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Night at the Museum Family Sleepover: Vikings

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Departments Set sail for the land of the Vikings! Spend the evening discovering who the Vikings really were. In the morning enjoy yoga and breakfast.

May 31 6:30 pm – 9 am $80 per person

Get tickets at sleepover

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The New Mom’s Needs/Wants/Wish List


ost of us know that the last thing a new mom needs is unsolicited, easier-saidthan-done advice—“Sleep while the baby sleeps”… “Enjoy them while they’re young; they grow up so fast”…“Trust your gut”—but what’s tougher to figure out is how you can help her after the baby arrives. Part of the problem is that often, even the new mom doesn’t know what help she needs. And if she does, she won’t always ask. With that in mind, here’s a list—based on an informal poll of expectant and new moms—suggesting a few ideas. Pack a gift basket with the practical and the pleasurable: a reusable water bottle, for example, magazines, chocolate bars, small bags of nuts, lip balm, and maybe a gift certificate to a nearby coffee shop. Bring food. Better yet, cater a meal. Breakfast in bed, anyone? Or even in the rocking chair. If you don’t want to disturb the new parents, make a meal and leave it at the front door. Knock or text to alert them of its arrival. Don’t have time to cook? Drop off a bag of groceries instead. Or cook a meal during a visit. Make a Day-You-Were-Born Box. Fill it with newspaper clippings, photos, notes,

and memorabilia from the day the baby was born. Find ideas and instructions at Spring for a subscription: Netflix for movies, Next Issue for magazines, or purchase an iTunes gift certificate for a few new songs or an app to help organize her new post-baby life. Movies, magazines, and music. Perfect for middle-of-the-night feedings. Offer to run errands. This can be especially helpful to moms who are recovering from a C-section. Call when you’re at a grocery store or pharmacy and check to see if she needs anything. If you’re met by an “Oh no, that’s okay, thanks”, try texting again—five minutes later. Gather a selection of take-out menus from nearby restaurants that deliver. Include a gift certificate to one of them. Take care of older siblings. Plan a special day, or even an hour, and make it all about them. Take them on an outing or keep them busy at home. Give a gift card for a pedicure and babysitting. Or spring for a shampoo and blow dry at a local salon. It’s a win-win: you get to cuddle the baby while the new mom gets to relax and be pampered.

Plan a Mom Shower for a month or so after the baby’s birth. Ask guests to bring a gift for the new mom—nothing extravagant, maybe a nice hand lotion, a new pair of socks, or fancy pajamas. Hire a cleaning service. Even for an hour

Editor’s Note Sue Fast or two. Or tackle some housework while you visit. Do the dishes or a load of laundry, sweep the floor, or vacuum. Holding the baby counts as help only if the new mom is having a shower or taking a nap! Snap photos of the new baby…and then send them to the proud parents. For an added touch, include a photo book gift card to Picaboo, Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Blurb. Or if the new mom has a selection of pregnancy photos on Facebook, assemble a photo book for her. Help her get outside. No need to go far, just around the block or to a nearby park. If getting outdoors is a stretch, bring news of the outside world. Listen more than you talk. Offer words of encouragement. Company. Support. And a spare pair of hands. Happy Mother’s Day.

Farewell…& Welcome

With this issue we bid farewell to former owners Paul and Anna Abra, along with partner Mada Moilliet, who since 1996 have grown Island Parent Magazine to include the annual Family Resource Guide, Family Summer Guide, Kids’ Guide to Vancouver Island, Community Info Services, Island Grandparent Magazine and the website. We will miss Paul, Anna and Mada’s presence at the magazine, but will always consider them—along with Island Parent Magazine founders Jim Holland and Selinde Krayenhoff—part of the Island Parent family. We thank Paul, Anna and Mada for their numerous contributions to the magazine over the years and wish them well in their future endeavours. Also with this issue we are pleased to welcome new owner and publisher Mark Warner who comes to Island Parent with extensive experience in the publishing industry, including a long-time position as a senior executive with Black Press. Mark is the father of two daughters, Aidan and Cassidy, and lives in Brentwood Bay. For more details, please see the official announcement on page 54.

May 2014  3

Letters ADHD is a Valid Learning Disability Mr. Collins your article (“Ants in his Pants,” April, 2014) is offensive and detrimental to children who genuinely do suffer from a learning disability. Does over diagnosis of ADHD from unqualified / underqualified professionals occur? Definitely. Does this mean that ADHD is not a valid learning disability that does exist? Absolutely not. You obviously do not know much about ADHD as not all children with ADHD present with “ants in their pants.” Some children present with no behavioural symptoms, but rather an inability to focus with difficulty related to executive functioning tasks. Did you know that there are three subtypes of ADHD described? You have also “overreached your knowledge and training” in making sweeping statements about a disorder you seem to know little about. A diagnosis of ADHD can provide classroom accommodations to children who so desperately need them to keep their self-esteem intact in a public education system that does not recognize learning differences. Your comment that parents of

IPM Notes

ADHD children have a “combination of lack of knowledge, frustration, and a desire to find a quick fix to challenging behaviour” is ignorant and rude. I have yet to meet a parent of a child with ADHD who did not arm themselves with knowledge, agonize over putting their child on medication, and feel frustrated by people like you who choose to denounce the disorder rather than become knowledgeable about it. There is a difference between the behaviour of little boys and those with this disorder—both boys and girls. You, your son and your grandson may not have ADHD. You may be upset with the idea that someone could suggest that your grandson does have ADHD, and this article is your way of venting. But imagine how you have made parents who legitimately have children that suffer from this disorder feel. Every child requires “love, attention, and time” as well as “strategies to channel their energies.” Many parents of children with ADHD provide all of these things and much, much more. To suggest that they don’t is offensive. Kerry Dompierre

K-9 Distributed Learning

Low-cost Dental Care The Camosun College Dental Assistant students are providing low-cost dental care for children between the ages of 5-15. Book an appointment for your child for $20 or less. Services include polishing of teeth, x-rays, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride application, and sealants. Personal care is provided by Dental Assistant students, under the supervision of licensed program faculty. Taking care of teeth is not only healthy, it can also be fun. Camosun’s students will teach your children brushing and flossing techniques to give your kids a healthier smile. Daytime and after-school appointments are available until May 16, and take place in the Dental Building, Lansdowne campus, corner of Foul Bay and Lansdowne Rd. For more information, visit smile. Appointment times are limited, so call 250-370-3184 today and take your first step towards your protecting your child’s healthy smile!

Hands-On Home-Learning for a Sustainable World - expense budget provided - unique hands-on learning activities

The joy of learning - naturally. 250 383 6619 888 383 6619) 250 383(1 6609

- support from a certified teacher - constructive feedback without grading - children can learn at their natural pace

Maxine Fisher M.Ed., RCC, MTA

Counselling for Children, Families & Adults

Over 19 Years Experience (Music Therapy Also Available) Stress & Trauma (Acting Out) • Parenting • Family Transitions Physical & Learning Disabilities • Relationships • Individuals M.Ed. | Registered Clinical Counsellor | Accredited Music Therapist

Call Today for a Complimentary 10 minute phone consultation Call 250-686-7582 4  Island Parent Magazine

Camosun College Open House & Career Fair 2014 One day can change everything! On Thursday May 1 from 8:30am-2:30pm, Camosun’s Interurban Campus is opening its doors and inviting everyone to stop by and experience first-hand what their community college offers. The annual Open House and Career Fair will feature a full range of hands-on activities that showcase post-secondary and career options. More than 2,000 middle school and secondary students are expected to visit the campus during the day. Adults of all ages are also welcome to attend. All areas of the campus are open, from the Trades shops on one end to the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) at the other end. Programs based at Lansdowne campus will also be setting up displays and activities at Interurban, giving visitors a college-wide experience. Highlights include a Spaghetti Bridge Contest, the Mr. Wizard science show, and Victoria Conservatory of Music student performances, among other events. The full list of activities, being updated daily, is available at

Hike for Hospice 2014 Mark your calendar and start fundraising with your family, friends, or group for the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Hike for Hospice on Sunday, May 4. This nationwide event is designed to bring together individuals and organizations to raise funds and awareness for hospice and palliative care. The hike will take place in several communities across Vancouver Island and is open to everyone. Nanaimo and area residents meet at Maffeo Sutton Park for the Walk to Remember and Picnic in the Park. Registration will begin at 10am and the hike starts at 11am. Afterwards, participants are invited to the Picnic in the Park from noon-2pm. Gather pledges, gather a team. Wear your company logo. Leashed pets are welcome. To register, phone Nanaimo Hospice Community Society at 250-758-8857, or email For links to online fundraising or to print a pledge sheet, visit

Sea Cider May Day Celebration Spring has arrived at the Sea Cider orchard and with it a host of traditions to welcome the season’s renewal. The orchard’s Annual May Day Celebration is on Sunday, May

4 from 11am-4pm. Bring the family! The day’s festivities include traditional Maypole dances, guided tours of the cidery and orchard, food and cider tastings as well as crafts and activities for kids of all ages. The Island Thyme Morris Dancers will perform between noon-2pm to ensure the sun will shine on the orchard and bring a good harvest. Between the dance performances, enjoy folk, country, rock and roll, old time, swing and bluegrass music from the Bowker Creek Band. Receive a complimentary glass of sparkling cider or non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice on arrival. Truffles Catering, Food For Thought Catering and The London Chef will serve spring-themed food items. Wannawafle will also be baking their famous Waffles. Tickets for food items and additional cider samples can be purchased for $2 each. Sea Cider’s May Day celebration takes place at 2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd. The event is free and open to the public. Cidery tours run every hour on the half hour beginning at 11:30am. The scavenger hunt, crafts and other activities begin at 11am. For more information, visit

Carnation Campaign On May 9-11, hundreds of volunteers in Victoria and Duncan will take part in a tradition that began in 1976, the Multiple Sclerosis Carnation Campaign. The reason is simple: to end multiple sclerosis. MS Carnation Campaign HOPE volunteers will show their dedication to finding a cure by selling carnations at several locations throughout Victoria and Duncan—on street corners, in malls and at other public spaces. In B.C. and the Yukon, volunteers expect to sell over 20,000 blooms to raise funds to support research and provide free supports and services in our communities. Watch for your opportunity to exchange a donation for a carnation, or you can donate online at The carnation is Canada’s oldest and most recognized symbol of hope in the search for a cure for multiple sclerosis. Many of the Canadians living with multiple sclerosis are mothers. Others, either children or adults, have mothers affected by this disease, and women are diagnosed with MS three times as often as men. That’s why every year the MS Carnation Campaign takes place on Mother’s Day weekend in May. May is also MS Awareness Month. For a list of activities taking place this month and for more information, please visit

May 2014  5

Mother’s Day Garden Tour of Music & Memories The Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) Mother’s Day Garden Tour is like no other and in marking the 32nd year for this highly successful fundraiser, VCM faculty and students will make music in every garden. On May 10 and 11, the talented creators of 10 exquisite gardens invite the public to stroll through their creative oasis carried along by the talent nurtured at the Conservatory. The 2014 gardens are an eclectic mix. From a sanctuary of ‘rescued’ plants interspersed with sculptures of ‘found’ objects to an ‘instant’ garden of bamboo from around the world blended with food production, from an alpine rock garden to a brilliant display of native species, these gardens and the music that will fill them will make a Mother’s Day weekend of memories. Conservatory faculty and students will play live at eight gardens and recorded music will play at the remaining two. For this special anniversary event, the Victoria Soul Choir featuring Checo Tohomaso offers an unprecedented opportunity to attend their concert at the Alix Gooldin Hall for just $10 in support of the VCM. A plant sale and silent auction happen

throughout the weekend. A description of each of the gardens on this year’s tour is available at Full access to each garden is provided on the admission ticket. Tickets for the two-day 32nd Annual Mother’s Day Garden Tour are $30 and are on sale now at Thrifty Foods, most gardening stores, and at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, 900 Johnson St. Tickets are also available online at and by phone at 250386-5311. All proceeds will support the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

servation tips and fun interactive activities. Along with the work of local artists and craftspeople, School District 62 and West Shore Arts Council will host a student fine art exhibit. Other highlights will include a variety of family entertainment, main-stage performances, children’s craft station and complimentary access to Hatley Castle and the gardens, with the opportunity to join a 30-minute guided tour of Hatley Castle. The museum and gift shop will also be open in the lower level of Hatley Castle. For more information, visit

Mother’s Day Paint-In & Craft Fair at Royal Roads

Vikings at Royal BC Museum

On Sunday May 11 from 10am-4pm, drop by the 19th annual Mother’s Day Paint-In and Craft Fair at Royal Roads University located in Hatley Park National Historic Site and experience a community outdoor festival where more than 3,000 visitors are expected. Local artisans will display hand-sculpted and painted glass art, organic seasonings, fudge, jewelry, pottery, garden stepping stones and home grown plants, among other things. Learn more from community leaders who will share Colwood’s heritage and community initiatives, power smart con-

Summer Camp Schedule 2014 Full Day, Half Day & Tot Soccer Camps Programs for ages 3 to 12 Dates


June 30 – July 4 July 7 – 11 July 7 – 11 July 14 – 18 July 21 – 25 July 21 – 25 July 28 – August 1 July 28 – August 1 August 4 – 8 August 11 – 15 August 18 – 22 August 25 – 29

Oak Bay 250 595 7946 Peninsula 250 656 7271 Nanaimo 250 756 5200 Comox/Courtenay 250 339 2255 Royal Oak 250 475 7600 Campbell River 250 923 7911 Oak Bay 250 595 7946 Nanaimo 250 756 5200 Salt Spring Island Comox/Courtenay 250 339 2255 Westshore JdF 250 478 8384 Oak Bay 250 595 7946

Register at

For more program information go to 6  Island Parent Magazine

Warriors, Valkyries, explorers and merchants—what do we really know about those we call Vikings? Vikings begins with the period between 750 and 1100 CE in Scandinavia, known as the Viking Age, and events in nearby Europe more than a thousand years ago. The exhibition, Vikings: Lives Beyond the Legend, runs from May 16-Nov 11 at Royal BC Museum, and includes more than 500 artifacts—jewellery, swords, axes and clothing—some rare, and many which have never before been shown outside Scandinavia. The exhibition provides insights on domestic life, death rituals, the significance of craft, the power of mythology and the symbolism of ships, some of which challenge our commonly held beliefs about Vikings. Viking fleets used rivers and coasts for trading, raiding and settling in new areas. Among the hundreds of artifacts in the exhibition are an Irish cross, a Buddha figurine from India, and a Coptic ladle from Egypt. The artifacts often speak for themselves, but for a deeper understanding there are also many films, sounds and hands-on activities. Interactives include board games, building a Viking ship, or dressing a Viking—putting on each piece of multi-layered clothing in the right order. These activities are extended beyond the exhibition in a series of learning programs developed by the Royal BC Museum and its partners, including the University of Victoria, to complement the exhibition. Families can sleepover Viking-style, adults can enrol in a course in Viking archaeology or take in a lecture, and kids can attend a Viking-themed summer camp. For more information, visit

Selkirk Waterfront Festival Celebrate with fun, food and festivities at the 2014 Selkirk Waterfront Festival. This year’s festival is happening on Saturday

May 24 from 10am–3pm and promises something for everyone. Explore the fine artwork and handicrafts at the artisan craft market and explore the taste sensations of the International Food Café, where you can sample traditional cooking from around the world including Mexican, East Indian, Filipino, Gourmet Pasta, Hungarian, Polish and carnival treats. Boogie on down to the rhythm of local entertainers, this year featuring the hot sound of motown masters, The Soul Shakers, Boogaloo en Orbit, Caleb and the Colts and the sensational Salsa Caliente dancers. Experience the thrill of carnival-style rides and visit the Family Fun Zone with face painting, balloon twists, tattoo station and arts and crafts zone. Kids, families and folks of all ages will have fun at this free, family-friendly event that takes place along the Selkirk Waterfront. For more information, phone the Burnside Gorge Community Centre at 250-388-5251 or visit www.

World Partnership Walk Celebrate the 30th annual World Partnership Walk on Sunday, May 25 at the Walk’s new home—the University of Victoria. This is Canada’s largest event in support of international development. This year is extra special since the Walk will take place at UVic, meandering along the Alumni Chip Trail, through Finnerty Gardens and along the ridge above Mystic Vale. The annual UVic Asian Heritage Celebration will provide great cultural entertainment and activities on the Walk Day. Also, there will be food, a kid’s play area and a Global Village to learn about how we as Canadians are contributing to programs in Africa and Asia. One hundred per cent of the funds raised are used to help communities in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa with initiatives in education and literacy, agriculture, clean water, and health care. Families in Victoria are an important part of this solution to global poverty. The World Partnership Walk is a green initiative, so bring your water bottle, and help us make this walk environmentally friendly. Same-day registration begins at 10am or register online at Opening ceremonies start at 11am.

New Kids Dentist

Dr. Anita Gadzinska-Myers is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and has a Fellowship in Special Needs Dentistry for children • Accepting new patients now (infants to teenagers) • Referral not needed • Member of Cleft Lip and Palate Team

Special Services:

short wait list • oral sedation hospital dentistry • nitrous oxide

g We’re Movin

Victoria Pediatric Dental Centre

New Location: 205–1830 Oak Bay Ave


May 12 - June 29

Bike to Work Week The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week (BTWW) has been spinning its wheels for two decades and is proud to announce the

May 2014  7

20th Anniversary of commuter cycling May 26–June 1. The wheels are in motion planning special events throughout the week to celebrate a major milestone of one of the capital region’s most supported and recognized free community events attracting over 7,000 commuter cyclists each year, including about 12,000 new cyclists since inception. The 20th anniversary campaign will feature 20 celebration stations, the annual launch event and a live concert Saturday May 31, closing the week. Unique to Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week are cycling skills courses for adults, youth and children, sponsored by the Capital Region District’s Ride On! program. These courses are fun, informative, build confidence and introduce participants to the cycling community. For information on BTWW registration, bike safety, and other resources, please visit

Kids’ Workshop Series The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre has to its roster of children’s programs: the Gardeneers workshop series. March through October, kids can get involved once a month in the teaching garden for Saturday adventures. Staff and kids will be planting, growing, harvesting,

and, of course, eating. Themes will focus on composting, gardening, and producing food in an urban setting. The May workshop, Day and Night in the Garden, is for children aged 6-8 and will take place on Saturday May 31 from 1-3pm. Participants will learn how to use plants from the garden to nurture their bodies during both daytime and nighttime. Through hands-on learning, kids will become familiar with gentle healing herbs such as lemon balm, peppermint, and chamomile. They will mix up a batch of sun tea to enjoy together, then fill and decorate dream pillows to bring them relaxing nights full of sweet dreams. Each participant will leave with a dream pillow as well as the recipe and ingredients to make sun tea at home. The workshops run one Saturday per month. For a full schedule visit Ages 6-8 and 9-11, depending on the workshop. $5-$10 sliding scale, no one turned away. Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St. To register, visit or phone 250-386-9676.

Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it! The MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition... Do it!) 10-week healthy lifestyle program is

available to families in Saanich with children aged between 7 and 13 who are above a healthy weight. Sessions aim to improve children’s physical activity levels, nutrition and self-esteem. The current session runs on Saturdays, 6-8pm, from April 26-June 23. With one in four children above a healthy weight, this new program run by Saanich Parks & Recreation aims to improve the health of our local kids. During the program, families learn about nutrition and how to make healthy choices while children take part in fun games and activities. MEND is not a weight loss program, rather it is about empowering children and their families, and uses a practical interactive learning approach to teach children and parents skills for healthy living. MEND was developed in the United Kingdom and tested by leading experts in child nutrition, child behaviour and exercise. In 2011, MEND was adapted to align with Canadian dietary and policy guidelines. The MEND program is delivered by the YMCA and BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) member Parks & Recreation Departments, with support from the Childhood Obesity Foundation. For information on the next session and program details, visit•

8 th annual Jody Wiger photography

Celebrating the growing family september 27 & 28, 2014 pearkes rec centre - 3100 Tillicum rd victoria PROUDLY SPONSORED BY

exhibitor registration on now! for info visit 8  Island Parent Magazine

Yo! Mama

Wisdom, Tips, Advice & Ramblings “If you are trying to transform a brutalized society into one where people can live in dignity and hope, you begin with the empowering of the most powerless. You build from the ground up.” Adrienne Rich

Top 10 Mom Blogs

according to 1. The Jet Set, Carina Hoskisson ( 2. Chocolate & Carrots, Caroline Edwards ( 3. Sugar Lander, Casey Baudoin ( 4. Resevoir Dad, Clint Greagen ( 5. It’s Me, Deb CB, Deb Clem-Buckert ( 6. Grumbles & Grunts, Jamie ( 7. Dear Baby, Melissa Jordan ( 8. The 818, Morgan Shanahan ( 9. Raised by my Daughter, Neal Call ( 10. Dig this Chick, Nici Holt Cline (

10 Foods Most Craved by Pregnant Women: Ice • Chocolate

• Spicy Foods • pickles • potato chips • fruit • Lemon • Ice Cream • Soda • coffee (according to Signs You’re a Mom: 1. Instead of running from projectile vomit, you run towards it. 2. You do more in seven minutes than most people do all day. 3. Happy hour has become the 60 minutes between your kids going to bed and you going to bed. 4. A night of drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery. 5. A glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit. 6. You have mini-therapy sessions all day long with anyone who will listen. 7. Going to the grocery store by yourself is a vacation. 8. You can experience heaven and hell at the same time. 9. You think of physical pain on three levels: pain, excruciating pain and stepping on a Lego. From 24 Clear Signs You’re a Mom by Ulli Appelbaum on Huffington Post

Can’t remember keys, lunch, or where remote is, yet Nemo? Memorized. From Haiku Mama (because 17 syllables is all you have time to read) by Kari Anne Roy. Quirk Books, 2006.

