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4  Island Parent BIZ

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Island Parent BIZ, published by Island Parent Group Enterprises Ltd., is an annual publication celebrating the wonderfully unique businesses and services on Vancouver Island. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. No material herein may be reproduced without the permission of the editor. Island Parent BIZ is distributed free in selected areas.

Island Parent BIZ

830–A Pembroke St., Victoria, BC V8T 1H9 Tel: 250-388-6905 Website:

On the Cover

L-R: Lyra, Kingston (4), Lochlan (8), Torin (2), Adam McLean of Momease Baby Boutique.

elcome to the premier issue of Island Parent Biz, featuring some of Vancouver Island’s top homegrown, familyfriendly businesses. Run by people in your community—your neighbours, maybe, your family, your friends—local businesses enhance Island life. More than just a marketing pitch, Buy Local means not only will your spending boost the Island’s economy, but it’ll also help create stronger, better-connected communities, jobs and a healthier environment. According to the Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, local business generates 70 per cent more local economic activity per square foot than big box retail. So for every $100 you spend at an independent business, $68 goes back into the local economy. That’s compared to only $48 when you spend $100 at a big box store. A 2013 Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study found that 45 per cent of consumers had made an effort to buy local in the previous year, 87 per cent believed it

was more environmentally responsible, and 97 per cent said they bought a product to support the local economy. “In general, consumers are looking to buy Canadian products because when they buy local, it has a positive impact on Canada and Canadian jobs and the environment,” said BDC economist Pierre Cléroux in an interview with CBC News. In these pages, you’ll find the stories behind the businesses, the people behind the products, and the reasons why it’s important to support local business and in turn, support and strengthen Island communities. Read about how one Nanaimo business is Building a Legacy of Love, how another owner-operated, family-run enterprise in Victoria is Creating a Parenting Community, and how the Island’s very own—and Western Canada’s oldest—non-profit is still All About Family. Get the Buzz on Biz, read profiles on some of your favourite local businesses, and find out the answers to our Q&A, featuring a local business owner/ busy mom of three. We hope you enjoy this issue of Island Parent Biz and come away knowing more about our valued advertisers and the businesses in your community.

Rosemarie Colterman& Tom Oak Your Homeward Bound Real Estate Team!

With our daughters, Nicolia, Rhea & Alexis!

Providing exceptional residential real estate services since 2003:  Professional  Informative  Client-customized  Trustworthy & reassuring  Celebratory!


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Just the Stats

• Between 2010 and 2015, employment per 1,000 people in Greater Victoria grew by a modest 1.2 per cent. This translates into 147,100 employees in 2015, up from 145,300 employees in 2010. • Unemployment rate: Victoria 5.8%; B.C. 6.2%, Canada 6.9%. • Between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, Greater Victoria had a total net migration of 3,840 people, of which 1,207 came from within BC, 2,487 from other provinces and 146 from other countries. Total Net Migration between 2001-2015: 45,044. • In 2014, approximately 44% of the population aged 12 years and over on South Vancouver Island reported being limited in selected activities (home, school, work, and other activities) because of a physical condition, mental condition or health problem which lasted six months or longer. Source: Statistics Canada

email Subject Lines

5 Ways to Attract Readers 1. Include content in the subject line. Use straightforward subject lines that accurately describe the email’s content. 2. Front-load the subject line with keywords and limit it to 40 characters. Necessary content should be at the beginning of the subject line so it doesn’t get cut off. 3. Don’t repeat sender info in the subject line. 4. Avoid using recipients’ names in the subject line. 5. Be cautious with symbols and special characters. For more tips, visit

Books on Business …Business’s Top 10, according to Huffington Post: • Hard Sell by Jamie Reidy (#10) • Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck (#9) • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell (#8) • Jack Straight From the Gut by Jack Welch (#7) • In Business As In

Life: You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate by Chester L. Karrass (#6) • The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (#5) • The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer (#4) • The Art of Strategy by Avinash K. Dixit and Barry J. Nalebuff (#3) • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (#2) • The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper (#1) For reviews, visit

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game’s winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s why I succeed.

Michael Jordan, NBA Hall of Famer

Breakdown of Businesses in B.C., 2015 # of businesses

% of total

Micro Businesses (0–4 employees)





Self-employed without paid help





Businesses with 1–4 employees





Businesses with 5–9 employees





Businesses with 10–19 employees





Businesses with 20–49 employees









Total large businesses





Total all businesses





Total small businesses **

Growth Growth rate 2014–15 (#) 2014–15

**Figures do not add due to rounding. Source: BC Stats using data supplied by Statistics Canada.


Island Parent BIZ

The O’Brien School of Irish Dancing Victoria - Duncan - Ladner - North Vancouver

Irish dancing is one of the most exciting and enjoyable forms of dance you can try – not to mention a great work out! It is a social and cultural activity, so you can expect to make lots of friends, and if you like traveling, Irish dancing offers great opportunities to perform and compete around the island, B.C., and more! The O’Brien School has been “dancing” on Vancouver Island for over 22 years, established before the dance phenomenon Riverdance or Lord of the Dance. Students are taught the basics of Irish step and ceile dance under the direction of Mairead O’Brien T.C.R.G. and Crystal vanBoven T.C.R.G. as well as senior dance assistants. The dancers are often seen performing around Vancouver Island and the lower mainland especially around St.Patrick’s day! O’Brien dancers have performed venues including hospitals, weddings, conventions, festivals, and public events (including the 2010 Olympics); as well as with a number of artists (Ashley MacIsaac, The Chieftains, The Victoria Symphony, Daniel Lapp, Calvin Cairns, the Barra McNeils, Natalie McMaster, Carlos Nunez).

