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OTC Counter Assistant of the Year Award 2024

Bernie Walsh, McCartans Pharmacy, Maynooth

Bernie has worked in the pharmacy for over 40 years and in McCartans Pharmacy Maynooth store for over 35 years. She plays such a fundamental role and backbone for support to not only her colleagues but to the local community of Maynooth having built lasting friendships and connections.

She plays a integral role in the pharmacy and is a huge team player and with any new staff members that have come through over the years she has always mentored and trained them. She is a extremely compassionate and helpful person and has been delivering outstanding customer service to the local community.

Shauna McElligott, LloydsPharmacy, Jetland

Shauna has been with LloydsPharmacy Jetland for 5 years as an OTC Assistant and was recently promoted to Assistant Manager this past December.

Shauna’s diverse background in the hospitality industry has enriched her approach to customer service. Her experience in various management roles, particularly in frontof-house concierge services, has honed her ability to care for customers. Shauna’s commitment to excellence shines through her favourite saying: “The customer should always feel good on their departure.” She consistently provides first-class service, ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive impression.

Maria Kennedy, Meaghers Pharmacy Kinvara

Maria's kindness and attentiveness shine through in every interaction. Her ability to brighten someone's day with a joke or a thoughtful recommendation is truly remarkable. She goes above and beyond to make sure those around her feel valued and supported. Maria's genuine interest in others and her willingness to help truly make her a special and cherished individual.

Maria's dedication to her role is truly inspiring. She exudes passion and brings a vibrant energy to the dispensary, making it a welcoming place for all to work in. Maria works so well with others, supporting the pharmacists and her enthusiasm for implementing positive changes is infectious, driving improvements in store layout, product selection, and service quality for our valued customers.

The Irish Pharmacy

Jenny Percival, Ryan’s Pharmacy, Derrinturn

Jenny Percival has had a huge impact on her pharmacy team and the community. It is very clear immediately that Jenny goes above and beyond time and time again. Nothing is too much of an ask or too far beyond Jenny’s reach. Her pharmacy in Derrinturn is treated with so much love and attention.

To many customers, Jenny is a counsellor, a friend to listen, a source of valuable healthcare information, a “free” courier service, an out of hours point of contact, always someone to have a joke and a laugh with to brighten your day, a personal shopper, a trusted salesperson, a forward planner/budgeter (ringing customers to tell them something they might like has come in, noticing them that a sale is about to happen), a first aider, the main point of contact even for their dispensary related queries, a mother figure.

For pharmacy staff members, a counsellor, a listener, a minder, mother like figure, a manager, a mentor, a huge support to all staff members, a driver of business, a delivery woman, a mediator, a baker, helping the gardai with all their CCTV queries.

Cathriona is an exemplary Health Care Advisor within the Adrian Dunne Rush pharmacy team, where she has been making significant contributions since joining in 2023. With a comprehensive background in healthcare, including respite and palliative care, Cathriona brings over a decade of experience in patient-centred service to her role. Her qualifications are extensive and include FETAC certification in healthcare, along with qualifications in crisis prevention, first aid, and medication administration.

This diverse skill set enables her to provide expert advice on a wide range of healthcare and skincare topics, over-the-counter medications, and supplements, ensuring that patients receive the most informed and compassionate care possible.

Tara McKenna, Mark’s Pharmacy, Ardee

Tara McKenna's long-standing service, broad experience, and formal qualifications in the pharmacy sector, along with her role as Pharmacy Supervisor at Mark's Pharmacy, make her an outstanding nominee for the Counter Assistant of the Year Award. Her commitment to customer care, her ability to manage a wide array of pharmacy responsibilities, and her seamless collaboration with her colleagues and the local community, all attest to her excellence in the field.

Tara embodies the qualities of an exceptional counter assistant – leadership, innovation, commitment to customer care, and operational efficiency. Her efforts have not only enhanced the functioning of Mark's Pharmacy but also significantly improved the customer experience.

Cathriona Cullen, Adrian Dunne Pharmacy, Rush

The Irish Pharmacy


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Haleon Self-Care Award 2024

Village Pharmacy, Carlingford

The team in Village Pharmacy expertly led by Nikki the manager who has been instrumental in making the local community healthier in driving this initiative deserves recognition for all the hard work, commitment, and dedication in making this store as successful as it is. As is commonly known no one person makes the dream work and the girls have always been there encouraging and supporting all events and promotions and continually striving to educate themselves by attending various courses and instore training.

Chemist Warehouse, Blanchardstown

This store was the first Chemist Warehouse pharmacy established in Ireland and after three years of growth, it was decided to move location to a bigger, brighter, brand new store. One of the key drivers behind this was to ensure we could facilitate increased footfall, increased prescription numbers and increased interactions between the pharmacy team and their patients. The Blanchardstown team have now set the bar for all the other Chemist Warehouse stores and the bar has been set high. Their engagement with their community and their commitment to patient care has ensured that the other pharmacies want to get on board and produce the same results in their store.

Mark’s Pharmacy, Ardee

LloydsPharmacy, Blanchardstown

Blanchardstown pharmacy is at the heart of the community and the team consider themselves the pillar of local society, giving customers 110% of everything they do.

