ipcm® n. 62 - March/April 2020

Page 170



Higher Productivity for a Contracting Coating Line Thanks to the Integration of a High Temperature Infrared Gas Oven Monica Fumagalli ipcm®

Coating contractors’ needs are known: high finishing quality, energy saving, and improved production capacity. These can be met through flexible, specially designed plants that are often able to achieve excellent performance despite the limited space available. These are also the characteristics of the project developed to enhance an Italian coating contractor’s powder coating line by Avin Srl, a company from the Imel Spa group, in collaboration with Infragas Srl, a firm designing and building infrared gas radiant systems. The addition of an infrared oven proved to be the key choice for the success of the project. Coating contractors demand highly flexible systems and equipment in order to meet their diverse production requirements, arising from the need to quickly coat components with different materials and sizes. Another challenge they often face is the reduced space available for machinery in their factories. Here below, we will analyse the solution developed for a powder coating contractor that is among its region’s leaders in terms of delivery speed, customer portfolio, and performance by Avin (San Martino al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy) and Infragas Srl (Mappano, Turin, Italy). The former belongs to the Imel Spa group and it designs and manufactures coating, industrial cleaning, and air treatment systems; the latter specialises in catalytic infrared panels and infrared gas radiant systems. The infrared gas oven installed at the coating contractor’s premises.


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