The goals for our classes are simple: to teach the basic fundamentals of Irish step dancing, to increase self confidence through the recognition and repetition of specific exercises, and to have an on going appreciation for Irish dance and music - all in a energetic, fun filled atmosphere. Dancers learn a variety of solo dances (reels, jigs, slip jigs, and hornpipes) as well as ceile dances (group dancing) all while getting exercise, building self esteem and making new friends! Step it up for the fall and try a free class at any of our locations!

Competitively, the school has hosted numerous competitions on the island and have represented Vancouver Island at major championships internationally. Dancers are always invited to participate at the school recital (non-competitive) in addition to community performances.

VIU: Your choice for studies in Special Education

Master of Education in Special Education Part-Time Option

Blended model that is accessible from anywhere in BC and beyond.

Full-Time Option

Study full-time at VIU for two semesters. Complete your degree in three semesters.

Ana Vieira, Coordinator

For more information contact Phone: 250.740.6221

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Your Community’s Best Source of Child Care Information & Resources

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Child care information & referrals Child care subsidy information & applications Lending libraries Workshops & training Drop-in programs Newsletters Computer access



Child Care Resource & Referral

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Consultations in person or by phone Referrals Lending libraries and resources Workshops & training Networking Drop-in programs Newsletters Computer access Laminating & photocopying Job postings Start-up resources

1.888.338.6622 1.888.338.6622 • •

by the Province Check Local CCRR for Availability Funded by Funded the Province of BCof BC  Check Local CCRR for Availability

*Check out our new regional CCRR website to connect with your local CCRR office for more information:

8  Island Parent BIZ

All About Family The Cridge and the community


amilies come in all shapes and sizes, colours and shades. They grow and shrink, ebb and flow as time passes and lives change. Through all those changes and challenges, The Cridge Centre provides a safe haven for many families. Many people in Victoria have no idea of the variety of services that are offered at The Cridge Centre for the Family—and many people are surprised that that The Cridge serves so many people with such a variety of needs. The tie that binds them all together is family. The Cridge serves families from all walks of life, from all cultures and religions, people with differing needs and vulnerabilities. Here’s what The Cridge Centre has to offer: Child Care. The Cridge provides licensed child care from six months old to school-aged care. The nature preschool engages the children in the outdoors, as they learn and grow in nature. The daycare provides inclusive support to children of all abilities. Summer SunFun provides day camp for kids from five to 12 years old during the school breaks, and the school-age-care program provides before- and after-school care. Seniors’ Assisted Living. The Cridge offers a home and community to around 80 seniors. Daily activities, food and home support care (if needed) make the seniors’ village a welcoming and engaging place to live. Brain Injury Programs. The Cridge supports survivors of brain injury to regain skills and community engagement and to help them live as viable and contributing members of our community. Employment programs and community supports assist survivors as individuals while bringing them into a community where they can belong and participate. Respite and Respitality. A support program for families with children who have special needs or a mental health diagnosis, The Cridge assist families to find qualified respite care givers. The Cridge also provides the family with the opportunity for a night off to rest and be refreshed. This program is supported by many local businesses and hotels and continues to provide much-needed care for the parents of children with special needs.

Young Parent Outreach Program. A portable and practical program to support young parents as they navigate education or work opportunities while parenting. The support worker mentors and supports young parents to grow into healthy and happy families. The Cridge Transition House for Women. An emergency shelter for women (and their children) who are leaving an abusive relationship. The Cridge provides support, housing and help for women to start the process of rebuilding their lives without violence. Supportive Housing. The Cridge provides affordable housing for women leaving the Transition House, as well as housing for refugee and immigrant families. These families live independently but with staff support to ensure they are accessing the services they need and taking steps towards healthy and safe futures. The Cridge has supported families in Victoria for the past 144 years—and looks forward to providing relevant and effective services for years to come. The Cridge is here for you and your family. For more information about services, visit or phone 250-384-8058.

Advertising Feature

Creating a Parent Community

Baby and pregnancy groups at Mothering Touch


called to ask about your baby group—when can I start attending? What does it cost? What do I do if I have to feed the baby? Or change him? What if he cries?” These are common questions at Mothering Touch. The $2 drop-in New Baby Group can be the first public place a new parent goes to on their own with their baby. The group ranges from 10 to 20 parents, mothers and fathers, who are new to baby-land. They don’t know that no one is bothered by crying, that any other parent will happily hold their baby, if need be. But once they experience a session, they can tell that this group of exhausted people offers a wealth of knowledge and support. “My name is Sam and this is my baby Rowan, eight weeks old. It’s not going so great this week. The baby cries a lot, I can’t do anything except cuddle and bounce and feed, from about 4:00 p.m. to about 10:00 p.m.” Other parents nod, relieved they are not the only ones with fussy babies. They are full of sympathy, understanding, and advice. We discuss what little

scientific background and evidence exists regarding “colic” (there isn’t much), and other questions or comments about breastfeeding, breast pumps, introducing a bottle, sleep, travelling with a baby, and poop colour. I have been running this weekly New Baby Group—one of my favourites—since 2006. It’s a safe, comfortable place for parents to find company and support, and to get reliable information. We welcome breastfeeding and formula-feeding parents, mothers and fathers, sleep-trainers and co-sleepers, babywearers and stroller-pushers. Participants include young parents in their 20s and older parents in their 40s. And there are repeat participants: moms coming back for support with their second baby, or their third. As their babies grow, parents can enrol in the Older Baby Group (4 to 9 months). The questions there are about sleep, naps, introducing solid food, sleep, constipation, sleep, how to get the non-primary parent to be more involved, and sleep. The babies are sitting up and participating in the conversation. They babble and coo and shout.

