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Muttler 3294 m

Stammerspitze 3254 m Piz Rots 3097 m




Toboggan run




2141 m


2468 m


Spiss 8 km Vinadi 14 km Pfunds 18 km

Alptrider Sattel 2488 m Alptrider Eck


Skiing by night



62 a


Paznaun exit

With the Silvretta ski pass Paznaun-Samnaun, you have access to 73 lifts with a total capacity of approx. 136,200 people per hour in the resorts of Ischgl-Samnaun, Galtür, Kappl and See.

FIS-PISTE REGULATIONS 1. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: every person partaking in Winter sports must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or prejudice others. 2. CONTROL OF SPEED AND TECHNIQUE: all persons partaking in Winter sports must remain in control of their movements. They must rely on their personal skills and abilities during downhill skiing and take into account the terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as the number of skiers on the slope. 3. CHOICE OF ROUTE: skiers partaking in Winter sports must select his route in such a way that he does not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead. 4. OVERTAKING: skiers may overtake other skiers above or below, on the right or the left, but must leave enough distance between themselves and other skiers to allow them to maneuver properly. 5. ENTERING, STARTING AND MOVING UPWARDS: every skier who wants to enter a slope or reenter it after making a

stop, must look up and down the hill to ensure that this can be done without causing a hazard to himself or others. 6. S TOPPING ON THE PISTE: all persons partaking in Winter sports must avoid stopping at blind corners or narrow or enclosed places unless they have to. If they fall in such areas, they must do their best to leave the spot as quickly as possible. 7. CLIMBING AND DESCENDING ON FOOT: anyone walking up or downhill must keep to the edge of the slope. 8. RESPECT FOR SIGNS AND MARKINGS: all persons partaking in Winter sports must pay attention to and follow the markings and signs on the slopes. 9. FIRST-AID: in the event of an accident, all persons partaking in Winter sports are required to provide assistance. 10. IDENTIFICATION: every person partaking in Winter sports, whether a witness or personally involved in an accident, is required to provide their personal details in the event of an accident.

a SATTEL Table service • Sun terrace

Flimspitze 2928 m

Alp Bella 2380 m


68 a

Bürkelkopf 3033 m


65 a



b ALP TRIDA Table service: La Marmotte Self-service • Pizza • Après-ski bar • Kiosk

2270 m

c SKIHAUS ALP TRIDA Table service • Self-service • Schnitzel Treff

2250 m

d ALP BELLA Table service • Self-service • Chicken grill • Sun terrace

2380 m

Visnitzkopf 2744 m Velillspitze 2704 m




j g

Valzur 5 km Piel 6 km Galtür 9 km


Rauher Kopf 2478 m




C4 2b

MATHON 1454 m





F2 1







Tschamatschkopf 2145 m



F1 Velill Obere Velillalp 2061 m


Pardatschgrat 2624 m


Grivalea / Grübelekopf 2894 m




2500 m






Paznauner Thaya 2000 m

2141 m




Vesulspitze 3089 m










m 1840 m

i Höllboden


Idalp 2320 m

Velillscharte 7 2556 m






E2 37




40 b











Middle Station 1683 m


Middle Station 1630 m 7a


A1 1


Untere Velillalp 1641 m

A3 1


1 night show

e SALAAS 2456 Table service • Self-service Lounge bar • Sun roof terrace with champagne bar


1400 m 3 3



2250 m

Table service • Ski hut • Sun terrace l PAZNAUNER THAYA Table service • Self-service • Sun terrace m BODENALP Table service • Sun terrace

Kappl 8 km See 15 km Landeck 28 km

2000 m 1840 m


Note: Locations of the lifts and slopes are given approximately. Please, pay attention to on-site piste markings!





Parking garage




Tunnels moving staircases

Silvretta Therme from December 2022




GALTÜR Ski pistes are marked with coloured signs to indicate the level of difficulty. 1584and m safe ski areas These signs also display the slope number. Ski pistes are marked and prepared as far as possible. They are also monitored and protected against atypical alpine hazards, especially against avalanches.


