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Cruise News Newsletter of Island Cruising NZ issue 22 May 2023 In this issue: Rally to Japan Pacific Rally & Exclusive Rally entries And lots more!
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Photo by Joseph Pyle

issue 22

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May 2023

From the Helm

The latest update from Viki.

Pacific Rally 2023

Update on the plans so far

Rally To Japan

Upcoming Events

Check out what is coming up for cruisers around the country

Great Discounts from Our Sponsors

Liz McGeorge - sailing to Japan

From the helm

I seem to have spend most of the last few days flipping between the Pacific and Japan Rally PredictWind Rally trackers, watching the little dots gradually progress their way across the chart. Thanks to the IridiumGO emails, Starlink and Gulf Harbour Radio updates I can keep track of how everyone is getting on and there's been a few adventures this week!

We had a fantastic few days up in Bay of Islands Marina last weekend with many of the rally participants enjoying social events to get to know one another

Adam from Vuda Marina gave a great update on Fiji.

Roger Hall from North Sails ran two fantastic Sail Repairs At Sea sessions which had everyone doing some additional checks on their sails, and thankfully preventing a few major issues along the way.

Peter Boyd from Doyles had his workshop turned in to a storage facility for Days For Girls kits which were piled on to the boats heading to Fiji to hand over to Sea Mercy for distribution to the Islands.

Rotary and the Lions clubs also provided donated items for the boats to deliver up to the Islands.

Opua Cruising Club was our hub for passage planning sessions, weather updates, skippers briefings, sharing knowledge & OpenCPN satellite charts, troubleshooting other technology along with some SailGP viewing and great food & drinks.

We had a lovely evening at the Marina Cafe with live music one night and a coffee catch up with the women on the rally.

Opua General store gave us an early morning bread baking demo along with some great coffee and pastries for the early risers

The team at Offshore Cruising Tenders hosted us one evening for a tour of their fantastic factorywell worth a visit if you are in the area.

Burnsco Opua put on a BBQ and taught us some fantastic fishing tips - which are really paying off now as you can see in some of the photos later in the magazine and on our Facebook page.

I was very well taken care of at The Perfect Basea lovely Air BnB just up the road from the marina and highly recommended for anyone wanting a shore base close to the Bay of Islands Marina.

Special thanks to the teams from Customs around Auckland and Opua for going out of their way to make the check out process as smooth as possible.

Once the boats were underway, they've been kept under the watchful eye of our meteorologist Bob McDavitt, Peter from Passage Guardian and Patricia & David from Gulf Harbour Radio, as well as being able to download their own weather GRIBS from PredictWind.

It was a pretty sporty start to the rally with the southerly slingshot propelling them north before the centre of the high moved across leaving some boats motoring along in the big swell. There is some more wind forecast later on this week and we ' ve got a close eye on that.

The great thing about being on a rally is that everyone takes care of each other, and we ' ve seen some great examples of that this week

Whether it is sharing knowledge of tricky boat systems and fishing tips, going out of their way to buddy boat with others having some issues, or even doing a mid-ocean fuel transfer for a boat who was running low. The whole ethos of what an Island Cruising Rally is all about is looking out for each other. Helping others feels good and you are never sure when it is going to be you who needs some help yourself!

There are over 30 kids on the rally this year - and you can see the junior crew of five children on Airpower gracing the cover of Cruise News this month. We've also managed to match up about 60 crew members on to various boats, so you don't even have to own your own boat to have some awesome sailing adventures. Our CrewSeeker list gets a number of awesome opportunities come through each week, so please get in touch if you'd like to go on there.

We've also got some great new sponsors on board this month. Thanks to Marsden Cove Marina and 36 Degrees Brokers for your amazing support of the rally and all our members. It is great to have you on board.

There are 71 boats on the rally this year - all going in various different directions at different dates. We will all connect up along the way and are linked together by our various updates, events and chat groups. Enjoying the welcoming support and hospitality from our sponsors and aiming to leave a positive impression and a clean wake in the communities we visit in the Islands.

