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Propane Education & Research Coucil Celebrates

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Cylinder Cabinets

The Smart-Hose™ LP Facility Hose


The Smart-Hose Facility Hose has all of the same attributes as the well known Smart-Hose® for LP tank trucks that is being used by thousands of trucks on the road today to comply with HM-225 under 49 CFR 173.315 less DOT certificate to reduce cost. ®

2 Exceptional Material & Coatings options: Powder Coated Galvanized or Hot-Dipped Galvanized for Long Life Protection!

“The Smart-Hose Facility Hose Complies with NFPA 58, 2014 § Facility Hose Regulations” Features: • Hose end plunger closes automatically in the event of vehicle pull away or hose separation. • Provides for a safer work environment. • Price is comparable to standard hose assemblies lacking integral safety features.




Cabinet Features

Smart-Hose® Lifeline 3 Closed Position Smart-Hose® Lifeline 3 Open Position Shown with Optional Breakaway Feature

To view a demo of this product go to the GEC YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/gasequipmenttv Atlanta GA

(800) 241-4155

Chandler OK

(800) 763-0953

Houston TX

(800) 643-8222

Dallas TX

(800) 821-1829

Indianapolis IN

(800) 334-7816 Little Rock AR

• Tamper resistant welded frame • Shelving versatility on certain models. Can be arranged to store either 20# cylinders or 33.5# forklift cylinders. • Galvanized powder coat models are made from zinc galvanized material, then powder coated. • HD Galvanized models are hot-dipped after fabrication. • Tamper resistant lockable door for Puck Lock.

(800) 241-1971

Orlando FL

(800) 821-0631

• • • • •


Leg levelers. Loading hooks Reinforced hinges. Replacement parts available. Includes propane sign kit.

Fayetteville NC

(800) 447-1625

Kansas City MO

(800) 821-5062

Richmond VA

(800) 368-4013



St. Louis MO

(800) 423-4685 Tracy Wells East Texas

John Percy West Texas

Mike Armstrong South Texas


*Dividends are not guaranteed and past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends. The Texas Department of Insurance must approve all dividend plans

Call your agent to get a quote or call Curtis Heptner, Master Agent H (940) 397-2771 H Curtis@certessentials.com

TexasPropane January 2022

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Features PERC Celebrates 25 Years: Looking Back & Moving Forward . . . . . . . . . 6 Interior Designer Renovates 120-Year-Old House with Propane . . . . . . 18 Austin resident relishes giving homes and businesses new life. PSC Website – Your One Stop Shop 24/7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 NPGF Scholarship Application Now Open! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Apply Now!

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Why Do Employees Quit?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Six reasons employees consider leaving their jobs.

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Highlights from Headquarters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 TPGA Board of Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Fleet Safety. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 People in Propane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Inside the Industry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Classified Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Propane with Purpose. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

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Highlights from Headquarters

Time for Reflection and Looking Forward Bill Van Hoy TPGA Executive Director Happy New Year! As we wrapped up 2021 and start 2022, I want to thank you for your support, guidance, and commitment you made to this association. 2021 was a legislative session and TPGA waded through almost 10,000 pieces of legislation and monitored over 300 flagged bills for potential impact to propane businesses. More recently, TPGA was able to work with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation on rules regarding motor fuel meters. We accomplished a significant amount last year and TPGA plans to continue

our legislative and regulatory work in 2022. We are currently working with the Railroad Commission on several beneficial rule changes. Reaching our goals takes a community of support, and the TPGA staff look forward to working with you to expand and protect the propane industry in Texas. This year we also celebrate PERC’s 25th anniversary. The feature this month explains how the organization came about and what they do for the propane industry. Take a read.


LEnergy ONE ST R Group

2020-2021 TPGA Board of Directors President: Josh McAdams, McAdams Propane, 936-598-7444 President Elect: Allen Wells, Baygas, 281-332-2630 Secretary: Harris Baker, HBH Systems, 512-587-8347 Treasurer/Finance Chair: Bill Collins, Collins Propane, 972-442-1078 District 1 Director: David Collett, Gas and Supply, 903-780-2488 District 1 Alternate: Open District 2 Director: Matt Brock, McAdams Propane, 936-598-7444 District 2 Alternate: Open District 3 Director: Jeremy Gentile, Hill Butane, 409-296-2001 District 3 Alternate: Open District 4 Director: Danny Meyers, Bellville Butane 979-865-2698 District 4 Alternate: Matt Peterson, Buster Brown Propane, 281-689-3946 District 5 Director: Ryan Tudyk, Howdy Propane Services, 361-771-1900 District 5 Alternate: Open District 6 Director: Omar Garcia, Mr. G Propane, 956-581-1063 District 6 Alternate: Open District 7 Director: Sharon Seal, Bell Hydrogas, 210-533-7103 District 7 Alternate: Open District 8 Director: Rodney Sladek, Fayetteville Propane, 979-836-7044 District 8 Alternate: Open District 9 Director: Brad Quisenberry, Gene Harris Petroleum, 888-336-4474 District 9 Alternate: Larry Hearn, Yellow Rose Propane, 870-648-8241 District 10 Director: Josh Nowlin, McCraw Propane, 9003-583-7481 District 10 Alternate: Chad Gregg, Enderby Gas, 940-482-3225 District 11 Director: Steve Adams, Hardwick LPG, 254-647-3402 District 11 Alternate: Open District 12 Director: Laci Jo Stone, Schneider Distributing, 800-901-9109 District 12 Alternate: Open District 13 Director: Open


