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f you are a billion dollar organization and you are willing to expand the business, you have taken a drive in a unique, enormously capable but equally stimulating sector, and decided to choose a partner to accelerate the processes; on which of their traits will you emphasize? May be the vision, credibility and a never say never attitude of the partnering enterprise, right? The factors may vary as per the business requirements, but it’s an unwavering truth that you will not invest your money and pride in the company leading to slip-ups. Let’s reveal the fact that the billion dollar organization is Amazon and the capitalizing sector is web service. In November 2012, AWS hosted its first customer event in Las Vegas. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis. The technology allows subscribers to have at their disposal a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet. AWS’s version of virtual computers emulate most of the attributes of a real computer including hardware (CPU(s) & GPU(s) for processing, local/RAM memory, hard-disk/SSD storage); a choice of operating systems; networking; and pre-loaded application software such as web servers, databases, CRM, etc. In 2017, AWS comprised more than 90 services spanning a wide range including computing, storage, networking, database analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the Internet of Things. The most popular include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Most services are not exposed directly to end users, but instead offer functionality through APIs for developers to use in their applications. Amazon Web Services’ offerings are accessed over HTTP, using the REST architectural style and SOAP protocol.

Amongst the features The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program from AWS. It is focused on helping APN Partners build successful AWS-based businesses or solutions by providing business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. There are over 150,000 registered developers and more than 1800 companies which are utilizing AWS platforms. Almost every partnered company has its unique identity and there solutions have evidently revolutionized respective industries. To highlight wide ranging capabilities of AWS and admire some of the AWS partners Insights Success has come up with this exciting issue. An annual listing of The 10 Most Recommended AWS Solution Providers 2018 appreciates the effort of some innovative AWS partners which have provided seamless solutions with an inventive approach and revolutionized various sectors right from its emergence. Featuring as a Cover Story we have Trianz which is simplifying digital evolutions through effective strategies and excellence in execution. Collaborating with business and technology leaders, Trianz helps formulate and execute operational strategies to achieve intended business outcomes by bringing the best of consulting, technology experiences and execution models. The magazine also recognizes the effective contribution of CloudHesive, a cloud solution consulting and managed services provider with a focus on security, reliability, availability and scalability; ElephantDrive is a complete cloud storage solution, offering secure cloud functionality tightly integrated with leading storage hardware solutions; Enimbos offers advanced technology developing and integrating highly innovative solutions based on Cloud; HATech LLC is an AWS Consulting Partner, with specialist AWS certifications in Server less Cloud Applications and DevOps; Kendoo Solutions is a company specializing in cloud computing and big data solutions; Nextlink is professional, fast paced, detail oriented, and dedicated to provide ultimate solutions to all customers with cloud needs. We have also included articles penned from our in-house editorial team and industry leaders encompassing the key features and future of AWS solutions. Let’s flip shall we?

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Green Cloud Computing Saving Energy through Technology

The Impressive Impact of Organic Networking

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Leverage Existing SAP Solutions with Cloud Procurement

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HATech DevOps Transformation Done Right


Kendoo Solutions A Specialized Cloud Computing and Big Data Solutions Provider


Nextlink Glorifying AWS Services


Vmengine Global Leaders of Cloud Computing and AWS Solutions


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Cover Story

-Sameer Zaveri Director - Cloud Practice


” Trianz’ holistic approach towards cloud adoption helps accelerate the realization of your digital agenda, resulting in better growth and business outcomes.

One of Trianz key skills is in helping enterprises reconstruct their business strategies to take advantage of the operational agility, e ciency, and cost benefits that the Cloud o ers.


ne of the many solution providers in the crowded digital technology and digital migration field, Trianz has catapulted to the top in recent years with its top-notch practice team by attaining best-in-class capabilities. While Trianz may not be a household name yet, it is garnering a well-deserved reputation among industry experts for its relentless pursuit of excellence, particularly through the firm’s innovative solutions as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. Trianz is among the leading AWS solutions experts in secure cloud services platforms that improve computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. By accurately recognizing and harnessing the benefits of AWS, Trianz has accomplished something that many other firms are still only beginning to comprehend – how to deliver Cloud platform technology as an on-demand utility rather than continuing to promote static investments in expensive hardware to its customers. When they founded the company in 2001, Trianz leaders were light-years ahead of other management consultants. They chose to reconstruct their strategic business consulting model and align it with cloud-

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based, digital platforms when it was new and unfamiliar technology. The company’s early success in a global, highly-competitive marketplace gave them the confidence to pursue new digital advancements in the field. Trianz appears to be perpetually reaffirming its commitment to helping clients stay both relevant and competitive through Cloud, analytics, digitalization, infrastructure, and security solutions. Its AWS practice team is a natural extension of this commitment, offering custom AWS cloud and cloud-hybrid products and solutions that provide more advanced, secure frameworks. Among other benefits, this helps clients improve networking, database access, sophisticated applications, and analytics processes with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Trianz exceptional client satisfaction scores in surveys over the past two years have helped businesses to rapidly improve and thrive—gaining ROI along the way—through transitioning to scalable AWS platforms that don’t require large equipment expenditures and can assimilate into existing architecture. Trianz even incorporates robust data analytics programs to improve marketing, sales, and operational goals. Digital Transformation as a Benchmark While most of today’s start-ups are launched with a data-driven, digital business model in mind from the very beginning, incumbent businesses bring a legacy of complex processes designed around human interactions between business and customer. Trianz has deliberately developed its expertise in AWS services to help both start-ups and established businesses discover what their enterprises want to be when they grow up, from a digital, data-driven point of view. This could involve a large organization responding strategically to digital transformation, or a transformation to defend its

position in the market. For some businesses, the strategy may focus on taking a more offensive approach and launching a start-up or transforming to disrupt the market. Regardless of how the Cloud is structured for both start-ups and existing organizations — using public, private, or hybrid architecture — Trianz stresses that digital transformation is a complex undertaking, and therefore requires careful orchestration and collaboration. It has proven again and again that it has the capability, experience and bandwidth to deliver digital transformations and create more dependable decision support systems based on real-time information. Trianz envisions helping clients: 1) become more agile and resilient to unexpected business fluctuations with digital frameworks that facilitate innovation for new capabilities and create a rapid-release pipeline for moving ideas from inception to production 2) build a more customer-focused enterprise, aligning business products, services, and touchpoints around customer requirements 3) leverage data and data analytics tools to most effectively address these requirements through better decisionmaking capabilities. Building Superior Partnerships Trianz tireless efforts as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, Managed Service Provider and Global Strategic Go-ToMarket partner reflect the firm-wide belief that due diligence in evaluation, client facilitation, and strategic improvement are key elements in creating and implementing successful AWS service migrations. After thoroughly assessing a client’s specific circumstances, existing technology and infrastructure, Trianz

Solution Providers 2018

expert AWS practice leaders recommend one or a combination of the following services, enabling its “business strategy first” approach that helps client partners envision future benefits and competitive gains specific to their unique organization. This serves to disrupt the status quo and ensure commitments to support change management from company leadership and vested client partners. AWS Infrastructure Migration Trianz expertise in AWS Infrastructure Migrations services and correlating AWS managed services modules encapsulate true end-to-end infrastructure migration services to help clients with business-IT alignment, tools selection, and accelerated migration of legacy infrastructure. Part of Trianz mission in this area is educational — guiding clients toward new business practices in which legacy systems are things of the past. Trianz teams give organizations the flexibility to innovate, test and deploy their ideas on the fly at a fraction of the costs normally associated with building and maintaining heavy infrastructure. Trianz specializes in orchestrating and executing roadmaps through the different phases of the migration process, discovering opportunities and cloud readiness, and providing roadmap development, infrastructure migration and eventually operations to ensure migration success. Application and Database Migration With Application and Database migration, Trianz recognizes that rapid digitalization in every industry is changing the business ecosystem for most enterprises. Trianz leverages its unique ACCEL methodology to simplify migration and scaling of enterprises’ most complex workloads that require high uptime, long migration hours, and have stringent regulatory requirements, all on AWS Cloud environments with no disruption or downtime.