I had the pleasure of attending the South Pacific Sailing Network conference a couple of weeks ago and sailing tourism and the impact on the Islands we visit was a hot topic. The last thing any of us want is for yachties to get a bad reputation with the Pacific Nations we visit. Think of how Freedom Campers have all been tarred with a bad brush here in NZ? Please be respectful of the people and places we all love to visit and ensure that you respect local traditions - such as the sevusevu protocol in Fiji for example.

I am flying up to Tonga on Thursday to welcome some of the rally boats and to have a good look around. I know the Tongan people are looking forward to welcoming sailing visitors to their shores once again.

Keep a watch on our Facebook page if you'd like to follow the adventures of the rally participants this year, and if you ' re not joining us this year, hopefully you can next year! Happy sailing!

Cheers Viki

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Pacific Rally Sponsors

rally to Japan

First wave of yacht rallies due to set sail for Tonga following border closures.

Mr. Viliami Takau, CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Acting General Manager of Tonga Tourism Authority (TTAB) is in Auckland attending the South Pacific Sailing Network Conference: Reviving South Pacific Cruising 26th -27th April 2023.

The conference which targets marine authorities, individuals, organizations, and businesses involved with yachting around the South Pacific was held at Orams Marine Boat Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

The conference is aimed to meet and discuss how to build a resilient sailing industry while navigating through the reopening of borders across the South Pacific. Mr. Takau is joined by Mr. Joe Caesar from Vava'u Boat Yard presenting on Tonga Yachting at the conference. There were approximately 40 participants at the conference including the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), Vanuatu Tourism, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, Tonga Tourism, Market Development Facility (MDF), and representatives from Customs.

Whilst at the conference Mr. Takau had the opportunity to visit Marinas in Whangarei and Bay of Islands to better understand the nature of the yachting sector in the Pacific and its potential to contributing to Tonga’s recovery and economic development.

The yachting sector includes super yachts and has the potential to be one of the top tourism earners for Tonga through boating provisions, boat maintenance and boat storage to name a few.

It is estimated that yachting arrivals for the coming year will be far greater than that of precovid numbers.

Tonga’s participation was made possible with the kind support of the MDF who will be supporting Tonga’s tourism with funding its first Yachting Strategy.

TTAB are also finalizing discussions with MDF on Tonga’s market branding, and with the potential for further technical assistance and support towards other tourism initiatives.

Tonga is gearing up to welcome the first yacht rally since the reopening of the borders. The first wave of yachts will start arriving on the 18th of May 2023 with approximately 30 yachts confirmed.

An estimated one hundred yacht visitors at least who will visit Tonga. The rally will travel to Nuku’alofa first before cruising north to Ha’apai and on to Vava’u. A majority of the yachts will spend almost two months in Tonga before they set sail to Fiji.

Tonga closure

pacific rally 2023

pacific rally 2023

pacific rally 2023

pacific rally 2023

A new web-based app called the Marine Vessel Portal (MVP) has been developed to help New Zealand boat owners, marinas and councils reduce the risk of marine pest incursions. The MVP is already a key tool in marine biosecurity management, recording surveillance activity, findings and the presence of marine pests in bays and harbours from Northland to Bay of Plenty. It also records information about the regional hull surveillance programmes, including biofouling levels and pest species found on boats during routine inspections. By signing up to the MVP boat owners and marina operators can be empowered to better manage their biofouling risk.

The Portal will include:

Information about a boat’s recent hull maintenance or cleaning can be entered into the MVP by boat owners, maintenance contractors, haul outs and dive companies. The MVP also contains results from hull surveys undertaken by council marine biosecurity teams in Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

When a vessel arrives in a new location marina staff will be able to see when a boat was cleaned, its antifoul coatings, and details of recent inspections. This, along with talking with the boat owner about where a vessel has traveled, will help them decide if a boat presents a marine biosecurity risk or not.

How to get started

Boat owners can claim their boat in the system by entering some basic information about their vessel, including its name, description, usual location and their contact details. Uploading a photo is also helpful.

