Annual Report 2020-2021 Complete

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MSCI Past Presidents Jaime Zobel De Ayala


Adolfo Duarte 1977-1978 Vicente R. Ayllon 1978-1979 Jovencio F. Cinco


Renato L. Paras


Antonio R. Santamaria


Agustin R. Bengzon


Luis P. Vera 1983-1984 Alfred X. Burgos, Jr.


Felino L. Ampil 1985-1986 Alex Y. Pardo 1986-1987 Lucito L. Sioson 1987-1988

As a sports club, the Makati (Sports) Club advocates the promotion of physical wellbeing and ability, and thus provides means for its members to engage in fitness activities and wholesome relaxation. It believes in the important role that exercise, sports, and healthy living play in personal development, in the formation and functioning of active minds and bodies, and of physically fit professionals who lead meaningful and productive lives in the service of the community and the country. It also has a variety of dining and banquet facilities which provide the perfect venue for business and leisure. Truly, the Makati Sports Club, Inc. is an oasis in the heart of the country’s premier business district and a valuable lifestyle investment you can enjoy.

Ricardo G. Librea


Victor T. Gomez, Jr.


Ignacio A. Macrohon, Jr.


Claudio B. Altura 1991-1992 Cecile H. Cheng


Rogelio G. Villarosa


Sixto S. Sandejas II


Rico V. Domingo


Salvador R. Fabregas


Ricardo G. Librea


Jovencio F. Cinco


Eliseo V. Villamor


Rogelio G. Villarosa


Alicia L. Cinco 2002-2003 Ismael M. Estella


Oscar J. Ledesma, Jr.


Alejandro Z. Barin


Alicia L. Cinco 2006-2007 Rogelio U. Marasigan


Ismael M. Estella


Claudio B. Altura 2009-2010 Alicia L. Cinco 2010-2011 Renato C. Valencia


Jose S. Sandejas


Robin A. King


Dexter Quintana 2014-2015 Manuel Bengson


Edward Gabaldon 2016-2017 Ismael Melendres 2017-2018 Alicia L. Cinco 2018-2019 Marlon Dennis L. Loyola


Board of Directors 2020 - 2021

Mr. Eduardo V. Francisco President

Dr. Jaime C. Laya Vice-President / Planning & Development Committee Chairman Atty. Simplicio M. Virtudazo, Jr. Corporate Secretary / Socials Committee Chairman Mr. Rogelio M. Guadalquiver Treasurer / Finance Committee Chairman Mr. Lorenzo T. Lichauco Director / Sports Committee Chairman

Mrs. Alicia L. Cinco Director / Membership Committee Chairwoman Atty. Gregorio O. Bilog III Director / Human Resource & Development Committee Chairman Mr. Renato C. Valencia Director / House Committee Chairman Atty. Godofredo C. De Guzman Director / Construction & Maintenance Committee Chairman

President’s Report Dear Valued Members: The board year 2020-2021 will be remembered as a year of struggles, trials, and challenges. The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and people have seen the worst in everything. The global health crisis took a toll on everyone’s lives. With the collective effort and help of the Board of Directors, management and employees, we were able to hurdle the difficulties and kept the operations afloat and thriving. As we were not allowed to have large gatherings, we had our first hybrid annual shareholders meeting on August 25, 2020 and the first virtual induction ceremony with virtual entertainment on December 11, 2020. Your board and the respective committees had online virtual meetings to discuss the operations of the club. We implemented health and safety protocols and launched new products and services to adapt to the new normal. At the onset of the pandemic, we were able to maximize the club’s food reserves during the lockdown and were able to donate packed meals from March 28 – April 11, 2020 to the healthcare workers of the Makati Medical Center. As people began to be cautious about enclosed spaces, the club maximized the Alfresco and open areas within the club premises to provide members safe and properly ventilated dining locations. • The Alfresco Veranda is one of the facilities which was recently opened to cater to the needs of the members under the new normal. It is an open space located in the veranda which has a mesmerizing view of the lush trees and the swimming pool. It is an ideal place for dining as it is well ventilated and relaxing. • We converted the Bistro Lounge into a Sports Bar to provide a place for members to hang-out and spend time with friends. It is a perfect venue to unwind as it is an open space and an air-conditioned bar rolled into one. While closely monitoring our capital expenditures, the indoor tennis court and the lanai kitchen underwent a major renovation. To address the repairs and maintenance needs of the club, the club also did a quarterly preventive maintenance cleaning of the kitchen exhaust, repair and re-painting of the ceiling back exit of Ayala Banquet Hall, repainting of the Ladies’ Locker Room, cleaning of outdoor tennis courts, landscape maintenance, and regular fumigation and sanitation of the club’s premises to prevent mosquito breeding. Additionally, we are upgrading our WIFI in the whole club to ensure wider and faster connectivity.


