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Infrared RHT Gas Burners for the Complete Curing of Coatings: A Unique Application in Europe Alessia Venturi ipcm


IGLOO Sp. z.o.o. was the first company in Europe to implement a curing oven that uses exclusively Infragas Srl’s infrared RHT burners for gelling and curing the powder coatings it applies on both flat and three-dimensional workpieces in different lengths. Thanks to the combination of three companies’ know-how, IGLOO has managed to obtain a high finishing quality level, 15% energy savings, and a low environmental impact process.


he infrared technology offers numerous advantages to the heat

edge application was Infragas Srl (Mappano, Turin, Italy), which has

treatment sector, which includes processes such as drying and

produced both catalytic and micro-flame, pre-mixed gas IR radiant

curing within finishing operations. The use of gas IR radiant

burners since 1971, thus covering the entire IR technology spectrum. In

panels guarantees energy savings, environmental sustainability, smaller-

particular, in 2016, Infragas launched its RHT radiant panels, powerful

sized ovens, and, last but not least, excellent finishing quality. However,

high-temperature infrared burners with a micro-flame on their

IR panel manufacturers do not usually recommend their exclusive

surfaces that makes them particularly suitable for the heat treatment

use for the complete curing of powder coatings on complex parts

of materials requiring high process speeds, such as powder curing.

with undercuts. In fact, they are generally used in combination with

These characteristics have made the Radiant High Temperature

conventional hot-air ovens to increase process speed by accelerating

(RHT) burners the ideal solution to meet the needs of IGLOO, since it

the powder gelling phase. This was not the choice of IGLOO Sp. z.o.o.,

was already using an IR technology that, however, was not providing

a Polish manufacturer of refrigerated counters for supermarkets,

satisfactory results due to the rapid, progressive decrease in the overall

bakeries, and delicatessens, which opted for the installation of two

performance of emitters.

ovens, one for drying after chemical pre-treatment and one for powder

“Our collaboration with Infragas was divided into two phases,”

curing, equipped with IR panels alone. This has resulted into one of the

explains Jacek Podsiadlo, IGLOO’s technical director and coating plant

most innovative and unique applications of infrared RHT burners in the

technology manager. “We initially installed RHT emitters in our drying

European coating sector.

oven; then, once we assessed their effectiveness, we decided to extend

The partner chosen by IGLOO for the development of this cutting-

their use to the complete curing of our applied powder coatings.”


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