Once submitted, our team will work to match it up with a boat already in the system and ask the boat owner to confirm the match - or they will set up a new entry if needed.

With access to the MVP, owners can see details of past dive inspections of their vessel including any the level of fouling and marine pest species found. They can also add their own information about their vessel’s antifouling maintenance

Participating marina operators can view this information, negating the need for vessel owners to carry/email documents before arriving at a marina or in some cases, between regions.

The Marine Vessel Portal is an app developed and shared by Northland Regional Council, Auckland Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Waikato Regional Council. These councils are empowered to collect information about vessels by the Biosecurity Act, but participation by boat owners is optional.

When a boat owner claims their boat they will need to provide permission for the identity of their vessel to be confirmed with their marina operator (if applicable) and will have an opportunity to review and accept a Privacy Agreement. A two-step authentication process will protect the integrity of vessel data.

Click here to sign yourself up to the portal.

Learn More about Marine Biosecurity

This year's marine biosecurity webinar series will focus on two key challenges we face in the fight against marine pests: funding critical marine biosecurity work, and filling the gaps in our clean hull framework. There is also a special session for council and agency staff.

These webinars are designed to prompt conversation, discussion and broader understanding of key issues involved and we encourage industry to attend.

Check out the upcoming Marine Biosecurity webinars here.

Security & Privacy

SailTies is a cool app where you can track your sailing adventures and share them with your friends!

They've recently added some cool new features including the ability to add vessels to voyages on SailTies! This lets you create an even richer memory of your sailing and build a record of all the boats you have sailed!

Check out the other cool features and updates in the video below and be sure to tag Island Cruising as your group when you are adding your voyages!

We are excited to announce that the Pacific Rally has been granted permission to run the Lau Group entry this season.

Early July, we will fly the Fijian officials out to Lau where they'll meet boats who will sail across from Tonga to Lau. The benefit of entering at Lau makes the ocean passage much quicker, and more convenient for people wanting to enjoy this special part of Fiji.

Limited spaces available, so please contact for all the details.

Loyalty Islands Rally

The Down Under Rally, in conjunction with Island Cruising NZ, is excited to be accepting registrations for our 2023 Loyalty Islands Rally.

By joining the Loyalty Islands Rally, participants can experience the best of New Caledonia's magnificent cruising grounds, especially those in the east and to the south that are often difficult, if not impossible, to return to from Noumea in the limited time available.

To make this opportunity possible, the Down Under Rally are paying the costs related to flying in officials and our agent from the mainland to perform the FULL INWARD CLEARANCE of vessels participating in the rally. As such, the clearance of the participating vessels can only occur in the location below on the date and time stipulated. The rally entry fee includes all costs associated with obtaining this clearance.


Anchorage name: Baie de Drueulu

Approx. Anchorage waypoint: 20° 55. 405 S | 167° 04.949 E


Vessels participating in the rally must be at anchor at Baie de Drueulu, Lifou, by 9:00 am on the morning of the 14th September 2023 (subject to suitable weather for the voyage from Fiji during the week before the scheduled arrival date.

Vessels can arrive at any time up to 24hrs before this date, but no one will be permitted to disembark the vessel or make physical contact with anyone other than those aboard the vessel.


Full Inward Clearance into New Caledonia at Lifou Island, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia. This provides the opportunity to first cruise the Loyalty Islands, then the east coast of mainland New Caledonia, Isle of Pines and the southern lagoon without first having to go to Noumea to clear in and then beat to windward in an attempt to experience the best of the cruising on offer in New Caledonia.

Our comprehensive Sailing to & Cruising New Caledonia guide that includes information regarding customs, biosecurity and immigration, along with other relevant and valuable information about cruising in New Caledonia.


