. Each one is outlined in a separate Chapter. They are all intertwined and affect each other in a miasma of connections. Real life situations frequently involve a knotted mess of threads that colour each other. I hope that my listing of them separately will help the reader analyze just who is doing what. They are listed at the end of this Prologue. The order is relatively unimportant. They are all catastrophically serious. In order to simplify the text, I have used the term ‘Banks’ to include chartered private banks, and ‘near banks’ such as Trust Funds, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Mortgage companies and miscellaneous institutions that can create credit and digital money. In Canada this is done in accordance with the rules of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). Specific institutions will be named as necessary. Throughout the text I have used the Common Era designation of dates so that BC, (Before Christ) becomes BCE (Before Common Era) and AD, (Anno Domini) becomes CE, (Common Era). I have also used the term Trolls (unpleasant mythical creatures that live out of sight or underground and don’t like to be identified) to include all the elements of the psychopathic elite that pursue unlimited exploitation and world domination such as the Zionist sect, Chatham House, B.I.S., World Bank, I.M.F. Federal Reserve, billionaire investors, and a miscellany of private banks and Think Tanks funded by said Trolls. They are all working through control of the debt-money system (See Chapter 4) against the interests of the common man who represents 90+% of the world population Corporations are primarily dependent on growth in order to provide continuing dividends to investors. Corporate lobbies are now so powerful they can influence governments. The time of corporate-controlled government and uncontrolled growth has to be terminated and replaced with something like an elected Council advised by a technocracy of skilled people (that can be replaced by majority popular demand) and that functions with the best interests of the population and companies combined in the Real Economy. (Ch.5. Government Reform) This should reduce the rentier aspects of the Stock Exchanges and the entire private Financial Economy of Funds and money market manipulations. Wealth taxes come to mind with confiscatory penalties for fraud! We are currently submerged in a matrix of old-fashioned agendas that, at one time or another, have served the interests of those that dominated humanity. We have to get out from under these outdated ideas. I see the major components of the problem in the www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

synopsis that follows. We live in a Matrix of deceit and misrepresentation. Our Matrix is a composite of religion, manipulation of money, globalisation, political corruption, control of information, and the artful use of language to name just a few of the main ingredients. It has been concocted by and is now run by those that some call the oligarchs or “deep state” or the Bilderbergers or the New World Order or the “Jewish conspiracy” or the Round Table or a confederation of those and others which I call the Trolls. No matter, they all use a facade of double meaning words and phrases and multiplication of alternate opinions to befuddle the brainwashed population. Consider the long-planned New World Order We are just now realizing that globalization is not just the formation of transnational companies operating in cheap labour markets. It is an outright attack by the Trolls on the sovereignty of individual States. This is in order to implement a single platform of trade and social control orchestrated by international Institutions and unelected faceless banks and corporations that can override national judicial regimes. The so-called “Free Trade Agreements” with their corporate protection clauses are the start of the plan by the Trolls to euthanize National States. Development of corporations has led to many clever strategies to improve “market share” & private profit while offloading cleanup costs to government and public purse, to minimise taxes, reduce costs by “just in time” deliveries to reduce inventory and warehousing costs, and fabrication of components offshore in 3rd world countries where labour can be bought for pennies rather than dollars. The World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank and similar transnational creations of corporate-funded National governments are at the forefront of globalisation through their vampire tactics of lending credit to countries that may have difficulty in repaying the loan or even the annual interest due. The loans contain special conditions that ensure privatisation of natural resources in the debtor nations if loan conditions are not met. These practises have to be stopped; otherwise a return to “normal” after the pandemic and in order to recover social and economic stability will simply reactivate the cannibalistic practises that maintain the division between the ultra-rich and the working poor. The NWO integration of separate States has been tried with the creation of the European Union which is now collapsing because “one size does not fit All.” The New World Order is probably a pipe dream that cannot be implemented except by force until National States no longer exist. National States will survive until racial identities are eliminated and this is many centuries into the future if …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 27

Derek Skinner, A Child’s Guide to Reality, contd.

at all unless integration is accomplished, again by force. In the meantime, it will probably be a good idea to return to the original thesis of the1972 Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” and its corollary by Buckminster Fuller “small is beautiful”. (Chapter 1. New World Order) Consider control of Information via Media, Education and Language These are interwoven in full view without being seen. However, people are gradually becoming aware that the “media” in all its forms, print, radio, TV, internet servers and even movies, is controlled in Canada and the USA, from coast to coast, by a few corporations which are the prime and sometimes the only source of information available to the public. The only other source is the minor “alternate media” distributed over the internet by individuals and some small organisations funded by donations from individuals. Even these small voices are contaminated and even eliminated by Trolls and competitive sources funded by the corporations and “think tanks” that control the primary disinformation. Some major platforms such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others are now using embedded algorithms to identify and then deny use to opinions with which the owners do not agree. The controlling interests in the corporate media empires are uniformly in favour of corporate interests. Opinions and editorials on Issues that affect public policy are written by Think Tank specialists and talking heads that are paid to maintain the globalist agenda. These opinions are then distributed to compromised and compliant local media. The consumer has little direct access to primary sources and alternate analysis or opinion. Education is primarily a learning-by-rote process of facts needed to keep the corporate machinery running. Religion plays its part by imparting faith in myths and superstitions in the curriculum. Some critical thought may be taught at university level, but it rarely pays well as a mainstream career. The use of lies and misrepresentation by devious minds is as old as the use of language, but a new dimension has been added. The use of language as a form of persuasion was brought to flower by the professional bodies that developed advertising to induce sales of a product. It has now been refined by experts in psychology, phonetics and semantics to influence and mould the thinking of the relatively unsophisticated and unsuspecting general public. The use of language and special words is central to the maintenance of the Matrix. Major corporations exist and use psychologists and behavioural analysts to study human behaviour and the key motivators that move public 28 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

opinion. Add to this the endless parade of titillating sex scandals, sports trivia and any disaster anywhere; is it any wonder that the man on the street is kept unaware of the primary issues that are reducing the world to the point of ruin. (Chapter 2. Mind Games, Words and Education) Consider religions. Science tries to explain the Universe in terms of cause and effect but there is one major problem about the origin theory called the Big Bang: What happened before the Big Bang? Religions are Faith-based explanations of everything based on what is assumed to be supernatural. Originally derived from superstitious explanations of physical phenomena, the priests and the rabbis and the mullahs have assumed to themselves the authority to determine moral standards and direct how people shall live. The sheep are enmeshed in a process of thought control based on Faith rather than Fact, rituals that must be performed by hereditary or ordained officiants, sacred sites, special clothing, chants, sacred music that embodies highly emotional language and chords, dances, endless repetition of dogma, sacrifices that must be performed exactly otherwise they will be ineffective, and fear of the consequences. These obscure any access to reality. Rituals are a key element of religion and are taught and embedded at an early age in order to maintain the myths. Religious observance consists of the performance of Rites. All worship is the worship of symbols which are at the centre of the Rite. No need for logical thought. It is remarkable how Faith and the need to believe in supernatural powers can override the study of facts and how this need has been exploited by some as a source of control. This, along with a reprise of the major religions that are practised around the world, is in Chapter 3. The Theory of the One God Consider the Manipulation of Money. Originally conceived as a way to measure a difference in value and issued interest free by authorities, it was later endowed by private money lenders with the ability to reproduce itself by the application of interest. Over the last few thousand years, this has enabled economic growth and Statehood and the accumulation of vast personal fortunes. However, lack of government-funded interest-free money is much more negatively invasive than a reduction in Health Care or runaway pharmaceutical costs or pensions or education or childcare. It has also resulted in the subordination of States to control by Banking interests. (Chapter 4. The Use and Abuse of Money) Consider political corruption. Most of the world, except for Communist States and Dictatorships, is governed by so-called Democratic Digital Edition


governments, with Party systems proposing different policies. In many governments, the Parties are corrupted by lobbies from many corporations. Corruption occurs at two levels. a) within the Party and b) by the elected Individual. Corruption of the Party occurs when election platforms, frequently devised to protect corporate interests, promise one agenda to appeal to the general population, but the Party executes a different or unmentioned agenda when in power. This is because Parties, usually comprised of likeminded individuals, are now dependent on Bank loans and corporate donations to get elected and when in power have to respond with policies promised to donors and special interest groups rather than the promises made to the electorate. (Chapter 2. Mind Games) Corruption of the individual elected representative may occur via money pressures, lobby groups or blackmail regarding misdemeanours. (it takes at least $100,000 to get elected to Federal level in Canada & several $million to get elected to Congress in the USA) (Chapter 5. Reform of Government)

Consider Corporations and the so called “Market Economy” The controversy between individual gain and the common good has been recorded and discussed since the Greek philosophers wrote their opinions. There is no single solution, so the world teeters between heroic acts of personal belief on behalf of the common good or gross acts of greed and cruelty, in pursuit of personal gain, without regard for “externalities,” or an uneasy balance based on rules of law needed to minimise the consequences of greed. The fairy tale theory that the market will respond to demand to create a balance has been replaced by relentless competition for market share or absorption into monopolies. And this is where the corporations and the CEOs that run them show their lack of empathy for the throw-away aspects of their capitalist economy God. (Chapter 6. Control of Corporations) Consider Climate Change. This is not related to the Corona Virus or the economic depression that will ensue from the protective measures instituted by national governments worldwide. This is Nature, in the form of the Sun, doing its own thing regardless of what we do or don’t do. It has happened before with disastrous results for whatever flora or fauna were present at that time. We can measure what is happening now, but we don’t really understand why it is happening. There is a strong possibility that our sudden (geologically speaking) use of carbon based fuels has created a blanket of mainly Carbon Dioxide in the stratosphere which is preventing the escape of the heat received from the Sun plus the Earth’s natural heat to be reflected back towards space. Computer projections suggest that an increase of more www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

than 2 degrees in Earth’s pre-industrial ambient temperature, if it is actually happening, will create a tipping point in the behaviour of the oceans and world weather from which we may not be able to recover. On the other hand, there is a strong possibility that the doomsday predictions are based on inadequate computer modelling, Logically speaking it won’t matter if the increase in temperature is natural or man-made but we may be able to modify any outcome by prudent action before it is too late to be effective. (Chapter 7. Climate Change) Now Look at the Real World. Under this miasma of deceit there is a real world based on the Earth that supports everything we do…Mother Earth…Gaia. It is perfectly feasible to live and prosper and protect the environment without endangering the flora and fauna and we could live with stability instead of endless competitive growth. Stability does not mean we can’t do better. Better could be more efficient rather than larger. If we had the smarts we would harness the Sun’s output of zillions of gigawatts of energy that fall on the Earth every day or develop nuclear energy systems based on harnessing the energy in an atom rather than collecting the superficial radiation or smashing it with controlled explosions. Our new nuclear process must include an acceptable method of storing or destroying nuclear waste. Green alternative systems such as wind farms, solar panels, geothermal plants and ocean energy systems will be fine as a temporary intermediate step to reduce our carbon footprint but they cannot possibly provide the total energy demand of our current and future civilizations unless we balance demand with sustainable resources by reducing population levels by self-control rather than eugenics. Critical Thought and Education are the keys to most problems, and they apply in Canada to the 7 factors listed above and many more of your own devising. I respectfully suggest that one of our stumbling blocks is that so many worthwhile but impoverished organizations are self-centred, can only deal with one issue and have no interest in diverting limited resources to a community of combined resources capable of effective action. But until we can get people interested in the whole Matrix we will not be able to create a Force capable of defeating the entrenched interests that are leading us to impoverishment and a possible dictatorial New World Order organised by the current oligarchs and funded by the private Central Banks that have created the …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

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Derek Skinner, A Child’s Guide to Reality, contd.

problems we now face. There are incipient rumblings, but they are only partially coherent. We need someone to write a text and a platform that will resonate over all dimensions of the Matrix. Here are a few thoughts to combine with some of the potential revised policies written into the following chapters that may help start a set of new rules as to how we conduct ourselves. 1. The Confucian Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 2. Boycott. Use your freedom of choice: to deny benefit to those you oppose and support those with whom you agree. 3. Instead of the outdated, unworkable, “trickle down” economic theory, advocate a “trickle up” economy wherein happy, well-fed, well-housed, well-paid, healthy people can purchase the goods provided by their work. In other words get rid of domination by capitalist market economy theory. 4. Better yet, instead of basing our society on economic theory, work out and apply a social theory that will provide a standard of harmony and

happiness to which all can apply their energy. The tiny State of Bhutan has a government based on a philosophy of “gross national happiness” introduced by King Jigme Singye Wangchuk who ruled from 1972 to 2006. It is applied along with economic development on a background Faith of Buddhism. (Chapter 8. Summary, Options, Proposals) Index Chapter 1. The New World Order & Globalisation Chapter 2. Mind Games, Words and Education Chapter 3. The Theory of the One God Chapter 4. The Use and Abuse of Money Chapter 5. Reform of Government Chapter 6. Control of Corporations Chapter 7. Climate Change & Repair of Environment Chapter 8. Summary, Options, Proposals. Personal Note. As a Professional Engineer I have been trained to pay attention to facts and proofs and where neither is available, as in History as written by victors or survivors, I construct my own sequence of cause and effect to connect the dots and come to my own conclusions. I believe what I write may not be perfect but it is pretty close to the truth. Derek Skinner, Victoria, Derek.J.Skinner@outlook.com ♣



By Vereya Sharashkina,

Feb 9 2021, vereyaverte@gmail.com

The Journey Begins An open letter to each and every person Ladies and gentlemen! Children and elders! I decided to share my views on life with you, in a hope that you may have something to share with me on the subject. My name is Vereya. I was born on April 7, 2007, on Hawaii. It was an Easter Sunday. And thus my life in this beautiful world had begun. Childhood of mine was a happy time. My parents were and are great people, and I am endlessly grateful for all they have done for me. But as I was growing up, uneasy thoughts started to appear in my young mind. I started to notice abuse of nature, people and life. I saw people fell and burn trees. I smelled smoke in the air. I saw the destruction of the beauty of the Missourian Ozarks where I live. 30 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

I learned about the world problems, such as two World Wars; I learned of all the bloody conflicts in our human history and a question arose: What will happen to us people in the future? Hundreds of species go extinct every year. If we do not take action we may well be among them one day. So I set myself a daring goal: to save this world. To make it a great place for all life in this world. To have people live in peace in happiness. To make this Earth a blooming garden so if the aliens ever come here they would envy us and not laugh at our dirty hell we made out of our planet. Scientists, priests, philosophers, anyone who ever thought about the same things, help me with it! We need to figure out what to do. The Savior seems to be a little late, so why not try and save ourselves? And we can do it, whether we are believers or not. I am young. But I'm totally serious. My journey begins. My mission begins, and I mean to finish it fittingly. I hope to hear from you! Sincerely, Vereya Sharashkina vereyaverte@gmail.com [See also, poem on p. 61,73] ♣

Digital Edition


Solutions - Right in Front of Us… When we talk about fixing things, the climate crisis for instance, most people think about creating something that will be a quick and profitable solution. The solutions are there, doing what is necessary and what amounts to a miracle in solving the ongoing mess that humanity is creating....solutions like trees and water...absorbing carbon and giving off oxygen. For a healthy body, mind and world, we need oxygen. Can you imagine how much oxygen is created by free flowing water? Just think of Niagara Falls! H20, breaking up as it moves around the Earth, releasing precious oxygen along the way... but people want to harness that power, contain it for a slew of things to give us less work. More than fifty percent of the world's natural water flows are no longer natural. I have lived off-grid for fifty years quite comfortably, aware of what I use whether it be power, water, etc. I also live on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and the waves crashing on the rocks release a rich abundance of oxygen as does the old growth forest that surrounds me. These are some of the miracle fixers we need to pay attention to and stop destroying them. If we want answers to sustainability, just walk through an old growth forest and observe the amount of moisture retained there during summer droughts. Winter storms help deposit the needles, cones, www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

Susanne Lawson, Tofino, BC

mosses, lichens, branches and twigs that create the layers of protection and nutrients for their roots and everything growing around them...mushrooms, ferns, bushes and more. It is a lush garden both above and below sustaining itself. When it is foggy on the coast, every needle on the tree is condensing moisture and dripping down on the forest floor but only in the trees. It seems like it's raining in the forest then, a true rainforest, constantly absorbing the carbon we are trying to get rid of. That's just a small example of the miracle that freeflowing water and forests do as nature patiently tries to teach us. What about shade, protection, fire and warmth, homes for birds, insects and wildlife, beauty and the fresh air we breathe? (Just to name a few…), but the balance is off... deforestation is consuming the globe and more dams are being built. The last of the old growth trees are just considered lumber by government and industry. Everything is a commodity, the very things we need for life are being destroyed for money. It is a scenario gone horribly wrong. We cannot eat or breathe money but nature will sustain us if we give it a chance....we just need to stop destroying the solutions. We are all in this together and we will be the change and understand the solutions needed for future generations, our health and a rich and abundant Earth and for this I thank you. As you can see, water is a BIG part of my life. © 2021 Susanne Lawson, March 13, 2021 LINK TO SUSANNE’S BLOG:

https://susannelawson.substack.com/ ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 31

“Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism” Book by Denis Rancourt – Review by Jeff Schmidt From the Introduction: With courage and brutal honesty, polymath public intellectual Denis Rancourt turns his attention to racism and to its interactional, societal, psychological, and physiological basis. $15.95; Pages: 175; Paperback (2013) Publisher: Stairway Press; ISBN: 978-0-9859942-8-0

Review by Jeff Schmidt, author of Disciplined Minds

To understand Denis Rancourt and his book, Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism, you have to know the difference between critical thinking and independent thinking. Critical thinking is nothing special. Every college student is taught to do it, to prepare for employment, fielding matters for employers. On the job, critical thinking amounts to little more than the ability to say, “The boss isn’t going to like this.” You don’t need your own ideology to say that. You need only understand the boss’s ideology and use it to guide your work. The safest way to avoid making a fatal mistake in such work, and to advance through the ranks, is to adopt the assigned way of thinking as your own. Your life becomes routine and you vanish from history, but you get a roof over your head and more than enough food for your pie hole. It’s the Devil’s bargain for survival in hierarchical organizations. Rancourt is having none of it. Having become an activist and thereby having experienced the excitement, exhilaration and fulfillment of helping to shape the society he lives in, Rancourt sees cog-in-the-wheel life as a living death. As a tenured professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Rancourt noticed that students were emerging from physics courses without truly grasping the concepts behind the techniques that they were learning. The instruction was more indoctrination than education. Grades reflected obedience and memorization more than real understanding. The system prepared students to be obedient critical thinkers but did not arm them with the understanding required to be independent thinkers. That served employers, who want technically trained employees who don’t have 32 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

their own agendas. Rancourt became an outspoken critic of the university. (And I was fortunate enough to get to know him at that time.) He blogged about how the institution’s undemocratic structure and corporate orientation led to malfeasance at all levels, from the president’s office to the classroom. And he worked to promote student activism. In response, the university repeatedly tried to discipline him for various contrived infractions, but the repressive measures didn’t hold up upon review. Finally, the university fired Rancourt under the pretext that an unconventional grading system that he used in one class wasn’t permitted by the rules, despite its success in getting students to grasp concepts. His dismissal led to one of the biggest academic freedom cases in Canada. The university continued to try to silence Rancourt even after it fired him. As I describe below, the university used public money to finance a private lawsuit against Rancourt for refusing to withdraw his stinging criticism of one of the university’s “service intellectuals” (a term that Rancourt uses incisively). Rancourt’s book is more wideranging than its title implies, as it covers much more than the fight against racism. Rancourt argues for student liberation, tries to use biology to explain social hierarchy, discusses how workplace hierarchy is a source of stress and a health hazard, criticizes establishment medicine, describes how the social system works to keep individuals powerless, and discusses the role of collaborators in maintaining the status quo. He brings independent thinking to each topic, often opening up new lines of thinking about long-standing social problems. In this way his book is seminal, and one hopes that he and others will follow through on his ideas and see where they lead. In a theme that pervades the book, Rancourt argues that the structure of society reflects the state of an ongoing battle between oppressive hierarchy and the individual’s impulse for freedom and influence. He says Digital Edition


that the hierarchical system needs to disorient and incapacitate us. It uses brutal methods that exploit the dependence of our self-identities on our social status, over which the bosses exercise much control. In another theme, Rancourt is highly critical of critical race theory. He argues that suppressing the expression of racist opinions prevents real, enlightening debate and thereby undermines the individual’s political development and the struggle against racism. The racism issue that Rancourt addresses arose after the student union on his campus publicly reported a pattern of discrimination by the university. To the embarrassment of the university, the report received much media attention. In response, the president of the university asked a black assistant professor to publicly “evaluate” the student report. In just a few days’ time, and with university guidance behind the scenes, the professor produced an “independent” public report, which the university posted on its website, questioning the validity of the student findings. To present as “independent” an evaluation produced in this way would be considered unethical in science, journalism, government, and even advertising. It would be seen as a gussied-up version of: “I’m not a racist, am I?” “Of course not, boss.” However, when Rancourt criticized the relationship between the professor and her employer in terms that Malcolm X used to describe similar situations, the university moved to

silence him. It hired a top corporate lawyer to pursue a million dollar lawsuit against Rancourt, in the name of the black professor. But that effort to silence Rancourt backfired. Lawyers usually advise litigants to shut up, but Rancourt repeatedly spoke out about the lawsuit and made its details public; the media reported on it. In the book, Rancourt discusses the suit and critiques the philosophy behind it. I don’t agree with Rancourt on every issue. For example, he says that it is “self-evident” that social hierarchy is natural, a product of human biology. If such biological determinism hadn’t been discredited by 20th century history, then I would respond by asserting that the ongoing fight for democracy is natural. And in this I would quote Rancourt himself, for the main thrust of his book is that social hierarchy has to be forced upon people. But Rancourt’s main goal isn’t to get you to agree with him on the issues. Rather, his goal is to provoke you to reject the boring, worn-out framework within which the issues are debated in the mass media and academe, and think independently. His book worked for me, as I ended up thinking about important issues in new ways. – Jeff Schmidt, author of Disciplined Minds LINK: http://stairwaypress.com/product/hierarchy-and-freeexpression-in-the-fight-against-racism/ ♣


Angels we have seen on high…?

