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Cruise News Newsletter of Island Cruising NZ issue 19 January/February 2023 In this issue Census for Liveaboards Pacific Rally 2023 South Island Rally Cruising the Maldives Crewing Opportunities
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issue 19

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January/February 2022

From the Helm

The latest update from Viki.

South Island Rally Adventures are under way!

Pacific Rally 2023

Update on the plans so far

Rally To Japan

The official send off from Christchurch

Upcoming Events

Check out what is coming up for cruisers around the country

Census for Liveaboards

7 March - all you need to know

Rowing Across the Pacific

Cruising the Maldives

Dealing with Rubbish

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Christopher from Curiosity catching Blue Cod in Fiordland

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From the helm

I hope you have all had a relaxing Christmas and New Year break!

I had a lovely time up in the beautiful Bay of Islands waving off the South Island Rally boats and exploring Northland with my son.

The South Island Rally boats set off at various times over December & January to make the 500NM passage south to Abel Tasman. There they met up with some of the South Island boats, and about half the fleet continued on south to Fiordland.

The south has certainly had the pick of the weather this summer! With the north being tragically drenched with rain from ex-tropical cyclones, the boats in Fiordland have been getting up to 30 degree days with flat calm seas! Check out some of the photos later in the magazine.

There has been lots of great friendships made, and it has been great getting lots of regular updates including photos and videos from the boats who've got Starlink down south. That has certainly been a game changer this year with being able to stay in touch more easily.

After the holiday I headed up to Marlborough for the Waikawa regatta which was also called off due to some horrible weather, and then it was back to work with the SailGP event coming around very quickly, the Rally to Japan departure date looming and more registrations for the Pacific Rally coming through

We've had approval for our Lau Group entry in to Fiji and I'll be working through the logistics of that with the rally participants over the next few weeks.

For lovers of the Fiji Regatta week, I am hoping to have some dates to report back for that soon and will let you know when they're locked in! We had so much fun last year, so even if you don't sail up, consider flying in and joining the fun!

There are some other cool events coming up throughout the South Pacific this year including the Tahiti Pearl Regatta in May and the Tahiti Moorea Sailing Rendezvous, as well as some awesome festivals in Vanuatu!

We've also got 11 families registered on the rally, so if you ' re considering taking your kids cruising, you'll be in good company!

If you are keen to join in all the fun and adventures, check out the details of the rally here.

There's no obligation to sail with the group or on any particular set dates, you can simply tap in to some of the fun events, support and inclusions as you wish.

At this stage we ' ve got a group heading for French Polynesia, another group off to Tonga first and then on to Fiji via Lau, another group going straight to Fiji and many are also going to visit Vanuatu & New Caledonia as well. Lots of fun!

Many of the rally boats are on the lookout for keen crew. If you'd like to get some bluewater passage experience before you head off for your own adventures, please join our CrewSeeker list!

Our cruising preparation workshops started up again mid-January Each week our members get tips on how to prepare their boat, their crew and themselves for an offshore passage. You can join us any time, and become part of our awesome cruising community, tap in to some great discounts, get invited to some awesome events, join our CrewSeeker list and learn lots along the way too!

For those sailing in to Lyttelton for SailGP - be sure to keep in touch, I look forward to welcoming you to our amazing part of Aotearoa

Until next month! Enjoy Cruise News!

Cheers. Viki

South Island Rally

South Island Rally

South Island Rally

South Island Rally

Information for Liveaboard Sailors about Census Day

Tuesday 7 March 2023

The New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings is happening on Census Day, Tuesday 7 March 2023.

The census is the official count of people in Aotearoa New Zealand and the places where they live or are staying. Everyone who is staying overnight in Aotearoa New Zealand on 7 March 2023, including overseas visitors, must fill in a census form.

We need your support to help us count everyone on census night Each person staying on board a yacht is required under the Data and Statistics Act 2022 to complete a census form on the night of Tuesday, 7 March 2023.

Census forms will be delivered to marinas around the country. If however you are in the situation where you do not meet a census collector (for example on the South Island Rally or sailing to Lyttelton for SailGP) and you have cellphone reception, you can call 0800 CENSUS (0800 236 787) to request an internet access code be sent to your cellphone via SMS. You can then go online to fill in your forms.