Shuttle bus service: A shuttle bus will be available to take rally participants to the Supermarché (SuperMarket) on Lifou for provisioning and the local post office /ATM, where local currency and sim cards can be obtained. Our agents will be on hand throughout the day to assist with translation and advice during this process. This will allow you to fully reprovision and cruise New Caledonia without first visiting Noumea. Shuttle bus fee: Approximately 1000 xpf per person. (about AUD 15.00)

Official Welcome Ceremony & Traditional Feast: The opportunity to attend an Official Welcome Ceremony & Traditional Feast hosted by the local village. The ceremony/feast & info session will occur in the afternoon/evening the day after arrival. The cost to attend is 3000 xpf per person (about AUD 45.00). Payable to the representative of the Lifou village at the event.

Rubbish & Prohibited goods disposal. If applicable, the fee will be determined on a per-vessel basis by the bio-security officer at the time of vessel inspection.


In addition to the standard Down Under Rally Refund policy which can be viewed in the attached terms of entry, the following applies: Should less than 20 vessels register by midnight on the 7th of August, the Down Under Rally reserves the right to cancel the rally.

If the Down Under Rally cancels the rally due to insufficient registrations being received, all monies received by way of deposits and or registration fees will be refunded within 7 working days of notification of cancellation being made.


$AUD 690.00 per boat with up to 4 persons aboard.


To secure your place as a participant, a deposit of $AUD 250.00 must be paid before midnight on the 31st of July, 2023.

Final registration details and all required information, along with the registration fee balance, will be payable before midnight on the 7th of August.


Help us ensure the minimum number of registrations are received, please spread the word and feel free to share this event with your cruising friends.

Imagine you are half way between New Zealand and Fiji, and your engine stops working, your electrical system is no longer charging your batteries, you've sprung a leak or your steering system fails.

Would you have the skills and knowledge to be able to troubleshoot the problems and undertake some repairs?

Learning some key techniques, understanding how your systems work together and ensuring you've got the right tools and spare parts on board your vessel can mean you get back underway quicker and prevent issues arising in the first place.

Join Ross Porter's upcoming course to learn more about maintaining and repairing your essential systems on board.


Select your photos first so you know where to find them. It will ask for a load of detail about where and when etc the photo was taken but you don’t need a lot of that unless you want to put this in.

Go onto

Type in your boat. it is quicker to put in your MMSI number as there could be a lot of boats with the same name. Eg There are about a dozen Jackpots - but only one in NZ.

Click on the compass rose symbol. It is purple with a white compass rose and has your MMSI number.

This takes you to a “Vessel data base” page.

Again type in your vessel name and select it, or use your MMSI number.

In your case it says “ no photo for this…..” and gives you an option to “upload now”. You will browse to find your photo.

You need to fill in the boxes with a red asterisk. Some of these will already be filled in based on your earlier MMSI number entry.

If you already have a photo there it will get you to the photo gallery ( double click one of the photos) and you then click on “Upload a photo”.

It is very useful to have a photo taken after you are in passage mode. Ie dinghy tied inverted on forward deck. Sails up. That way it is easier to identify you if the RNZAF are doing an aerial search! Perhaps you could all agree with a friend to swap photos when you get to the end of your passage. It would give you something to do when awaiting Customs.

Check out Gulf Harbour Radio's website here.
Refits and repairs Long term dry storage Repaints Upgrades and modifications New Builds
Boats is a boutique family owned and operated boat building/woodworking yard located in Oromahoe
in the Bay of Islands.
Boats provides competitive pricing for professional refits, modifications, repaint services including wood and composite repairs, as well as long term storage options. +64 21 400 164 Island Cruising Members Special First month free yard storage, or month free use of the shed when getting work done.
just south

Waikawa Boating Club

Island Cruising NZ is proud to partner with Rocket Guides -

Cruising Guides for Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Rocket Cruising Guides have expert local knowledge on Anchorages, Routes, Marine Parks, Marinas, Yacht Agents, slipways, yacht repair facilities, supermarkets, marine hardware stores, welders, fitters, sail makers, internet, mobile phones, and more.

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Hydrovane What do people say about theirs?