“All that is human is a part of me” Franklin O’Connor, Nanaimo BC

Angels have no bodies. Somewhat like “Superman,” they are an invention of the human brain (homo sapiens, going back maybe 200,000 years), by those in the religions. For example, the Old Testament and New Testament, from beginning to end, are full of “angels.” Include Zoroastrianism and Islam, etc., – and Eastern religions have their own. The Vatican wants to make “angels” out of its clergy, but ‘clergy sex abuse,’ so much in the news, shows it to be just a pipe dream. Alabama and some other U.S.A. states want to turn back the clock, like the Vatican, Evangelicals, and some other nations and to say that only MALES are human beings with human rights, not FEMALES or LGBTs. The brain has evolved over the millennia, www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

maybe starting with the flatworm and phenomena (not just “angels”), arising from our genes and DNA as well, making the LGBT real fellow human beings, with full Human Rights. Following the OT and NT, we used to speak only of “mankind,” but we have evolved, hopefully, and so now speak of Humankind. Franklin O’Connor (aka “Stan Smith”) Independent Christian, ex-R.C. P.S. Some Supreme Courts are still stuck in the past. P.P.S. From Roman playwright Publius Terentius Afer, 186-159 B.C./BCE: “Homo sum: humani nihil a me

alienum puto.” = “I am a man. I consider nothing human foreign to me.” (i.e. I consider all that is human a part of me.” And: Tennyson, in his poem, Ulysses, wrote: “I am a part of all that I have met.” ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 33

We have to remove a little of the power from the hands of our rulers and put that power into our own hands From: Jack Etkin, Victoria, jetkin@hotmail.com

If we Canadians could focus on the issue of democracy, and push for it and demand it, we might win a little of it. And ANY step, however small, in the right direction, will help us in all the issues we are working on. We have to remove a little of the power from the hands of our .01% rulers, and put that power into our own hands. And we can do that; there are concrete steps that can move us in the right direction. Proportional Voting is one thing... a bit of Parliamentary reform would also be very useful, for example removing the power of

the Party Leaders to sign the nomination papers of ANY candidate for their party. This one little thing – which is never talked about – gives the Party Leadership virtually total power over all the people we elect. Because if the folks we elect don't Do As They’re Told, they will be kicked out of the caucus and not allowed to run again. THAT can easily be changed. So we can improve our democracy, although it will require the organization and focus that we Canadians do not currently seem to have. Too bad for us all. ♣


Local Currencies… From Derek Skinner, Derek.J.Skinner@outlook.com Official and Local currencies exist side by side. Bank currency is used for taxes. If you have no income other than government relief you pay no taxes. Motgages can be a problem and you may be on the street unless you have assets to sell. Local currencies put bread on the table and they have been working for years in various localities. I will share an essay written some 13 years ago – in the next issue… [Derek’s full article will be posted on the Dialogue website if you can’t wait! LINK: www.dialogue2.ca/columnist-derek-skinner.html

Preview from Derek Local Unofficial Currencies If a National or International financial crisis creates long-term destitution and poverty such that pockets of a population are facing widespread unemployment and shortage of official money then local currencies based on local exchanges of credit are useful. As long as people have physical strength and a brain there is no reason why they cannot produce and consume at a modest farming and industrial level. The only thing missing is a medium to facilitate exchange i.e. some form of money. <<< [Link to article]


Received from June Ross, Nanaimo BC:

THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF RIVERS To: Government officials at the municipal, state, provincial, and national levels We, the undersigned, urge you to stand with a growing international movement to protect rivers, freshwater ecosystems, and all who depend upon them for their lives and livelihoods. You can do so by seeing to the adoption of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Rivers in your country’s laws and ensuring its adoption results in the vital protections it guarantees. Given the alarming degradation of rivers globally and the resulting harms to the climate, wildlife, public health, and local economies, we urge you to act without delay. 34 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

The declaration states that all rivers are: • Living entities. • Entitled to fundamental rights. • Entitled to legal guardians. And that: • These rights shall extend to the health of watersheds and river basins. • Indigenous communities will be represented in river guardianship. • All states will implement these rights and provide the resources necessary to ensure they are realized. READ THE FULL DECLARATION --

https://www.rightsofrivers.org/#declaration Digital Edition


Ken’s Story…One of the many victims of the Official Languages Act Introduced by Al Speyers, The poignant letter from Ken Davies that follows (and my introduction) are in response to the current drive to "modernize" the Official languages Act (OLA). This Act, imposed on Canada by Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1969, on the pretense of countering Quebec's independence aspirations, was amended in 1988, givAl Speyers ing us "Official Bilingualism." The Act is now poised to be amended again with more draconian measures and more "enforcement mechanisms...."

Ken’s letter, perhaps more than any other first-hand account, demonstrates unequivocally that the initial Official Languages Act (OLA) of 1969, and later amended in 1988, and poised to be amended again was and is a zero-sum game to elevate a linguistic minority at the (great) expense of the English speaking majority. All of this began back in the mid-1960s with the "recommendations" of the Laurandeau-Dunton Commission that set these malevolent and civic-grinding wheels in motion. The participants on that Commission must have thought long and hard how these recommendations could be presented (obscured) as somehow palatable to the always-appeasing English political class and the larger English-speaking majority, so they would not smell the rat the OLA was in actuality, and while making the case that something was needed to appease the aspirations of the strong proindependence movement within Quebec, which later spilled over into the bloodshed of the FLQ crisis. But even then, with the English elements "accepting" (having been bamboozled with) the initial OLA with an Act of Parliament, there was still plenty of (French) unease regarding its constitutionality. And so, to head off any potential legal challenges at the Supreme Court, Pierre Elliot Trudeau managed to embed the salient features of the OLA in his 1982 Constitution Act – the highest law in the land – while foisting on Canada, in the late 1970s, the deliberately distracting narrative that the Canadian Constitution had to be ‘brought home’ from Great Britain. That traditional Canadian Constitution never quite made it home from Great Britain. It was sabotaged – mugged, beaten, robbed – on its way back across the pond and in its place came a piece of statutory and constitutional barbarism that never looked anything like the traditional Constitution with its universal www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

human rights. The new Constitution, with its "Charter," was no real Constitution. It was a vile piece of deliberately deformed legislation that carefully masked the real intent of elevating a minority language tribe over the majority English tribe and to even go beyond that to the point whereby this zero-sum game would one day have the one side completely "eat the lunch" of the other. The 1969 OLA, amended in 1988, gave Canada that hideous "Official Bilingualism" and thereby set in motion the creation of a brand new class of privileged citizens who could qualify under the new pro-French language requirements. And with the passage of the Official Languages Act in Parliament, Pierre Trudeau simultaneously declared the top 2000 federal public service positions to be "officially bilingual" and thus set in motion the ethnic cleansing process of English speakers from the federal public service. The 1982 Constitution Act and its Charter, with its call for full "equality" between English and French, has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster. Far from ‘levelling the playing field for a linguistic minority caught in an overwhelming sea of North American English,’ it now has the distinction of reaching the point of achieving the exact opposite of what perhaps it sought to avoid: the break-up of Canada that began with Quebec's threatening independence. This corrupted (1982) Canadian Constitution was not and is not a true universal Constitution with equal rights under the law for everyone, as a sound constitution should be. Instead, it was designed to give rise to a whole new class of French-speaking people – a new and privileged aristocracy – that would one day, in the not too distant future, own and control all of Canada: In the words of the current prime minister, "Canada belongs to Quebec" – and in the process, bankrupting a great Dominion that once had a promising future. Indeed. In the words of the late Lord Acton: "Constitutions are written not to enshrine those in power but to prevent that from happening." But not in Canada. Al Speyers, 16 Feb 2021, Member, Canadians for Language Fairness, WEBSITE: https://languagefairness.ca Al Speyers taught in university, is a former Ontario provincial and federal public servant, was a hi-tech manager, now retired and living in the Ottawa area. …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 35

Ken’s story, in a Letter to the Commissioner of Official Languages From: Ken Davies, February 7, 2021 To: Commissioner of Official Languages Raymond Théberge Commissioner, With the greatest respect, your statement [extract below, in particular the portion highlighted in blue] is so far from the truth and is the reason for the existence of CLF, Canadians for Language Fairness, fighting for the Rights of non-French-speaking Canadians such as myself. ____________

Statement from the Commissioner of Official Languages on the Government of Quebec’s position on the modernization of the Official Languages Act Gatineau, Quebec, February 5, 2021 [LINK:] www.clo-ocol.gc.ca/en/news/releases/2021/2021-02-05

Commissioner of Official Languages Raymond Théberge made the following statement today: “Today, I learned of the Quebec government’s position on the modernization of the Official Languages Act. I am pleased to see that the two levels of government are working together amicably to modernize the Act. “I believe that the situation of the French language in Canada is truly unique. Protecting the language and culture of more than 8 million French-speaking Canadians in a sea of more than 300 million English-speaking North Americans is a major challenge. However, it is fundamental to Canada’s linguistic duality and cultural identity. “The Official Languages Act protects the right of all Canadians to receive services in the official language of their choice, and these rights are guaranteed for both English-speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians. […]” ____________

[Ken Davies] I am a living classic example of an English person who was forced to quit a very high position in The Royal Canadian Mint in 1980. I was General Manager of the Numismatic Division, in Hull, from 1973 to 1980. On June 6, 1975, Yvon Gariépy was appointed to the #1 position – and very rudely, brutally and abruptly dismissed Master of the Mint Gordon Hunter when he arrived for work that same morning. That event was very traumatic for Gordon and he passed away just six months later. From the moment Gariepy arrived there was a very concerted effort to terminate and replace many Anglophones with Francophones, regardless of the qualifications of the latter. I have a list of names of the people who lost their Crown Corporation jobs and dreams of retiring with a respectable pension. The problem those people faced was: no chance of regaining a job 36 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

in the Public Service because they didn’t speak French. During my tenure as GM of the Numismatic Div., the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal resulted in a coin program that generated approximately $200 million in gross sales and $50 million in net profit, and the mint produced 8.4 million troy ounces of silver coins, the highest silver consumption for coins in the world. I WAS SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTING UP AND MANAGING THE PRODUCTION OF ALL THE NUMISMATIC OLYMPIC COINS, INCLUDING GOLD:

Reconstructing the interior of the factory in the Queens Printing Bureau, in Hull; finding and acquiring several major pieces of machinery and equipment; and increasing the workforce from ~100 to 450 for 24x7 operation; this was no small feat while working within the constraints of waiting for a government bill to approve the manufacture of the coins. The 1976 Montreal Olympic Coinage represented the largest and most successful Olympic program in numismatic history. The Royal Canadian Mint used twelve tons of Silver in the production of their 28 different Five and Ten Dollars coins. I vaguely recall the act to authorise the production of coins was passed around June in 1973, the first the year of production and Japan ordered the first several thousand coins for delivery around October of the same year. A formidable task: since some of the machinery required was about two years’ delivery. Nevertheless, I managed to acquire what was needed, even negotiating the rerouting, from Germany, two machines destined for Russia for a small financial compensation to Russia. [SEE: The act for the production of coins – https://lawslois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/O-9.1/page-1.html and more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Canadian_Mint_Olympic_coins#1976_Montreal_Olympic_Coins ]

Suffice to say, modesty permitting, I was one of few Professional Engineers with the knowledge and contacts to accomplish such a mammoth task of setting up and managing the Olympic Coin production from 1973 to 1976. Within the month of Gariepy arriving (June 1975), he froze my salary indefinitely, saying I was overpaid. …/

Digital Edition


Ken Davies’ Story, in his Letter to the Commissioner of Official Languages, contd.

On the contrary, by normal government guidelines where salary is geared to number of employees supervised, I was grossly underpaid, particularly since my operation was 24x7. As the days and months passed, various members of my staff were made to report to a new manager in head office, effectively reducing my control of the Numismatic Division. You will understand and recognise that this was simply pressure being applied to force me to quit since, being high profile, it would have been more difficult to just terminate me. I was resisting dismissal, or rather quitting, while seeking other employment, which was proving rather difficult due to another barrier. Government employees are not treated with the same respect by Consultants advertising jobs for the private sector. I finally discovered, from a Consultant, that my applications were being rejected because they would not submit them to their client; applications from people applying from government positions would go straight into file 13. Just another problem facing Anglophones, in addition to not speaking French. The final year of my time with the RCM was very stressful, affecting my health and life. In 1980 a friend and colleague in the RCM Ottawa division alerted me to a clandestine despicable plot that was forming at the top to discredit and force me to quit. Suffice to say I was going to be accused of sexual harassment and have no idea what woman they chose from the head office to cooperate in this dastardly deed. One thing for sure only I and the conspirators would know the truth but once accused, an innocent man has no defence, it’s game over. Fortunately I did secure other employment and quit but have never recovered to the same level in terms of salary. Today I survive and manage on CPP and OAS. My future with the RCM was terminated along with the promise of a substantial government pension. At the time of leaving there was ~$28k in my RCM Pension Portfolio and I was obliged to withdraw it on leaving. As you know with government pensions, person contributes $1, employer contributes $1. RCM declined to recognise $14k as deferred income and would not pay it to me, of the remaining $14K, I lost almost half in tax. So much for recognition of seven years of loyal and devoted service, much of which was spent at the factory, including for 24 hours straight, as sometimes needed. I have approached www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

Members of Parliament, to no avail, for recognition and compensation, being forced to quit my job and a secure future simply for being English and not bilingual. It has been many decades since the onset of replacing Anglophones with Francophones in the Federal Government; and today, mission accomplished, it is no longer really necessary. Today the practice is to use ‘Mandatory Bilingualism’ to deny opportunities to Anglophones. In conclusion, Commissioner, and again with respect, your statement does not reflect the reality in Canada today. Anglophones all across Canada, including Quebec, are neither protected nor have the Rights and Freedoms guaranteed by the Charter. If, in your position of influence, you can rectify this gross misjustice, 75% of Canadians would be most appreciative. Here is an interesting juxtaposition: the Production Manager of the Royal Mint, England, supervised the production of a Medallion for the Queen’s Jubilee; he was awarded the OBE. For my contribution managing one of the most successful Olympic Programmes in Canada, I got the boot instead of an Order of Canada Medal. Regards, Ken Davies --------------------

* Canadians for Language Fairness is a non-profit,

volunteer-driven organization receiving no government funding. CLF’s Mission: CLF was formed to oppose the Federal Government's concerted efforts to Socially Engineer Canada through Forced Bilingualism. CLF’s Vision: 1. Canada—a country in which the governments, Federal and Provincial govern in the language of the majority but provide translation where practical to serve citizens unilingual in one of the two founding language groups (English and French). 2. Freedom of language--abolishment of any and all legislation regulating the use of language by any citizen or business. 3. Democratic rights and freedoms at the community level in Canada to operate in the language of the majority in the community. 4. Financial responsibility and accountability at the provincial level without interprovincial welfare payments (i.e. end Equalization Payments). 5. Restoration of Provincial accountability and responsibility in compliance with the British North America Act. WEBSITE : https://languagefairness.ca Received from Kim McConnell [See also from Kim, p.55] ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 37

Robin Mathews Uncut

The Decade of the 1960s in Canada

by Robin Mathews, January 2021

The 1960s in Canada - Part One Book Review [Appeared first at: https://ahtribune.ca/world/americas/canada/4531decade-of-the-1960s.html ]

Histories are often written, it has been said, to celebrate the historians who write them rather than the times depicted. That may be true of the history called Canada’s 1960’s by Professor Bryan D. Palmer. The 1960s made up a decade (some of us remember) full of complex, contested, courageous, sometimes trivial matters that might well attract someone attempting to characterize the people who engaged in them: Canadians in the 1960s. Recall some of the high-lights of the time: there was the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 (between the USA and Soviet Russia) when prime minister John Diefenbaker refused U.S. president John F. Kennedy’s request to put all Canadian forces on High Alert … and someone went behind Diefenbaker’s back and did it anyway. The truth of “who” did it has not, I believe, ever been fully told. Remember the 1961 creation of the New Democratic Party (from the CCF and Union interests, in a meaningful Social Democratic Left). Remember the 1963 Canadian federal election when the J. F. Kennedy forces loaned the Liberals an “Election Advisor” in order to help defeat the Diefenbaker Conservatives. And, also in 1963, there was the creation of one of Canada’s largest unions (by merger), the Canadian Union of Public Employees, that had both a sobering and strengthening effect upon Canadian unionism. Remember the 1962 éclat when (in Saskatchewan) ‘Medicare’ was introduced, fought against by a Doctors’ Strike that was supported by the U.S. Medical Association …. And then, in 1968, ‘Medicare’ was made a national Canadian program. And remember … the middle Sixties introduced what would be High Drama and massive public manipulation with the founding of the FLQ in Quebec. Remember the decade may fairly also be called a decade of activities to cut back and to back off U.S. ownership, control, influence and pressure upon Canada … and to release Canadian imagination and energy in 38 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

the work and play of Canadian life: in the universities – and all education; in the unions; in the economy; in the arts and letters, even in activism. Remember The Action Committee of The Status of Women, and The Canadian Liberation Movement, the latter a Maoist action group headquartered in Toronto that became so present it was awarded the contract to produce the catalogue for the large Chinese Exhibition staged at the Royal Ontario Museum. (None of the above is mentioned in Professor Palmer’s ‘history’ of the 1960s … except the Cuban Missile Crisis and the FLQ.) Remember, in 1964, that the final defeat of the Canadian Seaman’s Union (founded on the Great Lakes in 1936) came about, after battling against an ‘imported’ U.S. criminal (Hal Banks) leading opposition to the preservation of a Canadian union AND a Canadian Merchant Marine. The thugs of Hal Banks, supported by Canadian government, joined with members of the RCMP to battle Canadian unionists on the docks … the long battle tying up, as well, for a time, the British port of Liverpool and a port in Australia… before thuggery won. And in 1964, thuggery ended the Canadian union as well as beginning the erasure (pleasing to U.S. interests) of an internationally operating Canadian Merchant Fleet (the fourth largest in the world). To erase the disgrace of that painful patch of Canadian history, ‘acceptable’ Canadian writers who mention the Canadian Seaman’s Union always (as Professor Palmer does) tag the CSU as “Communist led”. The editor of the CSU newspaper and others close to the union described (to me) that tag as a slander intended to cover up for the people following U.S. thug orders to destroy the union. In a more ‘staid’ era of ‘take back Canada’… remember Walter Gordon’s 1950s books on the Canadian economy … and then his forced resignation (as Liberal Canadian Finance Minister in 1963) for budgeting a “takeover tax” on foreign (read U.S.) takeovers of Canadian corporations. Remember his (in fact) appointment (1967) of The Task Force on Foreign Ownership and the Structure of Canadian Investment – headed by Mel Watkins – which produced the famous (1968) “Watkins Report.” (That major event of the

