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October 2022 issue 17
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Events Check out what is coming up for cruisers around the country. Crew Team Building Become A SailGP Intern Upcoming Events Great Discounts from Our Sponsors Colouring in the Pacific with the Predict Wind Tracker
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From the helm

Firstly a big welcome home to all the Pacific Rally participants, Island Cruising members and the International Cruisers, many of whom have made the passage south to our beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand over the last month.

Thanks too to the fantastic hospitality we ' ve been shown in Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia over the last five months. It has been amazing to be exploring these amazing destinations once again.

The trip south is something that many sailors worry about. It can be a tough stretch of water and we ' ve had a number of breakages of boats and crew. One amazing woman broke her femur half way between New Caledonia and NZ. Too far away for helicopter evacuation, and trying to transfer to a ship with a broken leg wasn't an option either, so she carried on, and I'd like to pass on my heart felt thanks to the RCCNZ for connecting her to some medical advice on which painkillers to take, some extra special attention from our amazing weather router, our Passage Guardian Peter Mott, Opua Marina who slotted them in to a very convenient spot for the ambulance to whisk her away, to NZ Customs who processed them so swiftly, and finally to all the other rally participants and Island Cruising members who were able to lend a hand on arrival The patient is now recovering from surgery in Whangarei.

There were a few breakages on the boats too, but one great thing about getting Cat 1 is that the boats and people are generally exceptionally well prepared to deal with any situations that arose along the way.

Back here in New Zealand I've been busy working on getting the final details of the South Island Rally sorted, working on USA visa issues for the Guam stopover for our rally to Japan, planning our Pacific Rally for next year and lots more

You might recall in last month's newsletter I encouraged you to get in quick to buy your SailGP tickets, and hopefully you took my advice as all the tickets in every category sold out within 23 hours of going on sale!

If you ' re planning on sailing down to watch SailGP, you could join our South Island Rally for just that portion. We've got some fun events planned around the Peninsula in the weeks leading up to the racing, and I can also help recommend anchorages, give you tips on where to get fuel and provisions, invite you to some special events, give you the heads up on when the SailGP Bring Your Own Boat Premium program goes on sale, and a behind the scenes Tech Tour too

If you hear of people thinking about bringing their trailer yachts or fizz boats down it might pay to let them know that launching is going to be an issue as the main public boat ramp is going to be closed as the SailGP site sits on the main boat ramp carpark

I am happy to answer any SailGP questions if you are planning on coming down this way.

If you ' re planning on heading to the Pacific next year, we'd love you to join us on the Pacific Rally 2023 As well as all the great inclusions, we are planning on having our special rally group entries again next year, including the Lau Group in Fiji, Mystery Island in Vanuatu and the Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia. The benefit of joining these exclusive group entries is that you can save yourself hundreds of miles of upwind sailing and make the most of your precious cruising time by not having to sail past these incredible destinations before you check in to the country Get in touch if you want some more details of what we ' ve got planned

We've got a few social catch up ' s planned for members over the next couple of months in Auckland, Bay of Islands and Christchurch. I hope to be able to see you in person at some of those events! Keep an eye on the weekly members email for all the details.

There are also some excellent webinars coming up including Hydrovane talking about their amazing steering system, passage planning for the South Island Rally Participants, Pacific Route planning for the Pacific Rally participants, Offshore Communications, and an 'Ask the Boatbuilder' session with our newest sponsor Blair Boats who are also offering a great deal for members see next page.

Thanks again for all your ongoing support I love our awesome supportive community of passionate yachties and generous marine suppliers It is so much fun being a part of it all

Cheers. Viki

the Bay of Islands.


as well as long term storage

Refits and repairs Long term dry storage Repaints Upgrades and modifications New Builds Blair Boats is a boutique family owned and operated boat building/woodworking yard located in Oromahoe just south of Kerikeri in
Blair Boats provides competitive pricing for professional refits,
repaint services including wood and composite repairs,
options. +64 21 400 164 Island Cruising Members Special First month free yard storage, or month free use of the shed when getting work done. Ask the boatbuilder - webinar - 22 November Join us for a webinar for a Q&A session with the Blair Boats team, get some tips on maintaining, refitting and preparing your vessel for an offshore voyage. Tuesday 22 November 7.30pm Watch for the Zoom link in the members weekly email

Wanted: Two Voluntary Crew members for MV Strannik

Auckland Island Botanical Expedition

Jan 5th - Feb 6th 2023.

