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Knowing about Robotics, a must for every Tech AďŹ cionado

The Sound of Silence Suneet Singh Tuli Co-founder

DataWind: Revolution with Affordable & Optimized Internet Connectivity Virtual Systems Advancing the Enterprise Resource Planning Magnificently Harish Kumar Saraf Nippon Data Systems

Shifting towards The New Age of Distribution and Personalization Platforms Venkat Prasad Culture Machine

Editorial Changes in Technology is affecting us and will affect us at every point of our lives. Nowadays, the advancement in communication and computer science has exceeded so far that just imagine anything and its few clicks away. Technology has changed the face and pace of doing business. Business processes have evolved and organizations are way smoother now. Every business wants Best Technology and it was conventional thinking that best technology stays longer. But present is totally different, one technology is mixed with another and totally new & amazing technology could be seen over. Mobile devices like smartphones which were just for calling purpose in past, are now combined with power of internet and has reformed the way we communicate.

Strategic Technology Maximizing Automation

Technology is just unimaginably wider. Derive a technique and there you are with New Technology. Humans have invented it, and its uses are uncountable, technology tools for Communication like computers, tablets, fax, email, etc. made life easier; for Construction, we create designs using softwares; for Assistance, there are apps available which assist blind ones to read; for Self Decision Making,a Room Temperature Controller which controls the room temperature even if outside temperature varies; for Virtual Storage, Dropbox storing your data online; for Educational Purpose,it has made classrooms paperless with projectors, online courses,etc. ; for Security, biometrics, house alarming systems which uses sensors but technological security is just not hardware based now, there are a lot of computer programs to distinguish human from machine like Captcha. Passwords, Pins, Pattern Locks to protect users; for Web-Scale IT, e-shopping has become a trend and 3D Tech avatar of clothes have digitized the way we zoom things. All these stunning technologies develops and explains human-made world; development, management, and processing are three essential beads. As told, technology is because of humans, it’s not perfect and has its own pros and cons. Technology has increased the production or we can say mass production became possible because of technology only. It’s always time saving and always accelerates the innovation. Earlier information was bounded but now it is scattered. It has also improved the way old data gets stored and brought simplification in Business Communication. But it could be sometimes expensive, not safe and has brought over-dependence too. But technology has overwhelmed mankind and you can’t deny the fact “ Survival has become Easier with Technology.”

Pooja Jain

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Contents 10 Revolution with Affordable & Optimized Internet Connectivity

40 The sound of silence

30 Reshaping the Future of Workplaces with Technology

60 Shifting towards The New Age of Distribution and Personalization Platforms

50 Virtual Systems Advancing the Enterprise Resource Planning MagniďŹ cently

58 Knowing about Robotics, a must for every Tech AďŹ cionado

24 BookingJini: RedeďŹ ning Hotel Technology Solutions

26 Eben Telecom: Inventive and Contemporary Services in Telecom Industry

28 Eigen Technologies: The Next-Generation SENSEnuts IoT Stack & Smart Lighting Platform Developers

38 Ineda Systems: Enablers of IoT Revolution

42 Internet Moguls: Carving a niche in Digital Marketing for the Hospitality sector

44 KAP Computer Solutions: Spearhead in Bulk SMS Solutions

52 Paynear ONE: India’s First Ever Omni Channel Transaction Solution for All Types of Businesses

54 Pioneer Design & Engineering: Spectacular Strategic StafďŹ ng and Project Services in Engineering and Design


Processware Systems: Transforming the World of Banking Solutions

34 Gaia Smart Cities: A Smart City Innovation

70 TRANSACTWORLD GROUP: Your Global Merchant Service Provider

66 Spectra Technologies: Leading Manufacturer & Integrator of Specialized Virtual Desktops

36 Genitek Solutions: Leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics Research to Gain Competitive Advantage

72 Vupadhi: Simplifying Procurement in the Emerging Global Markets

62 SCUBE: Helping Mankind with Software Products

46 Manjrasoft Pty Ltd. Having “World-first” Cloud Application Platform

32 FORMCEPT: Reliable Data Analysis Platform

64 Siam Computing: Savvy Benefactors of Cloud Products & Applications

22 Arcserve: The Ultimate Data Protection Solution

74 Web Shuttle: Meticulous & Exceptional Application Developers

Cover story

Suneet Singh tuli Co-founder

DataWind Revolution with Affordable & Optimized Internet Connectivity


atawind is focused on empowering the 4 billion people with connectivity to the internet. The digital and internet divide can be addressed through technology interventions at an affordable price. All of Datawind’s products come bundled with one year of free internet browsing. DataWind breaks the affordability barrier with the world’s most affordable tablets, phablets and smart phones.

Much of the globe still has to rely on antiquated mobile networks which are unable to deliver Much of the globe still has access to the internet. Using patented technologies, antiquated mobile networks unable DataWind continues to driving the cost down to a level where access to to deliver access to the internet. Our technology becomes ‘universally affordable’. patented technology allows for a fast, This technology allows for a rich, fast and rich and affordable experience on existing affordable experience on existing networks networks without any new infrastructure without any new infrastructure. DataWind is a leader in low-cost internet connectivity with a vision to bring the internet, which has the ability to create tremendous social and economic benefits to billions of unconnected people. The company’s Internet Delivery Platform offers affordable Internet connectivity solutions by bundling an affordable computing device with an inexpensive one-year pre-paid internet browsing service plan. DataWind intends to offer INR100/200 a year tariff for unlimited Internet browsing across any site. Also, DataWind has earmarked an investment of INR100 crore for the MVNO foray. Following the Dream to ‘Bridge the Digital Divide’ Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli and Raja Singh Tuli are the Co-founders of the DataWind, Suneet is a civil engineer graduated from the University of Toronto and Raja a computer engineer graduated from the University of Alberta. While Suneet is principally responsible for sales, marketing, support and manufacturing operations, Raja manages the research and development activities of the Company, as well as the supply chain operations. They have always focused on bridging the digital divide and to provide internet to billions of people around the world in this digital age that are unable to take advantage of the

power of the internet, simply because they can’t afford it. Most of them are living at less than a USD5 per day, not able to educate their children. Datawind’s focus is to empower these people with affordable technology and with better quality of education by breaking the cost barriers. Three key elements have helped cause the mass adoption of tablet computers in India. These are affordability, awareness and connectivity. In 2011, the average tablet cost more than a personal computer, and remained a multimedia toy for those that already had computers and smartphones. Today, tablets have become essential mobility tools at the price point of an average feature phone. To determine the correct price-point for the Indian market, DataWind studied other markets to understand the price at which mass adoption was triggered. The analysis showed that for the PC market in the US, this happened when the average cost of a PC dropped below a week of salary. This meant that in order to reach a billion people, to break the affordability barrier and deliver product within a week of salary for an average person in India, the price needed to be brought below Rs.3,000. The third ingredient of the tablet revolution is connectivity. Access to the internet is the killer app for tablets, and mobile cellular networks are the delivery platform. Due to the lack of fixed broadband deployment in India, connectivity is primarily delivered on cellular networks. The result is that most tablets sold in India are now combinations of phones & tablets, i.e. phablets. Network congestion and high data costs are solved by a unique patented web delivery platform created by DataWind’s founder Raja S. Tuli, which reduces bandwidth consumption by over 30 times, resulting in a faster and richer web experience at a lower cost. The impact of affordable and connected internet devices cannot be underestimated. An empowered citizen will result in greater transparency in all aspects of the government. Quality of education will no longer be related to one’s income class, as millions of students in rural India are now able to access the world’s best teachers and infinite content on the web. Today, powerful tablets with cellular connectivity (phablets) at under Rs.3,000 –Suneet Singh Tuli have made it possible for

Challenges are part

of the journey, it’s about your attitude how you deal with the waves

every child to have a personal computing device. These devices have dual-core processors, and the latest operating systems, yet are one-tenth of the cost of devices from just a couple of years back. Technology has leveled the playing field, and eliminates mediocrity in teaching. The ability to selflearn can continue beyond the classroom and for the rest of our lives. Achievements Speak Louder than Words The awards and achievements are earned with incessant efforts. And the list follows as: DataWind bags Young Turks Award: DataWind, makers of the Aakash tablet, has won the CNBC TV 18 and Mercedez Benz Young Turks ‘Innovation of the Year’ award for 2011. Technology Achievement Award for DataWind Founders Raja & Suneet Tuli: The Aakash tablet has already become a household name in the tech world, which can be attributed to the painstaking efforts on part of the Tuli brothers, Raja Singh Tuli and Suneet Singh Tuli. In recognition for all the hard work they have put in the venture, Raja Singh Tuli and Suneet Singh Tuli have been awarded the Technology Achievement Award by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce in a glittering ceremony held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. DataWind bags UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company award for making the USD35 Aakash tablet: DataWind has won the Smart UK Project award from UK government for nation’s ‘Most Innovative Mobile Company’, beating competition from the other three finalists-Blippar, P2i and QRpedia. DataWind continues rackingup international awards as Finalist for Global Mobile Awards 2012: DataWind, the inventor of the Aakash tablet, named a finalist for the Global Mobile Awards 2012 (GSMA) in the category for the Best Mobile Innovation for Education. DataWind’s innovative solution at breakthrough pricing was chosen from six hundred applicants, and the recognition validates the critical need to break the affordability barrier for devices and network access in bridging the digital divide for the next 3 billion internet users. In September 2012, Forbes magazine named Suneet Singh Tuli among the “Impact 15” list of education innovators. Future Plans: Breaking the Affordability Barrier The main focus remains on providing affordable internet access to the low-income segments. With the patented Internet Delivery Platform, Datawind offers low-cost Internet connectivity solution by bundling an affordable computing device with an inexpensive one-year pre-paid internet browsing service plan. They also intend to offer bandwidth cost advantage to consumers in rural area. They will be launching it as a virtual operator and intend to deliver INR 100/200 annual data plans.


raditionally, the norm has been that the new brands enter the Indian market with expensive and aspirational products to create a brand presence for themselves in the premium category. Unfortunately, such strategies have missed the opportunity to connect and serve the billion strong Indian ‘Aam Aadmi’ (common man). DataWind has been successfully able to do so and the Brand has become most recognized Tablet brand in India by carving a niche for itself in the affordability segment. In 2012, the launch of Aakash tablets in support of the Government’s mission was to improve the quality of education which made DataWind the brand for the masses. DataWind’s commercially launched UbiSlate tablet created a revolution in the tablet industry, growing it from 2.5L units in 2011 to over 50L units in 2015. The strength of DataWind’s brand catapulted it to top position in the Indian market with a 37% market share overall (according to CMR) which is double of its next competitor (the almighty Samsung at 18%). What is most astonishing is that in the entry-level segment of devices below Rs.5,000, DataWind commands a dominating 76%. The secret behind the establishment of DataWind’s brand in India is its sole focus on the entry-level segment with over 33 different product models all priced below Rs.5,000. While most companies have one or two products in this segment, DataWind has not limited itself with just a few products but the brand has a plethora of devices from calling tablets on 2G, 3G and 4G networks to netbooks and smartphones. The devices range from 7” to 10” in screen sizes, and also come with detachable keyboards. An important part of DataWind’s strategy is to give its customers a wide range of products to choose from. DataWind’s devices come with significant value additions focusing on the two key driver’s viz. Education and Commerce. The UbiClass software developed by DataWind has made noteworthy contribution in the Education sector which has helped in promoting flipped-classroom pedagogy. The company offers this software free of charge with all its devices. To support both commerce and education, the Company has partnered with Reliance Communications and has bundled a year of unlimited internet browsing with all its devices. The internet is facilitated by DataWind’s breakthrough web delivery platform, covered by 18 U.S. and international patents, which reduces bandwidth consumption by 97% and delivers the fast mobile web experience on any network. Another key reason for the establishment of DataWind’s brand in India, is the evangelism by its CEO, Suneet Singh Tuli to bring internet access to the masses and bridge the digital divide. Over the years, he has actively spoken at Universities, Conferences and Global Forums about the need to create affordable internet access to level the playing field and empower the ‘forgotten billions’. It is as a result of this evangelism, that DataWind products were launched at the United Nations, where the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called it the “great enabler …. with the potential to transform people’s lives.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “This could also be something for Germany - some schools have nothing at all.” Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt enthused, “India could be revolutionized by the new very low-cost tablets I saw tonight. Internet for the billions is coming!” DataWind’s brand has further been strengthened by the hundreds of awards it has received over the last four years, including being recognized by the MIT Technology Review as among the 50 Smartest Companies in the World. DataWind’s CEO Suneet Singh Tuli has also been recognized by the prestigious magazine Forbes among its Impact 15 list, as a classroom revolutionary. Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen in his book The Innovator’s Dilemma talked about how to create market disruption from the bottom-up. DataWind has illustrated that methodology to perfection, creating India’s strong brand for tablet computers. No wonder, when Indians want powerful technology at an affordable price, they first think of DataWind, making it one of the 30 Most Valuable Tech Companies in India. About the Author Pooja M. Bansal is the Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief of Insights Success. Pooja is a fun loving and full of simplicity person, who believes that behind every company there is a different & unique story which needs to be conveyed to the world.

Technology Equips its Audience with Intelligence


echnology has different faces, we feel it but sometimes we can’t define it specifically, it’s everywhere. It’s a word that is the knack of arranging the world that we haven’t experienced yet. Technology is not neutral. We are inside of what we make and it is inside of us. We live in a world of connections and it


Technology matters to businesses the most. They have started using it to the utmost degree and also developed it in better ways. Entrepreneurs concentrate on planning how to use it well so that they increase Return on Investment (ROI) and for betterment, it is used everywhere, for manufacturing, customer care, HR management, etc. There are companies which have launched products which are brand new and modern, and everyone has realized its value. There are lots of companies available which have created some out-of-the-box technologies. On that basis, Insights Success has chosen most productive and efficient technological companies of India “The 30 Most Valuable Tech Companies.” Exclusiveness & uniqueness of softwares, products and services are the entities due to which these companies are shortlisted here. We have DataWind company as our Cover Story as it provides best wireless, web-access products and services with low-cost Internet Connectivity. They have manufactured low cost Aakash tablet computer to aid education in India, for Indian Government which is world's cheapest tablet. Suneet Singh Tuli, Co-founder of DataWind has always dreamed to cater those billions of people around the world who are unable to take benefit of the power of the internet because they can’t afford it. Under his guidance DataWind has achieved a lot and have won lots of awards and achievements. Technology gets renewed daily. So catch up the magazines’ every bit, you may learn something new and interesting.


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Company Name



4SPL Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Prashant Kulkarni CEO

4SPL is a design, distribution, product development and services company which provides customer centric solutions.


Nikhil Korgaonkar Regional Sales Director, India & SAARC

Arcserve provide sunified data protection solution that offeres comprehensive features and functionality, including industryproven backup, replication, high availability, and true global deduplication-all managed from a single pane of glass.


Sibasish Mishra CEO & Founder

BookingJini an Analytical and Intelligent Lead Conversion Platform for Hotel Websites.

CSS Corp

Riyaz Hussain Director IT Infrastructure

CSS Corp provides expertise in supporting enterprise and consumer products, managing IT infrastructures (stand-alone, cloud or mobile-enabled), and deploying networks.


Suneet Singh Tuli Co-founder Raja Singh Tuli Co-founder

DataWind is a provider of wireless, web-access products and services with low-cost Internet Connectivity.

Eastern Software Systems

Sumit Garg Director

ESS offers cutting-edge Enterprise Automation Solutions and I.T. Services across diverse industry verticals and government organizations.

Eben Telecom &

Sam Thomas Founder & MD

Eben Telecom provides customer services helping organizations in Customer Acquisition, Customer Transaction Building and Customer Relationship Management.