Trianz has a proven track record in speeding up complex application portfolios such as Linux and Windows applications in conjunction with relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other NoSQL and on-premises database workloads and data warehouses, to 100% or hybrid cloud. Trianz ensures that business value is delivered throughout the migration process.

Using a ‘business needs come first’ approach, Trianz delivers solutions guided by the firm’s three tenets of digital transformation: Agility, Customer Centricity, and Data.

Financial Services Trianz has outstanding experience in the Financial Services sector relating to AWS solutions. To help these enterprises stay ahead of the competition and address rising customer expectations, banking and financial services companies are turning to latest and emerging technologies like machine learning, cognitive and robotic process automation, IoT, big data and advanced analytics. Trianz combines these innovative business solutions with AWS’ advanced technologies to help banking and financial institutions maximize value from their customer relationships, transform business processes, and rationalize product portfolios. Within the banking industry, Trianz has helped emerging financial organizations with customer operations, back office management, payments processing, online banking, risk management, compliance, business insights, and technology services. Trianz experience includes services to major business lines such as life and health insurance, property and casualty, pensions and retirement, workers’ compensation, and reinsurance. It has proven expertise in core insurance areas like policy administration, claims, annuities, pension processing, agency management, billing, customer relationship management (CRM), disbursement, sales and distribution, and underwriting. The firm’s dedicated

development centers deliver a range of technology services spanning cloud, analytics, digital, infrastructure, and security paradigms. Outstanding Client Service Trianz engages only accomplished consultants with advanced subject matter expertise. They are chosen for their familiarity with the operations, product/sales metrics, and reporting and compliance regulations of their respective industries. These might be technology, media, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, life science, logistics, and the public sector. Trianz ability to provide on-demand computing capabilities through AWS services, with security, storage, analytics and other IT infrastructure services pertaining to these unique business needs, kickstarts forward momentum within this technology paradigm. Director of Cloud Practice, Sameer Zaveri brings a motivational approach to his work in continually growing Trianz Cloud practice and promoting mutually-beneficial partnerships with both new and existing clients. He explains that Trianz goal is to ‘enable organizations to structure their businesses on a strong, scalable, foundational layer, with ease-of-access in mind and the flexibility to grow in a secure environment.’

President and CEO, Sri Manchala and Zaveri are among several influential leaders of the firm who launched it from a small office in Silicon Valley in 2001. Manchala, Zaveri and the talented management team currently oversee a global, 1500-person staff of professionals, which has a record of over 2,500 successful client partnerships and engagements thus far. Although the firm has grown exponentially, Trianz maintains a onefirm culture, adhering to a common set of professional principles, client service standards, and global values. Forbes Magazine recently named Trianz among “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018.” Trianz values this recognition and appreciates the regard and trust clients continue to place in the firm. The company has offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, Rosemont, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, Irvine, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. In addition to building up its in-house data analytics enterprise, Trianz future plans include strategically expanding its global presence to serve customers in emerging markets.



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Solution Providers 2018



Rahul Kurkure Director offers various Cloud Services that can be utlised as standalone entities or as a cohesive end-to-end offerings.


Jim Walker CEO

CloudHesive is a cloud solution consulting and managed services provider with a focus on security, reliability, availability and scalability.


Michael Fisher CEO & Co-founder

ElephantDrive is a complete cloud storage solution, offering secure cloud functionality tightly integrated with leading storage hardware solutions.

Enimbos Global Service

Javier De La Cuerda Founder & CEO

Enimbos offers advanced technology developing and integrating highly innovative solutions based on Cloud.


Jon Hathaway Founder & CEO

HATech LLC is an AWS Consulting Partner, with specialist AWS certifications in Serverless Cloud Applications and DevOps.

Kendoo Solutions

Pedro Pisa CEO Filipe Barretto Chief Sales Officer

Kendoo Solutions is a company specializing in cloud computing and big data solutions.


Shasta Ho CEO

Nextlink is professional, fast paced, detail oriented, and dedicated to provide ultimate solutions to all customers with cloud needs.

Nimbis Services

Robert Graybill CEO

Nimbis Services is fully integrated online technical computing marketplace comprising several stores hosting HPC and cloud modeling, simula.


Sameer Zaveri Director

Trianz simplifies digital evolutions through effective strategies and excellence in execution.


Fabio Cecaro CEO

Vmengine is a visionary company that can enhance Enterprises and SMBs to integrate cloud computing into their IT strategies.

Company Name

CXO Standpoint

Leverage Existing

SAP Solutions

with Cloud Procurement


ompanies that have already invested in SAP find that they can achieve even better results from their existing investment with cloud technology and eProcurement. After the initial investment, companies find certain roadblocks preventing mass user adoption and diminishing cost savings. Issues such as inability to stay connected, lack of insight into data, and complex and fragmented business rules stop businesses from using the full power of SAP. As cloud application technologies advance, companies gain the benefits of rapid deployment cycles, increased self-service tools, and faster performance. Vroozi delivers on the promise and power of eProcurement in the Cloud with seamless integration into SAP. SAP users looking to the cloud generally face a few questions, including: · How can I benefit from using cloud procurement? · Will my transition to the cloud be cost-effective? · How will my business processes be affected by cloud technology? To understand the benefits of cloud technology to existing SAP users, let’s evaluate three procurement strategies that highlight the power of cloud procurement. Value Realization Return on Investment (ROI) is a central factor in any


procurement strategy. Buyers and trading partners of cloud procurement solutions need to feel confident that solutions will lead to cost savings and higher productivity and efficiency. Users quickly see returns by focusing on user adoption, compliance, and spend management. Spend Management allows companies to visualize purchasing spending patterns and usage and drives employees to leverage preferred pricing with contract suppliers. To increase user adoption and compliance, the cloud empowers a mobile workforce with the right resources and experience so everyone stays connected and available so that business is not disrupted. As user adoption and compliance frameworks increase with cloud-based systems, organizations gain immediate cost savings in procurement by decreasing transaction costs and preventing spend leakage with your supply chain. Efficiencies Process efficiency is key for a successful, healthy business. Cloud technology enables better processes by keeping everyone connected through a mobile experience and automating transaction tasks through the use of machine learning and pattern matching. With a centralized, unified system, cloud automation can yield immediate benefits in requisition to invoice and payment business processes and reduced errors and issues leading to higher productivity and decreased processing costs. Further, by allowing employees

|October 2018|

to interact with cloud procurement via smart Phones and tablets, business can continue to move with efficiency and speed. IT Cost Savings Perhaps no determinant is more important in realizing the benefits of cloud technologies versus traditional on premise software is in IT Cost Savings. Systems and applications which required large physical infrastructure and monetary investments can now provide inexpensive and scalable solutions through the Cloud and cloud infrastructure providers. A procurement solution that integrates with SAP is easier to access, less expensive, and takes a fraction of the implementation time companies once faced with traditional software solutions. Cloud technology relieves the user of hidden costs such as hardware, consultants, infrastructure, maintenance, and costly upgrade cycles, providing lower risk and lower total cost of ownership. Conclusion The cloud offers little upfront expense, automatic upgrades, and pre-integrated best practices which allow organizations to focus on business growth and improved operating margins. Vroozi’s eProcurement solution that takes SAP solutions to the cloud empower users with better returns, better processes and higher savings, so their overall SAP investment’s ROI is accelerated. According to IDC, spending on Cloud computing is growing at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending since 2009 and is expected to continue growing at more than 6 times the rate of IT spending from 2015 through 2020. (via Forbes) This massive growth is easily understood when businesses understand the power and value of cloud solutions. With the Vroozi Platform, companies can take advantage of robust eProcurement technology delivered in the Cloud and integrated seamlessly with SAP.