This is a privately funded and operated expedition whose objective is to complete a botanical survey of the main Auckland Islands The expedition has been granted a Dept of Conservation research permit to undertake the expedition The expedition team includes 6 8 experienced botanists

MV Strannik is a NZ owned vessel. It was launched in 2018 and has completed over 30,000 miles since launching. It has travelled to the high Arctic (Wrangel Island) with the BBC and was undertaking cetacean surveys in Papua New Guinea when Covid-19 forced the owner to NZ. It has been working in Stewart Island and Fiordland and this Auckland Island expedition will be its final expedition in NZ before heading offshore again next year. It visited the Auckland Islands in July 2021 with a film crew and researchers filming and studying the Southern Right Whales.

These are voluntary positions (food and lodging is provided). Applicants should be in good health and be able to demonstrate the relevant experience.

1. Deck Hand / Watch Keeper / small boat operator. Will join the Capt and Engineer as a watch keeper Will take a watch (including anchor watch if necessary), will be expected to take the helm on occasions and also assist with planning Will be expected to have experience with small boat operations and assist with the logistics of landing expedition members

2. Deck Hand / hospitality / cook / small boat operator. Will be responsible for the cleanliness and presentation of the vessel, take charge of stock control and planning meals. Will be expected to take the lead on preparing a roster for domestic chores including cooking/cleaning .. all expedition members expected to help and take turns with domestic chores. Will also have some experience in small boat operations for landing expedition members.

Apply in writing to : Please list all relevant experience. Applications close Nov 20th 2022.

Devonport Yacht



As my friend Craig can attest, I am a big fan of some passage poetry. Nothing like a few limericks to pass the time on night watch.

Bella Vita put out a writing challenge to the other boats to come up with a story starting with "Two weather forecasters walked in to a bar..." Here are some of my favourite entries.

Love this one from Hanse Off:

Two weather forecasters walk into a bar…. One forecaster says to the barman “I’m not feeling so swell, I had a squall with the wife. She told me to lightning up as my barometer was falling”. The barman replies, “Would you like a tequila sunrise to start and brighten your day?”

The second forecaster chimes in after leaving his rain bands and wet weather gear at the door, “Well, my wife’s frontal system is working quite well and my water spout is flooding her cockpit down to the gunnels!”

The barman retorts with a thunderous roar, “I will pour you a Sex On The Beach”. After finishing their cocktails and washing them down with a port, they stormed out of the pub to return to Island Cruising Headquarters. Now their forecasts may be changeable, just like the weather!

This one from Blue Oceans:

Two weather forecasters walk into a bar just as a young lady spills a glass of water down her chest. Looks like a cold front says one to the other. Yes definitely looks like it’s going to get nippy replies the other. They proceed to the bar. One orders a beer and the other one a rum and Coke. The bartender gives them each a wine. This isn’t what we ordered they complain. My mistake says the barman. I thought you were used to getting everything wrong. There’s the door if you don’t like what you’re served or you can go through the window if you prefer but hurry it’s closing soon.

Another challenge was the 'spookiest story at sea' real life story. Here's one from Blue Oceans:

Strangest experience at sea; Lone at the helm in the dead of night half way between Fiji and New Caledonia the radar alarm goes off. There are yellow dots all over the radar screen. They don’t look like squalls and there nothing showing on AIS. I peer into the darkness. Nothing. I grab a torch and peer into the water thinking it might be dolphins. Huge white shapes appear. Suddenly in 2000 metres of water the shallow depth alarm goes off. The depth gauge shows 7 metres. I go downstairs to wake the Captain. By now a strange mist surrounds us and there’s an unusual earthy smell in the air. Could it have been an underwater volcano letting off steam? Or have we gone batty and seing ghosts? We can’t explain it so for now we’re calling it a UUO; unidentified underwater object.

Boating is New Zealand’s favourite recreational activity; according to new survey

Newly-released statistics from the NZ Marine Industry Association show New Zealand continues to grow as a nation of boaters, with 40 percent of the population boating annually and the nation’s fleet growing by an estimated 44,810 vessels per year. Boating is New Zealand’s largest recreational activity with 1.9 million, or 40 percent of New Zealand’s population, participating in boating each year.

That’s according to the latest statistics released by NZ Marine, which have revealed a $2.9 billion dollar industry, more than 1,540,000 boats in New Zealand, and annual growth of an estimated 44,810 vessels per year.

“The marine industry is New Zealand’s largest non-agricultural, manufacturing industry,” says NZ Marine CEO, Peter Busfield. “It’s an industry built on high-tech design, industry-led training and passionate people.”

