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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

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Welcome to the Autumn 2021 issue

dialogue is...

Dedicated to the memory of Maurice J. King, 1927~2019

…an independent, Canadian volunteer-produced, not-for-profit quarterly, written and supported by its readers – empowering their voices and the sharing of ideas. Now in its 35th year, dialogue provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and an antidote to political correctness. We encourage readers to share with others the ideas and insights gleaned from these pages.

Dear Reader,

Heartened by Dolly Dennis’ “Autumn Curtain” painting Maurice, Janet and Ed Curtin’s “Behind The Curtain” column, p.4, this & Penny (2019) issue delves ever more deeply… to find answers and insights… Many perspectives shed light on the disconcerting events that continue to unfold around us. Several articles make it clear that the nightmare we are living has been “in planning” for many decades and even over generations… During the last 21 months, many of us have become aware of the diabolical details of a dystopian future coveted by the elite power group [See John Coleman’s introduction to the Committee of 300, p.24, and other articles in this issue.] But for many of us, this knowledge (like hearIf you would like to share ing about Adrenochrome for the first time) is too painful to bear – so we your ideas and become a are tempted to turn away from the truth – and thus become easy prey for writer/artist in our magazine, the merchants of spin and subterfuge. What do we do when faced with please consider this your personal invitation to participate! unspeakable crimes that have been going on without our knowledge? We also need your support as a “Cognitive dissonance” is a term that Steve Clarke, chairman of Citizens subscriber, to help us continue for Direct Democracy, discussed in his essay about “Gaslighting…in the (See P. 82 for details) Age of Covid” in the Autumn 2020 issue, p.17; “A process designed to Your donations and Gift Subcreate fear, uncertainty, confusion, and contradiction – it leaves people in a scriptions are also vital to keepstate that is vulnerable to malign control,” as Peter Weygang describes it. ing the magazine going! We receive NO government funding It is clear that we are facing assaults to both our health and our basic freeand no advertising revenue. We rely doms (especially via the Control aspect of the Vaccine Passports). This is totally on the generous support of our readers & subscribers. Thank You! a crisis with many different aspects. There are two excellent video links on p.9: Reiner Fuellmich provides a clear and concise account of the unfolddialogue was founded in 1987 and is now published quarterly. ing of the plandemic. And a video by Ernst Wolff explains the global Maurice J. King, Publisher-In-Memoriam banking connection. David Martin, in his video (link, p.19) explains clearly Janet K. Hicks, Volunteer Editor how Big Pharma has long been planning for their “vaccine cash cow” Print Issue: 24 Sep. 2021 (cartoon, p.27). And, if you are ready for a deep-diving, holistic approach, Also available at www.dialogue.ca watch: Amandha D Vollmer, from Ontario (link, p.26). Annual subscription: $20.00 Thank you to every one of Dialogue’s readers and writers – May we all [including GST, # 89355-1739] Canada Post Agreement No. 40069647 have compassion for our own and each other’s journeys of understandRegistration No. 08915 ing, wherever we may be. As always, please read with heart and an ISSN: 1184-7042, Legal Deposit: open but discriminating mind! We look forward to hearing from you. National Library of Canada (409731) Janet Hicks King, volunteer editor (& Lucky!)


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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Behind the Curtain

The Incantational Bewitchment of Propaganda.

“Once upon a Time, People Sat Together and Talked” By Edward Curtin, Massachusetts, USA Published at Global Research, Sep 2, 2021 and at the author’s website: http://edwardcurtin.com GR LINK: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-incantationalbewitchment-of-propaganda-once-upon-a-time-people-sattogether-and-talked/5754669

“We’ll know our disinformation is complete when everything the America public believe is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director, Feb. 1981 All propaganda succeeds because it satisfies needs that it has first created. If you follow the daily rat-atat mainstream news reports and react to them, you will be caught in a labyrinth that has been set to entrap you. You will keep finding that your mind will be like a bed that is already made up and your daylight hours filled with nightmares. What you assume are your real needs will be met, but you will swiftly tumble into the free-floating anxiety that the media has created to keep you on edge and confused. They will provide you with objects – Covid-19, the U.S. “withdrawal” from Afghanistan, the Russian and Chinese “threats,” the need to crack down on domestic dissidents, 9/11, etc. (an endless panoply of lies) – that you can attach your anxiety to, but they will be no help. They are not meant to; their purpose is to befuddle; to make you more anxious by wondering if currently there is any contrast between the real world and the apparent one. The corporate mainstream media serve phantasmagoria on a 24/7 basis, all shifting like quicksand. For anyone with a modicum of common sense, this should be obvious. But then again, as Thoreau put it: The commonest sense is the sense of men asleep, which they express by snoring. Perhaps some health expert will soon recommend that 24 hours of sleep a day is optimal, but maybe I am dreaming or being redundant. For many decades, the corporate mainstream media and the CIA have been synonymous. They were married down in hell and now daily do the devil’s work up above. Now that news is conveyed primarily through digital media via the internet, their power to induce electronic trances has increased 4 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

exponentially. Linguistic and visual mind control is their raison d’être. Fear is their favorite tactic. And since the fear and anxiety of death is the archetypal source of all anxiety, death becomes a core element in their fear-mongering. In a recent powerful article, Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett, a brave and free war correspondent who has reported from inside Syria and Gaza, has shown how the ongoing Covid-19 “fear porn” spewed out by the media has dramatically increased people’s anxiety levels and thrown so many into a perpetual state of near panic. This, of course, is not an accident. Fear immobilizes people and drives them into a cataleptic state where clear thinking is impossible. They become hypnotized in a “private” space that is actually social, an instantaneous identification with the media news reports that are addressed to millions but feel personal and greatly exacerbate the great loneliness that lies at the core of high-tech society. As I have said before, the new digital order is the world of teleconferencing and the online life, existence shorn of physical space and time and people. A world where shaking hands is a dissident act. A haunted world of masked specters, distorted words and images that can appear and disappear in a nanosecond. A magic show. A place where, in the words of Charles Manson, you can “get the fear,” where fear is king. A locus where, as you stare at the screens, you are no longer there since you are spellbound. In a high-tech society, loneliness is far more prevalent than in the past. The technology has imprisoned people behind their screens and now the controlling forces are intent on closing this mechanistic circle if they can. They call it The Great Reset. They have spent decades using technology to invade and pare down people’s inner private space, where freedom to think and decide resides. They have repeated ad nauseum the materialistic mantra that freedom is an illusion and that we are amazing machines determined by our genes and social forces. They have reiterated that the spiritual and transcendent

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realms are illusions. And they have pushed their transhuman agenda, to assert more and more power and control. This is the essence of the corona crisis and the push to vaccinate everyone. Drip by drip, year by year, they have cultivated the necessary preconditions and predispositions for this technological fascism with its nihilistic underpinnings to succeed. When the inner dimension of existence is lost, there is no way to critique the outer world, its politics, and social structure. Dissent becomes a useless passion when people instantly identify with the social. Human nature doesn’t change, but social structures and technology do – and they can be used to try to destroy people’s humanity. Herbert Marcuse put it clearly * long before the latest digital technology: This immediate, automatic identification (which may have been characteristic of primitive forms of association) reappears in high industrial civilization; its new ‘immediacy,’ however, is the product of a sophisticated, scientific management and organization. In this process, the “inner” dimension of the mind, in which opposition to the status quo can take root, is whittled down. The loss of this dimension, in which the power of negative thinking – the critical power of Reason – is at home, is the ideological counterpart to the very material process in which advanced industrial society silences and reconciles the opposition. * Once upon a time, people sat together and talked. They even touched and shared their thoughts and feelings. They conspired in a most natural way, apart from the prying eyes and ears of the electronic spies. Now so many sit and check their cell phones. They “connect,” thinking they are with it while not knowing they have been lured into another dimension where frenetic passivity reigns and trance states are the rule. “Propaganda is the true remedy for loneliness,” said Jacques Ellul in his masterpiece, Propaganda. He was being simultaneously accurate and facetious. For propaganda provides a doorway to pseudo-community, a place to lose oneself in the group, to satisfy the need to believe and obey in mass technological society where emotional emptiness and lack of meaning are widespread and the need to fill up the empty self is dutifully met by propaganda, which is a drug by any www.dialogue.ca

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other name, indeed the primary drug. The empty self craves fulfillment, anything to consume to fill the void that a consumer culture dangles everywhere. Think alike, buy alike, dress alike – and you will be one big happy community. It is all abstract of course, even as its rational character is irrational, but that doesn’t matter a whit since the fear of “not going along” and appearing dissident plagues people. Now we have endless digital propaganda that is the “remedy” for loneliness. Ah, all the lonely people, keeping their masks in a jar by the side of the door together with Eleanor Rigby. They think they know what their masks are for but don’t know why they are lonely or that they have been played with. Masks upon masks are donned to ward off the fear that is pumped out through the electronic airwaves. It is doubtful that many ever heard of William Casey or can imagine the breadth and depth of the propaganda that he and his current protégés in the intelligence agencies and corporate media dispense daily. “When everything the American people believes is false.” Casey must be smiling in hell. ** A grim submissiveness has settled over the lives of millions of hypnotized people in so many countries. Grim, grim, grim, as Charles Dickens wrote of his 1842 visit to the puritanical Shaker religious sect in western Massachusetts. He said: I so abhor, and from my soul detest, that bad spirit, no matter by what class or sect it may be entertained, which would strip life of its healthful graces, rob youth of its innocent pleasures, pluck from maturity and age their pleasant ornaments, and make existence but a narrow path to the grave… And yet, the fundamental things still do apply, as time goes by. Love, glory, loneliness, beauty, fear, faith, and courage. Lovers and true artists, fighters both, resist this machine tyranny and its endless lies, because they smell a rat intent on destroying their passionate love of the daring adventure that is life. They feel life is an agon, an arena for struggle, “a fight for love and glory,” a case of do-and-die. They have bull-shit detectors and see through the elites’ propaganda that is used to literally kill millions around the world and to kill the spirit of rebellion in so many others. And they know that it is in the inner sanctuary of every individual soul where resistance to evil is born and fear is defeated. They know too that the art and …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Ed Curtin, …Bewitchment of Propaganda, cont’d.

love must be shared and this is how social solidarity movements are created. Listen. The fight is on. “This Has Gotta Stop.” VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNt4NIQ7FTA

Eric Clapton – “This Has Gotta Stop” (Official Music Video) 2,074,979+ views / Premiered Aug 27, 2021 [Image from the music video]

See also, by Ed Curtin: “The Fog of Propaganda”: Professor Michel Chossudovsky: Truthteller Extraordinaire LINK: http://edwardcurtin.com/professor-michelchossudovsky-truthteller-extraordinaire/ ABOUT ED CURTIN: “Educated in the classics, philosophy, literature, theology, and sociology, I teach sociology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. My writing on varied topics has appeared widely over many years. I write as a public intellectual for the general public, not as a specialist for a narrow readership. I believe a non-committal sociology is an impossibility and therefore see all my work as an effort to enhance human freedom through understanding.” Ed Curtin’s new book is: Seeking Truth In A Country of Lies: www.claritypress.com/product/seeking-truth-in-a-country-of-lies/ ♣

This article was originally published on the author’s blog site, Behind the Curtain: http://edwardcurtin.com/the-incantational-bewitchment-of-propaganda/ Ed Curtin is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). ♣

Editor’s Footnotes: * Herbert Marcuse: One-Dimensional Man (Boston: Beacon, 1964): Book available online at: www.marcuse.org/herbert/pubs/64onedim/odm1.html ** “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987 ♣


Stand Up Canada –


“Empowering Canadians with knowledge and legal solutions to protect their rights!” Paula Tucci, spokesperson, Stand Up Canada From the website: Stand Up Canada is a federally registered, non-profit Corporation and our purpose is to educate Canadians to know, first and foremost, that they have rights and, secondly, to know how to use the law to defend their rights and civil liberties. Formed in response to the massive amount of human rights violations under government-imposed Covid-19 measures. Our Mission Statement is "Empowering Canadians with knowledge and legal solutions to protect their rights!" Stand Up Canada is a volunteer organization, run by concerned citizens of our great country. There is an Alphabetical Listing of Information, under the SITE INDEX on the website, https://standupcanada.solutions/

Legal Challenge to NO MASK NO ENTRY Business Policy: Ontario Legal Information Packages are now available.

6 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

June 21, 2021: Stand Up Canada has a LEGAL CHALLENGE to the unlawful "NO MASK NO ENTRY" business policy in Ontario! A win will create a major legal precedent in Ontario and every person who is unable to wear a mask will benefit from this. Please visit OUR LEGAL CHALLENGE page for more details about this. We need your help to support us! Attention legal firms in all other provinces and territories: We intend to create Legal Information Packages for all other provinces and territories. If you are a licensed paralegal or lawyer who practices law outside of Ontario and would like to be involved in this initiative, please reach out to Email: info@standupcanada.solutions .

Notices of Liability - United Health Care Workers of Ontario (UHCWO) Attention - All Health Care Workers in Ontario! If you are concerned with mandatory vaccination policies, you are not alone. Mandatory vaccination in Canada is ILLEGAL. Join UNITED HEALTH CARE WORKERS OF ONTARIO and Stand Up for your rights to say “I DO NOT CONSENT!” [SEE P.83 of this issue for Video of a panel discussion featuring Paula Tucci, hosted by Ted Kuntz, Vaccine Choice Canada ♣

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The Legacy of Two Trudeaus*… Action4Canada founder Tanya Gaw in conversation with Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd) By Christina Stafford, Nanaimo BC cm.stafford@shaw.ca, Sep. 17, 2021 LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmtY1sz8tN4

This is a very worthwhile interview with Tanya Gaw who has done plenty of research into the legality – or lack thereof! – of all the protocols that we are told are “mandated” (i.e. not legally imposed). Tanya Gaw is expressing very clearly HOW those of us who have questioned the mainstream fear messaging – can really help at this stage…. Plus, the information she’s sharing will definitely help any of us who need a refresher education about what our legal and constitutional rights and freedoms actually are… This is practical, applicable and efficacious knowledge that we need for safe passage through this extremely chaotic time... Those who are confident in believing everything the health officials in each province are saying definitely need to listen to what she’s discovered – going back to when Pierre Trudeau was elected.* What she’s saying clarifies why choosing an ethical stand in accord with the Universal Bill of Human Rights and Freedoms provides the moral high ground, which the so-called “authorities” do NOT have! The entire campaign of fear and force is not based on anything legal, constitutional, or “health” oriented… It is our own fear and/or misplaced trust that is allowing the decimation of our human lives and values… Freedom includes the equal right to follow every protocol if this is your choice… Individual freedom, doesn't threaten anyone else. Divisive NARRATIVES do. Individual freedom is based on everything that constitutes a Democracy – which is diametrically opposite to a Communist Dictatorship…. The focus on fear has totally obscured this extremely important understanding of what defines a Democracy. And it reveals the agenda behind all the media hype. The story of harming everyone else by not complying with protocols cannot be validated. NONE of it can be justified by actual science. A healthy immune system is much more important than an endless WAR on Mother Nature’s ‘internet’ – her messenger system. This is what viruses actually are; they are not living organisms. They www.dialogue.ca

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exist in every part of the planet in numbers that exceed all the stars in the universe… This includes the upper atmosphere, the water, soil and air we breathe, and they live inside and on our bodies… We wouldn’t be here without them... Their entire purpose is to help us adjust to changes in the world around us…. We need not only viral updates, but consciousness updates because we’ve been believing stories that are not based in the way reality actually is…. WATCH THE INTERVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmtY1sz8tN4

* After he was elected, P.E. Trudeau brought in “Multiculturalism” – with no studies, no vote in Parliament. The policy has resulted in “nations” being created within our nation; no supportive immigration and integration services such as language learning, etc. And this was the transition from a Judeo-Christian nation with Judeo/Christian values to a secular state… When Justin was elected, he announced we were the ‘first post-national state with no core values.’ ♣ **************************************************************

SEE A RELATED ARTICLE FROM EVA LYMAN, next page: On August 16th, 2021, Action4Canada formally filed legal action in the BC Supreme Court, to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures implemented in B.C. The civil claim is on behalf of 20 plaintiffs – Action4Canada and 19 other private plaintiffs “seeking constitutional relief and monetary damages, for the damages caused to them by the oppressive, unlawful, criminal and unconstitutional measures implemented in that province through the government and the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.” Rocco Galati, BA, LLB, LLM …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 7

Action4Canada and other Plaintiffs launch comprehensive challenge to COVID Measures in British Columbia VIDEO LINK: https://www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca/action4canada-british-columbia-court-challenge/ PUBLISHED: AUGUST 28, 2021 By the Constitutional Rights Centre Rec’d from Eva Lyman, West Vancouver evalyman@gmail.com

Here is a great quote by FDR on fascism: “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

We need to remember that these days! Might be a good little reminder to slip into Dialogue! – Eva

FROM THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS CENTRE: LINK ABOVE Action4Canada and the Constitutional Rights Centre are very pleased to announce that the Statement of Claim for the BC/Federal legal action has been filed. On August 16th, 2021, Action4Canada formally filed legal action in the BC Supreme Court, to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures. The defendants include: the Government of Canada, the Government of BC, various public health officers, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and others. Action4Canada is committed to defending faith, family and freedom.

About The Statement of Claim Action4Canada and the Constitutional Rights Centre believe the government is infringing on human rights and have exceeded their authority, causing irreparable harm. Their actions appear to constitute criminal negligence, breach of trust, incitement of hatred, crimes against humanity, committed against our elderly, our children and society at large, by withholding life-saving treatments, causing extreme psychological trauma due to the ordering of isolation, lockdowns, masking, social distancing and, without making full, true and plain disclosure of the known risks thereof, mandating and promoting dangerous experimental medical injections which they know, or ought to know, cause adverse reactions and death. The government’s dictatorial and unlawful measures and their out-of-control spending, in response to COVID-19 are further destroying our businesses, our communities, and our economy. Many small businesses have been forced to close. Furthermore, the escalating national debt is putting the future of our children and grandchildren at risk. “The measures are in violation of the Constitution and nearly every section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians have “guaranteed” rights. Such as

8 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Section 7 of the Charter and 1(a) of the Bill of Rights; “the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice”. The government’s actions are putting our sovereignty, national security, and our democracy at risk. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/CR-notice-cc-a4c

Thank you for your continued and kind support of the CRC, Rocco Galati, BA, LLB, LLM, Exec. Director UPDATE: On Aug. 17, 2021, the Supreme Court of British Columbia registered the filed claim challenging the COVID Measures in British Columbia. On the basis of this filed claim, an injunction is being prepared to stay the “Vaccine Passport” provisions announced in British Columbia. “The Statement of Claim canvasses the history of COVID, the scientific and medical evidence, the law, and the constitutional rights that are violently and depravingly being violated against every citizen of that province and of, in fact, every citizen in Canada. The measures are not only oppressive and devastating, they are unscientific, nonmedical, illegal, criminal and unconstitutional. They have had the effect, intentional or unintentional, of setting up a police state dictatorial regime with a singular aim & obsession with vaccination…” - Rocco Galati, BA, LLB, LLM VIDEO LINK: Aug. 28, 2021:

https://www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca/action4canadabritish-columbia-court-challenge/ Constitutional Rights Centre Inc., 1062 College Street Toronto ON M6H 1A9 https://www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca ACTION4CANADA, Suite #453-102 - 15910 Fraser Hwy Surrey, BC V4N 0X9

https://www.action4canada.com callto@action4canada.com

SEE ALSO A VACCINE CHOICE CANADA VIDEO LINK on P.83, featuring Rocco Galati, Tanya Gaw, Paula Tucci, and others.

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An Excellent presentation by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, from Germany Video Links from Jerry Flynn: Explaining the Crimes Against Humanity Sep. 15, 2021 – Dr. Robert Young. Covid Vaccines all contain Graphene Oxide which enable the Cabal/Globalists to make YOU a Zombie! He mentions the Rockefeller Foundation; “Flipping a Switch Inside Your Head.” (Minute 24:00) Radio transmitter tuned to 465 kHz to control YOU! (Min. 25:30 onward) LINK: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AJdSvaHbnkPh/

From Jerry Flynn, Comox BC wbjf85@protonmail.com Sep. 16, 2021 – (video 39:54) Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich provides a clear and concise account of how the corona virus pandemic has been planned and played out, who are the major players (“psychopaths and sociopaths” all), and what are their goals, as openly stated on the websites of the WEF, WHO, etc., and backed by many global leaders.

Apr. 9, 2021 – World Economic Forum (WEF) globalist and eugenicist Klaus Schwab declares unvaccinated people to be a threat to humanity. LINK: https://stateofthenation.co/?p=59570 Feb. 24, 2021 – Alliance for Natural Health International: There is plenty of evidence for an interest in transitioning the world order. Angela Merkel (Germany), Emmanuel Macron (France), Justin Trudeau (Canada) and Joe Biden (USA) have all repeatedly stated this, often referencing the associated ‘build back better’ slogan. LINK: https://www.anhinternational.org/news/revisiting-the-great-reset/; ALSO, Oct. 16, 2020 – Video/transcript: https://www.anhinternational.org/news/thegreat-reset-or-the-great-divide/

Dr. Fuellmich gives an update on the largest class action lawsuit in human history for Crimes Against Humanity. See Min. 34.30, where he mentions Klaus Schwab’s students in 1992 as Bill Gates and Angela Merkel, also Macron, Justin Trudeau, Hardin, etc.).

Dec. 2, 2020 – Marina Black, essay: Let’s talk about the Great Reset. Political leaders like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. presidentelect Joe Biden, and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson have announced their endorsement of the plan. LINK: https://thecord.ca/lets-talk-about-the-great-reset/ Nov. 20, 2020 – Tucker Carlson: Cdn. PM Justin Trudeau Calls “Great Reset” a “Conspiracy Theory” - Despite two months earlier advocating it in a speech at the United Nations. https://summit.news/2020/11/20/trudeau-callsgreat-reset-a-conspiracy-theory-despite-previously-advocating-it/ ♣

Dr. Fuellmich spells out the “One World Government” goals of the Globalists. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/RF-Sep16-21


PRESENTATION BY ERNST WOLFF, Germany (Aug. 2021) RE COVID & THE BANKING CRISIS https://odysee.com/@IvorCummins:f/Ernst-Wolff---Uncovering-the-Corona-Narrative---Aug-2021:8

the quite deliberate and premeditated destruction of the world Ernst Wolff – Uncovering the Corona Narrative economy. The new system, operatand the banking/finance/corporate agenda for ing through the central banks – central bank-issued currency, controlled by will allow governments to watch government, via the Universal Basic Income: over and control – all transactions AFTER the planned destruction of the world econmade... omies – using the scaremongering of the Covid-19 threat and the planned eventual total chaos After driving the world into deep Ernst Wolff is a German requiring their Solution. – August 2021. social division & chaos, the digital author and journalist, Video posted September 13th. whose expertise lies in central bank money will be introthe global financial and Ernst Wolff’s presentation explains the bankduced as the Solution via the Unimonetary system and ing crisis, the acts of desperation by the digital- the current economical versal Basic Income. And he exsituation. financial complex since 2008, the growing risk plains the role and planning by the of hyper-inflation due to the vast sums injected, or World Economic Forum of (unapologetic eugenifinal collapse: destroying the value of money. So cist) Klaus Schwab, as he wrote in his 2020 book, they are creating a new system; using every means to use Covid-19 to creatively destroy the world to plunder the old dying system - while carrying out and build up a new one while also driving …/ LINK from Connie Fogal, Vancouver


Print/Digital Edition

VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 9

Ernst Wolff, Covid and the Banking Crisis, contd.

his vision of transhumanism – the melding of man and machine. This agenda is being driven by the selected and groomed corporate and political leaders, as well as 10,000 young people chosen and trained to be part of the implementation. But, Ernst says the whole thing has another side to it... He explains how the vision of Klaus Schwab is destined to fail, for several reasons: the narrative of the threat of a deadly virus cannot be sustained and is collapsing; he believes the outrageousness of the lies betrays their desperation. He quoted Abraham Lincoln: You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. [Ed: but they didn’t have TV then!] Ernst believes that the truth will emerge in our time. The collapsing narrative provides us with a “window of opportunity” (to use a KS term). The credi-

bility of the leadership of this agenda is being buried, day by day, so we have the opportunity for a vast and comprehensive campaign of enlightenment. Their motivation fueled by greed and power is their weakness. They rely solely on the ignorance of the majority of people. “The majority does not understand the evil game that this minority are playing with them. Our role is to keep the peace, consistently expose all lies, and show people, bit by bit, why and by whom they are being deceived. When we do that - and reflect on the strength of our arguments, then we cannot only solve the current problem, but possibly achieve something much bigger, namely, use one of the deepest crises of humanity to turn around the direction of human history and so open the door to a new and better era. Thank you.” [August 2021] EXCELLENT PRESENTATION: English subtitles. ♣


Banksters Celebrate Fiat's 50th! ... By Introducing CBDC Nightmare REPRINTED FROM CORBETT REPORT AS A PUBLIC SERVICE Corbett • 08/30/2021 www.corbettreport.com/banksters-celebrate-fiats50th-by-introducing-cbdc-nightmare/

Corbett Report by James Corbett corbettreport.com August 28, 2021

Happy Birthday, fiat currency! What, you didn't know that the fiat dollar is 50 years old this month? At least, according to the bankster class and their media lapdogs, it is. Observe: “On 15 August, the United States marked the 50th anniversary of the birth of fiat currency, or a currency that depends on faith in the Federal Reserve and not in the gold standard. Like most 50th anniversaries, this one shows the celebrant worse for wear.” That little gem comes from an article entitled (get this), "The US Fed Can Actually Boost Equality With a Digital Currency." Right off the bat, if the idea that the fiat dollar is indeed only 50 years old sets off your BS meter, then 10 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

congratulations! Your BS meter is working. The actual story of the fiat dollar is a much longer and more complex one. [SEE : www.bobmurphyshow.com/episodes/ep-212the-nixon-shock-was-only-the-final-nail-in-the-coffinof-the-gold-dollar/ ]

The short version goes like this: the fiat dollar was not born in 1971. That was the year of the so-called "Nixon shock," when President Nixon officially severed the gold/dollar link by closing the gold window and thus preventing foreign governments from knocking on the US Treasury's door and asking it to convert their piles of dollars into stacks of gold. Even that story is a much longer and complex one (if you're interested, enjoy some light bedtime reading on De Gaulle vs. the Dollar and The London Gold Pool), but the gist is that the Nixon shock was just the final nail in the gold-backed dollar's coffin, not a magical moment in which the dollar suddenly became fiat. Now, if only the worst piece of propaganda being flaunted by the propagandists right now were a Print/Digital Edition


misleading headline about the birth date of the fiat dollar, then I could just invite you to explore the links above and we could call it a day. But it's not going to be that easy, is it? No, sadly, this article contains some much more dangerous propaganda: propaganda that touts not simply the "benefits" but the inevitability of the coming central bank digital currency (CBDC). And as you should all know by now, the central bank digital currency is the birth of the cashless society control grid that the independent media have been warning about for decades now. So, let's roll up our sleeves and deconstruct this propaganda, shall we? Once you read the article in question, you'll see that it leans heavily on the problem-reaction-solution formula that will be very familiar to the old hands in the conspiracy realist space. Namely, it posits a problem, tells us what our reaction to that problem should be, and then provides the solution (that our wise and benevolent overlords coincidentally happen to be working on) to "fix" that problem for us! In this case, it functions like this: Problem: "The ‘almighty dollar’ is facing a raft of challenges from other supra-national currency powerhouses such as China and from giant technology companies that understand they would exercise even more market clout if they controlled not just what we buy and sell, but also how we pay for it." Reaction: "If the Fed doesn’t quickly redefine the dollar to reflect its rapid digitalization by other hands, central banks will join shopping malls on the long list of complacent category leaders felled by agile competitors." Solution: "When the Fed designs the US central bank digital currency (CBDC), it must focus not only on its own concerns, including how it would impact the transmission of monetary policy, but also on ensuring that CBDC is money that materially improves economic opportunity." That's right, we go from "We're falling behind the ChiComs in the digital currency race!" to what will happen when (not if) the Fed designs the US central bank digital currency. The propaganda is all the more effective for simply assuming the most important part, as if there's no question at all about whether the Fed will implement a CBDC (let alone if they should). "CBDCs are already baked into their cake. They're www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

inevitable! You can't fight it, pleb! (Don't even try!)" Now, to be fair, there is an air of inevitability to the worldwide changeover in the global monetary system that's taking place right now, and that's precisely because it is already happening. The public is just being conditioned to accept this new reality. One just has to browse the handy-dandy CBDCInsider website to see the list of countries that are lining up to throw themselves off of this digital currency cliff: Brazil, Canada, Iceland, India, Jamaica, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela and literally dozens of other countries (including, of course, the US) are either "exploring" the implementation of a central bank-issued digital currency or are actively engaged in retail pilot programs testing the technology. So what is a "central bank digital currency," exactly? Good question! . . . and one that I've already answered. For the long answer, please check out my podcast on Bretton Woods 2.0. For the short answer, let's turn to Investopedia: A central bank digital currency (CBDC) uses an electronic record or digital token to represent the virtual form of a fiat currency of a particular nation (or region). A CBDC is centralized; it is issued and regulated by the competent monetary authority of the country. It's not difficult to see why the banksters are so excited by the idea of issuing digital expressions of central bank fiat directly; it gives them unprecedented control over every transaction that takes place in this new "digital dollar" economy. Don't take my word for it. Take Agustin Carstens, the unhealthily rotund General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements— the Tower of Basel that represents the apex of the central bank pyramid. Carstens spelled it out in black and white for the hard-of-thinking in an IMF roundtable on the subject of CBDCs last October: "We don’t know who’s using a $100 bill today and we don’t know who’s using a 1,000 peso bill today. The key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that." Read that again. Or better yet, watch him say it for yourself. https://twitter.com/awayslice/status/1413250347120930816

Yes, the CBDC economy is one in which users of …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 11

Corbett Report, Banksters…CBDC Nightmare, contd.