Answering questions about ‘address’

Question 5 “Where do you usually live?”

• If you are visiting New Zealand and usually live overseas, provide the name of the country where you usually live.

• If you live in New Zealand, provide the full address where you usually live.

Question 7: “On the night of Tuesday 7 March 2023, which address are you at?”

• Provide the address, as fully as you can, of where the yacht is anchored/moored.

Thank you for doing your part Thank you for your time, effort, and cooperation to ensure the 2023 Census is a success.

Tēnā koe
There is more about the census at
Refits and repairs Long term dry storage Repaints Upgrades and modifications New Builds
Boats is a boutique family owned and operated boat building/woodworking yard located in Oromahoe
in the Bay of Islands.
Boats provides competitive pricing for professional refits, modifications, repaint services including wood and composite repairs, as well as long term storage options. +64 21 400 164 Island Cruising Members Special First month free yard storage, or month free use of the shed when getting work done.
just south

Sister City Rally to Japan

The Sister City rally to Japan had it's 'Official' Start a couple of weeks ago in Lyttelton Harbour, where Mayor Phil Mauger came along to wave off the rally director Andrew McGeorge and his daughter Liz.

Andrew and Liz are currently sailing Gannet north where they've completed their Cat 1 sign off and are now on the way to meet up with the other rally participants.

They'll be meeting them at Town Basin Marina in Whangarei and then heading north to Fiji for a couple of weeks, and then on to Guam, and finally Ogasawara in Japan.

You can follow their adventures on our Facebook page

Special thanks to the Supporters of the Rally!

The Sister City committees here in Christchurch and Kurashiki in Japan


Konpira Consulting

Passage Guardian

Whangarei Town Basin Marina

Vuda Marina

Marianas Yacht Club Guam

And especially everyone who has given us the support and advice

Young 88 For Sale

The Pacific is beckoning, and so I sadly have to part with my much loved yacht and buy something bigger. If you're keen for some coastal adventures she is perfect! Full specifications can be found here.

For Sale

Frers 43 - NZD$140,000

A strong, safe and truly beautiful boat, Mama Cocha is ready to take you near or far! She is fully equipped for offshore sailing, having gained Cat 1 in June 2022 and sailed to Fiji for the season (she will be returning to NZ in early November). Check her out on Trademe


Flying Cloud CAT 1 offshore yacht all ready for next season. All equipment included ready to go

Click here for more details

51' Ketch for Sale in Panama. More info here.



4x good sized Trumpeter fillets

1x cup Flour

1x T Paprika

2xT Cajun spice

Cooking Oil

1x Tinned Diced tomatoes

1x pinch Cayenne pepper

1xTBrown Sugar

1xT Balsamic vinegar

1xRed onion

1xRed capsicum

1xGreen capsicum

1x Courgettes


Lightly flour fillets in mixed flour and paprika

On one side firmly press in Cajun spice mix.

Put aside to fry

Make sauce by simmering Diced tomato mixed with vinegar, sugar and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Thinly slice onion length ways. Finely slice capsicum and courgettes. Sautee in fry pan. Add to tomato sauce when softened.

Heat oil in fry pan. Fry fillets till cooked through and Spiced side crunchy.

Serve on brown rice and top with sauce.

Check out more awesome recipes afloat in the members area of our website.

info here
info here

Offshore Marine Medic

Two-dayOffshoreMedicalCoursecustomisedtoprovidestudentswiththebasicsrequiredfor OffshoreCruisingCoursealsocoversahandoveroftheOffshoreMedicalKit(CAT1)andhowto useit.

Upcomingdates: 25-26February

9-10March 25-26March







Rowing Across the Pacific

In 2022 Tom Robinson aims to become the youngest person ever to row solo across the Pacific Ocean

The journey will cover over 8,000 nautical miles, from Peru to Australia. Tom will spend up to 12 months at sea, rowing up to 12 hours a day, in a vessel he has designed and built by hand. Tom will make landfall along the way to resupply and explore the cultures of the Pacific.