Ski runs are marked by diamond-shaped signs, which indicate the route. The routes are only partially groomed; they are not monitored and are protected against avalanche only in the vicinity of the signage. Off-piste: not groomed, not controlled, not marked, not secured!

Length / altitude difference


1990 m


12 a



Viderjoch 2732 m



1924 m

Alp Trida 2263 m

68 b


Idjoch 2760 m


N3 c

We can recommend our self-­ service restaurant right by the Gampenbahn E4 valley station for a quick bite to eat on-the-go. How about a burger?


o Gampenalp




40 a

40 c 39





Munt da Chierns 2689 m

13 64



14 c


72 a


69 b

Toboggan run



69 a


Ski area Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis







40 a










Salaas 2456 m

Piz Munschuns 2656 m

Enjoy Tyrolean cuisine at our ­Gampenalpe. The table service restaurant is situated on ski piste 40.


Höllspitze 2799 m


14 a

Night-time sledding approx. 7 km


SKI ROUTES / OFF-PISTE Berglerkopf 2903 m

Greitspitze 2872 m

70 a



1990 m



k 70

Dreierkopf 2970 m


14 b





Our self-service restaurant is an insider tip for pizza lovers. And for everyone else, there are the classics such as Viennese schnitzel, giant yeast dumplings etc. o

Ravaischer Salaas


Ischgl Skyfly





D1 20

Speed run

Wildlife sanctuary Val Chöglias





Ice-skating rink Toboggan run

Electric car charging station



2624 m

We offer lots of national dishes at our self-service restaurant. You can also enjoy a hearty plate of bacon or, by prior arrangement, a fondue in our table service lounge.


80 a

80 b


Race track Fun park

Gradient up to 70% (piste 14a) Landslide hazard

Free ski bus


Inneres Viderjoch 2704 m

Viscope (telescope)

Cross-country trail


Fimbaalp 2123 m

Palinkopf 2864 m


Mogul slope

Winter footpath



night show

Ski area Rendl – St. Anton a.A.



Tennis centre

Indoor pool



Piz Ot 2758 m


Night show

Rescue helicopter

11 km long descent



2300 m

night show


Zeblasjoch 2539 m

The restaurant with probably the most beautiful views in the ski resort. Enjoy lots of national and international dishes and our self-service and table service restaurant.

Toboggan run

Gamspleisspitze 3014 m

Val Maisas


Ski school


Dreiländerspitze Defibrillator Museum 3197 m

Heidelberger Hütte 2264 m Piz Val Gronda 2812 m

Val Chamins

Self-service area with traditional cuisine, wood grill area, serviced bar and terrace. Table service restaurant on the first floor with lounge and terrace. h

First aid - Piste rescue service

2320 m

Self-service restaurant with an ice bar, large sun terrace and guest kindergarten for children aged 2 and over. PANORAMA table service restaurant Treat yourself to some delicious Austrian cuisine in the rustic lounges or on our sun terrace. We also offer a selection of craft beers and exquisite wines.

Skiing by night

Piz Tasna Piz Davo Lais 3179 m Piz Mottana 3027 m 2928 m

A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 B10 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 D1 D2 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 F1 F2 G1 G2 L1 L2 M1 M2 N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 O1 O2 O4 P1 P2 P3

Silvrettabahn 24 people

3938 m


Pardatschgratbahn 28 p. • heated seats

3424 m

1251 m

3847 m

950 m

PIEL 1464 m

281 m

Flimjochbahn heated seats

1797 m

454 m


1797 m

461 m

Fimbabahn 8 people • heated seats Velillbahn


548 m

121 m

Sonnenbahn ht. seats • children's chair lift

646 m

128 m

Velill Practice lift

375 m

51 m

Viderböden Practice lift

200 m

32 m


970 m

318 m

Übungsareal Belt conveyor VALZUR Viderböden Belt conveyor Höllbodenbahn Höllkarbahn Sassgalunbahn Nachtweidebahn

