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n.98 February 2020

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closed for coronavirus For a world free from virus


his edition of our magazine Pizza & core International is printed and diffused in a very extraordinary situation, a very critical period for the food and catering sectors. We are referring to the diffusion of the COVID 19 virus, which in particular in Italy is creating a deep crisis. It is still unknown how and when the epidemy began and how it has then developed. It is unknown when this sad phenomenon will finish in the countries where it is now diseases and death. In all this situation, we are very convinced to condemn the desecrating satire used by some unpolite information mean, like for example the French TV Canal Plus which diffused the useless and awful videoclip, denigrating Italian pizza and Italians all, where they allude to the contamination of pizza

with the Covid 19 virus. A kind of satire that nobody on earth has appreciated, because everyone must respect food, history and tradition of a folk and its country, which are a treasure to defend and which nothing has in common with this tragic epidemy. They could be on the contrary an antidote or the cure. We and all the operator of the sectors are working for the safeguard and defensing of quality, traditions, food variety, because these are the real worth of our health. We all together should spread the idea of the respect of different cultivar, the attention to the wastefulness in order to promote a better world. In this better world some virus can’t live so far. Giuseppe Rotolo



Albania catering? The number one is In the land of eagles, good food and good taste have a precise name: “N. Neranxi”


he firm has got over thirty years of experience in the import and processing of raw materials in the food sector in Albania and Kosovo. A great growth way that brought “N. Neranxi” to become a point of reference in the Albanian catering sector. It was very difficult to emerge in a country dominated in the past by the Comunist regime and then to manage with a young and chaotic market. The company N. Neranxi has achieved great results, met the right people, signed the right winning


partnerships, by putting on the field its wide vision of the future, its sacrifices and tenacity, up to the result of becoming a successful model. Nowadays “N. Neranxi” deals with commerce, catering and education. The network of restaurants is in constant development on the whole territory of Albania, Montenegro e Macedonia. Recently the company N. Neranxi has opened some new shops in the UK, where it enforced its business and the imagine of the brand. It has become a leader on the Balcanic market and abroad.


Information, formation and good food culture During its long activity the company “N. Neranxi” solved a special mission in order to stimulate the operators of the cuisine art to focus on quality and variety of their products. In the cafés, restaurants, fast-food, pastry shops, ice-cream parlor, catering, the main rule of the group is that of giving a good formation and information. For this reason, ten years ago was born the Neranxi Culinary Institute. In the last ten years a lot of professionals of the sector got their diploma by the Institute. The company is leaded by a great visionary manager like the President Nikollaq Neranxi. Klodi and Franc Companies become great and successful thanks to the work of great professionals, like Klodi Gurra and Franc Kanapari. Smiling faces, energy and good preparation, they always get ready to improve their job. Klodi was born and resident in Tirana and tells us: «I finished my studies at the Touristic&Hotel School in Tirana and I have worked for ten years at the “N. Neranxi” as expert in ice-cream art and in bakery. Now I’m a teacher at the Neranxi Culinary Institute, moreover I give professional assistance to the customers of the firm “N. Neranxi”. In

this prestigious Albanian firm, the best one for gastronomy, I had the opportunity to meet other international firms. We exchange ideas, experiences and make business as well. These are experiences that always stimulate my hunger of knowledge». Franc is an expert of bakery and pizza: «I finished the Art school in Kavaja where I was born and actually live. Then I continued to study at the “Neranxi Culinary Institute”. At the end of the course I had the opportunity to become an employer of the firm “N. Neranxi” and I’ve worked here for six years, at the Neranxi Culinary Institute, I’m a teacher of the bakery course, I promote also the products of the firm “N. Neranxi”. I am also a technician in the partnerships, in facts we offer our experience to the customers and professionals. I had ever had the dream to prepare dishes for my customers to conquer them and this job allows me to realize that dream every day». Excellence reaches for excellence. The firm “N. Neranxi” collaborates with the Italian society “Italmill” two leaders in their own sectors. The collaboration is characterised by a continuous exchange of ideas, knowledge and tastes. At the SIGEP fair, Klodi and Franc were the promoters of the products by Italmill in the stand of the Italian company, a stand visited by thousands of people.





What out!... the bread When bread is the style of a restaurant


f there’s no bread, I don’t eat! This is a statement which could appear a paradox, considering the fact that Italian people have reduced their consumptions of bread. But it is also true that, when they are in a restaurant, they taste everything, included bread. The data are very eloquent: a 10% of the bread baked off every day by the bakeries is produced for the restaurants. Our suggestion for our friends pizzaiolos is the following: what out! Bread and breadsticks and taralli are very important for the customers, they are guarantee of a quality offer. They must be tasteful and genuine because they are very appreciated by the guests. Bread is the protagonist of the table and therefore we decided to devote it a section of our magazine. The most recent trends say that this simple, ancient and noble food is prepared with traditional methods, focusing on the quality of flours, yeast and rising times. For this reason, bread becomes a distinctive element on the table, it creates a real worth for the restaurant. In some restaurant bread is served directly cut on the table, in the presence of the clients. In