We launched the pick-up, take out and food delivery service last year which aims to provide members an alternative to dining out. We also welcomed non-members and guests who want to savor the club’s staple dishes and delicacies. Moreover, the food and beverage department, together with the management, conceptualized and developed new and more appetizing menu to give variety and choices to our members’ insatiable palate. Despite the sharp increase in cost of our food items in the fourth quarter, we did not adjust our selling prices. However, we will review and adjust food prices to cope with rising inflation. Banquet functions have been the largest revenue generator of the club. Unfortunately, the management was unable to accept bookings from March to November 2020 because of the lockdown measures and restrictions mandated by the government. In spite of that, we managed our cash flow prudently and implemented cost-saving measures.The management also implemented a flexible and reduced load work arrangements to maximize manpower, lower labor costs, and avoid laying off people. Recurring expenses were closely monitored and significantly went down in this time of pandemic. However, we had significant non recurring expenses in the forms of financial assistance to our employees, and our extended families (salon and barber shop, trainers, ball boys) as well as PCR testing to employees and expenses related to ensuring safety in our club. The combination of the loss of banquet functions, lower revenue due to less patronage by the members because of the pandemic and the non recurring expenses led us to incur a loss in 2020. While the vaccine rollouts have been delayed, we hope banquet functions and patronage will increase during the second half of 2021 to allow us to at least break even. In closing, we wish to thank you, our members, who have continued to support the club, visit and use the facilities. The crisis may not be over but, with your unwavering support, we can overcome all travails in these trying times.


Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


House Committee Mr. Renato C. Valencia Chairman

Vice-Chairwoman : Mrs. Alicia L. Cinco Members

: Atty. Jovencio F. Cinco Mr. Robin A. King Mr. Ismael L. Melendres, Jr.

The Committee is pleased to report its accomplishments for the board year 2020-2021: • Implemented several configurations of the existing set-up on the different parts of the club to adopt to the new normal • Conceptualized and implemented the following Food and Beverage Offerings: A. Take out Items 1. Frozen Items 2. Bakeshop Products (Cakes, breads, and pastries) B. Promotions 1. Party Packages 2. Office Food Packages 3. Boodle Bilao 4. Noche Buena and Media Noche Packages C. Menu 1. Food Delivery Service Menu 2. Alacarte Menu 3. Breakfast Menu • Approved the contracts of Pro Shop, Helen Dry Cleaning Laundry Center, Lifeline, and Aikido and renewed under the same terms and conditions. • Approved the club’s Community Relations team which continues to donate several food items to the Philippine Food Bank Foundation. • Reconsidered and revisited the monthly and daily fees in both swimming and gym. • Approved the Rental of the white linen area as a storage place for MSCI member Mr. Troels Christensen • Adopted several communication platforms such as: Text Blasts (Power texts), Viber Broadcast, and Email Blasts. • Conducted a survey among the members about their opinions and preferences regarding the club’s facilities, products, and services






Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Finance Committee Mr. Rogelio M. Guadalquiver Chairman