Since Covid, they have been faced with many new challenges and had the opportunity to transform the way they support and engage with patients. They provide regular home deliveries for medicines, as well as, everyday support, like food shopping. Stemming from Covid, many patients continue to struggle to leave their home, this pharmacy team pride themselves on being an added support lever for these patients. Implementing these changes have led them to be more efficient and customer centric.They have joined the vaccination team, becoming a hub for Covid, Shingles & flu vaccines. This has fulfilled the needs of many elderly patients who could not travel to vaccination centres.

Mark's Pharmacy in Ardee represents the essence of community healthcare, embodying exceptional service, innovation, and a deep-rooted family ethos. Situated in the heart of Ardee, a town renowned for its community spirit and historical richness, the pharmacy has become a pivotal part of the local fabric.

Mark's Pharmacy consistently introduces advanced healthcare solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the Ardee community. From managing chronic conditions to wellness advice, their initiatives reflect a proactive and empathetic approach to health and wellness.

Spooner’s CarePlus Pharmacy, Templogue

The team in Spooner’s CarePlus Pharmacy recognised a lot of the same general health and wellness needs coming up among their customers coming into the pharmacy. Supervising Pharmacist Shaunagh Galgey felt as though the community could benefit from a pharmacy service that would check the customer for a number of these different health issues that she noticed coming up a lot, with advice offered at the end based on your results.

The goals set by the pharmacy were to educate their customer base on their own health status by offering these services, while also offering advice on how to improve any issues that did arise.

MGK9299 Haleon Trade Ads.pdf 1 10/08/2022 14:58
Haleon, formerly part of GSK
Haleon, formerly part of GSK


Newpark Life Pharmacy, Kilkenny

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Easolief DUO Business Development (Chain) Award 2024

This development initiative was called the CARE campaign, developed in Head Office and rolled out across the CarePlus Pharmacy network. The challenges the CARE campaign tackled were customer service improvements in pharmacy, stagnant sales and margin, and the lack of product training knowledge in the wider pharmacy team. The CARE campaign was created into an easy to follow graphic which was made available to all stores and provided in the training packs that came along with the campaign.

This project serves as a fantastic initiative which was designed to benefit both the pharmacies within the CarePlus network and the communities they serve, so it was a two pronged approach in order to benefit everyone involved.

The enthusiasm with which the pharmacies took the CARE campaign and the training on board and executed it in their pharmacies was very admirable, and it resulted in fantastic increases in both sales, margin and customer satisfaction overall.

The main objective of this initiative was to create a Pharmacy Vaccination Service utilising all levels of the pharmacy organisation that would provide an exceeding level of care to the community, particularly for those who are at risk.

This includes patient safety but also extending to patient comfort, striving to ensure that all capabilities are satisfied for each individual. Providing an area safe from transmission of the general public and also providing deserving comfort and care ensured that the community could be provided vaccinations which in turn benefit the entire community.

Seeing a gap in the pharmacy market, TCP pharmacy developed a system in 2024 to capture pharmacy clinical interventions. The clinical intervention system allows the pharmacy team to trend and highlight the pivotal role pharmacists play and our impact on patient safety. The system is used to record all pharmacy recommendations in terms of prescribing excellence and the optimization and safe use of medicines.

TCP has demonstrated our commitment to providing outstanding and exceptional care to their patients by designing and implementing a clinical intervention tool, which has patient safety at its core.

The Irish Pharmacy
Pharmacy, Dublin
Pharmacy Group

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The Irish Pharmacy


BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA) Innovation & Service Development (Chain) Award 2024

TCP Pharmacy

Pure Pharmacy Dublin

Genecheck is an innovate testing service which allows the pharmacy team at Pure Pharmacy to test a persons genetic response to prescribed medicines using pharmacogenomics. It is the first of its kind to be offered in Ireland and more importantly in community pharmacy. It is the future of healthcare as it allows patient (and Doctor) to analyse a patient's response to commonly prescribed medications using their DNA allowing for personalised prescribing. This service eliminates guess work during early stages of prescribing in the sense that if a patient does not suitably respond or metabolise a particular medication efficiently or successfully.

David Beggs, Pure PharmacyWarehouse


TCP pharmacy developed a system in 2024 to capture pharmacy clinical interventions. The clinical intervention system allows the pharmacy team to trend and highlight the pivotal role pharmacists play and their impact on patient safety. The system is used to record all pharmacy recommendations in terms of prescribing excellence and the optimisation and safe use of medicines. TCP has demonstrated their commitment to providing outstanding and exceptional care to patients by designing and implementing a clinical intervention tool, which has patient safety at its core.

Meaghers Pharmacy Group have introduced the Pharmacy 360˚ project across all 10 Meagher’s Pharmacies in Dublin, focusing on how they can support their customers in integrative health. The aim of the Pharmacy 360 project is to adopt a holistic approach to health in the pharmacy setting, encompassing lifestyle medicine, conventional medicine, and complementary therapies. To take a 360˚, whole-bodied approach to a person’s health, combining all aspects of treatments from lifestyle medicine to conventional medicine, to suitable complementary & alternative therapies.

CarePlus Pharmacy/Navi Group

The team behind Navi Group and CarePlus Pharmacy have created DispenSense, a cloud-based pharmacy management solution that is the first of its kind in Ireland.

Designed to enhance the efficiency of pharmacy operations while simultaneously improving patient care, the system's robust architecture ensures that dispenSense is not just a software solution, it is a catalyst for positive change within the pharmacy landscape, setting a new standard for resilience and efficiency in pharmacy management.