Digital Edition


1960s is not mentioned by Professor Palmer). Remember Walter Gordon’s assistance in forming the lively Committee for an Independent Canada which was a good-natured co-force on “independence” beside the Waffle Movement in the NDP – “independence and socialism” (tossed out of the NDP in 1974 at a meeting in the Orange Hall in Orillia, Ontario, when U.S. Union-appointed delegates marched into the Hall to help vote the Waffle Movement OUT of the NDP.) An extraordinary matter in the book, Canada’s 1960s by Professor Bryan Palmer, is what, fairly, might be called his unprofessional (however subtle) attack on historical figures of importance he apparently dislikes. Throughout the book Professor Palmer denigrates Walter Gordon, naming him an anti-American … repeatedly. I knew Gordon quite well, and discussed politics with him. Walter Gordon was not an anti-American. He considered anti-Americanism an infantile disorder. But Professor Bryan D. Palmer has written him down … throughout his book … for those who will believe it … as an ‘anti-American.’ False. And sad. In addition, Professor Palmer introduces a quotation into his text, naming Madeleine Parent, textile union organizer in Quebec and then supporter of the Confederation of Canadian Unions, a “red witch” … clearly meaning a Communist … and Professor Palmer does not correct the allegation in the quotation. I knew Madeleine Parent very well … and discussed unionism and Communism in Canada with her at length. Madeleine Parent was never a communist … but she is written down as one by Professor Bryan D. Palmer – to do her (and Walter Gordon) injustice as long as the book is read). For Shame. The 1960s in Canada were years of development and excitement, conflict and good humour. Remember Trudeaumania … and the marriage of prime minister Pierre Trudeau to a woman less than half his age, Margaret Sinclair. Their relation was tempestuous … exploding until it exploded apart. When it began with marriage, John Diefenbaker remarked, drily, that Trudeau had a problem … whether to marry Margaret Sinclair … or to adopt her. The years also produced the FLQ in Quebec, the Liberation Front … involving many youth determined to find a new future for the Province. Professor Bryan D. www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

Palmer reproduces the story of the FLQ according to the accepted recipe of those in power in Canada ... when a very different story needs to be told … and will be told … here. 

THE 1960s IN CANADA: PART TWO Robin Mathews, Jan. 2021

The 1960s were marked by a genuine movement to “Canadianize” – not away from the old ties to ‘Britain and the Empire’ – but from the New Imperialism, from the visible and forceful global power of Canada’s USA neighbour. Its power was felt all along the longest border in the world between two countries: close to 9000 kilometres. And, of course, it was felt in the large degree of “foreign (read U.S.) ownership” of the Canadian economy ... and more. Britain could be thought of warmly and with fondness, having less and less real power in Canada - as well as being across a very large ocean where it was still mending, and making up for, wounds it had received in the devastating 1939-1945 war. The USA was unscathed from that war; it was the major powerhouse of “the West” and fully believed in its right “to lead the free world” – and it lay along thousands of kilometers of Canadian border. The U.S. leaked into Canada by a thousand rivulets, affecting social and political perceptions. A very widely read publication, just for instance, was the weekly, Time (Canada), being the U.S. Time magazine with a number of pages (for Canada only) stapled in at the beginning … creating Time (Canada). Time Canada’s coverage of Ottawa was lively … and, I believe – if carefully studied by Political Scientists – might show a distinct, quiet intention to further U.S. interests in Canada. Why not? Professor Bryan D. Palmer’s repeated assertion in his book, Canada’s 1960s – that Canadians were throwing off old and emotional British Imperial connections – is probably a kind of false flag. For it leaks attention away from the substantial (U.S.) imperial forces that were at play… with which Professor Palmer is apparently, mostly, sympathetic – and about which he says almost nothing in his book. That sympathy is connected to a huge movement in the USA that has crippled (some say) its political system to this day, possibly forever… In the early 1950s in the USA, a gigantic, VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021


dialogue 39

Robin Mathews, The Decade of the 60s, contd.

destructive attack on “un-American activities” – called McCarthyism – was conducted against “Communists” (and by contagion… all Left political forces in the USA). It had the effect of ruining many innocent lives, of causing the flight of many U.S. people to other countries, of strangling almost all criticism of Capitalism in the USA, and, importantly, strangling all Left politics. Today, most (even ‘political’) people in the USA don’t notice how denuded the USA is of anything like serious anti-Capitalist critique – in what might be called its active and on-going Party structures and in political campaigning for public office. Capitalism is the unchallenged master of all activity in the USA… almost without public ‘political’ criticism. The U.S. activities also affected Canada, (helping to make the Communist Party in Canada, for instance – which is there – something to be ignored as completely as possible.) But Canada still has a Social Democratic party (the NDP) active in the country’s political life... and – we must remember – the USA doesn’t even have an NDP. A new kind of “politics” was born in the USA in the 1960s, what might be called “unpolitical politics”. When, in Berkeley, California, students rose up against the administration of the University of California – and drew attention to their militance and serious concern – they were said to be bringing critical politics back to the USA, to be the manifestation of a “New” Left… replacing the Left that had been violently erased in the McCarthy’ism years. “The New Left” that was born, however, was a political manifestation that even its admirers report was more about a criticism of power in place, of hierarchy in U.S. institutions, of ‘administration’, than of the Capitalist system which underlies it all. That was, indeed, a serious, almost silent political turning… which, to this day, rules U.S. politics so completely it goes unnoticed ... a political system in a democratic country without a party of the Left in the active politics of the country. As the critique by the students in California developed, it was swept up by a hungry U.S. Mainstream Press and Media and offered as major politics … actually offered as a “New Left”. And, indeed, that New Left appeared in Canada as a colonial offshoot of the action in the USA. It’s politicisation – 40 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

and it did develop politicisation – was to create a strongly anti-nationalist, anti-Canadian independence position in which Canadians were exhorted to abandon parochial “nationalism” and to join with a globesweeping international Socialism which, by magic and the brilliant work of international Socialists, would bring Socialism to all the countries in the world … hopefully at the same time! As it happens, earlier, Josef Stalin in Russia believed in securing Socialism in Russia before spreading it, a nationalist position. Leon Trotsky, also in Russia, believed in working all at once for Socialism everywhere. And (twisted as this may seem) that is the reason The New Left in Canada (the so-called Trotskyists) expressed contempt for the 1960’s Waffle Movement in the NDP calling for Socialism and Independence for Canada… The Trots (as they are lovingly called) cry out for the adoption of International Socialism to be sought and achieved by all nations in a marvellous signal of global unity. (That, as it happens, was the position of Leon Trotsky, who Stalin ejected from Russia and then traced to his hideout place in Mexico City and had an icepick sunk into Trotsky’s head – in 1940, to assure Trotsky would not continue with such nonsensical Romanticism.) Canadians, fortunately, believe the kind of action instigated by Stalin is not engaged in by civilized people. The New Left, in both Canada and the United States, was/is often called ‘Trotskyism.’ And it is my opinion, an unresearched opinion, that forces in the USA – the FBI, the CIA, etcetera – probably quietly supported (financed?) whatever forces resisted Canadianization (and that those same U.S. forces support all antinationalist forces across the hemisphere). Real independence in any country in the hemisphere is a threat to U.S. hegemony. Observe (for instance) the endless, vicious, barelydisguised U.S. attacks on the democratically elected government in Venezuela that does not want to be a U.S. underling. In Canada, and – just maybe – elsewhere, those U.S. interests (I believe) may fund International Socialism, ‘The New Left’, anything with open distaste for national independence. Some Canadians wanted ‘independence’(achieved in a Socialist country), and declared in the Waffle Manifesto of the 1960s that they wanted it fought for as a plank in the political platform

Digital Edition


of the NDP … which may be part of the reason the Waffle Movement was tossed out of the NDP, at a meeting in Orillia, Ontario, in 1974. 

THE 1960s IN CANADA: PART THREE Robin Mathews, Jan. 2021

For many Canadians, the 1960s are the times of the FLQ in Quebec… the rest of the Sixties being mostly fluff and fashion, unimportant Student Protest and noise... That is, perhaps, “flash memory,” but it is not wholly incorrect. Of course, the fight for universal medicare (for instance) from 1962 to 1968 was important to almost every Canadian life … and has continued to be so … but it was not as (literally) ‘flashy’ as the bombs going off in francophone Canada. The destruction of the Canadian Seaman’s Union in 1964 (and from then on the erasure of a Canadian Merchant Fleet) is hugely important …but the subject has, somehow, escaped the attention of the major body of professional historians in Canada. (Indeed, a catalogue of major events in Canada that have escaped the attention of that body might prove… revealing.) In a conversation with Mrs. Diefenbaker, she reminded me that a campaign train she and John Diefenbaker (Progressive Conservative Party leader) were using in the 1963 election had to be slowed to a few miles an hour while police officers walked ahead, examining the track, to make sure there were no FLQ bombs planted! The Canadian government was not inactive. The Pearson Liberal government, in 1963, created what came to be known as the “Bi and Bi Commission” (the Laurendeau/Dunton Commission), the federal Commission to examine all aspects of bilingualism and bi-culturalism in Canada and to make far-reaching recommendations, leading to the declaration that Canada is a bilingual nation … and, of course, much more. The story of the FLQ and the battle for recognition (and Quebec independence) that unfolded from the early 1960s to the early 1970s is told in many colours, in many versions… but – surprisingly – it has never been taken up as a major group work by the professional historians of Canada – francophone and anglophone. What I would call a heavy weight of Liberal ‘historiography’ has prevailed… and deep digging and honest reporting by such a body has never happened. (Just incidentally: in his Canada’s 1960s Professor Bryan D. Palmer pretty well follows the www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

Pierre Elliot Trudeau version of the matter.) With a Canadian public asking many, many questions, Pierre Trudeau struck a Royal Commission, the McDonald Royal Commission of Inquiry into some activities of the RCMP, 1976. David McDonald was a Liberal, and a friend of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He was appointed about a week after the Quebec government appointed the Keable Commission to inquire into RCMP activities in Quebec during the FLQ crisis. The federal government harassed the Keable Commission …and the McDonald Inquiry held almost all significant hearings behind closed doors… The one thing achieved was that the McDonald Commission was the most expensive Royal Commission in Canadian history to that date. Claude Jean Devirieux (long-time radio Canada journalist), in his memoir Derrière l’information officielle 1950-2000 (Septentrion), reports the close connection Pierre Trudeau kept with the RCMP. He also writes (in French) of the RCMP: ”Acting without control, without mandate, multiplying acts of provocation, in the most perfect illegality, before, during, and after the October Crisis, 1970” (p.110) And he goes on to report that those activities put them before the tribunals: The McDonald Commission and the Keable Inquiry. As a result, he reports, he met some of the RCMP involved. One, the former top officer, John Starnes, reported the RCMP furious at the treatment, saying, “they had only acted under orders coming from very high up.” Such a report was not ever made public from the Inquiries. Most of the important transactions of the McDonald Commission were never made public. Justice was done. There is another scenario… that has slowly taken shape – partly from individual writers in Quebec (untranslated). [In fact, the failure to translate important works on the subject from Quebec may not be accidental.] That scenario suggests the Trudeau/RCMP allegiance knew very early about the kidnap of British Trade Commissioner James Cross, and occupied the adjoining apartment for the full time of “the kidnap.” Indeed, Devirieux reports going to the dwelling of the couple removed by the RCMP so that police could occupy the apartment. The ex-occupant of the apartment adjoining the kidnap apartment of Cross went pale when he answered the door… and …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 41

Robin Mathews, The Decade of the 60s, contd.

slammed it shut in Devirieux’s face. As to the murder of Pierre Laporte, acting Premier of Quebec… When he was kidnapped, Madam Laporte was of the opinion that he was murdered by the State. Whether that would be the Army, the RCMP, or a less identifiable actor is impossible to say. Whatever the case, one of the doctors called to conduct the first post mortem examination of Pierre Laporte’s body would not sign the post mortem report. Months later, when interviewed about the matter, he brushed questions aside by referring to the highly dubious investigation into the murder of John F. Kennedy in the U.S.A., in order to make his point. 

PART FOUR: The FLQ – MY ERROR, WHICH OPENS FLOODGATES… In an earlier part, I said that a police agent, a mole (french: ‘taupe’) was present at the kidnap (October 10, 1970) of Pierre Laporte, acting premier of Quebec and cabinet minister. My error opens floodgates … because the “agent” was present at the kidnap of James Cross, British Trade Commissioner, which preceded the kidnap of Pierre Laporte by some five days. The agent was NOT at the kidnap of Pierre Laporte…. The agent (Nigel Hamer) was recognized as not a francophone by the wife of James Cross. That kidnapper went upstairs to bring Cross down. And if Cross was a part of the kidnap plan (which some claim), the kidnapper could say in English: “Okay. Time to go.” We remember that the daughter of James Cross was found in a photograph of a get-together at a wellknown Separatist gathering place… and was seen with Paul Rose, presumed member of the FLQ, more than once before her father was kidnapped. The revelation that Nigel Hamer was at the James Cross kidnap opens floodgates because we remember, also, that James Cross forgot to take his necessary medications with him to the kidnap … and that a sly felquiste managed to elude police agents and slip through whatever police net was there … to get the medications to the kidnap place without the police agents able to discover it. The sly felquiste, if I remember correctly, was Nigel Hamer. And so the kidnap of James Cross, British Trade Commissioner, may well have been faked from beginning to end. (Not a hint of a hint of any of this 42 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

in Bryan D. Palmer’s Canada’s 1960s – in which he has a hefty section on Quebec and the FLQ.) Claude Jean Devirieux, (longtime radio Canada journalist) in Derrière l’information officielle, 1950-2000, claims the apartment next to ‘the kidnap apartment’ was occupied for the whole time of the kidnap – by police agents. He also claims that a motorcycle cop spotted the kidnap vehicle and began to follow it … only to be ordered by his superiors to abandon the pursuit. A claim is made, also, that the Montreal police were ordered to stay away from the area (in case an eager officer should find the hideout and report it). James Cross was held in the kidnap apartment in Montreal from October 5 until December 3 … and people in the apartment, of course, had to go out… supplies had to be brought in … by felquistes, whose identity was known to police. But no one could find the kidnappers and their victim…. The wily kidnappers slipped in and out of the kidnap apartment to buy groceries and such – for something like eight weeks – and they were so cool and smart that all the combined police forces of Canada couldn’t spot them. Bit by bit – and piece by piece – Quebec writers have filled in much of the real story of the FLQ kidnappings. Very strangely, the task has not been taken on by any ‘professional’ Canadian historian or team of Canadian historians, French and English, bringing all the tag-ends together and giving Canadians the real story of what is called “The October Crisis”. Professor Bryan D. Palmer, for instance, in his large section on Quebec and the FLQ, in his history, Canada’s 1960s, makes no allusion, even, to the fact that there is a whole ‘other history’ of the October Crisis that is completely neglected by Canada’s ‘professional’ historians. He continues the neglect … and presents a picture of Quebec and the FLQ “crisis” that is so excellent … so thoughtful … so wise … so exceptional ... it would get top marks in any History class in Canada … (alas).

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Robin Mathews, Vancouver BC rmathews@telus.net Robin Mathews is a retired professor who taught English literature at Carleton University in Ottawa and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He is well known for his campaign to Canadianize the faculty and curricula of Canadian universities. ♣ www.dialogue.ca

FROM SHUSWAP, BC - SECWEPEMC TERRITORY An Open Letter re the Abuse of Elderly at a B.C. Care Facility From: Patricia White, pwhite.red@gmail.com Jan 28, ‘21

This letter makes me cry. Well, we’ve all been colonized against feeling our anger. Because that is the one thing that can fuel the change needed, so every religion, every new age guru, every psychospiritual teacher, every school teacher – all of them punish us from childhood for feeling angry. with Peanut, But how else are we going to unite Patricia one of her 3 canine and rise up if we deny the Natural companions. Response to witnessing the destruction of our Nest? Try telling a Mother Bear or Bird or Dog to sit and be nice while her young are threatened! Bullshit! She roars, she rages, she Protects! Even the tiniest of Birds will attack a gigantic creature threatening her young. This is the fuel of the Mother we need to harness and use today. AN OPEN LETTER sent January 26, 2021, to: VIHA [Vancouver Island Health Authority] 1450 Hillside Ave., Victoria, BC V8T 2B7 Att : Philip Friesen, Director LTC, VIHA philip.friesen@viha.ca, Cell: (250) 216-3795 Yuculta Lodge 555 2nd Ave, Campbell River, BC V9W 3V1 Attn: Ms. JaeYon Jones, Manager, jaeyon.jones@viha.ca, Cell: (250) 287-6405

I am writing this letter to express my deep concern in the actions you have recently taken to isolate residents in your facilities. This particular resident has been cut off from her family and friends for many months now in person and even on the phone! This woman has been isolated and treated worse than prisoners. The most violent prisoners at least get 1 hour/day in fresh air. This woman has not been outside since September 19th, 2020, nor has she been allowed to be with her family. During Christmas you wouldn’t even let her talk on the phone to her children, and you continue to do so! Why does this ‘policy’ apply to just one resident out of 99 in this facility? While she lays dying, you’ve removed her furniture, husband’s picture from her bedside, destroyed, out of malice, a 64-year-old beloved photo of her father, refused a non-communicative woman water because she didn’t ask for it, and much more! www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

The disruption that has been created in your facility; the fear, the gossip, the arguments, lies, innuendos, cruelty the unrest is abhorrent. You have followed orders by the provincial health authorities who has taken orders from the federal health authorities who has taken orders from the World Health Organization (privately owned criminal organization!). You are just following orders. These orders have human consequences! You have put these elderly people into a no timeline lockdown! You are treating them as prisoners in their own homes. You have robbed them of respect, denied them access to their loved ones, broken their spirit, and destroyed what little freedom they had left at the end of their long, beautiful lives. And now you deny them the comforts and love of their families to hold their hands while they transition into death! The elderly are the greatness of our society. They are ones who paved the way for your livelihood; worked with their sweat and tears to build your future, your schools, your hospitals, your recreation centers and the list goes on. As employees of this facility (and others) living in the same environment, breathing the same air as the elderly, you are not locked down. You and employees are free to go on your walks, grocery shopping, home to your families, take your dog for a walk. Approx. 120 staff/day (3 shifts), go from room to room to room, but you’re disallowing families to go to a single room to provide love and comfort to those who need it most! Does this make sense? Is this virus passed over cell towers and phone lines? Is this virus so intelligent that it knows not to attack you as employees and health authorities who work in the same facilities but it knows to attack the elderly and therefore they are the ones that need to be locked down? Why are the workers not locked down? Why are the health authorities not locked down? You have been put on notice that this resident’s Constitutional Rights have been violated, yet you continued! Do you care about the mental health problems you are creating for these vulnerable elderlies by your NO TIMELINE LOCKDOWN? Do you realize ‘lockdown’ is a prison term? …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 43