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com

District 13 Alternate: Open District 14 Director: Terry Perez, Perez Propane, 512-318-9780 District 14 Alternate: Open District 15 Director: Don Heinrich, Slaton Gas, 806-828-6501 District 15 Alternate: Open District 16 Director: Open District 16 Alternate: Open Past President: Mark Peterson, Buster Brown Propane, 281-689-3946 Past President: Jack Walzel, Tri-Co Propane, 254-642-3885 Past President: John Walter, Schneider Distributing, 800-901-9109 Past President: Ben Wood, Northwest Propane, 972-247-6121 Vice President: Jeremy Gentile, Hill Butane, 409-296-2001 Vice President: Matt Terry, SHV-Pinnacle Propane, 210-560-5418 Vice President: Larry Baty, Cadenhead Servis Gas, 800-722-8654 Sr. Vice President: Todd Dorris, Roadrunner Energy, 830-278-2915 Sr. Vice President: Bill Collins, Collins Propane, 972-442-1078 Sr. Vice President: Joe Green, Green’s Blue Flame Gas, 713-462-5414 Assoc. Supplier Service Director: Kirk McGarrah, Cox2M, 713-897-1740 Assoc. Supplier Service Alternate: Steve Johnson, Midstream Transportation, 512-787-3777 Assoc. Producer/Marketing Gas Director: Jimmie Grant, Martin Gas Sales, 713-851-6155 Assoc. Producer/Marketing Gas Alternate: Jim Fulton, 4J Energy, 281-728-8567 Assoc. Manufacturer/Distributor Director: Tracy Wells, Gas Equipment Co, 214-683-8018 Assoc. Manufacturer/Distributor Alternate: Joe Ezernack, Meeder Equipment, 903-877-9401 Assoc. At Large Director: John Becraft, Targa Resources, 817-416-7757 Assoc. At Large Alternate: Crystelle Markley, Superior Energy Systems, 512-944-4177 Nominating Chair: Ben Wood, Northwest Propane, 972-247-6121 NPGA Director: Chad Gray, Dixie LP Gas, 254-582-5359



PERC Celebrates 25 Years: Looking Back & Moving Forward TPGA continues our series of Who’s Who of Organizations in the propane industry, and this month we focus on the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com


January 2022 •

Texas Propane


Feature The Propane Education & Research Council was created more gallon of propane gas at the point it is odorized in the United States. than 25 years ago in 1996, when President Bill Clinton signed The assessment is currently $.005 per gallon. The program began with the Propane Education & Research Act (PERA). The national a budget of $8M in 1998 and has now grown to over $35.3M for 2022. propane check-off program emerged following the hard work A 21-member board appointed by the National Propane of Milford Therrell of Squibb-Taylor in Dallas and other proGas Association (NPGA) and the Gas Processors Association pane industry champions. Therrell, known as the grandfather of (GPA) governs the Council, and PERC is led by a president and PERC, was at the time about to enter his NPGA presidency in 1991. “Without Milford’s vision and forceful nature, the Propane Education & Research Council would never have “Before PERA and PERC, anytime that the NPGA wanted become a reality,” cited an arto do something of major significance, the only way to ticle in LP Gas magazine published at the time. raise money was to ask companies to contribute. The Today, PERC supports the driving force of PERA was everybody would contribute propane industry and 4,000 propane companies across fairly on a per gallon basis,” Darryl Mclendon has stated the nation with safety and in the past. McClendon was another champion of PERC training initiatives, consumer education campaigns, and the that helped in its establishment along with others. research & development of emerging technologies. The Council’s projects and programs are funded through an assessment levied on each



Propane Education & Research Act signed into law

Launch of Propane Emergencies


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com


Propane Exceptional Energy

Feature chief executive officer. Tucker Perkins is the current PERC president and CEO; he replaced Roy Willis who came in to lead PERC in 1998 and retired in 2017. Perkins has worked in the propane industry for 26 years, having served as the director of business development for Inergy, chief executive officer of Premier Propane, and the chief operating officer of Columbia Propane, a unit of the Columbia Energy Group. Perkins is also the former chairman of a PERC advisory committee on engine fuel matters and is active with the National Propane Gas Association and the Virginia Tucker Perkins is the current president and CEO of PERC. Propane Gas Association. The Council values industry involvement and has an Advisory time – at their expense – to help assess the needs and prioriCommittee consisting of industry volunteers and other profesties across multiple markets and guide the Council with its duty sionals. The Advisory Committee reviews, evaluates, and makes to develop programs and projects that are most impactful,” said recommendations on funding requests, evaluates projects’ effecPERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins. tiveness, and assists the Council with its proactive duty to deThere was no Advisory Committee at the outset; today, more than velop programs and projects. 100 industry volunteers serve on one of its three working groups. “Propane industry professionals serving on PERC’s Advisory The advisory working groups include: the Market Growth & Committee play a vital role assisting the Council in its mission to Commercialization Working Group, the Research &Technolensure that the industry receives maximum value for its investogy Development Working Group, and the Safety and Training ments. This diverse group of volunteers give generously of their Working Group.


Brand adopted Find a Propane Retailer launches


Energy Guys campaign


First CETP e-learning programs released

January 2022 •

Texas Propane


Feature How has PERC changed over the last 25 years?

While the mission and duties have not changed, the organization has grown from a single staff member to a diverse team of about 35 professionals, with several coming from the propane industry. Initially, PERC exclusively conducted safety and training projects; it now leads projects in R&D, sales and technology training, marketing and communications, product commercialization, and workforce recruitment.

What products/applications would not exist today without PERC’s aid?

There’s no way to definitively say these would not be in existence, but PERC investment undeniably contributed to assorted product developments, improvements, and expedited arrival into the market, including a propane-powered school bus, commercial lawnmowers, direct-injection engines, and a dedicated propane bobtail. Additionally, the propane industry likely would not benefit from national workforce recruitment and advertising programs.

What program or project has made the most significant impact on the propane industry?

Arguably, PERC’s most significant impact has been changing the safety culture within the industry. The continued investment in industry safety and education, starting with the Gas Check program evolving into the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) and eventually to its current form in The Learning Center, has facilitated marketers to perform and properly docu-


First propane OEM school bus produced with help of PERC


ment vital leak checks and workforce training. Likewise, PERC’s popular Duty to Warn Important Safety Information for You and Your Family brochure has been distributed to reinforce basic safety awareness to millions of households all over the nation. PERC research into the life expectancy of storage tank regulators led to changes in federal regulations that saved propane marketers millions of dollars. State rebates. By law, 20 percent of PERC’s annual assessment collections are allocated to the states to spend on state valuable programs and projects based on the annual retail sales report submitted by propane retailers each year. Cumulatively, that represents nearly $170 million to the states to use for projects and programs over the last 25 years.