these digital "expression[s] of central bank liability" will be completely at the mercy of the central bank, which will have "absolute control on the rules and regulations" over the use of that currency. If the central bank deems you to be a dangerous anti-vaxx domestic terrorist, they will simply turn off your account. No more purchases for you! Want to buy a membership to a naughty crimethink site like The Corbett Report? "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." No wonder Carstens and his central bank cronies are wetting their pants in anticipation of this development. If you want to understand the technical details of this monetary "innovation," I highly recommend you watch John Titus' recent videos on this subject, [ https://odysee.com/@BestEvidence:b ] including his latest, "Larry & Carstens' Excellent Pandemic," in which he explains the difference between the wholesale and retail monetary circuits and how the CBDC seeks to bridge the gap between the two by allowing central banks to pump money directly into the public's pocket. He also explains how the push for this move was laid out by BlackRock—yes, that BlackRock—at the 2019 edition of the central banksters' annual Jackson Hole retreat, and how the scamdemic is nothing more than the perfect cover for the execution of this monetary coup. Indeed, it is important to understand that—stripped of all the buzzword-laden rhetoric and whizzbang technical details—this idea is nothing new. As I've explained in the past, Operation Choke Point has already been accomplishing the financial exclusion of government-deemed "undesirables"—including gun dealers, pawn shops, coin dealers and tobacconists and even porn stars—for years. But previous attempts to squeeze individuals out of the economy have been ham-fisted. In Choke Point, the US federal government could target businesses only indirectly, by using its regulatory authority to lean on banks to drop the targeted customer. This was always a legally dubious move, and, as I showed in Solutions: Survival Currency, was supposedly halted after legal pushback. But with CBDCs, there will be no legal recourse. There will be no need to lean on banks to close the accounts of targeted customers; instead, those "customers" will have their account directly with the central bank. As such, the central bank will be able to 12 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

suspend an account of anyone they want at any time, or to stop any particular transaction that they don't approve of between any two people at any moment. It is only by understanding the true gravity of what is being proposed that we can begin to evaluate propaganda like "The US Fed Can Actually Boost Equality With a Digital Currency." Reading it in this context, we can see the bizarre nature of this article, which is ostensibly attempting to make the case for CBDCs— touting the features of a digital central bank token "that materially improves economic opportunity"— but in fact warning about the many ways that such a system could go wrong if not implemented properly: If the Fed instead becomes the nation’s deposittaker, then it will also need to be the nation’s loanmaker. It would need to make decisions not only about each individual’s creditworthiness, but also about who deserves a loan to advance what type of economic activity. Not even those who are spruiking(*) the benefits of CBDCs can deny that they have the potential to place extraordinary power in the hands of unelected, unaccountable central bankers. And only the most willfully naive could deny that the central banksters would gladly take (and abuse) such power if given half a chance. The battle for the future of the monetary system is underway, and few have any idea that it's even happening. The root of the problem, of course, is that central bank-issued fiat money has become the backbone of the economy—not 50 years ago this month, as the propagandists would have you believe, but in a centuries-long process that has culminated in the advent of CBDCs. Luckily for us, the opportunities for stepping outside of this fiat paradigm are numerous and relatively easy to access. There are many survival currencies [ www.corbettreport.com/survivalcurrency/ ] already available to those who are willing to explore them, and with the advent of BlackMarketFridays and other ideas for transacting outside the purview of the banks, there are more ways than ever to connect with businesses and individuals who are willing to transact outside of the fiat system. The alternative economy is like a muscle, and—as those who are increasingly facing "health pass" Print/Digital Edition


restrictions and vaccine mandates are beginning to find out—if we don't flex that muscle by finding ways of transacting with like-minded people in agorist markets, we will quickly find ourselves trapped in the banksters' cashless-society nightmare. The choice is ours . . . for now. Let's make it wisely. [* Spruik, v.: to promote a thing or idea, Australian slang]

This weekly editorial is part of The Corbett Report Subscriber newsletter. To support The Corbett Report and to access the full newsletter, please sign up to become a member of the website. For free access to this editorial, please CLICK HERE. https://www.minds.com/CorbettReport/blog/banksters-celebrate-fiat-s-50th-by-introducing-cbdc-nightmar1278906443713482763 ♣


Understanding the Implications of Agenda ID2020 of the “One World Order”: By Peter Koenig and Dr. Vernon Coleman Global Research, September 08, 2021 https://www.globalresearch.ca/agenda-id2020-101understanding-implications/5721260

Foresight by Geopolitical Analyst Peter Koenig. Incisive article published on August 17, 2020

Agenda ID2020 – is hardly mentioned by any media, let alone the mainstream. Agenda ID2020, if carried out, is the ultimate control by a small elite – of the One World Order (OWO), also called the New World Order (NWO) – over the world population. It is a mechanism that would allow controlling every movement of each one of the 7.9 billion people of planet earth, including everyone’s health records, cash flows, bank accounts, as well as our behavior in this ultra-controlled society – which I refrain from calling civilization anymore. Sounds crazy. Yes, but that’s the plan. No conspiracy theory. That is the absurd dream of a few multi-billionaires, including Bill Gates. And the tool for such a control is a universal covid vaccine. See this article for an overview of what might happen: “The Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is Agenda ID2020”: Agenda ID2020: The Diabolical Agenda within the Agenda. “Genetically Modified Humanity” www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

“What is the infamous ID2020? It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.… The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity. Let Dr. Vernon Coleman describe, in simple terms, the mechanisms that mankind – you and me – might be confronted with, if the super power elite has its way. Watch this 10- min. video on controlling the people – vaccines, microchips and electromagnetic fields (EMF) – an old science turned new… VIDEO: https://www.globalresearch.ca/agendaid2020-101-understanding-implications/5721260

Wikipedia describes Dr. Vernon Coleman as an English author, columnist and former general practitioner. He has written over 100 books, including works about human health, politics, cricket, and animal issues, and a range of novels. It is High Noon, but never too late to Act in solidarity, despite covid-dictated ‘wanton social distancing’, and prevent this human disaster. Vernon Coleman Website: www.vernoncoleman.com ALSO BY DR. COLEMAN:

How to Survive in the Lunatic Land of the Coronavirus Hoax Dr Vernon Coleman, MB ChB DSc FRSA SEE TRANSCRIPT AT:

www.vernoncoleman.com/lunaticland.htm Dr. Vernon Coleman is an English author, columnist and former general practitioner. He has written over 100 books, including works about human health, politics, cricket, and animal issues, and a range of novels. ♣ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 13

THE SO-CALLED “VACCINE” “Herd Stupidity”: The Manufactured Covid Crisis, the Gene-based mRNA “Vaccine” and “The Pinnacles of Wealth and Power” No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed By Prof. Anthony Hall, Global Research, Sep 2, ‘21 [EXTRACT & LINK]

The pandemic is contrived for sinister motives. Everything connected with Covid is Junk Science foisted on a fearful and gullible world. The virus, the lock downs, the masks, the abuse of PCR for diagnosis, the temperature checks at commercial entrances, the ubiquitous little bottles of alcohol, the relentless propaganda and most especially the soon-to-be-mandatory lethal injections are all Junk Science. “The people behind all this are masters – or hire masters – of crowd psychology and have the most sinister and evil intentions for all of us.” – Anonymous, Comment 651, “The Covid Debate: To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx,” Unz Review, 15 August, 2021

Doing More Harm Than Good The development, distribution and injection of COVID jabs gives new meaning to the term, “deregulation.” From beginning to end, the whole process appears to be devoid of hard-and-fast rules. Tried-and-true methods have been overturned for no apparent reason. Old methods have been set aside. These abandoned methods have sought to priorize the safety, wellbeing and security of patients over the business interests of drug makers, hospital owners and medical practitioners. It is made to seem like the only imperative that is consistently pursued is the push to plunge COVID jabs

into as many arms as possible as fast and as widely distributed as possible. Other than that, the underlying philosophy could be described as… dam the reports of extremely harmful health impacts… full steam ahead. Nothing is allowed to get in the way of the carrot and stick approach to raising the numbers of injected people. No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed without any decent regard for the precautionary principle. Great precaution should accompany the introduction into the biosphere of all new technologies, but especially those affecting living organisms and delicate biological relationships among them. The precautionary principle has particular bearing on experiments that alter the biological workings of human beings, both individually and collectively as when contagious illness is involved. […] READ IN FULL: www.globalresearch.ca/deregulation-injectionsmanufactured-covid-crisis/5754648 Dr. Hall is editor in chief of the American Herald Tribune. He is Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled The Bowl with One Spoon. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research; LINK to his articles: https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/anthony-hall ♣


Ontario Civil Liberties Association:

Open Letter to the Vaccinated By Dr. Angela Durante, Prof Denis Rancourt, and et al. Ontario Civil Liberties Association 29 August 2021 Global Research, August 30, 2021

Following their “Open Letter to the Unvaccinated”, [https://ocla.ca/a-letter-to-the-unvaccinated/ ] an expanding group of Canadian scholars has now written a letter addressing “the vaccinated.” The writers expose the divisiveness of vaccination status and denounce the resulting rift in society. Giving up civil liberties in exchange for a false sense 14 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

of safety is futile. We must not accept a descent into medical apartheid in Canada and around the world. The letter appeals both to those who chose to take the vaccine and those who were coerced. It reflects on the broader implications of our actions in an effort to collaborate on a constructive path forward.

OCLA Open Letter to the Vaccinated Prime Minister Trudeau recently warned that “there will be consequences” if federal employees do not

Print/Digital Edition


comply with vaccine mandates. This is a voice of tyranny that has reverberated fear and heightened agitation across our country. It has launched our nation into deep division around mass vaccination and brought our collective recovery from this pandemic to a critical head. In fact, it forces us, as a country, to finally ask: indeed, what are those consequences? What are the societal consequences of being divided along the lines of vaccination status? What are the consequences of mandating such an insufficiently tested medical intervention? How is this all supposed to end well? The consequences will be dire, to be certain. And the consequences will affect all of us, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike. Over the last six months, many of us made our decision to accept the vaccine in good faith – doing the right thing in order to work, travel and visit the people we love. Sadly, some of us have been pressured or coerced. And now, mounting evidence worldwide shows that these vaccines cannot stop the transmission of the virus and variants, yet vaccination mandates continue. Meanwhile, the pharma corporations are earning billions of dollars of public money, and pushing to fasttrack the vaccines towards full approval, without due process or public discussion. It is abundantly clear that when money and politics intertwine, science and ethics take a back seat. Maybe you once resented those who hesitated to get the vaccine, as people who were not doing their part; but maybe it is time to consider that we have all become passengers on the same runaway train. The meaning of “fully vaccinated” is rapidly changing as leaders demand the next booster upgrade and threaten ousting us from public spaces if we don’t comply. So, if you are among the “fully vaccinated” today, by tomorrow you may become one of the “insufficiently vaccinated” and be coerced into taking another shot. If history is any indication, this will not stop with barring admission to concerts or bars. When you can no longer buy food, access banking, vote in person or cross a provincial border, it will be crystal clear that the same discriminatory practices that you hope to abolish will be ever more firmly established. The real consequences await all of us. Perhaps you’ve had your full round of doses and are now having doubts about whether to continue based www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

on the alarming number of infections among the vaccinated. Or maybe you know someone who has been vaccine-injured or are concerned about the mounting death reports in conjunction with vaccinations. We keep asking ourselves, “Why is the data not allowed to be scrutinized and why are independent experts being censored if they attempt to do just that?” It is incomprehensible, and decidedly un-Canadian, to see the silencing of highly regarded doctors and health scientists in our country and around the globe. History has taught us that one-sided arguments and outlawed dissent are signs of totalitarianism lurking at the doorstep. Soon, asking questions will make you an enemy of the State. Mandating vaccines is a breaking point. “My body, my choice” has been one of the hallmarks of a free and democratic society, but this is changing. Canadians are being robbed of personal decision making. With lockdowns already scheduled for the fall, and boosters at the ready, we are entering a watershed moment. Are we all willing to continue being injected indefinitely? In Canadian provinces and around the world vaccine passports are demonstrating our new, long-term relationship with medical coercion in exchange for basic freedoms. Thus far, each treatment has been promised to be the last, but it couldn’t be clearer that there is no end in sight. And now they’re coming for our children. With extremely low risk of becoming ill and practically no risk of dying from COVID-19, the mass vaccination of children and adolescents remains unwarranted. Lining up our healthy children for medical treatment was never part of the deal. Most disturbingly of all, we are being primed for mass vaccination campaigns in our schools that do not require parental consent. Does the government decide what is best for our children? Without question, the family ties that bind us are being undone. Justifiably, parents are appalled by this unprecedented overreach and are debating pulling their children out of schools. Despite our best intentions, families are scarred, friends are divided, and partners are at odds with each other. We have been weakened by our division and manipulated through fear. Just how far will we allow this to go? “All the way!” some of us declare. But “all the way” is a place we will never reach. We need to stop this medical …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 15

Ontario Civil Liberties Association: Open Letter to the Vaccinated, contd.

catastrophe and face the truth: this isn’t about our health; it is about politics and it is about control. The consequences of following Prime Minister Trudeau’s current orders are greater than his threatened consequences. We entered into this for one another, not for our politicians. We have done what we felt we had to do, and now we must say, ‘This is far enough, no more!’

SIGNATORIES: Angela Durante, PhD; Denis Rancourt, PhD; Jan Vrbik, PhD; Laurent Leduc, PhD; Valentina Capurri, PhD; Amanda Euringer, Journalist; Claus Rinner, PhD; Maximilian C. Forte, PhD; Julie Ponesse, PhD; Michael Owen, PhD; Donald G. Welsh, PhD; and others. LINK: https://www.globalresearch.ca/lettervaccinated/5754379 All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages. Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. ♣


STOP THE SHOT – a live-streamed conference “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting features Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, and other prominent physicians, scientists, attorneys, and religious leaders who will be discussing vital information related to the COVID jab, clinical trials, and more. https://www.lifesitenews.com/conference-stop-the-shot/ Comment by CDSAPI – Citizens Demand Sciennot designed to test infection, or transmission - only tific, Academic and Political Integrity, Vancouver the severity of symptoms. (The “Trials” don’t con-

A few things have become irrefutably and clearly evident:

1. The politics and ‘measures’ surrounding the ‘Pandemic’ are not about protecting the population from a “virus” – but about the fulfillment of a global PLANdemic “AGENDA” that is not openly discussed, but drives everything that we are experiencing. 2. The information released to the public, 24/7 via the mainstream media, consists of carefully constructed propaganda and misinformation – egregious LIES designed to give the “official narrative” credibility, even though totally devoid of scientific or statistical substantiation.

It is “Science and Policy by Declaration” – which in terms of liability, led of measures and policies that are directly responsible for the preventable COVID deaths – (cause by medical malfeasance) - and directly responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands of maimed and destroyed lives, suffered immediately or very shortly after the “injection” – (taken by trusting sheep and panicked lemmings, psyop-brainwashed and controlled by fear). Is this the new definition of Safe and Effective, Saving Lives, Acceptable Risk and the new term “Medical Coincidence”? 3. The “mRNA Vaccines” are neither safe, nor effective. But they are extremely health destructive.

As Bill Gates explains, “Gene Therapy” is synonymous with giving the cell’s genetics “new software.” Both Pfizer and Moderna admit that the “Trials” were 16 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

clude until 2023.) Note: When the Immune System’s Response is artificially catapulted into hyper-inflammation by injecting toxic substances, infection symptoms will always be temporarily reduced. It is on WAR STATUS – but there will be “collateral damage” on that battlefield. your body’s cells and organs - your life and health. These ‘injections’ consist of gene technology that is TOTALLY EXPERIMENTAL - never before used in humans. So how can they justify injecting this “hypothetical science” into the bodies of the entire population of the planet – including pregnant women and children - simply “DECLARING that this is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. (Apparently causing death, miscarriage in pregnancy and infertility/sterility in young people don’t matter – are acceptable risks????) Since when can individuals be FORCED to be the Lab-Rats in an EXPERIMENT, without informed CONSENT? 4. To keep a lid on the LIES, the manipulators have resorted to an endless, evolving litany of more LIES,

(reported 24/7 in the media to sustain compliance via panic and fear); lockdowns and isolation; extreme censorship, gag-orders and de-platforming of highly credentialed independent scientist, doctors, and researchers; illegal medical and behavioural mandates that violate the Nuremberg Code and international laws; all-encompassing AI surveillance; obscene coercion; the violation of bodily integrity and informed

Print/Digital Edition


consent; vaccine passports; and extreme punitive measures, especially financial fines, for non-complying citizens who still “think and analyze clearly”; and when these fail, enforcement with police powers and martial law, as currently witnessed in Australia. 5. There are, and have always been, effective treatments to coronavirus, COVID-19 and variants.

So why are these not permitted in the “officiallydictated medical protocol”? Never promoted? Why is the PCR test being used – a fraudulent test that cannot identify infection, hence has no scientific validity? Is it because the Agenda needs the high “death count” to maintain FEAR for compliance? Had these treatments been allowed, the Agenda’s plan to authorize Emergency Measures (the “Vaccines”) would not have been possible. EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] is ONLY LEGAL when no other solutions are available in catastrophic circumstances. The “Shot in EVERY Arm” has always been the goal because, in conjunction with the roll-out of 5G, these “injections” contain substances necessary for the installation of the “total surveillance system” and ability to digitally survey and control the human body with remote electromagnetic frequencies. The Agenda demands that everyone be “marked” for surveillance, contact tracing and 24/7 monitoring. COVID is the vehicle and the excuse. Dictatorship is galloping in on the Horse of Medical Tyranny.

Why do some many people comply with this demolition of their human rights, liberties, and jurisdiction over their body and personal lives? High time to WAKE UP and ACT. Here are 2 links for replaying the Conference -STOP THE SHOT. This is where you will hear the TRUTH about the actual science, and the unconscionable price paid by citizens for this global COVID Engineered Fraud – THE greatest, most egregious Crime Against Humanity. Presentations start at 1 hr 30 min - to 2hr 45 min. Q&A starts at 2:45 https://www.lifesitenews.com/conference-stop-the-shot/ https://rumble.com/vkoyp8-stop-the-shot...-the-rest-of-thestory-conference.html An extremely illuminating, interview by John Leake with Dr. Peter McCullough. (For brevity, John’s …/ voice has been edited out), May 19, 2021 LINK : https://vimeo.com/553518199 (1 hr. 45 min)

Dr. Peter McCullough has been the world's most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death. On May 19, 2021, John Leake interviewed him about his efforts as a treating physician and researcher. From his unique vantage point, he has observed and documented a profoundly disturbing policy response to the pandemic -a policy response that may prove to be the greatest malpractice and malfeasance in the history of medicine and public health. From C.D.S.A.P.I., Vancouver, cdsapi@alternatives.com ♣


A BrasscheckTV video about the origin of the CIA and its modus operandi FROM BRASSCHECKTV

I'm surprised more people don't talk about this, but the CIA (and its forerunner the OSS) was: * conceived by Rockefeller people * subsidized by the Rockefellers (i.e. Standard Oil, from 1870s) * modeled after the Rockefeller family's own well-established pattern of criminal behavior. The principles of both organizations: 1. Secrecy 2. Plausible deniability 3. Use of bribery and it not successful, violence 4. Sabbotage 5. Corruption of public officials 6. Vehemently anti-labor www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

7. Anti-Democratic 8. Contemptuous of the environment 9. In the service of oil companies, banks and other large financial and industrial collectives. The Rockefeller Foundation/business method based on espionage and fakery/fake fronts to provide deniability for illegal activities. CIA from its earliest days was based on Rockefeller principles. Internationally, the CIA operates to disrupt/destroy local politics, labour movements, support U.S. corporate interests, etc. VIDEO : https://www.brasscheck.com/video/the-cia-

a-rockefeller-creation/ - Brasscheck.com, San Francisco, U.S. ♣ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 17

From Herb Spencer

Governments are into Media Manipulation: Operation Mockingbird CIA Control of the news From: Herb Spencer, Surrey BC, spsi99@telus.net

Check out this article and video on how extensive has been the secret government control of the news media for over 100 years; and it’s getting worse. Why the SPIN? What’s wrong with the TRUTH? – Herb LINK: https://tinyurl.com/JMer-29410

Mercola Story at-a-glance Leaked documents reveal Reuters and BBC News have been involved in a covert program by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to weaken Russia’s influence through a multipronged propaganda campaign Operation Mockingbird was a clandestine CIA media infiltration campaign launched in 1948 under the Office of Special Projects. The CIA spent about one-third of its budget on bribes to hundreds of journalists who published fake stories at the CIA’s request However, infiltration and manipulation of the media have been a routine occurrence since 1915, when J.P. Morgan interests, including the steel and shipbuilding industries, purchased editorial control of 25 of the most influential newspapers, thereby allowing them to control news about military preparedness, financial policies

and other news that were crucial to their private and corporate interests Operation Mockingbird was the CIA’s effort to consolidate and expand this secret hold over the media some three decades later While the propaganda messages change with the times, the basic modus operandi remains the same to this day. If anything, the system has only gotten more efficient and effective, as the number of major media outlets have shrunk and a vast majority of journalists simply parrot what’s reported by the three global news agencies. ♣


Subject: CORRUPT Scientists poisoning the World The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency co-opted via corporate influence Herb Spencer, Surrey BC, spsi99@telus.net

This story is why it is right for people to question the god called science: BAD SCIENTISTS... LINK at THE INTERCEPT: https://tinyurl.com/ti-epa-corrupt

Here the Federal Agency tasked to control the amount of dangerous chemicals are bending the rules to allow potentially dangerous chemicals to be added to the toxic mix of over 80,000 manmade chemicals in circulation. Many of these later are shown to be harmful (Silent Spring – phthalenes, etc.) which is why the EPA was created in the first place. Now we see scientific managers changing the rules of investigation to help their friends in the chemical corporations make a lot more money. Most people stand in awe of science (Too Big, Too complicated) assuming these guys are all Little Einsteins (naive, nice, innocent). NO. There is a significant 18 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

fraction of them, that are as bad as some of the psychopaths running the world. They cannot be trusted. This is why it is RIGHT to challenge the mediaboosted lies that are claimed to be SCIENCE; so there is NO scientific evidence: that Covid is deadly (to 99% of people), or that masks work, or that mRNA genetic injections act like vaccines (or are harmless). Herb Spencer Herb provided links to two of his essays that are relevant to this subject: Ethics: https://www.academia.edu/38066605/ETHICS_pdf_Review_Essay_of_COMPANION_TO_ETHICS_by_Peter_Singer_1991_ Experts: https://www.academia.edu/43581821/EXPERTS_An_Essay_on_THE_OVER_RELIANCE_ON_SELF_STYLED_EXPERTS ♣


Print/Digital Edition


Irrefutable Proof that decades of planning – and criminal activities – were involved in the vaccination agenda: for profit motives From Christina Stafford, Nanaimo BC

I thought this was worth sending – whether you’ve seen it before or not…. I found that I needed to listen to what’s being said more than once to digest a little more. It makes very clear how the agenda has been unfolding for decades… https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-no-such-thingdelta-variant-fallacy/5754899 (1 hr. 15 min.)

This video has been available before now….but is one that I’ve found requires more than one listen/viewing… It’s a conversation between Dr. David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich, the German lawyer who is preparing a Nuremberg case on: crimes against humanity – and collecting data for it. If you listen carefully to what cannot be refuted because of the dates when patents were applied for and granted… you will discover that we’ve been immersed in a plan that began more than 2 decades ago, to create a way to get the entire world “vaccinated” for the sake of profit… It’s never been about health or safety. One aspect of this plan has always been a draconian plan to frighten the whole world population into believing that they need to be vaccinated in order to be safe from a neverending pathogen that continually “mutates.” The story wouldn’t work at all if the model on which it’s based was exposed for the delusion it is…. (The flawed germ theory of Louis Pasteur – that he himself admitted was wrong on his death bed. He realized that “the terrain is everything”) Terrain today represents our innate immune system that has been severely compromised for many generations – by bad food, water, air and soil, along with other poisons – all related to technology – including the latest… But major changes in understanding cannot evolve under the current paradigm of monopoly and control… with the HUGE gap between the enormously wealthy/ i.e. the power holders and the rest of the population of working people… We all have a universal dependency on “money" for survival in this paradigm. But the truth about this situation everyone in the world www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

is in right now is NOT what it seems… Absolutely everything has been planned and manipulated over many, many years… The information in this communication leaves no doubt about the intention behind the orchestration of events we’ve all complied with out of fear and innocence and care for others… As I’ve said many times, it’s never been about a legitimate treatment for a terrifying and infectious pathogen… It’s always been about manipulation, greed, and control… and the ongoing implementation of a hierarchical system that has never allowed humanity to evolve and thrive – or discover its true potential. I’m not saying that disease is a delusion… I’m saying that we cannot live healthy lives under present circumstances… and our innate immune system does need attention. Transhumanism is not designed for a thriving or spontaneous humanity… It’s intended as a way to change the mind/body into a technologically controllable new species that operates like interchangeable insects with a simplified hive mind…. Christina Stafford, cm.stafford@shaw.ca ♣ WATCH VIDEO AT: https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-no-such-thingdelta-variant-fallacy/5754899 [More from Christina on p.30]

ABOUT THE VIDEO: The Spike Protein Injection. No Such Thing as a “Delta Variant.”

By Dr. David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich Global Research, September 05, 2021 (WBS 1 July 2021)

VIDEO: Dr. David Martin exposes the players and spike protein injection patents since 2002. Interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich [Please note: Dr. Martin’s organization was hired to monitor biological weapons treaty violations in the very early days of 2000. And their first reporting on violations related to research on coronavirus as a biological weapon took place prior to the SARS outbreak.]

Dr. Martin, near the beginning of the video: “My favourite quote… made by Peter Daszak* in 2015 (published in the National Academies of Press publication, Feb. 12, 2016): ‘We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 19

David Martin Video, contd.

countermeasures such as a pan-corona virus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.’ – Peter Daszak… “So it was not hard to figure out that this was not a health crisis; it was an opportunistic marketing campaign to address a stated objective. You have the actual statement of the actual perpetrator – to explain the events of the last 20 months. […]” Dr. Martin explains his research into the patent records (including their financing), which revealed, as of the spring of 2020, “over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a ‘novel’

coronavirus was actually entirely a fallacy. There was no novel coronavirus.”…. Some patents were sought as early as 1999. So, not only is this thing not ‘novel’ but it has been ‘not novel’ for over two decades.” Dr. Martin’s forensic analysis of events and players related to coronavirus, SARS, AIDS, etc. clearly delineates the motive and modus operendi – including Criminal Conspiracy, Racketeering and Collusion – within the pharmaceutical industry and numerous government agencies. * “Peter Daszak is a British zoologist, and consultant and public expert on disease ecology…” (Wikipedia) VIDEO LINK: https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-no-such-thingdelta-variant-fallacy/5754899 ♣


Government and Media sowing Chaos and Fear From Jack Etkin, Victoria BC

Just because we are told people have Covid, it means nothing because the PCR test gives many false positives, and can be set up to give more or less false positives depending on what is wanted by our rulers... Also the creator of the test said the test cannot be used to 'diagnose' ... so it all means little or nothing. Whether or not we hear of people being made sick by masks means nothing because clearly our rulers have no intention of reporting this kind of thing. And WHEN people get sick from wearing the masks, they will no doubt be told they have Covid, no?? And ...about “the unvaxxed getting Covid, while the Vaxxed don't” – all the numbers are controlled. Our

governments and media lie to us about everything and there is no reason to believe anything they tell us about who is getting the virus. THAT is the main point... we all know the government and media lie to us – and this is no time to start to trust and believe them! And there are LOTS of experts who agree with everything I've said above, but you won't see it in the corporate media in Canada (except for the Sun chain and Rebel News... yikes!). The whole story is crazy as far as I can see, being used to create chaos and fear world-wide, while our ruling class move us into The Great Reset. I fear huge changes are coming soon... e.g. an economic collapse. jetkin@hotmail.com (28 Aug 2021) ♣


In 1917 Rudolf Steiner foresaw a Vaccine that would

‘Drive all inclination toward Spirituality out of people’s Souls’ REC’D FROM ANNA CHRISTINE DOEHRING, Sep. 2021

By Dylan Charles - https://batteredsouls.com/ If you’ve felt at all like you’re in a spiritual war right now, you’re not alone. Many of the world’s greatest scholars, philosophers and ascetics understood the world to be multi-dimensional and co-inhabited by non-physical beings both good and evil, always at war with us and each other. It’s not something that can be rightly explained with 20 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

language or science. One must cultivate such sensitivity that the existence of spiritual beings can be directly experienced. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, educator, and spiritualist, and over the course of his life he published numerous books and papers on the science of spirituality. He viewed the human body as a spiritual vessel, open to occupation by other entities. To be conscious of these forces was to have the power Print/Digital Edition


to reject their negative influence. To remain unconscious of them was to be a leaf in their wind; spiritual cultivation was the key to developing conscious awareness of them. “The spirits of darkness are now among us. We have to be on guard, so that we may realize what is happening when we encounter them and gain a real idea of where they are to be found. The most dangerous thing you can do in the immediate future will be to give yourself up unconsciously to the influences which are definitely present.” - Rudolf Steiner

If people express the natural human inclination toward spiritual growth, they free themselves from fear and anxiety, and effectively develop a sort of immunity to the influences of negative entities. If not, our vibration attracts hostile spirits and we fall unconsciously unto their influence. “There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve… If fear and anxiety radiates from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity. “Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in super-sensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed. Therefore, it is above all necessary to begin with that the person who enters the spiritual world overcomes fear, feelings of helplessness, despair and anxiety. But these are exactly the feelings that belong to contemporary culture and materialism; because it estranges people from the spiritual world, it is especially suited to evoke hopelessness and fear of the unknown in people, thereby calling up the above mentioned hostile forces against them.” ~Rudolf Steiner

With such profound global fear, anxiety, and panic over the present pandemic, many are exposing their own spiritual sicknesses and acquiescing to any recommended behavior or intervention that might alleviate these emotions. Along with this is the push to vaccinate 7 billion healthy people. Nearly 100 years ago, in a series of 14 essays, published under the title, The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, Steiner issued a warning to future generations about a possible measure of mass control, quite similar to the visions presented by Orwell and www.dialogue.ca

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Huxley. Steiner foresaw a future when vaccines could steal our spiritual nature. Some background: “In these fourteen lectures, given at the end of 1917, following four years of war in Europe, Steiner speaks on the complex spiritual forces behind the World War I: humanity’s attempts to build theoretically perfect social orders, and the many divisions and disruptions that would continue on Earth into our own time. Humanity in general was asleep to the fact that fallen spirits, cast from the spiritual worlds, had become intensely active on Earth. This manifested mainly in human thinking and perception of the surrounding world. ” [Source: https://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GA177/English/RSP1993/FalDar_index.html ]

The fall into such destructive slumber would be marked by an age of materialism and centralization of power, during which the influences of ‘spirits of darkness’ would inspire humans to devise new technologies and new means of oppression. Steiner comments: “I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinated against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life – ‘foolish’ here, or course, in the eyes of materialists. . . “. . . a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination toward spiritual ideas to develop and, all their lives, people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses. Out of impulses which the medical profession gained from presumption – oh, I beg your pardon, from the consumption [tuberculosis] they themselves suffered – people are now vaccinated against consumption, and in the same way they will be vaccinated against any inclination toward spirituality. This is merely to give you a particularly striking example of many things which will come in the near and more distant future in this field – the aim being to bring confusion into the impulses which want to stream down to earth after the victory of the [Michaelic] …/ spirits of light [in 1879].” – Rudolf Steiner VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 21

Dylan Charles, Rudolf Steiner foresaw a ‘vaccine that would drive Spirituality out of peoples’ Souls,’ contd. around the world. Dylan Charles’ website https://batSteiner was talking only about vaccines here. His teredsouls.com/ features podcasts with Julian Rose, comment does not consider the compounded effects Paul Levy, Kingsley Dennis, Sol Luckman ++

on human spirituality of the many myriad influences we have in our world today, all of which work against spiritual connection in their own right. Again, if you’ve felt at all like you’re in a spiritual war, you’re not alone. ___________________

Dylan Charles is the editor of Waking Times and host of Battered Souls: A Podcast About Transformation, both dedicated to ideas of personal transformation, societal awakening, and planetary renewal. … He has written hundreds of articles, reaching and inspiring millions of people

This article (In 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw a Vaccine that Would ‘Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality Out of People’s Souls’) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Dylan Charles and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. LINK: https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/05/27/in-1917rudolf-steiner-foresaw-a-vaccine-that-would-drive-all-inclination-toward-spirituality-out-of-peoples-souls/ ♣


Another Warning… in 1991 – from Dr. John Coleman The subject discussed by Rudolf Steiner in 1917 is also mentioned in an extensive piece of research by Dr. John Coleman, published in November 1991: “CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300.” (Extract/link) Rec’d from Jerry Flynn.