Vice-Chairman : Mr. Lorenzo T. Lichauco Members : Atty. Jovencio F. Cinco Mr. Dexter E. Quintana Atty. Bernardo C. Virtucio, Sr. The Finance Committee pleased to report the following accomplishments: • Exercised prudent management of the Club’s funds including the placement of available cash in higher yielding securities. • Reviewed and updated our accounting and cost control procedures. • Reviewed and approved the monthly financial reports. • Reviewed and approved the audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2020 as audited / reported by our independent auditors, KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co. • Approved and released all funding requirements for capital expenditures and major purchases for club projects. • Paid Municipal and Realty Tax. • Maintained a good credit standing with various suppliers of the club. • Recommended the approval of online payment (e-channel) from Metrobank for a transaction fee of P10.00. The Board then resolved to delegate to the President and the Treasurer to facilitate and decide on the approval of the banks’ terms on the online payment. • Recommended the renewal of the Club’s loose-leaf books of accounts and appointment of an authorized representative to file and submit the same with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). • Requested the Board to pass a resolution authorizing the club to comply with the new circular issued by the SEC requiring all covered corporations to submit to the said agency their email addresses and mobile numbers. • Sourced alternative and inexpensive perishable goods. • Reduced Security Personnel without compromising the safety of the Club’s assets which gives a savings of at least 50%. • Managed effectively the Electricity and water costs. • Funded RT-PCR tests to ensure the safety and welfare of Employees • Procured safety materials and devices such as footbaths, scanners, and other disenfectants for added protection. • Computed the Financial assistance to regular and non- regular personnel during quarantine. • Closely coordinated with the External Auditors on whatever adjustments required in our income tax return to effect the retroactive effectivity of CREATE Law to July 1, 2020


The Financial Statements, Statement of Management’s Responsibility, and the report of Independent Auditors are shown in the succeeding pages of this Annual Report.

Membership Committee Mrs. Alicia L. Cinco Chairman

Vice-Chairman : Mr. Renato C. Valencia Members : Mr. Robin King Atty. Ian Ray P. Malilong Mr. Ismael L. Melendres, Jr. Mrs. Jennifer C. Guerrero

Membership Despite the pandemic, the Committee was able to accomplish the following: • • • • • • •

Collected Php 2,055,000.00 transfer fees for the year. Processed 52 applications for membership. Processed 1 applicant for lifetime membership. Conducted a virtual induction of 63 new members on December 11, 2020. Processed 2 over-aged dependents. Processed 5 associate memberships. Approved the request of Ms. Leah T. Ampil to transfer to her the share of Graphicom Printers, Inc., where she used to be the corporate nominee and to apply the transfer fee that she paid when she was nominated. • Approved the request of Ms. Corazon Remo to apply for lifetime membership. • Approved the re-application of membership of Mr. Fernando R. Aldeguer III.

The Committee extends its gratitude to all members for their continued support and cooperation.

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.




December 11, 2020

List of New Members who were Inducted on December 11, 2020: 1. Henry B. Aldave (1520-AN002) 2. Fernando R. Aldeguer III (2571-CO001) 3. Delta A. Audencial (2296-AN001) 4. Robertii S. Baron (2574) 5. John Paul K. Benedicto (1670-AN003) 6. Gilbert Francis B. Bella (1818-AS001) 7. Enrique Fernando D. Casas (0411-AS001) 8. Michael S. Castaneda (1739-CO004) 9. Franck Michael L. Chua (2536) 10. Luningning S. Chua (2575) 11. Catherine Cie (1234) 12. Benito Co Kiong (2528) 13. Bill Louis S. Co (2566) 14. Maria Gianna P. Corpus (2560) 15. Timothy John A. Chua (2554) 16. Marilou C. Cristobal (2569) 17. Teresa G. Cuaso (0547-AN002) 18. Rafael Jose T. De Bustamante (0177-AN002) 19. Fe B. Dela Cruz (1220-CO002) 20. Ma. Carmela V. Dela Luna (0301-AN004) 21. Andrew Joseph B. Dominguez (2553) 22. Maria Teresa M. Francq (0674-AS001) 23. Maria Luisa V. Gallano (1905-AN005) 24. Maria Gabriela Bernadette J. Gamboa (2570) 25. Roland H. Garcia (2421-CO002) 26. Joy Antonette P. Gimenez (2555) 27. Ma. Guia Bettina T. Gordon (2548) 28. Maria Carmen Guerzon (2559) 29. Patrick Jerold T. Juan (1823-CO004) 30. Toru Kubo (2409-AN001) 31. Rhodora C. Lao (2082-CO002) 32. Wilrich Francis O. Lim (2568) 33. Juan Miguel C. Lim (2521) 34. Marie Jacqueline C. Lim (2532) 35. Fausto Antonio Liriano (0305-AN001)

