IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

Page 65

Fast. Powerful. Consistent. Free of hazardous solvents

Become a winner with Atotech’s efficient paint removal processes Master Remover® 7000 paint removal process, together with Master Remover® ESPRIT integrated equipment, provides a powerful inhouse solution for powder paint removal. Master Remover® 7000 was developed with the highest level of versatility in mind. Capable of operation in spray or immersion as well as off-line or in-line applications, Master Remover® 7000 is a robust and rapid paint removal process for hooks, racks, and fixtures. It is compatible with ferrous and light metals (aluminum, zinc, magnesium).

Fast powder paint removal Simplified operation and control with Master Remover® ESPRIT plug and play equipment Consistent performance, all day everyday Efficient use of energy and space

Master Remover® ESPRIT (Efficient, Sustainable Paint Removal Integrated Technology) is a turnkey system that, mounted on a frame, combines all functions to ensure optimal paint removal. The system meets high-quality standards and expectations for minimum operating costs.

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