We are not protecting our elderly by locking them up behind closed doors where nothing good ever results! What you are doing is keeping their families from advocating and caring for them which encourages worse abuses! People are finally understanding what is happening in these facilities and they’ve had enough! What is now going on behind locked doors is being exposed in the light. As a spokesperson for my friends and their mother and the poor elderly who are locked down, I ask that you rethink your decisions and end the NO TIMELINE LOCK DOWN and free these vulnerable people who

are no longer able to speak for themselves. You and I may all be one of them someday if we do not take action today. This has gone beyond covid (a ‘virus’ yet to be isolated, purified, identified) and has moved into the dangerous territory of tyranny and control taking away of all rights and freedoms from every citizen of this country. Including you! I ask that you take the brave pathway and stand up for those we all love. With Heartfelt Sincerity ♣ LETTER RECEIVED FROM PATRICIA WHITE, Jan. 2021 ♣


Open Letter to Todd Doherty, MP Cariboo-Prince George, B.C. Sent: February 15, 2021

From: Arthur Topham, Quesnel, B.C. V2J 6T8 To: MP Todd Doherty House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0A6 Telephone: 613-995-6704; Fax: 613-996-9850 Todd.Doherty@parl.gc.ca Constituency Office: 1520 – 3rd Avenue Prince George, British Columbia, V2L 3G4 Telephone: 250 564 7771

Dear Friend Todd Doherty, I am in receipt of your recent political pamphlet which arrived in my mailbox and I thank you for contacting your constituents regarding what you correctly state is “the biggest crisis we’ve faced in modern times.” If I may I would add to your assertion my own sentiment that this “COVID-19 pandemic” could be the greatest attack upon human life, liberty and freedom that the world has ever experienced depending on the outcome which, alas, still remains a mystery. On Page 2 of your 4-page pamphlet, the banner boldly states, “CONSERVATIVES ARE STANDING UP FOR CANADIANS”. Such a declaration, Todd, can only imply that the other political parties are failing to do so and you then go on to explain what the Conservative Party of Canada would do to address this “crisis” were the CPC, rather than the present Liberal government, the ruling party. Space won’t allow me the opportunity to comment on all of your initiatives shown on Page 2 that are designed to support Canadians; so instead I would like to focus on the 5 Questions that you pose to your constituents on Page 3, which we are asked to check off with either a “Yes” or a “No” or an “Unsure” and then send to you in Ottawa “postage and envelope” free. 44 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

Given the nature of the “crisis” that Canada and the rest of the world are currently facing I won’t mince my words but be as blunt as possible. Question #1 asks whether you, Todd, have your priorities right and, in reply, I must state that as an individual and as my voice in Ottawa, you have, with one exception back in 2016, been one of the most hard-working MPs that have ever represented the North Cariboo, in all the years that I have lived here which now measure over half a century. As an Editor and Publisher and a regular citizen who has observed the machinations of governments on all levels, my observations of your ongoing efforts to implement positive, socially sensible legislation throughout your terms in office have found them all laudable. But (and there’s always a ‘but’ it seems in the wacky world of politics), in terms of the clear and present danger now being posed by the “COVID-19 pandemic,” I find myself hard-pressed to find much agreement with your party’s efforts to address the fundamental issues that are now at stake as a result of this sudden, startling and, for so many citizens, terrifying threat to our common safety and collective welfare. You state in your pamphlet “COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic in March” [of 2020] but you fail to identify WHO it was that issued such an alarming declaration; one that struck the flint creating a spark that has set the world aflame with fear, anxiety, misery, poverty and suffering for common people everywhere and, most importantly, has done irreparable damage insofar as it has divided families everywhere. I’m certain, Todd, that you are fully aware of the reality (at this stage of the media game) that we now …/

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have two diametrically opposed systems of communication that have arisen since the advent of the Internet – one traditionally known as the Mainstream Media or the MSM, the other the Alternative Media or what’s now become accepted as the “Social Media” where, in essence, the people rather than the mega-corporate media giants have a growing and influential voice in the affairs of our nation. As a result of this present state of global communications the people are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that the MSM is not an independent, impartial platform but, on the contrary, is a mega-media mechanism designed to inculcate the propaganda which the large corporate entities and the global elite billionaires want the common people to believe and accept as the only truth in town. And that, Todd, is the crux of the whole issue and the source of all our nation’s and every other nation’s angst when it comes to dealing with this current man-made “crisis.” In your second question to your constituents, you ask if “Canada’s Conservatives are on the right track by calling for a vaccine plan?” And here again I and many others who have been following this massive event over the past year on the Alternative/Social Media, are, in turn, asking you and every other government around the world to STOP and give your heads a shake and start asking yourselves the same question that we the people are asking, which is: Why Vaccinate People Against A “Virus” That’s Never Been Scientifically Isolated and Identified And (for Which), To Date, No Reliable Test Exists That Will Identify It? Surely you are also aware, Todd, of the increasingly draconian measures being taken by all of the Mainstream Internet Platforms to censor, silence and deplatform all of the Scientists, Doctors and Medical Professionals, around the world, who are adamantly opposed to the Mainstream narrative that our Federal government and other governments have swallowed hook, line and sinker since International organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) first endorsed and openly declared to the world that such a dire threat actually was a proven ‘FACT.’ No one questioned whether the WHO was, in actuality, funded by the same billionaire entrepreneurs that are pushing governments around the world to purchase THEIR patented vaccines; nor were governments telling the people that these same billionaire www.dialogue.ca

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vaccine pushers were also immune to any legal responsibility for their products should they prove to be ineffective or result in causing deleterious side effects upon those being subjected to such solutions to the alleged dangers of said crisis. The lockstep manner – in which all the governments suddenly implemented the lockdowns, the social distancing and the enforced wearing of masks – confirms the commonly held belief that such reactionary moves on the part of our political leaders were too quickly implemented without any forethought as to what the actual repercussions might be for the citizens of those nations thus affected by such hurried arbitrary decisions. As a result we’re now seeing the effects of government decisions that, in retrospect, should never have happened; and Canada, like all the other countries thus affected, has unknowingly become entrapped by these international entities and is now left with a monumental mess that has brought us only torment, agony, misery and death due to suicides and false diagnoses and treatments that might never have been imagined only a year ago. Being self-employed and also a Senior Citizen, I’m not personally worried about whether my “job” might be impacted this year as your third question asked – but I’m positive that any working stiff must fret about this constantly. As for your fourth question, concerning your leader Erin O’Toole and whether he’s “on the right track by standing up for entrepreneurs, workers and families,” again I can only reiterate what I’ve already stated and that is the Conservative Party of Canada MUST cease from participating in this globally-induced madness which the billionaires have created in order to deceive the world and, at the same time, fulfil their own heinous agenda of profiting off their admitted intention to radically reduce the world’s population by millions in order to satisfy their own psychotic delusions of world dominance and the destruction of all nation-states. Your final question asking for feedback on whether “I agree that the Trudeau Liberals have failed to provide Canadians with certainty, clarity and competence during the pandemic?” can only be answered in the positive. In closing, Todd, I would remind you of another time in history when a crisis occurred that threatened to have dire affects up a great nation. I refer back to …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 45


the year 1776, when the American War of Independence was underway and the Colonial forces under General George Washington were suffering greatly from lack of arms and financial support and things appeared dark and bleak. It was then that the great American Patriot Thomas Paine first penned a series of articles that became known as The Crisis Papers. Washington’s army was half-naked and starving and many of his soldiers had only rags to wrap around their feet for protection during the winter months, when Paine began writing to inspire the dejected men with his patriotic words. His opening paragraph summed up the times then and they still stand today for those who would resist governments that want to control and restrict the inherent rights and freedoms of their constituents. He wrote: “These are time that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink

from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” May you and your party’s efforts to end the current crisis that now afflicts all Canadians prove to be as efficacious as the words of Thomas Paine. Sincerely, Arthur Topham, Cottonwood, B.C. A Concerned Citizen and a Loyal Patriot BCC: to multiple recipients on Alternative and




The Arrest & Release of Pastor James Coates “Canadians who support religious freedom should be concerned about this case: The arrest of a Canadian pastor in connection to religious practice creates an unsettling precedent. At the same time, we should also note that Churches in Alberta may meet at 15% of the fire-code capacity to worship, preach, receive the Lord’s supper, baptize, and otherwise worship.” – TheGospelCoalition.org, https://tinyurl.com/tgc-feb21 [EXTRACT FROM ARTICLE ON THE RELEASE OF PASTOR COATES: LINK: https://tinyurl.com/tgc-release ] By Wyatt Graham, March 23, 2021

On February 16th, Pastor James Coates turned himself in to the police. He was arrested “for violating a bail condition to comply with COVID-19 health orders” according to the CBC. [LINK: https://tinyurl.com/cbc-59163 ] Pastor Coates then remained in a remand centre for 35 days. But on March 22nd, after one month in a remand centre, the court released Pastor Coates. […] This article provides a FAQ to clarify why Pastor Coates was in a remand centre, why he was released, and what his release means. Pastor Coates, along with GraceLife Church Edmonton holds the religious conviction that the whole congregation must meet together during one service. For that reason, he could not in good conscience follow the Emergency Health Orders authorized by the Alberta Health Act, which restricted building occupancy 46 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

to 15% of a building’s fire-code capacity. In light of this stance, Alberta Health Services asked the courts to enforce their health orders against GraceLife Church Edmonton. The courts agreed to do so. The police then charged James Coates with infractions on February 7 and 14. As noted here, GraceLife Edmonton gathered more than “15% of the total operational occupant load” according to the current fire code regulations in Alberta. […] The Crown also dropped all February charges for violating the PHA. However, JCCF lawyer James Kitchen informed me on March 23 that a public health violation from December still remains valid. This public health violation will be the subject of a constitutional challenge during Pastor Coates’s trial, currently scheduled for May 3, 2021. […] John Carpay, the president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (www.jccf.ca), explains that counsel negotiated a deal in which Pastor Coates will plead not guilty to violating one health order but guilty to a second health order violation “to force the trial in May.” As noted, all February public health violations were dropped.[3] The remaining charge that will force the trial comes from December 2020. Carpay sees this as a positive since it puts the Albertan government’s health orders on trial, which he insists “are violating our rights and freedoms.” JCCF Press Release: https://tinyurl.com/jccf-pjc-release ♣

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On the Question of Mental Health Issues, Addiction and Homelessness Addressing poverty is the right answer Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna BC [Published March 17, 2021, in the Kelowna Daily Courier]

What is the answer? asks Sandy Hayes, (Kelowna Daily Courier 3.13. 20) to the increasing mental health addiction and homelessness? May I suggest to think about what the late social theorist and humanitarian Erich Fromm wrote? “The present development is characterized by the increasing replacement of manual work by machine work, and beyond that, of human intelligence by machine intelligence. While in 1850 men supplied 15% of the energy for work, animals 79%, and machines 6%. The ratio in 1960 will be 3%, 1% and 96% respectively.” This fact should have resulted in ‘plenty enough of everything for everybody,’ in a leisure society, as articulated by Professor John Farina of the Wilfrid Laurier University and published in the Edmonton Journal on Nov.1. ‘82. “Man invented machines so man would not have to work, and we succeeded to the point of one and a half million unemployed. But instead of cheering about it, we’re in despair. To me this is sheer raging idiocy.” All this potential is wasted in self-serving bureaucratic paper-shuffling institutions. Or, are we being manipulated by ‘those who are behind the scenes,’ as Benjamin Disraeli said, some time ago? If this is not a so-called conspiracy theory, then I wonder why the academics and politicians have not figured out that yesterday’s children, deprived of the chance of a decent life, are today’s burden on society? Many lash out in a criminal manner, as their only means to balance the scale of an unjust political/ economic system.

Food banks in universities? Where is the evidence of wisdom that PhDs acquired? Is it any wonder why intelligent teenagers, mature beyond their age, exit life, because they see no way out of our predatory society? Erich Fromm was way ahead of his time, as he described our present deadliest opioid pandemic in a one paragraph. ”If life’s tendency to grow, to be lived, is thwarted, the energy thus blocked undergoes a process of change and is transformed into life destructive energy. Destructiveness is the outcome of unlived life. Evil constitutes the crippling of a human being’s power. Criminals (and terrorists) are made not born.” The not-so-obvious, but far greater damage of poverty, is the crippling and stunting of a young person’s personality and potential. The soul, supposedly more precious than the body, is condemned to starve and wither away. For those ‘in charge,’ who allow these atrocities to happen, throughout the centuries and now, it is not probable but it would be fitting to have a day of reckoning. For now, I would suggest to Sandy Hayes, and other concerned people, to research outside universities, and challenge the authorities. Poverty with all its miseries, is man-made and can and must be rectified, for the sake of us all, with this principle: “Planet Earth and its resources, as well as all technology belong to all of humanity – temporarily – for use, sharing and safekeeping; anything else is not democracy” Gunther Ostermann Kelowna BC

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Also from Gunther…

Leaders should ‘lead by example’ Finally, we are rid of Julie Payette, who has abdicated her job as Governor General of Canada. And remarkably, the world still keeps on turning. Can we hope that there will a courageous person of substance, to question this dinosaur of a position that has cost taxpayers billions over the years? And especially Julie, who seemed to lack any human/decent qualities for such a job, and who gets $143, 000 a year to the end of her life? And not to forget the enormous bureaucracy of 157 staff that goes with the position. Actually, there once was a courageous person, John www.dialogue.ca

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Ralston-Saul, who seemed very concerned when he wrote in 1996 in MacLean's, “Corporatism reduces civilization to the sum of its interest groups. We are all reduced – culture, public education, childcare and Medicare - to warring with each other for crumbs from the public purse and for charity from the private purse. If we accept that formula, we are back to the public good as nothing more than a beggar at the tables of the kings and the rich.” Sadly, Mr. Ralston-Saul later forgot about us, when he joined the ‘privileged’ & dined with the kings & the rich, VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 47

when his wife became the Governor General of Canada. In view of the problems that we are facing, any leader in academia, business or politics should live and lead by example, with a new Global Ethic: “Do not expect

from others to live with less than what you’re willing to live with.” That would determine anybody’s integrity. Remember, we come with nothing and leave just the same. Gunther Ostermann, gco@shaw.ca ♣



Letter to the BC Premier re Auditor’s Report Erik Andersen, Gabriola Island, BC

RE: Auditor General releases new report

From: Erik Andersen, on March 4, 2021 twolabradors@shaw.ca To: John Horgan, MLA, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca

Dear Premier, I do not know you or your fellow MLAs well enough but I am trying very hard to understand why you would conduct the business of the citizens of BC in such a way as to earn the remarks from the Auditor General as shown below. A few of us know that since 2016 no Annual Report for BC Hydro has been prepared and delivered as per (required by) the law. This pattern of half-truths may be what ‘knowing your way around rules’ was what was done by Enron but surely our government can operate to a higher level. Sincerely Erik

Auditor General releases new report From The Auditor General of British Columbia To: Erik Andersen, twolabradors@shaw.ca Sent: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 18:42:00 -0700 (MST)

[Emphasis added] We have released our Report on Financial Audit Work for the 2019/20 Fiscal Year which speaks to the results of our financial audit of government’s summary financial statements and related audit work. The audit of the summary financial statements includes over 160 organizations that form the government reporting entity. This is the largest audit in B.C. and takes over 50,000 hours of office staff and contractor time to complete. We found that government continues to not comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) on how it accounts for funds received, primarily from the federal government, for capital projects. As a result, government has understated its revenue, recording $5.7 billion as a liability. To comply with GAAP, it should already be recorded as revenue. The report includes interesting matters of note such as

48 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

government’s purchase of Fortis BC’s interest in a power project for $991 million and the $505 million liability for the estimated cost of environmental cleanup of contaminated sites. Learn more about the report: https://click.mailsender05.com/ct/2960/2208986/76223478 7/ada7050ffc1746732f070929b25b2167 • Watch the video summary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp9implFBLE This message was sent to you by Auditor General of British Columbia, 623 Fort Street , Victoria, BC, CA, V8W1G1 *******

Canadian Crown Corporations Erik Anderson: Crown corporations are creatures of politicians so don't expect business sense or logic to be on display. Theoretically Crowns are supposed to be smart to use when a good or service to the public is best done with a monopoly. That is how it is supposed to work but in practice matters get influenced by politics. BC Hydro is the best current example. We have written material that shows that BC Hydro was guided by estimates of future needs after the forecasting of demand division was directed by the cabinet to get the future values for population and GDP from a specific private sector consultant. In that case the BCUC failed to do its job and the exaggerated future values got baked into the narrative. Hence, excessive over borrowing by BC Hydro in the form of secret contracts and the same mistake in other provinces. Another example of a crown being used for a wrong purpose but a politically expedient need was in ‘08 and ‘09. The government had all private sector Canadian banks go insolvent. When markets froze and no bids could be had for specific assets the banks were holding, banks could not meet their international requirements, which meant they could not do international business. The Canadian government then qualified the CMHC with a credit line of $150 billion. This allowed CMHC to buy all non-performing commercial bank assets at

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face value in exchange for CDN$. By this exchange, the commercial banks were totally solvent and could conduct regular international banking without penalties. After a period, these transactions were reversed because the global securities market returned mostly to normal. At the time, it caused people to label it "bank bailouts". Circumstances in Canada were less difficult than in the US because mortgage bundles used to back bonds were not created in Canada. Coles notes version. Cheers from Erik *******

A note about “Shorting” Some may remember the film "The Big Short". The big takeaway was that early in the shorting of mortgage-backed bonds (MBs) the establishment groomed the market to remove oxygen from the early shorters.

