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ifferentiating its services and production

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processes is a recommended strategy for a company to remain competitive in

its market and avert the most negative effects of any crises that might hit its sector. Anoxidall has more than seventy years’ experience in the field of aluminium surface treatments: currently, it is capable of offering a wide variety of processes, from coating to anodising, polishing, and grinding of sheet metal. Over the years, it has implemented new processes and upgraded its anodising, electro-colouring, and coating plants, while also starting to sell aluminium profiles for the construction and architectural sectors in order to offer different services and meet all its self-imposed requirements for providing excellent finishes. Already familiar with the reliability and quality of Gema’s equipment and solutions, in December 2021 Anoxidall installed a MagicCylinder EquiFlow coating booth with an OptiCenter powder centre and OptiSpray AP01 pumps

The immersion pre-treatment tanks.

with SIT-Smart Inline Technology, with the aim of further improving its production. In just five months, it has already noticed a clear reduction

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in its powder consumption and an increase in its finishing quality degree.

Seventy years of experience and continuous advancement Anoxidall S.p.A. (San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy) was founded by Umberto Re in 1967. It currently specialises in the contract surface treatment of aluminium profiles and components and the direct sale of a wide range of aluminium products and building systems, manufactured in-house or by other brands. It employs around 80 people and its 17,000 m2-wide factory (which includes the production site, the sales offices with a showroom, and the consignment warehouse with raw and finished products ready for delivery) houses both its anodising plants and the pre-treatment and coating line that features the Gema booth. Anoxidall also offers additional services such

The anodising plant for aluminium profiles.

as polishing, satin finishing, grinding, matrix design, pre- and after-sales technical assistance,

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