Erin Wallis Photography • •

#mylifewithkids Matt Roller @rolldiggity [Opens “Where’s Waldo?” book to page with Eiffel Tower.] “Paris. Easy. Next!”

Marlee beans @Marlebean I’m at my most “Indiana Jones” when I grab a tupperware out of the cabinet & slam the door real fast so the rest don’t fly out everywhere.

Joses @JosesLovesYou Video games don’t encourage violence nearly as much as piñatas do.

kelly oxford @kellyoxford At this point in my life, the only tattoo I’d consider getting is: “Wallet, keys, [diaper bag!]” on my arm.

Eli Terry @EliTerry If I get really frustrated at traffic I have to pull over my Subaru and whisper the F-word into my glove box.

Mom’s Chicken Soup with Rice 8 cups chicken broth 11⁄2 cups finely chopped vegetables 1 cup wild rice (carrots, celery, red bell pepper, 11⁄2 cups chopped cooked chicken string beans all work well) fine-grain sea salt, to taste In a large pot, bring the broth and wild rice to a boil. Reduce heat, cover pot, and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until rice is tender. Stir in chicken and vegetables and simmer for an additional 10 to 15 minutes, or until vegetables are tender. Season to taste with sea salt. (From A Cup of Jo, (From A Cup of Jo,

May 2014


Community Connections for New Parents For some new parents, it might be a yoga class, for others a play group or maybe a local café for a cup of tea. Wherever “it” is for you, that place where you find a connection to other new parents can be as important to your well-being as love is to your baby’s. Here are a few places where you can meet other new parents.

Recreation/Community Centres


Most centres offer free or nominally priced programs for new parents. Parent & Tot Drop-In (Burnside Gorge Community Centre 250-388-5251, Pearkes Recreation Centre 250-475-5400, Saanich Neighbourhood Place 250-360-1148, Military Family Resource Centre 250-363-2640); Mother Goose (Burnside Gorge, Fernwood 250-381-1552); Dad’s Drop-In (Saanich Neighbourhood Place) are just some of the programs listed in spring leisure guides.

With flowers blooming and temperatures getting warmer, May is a beautiful month to be outside, so load up your baby or young child and stroll on down to the park. Try joining Saanich Park’s free Preschoolers in the Park program ( parks/parks/free.html) on Friday mornings from 10-11:30am for playground time, circle time, and a guided nature/urban walk in neighbourhood parks. Or take part in the Nature Play Group (for ages 1-5) where kids can engage in free play in a natural setting—both at Saxe Point (at the pedestrian entrance near Fraser and Munro) every Monday from 10-11:30am and at Highrock Park (at the entrance near Cairn and Old Esquimalt Road) every Thursday, 10-11:30am. For information, phone 250-475-5408.

Exercise Classes Whatever your preferred method of exercise, chances are you’ll be able to find a class that’s geared toward new parents. From pre- and post-natal yoga classes (Helga Beer, 250-370-0464, Iyengar Yoga Centre, 250-386-9642, Mothering Touch Centre, 250-595-4905, Moksana Yoga, 250-385-2105), to Parent & Tot swimming at your recreation centre, Yoga, Stretch & Dance with Babies and Toddlers, drop-in, at Mothering Touch (250-595-4905), and baby-friendly boot camp at Life Force Systems (250-380-6947), these classes will help you get in shape and meet other parents.

Libraries The Greater Victoria Public Library offers programs for babies and toddlers and their adults. Programs are free and drop-in. At Baby Time (for babies 0-15 months and caregiver) you’ll learn songs, rhymes, and fingerplays to use with your baby. At Toddler Time (for toddlers 16-35 months and caregiver) you’ll hear stories, songs and rhymes, and see puppets. For children under 3 and their adults, try a Family Storytime. For more info, visit or phone your local branch. For library programs in other Island communities, check the Vancouver Island Regional Library website at

10  Island Parent Magazine

Neighbourhood Houses Call the Neighbourhood House in your area to find out about drop-in programs and other opportunities for you and your child. Beacon Community Services (various locations) 250-656-0134, Blanshard Community Centre 250-388-7696, Burnside Gorge Community Centre 250-388-5251, Esquimalt Neighbourhood House 250-3852635, Fernwood Community Centre 250381-1552, James Bay Community Project 250-388-7844, Military Family Resource Centre 250-363-2640, Saanich Neighbourhood Place 250-360-1148, Sooke Family Resource Society 250-642-5152. Most drop-in programs are free or cost a nominal fee.

Support For New Families The Mothering Touch Centre at 975 Fort Street offers Parent & Babies drop-in sessions 3 times a week: Tuesday afternoons, 1-2:30pm for newborns-4 months, Wednesday afternoons, 1-2:30pm for babies 4-9 months; Thursday afternoons, 1-2:30pm for babies and toddlers 9 months and up.

There’s also a Pregnancy Happy Hour (and a half!) for pregnant mothers only, on Friday afternoons from 5-6:30pm. $2. Phone 250595-4905 or visit

Native Friendship Centre Programs are designed to promote the health of newborns and mothers in the urban Aboriginal community. The Slaheena & Aboriginal Parenting Programs include a Monday storytime (10:30-11:30am), a Tuesday playgroup (10:30-noon), a Wednesday parent support group (10:30am-1pm), seasonal crafts, and outdoor activities. Phone 250-384-3211 or visit

Support Circles Create your own (invite a few new parents and their babies over for coffee or tea and chit chat) or join a group that’s already formed. For example, Fernwood Community Centre’s Family Resource Program, a drop-in parent and child interactive group for parents with children up to 5 years of age where parents and children have fun, bond and interact through crafts, circle time, and play. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-11:30am. Coffee, juice and snacks are provided. Suggested donation of $2. Phone 250-381-1552 ext 107.

Online Connections Victoria’s active online communities offer a great way to connect with other parents, find out about what’s going on in your community, and discover local resources. At you can register to access the KIV community where you can join in or start discussions on any topic.

Your family resource for

Register for Spring Schedule Rock ’n’ Roar Together. 0–3 yrs with caregiver.

kids jr


A dance ’n’ play party for lil’ feet.

It’s all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay to just be yourself and dance like no one’s watching!

4–6 yrs.

7–11 yrs.

in fo@we s ts h ore z u m ba . c om    2 5 0 -413-7 2 1 3

www.westsh orezu mb

zumba® kids, zumba® kids jr, zumbini™ and the zumba fitness® logos are trademarks of zumba fitness, llc, used under license.


ƯȹѢʍ$47.50 until May 31

Included is the session fee & 30 digital images with web and printing rights.

Call to book 250-588-4101

Family, Birth & Wedding Photography

Go for a Stroll Meet up with a few new moms and/or dads at the stroller-friendly Gorge Waterway, a perfect place for a leisurely stroll with playgrounds along the way and gorgeous scenery. Or there’s the mostly flat, gravel loop around Rithet’s Bog in Saanich. For a few hills, and a tougher slog for the stroller thanks to the wood chip trail, is the loop around Cedar Hill Golf Course where you’ll find beautiful views of the Olympic mountains and a duck pond full of well-fed though seemingly always hungry ducks. If you’re looking for a quiet and scenic paved route, try the Songhees, starting either at Westbay Marina or the Delta Ocean Point resort. If you’re too tired to push the stroller back to your starting point, climb aboard the harbour ferry and boat back instead.•

Seasonal Wear, Toys, Strollers, High Chairs, Exersaucers & More. Call 250-382-5225 for a drop off time. Happily Serving Victoria Families for 10 Years and Counting

424 Craigflower Road Victoria, BC V9A 2V8 Find us on Facebook

Monday – Thursday 9:30 – 5:00, Friday 9:30–7, Saturday 10 – 5, Sunday Closed May 2014  11

and Options For Prospective Adoptive Parents Our mission is to work locally and globally toward every child having a permanent, loving family and a safe, nurturing home and community.

Domestic Adoption Call us directly or consult our website to find out more about these options: • Infant Adoption • Direct Placement • LGBTQ Adoption

International Adoption

CHOICES assists families with adoptions from the following countries: Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Panama, Poland, USA, Vietnam and Others

250.479.9811 1.888.479.9811


Car Seats, Cribs, Play-n-Pak, High Chairs available for short term rentals • A great selection of books • Dress-up for girls and boys • Shoes…Pedipeds, See Kai Run …and More • Rainwear and rainboots…TUFFO – MUDDYBUDDY, now up to size 5

Now Accepting Spring and Summer Consignment New & Used Toys, Clothing & Furniture 2024 Oak Bay Ave • 250 595 1613 12  Island Parent Magazine

Rachel Dunstan Muller

Fighting Green Apathy I

’ve been writing an environmental column for this magazine for over three years, and I still wrestle with it periodically: green apathy. It’s the little voice in my head that tells me I’m too busy to hang the laundry/ walk to the store/separate all my family’s recyclables. It argues that local food is too expensive, while assuring me I really need those on-sale boots—even though I already have a similar pair. It says discouraging things like: the planet’s problems are too big and the solutions too complex for one family’s actions to matter. So why bother trying? It’s hard to stay motivated when green apathy digs in. So much can feed it: bleak news reports, the attitudes of friends or family, fatigue from the daily grind. But there are ways to beat it back, and it’s worth the effort. Focus on personal responsibility. Do my little actions make a difference in the big picture? That’s debatable. What I do know is that the actions of many individuals together add up and are significant. I want to be on the right side of the fight for the Earth’s future. But it’s more than that. I’m trying to teach my children an old-fashioned virtue called integrity, which means doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing. If I’m consuming more than my share of the planet’s resources, I’m leaving less for other people, for other species, and for future generations. If I’m acting in integrity, I need to make adjustments to how I’m living. Not because my personal actions are going to change the course of history, but because it’s the right thing to do. And because my children are watching. Seek out like-minded people. Apathy is contagious. If no one in in your personal circle cares about their impact on the planet, then chances are you’ll have trouble staying motivated yourself. But enthusiasm is also contagious. Finding a few friends for mutual encouragement and inspiration can be the difference between staying in the game and giving up. There are many ways to find or build a green-minded community.

Subscribe to some green blogs and join in the discussion. Start a green-living book club. Join a community garden or other hands-on, grassroots organization. Strike up a conversation with other parents in your existing community who look like they might be consciously controlling their families’ environmental footprints. Find motivation at the library. The Island’s two library systems have all kinds of books and documentaries to get you inspired, whatever your particular environmental focus. To search and request titles on-line, go to for the Vancouver Island Regional Library system, or for the Greater Victoria Public Library. Looking for some specific title recommendations? I am a huge fan of almost anything published by New Society Publishers, which happens to be based out of Gabriola Island. You can browse their extensive book list at It’s not all or nothing. I was a passionate believer in cloth diapers when my children were younger, but there were periods when I just didn’t have the energy to use them. My guilt during those periods sometimes threatened to derail my other green practices. If I couldn’t do this this green-living thing perfectly, then why do it at all? We need to allow ourselves seasons, to accept that we can’t stay on top of everything, all the time. Sometimes we need to focus on one or two areas, and let the other ones go. This is especially true if your family is just starting to adopt a greener lifestyle. Tackling every area at once is a recipe for burnout. You’ll have a greater chance at success if you make one change at a time, and then wait until that practice is second nature before taking on something else. Make it fun. Going green shouldn’t be all gloom, doom and deprivation. When I first committed to reducing my family’s environmental impact, I tried to make it a game by instituting monthly challenges in one area at a time. How much could we reduce our water consumption? Our garbage? Our hydro bill? Could we give up meat for four

You’ll have a greater chance at success if you make one change at a time, and then wait until that practice is second nature before taking on something else. Make it pay. Going green can be very healthy for your bank account. Eating lower on the food chain, using reusable products instead of disposable ones, finding ways to conserve electricity, water, and gas—these will all lighten your impact on the planet and make you a little wealthier in the process. That’s definitely an apathy fighter! For more ideas, see last month’s column “Go Green, Save Green”. Don’t stare into the abyss. A little bad news can be motivating—if you believe you have the power to make a difference. But too much bad news can be debilitating. We have some pretty frightening challenges on the horizon, but fixating on them would be unhealthy for most of us. It’s good to be an informed citizen of the world, but be sure to protect yourself from stress overload—for your own sake, your children’s sake, and even for the planet’s sake. Don’t become so overwhelmed that you go into permanent retreat. Recharge. Do you have a spiritual practice? Now is a great time to find one. Spend time in nature—it’s clinically proven to be healing. Pay attention to the things that matter. Watch your children when they’re playing, when they’re absorbed in a new task, when they’re sleeping. Laugh. Sing. Breathe. And remember: we’re all on this lifeboat together. Rachel Dunstan Muller is the mother of five, and a children’s author. Her previous articles can be found at


weeks? To be honest it was probably more fun for me than anyone else, but my husband and kids gamely played along. It’s all about attitude: I got a lot further with a ‘monthly challenge’ approach than I would have with rules and lectures. If you get inspiration from accounts of other people’s green-living experiments, you might want to check out the book and/or DVD No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, or Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson.

VCM Summer Academy

World Music Explorers July 14 -18 and/or July 21-25 • Ages 5-10 Experience a musical adventure as we explore World Music through creativity, composition, movement and innovative technology. Discover the unique sounds of Brazil, Africa, Asia and beyond! 5 - 7 years (1/2 day): $125/wk 8 -10 years (full day): $260/wk • 250.386.5311 Registration now open for:

SUMMER CAMPS At City Centre Park for ages 5-15!


.. .. .. .. .

June 30 - July 4 July 7 - 11 July 14 -18 July 21 - 25 $165/ WEEK July 28 - Aug 1 2 OR MORE WEEKS: $155/ WEEK Aug 5 - 8 Regular Camp Hours: 9AM - 3PM Aug 11 - 15 Aug 18 - 22 Before & After Care at 7:30AM until 5PM Aug 25 - 29

HOT LUNCH AVAILABLE! | 250.391.1738 May 2014  13


Ashley Marston

Photography B

irth Photography. Maybe you’ve heard about it? What were your first thoughts? Have you had a chance to really look at what this is all about? Have you seen birth photography? It’s not just about “that” moment, when the baby is crowning and then being placed in his parents’ arms. There are so many moments throughout the birth of your children that make up this incredible story. Every labour, every newborn child, and every family, is unique and magical. Birth photography gives families a way to look back on the birth experience in a way they can’t at the time. Of course you remember the day your children were born, but as time goes on, do you remember the details? Do you remember how your partner looked at you while you were labouring? Do you remember feeling his hand on your back or stroking your hair? When your baby finally came into this world after nine months of pregnancy, and after hours of labour, do you remember that first breath? Or


Island Parent Magazine

the first time your baby opened his eyes? Or the first time you took your finger and placed it inside that tiny palm and felt those tiny fingers close around yours? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to see those moments years afterwards? I have three children. None of their births were photographed, only the moments afterwards. Some of my most cherished photographs are the ones my husband took during our first moments with our children. But he is not in the frame, he is behind the camera. He was happy to take the photos, but he wanted to be there with me—both hands free and living in this incredible moment—instead of holding up a camera. This is what got me thinking about the importance of birth photography, and of having someone present from outside of the birth experience, and yet so intimately involved.

Le français

au CSF, c’est bien plus qu’une langue !

Photos have a way of bringing you right back into that moment. Photos can also bring a sense of healing by providing a way to see the birth outside of your own experience. Amber, a mother or three, wrote to me “It felt as though I had experienced it all again, except this time I was not confined to my hospital bed, I was present for every breath my son took.” When a mother is labouring, she is focused on nothing else. During labour and birth, there is so much love to be seen. There’s incredible emotion and strength between parents, grandparents, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. It is a celebration of life and the life of this brand new baby. A new beginning. One that’s worth well over 1,000 words—and one that’s worth photographing. Ashley Marston is a Birth and Lifestyle Photographer from Chemainus, B.C. For more information, visit To find a Birth Photographer in your area, Please visit Photos: Ashley Marston.

Inscrivez votre enfant dans une des écoles publiques du CSF ! Depuis sa création en 1995, le Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique offre des programmes et des services éducatifs valorisant le plein épanouissement et l’identité culturelle des apprenantes et apprenants francophones de la province. Le conseil compte aujourd’hui plus de 5 000 élèves, 37 écoles publiques et dessert plus d’une centaine de communautés réparties dans l’ensemble de la province.

N O S É C O L E S P U B L I Q U E S D A N S L’ Î L E D E V A N C O U V E R Campbell River École Mer-et-montagne

250-923-3359 1102 South Alder 250-923-3359 350 Dogwood St.

M-8 9 - 12

Vallée de Comox École Au-cœur-de-l'île

250-339-1848 566 Linshart Rd.

M - 12


École Océane École secondaire de Nanaimo

250-714-0761 1951 Estevan Rd. M - 7 250-714-0761 355 Wakesiah Ave. 8 - 12

Port Alberni

École des Grands-cèdres

250-723-5614 4645 Helen St.



École Victor-Brodeur

250-220-6010 637 Head St.

M - 12

École secondaire Carihi

May 2014


Janine Fernandes-Hayden

Dear Katy Perry. Dear Katy Perry. You’ve become a frequent topic of conversation in our home. Until now, I didn’t know much about you, except for having heard a few of your songs. In recent months, however, you have caught the attention of my eldest daughter. She is an astute eight-year-old. So far, I have been cautious with her exposure to media influences. However, the girls at school talk about you all the time and my daughter sees your beautiful face on the cover of magazines when we are at the grocery store checkout. So, I am extending my hand to you in hopes that I can find out who you are, what your music is about, and what sort of influence you could be having on my children. Let me start by explaining my concerns. I acknowledge that it is impossible to bubble wrap our children and that, in fact, doing so is just as unhealthy. However, I believe, without a doubt, that media plays a powerful role in shaping the self-image of girls and boys, often sending messages that can prove damaging to them as they grow up. I am aware of the challenges young people face today with unrealistic expectations of body image. I have read studies that show how an overemphasis on beauty and play-sexiness increases girls’ vulnerability to pitfalls such as depression, eating disorders and risky sexual behavior. So, when I hear my daughter say, “I like Monster High Dolls better than Barbie because Barbie is fat,” you can understand that I have good reason to be mindful about what she is being fed by our very appearance-driven culture. Where do you see yourself in this picture? 16

Island Parent Magazine

The other day, I stumbled upon your documentary, “Part of Me” on Netflix. I was curious and seized the opportunity for my daughter and I to learn together. I quickly scanned for a rating: “PG” without the “13”. I figured we were safe. My daughter was thrilled. I watched her watching you—like a kid in a candy shop—your pink cotton candy tutu, spinning peppermint pinwheel bra, and your Slurpee-blue wig to match your eyes, framed by those never-ending eyelashes like shutters against golden suncoloured eye shadow. “I want to look like that”, I could hear my daughter thinking. And all the while as I kept trying to explain to her, “It’s just a performance, its not real”, I thought about how hypocritical I sounded, the irony of words from the mouth of a mother who goes to the ends of the earth to keep the magic of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny alive. Is it such a bad thing

I watched her watching you— like a kid in a candy shop— your pink cotton candy tutu, spinning peppermint pinwheel bra, and your Slurpee-blue wig to match your eyes, framed by those never-ending eyelashes like shutters against golden sun-coloured eye shadow. “I want to look like that,” I could hear my daughter thinking. to allow our children the fun of fantasy, so long as eventually, they can learn to discern what is real and what isn’t, what is true and what isn’t? Overall, I enjoyed your documentary. I came to appreciate you on a different level, a more human level—your self-confidence, the creativity and initiative that inspired you to begin writing your own songs at a very young age, the determination and perseverance it took to get you to where you are now. My daughter was shocked to see scenes of you with no makeup and bad hair. “Is that really Katy Perry?” she gasped incredulously. You also showed genuine footage of your depression after the breakup of your marriage. Thank you for having the courage and the humility to expose your real side. These are such important lessons to share with others.

Licenced group childcare for children 6 months to 5 years Open 6:30am – 5:30pm 2758 Peatt Road, Langford  250-818-9225 or 778-265-5955 May 2014  17

Birds Up Close

Flying daily March – October  1877 Herd Rd. Duncan BC  250-746-0372

Sunday, May 25th at 11am UVic- Petch Fountain Register and raise funds at: Thank you to Island Parent Magazine for your support.