The Mobile Baby Group (9 to 18 months) is for the babies who have started to crawl or scoot. Participants sit in a circle around a pile of toys and try to keep the babies in the circle—with little success. We talk about how to deal with other parents and babies in this new, more social phase of babyhood. The questions centre around boundaries, how to control baby’s behaviour, babyproofing, sleep training, tantrums, going back to work, and weaning. Pregnancy Happy Hour, runs on the same basis as the other baby groups. Pregnant parents drop-in, pay $2, and sit and chat. They trade stories of pregnancy miseries and the joy of feeling the baby move. They find buddies to go to yoga or aquafit with. They talk about their pregnancy tests, their worries and their hopes. And once they have their babies, they graduate to the New Baby Group where they become the community they need to raise their families. They tend to stay friends for years. I am grateful to be allowed to accompany these families on their way, to hear and learn from all the stories, and to be able to help. Eva Bild, MA, AdvCD (DONA), LCCE is a Childbirth and Breastfeeding Educator, Birth Doula and owner and director of the Mothering Touch Centre. For information on the baby groups, visit

1Up Single Parent Resource Centre

provides practical support, education, and resources for parents in the Greater Victoria area through a mentoring program for single moms, a support group for dads, free counselling, volunteer training, and a variety of integrated life skills and parenting courses, including: • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk • Anatomy of Anger • Everyday Mindfulness • Relationships and Boundaries • Mental Health and Wellness • Lighthouse Parent programs…and more Our courses are open to everyone in the community and fees are on a sliding scale. For single parent members, the Centre offers many free services including a clothing and household goods room, a toys and books room, one-on-one counselling, and a bread pantry. Donations of gently-used clothing, small household items, and toys are welcome.

For a complete course schedule, visit our website at For more information, call us at 250 385 1114 or email 602 Gorge Rd East Our hours are Mon, Tues, Thur Fri: 9–4 & Wed: 12–7 Generously funded by

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Paediatric Acupuncture (No skin piercing involved as in regular Acupuncture) “SHO”= little  “NI”= children  “SHIN” = needle (therapy)


apanese acupuncture for children is a method that promotes natural healing by exercising gentle stroking techniques along the meridian pathways. In Japanese style acupuncture for children, there is no piercing of the skin; your child can play with the tools and have fun during treatment. This method is recommended for developmental issues, digestive issues, allergies and nervousness in addition to a preventative method and general maintenance. At Oriri, we hope to inform, inspire and provide you with Oriental empirical you and your loved ones grow up healthy science, medicine and philosophy to help and naturally. We achieve optimal health by using the wisdom of ancient energy medicine in addressing the root causes of imbalance or disease. Please call us if you have specific issues and you are wondering if we can help: 250-886-8863. *Disclaimer: Please note, I am a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine but I am not a pediatrician. Please consult your pediatrician before pediatric acupuncture treatment and for all of your child’s ailments.

Specializing in gentle Japanese Acupuncture What we treat with Acupuncture: nutritional and environmental allergies, digestive complaints, developmental and growth support, anxiety, emotional stress, insomnia, skin conditions including acne and eczema, hormonal issues, painful menstruation, immune system issues and much more.

Dr. Katrine Hegillman Dr. TCM, B.Sc. Acpuncture and Acupressure, Herbal and Nutritional Supplements for children and adults. Please visit our website

Testimonials from parents: My Son was born with a birth defect called Gastroschesis. After many surgeries to correct the defect over the years by two years old he was very small and had a very little appetite. These were both things that his conventional doctors said were normal for his condition but I knew there must be more steps to full healing. Pediatric acupuncture (no needles are used) was recommended to me and we found our way to Dr. Hegillman. The treatment that my son has received has been amazing. Katrine is playful and gentle and she took a thorough history beginning with gestation and worked from there upwards. She did not just treat the current complaints but has worked on making my sons entire body well. He is now packing on weight and has a much larger appetite. He is also more energized and vibrant. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Hegillman. Lindsey – Nutritional Consultant Pediatric Case, 3-year-old boy I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Heigillman’s healing talents. My daughter has struggled with a facial rash for months, and after one gentle treatment we saw significant changes. I could actually see improvements while Dr. Katrine was working on her! Her dietary recommendations have made a huge difference, and she’s taught me some simple ways to stimulate healing at home using acupressure points and massage. My daughter is only three, but Katrine’s loving, maternal bedside manner put her at ease immediately. My own experience with Dr. H has been transcendental. I’ve been seeing her regularly during my second pregnancy, and have reaped the rewards. Discomforts I considered a “normal” part of pregnancy, such as heartburn and insomnia, haven’t been an issue since my first treatment. As I approach the birth, my baby is in a perfect position and my body feels strong and comfortable. I leave each session renewed and energized. I honestly feel that Dr. H channels the healing power of the divine mother; my babies and I are so lucky to have her! Testimonial from a mom of a toddler I have been seeing Dr. Hegillman since the spring of 2015 when one of my sons became ill. Katrine was amazing with him, making him feel comfortable and cared for throughout her treatment. I myself then became a patient and have seen her regularly since. Katrine helped me with many issues that were just dismissed by my GP including hormonal issues, insomnia, and low iron/hemoglobin, all of which have improved. My anxiety when flying has also disappeared. I brought my other son to her in the spring of 2016 to help with skeletal growth concerns and am continually surprised and amazed by her scope of knowledge and expertise. Dr.Hegillman is warm and caring and genuinely wants to make a difference in the lives and health of her patients. Mother and son Another practitioner recommended Katrine and the style of acupuncture she applies with babies and young children for my then three-month-old baby. He had issues with his neck that caused him to look more often in one direction than in the other. He responded very well to Katrine's treatments and the neck issues were completely resolved after the second treatment. He also slept much better after his first acupuncture treatment. I am very glad that we tried acupuncture but I am also grateful for Katrine's general approach and ideas for my baby that were very helpful in understanding and improving some concerns. Julia, mother of infant