"I see my voyage as a great opportunity to encourage other people, young and old, to live a more adventurous life I want to promote a more grassroots approach to voyaging than current societal norms dictate, demonstrating that anyone with the right attitude can build a simple boat, and with this they can pursue their own adventure." says Tom.

Maiwar is a 24’ ocean rowing boat designed and built by Tom Robinson, she represents the culmination of years of thought about the ideal ocean rowing vessel.

The name (pronounced may-wah), is the local indigenous name for the Brisbane River, her birthplace. Her hull lines are derived from 19th century whaleboats, especially those originating from the Beetle family. Her shape forward of the midsection is pure whaleboat, however, her after sections are fuller than typical. This was a design feature necessary to ensure that she would trim properly when fully laden, most of her stores being aft of midship. On deck she is relatively a conventional ocean rowing boat. She had a central, selfdraining cockpit, with a small footwell. Forward she has a spartan cabin with enough room for a full sized bunk with a miniature galley and navigation station. Aft of the cockpit is a single large storage compartment. She has a stern hung rudder aft and a high aspect daggerboard up forward, positioned on the starboard side of the keel. Her cabin or ‘bubble’ is as small as practical, being much lower than almost all other ocean rowing boats, meaning there is less windage, and more effort required by the oarsman.

Rowing Across the Pacific

Maiwar was built over a period of 5 months. Tom worked solo, for 10 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. During this period the weekends were usually reserved for sailing or partying. After her launch work continued intermittently for some months; trialling and improving where necessary. She is built with a combination of traditional and modern materials and techniques. Modern is all relative, Maiwar could have been built exactly the way she was, 40 years ago, and the techniques used in her construction are centuries old

She is built using the ‘clinker’ method of construction, with epoxy glue used to fasten the planks. Her backbone is made out of recycled Douglas Fir, her planking is 6.5mm Hoop Pine plywood, which is fastened to Spotted Gum ribs using clenched copper nails, her decks and cabin are also of plywood. Western Red Cedar is used throughout for framing and Australian Cedar is used for brightwork/trim. All the timber used in her construction is either recycled or plantation grown. The only fibreglass used in her construction is in the sheathing of the footwell and seat rails, otherwise, all surfaces are coated with epoxy resin and a two-pack paint system. She is built to very high standards, with her finish being somewhere between workboat and yacht. Perfectionism should be the boatbuilder’s enemy.

Maiwar features 9 separate watertight compartments. Her wooden construction, as well as added foam flotation, make her unsinkable. Due to her cabin shape, she is unstable upside down and therefore able to be righted from inside and outside the cabin. Although traditional in nature, she is fitted with two AGM batteries and two solar panels. She is outfitted with handheld GPS, electric lighting, EPIRBs, tracker, satellite phone and an AIS transponder. Maiwar does not have a fixed screen or display on board. Her main navigation tools are a sextant and paper charts.

She carries three pairs of oars, two pairs are carbon fibre with timber handles, and the other pair are spruce, they are all identical in specifications except for weight. Water storage on board consists of 300 1 litre water bottles She has a gimballed gas stove for cooking

2013 Dufour 445

Soki has an abundance of outstanding features, one of the key ones being its build quality and structural integrity.

Dufour Yachts has been fine tuning and advancing their production techniques since 1964, and the results are obvious when inspecting the Dufour 445.

2005 Benetau Oceanis 473 | Kahea

Kahea is set up with everything required to enjoy all the comforts of home while cruising. The two-cabin layout comprises a large forward berth with ensuite plus a large berth aft adjacent to the day head.

Click here for more details

2017 Lagoon 450 Sport Top | Liberté 55

Liberté 55 presents an exciting opportunity to own a popular Lagoon 450 sport top version that is loaded with features for carefree extended cruising

Click here for more details

Advanced Sea Survival Course

A comprehensive theoretical and practical course for crew requiring an offshore, category 1 certificate.


11-12 February 2023 - two day course SOLD OUT

11 - 12 March - two day course

1 April - 1 day refresher

14 - 15 April - two day course


18 - 19 February - two day course


22-23 April 2023 - two day course

Or contact us for more dates.