Glenlyon Norfolk School Marine Adventure Program Teen Marine Kayak Camps – Summer 2013 Ph 250-370-6852  Email Day Camps: July 21–25, Aug 11–15

These popular camps (9:00–4:30) for children ages 11 to 12 cover all the basics in sea kayaking, with plenty of fun for the younger paddler. Cost: $255.00

Teen Barkley Sound: June 29–July 4 Teen Johnstone Strait: Aug 17–22 Two exciting sea kayak camping expeditions for teens ages 15–17. Cost: $625.00 + tax

Discovery Camps: July 7–11, Aug 4–8

For ages 13 to 14, sea kayaking basics, rescues, games, and a three-day camping experience on Discovery Island. Cost: $285.00 + tax

Offering marine adventure since 1995! 18  Island Parent Magazine

While I personally love your very catchy and fun music, your lyrics are not always rated for a “G” audience. “Firework” gets played ad nauseam in our home. Even my two-year-old sings along. It is fabulous selfempowerment anthem. Along with “Roar”, I hope that all my children can be inspired by your words that encourage them to be happy and confident as they are, human beings with strengths and weaknesses, beauty that digs deep into their core and imperfections that are absolutely perfect. Your song “Peacock” is a different story. I shifted uncomfortably as my daughter and I watched you perform this song in your documentary. Worse, yet, I had forgotten to cancel the closed captioning. Every word tortured me, especially knowing how keen and voracious of a reader my daughter is. I fumbled for the remote, but then refrained. In that brief moment between stimulus and response, I recognized that to make a big deal of it would only have sent a message that “something” was wrong or bad. I don’t want to alienate my daughter and have her feel, when the appropriate time comes, that she needs to hide her curiosity and natural process of inquiry for fear of her mother’s reproach. I also had to remind myself that my daughter was definitely not watching with the same seasoned lens as I. At her age, I was belting out the words to “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John and “Like a Virgin” by Madonna, completely oblivious to the subtext. And who was that girl, Virginia, that Billy Joel sang of in his song, “Only the Good Die Young”? I do trust that if my daughter was at all confused or curious, she would have asked me and I would have taken advantage of the teachable moment to answer her in an open manner. It made me realize that as parents, we need to strike a balance between acting on the paranoia of our adult filters and providing accurate and honest information to our children in a timely manner. Now, after having watched your documentary, my daughter is obsessed with going to see one of your concerts. I think to myself, “What kind of Pandora’s Box have I opened up?” If my own psychological dilemma were not enough, now I find out that you will be playing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver in September. My daughter has no idea. It’s not so much a matter of saying “no” to my daughter—I have never had troubles being assertive with my children. My inclination, in fact, is to take my daughter to see your concert. My worry however is discerning the difference between letting my daughter’s

interest grow at its own rate versus feeling like I am now willing with both hands to feed my child into the jaws of our media and beauty-driven society, with no chance of turning back. Is taking my daughter to your concert too big of a step? Truth be told, I really want to see you perform in concert. In my romantic mind, I think about how much fun it would be for my daughter and I to share this experience together. She is not the type to open up very easily and perhaps, if we forged this common interest, I could have an “in” and be her first trusted source of information. The idealist in me wishes that public figures would take more responsibility for the actions and their messages, knowing the great influence they have, especially on children and young people. However, I recognize that you never signed up to be a role model. You are an artist first and foremost, one with a charismatic presence and a knack with creative license. Further, I ask myself whether I can possibly hold you up to a standard of perfection that I would consider completely unrealistic and unhealthy for my children as well as myself. How do we define a good role model in the first place? Yes, you have an influence on the environment in which my daughter is being raised, but so do I. I now realize that my role is to lead, but from behind, following my daughter’s cues and being open and available for her to fall back on when questions emerge. So thank you, Katy Perry, for giving me this opportunity to grow as a parent. I’m going to trust my wisdom as well as that of my daughter. Discernment and mindfulness have been a great gift to both of us, allowing me to approach these issues in a thoughtful and truthful manner. They always say that parents should get to know their children’s friends. It has been nice getting to know you a bit better. P.S. I must confess, I am very excited about seeing you in September. Don’t say a word—it’s a birthday surprise for my daughter. Perhaps I will even let my playful side shine through and buy myself a cobalt blue wig and some fluttery fake eyelashes! Janine Fernandes-Hayden is an educator and Salt Spring Island mum of four children. She hosts a parent and kids radio show called “The Beanstalk” which can be heard at Green 107.9 FM or online at www. She is also a trained Virtues Project Facilitator.

YMCA-YWCA Greater Victoria

pCamp id Res aDyenayCtiaCalmam D p + egistration R Registrat W!io!!n O ONN N NOW!!! O


For More Information:



May 2014  19

Pregnant? Pregnancy is a state of health. Midwives recognize what an extraordinary time this is in your life and we are available to support you through your childbearing year. Covered by Your BC Health Care BC’s Medical Services Plan pays for midwifery care, including in-home check-ups in labour and after you’ve had your baby. You can self-refer to a midwife.

Quality Care Studies show that midwifery clients have lower rates of episiotomies, infection, Caesarean sections, forceps and vacuum deliveries and newborns that require resuscitation.

Choice of Hospital or Home Birth Continuity of Care Comprehensive Care Breastfeeding Education & Support We would be pleased to schedule an appointment to answer your questions about midwifery care. 20  Island Parent Magazine

Products & Services for New Parents Abra Kid Abra carries new and used toys, clothing and furniture. Baby equipment and furniture rentals available. New products include dress up, ballet clothes, rainwear, sunwear, shoes, toys, carriers, cloth diapers and much more. 2024 Oak Bay Ave. 250595-1613. Choices Adoption & Counselling Services is a licensed non-profit, non-sectarian adoption agency that has been involved in adoptions and family counselling since 1989. We offer a range of services to birth and adoptive parents throughout British Columbia and can assist adoptive families from several other provinces with inter-country adoptions. Whether you wish to adopt a child born in British Columbia or a child from another country, our experienced professionals will help you through the process. Happy Island Diaper Service is the best choice for cloth diapering for your baby. Our modern diapers and products make using our service easy and cost effective. Once a week, our pink van will come and pick up the soiled diapers and leave you fresh clean ones. There is no rinsing or soaking required, and we will supply you with everything you need right at your doorstep. This is a great choice for your baby and for the environment. 1-866-922-7377. www. www.facebook. com/happyislanddiapers. Huckleberry Baby Shop is Nanaimo’s natural baby and parenting store. If you are looking for ethical, eco-friendly, and family-friendly options, we are your source. Cloth diapers, baby carriers, plastic free toys and food containers, local and organic products, consignment clothing sizes NB-16, and Bravado nursing bras: our selection is huge. Our offerings include cloth diaper kits and trial programs plus prenatal classes starting this spring. Watch for our brand new website at

International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. is a full service agency for nannies, caregivers and au pairs. We provide flexible and affordable childcare right in your home—on your schedule. Full-time nannies start at $395 per week and part time au pair start at $200 per week. All of our applicants take part in on-going professional development and we also provide un-limited post placement support. Helping families since 1996. Proudly operated by former overseas live in nanny. You can reach us at 250.383.9566 or email us at Since 1944, Island Farms has been proudly producing quality dairy products made entirely from fresh BC milk. From our first horse-and-buggy stocked with milk bottles, to today’s wide range of wholesome products, we’ve built a reputation for good things from good people close by. We also play an active role in the communities we serve, sponsoring hundreds of family events and charities. Because at the end of the day, we’ve all got a family to come home to. Diaper + Cakes = Diaper Cakes Unique & Creative Baby Shower/Birthday Gifts. Yes. We (Jamie Lemi Co.) turn baby diapers into this unique, beautiful and memorable baby gift! You can learn about and purchase our Diaper Cakes at Free delivery within greater Victoria. Cakes are available from $60, custom made cakes are available from $75. Contact us today to make your special day extra special! Satisfaction guaranteed! info@jamielemi. com. 250-686-0916. Proudly locally owned. Kool & Child. For your child’s first teddy bear, teether, or book, check out our great selection of infant and toddler toys. We also carry an extensive collection of games, toys, and puzzles, for all members of your family—from siblings to grandparents, or even yourself. Come and explore our store! 102-2517 Bowen Road, Nanaimo 1-888390-1775


Through Play

Momease Baby Boutique is a unique retailer specializing in innovative and functional baby gear, maternity essentials and parenting accessories. From strollers to swaddles, and car seats to carriers, we’re the little store that’s big on gear. We are also passionate about helping you navigate the road to parenthood and beyond, so whether it’s creating a customized baby registry, or a first outing with a newborn, we love spending time with new or expectant parents to help them discover their own perfect products! Mattick’s Farm #121-5325 Cordova Bay Rd. 778-265-5432. Mothering Touch Centre is the comprehensive resource centre for new and expectant parents. We offer support through every stage of pregnancy and early parenthood: childbirth preparation, pre-and post-natal yoga, breastfeeding support, parenting classes, parent-and-baby groups, baby massage, and baby sign language. Our friendly staff inform and support parents and grandparents as they select cloth diapers, nursing bras, breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories and much more. Drop in for a chat, nurse your baby in our lounge, and experience the warmth of the Mothering Touch. 975 Fort St. 250-595-4905. www. Child-minding at Saanich Commonwealth Place. Let our experienced staff care for your baby while you take time for yourself to workout in our weight-room, take a yoga class, swim in our pools or relax in our hot tub. We look after newborns and up in our spacious, bright, safe room full of age appropriate toys. Available Mon to Fri, 8:45-11:30am. $4.75 per hour, 10x pass $ 42.50. Come and check us out. For more info please call 250 475-7600 or visit and click on the Commonwealth icon. The Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book is your family-focused Go-To-Guide for shopping locally. Created by two local moms for families and caregivers living in Greater

Victoria, including Sidney and Langford. Find coupons for wonderful local businesses including baby and maternity stores, diapering, clothing, health and wellness, groceries, cafés and more. Pick up your copy of the new edition in stores now. $100s in savings for only $10! Sign up for our e-newsletter at Scallywags Children’s Boutique is your local destination for all your new parent goodies. Whether it is an organic onesie or kimono, a beautiful first dress, natural rubber soothers or stylish diaper bags, baby carriers or other accessories, we carry the best selection in town. We also have a great baby gift registry program. So stop by one of our tow convenient locations, downtown or Broadmead Village, and our knowledgeable staff will help you make the best selection for your needs. The Children’s Treehouse. Nanaimo’s downtown destination for new moms and Grandma’s! Specializing in unique and quality toys for babies through pre-teens. Extensive selection of well-known character board books and stuffies, specially selected for the imaginative young child. Baby and pre-school toys, science, craft kits, Folkmanis puppets, trains, Playmobil, dolls, puzzles, stickers and art. All guaranteed to keep developing young minds busy. Activity toys for beach, park, camping and bug-catching fun. An in-store play area keeps children busy while parents shop! Parents, have you heard that Thrifty Foods has a virtual store? We know you don’t always have time to get to the grocery store, so we’re ready to help you. You make the selections and your shopper chooses the best quality products and packages your groceries just like you would so they get to you in excellent condition. The convenience of Thrifty Foods Online Shopping is that you can shop any time of the day that suits you or your baby. Upon delivery of your groceries, our driver will accept payment at your door using a wireless terminal (VISA,

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MasterCard, Amex, “Smile Card” or Debit). Visit and let us do the shopping for you. Whether it’s diapers or decor, TJ’s The Kiddies Store is the place to go for all your baby needs. Welcoming your new baby into the world is a wonderful and challenging experience; so many decisions and so little time. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help make your decisions as stress-free as possible. Our selection varies from furniture sets to safety items and everything in between. TJ’s is also a great place for gifts—with a baby registry and many wonderful gift ideas you will be able to find the right thing to make any new parent happy. We’re easy to find at 3045-c Douglas St. (enter off Larch St)…we’re under Sleep Country. 250-386-2229. Mark your calendars for September 27 and 28, 2014. The 8th annual Vancouver Island Baby Fair is happening at Pearkes Rec Centre. Juno nominated children’s performers Bobs & Lolo will join us both days! Come visit an arena of exhibitors, a full lineup of main stage presentations, great shopping and resources, fantastic prizes, our popular photo contest, baby races and

more for families ranging from pregnancy through preschool. Exhibitor registration is on now. Visit VancouverIslandBabyFair. com for details or call 250-686-5693. Victoria Midwives. Midwives care for women throughout pregnancy, birth and for six weeks postpartum. Midwives offer personalized care and provide education and counselling that address the physical, emotional, and cultural needs of women and their families. Midwives offer a choice of birthplace either in hospital, or at home. Midwives provide breastfeeding support, ensure the mother is recovering from the birth, and monitor the baby’s growth. Midwifery care is covered by your care card. See our ad on page 20. The Vitamin Shop. New and expecting moms need to know that diet is most important. Unfortunately, food is not what it used to be, therefore it is also important to take a good multiple supplement along with other nutrients to assure that both baby and mom receive the right nourishment along the way. Find the most comprehensive selection of everything you need for your pre- and postnatal “good health” at The Vitamin Shop, 1212 Broad St. Phone 250-386-1212.

Welcome Wagon’s New Parent Market reaches new mothers with greetings and congratulations personally presented at home after the birth of their babies. A package of pertinent information on civic and community services is presented, followed by a directory of our sponsors and token gifts from participating businesses, and where appropriate, printed invitations for the family to redeem at their place of business. We also do Baby Showers for expectant moms. There we provide civic and educational information. It is given to her before baby is born. For more information please visit or call 1-866-518-7287. West Shore Parks & Recreation offers a wide range of programs for young families and expectant parents. Our Toddler Social program is the perfect informal drop-in for you and your little one to explore music, activities and more. There are stroller fitness classes and pre-natal yoga, but if you are just looking to sneak in a workout, we offer child minding Monday-Friday 9am-12:30pm. For information, visit or call 250-478-8383. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook. com/westshorerecreation.•

Writing for Island Parent Many of the articles in Island Parent are written by people just like you: parents who want to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas with other parents. We’re always happy to consider your submission, whether you’re a published writer or not. If you’re itching to express yourself but need a few pointers or a friendly nudge, come out for an evening of inspiration. We’re holding a Writing for Island Parent workshop on Wednesday May 21, 7:30-9:00pm, at 830 Pembroke St, Ste B (across from the north side of Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena). The workshop is free, but space is limited. If you’d like to attend, please e-mail Sue Fast at

Come on out and get those creative juices flowing!

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Right & Wrong

Emmanuel Preschool

Emmanuel Preschool

2121 Cedar Hill Cross Road (by entrance to UVic)

Openings forHill 2013–2014 2121 Cedar Cross RoadClasses! (by entrance to UVic)

Openings Children learn throughfor play in2014–2015 our all inclusive, Classes! non-denominational Christian preschool. Children learn through play in our all inclusive, nonGreat facility; outdoor play area and a gym for rainy day play! denominational Christian preschool. Greatteachers facility;to Two teachers with ECE certification plus assistant here’s no question that mothers want their outdoor play area and a gym for rainy day play. Two children to grow up to be good people, help with special needs children. A competent teaching team! teachers and withcaring ECE certification plus an assistant


but less is known about how they actually help their offspring sort out different types of moral issues. According to a new study published in Developmental Psychology, many moms talk to their kids in ways that help them understand moral missteps. The study observed 100 pairs of mothers and children aged seven, 11 or 16. Each child was asked to describe one incident where they had helped a friend, and one incident where they had hurt a friend, and subsequently spoke to their moms about the experience. When referring to their offspring’s helpful behaviour, the mothers focused on the children’s feelings of pride, expressed enthusiasm at their behaviour, and reflected on how the experience revealed their children’s positive traits. With hurtful behaviour, the conversations were a bit more delicate, in that the mothers found ways to acknowledge the harm while also emphasizing that it didn’t define their children. For instance, they focused on the child’s good intentions or noted his or her capacity for repair. “It’s not that moms were saying the behaviour was acceptable. They were saying it wasn’t, but were also praising their child for giving an apology,” says Holly Recchia, assistant professor and researcher at Concordia University. The study also shows that the nature of this maternal role develops along with the children, as parents evolve from gentle teachers for youngsters to sounding boards for teenagers. The mothers prompted younger children more often and focused more on the concrete details of the event. In contrast, teenagers took more ownership of the conversations, and the topics themselves also changed. Across the board, it’s clear the conversations have an important impact. The findings especially suggest that talks about hurting and helping make distinct and complementary contributions to children’s understanding of themselves as imperfect but nevertheless moral people, capable of doing good as well as harm. For more information, visit or

teacher to help with special needs children. Opportunities: A competent and caring teaching team! Mon / Wed / Fri morning class Opportunities: Tues / Thurs morning class Mon/Wed/Fri morning class 5 mornings a week

Tues/Thurs morning class Phone 250-598-0573 5 mornings a week Phone 250-598-0573

Join Us for FUN and ADVENTURE at Burnside Gorge

Exciting weekly themes and out­-trips!

Camp Survivor

Adventure Day Camp  Ages 11­–15

Moto-­Cross, Paintball, WildPlay & more!

Burnside Fun n’ Sun

Licensed Day Camp  Ages 5­–11

Space is limited – register now!  250­- 388-5251

International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. A Full Service and a La Carte Nanny Agency Full-time Nannies & Part-time Au Pairs Need flexible & affordable childcare? Full-time nannies from $ 395/week (depending on province) Part-time Au Pairs $200/week Vancouver Island Nanny Line:



Light housekeeping

Dinner started Helping families since 1996

Review profiles online May 2014  23

Party Directory Funtime Inflatables #1 choice for party inflatables


Dirt Bike Birthday Parties We supply everything: Bike • Gear • Riding Lesson for ages 6yrs to adults over 30 bikes to choose from

Westshore Motocross Park

We will match any competitor’s price; we will beat any competitors service!

No experience necessary 2207 Millstream Rd, Langford

Trust your next party or special event to the experts, Funtime Inflatables—the original bouncy castle company. Serving Vancouver Island since 1990.

250 590 8088

New items arriving soon!!!

2207 Millstream Road Victoria, BC V9B 0J7 Tel: 250.590.8088 Cel: 250.893.9547

Birthday Parties! brought to you by SG POWER

We offer a complete line of entry level dirt bikes, 50cc, 70cc, 90cc non clutch bikes and 80cc,110cc, 125cc 4 strokes with clutches. All safety gear is supplied, from boots to helmets and everything in between. This 1.5 hour Learn to Ride with Us course includes the basics of a motorcycle orientation including safety gear and safe riding habits, stop-n-go circle riding, escorted first laps on motocross track, and supervised solo riding sessions.

Gym & Bouncy Castle, themed parties: creative kids, girl power and preschool parties from Princesses to Pirates!

Call 250-370-7200

Pool, Skate, or Soccer parties at Oak Bay Recreation Centre!



GYMNASTICS Birthday Parties


Our great instructors will treat you to an action packed two hours of fun and fitness in our great facility!




r Annive 2013 1973–

• 2 large decorated birthday rooms • Free T-shirt for birthday child, invitations for up to 10 children • The ONLY Inflatable Climbing Mountain with trampoline in town • Party Time now offered for many different groups (schools, daycare centres)

Book Early: 250-479-6424

#208 – 721 Vanalman Ave

(Broadmead & Royal Oak Area)

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You provide the space and food…

Call Alicia 250-661-2219 Email Global @ Facebook @ Games2u Victoria

* Greater Victoria’s newest, largest and cleanest facility with hassle free parking for you and your guests * * Large private party rooms * * Experienced Qualified Fun Coaches * * 3 Trampolines & 40ft Tumble Trac * * Awesome Foam Pit *


N Celebrate your birthday with us! A

Birthdays, school funfairs, fundraising, festivals, teen groups, church groups, summer camps, sports teams, corporate groups

You’ll Flip Over Our Birthday Parties

250 472 3546

Call 250-595-SWIM (7946)


for kids & families

We’ll provide an hour of fun with puppet shows and play

at Henderson Recreation Centre!


We bring the Fun2U!

Hassle Free Parties

Learn to Ride with Us!


~ Laser Tag ~ Human Hamster Balls ~ Booger Wars ~ Video Game Theatre ~ U:Launchers ~ Foam Party

S T I C S Located in Langford

Enter Our Online Contests Every month at Island Parent and Kids In Victoria you can enter to win some great prizes!

Prizes include:

• • • •

Family Getaways Gift Certificates IMAX Passes Books, CDs and More

One entry per family per week. Check out the prizes and enter the contests by visiting or

Party Directory



(250) 386-JUMP (5867) • Indoor facility options for all your bouncy castle and inflatable requirements • School fairs/festivals and picnics • At home/indoor theme parties, i.e. Teddy Bear stuffing, craft parties • Free gift for birthday child when you mention this ad • Costumed facepainters and balloon twisters, i.e. princesses, pirates, ragdoll style clowns ur • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Join O lub! -C Par-T


Birthday Parties Come Fly With Us! Party sizes up to 18 kids We supply table top cover, napkins, hats, streamers and balloons Optional character

Two certified instructors and a host Optional character

Gymnastics games and music Free t-shirt

Optional character

Foam landing pit and 40' long trampoline

Optional character Optional character

Optional character

Party participants can win a FREE month

Available Sat & Sun Afternoons Corner of Store & Pembroke Optional character

7 Day Rentals from 149 250-881-2680 $




Book your party with us today! We now offer online booking.

Action-Packed Birthday Parties Supervised • 2–8 Yrs

It’s about skills, not scores.

Go to for schedules & information Call us: 250 590 4625  Email:

All parties are held in a private party room with a dedicated staff member. Birthday child gets a very special keepsake and all guests paint their own ceramic item.

See website for details:

Fired UP! Paint your own ceramics

1801 Fort Street @ Richmond

Now Offering Full-week and one day camps! Ages 6 and up. May 2014  25 See website for details!

Full-week A See w www.