2017 11

News Release! The Ultimate Protective, Developmental Teething Mitten & Keepsake Toy for Babies Is Coming to the Marketplace This Summer/Fall! MITTEEZ™ is the ultimate mitten for newborn babies, founded on a philosophy of caring and making a difference. MITTEEZ™ is a trademarked and patent-pending invention (U.S. and Canada) which was designed and created by a mother of 4 from Vancouver, B.C. MITTEEZ™ is a protective, developmental teething mitten that has several different stages from newborn to the age of 3. Stage One is specifically designed to bring your newborn baby protection from preventing scratching their little faces with 100% organic cotton mittens which gently and firmly secure to the soft, quality and highly crafted developmental wrist wraps. It is also a safe toy offering stimulation benefits while entertaining your baby and is the perfect baby keepsake. Created to easily use anywhere, it also offers preventative measures against germs and is very useful when travelling. Each MITTEEZ™ character contains a rattle and the developmental collar crinkles providing stimulation and interest for your baby. All parts are safe and come with a 100% machine washable bag. Stage Two, the ultimate teething mitten…on its way!


Pre-Register to be the First to Receive One of the World’s Next Best Baby Products:

MITTEEZ™ will be a proud supporter for childrens hospitals wordwide

12  Island Parent BIZ

Arthritis: How to Be Naturally Pain Free I can’t do the things I used to do anymore. I can’t get a good night sleep because of my pain. I feel like my body is wearing out.


hese are statements that I hear daily from patients coming into the clinic who are suffering from the chronic pain of arthritis. Over 4.6 million Canadians report having arthritis, a term that refers to stiff, achy and inflamed joints. It encompasses over 100 different inflammatory conditions including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the chronic and progressive deterioration of a joint due to wear-and-tear over time. It tends to affect the hands, hips and knees. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that results in an overactive immune system targeting the joints.

stop the progression of the condition and ultimately restore function and the ability to do everyday activities. We do this through evidence-based therapies such as diet and lifestyle modifications, exercise medicine, mind-body medicine, acupuncture, select response to tissue damage. The body’s im- nutrients and herbs, injection therapies and mune system is like a thermostat-constantly pharmaceuticals when appropriate. balancing between under and overreacting You don’t have to resign yourself to a life with chronic pain from arthritis. You can change your story from: “I can’t do the things I used to anymore” to “I just hiked the West Coast Trail” or “I can play with my grandchildren again!” Dr. Leah Hassall is a naturopathic physician at Sage Clinic, Suite 304–852 Fort Street in Victoria, B.C. Dr. Hassall is currently accepting new patients Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please call 250-590-7809 or visit to external challenges. When the immune to book. system overreacts and inflammation becomes excessive, we see chronic swelling, pain, heat, stiffness and damage.

The common thread among the different The goal of the naturopathic doctor is to types of arthritis is inflammation; the body’s reduce pain and inflammation, slow or

Toys, Games & Puzzles for All Ages

Kool Toys & Teaching Tools #102 – 2517 Bowen Road, Nanaimo 888.390.1775 2017


Q& A

…with Lyra McLean of


What need did you recognize within the parenting community that propelled you to open Momease? After experiencing what it was like heading into baby stores to prepare for our first child as total parenting novices, we knew that a different sort of baby store experience could really be helpful in our community. The whole idea of connecting with new and expectant parents in a warm and friendly atmosphere was really appealing to us, as we knew it would create relationships and a feeling of support during what can be a very stressful time. We also wanted to combine this unique shopping experience with a focus on finding the right products for each individual family, rather than just offering a one-size-fits-all approach to baby gear and parenting products.


What were the logistics involved in starting a new business while raising young kids? How did you juggle both? We put a lot of long hours and hard work into preparing Momease Baby Boutique for opening day. (My husband) Adam’s background is in finance and banking so he got to work right away in that department, while I tackled the challenge of figuring out what to stock and where to get it. Before our Mattick’s Farm space was ready for inventory, we had boxes and boxes of unopened products delivered to our front door and piling up in our basement family room right to the ceiling. Adam and I used a local company to deliver all of our fixtures and you bet that we assembled those with our own two hands. We painted and merchandised, organized and hustled, but we did it as a team and with a ton of help from our family, too. Our eldest was four at the time, so he was pretty keen to help with furniture assembly and painting.

Momease Baby Boutique Is it ‘I’ or ‘me’? Where do you place a semi-colon?