This cutting-edge software strives to make dispensing reliable, safe and efficient, empowering teams to overcome everyday challenges.

Meaghers Pharmacy Group


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United Drug Business Development (Independent)

Newtownpark Pharmacy, Blackrock

Award 2024

When deciding to investigate new ways of working, following staff meetings, market research, a customer survey and financial considerations, the team at Pharmacy Hub Killinarden decided collectively to introduce a new Pharmacy APP. It was deemed that this would be a perfect solution to meet the ever growing business needs.

The team have taken a leap introducing the Pharmacy App and committing to financial investment for their future. It strengthens and demonstrates the vision they have as an independent Pharmacy to listen to their customers and reach standards of excellence, innovate ways to improve their service and grow the business. The team feels that the addition of the App shows how they invest in the Business and this gives them confidence to grow with the business and access training.

Newtownpark Pharmacy recently launched an app in 2023. Their patients can download the app and use it to order prescriptions, make payments and much more. The app also serves as a user-friendly platform for ordering, storing patient information, engaging in two-way communication, processing payments, and managing deliveries.

Newtownpark Pharmacy are a strong, focused team with customer satisfaction at the heart of everything they do, hence the thinking behind launching a patient focused app, to make life easier for their patients and therefore also for their team.

North Road Pharmacy, Drogheda Pharmacy Hub, Killinarden

North Road Pharmacy came up with a unique and different to idea by opening a Sports Department instore and targeting the individuals who wanted to improve or even begin the road to an active and healthy lifestyle. This proved and is continually proving to display that this was the right decision for the pharmacy.

North Sports is a one-of-a-kind department within North Road pharmacy which is unique to pharmacy throughout the country and boasts its uniqueness. They stock a wide range of sports equipment, accessories, and sportswear. It bridges the gap between healthy wellbeing and an active lifestyle. North Road are the first and only pharmacy nationwide to include a sports section.

2024 The Irish Pharmacy

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Uniphar Training & Development Award 2024 Awards


The Irish Pharmacy

Adrian Dunne Pharmacy, Trim

The management team with Adrian Dunne Pharmacy, Trim are huge believers in the value of quality training for all colleagues. They believe their colleagues should be experts within their own role and where possible cross-trained for other roles and departments to enhance the customer experience. They provide a service that is personable, efficient and one that goes the extra mile for their customers. To achieve that, training is key. They feel training and development has been hugely important for them to retain their team, ensuring they are engaged and motivated to perform.

In order to sustain and future proof Chemist Warehouse, the pharmacy management team have developed an Intern Training Programme for their 5th Year Interns, that not only helps the interns fulfil their competencies as set by Appel, but also exposes them to all areas of the pharmacy business, with the aim of producing highly skilled and confident pharmacists who will have the tools necessary to walk into any new store and help build it from scratch.

Donaghmede Pharmacy, Donaghmede

Over the course of the last year or so, Donaghmede has moved from a pharmacy where training was seen as more of a chore, to a team environment where everyone is looking to grow their skillset and individual development goes hand in hand with the business growth. The two senior pharmacists both went through their IIOP CPD cycles, with the other pharmacists supporting them on this. All of the pharmacists received vaccination training and this has led to a dramatic increase in vaccine numbers. Everyone working in the pharmacy knows that they are valued and supported. They are encouraged to look for career development, and to seek out the skills to not only do their job, but to stretch themselves to develop further.

Newtownpark Pharmacy, Blackrock

Newtownpark Pharmacy launched its branded app with fintech company PharmacyConnect, aiming to streamline communication and support every step of the patient pharmacy journey. The PharmacyConnect app facilitates Healthmail, prescription collection and payment, and serves as a userfriendly platform for ordering, storing patient information, engaging in two-way communication, processing payments, and managing deliveries.

TCP Homecare,

Amidst the challenges presented by the current healthcare landscape and the transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmacy team at TCP Homecare recognised the imperative requirement for a fresh and sustainable approach to training and development within the team. Their conventional manual systems became unsustainable in this evolving environment, prompting them to embark on a journey of digital transformation and innovation. Thus, the conception of their Learning Management System (LMS) emerged.

Jenny Hynes, Pharmacist, Chemist Warehouse Dun Laoghaire Warehouse, Dun Laoghaire Dublin


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Alliance Community Pharmacy Technician of the Year Award 2024

Caitriona Mackey, McCauley Pharmacy, Carrick on Suir

Caitriona is described as a ‘powerhouse’ since she has started working with McCauley Pharmacy. She has gone from strength to strength displaying what can only be described as an outstanding work ethic in the most professional way. She uses her education and knowledge of Pharmacology in such an efficient and impressive way it is inspiring to others, to follow her lead. She displays excellent technical skills while dispensing and follows it up with such organization and problem solving it enables the dispensary to function at a high standard. Her attention to detail in relation to drug reactions / side effects/ dosage calculations / drug classifications knowledge is very extensive.

Nicoleta Talos, McCabes Pharmacy, Glasnevin

As a pharmacy technician dedicated to serving her community, Nicoleta has consistently demonstrated a passion for patient care, a commitment to professional development, and a drive to innovate and improve pharmacy services. Her contributions extend beyond the pharmacy counter, as she actively engages with patients, collaborates with colleagues, and seeks opportunities to enhance the quality of care provided.