Books for the Maternally Inclined Thanks to our intrepid band of reviewer mamas—Jerri Carson, Amalia Colussi, Sarah Lefebure Warriner, Camille McFarlane, and Jennifer Roberts-Hall—who sought a quiet couple of minutes/hours here and there to tirelessly, uh, okay, gleefully read, and sometimes re-read, the following assortment of motherhood books. Money Savvy Kids: The Best Ways to Teach Your Children about Money for a Strong Financial Future by Gordon Pape and Deborah Kerbel. Money Savvy Kids, co-authored by leading finance expert Gordon Pape and his daughter Deborah Kerbel, provides kids and adults with practical advice and personal anecdotes on managing money. It’s readable and entertaining while teaching kids to save, spend wisely and share. Many adult Canadians are poor money managers, writes Pape, so “if you want to help your kids avoid your mistakes when they grown up, you have to start by dealing with your own bad habits.” The authors suggest essential, as well as humorous, ideas for managing money such as “Thou shall never give into whining” and “Thou shall practice what thou preach.” For kids, the authors recommend obvious measures such as saving, keeping track of spending habits, understanding best value, and budgeting for big items, such as saving towards a new bike. The authors encourage establishing a solid foundation in money skills such as counting coins, learning the value of coins, and basic budgeting using spreadsheets. Most importantly, the book stresses that parents help kids understand that they can’t have everything they want and to understand the difference between a need and a want. JC The Opposite of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties and Fears by Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD. “Play brings laughter and laughter melts fear,” writes Cohen. While playfulness is a key theme of this book, the cornerstone that will help children understand and work through their fears is the parent-child connection. An encouraging guide for parents, The Opposite of Worry normalizes childhood anxiety while describing how it works in the brain and body, and provides varied descriptions of anxiety in children at different ages. The result is a comforting read

that will empower readers and bring hope. The Opposite of Worry is full of techniques to address anxiety on many levels, from physical play, to relaxation strategies, to insightful ways of talking about anxiety and challenging it. There’s an extensive index that will help you track down that great idea you read but forgot to jot down. It also contains many useful cues for questions to open up discussion to better understand your child’s experience. Reading this book made me feel more compassionate and creative in my responses to my daughter’s concerns. I recommend The Opposite of Worry to parents of young children; it offers an accessible approach—using empathy, connection and play—to help your child face typical childhood fears or more pervasive anxiety. SLW Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue: How to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes by Christia Spears Brown. Parenting beyond Pink & Blue, written by a psychologist, provides readers with both gender-based scientific research and personal anecdotes. On the one hand this approach is refreshing. Brown treats parents as intellectuals who want to know the facts and understand the research behind gender stereotypes. On the other hand, it makes for a dense read with sections that feel geared more towards educational professionals than parents. At the end of each chapter the author provides the “Final Four”, a brief and helpful summary of the chapter’s main points. The sections also include a detailed list of ways parents can limit the affects of gender stereotyping on their children. “Stereotypes usually trump biology in shaping who we become,” writes Spears Brown. It is essential for parents to be aware of how gender-based language, segregation, and merchandise can impact our children’s belief in themselves and their future place in society, she writes. Although, at times, I felt the author’s target audience was skewed, I would recommend this books to parents and professionals working with children

who are interested in better understanding gender stereotypes and how to minimize their impact. For more information, visit Brown’s blog at www.psychologytoday. com/blog/beyond-pink-and-blue. CM Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us by Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Ybarbo, & Mary Ann Zoellner. Let’s face it, the perfect mom doesn’t exist. And yet most days, I strive to be that woman who can do no wrong. It’s no wonder I jumped at the chance to read a book about a sh*tty mother. I assumed I would be able relate—and I did. Some of this book is funny…as in FUNNY. One of the gems is Ten Second Rule: Pacifier on the Ground and the disclaimer: “If you are the kind of person who thought to bring a back-up pacifier, this book isn’t for you. Sorry.” But some of the humour is intertwined with some dark, and possibly inappropriate material that won’t be for everyone. Section 8 is titled: You Aren’t Paranoid. Everyone Does Hate Your Baby. Yeah, I didn’t laugh.  So read it and rejoice in the fact that we all mess up, and it’s okay. Sh*t happens—and I have the poopy diapers to prove it! JRH Sticks & Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy by Emily Bazelon. Entwining true stories of teen bullies and victims with research and analysis from experts, Bazelon gives a nuanced and carefully balanced analysis of a hot topic. She aims to understand rather than vilify: bullies and victims, parents and principals, lawyers and journalists all take a turn in Bazelon’s spotlight. All reveal themselves as complex and multifaceted (surprise, we’re all human!). In addition to diplomacy, Bazelon writes with curiosity and honesty. Why shouldn’t we encourage our kids to fight back? Did that victim court trouble, just a little? What role do cell phones and the Internet really play in all this? These are questions that need thoughtful analysis; Bazelon delivers. What’s more, Bazelon managed to leave me feeling hopeful, no small feat. She encourages readers to keep bullying in context as just one of many challenges kids may encounter growing up. Her top tips? Go ahead and fight back at a bully—with empathy. Shun black-and-white oversimplifications to honour a world of greyscale. And parents, let’s all take full responsibility for the well-being of children: ours and those around us. AC

If you have kids… and you like camping… try Park Sands Beach Resort this summer!

RV Park & Campground

A quiet, family place – on the beach – in Parksville. 1.877.873.1600

Victoria Gymnastics

all ly F n Ear tratio s i s e g Re entiv th c 0 In e1-3 Jun

Summer Programs

Week Long 1/2 Day Camps — OR —

Attend Once or Twice Weekly For a Month Long Session ♦ NCCP Certified Instructors ♦ Small Class Sizes (8:1) guaranteed ♦ Boys & Girls ages 2 and up — Beginner

Through Advanced ♦ Birthday Parties Your Child Will Flip Over ♦ Trial Classes Available Make ups for missed classes

380-2442 Or Register Online At May 2014  27

May 2014

Generously Sponsored by     and

Family Calendar For calendar updates throughout the month visit THURS 1 Camosun College Dental Program at Camosun College. CDA students only see children between the ages of 5-15. Children require an initial 10-minute screening appointment to be booked first, as a dentist has to recommend the treatment plan. Siblings can be booked together (the same appointment time), which is helpful for busy parents—and kids! After the screening appointment, children are booked for their prescribed preventive care appointment between May 5-15. Preventive appointments are 2.5 hours. 1-2:45pm and 4-5:45pm. Cost of treatment: Ages 11 and under, $15; Ages 12-15, $20. Call 250-370-3184 to book an appointment.

THURS 1 – SUN 11 Family Theatre Festival. Three of the most dynamic theatre companies take to the mainstage with exciting work for the whole family. Each show only $10. Various venues. Check for more information.

SAT 3 Free Comic Book Day at Central Branch Library. Drop in to get your free comic and more. Dress up as your favourite comic character, enter to win awesome stuff, and check out the library’s selection of comics, manga and graphic novels. A free comic for everyone, or two if you dress up, while supplies last. Registration not required. Everyone welcome. 9am-noon. 250-382-7241, ext. 601.

5th Annual Island Saving Family Sport & Recreation Festival at Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence. Activities for all of the family to experience. A great way for kids to be introduced to new opportunities at the club and community level, and for parents to learn more about keeping their kids engaged in healthy activities. Free. 11am-3pm. 4371 Interurban Rd. 250-220-2587. Between a Rock and a Hard Place at Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park. At Tower Point, between a rock and a hard place, is one of the few places left for creatures to hide when the tide leaves them behind. Join a CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist to peek under rocks and search in the waves. Be prepared to get your feet wet (bring sandals or beach shoes). Enter at the Tower Point parking lot off Olympic View Drive at 1pm. 8+ years. BC Transit #54 or #55. 250-478-3344.

SUN 4 Walk So Kids Can Talk at Braefoot Elementary School. Join communities across Canada walking together for Kids Help Phone, the only national service supporting kids’ potential. Check in 10am, walk starts at 11am. 1440 Harrop Rd. May Day Celebration at Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse. Traditional Maypole dances, guided tours of the cidery and orchard, food and cider tastings as well as crafts and activities for kids of all ages. Scavenger hunt. Morris dancing performances at noon and 2pm. Enjoy folk,

country, rock and roll, old time, swing and even bluegrass music from the Bowker Creek Band. 11am-4pm. Free. Everyone welcome. 2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd. 250-544-4324. What’s That? Ask a Nat! at Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park. Come with your curiosity to explore low tide and the marine critters it reveals. Borrow our dip nets and ask CRD Regional Parks’ naturalists to identify your treasures. Be prepared to get your feet wet (bring sandals or beach shoes). Look for the blue tent on the main beach. Witty Beach Rd. access is closed. Access from main park entrance off Metchosin Rd. Trail is a 1.2km moderate hike and takes approximately 20 minutes. Noon-3pm. All ages. BC Transit #54 or #55. 250-478-3344. Camas Day & Annual Native Plant Garden Tour at Cattle Point. Bring your family and a picnic to listen to the Bald Eagles Band, enjoy displays, and drink Silk Road Tea. HAT’s Garry Oakley, in costume, will welcome you to participate in hands-on activities. Families can plant native seedlings in a pot to take home, make leaf prints on fabric, and vote for their favourite wildflower. Kids will enjoy the UnNature Trail, facepainting, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and the parachute. As part of the Annual Native Plant Garden Tour, tours will run every 30 minutes in the main park or on Cattle Point. Help heal the Garry Oak Meadow by removing invasive ivy the proper GOERT way, and make yourself an ivy crown

N EW 28  Island Parent Magazine

of stewardship. Free. 1-4pm. 250-595-8084.

TUES 6 Sensory Storytime at Goudy Branch Library. During this program, preschoolers will discover storytime fun and routine through a sensory-rich mix of songs, movement, a story and a special book-related activity. Fun for all children, and appropriate for preschoolers with autism or sensory processing issues. Parents or caregivers are required to participate. For ages 3-5. 10:30-11:15am. Register online at or call 250-391-5702 for more information. Guys’ Night Out Baby Time at Saanich Centennial Branch Library. Calling all babies and the men who love them. Join us for fingerplays, puppets, stories and songs. For dads, stepdads, fosterdads, granddads, uncles and male caregivers with babies 0-15 months. 6:30-7pm. Register online at or call 250477-9030 for more information.

WED 7 Fascinating Rhythms: Broadway and Beyond at St. Aidan’s United Church. Presented by Crystal Singers. $15/person; children 10 and under free. 7:30pm. Tickets available at the door. For more information, call 250-3600356. 3703 St. Aidan’s Street.

THURS 8 Rockin’ Rhythm and Rhyme Time with Nejama at Bruce Hutchison Branch Library. Are you ready to shake, rattle and roll? Move and groove with music therapist Nejama Ferstman and explore stories and songs through rhythms, movements and fingerplays in this active musical program. For ages 3-5. 2:303:15pm. Register online at or call 250-727-0104 for more information. Victoria Children’s Literature Roundtable Meeting at Central Branch Library. Come and hear Richard Scarsbrooke, Ontario author, poet and actor, who is touring for Canadian Children’s Book Week. Some of his books

for teens include Cheeseburger Subversive, sequel Featherless Bipeds, and the Monkeyface Chronicles, which was the winner of the 2011 White Pine Award. Doors open at 7pm so you can browse the Schoolhouse Teaching Supplies and Children’s Bookstore tables before the meeting begins at 7:30pm. VCLR is open to the public. New members and drop-ins welcome. Members free; $5/drop-in; $4/student. For more information, call 250-598-3694.

Lego Stories at the Sidney/North Saanich Branch Library. Use the library’s Lego to build your own creation. Each meeting will explore a different theme, and your creation will be displayed for the next two weeks. Ages 5+. 3:15-4:15pm. Please call 250-656-0944 to register.

SAT 10 World Migratory Bird Day at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park. Celebrate the return of our feathered friends. Join CRD Regional Parks, Rocky Point Bird Observatory, and the Victoria Natural History Society to learn more about the journey that birds take from their summer and winter homes. This free drop-in event offers engaging activities for birders of all ages, expertise and abilities. Participate in guided walks, mist-netting demonstrations, hummingbird and passerine banding demonstrations, children’s activities and presentations. Look for the tents adjacent to the nature centre off Beaver Lake parking lot. All ages. 9am-2pm. BC Transit #70 or #72. 250-478-3344. Quadra Village Day on Kings Rd. Pancake breakfast, live music and dance, and kids fun. Free. Kings Rd between Quadra and Dowler. 9:30am-1pm. Victoria Symphony Storytime at Central Branch Library. Join two musicians from the Victoria Symphony and their puppet friend, Kathy Cadence, for a musical performance that matches music to words and feelings. Presentation includes an instrument petting zoo. Parents and caregivers are welcome to participate. For

Up SOUp YOUR MEALS with savvy shortcuts that get you to a home-cooked meal in minutes.



ages 3-4. 10:30-11:15am. Register online at or call 250-382-7241, ext. 601 for more information.

SUN 11 Kid’s Buddhist Meditation Class at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre. Meditation and Buddhist philosophy specially suited for kids 8-14. Learn to calm your minds through guided meditation and use Buddhist teachings in everyday life through stories and games. 11am-noon. $5 drop-in per child; $10 maximum per family. Mystery Creature at Lone Tree Hill Regional Park. Solve the riddles to find the clues hidden along the trail with a CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist. At the end, piece the puzzle together to discover who the mystery creature is. Meet in the parking lot off Millstream Rd at 1pm. 5+ years. 250-478-3344. Sea of Camas at Uplands Park. The Garry Oak Meadow of Uplands Park becomes a sea of blue Camas flowers that sparkles with Western buttercup and spring-gold. Camas bulbs are a traditional First Nations food staple, and the Camas meadows in Uplands Park are a legacy of their heritage. Join naturalist Margaret Lidkea of the Friends of Uplands Park to learn about the different types of Camas, the other wildflowers, the challenges of preservation, and what we can do to help this endangered ecosystem. All ages. Meet at the Uplands Park sign on Beach Dr. 1-3pm. 250-595-8084.

No Spoon Required Our soups enhance tender steaks, saucy prawn pasta, Thai curry and Moroccan-style lamb. We hope our soups inspire you to use them in other taste-filled, creative ways.

1.800.667.8280 May 2014  29

WED 14

FRI 23

Royal BC Museum Science and Nature Storytime at Saanich Centennial Branch Library. Visit the library for a special storytime with Chris from the Royal BC Museum. Chris will bring science and nature stories and activities including real invertebrate specimens from the Royal BC Museum collection. For ages 3-5. 10:30-11:15am. Register at or call 250-477-9030z.

Lego Stories at the Sidney/North Saanich Branch Library. See FRI 9 for details. Ages 5+. 3:15-4:15pm. Please call 250-656-0944 to register.

FRI 16

SUN 25

Hear Yee, Hear Yee: Royal Puppet Plays for Noble Guests at Saanich Centennial Branch Library. Join Lady Lucy and Sir Todd, Saanich Centennial’s resident puppets, for splendid, silly puppet plays full of princesses, kings and other royal characters. No registration required. For young children and their families; children under 3 must be accompanied by an adult. 10:30-11:30am. 250-477-9030. What’s That? Ask a Nat! at Island View Beach Regional Park. Come with your curiosity to explore low tide and all the marine critters it reveals. Borrow our dip nets and ask CRD Regional Parks’ naturalists to identify your treasures. Be prepared to get your feet wet (bring sandals or beach shoes). Look for the blue tent on the beach off Homathko Rd. All ages. 11:30am-2:30pm drop in. 250-4783344. Scaredy Squirrel: Safety First at Central Branch Library. Be prepared for any emergency with Scaredy Squirrel. Watch a short Scaredy Squirrel film, create your own craft, and listen to a Scaredy Squirrel story. Bees and sharks are discouraged from attending, but Scaredy Squirrel fans are welcome. Ages 6-9. 2:30-3:30pm. Register at or call 250-382-7241, ext. 601.

SAT 17 & SUN 18 Native Plant Sale at Swan Lake Nature House. Looking to grow native plant species in your yard? Join us for our annual plant sale and check out the thousands of plants available that often benefit native insects and birds. 9am-3pm. For information call 250-479-0211 or visit 3873 Swan Lake Rd.

SUN 18 Conservation Funk at Goldstream Nature House. Guided walk, BBQ by donation, crafts and face painting, river clean up. 10am-2pm. 250-478-9414. Royal & McPherson 100th Birthday Party in Centennial Square. Birthday cake, backstage tours of the McPherson, gallery displaying some noted performance highlights. Storytelling, historical displays and other activities provided by the Greater Victoria Public Library. 11am-4pm.

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SAT 24 – SUN 25 AfriCa Fest in Centennial Square. A celebration of African and Caribbean culture. Free. 250-884-0379.

Brain Tumour Awareness Walk at the University of Victoria, Ring Rd. 2.5km or 5km walk or fun run. 9:30am check-in. Walk/run begins at 11am. World Partnership Walk at the University of Victoria. Take steps to end global poverty. An excellent opportunity for kids to learn that they can make a difference in the world. Register online to walk. Registration 10am, walk starts at 11am. Free. Kid’s Buddhist Meditation Class at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre. See SUN 11 for details. 11am-noon. $5 drop-in per child; $10 maximum per family. meditatevancouverisland. org/kids-class. Bee Day at Swan Lake Nature House. A honey of a program fit for the royalty of the insect world. What’s the buzz about bees—are they really good dancers? Bee costumes, bee crafts and some bee spit to taste. Join us and you’ll bee amazed, bee enchanted and bee happy. Bee there or bee square. Admission by donation. Noon-3pm drop-in. For more information, call 250-479-0211 or visit www.swanlake. 3873 Swan Lake Rd. Amazing Insects at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park. What’s all the buzz about? Is it ladybugs? Or is it ants in your pants? Bring the kids and join a CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist for a close-up look at some of our 6-legged friends and foes. Meet at the Beaver Lake Nature Centre off the main parking lot at 1pm. 8 years and under. BC Transit #70 or #72. 250-4783344.

MON 26 Story Club at Nellie McClung Branch Library. Listen to stories, talk about your favourite books, and enjoy fun activities. Snack included. This club is for kids who love stories, regardless of reading ability. For ages 5-8. 3:30-4:30pm. Register online at or call 250477-7111 for more information.

THURS 29 Lego at the Library at Esquimalt Branch Library. Like stories and Lego? Then this is the program for you. We’ll supply the Lego, and you will use your imagination to construct your

own crazy creation to display at the library. For a project to take home, bring your own Lego. For ages 7-10. 3:30-4:30pm. Register online at or call 250-414-7198 for more information.

SAT 31 Spirit of Play at the Cridge Childcare Centre. What are children doing during freeplay? What are they learning about themselves and the world around them? Come find out and have a little fun of your own. Explore a variety of play stations. Chat with Early Childhood Educators. Learn about current best practices in Early Learning. Sample delicious and nutritious snacks. Free. 10:30am-3:30pm. 1309 Hillside Ave. Sensational Seaweeds at Island View Beach Regional Park. A CRD Regional Parks’ naturalist will help you discover how important marine algae is for you and me and the creatures that call them home. Seaweed-tasting optional. Be prepared to get your feet we (bring sandals or beach shoes). Meet at the grassy area adjacent to the picnic shelter off Homathko Rd. 12:30-2pm. All ages. 250-478-3344. www.

ONGOING BABIES, TODDLERS & PRESCHOOL Drop-in Storytimes for Babies, Toddlers & Families at the Greater Victoria Public Library. Caregivers are welcome and encouraged to participate. Storytimes are free and drop-in. Please come early to find a space. For a complete list of drop-in programs, call your local library, or visit Parent/Tot Drop-in at Gordon Head United Church. A safe place where young children can play while parents in the community connect with each other. Lots of space and toys. Tea or coffee is available for caregivers, and a healthy snack for the children. Parents are responsible for the care of their own children. Mondays 10am-noon. More info call the church office at 250-477-4142, or Maisie at 250-477-0388. Kindergym Parent and Tot at Burnside Community Campus Gym. Ride-on toys, climbers, slides, balls, hoops and various sports equipment. The program includes free play, organized games and circle time. Best suited for ages 2-4 years, yet all children under 5 years are welcome. Parent participation required. Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am. Free. 3130 Jutland Rd. Good Morning Rhyme Time at Sidney/ North Saanich Branch Library. Bring your littlest ones to the library for stories, songs, rhymes and movement. For children 0-5 years. 10:15-10:45am. For more information, call 250-656-0944.


Spaces still available starting July, 2014

Sea-Shirt Sundays at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. On the first Sunday of each month, create your own fish fashion. Be sure to bring a pillow case, cloth bag or t-shirt (or purchase a t-shirt from the centre) and your creativity. $2 donation for fabric paint. 1-3pm. 250-665-7511.