80 m


80 m


917 m

184 m

1650 m

326 m

380 m

141 m

Madleinkopf 1645 m 2907 m

357 m

Lange Wandbahn heated seats

1545 m

632 m

Palinkopfbahn heated seats

1577 m

440 m


1481 m

375 m

Paznauner Thayabahn

1256 m

299 m


1792 m

645 m


726 m

316 m

Gampenbahn heated seats

2416 m

924 m

Piz Val Grondabahn 150 people

2452 m

517 m


1948 m

572 m

Pardoramabahn 4 people

1600 m

735 m

Mathon Practice lift

449 m

95 m


681 m

10 m

Double-decker cable car 180 people

2269 m

722 m

Cable car 80 people

2297 m

720 m


1532 m

343 m

792 m

203 m


2695 m

489 m


1208 m

372 m


Milolift Practice lift Viderjochbahn 1

282 m

25 m

1549 m

343 m

580 m

133 m

Alp Trider Sattelbahn

1024 m

229 m


1407 m

414 m

Blais Grondalift

775 m

142 m

Viderjochbahn 2

1299 m

294 m

Alp Trider Ecklift

400 m

80 m

Musella 1 Belt conveyor

57 m

13 m

Musella 2 Belt conveyor

39 m



Silvrettaseilbahn AG Silvrettaplatz 2, A – 6561 Ischgl tel. +43 (0) 5444 606, Fax: +43 (0) 5444 606-118 Tariff information: +43 (0) 5444 606 200 Piste rescue service: +43 (0) 5444 606 600 info@silvretta.at www.silvretta.at www.youtube.com/silvrettaseilbahn Tourismusverband Paznaun – Ischgl Infobüro Ischgl Dorfstraße 43, A – 6561 Ischgl Snow & info hotline: +43 (0) 50 990 100 Fax: +43 (0) 50 990 199 info@ischgl.com www.ischgl.com Bergbahnen Samnaun AG Bergbahnenstraße 8, CH – 7563 Samnaun Tariff information: +41 (0)81 861 86 00 Piste rescue service: +41 (0)81 861 86 51 info@bergbahnen-samnaun.ch www.samnaun.ch

To the latest valid Covid-19 FFP2 safety and hygiene regulations: www.ischgl.com/covid-19

Publisher and content provider: Silvrettaseilbahn AG Subject to price modifications! Printing and typesetting errors excepted.

At many restaurants you can find a tempting ice bar. Table reservations: Area code: +43(0)5444 Panorama 606 813 • Alpenhaus 606 844 • Pardorama 606 831

Fluchthorn 3398 m

Winter 2021 / 22




Prices for events (concerts) subject to change.



Available from Ischgl / Mathon for guests without a guest card Valid at 73 ski lift facilities in Ischgl / Samnaun, Galtür, Kappl and See

The following prices are also valid for the Ischgl-Samnaun ski resort. No discount is available at the closed lift facilities in Galtür, Kappl and See (start and end of season). Silvretta ski pass: children under 8 are free when accompanied by a parent. ALL THROUGH THE SEASON SKI MAGIC SKI CLASSIC 25/11/2021 - 01/05/2022 All prices are in € 25/12/2021 - 01/04/2022 25/11/2021 - 24/12/2021 02/04/2022 - 01/05/2022 Days Adult OAPs Children ¼ from 14.00 29.50 29.50 29.50 18.50 ½ from 11.30 49.00 49.00 49.00 27.00 1 day 59.50 59.50 59.50 34.50 NB: ¼, ½ and 1day passes are only available for Ischgl / Samnaun and are only valid there. 2 days 117.50 117.50 117.50 67.50 3 days 175.00 165.50 165.50 99.50 4 days 231.50 206.00 206.00 131.00 5 days 281.50 242.50 242.50 159.00 6 days 323.00 278.00 278.00 182.50 7 days 363.50 312.50 312.50 205.50 Flexipass 5 out of 7 days 290.00 262.00 262.00 166.50 8 days 402.00 345.50 345.50 227.00 9 days 438.00 376.50 376.50 247.50 10 days 472.50 406.50 406.50 267.00 11 days 505.00 434.50 434.50 285.50 12 days 536.00 461.00 461.00 303.00 13 days 563.00 484.00 484.00 318.00 14 days 589.50 507.00 507.00 333.00 15 to 30 days prices are available at the cash desk and at: www.ischgl.com/skipassrechner Flexipass 10 out of 14 days 509.00 437.50 437.50 287.50 Extra day 49.00 (can be bought directly after a ski pass of 6 days or more has expired) SEASON TICKETS