What are the extensive programs and projects that PERC is most excited about that PERC is working on right now?

Agriculture: Exploring solutions to tackle unique agronomic issues with soil-borne pathogens and weed resistance using propane; expanding our clean-burning engine offerings to farmers. In addition to research and development initiatives, PERC also has a farm incentive program. For the producers, Propane Farm Incentive Program (PFIP) offsets a portion of the cost of new propane-powered equipment in exchange for information about its performance on their operation. For marketers, you have a powerful sales tool that can put more propane-powered ag equipment into the field for years to come. Incentives are available for propane irrigation engines, generators, water heating systems, flame weed control agronomic heat treating, and poultry, swine, and greenhouse heating systems.



Restriction on consumer marketing-imposed

PERC launches online resource catalog formerly known as the PropaneMaRC

Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com

Feature Learn more about the incentives available and encourage producers in your area to apply at Propane.com/ FarmIncentive. Residential & Commercial: Construction incentives, construction professionals training, promotion of Combined Heat and Power systems, onsite power generation, MicroGrids, and hydronic heating solutions. Research & Development: Over the useful life of the products that PERC has invested in over the years thus far, PERC estimates an ROI of more than $2 billion to the industry. PERC is planning the expanded availability of renewable propane and exploring its applications across all markets. Safety & Training: Industry education is central to PERC’s mission. The Learning Center was built out and expanded to both the propane industry and allied professionals, educating the industry about propane’s comparative impact on the environment. In 2021, PERC proudly added 14 new safety and sales-related training modules to its Learning Center to support professional growth. Everything from industry education


Over the useful life of the product that PERC has invested in over the years thus far, PERC estimates an ROI of more than $2 billion to the industry. - 2020 Annual Report

like the updated Dispensing Propane Safely available in both English/Spanish to the Fundamentals of Propane is available. Find out more about the Learning Center on Page 13 under Resources & Tools. “PERC is working with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) whose members are among the world’s leading experts in emergency services to develop a new Propane Specialist Certification Program for first responders and propane industry professionals. By updating the current Propane Emergencies




Propane Farm Incentive established

Propane Builder Incentive established

Clean American Energy brand debuted

January 2022 •

Texas Propane



program the new materials will be provided using Web-Based Training and Instructor-Led Training to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities for individuals responding to incidents involving propane. This program will establish a formal online training program for awareness, operations, and operation missionspecific responses. Once a student, whether in the fire service or the propane industry, has completed the online portion, they will

attend a one-day instructorled classroom and hands-on session. After completing the one-day session, the student, if credentialed, will have an opportunity to take a certification test. The program is currently in development and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022,” said Eric Kuster, Vice President of Safety, Education, and Compliance for the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). Propane Emergencies was one of the first major programs released from the Council in 1998. Off-Road: PERC is currently working on a nextgeneration forklift and port technologies like hybrids and fuel blending in the off-road market. Autogas: This year, PERC partnered with Cummins to develop and commercialize a 6.7-liter propane-fueled engine that can be used in bobtails and other medium-duty platforms. Consumer Education: In 2021, PERC launched the “PROPANE: Energy for Everyone” brand and a national digital campaign to educate consumers on propane. The campaign consists




Leave It to a Pro (anti-DIY) campaign

Grilling for Heroes initiative

Winter Prep campaign launches


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com

Feature of web ads, social media ads, and digital radio. Thought Leadership: Additionally, PERC continues engaging with writers, social influencers, and thought leaders across the country in telling the story of how the use of propane helps decarbonization and with energy security. Our Environmental Thought Leadership campaign trumpets the message that propane helps Americans meet their emissions goals; and it keeps homes and businesses running when the electrical grid fails. Its affordability and access ensure equity on the path to zero carbon emissions. In other words, propane is just what we need for today and tomorrow. The campaign has resulted in presentations given to groups like the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and stories published in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times, Environment + Energy Leader, Gothamist, and the Houston Chronicle. For example, two stories that came out of the Thought Leadership campaign included “Natural Gas Came Up Short During Texas’ Freeze but Propane Delivered” published by Forbes, and “Texas Blackout sparks interest in generators to keep the power on, fight climate change” published in the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) is moving. It will share office space with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations and position NPGA to meet the challenges of tomorrow and work together with PERC to position propane as Energy for Everyone. What are some of the exciting things PERC has planned for the future? “The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act creates an unprecedented opportunity for propane as an option for on- and off-road fleets switching to low-emission alternatives


Consumer education restriction lifted

to diesel and gasoline starting in 2022. About $9 billion will be available for refueling infrastructure and clean vehicles – including those powered by propane autogas. Of that, $2.5 billion is designated for port tractors and mobile solutions for both inland and coastal ports. Given the new propane port tractor products we’re developing and expect to launch in 2022, it’s an exciting time for propane marketers to compete for these expansive new business opportunities,” Perkins said. PERC is watching for these to open and plans to inform the propane industry as funding becomes available.