Eigen Technologies

Sharad Shrivastav Director Somil Saxena COO Pranav Tyagi VP (SENSEnuts IoT) Ankur Tyagi CTO

SENSEnuts full IoT stack & Platform including sensing & control firmware, wireless connectivity, middleware & Cloud based Data Analysis UI. Smart Light Platform.

Suresh Srinivasan Co-founder

FORMCEPT is a Unified Data Analysis platform that helps Enterprises to get actionable insights from their data faster, thereby, significantly reducing the time taken to convert data into decisions.


Gaia Smart Cities

Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury Gaia Network enables monitoring/metering services, tracking CEO & Founder services and control services that will help cities in India to Bipin Kumar become ‘Smart’. It offers ICT consulting for Smart City Projects. Co-founder

Company Name



Genitek Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Arup Ranjan Dey

Genitek Solutions provides Management Consulting, IT Services, Marketing Services, Branding and Cloud Services.


Harbinger Systems

Swati Ketkar Executive Director

Harbinger Systems provides eLearning software products and content development services.

Ineda Systems

Balaji Kanigicherla Founder & CEO

Ineda Systems offers innovative and differentiated platforms for IoT and Wearable applications with multiple connectivity options, based on patented I/O virtualization and hierarchical computing technologies.

Internet Moguls

Avijit Arya Chief Mogul & Host

Internet Moguls is a complete hybrid tech + and service agency for hotels, restaurants, travel companies, airlines and tourism boards offering end to end digital marketing services.

KAP Computer Solutions

Ananth Prasath P Founder & CEO

KAP Computer Solution, provider of Telecom Domain VAS Services like BULK SMS Solutions, Short & Long Code Services, Missed Call & Voice Call Services.

Manjrasoft Pty. Ltd.

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya Founder & CEO

Manjrasoft Pty Ltd. is an innovative provider of choice for application acceleration services and solutions over Cloud.

Nikom Infrasolutions

Asheesh Garg Managing Director & Founder

Nikom Infrasolutions is a service provider of data center consultancy, data center design, engineering, data center project management, data center construction, data center.

Paynear Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pioneer Design & Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Processware Systems

Paynear Solutions is a transactions processing company, which Mr. Prabhu Ram builds solutions for payment processing, customer and store Co-founder, MD & management, and enabling merchants to offer lots of value added Chief Strategy Officer services to their customers, which in turn increases their revenue. Veeravalli MK Prasad CEO & Head Operations

Pioneer Design & Engineering provides Strategic projects/Staffing services in CAD/CAE/PLM software and Automotive Design & Engineering.

Guru Murthy Founder

Processware offers Enterprise solutions over the Cloud through BankSoft. Processware also has an ERP software ‘ProdMaster’ which focuses on SME’s to streamline their operations and derive efficiency in production processes. They also offer CRM solutions based on QR code on the cloud to obtain real time customer feedback.

Company Name



SAI Technology

Venkat Rayapati President & CEO

SAI Technology provides Cloud Communications-as-a-service (CCaaS), workflow security in all cloud topologies, data/Video security for cloud communications solutions.

SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions

SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned Debasish Bhattacharya distributor of leading-edge, easy-to-use and affordable scientific Director software tools pan India and neighbouring.

Siam Computing

Khuzema Siam Founder & CEO

Siam Computing offers product development, web presence, services in UI/UX and the tools for enterprises like manufacturing, healthcare, education, hospitality, etc.

Smartshore Services

Amit Saraff Director

Smartshore specializes in Outsourcing Services which includes IT Staffing, IT Application Development IT Infrastructure Management and Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Solus Security Systems

Narsimha Swamy Co-founder & Director

Solus protect and secure enterprises with advanced systems, both hardware and software, specifically market, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management.

Spectra Technologies

Harbir Ghai MD & Founder

Spectra is offering the widest range of Virtual Desktop in the industry; innovative software & solutions.

SWASH Convergence Technologies

Pritam Pal CEO & Product Design Head KENCloud

Swash Convergence delivers exclusive and innovative software solutions to enterprises.


Amoolya Vassa CEO

TRANSACTWORLD GROUP is providing a state of the art Payment Gateway Solution representing an essential infrastructure component for the online payment industry.

Vupadhi Techno Services

N.Kalyan Chakradhar Reddy,

Founder & MD

Vupadhi Techno Services addresses all the issues pertaining to compatibility of Browsers and Operating systems for E-Procurement Applications.

Web Shuttle

Ayush Jhawar Founder & CEO

Web Shuttle offers competitive analysis, UI designs and architecture, prototyping launch, promotion, testing and app development, etc.

Arcserve: The Ultimate Data Protection Solution


oday organizations are spending a lot of money, time and efforts on Data Protection. It is crucially important for companies to meet customer expectations maintain high level of productivity, refrain from financial loss, as well as comply regulatory requirements. There are solutions in the market that are easy to use, cost-efficient and allow businesses to achieve enterprise-grade protection without the complexity associated with enterprise solutions, such as Arcserve. Arcserve is the largest global “start-up” in the data protection market, with

double-digit growth across all the regions. Arcserve offers an enterprisegrade data protection solution suite that can be deployed as software, appliances or the cloud. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is a data backup and recovery solution that leverages multiple technologies and can protect physical and virtual environments alike. Arcserve, Unified Architecture Underneath its simplicity of design and

ease-of-use, Arcserve UDP is enriched with high-performance data availability technologies that make managing complex data truly effortless. Its agnostic architecture allows you to protect to and from any target, with instant VM recovery and virtual standby, enterprise storage array snapshot support, variable block, source-side deduplication and instant bare metal restore-to name a few. Unified Architecture offered by Arcserve keeps no room to purchase siloed products, which enables users to have a ‘future-proof’ backup and recovery requirements. UDP is easy to

use and managed from a single pane of glass. Some of the important features they are having are- Unified management console for all data protection needs, Easy to use, True global deduplication, Very flexible yet powerful data protection and availability plans, Agentless backup for VMware & Hyper-V (Windows & Linux Vms), Support for physical systems (Windows & Linux), Built-in replication & high availability, Support for Instant VM and Virtual Standby,

Migration of disk images to tape, with granular restore from disk or tape and On-premise, off-premise or in the cloud. Arcserve appliance runs the UDP software and is fully interoperable with any other instance of UDP, whether an appliance, an instance in the cloud or a server. With built-in replication and global source-side deduplication, customers can easily deploy the appliance solution through set up wizards and essentially a one-stop shopping experience since the appliance comes pre-configured with the storage, compute, software,

licenses, network cards, etc. This results in operational efficiencies and great time-saving to value. Arcserve’s host-Based/Agentless Backup Proxy is an architectural element based upon technology enables a single-pass backup of all Windows and Non-Windows VMs, without the need to install software agents on each VM. For Microsoft Hyper-V environments, 22

| November 2016 | 18

‘ ‘

Our Customer


Focus permeates the organization & is ingrained in our DNA

Nikhil Korgaonkar Regional Sales Director, India & SAARC

UDP introduces a new changed block tracking mechanism that tracks changes to the VM’s virtual disks. With changed block tracking, only the changed or used blocks of each virtual disk are actually read, which improves performance significantly, as well as reducing overall storage requirements. In addition, Arcserve UDP leverages VSS snapshot technology to help ensure file system and application consistent backups. The resulting backup session format is identical to UDP client backups and host-based backup of VMware Vms. Migrations often introduces operational challenges and complexity in execution. By the virtue of what we do, we can literally migrate systems and their associated data across hypervisors or from physical to virtual. Arcserve can also recover system to dissimilar hardware. The main benefits go far beyond just migration of data

and systems, it’s really about being able to deliver data protection service levels across the organization. With Arcserve UDP and its high availability and hypervisor support capabilities, many permutations are available whether you are conducting migrations in house or as a service provider. Nikhil Korgaonkar, Regional Sales Director, India & SAARC, Arcserve Nikhil Korgaonkar, an Instrumentation Engineer & MBA Marketing, has more than 16 years’ experience working with Global MNCs like DHL, Dell India, Symantec & Veritas. A tenured leader, Nikhil has extensively worked with customers in entrepreneurial roles & partner ecosystem on national level. Having worked in Information Management space in earlier assignments, he is geared up to take Arcserve to its full potential in India & SAARC region.

While explaining about the future plans of the company, Nikhil says, “Arcserve has launched UDP appliances and a DRaaS service in some markets globally and we are working hard to bring them to India. There a number of adjacent technologies we are actively working on and you can expect to see us adding capabilities combined with simplicity on a regular basis as we increase our market penetration.” With a technology that is clearly a tremendous source of differentiation, Arcserve’s architecture proved to be the most modern in the market today. “All the credit of Arcserve’s great success goes to our team”, adds Nikhil. “It is the team that brings it together: we have a great set of experienced leaders and very savvy employees across the organization.”

23 18

| November 2016 |

BookingJini: Redening Hotel Technology Solutions


ookingJini is Technology Company offering complete spectrum of technology solutions to the hotel industry. The company was formed in May 2016 by group of young entrepreneurs and innovators who were constantly thinking out of the box to enable hotels to increase their productivity and thereby increase sales. They provide SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) solutions to hotels and offer products like iBookingEngine, Channel manager, Digital marketing services, Analytic tools, Mobile App under one roof which resolve major pain points for hoteliers and streamlines processes. BookingJini believes analytics and guest tracking is a key factor in today's competition. Their analytics and revenue manager worked together to ensure the website lookers are converted into bookers. With real-time offers and real-time hand holding, the team will increase the conversion rate and enhances the bottom-line of the hotel. Sibasish Mishra, CEO & Founder has tremendous Sales acumen and deep understanding of customer culture. Having experience in sales and development for 15 years across

financial and technology products he came up with the idea to ease the way hotels productivity is and ultimately aiding them to increase their Online Revenue. Being always clear in vision, direction and strategy, he knew how to sew all these factors together to have successful and growing company. In past, his team has successfully implemented E-Governance solution with one of the State Tourism Dept. and seen the revenue increase by 300%. This strong proof of concept paved way for BookingJini. Sibasish believes in growth of all his associates. He has tremendous knowledge of handling people & maintaining productive relationship with them. He is a man of wisdom. Humility and Pro-active drive are his key qualities.

Currently, the company offers four products: Booking Engine- Enables hoteliers to get bookings through their hotel website. Some key product highlights are - highly customizable, great user experience and has an integrated payment gateway which overall helps hotels increase their site traffic and increase revenue. Channel Manager- Automates inventory and rate management with all online travel agents Sales Analytic Tools- Helps hoteliers learn more about hotel website visitors and prospective customers. Mobile App-An App which helps customers coordinate with hotel staff and request services, etc.

The way company’s culture being set and Sibasish gets work done with his team, everyone is profoundly attached to the company and he has created great place so that people can give their best at that place which is commendable. Team-building is another thing which he always considers.

Industry Scenario with BookingJini Perspective Information Technology has virtually transformed the hospitality domain in the past few years and hotel industry has experienced the power of Digitization. BookingJini products are affordable and efficient for hotels which help them reach larger customer base and increase their revenue.

Turn Lookers into Bookers

Digitization helps hotels increase their 24

| November 2016 | 18

‘ ‘

We are constantly

thinking out-of-the-box


to enable hotels

to increase their productivity and thereby increase sales

Sibasish Mishra CEO & Founder

revenue because you can be in greater control of the prices and the rooms that you sell. On the other hand, it helps hotels use social media platforms and online advertisements, so that they can attract potential customers based on the different patterns of booking in a region or among people of a certain taste. Online Hotel Business in India is approx. $ 1.8 billion and is likely to grow to $ 3.5 billion in next 4 years. Demonetization plays a catalyst to surge in online hotel business. According to Sibasish, “While 63% of hotel buyers do research online, only 29% book rooms online. This is likely to grow to 45% in next 3 years” Plans going forward Moving ahead, BookingJini has set realistic goals in the operational context of evolving market conditions

and technologies. Within 6 months into market, the company has already 250 hotel clients using its products and has successfully partnered with OTAs. In coming days, the company's main aim is to increase the number of hotels to 1500 by Dec 2017. Besides making sure that their customers and partners succeed through their engagement, they also try to provide high class customer services and helping them to increase their revenue by many folds. Sibaish on ‘How to Boost Entrepreneurial Spirit?’ Entrepreneurship is staying with the problem for longer time and focus on solving that problem. What hotels can do to improve guest experience? Hotels need to keep in mind is Let the design do the talking; engaging and a visually appealing

design is helpful in making website visitors stay and complete the reservation. Invest in a good photo shoot; every visitor will want to check the images of your hotel before they complete the reservation. Avoid showing the customer that you are using too many 3rd party software. Running Guest Loyalty Programs and Special offers helps keeping existing customers as well as attracting new customers. As of today, 85% of hotels still don't have online booking technology, which is a key factor to growth. Hotels should get a Good responsive and parallax website in place with the integration of Booking Engine in the website. This will boost your conversions and it will also increase customer satisfaction which will Build trust in your Booker.

25 18

| November 2016 |

Eben Telecom: Inventive and Contemporary Services in Telecom Industry


n the last two decades, the telecom sector had shown a rapid growth from the mode of transmission medium to smarter solutions. The industry in its sail has surpassed drastic changes in technology, rules and regulations, recession etc. and has shown its ruff and tuff face for survival to the allied industries which resulted in the survival of the fittest. Consumers always have an opportunity to purchase a new phone or enhanced products, with which they expect the innovative technologies, clever concepts and even trends to solve their problems with the customer care services and amid of all these rapid changes, there is a vital need of great service. Eben Telecom has a wide range of technology solutions & services to help organizations enhance Revenue, Employee Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction. The solutions includes: UnifiedBuzz, a flagship product of Eben Telecom which unifies the power of all communication solutions under single window. The solution integrates the power of SMS, Voice, eMail, USSD & IVR under the brand UnifiedBuzz. ZULO, which stands for Zero Usage Latch On is an enterprise grade product for the Telecom Operators across the

globe. ZULO helps in building up additional SMSC capacity for the TELECO & also in identifying the active customers/subscribers in the network. OSBA, which is also called as “Online SMS Based Bidding Application” is one of the unique products in the market which combines the power of SMS & Internet for all kinds of material procurements. This product has also won the “Gold Medal” in Quality Concepts 2013-Hosted By Council Forum of India. UTIS, the smart and simple Unified Tele Infra Solution is used by the TELECOM infra providers in India. In short, UTIS is an infra management engine which integrates to multiple modules and to multiple solution providers/integrators. Eben has also been capable enough in building customized CRM solutions for it’s client tale in all verticals especially Telecom, Media & Banking. Eben also provides various Contact Center solutions for its clients and has proved to be effectivity managing the voice and non-voice operations. All of these solutions are customized and integrated directly into the client’s systems and platform for seamless operations. In short, Eben positions itself as a service provider and just not a technology partner for it’s clients.

Truemark of a Leader is the Willingness to Stick Sam Thomas, an entrepreneur by heart is the Founder & Managing Director of Eben Telecom. Eben Telecom started as a company by providing various Contact Center solutions for a telecom company way back in 1995. Over the course of the last 21 years, Eben has widened the client base by providing various Contact Center Solutions & technology services for multiple telecom organizations, banking, automobile, Insurance & Educational Organizations in the global market. Having made a name for itself in the domestic market, because of its client centric approach, innovative solutions, strong leadership team and long standing loyal employees, Eben Telecom under the leadership of Sam Thomas identified opportunities in the related segment of providing client specific, cost effective technology solutions that helped clients manage their operations better, increase speed of response to customer queries, reduce cost, increase productivity and increase revenue. The journey to technology related business has been steady and focused in terms of understanding, designing & satisfying client needs. Long Term Goals is the Lightest Pathway Challenges are part of any organization’s growth story. 26

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‘ ‘

We change the face of Business Communication, and help you make a global connectivity, a REALITY!