|October 2018|

Brad Hill Director of Global Sales & Marketing Vroozi Brad Hill, Director of Global Sales & Marketing of Vroozi is a passionate leader and is responsible for expanding the Vroozi Product Suite, Brand Adoption, Partnership Network & ensuring our customers receive an unparalleled experience with Vroozi. Brad spent the last 20 years building Enterprise Sales and Product strategies with leading IT Services organizations. His entrepreneurial strategies have served a vast number of Fortune 500 industries and verticals. He is also an aspiring mechanic and frustrated golfer, two good reminders to keep his day job.



Keeping it Simple, Secure and Affordable ● It not only provides backup and sync for laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices, but also specializes in backing up Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices. ElephantDrive’ ElephantDrive’s software comes pre-installed or readily available via app on nearly every major personal and SMB NAS platform. ● It provides both backup and sync in a single plan and piece of software. Most others in the same space offers focus on one or the other other. ● It takes a user user-centric approach by providing a single web portal, enabling users to allocate their storage across multiple devices without any per device add-on fees. Plotting the Course for Innovation To drive change and innovation in the company T company, some early choices made by founding team Michael Fisher and Ben Widhelm made a lasting impact.

Michael Fisher Founder & CEO


etwork-Attached Storage also known as NAS was first started in the early 1980s by Brian Randell and his colleagues at Newcastle University. Since then, NAS has been growing by leaps and bounds only to give a better experience to the users. One company which has mastered the art of delivering quality solutions for NAS devices over the years is ElephantDrive. ElephantDrive provides cloud backup, sync, and sharing solutions for data on all of a customer’s devices. It aims to provide these valuable services in a simple, secure, and affordable manner. Diversifying its Solutions ElephantDrive differentiates its solutions in three key ways:


First, they were very early adopters of infrastructure-as-a-service to help achieve fast scale without capital intensive data center investment. ElephantDrive was one of the first cloud backup and storage solutions ever built on the now ubiquitous Amazon Web Services S3. ElephantDrive was featured by Intel and AWS way back in 2006 as a Technology Partner, highlighting the integration with S3. Second, the founders were strong proponents of the ‘Hybrid Storage’ model from the very beginning. From the outset viewing cloud storage as a resource that eventually everyone will use, but not as a solution that will totally replace local storage. On the contrary, the company has always maintained that the two must work hand-in-hand to achieve the best end-product for users - it’s this cooperative attitude coupled with a technical acumen developed over a decade that convinced massive and long-tenured hardware firms to trust a small startup to deliver software for their systems. Lessons that have shaped the Journey Before ElephantDrive was broadly marketed directly to consumers, it was primarily distributed through partnerships with storage hardware makers. Those early relationships with the |October 2018|

Most Recommended



Solution Providers 2018

world’s leading makers of NAS devices allowed ElephantDrive to develop a highly reliable, robust, and efficient toolset. Not only did ElephantDrive need to meet rigorous standards for software shipped on-board, but in the early days the devices themselves were resource-constrained so it needed to run efficiently on systems with slower processors and smaller memory footprints. The company’s efforts were then refined into an easy-to-use interface for everyday consumers. This path of product development provides today’s ElephantDrive user with a simple interface built upon sophisticated technology. Core Strengths ElephantDrive’s unique strengths: NAS backup, dual-

Plans for the Upcoming Future ElephantDrive has three major initiatives in the near future: continue to develop and evangelize the hybrid storage model with its hardware partners, launch its specialized long-term archiving data protection solution, and continue the international expansion. The hybrid storage solutions that couples with ElephantDrive’s cloud backup which access tightly with industry leading on-premise devices is the most effective means of data protection for small businesses. The ‘belt and suspenders’ approach of maintaining both fast, reliable disk-redundant storage on site and a secure cloud backup offsite with point-in-time restore capability provides defense-in-depth. It protects against disk failure locally and from natural disaster, digital threats like ransom ware or viruses, and nefarious actors in the cloud. ElephantDrive

“Elephants never forget and we work for peanuts purpose software for both backup and sync, and delivering the solution via operating-system-agnostic tools for use across multiple devices.

needs to continue to push this message out and expand across other storage device types like Direct Attached Storage (DAS).

ElephantDrive also emphasizes on security and privacy, offering a variety of different encryption options and working to meet the various standards for privacy and compliance across a variety of industries and geographies.

Many of ElephantDrive customers have massive libraries of data and are looking for long-term archiving solutions, without the need for our standard rapid access and sync models. The company is preparing to roll out a low-cost cold-storage solution designed specifically to meet the needs of content creators with large libraries.

Pluses for Partners Because of the experience in working with major hardware manufacturers, ElephantDrive has always been held to enterprise-class standards for software development and delivery. The same level of care and detail is applied to its solutions designed for MSPs and value added resellers who, through ElephantDrive, can offer top-tier cloud backup solutions to their customers. The little guys benefit from the demands of the big guys from a quality control and best practices perspective. ElephantDrive also provides VARs and MSPs with an administrative Partner Portal that gives them fast access and granular control over their users and their subscriptions. For partners who want an even more customized product, they can offer full white-label customization. |October 2018|

A key area of growth for ElephantDrive is the expansion abroad. They already have customers all over the world, who offer their solutions in several languages. ElephantDrive realizes there is a great opportunity to add more happy customers by supporting even more languages and accepting more foreign payment currencies. The adoption of their Brazilian brand GoDrive has been quite successful. Once ElephantDrive starts offering more international options in languages and payments, the early overseas adopters will be joined by their neighbors in being happy ElephantDrive customers.



Expert in Migration and Exploitation of Cloud team of 55 professionals with the highest certifications in the cloud, the company has a portfolio of more than 80 clients and has established strategic alliances with the most innovative cloud like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Regarding its services, Enimbos has a value proposal based on 2 axes: The first axis focuses on managed services in the cloud. Enimbos gives the best support to the development and exploitation technical team of the client. This service helps on the development of the strategy regarding the cloud of companies by incorporating the most powerful tools for the management of costs and resources in the cloud and with control policies through alarms, personalized reports and optimizing resources and expenses. On the other hand, Enimbos offers 24/7 monitoring services, implementing alerts and automating the administration and deployment of applications, providing the dedication of AWS certified engineers, Azure and GCP. All in order to optimize the cloud platform of its customers. This supports an advanced automation and control solutions, integrating DevOps tools and processes. All this ensuring the highest safety standards.