Nicoleta is described as someone who has an unwavering dedication to patient care. She understands that each patient is unique and deserving of personalised attention and support. Whether it's assisting them with medication inquiries, providing health screenings, or simply lending a compassionate ear, she prioritises building trusting relationships with every individual who walks through the pharmacy doors.

Emily Ashmore, Adrian Dunne Pharmacy, Ashbourne

Emily is currently working as part of a busy and dynamic Dispensary team. She is a vital part of The pharmacy team and has recently taken up a more senior role. She is eager to learn and is a keen student. Emily is at the end of her IPU Technician course and has excelled in every part of it. She is self-motivated and it is evident she enjoys learning about all aspects of a Pharmacy Technician’s role.

Her journey from a part-time employee to a lead technician underscores not just her commitment to her role but also her exceptional ability to grow, adapt, learn, and excel in the fast-paced environment of community pharmacy. She is forward thinking, dynamic and innovative. Her exceptional IT skills have directly contributed to the innovation and improvements in efficiency within the pharmacy.

As a technician in a store open 7 days a week Niamh has put special emphasis in implementing and maintaining a number of processes to ensure safety and efficiency within the dispensary. When a new locum visits Meaghers Ranelagh they often comment on the ease of work due to these systems. Niamh has a deep-rooted understanding of patient safety and the importance of effective communication in the dispensary with her pharmacist colleagues. Niamh has pushed her own limits allowed herself to grow and excel in her role all while knowing when to ask for help or guidance from her pharmacist colleagues.

Niamh also manages the everyday running of the processes that ensure the safe and efficient supply of medicines to a busy nursing home. Niamh has not only enhanced the efficiency of operations but also raised the standard of patient care to new heights.

2024 The
Irish Pharmacy
Niamh Murphy, Meaghers Pharmacy, Ranelagh

Sophie Boylan, LloydsPharmacy Nutgrove SC, Rathfarnham

Sophie is the head technician in LloydsPharmacy, Nutgrove Shopping Centre. She began the role in 2020 after successful completion of the Dispensary Assistant Programme and has gone from strength to strength since she joined the team. LloydsPharmacy Nutgrove is a customer focussed community pharmacy with an emphasis on providing a high-quality prescription and healthcare service to the local community.

Sophie is an example of a colleague that provides next-level patient care to the highest possible standard. She is a hardworking, ambitious and determined individual with a drive to succeed. She was nominated by her colleagues in 2023 for the Inspire award as part of the PHX Ireland awards and became a finalist. At 25 years of age, she has achieved what many others would hope to achieve over the course of their full career.

Ciara Speight, Castle Pharmacy, Castlemartyr

Ciara is a high energy, passionate and caring individual. She has become an integral part of the pharmacy for both staff and customers. She is a pharmacy technician and holds the position of dispensary manager. She is professional, highly dependable, motivating and forward thinking. She is a natural leader.

She has a positive approach to all tasks and has the ability to motivate others to achieve required outcomes. She recognises the needs of both staff and customers and engages to come up with a positive framework to encourage positive change. With staff she initiates staff meetings to discuss how the team can improve and actively welcomes staff feedback. She takes a lot of pressure off the pharmacist in a time where administration burden is high and demands are great.

Daniela Haruta, Allcare Pharmacy, Drogheda

Daniela is diligent and infectious to work with. She is known personally to customers for her exceptional care and advice. She comes to work with a can-do attitude and she is always in great form which rubs off on all her colleagues. Speaking Romanian, Daniela is able to help many customers who speak that language and they personally look to speak to her.

She has an unbelievable reputation for her diligence with the claim and paperwork she always has the top percent among the company. Daniela is described as someone who single handily kept the pharmacy afloat when it was a constant churning of locums to cover maternity placement. She also ensured patients are cared for through the delivery service and our script scheduling service which she is the back bone of.

Laura Manley, Moorefield Pharmacy, Newbridge

Laura has worked with Moorefield Pharmacy in Newbridge for the last two years, with over seven years experience under her belt as a Pharmacy Technician.

Laura looks after all the pharmacy blister pack patients as well as the high-tech patients. She also carries out daily dispensing and stock reordering. Her nominator says that for “such a young girl Laura has taken on many roles and leadership qualities in the pharmacy and myself as the manager for the last 18 years can rely on Laura completely for the efficient running of the dispensary. I feel Laura gets on well with every staff member in the pharmacy in fact we call her 'Lovely Laura'.”



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Perrigo Superintendent Pharmacist of the Year 2024

Ciara Toolen, Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group

Ciara's leadership continues to drive success in Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group, fostering a culture of collaboration, support, and excellence. Ciara's dedication to staff development underscores the pharmacy commitment to providing compassionate and respectful care to their customers. Notably, she spearheaded the pharmacist-led training initiative, empowering pharmacists to share their expertise through cross-training sessions and collaborative learning opportunities, ultimately enhancing the pharmacists ability to serve their community with excellence.

Under Ciara's leadership, Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group was honoured with the prestigious Best Workplace 2023 award by Great Place to Work. This recognition, with the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group ranking among the top 30 medium-sized companies, highlights their commitment to cultivating an exceptional workplace environment, a remarkable achievement within the pharmacy industry.

Mark McPhillips, Mark’s Pharmacy, Ardee

Mark McPhillips’ contributions to public health over the last year are extensive and multifaceted, highlighting his role as a community leader in healthcare. In summary, his role has been exemplary in promoting public health. His mentoring of pharmacists and interns, involvement in setting professional standards, introduction of specialised health services, commitment to community education, and pursuit of professional development, collectively underscore his profound impact on community health and the pharmacy profession.

