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Dürr Expands the Collaboration with Rescoll for Testing EcoPaintJet The private research institute Rescoll allows clients to carry out tests with Dürr’s EcoPaintJet coating technology to check compatibility.


ürr has announced a partnership with the private research institute Rescoll to allow its potential customers to test at a

low cost paints, substrates and the corresponding application for compatibility with the EcoPaintJet coating technology, in order to prepare optimally for series production. Rescoll is a private research institute offering technological services such as testing and industrial research on polymer materials applications for several industries. Dürr started to co-operate with Rescoll during the summer of 2021, to allow clients to test the EcoBell2 equipped ready2spray robot. The partnership has then developed further and customers are now able to have also EcoPaintJet tested in one of the three

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The EcoPaintJet is an innovative system for automated, overspray-free paint application.

French site of the research institute – Pessac, Bayonne and Rochefort. Once Rescoll has received the paint or substrate from the client, it first checks it to verify whether the material is suitable for carrying out the test at all. Then the company proceeds to carry out the test and, finally, sends the material and the results back to the customer, who is eventually able to adjust the paints and substrates in order to ultimately adapt Dürr’s technology. If the results are satisfactory, Dürr will have its equipment ready for operations shipped to the client’s facility. At PaintExpo 2022, the international trade fair for industrial painting technologies that took place from 26th to 29th April in Karlsruhe (Germany), visitors were able to further experience Dürr’s overspray-free technology EcoPaintJet in a dedicated coating booth. For further information: www.durr.com

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Dürr’s EcoPaintJet complements the test equipment at the private research institute Rescoll in France.


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