The survey results show substantial growth for the New Zealand marine industry taking the total turnover from $2.3 billion in 2019 to $2.9 billion in the 12-month period to 31st March 2022.

“We’ve seen strong growth of 28 percent in the domestic market, as well as export growth of 26 percent. Given the challenges with material supply, international freight, and distribution disruptions worldwide, this growth is a credit to the more than 500 member companies of the NZ Marine Industry Association. As an industry, we can be proud of the substantial contribution we make to the New Zealand economy.”

While further industry growth is restricted in part by staff shortages, the industry owned Marine and Specialised Technologies Training Academy (MAST) is able to mitigate the effects of this in part. The marine industry has 270 businesses employing and training 760 apprentices nationwide via MAST, however Busfield says more apprentices are urgently needed.

After a two year hiatus, NZ Marine is looking forward to supporting its members once again through staging the Auckland Boat Show, from 2326 March, the largest on water event planned for Auckland in 2023. The event is the most extensive of its kind in New Zealand, held in the heart of central Auckland in Jellicoe Harbour, the former America’s Cup bases, and acts as a showcase for the newly-released vessels, new innovations and services from the marine industry. After a period of strong industry growth, the show is expected to be one of the biggest held in over 20 years that it has been staged.

“Our high-tech industry is known globally for its manufacturing and design, and we also market New Zealand as the main South Pacific charter and refit base to international superyachts and cruising yachts as part of our export strategy. This double-pronged approach has us on track to achieve our export revenue goal of $1.4 billion by 2030.”

The NZ Marine Industry Association is formed of 500 member companies, representing over 80 percent of total industry turnover. It supports the growth of the marine industry through exhibition events like the Auckland Boat Show, its apprentice training academy MAST, and member support and advocacy.

The association also represents its members on the global stage through targeted marketing strategies which take New Zealand capability to the world, and markets New Zealand as a refit, cruising and charter destination through industry events and media campaigns. Its biennial survey tracks marine industry progress and can be found the links below.

New Zealand Marine Industry snapshot 2022 NZ Marine 2022 survey results

Young 88 For Sale

The Pacific is beckoning, and so I sadly have to part with my much loved yacht and buy something bigger. If you're keen for some coastal adventures she is perfect! Full specifications can be found here.

A strong,


For Sale




is ready

sailed to Fiji for the

in June

in early November).

Frers 43 - NZD$140,000
truly beautiful
Mama Cocha
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offshore sailing, having gained Cat 1
2022 and
season (she will be returning to NZ
Check her out on Trademe
Yanmar 3YM30AE-M Bobtail engine RRP$ 18,517.30 incl GST. Special Offer to Island Cruising members only to new engine orders made before 31st October.. **** $1000 off the purchase price and $500 off the installation costs if the installation is carried out by the team at MDSL **** **** Only 25% deposit required with the balance due upon delivery**** delivery times vary as some stock may be ex overseas enquire now for availability. Island Cruising members price Now $17,017.30 incl GST. (other engine models and HP’s available – enquire now for a deal) Contact Marine Diesel Solutions Unit 1c 190 jack Lachlan Dr, Pine harbour Marina. Auckland New Zealand +64 220 429349 Email:

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Yachtmaster. Everyone, however

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Contact Chris at Sail Nelson

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RallyparticipantswillnowreceiveournewYachtManual aplaceforyou torecordallthedetailsaboutyourboatandcheckoffyourprogress towardsCat1



More info here More info here
Check out the video here

Ocean Signal’s new EPIRB3 packed full of practical life-saving features

Ocean Signal’s clever new EPIRB3 comes complete with advanced, practical, life saving features such as AIS (Automatic Identification System), Return Link Service and Near Field Communication.

As well as reliably transmitting its digital mayday on 406 MHz (to the global Cospas Sarsat satellite rescue system), the new EPIRB3 also simultaneously broadcasts an AIS VHF alert This helps local rescuers locate the beacon even faster and ensures any nearby vessel with AIS also immediately receives the distress signal (the alert will appear on their onboard display, making it easy for them to quickly navigate directly to the EPIRB)

The new EPIRB3 also features a 121.5 MHz homing signal that, combined with visible and infrared strobe lights, speeds recovery times by allowing rescuers to pinpoint the beacon’s location, even if it has drifted, regardless of the time of day or night.

The new EPIRB3’s comforting Return Link Service reassures those who activated the beacon, confirming that their distress message has been received.