Mark’s impact on Mark's Pharmacy and the Ardee community over the past year has been significant and multifaceted. His leadership and innovations have led to measurable improvements in both business performance and community health outcomes.

John McCourt, Millmount Pharmacy, Drogheda

John’s professionalism and ongoing awareness of changes in pharmacy, including changing legislation, code of conduct, drug shortages, price changes and upcoming de-regulation of drugs is unparalleled. He leads by example by re-enforcing the professional culture the pharmacy team has developed in all 3 stores. His extremely approachable personality in many situations albeit sensitive or otherwise is a very special trait he possesses. John will always use negative experience as a learning tool and an opportunity to grow confidence and self-belief in his fellow colleagues, if any errors or near misses occur.

He is an integral part of the team and has been the driving force behind growing the dispensary business in Millmount Pharmacy.

2024 The
Irish Pharmacy

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Online Pharmacy Retailer Award 2024 Awards

McCauley Pharmacy Online

The Irish Pharmacy

Allcare Pharmacy Online

Allcare Pharmacy offer an online service that is unique providing a free click & collect service to over 90 community pharmacies across Ireland and free next day delivery when ordering before 2pm Monday to Thursday amongst their many services.

As an online pharmacy they also offer over the counter medication, vitamins and supplements, beauty, skincare, fragrance, electrical items, mother & baby care and healthcare services; Medical equipment for assisted living; An online Doctor service, which is a quick, safe and discreet way to obtain prescriptions and an express script service, where a customer fills out a short online form and uploads a photo of their script.

As an online pharmacy, McCauley offers vitamins and supplements, beauty, skincare, fragrance, electrical items, mother & baby care and healthcare services.

They also have an online photo centre with an amazing range of digital prints and cameras and online Doctor service. The Mccauley App is available for prescription ordering, advice from doctors and online shopping.

The objective as an online pharmacy is to be one of the leading premium skincare, beauty and haircare providers in Ireland. The team are always updating their range to include the newest products on the market that they see fit the McCauley customer.

Life Pharmacy are giving customers the best online journey using AI tools for personalisation. Life Online also uses email segmentation to send their customers personalised emails based on demographic information and shopping behaviours.

The pharmacy has had exponential growth of app prescription orders due to the convenience, the ease of repeat usage and accessibility to in - app history. Benefits of our app include: Multiple Patient support added to app to enhance convenience; Inclusion of EHC, Viagra, Online Doctor and Vaccine booking service to app and; Push Notifications to periodically send promotions to patients – instant touchpoint to communicate with channel to drive engagement.

Over the last year they have updated their warehouse system. This has increased efficiency throughout the entire warehousing and distributing process.The team strive to provide a high level of online customer service and support. They have set about achieving this objective by investing in Zendesk customer support software, which allows them to nurture customer relationships with personalised, responsive support across all channels.

Lillys Pharmacy, Ratoath

The pharmacy team at Lilly’s bring some very unique things to the table. Lillys is a health store and also uniquely, have a functional medicine practitioner in store in Ola the owner/pharmacist, and as a result they are able to offer some specialised supplements that are practitioner only brands, combined with the knowledge to recommend and sell these products.

The team have recently launched a Made in Ireland section which is comprised of over 20 Irish brands that they support. It is a passion to support local and as a small Irish business. From established skincare brands to start up supplement brands, Lillys pharmacy will always support. They also offer a huge range of specialist skincare and are also looking to get into aesthetic skincare.

Life Pharmacy Online


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Reckitt Community Pharmacist of the Year Award 2024

Michael O’Kane, Hickey’s Pharmacy, Dundalk

Michael offers excellent patient focussed customer service in Hickey’s Pharmacy Dundalk store. He continually goes that extra mile for all of his patients, from advising them about the different government healthcare schemes available to them right through how to take/use their medicines. He has an empathetic approach in advising/counselling patients and their carers on their medicines and how best to take/use them. He is an active listener and communicates with patients in a supportive and sympathetic manner providing private consultations when required. He is actively involved in the promotion of the New Medication Service whereby after a patient receives a new medication he will offer to ring them after a few days to find out how they are getting on with their new medication and will subsequently advise them if they have any questions regarding it, this has proved invaluable in building customer loyalty and helps improve medicines compliance.

Anna Cotter, McCabes Pharmacy, Newcastle

Anna has successfully implemented various strategies to make the pharmacy run more efficiently. She has successfully improved the dispensing process via applying Lean Manufacturing Tools. In order to be able to do this, she underwent Green Lean Six Sigma Belt course in January 2023 and received a certificate of completion in May 2023.

She has trained McCabes Newcastle Staff to help them advance according to their interests, and at the same time to improved productivity in the pharmacy. During that informal training in the workplace, she applied mentoring tools to ensure the learning is more effective and its’ effects last longer. Anna was able to do that thanks to completing the Professional Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring in Kingstown College (diploma received May 2023). Ever since starting maternity leave in November 2023, she has made it a point to stay in tune with the Irish community pharmacy, engaging in various projects, including IIOP Mentoring Programme 2023/2024 as a mentor and Mentoring Ambassador.