“But with the coming of the New World Order-One World Government, far-reaching experiments will be stepped up to drive man’s God-given yearning for freedom out of his mind, body and soul. What we are already experiencing is but nothing, a mere bagatelle, when compared with what is to come. Attacking the soul is the thrust of a host of experiments being readied, and I regret to say that institutions in the United States will play a leading role in the terrible experiments which have already been carried out on local small-scale levels at such places as Bethesda Naval Hospital and Vacaville prison in California.” [p.125/191 of office text copy]

The Author’s Foreword follows (next page)

A Foreword from Webmaster- James Arendt Today the public is conditioned to reject notions that the Elite and super-rich are conspiring to take over the world. Such ideas are called “conspiracy theory.” I believe “Conspiracy theory” is a psychological warfare term coined by some Intelligence agent to attempt to discredit the very existence of conspiracies, especially conspiracies that undermine the liberties and welfare of the common citizen. The Elite can’t remove words from our vocabulary as depicted in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Instead they put a new spin on words to cause the public to think a certain way. Nobody says “conspiracy researcher” anymore because there aren’t supposed to be any conspiracies, only mistakes and bad policies of stupid politicians. Dr. John Coleman has written 12 books exposing the New

22 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

World Order. In his book, Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. Coleman explains the methods and mechanisms used by the Elite to control and socially engineer populations. Is this information important? It has certainly helped me. I don’t believe everything I hear anymore on the nightly news. When I was a teenager, I supported the Vietnam war. I considered Richard Nixon an honest man. That’s how naive and gullible I used to be. I now see the mainstream media as a tool of the Elite to control the opinions of the public. I am no longer deceived by it. Unfortunately, alternative media is not necessarily better. Anybody who owns a phone these days can make a YouTube and tell you anything they want. Some alternative media is “controlled opposition,” people who are pretending to be against policies that undermine the public, but who are actually salaried by the very people they claim to be against. FROM: JAMES ARENDT WEBSITE:

https://www.jamesjpn.net/conspiracy/conspirators-hierarchythe-story-of-the-committee-of-300-by-dr-john-colemanintroduction-in-text-format/ .

DR. JOHN COLEMAN: FOREWORD In my career as a professional intelligence officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in the field in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top secret classified documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments. I was thoroughly familiar with all of the well-known secret societies such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations

Print/Digital Edition


(CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, the Zionists, Freemasonry, Bolshevism-Rosicrucianism and all of the spinoffs of these secret societies. As an intelligence officer, and even before that as a young student in the course of my studies at the British Museum in London, I had cut my eye teeth on all of them, plus a good number of others with whom I imagined Americans were familiar. But when I came to the United States in 1969, I found that names like the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Club of Rome the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Foundation, the Round Table, the Fabianists, the Venetian Black Nobility, the Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Clubs, and many others were at best totally unknown here, or else their true functions were at best but poorly understood, if at all. In 1969-1970 I set about remedying the situation in a series of monographs and cassette tapes. Much to my surprise, I soon found plenty of people willing to quote these names as if they had known of them all of their writing careers, but who were not in the least bit knowledgeable about the subjects, yet quite unwilling to state the source of their lately acquired information. I consoled myself with the thought that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I pursued my investigations, pressing on in the face of severe risks, attacks on myself and my wife, financial losses, continual harassment, threats and calumny, all part of a carefully-crafted and orchestrated program to discredit me, run by government agents and

informers, embedded in the so-called Christian rightwing, the "Identity Movement" and right-wing "patriotic" groups. These agents operated, and still operate, under cover of strong and fearless outspoken opposition to Judaism their main enemy, they would have us believe. These agent-informers are led and controlled by a group of homosexuals who are well-liked and well-respected by political and religious conservatives all across the United States. Their program of calumny, lies and hatred, disinformation about my work, even lately attributing it to other writers, continues unabated but it has not had the desired effect. I shall carry on with my task until I have finally ripped off the mask of the entire secret upper-level parallel government that runs Britain and the U.S. This book is a part of that ongoing effort. [...] Dr. John Coleman, November 1991 NOTE: A copy of this book is featured on the CIA’s website, in files [released Nov. 2017] that were recovered in the May 2011 raid on Bin Ladin's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan: Index: https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/index.html LINK: https://tinyurl.com/Nov2017-release-pdf [ED: Keeping in mind that Bin Ladin was likely himself a CIA asset or trained by the CIA… So was this file released as a way of discrediting it? Or an example of “hiding in plain sight?? VIDEO: https://sagaciousnewsnetwork.net/dr-john-coleman-

the-club-of-rome-chatham-house-and-the-committee-of-300/ Dr. Coleman notes, re material he first reported on in 1969, that the goals of the Committee of 300 included: “Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 million by the year 2050.” (p.18 of our office copy). To receive a copy by email or mail, Contact Dialogue: dialogue@dialogue.ca or 250-758-9877. ♣


Canadian Ethics Professor: Why mandated medical procedures are ethically wrong Bill Woollam, Duncan, BC

Do you wish for never-ending control by the Pharma mafia of what injections go into your body? Or do you support freedom to choose what goes in your body? Do you oppose losing your job, your income, your freedom to go to Church, weddings, funerals, sports, restaurants, and train/air travels – the moment you get tired of complying with ongoing forced 'injection' mandates, year after year? Only one party in Canada will stop the Vaccine Passport system. You figure out the rest. Bill Woollam, Compassionate Wolf templelife@hotmail.com www.dialogue.ca

VIDEO: (link below) Professor of Ethics, for 20 years, at Huron College of the University of Western Ontario, Dr Julie Ponesse provides essential lessons on courage and integrity and explains why it is ethically wrong to coerce people into Dr. Julie Ponesse accepting medical procedures. Dr. Ponesse was dismissed by the University on 7 Sept. 2021, after choosing not to be vaccinated. LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0UpeUJEhMo ♣

See video… Print/Digital Edition

VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 23

“The Fifth Columnist”

The Übermensch (Spock My World) Mike Neilly, Dunrobin ON

In my last column I suggested that the purpose of humanity is transcendence. I don’t mean to heaven (which I guess would be ascendance). I’m thinking of transcending our pettiness, our need for retribution, justice, call it what you will. I’m sure that fans of Star Trek will remember the recurring theme, that man can’t be caged, that he must be free for all his faults and emotions. Freedom obviously means many things. I still recall Christopher Plummer’s great line in the 2011 film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: “Isn’t it interesting how fascists steal the word ‘freedom?” During the pandemic, a very privileged society, a society which hasn’t been asked to sacrifice anything since what, World War II, the Spanish Flu, bridled at the prospect of wearing a mask, which was, well, an affront to liberty! Some of these folks throw around the word “tyranny” as if they’re experiencing it now. This is laughable. After all, how many white Canadians have been born under real tyranny? Can’t the state ask anything of us? JFK famously uttered, “Do not what your country can do for you. Rather ask what you can do for your country?” Was THAT request tyranny or communism? Or was that a call for patriotism? To those who balk at reasonable health precautions, distancing, masking, and the like, did you buckle your seat belts and stop at stop signs when you drove to the grocery store? Chances are the answer is yes. Because you’ve already accepted that there are social costs to not stopping at stop signs; because you believe that to not buckle up might result in your being ejected from the vehicle or impaled on the steering column. If not for you, how about your sons and daughters? What of the law requiring that motorcyclists wear helmets? Is your precious freedom so important when you lie in bed with serious brain injuries or worse? Social costs, social responsibilities, are conveniently omitted from the freedom equation. In North America, we have prospered insanely, & 24 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

other than mouthing the words to O Canada, what does ‘strong and free’ really mean if Canadians simply refuse to act as one, refuse to respect one another? Our cities haven’t been bombed. We have no gulags. There are no secret police. We are not a nation of informers. Yet, some want to make mask wearing a crime against freedom. This is a meaningless struggle, a petulant child refusing to do what he’s been told. Just because. Selfishness. Freedom because it suits you and really never asks any sacrifice of you. It feels good to be free. Yeah, man. Individual need to realize they are part of a society, a race. If we believe that humanity is worth defending, worth saving, then our collective needs to be respected. On the other hand, “freedom lovers” let natural selection take its course and remove those who are above taking simple precautions, as well as friends and family who weren’t even asked. Humans need to evolve to care more, fight less, become a Superman.

It’s almost a contradiction, an evolved Superman who believes in the collective. Christ, am I channeling Nietzsche? Yes, I confess that I once read (tried to anyway) Thus Spake Zarathustra, and recall only the gist of it, the coming of the great Noontide, the Superman (the Übermensch) and the will to power (yikes). You may remember some people embracing this thinking in the 1930s and 40s, with horrific results. On the other hand, in Star Trek, the Superman was Mr. Spock (what did he just say?). Stronger, more intelligent, more intuitive and less ruled by emotions. So, when I suggest transcendence for humans, I’m thinking of Spock, the Vulcan. If the term “Superman” bothers you, consider Homo sapiens 2.0. In the immortal words of Mr. Spock, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. If we do not become the Superman, we will surely be visited by one. After all, the choice for humanity, in order to survive, is to evolve and remain on Earth without killing each other, or colonize other worlds, barbaric as we are. Maybe we really don’t have the choice? If you are following Stephen Greer (CE-5 –

Print/Digital Edition


Close Encounters of the 5th kind) and the television show Ancient Aliens, they’re suggesting that we’ve already been visited and “they” are already among us. I’d call these people gardeners in our Garden of Eden.

If you have strong feelings about the arrival of the Superman, consider the fate of the Neanderthals when we showed up. It can happen again. At least cough into your sleeve. It’ll be a while yet. Michael Neilly, michael.neilly@bell.net ♣


Police On Guard.ca

Suggested by Ralph Van Walleghem

From Wendy, Police on Guard, info@policeonguard.ca Website: https://policeonguard.ca/

The inception and creation of Police On Guard culminated in late 2020, when two police officers serving in different police services in Ontario were connected due to the mutual concerns regarding the unconstitutional lockdowns measures put in place across Canada. As Police constables, our oath is to her majesty the Queen, and to uphold the Constitution and the charter of rights and freedoms of all Canadians. Given that the government is circumventing and bypassing both the constitution and the charter in the implementation of their public health measures relating to Covid19, clarification on the role of Police Constables was of immediate priority. As a result, top constitution lawyer Rocco Galati agreed to represent Police Members in their pursuit of clarification on the mandates being handed down to Police Services to enforce. Coupled with this court action, Police On Guard has also been working hard to build its support base with other police constables, both active and retired. As our numbers continue to grow, we have been able to establish professional contacts in the medical community as well, to inform our fellow Canadians of what these experts are saying in contrast to what the government and media is portraying. All of this directly leads to our mission statement: As active and retired Police Officers, our mission is:

• To honour our Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada, and to the best of our abilities, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge other duties as a Police Officer faithfully, impartially and according to law. • To continue to serve and protect the public, while remaining independent of political influence. • To repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of emergency measures. • To encourage active-duty members to join our court action requesting clarification on the validity of emergency measures being passed by our Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. We believe that these measures are not only in conflict with our Charter Oath but also place active-duty police officers in an untenable position when directed by politicians and senior management to enforce these emergency measures. Police On Guard will always stand on guard for thee, our fellow Canadians. This is the oath we took and the promise we will keep. We are Canadian! From Wendy, Police on Guard, info@policeonguard.ca Website: https://policeonguard.ca/ SEE: www.globalresearch.ca/video-stop-lockdown-policeguard-len-faul/5740636 An interview with Len Faul, a retired former Inspector with the Toronto Police. Suggested by Ralph Van Walleghem, Nanaimo BC ♣


Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols For The Vaxxed and The Unvaxxed: Rec’d from John Shadbolt, Acton ON knowalittle@mail2canada.com FROM: James Fetzerblog, Sep. 1, 2021 By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND [ https://gnews.org/1492631/ [The Himalaya London Club UK] [EXTRACT] There are many people now experiencing jabbers remorse and want to know what they can do to detoxify Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles and the gain-offunction spike protein they were injected with. Meanwhile, www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

the unvaxxed are experiencing Adverse Events and magnetism due to transmission. This article contains all the known safe and effective detox protocols that both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed can use to help your body remove these poisons. […] LINK: https://jamesfetzer.org/2021/09/graphene-oxidedetox-protocols-for-the-vaxxed-and-the-unvaxxed/ ♣ [SEE ALSO THE LINK FROM JOHN, next page.] VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 25


Recommended by John Shadbolt

VIDEO LINK: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4Dqvo1yrwK3U/

First published on September 18th, 2021. ADV will gently guide you to truth and health in this video. Get grounded and focused. Amandha covers a broad range of healthrelated ideas, including the role of birth/parenting traumas, beliefs, and the primacy of holism and “terrain” when seeking to understand “disease” – and much more! AND MORE ADV HEALTH VIDEOS AT: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Healthydoseoftruth – and: DR. YUMMY: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/doctor_yummy/ Amandha’s educational website: https://yummy.doctor

Learn more about Amandha at: LINK: https://yummy.doctor/blog/amandha-vollmerbiography/ ♣


“Have Computer Will Write” ~ Jeremy Arney

WHAT IF? What if this covid thing really is a gigantic Hoax? Jeremy Arney, Langford BC, jemaisme@gmail.com

Dr Death Fauci has been here before with his mythical HIV hoax. That virus was never identified, and the real cause of deaths amongst gay men was attributed in reality to other causes than exchange of bodily fluids. That main body fluid was semen and if that was the cause why are we still doing it safely to produce babies without causing HIV or AIDS. Records from the time show that the gay men of that era were malnourished, heavy drug users including toxic “poppers” to heighten their sexual experiences. Their premature deaths were inevitable. These are not superstitions but history. Along comes Dr Death, using a classic well-developed system of creating fear and panic and announced that there was a transmittable virus which he named HIV which led to AIDS and death. This time, he aimed his tactics at a relatively small group and it worked so well that when he introduced AZT as the “cure” it was taken with no regard for the toxic contents and more gays died from AZT than AIDS. Typical that the real cause of deaths was self-inflicted abuse of gay bodies, not a mythical virus; but it did manage to spread around the globe’s gay communities – and the big pharma’s AZT was the wealth-causing answer, still prescribed today, by the way, for some advanced cancer patients. But the experiment worked and, as a trial it was, 26 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

I suppose, successful. Maybe if only to prove Goebel’s statement at Nuremberg but also to create the space for profit for some. (There is some speculation that he did not actually say this, but it rings true to me). From the Nuremberg Trial (1945): Answer by Herman Goering to the question, “How did you convince the German people to accept all this?” He replied, “It was easy and had nothing to do with Nazism. The only thing a government needs to turn people into slaves is fear. If you can find something to scare them, you can make them do anything you want.”

Sound familiar? So, is this Dr Death’s hoax #2? To this day, I do not believe anyone, anywhere has managed to isolate and fully describe this so called Covid-19 virus. Moving propaganda machinery into high gear was not hard, because the media, particularly CBC here in Canada (a so-called public broadcaster surviving on corporate ads), was complicit, and still is every day, ad nauseum, in the promotion of fear and panic over a nonexistent virus and a vaccination that is not a vaccination. Propaganda is their specialty now. Reporting Deaths that were and still are falsely attributed to Covid19 (being factually incorrect) didn’t matter because the truth would not have the desired effect of creating panic. Every year, flu kills thousands who have additional health problems and yet no big deal is made of it and the yearly flu shot is as useless as ever because flu itself only aggravates other

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conditions. Strange how there have been zero (reported) ‘flu deaths’ for 18 months or so. But this time, world governments, or most of them, bought the propaganda, fell into line and shut down the world’s economy by lockdowns, isolation and closure of almost all small private or family businesses. Of course, Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Save on Foods, etc., remained open for increased profits. Next comes the modern version of the toxic AZT for HIV, a series of injections (not fully tested for any short term or, more especially, long-term effects) called “vaccinations.” From the Canadian Oxford dictionary: “vaccine: an antigenic preparation used to stimulate the production of antibodies and procure immunity from one or more diseases.”

None of this current multitude of emergency approved jabs does this. They all say the jab receiver can still get this mythical virus as well as the variations Fauci has manufactured the same way. Indeed, they are pushing a minimal of two jabs and now who knows how many boosters will be required in any given year. If no immunity is acquired after one jab will 20 make any difference? How many recipients of these jabs have asked the jabber what is actually in the jab and what it will do to and for them? Not one person I have talked to has asked that question but simply rolled up their sleeve and accepted this chemical cocktail because their “truthful” politicians, media, sold out healthcare systems, Dr Death Fauci and Bill Gates told them to do so. (See Goering’s answer above) OH boy! We all know this but how do we square it with what we hear daily? What I do know is that, as I refuse to be part of this untested medical experiment – trusting, instead, in my immune system to continue to protect me from colds and flu – I will no longer be welcome at family events as a risk to “compromised” members (when in reality they are more at risk from the jabbed than from I); my men’s team is split on when and if we can meet in person again for the same reason; and I understand I will be classified eventually as a domestic terrorist, in fact that has already been floated in the USA. In reality, I am an old man in good health and sound enough of mind to question that which way too many seem to accept blindly, and my biggest fear is that, before too long, instead of being the oldest in my family I will be the youngest. www.dialogue.ca

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How will the world’s politicians square their actions when this whole thing backfires on them? Oh, they will pass the buck for sure saying they were misled or some such nonsense, but they won’t care as they have already received their rewards as have the medical doctors and of course big pharma. One other thing in Canada is becoming clearer by the day: our Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights and Freedoms are just scraps of useless paper, now completely disregarded by those who are making the rules for big corporations. Coercion is happening in political parties (Ford in Ontario), employers (City of Toronto) and soon how many others? Actually today (20 August 2021) Trudeau even said that, without being jabbed, we cannot fly or travel by train. In BC we are getting passports very soon; oh well I guess that lets me out of a lot of things I haven’t been doing anyway! The winners in this whole thing are the rats, mice and guinea pigs which did not have to take this toxic jab before humans which will no doubt open the door for their release. Perhaps for the first time in history, humans are willingly acting as their own guinea pigs. "The true civilization is where every man gives to every other every right that he claims for himself" – Robert Ingersoll (1833-99)

Are Peace & Health a possibility in Canada anymore? Jeremy Arney, Langford, BC, 250-216-5400 Letters at: https://jeremyarneysblog.com/ And at: iamjemaletters.wordpress.com ♣ ************************************************** **************************************************************


dialogue 27

A Primal Battle: Humanness or Heartless Hive Mind? From Christina Stafford, Nanaimo cm.stafford@shaw.ca

It may be impossible for some to believe that “government” could possibly be part of such a dark agenda, and against our freedom, or that there could be a concerted effort to propagandize the entire planet into a fear state – with the intention of taking over control of everything and every individual among the 99%…. But if our history was true, which it isn’t, it would be much easier to understand how different species need different things… just like plants on earth do. A cactus cannot thrive in a humid jungle. But an orchid loves these conditions and needs them as much as a cactus needs a desert to thrive. Mind control may seem like a relatively new psychological understanding of humanity – but it’s not. The only categories that describe truly aberrant humans are sociopath or psychopath… And such people do NOT represent what unconditioned (uninfluenced, un-mindcontrolled) human beings are like at all… But our history goes back much farther than our history books do, and the history books we do have are written by the paradigm makers who can’t tolerate what they see as emotional weakness. (Regular humans call it empathy and compassion.) So we have been living inside a war/mistrust/competition/division/dog-eat-dog paradigm for too many generations to know anything different… unless you happen to be drawn toward “mysticism.” Those “mystics” all throughout our evolutionary unfolding – who have discovered their deep inner relationship with the source of love – have also had their insights turned into dogma that darkens human nature with ideas of original sin – and “disobedience” to a supreme “authority.” There is much more to the “Story of WHO WE ARE” than what we’ve been told… What we’ve been told has made us vulnerable, after thousands of years in preparation, to what we are facing right now… And the amazing truth is that we can wake up from the nightmare we’re having. The nightmare is because we believe the scary stories that the powerful have been using continuously – to first make us afraid, and then, compliant… But the mystery is in the choice: to question – or 28 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

just to obediently believe “Authority” – the “Big” people… even if they’re trying to tell us that we must accept the hierarchy of the powerful – just like insects in hives do… Humans are not designed the way insects are, so they/we could not survive being genetically altered to have a hive mind… It really does feel like a primal battle between Love and Control…. Truth and Lies… Humanness or Heartless Hive Mind…. Christina, xoxo ♣ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chris Sky in Hamilton, ON, Sept. 10th, 2021 From Christina: You may or may not like his style, but the content of Chris Sky’s speech is exactly what all of us who have been doing our own research have concluded. VIDEO: https://tinyurl.com/CS-Ham-10sep Watch Chris Sky at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkYsfAWxfFA

Chris Skye, in Hamilton, Ont., Sept 10. A rally presentation in support of freedom of choice and the principle of Informed Consent, and much more… such as: the Chinese-inspired Social Credit System; and the importance of never revealing your vaccine status to anyone! (36 min.) Chris Sky website: https://realchrissky.com/ Chris Sky is a motivational speaker and human rights advocates. Chris’ book, Just Say No: A Guide to Asserting Your Rights and Preserving Your Freedoms, was banned by Amazon, but may be available through his website. ♣ SEE ALSO FROM CHRISTINA STAFFORD – P. 19: “Irrefutable Proof that decades of planning – and criminal activities – were involved in the vaccination agenda: for profit motives”

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Eva Lyman, West Vancouver

On Sadness

When sadness grips me Like a millstone round my neck I ask for God’s help! Today I find that there are many causes for my sadness but, in one way or another, they all arise from the global power structure removing humans from our connection to the Divine Spirit. These days the culprit is called Technocracy. Back in the 1950’s when I first read about Technocracy I was sure this could never take hold, as it negated Love. The unforgettable image, some may recall, was the desperate monkey baby clinging to a wire “mother” offering him an impersonal bottle instead of a warm nipple. No warm loving embrace. We cannot live without love. No one can! And Love is the power of the Divine on earth! Today the neo-technocrats combine the worst of Communism and Fascism, namely dictatorial control, but now held in place by super, all-seeing technology, 3G, 4G, 5G and on, and on. For some reason new inventions are always used for the wrong purpose: killing people, or even destroying all Life, instead of healing and saving. Groups like the World Economic Forum (WEF) seem to control everything for their members’ material benefit, not the good of humanity and all life! So far they’re getting away with it. People are still asleep! And so sadness grips me! The covid shutdowns have created many disasters, economic and social. Why this, why now? We can speculate, but the truth is that such drastic interventions were never used in earlier epidemics even of smallpox, or more recently Ebola. Isolating people creates worse outcomes than diseases. Communities and families are disrupted, and the circle of family love is broken. This is against Creator’s design, against the original instructions to humanity. So it can truthfully be called evil. Is it possible that has been the goal? We need to wake quickly to such a possibility, and counteract while we still can! Again sadness grips me, like a millstone around my neck, and here I would call that stone evil greed for wealth and power by a very small international elite. www.dialogue.ca

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Their tools are an overblown bureaucracy, bribery, and threats! By government decrees, and rules, our liberty and humanity get trimmed all the time — for our own good, we are told. Very insidious! Have you noticed how every new removal of liberty is for our own good? Remarkable! Over time, we tend to outgrow believing these paternalistic dictates, just like the child outgrows parental threats and admonishments. Unlike parental threats, the “Communo-Fascist” dictates have usually ended in torture or death if disobeyed. And this is what troubles me. Not so much for myself, this incarnation is almost at an end, but the grandchildren’s lives have barely begun. That is painful, and sadness grips me! What help for the young generation? How can we save them? Time is running out! We have become bound by the chains of control that have been laid very cleverly over many years. They are now pervasive, and hard to cut. So cunning are they that it is hard to tell what is real or natural, and what is manipulated. For example we know that aerosol spraying from airplanes is dumping nano particles of various metals, like aluminum and barium, and that these have desiccating effects. Is this deliberate destruction, or some miscalculation of a beneficial desired effect? Until that can be ascertained, the entire program must stop ASAP! Sadly, misinformation has confused the public, and many still can’t tell contrails from deliberate chemical sprays! Contrails disappear in seconds (they are water vapour) but the chemical sprays widen and turn into misty clouds, first crisscrossing the sky and later covering it – obliterating the blue sky with a haze. And then the deceivers go to work and trumpet the official line: too much CO2! We need zero CO2! Well, in that cas,e prepare to die from lack of oxygen! Why? Oxygen is created by green plants, trees, grasses, flowers, shrubs and so on. They need CO2 to survive, it is what they breathe. If we deprive them, they’ll die. And so will we! With higher temperatures, possibly caused by the drying aerial sprays, water becomes in short supply and more green plants will die. Let’s consider the possibility that it is not the CO2 that is at fault, but other causes. …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 29

Eva Lyman, Sadness, continued

If it were a deliberate ploy, rather than stupid science, then concentrating development and housing people by the millions in high density cities is a brilliant strategy to control and eliminate thousands of people, and pets. We are already hearing of many people in the US N.W. dying from the recent heat wave. I vouch for the suffering even in Vancouver, since the house I am currently at has no a/c! Now if some evil entity wanted to achieve that aim, what a brilliant plan. If not, it’s another step toward making mega cities the ghost towns of the future, as I have said in an earlier article. Do you ever wonder if the elite 0.01% live in high rise towers downtown, or do they have large estates in the country as their home base? It’s still too early to comment on the effect of the pandemic we have been witnessing, and the approach taken to “cure it”. There are many and varied stories about the novel vaccines, the addition of RNA, or DNA, for example, or the possible adverse effects of the toxic spike proteins in all of them, that were supposed to stay put in your arm, but didn’t. I have been asking all who were vaccinated among my acquaintances, and so far only one seems to have had a severe negative reaction. On the other hand, reports are surfacing of very serious adverse reactions, and deaths both in Canada and the US. A well-respected doctor in Europe, Dr. van den Bosch, who is a specialist in the field of creating vaccines, expressed serious concern about mass vaccinations during a pandemic. His logic makes sense: if you take the food from the virus by vaccinating people, it will mutate, and become deadlier. Could that be the plan of some present day “evil scientists” – or is it again stupid science, a knee jerk reaction to an apparent problem? And again I am truly sad! There seem to be too many coincidences in all these happenings. It is an avalanche of assaults on our very lives, on our families, the children, and our communities. And not just the human communities. On all the earthly communities, and support systems as well! How to fight this? How do we eliminate the power that is destructive and return to harmony, when evil holds global power? I don’t really know but here are a few thoughts… Humanity has survived through many weird 30 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

dictatorships; no need to venture too far back to count them. What has nurtured people worldwide through all of them, I believe, is love and family. It is the only safe haven, and the only true reality. It connects us to the Divine Spirit and our true spiritual selves. This is where we get strength so we can support and make secure our children. And from the base of the family, a larger circle of more like minded people will create a strong cohesive community! Every dictatorship in recent decades has tried to break those bonds of love. The subversive power elites today try everything to break them, but in the end Love will conquer, starting in small communities in every nation— in time it always does. A Native Elder once told me that they have a saying in the Ojibway Nation to the effect that “If all the people in this country come together, a great new nation will arise.” I believe that. Communities of compassionate, caring and loving people of all original backgrounds must form this strong web of wise individuals, respecting and nurturing one another in impermeably strong bonds! First they may be small, scattered communities. Over time more will spring up and share the same values, such as cooperation, caring and loving sharing. These nodes, or points of light will come together over time, and be able to topple any dictatorship, or hollow it out from within till its empty shell collapses of its own dead weight. Remember, the Infinite Spirit, is eternally present to support our efforts, and over time if we keep our good hearts, we can create a world of peace and prosperity! Where to start? Probably right at home. Show love to your children! Communicate with your children. It’s amazing how few families do. Children are left to be raised, and influenced by the internet and computer games. We need to designate at least a few minutes a day for real connections. Otherwise they are being indoctrinated by the globalist elites in the lies of the day. Both Hitler and the Communists tried to break the family bonds. From what I have heard this was only very partially successful. Today’s similar efforts are well hidden by the mainstream media presenting mindless but time consuming “entertainment”! Then going up the scale we need to find wise people among our relatives and friends, and in our communities. And then wise people in other communities. Our immigrant population comes from different cultures,

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but they may have similar views on many things. Common to all is usually love for our children. This is where mothers, and grandmothers could play a role in networking across cultural lines. How do we ensure the best future for our children? Again, together we are stronger than alone! Sometimes I find it hard to see a rainbow at the end of this sociopathic mess. It seems that the puppeteers are trying to exhaust us, with every new trick, every new

viral variant, every heat wave, every food shortage — whether manipulated or just made use of! But keep your focus on the things of real value. Remember we are in effect spiritual beings getting perfected in life on this earth. Discern what is right, and what is fake. To do that we need to meditate and ask the higher Power in prayer for help. All my relations. Eva Lyman, evalyman@gmail.com ♣


FROM SHUSWAP, BC - SECWEPEMC TERRITORY What is Best for the Children… Patricia White, Lee Creek BC, pwhite.red@gmail.com

I’m not interested in debates about anarchy or chaos. The Ancient Matriarchies worked with total Freedom for the Individual based on what is best for THE CHILDREN. Not what is best for ‘ALL’. Any anti-social behaviour causing harm to the community is got rid of Patricia with Peanut, without months or years of so-called one of her 3 canine ‘court’. Simple. But then there is no companions. ownership of land and there is no top-down hierarchy so nobody succeeds at the expense of anyone else. It is so simple that academic minds can’t even begin to grasp it.

