James Ron

Minneapolis, MN, United States


James Ron, PhD, is a researcher consultant who worked for 21 years in academia, including at Johns Hopkins, McGill University, the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, and the University of Minnesota. He has a PhD in sociology from UC Berkeley, and a BA in political science from Stanford University.

He has done research and advisory work for a number of international agencies and non profits, including the Canadian government, CARE, the Center for Victims of Torture, Human Rights Watch, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Life for a Child, an Australian pediatric medical charity. He has also worked for the Associated Press and Financial Times in Jerusalem, and served three years in the Israeli military, chiefly in the paratroops. 

As a scholar, Ron studies armed conflict, civil society, governance, human rights, humanitarian aid, non profit behavior, and public opinion. He has published dozes of scholarly articles and newspaper editorials, as well as two scholarly books.

James created the website Open Global Rights in 2013 with support from the Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundations. The site publishes in 22 languages and has become a central node in debates about human rights principles and strategy. 

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