Resources & Tools Propane.com

Over the last year, PERC’s website, Propane.com, has had over 1.8M unique visitors participating in over 2.6M sessions. The site is a one-stop shop for propane industry news, propane applications, market segment information, as well as tools & resources and industry training. The Learning Center

By using the Learning Center at Propane.com, the propane industry can access all of PERC’s online safety and training materials through their PC or through the Absorb Learning mobile app. Since its launch in 2019, the Learning Center has subscribed 27,500 users and uploaded over 400 training modules. The center includes safety & technical training, industry & market training, as well as the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP). Although CETP is not used as training for initial certification in Texas, it can be used to augment Railroad Commission (RRC) rules-based training and Texas propane certification holders


Proudly Campaign with Blue the Dog launched


Propane Can Do That tagline introduced

January 2022 •

Texas Propane


Feature can use CETP for continuing education credit with the RRC. Safety & Technical Training includes Cathodic Protection, Cylinder Requalification, Gas Check, OSHA & DOT Hazmat Training, CSR, Transport Operator Training, Preventing Bobtail Rollovers, Mobile Crane Safety, Propane Personnel Safety, and Static Electricity. CETP Training includes: 1.0 Basic Principles and Practices of Propane Initial Course; 2.2 Bobtail Delivery Operations Initial Course; 2.2/2.4 Operating a Bobtail or Cylinder Delivery Vehicle to Deliver Propane (Combined) Initial Course; 2.4 Cylinder Delivery Operations Initial Course; 3.1 - 3.5 Basic Plant Operations Initial Course; 4.1 Designing and Installing Exterior Vapor Distribution System Initial Course; and 4.2 Placing Vapor Distribution Systems and Appliances into Operation Initial Course. The Learning Center also includes shorter CETP courses for refresher learning. PERC also recently added under the CETP curriculum: Introduction to the Propane Industry and the Fundamentals of Propane. Industry & Market Training includes: a multitude of courses including sales & technology training. Explore classes, get enrolled, and take charge of your training today at https://training.propane.com/. Propane Resource Catalog

Sign up for an account at Propane.com and unlock the industry’s #1 resource for information, marketing tools, training, and more. An array of educational and promotional materials are available at Propane.com on the resource catalog and you’ll need a login to order or download them.

There are 1,072 catalog items propane industry professionals can access, which include consumer education, B2B marketing materials, fact sheets, manuals, case studies, training books and other resources. Join the 6,026 other resource catalog users now; PERC has made registering for an account easy. How To Sign Up: • Visit Propane.com/Account. • Click the red “Sign Up” box. • Follow the instructions. • Select “Propane Marketer” in the drop-down menu when prompted. Find additional tools and resources at https://propane.com/ providers/ a page dedicated for propane providers. Stay Informed with PERC Newsletters The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has a number of newsletters that propane professionals can subscribe to. Available PERC Newsletter Subscriptions include: • PERC Update • Safety Matters • Build with Propane(Residential Edition) • Build with Propane (Commercial Edition) • Can-do Journal Updates • The Ag Post • The Lift • Autogas Refuel • The Cut Subscribe at https://propane.com/newsroom/subscribe/.



Propane.com launched

PERC Online Learning Center launched


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com


PERC Propane Energy for Everyone brand & campaign launched





Who’s Who at PERC Need to contact PERC? Check out this staff directory: Propane industry can contact the home office at 202-452-8975 to reach any of the following or email at the provided email:


Tucker Perkins, President & CEO tucker.perkins@propane.com

Contact Tucker for strategic plans, council initiatives, business development.

Sarah Ewing, Executive Assistant to President & CEO sarah.ewing@propane.com Contact Sarah for President and CEO’s schedule.

Theresa Ryan, Director of Administration & HR Theresa.ryan@propane.com Contact Theresa for staffing and PERC Councilors.

John L. Kerekes, Sr Contracts Manager & Counsel john.kerekes@propane.com

Margaret Hiatt, e-Learning Developer margaret.hiatt@propane.com Contact Margaret for e-Learning programs, course content, recommended technology, and electronic performance support.

Elena Scott, Manager, Industry Training Programs elena.scott@propane.com Contact Elena for Marketer Sales Training Program, Can Do Marketing Training Program, CSR Training and Sales Summit.


Erin Lee, Industry Relations Coordinator erin.lee@propane.com

Contact Erin for fulfillment center, industry meetings and general industry relations queries.

Contact John for legal issues, contracts and grants.

Sophi Sandoval, Office Assistant sophi.sandoval@propane.com

Michael Eason, Sr VP, Administration & Finance micheal.eason@propane.com

Contact Sophie for general PERC Inquiries and Propane Catalog Help Desk.

Contact Michael for budget, finance, accounting, and assessment.

Edward Kent, Finance Operations Manager edward.kent@propane.com Contact Edward for budget, assessment revenue, and warehouse and inventory financial support.

Grace Willis, Director of Strategic Operations grace.willis@propane.com Contact Grace for portfolio management, strategic planning, budgets and the advisory committee.

Anna W. Lombardo, Director, Meetings and Events Anna.Lomardo@propane.com Contact Anna for council meetings, advisory committee meetings and councilors’ website.


Eric Kuster, VP, Safety, Education, & Compliance eric.kuster@propane.com Contact Eric for propane safety, compliance, education and training.

Lyndon Rickards, Director of Safety and Compliance lyndon.rickards@propane.com Contact Lyndon for safety and compliance; regulations, codes, and standards; safety and regulatory programs; and safety technology.

Christopher Hanson, Learning Management System Administrator christopher.hanson@propane.com Contact Chris for LMS Access, LMS Integration and E-Learning.

Garrett Johnson, Learning Center Coordinator garrett.johnson@propane.com Contact Garrett for propane training programs; Learning Center support; safety and training helpdesk inquiries; safety and technical training working group and training programs.

Tameka Bias, Web Technologies & Network Administrator tameka.bias@propane.com Contact Tameka for IT and website questions.


Joseph Calhoun, Associate Director, Business Development joseph.calhoun@propane.com Contact Joseph for new partnerships, new market development, and new product ideas.

Rachel Hrabik, Business Development Coordinator rachel.hrabik@propane.com Contact Rachel for requests for information about propane in your market, questions about the farm incentive and construction incentive programs and new business development opportunities.

Bryan Cordill, Director of Residential & Commercial Business Development bryan.cordil@propane.com Contact Bryan for residential and commercial business partnerships, product development and construction incentive program.

Gokul Vishwanathan, Director of Research & Sustainability gokul.vishwanathan@propane.com Contact Gokul for, engine technologies, power generation, technical data and research and regulatory questions.

Stephen Whaley, Director of Autogas Business Development stephen.whaley@propane.com Contact Steve for propane autogas business applications, fuel tax and incentive database and propane autogas calculator.


Erin Hatcher, Sr VP, Communications & Marketing erin.hatcher@propane.com

Contact Erin for communications & marketing, public relations and thought leadership.


