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The Bachelorette Pad

D 2018-2019

 I  one of the leading design studios operating in the Asia Pacific region today. Helmed by partners Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage, its work has garnered an international reputation for attention to detail, quality and creativity, winning awards at national, regional and global levels. The Bachelorette Pad in Singapore has won three awards for its kitchen, bathroom and lighting design. The client is a professional, single lady and her apartment is styled to exude a serene glamour with a sense of feminine romance and a nod to her Chinese heritage. She wanted her kitchen to feel fully integrated within the home with a continuous design theme between the different zones. As there was no requirement for entertaining, a kitchen island with a compact dining space was included as well as a fully functioning cooking zone. Design Intervention had been inspired by a television drama set in an Art Deco hotel

featuring curved walls accented by horizontal lines. With this in mind, curved walls were used to soften the kitchen’s hard lines and imbue a warm and feminine ambience. They also echo the rounded forms of the furnishings in the living zone, integrating the two beautifully. Unique bathing experiences were of paramount importance to the client and so a significant portion of floor space has been allocated to create an ultimate retreat. A key requirement was that the master suite flowed seamlessly between the bathing and sleeping areas without any doors. Design Intervention eschewed traditional hard finishes such as tiles and marble and opted for an acrylic solid surface which is warmer and softer to the touch. This was thermally shaped to give continuous, bespoke organic forms and exude the feminine softness required. The lighting design is also a key design feature of this home. Throughout the entire

 BEST BATHROOM DESIGN SINGAPORE The Bachelorette Pad by Design Intervention Pte Ltd  BEST INTERIOR LIGHTING DESIGN SINGAPORE The Bachelorette Pad byDesign Intervention Pte Ltd  BEST KITCHEN DESIGN SINGAPORE The Bachelorette Pad by Design Intervention Pte Ltd 54

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