This condition likely prevails today for silver and gold. If/when US gov. bonds start to fade, expect some similar market rigging as was done during the run up to the MBs collapsing and as has been normal in Japan for 50 years. Bloomberg is featuring an article about the imbalance of 40-foot containers where the spike in need is coming from China, likely to what they hope is a spike in demand for their manufacturing goods. This is leaving others like Canada not able to get transport to move commodities. J.R. Saul's "The Collapse of Globalism" in 2005 anticipated this type of change in global trade, something our Fed. Gov. seems to have learned late. Erik Andersen, twolabradors@shaw.ca ♣


“The Fifth Columnist”

American Reichstag Mike Neilly, Dunrobin ON

We are dumb animals walking alone in God’s country. That’s the conclusion I’ve reached after decades of living. I’m just kicking myself for only now just realizing it. I kick myself again when I realize that this is basically the story of creation, of Adam and Eve, that I was taught when I was a child. And it only took me decades to learn what I was taught! Honestly, what do any of us really know? Each of us, at some level, walks alone, along a narrow path. We see things and evaluate them as true because we saw them. Sure, during the journey, we walk from time to time with others, but to borrow from The Lord of the Rings, “Life is a story. People come and go in the telling.” Intertwined paths. Virtually everything else is secondhand information, hearsay, that we use to develop a mental map of the world. It’s hard for us to admit this though: that this map, some call it a lens, that we use to navigate the path and the world, is an illusion. I don’t know about you, but I was horrified by events surrounding January 6, 2021, when the U.S. Capitol building was sacked in Donald Trump’s attempted coup. I tried to make sense of people who, with no proof, just allegations repeated 24 hours a day, www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

rioted. The conclusion, for me anyway, was that it was a kind of mass hysteria, mesmerized people whipped into a fever to serve the aims of a few. Wishing to learn more about mass hysteria, I read The Salem Witch Trials: A Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege by Marilynne K. Roach. My apologies to you if I’ve misrepresented events in the book, which spans about 1,000 pages! In 1692, Salem was on the frontier between two warring powers: the colony was under threat of invasion from “Canada.” There was also apprehension about the English King Charles II, who revoked the colony’s charter in 1684, and further imposed a new charter that threatened its very future and religion. At the time, people were deeply superstitious about witchcraft. The colony’s religion incorporated a devil determined to destroy them. The town itself was divided by family rivalries. In the midst of all this came accusations from a small number of girls of their torment by three women and their “specters”, witches, who would pinch and bite them, and demand that the victim sign the Devil’s book. This went on for just over a year. When the accused entered the court room, the accusers would go into convulsions and claim to see the mischievous specters. While some people thought the girls were faking, the hysteria spread and ultimately six people …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 49

were executed, hundreds were imprisoned. Theories for the witch hysteria included: “conversion disorder, epilepsy, ergot poisoning, Encephalitis, Lyme disease, unusually cold weather, factionalism, socioeconomic hardships, family rivalries and fraud.” Reading this story, I concluded that a superstitious people, isolated, angry, and worse, fearful for their future, came to believe wild, unsubstantiated allegations. And these allegations were amplified, day after day, by people in authority, who likewise accepted their testimony, those allegations, as evidence. The result was mass hysteria. Returning to the present-day United States, we again have allegations that the election was “stolen,” repeated daily, over the media and social media, echoed and amplified by the former president and various Republican senators. Authority figures gave license to people’s darkest passions and those people reacted. That the election was “stolen,” no proof was offered in the courts.* A demagogue touted conspiracy theories, fed to a superstitious people who believe in “lasers from space”, rigged elections, Q Anon, and longstanding fear of an uprising by Blacks. They were a people besieged by COVID, fearful for their futures. And on January 6, 2021, people were duped into attempting a coup. The result was the siege of the Capitol, intended as the American Reichstag fire, an explosion intended to propel the US into revolution, all to serve one man’s ambitions. In the case of the witch trials, when did the mass hysteria subside? When well-respected members of the community were accused, tried and executed. “As the trials and executions continued, colonists began to doubt that so many people could actually be guilty of this crime.” Finally, the authorities ruled that

“spectral evidence” was inadmissible in court. Allegations were no longer enough to convict someone of a crime. For the U.S. and the world, there is a long overdue reckoning for social media and the internet. In the past, newspapers were our only source of news. Our letters to the editor were censored: Not every letter was printed. It’ll be the same for social media. Yes, we have freedom, but we also have obligations. At one time, you could ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but there were awful social costs, consequences, for those unlucky few who rode “donor cycles.” Laws were passed. A balance was struck. The virus will burn itself out, like a fire that consumes a forest in search of fuel, beaten down eventually by the wind, the rain and the cold. The economy will improve, prosperity will return and with this, the fear will subside. The media and social media – they are valuable tools, but in the end, what do we really know? In the past, hunters would beat drums to drive animals into a trap. We are the hunted, animals wandering along a dark path, herded this way and that by media and social media. It’ll take a generation to learn that while we are dumb animals, we are all connected. The thing is, that connection is not this current, vile, electronic miasma of hate and haters, left and right, a phony “war” created by a few to subjugate us. I’m convinced that we’ve forgotten who we are, a world of souls, and that is our connection to find. All I know is that our parents gave us a body, and God a soul. During all the drama, take a breath. Wonder must replace fear. Mike Neilly, michael.neilly@bell.net ♣


How a Life-Long Leftist Ended Up at a Trump “Save America” Rally From Art Topham, arthursusedbooks@nym.hush.com

LINK: https://tinyurl.com/too-cat-mcguire-8-jan

Dear Reader, Due to legal restrictions on my person I've had to censor certain words in the article that follows. I will assume that those who are familiar with my legal trials will be able to fill in the blanks. Others may extrapolate from their own experience and knowledge of world events. Mehr Licht! (More Light!) Arthur 50 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

I was at the Washington, D.C. “Save America” rally, January 8, 2021, by Cat McGuire Cat McGuire is an activist and writer who lives New York City. She works with Break The Spell, a public outreach group raising awareness about the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset. [www.globalresearch.ca/author/catmcguire ] The original source of this article is Occidental Observer Copyright © Cat McGuire, Occidental Observer, 2021 Extract follows… …/

Digital Edition


[EXTRACT] Part II: How a Life-Long Leftist Ended Up

at a Trump “Save America” Rally: Cat McGuire, New York City

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, nor am I a “Q” devotee. I inherited a liberal Democrat tradition from my mother who is of Italian immigrant descent. Since 1992, I’ve always voted Green. In the 80s and 90s, I was active in anti-racist and ecofeminist movements. Around 2010, I emerged from a hiatus of political activity to discover a shocking fact: the 9/11 Official Narrative was riddled with inaccuracies, if not outright lies. I discovered my liberal-left community offered little information of value on 9/11, largely because leftist thought leaders dismissed unorthodox views as “conspiracy theories.” Thankfully, I went where the evidence took me, not where orthodox ideology dictated. I found myself surfing right-wing (!) websites and dialoguing with lions, and tigers, and libertarians, oh my! By 2016, I had begun to cull the best of liberal-left and conservative-libertarian positions. My leftist colleagues made the binary assumption that if I wasn’t all-in for Hillary, I must be “for Trump.” Au contraire. By 2020, dismayed by the mind-muddle of Trump Derangement Syndrome, coupled with the weaponization of political identity, I now believe the liberal-left has completely devolved into unprincipled putrefying pus. Their most pernicious mission is hijacking our nation onto an express train to Totalitarianville. [I couldn't resist emphasizing these words as I found them to be so true. A.T.] Today I’m neither left nor right. Like so many other former lefty-liberals, I seek to align on common issues, not tribal loyalties. We embrace core values of a free society: 1. a) Common sense – the ability to think independently and rationally 2. b) Truth – a commitment to evidentiary facts and justice without censorship 3. c) Patriotism – love and respect for one’s country and its peoples 4. d) Faith – a belief that a higher spiritual force guides us all I lived the first 18 years of my life in a small Indiana town, population 900, where my father’s people came from Ireland in the early 1800s and farmed the land. www.dialogue.ca

They were conservative Republicans—proto deplorables, if you will. Having now lived more than half my life in cosmopolitan New York City, I admit that culturally there remains a significant gap between me and my new We-the-People allies. Nonetheless, these days I feel a very strong, authentic connection to my roots, rural America, where locals deeply value liberty and our Constitutional freedoms. So many lefty-liberals did not vote Democratic in 2020, in large part because they recognize that what are notionally called ‘Democrats’ are now armoured with the full array of Deep State Establishment Power, including Big Tech, Big Media-Entertainment, Big Pharma, Corporate Wall Street, the ABC agencies, the Academy, and the Non-profit Industrial Complex. In cahoots with opportunistic Republicans, this Power intends to usher in a tyrannical Great Reset agenda and assassinate the Constitution—oh, except for the 25th Amendment. [Amendment XXV says that if the President becomes unable to do his job, the VP becomes the President (Sec 1) or Acting President (Sec 3 or 4).]

I spoke with so many people at the January 6th Washington D.C. rally and learned that these folks incontrovertibly understand what Deep State Establishment Power is about. They know there is overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was stolen. They know that seasoned coup makers created chaotic conditions with the mail-in ballot scam, and they gaslight constituents to believe the election was fair. More alarming, they accuse Trump of fomenting a coup that they themselves are in the midst of orchestrating as we speak. Under the guise of audacious cunning lies and manipulative propaganda, a very criminal element cheated its way to power. That’s why the rally was called Save America. And that is what all common sense, truthloving, patriotic, faithful Americans must do—rise to the occasion to Save America. – Cat McGuire LINK: https://tinyurl.com/too-cat-mcguire-8-jan Article link and extract from Arthur Topham PRIVACY CAVEAT/CAUTION: THE INFORMATION TRANSMITTED HEREIN IS CONFIDENTIAL AND ALSO MAY CONTAIN PRIVILEGED INFORMATION. IT IS INTENDED SOLELY FOR THE PERSON/S OR ENTITIES/Y TO WHICH IT IS ADDRESSED. ANY REVIEW, RETRANSMISSION, DISSEMINATION, TAKING OF ANY ACTION IN RELIANCE UPON, OR OTHER USE OF THIS INFORMATION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED CONSENT OF THE SENDER. If YOU RECEIVED THIS IN ERROR, PLEASE NOTIFY THE SENDER AND DELETE OR DESTROY ALL COPIES ♣

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VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 51

“Your Health Matters”

Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, Strongsville OH EDITOR’S NOTE: We are grateful to

Derrick Lonsdale and his publishing company, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., for their express written permission to serialize and reprint this ground-breaking book.

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine: Is Modern Medicine Helping You? © 2013 Derrick Lonsdale M.D. All rights reserved

E Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. 12620 FM 1960, Suite A4-507 Houston TX 77065

www.sbpra.com -- ISBN: 978-1-63135-336-9 (hardcover) 978-1-61897-092-3 (softcover)

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine: Is Modern Medicine Helping You? By Derrick Lonsdale M.D. [ Installment 3] DEDICATION To my late wife, Adele; (and) The late James P. Frackelton M.D., Partner and friend who taught me much in the practice of Alternative Medicine. CONTINUED FROM THE LAST ISSUE:

Our Adaptation Depends on Perception We only “know” that everything in our world exists because of sensory perception. We hear, touch, smell, and see, all functions of the brain. We naturally assume that this represents reality. It is something that has intrigued scientists and philosophers for centuries. One of the best known was the 17th century thinker Descartes, who said, “I think, therefore I am.” (Latin: Cogito, ergo sum) All animal brains are built on the same basic principle, starting with the lower and oldest part. Built up, layer by layer through evolution, each species has developed a brain that is most suited to its habitat. As more complexity was added, so have the functions become more diverse. Where in the evolution of species does the phenomenon of conscious awareness begin? We possess consciousness and are capable of appreciating abstract phenomena such as beauty. We understand the basic facts of life and death. We perceive and assess the world in which we live. We do not know how much consciousness exists in other species. Functionally we really have two brains, the lower and more primitive limbic system and the upper, cognitive. Sanity, and the normal behavior that goes with it, is brought about by a dialogue between them. The newborn infant has both parts, but it is only the lower one that is in operation at birth. When the dialogue between the upper and lower brains begins to emerge, 52 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

as hardwiring continues, there is gradually more sophistication. This is called maturation, summed up by the phrase, “when I was a child I behaved as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” [paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13:11] The child is more primitive, guided much more by the lower brain. Maturation is a process of development leading to brain completion. Sanity represents a full dialogue between the two brains. This allows for all shades of communication between them and enables us to understand that vandalism and otherwise incomprehensible behavior is based upon the loss of “advice and consent” that must constitute an important monitoring function of the upper brain over the lower. I shall return to this theme in more detail later, but I want to introduce this concept early because it is the foundation of the model that I am attempting to describe. We cannot turn the clock back, even if we wanted to. An experiment was performed in England some years ago when a group of people had the idea that civilization was artificial. They set about living exactly as cave men appeared to have lived, using no modern methods at all. They had to give up. Our adaptive mechanisms have been eroded in the wake of our artificiality. Thus, civilization is our ultimate enemy against our biology. I always marvel when I see a horse out in a field casually eating grass and manifestly comfortable when the evening is closing down in the winter. We could not do it! We would freeze to death. Then why does the horse not freeze to death? The answer is that there has been no advent of an artificial means to protect the animal from its natural environment. It has evolved within that environment and, if it had not done so, …/

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it would have perished as a species. Agriculture developed as a convenience. It was easier to grow food in the backyard than to look for it in the forest. It has been a search for convenience ever since until the present – when we drive a two-ton machine to the super-market to buy food that is packaged and processed. It is for our convenience and to save the time that is otherwise required in food gathering and preparation. This goes along with the fact that our society is becoming ever more stressful as it accelerates and attempts to do things faster and faster. There is no time left “to smell the roses,” that old cliché. The only question that might be asked, in view of this is, “What do we do with the time that is saved?” We often try to claim that modern medicine is responsible for the increased life span that our statistics reveal. Unfortunately, the statistics do not take into consideration the number of people who are languishing in nursing homes, sometimes for years before they become a death statistic. It was not modern medicine that conquered tuberculosis. It was due to better hygiene, housing, and more adequate nutrition. It should be noted; however, that tuberculosis is returning to the modern scene because of a weakening of our defensive resources, our immunity. It is a foreseeable condition in those afflicted by AIDS, for example. Our health statistics bear out the facts. Like Gilfillan, who added the factor of lead poisoning to the complexities of the decline in Rome, the mental health of our contemporary society is in jeopardy, and that it is a powerful vector force in our predictable decline. We have about thirty million women affected by the condition known as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Up to about six percent of the population is known to have mitral valve prolapse, a condition which is related to functional changes in the autonomic nervous system. It is reported that five percent of grade school children are receiving Ritalin for behavioral pathology which can usually be easily erased by simply correcting their appalling nutrition. Indeed, those statistics may be an underestimate, for we became aware that the country “ran out” of Ritalin a few years ago and caused panic among the parents whose children are maintained in a state of relative www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

equilibrium by the use of this drug. Physical disease cannot be separated from brain function. All mental disease is just as physical as body disease is mental. We have, however, concluded that functional changes in the brain affecting the body are “psychosomatic.” It is the chemistry of brain that decides what kind of messages go from it to the adaptive functions of the body. Well-balanced and normal chemistry gives rise to normal adaptive changes in the brain and body, in response to environmental changes. Abnormal chemistry gives rise to maladaptive mental and body functions. It is the dialogue between the lower brain and the body, and between the lower and upper brain that decides how we adapt to environmental influences. Modern disease was referred to by Hans Selye as “The diseases of adaptation.” I believe that an even better term would be, “The diseases of maladaptation.” For every patient whose health is restored by redirecting lifestyle and diet in particular, there are millions who require the same advice. It is an extraordinarily difficult task to get a person to understand what he or she must do in order to restore health which has been declining steadily, sometimes for years. Even if a person has a genuine desire to make the lifestyle changes required, there may not be sufficient acceptance to grasp the extent of the change. It is never easy to persuade a person that health is a personal affair and that we cause our own diseases by the way we approach life. Smoking is the worst habit to eradicate, even though the patient invariably knows that it is a major cause of ill health. Who could not know in this day and age? But does it make any difference to the individual? Sometimes, by truly heroic measures and strength of will, smoking cessation is achieved, but it can be worse than alcohol in its addictive action. The word “doctor” comes from the Latin doceo, “I teach.” The original meaning of the English word, therefore, was “a teacher.” It is only in recent times that the word has been used to indicate a healer. The doctor does not heal anyone. It is the body that heals itself and the doctor must teach the patient how to retrieve his or her own health and that is what the New Medicine is all about. We believe that our modern medical technology has created the most advanced …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 53

Derrick Lonsdale, Installment 3, contd.

“state-of-the-art” ever known. In fact, it is this reasoning that has led to such a vast increase in medical expenses. “If technology is good, then more is better.” Though I am not denying the benefits that have accrued from this development, it certainly has its “flip” side. Sometimes, unfortunately, we see disease being virtually “invented” by false interpretation of technology. The fear of “missing something” related to the symptoms described by the patient, adds tremendously to the overuse of this technology, thus increasing the costs of medicine profoundly. Technology is a two-edged sword and can be detrimental if it is used without discretion. Our preoccupation with gadgets is a modern whim that goes right through our society. In other ways, technology has damaging effects to our biology. The so-called “couch potato”/ television syndrome has three disadvantages. One is that it acts as a substitute for imagination and the thought processes that have enabled us to progress in the evolutional experiment. The second is that it substitutes for the necessary physical exercise that is a vital part of our biologic health. And the third is that it seems to be associated with junk food ingestion. It is often the in-betweenmeal eating that does the damage, not the ‘three main meals’ routine. It is very hard indeed to get people to be aware of this and how it works against them. The relationship of diet and health will be made clearer in

a later chapter. Suffice it to say that high calorie malnutrition is the modern equivalent of lead poisoning as it affected the Romans. It is the marketplace that decides the ultimate issue. If the public demands changes in the food industry and in the aggressively dangerous dice-playing of the pharmaceutical industry, we may yet be able to retrieve our collective mental and physical health. But there has to be a major change in our attitude. TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT ISSUE

The serialized reprinting of Derrick Lonsdale’s book, A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine. Softcover version published in 2013. Hardcover version: 2014. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system, without the permission, in writing, of the publisher, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. ISBN: 978-1-61897-092-3 (softcv); 978-1-63135-336-9 (hard)

“Everything is connected to everything else.” Dr. Lonsdale retired in 2012 at the age of 88 years; he is a retired Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Lonsdale is also author

of: Why I Left Orthodox Medicine. And his 2017 book: Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition, explores thiamine and how its deficiency affects the functions of the brainstem and autonomic nervous system by way of metabolic changes at the level of the mitochondria… This book represents the life work of the senior author, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, and a recent collaboration with his co-author Dr. Chandler Marrs. ISBN: 0128103876 / ♣


Reflections on the Winter Edition: Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC: 10 February, 2021 It is a beautiful day here in Fruitvale although very cold, but the sun is shining and well, as long as we can deter the agitated thoughts from clinging on like a virus then we might see life afresh with some optimism and regenerate ourselves. I enjoyed re-reading Eva Lyman's 'Speaking as an Elder,' her "Circle of Life." Last night on T.V. I watched the diversity of marine life living in the coral reefs of the Caribbean, it was refreshing. Even so, I have been reading Winston Churchill's book, The Gathering Storm, about, of course the second world war and am also enjoying that. Although tragedy goes along with triumph, his intimate knowledge of what went on between people, parties and nations give insight into how delicate is the balance of survival and destruction. Despite 54 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

Churchill’s constant warnings of Germany's intentions, The British desire for peace blinded them and led them to the brink of unpreparedness for what came. So, we all see things from different perspectives. Anyway, I am sure you have much to occupy yourself with, thank you once again for Dialogues ....what can I say....warnings of treachery, or reimagined communities, alternative nutrition, and local governance gone awry. I want to eventually watch the link via Paul Roberts about the Deep State, but am also reminded by Susanne Lawson that, "We feel therefore we are." It is good to be reminded that "humanity is on the brink of great and powerful energetics." Is it going to turn out triumph or tragedy? And are we listening to who is warning about what? ♣ [MORE FROM PAUL, P.62-63 and BACK COVER] ♣

Digital Edition


Dick & Kim’s story

This is “Our Story”

Kim McConnell, February 2021

After Dick passed on (October 16, 2020) under very tragic circumstances, I wanted to de-clutter the house. I found a stack of letters that he and I had exchanged from 1959 to 1976. Those letters were a God-send. Yes, some brought tears but most made me realize how lucky I am to have been loved by such a sentimental man who kept ALL the letters I wrote him. He was a very sensitive man who could not express himself verbally in life but who was perfectly able to put his feelings into words. Those words are now the source of my new lease on life. I will tell my story in various stages:

Chapter 1 From 1959 to 1962 was our “getting-to-know-you” years. I had been dating another R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) boy named Bob L. when they were in Kuala Lumpur on a 2-year posting. Bob told me, on his last day in K.L., that he is married but that his wife is sick. Good timing, right? Although nothing had happened of consequence, I felt that he could have been more honest with me in our few meetings, as I would have understood that a lonely man so far from home would appreciate a little innocent company. However, I still felt a little piqued at the incomplete picture of himself by leaving out a very relevant fact. After they went home, I was curious enough to ask another guy (Bill C.) who was still around, how Bob was getting on with his sick wife. Bill said, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask Dick”. He gave me Dick’s home address and I asked him, “Hey, Dick, how’s Bob?” Dick’s reply was: “Don’t think about Bob; he misrepresented himself by leaving out an important detail!! Why not write to me instead?” Dick’s reply to my inquiry about Bob (dated Jan. 10, 1959) was very sensitive and showed a lot of commonsense. His two-year stint in Kuala Lumpur gave him an appreciation for the Chinese people and culture. The coffee-shop at the camp was run by a Chinese family and there was a friendly and respectful relationship between the R.A.F. boys and Ma & Pa Foo, the coffee-shop owners. Dick even wished me a happy Chinese New Year (Kong Hee Fatt Choy) – I was most impressed!! www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

As an ignorant 18 year-old girl who knew nothing of the world, other than through books and Hollywood, I had a lot of questions to ask. I asked all the questions my inquiring mind could think of and all these questions were answered by Dick – honestly and reasonably. Why, I asked, do boys and girls think differently about life? A great debate ensued and at the end of it, I was better informed than I ever was. Being a little older than I was, he was able to answer all my questions with a lot of common sense and I learnt a lot about life from him. Coming from different cultures, I was surprised to find that we shared a lot of the same conservative values. I was able to impress upon him that Asian families bring their daughters up to be very careful in dealings with the opposite sex. His intelligence and ability to convey his thoughts persuaded me to continue writing to him as I found him very interesting. Dick used to go to Chinese cinemas, a confession made in one of his letters. So I asked him – “why? You don’t understand the language – you don’t know what the story line is.” He said – “I just like to see the Chinese film stars like Grace Chang & Lily Hua,” both very famous stars in Chinese movies. So I offered to send him some of Grace Chang’s records. I even found a photo of Grace Chang to send to him. At the R.A.F., if you want to get promoted, you have to take some relevant educational courses, relevant to their military needs. These boys had not gotten their G.C.E. (General Certificate of Education) to pursue higher education (most left school at 16 to pursue apprenticeship in a trade). Dick chose TV & Radio for his apprenticeship. However, his love for air-crafts made him decide to join the R.A.F. and he signed on for a 12-year contract. He had to pass certain courses at the G.C.E. level to become a Corporal (non-commissioned officer). Dick was an intelligent young man who was not encouraged to pursue more than the mandatory level before leaving school. As a budding teacher, I gave him a lot of encouragement. He passed some of his courses at a high grade (one of his topics earned him an 80% pass-rate). Should I take credit for that high achievement – I’m sure my moral support helped him!! In return, he gave me the same support and encouragement when I was struggling through my …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 55

Kim McConnell, “Our Story,” contd.

courses. Yes, I did get my degree from the University of Malaya (Hons. in Economics & Geography.) After that, I spent two years as an uncertified teacher to earn my passage to Scotland. Dick offered to help pay for my passage and even offered to pay for my return ticket if I wanted to return home. I declined – I did not think that that would be fair, so I saved up enough money to return to Malaysia if I wanted to. We were two lonely souls reaching out for friendship and we kept each other going – him in his various postings in the U.K. & the Middle East, and me while I struggled through the three years to finish my degree and then taught in various temporary positions while I applied to various colleges in the UK . We suffered the same malady – our lack of self-confidence and a need for the odd periods of morale boosting. We exchanged ideas about life and what life had in store for us – we placed ourselves at the feet of God; even though neither of us was religious and could not quote the bible, we believed that God exists to guide us through life. Dick revealed himself, in his writing, to be a very intelligent person and so we continued writing; he must have found my power of debate and reasoning also very attractive. I kept insisting that this was just a friendly relationship – nothing more. He refused to be discouraged – he kept his letters interesting with his description of life in Scotland & England; and I did the same about my life in Malaya (before it became Malaysia under total independence). I was leading a very busy social life – I had lots of friends & in my letters to him, I reported on all my activities, always reminding him that I was not going to stop him if he found a romantic interest among his friends and their associates. We debated the pros and cons of an interracial marriage (remember that 50 years ago, this was not a very common thing). I revealed hesitation over how his family would accept me and how my family would be devastated if I married out of my race. He continued writing although I didn’t say “yes” when he proposed marriage in 1962. I insisted that people do not fall in love through letters and that we only showed in our letters what we wanted to reveal of ourselves. I insisted that we have to be totally honest in our writing; and, however painful it could turn out to be, we were to tell each other if we ever got tired of this “virtual” relationship; but we promised 56 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

that we would never leave the other person hanging. He agreed. I enjoyed his letters and he enjoyed mine, but there were still doubts in my mind about leaving my family and country for a life that would be totally alien to mine. By the beginning of 1965, I was willing to take the gamble. I applied for a Student Visa, and when I got accepted in one of the colleges for a Librarian’s course, I left home and flew to London, where Dick was waiting. Then, he drove me to Scotland, where his mother welcomed me to stay with her while I made my decision. I enrolled in the Jordanhill Teachers’ Training College in Glasgow because we had decided that being a teacher was the only profession where a job is easier to find anywhere while a Librarian can only find a job in a large enough city with a library. The acceptance by his parents and siblings was enough for me to finally say “YES” – we got married on April 3rd, 1965. Clipping from a local news item… [As reported in: The Press – Clydebank, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, December 24, 1965

“Golden Lotus” settles down in Boquhanran – Press Staff Reporter

Boquhanran Parish Church, Clydebank, have produced a church magazine which they hope to run regularly. The first issue contains an interesting article on her experiences in Boquhanran Church by a Malaysian, Mrs. Kim Lian McConnell, who stays with her mother-inlaw at 89 Dickens. Her husband is with the R.A.F. in Bahrain. Kim Lian means “Golden Lotus.” Mrs. McConnell was asked: “When a Roman Catholic marries a member of the Church of England in a Church of Scotland, what questions or doubts are raised as to the advisability of such a union?” “After debating the question, my husband and I agreed that there was no issue for conflict as we both firmly believed that all churches are one under Christ. What matters most is the people who go to make up the church.” VERY FRIENDLY “Dick and I decided to seek the blessings of the Boquhanran Parish Church for our marital union and since then I have gotten to know and to like Rev. R. Currie and several members of the congregation as well as the Sunday School. I have found everyone to be very friendly and very warm and I am grateful for the opportunity to express my deep gratitude for their kindness in making my adaptation to life in this country so much easier.

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“I came to this country from my homeland, Malaysia, not knowing what kind of reaction to expect from the people. Very conscious of the fact that I was different and might be regarded with some hostility by some, I was prepared for rebuffs.”

there are some illustrations by Misses Janet McCluckie and Hilda Benson; the stencilling being by Mrs. Wilma McKendrick, Mr. Wallace Hamilton and Mr. Wilbert Faith were responsible for the layout & planning. [END OF CLIPPING]

CURIOSITY “I was not to know what I know now – the extreme generosity of the Scottish heart. There were those first few stares of curiosity, of course, but these gave way to broad smiles offering friendship and goodwill. “I said at the beginning that it is not the denomination of the Church that matters, it is the people who make the Church. Many of the hymns I heard sung were unfamiliar and the services were not what I was used to but these are matters of such minor importance that they have not been obstacles in my attempt to feel part of the Church. “I would like to end my wee message with a note of special thanks to the Rev. R. Currie for all the kind interest he has shown in me.” MINISTER’S TASK The task of a Minister of God is not an easy one as it calls for a great store of sympathetic energy for people in the struggle and pain of living. It is no simple matter to take other people’s burdens on your shoulders to help lighten their load. That, in this momentous task, he could spare the time to show concern for me is something I shall always remember with gratitude.” TESTIMONY Rev. Currie writes that he had the privilege of sharing with Mrs. McConnell the joy of her wedding in Boquhanran Parish Church, and later at the reception. There had been a good deal of work to discuss beforehand, and like Kim Lian herself, he had been quite apprehensive at her possibility of not feeling at home with them. It was a special testimony to the congregation that Kim Lian should write as she did, and they hoped that she would continue to be very happy with them. Her husband was at present serving with the Royal Air Force in Bahrain, and Kim Lian, who is an Honours graduate of the University of Malaya, was now studying to become a teacher. They wished her every success and were grateful that she, like her mother-in-law, was willing to spend her Sundays teaching in the Sunday School. The editor of the new magazine is Mrs. McDevitt, and www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

After the wedding, we went to a rented apartment in Ripon, Yorkshire where we spent our first 4 ½ months together till Dick got posted to Bahrain, an island in the Persian Gulf, in August 1965, to serve for one year. That short period of time, before Dick departed, revealed that we had a lot of adjustments to make, temperament wise. I soon got acquainted with the famous McConnell temper!!!  That year (apart) taught us how different we were but also, how eager we were to learn from each other. I encouraged him to write essays as part of his G.C.E. qualification and he did – two essays were offered for me to assess. One was a one-pager: “Bahrain Sunset”, the other a 4-pager: “A Day in Manama”. Both showed his powers of descriptive writing. My course at the Jordanhill Teachers’ Training College was also interesting because I had to understand the way the Western mind works before I could hope to be a teacher to these students. Dick’s thoughts and opinions helped, being a product of that society. Remember that this was at the beginning of the modern Sexual Revolution and, as a teacher to the teenagers, I was contradicting all the new ideas that some of the teachers were promoting. I was just glad that, as a Geography teacher, I didn’t have to deal with those classes in Social Studies or Sex Education. Dick and I were of the “old school” and it was with a great deal of relief that we basically agreed on our ideas of family planning, as evidenced by our great success in raising two beautiful and smart children. Our writing continued as I described to him all the activities at the college – all the people I met and all the activities of the students, the various schools I had to be sent to for teaching practice, and the final graduation in June 1966. It was quite a struggle for me …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 57

as the students were rather more cheeky than I was used to. Still, I managed to get my teaching certificate, even though one of the observers at one of these critic classes said that I had to change my accent if I wanted the students to understand me. How was I supposed to do that – I had no idea!! The way a person speaks is the product of a long association with the community. Dick had to spend one miserable year in the heat and humidity of the Middle East, where the mid-day temperature is around 120+ degrees F. The mess food was also detrimental to his health. Dick was still smoking at the time and the only thing that he referred to as a plus was the cheap cigarettes. Everything else was quite expensive. Their job was to police the Persian Gulf area and protect Britain’s oil interests. He resented being asked to go on over-night guard duty and then to be expected to work on the sophisticated aircrafts the next day. Suffice it to say that he hated the “officer class” for treating the men with so little consideration. There was one occasion when the boys got so frustrated at the general lack of respect for them that they started two bonfires, burning people’s deep-sea boxes when they ran out of surrounding brush. If they had not been stopped by the security guards, they would have burned the furniture from the billets. Fortunately, Dick was not part of that “rowdy” group, as he is generally a very law-abiding person. That year of separation gave me the opportunity to get closer to Mum – I became her house-keeper, cooked the meals and kept the house tidy. When Mum was late coming back from work, I would make supper for Dad and Billy. I grew to love Mum – she was so kind to me. She and I would go everywhere because I had a car and I could drive – we went to see the Edinburgh Tattoo and we even visited the ship “RMS Queen

Elizabeth” ocean liner of the Cunard–White Star line. It was launched in 1938 as the sister ship to the Queen Mary and served as a wartime troop transport, transAtlantic ocean liner, and cruise ship until 1968. We visited all Mum’s friends and all her sisters and we went shopping!! The shops in Glasgow were very impressive!! In January 1966, six months after our wedding, I received a telegram from Malaya that my own father had passed away. He had only just retired the day before. I was devastated – I couldn’t afford to go home for the funeral and I was right in the middle of my course. I had hoped that I could have my parents over for a visit as my father had lots of friends in the U.K. – he used to work in the War Damage Dept. in Malaya. This was to help the British government assess the damage done to Malaya during the Japanese occupation. I was born in 1941, during the Japanese occupation, when my mother and her five children had to hide from the Japanese soldiers in the jungle. I had to mourn him quietly by myself as no one could help comfort me. Throughout it all, Dick comforted me in the only way he could – through his beautiful letters. He couldn’t come home then, but he was able to get a one-month leave to come home to celebrate our 1st Anniversary in April, 1966. We rented a small cottage in Largs, a town in the West coast of Scotland with its stunning beaches and coastal views, a quiet holiday tourist destination. After that month’s break, he had to go back to Bahrain for four more months before he got his new posting, which was to be his last posting before demobilization in 1968. Kim McConnell, Fournier Ontario TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT ISSUE. ♣

Laughter & Lightenment From Jeremy Arney This actually happened to an Englishman, travelling in France, who was totally drunk. A French policeman stopped the Englishman's car and asks if he has been drinking. With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married that morning, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception, and consumed many single malt scotches thereafter.

58 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to breath-test the Englishman and verifies that he is indeed completely inebriated, far beyond tolerable standards for public safety. The French policeman asks the Englishman if he knows why, under French law, he is going to be arrested. The Englishman answers with a bit of humor, "No sir, I do not! But while we're asking questions, do you realize that this is a British car and my wife is driving on the other side?"

Jeremy Arney (footnote to his column, p.19)

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Randy Vancourt, Toronto ON

Saying, “When Covid is over,” is starting to sound an awful lot like saying, “When the Leafs win the Stanley Cup.” Some of you might have seen this witticism spreading around the Internet recently and it’s beginning to feel painfully true. When the lockdowns began a year ago we naively hoped that this whole roller coaster ride would possibly be over within a few months. Summer led us to think we had turned a corner but just like some conniving theatre understudy, that second wave was standing in the wings, patiently waiting for us to fall into the orchestra pit. Now we have multiple mutations and talk of a third wave...interestingly, this is pretty well the same pattern followed by the 1918 pandemic. If I didn’t know better I would say it’s almost like we could learn something from history. It’s been an interesting social experiment, spending 24/7 in isolation with our kids all this time. They seem to still like us, so I guess we’re doing something right – or, more likely, at 3 and 6 years old they have just forgotten that there is a world outside our backyard. I’m pretty sure they know that other people exist but only because of Amazon deliveries and the guy who brings us pizza. Both my wife and I are fortunate that we didn’t lose our incomes and have continued to work via Zoom; with the added fun of homeschooling thrown into the mix this past year has actually been more hectic than usual. I felt a bit cheated listening to my friends go on about all the exciting ways they filled their enforced spare time. I already play guitar and speak French, so I guess I was ahead of the game there, but I do wish I had been able to find the time to read more novels or try new recipes. Tragically, I didn’t get to bake a single loaf of bread all year! However, we have watched a lot of kids’ television these past 12 months. A lot. The current obsession is the Australian cartoon, “Bluey.” It’s not www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

too well known here but it’s the most popular show in Australia and music from its soundtrack recently hit number 1 on the charts there. It’s actually a really good show - all 104 seven-minute episodes, which seem to run on a loop in our living room. It’s also sort of educational in that our kids have learned that “dunny” is Australian slang for a toilet. I marvel at people who trade suggestions about which Netflix series to binge watch. It seems the only time my wife and I get to enjoy non-animated programs is during the short period of free time each night between getting our kids to sleep and watching Lisa LaFlamme gradually turn grey. In fact we see so few live humans on our screens that my daughter refers to any show that isn’t a cartoon as “the news.” My wife has been good at keeping the kids busy with activities. We could start our own Etsy site with the output of crafts, assuming there is a market for scribbled drawings of cats and indescribable creatures made out of air-drying clay. Our son has developed a strong interest in robots lately, which I take as a sign that those Astro Boy reruns are having an impact. We are working our way through every movie ever made that features robots and kids, including the questionable 1986 film “Short Circuit” and its entirely unnecessary sequel, “Short Circuit 2.” One of the main characters in both films is of Indian descent but played by a white actor in brown face. It doesn’t really age well. My boy recently had me draw up his design for a lab he wants us to build in the backyard. This is where he plans to construct his robots for what I am starting to worry will be an android army intent on world domination…okay, maybe we’ve watched too many of those films. Better get back to reality and watch some hockey – because this could finally be your year, Leafs! Randy Vancourt, vancourt@gmail.com Website: www.randyvancourt.com ♣

VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 59

Stories from Owen Sound, Ontario… Oh, Those Were The Days… Bonna Rouse, Owen Sound,ON

BARN RAISING The old type barns were a common sight in my childhood years. These big, wooden structures on the farmlands were used for housing of livestock in the stable below, and the upper floor for storing of feedstuffs. The barn on the farm where I grew up burned in 1932, and so by the time the new barn was constructed in 1939, it was a big event in that summer. My father was capable of framing a barn and there are still many standing in the area, attesting to his skill. Barns were “raised” by two methods – either by use of a jin-pole, which consisted of an arrangement of pulleys on a very tall pole firmly placed in the ground, or by pike-poles, which literally used manual strength. The framework of each side of the barn was constructed on the ground, laid out very carefully, marked meticulously to make sure that the proper connection would be made when placed vertically. Then came the exciting day of the barn-raising! Every able-bodied man and those in their late teens were obligated to attend. The women of the community brought large quantities of food; tables were set up out in the yard – sawhorses with boards laid across them – every teen-age girl volunteered to assist in the serving. One particular “raising” was to replace a farmer’s barn which had been struck by lightning and burned the previous summer. This one was by way of pikepoles, which meant that long poles were inserted under the pieces of the frame-work, (called “bents”) and each piece was then raised in turn, by the combined muscular strength of those pushing on the poles. When the first “bent” was being put in place, someone had to ride up on it to fasten the next piece to it. As in all labour-intensive tasks, mishaps occur. The man riding the “bent” had taken off his shirt as this was a very hot day, and when the two pieces came together unfortunately the hair on his chest got caught in the join. It caused quite a commotion and everyone present ran to the site. It meant that those on the pikepoles had to very carefully lower the “bent” to release him! When it was finally all over, it provided some merriment for the day. 60 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

When the frame-work was all up, the food consumed, everyone went home, only to return that evening for a barn-dance. If a barn floor still existed, the musicians gathered at one end with the person to “call off” the square dances. If no floor was there, a portable floor was brought in – and on with the fun! 

EASTER! ! ! ! ! ! Apart from the religious meaning of Easter – what has it meant to you over the years? I think Easter for me was sort of like the real beginning of the year. Winter was just something to be gotten through! But when the Easter season rolled around, it meant lots of things – possibly could be called “renewables.’ Spring seemed to be the rejuvenating of life on the farm – let’s get the year underway! The Easter Bunny didn’t figure much so far as I was concerned. I was more interested in the fact that now it was Maple Syrup time – tapping of trees, collection of the sap, boiling it down in the big, black pan over a fire down in the sugar bush. What a wonderful taste the new syrup had! My father always made a batch of maple fudge with some of the last boil. Taste beyond belief ! There was always the miracle of all the new calves in the barn, likely a hidden bunch of new kittens to be hunted out, and cuddled. Perhaps even a new colt. Baby lambs, too, adventuring outside for the first time, racing over the field, butting each other playfully. One of our fields had a big rock in the middle of it, and these lambs would play “I’m the King of the Castle”, climbing up on it and pushing each other off! After a winter in a dark stable, how they must have welcomed the warm sunshine! An elderly German lady on the next farm always sent me a basketful of colourful eggs – these she had dyed herself, using natural products – beet juice for the pink ones, boiled onion skins for the brown, and carrot juice for the rich orange dye. I appreciated her gift, but I wish now I had paid more attention to her method!