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com


Gregg Walker, Director of External Communications gregg.walker@propane.com Contact Gregg for public relations, media requests, PERC update, and industry communications.

Ingrid Bechard, Director of Market Communications ingrid.bechard@propane.com Contact Ingrid for media requests, digital strategy, and B2B market outreach.

Jeremy Wishart, Director of Technical Communications jeremy.wishart@propane.com Contact Jeremy for agriculture, material handling, and off-road marketing programs, public relations, technical reports and media requests.

Patrick Hyland, Director of Industry Communications patrick.hyland@propane.com Contact Pat for Partnership with States Program, marketer sales training program, state assessment rebate program, general state association support and industry-facing communications.

Emily McComas, Communications Manager emily.mccomas@propane.com

Bridget Kidd, Senior VP, Industry Relations bridget.kidd@propane.com

Contact Bridget for industry engagement, industry initiatives & programs, marketer training & industry meetings.

Paula Wilson, Director of Industry Engagement paula.wilson@propane.com Contact Paula for general marketer support, engagement with marketers & company leadership, questions and general feedback on programs & resources and sharing your marketer success story.

Kristen Rice, Director, State Support & Grants kristen.rice@propane.com Contact Kristen for the National Grant Program, State Rebate Grant Program, PERC Grant system and state association speaking opportunities.

Ginna Moseley, Projects Coordinator, Demonstrations & Tradeshows ginna.moseley@propane.com Contact Ginna for tradeshows, demonstration programs and collateral materials.

Contact Emily for the PERC Update, press release, media inquiries, and social media.

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January 2022 •

Texas Propane



Interior Designer Renovates 120-Year-Old House with Propane Austin, Texas resident relishes giving homes and businesses new life house are less than they were before! It’s better for the environment because it’s non-toxic and won’t contaminate the soil or groundwater. How important are green/sustainable practices to you?

Very important! I’m always learning, growing, and trying to do better. It’s a slow process but I’m excited to continue to learn more and challenge myself to do better. How do propane-powered cooking appliances enhance a kitchen remodel?

Claire Zinnecker’s life is full of the unexpected. After graduating college, her original plan to live and work in Los Angeles turned into staying in her hometown and creating her own interior design firm. Now, she’s living in and renovating an 1899 folk Victorian house, which she’s named Ida. The Propane Education & Research Council is partnering with social influencers like Claire to share real-life stories of how American families use clean energy like propane to support their sustainable lifestyles and businesses. Tell us about yourself.

I’m an interior designer from Austin, Texas. I went to school for interiors at the University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture. When I graduated, it was 2009 and there were no job openings anywhere, so I worked for four different local designers until I started getting inquiries for my own personal design work. I then founded Claire Zinnecker Design, for residential and commercial projects. Tell us about Project Ida.

Ida is the home I saved from East Aus-


tin. I moved her out to 5 acres on the San Gabriel River. Adam, my fiancé, and I are slowly breathing new life into her. Built in 1897, Ida is rich with history and we are having fun respecting that while also making her our own. What propane appliances do you use in your home?

Currently, we use propane for everything in our house, including a stove and hot water heater. We are soon going to be building out our exterior space and will use propane on those pieces as well! Why do you choose propane over other energy sources?

We are outside of the city limits, so utility set up was different than my normal experience. So, I decided to install a propane tank. Propane is clean energy! It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity and using propane appliances can help reduce your carbon footprint, which is something we are trying to do in every aspect of our lives at Ida. Propane appliances are actually more energy efficient which means my bills for a larger

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Cooking with propane is a cost savings! Propane heats evenly and the heat goes away when turned off. Some appliances powered by propane won’t be affected in a power shortage. Would you recommend propane-powered water heating to another homeowner?

Yes! Propane-powered water heaters heat much faster, have lower operating costs, provide continuous hot water, reduce the risk of power problems, have quicker recovery rates, etc., etc. What does standby power mean to you?

How important is it for homeowners to have backup/standby power? After the terrible winter storm we had in Texas with massive power outages, we are definitely working on a plan for standby/ backup power so that we aren’t put in that scary position again. How do propane generators compare with other options, like electric or diesel?

They are more eco-friendly, less noisy, more powerful, easier for refuel (and also readily available), don’t have many temperature-related problems, and so much more!


PSC Website – Your One Stop Shop 24/7

Propane Service Corporation [PSC] – “the TPGA store” – has served propane companies coast-to-coast to comply with state and federal regulations, run their businesses efficiently, and advertise their companies with cost-effective custom promotional goods. PSC supplies its customers with a broad spectrum of affordable solutions. If you have not explored the PSC website, log on today! We have a comprehensive website where safety, compliance and promotional products are available for purchase online at www.propaneservicecorp.com. This paperless order and payment solution adds convenience and flexibility for our customers. No need to call, email, fax, or wait for business hours – order at your convenience 24/7! We are here to help during business hours if you need assistance. Place your orders through the website

where you can choose the shipping option that best fits your needs, and pay securely by credit card or via PayPal. Orders placed by 1:00pm CST are typically fulfilled the same day. If you are in the Austin area, you can choose the pick-up order from our store. If shipping your order, tracking information is automatically created and sent to your email. The PSC website continues to offer: • State and Federal Required Materials • Compliance Decals and Signs for Storage Tanks, Bobtails, and Transports • Safety Signs and Decals • Consumer Safety Materials • Hazardous Materials Placards • Conversion and Installation Tags • Calendars and Promotional Items • Cylinder Requalification [RIN] Decals • Business Forms

• Compliance Forms and Materials • Compliance Starter Package for Dispensers • Hardware and Compliance Support • Special and Custom Orders • Non-LPG Items Does your company need something customized? PSC specializes in sourcing custom items, and there are two options to receive a quote – you can call and discuss or utilize the Request a Quote button on the item. Propane Service Corporation fills the need for safety-related materials in stock and ready for you! Stay in Touch with PSC through a variety of channels:: Email: sales@propaneservicecorp.com Online: www.propaneservicecorp.com Twitter: @PropaneServCorp Facebook: Propane Service Corporation January 2022 •

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NPGF Scholarship Application Now Open! Apply Now!