Find answers to these and other grammatical questions in a series of six booklets explaining punctuation, capitalization and number usage, misused/confused words, grammar, spelling and homonyms. Dr. Keth Martin suggested that I write a fourth booklet on grammar after saying that “these little jewels should be in our schools.” The Nova Scotia School Board purchased 690 sets for their schools. These booklets are a toolkit for good writing, and available at Munro’s Books for $5.00 per booklet. Also through 14

Island Parent BIZ

Our youngest was just one year old, so I couldn’t be away from him for too long. Luckily our decision to open at Mattick’s Farm was partly due to what a fabulously family-friendly place it is: our kids would often come there with us or with family and enjoy the beautiful scenery and safe play spots in the surrounding area while we worked. How was opening your second store different than opening your first? And how was your family different (growing?) by then? Opening our second location on Hillside Avenue was a very different experience from opening our Mattick’s Farm store. With our Hillside location we were literally able to design much of the space from the ground up. It allowed us to create a few unique spaces like our cozy “nursery nook” at the back of the shop. We were opening our Hillside store when our third son was one year old. We welcomed Torin to the family in January, 2015 and hit the ground running as a family of five. With Torin’s arrival came a lot of change for our family though; Torin was born with Down syndrome and we didn’t know we were expecting a special needs baby at the time. We have grown as parents and as a family by leaps and bounds since Torin’s birth, and thinking about his care and happiness has helped shape some pretty big family decisions in the last couple of years. Our experiences in parenting a special needs child have also allowed us to offer some further guidance to other families in the community dealing with situations similar to ours, and we’ve welcomed a few more specialized baby items to the store that we’ve discovered since Torin’s birth. Why did you close the Mattick’s Farm location? After a successful first year at our Hillside Avenue location, we decided to merge the two shops into one and we closed our Mattick’s Farm location last month. This was a decision that Adam and I made to help attain more time together as a family and create less running around and stress in my day-to-day work. It has also allowed me to stop working weekends after four years, and I now have that time with Adam and the kids. Because we also operate an e-commerce website at momease. ca and ship baby products Canada-wide, we still basically have two stores. It’s surprising and wonderful how many Victoria-area orders we receive online, and I love that new parents can stay at home and have



exactly what they need delivered to their door if they’re not able to make it into the shop in person. What have you learned about running a “family” business—running a business while raising a family— since you opened Momease in 2013? It’s absolutely a work in progress and we’re always striving to maintain boundaries between home and work. We try to be responsive to customers through social media and our website, but we recognize that there are also times that we need to be “closed for business” and carve out some special time that’s just for our family. Whether this is unplugging from our phones for the evening or heading out to a local beach to do some exploring, we’re trying to place more importance and emphasis on work-free time with the kids. What have you learned about parenting as a result of helping and working with so many other parents? I’ve learned that parenting is a lot less scary and tiring when you can chat about your woes with others! Just having a simple conversation on a tough day can help take the weight and worry off your shoulders and bring on a laugh when you talk about how tough it can really be. I know that when I’m sitting up at 3 a.m. and rocking a sick little one back to sleep, a vast number of other parents I’ve met are doing the very same thing right along with me. I know they’ll wake up tired the next day just like me and either get ready for work or skip a shower while they get prepped for another day at home or out and about with the kids. We’re all in this together and it’s so important to connect with others amidst the chaos. What advice do you have for other parents thinking of starting their own business? Both from a business perspective— and from a parent’s—I would say that whatever it is you’re drawn to, make sure you are passionate about it. I’ve met so many fabulous entrepreneurs over the last few years and many of them have been parents starting new businesses. Some have continued and some have moved on, but there are definitely sacrifices that accompany starting and operating a business. Adam and I are an amazing team and we work well together, but we do work hard. We give every last bit of energy we have to the kids and to the business, and there’s not a whole lot left at the end of the day for ourselves. The connections we’ve made




with the parents, grandparents, friends and family of new little people in our community make it all worth it. How are your children involved with the business? Do they visit the store(s) often? Test products? Or do you keep family and business fairly separate? Our boys can often be seen visiting the store. They come by with product transfers and accompany us while we deliver website orders, or set up shop in the back while we tackle a computer glitch or a big delivery. Basically every product that we have in the store has been tested by our family or by friends, and we’ll often bring home fresh products to get a feeling for their design and function when something new arrives. We are focused on offering unique, innovative and functional products to our customers, and they have to pass our strict tests of excellence in order to make the cut. We believe there are so many amazing products out there for parents these days, but we try strive to curate only the best. Whate are your hopes and dreams for Momease? We love that our customers trust us with helping them prepare for life with little ones. The support that we’ve received since opening our first store has been monumental, and we are so incredibly grateful for it. I still remember what it was like walking into a baby store for the first time as a dewey-eyed expectant parent, and how overwhelmed we felt heading into that momentous time in our lives. When we first opened our store it was really just Adam and I working in the business, and though we had the opportunity to connect with many new and expectant parents out there, we are now able to do this on a much larger scale with a bigger location, a full-service website, and a strong team of staff. This growth has also allowed us to step back a little bit from working in the store every single day, and we hope to continue to reclaim more family time going forwards. We have spent several years working full-tilt for the business, so we are thrilled to finally start seeing the business work for us a bit more. At the end of the day, Momease Baby Boutique is all about family and the deeper connections that surround the most special little people in our lives. In the future we look forward to watching our own family flourish alongside those of our wonderful customers.