Adult 856.00





SINGLE JOURNEYS – NON-SKIERS Single journey tickets will only be issued to non-skiers without Winter sports gear. Adult Children OAPs 1 x journey up & down the mountain 25.00 25.00 15.00 5 x journeys up & down the mountain 92.00 92.00 48.00 Valid at the following lifts: A1 or A2 or A3 (up & down), B8 (up & down) 40.50 40.50 21.00 Pedestrians – Day ticket Single use from Ischgl to Samnaun and return as follows: A1 or A2 or A3, B2, B8, N1, N6, L1 or L2 (up & down)


Available only on presentation of the guest card from Ischgl / Mathon! Valid at 45 ski lift facilities in Ischgl + Samnaun VIP SKI PASS: children under 10 are free when accompanied by a parent.

ALL THROUGH THE SEASON SKI CLASSIC 25/11/2021 - 01/05/2022 25/11/2021 - 24/12/2021 02/04/2022 - 01/05/2022 Days Adult OAPs Children ¼ from 14.00 29.50 29.50 29.50 18.50 ½ from 11.30 49.00 49.00 49.00 27.00 1 day 55.00 55.00 55.00 34.50 2 days 107.00 107.00 107.00 66.50 3 days 155.00 148.50 148.50 93.00 4 days 198.50 183.50 183.50 119.00 5 days 238.50 216.00 216.00 143.00 6 days 275.50 248.00 248.00 165.50 7 days 310.50 279.50 279.50 186.50 VIP Flexipass 5 out of 7 days 260.50 244.00 244.00 156.50 8 days 343.00 309.00 309.00 206.00 9 days 374.00 336.50 336.50 224.50 10 days 402.50 362.50 362.50 241.50 11 days 430.00 387.00 387.00 258.00 12 days 456.00 410.50 410.50 273.50 13 days 481.00 433.00 433.00 288.50 14 days 503.00 452.50 452.50 302.00 15 to 30 days prices are available at the cash desk and at: www.ischgl.com/skipassrechner VIP Flexipass 10 out of 14 days 430.00 387.00 387.00 258.00 Extra day 49.00 (can be bought directly after a ski pass of 6 days or more has expired) Area-based flexipass 6 (4+2) 289.50 262.00 262.00 173.50 Valid: 6 days in Ischgl-Samnaun, incl. a choice of 2 days in Galtür, Kappl or See. Note: If used in two different resorts on the same day 2 days will be deducted. The pass is issued only upon presentation of a guest card from Ischgl or Mathon. SKI MAGIC 25/12/2021 - 01/04/2022

All prices are in €


OFFICIAL PHOTO ID mandatory! Children: VIP SKI PASS: under 10 years accompanied by one parent free. SILVRETTA SKI PASS: under 8 years are accompanied by one parent free Discount under 17 years OAP: from 63 years of age • from 80 years of age the children’s rate applies Disabled: from a documented disability percentage of 70 % (children’s rate)