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.

36. Jennifer C. Lo (1561-AS001) 37. Federico Lucio C. Macrohon (0660) 38. Reynaldo T. Manguilit (2530) 39. John Robert Melvin Maniego (2297-AN001) 40. Angela Pilar B. Maramag (2552) 41. Jose Luis Mercado (1873-AN001) 42. Masayuki Mutsukado (0417-AN003) 43. Hiroshi Nakamura (0775-CO004) 44. Ana Maria O. Olondriz (0763) 45. Philip S. Pabelico (1847-CO002) 46. Alberto E. Pascual (2545) 47. Walter G. Pineda (2561) 48. Carlos Vicente T. Quimbo (2442-CO01) 49. Arlen Joy B. Ragasa (2389-CO003) 50. Albert Emilio V. Ramos (1230-CO004) 51. Rowena M. Rivera (2551) 52. Ma. Adelina T. Sadili (2538) 53. Sandesh Sadwani (2539) 54. Hyoe Sakai (1768-CO005) 55. Arthur L. Tan (2544) 56. Emilio Lorenzo A. Tanchinco (2419-AS001) 57. Emilio S. Teng (1386-CO005) 58. Jose Tinio III (2523) 59. Francesca Carina O. Uy (0609) 60. Rosie Tsai Wang (2567) 61. Gavin M. Graf (2563) Life Member • Francisco A. Chua (LM-045) Courtesy • Ernestina C. Ong


Construction & Maintenance Committee

Planning & Development Committee

Atty. Godofredo C. De Guzman

Dr. Jaime C. Laya


Vice-Chairman : Dr. Jaime C. Laya Members : Arch. Rogelio G. Villarosa Mrs. Alicia L. Cinco


Vice-Chairman : Atty. Godofredo C. De Guzman Members : Mr. Carlos Simon Casas Mr. Ramon Tabuñar Mr. Jorge Buenaventura

The committee is happy to present to you the successful endeavors taken by the committee for the Board Year 2020-2021: Capital Expenditures: • • • • • • •

Renovation of indoor tennis court. Renovation of Lanai kitchen. Installation of industrial fans and safety nets in Squash Courts 1 & 2 Installation of ventilation window in the badminton court. Replacement of shower valve sets. Replacement of the wooden planks in the log cabin while landscaping has also been maintained. Refurbishments which included sanding, varnishing, and installing lighting fixtures of the Dry Sauna in the male and female locker rooms.

Repair and Maintenance


• • • • •

Quarterly preventive maintenance cleaning of kitchen exhaust. Repair and repainting of ceiling back exit of Ayala Banquet hall. Repair of air-conditioning unit of Membership and Reservation office. Repainting of Gallerie and Patisserie. Repair of walk-in freezer (meat section).