If you sail with an autopilot, you'll already know how awesome they are, especially when you sail for long distances short handed, however as with all electronics on board, you need to consider the power demands on running things 24/7, and what your strategy would be if the equipment failed or if you were unable to generate the power to run it.

Steering issues can and do happen, so having a back up emergency steering solution is essential for going offshore.

A Hydrovane is an awesome solution It uses no power, is a back up for if your steering or rudder fails, it is silent, stylish and can be installed on most vessels

Check out the Hydrovane options here.

Offshore Marine Medic

Two-dayOffshoreMedicalCoursecustomisedtoprovidestudentswiththebasicsrequiredfor OffshoreCruisingCoursealsocoversahandoveroftheOffshoreMedicalKit(CAT1)andhowto useit.

Upcomingdates: contactusdirectlyformoredates




2000 Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 411 | Blind Date

Blind Date is a beautiful three-cabin owner ’ s version that is well equipped for comfortable cruising. The Beneteau 411, crafted by the renowned Groupe Finot, exemplifies a true marriage of performance and beauty. With the bulb / fin keel, maximum stability and efficiency on all points of sail are achieved by her low centre of gravity. The yacht’s rigging has just been done with a brand-new set of Dacron sails. More info here.

2014 Moody 41AC | Stella II

Stella II is a true contemporary classic, a Bill Dixon-designed Moody 41 Aft Cockpit featuring all the beautiful lines of yesteryear but with the performance and control of a modern cruiser. With her almost plumb bow the yacht’s water line length is extended, and performance is increased by the modern design of her hull, keel and rudder. However, it is always important that when you are rowing back to shore, you look back at your yacht with a sense of pride and pleasure. Stella II certainly delivers this. Click here for more

2013 Dufour 405 GL | Just Kiddin

Set up for cruising, Just Kiddin was purchased with all the factory options, including plush washable leatherette cushions on the large U-shaped lounge and the settee/nav station opposite, upsized 55hp Volvo diesel with low hours, bow thruster and electric halyard winch.

More details here.

Advanced Sea Survival Course A comprehensive theoretical and practical course for crew requiring an offshore, category 1 certificate. Auckland Contact us for dates Wellington Contact us for dates Whangarei 10 - 11 June Or contact us for more dates. Island Cruising members get a 10% discount (please use the discount code in the members newsletter) 0800 546 9700

I have been based in New Zealand for the past 5 years after cruising on and off for 8 years, having sailed the East Coast of Africa, the West and East Coasts of Australia as well as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. My wife and I live on our boat and are still fully involved in the cruising lifestyle. I am a Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand and, as a yachtie, have a particular interest in helping yachties with their immigration issues. Island Cruising NZ Members get a 30% discount

10% discount!

Radix Nutrition is a generous sponsor of the Pacific Rally and have provided a variety of meals and smoothies in the rally packs.

Radix makes delicious meals, ideal for when it's rough or when you need to refuel on the go. Quick, easy, nutritious, delicious. Radix meals will be provided in the Pacific Rally goody packs.

Discounts for Island Cruising members too.

Click here to order - discount code SAILNZ10


Fiorentino Offshore 12’ Para-anchor.

This unit has never been deployed. Fiorentino's Offshore parachute sea anchors are built to withstand extreme weather. This is the only parachute sea anchor to self-adjust in heavy seas and strong ocean currents. It is also the only sea anchor that absorbs massive shock loads without blowing panels or twisting parachute lines. Thus no collapsing canopies, which can make quite a difference when cruising in storm conditions. The Offshore anchor is ideal for short-term outings and long distance offshore cruising. The Offshore Anchor also allows boaters to rest, ride out the storm without worry. Our Offshore Anchor is the only compact anchor built with tough flexible 8 oz. nylon fabric, strong commercial fishing lines and all stainless hardware. Also includes built-in custom sized canopy weights, patented stainless steel Para-Ring that prevents chafe and canopy tumbling during heavy weather. Fiorentino paraanchors are perfectly weighted down so they can be deployed with or without a deployment bag. The Fast PAK stowage bag allows you to roll the para-anchor up fast just like a sleeping bag! Plus, it stows the trip line and anchor all in one bag. These units retail New for £1000 ($NZ 2038.00) or more. For sale

$NZ 1200.00

Windpilot Pacific MF3 for Tiller steering

This is a slightly used Tillerpilot (setup on yacht for testing purposes) in almost “as new” condition. It came with the 36ft yacht I bought packaged in the original box. There is excellent after sales service with this popular well proven design. For more information, check out the website for videos and setup instructions or email the manufacturer directly.