Learning through play


Structured, age-appropriate curriculum

Lessons in Art, Music, P.E., French & Faith

Excellent preparation for Kindergarten

Spacious and welcoming facility

Experienced and caring educators

Friday Nights are Alright at Flipside Youth Activity Centre, Pearkes Recreation Centre. Play pool, ping-pong, dome hockey, foosball and two different video game systems while partaking in refreshments. Drop by Flipside between 3-6pm Fridays to pick up a free admission ticket to the Junior Braves, and show your student ID to the Receptionists to gain free access to skating and rentals. For more information, contact Gaileen Flaman at 250475-5462 or email

FAMILIES Mindful Mamas at Lynn Wylie/Helga Beer Yoga Studio. All mothers (including soonto-be mamas) and levels of experience with meditation are welcome. An opportunity for restoration and nurturing yourself; please leave babies and children at home so that your attention can be focused on you. Each gathering will include a short guided instruction to meditation followed by a 30 minute sitting, 10-15 minute audio lecture or reading on mindfulness, and 45 minutes for check-ins and sharing reflection. Chairs, yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are available, but bring your own sitting gear if desired. No registration required. Sundays, 8:30-10am. $5 donation to help cover room rental. For information, visit Ready to Rent BC offers a free course to help find and keep a rental home. Six-week courses run at different times, days and locations. We help renters identify and deal with any barriers they may have to housing. Includes bus tickets, child minding and a healthy snack. To sign up, call 250-388-7171. Parent Sports Drop-in at James Bay Community School Centre. Parents need time to have fun and get back in touch with their inner child. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday, 7-9pm. $3.50/person. Weekly Bird Walk at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary (meet in the parking lot). Every Wednesday and Sunday noon-3pm. Metchosin School Museum is open Saturdays 1:30-4:30pm and Sundays 11am-4:30pm. An original, one-room school house built in 1871, it is set up as a classroom with old wooden desks. Families can enjoy perusing the hundreds of artifacts on display. Free. 4475 Happy Valley Rd.•

Christ Church Cathedral Childcare & Jr. Kindergarten 520 Niagara Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 1H5 250-383-5132 |

Swimming • Canoeing • Sailing • Ropes Course • Windsurfing • Hiking • Faith Exploration • Archery • Crafts • Out-trips • Games & Skits • Campfire • Nature Study • Cycling • Swimming • Canoeing • Sailing • Ropes Course • Windsurfing • Hiking • Faith Exploration • Archery • Crafts • Out-trips • Games & Skits • Campfire • Nature Study • Cycling • Swimming • Canoeing • Sailing • Ropes Course • Windsurfing • Hiking • Faith Exploration • Archery • Crafts • Out-trips • Games & Skits • Campfire • Nature Study • Cycling • Swimming • Canoeing • Sailing • Ropes Course • Windsurfing • Hiking • Faith Exploration • Archery • Crafts • Out-trips • Games & Skits • Campfire • Nature Study • Cycling • Swimming • Canoeing • Sailing • Ropes Course • Windsurfing • Hiking • Faith Active,• Out-trips Accessible,•Compassionate, Exploration • Archery • •Crafts Games & Skits •Community Campfire • Nature Study • Cycling •

• Adventurous, Self Discovery, Experiential Fun! • Grow Confidence, Develop Self-Awareness

• Overnight & Day Camps on Shawnigan Lake • Safe, Healthy, Natural Environment • Diverse Families, All Welcome 250-743-2189 Safe UCC & BCCA Accredited

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Around the Island

Visit for these and other events and resources for families from Cowichan Valley north to Campbell River and west to Tofino THURS 1 – WED 7

wed 7

Youth Week in Oceanside. Free stuff for youth all week. Fun, interaction and celebration intended to build a strong connection between young people and their communities. To find out what’s happening, or to get involved, check out or contact Kelly Valade, 250248-3252 or

Glow in the Dark Skate at Frank Crane Arena, Nanaimo. Come skate in an atmosphere of dimmed lighting and special effects. Regular admission rates; glow necklaces $2. 6:30pm. 250-756-5200.

FRI 2 DJ Pizza Teen Swim Night at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Teens 11-18 are invited to come for a pool party to jam with a DJ and eat pizza. 7-9pm. Free, courtesy of the RDN Youth Recreation Strategic Plan. Phone 2505014 or visit for more information.


SAT 10 Move for Health Day Swim at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Come and get active from 1:30-5pm. Free admission. Phone RDN, Recreation and Parks at 250-752-5014 or visit Move for Health Day at Ladysmith Parks, Recreation & Culture. Free classes and activities that will help you in your quest for a healthy and active lifestyle. Register for heaps of interactive and healthy fun.

BookFest in Downtown Nanaimo. Canadian authors, illustrators and storytellers bring their stories to life. A fun-filled day for children and adults alike. Tickets for elementary-aged children for three sessions available at the Port Theatre, or 250-7548550. Preschoolers and caregivers can attend free sessions at the Nanaimo Harbourfront Library. For more information, visit www.

SUN 11

Learn to Fish at Chemainus Lake Park. Educational booths and activities, from knot tying to rod and reel, fly tying and more. The kids are also given a chance to catch (and release or keep) a trout raised at the Duncan Trout Hatchery. The kids receive a free lunch and participation prize. This year, there will be an aquarium set up so the kids can see trout up close. For children 3-16. 10am-2pm. Free.

WED 14

Wiggling Worms Bowen Park Lower Picnic Shelter. Are worms really slimy? Ever wondered what they eat or which end is their head? Come out and learn with us through games, crafts and stories. This is a parent participation course. For 3- to 6-year-olds. 10:30-11:30am. $8/person. 250-756-5200.


Super Saturdays at the Campbell River Art Gallery. Drop-in art making program. All materials provided. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 1-3pm. Admission by donation. 250-287-2261.


32  Island Parent Magazine

Family Minute to Win it Swim at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Come for a family fun swim to celebrate Mother’s Day. Compete for prizes and bragging rights. A variety of silly games that give you 60 seconds to show your stuff. 10am-noon. Regular admission. Phone RDN, Recreation and Parks at 250-752-5014 or visit

Under the Surface at Neck Point Parking Lot. Did you know that there is a mysterious world living just beneath the surface of our oceans and streams? Explore in search of these critters and learn about the life surrounding the shoreline. This is a parent participation course. 10:30-11:30am. $8/person. 250-756-5200.

Tim’s Tuesday at Ladysmith Parks, Recreation & Culture. Free swim compliments of Tim Hortons. Give back to the community and bring a donation for the foodbank. 6:30-8pm.

National Lifejacket Day at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Celebrate National Lifejacket Day by submitting an entry to the colouring contest. Colouring sheets and entry details available at the reception desk. Phone RDN, Recreation and Parks at 250-752-5014 or visit www.rdn. for more information.

SAT 17 Mother Goose Sing-a-long Family Swim at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. Bring the children to listen and watch their favourite nursery rhymes in the pool. 10am-noon. Regular admission. 250-752-5014. Super Saturdays at the Campbell River Art Gallery. Drop-in art making program. All materials provided. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 1-3pm. Admission by donation. 250-287-2261.

SUN 18 National Lifejacket Day at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. Activities and displays. 2-4pm. 250756-5200.

WED 21 Glow in the Dark Skate at Frank Crane Arena, Nanaimo. Come skate in an atmosphere of dimmed lighting and special effects. Regular admission rates; glow necklaces $2. 6:30pm. 250-756-5200.

SAT 24 The Great Garage Sale at Oceanside Place Arena. Clean out the attic and sell those no longer needed items. The arena will be transformed into a giant flea market from 9:30am-1pm. Free admission. 250-248-3252.

SUN 25 Qualicum Beach Family Day Free Swim at Ravensong Aquatic Centre. QB Royal Bank sponsors a free swim from 10am-noon. 250752-5014. Grandfamily Day at Mellor Hall, Cowichan Exhibition Grounds. Parents with young children are encouraged to invite aunts and uncles and grandparents for an extended family outing. Roaming entertainment, tricycle parade, the penny farthings, and even a dog agility demonstration. Activity stations include a tricycle decorating station, reading corner and steeplechase. 11am-3pm. By donation. 7380 Trans Canada Highway.

FRI 30 18th Annual Teddy Bear Picnic at Departure Bay Beach. Enjoy crafts, games and interacting with various community partners. 10amnoon. Free.

SAT 31 Kids Pirate Day at Ladysmith Maritime Society Docks. Pirates, Kinsmen Bullhead Derby, kids craft table, giant pirate slide, octopus bouncy castle, clowns, petting zoo, face painting and more. festival.php for more information.

Children & Apple Pie at Evergreen Independent School. Face painting, bouncy castle, fish pond, woodworking table, mini golf course, or try your aim at the Angry Birds game. Silent Auction, concession, bake table, live entertainment and more. Buy an apple pie for a chance to win a diamond necklace. 10am-3pm. For more information, call 250-473-2433 or email

Junior Lifeguard Club at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. Build lifeguarding skills, shadow lifeguards, participate in competitions, learn about first aid, participate in community events, develop leadership and more. $3.50. Ideal for 8-13 years old. Runs until mid-June. Noon-1:30pm. 250-756-5200.

Super Saturdays at the Campbell River Art Gallery. Drop-in art making program. All materials provided. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 1-3pm. Admission by donation. 250-287-2261.

The Youth Zone in Ladysmith. A fun and safe place to hang, meet new friends and enjoy games tables, internet kiosk, TV, movies, board games, karaoke and more. Play sports in the gym, do homework, Energized leaders will challenge you to try new activities. Mondays, 3-6pm in the Rec Room (girls only); Wednesdays, 3-5pm in the gym; Fridays 6-10pm in the Rec Room or gym. Free. 250-245-6424.

ONGOING PRESCHOOL Parent and Tot Drop-in at the HUB at Cowichan Station. Come for songs, organized games, and free play with balls, parachutes and more. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and young children to connect with other families in the community. Free. For more information, email LaFF at the Aggie. A safe play-based learning environment for families and caregivers with children newborn to age 6. Reading centre, craft area, Brio train station, and snack table. Indoor car and toy riding area. Monday to Friday, 9:30am-noon and Thursdays 12:151:45pm. $2 suggested donation per family (punch cards available). 250-210-0870,, Adventures in Early Literacy at the Ladysmith Resource Centre. A parent-child, fun-filled program designed for children ages 3 to 5 years. Participants learn and have fun doing crafts, games and singing. A book is read, lunch and snacks are provided. 9:45-noon. Space is limited, so call 250-245-3079 to get on the list. 630 2nd Ave.

CHILDREN After school Recreation Drop-in at the HUB at Cowichan Station. This is a fun, safe space to get active and have fun with friends. Lots of great sports equipment and organized games and activities, outdoor education activities as well as time for free play. For children 6-12. Free. For more information, email kids@ Homelearners Recreation Drop-in at the HUB at Cowichan Station. A fun morning of outdoor education activities, organized games, and free play with lots of great sports equipment. For ages 5-12. Free. For more information, email


Youth Drop-in in Nanaimo. The ultimate place to be. This is a supervised space for youth to hang out and chill. Regular gymnasium activities and more. Program is free, but please register using barcode 124915. 7-9pm until May 14. Monday: Nanaimo District Secondary School; Tuesday: Oliver Woods Community Centre; Wednesday: John Barsby Community School. Toonie Teen Water Works at Ladysmith Parks Recreation & Culture. Come and enjoy a relaxing start to your evening and weekend—in the pool. Just hang out, or learn and play water games, sports and activities. Lots of options. For 12 to 18-year-olds. Fridays 6:30-9pm until June 27. $2.

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FAMILY Family Frolics at the Community Centre, Ladysmith. Bring your parent or caregiver for open gym fun. Burn off some energy with soft toys (balls and nerf-type games), mini-trampoline, ride-on toys, hula hoops and more. Tuesdays, 5:45-6:45pm. $2 suggested donation/family. 250-245-6424. 8th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt in Oceanside. Find the Golden Shoe! Clues and instructions for the locations of both the shoe and geocache will be posted weekly to and on the RDN Facebook and Twitter pages starting April 11th. So get your hiking boots, maps, compasses or GPS ready! The Bloedel Fire at BC Forest Discovery Centre. Travel along a scenic trail marked with interpretive panels, passing by the Lookout Tower and arriving at the Ranger station building, where the exhibit will be displayed. Open to the public during the centre’s hours throughout the spring and summer seasons.•

Victoria & Vancouver Island 1-866-518-7287 Nanaimo 250-756-9794 Or online at:

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Island Parent Magazine


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34  Insertion IslandDate Parent MayMagazine 2014

Sarah Milligan

My Child Has Cystic Fibrosis & Everything Will Be All Right


’m so sorry to have to tell you this; I wish I had better news.” The pediatrician hesitated, but then she continued. “The results of Maysa’s Newborn Screen tests are in, and they’re positive for Cystic Fibrosis.” It took me several seconds to process the meaning of that sentence. I wasn’t even sure what Cystic Fibrosis (CF) was, but it did seem a plausible explanation for why my three-week-old daughter was unable to gain weight. Ten days worth of blood tests, heart tests, feeding strategies, and meticulous weight charts had offered no clues, and she was now a pound below her birth weight. Suddenly, we had an answer, and I desperately longed to retreat 10 minutes into the past, when we still had other options. I stared through blurry tears at my perfect baby girl—cradled in my husband’s arms, her sleeper slowly dampening from his tears. It felt as if the floor had been yanked out from under my feet, and I didn’t know where anything in my world belonged. Everything, in that moment, was different. The next morning, we drove to Victoria to meet the team of specialists who will care for Maysa for the next 18 years of her life. And so began our crash course in CF. We had, unwittingly, been playing the genetic lottery—both parents must be carriers of a CF gene mutation in order for CF to show up. We know now that when my husband and I have a child, the odds are one in four that he or she will have CF. Our two older children could be carriers, meaning they have no disease but could pass on the gene. We had dodged the bullet twice, but not the third time. Affecting one in 3,600 babies or so, CF is rare enough that nobody in our ancestry had a clue it might be present. It was an utter shock to everyone.  Cystic Fibrosis is a complex condition, but in a nutshell, it allows thick mucous to build up in the lungs and digestive system, leading to repetitive lung infections and trouble absorbing nutrients. For Maysa, she could not grow because of this mucous blocking her body’s attempts to secrete

pancreatic enzymes, a standard issue with CF. Without this critical component of digestion, she had been unable to absorb any nutrients. She was literally starving to death, despite having her belly filled every three hours. We learned how to give a dose of enzymes in a bit of applesauce before each feed, and, within 24 hours, watched her weight begin to rise. Then it hit home how fortunate we were that CF had been added to the Newborn Screening Program just a year or so before Maysa was born. Not all children fail to thrive at first; they may have no symptoms for awhile, or they may have intestinal blockages requiring emergency surgery within 24 hours of birth. The spectrum is wide, but now all children born in B.C. will have a diagnosis within the first few weeks of life. Access to early treatment makes an immeasurable difference. We spent another five days in the hospital, learning how to do Maysa’s lung-clearing physiotherapy three times daily, understanding which meds she needs, when, and why, and making sure her weight was still going in the right direction. My heart ached for my daughter, so tiny and facing a life of struggle. We alternated between raw emotion and deep gratitude—for the doctors and nurses caring for our child, for the flood of grace from family, friends and strangers, who stockpiled our freezer, held fundraisers, brought us coffee, and doted on our older children, at home with relatives. It was a salve to our broken hearts to know that people we had never met were uniting to help Maysa.  At last, we went home and tried to stick all the pieces of our life together again, around the new centerpiece of CF. It was not exactly a smooth phase; bringing a new child into the family is always challenging, never mind a high-maintenance one. It was so hard—and it still is—to balance Maysa’s CF care with the regular, equally valid needs of our older children. Luckily, they decided to make it their mission to help take care of her. We have dozens of adorable photos of the big

kids sitting with Maysa, doing their best to entertain her during her physio sessions. Some things were harder—like when we spent Maysa’s second Christmas with her tiny, 15-month-old arm bandaged to hold an IV port, going to the hospital every 12 hours for intravenous antibiotics. But there were also heart-warming time, like when my son, then four, tore a strip off his Grandpa for trying to come through the front door without first using hand sanitizer: “Gwanpa, you din’t kween yow HANDS! Yow hands kin’ have GEWMS! You hafta go back outside and KWEEN dem, wight NOW!” Hilarious, too, were the early weeks of using a nebulizer—a device that turns a liquid medicine into a mist that can be inhaled directly to the lungs. My husband would hold Maysa in one hand and the nebulizer mask in the other, and try to stick the two together, while I danced around singing maniacally, trying to distract her from screaming herself hoarse. Through tears of frustration and of laughter, life went on, amidst the regular stuff of life with kids—teething, potty training, board books, and toddler tantrums. And then one day, it didn’t feel strange anymore. Cystic Fibrosis had become part of our world, as regular as anything. We seem to have come through the cycle of shock, sorrow, acceptance, and peace. And we will likely plunge through the cycle again. Each day with CF brings risks, risks of viral illness, of bacteria taking hold, of lung or weight deterioration. There will always be uncertainty; there will always be fear. But if I allow those things to rule me, I will not be doing justice to my daughter. When I look at the big picture, we have everything to be thankful for. Maysa has CF in a day when a cure is not just a dream, but a plausible and tangible hope. New medications are being developed that show incredible results. Research has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. In the past, a child with CF might not live past the age of five. Today, the average life expectancy in Canada is in the late 40s. Maysa has the best possible chance of living a normal, healthy life. She has the privilege of access to healthcare, to the very best doctors, and the very best treatment. But she still needs help; she still needs hope. And so many others, who have battled CF for long years, need it sooner. Today, Maysa is two-and-a-half. She is a bright, busy toddler, with a charming nature and an adorable smile. She tries to do everything her older brother and sister do, and in typical third-child fashion, screeches “HEY!

Dat’s MIIIINE!” if anyone looks at a toy she is holding. She actually likes the nebulizer. We travel to Victoria every month or two to see her amazing team. She truly loves her doctors and therapists, and looks forward to visiting them. One day she will realize that not everybody has to do the things she has to do to stay healthy. But for now, she doesn’t know another way and she faces everything so bravely. Chest infections and illnesses have had her in the hospital for a month or so of her young life. Weight gain will always be a struggle—and an essential one, since healthy weight has been proven to boost lung function. But right now she is doing better than she ever has before. As for me, in a strange way, Cystic Fibrosis has been a blessing in unlikely wrapping. If it weren’t for CF, I would not have true gratitude for where and when we live. I would have missed the opportunity to experience grace and love being poured on me in a time when I could not stand alone. Cystic Fibrosis has broken my heart, but in healing around the break, I find my heart has been made infinitely more capable of love, empathy, and gratitude. Because my child has CF, I now recognize, with awe and humility, the decades of determined hope mustered by volunteers who have raised millions upon millions of dollars to fund the quest for a cure. I now see how people affected by CF have managed to turn their grief to hope, channeling their fear into positive action and striving for a better future for children who had not yet been born. For my child. Maysa’s life is infinitely better because of all they have fought for. And so I feel privileged to take my place beside them, my daughter’s tiny hand in mine. I believe we will see a cure for Cystic Fibrosis in her lifetime. It cannot come too soon. But the future is on the doorstep, and the future brings hope. May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month. Every week, someone in Canada dies too soon because of CF. To learn how you can help in the mission to cure Cystic Fibrosis, please visit Every bit helps to build a road to the cure. Also, look for your local Great Strides Walk, happening Canada-wide on May 25. To lend support or simply spread awareness, please visit www.


Stroller Spin

Get your spin class in without the worry of child care. Class includes spin and some core and stretching. Tu 11:30-12:30pm May 6-Jun 24 $40/8 89221 Tu 11:30-12:30pm Jul 8-29 $20/4 89222 Tu 11:30-12:30pm Aug 5-26 $20/4 89223

Stroller Boot Camp

This class will challenge your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Classes take place inside and outside. M 10:30-11:30am May 5-Jun 23 $35/7 89197 W 10:30-11:30am May 7-Jun 25 $40/8 89199 W 10:30-11:30am Jul 2-30 $25/5 89200 W 10:30-11:30am Aug 6-27 $20/4 89219

Stroller Fit

Get in shape and attend to your child. Classes are inside and out and include power walking, toning and flexibility. F 10:30-11:30am May 9-Jun 27 $40/8 89193 F 10:30-11:30am Jul 4-Aug 1 $25/5 89194 F 10:30-11:30am Aug 8-Aug 29 $20/4 89196 All classes are in the JDF Fitness Studio


Sarah Milligan lives on Vancouver Island. She is grateful to her children for the joy they bring—not to mention the endless writing fodder.

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Big Problems in Little Ears Healthy Families, Happy Families

Child, Youth & Family Public Health South Island Health Units Esquimalt 250-519-5311 Gulf Islands 250-539-3099 (toll-free number for office in Saanichton)

Peninsula 250-544-2400 Saanich 250-519-5100 Saltspring Island 250-538-4880 Sooke 250-642-5464 Victoria 250-388-2200 West Shore 250-519-3490

Central Island Health Units Duncan 250-709-3050 Ladysmith 250-755-3342 Lake Cowichan 250-749-6878 Nanaimo 250-755-3342 Nanaimo Princess Royal 250-755-3342 Parksville/Qualicum 250-947-8242 Port Alberni 250-731-1315 Tofino 250-725-4020

North Island Health Units Campbell River 250-850-2110 Courtenay 250-331-8520 Kyuquot Health Ctr 250-332-5289 ‘Namgis Health Ctr 250-974-5522 Port Hardy 250-902-6071

36  Island Parent Magazine


n ear infection (otitis media) is an infection of the middle ear, the space just behind the eardrum. Middle ear infections are one of the most common health conditions of young children—more than three out of four children will have at least one ear infection by age three. Ear infections can cause discomfort and affect the way children hear. It’s not always easy for parents to know if their child has an ear infection. The symptoms can be vague and look like a regular cold or flu, often appearing during or just after a child has been sick with one of these illnesses. Ear pain is the most common symptom of an ear infection. If your child isn’t old enough to say “my ear hurts,” there are a few things you can look for: tugging or pulling at the ear(s), fussiness and crying, changes in appetite or sleeping patterns, fever (especially in infants and younger children), fluid draining from the ear, and trouble hearing or responding to quiet sounds. The middle ear, where these infections occur, is located between the eardrum and the inner ear. In a healthy ear, the middle ear space is filled with air. Fluid often builds up in the middle ear because the eustachian tube, the drainage pathway that connects the middle ear to the back of the throat, can become easily blocked in young children. Fluid in the middle ear can become infected with bacteria or viruses that enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube, leading to an ear infection. Anatomy is the main reason little ones have problems with their ears. Children’s eustachian tubes, which don’t fully mature until after age seven, are angled less steeply than those of an adult, making it harder for fluid to drain from the middle ear. Their tubes are shorter, making it easier for germs in the throat to work their way up into the middle ear. Also the muscles that open the tube and allow fluid to drain are not as well developed in young children. A child’s immune system isn’t as effective as an adult’s because it is still developing.