2017 15

Victoria School for T Ideal Education The Victoria School for Ideal Education • Daily meditation • Nature based learning • Small class sizes • BC curriculum K – Gr. 8 2820 Belmont Avenue

his one-of-a-kind little school offers holistic education from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in a nurturing, stress-free environment. The twice daily children’s meditation, coupled with the study of nature and the laws that keep us in tune with the natural world, have attracted families from all over the Victoria area. Within this framework we cover the BC curriculum and all our teachers are BC certified. The Oct. 2013 Ministry of Education inspection report states, “The depth of care for each student, the level of personal support provided, and the degree of empathy displayed, all contribute to a family-like atmosphere and encouraging school setting for students.” There are still a few spaces left for Sept. 2017. Phone 250-383-6654 to arrange a tour. Website:

Quote from a grade 7 student:


“Meditation is very relaxing and I love the learning, exploring, hands-on stuff and all the field trips.”

A few spaces still available for Sept 2017

KATS offers free tennis lessons for kids from families with financial challenges. All equipment is supplied. Below are the programs we will be running from March to September. Please contact the centres directly for registration.

SPRING BREAK Westshore Recreation Centre Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Mon & Wed Mar 20 & 22 Mon & Wed Mar 27 & 29 Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Mon & Wed Mar 20 & 22 Mon & Wed Mar 27 & 29

4:30–5:30pm 4:30 - 5:30pm 5:30–6:30pm 5:30–6:30pm

SPRING & SUMMER 1) Vic West Community Centre Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Wed Apr 12–May 31 Wed Jun 7–Jul 26 Wed Aug 2–Sep 27

4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm

16  Island Parent BIZ

Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Wed Apr 12–May 31 Wed Jun 7–Jul 26 Wed Aug 2–Sep 27

5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm

2) Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Mon Apr 10–May 29 Mon Jun 5–Jul 24 Mon Jul 31–Sep 18 Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Thu Apr 13–June 1 Thu Jun 8–Jul 27 Thu Aug 3–Sep 28

4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm

For further information:

3) Oaklands Community Centre

5) Esquimalt Community Centre

Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Thu Apr 20–Jun 22 Thu Jun 29–Aug 31 Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Thu Apr 20–Jun 22 Thu Jun 29–Aug 31 Thu Aug 3–Sep 28

Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Sat Apr 8–Jun 10 Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Sat Apr 8–Jun 10

4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm

4) Burnside Gorge Community Centre Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Mon Apr 3–May 29 Mon Jun 5–Jul 31 Mon Aug 14–Sep 25 Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Mon Apr 3–May 29 Mon Jun 5–Jul 31 Mon Aug 14–Sep 25

4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 4:00–5:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm 5:00–6:00pm

4:00–5:00pm 5:00–6:00pm

6) Westshore Recreation Centre Kids Tennis 5–8 Years Tues & Thurs July 4–27 Mon & Wed Aug 14–Sept 6 Jr. Tennis 9–13 Years Tues & Thurs July 4–27 Mon & Wed Aug 14–Sept 6

4:30–5:30pm 4:30–5:30pm 5:30–6:30pm 5:30–6:30pm

7) Community Living Victoria and Teen Community Connections For children and youth with cognitive and/or physical challenges. Dates to be determined. Contact Community Living Victoria.

2016 Child Care Award of Excellence for Leadership: Lexie Biegun

Come to our

OPEN House!

Sunday, May 21  1 to 3pm Are you on our waitlist? Looking for childcare in the future? Please RSVP to

Meet the educators, walk through our property! Visit all 3 centres. See what everyone is talking about! Newly renovated and always EXPANDING! Reggio-Influenced, Nature Based Daycare Infant/Toddler and Preschool Programs

Waitlist: 250-590-3603 2017 17

Kool & Child

Building a legacy of love


istory is replete with examples of good things emerging from the love of a parent or grandparent. Kool and Child, Vancouver Island’s largest specialty toy and teaching supply store is an example of the phenomenon, and for the thousands of children who visit the store every year, it’s a legacy of love that endures. It all started when Louise and Kees Kool immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1965. In search of toys for their grandchildren, they found the quality of toys available in Canada to be disappointing. No matter how hard they searched, they were unable to find the sort of sturdy toys they remembered from their homeland—toys that spurred the imagination and withstood the sometimes vigorous love of a child.

They decided to do something about it, and their passion for providing children with quality toys and educational materials was the beginning of what would become a school catalogue supply house (Louis Kool & Son Ltd) and, many years later, a retail outlet for toys, games, puzzles, and educational supplies. “We’ve never strayed very far from the original concern of my grandparents: a 18  Island Parent BIZ

belief that toys should be of high quality and have lasting, sustainable play value for children,” said Carolyn Kool, granddaughter of Louise and Kees and the current owner of Kool and Child in Nanaimo. The 6,400-square-foot shop offers more than 16,000 different items, all of them of a quality and character she’s certain would meet the approval of her grandparents. For Carolyn, it’s all about fun. Although she trained as an accountant, her love for the toy business has never wavered. “I grew up in this business, and my experience and knowledge about the business really came from playing with the toys my grandparents and parents provided. I still play with the toys as they come into the shop,” she said. “When that delivery

toys, puzzles, games and teaching materials in the shop is a hallmark of Kool and Child. Carolyn has carefully selected her staff with that characteristic in mind and now employs a collection of former early child care educators, teachers, and others—all with a background of caring for children.