Colum Clarke, McCartan’s Pharmacy, Portmarnock

Colum is described as someone who always goes above and beyond for both his staff and community. His care and diligence to people is next to none, the knowledge he has about all pharmacy products including beauty is un-rivalled. The team in Portmarnock is a small one and he helps all of his colleagues with all their individual jobs. The following is just one of the many messages received from customers who wish to show their appreciation to Colum and all he has done from them over the years. “Colum is very much a treasured friend in our ‘family’ and there are four families and three generations who know him well. Nothing is ever a problem ‘cool under pressure’ is how I would describe him and such a kind hearted individual. We lost 2 parents last year, medication in blister packs constantly changing. Colum would say ‘are you going into Dunnes? Give me 15 mins and I’ll have it sorted’. That level of care and service is a rarity in today’s world.”

Sarah Mackessy, Boots Pharmacy Wellpark, Galway

Supervising Pharmacist, Sarah Mackessy is a deeply committed, professional and passionate community pharmacist in one of Boots newest stores. No matter what service or initiative the business launches, Sarah has proven that she is a true advocate for ensuring accessible healthcare for all in her community, and is a constant champion of her colleagues in her team.

Key to her success is the time and care she takes to talk to patients about services, the efficiency of her delivery of services and the accessibility she ensures with appointment availability spread throughout the day, before and after work and at lunchtimes. She ensures the workload of the pharmacy is exceptionally well planned to support this.

2024 The
Irish Pharmacy

Frank Olden, Hickey’s Pharmacy, Cork

Over the last 12 months, Frank Olden has made significant contributions to public health and pharmacy practice, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the profession and enhancing patient care.

Frank’s contributions over the past year encapsulate a blend of clinical excellence, educational mentorship, and proactive community engagement. His work in public health initiatives, educational roles, and clinical practice reflect his strong character, professional accomplishments, and deep understanding of the goals of pharmacy. He exemplifies the evolving role of the community pharmacist in healthcare.

Frank has had a profound impact on both Hickeys Pharmacy and the Cork community. His leadership has led to increased business efficiency and growth, while his community initiatives have significantly contributed to public health awareness and education. Frank’s influence extends beyond the walls of the pharmacy, cementing his role as a crucial healthcare provider in the community.

Michelle O’Hagan, Pharmacy Hub, Killinarden

Michelle is an advocate for her patient’s health, and for the health of the local community. She is heavily involved with South Dublin County Partnership and their HSE health promotion officers. She regularly has the smoking cessation officer in the pharmacy, carrying out clinics and providing information to the community on the free HSE We Can Quit Smoking Cessation programmes. She runs vaccination clinics, all year round for covid vaccines, and the seasonal flu vaccine.

She is also an advocate for mental health and wellbeing, getting personally involved in the ’Darkness into Light’ campaign (Pieta House) every year and the ‘Hello, How are you’ campaign (Mental Health Ireland) in 2023. She organised for the Marie Keating Mobile Unit to visit the pharmacy in October 2023 (for Tallaght Health Awareness Month) to encourage breast cancer health awareness. Michelle also enrolled the pharmacy in the IPU Safe Pharmacy initiative, and ensured all staff completed the training and that our pharmacy can be seen as a safe space for those who fall victim to domestic violence.

Shane Ryan, Ryan’s Pharmacy, Rathangan

Shane has grown the Ryan’s Pharmacy business over the last 28 years. They are now five independent community pharmacies based in Rathangan, Edenderry, Rhode, Daingean and Derrintun.

Ryan’s Pharmacy is a vital part of the community and Shane believes passionately in developing strong relationships with customers while striving to provide a service that is not only excellent but reflects their high standards and delivers on their commitment. This is tangible from the top down, from Shane throughout the team of 70 staff across five locations. Shane is the driving force behind this and he has surrounded himself with likeminded people who believe in a strong sense of community. He is overseeing investment and growth in the Edenderry pharmacy store, doubling in size, furthered Cholesterol diabetes testing within the pharmacies and is actively collaborating with GP’s with increased communications on patient medications.

James Coughlan, Hickey’s Pharmacy Johnstown

Over the last twelve months James has had a massive impact on the public health of his local community. James has built his Winter Flu and COVID booster vaccination service from a low foundation of 230 vaccines in the season before he joined the team, to delivering the most successful vaccination service in our entire group in the space of twelve months.

His leadership in implementing innovative practices and advocating for the advancement of his pharmacy sets him apart. James has made significant contributions to improving patient care and enhancing delivery within his pharmacy. His dedication to evolving the role of pharmacists in healthcare aligns perfectly with the criteria for this award. Whether through his professional practice or advocacy efforts, James has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence.



The Irish Pharmacy

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JPA Brenson Lawlor Young Community Pharmacist of the Year Award 2024

Sadhbh Whitty, McCauley Pharmacy Redmond Square

Sadhbh is highly valued by her customers in Wexford Town, and that her commitment to providing excellent patient care extends beyond the walls of the pharmacy. Her willingness to go above and beyond in ensuring that her patients receive the care they need, even if it means making house calls, is a testament to her dedication to her profession and her customers. This level of personalized care is what sets great pharmacists apart and helps to build strong relationships between pharmacists and their patients.

Sadhbh has also engaged with other local healthcare professionals to understand the range of services available within her community.