Every year, the National Propane Gas Foundation Scholarship Fund (NPGF/ SF) awards $1,000 and $2,000 scholarships to 100+ students. Since 1994, the NPGF Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $2 million to 1,400+ children of NPGA member company employees! Who is eligible to apply for a NPGF scholarship?

To be eligible, applicants must be: • The child of a full-time employee at a National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) or state association member company or the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). The parent’s work must be directly involved in the production, transportation, marketing, or distribution of propane; supplying goods or services to NPGA member companies; or supplying propane appliances to propane consumers; and • A high school senior or an undergraduate student with a grade point average of at least 2.6 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent); and • A full-time student in the upcoming school year in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited college or university or enrolled in a certificate or one-


or two-year degree program at an accredited vocational, technical or trade school, pursuing one of the following propanerelated fields: Commercial Truck Driver; Electrician; Gas Fitter; HVAC Technician; Pipe Fitter; Plumber; and • Be unmarried and under the age of 24 at the time of the application deadline. How does a member’s child apply?

The online application opens on December 15 and closes on February 15 of the next year at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. NPGF uses CommunityForce, an application management software platform and applications are only accepted online through CommunityForce. You do not need to complete the application in one sitting; you can save your work and go back to it later. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Applicants should keep their login credentials after they submit their application, as they will need to

re-access the system if they are selected to receive a scholarship. How are applicants selected?

Criteria employed in selecting scholarship recipients include financial need, academic merit, activities/employment, and response to essay questions. There is one application for all awards; it is designed to capture any additional criteria designated by the donor(s) and you will be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible. How will an applicant hear if they were selected to receive an award?

Scholarship award checks for selected winners are mailed over the summer directly to your educational institution, to be posted to your account and applied to tuition & fees and room & board for the academic year starting in the fall semester. The full award is divided into two equal payments, for the fall and spring semesters.

Learn more about this opportunity and get access to the application at https://www.npga.org/news-resources/scholarships/. Questions? Please contact call 202-466-7200 or email scholarship@npga.org.

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Driving in Bright & Low Lighting

Fleet Safety

TXDRIVINGCONCERN.ORG Driving in Bright & Low Lighting

January May 2021

Visibility, Not Vulnerability

Safe Driving in Bright Lighting

Safe Driving in Low Lighting

Your eyes must adjust between abrupt changes in light level. You may be effectively blind for a short time.

Objects, including other vehicles, may not be fully illuminated. You could miss a stop sign or pedestrian.

Tips for Too Much Light

Tips for Too Little Light

• Use sun visors • Wear sunglasses • Keep windshield and all windows clean, inside and out

Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms.

• Slow down • Increase following distance • Use headlights

Routine eye and vision examinations are essential. January 2022 •

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Business Beat

Why Do Employees Quit? Six Reasons Employees Consider Leaving Their Jobs the forefront of our minds too. Every year, we conduct research to learn from real job seekers and employees as part of our Candidate Experience Report. This research includes asking workers in various industries what makes them want to leave their current job to see what employers could be doing better. Let’s take a look at the data, so that you can be better equipped to retain the members of your team. Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

As a business owner, you know that turnover is expensive and stressful. Every employee is an investment for your business, and it can be difficult to see one go. Plus, the process of recruiting and hiring a replacement can take your attention away from running your business, resulting in lost productivity and revenue. If you’re in an industry that’s known for turnover, the problem is even worse because it can lower the morale of the employees that stick around, increasing the


likelihood of even more turnover. It’s no wonder that two big questions on every employer’s mind are: 1. Why do employees quit? 2. How can I keep my employees around? At CareerPlug, employee retention is at

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Let’s start by highlighting the amount of people we surveyed who have recently considered leaving their job. Out of our 500 participants, over 50% said they have thought about leaving their current job in the last 12 months. This is huge! And the trend can be seen across industries. So why is it that half of our survey participants have considered leaving their job? Here are the numbers: Let’s break down each of these reasons in further detail to understand what you can do as an employer to retain your current team.

1. Dissatisfaction with current compensation

It’s no surprise that not being satisfied with current salary or hourly pay is a big reason that employees would consider leaving their job. Labor is currently in high demand, so many employees/job seekers have more leverage than ever before when it comes to demanding better pay. This shift in power has influenced many employees to quit in search of higher wages. Side note: It’s worth pointing out that we saw some variations in survey answers based on gender. 40% of women claim to not be satisfied with their salary/hourly pay (vs 20% of men). Responses from men were spread out pretty evenly.

BAM Propane is committed to servicing your propane needs with supply availability at all the major supply points across Texas. We market Polygrade Propylene, Refrigerant Grade Propane in addition to HD-5. Please contact us for more information: Jeff Severson Marketing Manager (817) 738-8224 (Office) (817) 894-6126 (Mobile)


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2. No benefits

16% of our respondents cited their employer not offering benefits as the reason they’ve considered leaving. Once again, with labor in such high demand, employees are seeking out jobs that offer them more. Health insurance, 401k, and other employee perks are becoming more commonplace, and employers that get more competitive or creative with employee benefits will likely have better luck both recruiting and retaining employees. 3. COVID safety concerns

Safety concerns over COVID-19 still plague many job seekers. A U.S. Census survey conducted in March 2021 found that 4.2 million adults are not working because they are worried about getting or spreading COVID-19. These concerns have caused employees to consider leaving the workforce entirely or to look for a job in a different industry. 4. Not enough flexibility

13% of workers say that the desire for a more flexible work schedule made them consider leaving their job in the last year. Additionally, when we asked job seekers what influenced their decision to apply to a company, “advertised a flexible work schedule” was the most popular response among women. The pandemic caused many people to reevaluate their work/life balance, so it would seem that flexibility within the workplace is a desire that’s here to stay. One survey by FlexJobs found that 70% of millennials have left or considered

Is the missing piece worth


Other propane owners have come to our agency to get help with connecting their insurance pieces: 1) Some have grown frustrated with the lack of timely response and personal service from their current agent.