As a result, they are more susceptible to upper respiratory infections that can lead to ear infections. The only way to be sure that your child has an ear infection is to visit your doctor who will look in your child’s ear for signs of an infection. Your doctor can determine the type of infection and whether or not an antibiotic is needed. Antibiotics are

not always indicated for an ear infection. In fact, an acute middle ear infection will resolve without treatment in 80 per cent of children. Your doctor may recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever. Your doctor may refer your child to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist or ENT) if your child is having frequent ear infections, has middle ear fluid for over three months, or has prolonged hearing loss. The specialist may suggest tubes (middle ear ventilation tubes) if more conservative treatments have failed to fix the problem. A tiny tube is inserted into the eardrum to ventilate and equalize pressure in the middle ear. This will help to prevent future infections

and the accumulation of fluid, and will help normalize hearing. The surgery to place ventilation tubes only takes a few minutes, but it is done under general anesthesia. The tube will stay in place until it is naturally pushed out as the eardrum grows. Once the tube is out and the hole in the eardrum has healed, the child is again dependent on their own natural ear ventilation to prevent middle ear fluid

Healthy Families, Happy Families CH I L D y O u t H & Fa M I Ly P u B L I C H e a Lt H


build-up. Ideally, by the time the tubes are out, the child’s ears have matured and they have outgrown their ear problems. Breastfeeding and/or certain immunizations may offer some protection against ear infections. Currently, the best way to prevent middle ear infections is to reduce the risk factors associated with them. The following factors put children at a higher risk for ear infections: exposure to cigarette smoke, bottle feeding baby lying on their back, pacifier use, exposure to other sick children, and allergies. Frequent hand washing helps prevent cold and flu, which are also major risk factors for ear infections. During an ear infection your child might experience a temporary hearing reduction as a result of the fluid in the middle ear. After an ear infection resolves and pain has gone away, the fluid will remain in the middle ear until the eustachian tube drains the fluid. In most cases the fluid will clear up by itself and hearing will return to normal within several weeks, even if no treatment is applied. If you are concerned with your child’s hearing, you should have their hearing checked by an Audiologist. There is no single best approach to treating all middle ear infections. If you are concerned your child might have an ear infection, consult your child’s family doctor to decide what is appropriate for your child. For more information, contact your doctor, your public health nurse (through your local health unit) or one of the Island Health Speech and Hearing Clinics (250-388-2250 or 250-519-3490). 119–1591 McKenzie Ave, Victoria

250 477 7321

Victoria’s favourite dentists believe a healthy smile starts early. Free first visit for children under 5.


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Jenny Bulk, M.Sc. RAud Clinical Audiologist, Child, Youth & Family Public Health, Island Health Hearing Clinic.


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of barely worn toddler clothes. Your kids will eventually start asking for money, and they will not understand any of the stress related to their requests. It does not end, and things will never be free. Best thing to do is get used to it. 3. Kids will test your relationships: Dads, your relationship with your significant other, or any potential candidates if you are single,

Life Is Never What You Think it Is Going to Be


ife is never what you think it is going to be, and this is especially so with being a parent. I must have been influenced by the television commercials I watched growing up, because my expectations of fatherhood seem to fit perfectly with the image of a goofy dad smiling as he mows the lawn or helps with breakfast. Every day I am reminded ,however, that nothing is what I think it is going to be. Here is a list of the top five things I believe every dad should keep in mind as he ventures through the maze that is fatherhood. 1. Your stuff won’t be new for a long time—no matter if it’s golf clubs, a suit, other clothes, or stuff around the house, it will get damaged, or appropriated for other uses. My books have been torn and stained, my suits for work the same. The

house will be damaged in ways that will leave you wondering “How can a person that weighs between 20 to 50 and pounds do so much damage to one house?” It took me some time to accept this and adjust. I had to figure out new areas to put things, think twice before I bought things, and just watch a little closer. As time went on and my daughters grew, this adjustment continued. 2. Costs will never go down. Your income might increase, but so too will the costs of raising children. This will be a factor for the rest of your life. At first, it’s diapers, wipes, food, etc. When the kids start school, you will watch closely the price of juice boxes, and wonder why some companies get away with charging $379.00 for a pack of six. As the kids grow, you will wonder why you spent any money at all on clothes, as you try to find people to accept your donations

Dadspeak Frank o’Brien will now change forever as well, for two reasons. For one, your priorities have gone through a natural change, and so everything must follow suit. For another, you have also changed in the eyes of others, whether you like it or not, for better or for worse. For those of you who are in relationships, you will watch your partner adapt in ways you never imagined possible. I watched my wife go without sleep for three or four

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Come Dance With Us Call (250) 384-3267, email: or visit us at

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years. Pretty amazing. You might not be number one on her priority list now, so get used to that, and don’t take it personally. You have, as a couple, just morphed from a pair into a “team” with a purpose. Get on board fast. This won’t stop changing either. When you are the dad of pre-teens, your kids will learn, almost instinctively, to divide and conquer. Your partner might side with your kids. Take it in stride. 4. Your kids will seem smarter than you, especially in this day and age, when each successive generation ingests more knowledge than the previous. Your kids will learn faster, and won’t learn some things you have always thought very important. My girls have not really spent a great deal of time perfecting their penmanship. In school, this became a priority for me after a few teachers told me they had problems reading my work. My girls are much better on a keyboard than me however, and can type without ever having taken a formal lesson. I tried to broach the subject of penmanship improvement a couple of times. I don’t any more. My daughters read faster, and are worldlier. Sure, they don’t have a certain wisdom that can only come with age, but they are smart. It is something to be proud of, after you get over the feeling of being outsmarted by a six-year-old. 5. They will test you in ways you never imagined—they are reflections of you. You will see yourself in them, and they will amplify fears that you have. You will watch them grow, and you will be horrified that they pick up your worst habits. Don’t worry. Children, for the most part, pick up all of their parents habits. This is not so bad. In a world where the role of the father is changing so rapidly, and at times questioned, you will question your role. You will question your ability to be a dad, and you will question your own upbringing. You will be tested emotionally in ways you thought a man is never tested. These tests will sneak up on you. I don’t think they stop. I am sure I am the test for my own father, just like you are for yours. Frank O’Brien is an entrepreneur and writer, currently finishing a book on the restaurant and finance industries, and on learning how to succeed. He is happily married with two daughters, and enjoys writing about the adventure that is fatherhood.

& The place online where parents and grandparents get information about their community for their family: Read current and past issues of Island Parent Magazine. Visit our Marketplace to find businesses, programs and services that cater to the little person in your life. Looking for that special something you had when you were a kid? Check out our classified ads. Want to see what’s up today or this weekend? View our calendar of events. Whether it’s dance lessons, parenting workshops, fun days and festivals, what’s happening at your local rec centre or community events—Kids In Victoria has it all! Maybe you are looking for something to engage your mind or perhaps need a little bit of advice. Well we have that too on our community forum. Receive Island Parent & Kids In Victoria e-newsletter for updates and exclusive contests. You can also enter our monthly and photo contests.

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Mother, May I?


other, may I?” Ah, such a sweet phrase, redolent of nostalgic moments such as sipping lemonade while swinging on porch swings, eating the last bit of cotton candy while sitting, very still, in the top seat of the ferris wheel, or heading down to the corner store to buy some penny candy, back in the day when there was such a thing—pennies themselves, and candies that only cost that much. Which mamas out there are addressed as ‘Mother’, anymore? (My kids call me Mama, Kathy, Socks, or Tony—you tell me…). The grammar is evocative of a time when rote learning echoed through our schools, and complete sentences weren’t slowly disappearing. And finally, the very phrase itself—a question, asking for permission, and assuming a maternal authority. Times change, and everything with time, and although I sigh for good manners and a firm understanding of grammar, I am proud of having children with questioning, independent minds, who know themselves as equal, not lesser beings, due only to age. Off of my soapbox, now, and back to that

adorable little voice that started us off… the ‘May I’s’ that I remember were usually treat-related, whether that treat involved running to the park with a friend, taking the dog for a walk by themselves, or perhaps, a small smackerel of something delicious to snack on. Snacks get lost in the shuffle of healthy eating: people get so very concerned with what’s in the treat that they forget about the purpose of the treat. Treats are something special, something lovely, something on the sweet side of things, to brighten a day and pick up an afternoon. Processed foods are not great: anything too far removed from what it originally was should give a pause before we bring it home. Sweetness can be found in some unlikely sources: beets, carrots, and snap peas are all vegetables with a lot of natural sugar in them. Honey is an invert sugar. Stirred into warm milk with cinnamon, it makes a nice calming and comforting drink. It’s fun sometimes to say “Yes! Here’s a treat for you, Honey! Now go on an enjoy it!”

Red Smoothie 1 beet, boiled and peeled (as in cupcake recipe) 1⁄2 cup frozen blueberries 1 small avocado 1 banana 1⁄2 red delicious apple (can leave the peel on) sprinkle cinnamon splash of liquid honey, if desired 1⁄2 – 3⁄4 cup almond milk, as necessary Place beet, blueberries, avocado pulp banana and apple in blender. Sprinkle cinnamon over top, squirt honey over. Pour almond milk in, and begin to blend, adding more almond milk as needed for taste. This is very nutritious, tastes good, and is a very striking colour, to boot.

Spicy Rice Crisps 1 box (non-Jumbo) puffed rice (or wheat) cereal, brown rice is nice 13⁄4 cup brown rice syrup 3⁄4 cup almond butter pinch salt 1 tsp cinnamon 1⁄4 tsp nutmeg 1⁄4 tsp ground ginger Heat rice syrup in small saucepan over medium-low heat until thoroughly liquid, stirring often. Add spices, and almond but-

Transforming disability into ability. At Discovery School, learning disabilities are transformed into valuable skills and abilities. Students work at their own pace in small classes, with focused, individualized instruction. • Experienced, highly-qualified teachers • Ongoing assessment, evaluation & feedback • Improves organizational & study skills • Boost confidence, independence & responsibility • Nurturing environment based on Christian values • For students aged 7 – 18 in grades 1 – 12 • Individual Education Plans • Low student/teacher ratio

Enrolment is limited. For more information or to arrange a tour, visit, call Sherri Ko at 250-595-7765 or email 40  Island Parent Magazine

ter.Stir until combined. Pour cereal into large bowl, and pour syrup/spice mixture over. Mix well (buttering one’s hands and then mixing by hand works well). Press mixture

Just Eat It! Kathy Humphrey into rectangular pan. Cool for about an hour; cut into squares.

Red Velvet Cupcakes 2 – 3 large beets, well scrubbed 2 cups flour (regular, or cake flour) 1 tsp baking powder 1⁄2 tsp salt pinch cinnamon 1 cup plus 2 Tbsp sugar 3 eggs, room temperature, and beaten 2⁄3 cup canola oil 3⁄4 tsp vanilla Place beets in medium saucepan and cover with water. Bring to boil; reduce to simmer and allow to cook for about 1 hour, or until very tender when poked with a fork. Remove from heat and run under cold water right away, to stop cooking and loosen skins. Allow to cool. Peel and then purée in a blender until smooth. Set aside. Preheat oven to 350˚F. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Beat together eggs and sugar until fluffy. Add oil and vanilla. Stir in beet purée. Add flour to the mixture and stir until well combined. Scoop into paper-lined cupcake tin, and bake for 20–25 minutes for full-sized cupcakes, 8–15 if making in a mini-cupcake pan. Allow to cool for 10 minutes in the tin, and then an hour on a rack before frosting.

Basic Butter Cream Icing 11⁄4 cup butter, softened 2 cups icing sugar 1 Tbsp heavy cream 1 tsp vanilla, OR 1 Tbsp grated orange rind, and squeeze of orange juice Beat butter until creamy. Push sugar through sieve and beat together, adding cream to thin to desired consistency. Add flavouring as desired: apply to cupcakes. Kathy Humphrey lives in Victoria with her husband and two children. She tries to see cooking for a family not as a chore but as a creative outlet.

P M COAA S D N A L K JULY 2- 4 JULY 7-11 JULY 14-18 JULY 21-25 JULY 28 - 1 AUG 5- 8 AUG 11-15 AUG 18-22 AUG 25-27

1 day/ $40 5 days/$170 7:30a-5:30p

Seahawks (5-7 years)

Firebirds (8-12 years)

A Bug’s Life Where the Wild Things Are Art-a-palooza Oh the Places You’ll Go Let’s Get Wet Country Hoedown Shiver Me Timbers Music Makers & Shakers Pay it Forward

Amazing Race Jurassic Park Waterworld Camping in our Big Backyard Rockband Culinary Crusaders Movie Making Madness Beach Daze Green Thumbs


Oaklands Community Centre 1-2827 Belmont Ave. | | 250-370-9101

Making Meaningful Memories Read a Book • Do a Craft

Kool Toys & Teaching Tools

Play a Game • Make Believe 102–2517 Bowen Road, Nanaimo   250.585.1778   Toll free 1.888.390.1775  May 2014  41

Around the World


his winter I was fortunate to travel with my family through Laos. Before leaving home, I read about an organization, Big Brother Mouse, that was founded by a collaboration between an American publisher and a young Laos man. Laos is a country where reading and literacy have very low priority and Big Brother Mouse is working to change that. They publish stories written and illustrated by locals in Laos in the Lao language. These books are then distributed throughout Laos either through a village book party, funded by grants or donations, or by tourists who buy the books and hand them out as they travel. On our first day in Laos we went to Big Brother Mouse, bought a stack of books and planned a hike which brought us into a beautifully kept little village filled with tidy thatched houses, ducks, chickens, water buffalo, and a water pump where the kids and women were washing. As we walked through the village, my kids began to pass the books around and soon kids were running up to us hoping for a book. We sought shelter in the shade of a nearby tree, watched some other kids play a game and then we began to walk back through the village to return. As we did we noticed that all the kids in the village had clustered in little groups, some with adults, some without, and all were busy reading the books. The village had gone quiet and still. It was a beautiful reminder of just how fortunate we are to have access to such a rich literary world. For those who are unable to travel, don’t have the urge, or for those who just can’t get enough, we merely need to open a book and descend into its pages to be transported to another place. Finding good stories, set in other countries, is a great way to learn, feel and understand more about the world, each other and ourselves. However, whenever I give a book to my boys that is supposed to “teach” them, they are often uninterested. The trick, I’ve discovered, is to weave the learning into a human story that they can identify with or be moved by. The following is a selection of books that bring us outside of our comfortable homes and transport us around the globe.

I Lost My Tooth In Africa by Penda

Diakite That the author of this beautiful little picture book is a child isn’t the only thing that makes it special. While the story illustrates how the people of Mali eat, live and speak, the story is centered around a young girl who, visiting her Mali family from America, loses a tooth and waits for the African tooth fairy to appear. Young children will identify with the universal theme of losing a tooth and recognize the anticipation she feels waiting. The book is illustrated by the author’s father, an awardwinning illustrator.

The Servant by Fatima Sharafeddine

When Faten’s father orders her to work as a maid for a wealthy family in Beirut, the 15-year-old girl finds herself without rights, freedom or education. Even her salary is sent directly to her father. This courageous, strong young girl is determined to make more of her life and seeks an alternative to the life of slavery that she has been told must be hers. The book touches on many important themes such as class divisions, gender inequalities, living in war and the contrast of rural versus urban life. Mixed into the story is a spattering of romance and enough tension that preteen to teen readers will be captivated, cheering Faten on as she struggles for independence.

Children of the River by Linda Crew

On the positive side, Children of the River explores Cambodia’s horrific history during the early 1970s in a way that is understandable for kids. Sundara was only a young girl when she left her country in the midst of genocide and traveled to Oregon with her aunt and uncle, not knowing if her immediate family was alive. When the story starts, she is a teenager trying to balance between her traditional and American roles and struggling to find a place within her family without her parents or siblings. The story explores the struggles of refugee families leaving their homeland—the trauma, hope and despair that they carry with them. It creates empathy and an understanding of

the different worlds that refugees have to navigate. For this it is worth reading. However, there are also so many clichés in the book that detract from the overall story. There is forbidden love, the strict and removed aunt, who is clinging to “traditional values,” the pretty “foreign girl” who

Book Nook

Nanaimo's downtown destination for Children’s Toys and Books

Paisley Aiken

Specializing in books for babies, toddlers, easy to read and kids to 12 years! Playmobil, Lego, Brio & Thomas Trains, Folkmanis Puppets, Puzzles Toys from Baby to Tween!

speaks poor English, and the mean popular cheerleader. These aspects fluff the story up, making it feel like a light read despite the more interesting themes at the story’s core. For this reason, Children of the River may appeal more to kids around the age of 10, rather than to teens, who may not find it sophisticated enough.

306 – 60 Commercial Street, Nanaimo 250-714-0026

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Reading this book reminded me of my all-time favourite adult book, What is the What by Dave Eggars, a beautifully written, deeply emotive and informative story based on the true story of one of the lost boys of Sudan and his subsequent journey to America. A Long Walk to Water is a simpler, less emotional version of the same tragedy that is more suitable for young readers. In it, two voices are woven together to create a tale with immense impact and hope. The first voice tells the story of a young boy, Salva, who is displaced during the Sudan war. He finds himself walking through Sudan to Ethiopia seeking refuge. His loneliness, fear and struggle against hunger and despair is keenly felt. The other protagonist is a young girl who, over 20 years after Salva’s walk, is forced to quit school so she can walk back and forth to a pond and collect enough water for her family every day. Eventually the stories come together to demonstrate how hope can grow from any tragedy. Paisley Aiken reads extensively to her three energetic young boys. She is founder of The Story Studio Writing Society, a charity that grows kids’ relationship with literacy. On Ac teelny 25 cep s ted

ce s anrie le r nt sa ab E ur ail BAv

May 2014  43

On the Road Again

S The “BEST” way to cloth diaper your child. Winner of the 2012 Sterling Awardal for environment sustainability

We Supply Everything You Need

(except the baby!)

Serving Vancouver Island since 2008

We deliver from Victoria & area to Comox Valley


• Affordable  • Environmentally friendly  • Form fitted • Adjustable plastic snaps  • No rinsing or soaking

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Locally owne

44  Island Parent Magazine


even grueling hours. Everything we might need must be carefully planned; unpredictable situations must be prepared for. Nobody knows where or when we will be able to stop, eat, rest or pee. Yes, it’s time for that gloriously risky adventure that either bonds or divides companions forever: the Family Car Trip. The Car Trip is one of the countless things that holds a completely different meaning now than it did in the Life Before Kids. In those days, we called it a Road Trip, and it was a thing of spontaneous fun. Rarely taking more than a few hours to plan, it required nothing more than my husband and I tossing our bare essentials into an overnight bag, grabbing our sunglasses and a map, and jumping into our compact car. We ate when and where we pleased, stopped where our fancies dictated, and had long, intelligent discussions while listening to grown-up radio or—gasp!—music sprinkled with the occasional cuss word. Now, the Road Trip has morphed into the Family Car Trip, and it is no longer something we look forward to, but rather an ordeal to endure for the sake of getting someplace else to do exactly what we do at home, only someplace else. The compact car has become a dented Honda Odyssey; the soundtrack, endless repeats of Raffi’s best.  Packing for a Family Car Trip involves weeks of strategic list-making, and loading everything we own into assorted totes and bags. When it comes time to cram it all into the vehicle, my husband’s hours of childhood Tetris practice prove their worth. Into the cracks, we will squeeze our own bags—haphazardly stuffed with random clothing that we hope is clean. It is exceedingly rare that I forget the kids’ favorite toothpaste, but I almost always forget something of my own—if not my entire suitcase. We must plan for entertainment, too. In the olden days, I’m pretty sure children were capable of sitting for hours on a hard wagon seat, with nothing to do but stare out over the fields. In my own childhood, we survived long Family Car Trips with a raisin box and a pad of paper. But now? My kids are incapable of driving farther than three blocks without a backpack stuffed with never-before-seen goodies, and enough snacks to feed a Third World village for a week.  Once we get on the road, we never know what to expect, but there are a few “rules” we can rely on, components that are standard

to every Family Car Trip. Rule one: everyone will have to pee at different times, requiring a stop every half hour. Rule two: we pack everything, so that we won’t need anything. The potty, the puke bucket, the extra clothing. Invariably, we never need them unless we’ve forgotten to pack them. Rule three: In the

Is There an App for This? SARAH MILLIGAN event that the kids are asleep, we Do Not Stop for any reason, barring bridge construction or police road blocks—and even then, only if they look serious. For the duration of the Family Car Trip, intelligent conversation and pleasant radio is drowned out by a constant barrage of three young people talking at once, most dialogue revolving around food, boredom, or bickering. My spouse and I barely get a word in edgewise, which is fine because we lack the ability to speak in full sentences by that point, anyway. Assuming our marriage vows survive the length of the Car Trip, we will arrive feeling like we’ve trekked up Mt Everest and back. The bedraggled Odyssey will be covered in two inches of debris: cracker crumbs, discarded shoes, and crayon wrappers. We will be ready to slug anyone who suggests another game of I Spy. For five minutes, we will breathe deeply and try to restore our inner equilibrium. And then we will begin preparing for the looming Family Car Trip back home, repeating all the aforementioned steps in reverse—only with dirtier laundry.  Insanity? Yes. Grueling? Absolutely. Miserable? Completely. So why do we do this to ourselves? Because the alternative is a Family Airplane Trip, which uses similar components but involves more scrutiny from strangers— and costs four times as much. And anyway, we’re holding out for the day the Olympic Commission recognizes the Family Car Trip as an official sport. And when that day comes, we will be champions.  Sarah Milligan lives on Vancouver Island. She is grateful to her three children for the joy they inspire—not to mention the endless writing fodder.

