IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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our processes and invested in the development of a management system for both the tailor’s shop and the aluminium profiles’ treatment departments. By means of the QR codes matched with individual parts, our machines can implement the required type of processing without the operator having to set it and they provide all the necessary information very quickly. This also allows us to intervene in the event of any anomalies and carry out preventive maintenance,” explains Fabbi.

Pre-treatment and coating: the importance of corrosion resistance After machining, the profiles are subjected to pre-treatment with both alkaline and acid attack, as per the Qualicoat Seaside standard. “This phase is very important in order not

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The powder application area equipped with Gema’s powder centre and automatic guns.

only to remove oils and machining residues, but also to give our parts excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties, as some profiles are intended for awnings and pergolas installed in marine environments, where aluminium’s resistance to filiform corrosion is crucial,” notes Fabbi. Euroimpianti’s semi-automatic Komby plant performs a multi-metal spray pre-treatment operation on six cleaning stations connected to two double overhead cranes, one for the first three cleaning chambers and the other for the following three and the drying oven. Each station performs two stages and each stage can include one or more cycles depending on the pre-treatment recipe. The first chamber contains a bath with a pH-10 alkaline product at 50 °C for degreasing the profiles. Then, the components move to the second stage, which involves two rinses with mains water. The third one includes an acid attack in a very aggressive pH-1 bath at 50 °C and a rinse with mains water. The fourth stage includes two further rinses with

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mains water, whereas the fifth one includes Coated profiles exiting the spray paint booth before curing.


N. 75 - MAY/JUNE 2022 - international PAINT&COATING magazine

one rinse with recirculated demineralised