‘‘ Sam Thomas

Founder & Managing Director Challenges for Eben have ranged from changing customer expectations, regulatory changes, technology changes, pressure on pricing, increased competition, talent acquisition & retention. Eben’s value systems, long term goals, client centric process, collaborative approach within & outside the organization, investment & adaptation of new technologies, good will, trust based client relationship, adaptation to new technologies, Committed Employees, Strong Leadership Team and understanding the specific needs of the customers and designing innovative solutions that meet their needs have helped to withstand & overcome challenges that came across over the years. The journey so far has been quite challenging, but exciting. Innovation is the Critical Ingredient The technology in the industry is changing so rapidly and it’s vital for companies to be innovative. Sustained innovation and process innovation are

now a critical ingredient for the success of any technology company. Technologies in cloud computing, business analytics, social media platforms and process automation are being used within any organization to enable businesses to lower costs and be more effective. New technologies are allowing humans and digital processes to work smarter together. The main focus should be on digitizing the right business processes and harness advances in infrastructure, process automation and analytics. Conquering the Business World To be a part of the successful startup or an established one, the first thing is to conduct thorough market research. Research will help you identify business opportunities. The second step is to choose a business opportunity that identifies & flows with your strengths and core competencies. Third is creating a business plan is an essential part of starting your business. Another thing that you need to consider is the competition in the market and the

implications of the competition that you have, and the thought process to survive within the competition. In the long run, you should maintain the quality of services you offer your clients and in doing so, you will attract more clients and maintain the existing clients. Expertised Efforts Rendering the Vision into Reality As a confident and young team in the competitive market, Eben Telecom will keep coming up with innovative products like UnifiedBuzz that will meet the clients specific needs. There will be a lot of focus on harnessing technology platforms to integrate and value added products to client platforms. The years of expertise, the collaborations with global organizations that Eben has established coupled with the evolving and emerging business opportunities gives great hope in leveraging technology for staying competitive.

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| November 2016 |

Eigen Technologies: The Next-Generation SENSEnuts IoT Stack & Smart Lighting Platform Developers


IGEN Technologies is one of the very few and rare companies which provides full IoT hardware/software stack starting from sensing, energy efficient wireless connectivity, control firmware, middleware & Cloud based Data Analysis UI. Unlike majority of the companies which prefer using the readily available Embedded OS & network stack, EIGEN developed their own light weight embedded OS which is highly optimised and responsive for common IoT smart applications. They also defined their own extremely energy efficient SENSEnuts wireless mesh protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard which is very robust, reliable and performs better in different environments. With research in latest wireless networks & sensor technologies for years, EIGEN developed SENSEnuts IoT Stack & Platform offering full IoT hardware/software stack & platform, which enables other companies & application developers to launch their own IoT based Smart applications across industries & verticals. Drivers at EIGEN Sharad Shrivastav is the Director & CEO of the EIGEN Technologies. He

holds B. Tech and MBA (Marketing) with over 17 years of experience in Technology industry involved in Sales & Marketing of EDA/Simulation tools. Somil Saxena is the Director and keeps juggling between the roles of COO & CFO handling company’s day to day operations & managing Financial Transactions. He did B. Tech in Electronics and has experience of 15 years in industry starting from an Application support engineer to Managing support Team.

Pranav Tyagi is the Director & VP of SENSEnuts IoT Business Vertical. He is Electronics & Communication Engineer with experience of 14 years in Product & Business development of cutting edge technology design & simulation tools. Enjoys company of wonderful team of outstanding developers, keeps him on toes & inspiring for new product introduction

& strategies. Ankur Tyagi dons the hat of CTO and leads the research & development of IoT Stack & Product design. He is an Electronics Engineering graduate with over 8 years of research experience & innovative approach, who delivers impeccable technology architecture design. Iron Will that Broke the Stumbling Blocks When Eigen contemplated this option way back in 2004, there was no startup ecosystem in India, hardly any VCs to back or fund tech startups. As a young startup, it was next to impossible to find space in established business value chain and no recognition or encouragement even from government departments to extend help or relaxed eligibility to secure business orders. In fact, banks too were averse to lend any loans or overdraft facility to inexperienced entrepreneurs. Still they believed & backed themselves in trying time to survive and convincing their prospects for small piece of job works & free PoCs. Gradually they succeeded in building a strong team of bright & talented engineers to deliver unique & high tech solutions. Now with the help of team and technology they have built over the years, EIGEN started getting some 28

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Our cutting


‘ ‘

edge technology solutions speak for ourselves

Pranav Tyagi Director & VP

attention & generating interest in the market. Journey towards Success EIGEN knew from day one, if they persevere with hard work & never say die attitude it will definitely get noticed sooner or later and therefore they never shied away from putting in all the efforts in whatever they did & customers asked. And their team which is best in the business plays a very vital role in their triumph cruise. They say that it is only because of the outstanding team EIGEN have been able to move a step ahead of the curve and deliver world class IoT Technology in no time, and without their endless efforts couldn’t have happy clients & repeated business. Keeping Abreast with Technology Pace EIGEN Technologies has been involved in high tech electronics & software industry and as a natural progression now involved in Internet

of Things revolution. It is said that everything which could be digitised will be digital sooner than laterbelieving this they are bullish on the market prospects and ready to be part of IoT value chain of this connected world with the help of next generation IoT platform. Their journey have just started for last two and they hope to get much more & significant success in next few years. Being one of the few first movers in IoT stack developers works to their advantage and they are better placed against competition. Connected Future Like Robert Frost wrote, “The woods are lovely, dark & deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep”, team EIGEN too understands developing the IoT product or platform is not the end but onset of success for which they have been striving hard for years and they have yet to carve out their niche. With immense belief, die-hard attitude & promising team, they are bound to

succeed. Lately they have been working tirelessly day in day out to deliver stand-out IoT use cases like in Smart Lighting for which they are in discussion with LED Lighting OEMs to partner & jointly deliver connected Street-lighting for Smart City applications. It looks imminent that their SENSEnuts platform would help & cater to many tech-savvy companies & forward looking startups. Apart from offering this technology stack to IoT developers, they will keep working on exciting Smart applications in verticals like Smart Energy, Precision Agriculture etc. Eigen’s Tips to Start-ups, “We are firm believers in hard work and no short cuts to success, therefore we would suggest them to stay firm, believe in what they are doing and keep on putting the hard yards, if they could survive initial hiccups their time would definitely come when people would come looking for their services.”

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Tech Bytes


hen there was no internet people worked for stipulated hours, till the office doors were closed. But the technology has changed the office working scenario. We are now living in the information age where our work life intervenes with the innovations and technologies of the future. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if in the future, the term office itself is rendered obsolete. Various technological aspects are slowly transforming the workplace and its workers. In this era of industrial revolution usage of the cloud and data have become the norm, so the employees have moved from “business to bleisure”. With so many changes taking place at the same time, so the office culture is on the move to cope up with the revolution. As of now the offices are more collaborative, less hierarchical, more flexible and less location specific- The work from home culture is also on the rise. Bleisure! What is it? The amalgamation of business with leisure is Bleisure-as an end product. When there are deadlines, overflowing work load and stress then bleisure concept comes into rescue. The workplace culture needs a change, and the concept of bleisure is the ongoing trend. Offices are less likely to remain the same in the near future. Workplaces would be more like a holiday spot rather than a traditional office space with numerous cubicles. With the bleisure transformation the stress levels will decrease and the productivity will increase. Moving Over IoT The work culture is entering an era where- The way how we connect with each other and the way we are

Reshaping the Future of Workplaces with Technology connecting the devices are also redefining the future work culture transformation possibilities. As IoT is a big deal now, the global work culture is heading towards the transformation of the traditional work force into the mobile one. Adam Greenfield, the author of “Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing,” has gone a step further to come up with the term of The Age of Everyware, which means “anything electronic will be linked to the internet. Which means with more devices connected to each other; our work will be increasingly seamless.” The Cloud Magic Everyone in this world believe in collaboration, and so is the cloud. Fueled by the evolution of cloud and mobility services, the future organisations will be more efficiently capable of collaborating and achieving more. As the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) infrastructure is getting obsolete, all the voice based services will move out of the PSTN in the near future. So, now cloud based services are ready to setup a new trend and transform utility services of voice and video based content. The future work culture is ready to collaborate in a better manner with cloud based collaboration services. According to Chris Sanderson, Co-founder of The Future Laboratory: “believe in smart work, more than hard work which requires connecting, creating, collaborating wherever it makes sense” 30

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FORMCEPT: Savvy Benefactors of Cloud Products & Applications


onventional data warehousing technology focuses on unifying the internal data, which is predominantly transactional, and derive business intelligence out of it. However, this is not effective in the current business scenarios because transactional data only accounts for 14 percent of the available data and the remaining 84 percent is unstructured data that also holds ample value. Unless both structured and unstructured data, whether internal or external, are unified, it is impossible to build a holistic view of the business problem. Further, Unified data view and consistent insights need orchestration of variety of technologies that is of prime concern for enterprises. FORMCEPT, headquartered in Bangalore, brings a solution to this problem in the form of a state-of-theart “Unified Data Analysis product” called MECBOT. MECBOT is an effort to make content analysis accessible to everyone, be it an enterprise, an individual or a device. “The MECBOT dramatically reduces the pre-processing time involved in the analytics cycle and makes the data available in consumable form for further analysis,” says Suresh

Srinivasan, Co-founder of FORMCEPT. MECBOT not only provides a unified interface for storing and querying datasets but also provides batch processing, stream processing and interactive analysis out of the box. It is built on top of NoSQL technologies, like- HDFS, HBase for storage, systems like Map-Reduce, Spark, Shark and Storm for data processing and utilizes the power of graph database, key-value store and index store to provide a seamless experience for the end users. The platform can be deployed either On Premise or on Private Cloud. Credentials of the Inspirational Speaker & Trainer Mr. Suresh Srinivasan has M.Sc and M.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Executive General Management from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He has been in the industry since 1995 in both India and US. He has worked with companies like IBM, HP and Oracle. 16 years of product development experience and providing leadership roles, he has track record of providing high quality products on time both as leader and as team player. An Entrepreneur at heart, he inculcates

qualities like managing innovations, product strategy and building strong technical teams with solving business problems. Cracking the Arduous Journey Lack of capability to unify various data sets often transfers unidentified data into the “dark data” repositories of an organization. This creates a huge gap in analysis as no insights can be derived from those stored data sets through the analytics application layer. To achieve a leadership position on a newly launched product is an arduous task. The challenge is made even more difficult due to today's competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty keeping in mind the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property. Having identified the lack of a pre-processing stage in conventional data analysis platforms, FORMCEPT has uniquely positioned its hardware independent solution as one that unifies data sources through its Unified Data Analysis platform, which significantly reduce deployment cost and time for its end users. 32

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The idea of waking up every morning to be able to engineer possibilities, to nd solutions, to transform the ordinary, excites us immensely. We make them happen


‘ ‘

Suresh Srinivasan Co-founder

Key Principles for a Successful Organization FORMCEPT has always tried to keep the open culture so that employees can always speak up; share their innovative ideas with organizations to achieve the business goals, with keeping up team work, employees are expected to learn new things and keep innovating the product as well as themselves. Even when it was very beginning, the flat startup FORMCEPT provided free food, good stock options and overall great vision and future to the staff members. Redefining Data Analysis FORMCEPT believes that unless data is unified, standardized and semantically harmonized with minimal noise, it is impossible for downstream analysis to derive consistent insights. With that belief, MECBOT is designed to maintain a managed, semantically

enriched data reservoir which enables each and every individual to access the data and perform various analyses on their datasets. MECBOT uses FactorDB, an innovative metadata handling methodology, which sits on top of proven NoSQL technologies, like keyvalue stores. The platform enables the enrichment of content using a knowledge base built on the concepts of Linked Data to identify precise context and extend across domains. It also seamlessly connects data across multiple sources, using the patent pending Data Folding ™ techniques to discover the relations and patterns. By using MECBOT, Text Analysis, Graph based analysis and Statistical analysis can be done at a scale without worrying about volume, velocity and variety. It also scales horizontally and vertically on commodity machines.

Business Intelligence is mandatory for Today’s Industry Organizations across the globe operate with distributed information sources. With a diverse range of repositories, various data types, and discreet external sources of data, enterprises are finding it difficult to derive business intelligence. In order to address these issues, FORMCEPT provides a Unified Data Analysis platform that is capable of processing data more effectively and helps to reduce the development time of cognitive data-driven applications for customers. FORMCEPT’s solution has the potential to reduce time, and over 80 percent of cost organizations spend on the pre-processing stage of data before actually leveraging the benefits of application analytics.

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| November 2016 |

Gaia Smart Cities: A Smart City Innovation


aia Smart Cities thinks through the Smart Cities concept from many different aspects, which are beyond technology, thus producing game-changing ideas for the clients. The firm furnishes IoT enabled monitoring and tracking services. Key products in this category include Gaia Poll-enabling real-time feedback collection from geographically dispersed locations, which has been adopted by multiple cities to collect citizen feedback about the cleanliness of Public and Community toilets; Gaia Insightenabling Industrial Automation, which has been adopted by manufacturing, dairy and supply chain industry. Additionally, Gaia is pioneering a new integrated Network of Networks - the Gaia Grid. A virtualisation platform operating over 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and proprietary networks and will be the creation of an IoT Management Platform on the cloud. Gaia accomplishes complete solution for managing water with highly sensitive sensor system to read water meters and transmit the data wirelessly on a sensor network that it builds in partnership with certain telcos. Gaia also works closely with the Ministry of Urban Development

(MoUD) on Swachh Bharat Mission. As an integral part of the National Project Management Unit (PMU) of SBM, Gaia facilitated the design and development of pilot solutions for monitoring & evaluation, training & development, communication engagement, and capacity building of states and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). It is now revamping the ICT solutions, and building tools to enhance the mission portal for managing the mission more effectively. The firm works with certain cities to help create their IEC strategy, and with some private townships to architect smart solutions. Versatility is the Main Trait of Sumit Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury, CEO & Founder of Gaia Smart Cities is an entrepreneur, business leader and an international thought-leader on telecom, electronics and information systems and solutions for Smart Cities. He considers success as a team work and Bipin Kumar, Co-Founder, Mayuri Naik, Neetika Chhabra, Aakash Iyer and a team of 20 members’ attribution is equally counted. Sumit is a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and MS and Ph.D. in Urban Planning and management from Carnegie Mellon University. Sumit served as the Project Director for the

Swachh Bharat Mission (PMU), Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India. He was the President of the Enterprise Business and CIO of Reliance Jio. Prior to that, he was a Vice President with IBM as Head of Consulting for Telecom, Utilities and Entertainment industries. He was also the CIO of Reliance Communications, Partner of KPMG and Managing Director and CEO of Bearing Point in Australia. Mentioned roles have given him the opportunity to be recognized as one of the Top CIOs of the world. Sumit has been recently appointed as the Chairman of the Smart Cities Expert Forum of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce for the year 2015-2016. He is also Professor of Smart Cities at the Carnegie Mellon University. He is an invited International expert on Smart Cities at TM Forum and the Brussels Sustainable Development by TERI and active industry speaker and authority on technology and management issues. Sumit has been mentoring, angel funding, and incubating several startup companies in diverse areas in India. His passion for technology and acute interest in urban solutions designs brings him to the intersection of using 34

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‘ ‘

Gaia Smart Cities is an early leader in the rapidly-emerging Internet of Things marketplace; and is creating a public Network as a Service in India for low-cost/long-range IoT applications


Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury CEO & Founder

technology to solve real-life urban problems. And that is what Gaia is all about. Challenges do excite Journey Challenges are bound to come if you choose the path less trodden, but that is what makes the journey exciting. Sumit elaborating the journey, shares that “I am a firm believer in the systems thinking, and I believe things are interconnected. If you take right steps, it helps untangle not one, but many knots of difficulties. You need to have a strong resolving power to continuously measure, evaluate, learn and improve yourself - and that is what makes the journey memorable. When I look back, I can clearly see the way things fell in place, and that gives me the confidence to connect more dots and move ahead.” Continuous & Unflagging Efforts

Wins There are many factors that have contributed to Sumit's success consistent hard-work and focus on the vision, collective team effort of the team members who not only bring in their skills but also positive energy into the work place, and constant support from family and friends. Industries Should be Ready for Change It is a competitive world today, and the industry scenario is quite fluid. Innovation drives continuous evolution of processes, and one should be able to envision that and be ready for change. Another important facet not to be overlooked is the strength of the ecosystem-the ecosystem partners play an instrumental role in driving the success of industry-therefore, Gaia looks at bringing efficiencies in the end-to-end chain, rather than in any

one link of the chain. If you have a vision, be passionate about it, and put in all your effortsthere are no shortcuts to success, but going that extra mile is worth it. Gaia as Urban Solutions Lab Gaia aims to achieve thought leadership in the domain of smart cities, and offer a complete solution set for solving wide-area urban problems. Gaia’s idea is to have a set of readily implementable, relevant, scalable and above all, affordable solutions that can impact on society. Instead of doing it in a lab, team Gaia acts as an urban solutions lab that is out, working with the cities to identify and solve these issues “Past success, a capable and devoted team, strong partner and vendor support, and good wishes”- is what makes Sumit hopeful for success.