Family-Friendly Cowichan & Mid-Island Gentle Choices for Families

GrandKids University July 3 & 4, 2014 GrandKids (ages 7-13) & grandparents come together to learn in a dynamic atmosphere!

Ethical, eco-friendly, family friendly.

Spaces are limited. Register Today! 1-866-734-6252 A–3148 Barons Rd, Nanaimo Parking in the numbered stalls accessed by driving behind the building


Child, Adolescent & Family Psychology Mental Health Services

Assessment and evidence-based treatment.

Psychoeducational Assessments

Dr. Shannon Barnsley Registered Psychologist

BC College Registration #2071 204–


Evaluations for learning disabilities, achievement testing and most school-related academic problems.

Common Childhood Concerns

Anxiety, grief, depression, behaviour problems, school learning and behaviour problems, ADHD, family and step-family relationships, bullying, low self-esteem, sleep difficulties.

900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo, BC May 2014


Family Services Directory This directory, sponsored by Thrifty Foods, features not for profit agencies and organizations serving children, youth and families. BC Families in Transition (formerly the Separation and Divorce Resource Centre) is one of three non-profit agencies in North America that offers professional counselling, legal support and education for people who are having problems in their relationships. Each year we help 10,000 adults, children and youth through family changes, separations and divorces, remarriages, and complex family situations. Whether you wish to separate or remain together, call us at 250-386-4331 or visit to see how we can help. Some evening and weekend appointments available. Beacon Community Services is a community-based non-profit agency providing social, employment, and health services to Saanich Peninsula, Greater Victoria, and Southern Gulf Islands residents. Beacon offers: child, youth, and family services; a drop-in family resource centre; counselling; employment services for adults, youth, and people with disabilities; home support; volunteer services and opportunities; community events; affordable assisted living for seniors; referrals, information, and resources; thrift shops. For Home Support information call 250-658-6407; for all other inquiries call 250-656-0134, or visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring programs for children and youth between the ages of 7 - 17. Adult volunteers (“Bigs”) are matched with children (“Littles”) based on shared interests, respect and trust. No special skills or experience are needed to be a mentor to a child, just a willingness to be a friend and commit to being a

46  Island Parent Magazine


consistent, positive adult role model. Make a BIG difference in the life of a child in as little as 1 hr./ week. Contact us at 250-475-1117 or visit www. or ‘LIKE’ our page at facebook. com/bbbsvictoria. Boys & Girls Club Services offer after-school and evening social, educational and recreational programming for children and youth at 4 locations. We also offer support to parents (Parents Together) and programs at our Outdoor Centre in Metchosin. For more information on all programs and services visit or call 250.384.9133. The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) provides year-round, innovative, high quality sports, recreational, social and employment related programs for individuals and families living with autism, while building awareness and capacity through community networks across British Columbia. The Canucks Autism Network currently offers the following programs on Vancouver Island: Soccer (ages 5-15), Swim (ages 4-15), Family Events and Camps. To learn how you can become a member, please visit or call (604) 685-4049. Community Living Victoria supports people with developmental disabilities and their families by providing residential services, day and community supports (supported employment, parent support and independent living). Our Host agency provides direct supports for those with Individualized Funding and Home Share service. We also provide Autism Services for youth between 13 and 19. Our family support program offers advocacy, conflict resolution, education, newsletters, workshops,

Science Works For Kids • Educational Toys • Science Kits • Kites • Stomp Rockets

support groups and a resource library. Please call 250-477-7231 ext 233. Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society. Our Family Services offer family resource programs with a focus on early childhood development and learning, parenting education and pre and post-natal services. Our Counselling Services are free to adults and youth (12-18 years); adult and short term clinical counselling is offered for acute mental health problems. For more information call 250-385-2635 or visit 511 Constance Ave. in Esquimalt. HeadWay Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson’s Centre supports families living with seizures by providing tutoring and one-on-one professional consultations to help your child live up to their full potential. We offer a parent workshop three times a year as well as education presentations in schools and community groups. Keep up to date with the latest research about treatments, lifestyle, and safety issues for your child. We can be reached at, or you can contact our Epilepsy Program Coordinator directly at 250-475-6677. Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) is a service agency for immigrants and refugees. Programs offered include cross-cultural counseling, parenting programs (child care available), family violence programs, employment services, interpretation and translation, diversity workshops and training, ESL instruction, volunteering, youth programs and tutoring, as well as intercultural arts programming. 930 Balmoral Rd, 250-388-4728,, www. Learning Disabilities Association of BC, SVI Chapter, educates, supports and advocates for children and youth with learning disabilities and related conditions. Services include a public lending library, individual/

Victoria’s Hands-On Science & Nature Store For Adults • Telescopes • Guide Books • Microscopes • Crystals

Hundreds of Gift Items for Science & Nature Lovers of All Ages

1889 Oak Bay Ave 250-595-6033 Open 10am–5:30pm Tuesday–Saturday

group support for parents and children, professional/educational workshops for parents and professionals. Child and youth programs include: reading/writing, academic skills, social/emotional skill development and Fast ForWord. 1652 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8S 5J2. Ph 250.370.9513. Fax. 250.370.9421. www. Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) provides programs and services to the military family community including: 24-Hour Information Line; Deployment Information and Workshops; Short Term Counselling, Crisis Support or Intervention; Welcome/Relocation Services; Childcare and Family Support Services; Assistance for Families with Special Needs and Responsibilities. Exciting Volunteer opportunities available! Call the MFRC: 250-363-2640 (1-800-353-3329) for information or visit

Luxton Pro Rodeo MAY 17, 18 & 19, 2014

Champion Cowboys, Specialty Acts & More!!! DANCE: Luxton Hall, Sat 9pm, $18. Band: Montgomery County RODEO EVENTS start 2pm daily. admission tickets at gate. Adults $20 (14 and under free with adult). OAP & Students $15 (up to 18 yrs). All prices include GST. FREE GROUNDS ADMISSION (Opens 12 noon daily) To: Vendors, Blacksmith, antique Farm equipment & Heritage Displays; Carnival Midway rides (opens Fri 3pm; Sat, Sun, Mon 1pm)

Parking by donation – Hwy #14, Corner of Sooke & Luxton Rd, 12 miles from Victoria

Info: 250-478-4250

Parent Support Services Society (www. provides support circles, parenting resources and referrals to all in a parenting role including grandparents raising grandchildren. Our training in peer group facilitation is open to the community. Support circles are free with child minding and transportation assistance available. Volunteers are always needed. Call 250-3848042; email 1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre ( provides support, education and resources for parents in the Greater Victoria area through free counselling, volunteer training for reception and peer helper positions, a mentoring program for single moms, and a support group for dads. The Centre also offers over 20 integrated life skills and parenting courses which are open to the whole community (fees are on a sliding scale). Child care assistance is available based on financial need. The Centre provides a bread pantry and free clothing for single parents. Donations of gently-used clothing, small household items, books, and toys are very welcome every Monday and Wednesday. Centre hours are 9–4 weekdays. 602 Gorge Rd. East; call 250-385-1114 or South Island Centre for Counselling & Training is an affordable, non-profit, counselling and training agency serving individuals and families from all social, ethnic, and financial backgrounds. We help people with a wide range of issues including low self-esteem, depression, grief, marital and family conflict, abuse and spiritual direction. We also offer helpful “life” courses. For more information contact us at 250-472-2851; or visit

- experience with math and science

A weekend of special family events hosted by Oak and Orca School/ Hands-On Home-Learning nt l Eve

ia Spec



Saturday May 24th 10:00-4:00

• workshops for kids & adults, displays, kids activity corner •

at Fernwood Community Centre


ial Spec


12THANNUAL BIOREGIONAL FAIR Sunday May 25th 11:00-3:00

• kids activities, silent auction, workshops, food/bake sale •

at Oak and Orca School


250 383 6609 May 2014


Screen Time June 13–15, 2014


o you ever feel that you have to constantly entertain your baby? That kind of pressure can be exhausting. It may seem that providing screen time for your baby is the only alternative to always “being on” or to taking a break. Screens are so prevalent in our society, now targeting the smallest among us: apps for babies, videos aimed at educating babies and infant seats with iPad holders. I am all too familiar with the ease and convenience of throwing on a TV show for my toddlers during the witching hour—when I am frazzled and need a moment to get dinner ready. The Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) strongly discourages any screen time for children under the age of two, but I have found myself defending my choice in favour of getting a meal on the table, returning an email or tidying up. If a little TV is what it takes for you to get dinner on the table, is it not better for them than having no dinner or clean laundry?

The Low Down on Screen Time

Come Join the Fun

Summer Programs • Year round lessons for children and adults • Safe well schooled lesson horses with qualified instructors • Indoor and outdoor riding facility

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Evidence suggests that screen viewing before age two has lasting negative effects on children’s language development, reading skills and short term memory. It has also been shown to contribute to problems with sleep and attention. Babies need an environment that is responsive. They need to emotionally bond with caregivers who smile, talk, sing and engage actively with them. They need to develop muscles to support their bodies and movement; they need interaction with other children and adults to build language and social skills; and they need play to develop imagination and creativity. Children learn best interacting with people they know— parents, teachers, friends and family—and exploring the world around them, using all of their senses. They require hands-on problem-solving activities to support cognitive development. Children’s brains grow profoundly during the first three years of life, with the brain tripling in mass in just the first 12 months. The stimuli children experience during this period greatly influence brain development. One-dimensional images on screens are much different than those from the ones in the real world. Infants may stare at the bright colors and motion on a screen, but their brains are incapable of making sense

or meaning out of all the images. It takes two full years for a baby’s brain to develop to the point where the symbols on a screen come to represent their equivalents in the real world. Because of this confusion, children up to age three learn better from the real world than they do from any screen, especially when it comes to language. They do seem to learn a little more if they are watching in the company of a person who is talking to them about what they are seeing, in the same way you would while looking at a picture book.

The trap parents fall into is the vicious cycle of using screen time to occupy a baby. That creates the very same problem we are using TV to solve—a child who does not entertain himself. The problem lies not only with what young children are doing while they are watching TV; it is what they are not doing. Specifically, children are programmed to learn from interacting with other people. A baby learns a lot more from banging pans on the floor while you cook dinner than he does from watching a screen for the same amount of time, simply because of the interaction you will have with each other.

What You Can Do

Limit screen time: • CPS says the risks of viewing screens outweigh the benefits, and recommends that, ideally, babies under two years do not watch any TV at all. If you choose to put your baby in front of a screen, be aware of how long they are staring at it. • If you do use TV to entertain your baby, choose slow paced programs with simple language. (Blue’s Clues, or Clifford for example). • Watch together: talk, point, play, sing, as you watch shows with your baby. • Use programs for ideas on how to talk, play, read, and sing with your baby.

Or go screen free: Give infants the time and space to explore safe household objects. For babies who are not yet sitting up, you can place one or two objects near them so they can look at, reach and hold them. Once a baby is able

New Parent Pages Diana Hurschler, BScN to sit up without support, you can create baskets filled with the objects. It can be fun and relaxing sometimes just to sit back and be amazed how your baby plays. Here are some items that babies tend to enjoy: • Small pots and pans (these also work as musical instruments!) • Wooden spoons • Cardboard boxes • Paper towel rolls • Measuring cups and spoons • Funnels • Coasters • Empty ice cube trays • Baby safe mirrors • Clean plastic containers with lids The trap parents fall into is the vicious cycle of using screen time to occupy a baby. That creates the very same problem we are using TV to solve—a child who does not entertain himself. Babies who spend time ‘watching’ unlearn what they are born ready and eager to do—what parents need them to do—daydream, explore, experiment, create play independently (in a baby-safe area). As long as they are safe and their needs are met, it is perfectly fine and important for baby’s development to provide them with opportunities to relax and play independently. It is how they will learn to take an interest in the world, develop imagination, and enjoy their own company. Babies certainly thrive on interaction, but, like you, they also need their down time. Maybe I will be able to get dinner on the table without a screen after all! Diana Hurschler, RN BscN, childbirth educator, certified breastfeeding counselor has been helping families in their childbearing years and beyond since 1998. Diana is the proud Mama of four little ones. She can be reached at


Gymnastics Centre Where Fun & Fitness are #1

July 7 to August 29, 2014

Summer Sault Gymnastics Camp 2014 Call for more information:


Parent & Tot Gym Bugs School Age Recreational 18 mos – 3 yrs 31⁄2 – 5 yrs 51⁄2 – 14 yrs Half Days morning or afternoon camps, Full Day camps. For more information log on to our website at We also have: • The best gymnastics and most affordable classes. • The best Birthday Parties in town. 208 – 721 Vanalman Ave, Victoria, BC V8Z 3B6


Catch the Kye Bay Spirit • • • •

miles of safe sandy beaches warm and safe swimming may–oct. explore the reef and tidepools comfy seaside cottages

For an experience you’ll never forget!

KYE BAY GUEST LODGE & COTTAGES Comox, BC, Vancouver Island 1-866-658-6131

Parksville BC

An independent, non-denominational camp

Where adventure and imagination thrive! • Forest Adventure • Outdoor Cooking • Narnian Dramas • Mask Making

• Archery • Swimming • Unique Programming • And so much more…

Summer registration on now! Girls & Boys, Ages 6–15 • Aug 3–9, 10–16 & 17–23 Join us this summer for an amazing experience!

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Preschool & Child Care Directory CENTRAL SAANICH Almosthome Childcare/Preschool...250-590-7666 Quality childcare with a preschool curriculum/kindergarten readiness program. Experienced Early Childhood Educators. Nurturing environment for ages 21⁄2 to 5 years old. Chrysalis Child Care..........................250-652-0815 A nurturing and stimulating environment for a small group of 3–5 year olds. Qualified ECE promotes learning through play.

Colwood/LANGFORD Almosthome Childcare/Preschool...250-590-7666 Quality childcare with a preschool curriculum/kindergarten readiness program. Experienced Early Childhood Educators. Nurturing environment for ages 10 months to 5 years old. Caring Touch Daycare.......................250-478-4886 A warm, loving, fun family daycare in a safe, nurturing environment. Infant/toddler care for ages 1–5 years. Goldstream Co-op Preschool.................................. Learning Through Play for 3 and 4yr olds! For registration information go to our website: www.goldstream Jenn’s Little Bears.............................250-478-8999 A safe nurturing environment for children from infancy to kindergarten. Our Infant and Toddler Program enriches each child’s development while our 3-5 Program prepares children for kindergarten. Two separate buildings allow each age group space to grow! Leap Forward Childcare...................250-818-9225 2758 Peatt RD. Licenced group childcare for children ages 6 months to 5 years old. Offering full-time and part-time care. Open 6:30am-5:30pm. For more information please contact Amber: info@leap, Miles of Smiles Nature Junior Kindergarten..............778-265-4374 Come see why learning in nature rocks! Reggio Influenced Philosophy for ages 3-5. Have your child become a nature detective today!

La Pre-Maternelle Appletree Preschool..........................250-479-0292 French immersion program. 30 months to school age. Licensed Christian centre. Simply Fun Childcare Centre............250-881-3958 A warm, loving, fun and nurturing place for children to grow and learn. We have spaces available for registration ages 2.5 to 12 in our Licensed Group Facility. We offer extraordinary childcare, before and after school programs and a preschool. Our teachers are extremely qualified with ECE training and have lots of experience. Call Brenda to set up a tour. Let your child’s light shine bright with us!

Highlands Lexie’s Little Bears Child Care Inc...250-590-3603 Welcome to Forest Daycare! Our OUTDOOR nature program provides your child with an experience like no the elements! Our Nature-lovers program boasts our own 2 acre forest, outdoor gardens and handmade playgrounds; strongly influenced by Reggio Emilia! New Infant/Toddler centre this spring! Wait list being taken NOW! Visit our facebook page for ongoing photos and news!

METCHOSIN A Growing Place................................250-391-1133 Half day program (AM or PM) for 2.5-5 yrs. ECE educator, small class size. Our own petting farm. Summer program for July. Metchosin Co-op Preschool.............250-478-9241 Come visit our stunning natural outdoor playspace, and see how our inclusive, play-based program allows parents to grow and learn alongside their children. Exceptional ECE staff provide a warm and enriching experience for 2.5–5 yr. olds. Come Grow With Us! EST. 1960. Reg. begins March 1 @ 9am.

North SAANICH In The Garden Childcare Centre.......250-654-0306 A GREAT PLACE TO GROW. Offering preschool, full day care, before and after school care for children aged 2.5 to 12 years old. Open all year.



Carrot Seed Preschool......................250-652-2311 Where children can discover, imagine, construct and learn through play. Wondrous natural playground.

Creative Child....................................778-679-0076 At Creative Child, you will find a place of quality learning and care for a small group of young children in a beautiful Montessori-inspired setting. www.

ESQUIMALT CIARA Early Childhood Centre.........250-386-7369 Education and fun hand in hand. Exceptional care for little ones ages 12 month-5yrs in an inclusive centre with Christian values. ChildhoodCentre. Island Kids Academy Esquimalt.......250-381-2929 High quality child care (ages 1-5). Preschool curriculum offered within a warm, caring all-day program. Character development using the Virtues Project. Access to community programs including swimming, skating, Victoria Conservatory of Music. Part-time spaces available.

Emmanuel Preschool........................250-598-0573 Children learn through play in our non-denominational Christian preschool near UVic. Bright attractive setting. Gonzales Co-op Preschool...............250-727-1003 Children use imaginations in a Learning through Play classroom and natural playground. Reggio-Emilia inspired, focus is on art, nature and music. Nurturing, highly qualified ECE and ECE assistant. Parent participation options. Allergy aware.

Kindred Spirits Children’s House........250-590-6966 Now accepting registration for a small group of 2.5–5 year olds in a purpose built Montessori classroom. The prepared environment stimulates and engages the children at their own pace with hands on, size, age and developmentally appropriate materials. Oak Bay Co-op Preschool..................250-592-1922 Children Learn Through Play in this parent participation school. Our bright facility is allergy-free with a large outdoor playground. Recreation Oak Bay..........................250-370-7200 Fully licensed, qualified ECE Daycare and Preschool with play based learning. After school care also available. St. Christopher’s Montessori School............................250-595-3213 A beautiful, warm environment, steps from beach and park in Oak Bay. We offer an enriched Montessori program – half days for 3 and 4 year olds and half or full day Kindergarten.

SAANICH Arbutus Grove Children’s Centre.....250-477-3731 Formerly known as Goosey Gander Kindergarten. Half Day and Full Day Preschool Programs. Children’s learning is supported and nurtured through inquiry, exploration, play and creative expression. Cloverdale Child Care.......................... 250-995-1766 Full time daycare spaces available for 3-5 year olds starting Sept. 2014. Preschool spaces available Sept. 2014 for 3-year-olds Tuesday & Thursday 9am-noon. cloverdalechildcare@ Full o’ Beans Preschool........................ 250.360.1148 Opening September 2013. We offer ‘learn through play’ programming designed to foster your child’s natural curiosity and imagination. Flexible scheduling, 2.5 and 4 hour programs, qualified staff. Registration is ongoing! Island Montessori House..................250-592-4411 Inclusive, integrated and nurturing preschool, kindergarten, Grade 1/2 program. Located in a lovely rural setting. Extended day available. Lakehill Co-op Preschool.................250-477-4141 Where children’s development is nurtured through a child centered inclusive, play based program. Come visit our out natural outdoor playground and meet our loving qualified ECE team. Multiple Levels of participation available, please enquire. Lambrick Park Preschool & Childcare............................................250-477-8131 Gordon Head’s only parent-participation preschool and childcare centre. Flexible options, play-based learning and outdoor play. Allergy friendly. Celebrating 40+ years.

Looking for child care? Taking care of children?

Call your local Child Care Resource & Referral for free referrals and resources.