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Spring brought other things as well – don’t hurry home from school – today is stove-pipe-cleaning day! Then, the woodshed at school had to be cleaned out – everyone was required to help, whether the horse that had been ridden to school was housed there until 4:00 o-clock or not. I resented that as my four-legged transportation was trained to go back home after he delivered me! Mundane chores seemed to be easier somehow – winter’s dust happily cleaned up, heavy bedding washed and dried, to be brought into the house smelling oh, so fresh! Plans for the gardens, both vegetable and flower. Forbidden, but enjoyed anyway – feast of the fresh green leeks from the bush! If the ice had gone out of the lakes early, the creeks would be open for sucker-fishing. Our spears were home-made, and it wasn’t too unusual for someone to land in the icy water! These fish were canned by some, the method used then is still practiced by our Mennonite neighbours. We’ve obviously progressed a lot over the years, but I think we’re missing something in our ‘modern’ celebration of the change of the seasons! By Bonna Rouse, Grey Bruce Writers Club

Eleanor Reed, Owen Sound, ONT.

“Let not your heart be troubled.” Christ told His disciples one day. “I go to prepare a place for you.” To dwell there forever you may. In explaining the way to heaven, He told them to believe, His Spirit, God would give them. To all who will receive. Then to the Cross of Calvary, Our sins He alone did bear No greater love was given! No death could we compare. Let’s gladden our hearts this Easter. Lingering not long in its gloom Remember! Christ rose again! Triumphant o’er death and the tomb. *** John 14:1,2 Written by Eleanor Reed, Owen Sound, Ontario

mistawis@bmts.com ♣



S m a r t l o v e – b y V er e y a S h a r a s h k in a Would you marry a girl with a smartphone If you’re planning to marry for life? Would you marry a girl with a smartphone If you’re thinking of having a wife?

Here she’s typing a text to her girlfriend (Is she noticing you when you talk?) “No, I don’t want to go to the theater, But I will join you for a walk.”

Yes, the girl might be clever and healthy And a wonderful girl she may seem. Yes, the girl might be pretty or wealthy, But it will not come true, your sweet dream.

Do you think it will make you two happy? Hard to say yes or no, I suppose. Do you think you’ll be truly together If the phone has replaced her as spouse?

On the day you come home from the wedding, Flowers circling your beautiful bride, She will take out the phone and she’ll listen Playing video games by your side.

If the girl that you love has a smartphone Do not hurry to join your fates. Would you marry a girl with a smartphone? If you would, change your mind, ‘fore it’s late.

She’ll exclaim: “Oh my, isn’t it pretty!” Or will tell you: “Look, what funny news!” You will think to yourself: what a pity, While the smartphone won’t cease to amuse. www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

vereyaverte@gmail.com [See also, A Letter from Vereya, p.30] ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 61

Tales from Fruitvale…

CONVERSATIONS WITH HENRI 2021 Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC, scribepoet@hotmail.com

This morning, I was given the task of ironing recentlywashed curtains. Now, I actually don’t mind ironing, which probably explains why I am selected for the job – and anyway, what better way to get off the computer. However, ironing large curtains on a narrow ironing board takes forever, especially when they have a cloth backing which also requires the smoothing touch, so I slipped a record on the turntable and surrendered to Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Fantasia, as I pressed on. Then the telephone rang, it was Henri who wanted to Skype. I had to put him off since his grandmother was out of the house, so I advised that we could Skype when she returned, which he accepted. I then offered to tell him of my day – since we were already talking, and he agreed to listen. I told Henri that I was ironing and listening to music, some of which I shared with him through the speaker phone. We got into talking about the ironing, I assumed that he knew what that was, since his mother does have an iron and board. He said quite confidently that, “The iron was not as hot as fire.” Stalled for a moment, but recovering, I replied, “Well Henri, the iron burns the skin as easily as the fire from a candle flame, the iron is made hot by electricity.” Then this four-year-old boy, speaking in his second language said, “Granddad, electricity makes other things work also.” I thought this was pretty bright and mentioned that electricity was the power that made the record player work so I can hear the music. I added that electricity also made the telephone work so we could speak to each other. That was when Henri cut to the chase and said, “Granddad, the phone works with batteries.” As I squirmed on the spot, to clarify my understanding, it occurred to me that I would make a mess out of explaining how signals are sent across the country from Fruitvale to Montreal; I wasn’t sure myself how it worked, but the little batteries in the phone wouldn’t do it. I settled on an alternative choice of telling him that when I was his age, telephones used to have a wire connected to them which had electricity running through it, he settled for that, thankfully. Actually even though I was using a cordless phone at the time, we still possess a functioning cord phone plugged into 62 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

the wall which can be used in a power outage, whereas the cordless goes down with the power. On reflection, what I should have said was that ‘batteries are electricity,’ or perhaps, ‘batteries store electricity;’ after all, Henri knows that his family has an electric car, powered with a battery; although, it does have to be charged with electricity, as would the phone batteries. I should probably be prepared for him to ask, ‘Where does the electricity come from?’ What could anyone say, “From solar panels, windmills, nuclear, Hydro Quebec? I suppose I could have come up with a rhyme... We burn the coal to boil the water that makes the steam which spins the blades that turn the shaft that charges the coils that makes the electricity at Henri’s house. With regard to the phone, I think I would want to leave for another day, any explanation of fibre optic cable, microwaves and satellites, not to forget the phone company making magical connections. Hopefully when he asks, his dad will sort it out. Henri does like to know how things work. We moved on to the subject of reading a story, his grandmother always chooses a book for him when on Skype, I thought reading over the phone should work as well. I turned off the iron and moved over to the book basket and gave him some choices. He chose, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? This worked very well all the way through with energetic participation, booming and hooting through the phone until the whole experience concluded and we were both able to move on. ♣

Laughter & Ligtenment

From Christina Stafford

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Poem and Calligraphy by Paul Bowles Fruitvale, BC

See also, Paul’s “Spring” Calligraphy on The Back Cover of this issue.


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VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 63

Getting From Here to There Mike Nickerson, Lanark ON

A meme to remember when the challenges of climate and inequality get you down: MORE FUN, LESS STUFF. On a good day one can sense, through the fog of our world’s problems, a faint light. A glimmer of a place where humans live in balance with the Earth and with each other. Viewed from the challenges of today, that place seems to be another dimension. And it is. The values by which people manage themselves are dimensions of worlds we might build, and this alternate dimension can be entered through More Fun, Less Stuff. Renewable energy and electric equipment will be needed, but they are not enough. A positive future requires a shift in social values. No longer can Growth be our goal. No more producing and consuming, earning and spending ever more! We need to maximize fulfilment from living, with the least possible material entanglement. We can compete (or cooperate?) with one another to see who can get the most satisfaction from living with the least material throughput. Almost every dollar we spend represents extracted resources and pollution. The benefits go to enrich the top 1% and leave the bottom part of the population to deal with the waste. If your purchase won’t cause waste or inequity, go for it! Learning, love and laughter, sport, music, dance, creativity, appreciation and helping others offer unlimited opportunities for satisfaction with minimum material requirements. And they’re fun. Material necessities of food and shelter can be sustained by integrating with the natural world. Nutrient flows have maintained all life since it began. Humans can eat well forever if we use our intelligence to avoid overshooting local capacity. Air, water and a handful of soil elements are the building blocks for all living things. These elements can cycle indefinitely through soil life, plants, animals, ourselves and back to the soil. By caring for soil, communities can have everlasting life. For shelter, buildings can be assembled that require almost no outside energy. Comfort is maintained by facing the Sun to capture its warmth when needed, and for cooling, we can engage shade trees, hold onto 64 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

the cool of the nights and tap the chill of underground. Health care at the preventative level and education rely mostly on the unlimited resources of knowledge and our willingness to help each other. If secure, healthy life is what we want, we can quickly shift our over-productive economy to systems that fulfill our basic needs. The energy from wind and sun can keep these systems going, with the surplus used to make other useful items designed for durability. The problems facing us today will become a chapter in history books. More Fun, Less Stuff. These four syllables can lead us out of our overgrown self-destructive place toward a place that can assure the grandchildren a world in which to raise children of their own. Hard to imagine? Let the meme “More Fun, Less Stuff” dwell in your consciousness. Bring it to mind each time you feel disheartened in the face of climate change, pollution, resource depletion and inequality. Let it soak in. Share it with others. The goals we pursue are the seeds from which our future grows. Thought by thought, contact by contact, choice by choice, step by step, we can be amazed by the joy of this shift. Can such a meme nudge its way past the well-funded directives to earn and spend, earn and spend, grow, grow, grow? It can, if we share it each time people appear unable or unwilling to address the issues facing us. “More Fun, Less Stuff.” Pass it around. ================= For more on this journey of transformation, see: Three Potent Steps for a Sane Economy 1) Design for durability, 2) Encourage appreciation of durable and familiar products, 3) Seek satisfaction from living, rather than from consuming stuff. http://www.sustainwellbeing.net/3potentsteps.html A Meme with Potential - More Fun, Less Stuff http://www.sustainwellbeing.net/MFLS.html Learning, Love and Laughter; A Key to Sustainability http://www.sustainwellbeing.net/life.html Much would improve: – the economy, the environment, and human relations… If we loved what is plentiful as much as what is scarce. 7th Generation Initiative / Sustainability Project http://www.SustainWellBeing.net Mike Nickerson, sustain5@web.ca ♣

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Magical Moon Lake – How it all started…

Over the years, Dialogue has featured several of Karl Backhaus’ stories about his home, Moon Lake (Holland Centre, ON) – as featured in his book, Magical Moon Lake… This story about how it all began is continued from the last issue.

Karl Backhaus, February 2006

Meet the animals, insects, trees and stones of Moon Lake, my home –and make unusual and unexpected discoveries along the way. With complementary insights. Written for my nieces and nephews and their children and anyone interested in the magic of life. In Episode 1: How It All Began – and Arriving in Canada: We arrived in Montreal by freighter from Hamburg… Our adventure continued when we took the night train to Toronto; Episode 2: Arriving in Toronto. Episode 3: The Cabin. Episode 4: The Lake (Pt.1);

Episode 5: The Lake (Part 2) After all the bulldozing… There was only one problem left. Would the water rise to where I had imagined? Although there seemed to be lots of water at a certain level, I also knew that rising water reduces the pressure in springs and this can make springs move. The area of empty gravel waiting to be filled looked enormous. During several days of great anticipation, I watched the water from the deepest part at the far end expand and expand and the visible gravel become smaller and smaller. Then water covered the whole area and, within two weeks, the huge 14-foot-high dam almost disappeared. The water stopped rising within one foot of its crest, and on the two sides without a dam, through the contours of the land the water had found its naturallooking edges. These shallow areas would become important for small fish and for wildlife. Now the water ranged between 3 to 13 feet in depth, with large sections of about 5 feet. It was like a gift from Heaven when I saw that the springs had returned to where they originally had been, and within a short time the lake was overflowing where, in anticipation, I had placed a channel in the dam furthest away from the springs, for the water to join again a separate stream on the other side of the dam. This overflow would guarantee constant replacement of the water. I was very grateful and happy that everything had turned-out as I had wished for. Although the dams and surrounding area of the lake still needed a lot of raking www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

and landscaping, and many trees were waiting to be planted, this was a great moment and the beginning of the lake that later became Magical Moon Lake. For the first few years, the water was milky and one could not see the bottom of the lake, but now, several decades later, the lake has become crystal-clear with a beautiful bluish-green colour. The water is teeming with fish and many interesting water animals supported by healthy plant life. The lake is also a playground for my friends and myself and also for many land animals and birds that have made this place their home. You will meet many of the animals in later stories. The half-moon shape of the lake fits so naturally into the landscape that it looks as if it had been here all the time, and the dams, overgrown with trees and vegetation, have become invisible. Where once there was a bare landscape – with an abandoned gravel pit and hundreds of dead cedar trees – there are now as many as 44 healthy species of trees on the land surrounding the lake. For visiting friends it is a mystery that this lake is man-made. No fill is to be found anywhere. Only when they ask where all the excavated material has gone, I explain that I had carefully hidden it by using the material to create natural-looking undulating contours in the land and had made an existing hill higher. Then I had covered it with topsoil and planted many trees. I take my friends’ questions as compliments. We were fortunate to be able to extend the original 60 acres with the cabin to 210 acres by buying the abutting 150 acres that extend to the next road. Our combined property now is over one mile in depth, and nearly one square kilometer in size. The land is blessed with many independent springs surrounding a large drumlin that rises nearly 400 meters above sea level. These springs form four independent strong streams that never dry up. With the abundance of water it is no wonder that Natives once called this area "the land of laughing water." This land is like an island of Nature, shielded by nature-conscious neighbours who have properties of similar dimensions. More than once, first-time visitors say to me "It is like Paradise." For animals this land and water is like Heaven. But the animals did not always …/ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 65

Karl Backhaus, Magical Moon Lake, Episode 5

enjoy the land here as they and we do now. During World War II, most of the trees had been cut down – as my neighbour, David, recalls. He remembers the property where I live as looking so barren and desolate that he called it "the Moon" when he came to play here. When we bought the land it still looked pretty barren. I began with having 10,000 trees planted, then another 8,000 and then another 5,000. Often I had helped and watched the planters. Now I was ready to plant trees on my own. Over the years I planted 1000 trees, on average, every spring. These were trees of various species such as Spruce, Pine, Hardwoods, Larches, Poplars and many others. This was not always easy as there were many stones and often little topsoil. Many native trees have sprung-up naturally – often planted by wind, birds, or by squirrels. After the initial struggle of the trees to survive, once they got hold it was amazing how the forest expanded. Now there is hardly any open space left and I have stopped planting trees. By giving nature a hand, my dream to live in the forest next to a lake has become a reality. More than sixty years after most of the trees had been felled, the forest as a living, diverse entity has returned, and so have its many strong springs, its plants, animals, fairies and nature spirits. As a reminder of its moonscape past as well as its half-moon shape, I now call this lake-like pond "Moon Lake." A few years ago, David came over for a visit – for the first time since his childhood. He was stunned at what had happened to his "Moon." I could sense his emotion when he uttered, "I am impressed." It touched me the way he had responded. The hill next to the lake now has a full growth of cedar trees with a pine forest near the water. More than once, at Full Moon, several of my friends have come here to watch the Moon slowly rise as if touching the slope of the hill, and then continue to ride for a while like magic along its crest. It is almost mesmerizing to 66 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

see moonlight reflected in the mirror-like, crystal clear water of Moon Lake. For many years now, I have lived alone in the forest at the very edge of Moon Lake. My wife Elke moved back to the city. This land here was too remote for her. As friends who had very different dreams in life, we had to separate so that each of us could be happy and live in a world that suited our different needs. I can say that over the years I have become much more in tune with the lake, the land, its trees, plants and animals and its many subtle natural features. To me, to live in the forest in this place has become the dreamland of the dreams I had as a boy growing up in the rubble of the bombed city of Hamburg in Germany during and after World War II. Moon Lake and the surrounding forest seem to become unreal in the twilight when mist slowly rises. It is especially magical on cold winter nights when the stars and the Moon reflect their mystical light on every snowflake, making them twinkle like thousands of tiny diamonds everywhere I look. I know that the existence of this lake is a miracle where I only played my part in a Divine Plan. The pace here is very slow. Sometimes, time seems to stand still. Certainly its pace is not faster than the rhythm of the Moon, where one day is 29 days on Earth. The repeating Moon phases and the changing of the seasons remind me that yet another year is passing. The stories you will hear will comfortably fit into this frame where time is not of the essence. They will repeat themselves, in various guises, at Moon Lake, long after we are gone. When you open the doors to your imagination, my stories can become your stories. Gradually as we enter the world of Moon Lake, you are on your way to becoming part of this magical world, entering the gates of wonder we all knew as children. Karl Backhaus, Ont. STORY CONTINUES NEXT ISSUE, WITH EPISODE 6. ♣

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The Feudal Fiefdoms of Saskatchewan :


Local Governance gone awry…

In the Regional Parks of SK, people own their homes, on land leased from management Boards that operate at a frightening level of autonomy, enabled by political interference and wilful blindness from municipal and provincial governments. Five seniors represented themselves in Court of Queen’s Bench against a Board-initiated Writ of Possession application. This is the 7th Installment of the story from Norm Zigarlick and friends on the idylls of Park life and their search for ‘justice’ [Story began in Autumn 2019, Vol.33-1]

Norm Zigarlick, SK, normzig56@gmail.com

Ever since I was a little kid I have questioned rules that didn’t seem to make sense. For example, what difference did it make if, at ten years old, I chewed gum in school? How could that possibly matter to my education? Even earlier, on my very first day of school, I learned that rules weren’t always what they seemed to be. Day one, grade one. For me that meant a one-room school in Manitoba about 100 meters from where I lived. One outdoor toilet. One teacher for about 20 kids in seven different grades. There were lots of rules in play that day. One rule was if you needed to visit the outhouse, you had to raise your hand and ask, “may I leave the room?” Each time the question was asked, the teacher said “yes, you may.” I didn’t understand the full implications of the rule. Nobody had explained the outhouse provision to me. I believe I was about kid number four that asked to leave the room, the teacher said, “yes you may.” The difference between me and all the other kids was when they left the room, they all came back. I went home. Years later, I was in boarding school in Central Alberta: one of those places where they fed you, educated you and were knee deep in rules, like what time you had to turn the lights out at night. There was an Algebra teacher who hadn’t figured out that World War II was over, he was no longer in the British Army and that we students were not actually his enemies. One morning, during a rant, he said that anybody who didn’t like the way he taught algebra should leave, right now. That was too good to pass up. I followed his suggestion. Apparently, I was the first guy to take him up on his offer while the class was in progress. It was my last-ever algebra class. www.dialogue.ca

A friend who wasn’t in the school had an old car and some issues of his own (I don’t recall her name but she was a cute red head from Scotland). We decided that perhaps putting some distance between us, the paramilitary education system, the religious right, and teenage romance of Central Alberta was a good idea. The old TV series "Route 66" might have had an influence except instead of a 1960 Corvette convertible, we had a 53 Plymouth 4-door sedan. A few weeks later, we discovered that the good people in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, also had some rules. They applied them. To us. With some help from the banking system (wire transfers from upset parents) and the guidance of some law enforcement folks, we were soon back in Central Alberta. The school year was hooped, so back to the wilderness of a remote northern Saskatchewan mining town it was for me. Sault Ste. Marie had no particular significance; it was just where our travels were interrupted. It didn’t help that, at some other point in my teens, I came across the views of some obscure writer who said, “rules are for fools and weak-minded men”. After a while, I did decide that rules were just a form of crowd control and the rules always favored the rule-maker and punished the rule-breaker, no matter how foolish the rule (or the rule-maker). By the time I hit 20 years old, I had developed a distinct dislike for seemingly pointless rules, while at the same time recognizing that without social guidelines of some kind, chaos would be rampant. When I raised these considerations among friends, one guy in particular …/

Digital Edition

VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 67

Norm Zigarlick, Feudal Fiefdoms[Pt.7], contd.