GENERAL TERMS OF BUSINESS AND INFORMATION GENERAL The ski passes are non-transferable and must be presented when requested by the inspection personnel. No subsequent exchange, extension or postponement of the validity period is permitted. The individual services covered by the ski passes are provided by legally independent companies. The business entity selling the ski passes is acting as a representative of other companies. Solely the respective company is thus is responsible for providing individual services and for compensation in the event of any incident. The ski area on the Austrian and Swiss side is serviced by different companies. Our ski passes are strictly subject to the access control system “Photocompare”. This means that at the turnstiles of the feeder lifts, a photo of the ski pass holder will be made on a case-by-case basis, which subsequently can be compared with images made when passing through turnstiles with the corresponding technology in the ski area on a random basis. The respective photos are stored in encrypted form and deleted after the validity period of the ski pass has expired. By buying a ski pass, you grant your consent to data processing as set out in our data protection policy. Ski passes valid on a day-to-day basis can also be acquired, which are technically configured so that when passing through the turnstiles, no photos are made (these ski passes will also be randomly checked by our lift staff). Please note that our counter staff can only issue discounted ski passes on presentation of the relevant documents (guest card, photo ID…). All ski passes from 2 days are issued for a deposit of 5 euro on KeyCards. Undamaged KeyCards can be returned and the deposit refunded at the cable car cash points, the automatic

machines at the Silvretta and Pardatsch lift lower terminus as well as on a voluntary basis by landlords, in sports shops and culinary establishments. Furthermore, the conditions of carriage issued for the individual cable-cars/lifts apply. NATURAL EVENTS No refund can be offered in the event of an early departure or the stoppage of lifts or pistes due to events beyond the control of the company (bad weather, wind, natural events etc.) REFUNDS FOR ACCIDENTS Following skiing accidents, the purchase price for ski passes with a period of validity of at least two days can be refunded pro rata for a processing fee of 11 Euro. The refund of the purchase price requires the return of the ski pass, proof of purchase as well as the report from the piste rescue services. A refund will only be granted when the pass is no longer to be used after the accident and is limited to the days following the day of the accident. Refunds for ski passes of those accompanying a person involved in an accident are not permitted. REPLACEMENT FOR LOST OR DAMAGED SKI PASSES For lost or damaged ski passes with a period of validity of at least two days. a new ski pass can be issued for a processing fee of 11 Euro (plus a 5 Euro deposit). To get a replacement. you are required to present the blocking receipt revocation and official photo identification. If the ski pass was already used on the day that the notification of its loss was made. the validity period of the newly issued ski pass is limited to the following days. Defective ski passes (without visible external damage) can be replaced only upon

presentation of proof of purchase. LIMITATIONS ON THE NUMBER OF TICKETS The company reserves the right to limit the number of all or some tickets it sells, if the snow cover is poor or ski pistes threaten to become overcrowded. Prices subject to modification, including on a daily basis, especially during events. TRANSPORTING CHILDREN BY CHAIRLIFT Children less than 1.10 m tall: can only be transported if they sit on an adult’s lap. Children from 1.10 m to 1.25 m tall: can be transported by chairlift only if accompanied by an adult (in the adjacent seat). THE TRANSPORTATION OF PARAGLIDERS, SKIBOBS and other items of bulky sports equipment on the chairlifts is prohibited. The transportation of hang-gliders is not possible. Take-offs, landings and flyovers (either on or in the area of the open pistes and cable-cars facilities) is not permitted. TRANSPORTATION OF DOGS wearing a muzzle and leash is possible on/at the Silvrettabahn, Fimbabahn and Pardatschgratbahn. Transporting dogs on chair lifts is prohibited. Free-roaming dogs are not allowed on the slopes. MISUSE OF SKI PASSES – IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Ski passes passed on without authorisation to third parties and those reported as lost are blocked at the card readers. Tickets are checked regularly in our ski area. Those found in the ski area without a valid ski pass can expect, in addition to significant financial consequences (retroactive purchase of ski pass, fine of twice the ticket price),criminal charges.

Speeds of up to 85 km/hour are achieved on the 2 kilometre route. Two zip lines run parallel to one another from the intermediate terminus for the Silvrettabahn A1 (1683m) above the two intermediate terminals, and there are three route sections on the roof terrace for the lower terminus of the 3-S Pardatschgratbahn A3 (1376 m). This means that 2 people can ‘fly’ into the valley and be next to one another. The second route section proceeds beneath the ‘Kitzloch’ suspension bridge and the ‘Fimbabahn’ through the spectacular Kitzlochklamm. Adrenaline and adventure are guaranteed.