Child Care

Resource & Referral Your community’s best source of child care information and resources. 50  Island Parent Magazine

Victoria & Gulf Islands: 250-382-7000 or 1-800-750-1868 Sooke: 250-642-5152  Westshore: 250-391-4324 Cowichan Valley: 250-746-4135 local 231 PacificCare (Ladysmith north): 250-756-2022 or 1-888-480-2273 Funded by the Province of BC

Preschool & Child Care Directory Little Readers Academy....................250-477-5550 An enriched learn-to-read program for your 3-6 yearold! Reading, Writing and Math. Half-day, weekend and evening sessions available. Montessori Educare..........................250-881-8666 Beautiful learning environments in Broadmead and Saanichton. 30 months – 5 years. Summer program available. Special needs are welcome. Oakcrest Preschool...........................250-472-0668 A welcoming, nurturing environment with a large, bright facility. Learn through play with 2 caring ECEs. Puddles & Paints (Nature Daycare).. 250-658-6573 Introduce your children to the natural world around them! Surrounding them with nature and animals, we build on their curiosity while exploring the outdoors! On 10 acres of parkland the children lead the way towards environmental awareness! With a new ART STUDIO, and weekly lessons from the Vic. Academy of Music... your child’s day will be FULL of wonder and NATURE. Strongly influenced by Reggio. Visit our facebook page for pics of our studio, and handmade toys! Rainbows & Dreams Preschool........250-479-1966 Small classes for 3-5 yr olds in a safe nurturing environment. Children learn through play and fun–developing a sense of confidence, independence and creativity. Highly qualified ECE teacher. Ready Set Grow Preschool...............250-472-1530 Caring, quality licensed Learning Through Play environment. In Hillcrest School, Gordon Head. Highly qualified, warm ECE. Rogers Child Care Centre.................250-744-2343 Trusted High Quality Programs since 1991. Early Learning and Out of School Care. St. Joseph’s Catholic Preschool..............................250-479-1232 ext 120 • A Christian child centre for 3–5 year olds. • A warm nurturing and challenging program • Offered by St. Joseph’s Catholic School. St. Margaret’s School Early Learning Centre.......................250-479-7171 Junior Kindergarten for girls age 3 and 4. Nurturing, play-based curriculum with art, STEM and outdoor exploration. Specialist teachers.­New LEED-certified facilities on 22-acre parkland near Quadra and McKenzie. Half or full day options.

Babies to Big Kids Childcare............... 250-590-2722 949 Fullerton Ave. Licenced group childcare for children ages 6 months to 11 years old. Offering full-time and part-time care. Open 6:30am-5:30pm. info@babies, Castleview Child Care.......................250-595-5355 Learning Through Play & Discovery. Licensed nonprofit, qual. ECE staff. Since 1958. Preschool and full-time care. Cedar Daycare...................................250-479-2032 Community oriented, NFP Child Care facility. Wide variety of activities offered including the use of a private outdoor pool during the summer months. Licensed ECE educators devoted to nurturing children aged 30 months – 5 years. Christ Church Cathedral Childcare and Junior Kindergarten...................250-383-5132 ECE and specialist teachers provide an outstanding all day licensed program for 3–5 year olds in our spacious and welcoming facility in James Bay. Downtown Y Child Care Centre.......250-413-8869 Enriched program, for children ages 3-5 years, supporting healthy child development and future school success. Lansdowne Co-op Preschool...........250-370-5392 An extraordinary learning environment for families with young children. Parent participation. Nightingale Preschool and Junior Kindergarten...................250-595-7544 – Taking children’s learning forward – One of Victoria’s leading preschools and Junior Kindergartens. Balanced approach to play and education. Programme supports literacy, numeracy. Visit www. Fernwood. Parkdale Early Childhood Centre.....250-382-0512 ECEs offer the highest quality care and positive learning experiences in our daycare and preschool. Full time or part time. Call for a tour or visit us at Rainbow Express Daycare................250-382-2314 Enriched preschool style program in a daycare setting. Visit our website at

Strawberry Vale Preschool...............250-479-4213

The Sir James Douglas Playschool.250-389-0500 Fun, creative and educational ECE program for 3-5 year olds to grow and develop life long skills. Come play and learn in our bright and modern centre in Fairfield.

Wiseways Preschool & Daycare.......250-477-1312

Victoria Montessori...........................250-380-0534 Unique, innovative learning environment combining the best of Montessori and Learning Through Play. Open yr. round. 30mths–grade 1.

Programs for 3 or 4 year olds at “The Little Red Schoolhouse.” Choose between full or partial parent participation. Fully licensed Christian preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. Designed to meet the needs of the whole child. Subsidized fees welcome. www.wiseways.

SIDNEY Adel’s Play N Discovery House........250-655-4888

Licensed childcare, 3-5 years, Reggio Emilia inspired. Mon–Fri, 7:30am–5:30pm. 2146 Beacon Avenue W., Positive Path Early Learning............250-655-7244

Year-round quality child care where preschoolers explore and learn in a culture of Christian values and virtues.

VICTORIA ArtsCalibre Academy........................250-382-3533 Comprehensive programs for Preschool through Grade 5, delivering academic excellence through music, dance, drama and visual arts. Outstanding educators, locations and facilities.

VIEW ROYAL A Secret Garden Preschool..............250-380-8293 Program built on Christian values. Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities. Island Kids Academy View Royal.....250-727-2929 High quality child care (ages 1-5). Preschool curriculum offered within a warm, caring child care environment. Character development using the Virtues Project. Access to community programs including swimming, skating, Victoria Conservatory of Music. Part-time spaces available. Little Friends Childcare Center........250-479-8423 For a creative learning environment. Licensed group facility. Infants/Toddlers/Preschool. www.littlefriends Little Wonders Preschool (View Royal OSC)...............................250-744-2718 A creative and supportive program that will prepare your child for a lifetime of learning! Out of School Care is also available for school aged children.

Quails’ Nest Daycare.........................250-721-2342 At-home licensed daycare near VGH; multi-aged; all families welcome. Play-based environment promoting social, emotional, physical growth. Art, songs, story-telling, puppet shows, daily walks. $800.00 View Royal Preschool........................250-479-8067 An exciting inclusive program in an exceptional care environment. Licensed 3–5 year olds. Outside play and themes enrich this program. viewroyalpreschool@

Mill Bay / Cobble Hill Starchild Centre..................................250-929-3240 Unique infant/toddler daycare, combines the best of Montessori and Waldorf. Our 9 acre hobby farm enables each child to have a garden plot, participate in planting trees, picking fruit, feeding animals, and other outside adventures.

DUNCAN Maple Tree Play House Licensed Family Childcare...............250-746-5060 A daycare program that provides enriched outdoor play time and activities that build on a child’s intrinsic love of nature. Healthy meals and snacks are provided. Queen Margaret’s Preschool/Junior Kindergarten..........250-746-4185 Offering a co-ed enriched curriculum in a friendly atmosphere. Morning ECE/afternoon daycare. Queen of Angels Early Learning Centre.........................250-701-0433 We believe that the development of the whole child (physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually) encourages each individual to develop to their full potential. We offer an enriched full day program for 3–5 year olds based on Kindergarten readiness. Sunrise Waldorf School Preschool.....250-743-7253 A warm, nature-based rhythm where wonder is nurtured.

Chemainus Cherry Tree Child Care Centre.........250-246-9195 Preschool program nurturing creative play and engaging learning activity. 30 months to age five. Qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educator. St. Joseph’s Preschool.....................250-246-3191 An enriching preschool program allowing children to grow as individuals in a safe and nurturing Christian environment.

Qualicum Beach Children’s Discovery Centre.............250-752-4343 Our program recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides a nurturing, safe and creative learning environment. Preschool, Groupcare, Out of School care. ECE qualified staff. childrensdiscoverycentre@ Little Star Children’s Centre.............250-752-4554 Earth friendly preschool education inspired by nature. Kinder-Prep classes. Licensed group care. ECE instructors. Thimbleberry Childcare.....................250-752-8342 A place for preschoolers to seek out adventure and exploration in a natural environment. A magical forest of 20 acres right on our door step.

Port Alberni John Paul II Catholic School............250-723-0637 “Where children grow and learn through play.” We provide a program that will inspire development physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, creatively and spiritually.

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Teaching the BC curriculum in the inspired, holistic, Waldorf way. Enhanced by French, Handwork, Strings, Plays and Seasonal Festivals.

Space is limited, apply now for September 2014.

Grades 1-8 Preschool Kindergarten Founded in 1980, located in the Cowichan Valley.

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One & Only?


ong before Angus was born, I had decided on two children. Mike is an only child, and I pitied him for that. Sibling relationships are such powerful things. There are no better childhood accomplices, no people more qualified to rehash your earliest years—despite how skewed their version of events may be. But like many things in parenthood, the myth of two children and the reality are different. Pre-Angus, two children seemed to suggest a perfect balance. Not quite an effortless transition from one, but not far off. Post-Angus, two seems something only to be attempted by those who believe in magic. People who have faith they can conjure extra energy, extra hands, extra hours in their days. In my mum’s garage there is a stack of Rubbermaids full of Angus’s clothes. They chart Mike’s and my transition from belief in an inevitable sibling for Angus, to the murky uncertainty we currently dwell in. Almost every item Angus wore during his first year has been carefully preserved. Many items from his second year also. But after Angus’s second birthday only a few of our favourite clothes have been added to the totes. The last time I purged the flood-pants and midriff revealing t-shirts from Angus’s dresser, I carted everything to a consignment store. Then I pulled the last of my maternity clothes from the back of the closet and got rid of them, too. When people ask if we plan on another child Mike and I say “not any time soon.” We don’t say no. We’re not ready to claim certainty, to cart those carefully packed Rubbermaids to the consignment store along with the more recent cast-offs. Angus is not yet three—what if we change our minds? And I can list plenty of reasons why two children are better than one, though I’m not sure my reasons are the best ones. In almost every case they’re practical—and morbid: when Mike and I need to be carted to a home, or when we kick the bucket, Angus will have a lot of work to do. Wouldn’t it be fairer to him if that work were divided? And then the thought that haunts me: what it something happens to Angus? Without another child to force us to keep it together, I know that Mike and I would fall completely apart. Yet the older Angus gets, the harder it is to imagine a baby fitting into our family. Toddler Angus is wonderful and—to be honest—I don’t particularly like infants. Sure, I loved

my own, but if I were given the opportunity to relive his first year I would refuse without hesitation. Our days are easier now, and more fun. Slowly, I feel like we’re creating a life that is a version of the one we had before Angus was born. A fuller, better version of a life I’ve missed. Another child means I’d write two less books, I told a friend. At least. And three children? No books. I wouldn’t even have

Maternity & Beyond Laura TRUNKEY enough energy to brush my hair. I think this every time I consider a second child. So maybe my biggest stumbling block towards a sibling for Angus is selfishness. There are things that matter to me that motherhood makes difficult, and that I’m not willing to sacrifice. But is this selfishness such a bad thing? Maybe it’s a great thing. At least I know myself. Will Angus benefit from a sibling, and a frazzled mother? A resentful mother? Or is it better for him to be an only child who is an integral part of his parents’ full and satisfying lives. Will he really miss something that he doesn’t know? And couldn’t he just hire someone to help us move to extended living when the time comes? When I see moms with broods of children, I feel nothing but admiration. They spark my girlhood fantasies: life in a cabin in the woods surrounded by a posse of my own hearty, rosy-cheeked offspring. Old age spent with so many grandchildren I can’t keep track of their names. But then I remember myself. I couldn’t be a forest-dwelling über-mom and be content. I would always feel like I was missing out on something, some part of my life that was only mine. For now, Mike and I will hold onto less. We’re running out of Rubbermaids anyways. But we’ll keep those newborn sleepers packed up. It’s always possible we’ll believe in magic one day. And if we do, we’ll be ready. Laura Trunkey is mother to the amazing Angus and the author of a forthcoming short fiction collection from House of Anansi. Email

Ad Directory

South Island Business Directory

Abra Kid Abra............. 12 Oaklands.................... 41 All Fun....................... 55 The OCEAN 98.5.......... 1

Move to the head of the class.

Ballet Victoria............. IBC Operation Burnside Gorge........... 23

Trackshoes............. 48

Camp Narnia.............. 49 Park Sands................. 27

One Tutor

Camp Pringle.............. 31 The Raptors................ 18 Camp Qwanoes..........BC Restart Computers...... 47 Camp Thunderbird...... 19 Royal BC Museum........ 2 Canadian College of Performing Arts....... 43

Royal Victoria Yacht Club.............. 54

Cathedral School... 31, 55 Saanich Dental........... 37 The Children’s

Saanich Recreation.... IFC

Treehouse............... 43 Sailor Jack................. 11 Choices Adoption........ 12 Savvy Squirrel............. 34 City Centre Park.......... 13 Scallywags................ IFC Conseil Scolaire.......... 15 Science Works............ 46 Discovery School........ 40 Serious Coffee.............. 7 Dr. Shannon

Soccertron.................... 6

Barnsley................. 45 St. Margaret’s............. 19 Duncan & Faber.......... 55 Stages....................... 38 Emmanuel Preschool................ 23

Sunrise Waldorf School.................... 52

Falcon Gym................ 49 Thrifty Foods............... 29 Maxine Fisher............... 4 TJ’s............................ 37 Fort Rodd Hill.............. 56 Tom Lee Music........... 41 Four Seasons............. IBC UVic Vikes.................. 17 Games 2 U GNS Marine

Vancouver Island Baby Fair.................. 8

Adventure............... 18 Van Island Coop Happy Island

Preschool Assoc...... 21

Diapers................... 44 Vancouver Island Huckleberry Baby........ 45 International Nannies.................. 23

University................ 45

Kids Horse Riding Camp Salt Spring Island

Summer 2014:

July 7–11 • July 21–25 August 4–8 • August 18–22

Mon to Fri, 9am to 12:30pm • Cost: $225 For children age 7 to 14 who would like to learn to ride a horse. Or for children who have ridden before and would like to learn more. Learn or improve how to groom, tack up, work safely around a horse and basic English riding. Limit eight children per camp. Stable management topics will include learning about grooming tools, saddlery, feeding, breeds, colours and parts of the horses and equine first aid. Last day is a games day on horseback.

Contact Geri Alton at 250 653 9648

• Drawing  • Painting • Sculpture  • Cartooning • Portfolio Preparation for College or University

Registration Ongoing Ages 5 & Up Day & Evening Classes Emphasis on Technique – Fabulous Results

Artistic Statement Gallery & School of Fine Art Call Joan at 250-383-0566

Choir...................... 10 of Music................. 13 Victoria Gymnastics..... 27

We bring your child’s classroom…OUTSIDE!”

Photography............ 11 Victoria Midwives........ 20

• “Life is playfulness. We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us.” – Flora Colao • Our property boasts 2 acres of forest with 2 huge natural play spaces for the children to discover! • Providing a quality Natural program through outdoor play, starting your child on the right path towards a healthy, active forever lifestyle.

Kool & Child................ 41 Victoria Pediatric Kye Bay...................... 49 Leap Forward

Dental....................... 7 VIHA........................... 36

Childcare................ 17 Vitamin Shop................ 3 Lexie’s Little Bears..... IBC Welcome Wagon......... 33

New Infant/Toddler Program. Register Now!

Lifestyle Markets......... 22 West-Mont School...... 54

Krista Lawless & Sherri Brown 250-656-0855

Mothering Touch........... 5 World Partnership Walk....................... 18

AB Mack

Immigration Canada We provide live in caregivers from abroad for Seniors, Children and the Disabled Our caregivers are professionally trained They live in your home and are available for any type of shift—days, evenings or split shifts This is a cost effective option

778-433-6574 or 604-908-0464

Momease.................. IFC Westshore Zumba....... 11

Mortgage Team


Luxton Rodeo............. 47 Westshore Parks......... 35

Oak & Orca............. 4, 47

Professional In-Home Tutorial Support

Call 250-544-1588 to learn more.

Art Classes

Celebrating our “Original” Outdoor Learning Program!

Jody Wiger

Smart Tutor

Victoria Children’s

Island Farms............... 28 Victoria Conservatory Jamie Lemi Co............ 44

One Student Your Home

Learn and grow with us!


New Pics at May 2014  53

Discover the Sailor in You at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club! Our award winning sailing school will get you on the water where the horizon is the limit! Sailing to WIN! Sailing for LIFE!

Just off Beach Drive!

Early bird Register pricing until April 30th Now!

3475 Ripon Rd ! (250) 592-6113 !

Taking Flight


s the days grow longer, you might find yourself being called to leave your cozy home for fresh air and sunshine. You aren’t the only one. One of the hottest spring attractions is coming to town as some of Victoria’s wetland residents prepare to leave their watery homes and take to the skies. In no time, lakeshores and stream sides near you will be aflutter with hundreds of iridescent wings and shimmering bodies. That’s right; the dragonflies are readying themselves for flight.

New Head of the Family at Paul and Anna Abra, as well as partner Mada Moilliet, are pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2014 they have sold ownership in Island Parent Group Enterprises Ltd. to Mark Warner. New owner and publisher Mark, who lives in beautiful Brentwood Bay with his two young daughters Aidan and Cassidy, is a past long-time senior executive with Black Press, publishers of many community and daily newspapers, magazines and websites throughout Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and North America.

ner and publisher New Island Parent ow his daughters h wit r rne Wa Mark ssidy age 11. Ca and aidan age 13


West-Mont Montessori School offers innovative, personalised Montessori instruction in a beautiful natural environment for students in Preschool to Grade 8. Visit our website for details about our programs, or stop by our campus and feel what it’s like to be part of a community devoted to the development of the whole child. 4075 Metchosin Road - Victoria

Tel: 250.474.2626


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Surprisingly, these majestic flying insects spend most of their lives underwater as larvae. At this stage of their lives, in the world of dragonflies they are also known as nymphs. Dragonfly nymphs have big eyes, but no wings and look completely different from the adult form that we see zooming through the air. While we have been snuggling up by the fire this winter, they have been clinging to submerged rocks and vegetation, waiting for a tasty snack. Though they look different, dragonflies are just as deadly underwater as they are in the air. If you happen to be a small aquatic insect, watch out! Dragonfly nymphs are fierce predators and will also eat small crustaceans, fish and even tadpoles. Though they are wingless, they are still well equipped for survival. Dragonfly nymphs have a handy pair of pincers that extend from below their jaw to grab their dinner as it swims by. If they are lucky, their spectacular hunting efforts will pay off as they slowly grow bigger over time. All dragonfly nymphs have lofty aspirations and while underwater are preparing for a short stint at an airborne life. Some will spend a year underwater before they are ready to spread their wings and fly,

while others will remain as masters of their watery realm for over six years! During this time they will shed their outer skeleton up to 17 times to grow. For most of us, the journey towards adulthood comes with its own unique challenges. Dragonflies are no exception. At the end of their watery youth they will turn into an

Nature Notes REED OSLER adult inside of their larval skeleton. In their own version of leaving the nest, they will look for a plant stalk or other support to crawl up and out of the water. There, in an action reminiscent of the Incredible Hulk, they will split their last youthful skeleton and leave it behind forever. Once they are freed from the confines of their youth, dragonflies pump blood into their soft bodies and new, droopy wings. Within an hour or two they will taste the freedom of flight. While they fly weakly at first, some species will reach speeds of 60km an hour in no time. Once airborne, dragonflies use their hunting prowess to grab mosquitoes in mid-flight. They will eat many insects during their short time in the air but once their bodies have hardened they will not grow any bigger as adults. After having spent years in the water, dragonflies will only experience adulthood and flight for one to two months at most. Once the females have laid their eggs, their life ends and the whole cycle begins again. Luckily for us, different dragonfly species take to the skies at different times so we can watch the flying spectacle from late April until the end of September or even into October. As dragonflies are spreading their wings and taking flight you can stretch your legs and head to a nearby lake or pond to watch the show. Explore the lakeshore with your family for the exoskeletons that newly emerging dragonflies leave behind as evidence of their transformation from water dweller to soaring acrobat. Or, join us on a walk or canoe program to learn more about these fabulous fliers. Reed Osler is a CRD Regional Parks interpreter. You can find a calendar of nature outings and events at events.


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Cut It Out!

Tips from Parent Educator Allison Rees of LIFE Seminars

Respect Me!


re you upset because you think that your child doesn’t respect you? Is the behaviour that you’re seeing actually disrespect? Or is it simply that your child doesn’t always agree with you and doesn’t feel the need to obey you at all times? If you define respect as obedience, and feel disrespected when you are not obeyed, you might want to CUT IT OUT! Obedience is a dangerous level of moral development to be stuck in. People who are obedient go by the rules without question. They allow others to decide for them and ignore their internal compass, that inner sense of right and wrong. If your alarm bells go off when you perceive your child as being disrespectful, it could be that you perceive danger. You would never have acted like that when you were a child, and if you did, there would be dire consequences. For some parents that fear triggers more attempts at control, to get the child to do as he or

she is told. Control attempts breed both obedience and rebellion in those being controlled. For other parents, strong behaviours in a child can trigger a more frozen state of fear. They feel powerless around their child’s behaviour, allow their child to become like their over-controlling, volatile parent, and lose their ability to be assertive and deal effectively with the behaviour.

Your children are trying to become independent and develop their own values. Put their behaviour in perspective. Ask for specific boundaries to be respected rather than saying, “I need you to respect me!” Hearing a young child speak up in a way we wouldn’t can be a bit shocking, but children imitate their peers, and sometimes what we see as disrespectful is simply the way today’s kids talk, and does not indicate disrespect. Children also copy our behavior. If we treat them with disrespect, how can we expect them to treat us respectfully? Think about somebody that you really respected growing up. What was it about that person that you admired? We respect people who live by their values and treat others respectfully. Rather than demanding respect, try to earn your children’s respect by the way you live. LIFE Seminars has two books available, Sidestepping the Power Struggle and The Parent Child Connection. See www.


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