Teo Vuckovic, CARA Allcare Pharmacy, Dun Laoghaire

Teo is a dedicated and hardworking pharmacist, who has patient care and safety at the forefront of his mind with every task he performs. Teo works in a very challenging environment, where stressful situations, management challenges and timeframes are all impacting on his role on a daily basis. Regardless of the challenges put to Teo on a daily basis he will always get his job done and to a very high standard.

Teo has shown over his time working in this pharmacy that he is consistently trying to help others within his team in order to improve the pharmacy processes and procedures. He is approachable and flexible in his role and always willing to help out new pharmacists and technicians.

Jill Jennings, Hickey’s Pharmacy, Johnstown

Jill has really embraced the expansion of the pharmacists’ role in the Johnstown community. She played a strong role in the delivery of both Covid and flu vaccinations in the store. In addition to her fantastic vaccine performance, she has carried out many health checks in conjunction with the ‘Healthy Meath’ initiative funded by Meath County Council and the Irish Pharmacy Union.

Jill has had a tremendous impact on not only the pharmacy’s business, but the Johnstown community. Her commitment to educating staff and patients on the importance of overall health, and in particular gut health, has seen the business’ performance thrive. Jill’s dedication to continuous learning and remaining up to date with the latest advancements in pharmacy is evident in her everyday pharmacy practice. She is willing to share her knowledge and expertise with the Johnstown team so that the team stay informed and provide evidence-based advice for patients.


Paul John Charles Sambrooks, Mahers totalhealth Chemist, Drogheda

Paul has worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible pharmacy service he can. He is dedicated to his patients and takes immense pride in his role and the work he does. He has continually demonstrated dedication to his pharmacist role, coming in early to prepare the dispensary for the day ahead to make sure the day starts the best it can and will drop what he is doing to support his team members.

In little over the year, Paul has introduced positive changed and built strong effective relationships with his patients, customers and members of the local community. He has also developed excellent professional relationships with members of the Healthcare Community within the area and has ambitions to develop the sector further on a local level.

Enda Donnellan, Donnelly’s Pharmacy, Portmarnock

Enda took on the role, covering for Donnelly’s Pharmacist who has many years experience, seamlessly. He is always patient despite working in a high-volume dynamic environment. He takes the time to explain both HSE and Company directives to all the staff members.

Donnelly's has a significant proportion of elderly customers and Enda takes the time to explain any of their concerns regarding medications, and is very empathetic. He goes above and beyond the community pharmacist role. He has also promoted and arranged to hold open consultations with anyone from the local community about Dementia.

Kostas Papadimas, Donaghmede Pharmacy, Donaghmede

Kostas is known for giving his patients that need counselling so much more of his time, ensuring that they are confident with a new medicine, or where a dose has changed. He has a calming voice which always reassures the patient where they may have a concern. Everyone who comes in contact with Kostas will have had their day brightened by the experience.

He has built a great relationship with the local doctor surgeries and indeed has vaccinated many of the local surgery staff. Donaghmede Pharmacy is one of the busiest pharmacies in North Dublin, dispensing being the number one priority and Kostas is great at working under the most intense pressure, while also finding time to vaccinate, take blood pressure readings, serve on the OTC counter and all the other jobs required.


The Irish Pharmacy


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Viatris Community Pharmacy Team of the Year Award 2024

Corach Pharmacy, Wellingtonbridge, Wexford

Since opening in August 2023 Corach Pharmacy has proven to be a success. Every member of staff is invested in providing the best possible service and giving their all on a day to day basis to make sure the smooth running of the pharmacy.

Corach Pharmacy is Wexford and Irish owned by Brian and Therese Hogan. The team provide a delivery service to those living in rural Ireland who can’t always arrange a lift or have a mode of transport to a local pharmacy. They plan on rolling out more events for the elderly like the Dementia Café to other surrounding areas covering different topics and health issues effecting the elderly. It is important to understand the care that our elderly need on a day-to-day basis and to support them with any health issues that may arise.

Adrian Dunne Pharmacy, Rush

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of community pharmacy, the journey from adaptation to excellence is both challenging and rewarding. Since acquiring the pharmacy in April 2023, the pharmacy team at Adrian Dunne in Rush have embarked on a transformative journey, marked by significant changes and remarkable adaptability.

Central to their success has been the unwavering support and teamwork exhibited by every member of staff. In a pharmacy that sees a daily influx of at least 13 dedicated professionals, the spirit of collaboration is not just beneficial but essential.

LloydsPharmacy, Kenmare

Mark’s Pharmacy, Ardee

The team at Mark's Pharmacy epitomizes the essence of collaboration. Each member, from the pharmacist to the sales assistants and technicians, has played a vital role in delivering comprehensive healthcare services. Their combined efforts in the ambitious project of conducting over 1,000 blood pressure screenings in a year – a target they achieved well ahead of schedule – is a testament to their cohesive and effective teamwork.

The pharmacy team has not only met but exceeded community healthcare needs through innovative services. Their efforts not only enhance the health and well-being of the Ardee community but also set a high standard for what a community pharmacy team can achieve.

Teamwork and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success for the LloydsPharmacy team in Kenmare. The team actively listen, share insights, and seek feedback and each team member brings unique skills to the table. They celebrate diversity—whether it’s expertise in medication management, counselling, or administrative tasks, their combined strengths create a holistic approach to patient care.

The Kenmare team’s unwavering dedication to the store’s success is truly commendable. Their proactive approach, constant inquiry into figures and targets, and genuine motivation exemplify their commitment.