A clever new feature, Near Field Communication, enables users to monitor their EPIRB3 using a free mobile smartphone App. This allows them to ensure the battery has sufficient power and the beacon is functioning properly before they head out.

With its advanced new features, slim design and compact, ergonomically designed case, Ocean Signal’s sophisticated new EPIRB3 is ideal for all types and sizes of recreational and commercial vessels and is due for release in December through Lusty & Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers

The South Island Rally has launched and we've had 16 registrations so far! Join the fun! Click here for all the details

sailing down to Lyttelton for SailGP

can also join us on the South Island Rally

- $95) to join in the fun.


in the



on the best place to anchor

or come up to the club for drinks and a BBQ


a sea kayaking safari in the marine reserve

upstream to a quirky museum

Banks Peninsula

annual peninsula race for a big party

spectacular views - $30 per person

seaweeds are edible followed by lunch

the weather.

on the racecourse -

wish to watch on shore.

Lyttelton if the rally group needs it.

If you ' re
it costs just $190 (plus membership of Island Cruising NZ
here are some more details of the plans so far: Early March - sail South and meet us in Akaroa * We'll
you find a mooring or give you some tips
* Join
Akaroa Yacht Club Sunday racing,
afterwards * Visit the historic Akaroa Lighthouse * Walk to see the wild animals in Children's Bay * Visit the stunning Giant's House * Visit the shops and restaurants on the Akaroa Waterfront * Bring your costume - as we've got a Pirate Party planned! We will then sail around the Peninsula and visit: * the Penguin Colony, take a tour of the farm or
* Anchor
a remote bay, and
your dinghy
* Explore some of the stunning bays and inlets of
* Join the local yachties at the finish line of their
* Enjoy
sumptuous High tea on the waterfront with
* Join a foraging tour and learn which wild plants and
$125 per person. From there we will head to Lyttelton * We'll give you the heads up on the best anchorages depending on
* SailGP behind the scenes Tech Site tour - cost TBA * Pre-sale access to the Premium flags - get the best anchorage
cost TBA * pre-sale access to the shoreside fan village tickets if you
* assistance with getting fuel via mini-tanker in
In addition to all that, you'll get: * A detailed rally guide book * A printed Yacht Manual to help you get ready for the voyage * A chart of the South Island * Heaps of great discounts from our generous sponsors * Assistance with finding crew * Join our rally WhatsApp chat to keep in touch with your fellow rally participants * Back up & support or answering any questions you may have. Keen to join us? Register online here

2007 Beneteau Oceanis 46 | Denize II Denize II is far more than your average production yacht. Her current owners have invested a great deal of time and money to make this a one of a kind offshore cruising vessel boasting all the comforts of home.

Click here for more details

2005 Benetau Oceanis 473 | Kahea

Kahea is set up with everything required to enjoy all the comforts of home while cruising. The two cabin layout comprises a large forward berth with ensuite plus a large berth aft adjacent to the day head.

Click here for more details

2017 Lagoon 450 Sport Top |


Liberté 55 presents an exciting opportunity to own a popular Lagoon 450 sport top version that is loaded with features for carefree extended cruising

Click here for more details

Advanced Sea Survival Course A comprehensive theoretical and practical course for crew requiring an offshore, category 1 certificate. Nelson 29 30 October 2022 two day course 5 November - one day refresher Auckland 8 October 2022 one day refresher 29-30 October 2022 - two day course 3 4 December 2022 two day course 17 December 2022 - one day refresher 11 12 February 2023 two day course Island Cruising members get a 10% discount (please use the discount code in the members newsletter) 0800 546 9700
Engine Electrics (DC) 240/110AC & Electronics Boat Building Plumbing Upcoming Dates 14 - 18 November - SOLD OUT 20 - 24 March 2023 - Nelson 1 - 5 May 2023 - Nelson This is a week-long hands-on small group intensive course covering: Contact Ross Porter +64 27 220 1240 Pearls Of Boating Wisdom

I have been based in New Zealand for the past 5 years after cruising on and off for 8 years, having sailed the East Coast of Africa, the West and East Coasts of Australia as well as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. My wife and I live on our boat and are still fully involved in the cruising lifestyle. I am a Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand and, as a yachtie, have a particular interest in helping yachties with their immigration issues. Island Cruising NZ Members get a 30% discount

Lagoon 52 ‘Site Office’ is for sale

Site Office is a 2016 Lagoon 52, sailed by her current owner from Europe over several years and now fully imported into New Zealand. She is currently in Vanuatu on the last stage of this season’s South Pacific rally. ,Consequently there is a unique opportunity.