Javier De La Cuerda Founder & CEO


n an interview with Insights Success, Founder and CEO of Enimbos Global Services S.L., Javier De La Cuerda shed a light on Enimbos, its services and vision. He also notes future aspects of the organization and some of the pivotal experiences that shaped his noteworthy journey. Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Javier De La Cuerda and Insights Success:

Give a brief overview of Enimbos Global Services and its solutions and services? Enimbos is a Spanish company expert in the migration and exploitation of the cloud created in 2016. With a



The second axis is a commitment to innovation in the SaaS environment in the Cloud. Skytuneup is a platform that helps companies by saving, automating and protecting cloud infrastructures. The platform has a cloud price prediction analysis engine that allows decision-making in real time and the management of self-escalation groups in different areas of availability and different types of instances. The client will pay based on the savings achieved, benefiting from a one-stop-shop platform that will help automate the tasks of turning on, off or sizing of machines according to the tagging and applying the policies and plans defined by the business itself. How do you diversify your product offerings to appeal to your target audience? The structure of Enimbos provides the company with an agility that larger companies do not have, benefiting customers in terms of implementation times and cost savings. The target market is large corporations or companies that are born fully leveraged in


|October 2018|

Most Recommended



Solution Providers 2018

the “new economy” and that maximize their activity in ecommerce solutions or large content distribution. The business strategy of Enimbos is based on the hyperverticalization of its value proposition, being able to have a highly differentiated proposal in the Media, Retail, Industry, Assurance, Utilities, Public Administration, Education and Healthcare sectors. What are the core strengths of Enimbos Global Services offerings? Enimbos is distinguished by the application of an innovative operating model that is fully scalable and close to customers. Enimbos solutions offer incorporates the benefits of the most innovative tools in cloud management and saving.


What historical forces, achievements or learning have shaped the journey of the company? Most of our team comes from large multinational providers of “traditional” IT outsourcing services. On top of that, our


responsibilities of Executive VP, President and CEO of Telvent Global Services. At the end of 2016, Enimbos was created. A company focused on the Transformation to the Cloud of Medium and Large Corporations in Spain. Where does Enimbos Global Services sees itself in the near future and what are its future goals? Enimbos wants to consolidate itself as the reference in migration and exploitation of the cloud in Spain and grow internationally in Europe and the United States. The objective of accelerating its growth and reaching 20 million euros of turnover in 2020. 6

How do integrators/managed service providers/value-added resellers and public sector partners benefit by doing business with your company? In all the projects in which we participate, we managed to reduce the costs of our customers in more than 40%. Additionally, we provide them with tools to improve control.


“We use the most innovative technologies and develop our own Software as a Service platform, to increase control, automate and secure the hybrid and multi-cloud environment for large Corporations, reducing their costs over a 40%.” model is infinitely more evolved, close and agile than the one used by those "Traditional Players". Our proposal is based on an industrialized model ready-to-wear but always tailored for our clients. 5

Give a detailed explanation regarding the Founder/CEO/Management’s contribution in the industry and the company?

Javier De La Cuerda Pérez - CEO of Enimbos Founder and CEO of Enimbos. Electronic Engineer and Industrial Organization, DEA in Business Administration, master’s in business management by ESADE, PDG by IESE and SEP by the London Business School. He started his professional career at GEA Tuchenhagen as Electrical and Automation Engineer. He has held the positions of Director of Business Development at Interxion and Principal Consultant at Equant (France Telecom). In the year 2005 enters Telvent. Since 2011, he has assumed the

|October 2018|

Give us some testimonials of your clients that accurately highlights company name’s standing in the market. We work with more than 80 clients, among which we can mention GrupoZeta, San Juan de Dios, ICEX, Homeserve, Hawaiianas Group, AIREF, the Metropolitan Transport of Malta.


With Enimbos we understood each other from the beginning. They knew how to design the project we were looking for, the right mix between public and private Cloud, and incorporate all those differential solutions that make our architecture unique. - Maribel Monge, CIO at HOMESERVE



DevOps Transformation Done Right service DevOps consultation company. In the three short years that they have been in operation, the company has attracted nationwide attention for a series of stunning successes with clients from a range of industries. In a rather competitive field, HATech stands out with its emphasis on a culture-first mentality driven by concepts and an extraordinary focus on employees. Their goal is to offer piercing insights that clients can leverage to transform their work culture, maximize the effectiveness of people and processes, and ensure the glitch-free performance of platforms and products. A client can expect HATech to work in sync with them at every stage of their business cycle, from product inception, design, and build to deployment and getting it into customers’ hands in the shortest possible time. Pinpoint Focus Contrary to the popular trend in the consultation industry, HATech chooses not to diversify its target audience. The appeal of diversification is greater market share and, consequently, increased revenue. For HATech, those concerns are secondary.

Jon Hathaway Founder & CEO


usiness success can be an enigma. It often happens that several companies of the same size and in the same industry are established at the same time but only one succeeds for seemingly no obvious reason. However, the reasons are certainly there; the trick is to learn to recognize them before the competition does. If you are not very good at detective work yourself, all is not lost - you can always get in touch with HATech. Holistic Solutions HATech is a business transformation specialist located in Las Vegas, NV. They describe themselves as a full-


“We are one of the few companies that specialize in the DevOps cultural transformation facet of business development,” reveals Jon Hathaway, the Founder and CEO of HATech. “We add new features and capabilities and that helps us help other companies adopt DevOps in a reliable and scalable way.” Jon sees that unwavering focus on their core offering as the greatest strength of the company. It is a perspective honed by many years in the industry. He has worked with big enterprises and small ones, and seen the concept succeed and fail for both. “Our customers can see that we do not simply push theory and ideas that have worked for one company onto them. We don’t cobble together products to attract clients,” Jon emphasizes. “We regard every customer as an opportunity to demonstrate why we are uniquely successful.”

|October 2018|

Most Recommended



Solution Providers 2018

In fact, if a client visits the company, they can see for themselves that HATech is the personification of the concepts they promulgate. Louder than Words Much of the company’s distinctive culture is a reflection of Jon’s personal mentality. There is no separate CEO’s office and he is with the team out on the office floor every day.

they comprised cohesive teams that pulled together in the face of adversity. “That is the very heart of DevOps. Sure, it is my vision and my strategy, but every individual on the team has a voice and the opportunity to contribute and be creative. You cannot beat a company where employees feel valued and know that their input makes a difference.”

The difference in attitude has a lot to do with Jon’s background. He is not a business school graduate; in fact, he has never been to university. Everything that he knows about the industry is the product of personal experience, getting his hands dirty, and working his way up.

Charting Success

“Every day is a competition,” he says, “Not having formal training is neither better nor worse – it’s simply a unique opportunity that you have to leverage to make it work.”

“Others are seeing that we are different and that this difference delivers real results. They are keen to resell us,” Jon explains, “The next two to three years will see those companies selling us or white-labelling us.”

The organic growth that has marked HATech’s progress over the past 18 months has piqued the interest of more established players.

“We regard every customer as an opportunity to demonstrate why we are uniquely successful.” This simplicity and honesty is contagious. In the three years that he has run the company, there has never been a single instance where Jon has had to ask an employee to stay late or work over the weekend. Everyone appreciates the importance of the projects as a unit and they all invest their time voluntarily. The credit is due in large part to the leadership team at HATech, which Jon has imbued with a very managementlight philosophy. They get their hands dirty with the rest of the office and this sets a great example for everyone else to follow.