Josh McAdams

McAdams Propane Co. Midstream Transportation Co. “I cannot say enough about Rusty and his team at Marshall Young Insurance. Not only are their prices highly competitive and comprehensive, but their customer service is outstanding as well. Marshall Young’s team goes above and beyond to exceed our insurance needs.”

2) Many have discovered a missing piece of coverage after meeting with us. 3) Most tell us they have no idea what companies insure their industry and are surprised to learn there are multiple options available.

WWW.MARSHALLYOUNG.COM 401 N. Ridgeway Drive, Cleburne TX 76033 | 817-645-9155

January 2022 •

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leaving a job because it lacked flexible work options, and about half of older workers report the same. 5. The work environment

big role. Caring for a sick family member, the addition of a new child, or other care responsibilities can also lead to employees quitting.

A work environment that you like is Other Factors to Consider Though our research gives us great inobviously important for job satisfaction, sight into some of the main reasons emand disliking the work environment ployees quit, there are still plenty of other seems to be an influence on why employfactors to consider. General job stress and ees quit. lack of mental health support may cause It’s also worth pointing out that the employees to take time away from a role, importance of the work environment especially in the midst may have a bigger impact of an ongoing pandemic. in certain industries. For Changes at home, a move example, 98% of job to a new city, or the desire seekers who work in InGet to know for growth all may lead surance & Financial Seremployees to seek out vices rated “atmosphere of the workplace” as im- the needs of your something new. times, there is portant in influencing employees and notMany one simple reason their decision to accept a an employee quitting job offer. This is signifiact accordingly. for their job, rather many cant because people are factors coming together currently retiring from that leads them to the the insurance industry at decision to resign. As an a high rate, so insurance employer, you can’t conbusinesses need to make trol everything, but you can take steps to a strong effort to appeal to job seekers mitigate the most common reasons that who are earlier in their careers. One way employees consider quitting. to do that is by creating an appealing and inviting work environment. Keeping Employees Around 6. Conflicting responsibilities Instead of focusing on the things that Sometimes the reason an employee make employees leave, think in terms of leaves has little to do with the actual job what makes employees want to stay. Get itself, rather outside circumstances play a to know the needs of your employees and

Let the company that knows your business, protect your business

act accordingly. Provide employees with truly competitive compensation and offer raises or bonuses when you can. Employee perks and benefits can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated and secure. Flexibility and autonomy are more desired than ever in this pandemic workscape. When all is said and done, what employees are asking employers for is actually pretty simple: Be a great place to work. This article is courtesy of CareerPlug.

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Inside the Industry

People in Propane Wayburn Kaywood Castleschouldt, 87, passed away on November 19, 2021. Mr. Castleschouldt was a man of many talents from opening a grocery store with his brothers, to starting a local newspaper The Spectator, to obtaining his real estate license and working for Yeager Realty. He went on to work for the Willis ISD as a tax collector, which led to a position at the Montgomery County Appraisal District. He preferred to “steer his own ship” so he purchased Willis Propane in 1989. In 2000 he sold the company and retired. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time. Eunice Imogene Nations Guest, 92, of Paris, TX, former longtime resident of Detroit, TX, passed away on November 20, 2021. She was a graduate of Blossom High School and was active working in the Detroit community. She was a longtime member of the Detroit United Methodist Church, and after her husband died she attended church at the Cowboy Church in the Red River Bible Camp. Imogene worked at Detroit Propane and worked for the Department of Human Services. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time. The family requests memorials in her honor be made to the Detroit Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 111, Detroit, TX 75460. Oliver Edward Rogers, 88, of Rockdale, passed away on November 27, 2021 at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Temple. Oliver joined the Navy and served 22 years until his retirement as a Chief Petty Officer. He then worked as a propane truck driver. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time.

National Propane Education & Training Conference Coming to Dallas in 2022

Propane professionals with an interest in industry-specific educational methods and resources are invited to join us March 1 and 2 at the Westin Dallas-Fort Worth Airport for the return of our live National Propane Education & Training Conference. Like years past, you’ll have the opportunity to attend general and breakout sessions customized to fit your training needs.


In addition to sessions on safety and regulatory compliance, the 2022 conference will feature tracks on marketer sales and technical training. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the newest features and resources available on PERC’s Learning Center. This year’s conference will be an in-per-

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son event only. Registration opens after Jan. 1. Cost is $99. Discounted hotel room rate of $149/ night is available until Feb. 7, or until block is sold out, whichever comes first. Book now at https://bit.ly/3pWok7X for best availability! The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport is located at 4545 West John Carpenter Freeway in Irving, approximately 10 minutes from DFW airport. Complimentary shuttle service is provided to/from hotel, every hour. 30 Under 30 2022 Program Now Open!

NPGA and the industry is invested in our future leaders. The International Association of Young Gassers’ 30 under 30 Program is aimed at recognizing the top young professionals in the propane industry. This can be anyone from drivers, technicians, or office workers, to manufacturing shop employees, state or national association employees – anyone! The only requirements are: 1. Must be between 18 – 29 years old as of January 1st, 2022 2. Must work for a company involved in the propane industry 3. Must be nominated by someone within the propane industry If selected, individuals will receive: • Free registration to the 2022 NPGA Southeast Convention & International Propane Expo • Admission to the 2022 Young Gassers Reception • Free individual memberships to NPGA and Young Gassers for one year • Free registration to the 2022 Women in Propane Leadership Forum • Fee waived to participate as a mentee in the 2022 WIP Knowledge exchange program • Admission to the 2022 Prayer Breakfast at NPGA Expo • Recognition in industry publications • Recognition at NPGA Southeast Convention & International Propane Expo • Hosted leadership and industry webinars throughout the year Applications now being accepted at https://bit.ly/3scG5CA.