Site Office, a 2016, Lagoon 52 is completely fitted out with everything you need or desire for luxurious, long term, self sustained cruising She arrived and was fully imported into New Zealand in 2021 after extensive cruising through the Mediterranean, Caribbean, French Polynesia to our beautiful South Pacific

With local borders opening ‘Sitey’ set off for another South Pacific tour joining the 2022 ICNZ Rally Site Office to Fiji and Vanuatu and is due to arrive home mid October

Herein lies the unique opportunity for the early bird to get the cat

Before her return to New Zealand seriously interested enquirers have the chance to experience, sail and sea trial Site Office in Port Villa, Vanuatu with the option to secure first option on her before competing her New Zealand Survey on her return. Serious buyer’s may even join the passage as a handover.

Nothing about this catamaran will disappoint. Her fit out and luxury is superb, offering sustainable global adventuring combined with stunning luxury and all amenities you would expect from a cruising catamaran of this stature.

Site office offers you next level cruising on which to build a life of wondrous adventures , humble experiences while enjoying long range self sustained cruising with safety and security

Price: $1 79M all New Zealand Import taxes paid and included

For more information or to arrange a special early bird viewing please contact the True North Marine broker, catamaran sailor and specialist: Stephen Prinselaar 021 447778

Helly Hansen Great discounts for Island Cruising members on all Helly Hansen sailing gear Order through View the range online here

Radix Nutrition is a generous sponsor of the Pacific Rally and have provided a variety of meals and smoothies in the rally packs.

Radix makes delicious meals, ideal for when it's rough or when you need to refuel on the go. Quick, easy, nutritious, delicious. Radix meals will be provided in the Pacific Rally goody packs.

Discounts for Island Cruising members too.

Click here to order - discount code SAILNZ2022

10% discount!

For Sale

Sea Anchor Para 24 foot Hatteras Model Complete System never used (thankfully!) so in excellent condition Suitable for vessels from 40 to 90ft Came off a 50ft 20 tonne cruising yacht. Comes with 150 metres of 16mm nylon braid complete with thimbles and primary float and retrieval line and float Adds considerable peace of mind to ocean passages.

$1600 billmathews 21@gmail com

Rally Sponsors

TwodayOffshoreMedicalCoursecustomisedtoprovidestudentswiththebasicsrequiredfor OffshoreCruisingCoursealsocoversahandoveroftheOffshoreMedicalKit(CAT1)andhowto useit. Upcomingdates: 34November 89December 910February 2526February 910March 2526March 1314April 2930April $36500fornonmembers 10%discountforIslandCruisingmembers+discountonCat1MedicalKits Registeronlinehere OffshoreMarineMedic
Become a member of Island Cruising for just $95, and get a free digital subscription to Boating New Zealand! Join online now: FOR SALE Para anchor Tasman 15, suits 11m monohull or 12m multihull. Para anchor in water kit 100m warp plus float line. Heavy strop from bow to cockpit. Carried up to the islands in waterproof cockpit locker but has never been in the water. $2000 Any questions please feel free to call 0272865393 Ross Walker ross pamwalker@gmail com
Get 10% off! Use code: islandcruise


What do people say about theirs?

Our mate Harry Hydrovane, steering us dead downwind in perfect balance with his favourite sail configuration wing on wing.

In light downwind trades this is our most effective sail and steering setup for distance, comfort and of course reducing power consumption On occasion we do use our onboard autopilot for certain wind angles but it’s consumption is between 4 6 amps continuous, so for us using the Hydrovane with absolutely no electronics is a much more effective choice for lengthy offshore passages Click the photo to watch Harry in action

Crew Team Building

If you are going to be spending a period of time at sea in a small boat, it is a good idea to ensure that you've got a positive team environment After all, you and your crew are a team and you are relying on each other to safely get to your destination.

When it comes to ocean passages, most crews finish up being life long friends, but when you're living in tight quarters under tough conditions, there can often be personality clashes too.

Sleep deprivation, stress, seasickness, lack of personal space, bad weather, and a bad atmosphere can turn even mild mannered friendly people in to grouches. Temperament and attitude of fellow crew members is just as important as their sailing skills.