Understanding the level of corruption and the Agenda This video helps to expose the level of corruption: STEW PETERS.TV RE GRAPHENE OXIDE IN VACCINES: LINK: https://www.bitchute.com/video/C9bKuMxqD60g/

But too many people have been persuaded that we live in a world of justice and democracy. Here in Canada people are so colonized it is practically impossible to penetrate the walls of denial of anything not presented by mainstream news. Corporations like CBC and Global include just enough truth to maintain their credibility; however if you even attempt to have anything other than the approved narrative presented, there is absolutely no Freedom of Speech. In my opinion we have very little time to debate what appears to be right in front of our eyes. I have no doubt we are looking at food shortages at the very least. I have received several warnings about camps www.dialogue.ca

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being prepared to put those of us who refuse to ‘OBEY’. I can’t be bothered to try to share much more with those who want to argue. Take it or leave it; this is my time and energy I am sharing: the most valuable things I have. ♣ QUOTE FROM JUNE ROSS, Nanaimo:

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

– Alice Walker

VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 31

Feedback on the Summer issue of Dialogue [MORE ON P.81] In Reply to Robin Mathews and Bob Hanson: Is it Time for a new organization? [In the summer issue, v.34-4, pp.28-29 From Eva Lyman, West Vancouver

Dear Dialogue: It seems more of the thoughtful citizens of this lovely country have the same thoughts as I do. This is in response to two of them: Robin Matthews and Bob Hansen. (pp.28-29, summer issue) As I understand it the question is “Why is it so hard to get rid of the corrupt criminal cartel that seems to be governing worldwide.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself. I kept coming back to the Bob Dylan lines “The executioner’s face is always well hidden”. Do we really know who’s at the top giving orders. Or is anyone at the top, or is there a top? For one, those who try for relevant change seem to have a tendency to come down with fast moving cancers, or otherwise die suddenly, unexpectedly. I think, for example, of the young Boston lawyer Richard Grossman, who came to Vancouver twice – urging against corporate personhood. His Cambridge, Mass., group called “Taking Care of Business” was active on this front in the US. Richard Grossman died young of a fast moving cancer. Coincidence? I don’t know, but the Soviets already knew how to do people in, by sudden heart attacks. Why not a cancer? Like Jack Layton’s. By chance, years ago I met the lawyer who defended a colleague who had been kicked out of the law society, presumably for incompetence, but possibly because she had pictures of the nature Webster had. She went into hiding, and her lawyer left the field, and turned to ranching. He absolutely refused to even say a word about that case. Some of you will remember the names. These sorts of thing will deter many. Probably me as well. Those not deterred may find their families under

threat. Mel Hurting told me he did not think the shooting of his daughter was a coincidence. He felt it was aimed at him as a message to get out, and dump the (National) Party. He was better as a writer than a politician, but some felt a bit betrayed by his leaving the National Party and letting it die. But that does not mean we should not plan for what a “good society” would look like, how it would be structured to avoid corruption and dictatorships. We are speeding toward a global environmental collapse, and a good plan could save many lives! Some thoughts: How to make elected people’s reps do what those who voted for them want. We need strong recall and referenda legislation. Again the danger would exist that the wrong people would organize to remove the honest ones from office. How to prevent that? At what level should real power reside? Here the Indigenous people had many good answers. We need to discuss with them. I feel this is crucial. Some interesting ideas are in the book “Original Instructions” by various First Nations authors. In general, the local communities had the final say on all decisions, national and local. How to ensure real debate, and respect for all sides. I’m thinking of the current pseudoscience that forces people to take poorly tested novel chemical concoctions on penalty of serious reprisals, when less dangerous cures exist. That’s mixing politics and science. Not good! And so on… Maybe a small brain storming group should form? But how to avoid being spied on, and infested by “wreckers”? – Eva Lyman, evalyman@gmail.com ♣


An Email Conversation About Systems and Solutions… On Aug 26, 2021, Denise Ward wrote:

and a wave – and that is all.

denisemward@gmail.com :

We are in this system and that is definitely an issue. However there is much we can do, but I don't see anyone doing it. Like boycotting. Very few at least. And those people need to be recognized because "what we don't record, we don't value." That is simply a matter of reality. We only value what we have in our consciousness, but too often, doing the right thing just goes by with a smile 32 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

For example we need to reward parents for taking care of their children. Taking care of children is huge. Why is there no value to this? The culture has structured it so that "women's work" is casually dismissed, yet it is the glue that keeps humanity together. Being a good citizen is not rewarded; again, it's just brushed off. While being an asshole and diminishing your employees is highly rewarded. …/

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Denise Ward, Systems & Solutions, contd.

History is as good as useless. It is mostly lies. We don't know which parts are true and which parts are lies. So far everything I've looked into, is nothing like we were taught. And so much has been hidden that we cannot make head or tail of anything really. What we need to trust now is our intuition, but most people need to rediscover it because it has receded. So much of our intrinsic capacity and worth has been traumatized and buried. We need to dig for it and bring it out. We need to practice new ways of thinking. There is so much taking us on a path to nowhere. Lots of "thought leaders" who talk the good talk but have no practical way of changing. Mostly they don't even have a vision. We have to beware of many imposters telling us to go this way when we need to go that way. We are in a great unknown. Nothing like this has ever come to our consideration. We are slap dab right in it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 Patricia White wrote:

Well of course I agree with all you say, Denise. We are saying that people must take the longest Journey now. It is 12 inches. From the head to the Heart. That is the only way to go forward. pwhite.red@gmail.com ♣ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Aug 26, 2021, Denise Ward wrote

I agree but it's not enough to say we need more heart. We need a system that doesn't keep raping the earth and humanity. While we are in this system, what heart can we have? We are living under trauma every moment of our lives. Threats, penalties, ostracism. Things that should be directed at psychopaths, but instead the psychopaths are directing it at the sane. Now the psychopathic fan club is coming out in full force. They want us all vaccinated, our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. They live amongst us. They are all around us now. We gave predators power over us and we do it in big and small ways every day. We get licenses, permits, we hold bank accounts, credit cards. We buy stuff from predators and think nothing of it. Now we could be gathering and talking about how to www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

get off the money system. Finding others who feel the same. I thought we would have done it by now, but I think people will have to do it at some point in time. We're still destroying our environment – I hear nobody talking about the plastics this farce has contributed to the waste stream. Nobody is talking about cutting consumption. Nobody is talking about how to share things like lawn mowers, cars, juicers, tools, etc. There are a lot of currencies about but the people who run them don't want to talk about anything else but their own. You show flaws in them and they just ignore you. This one-sidedness in our thinking contaminates this predatory thing we do. The depth of this cannot be overestimated. We need steps, clear cut steps, for how to get off the system. The heart stuff is not enough on its own. Of course it is important too, but there is no heart while we use a system that exploits others for our convenience. And we do this by participating in the money system. Now I know it's too hard to just get off it overnight, plus that won't help. We've got to think about our wellbeing at all times. But we can start talking about which currencies are best. We can start talking about bartering. I talk to groups who talk about futuristic nirvana. But all they do is resort to money for everything. They think money is just an energy. Well, yes it is it is a nefarious energy and any good that is thought to be done by using it is overshadowed by the bad that it does somewhere else. I don't know if this is convincing you, but money is what keeps us entangled and that is what the deranged overlords use as their yardstick. They are "anal" and have to measure everything. Once a "critical mass" number of people decide to get off it, there will be no stopping the avalanche of this system It will take the stuffing right out of it. Yes, we are in a trap. But we do have the keys to freedom. It simply requires a decision. denisemward@gmail.com :♣ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 33

Robin Mathews Uncut UNMARKED GRAVES

by Robin Mathews, July 2021

Hearing voices rising from unmarked graves murmuring unintelligible phrases … And seeing the shapes of bodies (or what were once bodies) bound in ill-fitting cerements moving silently through unbroken forest, moving where there is no pathway…. Their voices rising from unmarked graves echo in the empty passageways of memory. When they speak (as if they are speaking to one another) their voices rising from unmarked graves are not wise and rounded and certain voices (as the voices of the dead should be: voices that rise from completed lives) they are uncertain voices echoing in the empty passageways of memory. No history can restore them. No intention can give them wholeness back, as if their destiny is barely to be heard or seen except as voices rising from unmarked graves - except as shadows bound in ill-fitting cerements moving through unbroken forest - having been given release to utter cries of forlorn hope - cries that come to the ears as the cries of those lost in the empty passageways of memory - as cries uttered in sadness and abandonment rising from the unmarked graves of those not known or remembered but walking on the ghostly pathways of a past erased and only found again in palsied memory … and in dream.

Robin Mathews, Vancouver BC rmathews@telus.net

Robin Mathews is a retired professor who taught English literature at Carleton University in Ottawa and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He is well known for his campaign to Canadianize the faculty and curricula of Canadian universities. ♣

34 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Print/Digital Edition


Who Were You?

by Sherry Leigh Williams, Métis artist

Sydney, BC, sherryleigh.williams@gmail.com

A Little Poem about residential schools… I spent time recently in Prince George, and was appalled at the street situation. Here is a little poem I wrote in response.

People laying In the street

Cut your hair Took your voice Your Innocence

Concrete and steel crushing clover

Who were you?

Dark eyes Staring Off somewhere

Before sin was the color Of your skin

Butterflies And bee’s gone


Fireweed Smoke and vomit Instead of bluebells The Mad hatter End of the road in a northern town Who were you Before they changed Your name? Before hell, Disguised as School Came and black robes With putrid Hearts Imposed Their will In Creators Name

Leather and moose


meat smoke from the fire Kookum’s kitchen bannock, wild strawberries new potatoes and fried eggs Remember?

MacDonald tagged Us Half-breed dogs Savages

The sound of leaves leather soles stepping softly on the forest floor

Treaties, Scrip, The Indian act

Do you dream of beaded Mukluks?

Kill the Indian Save the child

Can you still hear The fiddle Or the drum?


Fishing for trout In icy mountain Streams

Fuck the monarch Fuck the government And the false church too

Black bear Deer and Beaver

Who were you? When you still could hear the ancestors voice On the wind before the robin Laid her eggs In spring Remember?

The smell of Cranberry The crunch Of leaves In fall Who were you? I want to know.

[SEE Sherry’s healing drum, on the cover, painted in the floral beadwork tradition of the Métis.] www.dialogue.ca

Print/Digital Edition

VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 35

A sombre poem from Peter… Peter Weygang, Bobcaygeon ON

“As I f ”

A rather somber poem this time. At 87, the weather forecast is not so good! Warmest regards Peter

By Robert Emeny

If you can bear the brunt of a thousand callous elbows And hold your ground among a throng of hungry fellows If you can stand the stench of liars who rise above you And keep your thoughts on the one or two who love you If you can bend over backwards with stress and tension Or stand up tall with undivided attention Or lean from right to left with ease And not just wiggle in the breeze If you can sense your tragic flaw and give yourself a laugh Or lift a shining kernel from a crusty stack of chaff If you can chase the spirit of wanting that burns a man’s heart And loosen the desire before it tears your soul apart If you can drink from both cups of joy and sorrow Or wait for now and drink tomorrow Or see that coins are all two-sided And know your fate is not decided If you can take a page of Kipling and follow every letter Or find your heroes’ faults and do their deeds one better If you can stand alone and know that you’re right And surrender your words for good works in plain sight If you can bite your tongue and accept it with grace Or let your thoughts go drifting in space Or focus your mind on everything pleasant And know that forever survives in the present If you can forgive the crimes of those who write the rules And let go of the past and the pranks and prep schools Without forgetting what you stand for and why And never believing it’s useless to try If you can do what you can to steer clear of strife And act with respect toward all forms of life You’ll be the pillar, and carved out of wood And – what’s more – you’ll be misunderstood

The Last Act I’m waiting for the fat lady to sing. I’m waiting for the applause to stop. Waiting for the footlights to dim, And the curtain to finally drop. I’ve sung all the songs I can sing. I’ve danced my best steps for you all. I’ve had some great days in the sun, And taken my last curtain call. I sit in my room backstage, Wipe grease-paint from off my old face. I put on street clothes one last time, My stage clothes go back in their place. The stage door creaks as I leave. I’ve passed that way before. No fans are waiting for me. It’s not the same anymore. It’s a dark, and drizzly, night. I can’t see the end of the street. But I walk on into the dark. There’s someone I’m going to meet. So, Death, I say, where is thy sting? For now I am sans everything. Regards, Peter, September 2021

Robert the Scot

Peter Weygang, M.A.; D.I.C.; M.Ed. Sec., Citizens for Direct Democracy Email: peterweygang@gmail.com ♣

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AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Alternative thoughts on Kipling’s poem, IF…

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Poetry by Vereya Sharashkina Unfair

Vereya lives in Drury, Missouri (in the Ozark Mountains)

Watched by his mentor, little boy Enjoyed the life so free; He spotted apples on the top Of one old apple tree.

The Secret Guardian In days of trouble I’m around I dry the tears of those who weep, I walk without a single sound To guard you in your peaceful sleep. Are you in danger? I shall run To snatch you from the claws of death. But if of me you’re making fun Don’t be carefree, beware my wrath. You think I’m safe to joke about? You are mistaken, little friends For my soft voice can well be loud And very strong – my gentle hands. I punish you for any guilt Don’t beg; there is no need to moan. But if with clouds your skies are filled Remember, you are not alone. I’m glad to say I’m not unjust: You’re in a plight – I’m there to fight. I am a person you can trust, I’m never wrong if you are right.

He tried to jump, they were too high The little boy began to cry; “There's such a juicy apple there! I cannot get it, it’s unfair!” The mentor stirred, as if he heard Somebody call his name. He closed his book, rose to his feet And to the boy he came. He smiled at him, and yet his eyes Were strangely grim and cold: “My little boy, oh, don’t you think There's fairness in this world! The weak ones to the strong must yield, Bright summer flowers have to wilt, While some can laugh, the others mourn, The happy dreams in bits are torn. The chilly hearts are always first, The kind ones are both blessed and cursed, The fools the golden treasures find And need enslaves one brilliant mind; The man of wit and talent’s hired To simply teach a wealthy child…” The boy looked up. He didn’t care. The mentor whispered: "It's unfair!"

Vereya Sharashkina

Vereya Sharashkina, 2020 vereyaverte@gmail.com ♣ [Vereya’s father, Leo Sharashkin, and his friend John Woodsworth (also a Dialogue writer) collaborated in many joint interests and projects, including the translation from Russian of the Ringing Cedars Series of books by Russian author Vladimir Megré.]♣ www.dialogue.ca

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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Poetry ~ written Before and After 9/11 From John Woodsworth, Ottawa

One year later


On the twentieth anniversary of the 'twin towers' tragedy (the so-called '9/11') in New York. On two consecutive trips to America, both including an overnight stop at Sheboygan, Michigan, I rose at dawn and penned a poem -- the first on 2 October 2000, called "In harbour", the second on 30 September 2001 (three weeks after the tragedy) called "One year later". I originally wrote them in Russian, and subsequently translated them into English. I am attaching both for your consideration for the autumn issue of Dialogue. They should be published together. I'm hoping you will find them suitable for publication. Sincerely, John

In harbour John Woodsworth

Yachts with their yardarms find haven in harbour, Rocking so gently on waters still dark... Trees line the shoreline in Nature's own arbour: Leaf-sails a-rustling in earth-grounded ark. Mallards all morning sing rhymes under railings, Geese gab with mute wooden owls in a tree, Staring intently with sharp eyes unfailing... Doves, meanwhile, furtively glance after me. Languidly lispings start skimming the surface Of thought with the inflowing tide of the mind. Conscience keeps rustling mid waves of pure purpose, Rocking me gently with feelings so kind. Womanly wisdom in peaceful perfection Watches, preserves, night and day, from above... Heaven's own dove-angels proffer protection, Lead me once more to the haven of love. America, Lake Michigan, 2 October 2000 Translated from the Russian by John Woodsworth, 15 October 2001

(On the events of 11/9/2001) John Woodsworth

Exactly a year ago I stood on this very spot of sacred Earth, on a wooden embankment by a quiet harbour of a Lake Michigan port.1 The landscape around me is the same as before: fishing-boats sail by or sit silently at their docks... while ducks float noiselessly along, or sleep, standing, their head tucked underneath their wings, while the sun calmly rises over the vast expanse of the 'Great' lake in these early morning hours of an American autumn. Only behind this peaceful picture, behind the scene in front of me, not everything, this time, is going along the same smooth channels as before. This time the rhythm of life is noticeably disturbed... and its rhyme (at least, temporarily) lost. Only three short weeks ago the free world stopped breathing freely... its collective heart, for a moment, came to a stop, and its sense of overall well-being took a sharp turn -possibly for ever. O horror! But what can one say about such an odious crime, carried out in the name of religion but completely counter to the essence of any 'eternal truth' in the universe, just as darkness runs counter to light, or non-being to being! A year ago the western world was asleep in the "cradle of innocence", …/

1 See poem 'In harbour' of 2 October 2000, by the same author.

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AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

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fully persuaded of the inviolability of its own military security, but not fully aware, in its inner consciousness, of the sufferings of countless strangers on the other side of the globe, not fully attending to their cries of despair... offering aid, to be sure, occasionally, to them, but sometimes to their oppressors as well... boldly boasting of its own material riches, but paying little attention to the spiritual needs of mankind, thereby provoking feelings of revulsion, even hatred, directed not so much at its individual inhabitants as at their apparent arrogance and inattentiveness (as viewed from the east) toward the plight of others. A year ago (quite possibly) the seeds of hate, feeding on the perceptions of an ignorance and self-satisfaction harmful to their world, were already engendering schemes of malevolence, squeezing out reason and common sense, paying no heed to the moderating influence of the overwhelming majority of their colleagues of faith, blindly attempting to eradicate with physical force misunderstanding, mistaken reasoning and a misguided attitude to the haters' brethren. Action and reaction, action and reaction, each time increasing in intensity, each time manifesting itself in more and more unacceptable forms, each time feeding with new fodder the lowest human tendencies toward fear, anger, envy and hatred, each time turning ordinary people — the oppressors, as well as the oppressed — into unwitting victims of the serpent-lie of man's unlikeness to the Creator of all. But what can be done? How can one stop this 'devil's wheel'2 of senseless, arbitrary violence, of killing and the self-killing of the killers?

The answer is clear: counter evil not with its likeness but with its complete opposite (just as Christ commanded us and Tolstoy reminded us) — not with evil but with good, not with heretical violence but with the heritage of common sense, not with ignorant condescension but with divine comprehension, not with "revenge at any price" but with the priceless reflection of love, not with bombs and not with blood but with good housing and food. How I hope, that another year later, if I should stand on this same spot of Earth, I shall be able to know that the quiet harbour before me reflects not just a world that should be but a world that then really will be — a world renewed, a world sensitive to the despair of any of its peoples, a world ready to act according to the principles and precepts of pure, universal Love! Then and only then can we really bring back what is lost, restore our life's natural rhythm of a grand world symphony of peace, and then the rhyme divine to find in the harmony of all mankind. America, Lake Michigan, 30 September 2001 Translated from the Russian by John Woodsworth, 16 October 2001


John Woodsworth, Ottawa Both "In harbour" and "One year later" were published (in the original and translation) in the Doukhobor journal Iskra (Grand Forks, B.C., Canada) — the original in Nº1915 (October 2001) and the translation in Nº1923 (April 2002); ♣

2 "devil's wheel" — what the Russians call a ferris wheel.


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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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The Day After 9/11: UN Security Council’s Passes Resolution 1368 and Starts “Pillar Four” of the United Nations By Elias Davidsson, Global Research, Sept. 16, 2021 https://www.globalresearch.ca/day-after-nine-elevensecurity-council-passes-resolution-1368-starts-pillarfour-united-nations/5718707 The first draft of this article was written in 2014. It is now ready for publication (including several corrections).

The first overt diplomatic achievement by the United States related to 9/11, was Resolution No. 1368. It was adopted at noontime by the UN Security Council on September 12, 2001. The resolution contained the obligatory statements of condemnation and of solidarity with the 9/11 victims and their families. But this particular resolution manifested three puzzling features whose implications are unsettling. Resolution 1368 included a one-paragraph preamble in which the Council “recognized the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence in accordance with the Charter.” There was no need to mention this particular principle in the resolution unless it was the intent of the Council to give the United States a wink that it may, if it wishes, use military force against any country it chooses as a response to 9/11. A Wink Note that the Council did not “authorize” the United States to use military force, as it had done in the case of the invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990,[1] but chose to convey to the United States indirectly the message that the Council would look the other way and ask no questions, if the United States would use military force against foreign states in response to 9/11. That is precisely what happened: The U.S. bombing campaign against Afghanistan and the subsequent occupation of that country was not condemned by any member of the Security Council, although it was a violation of customary international law – as established on the basis of the so-called Caroline doctrine – and of the U.N. Charter. According to the Caroline doctrine, the resort to self-defense requires “a necessity of self-defence, instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation.” Furthermore, any action taken must be proportional, “since the act 40 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

justified by the necessity of self-defence, must be limited by that necessity, and kept clearly within it.” Resolution 1368 also condoned a blatant act of aggression. The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (1945) called the waging of aggressive war “not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” [2] I argue that by including the Charter’s provision on self- defense into Resolution No. 1368, Council members contributed to the violation of customary international law and the commission of the supreme international crime by the U.S. government, namely aggression. Was 9-11 an International Act? Furthermore, the Council designated the events of the preceding day as an act of “international” terrorism, and “a threat to international peace and security” without being provided with the slightest evidence in support of both of these assertions. The Council is not known to have at any time requested or obtained such evidence. Note: it is the formula “threat to international peace” that gives the UNSC the authority to issue resolutions that bind member states. I am referring to Article 39 of the UN Charter: “The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.” According to the US’s official account, four airliners in domestic routes were hijacked by 19 passengers on September 11, 2001. Even if that account had been true – which it is not – it would not have amounted to an act of “international” terrorism, but would remain a large-scale act of domestic terrorism by travelers whose real identities remain in question. A further puzzling feature is the swiftness with which Resolution 1368 was adopted. Had the above

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two features not been included in the resolution – calling 9/11 international terrorism and designating terrorism as a threat to peace — there would be nothing odd about the fact that it was adopted one day after the attacks. Numerous governments and inter-governmental organisations adopted resolutions on the very day of the attacks, September 11, 2001, in which they condemned the attacks and expressed solidarity with the victims. They, however, carefully refrained from designating the attacks as containing an international dimension. Vast Implications The two features discussed above were neither selfevident nor necessary, yet have vast legal and political implications. It is inconceivable that individuals sitting in the Council, representing their governments, would approve the wording of Council resolutions on the base of their personal feelings, no matter how strong. Drafts of Security Council resolutions, particularly those which contain legal precedents or entail legal consequences, are typically examined – down to their punctuation – by legal experts in the home countries of the Council’s members. It is inconceivable that experts around the world would be able to assess within hours the legal and political ramifications of the features discussed above. I can conceive of only two explanations for this apparent swiftness: Either the United States (backed by its NATO allies) threatened the governments of the other Security Council members with severe sanctions, should they fail to adopt this resolution, or the draft resolution had been circulated to, and approved by selected members of the Security Council prior to the events of 9/11, in order to ensure its speedy adoption on September 12, 2001. Both explanations give rise to highly disturbing questions. Now for a comment on the probity of information put before the UNSC. The Security Council does not have to base its decisions on proven facts. It may legally base its operative decisions on hunches, hypotheticals, hearsay and even fantasy. The Security Council would be legally entitled to determine that the earth is flat, if such determination would politically suit its members. The members of the Security Council are admittedly under the legal obligation to act in good www.dialogue.ca

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faith, but no international entity has been set up to examine whether they have complied with this principle, and if violated, to invalidate decisions based on the breach of this principle.[3] The readiness of all members of the Security Council to underwrite American foreign policy aims, as reflected in the provisions of Resolution No. 1368, must be regarded as a historical watershed. The UN’s Fourth Pillar For years, I have been a lonely voice pointing out that the UNSC’s Permanent Five (US, UK, France, Russia and China) have committed themselves to define “international terrorism” as a major threat to world peace. This definition is a monumental lie, for terrorism is not even a threat to the sovereignty, national defense, or political order of any country. While terrorism (attacks on civilians for political purposes) is a crime, the number of people killed yearly by terrorist acts in most countries lies between zero and 10. In Europe, a territory of over 500 million people, about 44 people die, on the average, yearly, in terrorist attacks (compared to over 5,000 yearly homicides). I have repeatedly warned that the United Nations has adopted the ideology of “counter-terrorism” as one of the pillars for the entire UN system. Now, finally and belatedly, others vindicate my warnings. In June 2020, the UK-based organization Saferworld has lamented the mainstreaming of the counter-terrorism ideology within the United Nations Organization. “For three-quarters of a century, peace, rights and development have been the three core pillars that define the UN’s unique purpose. However, in the post-9/11 era, governments’ collective determination to define terrorism as the pre-eminent global security challenge has made a deep impression on the UN [sic]. Counter-terrorism has come to the fore through a flood of UN Security Council resolutions, General Assembly strategies, new funding streams, offices, committees, working groups and staff – all dedicated to counter-terrorism.” [4] Any Good Guys? I urge all those who for various reasons believe Russia and China to be “the hope for Mankind” as opposed to Western imperialism, to take a committed to the fraudulent counter-terrorism ideology, for it provides all governments around the globe …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 41

Elias Davidsson, 9/11 and UN Resolution 1368, contd.

with justifications to abolish democracy and institute a digital dictatorship. The counter-terrorism ideology, now complemented by a global health-scare campaign, is precisely the cement that binds the rulers of the P5, and it bears no relation to Al Qaeda, ISIS or other real or fake terrorist organisations. The P5, serving their ruling classes, have thus declared a war against the world’s peoples. The United Nations, once a hope for the world, have become a tool of oppression. “We the People” can trust no government and no organisation of states to ensure our rights and liberties. We must join hands across borders without state or corporate interference to restore an acceptable world order. _________________________________________

Elias Davidsson is an Icelandic citizen living in Germany. He is a composer, human rights/peace activist & author of several books on 9/11 and false-flag terrorism.

Notes [1] This is from the “Gulf war”: Under SC Resolution 678 of November 29, 1990, the Security Council “authorize[d] Member States co-operating with the Government of Kuwait […] to use all necessary means to uphold and implement resolution 660(1990) and all subsequent relevant resolutions and to restore international peace and security in the area.” [2] The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, too, refers to the crime of aggression as one of the “most serious crimes of concern to the international community”, and provides that the crime falls within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC). [3] See, in particular, Elias Davidsson, “The Security Council’s Obligations of Good Faith”, Florida Journal of International Law, Vol. XV, No. 4 (Summer 2003) (http://www.aldeilis.net/bpb/goodfaith.pdf) [4] https://www.saferworld.org.uk/downloads/ct-textpp-final-file.pdf (and) China and Russia Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Syria – No Carte Blanche for Chapter VII LINK TO THIS ARTICLE AT GLOBAL RESEARCH: https://tinyurl.com/GR-ED-1368 ♣


9/11 WHISTLEBLOWERS Corbett • 09/06/2019 - Author Archive for Corbett To watch the full 9/11 Whistleblowers series, visit: https://www.corbettreport.com/911whistleblowers/ In the series: Kevin Ryan, Cate Jenkins, Barry Jennings, Michael Springman, William Rodriguez; plus: The 9/11 Commission; JAMES CORBETT TRANSCRIPT [EXTRACT]

“But someone would have talked,” say the self-styled skeptics who believe the government’s official conspiracy theory of 9/11. “After all, every major conspiracy has its whistleblowers, doesn’t it?” But there’s a problem with this logically fallacious non-argument. “Someone” did talk. In fact, numerous people have come out to blow the whistle on the events of September 11, 2001, and the cover-up that surrounds those events. These are the stories of the 9/11 Whistleblowers. KEVIN RYAN, Whistleblower: In the early 2000s, Kevin Ryan (worked at) Environmental Health Laboratories. On November 11, 2004, he wrote directly to Frank Gayle, the director of NIST’s Twin Towers investigation.* The following week, he was fired. This is his story. In 2001, Kevin Ryan was the site manager at Environmental Health Laboratories (EHL) in South 42 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Bend, Indiana. At the time, EHL was a subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global safety consulting and certification corporation that tests a range of consumer and industrial products for compliance with government safety standards. Among many other things, UL provides fire resistance ratings for structural steel components to insure compliance with New York City building codes. […] As Ryan began to learn more about the issues involved with the destruction of the towers and the ongoing investigation into that destruction, his concerns only grew. Why had the actual steel evidence of the towers’ destruction been illegally removed and disposed of before a proper investigation could take place? Why did not one or two, but three modern, steel-frame buildings completely collapse due to fire on 9/11 given that such an event had never taken place before? Why did the towers fail at all when John Skilling, the structural engineer responsible for designing the towers, claimed in 1993—just five years before his death—that his own analysis of jet plane crashes and ensuing fires in the towers had concluded that “the building structure would still be there”? […] CONTINUE [VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT] AT LINK


* NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology ♣

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A Call for Mother Earth and Humanity.

AN ESSAY by Claudia von Werlhof in: Not Dead Yet. Feminism, Passion and Women’s Liberation (2021), Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne (eds.), Spinifex Press, Melbourne 2021; ISBN 9781925950328

Exposing “Military Geoengineering” Why do people not want to know about the violence that is committed against Mother Earth? By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof, Austria Global Research, September 14, 2021 https://www.globalresearch.ca/call-mother-earthhumanity/5755749

Is it a taboo to reveal a secret? For instance, Dr. Rosalie Bertell’s research about geoengineering has, to this day, still not been properly debated in public. Not only the powers that be, but also the social movements of today have not allowed this to happen. Very often, people reject radical new thoughts right away because they are too shocking for them. A first reaction typically consists of ignoring them instead of trying to learn and do something about these perilous matters. Most people simply deny the possibility that something like ‘military geoengineering’ may even exist. In an effort to avoid confronting these uneasy truths, they repeat the term prepared by those in power who want to do away with this sort of ‘evil knowledge’ and call it a ‘conspiracy theory’. But we do need to confront the facts about the system we live in, which in itself is based on different forms of direct and structural violence against life itself, against nature and against human beings. This truth is a secret and thus it has become a taboo to speak about it. Whenever this taboo is violated, there is always a prompt and often violent reaction to stop any further discussion. Of course, we know what the violence of our system – our ‘modern civilization’ – is based on. It is rooted in ‘patriarchy,’ as I name it in my critical theory approach. The intention of patriarchy is to change all of life, nature and humanity, in fact the entire world, into a ‘man-made,’ artificial one, that is not allowing life to exist any longer in its organic, natural and motherly ways on Planet Earth. This man-made world is by definition a pater-arché (*) one, a ‘creation’ of so-called human fathers instead of human mothers together with Mother Nature. During the time to reach this patriarchal utopia, which is www.dialogue.ca

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several thousands of years old, much violence has already been applied. This violence has turned into trauma, but at the same time, it is considered ‘forbidden knowledge’ and is suppressed. It has been hidden on all levels and cannot be addressed openly. And as long as this patriarchal ‘civilization’ has not totally succeeded in transforming life, nature, humans, the whole world – and the Planet itself – into a completely man-made world, more violence will continuously be applied as a necessary means of achieving its dangerous end goals. This paradox is the secret of patriarchy. Because the patriarchal narrative tells us that there is no violence in the transformation process from the natural to the artificial – the machine – we are also always told that the result will be superior. It is called progress! But the secret we must reveal tells us that violence does not lead to the better and improved worlds we are promised, but to what it actually produces: destruction! Destruction is the overall outcome of this ‘alchemical’ – as I call it – transformation process through violence. This is its logic, but nobody is allowed to name it. This is the ‘evil’ knowledge, the forbidden one, the forgotten one, the knowledge driven into the underground and thus made subconscious. I call it ‘the collective subconscious.’ Understanding this makes it clear how difficult it is to acknowledge what Rosalie Bertell is teaching us. She teaches us that patriarchy in the form of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), has started to destroy our living conditions and the Planet itself. I believe we are forced to do something against this, if we want to continue living on this earth. This means that we have to address patriarchy and its systemic, direct and structural violence, running the risk of becoming the ones who break the taboo. My personal experience with breaking the taboo of this syndrome of avoidance and fear, that we can see repeated today in the case of the worldwide Coronavirus Crisis, has led me to found the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth (PMME) in 2010. …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Claudia von Werlhof, Military Geoengineering, contd.