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Genitek Solutions: Leverage Business Intelligence and Analytics Research to Gain Competitive Advantage


enitek Solutions, a Management Consulting Firm which provides IT Services, Cloud Computing and Online Marketing Solutions also, believes in one methodology “How to improve your ROI” and with this technique, they have turned around many business houses. Impacted Approx. 38 different verticals like Health Care, Ecommerce, Education (Colleges), Real Estate, Architecture, Hotels/Fast food centers, Furniture, Chit Fund, Civil and many more industries. Genitek has completed more than 1200 projects for 17 different countries clients. Recently Genitek Solutions team have provided 50 to 300% growth in a span of 1 to 2 years for 7 customers who are from different business verticals and some of them were about to close their business houses. The company delivers costeffective, innovative and high-quality business solutions to small businesses and large organizations, leveraging on the pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Achievement follows Passion Arup Ranjan Dey, CEO at Genitek Solutions, did his Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics from Kuvempu Vishwavidyanilaya. He is having a vast experience in technical

and strategic dimensions. His ability to provide the best creative ideas in multiple verticles to turn around businesses is quite unique and interesting. The way he finds the business gaps and the involvement he demonstrates to his clients is phenomenal and it looks like he is owner of that business. Arup Ranjan Dey is passionate about meeting people, analyzing business requirements, provide creative ideas, create business plans and translating it into reality with best ROI, which he believes is the key towards any business success and a perpetual client relationship. He is responsible for business growth for his company. He is accountable for market survey, identifying demands and catering to client requirements. Under Arup’s vision, Genitek has been guiding organizations in the right direction, to make lasting improvements in their performance and realize their most important goals, irrespective of the sectors and size. Arup’s articles appeared in 51 news papers, 4 different journals, 3 News Channels so far and he got appreciations and acknowledgement in various places, whether it’s IIT Chennai for Aeronautical project delivery in front of various scientists around the globe and various Corporate heads from almost all

aviation Industry or it’s on stage in front of thousands of people in Tier II cities for causing phenomenal business results. How Genitek Crossed Bridge of Difficulties Talking about the hurdles that the Genitek had to face, Arup expounds about a series of them; cash flow management, talent recruitment, customer relations, delegating the tasks and more. “Time management was the biggest problem faced by us. Executing more projects with the limited resources was another challenge we faced over the years,” he says. By setting out a list of goals and guided by Arup’s principles, Genitek manages and schedules time with proper discipline. Working towards goals and sticking to the task list accordingly and with a good support system to backup the process, the firm crossed the bridge with ease. “Perseverance and intelligence are our allies; we use them to our advantage to keep working toward our goals. We are still undergoing self-development and leadership training,” expounds Arup. Adhere to Values and Implement Vision Genitek Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is considered as one of the TOP 25 most promising marketing consulting company in India by Silicon India. 36

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‘ ‘

We express the truth as we see it, we will only take on an engagement if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees.


Arup Ranjan Dey CEO Genitek’s deep customer insight and industry foresight places them in a strong position to offer customers business a focused approach to operating on the web and delivering client online strategy. Coupled with deep domain knowledge and analytical skills, Genitek is poised for phenomenal growth in domestic and global market. Arup explains Vision and Values as major factors for success: “ Our Vision: is to provide sustainable top class solutions and competitive rates. We do not compromise quality to high volume. High volume is sustainable only when matched with high quality. Our Values: are being comprehensive, competitive and committed. The solution that we offer is broad based. Yet, our offer will always be competitive and we stand committed to all our solutions provided. ”

Dynamic Problems: Either Burden or Opportunity “The speed of economic and technological changes mean that the right path yesterday may not work today and could be a disaster by tomorrow,” believes Arup Rajan Dey. In fact, complexity is the greatest challenge for the companies and to solve these dynamic problems is what separates those who excel from the companies who are closing the doors. While these dynamic problems can be a burden, it is also an opportunity- to create new and better strategies, develop new products or services, expand into new markets, rethink business models and become more efficient to gain competitive advantage. Elements of a Strong Startup It’s a known fact that starting a new business in the Indian market was an uphill task a few years ago. But now India is all set to break away the traditional career paths as a lot of talent is tending towards working with the Indian startup space. Challenging

assignments, huge funding that brings huge compensation packages and an associated cool quotient are making startups a very lucrative place and attractive value proposition. “For startups, manage time and execute tasks with limited resource and it may take time to succeed but don’t give up” advices Arup. Plans to Build a Presence across India and Offshore Committed to make a positive difference to the world, Genitek is assured to bring values in terms of the business practices, governance, and social responsibility. With the best creative business ideas and cutting edge IT solutions, the firm is planning to build a presence across all major Indian cities and offshore as well. “However, creating a sacred environment as well as exploring the best brains by providing a friendly environment with an empowering context in the society is one of our future agendas,” Arup concludes.

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| November 2016 |

Ineda Systems: Enablers of IoT Revolution


neda is the pioneer in ultra-low power chips for the IoT and Wearable industry. Ineda’s SoCs are built on a powerful new architecture called Hierarchical Computing Architecture that is aimed at extending the battery life while allowing the devices to be in the always-on condition to achieve contextual computing. It enables optimal use of CPUs, peripherals, accelerators and memory banks based on use cases. Ineda’s SOCs (System On a Chip) are built with end-to-end security in mind for IoT applications. Most of the companies in India work on parts of chip design process and some specialize in full chip design, but there are no companies in India that can comprehensively design a chip product end-to-end the way Ineda does. Ineda delivers the entire Solution-all the way from product specification to product delivery to customers along with the associated platform and software development kits. While most of Ineda’s competitors work at Board Support Software package, Ineda delivers a full SDK (Software Development Kit) which is application ready and minimizes time to market for productizing IoT solutions. Ineda works with customers and extends the guidance, support & plays a valuable role in prototyping, development and manufacturing stages till the final

IoT/Wearable solution is deployed in the market. Experience usher in Achievers Balaji Kanigicherla founded Ineda Systems and serves as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to his current role, he held the role of CTO & head of engineering to build a 150+ strong R&D team and led the development of foundation IO-V technology and the industry’s first hierarchical computing architecture. Before Ineda, he was at AMD where he managed 500+ engineer organizations and was program executive. Prior to AMD, he worked at Conexant Systems as a Senior Director managing their SetTop-Box and Imaging/PC Media silicon engineering teams. Balaji has also worked in technical/management roles at Silicon Valley startups Ikanos & Velio and was a key member of networking and communication products. Earlier in his career, he was associated with Intel towards their x86 CPU and mobile chip-set engineering product development. He has filed for 20+ patents till date and played the role of a technical advisor for few Silicon Valley startups. He was awarded as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Silicon India for 2011. He has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Challenges leads to Betterment There are three different types of challenges: The technology challenge: Low power platforms, cost effective solutions and end-to-end security are the key requirements that will enable the IoT devices to become ubiquitous. Currently there are no purpose built chips and platforms to address the needs of the IoT market. Most of the chips being used in IoT applications are originally built for different applications-like embedded, smartphone etc. The cost of doing business both for Ineda and its customers: Semiconductor companies require increased capital with the nanometer process technologies. Ineda with their full R&D operations out of India is able to reduce the operating expenses needed and hence the total capital. With Ineda’s application and solution ready/optimized SDK, their customershave a faster time-to-market for their products. The Competition: Competitors are mostly taking chips built for other applications and re-purposing them to IoT applications. Hence the end products are suffering from battery life and security issues. 38

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‘ ‘

We want to revolutionalize the IoT with smart sensing and trusted security

‘‘ Balaji Kanigicherla

Founder & Chief Executive Ofcer Core Values Cemented Ineda The team-Engineering, Executive Management and Board-all three facets came together with years of hard work to deliver these outstanding products. The board and advisors consist of luminaries from the technology industry-from giants like, Global foundries, Ex-AMD CEO and executives, Qualcomm and Samsung. The executive management team has tremendous experience of working in the semiconductor space and the engineering team also has experience of working with and delivering complex chip products totaling multi billion dollars of revenue. Continuous improvement, perseverance to the end goal and user experience are the three main pillars that kept Ineda and its team of distinguished engineers achieve this success. Winning in the expensive semi-conductor space would have been very difficult if any one of them wasn’t there.

Unique Idea Differentiates Start-ups Balaji’s advice to the start-up “Stay away from the crowd, differentiate yourself with your singular idea. Identify the fiber of your company and stick with it. To solve a problem, the biggest advice would be to find a solution to a problem with a view to unification of ideas in similar space and standardization in mind. Otherwise, all the efforts in creating an innovative solution is lost if there is an absence of acceptance and alignment.” Future Plans with Upcoming Industry Needs Wearable industry was expected to take off with billions of connected devices, but battery life and lack of differentiating killer use cases lowered the take off down to a level that wearable industry is now a commodity. Every technology player-giant or minnow, trying to solve a problem of IoT-be it power, be it cloud, be it connectivity, data analytics or security

to name a few. Ineda also chose to start with solving the power, security and cost problem. Companies who want to provide effective IoT solutions to customers need to unify several of these solutions as one platform that is user-friendly, cost effective and which is easily deployable. Ineda is taking steps in that direction with their singular focus on delivering to these expectations. Ineda will be at the forefront of creating new solutions that can enhance the user experience with standardization and alignment. Ineda with its excellent team is well poised to offer this platform to the IoT world. Ineda expects to add more sophisticated connectivity and security features along with being ultra-low power to its list of world beating chips.

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Creative Solutions


ound is the string that tunes life… Sound is the spirit that connects souls… Sound is the inevitable blend of music, words, love, care, and what not it is… Since life began on earth, the living creatures from microorganisms to human beings started communicating in their own ways. Some make sounds, some produce hormones, some show expressions, i.e. each and every one on this earth has a mode of communication. Whatever the methods they adopt, the supreme objective is to convey messages. Humans communicate via sound and expressions mainly. Only people with voice could speak over the phone so far. Now, it’s a good time for those who cannot speak, technology has presented us a new technique called ‘Silent Sound Technology.’ Silence… Silence in some sense is the best answer for all solutions. But not always. There are almost 70 million dumb people who make sign language as their mother tongue or first language. According to WHO, over 5% (about 360 million) of the total population all over the world are facing hearing as well as speaking disabilities. Speaking over the phone is a dream for many of them. The time has reached to turn that dream into reality. A team of Scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany has come up with

the concept of Silent Sound Technology and working on it to develop an expedient device. Silent Sound Technology is one of the greatest gifts from the scientists to humanity. With this new technology, people who have lost their voice to speak can speak over a cell phone or other electronic gadgets. As technology grows, the great walls of impossibilities are falling down in front of human beings. The Concept Silent Sound Technology is not only a blessing for people who do not have voice to speak, but also for those who wish to handover confidential data over the phone. Especially for professionals, who want to be in contact with the office while in a journey, or confer with clients regarding most confidential matters, this technology is a boon. Slowly we can forget the incidences of shouting aloud in a crowd. The silent calls made at one end will be converted to sound signals at the receiver end. Nano-sized devices are required for employing this technology in gadgets for daily use. The device notices the lip movements and records the muscle activity made by the person and deciphers them into speech 40

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Creative Solutions so that the person on the other end will hear it. An added feature to this technology is that it makes the user an ‘Instant Polyglot.’ Hence, it can be used by everyone who wants to communicate with people from various parts of the world, without bothering about the linguistic barriers. The words deciphered by the device will be converted to corresponding words in the selected language by either the sender or receiver or both. For this concept to work, a large database with the words will be in use. The native speaker can silently utter a word in his own language, and it will be received in the native language of the receiver. Implementation of the Technology Silent Sound Technology is brought into reality with the help of two methods, Electromyography and Image Processing. Electromyography Electromyography (EMG) helps in monitoring tiny muscular movements that occur when we speak. The device equipped for the purpose will monitor and evaluate the electrical activity produced by the skeletal muscle. The electromyogram produced is analysed instantly and the transducers integrated will convert them into electrical pulses that can be converted to speech. The muscle membrane must create an electrical source potential of -90 mV. For best results, the measured EMG must range between less than 50μV and up to 20 to 30 mV, depending on the muscle under observation. Image Processing The gadget will be equipped with a tiny camera to capture the lip movements, these images are then analysed and checked in the database to fetch the corresponding words. Digital Image Processing technique is employed to convert the digital data tape into film images with minimal corrections and calibrations. Although these are the basic techniques behind Silent Sound Technology, development of a handy device with this technology is not yet achieved. However, experiments are going on in the field and Scientists from KIT are putting efforts to bring the most sophisticated device with Silent Sound Technology to the public for use in the near future. Nanotechnology is the cornerstone for developing such a device. There is nothing to fear, technology will never stagnate. It keeps on growing, and eventually, we will be blessed with a device that makes our earth a better place to live in. Technocrats are constantly in search for novel objects to make life easier, organized and blissful. Now, let the silence break the sound…. 41 | November 2016 |

Internet Moguls: Carving a niche in Digital Marketing for the Hospitality Sector


he rapid incremental digitalization of global businesses has brought in a necessary change in universal trading through Digital Marketing. The modern age of sales and services, has forced many traders to abandon the older ways in lieu of more efficient and faster means to promote their brands. The rise of e-commerce in online marketing and the growth in sales that have followed with it has made many companies insecure about their position in the industry. This has given a booming demand to digital marketing services.

of expanding their sales teams and advertising in print. The company imparts their expertise in revenue management to startups through its operational knowledge of running hotels and travel companies.

The impact has also affected the tourism and hospitality sector. Major hotels and restaurants have resorted to online services to improve revenues and customer check-ins. Though there have been many digital and ad agencies helping hotels to market them, there were no one to control and consistently increase revenue generation for these hotels.

Providing Expertise in Marketing Solutions A B2B company, Internet Moguls provides hotels, travel companies and airlines access to an ideal and advanced technology integration into digital marketing. Internet moguls start working with the hotels from the beginning of the financial calendar and provide services, which include Website Designing & Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management. They also provide “Digital Hospitality” training classes to convey digital marketing expertise to their clients to sustain growth and revenues overtime. Internet Moguls’ recent version of

Internet Moguls is Asia’s largest tourism and hospitality agency focused on digital marketing and help clients boost revenues through digital storytelling. Internet Moguls works jointly with hotels to help drive revenues through strategic digital marketing tools, technology integration and various revenue channels instead

The company has combined with some of the prominent names in the industry like Al Diar Hotels, Dunes Hotels, Howard Johnson Hotels, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Lemon Tree Hotels, Radisson Blu, Ramada, The Imperial, New Delhi, Sayaji Hotels, The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, Abercrombie & Kent to name a few.