This is a significant development for HATech. They can now leave marketing and sales to their partner network and focus exclusively on DevOps R&D and building up their technical solutions. To Jon, it is just as much about maintaining the reputation for excellence that HATech has already established as it is about new successes. “We have 24/7 support in place but few clients ever use it for malfunctioning apps or similar issues. That is a fantastic statistic and a great incentive to get it right the first time, every time.”

The emphasis on company culture is the product of Jon’s observations of industry and economic downturns over the past two decades. From the dot-com crash of the 90s to the recent housing market collapse, he realized that the survivors were not the companies with stellar reputations or exceptional products –

|October 2018|



Energy Efcient Technology

Cloud Computing Saving Energy through Technology


he rapid expansion in data centers, due to the exponential growth of the cloud computing has caused the dramatic increase in energy consumption and its effect on the environment in terms of the carbon footprints. To reduce the power consumption, it is required to develop some energy efficient solutions. The Green Computing is the practice of executing policies and the procedures to improve efficiency of the computing resources in such a way as to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of their utilization. Green Cloud Architecture is rising from these trends leading, not only to energy efficiency, but also a carbon emission aware concept. In order to reduce energy consumption, a greener environment needs to be built. Among all industries, the information communication technology (ICT) industry is arguably responsible for a larger portion of the worldwide growth in energy consumption. The goal of green cloud computing is to promote the recyclability or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste by reducing the use of hazardous materials and maximizing the energy efficiency during the product's lifetime. Energy to be saved The objective is to reduce power consumption of the data center. It offers the features like online monitoring, live virtual machine migration, and optimization of Virtual Machine Placement. Through this proposed Green Cloud Architecture, energy up to 27% can be saved. The need to manage multiple applications in a data center creates the challenge of on-demand resource provisioning and allocation in response to time-varying workloads. Data center resources are statically possessed to applications, based on the peak load characteristics, in order to provide performance guarantees and to maintain the isolation. Energy-efficient resource management has been first introduced in the context of battery fed mobile devices, where energy consumption has to be reduced in order to improve the battery lifetime. Techniques which are developed for mobile devices also can be applied or adapted for servers and data centers; this kind of systems requires specific methods. The primary method is to consolidate the Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling technique in an efficient way to maximize the resource utilization and to minimize energy consumption of the datacenters which will result in the reduced


|October 2018|

|October 2018|


carbon footprints and thus will help more in achieving the Green Computing. The Green Benefits Cloud computing is the way to save money and energy for the business. Users emphasize Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and can improve their manageability and facilitate the maintenance of the resources. It means that benefit of business enterprises implicates to avoid spending on software and infrastructure resources, and allow business clients to focus on earning money rather than being weighted down with infrastructure concerns. Therefore, operating this model allows reducing the consummation of the power energy without spending money on running the servers. Moreover, with no servers to repair, the absence of hardware to upgrade and no software to install, labor costs are also reduced. With SaaS software accesses usually through a browserbased client, i.e., it can run on virtually any authorized computer, making desktop and laptop resources easily replaceable. Thus, when the user also saves on the support, it doubles the impact and in fact increases green role in business. The employees can work remotely, traveling and moving from one place to another because they have fast access to the internet and the ability to use all the services at hand, on the other hand, it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and the harmful pollution that results from vehicle emissions as well. The reduction of energy and power consumption has become a first-order objective in the design of modern computing systems. The roots of energy-efficient computing, practices can be traced back to 1992, when the U.S. environmental protection agency had launched Energy Star, a voluntary labeling program which was designed to identify and promote the energy-efficient products in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Computers and monitors were the first labeled products. This has led to the widespread adoption of the sleep mode in electronic devices. The term “green computing” was introduced to refer to the energy-efficient personal computers. Interesting Research Findings While deploying data center, the sole concern is high-performance, and this demand has been fulfilled without paying much attention to the energy consumption. An average data center guzzles energy as much as 25,000 households. There is a necessity to move the focus to optimizing for energy efficiency while maintaining high service level performance than optimizing data center resource management for pure performance, as the energy cost is increasing while the availability dwindles. According to certain reports, the total estimated energy bill for data centers in the year 2010 was $11.5 billion and energy costs in a typical data center doubles every five years. For the development of cloud computing and it to sustain green technologies is exceedingly essential. Of the numerous green methodologies enquired, the DVFS technology is a highly hardware oriented approach and hence it is less flexible. Cloud computing is a highly scalable and cost-effective infrastructure for running an enterprise and the web applications. But the critical issue is the drastic surge in the energy consumption of data centers which is triggering by the growing demand for cloud infrastructure. Hence, the energy-efficient solutions are required which results in less number of carbon footprints and thus help in achieving greener computing.


|October 2018|

Kendoo Solutions:

A Specialized Cloud Computing and Big Data Solutions Provider

Give a brief overview of Kendoo Solutions and its solutions and services? Kendoo Solutions is a Cloud Computing consulting company that focuses on supporting clients in their journey to the cloud and implementing Big Data and DevOps solutions. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, the company has a team of highly qualified professionals and many success cases with clients of several industries. How do you diversify your product offerings to appeal to your target audience? We believe that not always the state of the art solution is the best solution for each client’s reality, sometimes because of costs and sometimes because of operational complexity. With that in mind, we deeply understand each client’s challenges and with a highly qualified team of experts that know the best practices, we plan and implement the solution that is best for the clients’ reality.

Filipe Barretto

Pedro Pisa

Chief Sales Officer



n an interview with Insights Success, Filipe Barretto, Chief Sales Officer and Pedro Pisa, CEO of Kendoo Solutions shares their interesting experiences and gives resourceful insights on industrial evolutions. In addition to this Filipe and Pedro has also noted about Kendoo Solutions, its products, and vision along with the future goals in revolutionizing the Cloud Computing industry. Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Filipe, Pedro and Insights Success:


Give a detailed explanation regarding the Founder/CEO/Management’s contribution in the industry and the company? The founding partners have a strong technical background and have always focused on using the technologies in the best possible way to help clients. Nowadays, Filipe focuses on understanding the client’s business and technical challenges, and developing new deals while Pedro, with several AWS certifications, focuses on developing complex solutions and managing Kendoo’s technical team. Besides, we organize Rio de Janeiro’s Cloud Computing Community that has more than 2000 members, with free events every month to discuss technologies, concepts, tools and case studies related to cloud computing. What historical forces, achievements or learning have shaped the journey of the company? The company was founded by students from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), one of the best engineering schools in the country that made research on virtualization, security, and networks, with a strong technical background. In |October 2018|

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Solution Providers 2018

the beginning of the company, besides the consulting services, the company developed its own startups. The startups won several prizes, such as the Young Entrepreneurs Award in Rio de Janeiro, Desafio Brasil and TOP 10 Seedstars World. After a strategic decision on focusing only in cloud consulting services, the learning from the startups developed a big sense of ownership and frugality in the company, understating by its own experiences the importance of doing more with less that we take to our clients’ solutions on daily bases. What are the core strengths of Kendoo Solutions offerings? Kendoo has a highly specialized technical team, where even interns have to accomplish an AWS Associate Certification in 6 months in the company, even without a prior knowledge of AWS services. The company aims to always implement the best technology solution to each client’s reality.