(please use the discount code in the members newsletter)

Island Cruising members get a 10% discount 0800 546 9700

Upcoming Dates 20 - 24 March 2023 - Nelson 1 - 5 May 2023 - Nelson


This is a week-long hands-on small group intensive course covering:


Electrics (DC)

240/110AC & Electronics

Boat Building


Contact Ross Porter +64 27 220 1240
Pearls Of

Top tips for dealing with garbage when cruising:

Remove as much packaging from everything before you leave the dock and while you're close to bins & recycling

Get meat from the butcher in flat bags - i.e. no plastic trays

Separate and flatten cardboard boxes - or avoid keeping on the boat as cardboard can harbour bugs

Wash any rubbish before putting it in the bin to avoid nasty smells - use salt water if you've got a salt water tap

Fill any containers before putting them in the bin

Cut up other things like plastic bottles in to small pieces and put them in the containers.

Pouched goods can mean less rubbish than cans

Crush cans and tins and have a seperate bag for recycling

Wash glass bottles and stow for recycling

Only dispose of organic waste when well offshore - have a sealable container you can use to keep it until you're in a suitable spot.

Smaller rubbish bags are easier to dispose of and carry around than large bin bags

Aim to keep rubbish on board until you get to a marina with proper disposal facilities (often in the islands they have no waste management systems and they just burn everything)

I have been based in New Zealand for the past 5 years after cruising on and off for 8 years, having sailed the East Coast of Africa, the West and East Coasts of Australia as well as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. My wife and I live on our boat and are still fully involved in the cruising lifestyle. I am a Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand and, as a yachtie, have a particular interest in helping yachties with their immigration issues. Island Cruising NZ Members get a 30% discount

Lagoon 52 ‘Site Office’ is for sale

Site Office is a 2016 Lagoon 52, sailed by her current owner from Europe over several years and now fully imported into New Zealand. She is currently in Vanuatu on the last stage of this season’s South Pacific rally. ,Consequently there is a unique opportunity.

Site Office, a 2016, Lagoon 52 is completely fitted out with everything you need or desire for luxurious, long term, self sustained cruising. She arrived and was fully imported into New Zealand in 2021 after extensive cruising through the Mediterranean, Caribbean, French Polynesia to our beautiful South Pacific

With local borders opening ‘Sitey’ set off for another South Pacific tour joining the 2022 ICNZ Rally Site Office to Fiji and Vanuatu and is due to arrive home mid October

Herein lies the unique opportunity for the early bird to get the cat

Before her return to New Zealand seriously interested enquirers have the chance to experience, sail and sea trial Site Office in Port Villa, Vanuatu with the option to secure first option on her before competing her New Zealand Survey on her return. Serious buyer’s may even join the passage as a handover.

Nothing about this catamaran will disappoint. Her fit out and luxury is superb, offering sustainable global adventuring combined with stunning luxury and all amenities you would expect from a cruising catamaran of this stature.

Site office offers you next level cruising on which to build a life of wondrous adventures , humble experiences while enjoying long range self sustained cruising with safety and security

Price: $1 79M all New Zealand Import taxes paid and included

For more information or to arrange a special early bird viewing please contact the True North Marine broker, catamaran sailor and specialist: Stephen Prinselaar 021 447778

Savaadheetha Dhathuru 2023

‘Savaadheeththa Dhathuru’ is a sailing event organized by the Maldives Integrated Tourism Corporation (MITDC) which invites Sailors from across the globe to participate in a journey across the Maldives seas, making stops at local islands, exploring the heritage, experiencing famous dive sites, sandbanks etc.

As part of the celebration of the Imperial Palace of the Maldives’ 100th anniversary, HEP Ibahim Mohamed Solih had emphasized the need of conserving the Maldivian Culture and legacy for the future generations of our country. The Maldives is well known for having a rich cultural heritage, making it one of the attractions and the reason people visit This is how the idea of "Savaadheeththa" was created

MITDC launched the first edition of "Savaadheetha dhathuru" in response to the debate surrounding the conservation of culture and heritage Despite the difficulties during COVID, Savaadheetha was able to market effectively For our guests, the interaction was a really memorable one

The first edition of the rally was held from 1st February 2022 - 20th February 2022 Yachts sailed through four atolls starting from the northern tip of the Maldives. It was a celebration of As-Sultan al-Gaazee Muhammad Thakurufaanu al-Auzam Sri Savaadheeththa Mahaaradhun, one of the most respected kings to have ruled the small island kingdom (aka Bodu Thakurufaanu). Bodu Thakurufaanu was the only person to get the royal title Savaadheeththa, which meant "the magnificent, honorable." The first rally was a special journey through Maldivian history, emphasizing monuments commemorating Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu and stopping at significant locations connected to his mission.