Price of new unit: €3600 ($NZ 6495.84 + GST). \ Price for this unit $NZ 4400.

I also have a storm jib and Tri Sail

For all items I can be contacted at: David Woodward (Auckland) 0294929753

A piece of awesome Americas Cup yachting memorabilia from 1995. $1500.00 looking at OFFERS

Please contact Brad Maclure 0274362990

For Sale

Sea Anchor Para 24 foot Hatteras Model .Complete System - never used (thankfully!) so in excellent condition Suitable for vessels from 40 to 90ft Came off a 50ft 20 tonne cruising yacht. Comes with 150 metres of 16mm nylon braid complete with thimbles and primary float and retrieval line and float Adds considerable peace of mind to ocean passages.



Highfield Dinghy

2016 Highfield CL 340 Hyperlon for sale. Includes Yamaha F25 four stroke, dinghy wheels, navigation light, foot pump, oars, Mantis anchor, water/fuel seperator, davit lifting lines, and hyperlon cleaning materials.

Become a member of Island Cruising for just $95, and get a free digital subscription to Boating New Zealand! Join online now: FOR SALE Para anchor Tasman 15, - suits 11m monohull or 12m multihull. Para anchor in water kit- 100m warp plus float line. Heavy strop from bow to cockpit. Carried up to the islands in waterproof cockpit locker but has never been in the water. $2000
feel free to call
Ross Walker ross pamwalker@gmail com Rocna Anchor for Sale $900 Check it out on Trademe here
View on Trademe
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Workshop topics include:

Getting organised - a system for storing all the information for your Passage Plan, Safety Manual, Maintenance log, Important

Documents, Boating Qualifications and more Your vessel information - a template for collating all the specifications of your boat

The Cat 1 & 2 Regulations

Boat Registration

Reporting Incidents

Insuring your boat


Meteorology - Forecasts

Communication options at Sea Rig - rules for Cat 1 & 2

Sails for offshore - the Cruising Wardrobe

Fire Safety


Your Maintenance Records



Your sailing resumé



Passage planning


Safety gear

Diesel engine basics

Fuel systems

Servicing winches

Checking your rig

Anchoring tips

Sailing at night




Man Over Board



Abandon Ship

Preparing a Grab Bag







Charging systems

Keeping healthy

Sail trim & new sails

Boat registration

Taking on crew

Dinghy tips

Fog signals



Coping in emergencies


Skipper responsibility

Log keeping

Search and Rescue


Heavy Weather Sailing



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CombinedknowledgeandconnectionswiththeIsland Cruisingcommunity.

Crewmatchingserviceforskipperslookingforcrewor crewlookingforaboat.

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Publicity, marketing & communications

Clive Bennett

+64 27 494 9799

TKAMALII is a magnificent yacht and represents the ultimate conclusion of traditional timber boat construction The current owners have sailed around the world on many yachts, and the yacht is without doubt the most comfortable, sea kindly, sturdy ocean-going vessel they have ever sailed With only a handful of owners in her life she has been the love and passion of all who have owned her Featuring a deep, full keel hull form for enhanced windward performance for this deceptively fast and exceptionally comfortable cruiser The present owners purchased the vessel in California and after major hull restoration, in 2013 cruised the Pacific to her new life in New Zealand where upgrading has continued in between use as a family cruiser with the finest of pedigrees. A detailed history is available on request. More information here.