participated in a cloud computing event we met Kendoo Solutions. In a very transparent, honest and committed way, Kendoo immersed in our project, deeply understood our needs and presented a migration project for AWS. From the beginning of our partnership we felt a lot of safety in Kendoo and as the actions were taken and the project evolved we were witnessing the exponential improvement of performance, stability and the best - reduced cost. Today we can say that we have a trustworthy AWS infrastructure, and Kendoo does the whole operation thinking about the performance but without forgetting our costs. – Luan Seixas, Director of Digital Business in Folha Dirigida About the Leader Being the CEO of Kendoo Solutions, Pedro Pisa is specialized in information technology solutions such as ondemand software development and hosting of cloud computing systems. In the business field, he has an

“Kendoo Solutions deeply understands each client's challenges to deliver the best cloud computing, big data or DevOps solution to each client.” Where does Kendoo Solutions sees itself in the near future and what are its future goals? Kendoo Solutions plans to be a reference company in Latin America for Cloud Computing and Big Data solutions. We aim to expand our offices in Brazil and have commercial presence in other countries in the next five years. How do integrators/managed service providers/valueadded resellers and public sector partners benefit by doing business with your company? Other companies may benefit by doing business with Kendoo Solutions by being able to delivery highly complex technological solutions to their clients, generating more value.

experience in project management and financial & administrative management. In the field of computer engineering, he works on the requirements analysis, architecture and software development, database modeling, cloud computing, and computer networks. Filipe Barretto started working at the age of 17 and at the age of 20 he had already started his first business. In the academic world, he took part in research in the areas of cloud computing and network virtualization. Currently, at Kendoo Solutions, Filipe dedicates his efforts in prospecting new projects in the areas of cloud computing, big data and software development.

Give us some testimonials of your clients that accurately highlights company name’s standing in the market. It was then that we decided to study new solutions for a more efficient infrastructure. Then through one employee |October 2018|


Glorifying AWS Services infrastructure in 2006 and now it provides cloud computing service in more than 180 countries around the world. AWS offers cost effective, flexible and secure services to enterprises by collaborating with one of the best service providers in the industry. One of them is Nextlink Technology. Nextlink is an authorized AWS Premier Consulting Partner for the Greater China region (GCR), voted as the most promising AWS reseller in Asia Pacific. It sets out to assist enterprises to maximize benefits, listen to its clients for their customized requirement, and provide full range services to meet their diverse needs. It is also actively importing international resources in order to provide its clients with complete one stop cloud hosting services. Nextlink marks itself as a cloud technology expert. It has many certified developers and team of experienced international experts which strives to provide its clients professional, diverse, and worldwide cloud solutions and excellent services. The offered solutions are renowned for their ability to improve business operation efficiency, to resolve networking issues, and to ensure smooth business operations with advanced technical support.

Shasta Ho CEO


loud Computing is amongst one of the fastest growing industries in the world of technology. It offers better cost effective security and more flexibility to enterprises. The global cloud market is around $178 billion and is estimated to grow at the rate of 22%. One of the key factors behind the growth of this industry is big technology firms showing interest in cloud computing. Companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft are about to capture 76% of the market. AWS in specific has emerged as a reliable source for cloud solutions. It started by offering enterprises an IT


Nextlink believes in providing the best working environment to optimize the integrity of team’s spirit and sense of mission accomplishment, best services to clients, and maximize overall benefits with customers. It emphasizes on both, technology professionals and employee benefits. Moreover, the company continues to integrate and provide international and domestic cloud infrastructure as per the evolving requirements of its global client base. Story of Eminence Shasta Ho is the CEO of Nextlink Technology. Shasta holds an extensive knowledge of various industries including Gaming industry, Media industry to Internet of Things. He has provided the best advice for customer needs, and on top of that, he helps customers effectively manage IT expenditures, and ensures |October 2018|

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Solution Providers 2018

customers have no concerns when developing their business. Under his supervision, Nextlink was recognized by the leading business magazine as one of Top 10 APAC IT Service Companies (2017).

enterprises enjoyed potential advantages. For example, a host with more computing power could create virtual hosts operating on this host through virtualization technology.

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology Partners in the APN with deep industry experience and expertise.

In 2017, the virtualization platform still required enterprise users to purchase multiple physical servers and set up and manage these servers on their own. Some companies also chose IDC operators to rent equipment room and equipment to place and manage these physical servers and devices. Companies were expected to invest a large amount of funds in advance to build a computer room, data center, procurement host, and hire a professional team to manage the maintenance of physical machines.

Nextlink offers a one stop experience for all the solutions. It enables the customers to save resources. The company

Nextlink Technology is the first AWS Next-Generation Managed Services Partner (MSP) in Greater China region.

Strengthening Customers

“Nextlink is the cloud expert, and we link you to the cloud.” offers high quality managed services, including billing service, monitoring service, migration service, and customized integration/development service. This makes it one of the first APN partners to achieve AWS Mobile Competency status. The recognition is a proof that Nextlink Technology provides prominent solutions for developers or has deep experience working with developers, mobile-first business to help build, test, analyze and monitor to help customers successfully achieve their mobile goals on AWS.

(GCR) to receive AWS strict third-party audit certification, with cloud infrastructure and application development and migration ability to provide customers with active monitoring and alerting services, as well as partial or full management of various internal business applications. The certification of AWS managed services is a comprehensive and rigorous program, with more than 80 audit items and fair third-party audit certification, which reflects the full capabilities of managed service partners.

Achieving the same, the company has become an AWS Partner Network member that possess deep domain expertise in one or more of the following core mobile categories – Developer Tools, Testing & Performance Monitoring, or App Development & Consulting, having developed innovative technology and solutions that leverage AWS services.

Bringing More Possibilities

Journey of Excellence In 2010, information technology underwent through a phase of technology transfer. At that time, a group of users started using the Elastic Compute Cloud (hereafter EC2) such as AWS, or cloud services such as Google Gmail. Host virtualization was the mainstream of that time as the |October 2018|

Nextlink Technology has been recognized in Gartner’s March, 2018 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers (MSP), Worldwide report as well as Gartner Magic Quadrant 2018. Nextlink has a professional team with rich industry insights, listening to customer needs, providing customers with comprehensive solutions and cloud service consulting, and bringing more possibilities for customers’ business opportunities. It has a portal for customer to manage multiple cloud platforms will be the key tool in the future.