MITDC anticipates this year's event to be much greater with a larger participation of sailors from across the globe. The Second Edition of the Rally is scheduled to start on 01st to 18th March 2023.

The second edition of the Savaadheeththa Dhathuru will begin on the 1st of March 2023, in N Landhoo Afterwards, Lh Hinnavaru, B Goidhoo, AA, Thoddoo, AA Rasdhoo, AA Ukulhas, ADh Dhangethi, ADh Dhigurah will be visited, with the journey concluding in ADh Maamigili Visiting these islands during this journey will grant the tourists with the opportunity to dive and experience the beauty of Maldives. Awaiting the tourists are beautiful diving spots in Lh. Hinnavaru, AA. Rasdhoo, ADh. Dhangethi, ADh. Dhigurah and ADh. Maamigili.

The itinerary for the second edition is full of activities to look forward to. The second stop of the trip is Lh. Hinnavaru and its where almost half of the identified green sea turtles in the Maldives live. Moreover our third stop for the trip, B. Goidhoo, is a hotspot for Hawksbill Turtle. The itinerary for the second edition of the Savaadheeththa Dhathuru gives the participants the chance to see and experience the vast marine life of the Maldives

Maldives aim for a sustainable living and a sustainable future, and this can be seen beautifully at the beautiful farm island, AA Thoddoo The participants will be able to enjoy and experience a wonderful tour of the farm life and the agro- tourism in AA. Thoddoo, our 4th stop at the rally.

concluded with a special surprise Gala Night for all participants Several distinguished guests and dignitaries from the Maldives will join us for the Gala Night, which will be held in one of the resorts close to the Alif Dhaal Atoll.

Registration for the second edition of the Savaadheeththa Dhathuru is now open for all yachtsmen on the official website. The closing date for registration is 15th February 2022. Maldives is an oceanic haven for its residents and visitors and there is no better way to truly visit and experience the ‘Maldivian ways’

10% discount!

Radix Nutrition is a generous sponsor of the Pacific Rally and have provided a variety of meals and smoothies in the rally packs.

Radix makes delicious meals, ideal for when it's rough or when you need to refuel on the go. Quick, easy, nutritious, delicious. Radix meals will be provided in the Pacific Rally goody packs.

Discounts for Island Cruising members too.

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AS NEW. Parachute sea anchor, SF4, made by Coppins.

Complete with factory packed deployment and trip-line retrieval system.

Diameter 5.5 metres. Suitable for vessels 14-18 metres or 15 to 25 tons displacement. The parachute has never been deployed or taken from the bag. It has always been kept very dry and there is no mildew or damp smell. It is immaculate.

The rode is braided nylon 18mm and about 140metres long as supplied by Coppins. During ocean voyages about 10 metres at the end was lead along the deck of the yacht from the cockpit to the forward bollard using the deployment system. This section was washed and dried after each voyage and the rode is as new, with no UV or chafe damage. Inspection is welcome in Auckland. Due to its mint condition I want about 60% of the new price.

New retail cost is about $3600.

For Sale

Sea Anchor Para 24 foot Hatteras Model .Complete System - never used (thankfully!) so in excellent condition Suitable for vessels from 40 to 90ft Came off a 50ft 20 tonne cruising yacht. Comes with 150 metres of 16mm nylon braid complete with thimbles and primary float and retrieval line and float Adds considerable peace of mind to ocean passages.