This is how it happened, after an interview for a newspaper about the necessity to do research into a possible crime, namely the eventual participation of military geoengineering, as mentioned by the Venezuelan president, the Russian Duma and others, that had led to the death of a quarter of a million people: the Haitian earthquake in 2010. Just for quoting those sources I was immediately called a ‘conspiracy theorist’. As a result, I was publicly ‘murdered’ and discredited, robbed of my good reputation as an academic, an activist, a person and a woman. I was threatened by the Deep State and the Institute of Political Science at the University of Innsbruck where I had worked for more than 20 years. The official Austrian media threatened me – being instructed from above, as I was informed by a whistleblower. I lost many of my friends, even very old ones, from the left wing, the green and other alternative movements, even from matriarchy groups in Germany and Austria, with whom I had been working for many years. I lost publishers I used to work with, and I was never again invited for interviews or talks in the mainstream and even most of the alternative press. This is an indication of the deep hatred of the patriarchal system against life and truth, the real knowledge that is now emerging everywhere. It shows patriarchy’s need to cover up the truth, as quickly and as brutally as possible, by using its paid defenders. This experience changed my life, as I did not run away or go into hiding to atone for my alleged sins. On the contrary, I then started my own research on geoengineering which had not been an issue for me until then. The Haitian case had put me on the road to Rosalie Bertell´s knowledge that was completely unknown to me. With the help of her research, I learned how to explain what might have really occurred in Haiti – and not only that, but much more. I wished that I had been wrong, but I wasn´t. During these experiences of change in my life, I became ill. When I emerged from the hell Rosalie had opened for me, I had to decide what to do: either stopping to do anything at all, or starting anew – and with exactly those issues the social environment around me tried to suppress. I decided to do the latter. Otherwise, we would not celebrate the tenth birthday of the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth in 2020. I chose this option because there was no alternative. 44 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

I had felt the same tremors in my body as Mother Earth must have felt in her body during the earthquake. It was as if She was calling me, and loudly so. She said: “Yes, you are the one. You have to stand up for me, as you now know what it feels like what is being done to me! Someone has to do it! This is the moment …” Knowing already what this decision of mine meant, I began my new life. I informed my friends overseas who – contrary to those in Europe – were full of solidarity and support. They started a campaign for me that passed through many parts of the world, as I had done research in earlier years in different places and had many colleagues from social movements in many countries. It was wonderful and it gave me strength so that I could move on. The people of Haiti, however, probably never knew about this debate that began after their disastrous experience. Even the NGOs kept it away from them. At a large women´s congress in Germany in May 2010, I had spoken about Rosalie Bertell’s book Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, which deals with geoengineering and I had proposed founding the PMME in order to distribute her knowledge. Hundreds of women applauded in agreement, and we began organising this movement from Austria. The first and most important task was to translate Bertell’s book into German and publish it. We found a good translator, we got enough donations to pay for this work, and Rosalie sent us the new texts she had written after the first publication of her book in 2000. However, we could not find a publisher! It felt like a boycott on all levels. When we finally found one and succeeded in publishing Bertell’s work in German, at the end of 2011, there was a second wave of hatred, discrimination and defamation occurring that appeared to me as if some people wanted to take revenge for being unable to prevent us from publishing Bertell’s research. So I had to stand up to this new wave of insulting personal and fierce political attacks. In amazing ways, however, we then gained new friends all over the world. Ever more people and groups became active in relation to geoengineering issues. Rosalie considered it an obligation for all of us to fight for Mother Earth as we are her children. Where did Rosalie gain her power and energy from to

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do this work by herself? Her ‘dynamo’ surely was her immense and deep love for Mother Earth, our beautiful fantastic planet that gives us everything we need. So, things were very clear for her. And things should be very clear for us, as well. Rosalie Bertell had developed early on what I call a ‘planetary consciousness’. My experience in these difficult last ten years with the PMME taught me the same. I learned to love the Earth much more than I could have imagined, I learned about her as a huge cosmic living being, I learned to listen to her, to trust her, and to accept her power as mine as well. Because, the power to go on with this struggle stems from Her – not from patriarchy, of course. Over these years, I learned that if we want it, we can establish a real relationship with the earth and ask her: “What can we do? What should we do? Please tell us what to do and what not to do?” For example, what should we give up? I strongly believe this is the answer to the panic, anxiety and fear that reaches us when we start to speak about the systemic violence of patriarchy. The time has come to stop this destructive way of life. The time has come to change from the patriarchal hatred of life to the love of life again – which is the natural attitude of human beings. We have to re-awaken this love, so we become aware and develop a planetary consciousness. Love should be the ‘virus’, the ‘dis–ease’ that ‘contaminates’ us all – to be open to the power of love for, from, and with our Mother Earth! What else can we do? There is no alternative! If we look around, we see always more weaponry – not CO2! – threatening the earth, her climate, the ozone layer, her cycles and all life. Together with a ‘weaponization’ through mind control and neuroscience, 5G, artificial intelligence, digitisation, nano- and bio-technologies, geoengineering belongs to the fourth Industrial Revolution that has been proclaimed to build our future – or our no-future – in the twentyfirst century. These technologies are already producing ‘lock-downs’ from above, from space, as well as from below. They are meant to use our bodies and brains, and I don’t think all of us are supposed to survive this process of becoming the ‘bio’-part of what I call the megamachine – the new global form of totalitarianism. The problems we are confronting are all related to www.dialogue.ca

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each other. The laissez-faire attitude towards the question of technology being welcomed as progress has to stop. There is a need to really look at patriarchy, the intentional destruction of the world including us humans. The vaccines against COVID-19, intending to turn us into genetically modified zombies with implanted chips and nanobots, are in the process of application right now. They are intended to lead us towards ‘transhumanism,’ the end of mothers and of humanity. This is my Call! Dr. Claudia von Werlhof Innsbruck, October 2020 THIS ESSAY is an extract from Not Dead Yet. Feminism, Passion and Women’s Liberation (2021) More about the book: next page Dr. Claudia von Werlhof is Prof. Emerita of Political Science and Women’s Studies at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. She is the author of many books and has worked hard to make Rosalie Bertell’s important book Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War (on Geoengineering) available in German, Spanish, Italian, French and English again. Claudia was the founder of the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth (PMME) in 2010. She is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). Sources: [Extract] Bertell, Rosalie. 1985. No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth. London: The Women’s Press - 2011, 2013, 2016, 20^18, 2020: Kriegswaffe Planet Erde, 5 editions, Gelnhausen, J. K. Fischer Verlag - 2020. Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War. Enhanced edition, Dublin: Talma Studios International. von Werlhof, Claudia. 2011. The Failure of Modern Civilization and The Struggle for a ‘Deep’ Alternative. On ‘Critical Theory of Patriarchy’ as a New Paradigm. Frankfurt/ New York, Peter Lang. - (Ed.). 2021. Global Warning! Geoengineering is Wrecking our Planet. Dublin: Talma Studios International, forthcoming. See all References online at: www.pbme-online.org/2021/09/13/a-call-for-motherearth-and-humanity-spinifex-press-2021/ ESSAY ONLINE AT:

https://www.globalresearch.ca/call-mother-earth-humanity/5755749 ALSO AT AUTHOR’S WEBSITE:

http://www.pbme-online.org/2021/09/13/a-call-for-motherearth-and-humanity-spinifex-press-2021/ [Sep. 13, 2021] All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages ( ) * Pater-arché (Greek: πάτερ-αρχέ) means: a Father Archetype ♣

VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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News from The Peace River Valley: Site C Related Media Links Forwarded by June Ross, Nanaimo jross12@telus.net From: Ken Boon pvla@xplornet.com Sep. 18, 2021 The B.C. NDP government is blundering on with construction of the Site C hydro dam, on unstable ground, despite availability of much lower-cost energy sources. It is the same government that BC’s Auditor General found has not effectively overseen the safety of dams in BC and did not adequately verify or enforce compliance of safety standards. https://in-sights.ca/2021/09/17/unnecessary-risk-to-peopleand-property-in-bc/ _______________

Activists highlighted the plight of rivers as well as the support building up for according rights to them, at the ongoing International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress September 8, 2021 in Marseille, France. https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/water/give-riverstheir-rights-activists-tell-iucn-world-conservation-congress78902 _______________

A Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court judge will soon decide whether to temporarily block the

finalization of the Muskrat Falls rate mitigation deal. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/nl-injunction-innu-muskrat-falls-rate-mitigation1.6177222 _______________

Said (Ryan) Dyck, "I think taking a ridiculous project that has been horribly managed and way over cost, and giving them more finances is an unproductive way of handling mismanaged projects." https://www.alaskahighwaynews.ca/canadavotes2021/localnews/candidates-dont-want-federal-money-for-site-c4339408 _______________

The empire builders of BC Hydro were determined to proceed with Site C, regardless of need, cost or far less expensive alternatives. The $16 billion project offers just too many opportunities for insiders and friends to fill their pockets with cash. https://in-sights.ca/2021/09/17/a-spendthrift-public-utility/ _______________

Peace Valley Landowner Assoc., Ken Boon, President SS#2, Site 12, Comp 19, Fort St. John, BC V1J 4M7 (250) 262-9014 Copyright © 2018 PVLA. ♣


Only with Honesty, Truth and Justice can there be a future for our species... [SENT TO THE EDITORS OF THE TIMES COLONIST AND THE TYEE] – July 14 2021

By Gunther Ostermann, Qualicum Beach BC

Dear Editor: RE Articles in the Times Colonist ISLANDER:

Pacheedaht Elder Statesman Bill Jones, who spent many years as a logger, made a soul and gut wrenching confession. “My personal view now, after years of mulling over those two experiences, (See July 11 of the same paper) “I feel that you have to be desensitized to be a logger. You have to be numb to the environment, numb to what you’re doing.” In the same paper and date, Professor Trevor Hancock from the University of Victoria, made a similar statement, “This is a deeply immoral economy driving a deeply immoral society.” Hancock said, ‘tongue in cheek’ for the rich multinationals, “Sorry about the Earth but we need to make money.” Hancock is referring to the three pipelines that are in limbo, that swallowed up $billions. The Canada-US XL pipeline was unceremoniously scrapped with the stroke of a pen, when President Joe Biden made it clear that his number one mission as president is to undo everything the Trump 46 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

administration accomplished over the last four years. Biden cancelled the XL Pipeline, after billions already spent by the USA and Canada. This is just as silly, no, down right stupid, as when Jimmy Carter put solar panels on some White House roofs, and Ronald Reagan’s first act was to have them torn down. How much longer can we operate Planet Earth with emotions, outworn beliefs and lies? Where are the academicians, philosophers and politicians who should know about what the late social theorist and humanitarian Erich Fromm, and others, researched and wrote? “The present development is characterized by the increasing replacement of manual work by machine work, and, beyond that, of human intelligence by machine intelligence. While in 1850 men supplied 15% of the energy for work, animals 79%, and machines 6%. The ratio in 1960 will be 3%, 1% and 96% respectively.” This makes it clear, that we can produce plenty, enough for everybody of everything, but have not devised a just and intelligent system to distribute it. Only then, will/can people not be forced to destroy precious resources, needlessly. Sincerely, Gunther, gco@shaw.ca ♣

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Free Trade is Code for Forced Trade By Rod Driver, Global Research, June 23, 2021 www.globalresearch.ca/free-trade-code-forcedtrade/5748424

“Not since the conquistadores plundered Latin America has the world experienced a flow (of wealth from poor countries to rich) in the direction we see today” (Morris Miller(1)) Advanced nations have tried to force poor countries to participate in what is called free trade. This is a propaganda term to mislead people into being uncritical of what actually happens. This post explains what free trade really means. The Opposite of Free Trade is Properly Regulated Trade Most countries have to trade with other countries so that they can buy things that they cannot produce. Lots of countries do not have their own oil or gas deposits to provide energy, and many do not have the facilities to produce advanced goods. In order to have foreign currency to make these purchases, need to sell something themselves. Free trade means that there should be as few obstacles as possible to trade between countries. However, many of the rules that exist to regulate trade exist for good reasons: to protect the health of workers and customers; to stop the use of poisonous chemicals in products; or to enable the development of new industries. If trade is not properly regulated, it can have disastrous consequences. If trade is properly regulated, it can provide jobs and technologies that will help poor countries to rapidly become wealthier, and solve their poverty issues. There are no level playing fields As with ‘free markets,’ the term ‘free trade’ (sometimes called liberalisation) sounds like a wonderful theory in a textbook. Every business from every country competes with as few rules as possible, and with no assistance from government, so no business has any unfair advantages. This is supposed to create what is called a level playing field. In the real world, we start from a position of extreme inequality. Big corporations have huge marketing budgets, they can easily borrow large amounts of money and they employ armies of lawyers, accountants and tax specialists to give them every possible advantage. They have connections with other businesses, they can hide money offshore, they pay www.dialogue.ca

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bigger bribes, and for short periods they can offer prices so low that they can put local competitors out of business. They also receive help from their own government. Small companies in poor countries do not have these advantages. What we get in the real world has been compared to a match between a team of professional footballers (the biggest corporations) and children who are still learning to walk (the small businesses of the developing world). The big companies almost always win, and the small companies go out of business. Forced Trade means Ending Subsidies and Tariffs in Poor Countries Businesses and industries often make little profit when they are new or developing and are therefore vulnerable to going bankrupt. For this reason it is important for governments to be able to assist them in the early stages. The idea of protecting developing industries has been compared to protecting and educating a child as it grows up.(2) We do not expect children to compete for jobs, because they require many years of learning, experimenting and making mistakes before they are ready to look after themselves. The same is true of businesses in developing countries. They have to be allowed to protect themselves against competition. This is known as infant industry protection and can be achieved using tariffs. Tariffs are where goods from foreign producers are taxed more than goods from local producers. This not only protects local industries, it also raises money for governments. Over the years, almost all advanced nations have protected their industries against the downsides of competition. From 1790-1914, tariffs were the biggest source of income for the US government, before income taxes became more important.(3) Recently developed countries, like Taiwan and South Korea, were very careful to make sure that only some of their markets were opened up to foreign competitors, and then only gradually. If Japan had adopted free trade after World War 2, it would have been “unable to break away from the Asian pattern of stagnation and poverty.”(4) The car company Toyota provides one of the shining examples of what can be achieved if a country protects its developing industries. A few decades ago, Toyota cars were badly made and inefficient in comparison to those from Europe and the US. Toyota would have gone out of business if it had been …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 47

Rod Driver, Free Trade is Code for Forced Trade, contd.

forced to compete against Western rivals. By protecting it, Japan now has the most advanced car company in the world.(5) The downside of tariffs is that they make goods more expensive for the buyer. The point here is not to suggest that tariffs are ideal, merely to state that poor countries must be allowed to protect industries if they want to. The US, Britain and many other rich nations still have tariffs on some good,(6) but as with so many

other double standards throughout the world, they try to force poor countries to remove theirs. […] Rod Driver, Global Research READ IN FULL : https://www.globalresearch.ca/freetrade-code-forced-trade/5748424 (with footnotes)

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Small is Beautiful and Local and Democratic Erik Andersen, Gabriola Island BC twolabradors@shaw.ca

Perhaps this is a good time to introduce the concept of small is not only beautiful but very democratic and produces commodity price stability /predictability. Put climate changes aside for a minute and look at the price charts for commodities, in US $s, over the last 100 years. An SFU prof has those charts and I know so do the folks at BCH and Victoria. About the 70s he noticed that commodity pricing started to separate into categories. The first was/is commodities from on the field, such as wheat, etc.; and the second were/are from in the ground like coal, natural gas, crude oil, the metals, etc. The price behavior of the first group became stable/predictable, so that consumers were not whipsawed. By contrast the second category displayed huge pricing swings. This shutdown TC Pipe Line twice because financing a pipeline was too risky when buyers were not prepared to contract for lengthy terms. If you think about this commodity pricing action, then put financial/wealth concentration alongside, it is easy to see why the global drive to combines/monopolies is the model in use and why the public is getting nailed again as in the 70s. There are some US Senators currently trying to introduce new anti-combines legislation designed to break up this ownership concentration. Will they succeed remains to be seen. 48 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

About 25 years ago, Canadian banks took over all the large independent securities dealers and, at the time, a few of us unsuccessfully fought the process. I did an examination of 6 months of new issues in Canada and, after 6 months of trading, compared the initial total amount raised from sales with the total amount indicated from trading records. The indication was that the new issue total was 35% greater than the market appeared to subsequently value them at. That meant to me an initial overpricing to the public of close to 60%. I sent my work and thoughts to Min. P. Martin, then Minister of Finance. No reply of course but one of the then thoughts about bank mergers in Canada (6 into 3) disappeared. As has been written this morning large energy utilities never have and never will operate fairly. It not part of the DNA of monopolies or combines to do so. Please don't dismiss the socially toxic nature of wealth concentrations of any kind. They habitually over-promise & under-deliver & want public contracts for everything. It is possible that wealth concentration is what stands in the way of the democracy you seek The political pressure on Mr. Diefenbaker in the 50s must have been considerable for him to convene the Royal Commission of income tax fairness. When Carter gave their findings and report in 1967, the knives came out and Canadians collectively sat on their hands and watched, but they certainly failed to use the ammunition provided by Carter to redress taxation unfairness. Taxation unfairness caused the collapse of the …/

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Roman Empire and others. This is not just an intellectual exercise. I have a letter from a lawyer at Revenue Canada where he writes that a taxation issue we were appealing was not anything to do with "fairness" but everything with legal precedent. I got lucky, getting a judge who was able to connect the dots from my evidence and decide in my favor. By this CRA lawyer's letter, Canadians have been and are up against a system designed to relieve them of wealth. And some people know this. In my opinion, expecting governments to voluntarily provide citizens with the democracy some of us wish

for is dreaming beyond words. We can't even get proportional representation established. If history is any guide, violence is the only way out of the wealth/power concentration trap. – Erik Comment regarding the downgrading of BC’s top credit rating (announced in July 2021)

This small credit downgrade is likely only a start. Credit rating agencies typically report on downgrades long after the situation becomes very obvious. C-19 is just an excuse to cover the bigger issue. –Sincerely, Erik Andersen; Economist ♣


Monetary Policy: how it works for the super-rich Tony Crawford, Oakville ON

Prime Minister in 2021, “…you’ll forgive me if I don’t think about monetary policy.” Monetary policy is the very heart of a parliamentary bench, where a Prime Minister sits next to a Minister of Finance in charge of government business, adjusting ways and means of wealth creation of the nation through budgeted expenditures and welfare payments.

The following is a video script of my advocacy for fair and equitable monetary policy for Canadian taxpayers. The video starts with lawyer Rocco Galati reflecting on media coverage as his Canadian taxpayer Class Action fails to close the Magna Carta loophole, which is tax-credit dollars hidden from the Treasury not reported in the budget. Taxpayers sued to restore the Bank of Canada to its constitutional purpose, and Galati was stoic, “A lot of my stories get covered wall-to-wall nationally. This story is much bigger than any of them, and it has not been covered by one single mainstream media.”

The bank effect is twice-paid deficit dollars in the big picture, and MP Erin O’Toole is concerned about losing money, saying, “Canadian workers who’ve paid into a pension plan should be able to rely on it actually being there when they retire.”

My name is Tony Crawford and I am a Canadian author of financial history: how monetary policy works for the superrich, in the one percent, at government expense of revenue, from taxpayers like you and me. I documented my experience as a bank whistleblower in Magna Carta Loophole Gullible Taxpayer Law published in 2019, and a second edition Contaging the Tax Invasion Plan Twice Fooled Carny Mark in 2020. This, after submitting advice to the Finance Committee in the 2017 Tax Plan that I recommended a bank transaction control number for transparency to close the Magna Carta Loophole. I wrote books for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, and MP, Anita Anand as my representative, to discuss tax fraud for a Private Members Bill to debate financial safeguards and taxpayer protection in case of criminal banking. MP Justin Trudeau belies the problem and simplifies economics in his 2014 election campaign, “…grow the economy and the budget will balance itself.” And still today, he ducks the issue as a wannabe third-term

I became a bank whistleblower in 2012, and my tax deductible securities fraud secret bankbook story was investigated by the OSC – Ontario Securities Commission after MPP Andrea Horwath read Petition 44 in 2007. “This petition is for potential debtors identity validation and financial due diligence that will safeguard peoples’ wealth and equity in property from fraudulent loan applications.” The Canadian Central Bank is a public bank in the constitution since 1937. Jean Chrétien, Finance Minister for Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, changed the BEA – Bill of Exchange Act Section 165(3) around 1966, and monetary policy to borrow more expensive loans from offshore banks, to print the true dough cost of onshore loonies through tax returns since 1974. Canadian professors, Benjamin Geva, York, Stephen Scott, McGill, and Margaret Ogilvie, Carleton universities criticize section 165(3) and the COMER – Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform sued Bank Governor, Mark Carney in 2011 to restore the Public Bank to its original purpose to issue cheap loonies …/


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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Tony Crawford, Monetary Policy, contd.

in the best public interest. Lawyer Rocco Galati for COMER refers to criminal banking, “The other part of the challenge, which goes hand-in-hand with this whole banking fraud that’s going on, is against the Minister of Finance and the budgetary process”. Rocco Galati took a jab at politicians to plead his case for taxpayers: “Parliament can be– they can be as nincompoop as much as they want, as long as they don’t inflict constitutional violations.” Justice Russell laughed, “Heehaw, that’s very reassuring, thank you, tshew.” Galati continued, “I know but that’s the law. However, that’s not the case before you. The case before you is that there is an executive breach of constitutional requirement by the Minister of Finance with respect to the budgetary process… by removing and not revealing the true revenues of parliament… the Minister of Finance is removing the elected MPs ability to properly review and debate the budget… tied to the constitutional right to no taxation without representation.” COMER had me appear as an expert witness, but when I filed my testimony, the Supreme Court of Canada purged my system design from the court record in 2016, and the Chief Justice denied trial for clarification of bank law in 2017. The appeal was dismissed without reason and now we have a snap shot budget in 2020 and a snap election in 2021 for mandatory shots and COVID 19 passports restricting peoples’ rights and freedoms in a pandemic economy the way we live now. I didn’t know section 165(3) when I designed a bank system that a sales agent notarized bank-paid witness tax savers sign cheques and tax credit bills as taxpayers liable to holders in due course of signed private promises copied to be carried as public debt sued to collect twice over. Section 165(3) stipulates, ‘Where a cheque is delivered to a bank for deposit to the credit of a person and the bank credits him with the amount of the cheque, the bank acquires all the rights and powers of a holder in due course of the cheque.’ The quasi-tort of conversion collecting bank effect is an illegal act that the non-perpetrator, the taxpayer, the public is nonetheless liable for private loss. In my case, my tax-saver private debt and my 50 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

taxpayer public debt was denied trial by summary judgment for a bank making sense fake money invoicing blank but otherwise signed notes filled out as cheques, with simulated judgment for my bank cashing forged cheques and rebilling loans as mortgages to lien and acquire title on account. Justice Russell refused to clarify section 165(3) bank law, which he ruled an election issue. “The bottom line, I think you are telling me, if you have a problem with what occurred here, your complaint should be to your representative, and not to the court.” Lawyer, Peter Hajecek for the Crown agreed, “That’s exactly it, yeah… Yeah, that’s my submission.” And he went on to explain the political solution, “Things were done no longer in the best interest of Canadians. Now, I always thought that Canadians get to decide at least every five years what is in their best interest. That’s why we have elections. Gosh! I sure hope so.” If I had known that banks duplicate loan and mortgage numbers to defraud I would have checked for double presentment of negotiable instruments traded in private and public markets at the same time the way banks profit from people like me as twice fooled carny marks. Still, the good news is the OSC regulates banks in 2020 to disclose tied loan selling arrangements, and my lawyer recommends I write my bank to find my money and return it to where it belongs, as they should. It’s obvious I’m not the only carny mark on the cover of Dialogue at www.dialogue.ca . If you feel you have been fooled by my system, you can phone Dialogue at 250 758 9877 for a free book for your reading pleasure. Or leave a message at 905 842 6999 for my research paper in academia. Tony Crawford, anewtonycrawford@gmail.com


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Whistleblowing and a letter to Her Majesty, the Queen Marianne Knight, Dunnville ON mvsknight@gmail.com

I hadn’t associated my actions with Whistleblowing when I wrote my blog “Workplace Bullying had a devastating effect on my mental health” in January 2018, nearly three years into my ordeal involving the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) and the provincially-funded Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC), who not only refused to represent me but also reneged on their promise to explain why. Appeals through three levels of staff and to their board as a Crown Agency failed to produce an explanation; a Freedom of Information request was denied. To add to their failure to fulfill their obligation as officers of the court, their unsolicited advice was to take the ‘generous’ fifteen thousand dollar settlement, as I might very well end up with nothing otherwise. [For context: The same adjudicator awarded an individual denied service in a restaurant fourteen thousand dollars.] The settlement would in fact have been part of a mediation that included a non-disclosure, thereby denying my constitutional right to freedom of expression. (Note: A less damaging set of circumstances in Galea v. Wal-Mart Canada Corp. [2017 ONSC 245] resulted in the plaintiff receiving lost wages and benefits amounting to over $500K and “10. Moral damages, including aggravated damages and damages for mental distress: $250,000; 11. Punitive damages: $500,000.”) LETTER TO HER MAJESTY Ontario CANADA 7 June 2021 Her Majesty The Queen Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA

Madam: May I extend greetings from Canada and sincere congratulations on the arrival of the newest member of the royal family, Lilibet Diana. Given the delays in the delivery of mail, I expect that this will not reach you in time to wish you a happy birthday so I would offer belated birthday wishes and best wishes for continued health and happiness for your family. I apologize if this is the incorrect address to raise serious matters to your attention but neither the Prime www.dialogue.ca

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Minister of Canada nor the Minister of Justice / Attorney General of Canada responded to my request for the proper address to write to your Majesty with regard to lack of justice in Canada and the failure of public servants – both employees of Crown Agencies and elected officials - to honour their oaths of allegiance and to offer protection as I have suffered severe consequences as a result of fulfilling my oath to your Majesty by faithfully observing the laws of Canada and fulfilling my duties as a Canadian citizen. I note the message on the official website: As a constitutional Monarch, Her Majesty does not intervene in any political or personal disputes, and letters asking her to do so will receive a standard reply to this effect. i In fact the reason I am writing is because I took an oath when I became a citizen of Canada thirty years ago and swore to “be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.” In return I was assured that, as a citizen, I was entitled to the ‘rights and privileges’ as described in the Constitution in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When I have appealed to the highest level of government for assistance and protection, I have been denied; when I have requested investigation into criminal acts committed, I have been denied. ii My plight is not unique, I am attaching references which note that Canada’s status has fallen with regard to corruption, iii was in last place in the protection for whistleblowers in a study by the International Bar Association; (Canada) has failed to properly implement legislated changes federally iv and provincially; and the lack of an appropriate response by the federal government resulted in a settlement of millions of dollars in Khadr v. Canada and cost millions in legal costs. v Further, elected officials and officers of the court who have a sworn duty to promote justice and protect the rights of the citizens have forsaken their duty. Among them are counsel who describe themselves as your representatives in two lawsuits that are titled Knight v. the Queen (Canada) for Breach of Contract and Knight v. the Queen (Ontario) for Personal Injuries. While Sovereign Immunity holds that a Monarch may do no wrong under the law, it is my hope that you can, in fact, hold the responsible government accountable. …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 51

Marianne Knight, Letter to Her Majesty, contd.

I note that the settlement requested in Knight v. the Queen (Canada) calls for any financial remedy to be dedicated to overhauling the Human Rights system which currently does not conform to Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. vi At the root of my trouble is my attempt to prevent fraud of hundreds of thousands of provincial tax dollars intended for life-altering therapy for individuals with autism. It resulted in my being bullied, denied my constitutional rights, and deliberately harmed. In February 2015 - more than six years ago - I brought irrefutable evidence not only of five violations of the Ontario Human Rights code but criminal activity fraud to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario – a Crown Agency. As a result, I have evidence of criminal activity on the part of numerous public servants and the failure of leadership within the government and the highest level of provincial police to investigate. Provincial legislation called for the human rights system to be reviewed in 2010,vii the recommendations were never implemented; in 2017 a lawyer presented to the Ontario Bar Association cautioning about the lack of access to justice. viii In December 2017, I included the following in my witness statement: I turned to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, afraid and injured; and they perpetuated the wrongdoing, rather than offering me protection and a resolution of the wrongdoing. All levels of provincial government have failed, not only to do their job, but to uphold Canadian values. Upon receipt of the packet of lies and slander from the lawyer paid with provincial tax dollars defending the bullies, I wrote imploring the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice/Attorney General of Canada to intervene and was offered sympathy. The preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedom states “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” The Dalai Lama is credited with saying “This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for a complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” With the exception of a former provincial Deputy Minister of Labour I have been shown no kindness. Currently, Counsel for your Majesty – for both the nation and the province – have put forward motions on 52 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

your behalf to strike my claims; and the order has come granting the motion; and so again court rules and constitutional rights have been violated. I have filed complaints with the Canadian Judicial Council with regard to misconduct on the part of divisional court justices and, despite assertions from the Minister of Justice/Attorney General of Canada that ‘Canadians deserve better,’ ix the system remains broken. In his ‘Letter from the Birmingham Jail,’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” x Injustice in Canada exists within the Human Rights system and the federal and provincial justice system with regard to the lack of protection for whistleblowers and protection from the misconduct of justices. xi As my citizenship oath included your ‘successors,’ I shall send copies to the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge as well as the Governor General, here in Canada, as your representative. The fact that I am fighting against the Government of Canada for justice is unacceptable. I would ask that you direct whoever advises you on matters relating to Canada to thoroughly investigate my concerns. It has been my intention not to damage Canada’s reputation. As I have raised my children to stand up for what is right and to protect the vulnerable I would expect them to continue to fight for justice, but I fear that they would be harmed for doing what is right and such injustice cannot be allowed to continue. I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant, may God bless and keep you safe and well, (Mrs.) Marianne Knight, CHE, MBA, MSc Dunnville, Ontario [More on Marianne’s story in Winter Edition] References i. https://www.royal.uk/contact ii. Workplace Bullying had a devastating affect on my Mental Health https://medium.com/@mvsknight81/workplace-bullyinghad-a-devastating-affect-on-my-mental-health-13dcb7a4cfea iii. Transparency International's 2019 Corruption Perception Index ranks Canada as the 12th least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, a drop from 9th in 2016. https://www.transparency.org/en/cpi/2019/table/nzl# …/

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iv. Transparency International's 2019 Corruption Perception Index blower-law-internationalrankings_ca_603ee517c5b6ff75ac4011c2 ranks Canada as the 12th least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, a drop from 9th in 2016. https://www.transparvii. Trudeau’s Words On Federal Whistleblower Law An ‘Illusion,’ ency.org/en/cpi/2019/table/nzl# Warns Former Whistleblower https://www.huffingv. https://globalnews.ca/news/3955803/justin-trudeau-omartonpost.ca/entry/canada-whistleblower-joanna-gualkhadr-payout/ & https://globalnews.ca/news/3582295/govtieri_ca_602b33dcc5b6f88289fdecf5 Letter to MP Patrick ernment-issues-official-apology-to-omar-khadr/ Weiler - Member of the OGGO Committee - Feb. 12, 2021. https://www.whistleblowingcanada.com/advocacy_campaigns vi. Canada's Whistleblower Law Ranks Dead Last In International Rankings https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/canada-whistle-

viii. https://globalnews.ca/news/3955803/justin-trudeau-omarkhadr-payout/ https://globalnews.ca/news/3582295/government-issues-official-apology-to-omar-khadr/


ix. Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. https://www.un.org/en/about-us/universaldeclaration-of-human-rights x. Report Of The Ontario Human Rights Review 2012 https://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/about/pubs/human_rights/ xi. viii“Words of Caution for Applicant’s Counsel” https://www.bakerlaw.ca/wp-content/uploads/17-11-05-BakerDavid-Paper-for-OBA.pdf xii. ix https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/statement-from-the-minister-of-justiceand-attorney-general-ofcanada-david-lametti823902440.html x https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/631479-injustice-anywhereis-a-threat-to-justice-everywhere-we-are xi Government of Canada introduces legislation to foster greater confidence in the judicial system https://www.canada.ca/en/departmentjustice/news/2021/05/government-of-canadaintroduceslegislation-to-foster-greater-confidence-in-the-judicial-system.html ♣

[More on Marianne’s story in the Winter Edition]


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dialogue 53

“Your Health Matters”

Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, Strongsville, Ohio EDITOR’S NOTE: We are grateful to

Derrick Lonsdale and his publishing company, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., for their express written permission to serialize and reprint this ground-breaking book.