Editor’s Pick


Impressive of


Organic Networking T

he main reason for the invention of website, Internet and technology devices that provides the platform for software to run and connect with each other is mainly to make networking of services, products and people possible. Technology leaders such as Cisco, Arista and Apple are dedicating their resources to provide various business enterprises and the masses the ability to communicate their values through technology mediums called as Networking. The works and provisions of these organizations are very outstanding, and are believed to last for ages. This is because the growth of technology is not going out of style so soon, but rather it is believed to continue into the future. Technology networking strategies is good, but to make it more eective there is the incessant need to incorporate organic strategies. You may be asking what I mean by Organic Networking or Strategies. The organization that will survive in the market in the near future, considering the increasing rate of competition are the ones who take the necessary steps, to develop more human connection for their business, more than they do for machines such as provided by AI. The Factors to Consider for an Eective Organic Networking: Even as our age is encouraging more of technology strategies, if we must survive the future of it all, then we must connect more people, than we do for machines. As an


|October 2018|

innovative networking solution provider, it is going to pay more, when you include human intelligence and physicality in your networking strategies over machines. Imagine a day that the machines are going to have a serious breakdown, and the owner organization do not have the capable persons to figure out the cause of the breakdown and possibly provide a feasible solution? What will be the fate of the organization? This means that, there will be a great loss of value and possibly a strike off the industry. I know you would never want that to happen. So, plan from now, to never pay for the loss in the future. Balance Your People to machine Deployment. Social Medias are for networking, Newspapers and various Medias are also for networking, but there are people behind the arc of this innovation. The more you incorporate AI and machine learning strategies, always remember the need for Control Engineers and those are human beings. The most successful organizations identify the major importance of |October 2018|

people networking and how best to utilize human intelligence in their business quest. For example; if you write an article and share it on a website, who do you expect to read your article; human beings or machines? It is obvious that the organic networking aspect of computing will never go out of style; else, there will be a day in the future that digital connection and values will be measured on the number of bots that read your articles and/or that paid for your services. So, remember to balance the rate of your people to machine deployment, by acknowledging the need of human networking over technology networking. The Need for Organic Sense in Networking and the Future: Technology is the miracle of our age, Artificial Intelligence is a major molding factor of this development, IoT is the liberator from machine isolation by providing the platform to interconnect millions of them over the virtual platforms, but humans make these things possible.

Networking is an innovative concept with high profile technology terms. If one does not implore deep interest and concentration while exploring this realm, there may be a serious distortion of original motive of indulgence, and this can lead to serious breakdown of enterprise infrastructure. Sometimes, it maybe direct and other times, it will be indirect, but in all, it will always have an impact. The future of technology is very bright, and that is mainly dependent on how available we make the resources to help manage what we have today in the near future. For this to be possible, the networking solution providers must incorporate more of organic sense in their solutions and industry advancements. Technology will advance, more machines will be connected, devices will be programmed to run independently, but in all these things, the humans in the network will still rule the universe. The more organic you make your networking strategies, the lesser the fear of a disastrous future for your organization.


Cloud Insights


AI to

Automatically Optimize

Cloud costs T

he Birth of Cloud Computing

Back in the early days of cloud computing, if we would tell you that every business and consumer would eventually be running their entire compute and storage infrastructure digitally, we would sound crazy. But just 17 years later, it seems inevitable that the old world of data centers and on-premise servers will go the way of the physical newspaper and radio. Indeed, even Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, didn’t envision this future back in 2000. At the time, Amazon was simply struggling to scale despite hiring a lot of new developers. Jassy, who was Amazon’s Chief of Staff at the time, dove into the problem to discover that the hardware and infrastructural needs simply were not being met fast enough. Jassy set out to speed up this process internally, allowing the internal R&D team to access a pool of common compute and storage resources, making it easier for each to launch their own projects without needing to deal with the underlying infrastructure. Eventually, at a team summit in 2003, they realized this was a need for every other company on the planet, and so AWS was born.


The birth of Spotinst: Rising cloud costs Today, there is a similar revolution beginning in the world of cloud computing. One still in its early stages, but seemingly destined to grow just as quickly as AWS. “Spotinst aims to be the largest provider of cloud infrastructure without running any servers,” says Amiram Shachar, CEO & Founder of Spotinst. The statement is bold on its own, but when you dive a bit deeper, not much bolder a claim than had you asked Andy Jassy the same back in 2003. Just as Jassy found an internal struggle today, Spotinst began with Shachar’s identification of a problem at his company, then Lycos Global Group. As Director of DevOps, Shachar was pressed with the task of migrating all Lycos’ servers to the cloud, but costs quickly jumped. “Within a couple of months of moving to the cloud, our costs had actually risen dramatically, way beyond any calculator that we used to predict it” continued Shachar. “To the point where we were actually planning to move everything back to on-premise.” Just around that time, Shachar encountered the relatively unused offering at AWS, called Spot Instances. Spot |October 2018|

Amiram Shachar Chief Executive OfďŹ cer


About the CEO Amiram Shachar is CEO & Founder of Spotinst, which leverages excess cloud capacity to help customers save ~80% on cloud costs. Before Spotinst, he was Director of DevOps at Ybrant Media and led the Israeli Defense Forces migration to the cloud.

|October 2018|


Instances were spare server capacity at AWS, cleverly packaged to enable monetization of these servers. AWS offered these idle servers for massive 90% discounts with one major caveat - they’ll kick you off once a customer wants to pay full price for those servers. Shachar smelled opportunity. “By building algorithms that could predict the spare capacity terminations in advance, we could then migrate to another spare server beforehand, saving us 80% on our cloud costs.” After a few months, Shachar and his team were running nearly 75% of their compute power on AWS spare capacity. Just like Jassy back in 2003, the lightbulb eventually went off - there was a far larger opportunity at hand here. The virtual cloud: run code without dealing with cloud providers “All companies running on cloud struggle to keep costs down,” Shachar says. “But with a long list of priorities including security and maintaining site reliability, DevOps teams often don’t have the time to do all of the work required to optimize cost.” But while Spotinst’s first product was aimed at helping companies reliably leverage spare capacity to reduce costs, Shachar and his co-founders, Liran Polak and Aharon Twizer, had a bigger vision. Today, managing cloud infrastructure has become just as complex as running on-premises. With a plethora of new AWS, Google, and Azure offerings launching every month, along with an increasingly vast list of companies that build off these offerings, figuring out the balance between cost and performance is a major challenge. But, Shachar envisions a world where you don’t have to.

ensure that your applications are always running on the most cost-effective servers, given your performance requirements. Instead of exploring the long list of alternatives within and across the different cloud providers, Spotinst will take care of it all under the hood. Today, their platform recognizes any workload that could be run on a cheaper server. Just put those workloads under Spotinst’s control and their algorithms will take care of the rest - those workloads will forever run on the cheapest servers available. All without compromising performance or availability. Using a new Serverless offering, where developers can simply write code without dealing with any of the underlying infrastructure, Spotinst aims to deliver on this promise in a major way. “All you should ever have to do is write code,” says Shachar. “Our algorithms will make sure it is always running on the most cost-effective infrastructure, across all cloud providers, for your performance and availability needs.” In other words, just write the code, and Spotinst will make sure it always runs at the lowest cost possible for your performance needs. As Shachar says, “in 10 years, just as everyone is making the shift to cloud today, they will be making the shift to Serverless computing. Only with Spotinst, they’ll be able to also ensure they are paying the best possible price, all without doing anything.” The promise of companies all running a perfectly optimized cloud without ever dealing with the infrastructure seems bold. But as we learned from Jassy and AWS, in another 10-15 years, it may just be an inevitability.

The promise of the virtual cloud The promise of Shachar’s vision is simple at heart - a virtual cloud. Spotinst will leverage machine learning to


|October 2018|

Vmengine: Global Leaders of Cloud Computing and AWS Solutions

move on to building a solid project tailored to these needs. In carrying out the project, we intensify our relationships with the customer’s technical staff, so as to minimize waste of time and resources. Once the project is completed, thanks to specific automation and our expertise, we take care of monitoring and implementations, ensuring SLAs of over 99%. What are the core strengths of VMengine offerings? We have chosen to characterize our work with three key points: ● Customized solutions ● Continuous updating of skills ● Security standards compliance In addition, the experience gained on the Amazon Web Services platform gave us the opportunity to obtain the status of Public and Reseller Partner of the best cloud provider in the world.