Bluebird Pharmacy trading as Clearys, Portmarnock

The Cleary's pharmacy team stands out, embodying dedication, expertise, and compassion in their daily endeavours. Their relentless commitment to enhancing patient outcomes, promoting community health, and upholding professional standards makes the team not just practitioners but pillars of support in the healthcare ecosystem.

The Clearys pharmacy team epitomises excellence in patient care. Each member of the team, from the pharmacist to the OTC assistant, is driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards the well-being of their patients. They go above and beyond to ensure that every individual who walks through the doors receives personalised attention and tailored pharmaceutical solutions.

Hiltons Pharmacy, Cornelscourt, Dublin

Hilton’s Pharmacy is a community pharmacy, which to them means that they strive to provide exceptional pharmaceutical care to their community, demonstrating a commitment to delivering a personalised service for their patients, accurate medication dispensing and compassionate patient counselling.

Their goal is to enhance the health and well-being of every patient they serve. Through dedication, teamwork and a patient centred approach, they strive to be a trusted pillar in our local community supporting all of their patients on their healthcare journey. The team embrace every challenge with a smile and a laugh along with a dedication to deliver what is asked of them. It is this togetherness and enjoyment of each other’s company that has allowed the business to thrive.

Newpark Life Pharmacy, Kilkenny

The staff at all levels of Newpark Pharmacy are deserving of recognition for their contribution to the community through the many innovative services they offer with the patient at the heart of everything they do. This service provided essential care and well-being to those in need who wish to receive a vaccination but have concerns for their comfort and also being in a busy pharmacy setting.

Providing an area safe from transmission of the general public and also providing deserving comfort and care ensured that the community could be provided vaccinations which in turn benefit the entire community. It also produced an increase in output of vaccinations, ensuring further safety in the community for another season. The entire team pooled their resources together to make sure that the patients came first.

Hickey’s Pharmacy Northside, Dublin

The team in Northside pride themselves with always providing a high level of customer service and patient care. Their patients trust all team members in looking after their health care needs and keeping them or their family well. Their pharmacists offer a wide range of vaccination services including shingles, pneumonia, b12 and travel vaccinations. They continue to engage and support HSE campaigns regularly including the annual flu campaign, COVID booster campaigns and most recently the shingles campaign.

The team acknowledge the importance of participating in wider public health campaigns and how they can play an active role in supporting and strengthening their success. Over the years they have built great working relationships with local GPs and over the last year have become a great source of support to them as they too continue to work under pressure.



Lillys Pharmacy, Ratoath

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McLernons Independent Community Pharmacy Award 2024

Finnegan’s Pharmacy, Dublin

Finnegan’s Pharmacy have been shortlisted due to the level of care and attention that is given to their local community.

All staff operate at an elite level and give the customers the best possible service. The values that Peter Finnegan has instilled in all staff members is one of empathy and compassion and one that they are truly here to support their customers and community and when some people say that there is no job to big or too small that is something that resonates with the team. If possible, they will do everything possible to help their customers.

Finnegans Pharmacy stands out as the best pharmacy in the country for several reasons, rooted in their commitment to old-school values in community pharmacy and strong bonds with customers.

Lillys Pharmacy are a family pharmacy with a heart who extend their care to every customer that walks in their door. The team offer a one stop shop for all health needs including a nurse that takes bloods once a week. They try to fulfil prescriptions a quick as they can and try to provide the best service making sure the customer's health and happiness is paramount.

The team are a tight knit group and that's why they are there as long as they are at the heart of their community. They offer a huge range of supplements both in store and online, along with vaccines, blood pressure monitoring, blister packs, medication reviews, Cholesterol and HbA1c testing, blood clinic, functional medicine clinic and throw in a joke or 2 to try and make customers laugh. They may be small but pack a punch in terms of their range of services and the level of care provided.

Village Pharmacy, Carlingford

The belief and motto of this team has always been “it’s all about you”, and no more is it apparent than in Village Pharmacy. The team’s aim is to ensure every customer leaves the store feeling better after having a pleasant, courteous and professional experience. Everybody works together to make this a reality. During regular team brainstorming meetings, the upcoming events, new ranges, new products and ideas on how to reach and excel in targets for the store, are always discussed.

The store is a pivotal part of the Village and community and is a go to place for many to meet albeit necessary and chat to other locals. All the team understand that most people crossing our door have their own problems and challenges and require professional advice, understanding, careful approach, a listening ear and at times a bit of light conversation to help them.

Corach Pharmacy, Wellingtonbridge, Wexford

Recently Corach Pharmacy has undertaken a number of initiatives and introduced new services. Supervising Pharmacist Laura delivered a Dementia Café in the Local Grantstown Daycare center, which was a great success, with excellent feedback from both people who attend the center and from workers and carers who attended on the day.

The pharmacy was involved in both the Winter Flu and covid vaccination programs. Clinics were held in the pharmacy and housebound patients benefited from the service as pharmacist Laura conducted house calls when Elaine was on site.

A prescription delivery service was launched for anyone in the surrounding areas covering a 20KM radius. The team have also taken part in the Carrig On Bannow St Patrick’s Day Parade where they launched a Quit Smoking Campaign. The pharmacy sponsored first-aid kits for local sports teams. Annemarie reached out to local chairpersons and representatives called in-store to collect a fully kitted first aid kit.

The Irish Pharmacy

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