Inside the Industry LPG Heating Incentive Policies: Study by World LP Gas Association

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) recently released a study and report on LPG Heating Incentive Policies: A Survey of Why and How Governments Can and Should Encourage Heating With LPG. The study reviewed LPG heating market trends and the competitiveness of LPG for heating. It also looked at how LPG can be combined with new and innovative technologies such as solar thermal installations, micro combined-heat-and-power (CHP), fuel cells, or hybrid and gas heat pumps. The work involved a detailed survey of the heating market and government policies affecting fuel switching in five countries: Chile, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The study reviewed what policies, such as taxation and financial incentives for consumers, are most effective in encouraging switching, and presents a set of recommendations for policymakers. This involved gathering detailed information on energy use for heating and the contribution of LPG and policies concerning heating. Download the complete study at https://www.wlpga.org/publications/. PERC Technology Webinar Series Recordings Available

Throughout 2021, the Propane Presents Technology Series provided an opportunity for marketers and other industry profes-

sionals to hear from equipment manufacturers about how marketers can use new equipment to boost gallon sales. Subject matter experts have addressed a wide array of topics, including mobile power generation, the hydronic air handler, manufactured and modular housing, Tecogen next-gen propane forklift and MicroCHP. Visit https://propane.com/ppt-series if you missed a webinar, recorded sessions are available for you to catch up, explore additional resources, and see what the series has in store for 2022. WLPGA Releases 2021 Annual Report

Innovation & Growth. Each year, WLPGA produces a wealth of industry-leading reports, case studies and related materials, much of this is freely available to the global LPG community. WLPGA hosts a series of events throughout the including in 2021: LPG Day, LPG Week, LPG4Dev, Global Technology Conference (GTC), World LPG Challenge and the WLPGA Global Communications Summit. Read more WLPGA 2021 achievements their annual report available at https://www.wlpga.org/publications/.


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To cap off 2021, the World LPG Association (WLPGA) was voted “International Association of the Year 2021” by the International & European Association Awards 2021, organized by the Association of Association Executives. This is a prestigious award for trade associations. The WLPGA has over 2,000 members and had three principal goals in 2021, namely: Advocacy; Business Improvement: and

accounting for fuel people by fuel people

Call 800-722-6659 or visit www.rccbi.com

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Garrett Insurance Agency, Inc Formerly, Southern Star Insurance Agency, Inc Cecil Joiner, Risk Manager cecil@garrettinsurance.com 936-756-2222 www.garrettinsurance.com

PetroStar Equipment Resources Purchase & Sale Pre-Owned Propane Tanks 5,000 gallons to 90,000 gallons FOR SALE (2) 60,000 gallon, 250 psi, saddles, (2) 18,000 gallon, 250 psi, skidded, 2011 Contact: Jim Oliver 936-755-6108 petrostar@pdq.net

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Calendar JANUARY

30 - February 1 2022 NPGA Winter Meeting Rancho Mirage, CA


2 PERC Council Meeting Palm Springs, CA 8-9 TPGA Board & Committee Meetings College Station, TX

15 NPGF Scholarship Deadline 21 TPGA & PSC office closed for President’s Day


Index to Advertisers 10-11 NPGA 2022 Spring Benchmarking Council Meeting Charlotte, NC


5-6 Energy for Everyone Marketing Conference Minneapolis, MN

12-13 TPGA Spring 2022 Board & Committee Meetings Montgomery, TX

15 TPGA & PSC office closed for Good Friday 24 - 26 2022 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo

1-2 PERC National Safety & Training Conference

Nashville, TN

Dallas, TX

Nashville, TN

27 PERC Council Meeting

6-8 NPGA 2022 Spring TS&S Committee Meeting Charlotte, NC

BAM 23 BLT Tanks 25 Cunningham Gas Products 31 Fisk Tank Carrier Inc. Outside Back Cover Gas Equipment Company 2 Insurors of Texas 24 Legacy Energy Consulting 17 Lone Star Energy Group 2 Longhorn Propane 28 Lumbermen’s Insurance Agency 31 Marshall Young Insurance 23 Meeder Equipment Co. 15 Propane Service Corporation 26 Rural Computer Consultants 27 Tarantin Industries 24 White River Distributors 5

Heads up, Texas. Texting and driving is illegal. #HeadsUpTexas #EndTheStreakTX

January 2022 •

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Propane With Purpose

Growing Ice Maker Market Presents Opportunity for Propane

According to Market Insights Report, the ice maker market is projected to gain considerable growth on account of increasing demand for ice-making devices in restaurants and household settings. These devices are experiencing heavy demand in North America due to an increase in household disposable income. Growing prevalence of high-end boutique bars that emphasize an overall experience, quality, and presentation could boost the demand for unique ice-making devices that make gourmet, large and square ice cubes. Shifting consumer outlook towards the use of ice is influencing several ice machine manufacturers to develop new models and series of machines that deliver ice in multiple sizes and shapes. Additionally, the product development trend has augmented the industry scenario, giving rise to heavy industry competition, in turn encouraging the development of new, technically advanced ice machines. Emergence of modern kitchens and homes that have built-in bars have propelled the demand for ice maker machines across the residential sector. Industry players are focusing on using more natural refrigerants like carbon and propane to meet all the residential as well as environmental norms. Adoption of eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant allows firms to provide customers a machine that has low global


Texas Propane • www.txpropane.com

warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). This could reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency in the long run. A study conducted by Global Market Insights, Inc., estimates that the ice maker market could touch USD 2.5 billion by the year 2025. In terms of commercial application, the ice maker industry is segmented into healthcare and food service. The commercial sector is experiencing growth at a rapid pace due to surging adoption of ice-making machines in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bars, and pharma companies. This has compelled major ice machine companies to develop restaurant-specific, energy-efficient machines that successfully cater to the diverse demands of several customers. Proliferating demand for ice across the food service industry in different sizes and shapes could play a vital role in advancing the development of new ice maker machines. Manufacturers are investing heavily in various R&D activities to satisfy the evolving demands of food processing, transportation, and service sectors. Get Complete Synopsis of the Report @ https://www.gminsights. com/toc/detail/ice-maker-market

Inspired by an article by the Missouri Propane Gas Association

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