SOUTH ISLAND Rally Sponsors

Indonesia Rally Contact Rally Director: Raymond Lesmana for more details
Become a member of Island Cruising for just $95, and get a free digital subscription to Boating New Zealand! Join online now: FOR SALE Para anchor Tasman 15, - suits 11m monohull or 12m multihull. Para anchor in water kit- 100m warp plus float line. Heavy strop from bow to cockpit. Carried up to the islands in waterproof cockpit locker but has never been in the water. $2000 Any questions please feel free to call 0272865393 Ross Walker ross pamwalker@gmail com
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What do people say about theirs?

Our mate Harry Hydrovane, steering us dead downwind in perfect balance with his favourite sail configuration wing on wing

In light downwind trades this is our most effective sail and steering setup for distance, comfort and of course reducing power consumption On occasion we do use our onboard autopilot for certain wind angles but it’s consumption is between 4-6 amps continuous, so for us using the Hydrovane with absolutely no electronics is a much more effective choice for lengthy offshore passages Click the photo to watch Harry in action

Island Cruising NZ is proud to partner with Rocket Guides -

Cruising Guides for Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Rocket Cruising Guides have expert local knowledge on Anchorages, Routes, Marine Parks, Marinas, Yacht Agents, slipways, yacht repair facilities, supermarkets, marine hardware stores, welders, fitters, sail makers, internet, mobile phones, and more.

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Why Join a Rally?

Island Cruising have been running yacht rallies in the Pacific since the 1980's, and over that time we have helped hundreds of yachties achieve their sailing dreams Rallies are fun, you get to meet the people who are heading your way and make new friends with sailors who share your sense of adventure You can choose to cruise with others, or head off and do your own thing There is no pressure to stay together if you prefer to sail independently

Island Cruising helps you get prepared to go offshore Our online cruising preparation workshops give you tips & tasks each week to help you tick off the requirements for Cat 1, getting you, your boat and your crew ready for the voyage ahead We arrange Sea Survival and Marine Medic courses We also help with the ever changing rules and regulations of the places you are visiting and the paperwork involved Our rally guides are packed with local knowledge and advice to help make your voyage a success.

We can help find crew if you need some extra pairs of hands, or if you need your boat delivered without you on board, we can help connect you with people who can make this happen.

Safety is important to us, we provide weather information, trackers, radio scheds, liaise with the Rescue Coordination Centre, and are there for support and back up if things don't go to plan

We know the locals- so if you have any issues while you are away we can help you get the support you need We give you advice on the local customs and regulations so you can make meaningful connections with the people you meet

We've got amazing sponsors who include some incredible discounts on all the gear you need to go offshore, as well as providing special goodies and giveaways in your rally packs and social events along the way

In short, Island Cruising is here to help make your voyage safe, fun and enjoyable and we are here to assist you achieve your sailing goals and adventures, the way you want to do it.

Become a member of Island Cruising for just $95 a year. You can join on our website:


Island Cruising NZ members receive weekly emails with tips and suggestions on how to go about getting prepared for a long coastal or offshore voyage. There are webinars, videos, templates, downloads, and in person get togethers.

Suitable for boat owners or crew members, experienced sailors or beginners alike You can start any time, and work through the topics at your own pace. Join in any time. Just $95.00 per year and take advantage of our great sponsors deals too!

Workshop topics include:

Getting organised - a system for storing all the information for your Passage Plan, Safety Manual, Maintenance log, Important

Documents, Boating Qualifications and more Your vessel information - a template for collating all the specifications of your boat

The Cat 1 & 2 Regulations

Boat Registration

Reporting Incidents

Insuring your boat


Meteorology - Forecasts

Communication options at Sea Rig - rules for Cat 1 & 2

Sails for offshore - the Cruising Wardrobe

Fire Safety


Your Maintenance Records



Your sailing resumé



Passage planning


Safety gear

Diesel engine basics

Fuel systems

Servicing winches

Checking your rig

Anchoring tips

Sailing at night




Man Over Board



Abandon Ship

Preparing a Grab Bag







Charging systems

Keeping healthy

Sail trim & new sails

Boat registration

Taking on crew

Dinghy tips

Fog signals



Coping in emergencies


Skipper responsibility

Log keeping

Search and Rescue


Heavy Weather Sailing



Discounts for ICNZ Members!