Tim Collins

Take Jen Vater, for example. She came on board at Kool and Child after more than a decade of homeschooling her daughter. “I was in here so often that the staff knew me. Over the years I’d developed a very sound knowledge of educational toys, and a real appreciation of the quality and variety of the items available in this store. Most of all, it was such fun looking at all the unique and fantastic toys and educational materials Carolyn and her team brought in. There was always something new,” said Jen. “But now, for me, I think the best part about working here is watching people’s eyes light up when they come into the store for the first time…especially the children. That never gets old,” she said. Two other features of the store’s philosophy set it apart from other, more mainstream, toy stores. The first is the dearth of licensed products. Carolyn and her staff try to avoid the latest movie craze and the corporate merchandising that inevitably follows. Those products, said Carolyn, tend to have limited play value, and the love affair with the movie characters fades as the next feature film is released, leaving the last set of toys to be cast aside. The second feature is the unplugged nature of the toys at Kool and Kids. According to Jen, it was one of the things that drew her back to the shop. “We live in a world where kids spend far too much time glued to screens. We have arrives at the back door it’s always a great screen-free toys; toys I call unplugged play. day for me and my staff. We dive into those The best images, after all, are created in a boxes like kids…I guess we really are all child’s imagination.” For more information and reviews of kids at heart.” She describes a recent occasion when Vancouver Island’s largest specialty toy one of her long-time staff couldn’t resist store, visit bouncing around the shop on a pogo stick. “In that moment, she was a kid again,” laughed Carolyn. Tim Collins is a writer and freelance journalist In fact, the child-like appreciation of the living and working in Victoria.

Together w e a re Family

The Cridge Centre for the Family is about people: children, adults, seniors, survivors of brain injury, women leaving abuse, refugees and immigrants, families with children with special needs and young parents. The Cridge Centre for the Family is about connection, about building community and partnerships, and about belonging and being valued. The Cridge Centre for the Family is about being at home and feeling safe, about achieving goals and reaching potential. The Cridge Centre for the Family is about all of us, working together to care for the vulnerable.

Won’t you join our family? or 250 384 8058 1307 Hillside Ave, Victoria BC V8T 0A2



Island Montessori


ight years ago, after over 35 years in public schools in Victoria, Island Montessori moved to our current location in beautiful rural West Saanich. We are surrounded by a magical forest with a lovely walk up to a wooden yurt perched on moss-covered ground. From our classroom windows we can see swans gliding in the wetlands across the road. Deer wander the large lawn in front of the school, rabbits and frogs hop about, and an owl hoots in the early morning hours. We have a large fenced play area and plenty of opportunities for nature walks. We have a small garden where we plant seasonal vegetables and flowers and enjoy watching the apple trees blossom and bear fruit. It is a special place connecting children to nature and their surrounding community. Island Montessori is a non-profit daycare and preschool that has been serving Victoria children and their families for over 40 years. We offer an enriched, inclusive preschool program based on Montessori principles

and practices that meet the needs of the individual child, no matter their developmental level. Our flexible full-time (2, 3 and 5 days/week) preschool programs, a morning-only preschool program, as well as Before- and After-school Care are designed to offer convenience to all families. Our staff provide a warm, nurturing and supportive atmosphere in the classroom and each child is seen as an individual with

their own unique learning style and needs. Our inclusive programs ensure that every child is included and given the support they need and deserve. Our Pre-k program includes additional guided learning for reading, printing, as well as number recognition and competency. Special activities both at school and in the community support learning outcomes and build school spirit providing for a family-type environment where everyone knows everyone. We look forward to welcoming you to our school family!

Preschool Spaces Available

• before and after

Open House

• small class sizes

May 13 from 10am–1pm

school care

• supportive and

caring staff

• excellent academic


• Kodaly music

A local non-profit for all children (Since 1973) 5575 West Saanich Rd 250 592 4411


• lovely rural location

connecting children to nature

! s d e e n R A E All your RAINW

20  Island Parent BIZ

Welcome to the Playful Pencil Art Studio

At the Playful Pencil Art Studio we are committed to providing art and drawing programs to children and adults that will help them improve their drawing skills while they enjoy developing their own, unique style. There’s lots of fun to be had from drawing cartoons to portraiture, to sketching city scenes to so much more. Jodi spent her youth doodling, doodling and doodling and has been seeking a way to share her love of drawing with others ever since. Over the years she has worked in animation, has been commissioned to draw various cartoons, has done some graphic design and layout for newsletters, t-shirts and promotional materials and basically just kept on doodling. With a certificate in Classical Animation from the Vancouver Film School and a diploma in Recreation Leadership from Langara College, Jodi is ready to bring her love of doodling to her community. Her special artistic talents include cartooning, character design and pattern doodling. Bibi is a comics writer and illustrator, and a graduate of Camosun’s Comics and Graphic Novels program. Her comics have been published in the Kraken Komiks anthology volumes 1 and 2. She has also self-published a collection of short comics in her collection “Poppy Seed”. Bibi’s work was influenced by the North American, Franco-Belgian, Japanese and Korean comics she read growing up, and by animated films from Ghibli, Disney and directors like Don Bluth.

Leah is a BC certified teacher and oil painter who studied at York University in Toronto. While in University she specialized in drawing and painting, and began teaching art lessons. Now living in the beautiful city of Victoria, she is enjoying capturing the landscape around the island in her artwork. Leah is excited to share her passion for the arts with others at the Playful Pencil, offering lessons dedicated to drawing perspective and city scenes.

