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Social Media Advertising: 4 Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022 Ilaria Paolomelo eos Mktg&Communication Srl


Digital advertising and social networks are constantly evolving. Understanding and being aware of these changes is essential to take advantage of the advertising tools available on the different social media platforms.


021 was a year full of new challenges and opportunities for digital

2022 the global ad spend will exceed 173 million dollars and it will grow

marketing. To ensure the right visibility and relevance, brands

year-on-year by about 9,77%2.

have further increased the budget allocated to digital advertising.

The decline in organic reach and engagement that will affect 2022 (as

Global spending on digital ad in 2021 is estimated to have grown by

explained in the article dedicated to the 2022 Digital Marketing Trends3)

around 20% . Furthermore, an exponential growth is expected not only

will help strengthen the power of advertising, which will be for brands

in the current year but also in those to come: Statista foresees that in

one of the main tools to rely on to achieve the various business goals.






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