would tap me on the shoulder and say: “Not now Socrates.” He had already spent some time in the prison system and felt that, by comparison, the dayto-day rules (written or understood) of regular society were quite generous. So, you might ask, what the hell does this have to do with the Feudal Fiefdoms of Saskatchewan, otherwise known as Regional Parks? From my perspective, nothing fundamental has changed in the 70 years between my first day at school and now. Rules/laws still favor the rulemakers; only the scale of difference between the maker and the breaker has become more obvious to me over time. Perhaps the most dramatic example of this came to me through the aviation business. I grew up in the bush as part of a mining family. Little airplanes were the lifelines to small remote communities and I became one of those “bush pilots”. I did it for a living for 14 years. That put me in almost constant conflict with two large rule-making organizations, the Canadian Transport Commission (CTC) and Transport Canada. CTC made the commercial operating rules and Transport Canada the practical operating rules. CTC was steered by Canada’s major airlines; I wasn’t one of them. Transport Canada had an inordinate number of ex-military folks in the inspection and enforcement side of their game. So, there we had it, a bunch of accountants and soldiers enforcing rules that decided how a 747 should find its way from Toronto to Vancouver, how much carry-on baggage should be stored and how much could be charged to do all that. Those same basic rules applied to me, that was tough to manage when hauling a trapper, four sled dogs 10 gallons of gas and a month’s grub from Paulette Bay to Rat River, NWT where there was no airport or town on either end. In short, I was breaking rules most of the time, The rule-makers called that unprofessional, the trappers called it service. For the record, no dogs or trappers were ever harmed during the history of this story. The Saskatchewan Regional Parks structure differences between rule-makers and rule-breakers are more up close and personal. The folks way up the Saskatchewan rule-making food chain simply didn’t want to be bothered with the day-to-day operations of these Parks. They granted a lot of authority to people who 68 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

were appointed to Regional Park Authorities. About 25 of these Parks have cottage/cabin communities. In total, over 3000 cottages/cabins are located within these Parks, some with values crowding a half million dollars. Each of these Parks has a great deal of autonomy. The rules applied to cabin owners can vary greatly from Park to Park. The intellectual capacity and management skills between Park Authorities can and does also vary greatly. There is no standard for qualification to sit on a Park Authority. However, once appointed, a member has the authority to affect taxation by setting mil rates, to write bylaws and enforce them according to their own interpretation and, for the most part, ignore the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As an example of how disconnected a Park authority can be from the general considerations of administration, yet still be left in charge by the Government of Saskatchewan, consider this: after long-drawn-out legal battles – in which unfair and manipulated taxation was at issue in the actions launched by the Park Authority to take possession of homes – the Government of Saskatchewan finally understood the taxation process had indeed been improperly applied by the Park Authority. The organization that sets property assessments in the Province is the Saskatchewan Assessments Management Agency (SAMA). SAMA’s property assessments in Regional Parks are, in part, determined by information provided by the Park Authority. SAMA acknowledged weakness in the reporting process at Suffern Lake and undertook a complete reassessment of the cabin community to establish fair value. The Chairman who launched the legal battles and had years of input into setting the Park’s mil rate, actually asked who SAMA was and if it was really a good idea to have them come to the Park at all. John Danilak, Lisa Wildman and Jim Duffee had all been sued twice by the Park Authority in attempts to take possession of their properties. Jim had two additional legal shots taken at him. The Park has yet to launch a successful legal action. Jim decided he’d had enough of Suffern Lake Regional Park and left for more friendly territory. John and Lisa have stayed. Sure enough, within weeks of favorable court decisions where John and Lisa proved to be winners, the Park Authority began sending outrageous invoices. Obviously, they intended the invoices to be

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challenged and the subsequent challenges then used as justification to deny upcoming lease renewals scheduled for January 1st. Joanna Ritchot and I had been sued along with John and Lisa even though neither of us make any claim to ownership of properties anywhere near Suffern Lake. In essence we were sued for being on the wrong team. As this bizarre invoice-related issue began developing in fall of 2020, the four of us made a formal request to the Government of Saskatchewan that a mediation process be established before we all wound up back in court again. First to respond was the Deputy Minister for Government Relations which oversees all things municipal including tax set ups. He said they were not part of the conflict and would not take part in mediation, officially marking the fourth time we have been turned down for mediation – keep in mind we were the “winners” in court. Next came the Deputy Minister for Parks Culture and Sport (PCS). She was more aggressive. She applied to Saskatchewan’s Privacy Commissioner to disregard our access to information requests for records regarding 2017/2018 communications between Government Relations and PCS which would include the final report on a Suffern Lake property taxation investigation/review undertaken by the Ministry. The Deputy Minister described us as being vexatious, frivolous and several other bothersome adjectives. In an attempt to help us enjoy the Christmas season, she sent her application after work hours on December 23rd. Maybe it was just a bad result from an office party gone wrong. Joanna and Lisa, being remarkably competent, responded on December 27th supplying the Privacy Commissioner with a detailed explanation as to why we felt the Deputy Minister had gone bonkers (my words not theirs). Their responses were cc’d to the Deputy Minister. We all hoped it would boost her New Year's eve enjoyment. It took no time at all for the Privacy Commissioner to respond to the Deputy Minister’s request. Like Joanna and Lisa, he did not use the word bonkers, but he made short work of the request to disregard. In the end, the Deputy Minister won a small battle. We paid about $700 for a bunch of papers with heavy black lines on them. I believe the proper term is redacted. www.dialogue.ca

It begs the question, why would a Deputy Minister seemingly go off her rocker and try to prevent sending us a bunch of paper decorated with black ink. Not to be outdone, Counsel for Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority followed the government crowd with his February notification that John and Lisa’s leases would not be renewed, it being the “general sentiment” of the Board this course of action should be taken. John and Lisa were given 30 days to sell their cabins. However, the cabins can only be sold to buyers preapproved by the Park Authority. Alternatively, John and Lisa can move their cabins off their leased Park property or be evicted by April 30th. Perhaps I am being pessimistic, but it looks to me like Government and its agents have no interest in mediation. If we include all those court cases Jim Duffee went through, along with the previous ones that John, Joanna, Lisa and I went through, new court actions related to the latest gong show will be numbers seven and eight. The Park Authority, spending public money, has yet to win any. Just in case you are new to this story here is a bit of administrative history; respondents to these actions have accomplished the following: 1. Stopped the import of barked pine wood into Saskatchewan by the Park Authority. In contravention of Federal/Provincial laws regarding the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation (Saskatchewan has invested 7 figure amounts into this bipartisan effort). The Park Authority and its staff imported at least 40 tonnes that was sold to campers and to individuals across west central Saskatchewan. 2. Identified issues with Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority regulations that resulted in Park Authorities operating lotteries while avoiding conflict of interest guidelines (regs. were changed). 3. Worked directly with SAMA to identify and close holes in a reporting system that allowed Park Authorities to mis/under-inform taxation authorities – which provided financial advantages to participants while, for many years, short-changing the government that has been funding Park operations directly and indirectly. We also identified how this taxation manipulation could be used to punish those who challenged the local authority. …/

Digital Edition

VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 69

Norm Zigarlick, Feudal Fiefdoms[Pt.7], contd.

While these efforts for transparency and equitable application of rules were underway, we have been sued multiple times, a petition was circulated to have us thrown out of the Park; we have been called backstabbers, troublemakers, freeloaders, vexatious, frivolous and also a common term for the extreme lower end of the intestinal tract. When SLRPA counsel sent his February 10th notification that leases would not be renewed – you’re gonna luv this – he went on to say we have been aggressive and unkind to the Board and stubbornly cling to the idea that taxes have been manipulated. What a delusional bunch we are! We assumed the Park Secretary selling a lease right for $24,000 on an empty lot assessed at $900 would suggest to Govt there was a serious problem. We thought the Vice Chairman having an attractive little beach-front cabin assessed at about 1/8 its market value would suggest a problem. We thought the Chairman having relatives go five years without paying any taxes might be a problem. We thought the Government of Saskatchewan might show some concern over one of its own organizations screwing School Boards and Government out of Education Property Tax for 20 years or so. We thought it just might be seen as a problem.

We were wrong. The Justice Minister of the day knew of all these issues months before judges rendered decisions in our court cases. We see no evidence he advised the Chief Justice for the Province there had been significant changes in material facts in cases presented by an arm of his government. ABBA would be proud, “Momma Mia, Here We Go Again.” I just remembered something from back in those early school days, “I thought I had a problem because I had no shoes but then I met a man with no feet”… Back in summer 2016 we had just begun to question the Regional Parks structure in Saskatchewan, when we got a long and condescending missive from Government. It described in great detail the origins of the Park, the founding municipalities, the surrounding habitat and the topographical features. It even touched on the philosophies that drove the creation of the place all those decades ago. The intent of the document seemed to be informing us as to how little we knew 70 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

about the argument we had just entered. It was true, we knew almost nothing about the Park the Ministry described. Why would we? The Park they described is a two-hour drive from Suffern Lake. We did learn a tremendous amount about Lemsford Ferry Regional Park though. That was our official starting point with the well-oiled machinery of Parks Culture and Sport, Saskatchewan Government. We are all aware of how Governments always try to divert bad news but this took it to a new level. Oddly, four years later who shows up on our radar but Lemsford Ferry Regional Park. It was like two little kids finding out they were getting slapped around by the same bullies. That all came to light in a strange way. I was reading CBC North (my old stompin’ grounds) online, when I saw a story about a guy being arrested way up north of 60, but on a criminal complaint from 2017 at Lemsford Ferry Regional Park, Saskatchewan. That rang a bell. When we went looking for details we found a whole different story. The Park Authority and related Rural Municipalities are trying to shut the Park down and, without further ado, simply have all the cabins removed or destroyed. One of the reasons stated was that if the Park fails in the future, it will cost a fortune to return the site to nature… that's a bit like saying let’s kill gramma now before the cost of funerals really goes up. We've very recently made contact with the people leading the fight to save their cabins and their park. There seems to be a natural alliance, we'll see where this leads us… Norm Zigarlick, SK normzig56@gmail.com♣ TO BE CONTINUED IN THE SUMMER ISSUE.

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Laughter & Lightenment

From John Shadbolt

Dave & Nadine are at the airport in Phoenix, awaiting their flight, dressed in heavy boots, parka, scarf, and mittens, ready to head home to the Canadian winter. An old American couple, standing nearby in shorts, is intrigued by their dress. The wife says to her husband, "Look at that couple. I wonder where they're from." He replies, "How would I know?" She counters, "You could go and ask them."

He says, "I don't really care. You want to know, you go ask them." She decides to do just that, walks over to the couple and asks, "Excuse me, I've noticed the way you're dressed and I wonder where you're from?" Dave replies, "Saskatoon, Saskatchewan." The woman returns to her husband who asks, "So, where are they from?" She replies, "I don't know. They don`t speak English. ♣

“The Vagabond Writer” Wayne Allen Russell Clearwater BC

“THE GOOD WEEDS” - The family: Archibald Tyrus Weed (Pop), January 10, 1901 Mary Elizabeth/Loretta (Cook) Weed (Mom), Dec. 19, 1905 Married: August 17, 1923 Children: Juniper Shirley / June (Grouch), May 19, 1925 Patty, Patricia Ann (‘Sweet Pea’) Dec, 21st.,1927 George (‘Donkey’), August 17, 1930 Ben (‘Shooter’), April 2, 1932 Bob (‘Bucky’ then ‘Stretch’), October 10, 1934 Adam (‘Flyer’), July 30, 1936 Tom (‘Weasel’), June 4, 1939 Cousins: Marian (cousin), August 21, 1925 Sam (‘Punch’ - cousin), December 26, 1931 Bobby (cousin), May 3, 1935 Ray (my buddy) Joe (Ray’s brother)


I hope readers enjoy these stories, they will bring laughter and a few tears to you. Taken from truth, but the “ Family Weed” is fictitious.

YOUNG SPIES Like all kids, we found out secrets about our teachers. With Miss Quagley, seeing as she lived with the janitor’s parents, this girl and her sister would tell us things. One of them had to take the teacher a clean wash basin and pitcher of warm water each morning and night so she could bathe. This girl also had the job of bringing the full ceramic piss pot down in the morning, emptying and cleaning it, then returning it to the bedroom. The two girls gave us so many laughs. Almost daily they would come to school and say something like, “As hard as we try, using as much of our imagination as possible, we just can’t figure out how she gets that big, big derriere onto the little, little pee-pot. It’s beyond imagination.” No matter how many times they would say this, it was always good for a laugh. SAD MEMORIES My strongest memories of school are from Grade 3. I don’t understand why, but for some reason Miss Quagley didn’t like me. This even before the bare butt incident. As time went on, even a child feels this, so I, in turn didn’t like her very much. She was the adult in this case, even though I take some blame. The day she upset me really badly was when she sent my report card home to Mom. When Mom read it, she looked like someone had hit her in the stomach. She sank down onto a kitchen chair and sat there, with the report hanging down between her legs, and started to www.dialogue.ca

cry. Head on her chest. I could see the tears falling onto that old, faded blue cotton dress. I stood not knowing what to do or say. The two wet spots on her dress spread larger and larger. I slid the report card from her fingers. All C-minuses and F’s, but that was okay, as I never was too swift in school. I read on and didn’t have to be an ‘A’ student to see why Mom was crying. Miss Quagley's handwritten report said I was not only a poor student, but that I was a very dirty person and never passed the health tests for cleanliness. My heart hurt, not for me but for Mom. She would not allow any of her boys to go anywhere without washing and cleaning our teeth. The soap may have been home made from lye, the toothpaste baking soda, the clothes covered with many patches, but damn it all we were clean! If sometimes we didn’t get all of the dirt from under our fingernails… well, this dirt was from good honest work. When Pop read this, he didn’t punish me. This time, I was wishing he would, as I had caused Mom pain and tears. Pop went to the school and talked to Miss …/

Digital Edition

VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 71

Quagley. They went into the library and we expected to hear him yelling but he was very quiet. This we knew was worse for the one being talked to. I don’t know what the conversation was, I can only imagine. Pop walked out of the library, head up, with a quick, stern look to us. Then he was gone out the door. Miss Quagley came out of the library, her face bright red. Not one child in that classroom felt sorry for her, all had heard the story of my Mom crying. Mom’s children were not the only kids that loved her. No matter how little we had, when kids came to play, they were invited to meals or cookies and milk. I went to school every day that year. I could not even look at Miss Quagley without seeing my Mom’s face filled with tears. The whole year I sat at my desk, lay my head on my arms and did not move from there until recess, noon, or time to go home. I would not talk to the teacher, pick up a pencil or a book for the rest of the year. I failed Grade 3 and, luckily for me, Miss Quagley did not return the following year. Our new teacher was Mrs. Mills, a really good-looking brunette, married, and an excellent teacher. We

got a big kick out of the fact that at rest periods she would go into the library, lock the door and have a smoke. She was the complete opposite of Miss Quagley. Again, I had no idea at the time, but only later realised that I was the teacher’s pet and stayed that way to the end of grade school. At the Christmas concert, I was not only the master of ceremonies but also Frosty the Snowman. Mrs. Mills skipped me one year to make up for grade three. What a difference these two people made in my life. From Miss Hyde, to Dr. Jekyll. Thankfully it was this way around. Mrs. Mills taught us until I moved on to high school. Although I never saw her again, I will never forget her. She made me see that life and people were mostly good and bad people and things are the exceptions. Mrs. Mills and lots of other teachers of the world are the unsung heroes. Why do the Hitlers of the world go down in history while the real heroes fade into oblivion? Wayne Russell, Clearwater BC (slyolfart@gmail.com) ♣


Contaging: The tax invasion plan twice fooled carny mark By Tony Crawford, author, Oakville ON [FROM THE BACK COVER] Contaging is a storybook,

sleazy, tax-shelter scheme about lawmakers who invented 'Signature Specific Identity Theft' to draw cheques on imaginary accounts of 'Sitting Duck' loans, sued in courts to collect. Dream laws and politics for hungry bankers would be most usury – spent, configured, lent. A carny mark converts counterfeit tax credits to money, hidden from the Treasury, not reported in the budget, (then) to cash through taxation, laundered once, and once again, twice over. When judges ruled no breach of law in the global credit crunch, it was all smoke and mirrors. Fairy tale economics tricked everyone, especially gullible taxpayers, and twice-fooled carny marks. Loonies raided the bank and snapshot budgets hid legal fiction that continues to lie in the big picture, making sense fake money... • Publisher : New Generation Publishing (Oct. 19 2020) • Paperback : 244 pages • ISBN-10: 1800315899 / ISBN-13: 978-1800315891 ♣ # # # FULL STORY IN THE SUMMER ISSUE! # # #

72 dialogue

SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

Digital Edition


A Psalm of Life By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (One of Maurice’s favourite poems) Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, Is our destined end or way; But to act, that each to-morrow Find us farther than to-day. Art is long, and Time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating Funeral marches to the grave. In the world’s broad field of battle, In the bivouac of Life, Be not like dumb, driven cattle! Be a hero in the strife! Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant! Let the dead Past bury its dead! Act,— act in the living Present! Heart within, and God o’erhead! Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time; Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o’er life’s solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again. Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. 

Poem originally published 1838. Longfellow wrote the poem not long after the death of his first wife and while thinking about how to make the best of life. ♣ www.dialogue.ca

Digital Edition

Traveller By Vereya Sharashkina, January 9, 2021

I was traveller, I travelled up and down I drank from streams and slept under the sky, Just like a bird, I was completely free That’s why so happy and so glad was I. So rich if someone threw me just one coin I did not aim for fame, success or wealth, I sang and danced for this was what I loved; Belonging to myself and no one else. When winter came the birds flew to the South Alas, I could not fly and had to stay. I went to city where there was no snow I wished that bitter cold would go away. I walked around in hope that someone would Open the door and say: “Come in, my friend!" But no one did, though I implored and begged, I learned – to vagrants no one gives a hand. I thought that men were brothers and my friends But had to realize, for I could see That no one needed me, and what was worse That people all refused to shelter me. I walked and walked, my feet were numb with cold I cried with desolation and despair And thought: would no one, no one shelter me And was there not a kindly person there? The city’s ghetto finally I reached A place that grim I’ve never seen before. But nothing was to lose, without much hope I went ahead and knocked on someone’s door. And what a miracle – these people let me in Though they were poor, they offered food and rest And welcomed me as if I were they friend A much respected and invited guest. Despite the stories told of ghetto’s Jews The dirty place where they were forced to live I found them very generous and kind; They gave me all they could afford to give. I wished I could have thanked them in some way Somehow repaid for everything I owed. For saving me from freezing on the wind, For noble mercy and goodwill they showed. I was a traveller with not a thing to give Except for gratitude, which was of little use. I told them: “If you ever need my help I’m at your service.” Not a great excuse… I felt that it was time for me to go. One of the men went out to follow me; “Are you a Jew?” – he curiously asked – I ‘m not a Jew, but would have liked to be. ♣ VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 73

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SPRING 2021, VOL. 34, NO. 3

Digital Edition


P.71 ♣


on inside back cover From Bob Hansen:

The CANADA HEALTH ALLIANCE is a nonprofit collaboration of medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners from across Canada whose common goal is to protect freedom of choice and bodily autonomy through informed consent. Our goal is to halt the misuse of power by politicized public health “experts” currently being conveyed through damaging COVID-19 public health policies that are destroying Canadian society and the health of Canadians.

https://www.canadahealthalliance.org/ video 12 min with image


Digital Edition

VOL. 34, NO. 3, SPRING 2021

dialogue 75

P.72 From: Denise Ward, March 28, 2021, denisemward@gmail.com I don't know if it would work but in my mind, we have to withdraw from the money system, surely? I don't see "activists" doing that. Everyone still buys from Amazon, still has Netflix accounts, still are not enrolled in an alternative money system. We're not even talking about another money system to use and deciding which one would be best. Nothing else would work from what I can imagine. We have to cut off their source of power and that vehicle is (banker's) money, no? It's not difficult but everything seems difficult if one just waits for something to lay it in your lap. It's so funny to me that everyone still runs around after this particular kind of token – bank money. It's so ridiculous. From my reasoning, breaking free of this is the only thing that will do it. Everything else is just fumbling on the peripherals. Nobody even asks "how can we do that?" Nobody even asks the question. So the ones who are "awake" really do the same things as those who they're trying to awaken. If you do stuff for people you know, get them to pay you some proportion in another currency, an easy one that's for free. Get them to sign up, it only takes an email. Businesses could start up again doing this, and get their workers for a lot less (i.e. less “cash”). The lack of action – or even trying – is difficult to understand.

76 dialogue

SUMMER 2020, VOL. 33, NO. 4


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