CLOSE OF OPERATIONS, PISTE CLOSURE Please note the closing times for the cable cars and ski lifts. After shutting down, Samnaun and Ischgl are only accessible via road (bus, taxi ...). Please be aware of weather-related closure of facilities and limited skiing times, in particular during non-peak periods in the winter season. Using the ski area after the pistes have closed is extremely dangerous and is therefore strictly prohibited. During this period there are regular avalanche blasting operations, and ski pistes are also groomed (at times also using winch cables which are not visible to skiers) and the pistes are not inspected by the piste service teams at that time. SKI TOURING Ski touring on the slopes outside operating hours (5 pm to 9 am) is not allowed. Ascending on the piste is dangerous during skiing periods, too, and is to be avoided where possible. IT’S YOUR NATURE TOO! To protect nature, skiing... down the northern ridge of the Piz Val Gronda (towards pillar 2) is prohibited due to the growth of rare plants here. ROAMING FEES IN SWITZERLAND The new EU roaming regulation does not apply in Switzerland! DATA PROTECTION For legal information on the protection of your personal data, please see www.ischgl.com/datenschutzsilvrettaseilbahn

A total of 36 modern snow groomers equipped with GPS snow depth measuring devices ensure that all pistes in the Silvretta Arena are freshly groomed ahead of every skiing day once more without exception. In certain weather conditions (fresh snow at night, warm weather especially in spring) it can nevertheless happen that the fresh snow that has fallen on the hard ground does not sufficiently stick to it to form a stable snow layer. Because snow generally needs around eight hours in order to form a hardened surface optimal for skiing. Thus when it snows at night or in the early

Skiing gear can be taken with you during the flight.

Three border-crossing smugglers’ circuits – Gold, silver and bronze – of various lengths and difficulty levels proceed through the Silvretta ski arena. The circuits are described in detail in their own folder. The total length of the circuits is 61.8 km (Gold), 41.4 km (Silver) and 40.2 km (Bronze). An attractive prize draw makes these circuits more attractive Register for the prize draw in the hotel. Use iSki Ischgl to track the Gold, Silver or Bronze Smugglers’ circuits. Tracking works offline, which means no Roaming costs. Download our free iSki Ischgl App for iOS and Android systems on your Smartphone. www.ischgl.com/apps

Details Altitude difference: 307 m Length: 2 km Maximum distance from the ground: 50 m Speed: up to 85 km/hr

Please download the free iSki Ischgl App for iPhone and Android to your Smartphone.

Prices A dults: € 39.00 Children: € 25.00 Lift-ride uphill to the intermediate terminus included. Price includes 20 % VAT. More information on www.skyfly-ischgl.at morning hours, our piste opening hours ultimately leave too little time for the snowflakes – which have been accordingly worked up by the rotary cultivators – to form a stable bond. On the (in part even multiply) groomed, but in such cases still not sufficiently hardened pistes, surface irregularities and, unfortunately, also large bumps can form even after a relatively short time. This also applies if and when temperatures prevent the snow cover from hardening. Please understand that in such cases, nature makes our limits clear to us despite intensive use of state-of-the-art technology.


Did you know that ...

Park area 1 „All Fun“ Lots of boxes and fun tubes await freestyle beginners, motivated kids and older snow park novices. The roller jumps are perfect for gaining that first air-time experience or for knocking out a stylish 180 or 360 degree turn.