A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine: Is Modern Medicine Helping You? © 2013 Derrick Lonsdale M.D. All rights reserved

E Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. 12620 FM 1960, Suite A4-507 Houston TX 77065

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A Nutritional Approach to a Revised Model for Medicine: Is Modern Medicine Helping You? By Derrick Lonsdale M.D. DEDICATION To my late wife, Adele; (and) The late James P. Frackelton M.D., Partner and friend who taught me much in the practice of Alternative Medicine. CONTINUED FROM THE LAST ISSUE:


The Autonomic Nervous System and High Calorie Malnutrition The disease known as beriberi is an ancient scourge that killed thousands of people throughout the world, including America. It was found to be largely due to a deficiency of Vitamin B1 and is still relevant in parts of the world where rice is the staple. It is the prototype for high calorie malnutrition. Believe it or not, this disease exists today in America in a marginal form and is difficult to spot unless its essential nature is thoroughly understood. It affects the nervous system in certain ways, particularly the “balance” of the autonomic nervous system. Thus, it can be represented by subtle changes in blood pressure and pulse volume that mirror the Chinese observations. Modern physicians rarely know anything about the classic forms of nutritional disease. They are taught in medical schools in a superficial way only because they are considered to be historical relics. Not knowing the severest forms of these diseases very well, it is difficult, if not impossible, to recognize symptoms caused by mild or marginal malnutrition. High calorie malnutrition is quite different from starvation and I have likened it to choking an internal combustion engine. It is the consumption of foods that may be tasty and satisfying, but have insufficient accompanying vitamin/mineral components, the path 54 dialogue

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towards the appearance of beriberi if developed to the fullest. For example, many of the children that I have seen with a variety of symptoms, caused by their high calorie malnutrition, have high systolic and low diastolic blood pressures. In fact, the diastolic pressure is sometimes zero, together with an unusually high systolic pressure, a signature of autonomic nervous system change that is most characteristic in beriberi. Blood pressure in children is often ignored by pediatricians because hypertension is considered to be an adult condition. There are, however, some interesting subtleties in taking blood pressures in children that can tell us a great deal about how the brain is regulating the complex associations between the heart and the blood vessels. Blood pressure changes of this nature are seen in association with behavioral abnormalities that have become so common in the children of today. These subtle changes disappear with correction of diet and supplementation with vitamins and minerals. It is not surprising that Vitamin B1 is frequently the most important vitamin to be required as a supplement since it is of vital importance in normal metabolism of sugar. Pulse Pressure The difference between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure is known as the pulse pressure. For example, in a child with an abnormal blood pressure of 100/0 the pulse pressure is 100. One month later, after correcting the high sugar diet and providing appropriate vitamin/mineral supplementation, the blood pressure of 90/60 is now normal and the pulse pressure 30. The child is reportedly calmer and much less “psychologically” handicapped. What this means, of course, is that the communication between the heart, the blood vessels, and the brain computer has been radically changed. It must have

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been that the sensitive and practiced fingers of the ancient Chinese physicians, feeling the pulse at the wrist, had been able to detect such a change. What they were measuring, although they did not have the scientific knowledge that we have today, was a state of imbalance in the adaptive control systems of the body. The Chinese observations can be quite relevant in our determination of what is wrong with so many people in today’s world. It is clear that the emphasis was preventive. It was said that “those who disobey the laws of Heaven and Earth have a lifetime of calamities, while those who follow the laws remain free from dangerous illness.” We are learning today, at least in the field of Complementary Alternative Medicine that this is a fundamental truth. “The ancient sages did not treat those who were already ill; they instructed those who were not ill.” As a simpler life gave way to more noxious influences, it became necessary to develop new methods. Minor illnesses became more severe and death from them more common. The second method of treatment was through diet, founded at that time on “the five elements and the concordances based thereon,” although this has no meaning to us today. I quote again from the book by Ilza Veith. “Smooth movement of breath and blood present the most advantageous conditions for the flow of Yin and Yang. Stagnation can be caused by a plethora of Yang or a deficiency of Yin. Either state can occur independently, or one can be the cause of the other.” Both of these failings were indicated by the pulse beats. Later on, we shall be thinking more about the way balance is maintained in our adaptive mechanisms as we understand them today and how this involves the brain/body association. Cyrano de Bergerac, in his 1659 philosophical voyage to the countries of the Moon and the Sun, discusses the power of the mind with his guide, the Daemon of Socrates. Cyrano says, “I have known more than twenty miraculous cures of men who were sick unto death!” The Daemon, in his reply, refers to the power of the mind, “This is why the ablest physicians on your earth advise a patient rather to take an ignorant doctor, whom he esteems to be very knowing, rather than a www.dialogue.ca

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skilful physician whom he imagines to be ignorant. The most powerful medicines will be too weak if the imagination does not apply them. Are you surprised that the most ancient men of your world lived to so many ages without the least knowledge of being physically sick? Their nature was yet in force, their constitutions were resilient, and that universal balsam had not yet been dissipated by the drugs wherewith your doctors consume you.” Balance applies to the chemistry and physiology of the body. The ancient Chinese described their observations in pictorial language. They were able to perceive the “point of balance” between yin and yang and likened it to “a flock of birds” or “the breeze in the waving millet.” It was stressed that “only too easily can one miss the fleeting moment” and acupuncture was compared to treading the edge of a precipice. These people were somehow aware of the rhythms of the body that we now know to be part of our physiology. There was a deep conviction that it was no use giving treatment, and particularly acupuncture, unless one took account of body rhythms. We now know that there is indeed a twenty-four hour rhythm. This, as mentioned earlier, is known as Circadian rhythm. The monthly period in women is governed by endocrine glandular changes under the control of the brain. It may or may not be, in turn, in synchrony with the lunar cycle, but it has always seemed to me to be more than coincidence that both are normally twenty-eight day cycles. There may be other cycles to which we respond to unconsciously, such as the seasons of the year. We know that certain conditions are more common in spring and fall, two seasons that appear to be more stressful to many people, although this is not the conventional explanation. Public health statistics tell us, for example, that there is a slightly increased incidence of leukemia in the spring. An early tract was written by Hsu about 930 A.D. on how to select loci for acupuncture or moxibustion according to the diurnal cycle, the day of the month, and the season of the year. They were aware of the circulation of the blood, describing “the flow in the tract and channel runs on and on, and never stops; a ceaseless movement in an annular circuit.” This was stated …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Dr. Lonsdale, A Nutritional Approach, #5, contd.

in the second century B.C. and Harvey’s discovery of the circulation of blood was hailed as a brand new discovery when his findings were published in 1628. Unfortunately, although all of this arose from true observation and instinctive knowledge, the structure became so complex that the ordinary practitioner could only learn it by rote and in the end, it became arbitrary and mechanical, dissolving into ritual, as happens in religious rites. The question for us today, of course, is whether acupuncture or pulse diagnosis fit in any way into our present knowledge of the functions of the body. Modern experiments have been tried on animals. It was found in dogs that inflammation, caused by introduction of bacteria, could be partially inhibited by acupuncture. But, if a particular segment of the sympathetic chain was removed, the protective effect was lost. The sympathetic chain is part of the autonomic nervous system that we will be considering in more detail later. Suffice it to say here that this nervous system is controlled by a part of the brain that is not under voluntary control. It has also been found that acupuncture gives rise to the release of endorphins in the brain. These important substances, that were discovered recently, have very important effects in the brain that lead to relief of pain. There is, therefore, a logical explanation for acupuncture as a treatment. It is interesting that Sir William Osler, one of the great clinicians of the 20th century, wrote in his textbook Principles and Practice of Medicine that acupuncture was, in acute cases, the most efficient treatment for lumbago, or as it is known today, chronic back strain. Stress In Disease Hans Selye, the investigator of stress on animals, wrote that “research on stress will be most fruitful if it is guided by the theory that we must learn to imitate the body’s own autopharmacological efforts to combat the stress factors in disease.” Thus, the dynamic equilibrium that was epitomized in yin and yang has been considered the balance of health in the eyes of many an ancient and traditional physician through the ages. Today, we are able to recognize that this physiologic balance is maintained by a computer in the brain, sending messages to the organs of the body via the autonomic nervous system and the collection of internal glands known as the endocrine system. Now that we know more about the body machinery 56 dialogue

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we can make sense from data that was originally collected by observation. It enables us to understand mental as well as physical imbalance; that the brain and body must be in balance when the organism is at rest; and that imbalance is a temporary phenomenon that enables us to react to environmental “stress.” If a temporary imbalance that, under normal circumstances expresses an emotional state appropriately, becomes excessively exaggerated in response to a stress stimulus, it becomes abnormal. The observations and philosophy of ancient China help us today to understand the real nature of health and disease. The teachings of Hippocrates fit in easily with the concepts of ancient China. He taught rest, diet, and “anti-stress” as the foundation of treatment. He encouraged the body to become well by simply taking it out of commission for a while and letting it heal itself. The quality of diet was the most important thing that people could do for themselves. Our medical complex has built up a terrifying structure that really encourages illness to thrive rather than reversing it. People have been led to see their illnesses in diagnostic compartments, often with Latin names, where each is catalogued and considered as a separate entity. A modern physician does not have the power of a witch doctor who is seen by his unsophisticated patient as having special powers. If the modern physician tells a patient that he has to start healing himself by following the proper rules of nutrition, the credibility gap is apt to be unbridgeable. Medical school professors teach their students contemporary beliefs and they have accepted the rules of the day as the truth. They may have invested huge sums of money in equipment that is considered to be the “state of the art,” and it is not likely that they wish to hear that another approach is necessary. Hippocrates is thought to have done the best thing that he could under the primitive circumstances that existed in his day. Complementary Alternative Medicine is seeking to put the clock forward by improving on the present form of mainstream medicine. Surgery, skilful and dramatic as it is, is often an admission of medical failure. It is not the best outcome to require organs to be removed because they are damaged beyond repair. Admittedly, this is frequently life-saving, but it is “shutting the stable door after the horse has gone.” The problem is what caused the organs to become sick in the first place. Antibiotics should be reserved for

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life threatening situations caused by microorganisms that are sensitive to their effects. The body is a self-repairing machine that heals itself. All that it needs is the right “fuel” to provide the necessary energy. Cause of Disease During the Dark Ages the cause of disease was unknown. The discovery of microorganisms gradually ushered in the antibiotic age, but Louis Pasteur, who made the original discoveries, had an extremely hard time getting them accepted as a cause of disease. The dramatic thought change required was too stressful to the majority of his peers and, as usual in these circumstances, automatically triggered anger. This is occurring today in the introduction of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). Anger is generated in the minds of orthodox medical practitioners and is predictable. It is no different from that which held back the progress anticipated by the discoveries of Pasteur. “Turf” battles will have to be fought, but it will be the consumer who ultimately makes the decisions. The public is more and more accepting of the principles that are being defined by CAM. Unfortunately this will take time since the profession is controlled by the drug and insurance industries. After the invention of the microscope, it was possible to see individual cells and the fingerprints of disease became known by the changes seen in affected cells. This discovery has misled us in our quest for appropriate approaches to disease. The prevailing attitude has remained that we must kill the microorganism. It has been reported that Pasteur, on his deathbed, said that the “terrain was more important.” By that, he was indicating that he was of the opinion that the attacking germ was less important than the mechanisms of defense used by the body. With the exception of infections, where a battle is joined between the attacking microorganism and the patient, we now have compelling reasons to believe that all ongoing disease is caused by biochemical abnormality within the cells. Disease might be compared with a storm passing through a geographical area, leaving in its wake the damage that can be observed long after the storm has passed. The analogy for the disease is the storm, whereas the damage that is observed afterwards is the analogy for what the pathologist sees with his microscope. We need to assist the natural healing process and this cannot be done with pharmaceutical drugs. The only way to www.dialogue.ca

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assist the natural process of repair is through the use of nutrients that provide the cells with the additional energy required to initiate healing. We need to kill the invading microorganism if it can be done without damaging the defensive mechanisms of the affected patient. Antibiotics are life-saving weapons in many situations that might otherwise be lethal. They have, however, become a staple method of treating some conditions that do not require them and produce damaging effects that could be avoidable. They are “two-edged swords.” Penicillin was the first drug that could kill a microorganism with what initially appeared to be complete safety to the patient. Sensitivity to it has, however, killed a relatively small number of people since its inception. Nevertheless, people with pneumonia and other infections, who had previously died from the onslaught of a microorganism that could not be saved by ordinary means, became well almost immediately. The discovery had a downside- bacteria underwent mutation that made them resistant to one antibiotic after another. Our attention has been fixed on attempts to find ways and means of safely killing infectious organisms without giving consideration to how we can help the normal body defenses. The idea of “killing the enemy” spread to attempts to kill viruses, unfortunately lacking in effectiveness. It also spread to the field of cancer where we are still trying to find the ideal drug that will be lethal to the cancer cell without being lethal to the patient. The “War on Cancer” has largely failed, though billions of dollars have been poured into this type of research. The drugs that are used are appallingly toxic and most patients feel very ill indeed from the treatment. In fact in many cases it is the treatment that kills the patient, not the disease. The situation is parallel to that faced by farmers in their war on destructive insects. The insects become genetically mutated, like the bacteria, and become resistant to the current chemical in use. They too have become more and more toxic to the humans that consume the agricultural products and we now have thousands of such chemicals that are polluting earth rapidly, to the ultimate cost of all animal life, as well as our own. By altering the natural balance ordained by Mother Nature, we are interfering with the intricate web of life by which the plant and animal kingdoms are inextricably related. It is obviously destructive and, for the most part, is either going unheeded by …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Dr. Lonsdale, A Nutritional Approach, #5, contd.

the majority of people, or is presenting problems that are impossible to solve. One has only to pick up the monthly issues of National Geographic to see how this is affecting the world that supports our life and every creature on it. The term “endangered species” appears regularly in the pages of this magazine. A Paradigm Shift The shift in medical thinking needs to be towards the selfhealing powers of the body and not to “control” the disease as the present system attempts. When an orthopedist tackles a fractured bone, he is a technician. He has to line up the fragments in a mechanical sense. It is the bone that heals itself. We can help this process by making sure that the cells necessary to perform this task have enough energy. The modern physician has been taught to have faith in the wonders of the pharmacy and drugs are produced in a bewildering and confusing array, each covered by a patent that gives exclusive sales for a number of years. The tests required by the Federal Drug Agency in order to get a drug approved amount to hundreds of millions of dollars passed on to the consumer. Often a drug under a given trade name may be prescribed simply because a physician has been able to remember that particular name, derived from advertising The Physicians’ Desk Reference gets bigger each year that it is published, together with additional supplements that may follow. It becomes virtually impossible to keep track of the indications and still more difficult for busy practitioners to keep up with the potential side effects of each. A drug might be defined as a substance that affects the physiology of the body. Nutrients also do this by providing the energy required for each cell to function. When they are ingested in high doses, however, they act as drugs because their action is to stimulate physiology to a higher degree. The first thing that the body does with a pharmaceutical is to recognize it as a foreigner and to break it down to its metabolic byproducts. It recognizes a vitamin as a nutrient that fits in with its physiology. If used as a drug in this way, it has to be in an effective dose and can be toxic if that dose is increased to excess, the yin and yang. Mother Nature provided an adequate supply of these chemical substances that enabled the development of the animal kingdom. The mental state in disease is as important as the physical state. A witch doctor has the power to kill or 58 dialogue

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cure, simply by placing or removing a curse from the victim. A young African native had been told by the tribal witch doctor that he would die after a curse was placed on him. The victim languished and began attending the modern western styled medical clinic that existed in the locality. Every up-to-date means that was available was used, to no effect. Finally, the clinic requested that the witch doctor remove the curse and forgive his victim, whereupon the young man began instantly to recover. It was the implicit faith of the victim in the absolute power of the witch doctor that was the key. We do not understand the mechanism, known as the placebo effect. In any drug trial there will be a certain number of subjects in the study who will be better in health from the placebo. It depends solely on the faith factor of the individual. If the unknown treatment is placebo and the subject believes that it is the real thing, it will work for that person. It is this factor that has given rise to the gold standard of drug testing, the double-blind placebo-controlled study. The subjects do not know whether they are in the placebo group or the drug test group and neither does the investigator or anyone who has contact with them. This is because the outcome in a test subject can be influenced unconsciously by someone who knows which group that subject is in. The decision as to whether the drug has a greater effect than the placebo depends upon whether there is a statistically significant difference between the two groups. The faith factor can work both ways, for benefit or for regression. The late Norman Cousins told of his experience in hospital when he was being treated for a disease that usually cripples its victims. He noted that pessimism and negative thoughts could do harm, so why not try to reverse that scenario. He obtained permission to have comical movies introduced into his room, and after a good laugh he found that he could get some sleep without a pain-killer. This approach, together with injections of Vitamin C, resulted in his cure. It is, therefore extremely important for a physician to provide a patient with a positive signal that the outcome is a return to health. In the modern world of medicine, this is extremely difficult to do. Physicians no longer have any kind of “guru” power over the patient. They are considered to be well-educated people with all the fallibility of anyone else. The witch doctor depends upon the unsophisticated faith of the patient

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in witchcraft. It works because it is the power within the mind of the patient who heals himself. An adverse effect can be produced by negative suggestion, the principle behind “voodoo.” Science and technology have come to replace the faith factor because we believe that these wonders are able to find out what is wrong quickly, precisely, and accurately. Today, the diagnosis heard by the patient may easily result in a sense of hopelessness that has its own adverse effect. There is a wide gap between the technological methods of detecting the fingerprints of disease and the ability to treat it. For a disease, such as cancer, it is the first strike against the patient’s ability to help himself through the power of his own mind. The diagnosis becomes a potential death sentence. True faith is a rarity but it is the principle that governs success in Christian Science. We can easily give lip service to the idea of faith, but skepticism reverses its effect. I met a gentleman who told me that he had cured himself of cancer, using the macrobiotic diet. He impressed me because there was no hint of surprise that the diet had worked. He was completely convinced that it was the only way to treat cancer and I wondered whether it was his faith that was as important as the diet. In our hunt for the magic bullets of science, we have forgotten that the body has its own healing powers and can generate them when the mind is positively concentrated on the problem. It matters little what the focal point of faith is. Surely, it is this simple fact that has given rise to the diversity of religions. Perhaps research into the pathways of the brain will gradually solve the mystery. My hypothesis is that the belief factor concentrates the mind on the part of the body that requires extra attention in order to start the healing process. If it requires extra energy to do this, perhaps the resources of the body have to be husbanded and focused at the point of most concern. This is why I have often thought that nutrition has simply “discovered” the mechanism of the placebo effect by providing the extra energy that is required. I consider that the nutrients, by providing this extra energy for cellular function, result in a marked increase in efficiency over and above that required for ordinary daily function. Perhaps it can be considered a revival; a renaissance of the approach to healing that was advised and practiced by Hippocrates. We have mastered revival in an emergency that would have spelled certain death a few years ago. Surgery www.dialogue.ca

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has advanced to a point of extraordinary skill, but both are spawned by failure to prevent the crisis from occurring in the first place. With the exception of trauma and congenital defects in anatomical development, surgery may one day be minimized. It has been published that thirty-six percent of admissions to a university hospital were conditions that were actually produced by physicians. They were not failures of treatment, but actively caused by it. I was a member of the staff of a large multi-disciplined clinic. One day, on ward rounds, a resident was reporting the findings in the case of an adolescent boy. He outlined the history as usual and then went through all the tests to which the patient had been subjected. Each one was described as negative and when he came to the end of his description, there was a pause before the staff member spoke. As we moved away from the bed he finally said, “Well, I really thought that there was something wrong with that boy.” It clearly expressed the prevailing attitude toward psychosomatic illness. The point is that the boy’s symptoms were considered to be fake. A “functional” condition is referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist. This form of disease is the commonest of all and has more to do with diet than psychology. It may sometimes be the forerunner of organic disease and is a true marker of the decline in health that we are seeing in our society. END OF CHAPTER 2

Dr. Derrick Lonsdale “Everything is connected to everything else.” TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT ISSUE

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Dr. Lonsdale retired in 2012 at the age of 88 years; he is a retired Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Lonsdale is also author

of: Why I Left Orthodox Medicine. And his 2017 book: Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition, explores thiamine and how its deficiency affects the functions of the brainstem and autonomic nervous system by way of metabolic changes at the level of the mitochondria… This book represents the life work of the senior author, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, and a recent collaboration with his co-author Dr. Chandler Marrs. ISBN: 0128103876 / ♣ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Soft Edges – Jim Taylor

If the old trees could speak By Jim Taylor, Okanagan Centre, Aug. 12, 2021

Over the transition from July to August, I spent about ten days on Vancouver Island. Five times, I went hiking in old-growth forests. I found it a deeply moving experience. I couldn’t tell how this summer’s “heat dome” and drought were affecting the giant firs, hemlocks. spruces and cedars of the old-growth forests. From the ground, they looked fine. Massive trunks soar upwards, 200-300 feet, so straight, so vertical, that they might have been laid out by an engineer with a spirit level. At the top, the canopy of branches opens out into a fretwork vault, lacing the sky with a canopy of needled embroidery. I took pictures, of course. But pictures cannot capture the awe engendered by an old-growth forest. I need Emily Carr’s exuberant brush strokes, her explosive splashes of colour, to bring out the sacredness of these trees. But it’s not all about the cathedral image. Down below, fallen giants nurse new seedlings. Young hemlocks, mostly. One such nurse tree had become a daycare for over 30 young hemlocks growing along its length. The death of an old matriarch had opened a trapdoor of sky to let the light in.

The Wisdom of Ages I wondered what that forest might say to us, if it could speak. These trees have, after all, had far more years to absorb wisdom than any of us. The bigger trees in old-growth forests have lived 800 years or more. They were around before this province existed, before Canada, before Columbus, even before the Charter of the Forest, a companion document to the more famous Magna Carta. Biologist Peter Wohlleben, author of The Hidden Life of Trees, traces the many ways human evolution has been shaped by our interaction with forests in his latest book, The Heartbeat of Trees. (2021) 60 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Suzanne Simard, in Finding the Mother Tree, (2021) goes further. She helps us see forests as living beings, a community of interdependent life. Blending personal experience with scientific research, she explores the myriad personalities of a deep forest. A young woman in Haida Gwai told Simard: “The Coast Salish people believe that trees have personhood too. They teach that the forest is made of many nations living side by side in peace, each contributing to this earth.” “Under the forest floor,” she said, “there are fungi that keep the trees connected and strong.” Simard’s research has confirmed that indigenous insight. She has proven conclusively that the connections beneath the surface enable the forest to thrive. A forest is more than the sum of its trees. The forest itself is a living, breathing, organism. The forests challenge our obsession with individualism. We have made cult of standing alone, of being ruggedly independent. We are so immersed in the cult of individualism that, as Robert Bellah noted years ago, when we think of breaking free of individualism, the only route we can imagine is to be more individualistic. No matter how tall it stands, a Douglas Fir, towering in lofty isolation over a clear-cut hillside, will never say, “Every tree for itself.” Or, “I won! I won!” We could learn something from our trees. We are not alone. We live in an interconnected world.

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Copyright © 2021 by Jim Taylor. Non-profit use in congregations and study groups and links from other blogs welcomed; all other rights reserved. To comment on this column, write jimt@quixotic.ca ♣ [And a copy to Dialogue please! dialogue@dialogue.ca ]


Working to Protect Ecologically-Sensitive Land Laura Augustine, Nanaimo BC

I was speaking to Director (Leanne) Salter about the presentations I gave to the RDN and the City back in July about the logging of a forest to become industrial land, and she spoke glowingly about the work being done by the Dialogue and suggested I reach out… I would like to share that we've formed a society called the Canadians Locally Improving Communities Society, (theCLIC.ca) and along with the Save Cable Bay Trail Facebook group we're currently working to keep the city of Nanaimo from rezoning 400 acres of ecologically sensitive land to become industrial land, when they are preaching their commitment to combating climate change. Please see the video of the presentation –

Save the Cable Bay Trail – that I made to Nanaimo City Council on July 26 2021. It's only 4 minutes long. https://tinyurl.com/L-A-nan-council (my presentation starts at 21 min.)

This is not an isolated problem contained within one block of forest. This is systemic. We're trying to find the political will to help our community and stand against the tide. Because it's rising, and we know it. I wrote a piece about this that I called the Value of a Tree (below). I'm not sure if you're interested, but it poured out of me as the trees fell behind our homes. I wish you all and your publication all the best. Laura Augustine 250 323 0919 theCLIC.ca

* * * * * *

THE VALUE OF A TREE By: Laura Augustine, TheCLIC.ca

Human beings, tend to regard ourselves as the most evolved and valuable forms of life on this planet. We're capable of great things. We've been to the moon (a handful of us, that is), we have written language, medicine, and science. We have the internet, we have Instagram. It's hard to deny our superiority. But. We are destructive, resource intensive and in many cases, willfully blind. We consume, and consume, and we don't think twice. We deserve to travel. We deserve that new gadget. We work hard, we deserve something sparkly for our troubles. This week, I bore witness to the destructive power of humanity, as trees just inches past the protective flags that indicated our property line were dropped mercilessly in droves. I saw the sky pour through a thinning forest. The sound was sickening. The louder the thud, the older the tree. Dozens by the hour, hundreds by the day. An ecosystem hundreds of years in the making, gone in a week’s work. It gave me pause, thinking about the value of a tree. This clear-cut logging, was being done unapologetically for money. The landowner's mortgages mounted, and they needed nature to pay the bill. Each tree was a paycheck. Watching this, I cried. I screamed. And then I got www.dialogue.ca

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on the phone. I called the forestry professional of record who showed me the plans, reducing all this life to a spreadsheet. Trees are infinitely valuable, alive, not just dead. They clean our atmosphere of carbon, and each one is a source of food and shelter to many species at once. Trees are homes, long before they become lumber. Trees support the ecosystem, stabilizing soil and slopes, sharing and supporting undergrowth and the animals who require the cover of the forest to thrive. While we as humans are more intelligent, arguably, it's hard to deny, that an average tree serves more purposes than a person who spends all their energy posting selfies and consuming, consuming and consuming. Many years ago, I came up with what I called "a recipe for abundance". It goes like this. "Take all you need, it is yours. But give more than you take, and take no more than you need." Sadly, I see most people stopping at the first sentence. A few make it to the second sentiment, and very, very few manage to conduct themselves with the final ideal in mind. Taking no more than you need is not a natural concept for humanity. The word "enough" is not part of our consumer culture. Trees and nature have …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 61

Laura Augustine, The Value of a Tree, contd.

little challenge for this idea. Nature is the best teacher of abundance there ever was. From what I can tell, trees offer many things that not all of humanity can claim. They provide homes for others; they provide food for others, and they clean the environment. If you as a human, with all your gifts and intelligence, can't claim these things, are you more valuable than a tree? We haven't even discussed what a tree is worth when it's dead. The reason for this destruction that I've witnessed today, is that a tree, in our human economy, is more valuable dead than alive. We would like to think – as humans – that our lives are worth more than any other life. If you hit a dog or deer with a car, it's a sad day. If you hit a person, you're likely to see the inside of a cell, even if it's an accident. Humans lose their value when they lose their lives. This, while grim, hopefully gives you pause. I had to wrack my mind for scenarios where this couldn't possibly be true. I thought of artists whose work rockets in value when they've passed, and therefore ending the works they'll produce. However. It's not the person who is being valued, it's the scarcity of their works that receives the increased price tag. Humanity values scarcity, and to create scarcity, you must destroy abundance. With all of this in mind, it's a small wonder that our world is in jeopardy. With our superior minds and knowledge, our systems of ownership upon land are short-sighted and deeply flawed. This land that we divide up and claim was here long before our societies organized, yet somehow, we feel it is our right to exploit, and that nature is ours to shape, pillage and destroy as we please. A favorite thinker of mine, Daniel Schmachtenberger said "we are not apex predators, we're shitty gods". He's right, and it's not a compliment. 62 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

An apex predator can, like a shark or a bear, have a natural physical power and prowess that makes them unmatched hunters in their environment. They can take down prey with efficiency and are to be feared. But when they attack, they take down one seal, one fish, or one deer. Humans don't do that. Not anymore. We stopped being apex predators when we dropped our spears and found guns. With technology our power has grown. We went from chopping down a tree or two with an axe and building a house for a family, to clearing entire forests with enormous gas-powered machines, while operators sip coffee from a comfortable seat in a heated cab, for the sake of paying investors and creditors. We mistake our power, for the right to use that power as we please. As climate change is beginning to show us what is in store down the road, as we see less and less wild places left, it is our duty to stop ourselves. Nature won’t stop us until we realize that we can't live without it. And then, it will be too late.

Watch Laura’s presentation at NANAIMO CITY COUNCIL LIVE STREAM: https://pub-nanaimo.escribemeetings.com/Players/ISIStandAlonePlayer.aspx?Id=51b71a0d-c82e-4c90acb7-eddc95f9df47

Livestream: opens at min. 5:27 (in camera until min.8:35; Laura Augustine at min.21:00–25:35. ♣ TheCLIC.ca - The Canadians Locally Improving Communities society - https://theclic.ca/ A non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of damaged land, supporting sustainability, and empowering Canadians to connect with and improve their communities.