Problems usually arise where crew perceive that the yacht or skipper is unfit for the job which causes anxiety and undermines the skipper's authority Disagreements between crew members are usually caused by personality clashes If you see people not getting along put them on opposite watches Food can be another flashpoint someone eating all the chocolate, or using all of a particular ingredient up in one meal Tempers fray when people get tired or scared The best way to solve issues is to have a good honest discussion Once situations are explained and diffused, you can usually resolve the situation and come back together as a team again

I was chatting with a couple of people who have recently crewed on quite a few legs of the various rallies we've had around the South Island and up to the Pacific, about their experiences on board. They have sailed on a range of different boats all with different skippers on board. Here is some of their feedback.

Safety First

As a skipper and crew member you both need to do some due diligence on each other to ensure that you are comfortable with both that person, their experience and the safety of the boat. We've had a couple of instances of crew members heading off on boats which have turned out to not have the expected safety gear on board, or skippers who have had crew who didn't turn out to have the experience they claimed they had

Be prepared to ask and answer some hard questions, insist that the skipper does a safety briefing and explains where all the safety gear is on the boat, and how they anticipate things would go in the case of an emergency

Our rally passage plan template has a suggested crew briefing checklist to complete If you are uncertain about the skills and personality of the skipper or crew at this stage then don't hesitate to pull out.

Sharing the Costs

It is important to also be up front with how everyone expects to deal with the costs of a passage. Every situation is different.

For point to point deliveries:

Generally the owner will pay for all the costs of running the vessel, insurance, marina fees, and country entry/exit fees

Sometimes the owner will pay their crew for their time and all expenses Particularly if the crew member is qualified with for example an Offshore Yachtmaster, VHF, Marine Medic & Sea Survival courses, or if they have lots of offshore experience and the owner wants to have someone on board with that expertise.

Sometimes the owner will pay for the crew's expenses such as flights, insurance and food. This might be for crew who are keen to help out but perhaps don't have the sea time or qualifications as yet.

Sometimes if the owner has extra space on board they'll take on volunteers who are keen to get some experience and sea time, perhaps to meet the Cat 1 regulations for their own passage, and often these people will pay a share of the food and their own travel expenses.

Once you reach your destination:

If crew are staying on board to cruise with the boat and are staying on board for a longer period of time, the owner would generally cover all the boat maintenance related costs, and other things such as food & drinks, activities, fuel, marina fees etc might be split among the other crew members

If crew are working, for example, taking care of the children, doing lots of boat maintenance, or taking on other responsibilities, there may be some other arrangement

Either way, it is important to be up front with how the costs are going to be managed and ensure everyone is clear and happy with that arrangement, before you set off.


If you have unusual dietary requirements or are a vegetarian, gluten free or something else, make sure that the rest of the crew know. Make sure everyone is happy with the meal plan and that you have enough food on board that everyone will want to eat for the passage. Ask your crew for their preferences. Food is a good morale booster, and keeping the crew fed well is an important part of a passage. Our rally passage plan template has a space for making a meal plan. Ensure you carry easy food to grab and eat if you end up with bad weather too A snack cupboard can help with the midnight munchies Have a thermos flask with boiled water so people can quickly and quietly grab a cup of tea/coffee or cuppa soup at any time of the day without having to boil the kettle all the time Everyone should also have their own named drink bottle This makes less washing up, they can take the drink bottle in to their bunk and up to the cockpit without worrying about spilling it, and encourages everyone to stay hydrated

Be a Good Skipper

The skipper is responsible for the safety of the vessel and the crew. This is a job you should take seriously and you need to give your crew confidence in your skills and authority as skipper. That being said you don't have to be an expert in everything. Ask for suggestions, give the crew the ability to speak up if there is anything that concerns them and ensure you address any issues straight away.

Delegate tasks navigation, weather, documentation, provisioning, health & safety, comms & doing the trip reports, writing the log, making water, cooking each day etc people like to be given a responsibility. Standing orders say when you expect the crew to wear life jackets, harnesses, when they should call the skipper, how often they should write in the log etc. Make the rules and stick to them. Share the tasks such as cooking and cleaning Take pride in feeding the team and tidying up afterwards Play on peoples strengths Some people are night owls, others like to be up early Get your watch system in line with how people work best Check in Have some time where people can honestly speak up if someone is doing something that annoys someone else For example one of the crew I spoke to had no idea that her whistling was driving the rest of the crew crazy! Be honest and open to accepting criticism Sometimes the little things people do without knowing it can become really annoying when you can't get away from one another! Get crew members on board a few days before departure to make sure that everyone gets along.

Express any questions or concerns you have to the skipper.