... a ll cable cars and chairlifts, mountain restaurants, snowmaking facilities, etc. of the Silvrettaseilbahn company have operated since the start of 2021 with 100% green power (no CO2 emissions)? ... each piste machine costs around € 400,000? ... o ur systems can transport around 96,533 people per hour and were used 16.9 million times in winter 2019/20? ... a pprox. € 420 million has been invested in improving our ski resort over the last 15 years? ... o ur investments directly contributes to permanent employment for roughly 250 additional persons in other industries? ... f or the purpose of this investment our shareholders have agreed to forgo the payment of dividends since the company was set up? ... l ots of piste areas in the ski resort are mown and mulched, which has a very positive impact on the vegetation, image of the landscape and recreational value? ... s olar power and heat recovery systems at the Silvrettaseilbahn AG lift company save some 80,000 litres of heating oil per year? ... m ost of the pistes in the ski resort are used as pastureland during the summer months – and often as ‘organic pastures’ – with more livestock here than before the opening of the ski resort? ... w e use 300 tons of manure supplied by the surrounding farms annually for fertilization and vegetation of the slopes and downhill runs, and that we plant new trees every year? ... t he employees at Silvretta­seilbahn AG spend several days after each Winter cleaning lift tracks of cigarette butts carelessly tossed out, wrappings and other litter? Please help us keep the environment clean and do not smoke during your journey on the lift. ... over 700 people are employed at the ski resort in winter? ... w e have purchased 1151 cows, 422 calves and 376 lambs from our farmers at a fair price since 1998 for our restaurants? ... a week’s pass cost around € 29 in 1963/64? This corresponds to around € 173 in today’s money. Today, a week’s pass costs € 262 meaning that the price has not increased substantially – although previously there were only 2 lifts and today there are 45!

Park area 2: „Improve your skills“ The obstacles have been selected and aligned so that both advanced and (semi) professional snowboarders and free-skiers can develop their skills here. There is also an airbag nearby for those wishing to develop or perfect their rotation skills without risking crashing into the snow. At the park exit, the Parkbase is the ideal place to chill out with music and recliners. For the latest updates from the snow park, see instagram.com/ischglsnowpark facebook.com/ischglsnowpark

To successfully participate in the prize draw all the checkpoints in one circuit have to be completed in one day and in the correct sequence. Upon completion, the GPS recording will be sent to the server and you will automatically be entered into the draw.

Our App provides lots of useful functions: • Latest information (Push messages) • Location display on the piste map • GPS tracker (also offline)

CAFÉ-RESTAURANT with pool billiards and bowling alley

ADVENTURE BATHS • Indoor adventure pool • Sauna • Solarium • Steam bath • Cool grotto • Relaxation rooms

Ski pass + indoor swimming pool admission Valid when having bought a ski pass for 3 or more days For a surcharge of € 2.50 per day of skiing (paid when buying the ski pass) you can get free admission to the indoor swimming pool for the duration of the ski pass. You will receive this when buying ski pass – only valid for guests of Ischgl and Mathon with valid guest cards.

Folders are available at the cash desk of the Silvrettabahn A1, Pardatschgratbahn A2 and Fimbabahn A3 cable cars.

• Avalanche location report and weather forecast • An overview of the the pistes and facilities that are open • All the information about the Smuggler‘s circuit NEW: Waiting times for ski area shuttle (Silvretta-, ­Pardatschgrat- and Fimbabahn) PLEASE NOTE: GPS must be active.

INFOPOINT at Restaurant Idalp. Our staff are happy to help should you have any questions. SKI BUSES All ski passes entitle the holder to free use of buses on the Landeck – See – Kappl – Ischgl – Galtür route. Bus transfers are limited at the start and end of the season Free WIFI in the following restaurants: a Sattel; b Alp Trida; c Skihaus Alp Trida; d Alp Bella; e Salaas; f Idalp; g Alpenhaus; h Pardorama, i Höllboden; k Schwarzwand; n Ischgl Slope Food o Restaurant Gampenalp LIVE PANORAMIC IMAGES from the ski resort on local TV with livestream at www.ischgl.com. Daily broadcasts on ORF 2, 3 Sat, BR, SFR and München TV.

Registration points: cable car stations, T-bar lift stations and restaurants. Upon registration: state your number at the start.

An events room: shows, balls, concerts, dance music, theatre groups, welcome parties, seminars, presentations, readings, exhibitions, private viewings, conference space etc.

