Canadian Interiors September October 2021

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Made Purposely Wholesome Wellness can be supported through many design techniques, all of which are valuable when working towards a healthy workplace return.

Approaches to workspace design focused on well-being, health, and inclusivity that were already in play prior to the pandemic have taken on new importance as we return to the workplace. The quest for work-life balance and wellness, expressed and experienced through the work environment, is top of mind as organizations define their new normal. A more human-centric space that meets users’ social and psychological needs is a powerful incentive for returning to the office, be it for work or team and culture building. What design considerations and means best contribute to these objectives? For IA Interior Architects, three approaches are strong contributors: biophilic design; feng shui; and inclusive design.

By Beverly Horii & Lisa McDonald

Biophilic Design


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Bringing nature into the workspace through any of the 14 patterns of biophilic design remains a powerful strategy. Today, their expression, more sophisticated and abstract than in the past, goes well-beyond

2021-09-16 1:49 PM