92ft Dubois Aluminium Ketch

ACOA is a beautiful ketch rigged Aluminium cruising yacht, designed by the renowned superyacht designer Ed Dubois. Built by Double & Jesse in Germany for long range passage or coastal voyages. She has been around the world and also explored the Antarctic.

Continuous upgrades and professional maintenance including a refit in Orams Marine New Zealand. Most recently she received a new paint job (superstructure, hull, mast, boom), all electronic systems upgraded and domestic equipment changed. Built in safety features include 3 watertight bulkheads plus access via stern and side boarding platforms.

View online here

CITYOFSAILSMARINEYACHTBROKERS–NewandUsedBoatsForSale–Motor Yachts–PowerandSail–Classic–Multihulls–Launches–TrailerBoats–Marine Products

WearebasedinAucklandandofferofferaverywideselectionofrecreationaland commercialboatsofalltypes,bothnewandused.

Wearefullserviceyachtandboatbrokers–withtheemphasisonservice.Wealsooffer anumberofmarineservicesandproducts,includingloanfinance,andmarketand insurancevaluations.


Wegetresults,sotalktousnowaboutlistingyourboatforsale–wepromoteyourboat throughanumberofwebsitesandotheroutlets,includingoverseasasappropriate. Phoneusanytime:


DOCKLAND 5 Marine Ltd

The perfect place to carry out boat repairs & refresh before your next adventure with haul out & hardstand facilities on the beautiful Whangarei Harbour

John Peagram Manager

Mob: 0274 930 812 | Phone: 09438 8558 | Email: john@dockland5 co nz

Open Ocean Watermakers has been manufacturing watermakers in the beautiful Bay of Islands of New Zealand since 2001 Terry Forsbrey is the owner of Open Ocean. He and his wife Ariel lived aboard their yacht for 22 years and actively cruised offshore for 12 of those years. During their time on the water, Terry discovered that high tech components in a watermaker are not only unnecessary, they are usually the first thing to break down, and most often in remote locations When helping out other cruisers, he frequently found that by-passing these components would get their watermakers working once again That's when he realized that a simple, reliable, and affordablewatermaker could be made

Terry developed the early version of an engine driven model and took it cruising He put it to the test for five years He then returned to New Zealand to design and build a reliable watermaker without any superfluous gadgets Thus was born a revolutionary new concept in watermakers One that works all the time, is easy to operate, and doesn’t break the bank

Island Cruising NZ members get a $300 discount on a new water maker from Open Ocean!

Check out their website

Island Cruising NZ

Providing cruisers with support, education & connection


RunningyachtralliesaroundNewZealandandtheSouthPacific Organisingsocialevents,activitiesandsocialmedianetworks


· Promotingpositivesocialimpact,communityengagementand long-lastingconnectionswiththepeoplewemeet


Runningasustainableandenvironmentally sensitiveorganisation

Supportinglocalandglobalenvironmental initiativestoprotecttheOceanandtheplaceswevisit Encouragingsailorstobeeco-consciousand reducetheirimpactontheenvironment PromotingCitizenScienceprojectsaimedat oceanhealth


· Beinganinclusive,diverseandsupportivecommunity

· Advocatingforandassistingsailorsinneed

· Adviceonimmigrationclearances&formalities



· Assistingsailorstopreparethemselves,theirvessel andcrewforlongcoastaloroffshorevoyages

PromotingSaferBoatinginitiatives Beingarichpoolofknowledge,supportand resourcesforcruisers



· SupportingthestrategicdirectionofYachtingNewZealand

· Formingstrongrelationshipswithyachtclubstopromotelongcoastalandoffshoreraces,ralliesandcruisingeventsandactivities

· PromotingSaferBoatingandgoodseamanshipalongside CoastguardandMaritimeNewZealand




Producingaregularnewslettertokeepcruisers informedonthelatestcruisenews,upcomingevents andpromotingpartnerproducts&businesses. PromotingtheNewZealandMarineindustryand providingapositiveandmutuallybeneficial connectiontotheirtargetmarket

Encouragingandwelcominginternationalsailors toNewZealand