SILVRETTA SPORT COURT Tel. +43 (0)5444 606 -950 • tenniscenter@silvretta.at


• Total water surface: around 1,000 m² (Sports pool, grotto, adventure pool, course pool, outdoor pool, children‘s pool, brine pool) • Outdoor pool on the roof (heated year round): 300 m² • Outdoor pool bar • Sauna area (clothed and unclothed): 1,500 m² • Sauna lounge area: 300 m² • Spa area (massage etc.): 270 m² • Fitness area: 320 m² • Ice lane/ice rink running around (including ice bar): 1,300 m² • Event hall for up to 600 people that can be divided • Event catering with bistro/pizzeria


PISTE AND MOUNTAIN RESCUE SERVICE Tel. +43(0)5444 606 600 24 paramedics monitor the marked and open ski pistes. Evacuation: To be paid by skier € 200.00 (Austria) or SFR 250.00 (Switzerland).


New from December 2022

The main prize is a 3-night stay in a 4*Hotel with half-board in Ischgl, incl. 4-day ski pass with entry to the Top of the Mountain Concert for 2 people. The competition terms and conditions can be found in our app.

SILVRETTACENTER Tel. +43 (0)5444 606-950 • silvrettacenter@silvretta.at


The start and finish are at the Fimbabahn A3 lower terminus in Ischgl and at the Twinliner L1 in Samnaun.

iSki Ischgl – the Ischgl App

For opening hours take a look at www.skyfly-ischgl.at

For prices see www.ischgl.com

START 25/11/2021 until 24/12/2021 • Last day of issue for the 6-day-package: 19/12/2021 NEW: POWDER 08/01/2022 until 21/01/2022 • Last day of issue for the 6-day-package: 16/01/2022 FIRN 16/04/2022 until 01/05/2022 • Last day of issue for the 6-day-package: 26/04/2022


With the Ischgl Skyfly daredevils glide on a wire cable, 50 metres above the ground, down the valley to Ischgl.



RESCUE HELICOPTER The professional crew of the SCHENK-AIR crew provides immediate medical care and transportation in the rescue helicopter to one of the near-by hospitals or to a specialist hospital in the region, on request. All operations are coordinated by the piste rescue service. www.schenkair.at LOST & FOUND Information available at any lift station or at the Infopoint on the Idalp. TICKET CALCULATOR: www.ischgl.com/skipassrechner incl. 10 % VAT 6561 Ischgl, Zollhof 8, Tel. +43 (0)59133 7142

Tennis centre with 4 courts.

PARKING Fee payable: please take note of car park opening times! Day rate (7 am to 7 pm): € 7.00 Night rate (7 pm to 7 am): € 7.00 Daytime car parks are open from 8 am to 8 pm NEW: You will find 10 electric charging facilities for electric cars at Floriangarage P3

Further information on www.silvrettatherme.com Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @silvrettatherme

WEEKLY PROGRAMME NIGHT SLEDDING Toboggan run is closed during the daytime! Mid-December to beginning of April. MONDAY and THURSDAY provided that weather and snow conditions are good. Uphill by: Silvrettabahn from 7 pm - 8.30 pm Altitude difference: 950 m Length: 7 km (floodlit) Live music at the Restaurant Idalp f Transportation by lift A1

Adult € 15.00

Child € 9.50

The toboggan ticket entitles you to a single journey on the Silvrettabahn. Tickets can also be purchased in advance at any ticket office during its daily opening hours. FAMILY OFFER: Children under 17 years accompanied by parents ride up for free! NOTE: no ski passes, with the exception of season tickets bought in Ischgl, are valid for the ascent to the toboggan run. Toboggan hire

Adult € 10.00

Child € 5.00

HIRE: SILVRETTA SPORTS, Silvrettabahn mountain station NOTE: rental fees must be paid when buying the travel ticket. No security deposit! TOBOGGAN DROP-OFF: at the end of the toboggan run.


of the Skischule Ischgl at 9 pm, Pardatschgratbahn A2 valley station. For dates see www.ischgl.com

CABLE CAR MUSEUM Open every Wednesday from 4 pm to 7 pm Entrance via the village tunnel