· Daytime, after school and evening programs · Spring and Summer Camps · Weekend programs and workshops

Andrew’s zeal for drawing led to a college degree in graphic design, a professional career in design and illustration, commissioned portraits, awards for his work and a wife. Since his childhood he has been captivated by the art of portraiture. When Andrew isn’t drawing you will find him plein air painting, or print making in his home studio, or playing the guitar, or eating, or sleeping. Vanessa was born and raised in Vanderhoof, BC. A recent graduate of the Camosun College Comics and Graphic Novels program and the joint UNBC/Emily Carr BFA program, “Crypto Girls” is her second published story in an anthology. Other works include “The Embrace” for the first Kraken Anthology, “Alright Girl,” a self-published collection of short comics, and various art exhibitions. Currently residing in BC, Vanessa continues her important service as a blood donor for mosquitoes until this whole art thing takes off.

Sebastien makes science-fiction comics. He draws inspiration from cartoonists with simple, expressive lines, from all countries. Other interests include fashion, architecture, engineering and history. Currently working on a comic featuring giant robots.

2325 Central Avenue, Victoria


2017 21

Looking for Child Care? Child Care Resource and Referral can help


ooking for child care can be a daunting task full of mixed emotions for families. Whether by choice or necessity, finding affordable, quality care can feel overwhelming. So where to turn if you are starting your search? One place to start is with your local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR) program, where a consultant can help you find information on quality care and a child care referral based on availability in your community. The CCRR will not recommend a child care program, however, by sharing information on quality care the CCRR can help families make the best choice based on

own home (can be referred to as nanny, au pair or babysitting), and Registered License not Required Care (RLNR). Another resource that offers detailed information on licensed and unlicensed child care options is the Parents’ Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Child Care in BC at health. Parents’_guide_child_care.pdf. Your local CCRR can also offer information on the different types of child care available in your community. If you are interested in staying home with your family and love to be around children, you may be interested in opening a home daycare.

their needs and what feels right. Funded by the Province of B.C., the CCRR can also help families with child care subsidy applications, including filling out forms, information and complementary faxing to the subsidy office. You can also search online for child care at the British Columbia Child Care Map Child care includes licensed and unlicensed options. Licensed programs include: group care, family child care, preschool, multi-age child care, in-home multi-age, occasional care and group (out of school care). For more information on licensed child care programs, visit the Island Health licensing site at child_care_facilities.htm. Unlicensed child care options include: License not Required (LNR), in child’s

CCRR staff offer support and information to those that would like to open a licensed family child care and can help with the start up of a Registered License Not Required (RLNR) program, where a provider can care for no more than two children or one sibling group plus your own children in your own home. License not Required (LNR) providers are encouraged but not required to register with the CCRR. RLNR care can be an appealing option for family members such as grandparents offering child care to grandchildren. By registering as an LNR with your local CCRR program you are agreeing to meet required provincial health and safety standards of care. Some of the important criteria that a RLNR provider agrees to include:

22  Island Parent BIZ

• Current first aid training • Two character references • A minimum of 20 hours of family child caretrainingplusacommitmenttotakeatleast two relevant child care workshops per year

Catherine Carter Clark • Anyone over the age of 12 living in the RLNR home including the provider will complete a criminal record check • At least one support visit per year and an annual health and safety visit by CCRR staff to ensure standards continue to be met Child care subsidy rates for a RLNR child care setting are higher than if you are not registered with the CCRR as an LNR in recognition that criteria has been met to enhance the level of quality care. For more information on Child Care Subsidy, visit the Ministry of Children and Family Development Child Care Subsidy site at financial-assistance-for-child-care. All child care providers that are members of the CCRR have access to an extensive lending library of resources and toys that can enhance child care programs. Providers have access to affordable training opportunities, as well as newsletters outlining ideas and information about child care through the CCRR, which contribute to quality care with children. Contact your local CCRR in person, by phone or via email and/or web referrals (where available) to inquire about child care referrals (only licensed programs and RLNRs are included on CCRR referrals). The CCRR will provide information on how to become a registered LNR provider and can assist with other child care related questions or community referrals. Please note there is a new Vancouver Island CCRR regional website to locate a CCRR in your community for more information at visit

Catherine Carter Clark, MEd, BA, ECED. Catherine is the Regional Coordinator for Vancouver Island CCRR and as a parent understands the angst and excitement involved when searching for quality child care.

MONDAY: SPRING/SUMMER SPECIALS PINS & PIZZA of Bowling, up to 4 shoe rentals, AT LANGFORD LANES 11Hour large Pizza & 1 Jug of Pop for $50.00 (10AM-11PM) * Add 1 Hour for $20.00


Two Games for the price of ONE Two Hours for the price of ONE (6PM-11PM) *Shoe rentals not included*




$20 per couple for THREE games Including Tax & Shoe Rentals (6PM-11PM)





$10 per person, including shoe rentals Walk-In only (8PM-11PM) 4 guest minimum may be required


SATURDAY & SUNDAYS BEFORE NOON $4 per game - Shoe Rentals not included


MONDAY - FRIDAY, EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS $5 per game including tax & Shoe rentals 6 Guest Minimum






* Air fare for 2 people $2,500 PRIZE * Hotel for Two nights * Limo to and from Airport * 2 Tickets to see Las Vegas Golden Knights





LOCATED INSIDE LANGFORD LANES Reservations Recommended 250-391-1738

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Island Parent BIZ  

An introduction to unique local businesses and services.

Island Parent BIZ  

An introduction to unique local businesses and services.