Island Cruising NZ

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Whether you own a boat already, are planning on buying one soon, have dreams of sailing offshore someday, or are considering sailing to New Zealand, preparing for a voyage requires that you, your crew and your vessel are knowledgeable, equipped and fully self-sufficient. Island Cruising NZ can help you navigate through all the preparation, administration and coordination of a long coastal or offshore voyage and welcome you to the South West Pacific

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·Socialevents,greatcruisingcommunityconnections, activitiesandrallies.


Accesstoourextensivedatabaseoflocalknowledgeand adviceaboutsailingintheSouthPacificandNew Zealand.

Assistancewithnavigatingtheeverchangingcustoms, immigrationandhealthrequirementsforcruisers.


CombinedknowledgeandconnectionswiththeIsland Cruisingcommunity.

Crewmatchingserviceforskipperslookingforcrewor crewlookingforaboat.

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Publicity, marketing & communications

Clive Bennett

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Impressive 18.5m (63ft) Cruising Ketch


This Huntingford yacht is a fast and comfortable open ocean cruising ketch She has everything you need and easily handled It presents in great condition, thanks to her fastidious owner Relaunched July 1 after $7k service: antifouled, zincs, Propspeed, through hull servicing, now good for 2 years or more

Custom designed and built in the US constructed in timber and GPR to a very high standard Superbly equipped and has completed many ocean passages with just two crew. The vessel has been imported into NZ; with duty and GST paid. All electrics meet both NZ and US standards. The boat is fitted out with all the safety, navigation, and domestic equipment you need. On deck, the hard dodger and full set of tropical awnings provide protection from sun, spray and wind. All controls from both masts leading to the cockpit. View online here

92ft Dubois Aluminium Ketch

ACOA is a beautiful ketch rigged Aluminium cruising yacht, designed by the renowned superyacht designer Ed Dubois. Built by Double & Jesse in Germany for long range passage or coastal voyages. She has been around the world and also explored the Antarctic.

Continuous upgrades and professional maintenance including a refit in Orams Marine New Zealand. Most recently she received a new paint job (superstructure, hull, mast, boom), all electronic systems upgraded and domestic equipment changed. Built in safety features include 3 watertight bulkheads plus access via stern and side boarding platforms.

online here

CITYOFSAILSMARINEYACHTBROKERS–NewandUsedBoatsForSale–Motor Yachts–PowerandSail–Classic–Multihulls–Launches–TrailerBoats–Marine Products

WearebasedinAucklandandofferofferaverywideselectionofrecreationaland commercialboatsofalltypes,bothnewandused.

Wearefullserviceyachtandboatbrokers–withtheemphasisonservice.Wealsooffer anumberofmarineservicesandproducts,includingloanfinance,andmarketand insurancevaluations.


Wegetresults,sotalktousnowaboutlistingyourboatforsale–wepromoteyourboat throughanumberofwebsitesandotheroutlets,includingoverseasasappropriate. Phoneusanytime:


DOCKLAND 5 Marine Ltd

The perfect place to carry out boat repairs & refresh before your next adventure with haul out & hardstand facilities on the beautiful Whangarei Harbour

John Peagram Manager

Mob: 0274 930 812 | Phone: 09438 8558 | Email: john@dockland5 co nz

Open Ocean Watermakers has been manufacturing watermakers in the beautiful Bay of Islands of New Zealand since 2001 Terry Forsbrey is the owner of Open Ocean. He and his wife Ariel lived aboard their yacht for 22 years and actively cruised offshore for 12 of those years. During their time on the water, Terry discovered that high tech components in a watermaker are not only unnecessary, they are usually the first thing to break down, and most often in remote locations When helping out other cruisers, he frequently found that by-passing these components would get their watermakers working once again That's when he realized that a simple, reliable, and affordablewatermaker could be made

Terry developed the early version of an engine driven model and took it cruising He put it to the test for five years He then returned to New Zealand to design and build a reliable watermaker without any superfluous gadgets Thus was born a revolutionary new concept in watermakers One that works all the time, is easy to operate, and doesn’t break the bank

Island Cruising NZ members get a $300 discount on a new water maker from Open Ocean!

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