Revenue Management 3.0 presents the clients with 24 hour trained revenue experts who carefully analyze consumer behavior at a micro level. With a team of digital marketing experts and an award-winning unit, the version creates effective digital campaigns and spawns visibility & likability. It also offers an integrated approach with a potent planning and consideration of various variables in the consumer market while providing guaranteed results with no-excuse solutions in revenue generation over a very short period of time. Internet Moguls has also introduced a Digital PR division to manage online reputation for its existing and potential clients. A Pragmatic Leader Driving Forward Avijit Arya, whom many in the media considered as “the poster boy of internet marketing”, founded internet Moguls in 2009. Avijit was a key representative at Trip Advisor where he spread awareness about digital marketing in hospitality industry. At the age of 21, Arya was made to let go of his dreams to handle the family hotel business. He brought an idea, from a Google conference in New York he attended, a never before heard of, Paid Promotion Campaigns (PPC). He 42

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‘ ‘

Work for somebody who has a dream, the upswing of his or her drive will carry you to another level

‘‘ Avijit Arya Chief Mogul & Host

took a risk and decided to put up ads for his hotel Ajanta, which became a masterstroke enabling a huge surge in enquiries. Soon the hotel became a hit among backpackers and international travellers. Avijit is also an exemplary speaker and have attended several global social media and digital marketing conferences, as a speaker. He has won many accolades and recently won the ‘best speaker award’ at Canada’s largest Social Media Conference in Vancouver Canada-called the Social Media Mastery Conference. His favorite speech titled ‘A speaker screws up on stage’ and many others made him a sought after speaker at over 50 events worldwide. A speaker, trainer, writer and an author on his own accord, Avijit has structured a company which is marketing-driven and specializes in fulfilling design, social and technology needs of several

industries, including hotels, airlines, travel, fashion and real estate to name a few. Shaping Up an Industry from Scratch With a portfolio of over 300 hospitality companies in 10 countries, Internet Moguls works on a retainer-based model, offering performance guarantees to hotels to generate additional revenues. There were initial challenges faced by Internet Moguls, where it was much harder to convince hotels about digital channels rather than spending millions to decorate their lobbies to boost revenues. The company had to endure through a difficult period when people were hesitant to be associated with a B2B startup, when the term “Hotel Marketing” never existed. Working on traditional values of respect and

integrity towards their employees, Internet Moguls have become swiftly a strong competitor in the digital marketing world. Every year Internet Moguls gets offers from various companies, but they are looking for strategic partners who can help them open doors rather than investors who are fishing for the next big bust. The company’s focus has been in educating the industry and facilitating trainings under digital hospitality in India and the UAE. In India, the startup is competing against independent consultants that work with hotels, while globally it is challenging giants like Travelclick. In the future, Internet Moguls is looking forward to strengthening their presence in UAE and South East Asia while increasing partner network in Europe and North America to grow revenues in the regions.

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KAP Computer Solutions: Spearhead in Bulk SMS Solutions


AP Computer Solutions (KAPSYSTEM) pioneer in Telecom Domain VAS Services like BULK SMS Solutions, Short & Long Code Services, Missed Call & Voice Call Services. Their mission is to provide a specialized, reliable, high quality, hassle free sophisticated Services with cost saving. With complete dedication towards the work, they have achieved more than 3000+ valuable customers across India. They provide Messaging Solution’s to every industry like Travel and Logistics, Education, Healthcare, ITes/IT Companies, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Airlines, Stock Brokers, E-commerce, etc. A Story that not Happened but was Created In the late nineties, a young MCA graduate from Trichy, Tamilnadu arrived in Bangalore, landed a job as a faculty for just 3000INR, a million dreams in his mind and an invaluable advice from his father etched in his mind: “We all have our own aspirations, our own destiny, our own paths and our own desires. For real success in life, you have to do your own thing and be prepared to sacrifice what it takes to do it”, became Ananth Prasath success formula.

Ananth Prasath P, Founder & CEO of KAP Computer Solution professional life as a techie started with Bangalore, at IBM India, where he was later deputed to IBM Australia. His aspirations took wing when he went on to join the world’s second largest GSM provider, Mobily Info Tech (Etisalat), a Middle-East giant. Next stop, he joined Fujitsu (Infinite Data Systems) and

worked for Fujitsu Denmark. He has been featured in the media and has over 25,000 plus Internet subscribers to his ‘Thought for the day’, and was Joint Secretary of Sydney Tamil Mandram. A Sun Certified Java Programmers (SCJP), Ananth Prasath

has also won the IBM Certified ‘The Best of IBM- Bravo Award’. It was a humble beginning, a functional office, three resources and unlimited drive. Today, KAP Computer Solutions is on the verge of hitting its first million dollar turnover, having upgraded to a plush office with 50+ resource professionals, serving 3000+ domestic customers, and over 10+ international clients in the US, UK, Italy, and Ireland, among others. Brick-by-brick Steps Assuring Success In the year of 2009, KAP Computer Solutions was started as Web Designing Company and doing the business with the range of 1,500 INR and the year revenue was 50,000 INR and comparing it today it may be thousand times grown. There was a certain point of time, they took the U Turn on the business and took a chance on Telecom Domain-Bulk SMS Service and thought it could be the fastest way to grow in the business. And the dream came true within 5yrs of time and now they are able to serve 3000 plus customers across India including Major Banks, Enterprises, IT Companies, Retail Sector, etc. Behind every success there is one & 44

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‘ ‘

Bulk SMS

Marketing is the


most cost effective way to drive

new sales and warm leads

Ananth Prasath P Founder & CEO only statement called “Customer Satisfaction”. They promise to every customer that if you don't satisfy with the service, they will refund the entire money that's called “Money Back Guaranteed”. Start the Startup when You’re Ready Due to day-to-day increase of Mobile Phone usage penetration each and every business wants to have the quick communication with their customers like Offers, Promo, Coupon Code, Discounts & Vouchers, Royalty, Purchase Details, Transaction Details, New Product Launch, etc. The one and only fastest way to reach your target audience is SMS and it’s having month-over-month growth. It’s always muddled whether to start a Start-up or not and until and unless you aren’t prepared to face the challenge,

please don’t start the start-up or delay it for the time being advices Ananth Prasath. A lot of forum or investors analysed that 90% of start-ups are shut down or closed abruptly. Start-ups need to keep in mind before entering the business that only 10% of start-up do get succeed. The road to success is not easy to navigate and is time-taking journey but with hard work and patience, it would definitely come your way, adds Ananth. As KAPSYSTEM, they have been running the business without Investor, Venture Capital, Seed Funds, etc., and that too year-on-year with the positive growth. To reach this position, they have struggled a lot in the past and even today to be there in the dynamic competitive market. Forthcoming Goals In the last four years, the company has

served over 3,000 customers and out of that over 30 customers were working under the post paid model. To name a few, KAPSYSTEM is serving Wipro Technologies, Aditya Birla, TVS, Mahindra Holidays, Swaraj Mahindra, DLF, Canara Bank, INGVysya Bank, HDFC Life, CGI, Bharat Petroleum, Dr. Batra’s, Bhima Jewellery and other SMEs. Ananth further explains that despite of the other emerging marketing solutions such as push notifications, his team motive is to continue providing SMS marketing in the future. The company already has presence in more than ten cities in India and by end of 2016, KAPSYSTEM aims to expand across ten more cities.“By 2020 we are planning to be 300 crore volume SMS consumption company and from 2017 we start exploring the Middle East Market,” concludes Ananth.

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Manjrasoft Pty Ltd.: Having “World-rst” Cloud Application Platform


n the hunt for a superior speed and performance for IT resources, higher efficient utilization of IT resources, at the same time lower IT infrastructure costs, lower IT operational costs, additionally increased capacity to handle peaks in demand for IT resources, like web applications and services, enterprises are longing for the best enterprise cloud computing platform in the industry. Also, the longing of the enterprises for a safer computing environment, through the use of virtual servers, to reduce the threat of an on site intruder attack on the physical storage devices within a data center is taking them towards cloud computing. Here comes the best solution available in the market for cloud computing and that is Manjrasoft Pty Ltd. Founded in 2008 by veteran IT practitioners who have dedicated their careers to Utility, Distributed and Cloud Computing, Manjrasoft is an innovative provider of choice for application acceleration services and solutions over Cloud. Manjrasoft’s Flagship product ‘Aneka’ Having Patented in US, Manjrasoft’s flagship product, Aneka Technology is driving the company’s business. Aneka

is the “world-first” Cloud Application Platform supporting multiple programming models such as Task, Thread, and MapReduce and tools for rapid development of applications, seamless integration of multiple distributed computing resources, including private and public Clouds, and elastic scaling of applications on multiple Clouds depending on customers’ Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, which are part of SLA (Service Level Agreement) in marketbased Cloud computing environments. Manjrasoft assists its clients in the creation of enterprise Clouds using their Aneka Cloud Application Platform and train the trainers on foundations of Cloud computing and application programming. They also guide their clients (educational institutions) in the formulation of content for both theoretical and laboratory subjects so that nextgeneration software engineers they produced as fully grounded in theory and practice. Dr. Rajkumar Buyya, a Veteran IT practitioner A globally recognized thought leader in the field of Distribution and Cloud Computing, Dr. Rajkumar Buyya is the Founder and CEO of Manjrasoft.

Having immense industry knowledge and strong personal links to key industry players (such as Microsoft, CA and IBM) in the research and product Dr. Rajkumar architecture/management domains, started Manjrasoft with a zeal to do something extraordinary in Utility, Distributed and Cloud Computing. Dr. Rajkumar has many accolades to his name, such as“2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing” for pioneering distributed and Cloud computing utility models to deliver business solutions. He has authored over 525 publications and seven textbooks, including “Mastering Cloud Computing” published by McGraw Hill, China Machine Press, and Morgan Kaufmann for Indian, Chinese and international markets respectively. His efforts have resulted in numerous awards such as Software Technologies for Grid and Cloud computing developed under Dr. Rajkumar’s leadership have gained rapid acceptance and are in use at several academic institutions and commercial enterprises in 40 countries around the world. He is one of the highly cited authors in computer science and software engineering worldwide. Recently, Dr. Rajkumar has been 46

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‘ ‘

We are an innovative provider who are offering different choices for application acceleration services and solutions over Cloud


Dr. Rajkumar Buyya Founder and CEO recognized as“2016 Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher” by Thomson Reuters. Dr. Rajkumar has been working on the development of software systems for utility-oriented Internet computing systems such as Grids and Clouds for over 15 years. Development of applications and management of resources continues to be challenging in these utility-oriented computing systems. Existing technologies, were primarily supporting a single programming model for application development and their deployment on a single platform i.e., either Windows or Unix-class operating environments. To overcome this bottleneck, Dr. Rajkumar and the team created an innovative software platform, Aneka, which supports multiple programming models for rapid creation of applications and their deployment over multiple computing environments in a seamless manner.

Talking about his wonderful journey, Dr. Rajkumar says, “A rapid pace of changes in computing world can be quite challenging. Fortunately, we are able to manage them well as we took extensibility and elasticity as our two core design requirements right from the start.” He further adds, “A persistent effort in good and difficult times and having a firm aim in creating outcomes that matter the most is the secret of success.” Golden Advice for Young Entrepreneurs by Dr. Rajkumar “The era of Cloud computing is an excellent time for young entrepreneurs to build solutions and application services and offer them to customers world-wide with a minimal investment. If you have an idea for solving problems of Gen Y consumers, you need to move quickly and they may not wait for you too long! So, Be persistent

and have a clear view of users of your solutions.” Focus on the Future As Manjrasoft Cloud solutions are created with extensibility and elasticity as first class design parameters right from the start, they will be looking into supporting the rapid creation of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) applications and their seamless deployment on edge and public Clouds. Dr.Rajkumar adds, “In the beginning Manjrasoft’s primary strategy for customer acquisition was directmarketing. We have been able to successfully demonstrate our value proposition to the customers and attract many high-profile customers. Now with our proven track record and value proposition, we have appointed many Channel partners across India and some in China as part of our growth strategy.”

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Custom Web Development A professionally created website and a remarkable design go a long way in creating that impression about your business and thus help in converting a visitor into a customer.


Mobile Application Development Develop powerful, highly usable apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand.

UI/ UX Our role is to oer the expertise and determination to deliver each site to the utmost standards.


We do it by using artiďŹ cial intelligence to provide true end to end personalization and continue to engage shoppers across unlimited segments to deliver experiences that convert.



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CXO Standpoint

Virtual Systems Advancing the Enterprise Resource Planning Magnicently


RP solutions have drastically evolved over the course of ten years in the wake of smartphones, big data, cloud computing and the like. The virtual systems have given a plethora of opportunities to the ERP world. Today, ERP system has advanced so far that they have removed themselves completely from the constraints of physical storage and analog based business processes. The cloud in particular has been a vital asset for the ERP industry as it has revolutionized the way businesses function and ERP systems which are now hosted in the cloud enable businesses to go the extra mile and push boundaries. ERP vanquishes the old standalone computer systems in finance, HR, manufacturing and the warehouse, and replaces them with a single unified software program divided into software modules that roughly approximate the old standalone systems. Finance, manufacturing and the warehouse all still get their own software, except now the software is linked together so that someone in finance can look into the warehouse software to see if an order has been shipped. Most vendors’ ERP software is flexible enough that you can install some modules without buying the whole package. Many companies, for example, will just install an ERP finance or HR module and leave the rest of the functions for another day.

Nippon Data is a provider of IT enabled business solutions headquartered in Delhi which provide clients’ competitive business advantage. Harish Saraf, CEO of the company adds “We partner with customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and help them ‘Live Your Enterprise Potential’™ ”. We take pride in conducting business with the highest degree of ethics and treat each transaction with fairness and honesty. For us client satisfaction is our ONLY measure of success”. Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, doesn’t live up to its acronym. Forget about planning-it doesn’t do much of that-and forget about resource, a throwaway term. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company into a single computer system that can serve all those different department’s particular needs. Harish adds, with every single project, we have been credited for finding innovative ways to meet our clients Industry specific business requirements, providing cost effective solutions, shortening timelines, reducing risks, and lowering the total cost of ownership. We have done this through our product NEWTON ERP which covers end-toend functionality of a Manufacturing or Service business across different Industries. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions and NEWTON puts all of that at your fingertips. Harish further explains as how NEWTON seamlessly integrates in a hybrid environment comprising of both on premise and cloud deployments. The investment in it ensures that businesses recuperate their investments in shortest possible time. In addition, NEWTON mobile deployments provide App based access and functions while retaining the web based controls. One aspect of ERP which stymied its usage in SMBs was that small organizations require only some of the functionalities offered by a fullfledged ERP software. Except the core functions, others remained idle, which reduced the overall productivity of the purchase. The current trend is need based sales of the ERP software. 50

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CXO Standpoint When ERP software was introduced, vendors were concentrating almost entirely on making specialized systems. However, as time went on, they started favoring generic ERP systems. It appears that the clock has turned back as specialized ERP software is being favored by organization nowadays. Companies are focusing on making better predictions by using the ERP software with specialized business intelligence. Decision making processes have markedly improved if the right ERP system is in place. Harish concluded that due to the increase in specialized ERP software, the focus of the ERP consultants has shifted more towards providing better integration architecture for competent ERP solutions. The big players are either merging with or acquiring bigger companies. Of course, there are newer players in the market, but the big fishes seems to become more and more dominant. Enterprises prefer ERP delivered as SaaS. Ramco’s ERP on Cloud is a prime example of such a service. While ERP has been in general successful, companies aren’t blindly implementing them anymore. They have become very sensitive to the ROI. Companies are investing on ERP solutions accessible from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Since the time Nippon Data was established in 1994, It has built a solid foundation of success which is growing continuously. Specialized in solving business problems by harnessing technology and applying them for developing and implementing customized and standard information systems. Over the years the professionals have encountered and conquered complex problems relating to various business needs.