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AUTUMN MEMORIES Randy Vancourt, Toronto ON

One of my strongest childhood memories is how the arrival of September always brought with it the inevitable return to school. I was a good, if slightly reluctant, student and the end of summer with its glorious freedoms never came easily. Long after I graduated the start of the school year still gave me chills not dissimilar to having Hannibal Lecter offer to share a meal of some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Due to the pandemic our son stayed home from Grade One last year; we tried the online class offered by our school board but the comic value of watching his teacher’s obvious computer ineptitude for five hours a day wore thin pretty quickly. My wife and I were both working from the house so we ended up homeschooling, a domain I had previously assumed was only occupied by hippies or crazy religious folks. The social experiment is ongoing; our boy has reentered society in Grade 2 but is experiencing the same anxiety most kids go through when starting Grade 1. It may take a while for him to adapt to mornings that start before 10 am and teachers that don’t put wine in their coffee cups (I assume). Our daughter has now started kindergarten with a vengeance. She has been playing “school” for months around the house, putting on her backpack and pretending to go to class. She attended her first actual class today and when we went to pick her up afterwards she raised her arms up from behind the school fence and said, “Get me out of here.” The reality of the daily grind didn’t take long to sink in. Of course we try to allay our kids’ fears in the usual way; we tell them that we both went to school and how wonderful it was. We had so much fun and made loads of friends. However the truth is a bit more nuanced. My Grade 1 teacher was a gorgon, a perspective that has not softened with the passing decades. Every day after lunch she would inspect the class www.dialogue.ca

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garbage can, pull out any food not consumed to her satisfaction then demand to know who had put it there. If the offender was identified, this miscreant would then insist they eat the food in front of the rest of the class because, you know, hungry kids in Africa. Grade 2? We never knew why but she frequently came to work slightly disheveled, laughing too much and slurring her words. The Grade 3 teacher was pleasantly incompetent and rarely opened a textbook. She did however, spend days teaching students to dance around a Maypole to the Chet Atkins recording, “Wheels.” Grade 4…she set the school on fire. Apparently accidentally, but still… Things calmed down a bit in Grade 5 but we made up for it in Grade 6. That teacher, the first male one, was loud and aggressive. He recently passed away and I was not shocked to see that former students’ online comments were almost all negative. Quite a legacy to leave. We all loved our principal, a wonderful, gentle man. The worst punishment a misbehaving student would receive was being made to go home for lunch. He also entertained us in class assemblies by marching around to “76 Trombones” while twirling a baton, which I suppose was what contributed to some parents pushing for his removal. I didn’t grow up in the most progressive town. I can only assume that today’s teachers are a better crop than the ones I had. Certainly teacher training is far superior now, as is child psychology. In retrospect though I should really thank all these people for helping me develop a sense of humour and appreciation of the absurd that has served me well. I look forward to eventually regaling my own kids with these tales but perhaps I’ll wait a little while on that. Like maybe until college. Randy Vancourt, vancourt@gmail.com Website: www.randyvancourt.com ♣

VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 63

Laughter & Ligtenment

From John Shadbolt, Acton ON

Never Assume…

From Sammy Camilleri, Sault Ste. Marie ON

FIRST TIME SEX… A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night to meet and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time. The boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacy to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents’ house and meets his girlfriend at the door. She says, "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!" The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where the girl's parents are seated. The boy quickly offers to say grace and bows his head. A minute passes, and the boy is still deep in prayer, with his head down. 10 minutes pass, and still no movement from the boy. Finally, after 20 minutes with his head down, the girlfriend leans over and whispers to the boyfriend, "I had no Idea you were this religious." The boy turns, and whispers back, "I had no idea your father was THE PHARMACIST." ♣ 64 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

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His request approved, the CNN News photographer quickly used a cell phone to call the local airport to charter a flight. He was told a plane would be waiting for him at the airport. Arriving at the airfield, he spotted a plane warming up outside a hanger. He jumped in with his bag, slammed the door shut, and shouted, 'Let's go'. The pilot taxied out, swung the plane into the wind and took off. Once in the air, the photographer instructed the pilot, “Fly over the valley and make low passes so I can take pictures of the fires on the hillsides.” “Why?” asked the pilot. “Because I'm a photographer for CNN,” he responded, “and I need to get some close up shots.” The pilot was strangely silent for a moment. Finally he stammered, “So, what you're telling me, is . . . You're NOT my flight instructor?”

Life is short. Drink the good wine first. ♣ From Susanne Lawson, Tofino BC


Tales from Fruitvale…



Paul Bowles, Fruitvale BC, scribepoet@hotmail.com

The household was bustling in July with three daughters and two grandkids exuding energy at a pace challenging to the aged. But with many hands, some imagination and options, the weeks were filled with activities and music, the pool, sandpit and bikes. It was the time of intense heat and smoke from wildfires, a month early here in B.C., even an outbreak on the outskirts of Fruitvale, at The Bombi Summit, and neighbouring Castlegar. Smoke obscured the mountains that surround our valley. Still, life goes on, particularly for a lively bunch from Montreal recently released from lockdown. Amelie (7) and Henri (4 ½) are like two butterflies in a dance as they seek out ways to play, either with each other or with ever-willing adults eager to be a part of the blooming of childhood. In fact, I, the granddad, was privileged to be asked by young Henri, who speaks to us in his second language, “What means ‘blossoming?’” This was out of the blue when we were sitting together in the yard, his mind obviously processing what he had at some point overheard. For me, answering this question was akin to imparting sacred knowledge to reveal the opening of flower petals; but I could add that he was blossoming also in so many ways, as a swimmer who swam across our pool for the first time and as an archer who hit the target. This was at ten paces with a bow and arrow which I had made for him. Later that day he asked me, “What means ‘unique,’ granddad?” “Special,” I replied, “like you.” On this particular day, as I recall, Amelie was wearing her ‘Artiste’ tee shirt, which adequately identifies her since her first love is to be colouring. “Come colour with me,” she pleads with the old man, who acquiesces and creates a random scrawling not easy to identify as anything, but which has a cell like explosion about it. Amelie’s art work is up on my wall, both abstract and a fully integrated: family, house sun, sky and tree. I also am enlisted to play dolls – in the doll house which I made for our kids about thirty years www.dialogue.ca

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ago. Overly large, it resides in the basement and my duty mostly lay with keeping her company while she changed Barbie dolls or, in a pinch, when I need to assist with tight fitting attire which her great grandmother made way back. The furniture, all handmade, I had bought at a garage sale on my way home from a tree-planting season. After all these years, I had not looked closely at what I always took to be a television and Amelie thought was a washing machine, because there was a circular recess. She could be right because I have never seen a circular T.V., however, today, I noticed that there was a slot above the recess and construed from it that it could be for a painted screen to be slipped into or a change of screens, bringing to mind my old grandfathers shadow puppet light show. The days passed with a living room floor coated in a sprawling castle of building blocks, and a Hogwarts transfiguration chamber and magic herbal classroom – both enclosed in book form which cleverly unfolds with numerous hinges, revealing secret compartments. Also, competing for floor space: an antique, buildit-yourself platform assemblage of interlocking cogs, with a pair of porpoises spinning on a central tower, set off with the push of a button. Outside in the yard, the kids had a screen tent with dolls parked in a pram, a wooden oven from days gone by, table and chairs with kettle, pots, tiny cups and saucers and all the impedimenta of play, such as coloured Plasticine for making food. Up in my room, musical instruments are spread around, should anyone be in the percussive mood to play on: beat box, djembe drum and cymbals, xylophone, glockenspiel, tongue drum and bongos. On occasion I would try to blow some harmonica to see if I could fit in with these music makers and dreamers of dreams. I was surprised when Henri burst out with The Beatles song, ‘Good Day Sunshine.’ Later I showed him the record album and told him that particular song was on it, of course he wanted to put it on and so he did. With the help of a footstool for elevation he very deftly brought the needle across and lowered it down, …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 65

(his first time.) Now Henri has learned the first verse, which for those who have forgotten, is all about laughing on a sunny day. I also was happy to introduce him to Led Zeppelin lullabies – for later in the evening. For the uninitiated, these are gentle instrumental versions of Stairway to Heaven and all the other familiars, surprisingly transmuted by someone with an organ and xylophone, (no drums.) With some initial encouragement, both kids accomplished an underwater scene jigsaw puzzle and connected up a maze of electric snap circuits which produced various lights and noises from a speaker and made a fan go around. With the flip of a switch, the fan detached itself and spiralled up a few feet into the air. This specialist type kit for kids with different applications, was put together with the direction of grandmother, for whom, when hunting for kinder stimuli, nothing is passed by that could be picked up for the delight and education of her grandchildren. The Mousetrap game was another dimension of rapture when the diver is propelled into the tub and the cage descends. We each had moments with them; they became, very easily a part of the household, bringing it a spirit of fun. But for one afternoon each week I left this hive of playful pursuits to play with my friends. Upon one occasion, when walking alone to a friend’s place, I stopped to sit in the shade by the railroad tracks and had a novel experience – simple in itself and not so unfamiliar, but personal enough to make a note of it. I sat on the bank attempting to blow some notes of a song, when...

Two butterflies danced before my eyes, inches away from my motionless form. I was entranced by the spectacle. The fluttering wings looped and cascaded, aloft and descending in a ritual of nature. For me alone this passing ballet silently merged my world with theirs. Moving on to my own social engagement, for coffee with my friends… we played some old songs and discussed the meltdown of American politics, incredulous at the filibustering impasse created by the recalcitrant Republicans in Congress whose mantra may as well be, ‘No we won’t.’ 66 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Upon return to the mother ship, les enfants were excitedly painting and cutting, lacing and installing an undersea diorama inside a shoebox, suspending colourful fish in a kelp field and gluing little stones and starfish below. Amelie voluntarily declared that she was “So happy,” and I could not imagine a finer moment. But there were other moments in the packet of time which had crafted itself in such a way that ideas and opportunities, willing hands, freedom to play and love for the kids has brought everyone such joy. We have walked the forest trails and paddled in the creek, spent time in the local lake and took a trip to Nelson. But soon another phase of family experiences was in store for us all when we left the house and drove all day to our son and partners farm near Kamloops. This was currently a risky plan amid such uncertainty of forest fires in the area but we took our chances to connect, within our given time frame. When we arrived, Malachi was there with his folks, Hannah and Matt, also mother Kayley with four month old daughter Piper, with her three brothers, Corbin, Easton and Nash and their grandparents. The six cousins soon dispersed in a flurry of dust to acquaint with new toys to charge around in, (a fleet of battery operated tractors) it was Henri’s first time with power underfoot. And before long there was a queue to share the zip line which was suspended between two trees. Over the next few days, while I enjoyed holding the baby, the other six kids ran around the property exploring the 20 acres, they had a trailer ride behind the quad, they rode the horses, and visited all the goats, sheep, and cows, played with the Pyrenean puppies and collected eggs from the chickens. We spent an afternoon at the local lake and, despite the smoke everywhere, the water was a gift to immerse in. When we left the Pritchard farm, a threat remained of fire coming over the mountain from neighbouring Westwold, which was blazing in rugged terrain and out of control. There was uncertainty about the highway out remaining open and, as well, a power line was down across the road closing another section of highway on our route home. Having to leave in such tenuous circumstances was both surreal and unnerving, our son and family with all of the livestock on the edge of evacuation alert, and our necessary appointment with a flight returning Amelie, Henri and mum to Montreal on time. …/

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However, we made it through for our last overnight stay at Malachi’s house in Kelowna. On the journey, Henri reminded me that there had been an arrangement made to camp that night in the living room with all the kids sleeping in the tent together. This actually worked out well, but before that, the evening unfolded with Henri discovering Malachi’s Mandalorian Lego star ship which he studied with the focus of an engineer until Malachi introduced his extensive Brio train set, the constant expansion of which became a situation for everyone to avoid. Other incidental experiences made impressions on me, as they may well in the memories of the kids… Who knows if simple things stick? Perhaps, for Henri, digging up the potatoes in the back yard for supper or the impromptu concert by Amelie, sung with gusto and passion in her native language and inserting made up chords on Malachi’s piano? Everyone was entranced with this seven-year-old, her ease and confidence was like witnessing unfettered happiness.

The following day, they were gone, up into the smoky sky of Kelowna. I can’t help remembering a book, picked up in the kid’s section of the library. when we were all browsing the shelves back in Fruitvale at the beginning of this extraordinary month. The book was open and set out on display, colourfully illustrating a couple of kids on bikes winding through country lanes, when my eye caught a familiar line on the page. “There are things that I remember, all my life though some have changed...” The book was illustrated to the words of John Lennon’s song, ‘In My Life.’ Naturally I picked it up and added it to their pile of bedtime reading matter. That night, I tried to sing the book to the kids, which was a confusing experience for Henri, who made the comment equivalent to “Where is granddad going with this?” But I got to the end. Then his mother found the song on her phone and we all listened in silence as I turned the pages. Paul Bowles, scribepoet@hotmail.com♣


Memories from Owen Sound…

THINGS COME IN THREES Eleanor Reed, Owen Sound

A lot of people say, "Things come in Threes" So do miracles. At this Thanksgiving time of the year, my heart is full of praise. Three miracles I would like to share. They happened over the years and some close together. On July the 8th, 2014, our grandson Caleb, age 7, dashed out across the street to get a ball. A car came around the corner towards their neighbourhood and Caleb got hit. Fortunately, Caleb's dad Philip quickly called an ambulance. Val, Caleb's Mother was saying goodbye to her Day Care children. He had good care at the hospital; he did have a concussion. Then, July 12th, 2014 the Reed family had another accident; this time with our car. It was the 60th Anniversary of my brother Arnold and his wife, in Stouffville, Ontario. What a lovely time we had and a very delicious lunch was served after the interesting Program. The guests we took with us were Stu Edmonstone and his lovely wife Ev. So, we are now on our way home to Owen Sound, Ont. My husband Albert was thankful not to be on the www.dialogue.ca

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busy 404 highway. We thought things were going o.k. when all of a sudden Albert knew there was a major problem! He saw out of the corner of his eye – our front driver's side wheel fly off through the air. Oh no, not two things happening in one week! What next is going to happen? I pondered in my heart. My husband very carefully and slowly drove the car to the side of the highway and parked it. He later shared with me that he felt a calming presence as he did this. No one in the car was hurt. Before long, the police car came. He asked if anyone got hurt and then told us about our wheel. He told us about the cyclist who was hit by the wheel quite a ways down the highway. The policeman said, "Now don't you worry about that man. He has been taken to the hospital with injuries, but he will be o.k." We were so thankful that both Ev. and I had our cell phones with us. It wasn't very long and our son Phil, Val and family came to where we were on the highway. He owned a business in selling cars and made a call for a tow truck to come to our rescue and to …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 67

tow our red car to Chatsworth, Ontario. I knew my other brother Elmer would be phoning us to see if we were o.k. Then another brother Orville & wife Marie came along. I was kind of watching for their new white car; I was unable to phone them, but so happy they found us on the highway. They parked their car and took out the lawn chairs. Ev and Stu were not long giving their family a call. Sure enough there comes Carol & Mike to give their parents a ride back to Owen Sound. Everyone seemed so helpful to us. One of the miracles regarding this whole event is that we were not sued (which might have been a long lived episode), thanks to a great Insurance Company. Another miracle happened that same year 2014. It was my Right-Hip Replacement. Dr. Henning was very pleased with the operation on Sept. 11th. Things do come in Threes and it too seemed like a miracle. During my several days in the hospital in Owen Sound, my daughter Gloria felt she would like to come home for a few days from her work to help me where she could in the hospital. Doing all those exercises was so helpful for sure. I thanked her for her visits which were so kind. Yes, miracles do happen and they seem to come in threes. I give thanks to our Heavenly Father's watch over us in the year 2014 and always.

A THANKSGIVING POEM Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. Let us pause for a while and share our thanks too. I am sure this will be easy for us to do. I am thankful for Canada and so are you. Let us take a look at our day and be thankful. Most of us have plenty to eat & a safe place to sleep. Many people in other countries have days of fear. Be with them today God, amidst their tears. Thankful hearts are in many of our days. Let's give God our praise. Health issues seem to be almost everywhere. Thanks to the Health Care Workers & their care. Many people have complaints galore each day Let's cut back on these: our attitude will be o.k. We can be more thankful for things coming our way. Let's have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. by Eleanor Reed, Owen Sound, Ont.,16 July 2021 ♣


Remembering My Childhood Home…

LANSDOWNE AVENUE, London, Ontario Phyllis Rowe, Owen Sound ON

Only one block long, it rose to kiss Nelson Street, then rested its feet onto Trafalgar before disappearing onto property surrounding the Empire Brass factory test field named 'the Dump'. Just beyond open arms of green grasses spread beside the river where neighbours sit a while on a hot summer day. Landsdowne Avenue is where I lived in my childhood. I still wonder how many diversities could have been packed into one short city block, filling 68 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

me with memories to last over years. Imperfect pots and pans made by Empire Brass were dumped onto their own field, but not before holes made pots unusable by local folk throughout depression years. Some people searched for anything of value. Others listened by the river as bullfrogs serenaded picnickers on nearby grassy areas dubbed 'The Burketts'. As sure as Landsdowne's hill was covered with ice and snow in winter, its road was covered by tar several times during summer holidays and small black footprints attested to its wet surface. Icemen parked trucks, kids climbed beside silver

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cakes as young men hustled fifty and seventy-five pound blocks into kitchen iceboxes. Kids sucking slivers of ice from the back of a truck seemed like a delicacy until school in September. Horses pulled a painted bread wagon. Men who delivered our bread knew customers by name. No happy event went unnoticed or a pain undiagnosed during each delivery. In very early mornings, the milkmen found coins in milk bottles on verandas left overnight. Sweet milk with a cream crown took the place of small coins. From verandas, summer evening chatter kept folks abreast of the street's conventional activities and finger-pointing alluded to the unconventional. Either way, news travelled. Young minds were taught by elders. "God loved everyone" they said, but implied with neighbourhood wisdom, "He loved some better than others". Children drew lines in the dirt for hopscotch and skipped over skipping ropes on the sidewalk. Unwritten rules prevailed for everyone. Husbands found jobs, their wives stayed home. Wet clothes hung along backyard lines on Mondays and neigh-

bours checked out the whiteness of laundry. Children grew with an unexplained bond with Oxydol in the accepted orange and black striped box but 'colour' was questioned when it applied to flesh. Not every child on the block laughed. Black children never came out to play on the hill. No one ever asked "why". The harsh reality of prejudice escaped open conversation. Only the sight of the old woman on Trafalgar Street, whose wrinkles etched deep black lines into her frail frame, sitting in a rocking chair on her porch smoking a pipe. Pipe-smoking allowed girls to giggle behind cupped hands. To me, London's Landsdowne Ave. hill represents the kids who played on the block-long avenue, who can still feel the exhilaration of rollers skates mastering over cracks in cement in front of Mrs. Wiley's lawn, the gift of playmates gliding on speeding toboggans and girls giggling with boys. Our truths have changed. Our wisdom suggests it could be good to giggle again, now that we are old. Phyllis Rowe, Owen Sound ♣


For Snakes' sake: Bonna Rouse, Owen Sound, ON

Why do the majority of us dislike or fear snakes? Does this date back to the original serpent in the Book of Genesis? The question has arisen: Why did Noah include a pair when he was loading the Ark, or were they stow-a-ways? My grandmother's theory the only good snake is a dead snake. Her weapon of choice a nicely sharpened garden hoe! I've been associated with the Bruce Peninsula for over 70 years, including the period when we lived and farmed there early in our married life. By actual count, I've only seen four rattle snakes. I know that they exist, they now fall under the Protected Species Act, and killing one, if you get caught, could net you a hefty fine! The first one I saw was a very small one we found in the potato patch. This one didn't live to grow up! Two more were sunning themselves outside one of our barns when I hurried through it. My husband www.dialogue.ca

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maintained for years that I simply levitated over them, and landed up on the tractor with him! The fourth one resisted being run over on the road in spite of my efforts, and I never did get him. One day not long after we moved there, my husband came in from working in the fields, saying, "I have something for you!" He then handed me a very strange object. "What is this?" "It’s off a snake's tail! I tried to pull it out of a rock-hole, and the rattles came off.!" I dropped it as though it was red hot. True to my grandmother's teaching, I felt that it was unnecessary for the garter snakes and little green snakes to be around the house-yard. We had two hundred acres they were welcome to inhabit, I wouldn't bother them there. So, I sharpened up my hoe! The old collie dog had been part of our take-over of the farm. Chum had never been known to bother any snake in all his years. However, if the new Missus thought they should be disposed of, he would simply add that to his list of farm chores. I was less than …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 69

Bonna Rouse, For Snakes’ Sake, contd.

impressed one morning when he chased one around in my newly-blooming tulip bed, catching the snake and shaking it violently. When he was through, not a bloom was left standing! Living on the Peninsula, we were aware that storms could arise very suddenly, we were about three miles east of Lake Huron and approximately the same distance west from the Bay. Thus, one day when heavy dark clouds began to roll in quickly and the rumble of thunder grew louder, my husband ran to close barn doors while I hurried to pick up dry wood for the supper fire. On the top of the woodpile lay what I thought was a broken, old, dirty white jar-ring. Without thought, I grabbed it up. I had rolled over a little snake sleeping happily in the sunshine. It was nice and warm and it wiggled! I shrieked as loud as I could and threw it as far as I could. In later years, my husband made up a story for our little girls. On a night of a full moon, he would point

at it and say, "See that wiggly line up there? Well, that's a little snake!" "Oh, Daddy, don't be silly! How would a snake get up on the moon?" and he would tell them proudly, "Your mother threw it up there! That's how!" I don't know how long or if they really ever believed him, but it made a nice yarn for the kids. In springtime, we hunted morels and dug wild leeks, in summer we picked wild strawberries and raspberries, and in the fall, searched the fence-corners for puffballs without much thought of what might be underfoot. I have to admit, though, that my elegant footwear through most of the spring, summer and fall consisted of calf-high rubber boots! Apparently a snake's fangs cannot penetrate too deeply. B. Rouse, Grey Bruce Writers Club mistawis@bmts.com ♣

“REST IN PEACE” Sending Prayers and Condolences to the Family & Friends of Bonna Rouse, after Eleanor Reed shared the sad news of Bonna’s passing, on Saturday, Sept. 25th.


“In the Mystery” Franklin O’Connor (“Stan Smith”), Nanaimo

Taliban = We ourselves. They are politicizing Islam to the limit. Europeans and their colonies have politicized Trinitarian Christianity to the limit. The Indigenous and Blacks in the Americas are reminding us of that. In the U.S.A., they are even politicizing covid-19: Republicans vs Democrats. Other belief systems politicize… e.g. Religious and atheist; Sikhs (Punjab), atheists (China). ‘In the MYSTERY’ from Dec. 1 2019: Luke 2.14: “… peace among men of good will;” …”good will toward men.” It is preposterous for an individual or group to claim a privileged communication from the Source of All That Exists, including our 13.8 billion-year-old cosmos. This gimmick was used by the Jews to justify their occupation of the Jerusalem area. They arranged the crucifixion of their challenger, Jesus. The followers of Jesus liked the gimmick and so made Jesus the Son of God, the second divine person of a Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). Roman Emperor Constantine, despite the pantheon of gods inherited 70 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

from the Greeks, also liked the gimmick and so, in 312 AD/CE, claimed he had a communication from The Source – a vison of the cross against the sun and being told, “In this sign, Conquer.” So in 325 AD/CE he arranged for the Trinity to be the official religion of his Roman Empire. The Papacy, after years of persecution, was delighted and used the gimmick to justify expansion around the planet, much to the distress of others, including the indigenous everywhere. Of course, in the 600s AD/CE, Mohammed liked the gimmick and claimed that a messenger from the Source, an angel, instructed him about the Koran. And so, in our time, we have Hitler blaming Jews for his problems and Christian anti-Jewishness (not all Semites). Muslims, resenting Christian control over lands they occupied and claiming rights regarding Jerusalem. They made an honest attempt to crack the Pure Mystery of God, but were unsuccessful. Belief systems: Get out of Politics!

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Franklin O’Connor ♣


Magical Moon Lake – The Story Continues…

Over the years, Dialogue has featured several of Karl Backhaus’ stories about his home, Moon Lake (Holland Centre, ON) – as featured in his book, Magical Moon Lake… This story about how it all began is continued from the last issue.

Karl Backhaus, February 2006

Meet the animals, insects, trees and stones of Moon Lake, my home –and make unusual and unexpected discoveries along the way. With complementary insights. Written for my nieces and nephews and their children and anyone interested in the magic of life. In Episode 1: How It All Began – and Arriving in Canada: We arrived in Montreal by freighter from Hamburg… Our adventure continued when we took the night train to Toronto; Episode 2: Arriving in Toronto. Episode 3: The Cabin. Episode 4: The Lake (Pt.1); Episode 5: The Lake (Pt.2); Episode 6: Moon Lake and the “Elephant.”

Episode 7: CHAPTER ~~~ 3 ~~~

The Dream Hare – Telepathy – The Moon and the Moon Lake Link All I remembered of my dream is the storytellers and the hare with his strange message of a potato. In hindsight the potato image was perhaps the best thing that could have happened. Without it I likely would not have awakened to tell you my stories. When I came to think about the hare, I wondered if he wanted to teach me something I did not know. Animals do communicate with us and often are eager to do so, only we are not aware of their efforts and their ways of talking with us. But as a result of this dream insight, in my real life animals began to talk to me in their own special but unmistakable ways. Without my dream-hare I would never have encountered this magical world of animal communication. Through telephone, radio or television we can experience sounds or pictures sent and received across long distances, even from the Moon. To do this we need a microphone or a camera at one end as part of a transmitting system and a telephone, radio or TV set at the other end as receiving tools. These man-made transmitters and receivers use electro-magnetic waves and have become part of our www.dialogue.ca

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daily lives only within the last one hundred years. Perhaps there are also waves linking all life, as a built-in communication system, that were a part of the natural world long before any modern technology was available to us. Perhaps our brain does not only think through words or numbers, but also through picture images that can be sent across long distances. This is called "telepathy". Different languages are really not a problem in this process – "a picture tells a thousand words". In Australia, Aborigines have perfected the art of telepathy to communicate over long distances in the outback. In time we may re-learn this form of communication with patience and proper guidance. (Marlo Morgan wrote about telepathy in "Mutant Message Down Under". My only concern for those of us wanting to accomplish telepathy would be the use of cell phones which would greatly impair our sensitivity to subtle energies received by our brains!) My first personal experiment with telepathy - across a distance of 3000 miles - was instigated by my friend Patricia, living in British Columbia. Patricia is a tall robust lady with lots of humour and many, many talents. You will meet her again in my story about stones. Patricia is an expert on telepathy and she offered to teach me how to send and receive a telepathic message. 3000 miles would seem to be quite a distance for a first practice, but distance does not seem to matter. On our first trial Patricia wanted to send me an …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 71

Karl Backhaus, Magical Moon Lake, Chapter 3, contd.

image. She did not tell me what kind of image and when this would take place. So I was not thinking about our experiment when one morning the clear image of a bald eagle popped into my mind. This kind of thing in this form had never happened to me before – just a single image. I began to wonder if this was the image I was supposed to receive. It was 7 a.m. in Ontario and 4 a.m. in British Columbia. The time did not seem to be right. Later I found out that Patricia is an early riser, beginning her day with meditation before 4 a.m. When I telephoned Patricia she confirmed that both the time and the image were right. Perhaps telepathy needs to be explored further. It may be a dormant gift many of us have without being aware of it. Who knows if, with more practice, I may save a lot on long distance telephone charges? In animals telepathic communication is likely quite common, even necessary. This explains for instance that for hunters Coyotes remain elusive. The Coyotes would know through receiving mental pictures from the hunters what is going on! After this "telepathic" detour, the message of the potato image given to me in my dream by a hare still puzzled me. Not knowing what it could mean I wondered if I should look at the images of a hare and a potato and try to understand what these images stand for? This was fun for me, trying to make sense out of a dream. When I thought about potatoes I remembered as a boy I always hung around my mother when she peeled potatoes. For me potatoes were special for I liked to eat a raw potato. Perhaps also the hare in my dream had a craving for a raw potato? I didn’t think this could be it, although there exists an interesting story about how potatoes were first introduced to Europe. I wondered if the potato was only bait and it was not a potato that the hare wanted to imprint on me; perhaps it was a story about the meaning of hares that my dream-hare wanted me to explore. Or was it neither about potato nor hare but simply for me to wake up from my dream with this strange puzzle? Perhaps there is still something important for me to consider about hares? In real life hares are no strangers around my house, especially at the compost. 72 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Here during wintertime hares feed on kitchen scraps. Due to their presence, the compost grows very little. In springtime hares seem to live exclusively on dandelion stems in my yard. This is mutually beneficial. Most neighbours have a problem with too many dandelions. I never seem to have this as an issue. I watched hares when they feasted on dandelions – like on an assembly line. It takes no more than three to four seconds to devour a stem, then the next and the next. The process is astonishingly fast. In the wild hares are difficult to spot. Their coats blend in with their surroundings while changing with the seasons. In winter hares are white as snow. When snow is melting away in spring their white coats change into patches of white and brown like the land. In reverse order this happens also in the fall. During summer a hare may look like a bunch of dead grass. It is amazing how well hares are camouflaged. When danger is very near they hop away only for a short distance and then freeze, becoming almost invisible. With hardly any scent it is difficult for predators to trace them. These hare traits are interesting but not quite enough to be a story I was supposed to tell. I looked further into the meaning of the hare to see what it could stand for. I came up with the following interesting observations and ideas about hares, an animal species that in programs on Nature certainly is not in the limelight. By contemplating on the meaning of the hare I noticed a link between hares, the Moon, and Moon Lake. To understand this relationship I resorted to some mythology about hares and the Moon. In ancient Egypt, the land of the Pyramids, the Scribe "Thoth" relates to the Moon. Thoth gave us the concept of time and writing. The first calendars of Egyptians, Hebrews or Chinese and likely many other cultures were based on Moon cycles. These calendars date back many thousands of years and most of them have survived. Today they still determine the beginning of their new years, and the dates of festivals. Since ancient times, people in the Northern Hemisphere visualized the image of a man on the Moon. It is still there and we can see it at moonrise on the face of the full Moon. Then at midnight, through the change of the angle by the observer on Earth, the

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image gradually changes into the face of a "lady". She is wearing a "diamond" around her neck. Today we know that this diamond is a crater we named "Tycho". But in the morning, through the change in angle again, the "Lady" has gradually changed into the image of an Easter bunny or

hare that quite obviously jumps across the upper part of the Moon. I only became aware of these images through some Moon mythology described on the 1969 National Geographic map of the Moon. For people in the southern Hemisphere to see the same images would require a headstand or a twisted neck. Through 19-year repeating Moon cycles, the phases of the Moon determine the celebration dates of Ramada for Moslems, Passover for Jews, and Easter for Christians. The date for Easter is the first Sunday after the first full Moon in spring. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, and Easter bunnies play the symbolic role of new life. The word "month" is a derivative of the word Moon (Mond/Monat in German). In Greek the word for month is ‘mene’ and in Latin it is ‘mensis’ for the monthly cycles in women. Through my many Chinese friends I became aware of the moon-based Chinese calendar. Ancient Chinese celebrated their harvest festival, "Chung-Chou" with the full moon that fell on the 15th day of the 8th month. This day was considered the birthday of the Moon and special "moon cakes", round and yellow like the moon, would be baked. What was interesting for me was that each cake was stamped with the image of a rabbit – as it was a rabbit, not a man that the Chinese saw on the face of the Moon. In "Animal-Speak" (Ted Andrews p. 303), a book sent to me by Patricia, it was said, "…in China the Hare is www.dialogue.ca

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one of the twelve astrological signs. It is considered a most fortunate sign, giving those born under it the ability to possess the powers of the Moon: …the Hare is imbued with ambition, finesses, and virtue, along with living on the Moon". The hare often is seen as an animal that can lead one unknowingly into the Faerie Realm, like the white rabbit (hare) in the story of "Alice in Wonderland" (Lewis Carroll), who Alice follows down a hole into a wondrous world of adventure. As we will find out my dream-hare also has led me into wondrous realms. Gradually it began to make sense to me that a hare had given me a potato as his bait to uncover stories which otherwise never would have surfaced. I discovered that the Chinese year of the Rabbit also connects to Moon Lake in its various stages of development. When we bought the Moon Lake property in 1963 it was the Year of the Rabbit. Twelve years later in 1975 when the construction of Moon Lake began, it was again the Year of the Rabbit. It almost seems funny to me in hindsight that after the final touches of landscaping Moon Lake were completed, I bought a brand new 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit. My wife Elke often called me in a loving way "Hase", the German word for hare or rabbit. Another year of the Rabbit was the year 2000, the beginning of the new millennium. In spite of wars fought with great fervor in many countries on Earth, perhaps the beginning of a brand new period of one thousand years that begins under the sign of the rabbit is an indicator that unknowingly we will be led into a wonderful new time and adventure. A small tapestry hanging in my entrance hall, sent to me from Taiwan by my dear Chinese friend Susan a few years ago, carries the Mandarin inscription, "Everything is written", which means Destiny. I received this tapestry in spite of its insufficient address, "To Mr. Karl". The reflected sunlight coming from the Moon is magical and has inspired romance in poets and many lovers. These are all wonderful things, but looking at the Moon from a practical point of view, without the Moon there would be no life on planet Earth, as we know it. On its changing path the Moon stabilizes the axis of Earth. The Moon is also responsible for the seasons, weather patterns, the tides of the oceans, eruptions of …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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Karl Backhaus, Magical Moon Lake, Chapter 3, contd.

volcanoes, and much more. Women on Earth, like the Lady on the Moon, have a 29day-menstrual cycle. The Hare of the Moon is fully visible every 29 days, and also hares, symbolizing new life, have a 29- day gestation period. The scientist Carl Sagan in "Cosmos" mentions that matter is still one of the unresolved problems in science, although I feel that most scientists take matter as a matter-of-fact. They describe this dubious so-called matter as if they knew what it is here on Earth or in distant objects in the Universe. I guess matter is what we have to live with. But I am sure there is more to life than matter. (See: Part II - Inset # 13 "The Mystery of Life and Matter"). Scientists do have a real problem to explain the origin of the Moon. Often they would wish that the Moon would rather not be there for there is no logical explanation for its existence and perhaps recognizable images make things worst. If we would let go of our blinkers, we cannot but be in awe of the ever-changing phases and faces of the Moon. From my perspective the mathematical perfection of the whole set-up is not just a miracle, it is by design. Many people do not realize that the Moon is spinning around its own axis like Earth does. Again, logically speaking, we should see the Moon spinning with constantly changing faces. Imagine, if it spun around its axis in 9.9 hours like the distant huge planet Jupiter we would probably get quite dizzy. If it were like the planet Venus, with one revolution in 243 Earth days, we could probably deal with this. We may ask a perhaps valid question: why does the Moon spin around its own axis perfectly in sync with Earth in 27.32 days and with 29.53 days from full Moon to full Moon on the average? This synchronicity has happened without change for thousands of years. The odds against a precision of this nature are mathematically impossible to imagine. Because of this precision we can see only one side of the Moon, the side with the repeating same changing faces. (Peter Plichta describes the value 27.32 in"God’s Secret Formula") From earth’s perspective what we call the hidden side we only know since Apollo spacecraft flights around the Moon. It is astonishing that ‘the other side’ carries 74 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

no imaginary images even remotely of anything other than a bubble bath. When I asked a group of eight people, including a teacher, a chemist, two women and some teenagers, if they knew that the Moon is rotating on its own axis I won a bet of a bottle of wine when all insisted that the Moon does not rotate. My dream hare has led me to all these different thoughts and insights. There is much to ponder.