• • • • • •

Landscape maintenance. Cleaning of outdoor tennis courts . Repainting of service stairway near the beauty parlor and barbershop. General cleaning of bowling machine room. Repainting of the Ladies’ Locker Room. Regular fumigation and sanitization of the Club’s premises to prevent mosquito breeding and maintain the health and safety of the members. • Repair of main water line at the Club House. Planning • Upgrading of the internet connectivity of the Club and WIFI connection speed. • Suggested that: (1) the Club check and renegotiate the internet speed being provided by the internet providers considering that connectivity has deteriorated and (2) to re-locate the access points. • Procurement of Cisco switch • Suggested the improvement of the electrical and plumbing system

Renovation of Indoor Tennis Court

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Renovation of Lanai Kitchen

Replacement of wooden planks at the Log Cabin


Refurbishment of Dry Sauna

Installation of industrial fans and safety nets in Squash Courts 1 & 2

Sports & Games Committee Mr. Lorenzo T. Lichauco Chairman


: Mr. Rogelio M. Guadalquiver


: Atty. Celestino Ang : Mr. Anthony Dizon

The Sports & Games Committee is pleased to report its accomplishments for the Board Year 2020-2021: • Inaugurated the indoor tennis courts which were formally opened for use of the Club members. • Opened the squash courts only for drills. • Implemented new operating hours according to members’ patronage. • Initiated a Ball Boys Christmas Fund and collected the total amount of Php 239,500.00 for trainers’ and ball boys’ fund for distribution. • Discontinued the collection of the payment for the ballboys’ and trainers’ uniforms and approved the increase of the ballboys’ and trainers’ fees to allow the trainers and ballboys to fund their self-employed SSS and PhilHealth contributions. • Initiated a donation drive for those employees and extended families who were afflicted with COVID-19.

Gym equipment located at the Club Cafe

Gym Equipment located at the hallway Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Socials Committee Atty. Simplicio M. Virtudazo, Jr. Chairman

Vice-Chairman : Atty. Gregorio O. Bilog Members : Atty. Bernardo C. Virtucio, Sr. : Mrs. Alicia L. Cinco

The socials committee held the following affairs in the club: • Christmas Carol project simultaneously held with the induction of new members, December 11, 2020 • Chinese New Year, February 12, 2021 • Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021

Chinese New Year


Valentine’s Day Lunch

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Human Resource and Development Committee Atty. Gregorio O. Bilog Chairman

Vice-Chairman : Atty. Simplicio M. Virtudazo, Jr. Member : Atty. Jovencio F. Cinco

The Human Resource and Development (HRD) Committee is pleased to report its accomplishments for the board year 2020-2021: • The club provided financial assistance to all employees during the lockdown • The Board approved the distribution of another financial assistance amounting to Php 4,500 each to 25 employees who were unable to report for duty after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). • The club approved the deferment of the salary deductions until everything returns to normalcy. • The club provided 13th month pay and Christmas bonus to all employees in spite of the financial constraints. • The club employed the services of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation as the HMO of the Officers and Rank & File Employees.


Financial Reports

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.

Financial Highlights 2020


40,171,787 23,737,461 1,762,933 395,690 262,651 1,919,492 68,250,014

44,063,969 76,396,710 4,726,362 1,459,225 830,758 2,797,549 130,274,573

29,611,033 5,137,111 513,747 329,415 39,189,379 74,780,685

67,280,543 10,562,523 1,098,806 592,712 47,634,497 127,169,081


















Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.




Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


As expressly stated in the annotations to Transfer Certificate of Title No. S-11306, regarding the land owned by the Club, the property cannot be subdivided and shall be used exclusively for the construction and maintenance thereon of a clubhouse and appropriate sports facilities for the use of the members of the Club. Moreover, the clubhouse to be constructed on the lot shall not occupy an area exceeding 30% of the lot and must have a maximum height of 15 meters measured vertically from the highest projection of the building proper to the natural ground level directly beneath such projection. The remaining 70% of the lot may be used for the construction of appropriate sports facilities and/or parking space.


Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.



Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Acts, Deeds, And Contracts 2020-2021 Regular Board Meeting on 20 March 2020 • The Board approved the extension of deadline of payment of membership dues during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). • The Board approved that the members’ unused consumables will be accumulated and may later be used after the lifting of the ECQ. • The Board approved the recommendation of Management to renew the HMO insurance coverage for the Club’s employees from 28 March 2020 to 27 March 2021. • Management reported that the Club was able to collect a transfer fee of P270,000.00 for the month of February. Special Board Meeting on 30 March 2020 • The Board approved to reschedule the 2020 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting to 18 May 2020. Regular Board Meeting on 13 April 2020 • The Club donated a total of 7,500 food packs to the medical frontliners of Makati Medical Center for the period of 28 March to 11 April 2020. • The Board approved to release another round of financial assistance to the ball boys and trainers in the same amount as the first round. Special Board Meeting on 27 April 2020 • The Board approved to reset the 2020 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting to 01 June 2020 Special Board Meeting on 08 May 2020 • Management reported that Club employees already received the first tranche of the SSS small business wage subsidy program (SBWS) while the second tranche will be received by the employees sometime this May. • The Board approved to increase the consumables to P1250.00 until the Club is allowed to open. Special Board Meeting on 14 May 2020 • The Board approved to reset the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting to 15 June 2020.


Regular Board Meeting on 29 May 2020 • Management reported that the employees already received the second tranche of the SSS’ SBWS in the amount of P8,000.00 and will also cover 16 May to 15 June for those employees who did not report to work. • Management suggested that effective 01 June, the employees will have a rotational schedule and have equal number of working and rest days. • The Board agreed to extend the deadline for the utilization of consumables to 30 June 2020. • The Board agreed to postpone the submission and validation of proxies, and the holding of the annual stockholders meeting. Special Board Meeting on 04 June 2020 • The Board approved to reset the 2020 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting to a later date. Regular Board Meeting on 18 June 2020 • The Board agreed to release the half of the 13th month pay provided, that the employees be informed that such amount will be considered as an advance to the employees’ 13th month pay for 2021. Special Board Meeting on 26 June 2020 • The Board approved the release of financial package given to Mr. Jake Pangalangan, who opted to resign. Special Board Meeting on 09 July 2020 • The Board resolved not to adopt the online voting citing the following: (1) amount of money and time required to implement the online voting; (2) security of the members’ personal information; (3) more than fifty percent (50%) of the members of the Club did not give their e-mail addresses; and (4) complexity of the process to vote online will pose serious problems to the older members.

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Acts, Deeds, And Contracts 2020-2021 • The Board resolved to authorize the Corporate Secretary, Atty. Bernardo C. Virtucio Sr. and the external Legal Counsel, Atty. Ian R.P. Malilong to adopt the guidelines in conducting the online meeting, incorporating the guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Regular Board Meeting on 16 July 2020 • The Board agreed to conduct of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting (ASM) via the hybrid option wherein only the Board can speak and all questions and comments from the members will be sent thru email during and/or after the ASM. • The Board resolved to grant authority to the Club’s legal counsel, Atty. Ian Malilong and the Club’s general manager George Salvador to meet with Reyes Tacandong and to negotiate the professional fees for the canvassing of votes and checking of proxies for the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. Special Board Meeting on 03 August 2020 • The Board of Directors resolved to schedule the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting to 25 August 2020. Regular Board Meeting on 14 August 2020 • The Board resolved to retain R.G. Manabat & Co. as the external auditor of the Club for 2020. Organizational Board Meeting on 01 September 2020 • The Board elected the following officers of the Club for 2020-21:

- Mr. Eduardo V. Francisco as President;

- Dr. Jaime C. Laya as Vice President;

- Atty. Simplicio M. Virtudazo, Jr. as Corporate Secretary;

- Atty. Ian RP Malilong as Asst. Corporate Secretary;

- Mr. Rogelio M. Guadalquiver as Treasurer; and

- Mr. Lorenzo Lichauco as Assistant Treasurer.


