IPCM n. 75 | May-June 2022

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GEINSA Supplies the Paint Booth for Metro Bangkok’s Vehicles GEINSA supplied a paint booth to Design&Project for coating Metro Bangkok’s vehicles.


esign&Projects International is a company specialized in providing


railway maintenance projects and acquired from GEINSA a paint

GEINSA was founded in 1967 and has developed advanced technology in

booth for Min Sen Machinery, leader in machine tool distribution

more than 2000 installations worldwide. Its activity consists of the design,

in Thailand for the Bangkok subway red line project.

manufacturing, assembly and Technical Assistance Service of installations

The painting and drying process of Metro vehicles is carried out in the

and booths for surface treatment and subsequent painting. We provide:

supplied cabin. The cabin has a dimension of 30 m. long, 5 wide and

the design and engineering project, both in the planning and in the

5 high and is equipped with pneumatic painter platforms, application

manufacturing, assembly and after-sales, and in each of these stages all

equipment and a paint preparation laboratory.

the personnel belong to GEINSA.

It has lighting with LED technology and frequency inverters in impulsion and extraction motors.

For further information: www.geinsa.com


View inside the spray booth installed in Min Sen Machinery, Bangkok.


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Spray booth 3D image.