Mr. Harish Kumar Saraf Founder & CEO Nippon Data Systems

About Mr. Harish Kumar Saraf Mr. Harish Kumar Saraf, Founder and CEO of Nippon Data Systems, hailing from New Delhi as Gold Medalist in B.Tech, Computer Science, started his career as Software Trainee at DCM Data Systems for 1 year and System Analyst at Tata Unisys for 1year. He did consulting for some leading clients in the USA. Then he returned back from USA and nally founded Nippon Data Systems. From last 21 years as CEO, he built NEWTON ERP with his hard-working team and took it to the market achieving great success.

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Paynear ONE: India’s First Ever Omni Channel Transaction Solution for All Types of Businesses


aynear Solutions is a transactions processing company, which builds solutions for payment processing, customer and store management, and enabling merchants to offer lots of value added services to their customers, which in turn increases their revenue. They believe that accepting payments should not be complicated, requiring high cost infrastructure. Through a wide range of innovative & reliable payment solutions, Paynear provides a secure & streamlined customer experience irrespective of the channel. Paynear offers Paynear ONE - India’s first ever Omni Channel transaction solution. It’s a simple and easy to use smartphone/tablet app that can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. Paynear ONE enables business owners to accept payments from their customers, earn extra income through value added services, and manage their businesses

from anywhere using inbuilt tools. Using Paynear ONE, business owners can accept all types of payments (credit card, debit card, net banking, wallet, cash card & EMI) instore, online and at customer’s place. Paynear is the first company to provide 50+ payment options to an offline merchant along with EMI options through their smartphone application. Paynear’s Trailblazer Mr. Prabhu Ram, Co-founder, MD & Chief Strategy Officer of Paynear Solutions is the driving force & mentor for Paynear Group of Companies. Prabhu has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and today he leads & heads the overall growth of Paynear. His vision and passion have accelerated Paynear to be one of the fastest growing companies in payment space. Prior to Paynear, Prabhu has ventured into software & e-Commerce companies and the last venture he co-

founded was one of the biggest success stories in the payment space, EBS (EBilling Solutions) where he was in the capacity of Executive Director & CEO. Under his leadership, EBS became the second largest payment processor in India and was acquired by Ingenico, a French conglomerate Prabhu is a commerce graduate with in depth knowledge of Payment Processing, Business and Product Development. As a visionary, evangelist and leader, Prabhu has been an inspiration and mentor for many start-ups. Other co-founding team members include: Ms. Priti Shah (CEO), Mitesh Majithia (Director), Anil Bharadwaj (CCO), Krishna Kishore (COO), Ravi Kiran (CTO), Maulik Shah (Executive Director) Greatest Hurdles Crossed Team Paynear knows the in and out of payment industry, as they have 15+ 52

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‘ ‘

We provide a secure and streamlined customer experience irrespective of the channel

‘‘ Mr. Prabhu Ram

Co-founder, MD & Chief Strategy Ofcer years of in depth payment industry experience. The myth in this industry is that if you are a start-up, you need to be heavily funded and only then you can scale up. They have built an exceptional product that can be used by any business owner to increase their sales and grow their business. When asked about the challenges and obstacles they encountered in their journey, team Paynear said that convincing the merchants to pay where the existing competitors are offering their products for free was the toughest. They have been constantly doing it from the past one year and when compared, their product offering is much better than the competitors. Team Turns All Gold The payments industry is a highly regulated industry. Unless and until the team has a very clear understanding of the compliances & regulations,

surviving there is very tough. Team Paynear believes that those are the overall attributes which differentiate them from others and lead them to success. Payment industry in India is just opening up and with the Digital India initiative and Jan Dhan Yojana, team Paynear is expecting a minimum of 10x acceleration in terms of transaction volume, merchants in the coming years. Future Insights Predominantly, Paynear would like to position themselves as an Omni Channel processing company by providing what all it takes to give the fullest to the merchants. When you see an economy similar to us having a volume share of 30-50% of card transactions on their personal consumption expenditure, yet India is

still at 5%. This is going to change drastically in the coming years and Paynear being the enablers of change, give on a great hope. Rather than they call it a concern, they call India being the country with the 2nd largest population, which makes company’s enormous market share and the easiest way of doing it is by giving discounts. While team Paynear is concerned on the price discounting model, they also believe it is not going to be forever and people are going to pay the right price and they will be targeting those merchants. Prabhu’s Tip to Start-Ups “Stay grounded, build a business model where you can see absolute revenues and if you achieve your operational breakeven in 36 months, half the battle is won.”

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Pioneer Design & Engineering: Spectacular Strategic Stafng and Project Services in Engineering and Design


ioneer Design & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is an engineering services company offering CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM services and has become one of premium strategic project staffing service providers in design support, engineering and development to most of the Teir1 suppliers, namely Lear Corporation, IAC, Grupo Antolin, FAURECIA, as well as other premium OEMs in India. “To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.” This depicts the engineer’s optimistic perspective towards the world, an engineer is famous to be called Pioneer because, if they won’t find problems handily, they will create their own problems.Likewise, Veeravalli MK Prasad, Founder & Head-Operations at Pioneer Design & Engineering, established it in 2009 has the main vision to provide quality Strategic Staffing or Project Services to Clients in IT/CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM Technologies by Creating Industry Ready Talent Pool(Work Ready Force) through Domain Specific In-house Competency Development Programs in Engineering and Design and to bridge competency gaps between the academic environment and the industry requirements. Apart from automotive, the company

also provides aeronautics to customers that help them in developing complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce their time-tomarket and help them penetrate early and deep into the existing and emerging markets. Aeronautics and heavy or general engineering services are additional services to help developing complex mechanical designs and products, reducing timeto-market and penetrate early and deep into the existing and emerging markets for customers. Accomplishment is to be an Employer From an Engineering Supervisor (Chargeman) in Rastriya Ispat Nigam Limited (Vizag Steel) for 10 Years and as a Sr. Application Engineer at CMS for 3 years, to Director, Business Development at Auffer Design for 1 year, the journey started and Veeravalli founded Pioneer Design, an engineering services company. Veeravalli has the vision to offer strategic project staffing to automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies & Teir1 suppliers in CAD/CAE/PLM. They have a pool of industry ready engineers, who can join, participate and execute clients’ projects instantly without any delay. “The principle idea behind the establishment of the company is to

create employment for enthusiastic engineers, who want to work in the field of design and engineering,” says Veeravalli. The company is mounting heights with expanding its empire by being in popular metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Riyadh (KSA). To provide employment in developing country like India is the biggest achievement so by recruiting more than 600+ engineers and turned their lives by satisfying them with 100% employment with top OEM & Supplier companies, Pioneer Design has created trademark in design & engineering. Emergence of Pioneer Design It’s always a time taking and expensive process to have detailed efficient design and engineering while manufacturing a project. That emerged the absolute demand for companies that could help various industries to achieve these objectives by the amalgamation of domain knowledge and the usage of software tools & technologies at each stage of product life-cycle. Pioneer Design’s Specialist CAD/CAE Engineers competencies in Automotive Design & Development include E&D Car Body, Interior and Exterior, Lighting, Electrical, Tool Design, Prototype Development & Manufacturing using high-end CAD packages like Alias, ICEMSurf, Catia 54

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‘ ‘

“To be a contributor in employment in Engineering and Designing with spectacular services is the ultimate goal”


Veeravalli MK Prasad CEO & Head Operations V5, UGNX, PROE, HyperMesh, ANSA, NASTRAN, LS-DYAN, Abaqus, Pam-Crash and other applications are serving for the same. Awards and Achievements The Pioneer design and engineering team were involved in one of the prestigious automotive passenger car facelift project with KACST-King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, covering all phases, viz., concept, styling, design, digital prototype, physical prototype. DASSAULT SYSTEMES, France has authorized Pioneer Design as a preferred Certification Centre and Certified Education Partner (CEP) for their EPP (Education Program Partner) Program in India, since 2014. As a CEP, Pioneer Design is authorized to offer corporate/academic training and certification in CATIA V5, CATIA V6, ENOVIA SMARTEM, DELMIA and other DASSAUT Products. With this authorization, Pioneer Design has successfully achieved 200+ Certifications in CATIA V5 in 2016. 55 18

As a part of commitment towards serving the ACADEMIA, AcCEPTAcademic Center of Excellence in PLM Technologies was created. AcCEPT is purely a joint engagement between Industry and the academia (polytechnics & engineering colleges) to create “Industry Ready CAD Engineers”. AcCEPT mainly refers to people, skills, methods, and tools that engages student engineers, faculty and industry experts with rich domain expertise in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration that addresses the current industry need in the field of design and engineering, train them so they possess the right skills, and enable them to become outstanding professionals in the field of engineering and design. Currently, through AcCEPT, Pioneer Design is offering industry linked skills like B.Tech, M.Tech, PG Diploma in Engineering and Design in association with Centurion University. Clients are an Investment Pioneer Design focuses on one particular niche requisite to build up

market specialization. With its eyecatching profile, it has garnered impressive clienteles from these prestigious companies as well. In the recent times, Pioneer Design became the most favorite and reliable partner to most of the European and USA based Automotive Tier1 Companies by providing them with Industry Ready Product Design Engineers, particularly in automotive interior/exterior, seating, lighting, BIW and emission control systems design for their mission critical requirements that had to meet strict time constraints Good Service is Good Business The company has been awarded as ‘the Best Support Partner’ by GRUPO ANTOLIN which is Pune based European client. Pioneer Design offers staff augmentation services in the areas-DESIGN ENGINEERS / TEAM LEADS IN CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM, which includes CAD Engineers in ProE, UG, Catia-V4/V5, Ideas NX, Inventor, AutoCAD, CAE Engineers in Hypermesh, ANSA, Ansys, Nastran, Patran, LS Dyna, StarCD, PLM Engineers in Enovia, SmarTeam, Teamcentre. | November 2016 |

Processware Systems: Transforming the World of Banking Solutions


ndia has the highest concentration of banking entities globally and these form the backbone of the economy, contributing immensely towards GDP. And, thus Processware system is ready to create their bench mark in the banking sector. Processware Systems Pvt. Ltd. (an AS 9100C and ISO 9001:2008 company) is a leading solution provider in banking, manufacturing, education, and aerospace markets around the world. The company was set-up in 1989 focusing on the enterprise products for the Indian market and product development services for overseas markets. Processware has been successful in bringing prudent business solutions through its innovative products for enterprises in India. Their products like; Banksoft, ProdMaster and EduSoft have gained a vast reputation with customers in their respective segments. Visionary Behind the Evolution: The man with a vision: Mr. Guru Murthy, Founder of Processware systems, is a person with immense personality and farsighted vision. He has a very impressive educational background, with a Masters Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Missouri, US. After completing his masters degree, he started working with Schlumberger, as a Senior Computer Scientist. During his job tenure, he always thought of

transforming SMEs with cutting edge technologies in India. Under Mr. Murthy’s guidance Processware proved to be one of the first products focused software company to be established in the year 1990. Mr. Murthy also has a keen interest in Research and Development, and he has published several research papers related to Software Engineering and Embedded Systems. Exploring his teaching passion he has also worked as a guest faculty at IIM Banglore and RICM Banglore. Transforming Challenges into Opportunities The first and foremost challenge a business faces during its initial period is; lack of financial support. So, establishing a business in India is difficult as compared to other parts of the Western World. At the establishment stage the biggest challenge for Mr. Murthy was to arrange sufficient funds to convert his idea into a product. Back in 1990’s there were no options such as Venture Capital in India and bulk financing firms were only focusing on Software Service Companies but not on Software Product Organizations. Even industry bodies such as NASSCOM were also not interested in Software Product Organizations. Even today in India the entire product development eco-system is still in its developmental phase, so the banks don’t provide financial support as intellectual

property is not considered as a collateral or an asset for the organization. The second challenge was to create a team of bright people who collectively believe in building a Enterprise Class Product. As Product Development expertise is significantly different from the Product Service approach, so the team has to be ready to move to a new project after the maturity of the old project. Building a team with a passion to build an Enterprise Class Product, has been one of the greatest challenges faced by Processware during it’s establishment. Today, after successfully transforming challenges into opportunities, Processware is well established with their product BankSoft, which is being used by more than 400 clients over the world. Contribution to Attain Success For Processware “Persistence and Focus” have been the key attributes towards success. They have always been keenly focused on financial service industry and built their credibility based on strong customer support. Processware is one of the few organizations who organizes annual customer meet, where customers get a platform to speak about the product, express their views and discuss with 56

| November 2016 | 18

‘ ‘

The secret

of success is


to do all you can do without the thought of success

Mr. Guru Murthy Founder other customers effectively. They always believe that, customer satisfaction is the only key to success. Impact of Present Industry Scenario As Fintech is generating a lot of interest from investors, analysts and technology companies. So the industry is ready to witness a paradigm shift in next few years. The Banking industry is undergoing a major transformation and more people are diverting themselves towards main stream banking. So, technology is all set to take over the center stage of this change. As digital payments and mobile based transactions are becoming a norm and are providing better transparency in the business environment. So, Processware is ready to be a part of this revolution with BankSoft as its revolutionary product. Expert’s Advice to the Aspiring Startups

Focus on the customer rather than focusing on the technology. Raising more money then required always hampers the profit making possibilities, so the financial plan needs to be perfect during the establishment stage. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to be humble and learn as fast as they can from the environment and harness skill sets of the millennial population, who are willing to take risks and work for the start up. Mr. Murthy always believes that: “Opportunities exist, to build the next Google or Microsoft, from India. Be patient and prepare for the long haul”. Future Prospects Processware is always poised to grow significantly. As more and more institutions are adopting technology to process financial transactions, Processware is ready to be the game changer by proving themselves as the backbone of all UPI transactions on the mobile and integrate it into their Core

Banking Solutions. Processware’s mission is to provide clients with the optimum software solutions across product families, operating systems and hardware platforms. The strength of the organization lies in analyzing the customers problems and providing prudent software solutions to address those problems. They are also trying to become the key player in the defense sector by providing technologies to emerging platforms. Their dream is to have each village in the country linked to the formal financial sector and lead them towards the trend of plastic money or cashless transactions. Mr. Murthy says: “The day, we enable the small merchant on the sidewalks to accept a Rupay card, we can say that India belongs to the developed world.”

57 18

| November 2016 |

Editor’s Desk



Robotics, a must for every

Tech Aficionado W

hat if robots could figure out more things on their own and share that knowledge among themselves? When we talk about robots, the first thing which comes to our mind is a machine which is designed like a human to make our life easy. But this concept is actually called humanoid robot. We all know about Robots, it can be any machine which is programmable by computer that is capable of doing complex series of actions automatically. But Robots come under category Robotics and it could be defined as a revelation in technology that is governed with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science etc. In other words, we can say Robotics deals with overall design, operation, application etc. of a robot. How Robots came into Existence and Became Better than us Journey of Robots started from Da Vinci to the latest models. He had a sketched out plan for building a robot. This robot, according to the analysis of its sketch, was able to perform all basic human movements like sitting up, moving its head and jaw, walking and waving its arm. This was known as “Robotic Knight”. But this was not the first instance of robotics in the history, concept of robotics started long back. Around 350 BC, the great Greek mathematician, Archytas of Tarentum built the

first model of airplane which was a mechanical bird moved by steam. George Devol invented the first digital and programmable robot in 1954 and he named it, Unimate. In the year 1961, it was sold to General Motors. In this company it was used to lift pieces of hot metal from die casting machines at the Inland Fisher Guide Plant in the West Trenton section of Ewing Township, New Jersey. Like this the journey of robotics started very early, lets just tore off the interesting part, as many of us don’t consider airplane under robotics. So to clear it up, any device that can make “smart” decision comes under robotics. These smart decisions can be in the form of electronic circuit or computer program that control any kind of movement. In above example movement is in the form of steam. Since then, Robotics has grown leaps and emerged as an independent and important stream of studies. Now the focus is in field of developing Artificial Emotive Intelligence in robots. Imagination becomes Small when we Talk of Robots Types Industrial Robots: Industrial robots are used in manufacturing environment of an industry. These robots have specifically well built arms used for welding, handling materials etc.