Regular Board Meeting on 17 September 2020 • The Club advanced financial assistance to the employees in the amount of P4,000.00 subject to reimbursement when the SSS releases the financial amelioration package to them. Regular Board Meeting on 15 October 2020 • The Club undertook the following renovations of the Club facilities:

- Installation of industrial fans and safety nets in Squash Courts 1 & 2; - Installation of ventilation window in the badminton court; and Replacement of shower valve sets. - Repair of chillers in the Lanai Kitchen and Club Deli; - Trimming and Planting of Ornamental Plants; and - Cleaning of MSCI premises

• The Board approved the following actions as requested by management: 1. Rental of white linen area for storage; 2. The Club will have normal operations on 01 and 02 November; and 3. The indoor tennis court will be closed from 15 October to 15 November to give way for the renovation. • The Board approved the one-time financial support of P4,500.00 for the employees who were unable to work during the pandemic. The Board approved the following recommendations: • Improvement of the internet by renegotiation of connectivity speed and relocation of access points in the Club; • Immediate study of the Club’s electrical circuits and plumbing; • Landscaping; and • Renovation of the sauna inside the men’s & women’s locker rooms. The Board approved the termination and closure of the Club’s Investment Management Account with the Philippine National Bank-Trust Corporation to avail itself of a more profitable investment vehicle. Regular Board Meeting on 19 November 2020 • The Board of Directors approved the requirement of HRD Committee’s consent before the implementation of any termination of employment or imposition of severe penalty.

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.


Acts, Deeds, And Contracts 2020-2021 Regular Board Meeting on 17 December 2020 • The Board authorized GM Salvador to negotiate with Aikido for the increase in the rental fees and to finalize the terms and conditions of the agreement. • The Board approved the upgrading of internet connection of 50mbps for P75,999.00/month to P90,000.00/month for 100mbps as offered by Converge. • The Board also approved the procurement of the Cisco switch in the amount of P70,000.00. January 21, 2021 Regular Board Meeting • The Board resolved to authorize the Club to renew and use its loose-leaf books of account with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) upon the recommendation of Management and authorize Mr. Romnick Martinez to transact with the said agency for this purpose. February 18, 2021 Regular Board Meeting • The Board approved the recommendation of the Membership and House Committees imposing a 5-day suspension of availment of member’s privileges against Mr. Nathan Wang for violation of the Club’s House Rules. • The Board of Directors approved the recommendation of the HR Committee for the Club to avail itself of the HMO coverage policy for the Club’s employees being offered by Maxicare Healthcare Corporation (Maxicare). March 18, 2021 Regular Board Meeting • The Board resolved to establish a system for conducting an annual review of the performance of the General Manager and the Comptroller for purposes of determining any merit increase. • The Board resolved to comply with the SEC circular regarding the submission of reportorial requirements with the SEC through Online Submission Tool (OST) and appointed the Club’s Comptroller, Mr. Ronaldo C. Limbo as the authorized signatory and the Club’s Accounting Supervisor, Ms. Cleofe Rosito, as the designated filer for this purpose.





George J. Salvador General Manager / F&B Manager

Ronaldo C. Limbo Comptroller / HR Manager / Sports Manager

Lolita T. Tolosa Head of Reservations

Christina Alena B. Galasi Public Relations Officer

Jocelyn C. Tagulao Head Cashier

HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Marilou T. Luzon Human Resource Supervisor

SPORTS & RECREATION Nicanor B. Cayanan Jr. Sports & Recreation Supervisor

Jean L. Belleza Billing Supervisor

Nelson B. Briones Main Kitchen Supervisor

Egy D. Lumbo MIS Supervisor

Almiro O. Eraño Pastry Chef

Ellen Q. Gozar Purchasing Supervisor

Catherine S. Manzarate Lanai Kitchen Supervisor

Vilma M. Aguinid Cost Control Supervisor

Bernadette C. Aguilar Reservations Supervisor

Cleofe H. Rosito Accounts Payable Supervisor MEMBERSHIP Marian N. Punzalan Head of Membership

Makati (Sports) Club, Inc.

Erlinda S. Tiotuyco F&B Service Supervisor

Alberto M. Lerma Consultant Repairs and Maintenance / Housekeeping

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