If you are not confident in the skills of the skipper or the safety of the boat get off.

Follow instructions, aim to be helpful.

Take your watch keeping duties seriously. Be on time, keep a good lookout! The safety of the boat and crew is in your hands when you are on watch

If you snore bring earplugs for everyone else!

Keep your space tidy Don't leave your stuff laying around all over the place

Be quiet and respectful when others are asleep

Clean the bathroom ensure the boat has got plenty of tea towels, and cleaning cloths and keep everything sparkling

Give people some space and privacy. Have a space where people can have some quiet time on their own time out.

Avoid conflicting conversations, don't talk about politics, religion or vaccinations for example, when you know the other person has a different viewpoint. Agree to disagree. Don't wind people up. You might enjoy practical jokes, or making fun of people, but some people don't appreciate it. Be friendly and polite.

Have a Plan for Seasickness

It is best if the crew bring their own seasick medication that they know agrees with them. I heard a terrible story of a crew member who took a seasick tablet that didn't agree with him and he became extremely aggressive and anxious Not a good situation for the rest of the crew! Have a plan for how the rest of the crew will cope if someone is seasick

Protection from the Elements

You'll have a happier crew if you've got protection from the wind, rain and sun Keep an eye on the crew to make sure they are warm, have decent wet weather gear, are wearing a hat, have got sunscreen on, and drink enough water

Building the Team

It is important that everyone gets along with each other. Some fun ideas to create a team bond:

Create a shared 'delivery' playlist on Spotify - everyone can add their favourite music Have team T Shirts

Include crew members in the preparation workshops, encourage them to join Island Cruising and learn more about the passage.

Make a time each day where all the crew get together perhaps over dinner, or sundowners. Don't forget special occaisions, candles and a cake for birthdays, a special treat at the half way point, a ceremony when you cross the equator, celebratory drinks for once you've arrived safe and are all checked in Have some competitions or games photo of the best sunset/sunrise, writing poems, biggest fish, a game of bingo for people who see certain things along the way, best meal etc Board games can be a fun way of passing the time

In summary

Be friendly, respectful, kind, honest and up front. Do your fair share and avoid doing things that might annoy others. Have fun!

Be a Good Crew Member
Island Cruising NZ is proud to partner with Rocket GuidesCruising Guides for Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Rocket Cruising Guides have expert local knowledge on Anchorages, Routes, Marine Parks, Marinas, Yacht Agents, slipways, yacht repair facilities, supermarkets, marine hardware stores, welders, fitters, sail makers, internet, mobile phones, and more. Island Cruising NZ Members get a 10% discount on these amazing cruising resources

Why Join a Rally?

Island Cruising have been running yacht rallies in the Pacific since the 1980's, and over that time we have helped hundreds of yachties achieve their sailing dreams Rallies are fun, you get to meet the people who are heading your way and make new friends with sailors who share your sense of adventure You can choose to cruise with others, or head off and do your own thing There is no pressure to stay together if you prefer to sail independently

Island Cruising helps you get prepared to go offshore Our online cruising preparation workshops give you tips & tasks each week to help you tick off the requirements for Cat 1, getting you, your boat and your crew ready for the voyage ahead We arrange Sea Survival and Marine Medic courses We also help with the ever changing rules and regulations of the places you are visiting and the paperwork involved. Our rally guides are packed with local knowledge and advice to help make your voyage a success.

We can help find crew if you need some extra pairs of hands, or if you need your boat delivered without you on board, we can help connect you with people who can make this happen.

Safety is important to us, we provide weather information, trackers, radio scheds, liaise with the Rescue Coordination Centre, and are there for support and back up if things don't go to plan

We know the locals so if you have any issues while you are away we can help you get the support you need We give you advice on the local customs and regulations so you can make meaningful connections with the people you meet

We've got amazing sponsors who include some incredible discounts on all the gear you need to go offshore, as well as providing special goodies and giveaways in your rally packs and social events along the way

In short, Island Cruising is here to help make your voyage safe, fun and enjoyable and we are here to assist you achieve your sailing goals and adventures, the way you want to do it.

