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Taking Flight


s the days grow longer, you might find yourself being called to leave your cozy home for fresh air and sunshine. You aren’t the only one. One of the hottest spring attractions is coming to town as some of Victoria’s wetland residents prepare to leave their watery homes and take to the skies. In no time, lakeshores and stream sides near you will be aflutter with hundreds of iridescent wings and shimmering bodies. That’s right; the dragonflies are readying themselves for flight.

New Head of the Family at Paul and Anna Abra, as well as partner Mada Moilliet, are pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2014 they have sold ownership in Island Parent Group Enterprises Ltd. to Mark Warner. New owner and publisher Mark, who lives in beautiful Brentwood Bay with his two young daughters Aidan and Cassidy, is a past long-time senior executive with Black Press, publishers of many community and daily newspapers, magazines and websites throughout Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and North America.

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Surprisingly, these majestic flying insects spend most of their lives underwater as larvae. At this stage of their lives, in the world of dragonflies they are also known as nymphs. Dragonfly nymphs have big eyes, but no wings and look completely different from the adult form that we see zooming through the air. While we have been snuggling up by the fire this winter, they have been clinging to submerged rocks and vegetation, waiting for a tasty snack. Though they look different, dragonflies are just as deadly underwater as they are in the air. If you happen to be a small aquatic insect, watch out! Dragonfly nymphs are fierce predators and will also eat small crustaceans, fish and even tadpoles. Though they are wingless, they are still well equipped for survival. Dragonfly nymphs have a handy pair of pincers that extend from below their jaw to grab their dinner as it swims by. If they are lucky, their spectacular hunting efforts will pay off as they slowly grow bigger over time. All dragonfly nymphs have lofty aspirations and while underwater are preparing for a short stint at an airborne life. Some will spend a year underwater before they are ready to spread their wings and fly,

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