58 | November 2016 |

Editor’s Desk Domestic Robots: Domestic robots are designed to make our day-to-day life easy. They do household chores and are mainly used for cleaning purposes or for surveillance purposes. For example the vacuum cleaning robot of the first generation is used for cleaning purposes. Medical Robots: These robots are used in the hospitals and medicine industry. In today’s world we can see many advancement in medical science and one reason is robotics. These medical robots assist the doctors in surgery while many of them help for lifting different kinds of heavy material. Military and Space Robots: Robotics has found its applications in critical fields like military also to protect our country from any kind of threats. In order to reduce human causality, robots are used for bomb disposals and many same kind of work. Many of us have heard about “drones” these days. Drones are nothing but a kind of robots that provide our soldiers with the aerial surveillance and data. Top Notch Robots Present in the World A humanoid robot is a robot with its overall appearance is based on the human body. In general humanoid robots have a torso with a head, two arms and two legs. Some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body, for example, from the chest up. Some humanoid robots may also have a ‘face’, with ‘eyes’ and ‘mouth’ like humans. Androids are humanoid robots built to resemble a male human, and Gynoids to resemble a female. When we talk about Space, robot used to collect the data from Mars for research purposes, NASA had used a robot named as “Mars Rovers”. How Businesses Utilizing Robotics Manufacturing repeatedly requires repetitive tasks that need to be done quickly and efficiently by machines. So, there were always industrial robots since the early 1960’s and being used in automotive plants. And past few decades, they have gained so advancement and sophisticated sensors that they are used in every field military, healthcare and public safety. And surprisingly, even underwater application of robots could be seen. Because of Smartphones, robots have become cheaper with time. Even building constructions are using it, they now don’t need to start from scratch. And a totally new feature is being added to robotics that robots can learn from each other because of Cloud Computing. Many of us have tried to make a Robot at some point of life. And even if not tried yet, with this amazing piece of machinery, make one for yourself as it is going to be an important part of everyone’s future.

59 | November 2016 |

CXO Standpoint







he global entertainment media landscape is undergoing a major change primarily due to shift in consumer behaviour driven by technology. This is highly evident in the online video industry where viewership is shifting from linear (such as TV) to ondemand (YouTube, Netix) consumption with social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. are becoming the new age distribution and personalization platforms. Today, smartphone has become the new personalized TV with primetime becoming anytime. Video consumption is on multiple screens (TV, phone, tablet, game consoles etc.) and content types such as short, long, live, 360 degrees & VR videos supported by shifting biz models (OTT, inventory, subscription, branded content etc.) These trends are rapidly fragmenting and shaking up existing media business models based on traditional cable and broadcast networks. In this new world content success

requires not only the right insight, but also an ability to create content scalable for these platforms in a low cost fashion. This is where technology comes as the enabler and plays a key role in determining the relevant content for the right audience. Content was the king in an era of linear television with limited distribution. In today’s on-demand, hyper connected, personalized world, it is not just content, but data about the content is equally important. Technology not only enables global distribution, but also helps to curate and personalize content tailored for audience interest and engagement. The key to engage audience successfully on digital platforms, is to show them relevant content that is personalized. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook use algorithmic curation and machine learning to show relevant and personalized content to audience.

60 | November 2016 | 18

CXO Standpoint In this new era of unlimited distribution outlets and personalized content consumption the key to success is to know what ‘content to create’ for the target consumers and to ‘create it at scale’. Culture Machine’s intelligence platforms helps to identify the right content to create & Video Machine platforms help to ‘create at scale’. As new types of short form content such as silent videos, listicle, how-to, cover songs, recipes or curated news, are becoming increasingly popular in the social video world, technologies such as Video Machine is an attempt to solve the scalability problem. At Culture Machine, analytics and scalable video creation is a core part of our DNA.

VENKAT PRASAD Co-founder, COO/ CTO Culture Machine

Venkat is an entrepreneur with deep interest in business incubation, new ventures, operational scaling, emerging business finance, product and technology commercialization in new media, digital video, consumer internet, Saas, enterprise software, emerging markets and analytics space. His Specialties include Executive Management, Product Development & Commercialization, Consumer Internet Business Launch, Scale, Finance, Fund Raise, Online Media, Network and Content Syndication, Distribution, Analytics, Information Engineering/Architecture, Enterprise and Cloud Technologies.

An intrinsic study of the exponentially growing Virtual Reality (VR) world showed that Facebook is the preferred choice for content creators with very high viewership and engagement in sports and video games categories. It’s a powerful insight for sports creators to go bullish on 360-degree content and create content which provides a richer experience to their viewers or for fitness brands to launch a whole new format of 360-degree commercials to showcase their products, gain multi-fold reach and engagement using this popular format. Personalisation has to be prioritized from the moment content is created. It must be created with the ability for consumers to navigate, explore and customize it to their personal preferences and interests. Emerging content technology is the key to creating a new kind of customer-centric experience that also allows marketers to glean deep analytics from the content, understand its effectiveness, and optimize it for better performance. In the next 5 years, it won’t be strange to see the marketing’s function becoming more integral with technology teams giving birth to marketing-tech teams. CMOs and CIOs will collaborate on greater projects. We are in the early phase of this major tech driven revolution and not long from now we may see a world with personalized 1:1 media for every consumer.

61 18

| November 2016 |

SCUBE: Helping Mankind with Software Products


wing to rapid technological advancements, mankind is stepping forward by leaps and bounds. Today’s world cannot be imagined without computers. But a computer cannot work without installing the software, it requires for a specific function it does. The world without computers and computers without software are two inseparable things and one cannot be used without the other. Software has been there whenever business world has asked for and will be there as long as innovative software providers are in the market.

industry’s best practices of Quality Management System and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is dedicating itself to serve the scientific community by providing powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable scientific software. SCUBE’s software products are used extensively throughout India in more than 200 Research Institutes, Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, providing the ease of use and flexibility demanded by today’s professionals.

Today, SCUBE is a major distributor of scientific and technical software and its partners includes Wolfram Research, USA , Perkin Elmer Informatics (formerly CambridgeSoft)USA,

Dedicated to Scientific Community SCUBE was established in May 2004, and since then has a long tradition of excellence in providing the most advanced and comprehensive scientific software. SCUBE is a renowned distributor of leading-edge, easy-to-use and affordable scientific software tools in India and neighboring SAARC countries. SCUBE India aligns with

SCUBE is the only source of client’s need for Genetic analysis software, Primery designing software, Computational Chemistry software, Molecular Modeling software, QSAR/QSPR software, Molecular Dynamics Simulation software, Statistical Analysis software, Latex typesetting Software, Graphing and Contouring software, Spectroscopy software, Pharmacology software.

Gaussian Inc USA, Fujitsu BioSciences Poland, Statsoft India, Thermos Scientific USA, MacKichan Inc USA, Esker Australia, Golden Software USA, Aptech System Inc USA, and Visual Numerics Inc USA, Mestrelab Spain. A Leader who Transformed Challenge into an Opportunity Debasish Bhattacharya, Director of SCUBE having 20 years’ experience in

IT Sales started SCUBE in the year 2004, when most of Indian research scientists had no idea how software could help them in their day-to-day research activities. Making them aware of the utility of software in research activities was a challenge for Debasish and he accepted happily. In the beginning, the idea about IT was only limited to office automation and not open to scientific research. Hence, he thought to enter into a business where they can help research scientist with appropriate tools that will help them in their daily scientific research activities. He has grown from a yearly Rs.50 L to around yearly 5 Cr. Company. Multidisciplinary Team with Expertise A multidisciplinary team of Bioinformaticians, Statisticians, Mathematicians, and Chemists brings together knowledge and expertise to uphold and support their sole platform for Drug Discovery, Scientific Publishing, Statistical Analysis, Market Research, Six Sigma, and Data Mining. SCUBE has an extraordinary marketing and technical-support team that works together with the clients to offer perfect solutions for their scientific software requirements. SCUBE has won several high-status clients, owing to the company’s services and over a decade of 62

| November 2016 | 18

to accept


‘ ‘

We love

challenge and make it our weapon

Debasish Bhattacharya Director experience working on an extensive range of software, platforms, and technologies. New technologies are being nurtured through their incessant R&D efforts and scientific associations with customers. SCUBE is dedicated to the highest standards of science and assists computational chemists, medicinal chemists, biologists, statisticians, scientists and researchers in their quest for scientific excellence. Specialized Brand for Training The company offers solutions in the field of Scientific Drawing, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Modelling and NMR LC/GCMS Data analysis by using software solutions of PerkinElmer Informatics, Gaussian, Fujitsu Scigress and Mestrelab MNOVA. PerkinElmer Informatics is an integrated suite that is used to manage chemical structures and their related characteristics and properties. The suite has two tools integrated into it, ChemDraw Professional, an

excellent drawing tool for chemist and biologist and ChemOffice Professional, the ultimate software suite for Chemistry and Life Sciences. The company provides Fujitsu Scigress, an exceptional tool that is capable of molecular design modeling. The software is a blessing to the researchers as it allows them to conduct and quantify all their work on this single platform alone. The Gaussian tool is also one of the kind software that helps in electronic structure modeling, prediction of energies, vibrational frequencies and properties of molecules and reactions in a wide variety of chemical environments and is used by chemists, biochemists and physicists across the world. The company also distributes Mathematica one of the world’s best known Symbolic computation tool. Providing Scientific Software Solutions with Ease SCUBE provides complete services on

their Scientific Software Solutions such as Requirement Analysis/Definition, Application Integration, Data Interpretation and other technical services. SCUBE is also known for their specialization in onsite training programs that are organized as per the client’s requirements. SCUBE has specialized domain experts who deliver updated training modules to cater Industrial, Research, and Academic needs. SCUBE has proven itself as a technology-driven company among the competitors and is continuously making efforts to provide software that will meet the client needs. Every employee at SCUBE is qualified for their job and they know the work requirement and the amount of time they need to finish it. Employees are taking SCUBE at par level with perfection in the work and making company’s stand strong in the market.

63 18

| November 2016 |

Siam Computing: Savvy Benefactors of Cloud Products & Applications


ithin a short period of time, products and applications on the clouds have become ubiquitous and surpassed all other technological developments in history. They have grown so rapidly in their scope and extent of use, it is affecting all aspects of lives. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, anytime. Siam Computing with ideals and loft ambitions to serve world class digital solutions, products and applications on cloud. Siam Computing works with latest in tech to help startups build their products. The key difference is in the word, “Product”. Unlike typical IT projects, product development is much more intensive. Technology is only a subset of the whole scope. They work with founders to understand what their idea is, shape the product screen by screen, module by module based on what the end user wants. The company mainly focuses on client’s thought process and what are the pain points they are facing, etc. The company’s first step is gathering the proper requirements for the project

with the founders’ of companies to understand the entire scope and analysing what they want, what their requirement is, finally gathering all this data and start building it out. For company, the joy lies in seeing the product in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users which is priceless. Advancer in the Advance Information Technologies Khuzema Siam, Founder and CEO with Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering started Siam Computing in the year 2012 to automate things with the single-minded focus on building technology products and make it work more efficiently. He firmly believes that the best products are ones where engineering meets design in equal measure. According to Khuzema, Internet is the greatest leveller that gives opportunities, big or small to everyone and he wanted to make best use of internet technologies to build products for the modern age. Siam Computing is constantly pushing themselves to see what they can do with technology. Khuzema’s ambition is to dig deep and find a way to make that dream website or that dream app or the next big thing possible.

He completed it with his enthusiastic way of working with clients who specifically want to redefine the norm, and for his company it’s been always exciting to engineer the possibilities. Collaboration in Team could Face any Challenges Building the right team has been the main focus for Siam Computing. Any organization at the end of the day is about its people. They make the company and the company makes them, it is a give and take situation. Each of the members of company have been groomed to bring the company where it is and members where they are at. The Company has constantly tried to improve themselves collectively and keep inching forward towards being the best. Khuzema is a hard core believer of the philosophy “The escape velocity funda - In Physics”, as the rocket is looking to leave earth’s atmosphere, it needs to have an x amount of velocity called the escape velocity to be able to reach to the next orbit. Likewise a company scales, it needs to have the right escape velocity to be able to move from one orbit to the other. That escape velocity can be in any form, new tech, new 64

| November 2016 | 18

‘ ‘

The idea of waking up every morning to be able to engineer possibilities, to nd solutions, to transform the ordinary, excites us immensely. We make them happen


Khuzema Siam CEO & Founder people, new approach, etc. But gaining that escape velocity is crucial. Success: Even you Get Hit Hard still Keep Moving Fully devoted team to its task and company to clients is the path that led to success. Similarly, Siam Computing follows a design first, build approach secondly. So, great engineering is amalgamation of delightful designing from ground up which ultimately leads to user adoption and that’s the master equation that they follow. The company has driven to always give the utmost priority to the final user. They measure their success in terms of how real users will interact with the digital product. They give it all the effort it takes to craft a solution that’s not just sublimely engineered and beautifully tailored, but also capable of achieving maximum user acceptance.

Khuzema consider the fact “Tenacity & the ability to keep exploring” is the way you achieve success. Whenever he face ups and downs in the business, he recalls Sylvester Stallone famously created fictional character Rocky’s lines “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!” Advancement in Technology is a Blessing Siam Computing considers it as an exciting time to be a tech company as there are several advancements happening in and around, both society wise as well as technology wise that creates a ton of opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. Right from Machine learning to block chain, the possibilities that these

technologies open up are limitless. Starting from Start-up to Pathbreaking Products To the companies which have just started Khuzema’s advice is, the main focus should be knowing who you are and what you are doing is the key point and they need to know it really well. And the other ones who are just thinking to start their startups they should build the right team because team makes it possible to achieve the heights. With all the above mentioned factors, keeping in mind, Siam Computing has achieved a lot and in the upcoming years, they are planning to power some of the really pathbreaking products. The company is stressing for extensive work on different domains and technology paradigms like block-chain & conversational UI to achieve greater heights.