Inset # 2 About Telepathy – Human and Animal senses and sensors. Many of us may not realize that telepathic experiences are part of our daily lives. It often happens to myself or to my friends that I hear someone say, "I have just been thinking of you", or someone phones me just when I was thinking of that person minutes or even seconds before. It just happens too often to brush these incidences aside as coincidences. Our brains are like wonderful machines that can simultaneously think, receive and send messages or images through electric impulses in the way that radios,TV’s or cell phones work. I remember when I was a boy I was happy having one of the small radio-detectors. Through earphones I received the local radio station without any source of power. A spool of copper wire and a small magnet created enough current to pick up the radio signals. In various degrees all life and communication is governed by electricity. Only a charge of 0.04 Volt is necessary for the human brain to activate and move all our body parts and enjoy our senses. Animals, or even tiny insects, constantly emit low voltages, sometimes only 1/1000th of one Volt. Still, predators can detect their prey through such unimaginable small voltages that are difficult for us to measure. In one TV program it was shown that Hammerhead Sharks can zero-in even on prey hidden under the sandy bottom. Animals have quite a variety of senses or features we can only dream about and have no means of competing with. Bats and Dolphins, for instance, use sonar for orientation or locating prey. Other animals use infrared vision to be able to see in total darkness. A Vulture can use one part of its eyes as a telescope

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and zero-in on an object on the ground while circling high in the sky. How quickly the word gets around among Vultures when one of them locates a carcass! This is another gift about which we can only speculate as to how it works. Suddenly Vultures arrive from all directions. The sense of smell in many animals can trace the tiniest of particles across miles even after months have lapsed. We have absolutely no means of measuring this. Our eyes are made to see only the light-waves. This covers only 3.8% of the many wavelengths that exist. There are so many things to be explored, telepathy representing only one of many. If we are curious enough we can open our minds to explore other realms. Even without being endowed with the many gifts that animals have, we still may become aware of how exciting the world we live in really is. Our knowledge, wisdom and appreciation may grow accordingly. I can visualize that one-day we could be ready to communicate with all parts of Creation. This may include the world of animals, plants and even the little-known world of minerals. I am quite certain that intercommunication between various realms exists. When we begin to build bridges into other kingdoms of Nature our expanded understanding will enrich our own lives and perhaps create a feeling of happiness that can be shared with humans and animals alike. I like to tell the story of a long telephone conversation I had shortly after I had written this Inset. I wanted to thank Bill who had donated the book "The Legend of Altazar" to my friend Marye’s library. Bill’s name was in the book cover as a donor, while Marye thought this book would interest me. It described ancient Lemuria, a lost continent that vanished long ago. The fascinating part about this book was that the main character’s name was Solana, a name I had imagined and given a dolphin in one of my stories (Part III). When I mentioned this coincidence of names we began to talk about animal stories and Telepathy. Bill told me that there was no doubt animals tune into our thoughts. He said his cat had saved his life. One night not too long ago Bill had wanted to take his own life. It was after midnight when everyone was quiet. Even his cat seemed to be in a deep sleep. But www.dialogue.ca

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in the instant Bill made the decision to take his own life, the cat came out of its sleep, walked over to him, stood in front of him, and stared at him. The cat’s behaviour was so strange to Bill that he abandoned the idea of taking his own life. Today Bill is very grateful to his cat. Perhaps the cats and dogs we have as pets are our links into the animal world. I am sure that Bill’s experience with animal telepathy has been repeated in many variations. When I am telling my stories to friends they often respond with their own incredible animal experiences. Usually they keep these stories for themselves for they may sound hard to believe. Karl Backhaus, Ont. STORY CONTINUES NEXT ISSUE, WITH EPISODE 8 of MAGICAL MOON LAKE BY KARL BACKHAUS, Chapter 4 ~ The Story of a Lost Comb and a Muskrat

The stories you will hear will comfortably fit into this frame where time is not of the essence. They will repeat themselves, in various guises, at Moon Lake, long after we are gone. When you open the doors to your imagination, my stories can become your stories. Gradually as we enter the world of Moon Lake, you are on your way to becoming part of this magical world, entering the gates of wonder we all knew as children. ♣ **************************************************************

From Susanne Lawson, Tofino BC:

♣ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

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The Feudal Fiefdoms of Saskatchewan :


Déjà vu all over again… The deeper you dig… Local Governance gone awry…

In the Regional Parks of SK, people own their homes, on land leased from management Boards that operate at a frightening level of autonomy, enabled by political interference and wilful blindness from municipal and provincial governments. Five seniors represented themselves in Court of Queen’s Bench against a Board-initiated Writ of Possession application. This is the 9th Installment of the story from Norm Zigarlick and friends on the idylls of Park life and their search for ‘justice’ [Story began in Autumn 2019, Vol.33-1]

Norm Zigarlick, SK, normzig56@gmail.com

Just so you know, there’s not an echo in here – two years ago in the Fall issue of Dialogue I wrote that my friends and I had just been sued by the Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority (SLRPA) in good old Saskatchewan. Well, let me tell you what just happened in good old Saskatchewan – my friends and I just got sued by the Suffern Lake Regional Park Authority. I know somebody said “history repeats itself,” but this is ridiculous. In 2017 five of us got into a dispute with the Park Authority. They started firing off lawsuits as their new management technique. Tens of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars later, these new writ of possession actions will be lawsuits number seven and eight. SLRPA lost or abandoned the first six. They are letting Jim Duffee sit this one out, John Danilak, Joanna Ritchot, Lisa Wildman are their targets. Jim is expecting more flak from SLRPA, his history with them has already repeated itself like reruns on classic TV. Saskatchewan’s prestigious law firm, Robertson Stromberg, is once again championing the other side and, once again, we will be Self Representing Litigants. Its like living in a small, remote town where you have to compete against the same team all the time, even in the playoffs. However, given this Sufferin Lake thing (that’s the Park Authority Chair’s misspelling which appears on one of the regulatory signs) is live and before the courts I’ve been told to keep my mouth shut and mind my typing. That doesn’t mean I can’t tell you about other Regional Park/Fiefdoms in the province. In a previous issue of Dialogue, I mentioned a little place called Lemsford Ferry Regional Park. We discovered their oversight bodies had decided to close 76 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Jim, Lisa, Norm, Joanna, John in front of the Courthouse, 2019

the Park because it would cost too much to do that in the future??? Lisa and I drove the three hours to get there and check it out. We found a pretty setting along the South Saskatchewan River and a small cabin community tucked in along the riverbank. Being the curious creatures we are, we wondered how much it would cost to buy a cabin there. Joanna did her magic to find the assessed values determined by Saskatchewan Assessments Management Agency (SAMA). To the surprise of everyone, except the oversight bodies at Lemsford Ferry, there were no assessed values. That could only mean property taxes were not being paid. One of those tax categories is the Education Property Tax (EPT), money that goes straight to the Provincial Government. We’ve asked Sask Government what provisions there are for communities with fixed structures that might allow them to be exempt from certain Provincial taxes. Six months later they still haven’t answered. Being astute participants in Saskatchewan life and all too familiar with Government communication outcomes, we decided they were probably going to provide us with their favoured response to difficult questions – extensive silence. We had some spare time between SLRPA lawsuits and decided to try to figure out how a community could manage to avoid Provincial taxes for years. We were also curious about the why behind the sudden decision to close Lemsford Park. We are only part way into our Lemsford learning curve and, without confirming

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documentation (access to information requests are in play), we can only speculate on what the hell was/is happening. News items from the region show that in mid-2019, right around the time we began to make serious noise about Suffern Lake tax concerns, Lemsford oversight bodies began discussing the closure of their Park. In late 2019, the decision was made to close Lemsford Ferry Regional Park and force cabin owners out of their properties. The reason given for the closure was that if the decision to restore the Park to nature was put-off it would cost a great deal more. Other than apparently being blessed with a clairvoyance oddly common in Saskatchewan administration and politics, the oversight bodies did not explain why the future costs, corrected for inflation, would be greater later. Just for the record, the place has been there about 50 years and there was no new construction underway at the time of the intended closure. I’ve previously mentioned that former Sask Premier Brad Wall was a strong supporter of Regional Parks. This Park was almost in Wall’s neighborhood. One of the oversight bodies involved is the Rural Municipality of Newcombe. That RM is in the constituency of former Wall sidekick Bill Boyd. Boyd was a Cabinet Minister who found himself in hot water over an immigration scheme, an environmental violation and a major Sask financial scandal around a gem called the Global Transportation Hub, known to the whole province as GTH. If you were to take the shortest route from Bill Boyd’s house to Brad Wall’s house, you would drive past the front gate of Lemsford Ferry Regional Park; it’s not like they didn’t know it was there. One of the other oversight bodies is the RM of Clinworth, this is the parent oversight body that reports property financial transactions and collects taxes (including EPT). Clinworth is located in the constituency of Former Cabinet Minister Wayne Elhard another Wall buddy who also played a senior role in the GTH project (Chairman). Brad Wall himself was a big noise maker about the glories of GTH. It became quite a mess, with police investigations, resignations, insider money-making and that sort of thing. We were puzzled that three very high-profile politicians who were acutely aware of Lemsford Ferry Regional Park, especially Wall who was a champion of Regional Parks, wouldn’t twig to the fact the place www.dialogue.ca

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was not on the tax rolls while around two dozen other Parks with cabin communities were. That smelled funny; so… We looked at the circumstances when Wall and his Sask Party friends formed a Government in 2007. His first Minister responsible for parks, was Christine Tell. Coincidentally Ms. Tell, who is still a Cabinet Minister, recently found herself in a conflict-of-interest situation when her son got a sweetheart rent deal with the Govt.-owned Global Transportation Hub. We haven’t found any evidence Ms. Tell had been made aware of the tax-free zone at Lemsford Ferry while she was Parks Minister. We then looked at the pre–Wall Government times and how the EPT came about. It looks like it was conceived and nine months or so later implemented, just prior to the turn of the century. The parent to this tax child was NDP Minister of renown, Carol Teichrob. She was something of a go-to-girl for a struggling, cash strapped NDP government. Hansard shows the opposition parties argued against the Education Property Tax in general and, in some cases specifically against imposing it in Regional Parks, where lots are leased, there were no schools, and people generally only made use of them a few months of the year. In addition, even though Cabin Owners were obligated to pay property taxes, they were not eligible to vote in Municipal elections unless they were already a resident of an RM involved in oversight. Hansard also shows Teichrob acknowledged some people would be disenfranchised by the legislation, but the opinion seemed to be if somebody could afford two homes, they could afford to pay education taxes on both. Some Opposition MLAs, who would later be in Govt., fought vigorously but unsuccessfully against the NDP position. SO HERE IS WHERE THE SPECULATION BEGINS Southwestern Sask. is home to a bible belt full of ranchers, farmers and the like; people that are in general independent and don’t particularly like governments at all. There is usually a lot of room between neighbors in a big land with a small population. Left-leaning views that depend on tax-funded programs to become real deals need to do a lot of swimming upstream to win votes. It is not hard to see local folk and their elected local governments deciding “the hell with it, if we don’t tell them we have a park …/ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 77

Norm Zigarlick, Part 8, The deeper you dig, contd.

community… in Regina, they won’t even know it exists.” A right-leaning politician trying to win the seat is not likely going to turn them in even if he/she knew about or discovered it. If that happened at Lemsford, they had seven years of avoiding NDP taxes. That’s what the Wexit, Buffalo and Maverick Party’s dreams are made of. It would be a slam dunk for a like-minded politician. My favorite of that bunch is the Maverick Party led by Jay Hill (I know a bit a bit about him from my days in North East British Columbia). If you look up the meaning of maverick, two definitions come up. In the old west a maverick was an unbranded calf, so that can’t be the Party because it is a brand. Maverick also describes an independent thinker, a do-it-yourself no matter what it is, kind of guy. My question is, how do independent people have a leader? Jay?? In 2007 the Sask Party was in the right place at the right time. Those far-right parties didn’t exist yet. If you happened to become Premier and you knew that tax evasion was going on because the tax was very unpopular and you had campaigned against it, how could you then say, “Ok I’m in charge now, pay up”? There would be few choices available. Would your new government expose the scheme and file tax evasion complaints against local governments (the rural voter stronghold) or against the cabin owners themselves who probably didn’t even know it was an issue? The easiest political choice would be to ignore the immediate issue and carry on, business as usual, while trying to figure out how to slowly correct the tax problem. We know that at Suffern Lake Regional Park taxes were evaded a different way but for the same reasons. Here, properties were on the tax roll but by not reporting the escalating sale prices over time, it created the impression the local market was stagnant, properties had little value and were taxed accordingly. The local ploy looks to have started right when the EPT was introduced. Typically, the reporting to tax authorities of sales values would be done by the Park Administrator, if there wasn’t one of those, the responsibility would land on the Administrators of the oversight RM tasked with tax collection. Neither of the schemes noted could be carried out without the parent/tax collecting RMs being aware. 78 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

Here Are Some Realities The parent (tax collecting) RM for Suffern Lake Regional Park is RM 411 Senlac. There are 296 such RMs in Saskatchewan. In 2007, the Administrator for the RM of Senlac apparently left her position and went on to become the Administrator for the RM of Newcombe. Newcombe is one of the oversight bodies (but not the taxing authority) for Lemsford Ferry Regional Park. Are those long odds? Two out of 296 RMs overseeing tax evading Regional Parks wind up having the same administrator or is tax evasion rampant in Regional Parks and we just stumbled across two of them a few hundred kilometers apart? Premier Brad Wall was a champion of Regional Parks, he was also the driving force behind GTH; Minister Bill Boyd had a Lemsford Ferry oversight RM (Newcombe) located in his constituency. Lemsford Ferry is not far from Boyd’s home. Boyd was a main player in the GTH mess. Minister Wayne Elhard, the first Sask Party representative to be elected, had the RM with taxing authority (Clinworth) for Lemsford Ferry located in his constituency. He became Chairman of the GTH project. Twyla MacDougall, current Deputy Minister for Parks Culture and Sport (PCS) and someone we have butted heads with a lot, previously worked for Bill Boyd when he was Minister of Energy and Resources (we don’t know if she was involved in any GTH related work). She first became Assistant Deputy Minister at PCS serving under Deputy Minister Lin Gallagher. In 2016 DM Gallagher seemed to side with us in our early disputes with SLRPA. Gallagher was soon moved to a different Ministry and MacDougall was promoted. DM MacDougall has been quite harsh in her dealings with us. She wrote the Office of The Privacy Commissioner saying we were vexatious, frivolous and always looking for something wrong. She asked that our requests be disregarded. The Commissioner didn’t agree with her and said regardless of the Ministry being uncomfortable providing the information, the requests we made were not frivolous. We noticed that DM MacDougall, when answering our access to information requests, was cc’ing them to a Lou Flanagan. Naturally we went looking to see where Lou came from. It appears that Ms Flanagan held a fairly senior communications role with – wait for it – GTH, prior to joining MacDougall at PCS. …/

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The Global Transportation Hub is probably the biggest financial scandal in Saskatchewan since Grant Devine’s Government imploded in the 1980s. Somebody went to jail in that one, political careers were ruined, and the Sask Conservative Party became a political joke. Brad Wall had worked as an assistant in Devine’s government office, he’s seen two of Saskatchewan’s major financial scandals close up. So here we are waiting to see where our court adventure will take us and while we were killing time we wandered into a whole new adventure. I don’t know if the GTH will ever become a crossroads of global commerce, but it certainly has some kind of weird crossroads connection with Suffern Lake Regional Park. Before wrapping up I have to say something about our new friends at Whistleblowing Canada. The networking has been very helpful. However, it is disheartening to learn from others across the country that far too many of us have the same issues with incompetent bureaucracies, wonky politicians, conflicting judicial considerations and a media that is indifferent to the citizen on the street unless something sensational happened to him or her. If you were around for the first of the Feudal Fiefdom articles (Fall 2019) the Parks Minister of the day was Gene Makowsky. At 6’5” and 270 pounds he had been an all-star lineman with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I figured at my old man height of 5’8”, he would never notice me if I was standing next to

him, so in a letter I asked if when he had been playing football, had he considered wearing a helmet. How small is this huge country of ours? Through the Whistleblowing Canada network, I was introduced to Paul Maines, another 6’5” 270-pound guy who also played as a lineman for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Interesting how paths diverge – these men with their twinned professional sport histories left the football field and where Makowsky morphed into a member of the political bureaucracy, Maines became a businessman fighting the political bureaucracy. One of Maines’ main issues has to do with deliberative secrecy and Govt officials lying about the existence/availability of requested information. Can you say cover up? The media has paid attention to that story, maybe there is something to that “go big or go home” tactic. Meanwhile back here at Suffern Lake, Sask Government keeps pretending they play no role in the actions and behaviours of the Park Authority. In Saskatchewan, if it’s a government critter that walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck, the Government will tell you it’s an autonomous alligator... We’ll touch base again in the winter. Norm Zigarlick, SK normzig56@gmail.com♣ THE SAGA WILL CONTINUE IN THE WINTER ISSUE


Corbett Report: Research Resources You Should Know About LINK: https://www.corbettreport.com/research-resources-you-should-know-about-solutionswatch/ Corbett • 08/31/2021

Did you know there’s a searchable archive of the last 12 years of TV news? Or that every moment of all of the major news network’s broadcasts from the week of 9/11 are available for free online? Well, you do now! Go forth and research! – James Corbett Corbettreport.com LINK for Podcast: https://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/solutionswatchresources.mp3 Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee or Download the mp4 www.dialogue.ca

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SHOW NOTES: Really Simple Syndication – #SolutionsWatch Research Tools You Should Know About – #SolutionsWatch How to Access the Library of Alexandria – #SolutionsWatch Television Archive Understanding 9/11 – A television news archive Television Archive resources LINK: https://www.corbettreport.com/research-resourcesyou-should-know-about-solutionswatch/ ♣ VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 79

“The Vagabond Writer” Wayne Allen Russell Clearwater BC slyolfart@gmail.com

I hope readers enjoy these stories, they will bring laughter and a few tears to you. Taken from truth, but the “ Family Weed” is fictitious.

COAL COLLECTORS Pop always blamed that noisy old train for us boys being born. He said she went through at four every morning waking him and Mom up. This was too darn early to get up and to darn late to go back to sleep. Therefore the results were all you damn boys. When angry at us, sometimes he would say, “I’m going to sue that damn railroad.” However, that noisy old train was a good source of winter fuel. Many boys of walking age would line up along the track about twenty feet apart and as the train went by, would throw a stone at the engine. The engineer and his helper would throw a hunk of coal back at each and every one of us, missing us by a mile. I now know the engineer knew exactly what he was doing; He always had a smile on his face. We were not the only ones playing this game. Those engineers across Canada and the United States kept a lot of children warm during the depression and war years. The coal from this source, along with about one hundred pounds that we worked for at the coal mans place, was used in the front room pot-bellied stove. One of us would work a full day for this coal. It was called hard coal and was broken into pieces the size of a tennis ball. The work was hard; we had to shovel about five scoops of coal from a big scoop shovel into big peanut bags all day long. A peanut bag was used because it was tall and strong. With five scoops of hard coal in it the coal man had room to roll up the top and use it as a grip to lift the bag and swing it onto his shoulder. With the bag hanging down on his back he would carry it from his wagon to the houses. We got one of these bags of coal for a day’s work. The coal was like gold to us. Mom only burned coal in the front room stove and only in the evenings. When the fire was stoked up at bedtime, it would burn most of the night. Even though it wouldn’t last all through the night, it kept the downstairs cozy. 80 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

“THE GOOD WEEDS” - The family: Archibald Tyrus Weed (Pop), January 10, 1901 Mary Elizabeth/Loretta (Cook) Weed (Mom), Dec. 19, 1905 Married: August 17, 1923 Children: Juniper Shirley / June (Grouch), May 19, 1925 Patty, Patricia Ann (‘Sweet Pea’) Dec, 21st.,1927 George (‘Donkey’), August 17, 1930 Ben (‘Shooter’), April 2, 1932 Bob (‘Bucky’ then ‘Stretch’), October 10, 1934 Adam (‘Flyer’), July 30, 1936 Tom (‘Weasel’), June 4, 1939 Cousins: Marian (cousin), August 21, 1925 Sam (‘Punch’ - cousin), December 26, 1931 Bobby (cousin), May 3, 1935 Ray (my buddy) Joe (Ray’s brother)

On really cold nights, Mom would get up and stoke the fire so it would last through until the morning. This was done sparingly, since this coal had to last us all winter. During the day, the kitchen wood stove kept the house warm. MAKING DUST Every winter, at least once or twice we would get into trouble because of this coal stove. Come on folks! I know we were the trouble. The stove just made it more interesting. The naked stove pipes came up through the floor into our big room and went out through the attic and roof. Tin was nailed around the floor where the pipes went through keeping the hot pipes from setting the wood on fire. We always fought and wrestled in our long-johns at bedtime, especially on warmer nights when Pop was away. It never seemed to fail that one of us would be pushed or thrown, or two of us would roll into that stovepipe and down it would come. Coal dust is one of the blackest messes ever. It would fill the room covering the beds and us. Smoke would pour in while we tried to fit these hot pipes back together. We had done this enough times that we knew enough to throw the quilts over the beds and shut the door to the girls and Moms room, this helped some, but not much. We opened the windows and this had us shivering by the time all was back to some sort of normality. Mom seemed to expect and accept these things happening. So after shutting the pipe damper just above the stove, up the stairs she came with the leather gloves kept for this reason. She did the job with the help of the older boys who wrapped rags around the

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pipes until cool enough to hold with bare hands. It was hard for us to look at each other; Even though this was not very funny to Mom, we were boys, so it didn’t take much to start us laughing. June just huffed and stayed in bed, but that darn Pat would open the door to their room a crack and make faces at us. This would be all we needed to burst into laughter. Sometimes Mom would laugh with us, but most times she was angry. Marian was out of bed helping mom. Pipes are hard to put together and Mom always got angry doing it. These were the only times we ever heard her swear. This was not because of our laughing though. She was angry at the difficulty of putting those dang pipes together. We would hear “oh poop” and “darn-it-all” until the job was done. Meanwhile we were freezing as some of us fanned smoke and dust out the windows.

My Mom! We were off to school the next day with full bellies, scrubbed hands, face and ears and not much to worry about. When we got home from school, bed sheets and clothing was hanging everywhere in the house. The precious coal would be burning to help dry our bedding. The black bedroom would be clean again. How in God’s white, winter earth, did she do it? Did she melt snow? Did she break the ice and carry water from the creek? How? With the girls at school she did this alone somehow. By the time our chores were done our supper was always ready for us. By the time it was eaten, Mom and the girls had the clean bedding on the beds. I ask again, How? Wayne Russell, Clearwater BC (slyolfart@gmail.com) ♣



From Denise Ward, US



I just received the Summer 2021 Dialogue and what a great issue it is. The magazine is growing and the articles are so informative. I am only half way through and some articles I have to read twice in order to digest all the information. I really appreciate all the web links that the contributors list. Could you please send a gift subscription to one of my wonderful organic farmer friends who would really appreciate this type of information… ♣

When you look "down the rabbit hole" it's easy to see how millions of people can be silenced: The big knobs are paid off, and paid off handsomely. The littler workers are pressured to not speak, lest they get fired. The countries are signatories to treaties and they get very persuasive funding if they comply. It's hierarchy that carries it along. Surely you don't believe 9/11 was done by Muslims? How did so many people keep that secret? There was a sham of an investigation but nobody spoke up and there must have been oodles of office staff associated to that. Same with covid – the shenanigans that have been going on is legendary, yet only a very few have the courage to go outside the collusion. Humans are very highly wired to collude and not stick their head out of the crowd. The ones orchestrating this (and many, many other calamities) have generations of knowledge about humanity which we non-inbreds get to understand only if we have the audacity to question the indoctrination. I see it very clearly how it can be done. Witnessing all this – when it's so easy to see the connivance – is excruciating. ♣


From: Ken Davies, Long Sault, ON kend@mor-net.on.ca

Hello Janet, I received both hard copy and PDF of (the summer) Dialogue, the most interesting comprehensive collection of very interesting and informative stories I have ever found in one magazine. Kim (McConnell)’s story (p.59) was of particular interest, I know her very well, and by the strangest coincidences we have crossed paths several times in out travels before coming to Canada. I would like to subscribe for (a friend) who also enjoyed my Dialogue. ♣ www.dialogue.ca

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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 81

Contributors in ACTION4CANADA…………7-9 Andersen, Erik, BC…………..48 Arney, Jeremy, BC…………..26 Augustine, Laura, BC (CLIC) 61 Backhaus, Karl, ON……...71-75 Boon, Ken, BC………………06 Bowles, Paul, BC…….......65-67 BrasscheckTV (link)…………17 CDSAPI, BC………………….16 Charles, Dylan (reprint)……...20 Chossudovsky, Michel, QC…06 Coleman, Dr. John, US……...22 Coleman, Dr. Vernon, UK…...13 Constitutn’l Rights Ctr 8-9,27,49 Cooper, Major Russ (Ret’d) 05 Corbett Report………..10,42,79 Crawford, Tony, ON……..49-50 Curtin, Ed, US........................4-6 Davidsson, Elias (GR reprint) 40

dialogue, Vol. 35 No. 1 ~ Autumn 2021

Davies, Ken, ON……………..81 Democracy Watch, ON……..04 Dennis, Dolly, AB………….01 Driver, Rod, (GR reprint)….47 Emeny, Robert……….…….36 Etkin, Jack, BC………………20 Fuellmich, Reiner (videos) 9,19 Flynn, Jerry, BC (from)……....09 Fogal, Connie, BC (from)…....09 Freer, Gladys, ON…………81 Galati, Rocco, ON……8-9,27,49 Gaw, Tanya, BC…………7-8, 83 Global Research: 4,13,21,40,47 Hall, Anthony J., AB................14 Koenig, Peter (GR link)……...13 Knight, Marianne, ON……51-53 Lawson, Susanne, BC.……...83 Lonsdale, Derrick, M.D…..54-59 Lyman, Eva, BC…….….7,19,29

Martin, Dr. David E. (+video) 21 Mathews, Robin, BC………...34 Neilly, Mike, ON……….……..24 O’Connor, Franklin, BC……...70 Ont. Civil Liberties Assoc……14 Ostermann, Gunther, BC……46 Police On Guard……………..25 Ponesse, Dr. Julie (video)…...23 Reed, Eleanor, ON………67-68 Ross, June, BC (from)………33 Rouse, Bonna, ON………69-70 Rowe, Phyllis, ON……..…68-69 Russell, Wayne, BC…………80 Shadbolt, John, ON …25,26,64 Sharashkina, Vereya………..37 Sky, Chris (video link)……….28 Spencer, Herb, BC……….18,83 Stafford, Christina, BC ..7,19,28 Stand Up Canada……………46

Steiner, Dr. Rudolf (about)….20 Taylor, Jim, BC………………60 Vaccine Choice Canada, link 83 Van Walleghem, Ralph (from)27 Vancourt, Randy, ON………..63 Vollmer, Amandha D (link)…..26 Ward, Denise, US….…32-33,81 Von Werlhof, C. (GR reprint) 43 Weygang, Peter, ON………...36 White, Patricia, BC……….31,33 Williams, Sherry Leigh, BC...1,35 Wolff, Ernst, Germany (link)….09 Woodsworth, John, ON….38-39 Woollam, Bill, BC (link)………23 Zigarlick, Norm, SK…........76-79 NEXT DEADLINE: DEC. 1 dialogue@dialogue.ca Tel: 250-758-9877 6227 Groveland Drive Nanaimo, BC V9V 1B1

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82 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

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VOL. 35, NO. 1, AUTUMN 2021

dialogue 83


84 dialogue

AUTUMN 2021, VOL. 35, NO. 1

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