Fabio Cecaro CEO


n an interview with Insights Success, the CEO & AWS Senior Solutions Architect of VMengine, Fabio Cecaro shares his key insights on Cloud computing and AWS solutions, and most importantly, leadership. Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Tom and Insights Success: How do you diversify your product offerings to appeal to your target audience? The first meeting with the customer is essential. We must know how to listen to their needs. Only then can we


What historical forces, achievements or learning have shaped the journey of the company? Certainly the partnership with Amazon web services has been the turning point, because it has allowed us to have the best technological partner in the world for our sector. So we are able to offer our expertise to Companies with higher quality and security standards. Where does VMengine sees itself in the near future and what are its future goals? Our first goal is to spread the cloud computing culture, both among our potential customers but also among our potential employees. We are expanding our staff to increase in the short term the quality of our offer, but also to invest in the long run our major resources in research and development of new cloud based solutions that we have already started to design. How do integrators/managed service providers/value-added resellers and public sector partners benefit by doing business with your company? |October 2018|

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As we said before, the keyword in our era is Security. This means reliability, updating and continuous monitoring. We are compliant with the common security standard and we provide a strong documentation to avoid future problems to our partner. Give us some testimonials of your clients that accurately highlights company name’s standing in the market. “Thanks to VMengine we have finally found a flexible, secure and reliable solution for our web infrastructure.” – CMO, Sogeit Solutions Srl, Vodafone Italia Cloud Project “Saving and scalability is the perfect combination we have obtained from the partnership with VMengine.” – CTO, Filoblu srl “Thanks to the potential of the AWS cloud we finally have the possibility to realize all our ideas.” – CTO, Quadronica srl, Fantagazzetta Project

Completing a decade long journey, VMengine studies and realizes virtual infrastructures exploiting the extraordinary opportunities offered by Cloud Computing, building solutions tailored to the customer needs. In parallel, it carries out evangelization activities through events (Called Napoli Cloud Camp), seminars, associations and communities with the ultimate aim of telling how, through the Cloud, it is possible to build the foundations for sustainable development together. About the Leader Fabio theorized the business model of Cloud Computing during his experience in Vodafone, even before it was called in this way. As often happens with disruptive ideas, few took it seriously, and this prompted him in 2008 to found the start-up that we know today as VMengine. He was the president and founder of the EuroCloud association and now is one of the most experienced Cloud Architects in Italy. His work start from a simple question: How I can

“Cloud is our passion. Realize your project is our mission.” “With the support of VMengine we have reduced energy consumption by 70% and the scalability allows us to face seasonal sales with confidence.” – CEO, 12Print srl About the Company Founded in 2008, VMengine is specialized in Cloud Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Migration and Data Security. It believes in Cloud Computing as a business model. For this reason it proposes solutions increasingly oriented to energy and cost savings. For VMengine, scalability is the keyword. The company takes charge of the design, implementation, and monitoring of its client’s infrastructure and takes care of know-how, experience, contacts with vendors, design, implementation, monitoring and selection of the best Cloud Provider. VMengine helps companies to grow up and reduce infrastructure management costs, ensuring scalability, energy and cost savings.

|October 2018|

simplify, generate savings and reduce environmental pollution through IT transformation? During his work period in Vodafone, Fabio developed passion for Server Virtualization. He is a Cloud Solution Architect, and an expert visionary of Cloud Computing model. He began his career in studying physics and computer engineering and is primarily known as a lifetime researcher.



Revenue Tips

Can Create

Business Developments With Different

Revenue Streams


aaS or ‘Software as a Service’ is being used rigorously in current business ventures as it provides more accuracy and vision to any business project. Interestingly, with this solution, the importance of installing the hardware devices to run the data and different applications has lost its importance. It is a very selective section of cloud computing, through which the future business data collection process can be simpler than ever. SaaS is a very profitable genre in the field of futuristic business ventures, and thus a question may arise about the SaaS business, and that is what could be the revenue stream for such business enterprise, or in general words, the earning process for the SaaS business! Unfortunately some people believe that there are no such good ways of earning revenue for Saas business and if there are some sources, those are very minor in their conducts. Interestingly, the reality and the current situation are otherwise, and there are a number of ways in which the SaaS business can earn its revenue. ‘Payment’ to get the software is not the only mode of earning, and the enterpriser of this business can earn great revenue with multiple options, without stressing out on particular section of the business venture. Here are some of the solutions: Set-up Cost and Upsell A Set-up cost is one of the common ways to earn the revenue and it gives clarity to the providers about the authenticity of the users and determines the commitment too, thus it is a great way to explore the minds of the customers and the possible future relationship with the users. On the other hand the set up earning can actually lead to the upsell market for the SaaS providers. It is one of the easiest ways to enhance the revenue through the existing customers, and it is a great business opportunity, as this way of earning lessens the dependency of the brand on the pressure of adding up new customers. To maintain the continuity with the existing customers certain facilities like offering additional storage, speed, data, bandwidth or the frequency are enlisted as 'services'. Though, this process of earning is largely dependent on the benefit of the product or the service, along with the need or requirement of the client. Affiliate Marketing It is another great way to boost the earning for the SaaS business as, through this process, it becomes a two-way system to get business, where the users advertise or sell the product. As the process is


|October 2018|

earning money, and it is the best way of earning through the free version users, but not very apt for the paid customers. As the paid customers already pay a certain amount, adding advertisements can create a negative impact on them. So even if the ads are there, they must be in a way that looks less annoying for the users.

dependent on the users, it is not dependent on any other external way from the business providers' side. The SaaS providers are only responsible to pay the commission after getting the revenue. So it is definitely a win-win situation for the SaaS providers. Customer Service and Information Charges Saas providers are on the verge of adding a new structure for great revenue, which are customer service and information charges. As with this system, the business providers offer to sale some of the researched information to the clients. It is not very difficult for the clients to value them by paying the money as they are getting a great help, and interestingly it can work for the clients to cling to the services which can create the path for more business. Basically, a great customer service is the key to earn good money and with the satisfaction of the customers; the process can be on the loop for a great revenue system. Advertisement Advertisements are the most common sector of

|October 2018|

API Model This is rather a complicated but effective method of earning lucrative revenue. If the SaaS can coordinate or work with other software applications, the importance of it can rise to a whole new level. This work model can do magic for some of the users and it can have a great value or earning in the future. But this great system comes with certain risks, and the reason is, the amount of money invested to create and run it. But if the developers can be assured of its service and the demand of the customers, it can turn out to be a great moneymaking option. Reselling When some of the SaaS is so apt that the potential customers want to avail it for their business purpose, the tie-up with the providers or the reselling of the product can be beneficial form the point of view of the revenue. This process is known as the White Label Licensing. At the end of this discussion, the conclusion is, a better service can open up new trails for Revenue Streams for SaaS Business. SaaS is not a new concept, but the vast implication is definitely new. So there are a number of scopes yet to be explored by the developers of this new business. Thus, the future and the success of SaaS business is dependent on exploring various ways for SaaS revenue, and with more innovative ideas for the revenue, the market of SaaS business will be more strengthened to touch the zenith.


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The 10 Most Recommended AWS Solution Providers 2018  

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