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| November 2016 |

Spectra Technologies: Leading Manufacturer & Integrator of Specialized Virtual Desktop


pectra Technologies is a pioneer in Virtual Desktops & Multi Location Computing. Spectra Virtual Desktops are deployed in every industry or business verticals in the diverse markets over the years & with lots of success stories; transforming the use of Personal Desktops to Virtual Desktops with affordability in mind. Spectra products are based on industrystandard technologies but with unique and proprietary features. Spectra Virtual Desktop are used with Microsoft Windows & Linux Terminal Services servers. These servers enable the user to run any application that is supported by these servers including productivity tools, database systems, and mainframe connectivity tools. Computers today are powerful enough and a normal desktop user cannot consume the computing power it can deliver. To leverage on this excess available computing resource, Spectra Virtual Desktops are the ideal end points for the users, whether they are connected to LAN or the Internet. These results in savings in hardware, software licenses, maintenance & running costs.Spectra Virtual Desktops are used in Education, Manufacturing,

Retail, Hospitality, Railways, and Government. Leaders do not Push; They Pull Harbir Ghai, MD and Founder started Spectra Technologies in 2004, it is said that diligence is the mother of good luck, so with his diligence and assiduous hard work, he managed to take the company to reach the heights by being leading independent manufacturer & integrator of specialized virtual desktop and desktop computing solutions, offering the widest range of Virtual Desktop in the industry; innovative software & solutions; that enable the clients to benefit from low cost of ownership. Spectra has worked for specific solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education and financial sectors. “The operating systems on virtual desktops are designed in such a way that they can be connected on to the private as well as the public cloud. Depending on the multiple protocols offered by the industry, we are operating our own data center by the name of SpectraCloud,” explains Harbir Ghai. With collaborative team work they support customers so that

they can connect to various modes, be it public or private. Being an end to end system integrator, Spectra Technologies follows an approach that’s modular in it’s way. “Owing to the modular approach, and we are able to push in other solutions on our products,” says Harbir. All of Spectra’s virtual desktops have enough of variants, software or the operating system customization on to the platform so that it fits into different industry verticals. With Haribar’s industrious efforts, the company has set the standard in smart client technology, offering customized virtual desktop products and services that deliver a host of benefits like Ease of Use, Increased Security and Reliability, Improved and Centralized Asset Management, Improved TotalCost-of-Ownership, Reduced Overall Computer-Related Energy Consumption, Smart Green Technology. Winning Client’s Confidence is Success to Spectra Spectra technologies gives the extra effort required to develop confidence and with intense care implementation 66

| November 2016 | 18

‘ ‘

We work on the mantra that, virtual desktop market is constantly evolving and so are we

‘‘ Harbir Ghai MD & Founder

is done before deploying solutions. Considering the vital factors like patterns, size, users and requirements of clients, Spectra’s team gives its best shot with customized virtual desktop servers w with an additional 20 percent back up according to company’s requirement which is supplementary factor. For instance, if a company has 200 users, Spectra Technologies takes a margin for 250 users keeping in mind for the expansion of a firm in one or two years down the line.“We plan on the operating systems of virtual desktop, peripherals and server sizing. This makes us a little different than what the rest of the people have been doing in the market,” points out Harbir. Spectra Technologies formulates applications of thin clients which are compatible in different environments through desktop virtualization, terminal service and application virtualization at attractive price points.

Nevertheless, Delhi-based Spectra Technologies has been predominantly deploying virtual desktop computers that inarguably provide a good return in ROI to clients from heterogeneous verticals. Leaders Deliver Results Spectra has been assessed by RICL and found comply with the requirements of ISO 27001 & ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the System Integration, Installation of- Thin Clients, Virtual Desktop, Media Player, etc. In 2014, Spectra was awarded as Company of the Year and titled as Spectra Technologies: Reducing Costs and Enabling Better Application Deliveries through Virtual Desktop Computing. A Vision with Execution Spectra thin clients systems that work as an alternative to Personal Computers, have an optimized and

small footprint operating system with a Graphical User Interface having no application installed locally. As it is connected to Windows Terminal services, AppAnywhere, Citrix or UNIX servers, it requires almost zero management and administration for numerous desktops. Following all these qualities, Spectra virtual desktops help enterprises to diminish IT Management costs, virus vulnerabilities, energy costs by as high as 75% and also by increasing centralized security measures. With deploying Spectra Thin client servers, it’s emerging clients Safex Chemicals India Limited is showing exceptional growth with the phenomenal pace of 50 to 60 percent a year. “We have been investing in the thin clients, terminal services, in all the scenarios in such a way that Safex’s complete infrastructure had been scaled up on running itself on the thin clients or on the remote sessions,” adds Harbir.

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| November 2016 |

TRANSACTWORLD GROUP: Your Global Merchant Service Provider


he online payment industry has become a highly fragmented and regulated market. Over the last decade Payment Providers and its whole supplier chain industry has changed from a couple of generalists into a lot of specialists. The industry is facing a rapid boost of innovations where many startups are solving specific problems. After 2010 a lot of well funded startups conquered the market with their super lean, lightweight and easy services. Till date the market continues to see special growth via these front end applications that are commended as seamless and frictionless but more and more sophisticated “behind the scene” systems are needed in order to comply with all the upcoming KYC and AML regulations. Companies that only focus on frontend technology without having the burden of maintaining a larger backend system are very fast and cost efficient in their deployment and can run very aggressive marketing strategies but have no full control over the transaction flow.

TRANSACTWORLD GROUP has deployed an end-to-end solution for the online payment industry, providing a single entry hub for global markets, combining such lean front end APIs with a strong backend making payments truly seamless throughout the processing chain. Journey of TRANSACTWORLD GROUP Amoolya Vassa is the CEO of the TRANSACTWORLD GROUP. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and before starting his business in the payment industry Anupam managed the family owned steel trading business. Naturally the new founded payment company had to survive on lower volume service and a tight budget environment. As the industry and client base grew the company developed to be a decent niche player acting on international lines. Regulatory requirements, international payment standards and a growing merchant base continuously required the young company to upgrade their system. Over the years, they found their niche and could settle very comfortably. By the founders

nature the company reached a point where the business needed a new direction and a decision was made to leave the niche and prepare for a global scale. Class of Business by working with excellence Today, TRANSACTWORLD enables global transaction processing in a SIMPLE, SECURE, SWIFT and SCALABLE environment. The in-house developed technology acts like a backbone where they can plug-in all relevant services and user interface along with the payment value chain. The TW4 Platform represents a bridge between merchants and financial institutions through a powerful backend system and state of the art APIs. These APIs allow such seamless integrations, while the backend system takes care of secure transmitting of data and compliance with international payment schemes. The system provides various payment methods of implementing online payments in e-stores via different services. The main clients of TRANSACTWORLD GROUP include Payment Service 70

| November 2016 | 18


and dignity


‘ ‘

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Amoolya Vassa CEO

Provider, Banks and medium to large e-commerce merchants. TW4 solution Platform The TW4 platform consists of various products plugged into the core system. The TW4 Gateway gives a fully redundant support for international payment methods to support e-commerce businesses that want to expand globally. The TW4 wallet enables instant transfers and the TW4 Risk Tracker is used to detect, analyze and manage the company client’s transaction behavior. The TW4 Boarding Manager which is also available to banks not using the core system is designed to speed up the merchant boarding process with any bank and alternative payment method. The TW4 Boarding manager is the perfect solution for a paperless and smooth boarding with any business partner.

Future vision for setting Benchmarks TRANSACTWORLD GROUP is continuing to develop, market leading payment solutions supporting a frictionless integration throughout the whole payment chain. The group has turned from an event driven IT company into a service driven company spending a lot of time analyzing and implementing their client’s needs. After kicking off a massive restructuring in 2014 leaving the single niche PSP field behind the company is now well prepared for international growth. TRANSACTWORLD GROUP is exploring new technologies and fields of business. The group has completely redesigned their system for the journey ahead. Investing in long cyclic lead projects generating a real benefit to a specific industry proofed to be very

efficient. Their in-flight payment extension, e-Wallet and white label partners are using the platform in LATAM, South Africa, US, Canada, Israel, the EU. TRANSACTWORLD is passionate about delivering high quality services and continuously develops its system and tools to benchmark the industry. They offer a complete White Label Solution for Payment Provider with state of the art APIs for online and mobile device integration, including an authorized e-Money licensed entity allowing issuing payment instruments and acquiring payment transactions. They are just deploying their own e-wallet for instant transfers between India and Europe.

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Vupadhi: Simplifying Procurement in the Emerging Global Markets


-Procurement may seem less glamorous and in many ways more difficult to initiate than online retailing at the present, but the fact is E-Procurement promises far greater potential for cost savings and business improvement than online retailing or enterprise resource planning systems and will permanently and fundamentally reform the way we do business in future. B2B e-commerce will essentially restructure the way in which organizations purchase goods, resulting in significant process efficiencies and permanently lower costs.Thus, the need for the firms in EProcurement is and will be higher. Vupadhi Techno Services, a Hyderabad based company addresses all the compatibility issues of Browsers, Databases and Operating systems for EProcurement applications. The firm has achieved significant heights over the years in E-Procurement and is continuing to provide the best service possible to the clients. Continuing the Journey of Reforms Vupadhi started its inception as an O&M Partner for Mee Seva - a Citizen Friendly Service of Andhra Pradesh State Government. From a humble beginning, Vupadhi has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 5 years and has an impressive clientele which includes Andhra Pradesh Technology Services, | November 2016 | 18

Telangana State Technology Services, Electronic Services Delivery among others. The firm has built a comprehensive platform that is compatible with all web browsers to view and download Tenders and E-Auctions to electronically participate in bidding. “A2Z Procure” is an end-to-end web based Electronic Procurement Platform built by Vupadhi on a SaaS model with integrated Centralized Supplier Management Portal, Cost Estimation & Indent Management, E-Tendering, E-Auctions, E-Catalogues, Contract Management,

E-Payments and Account Management. The E-Procurement Application developed by Vupadhi helps enterprises handle all types of Auctions and Tenders. It also enables Corporate and Government sector to manage their PreProcurement, Procurement, and PostProcurement activities in a highly secure environment with total transparency in monitoring and managing end-to-end Procurement lifecycle. GFR, DeITY, CVC, STQC guidelines are followed in the functionality and security aspects of the E-Procurement platform developed

by Vupadhi Techno Services Pvt Ltd. Creator and Trailblazer who sees the future of E-Procurement N. Kalyan Chakradhar Reddy, Founder and Managing Director of Vupadhi Techno Services Private Limited is a first generation technopreneur carrying more than 15 years of experience in the EProcurement domain. He was COO of a giant E-Procurement software company in India for more than 10 years before being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. His experience and passion towards EProcurement domain made him jump into the start-up bandwagon to start his own company Vupadhi Techno Services Private Limited in the year 2011 and the company bagged the contract to design, develop, integrate, migrate data and implement the comprehensive state-of the art E-Procurement and E-Auction System for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Government of Andhra Pradesh was presented the “Golden Icon award2003” under his management for being the first state to adopt the E-Procurement platform for all G2B procurement p r o c e s s e s i n t h e c o u n t r y. A l s o appreciated with the prestigious United Nations Public Services Award for the year 2007. 72

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N. Kalyan Chakradhar Reddy Founder & Managing Director Overcoming Challenges in the Competitive World Even after having many arguments in favor of adopting E-Procurement strategy, Vupadhi had certain challenges in front of them. The more significant difficulties included system to system integration issues, cost concerns, security issues, the advent of new buyer seller relationships and a multitude of change management issues. But with revolutionary ideas and implementing a successful E-Procurement initiative, it has surpassed several strategic and tactical obstacles. When most of the competitors are not finding it easy, Vupadhi has emerged as a unique forerunner in this domain in reaching upto the world’s expectations. Improving Efficiencies through Innovation Vu p a d h i h a s i n c r e a s e d p r o c e s s efficiencies not only from eliminating paperwork and human intervention, but also from shifting indirect purchasing

responsibilities to the employee desk. “Although there are significant savings to be made through better buying decisions and contract compliance, it is even more important to look at the potential cost benefits from simplifying procurement process transaction costs through digitizing and streamlining the regime.” Reddy emphasizes on how companies can improve efficiencies. Being ready for the future of E-Procurement To appreciate the intricacy and unpredictability of this E-Procurement and also potential levels of profit up for grabs, it is only necessary to look at the number and types of organizations that are rushing to take part and that’s what Vupadhi has always aimed at. “The next decade will witness both corporate and network based E-procurement solutions on SaaS modelling. Definitely there would be a demand for consolidation of vertical e-market places and pressure from the customers to provide all-

inclusive solutions,” articulates Reddy on the future of E-Procurement. Vupadhi is riding the next wave of advancement in E-Procurement through innovative practices like strategic sourcing and predictive procurement analytics, enabling the organizations to take cutting edge decisions. The company hopes to deliver solutions based on wireless e-bidding, mobile based procurement services, spend visibility & analysis and also supplier performance ratings. Vupadhi Techno Services aims to gain at least five percent of the market share by 2018 in the E-Procurement domain. “We will strive to become a comprehensive E-Procurement solution provider to all industries globally in the next five years,” signs off Reddy.

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| November 2016 |

Web Shuttle: Meticulous & Exceptional Application Developers


ndustries are getting consumer oriented. They realize that happy customers is a better way of marketing. With the social media being highly active, word of mouth spreads faster. Technology is growing and so are the mindsets. Consumers want a technology that they can exploit rather than just being wonder-struck about what technology can give them. One such consumer oriented company is Web Shuttle. Web Shuttle is a trailblazer in application and web development. The development process includes competitive analysis, UI designs and architecture, prototyping launch, promotion, testing and app development, etc. They pursue to become a highquality design technology firm with providing excellent brand strategy, delivering great UI UX. Web shuttle believes in serving the best to the client with a custom solution approach. They have built an affiliate network to help devise their client an app/web Pre Launch and Post Launch strategy.

Seed Investor to the Innovation Ayush Jhawar, Founder and CEO of Web Shuttle, graduated from Lancaster fairly perplexed about his future. He walked across the streets of the UK trying luck at EY and other platforms as a business analyst. Rejecting all; he decided to come back, down to his roots. However, the million dollar family business failed to interest him beyond six months. His heart felt a different calm with

technology than it ever did with brick and mortar. He had to abandon his two month old venture ‘Social HoJao’ for the greater good. Each one needs a sensei in life and he met his during Java classes that he chose to take to keep up with the current trends in

development. Graphics was something that allured him from Lancaster University and he wanted to build apps. With knowledge of networking & technologies and couple of deals, Web Shuttle came into being. 3 yrs old, 45 apps and Web shuttle’s amazing turnover is winning heart all over. At an age that is not even half of an average expected human lifetime, he has sailed and steered his boat through places where several are struggling to emerge out. Accepting Complements the Challenging Journey The biggest challenge was at first choosing the right path which after getting clarity drew up other challenges. The biggest was Monetary. The first project that they sold was at Rs. 5000. For about 1 year, Web Shuttle struggled paying employees their salaries. Many of the colleagues left due to floating capital, but they convinced some of them to stay and to believe in what they were doing. They 74

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We develop. We Create. We Probe. You ask, what’s our domain? Application Development is your answer. But, it’s not just what we do

‘‘ Ayush Jhawar Founder & CEO

drew beads of efficiency, power, aesthetic, and spending wisely to become who they are. However, Ayush believes, “the biggest challenge in life is, accepting. You have to accept people and situations as they are. There’s always something to address one after the other, something that needs the attention. The challenges never end and nor does my enthusiasm for them. I think the team makes it all more worth it. There were times when the chips were down and they were down mostly, but we never lost hope. Hope gives us the interest and will to live while determination gives us the strength to fight. We never gave up.” The Key to Success is Quality and Socialization Web Shuttle attributes their success to two things that they never gave up on. First is uncompromising quality and second is socializing.Talking about success, Ayush says, “People know about our quality as we have

successfully catered one of the best in the industry. We have been covering events across Delhi and with our performances on app and web development; we now have a hold in the start-up markets. This is not it; we are planning more events which are beneficial for start-ups, nationwide. Socialising at events has helped us in many ways. After recent launch of My Skoda application, things have changed for us. We are heading towards a better tomorrow.” Startups need to Discover, Survey and Implement The advice to startups in one word would be, Discover. People generally forget about the initial phase of development and it can be the cause for future loop holes. Documenting is an essential part, but it depends on relevance also. Apart from discovering, surveying plays a huge role too. Lastly, technology might be the only solution for many startups. Even big names in the market such as Snapdeal and Flipkart are opening retail stores

because they can’t become revenue positive unless they have a mix of the best available. Technology Industry Exploring Limitlessly The mobile app industry is growing rapidly and the demand is expected to increase by 200% when we reach the year 2020, after analyzing the current scenario, there is a need of quality in handling big data analytics and design. Understanding the user experience is important to produce a sheer class and highly finished product that in turn can generate better revenues. Web Shuttle believes that 3D is the future and catering their own products to specific audience gives them hope. Its team is working very closely with virtual reality, augmented reality, beacons and IoT. A balance in life is important, the instability among this generation is worrying. Too much of everything is contagious, even technology.

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DIGITAL MOMENTS and we are on a mission to perfect them

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