Become a member of Island Cruising for just $95 a year. You can join on our website:

ARE YOU OFFSHORE READY? Island Cruising NZ members receive weekly emails with tips and suggestions on how to go about getting prepared for a long coastal or offshore voyage. There are webinars, videos, templates, downloads, and in person get togethers. Suitable for boat owners or crew members, experienced sailors or beginners alike You can start any time, and work through the topics at your own pace. Join in any time. Just $95.00 per year and take advantage of our great sponsors deals too! Getting organised a system for storing all the information for your Passage Plan, Safety Manual, Maintenance log, Important Documents, Boating Qualifications and more Your vessel information a template for collating all the specifications of your boat The Cat 1 & 2 Regulations Boat Registration Reporting Incidents Insuring your boat VHF & MMSI Meteorology Forecasts Communication options at Sea Rig rules for Cat 1 & 2 Sails for offshore the Cruising Wardrobe Fire Safety Anchoring Your Maintenance Records Provisioning EPIRB's Your sailing resumé Navigation COLREGS Passage planning Provisioning Safety gear Diesel engine basics Fuel systems Servicing winches Checking your rig Anchoring tips Sailing at night Workshop topics include: EPIRBs VHF/AIS Communications Man Over Board Fire Flooding Abandon Ship Preparing a Grab Bag Meteorology Tides Docking Plumbing Electrics Batteries Charging systems Keeping healthy Sail trim & new sails Boat registration Taking on crew Dinghy tips Fog signals Biosecurity Seasickness Coping in emergencies Security Skipper responsibility Log keeping Search and Rescue Steering Heavy Weather Sailing AND MUCH MORE! BECOME A MEMBER NOW TO JOIN IN WWW.ISLANDCRUISING.NZ
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This Huntingford yacht is a fast and comfortable open ocean cruising ketch She has everything you need and easily handled It presents in great condition, thanks to her fastidious owner Relaunched July 1 after $7k service: antifouled, zincs, Propspeed, through hull servicing, now good for 2 years or more Custom designed and built in the US constructed in timber and GPR to a very high standard Superbly equipped and has completed many ocean passages with just two crew. The vessel has been imported into NZ; with duty and GST paid. All electrics meet both NZ and US standards. The boat is fitted out with all the safety, navigation, and domestic equipment you need. On deck, the hard dodger and full set of tropical awnings provide protection from sun, spray and wind. All controls from both masts leading to the cockpit.

92ft Dubois Aluminium Ketch

ACOA is a beautiful ketch rigged Aluminium cruising yacht, designed by the renowned superyacht designer Ed Dubois. Built by Double & Jesse in Germany for long range passage or coastal voyages. She has been around the world and also explored the Antarctic. Continuous upgrades and professional maintenance including a refit in Orams Marine New Zealand. Most recently she received a new paint job (superstructure, hull, mast, boom), all electronic systems upgraded and domestic equipment changed. Built in safety features include 3 watertight bulkheads plus access via stern and side boarding platforms.

Clive Bennett +64 27 494 9799
View online here Impressive 18.5m (63ft) Cruising Ketch NZD$399,000 View online here

WearebasedinAucklandandofferofferaverywideselectionofrecreationaland commercialboatsofalltypes,bothnewandused. Wearefullserviceyachtandboatbrokers–withtheemphasisonservice.Wealsooffer anumberofmarineservicesandproducts,includingloanfinance,andmarketand insurancevaluations.

WE’RESELLINGBOATS–ANDWENEEDNEWLISTINGS! Wegetresults,sotalktousnowaboutlistingyourboatforsale–wepromoteyourboat throughanumberofwebsitesandotheroutlets,includingoverseasasappropriate.

Phoneusanytime: BlairHarkness,Mobile0212458809

DOCKLAND 5 Marine Ltd

The perfect place to carry out boat repairs & refresh before your next adventure with haul out & hardstand facilities on the beautiful Whangarei Harbour

John Peagram Manager

Mob: 0274 930 812 | Phone: 09438 8558 | Email: john@dockland5 co nz

Open Ocean Watermakers has been manufacturing watermakers in the beautiful Bay of Islands of New Zealand since 2001 Terry Forsbrey is the owner of Open Ocean. He and his wife Ariel lived aboard their yacht for 22 years and actively cruised offshore for 12 of those years. During their time on the water, Terry discovered that high tech components in a watermaker are not only unnecessary, they are usually the first thing to break down, and most often in remote locations When helping out other cruisers, he frequently found that by passing these components would get their watermakers working once again That's when he realized that a simple, reliable, and affordablewatermaker could be made

Terry developed the early version of an engine driven model and took it cruising He put it to the test for five years He then returned to New Zealand to design and build a reliable watermaker without any superfluous gadgets Thus was born a revolutionary new concept in watermakers One that works all the time, is easy to operate, and doesn’t break the bank


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