order to create a kind of choreography. In the meanwhile, bread is explained in all its secrets: how it is made, which are its ingredients, so that the customers attention is caught and they taste it in a more conscious way. Some restaurants propose different kinds of bread, which are to match with the different dishes, like the sommeliers do with wine. There is white bread, made with stone grinded flours, containing wheat seeds and mother yeast, which is suggested to match perfectly with Italian appetizer or cheese and cold cuts. There is also aromatized bread made with bran flour or organic flour, which perfectly match with meat dishes. There is bread and fruit, which are perfect with cheese. The perfection comes on the table, when the bread has just been baked, like a pizza. It is very important to bring bakery in the restaurant, in order to give the customers a novelty to conquer them and surprise them. Together with bread, pay attention to other bakery products like breadsticks, taralli and so on. These are very meaningful details…genuine and tasteful…like bread.



Paris is well worth a… pizza especially if it is Neapolitan and modern


o catch the palate of French people is very hard, they are very pretentious dealing with food, they are convinced to be the leaders in this sector, and no other country could compete. The reality is completely different: a Neapolitan “scugnizzo” Peppe Cutraro, born and grown up in Naples, has conquered the heart and the palate of French people. He is very talented in the sector of pizza, and from the notorious poor district of Naples, called “quartieri spagnoli” he has gained the appreciation and trust of France. He represents a mix between passion and talent, he’s also

World Champion in the Caputo Cup and ambassador of Neapolitan pizza in Paris. His sign is “Peppe Paris”, his pizza restaurant is at the nr. 2 of rue Saint-Blaise, in a characteristic square of the Capital city of France. In this corner of Paris, which maintains a surreal atmosphere of the past times, the “baguette” has now been surpassed by pizza, thanks to Peppe. The citizens are fool for him and his pizza: “J`aimerais une pizza, ou plutôt deux, on n`en fait pas trois” (I’d like one pizza, or better two…even not three). 8

The location is amazing and comfortable, reflecting the Neapolitan warm spirit. The absolute protagonist is the pizza. You could also call it Queen pizza. Giuseppe Cutraro has put in his job a lot of passion, talent, but above all quality and professionality. Nothing has been done with improvisation. He put a lot of experience, years and years of study and practice. Quality means also to do the right choice of raw materials and ingredients, as for example the flour Nuvola by Mulino Caputo, ideal for light doughs which realize a pizza digestible and crispy. The great success of Peppe Paris is due to the selection of flours by Caputo, a company that has always supported the quality pizza ambassadors all around the world. Antimo Caputo, manager of the firm, affirms: «We trust in and we invest our resources in the guys of Naples who could reach success in the world. Like other good pizzaiolos from Naples, Peppe represents the future of the city, the one that draws its life-blood from the ancient tradition and that looks towards tomorrow with hope and faith. Mulino Caputo will always support them». In the meanwhile, with great satisfaction of Peppe, the citizens of Paris acclaim him and repeat their gentle request: “J`aimerais une pizza, ou plutôt deux, on n`en fait pas trois”. As a matter of fact, chauvinism and grandeur disappear in front of a dish “scugnizzo”, they soon become happy while tasting it… The key of their happiness is the taste of a good pizza. Giuseppe Rotolo



theTOOLS of the trade

Titolo: Forata. E’ Gi.Metal



good pizza comes from a variety of factors, among them there is also the choice of a perfect tool, in particular the

shovel. Gi.Metal and its innovative tools, during its long career has always been engaged in the creation of the best shovels for the realization of quality pizzas. The firm had the ability to foresee the exigencies of the market, by giving birth to its products which always became a “must have” and were considered the turning point in the sector, therefore they are imitated all around the world. The company Gi.Metal was born in 1986 as a blacksmith lab, and later it became the most important producer of professional tools for pizza. The explanation of this enormous success is due to some factors: first of all, a clear vision of the objectives to pursue, a cohesive team, inner project and production processes, focus on com-

munication and a great attention for the market demand. It was thanks to the deep attention to the requests of the pizza makers, that in the 1990s Gi.Metal introduced a completely new concept, which was a real revolution for the pizza tools: the drilled shovel. It deals with a great innovation which simplified the job of the pizzaiolo, by improving the quality

Pala Linea Azzurra 10

Nuova Linea Evoluzione

of the final product. The exceptional final result is possible because the drilled shovel allows to discharge the flour in excess, by avoiding the burning of it, and consequently smokes and bitter residuals. Soon this innovative tool was imitated and a lot of similar tools were diffused but they reveal to be useless. The tool Gi.Metal is the best one because of the size and position of the holes: they are realized with a special gear which drills the shovel and contemporarily smoothens the holes, in order to make it more sliding. This is a minimal detail, but it is essential. Linea Azzurra Shovel During the years Gi.Metal has perfectioned and diversified the drilling of the shovel, by creating different kinds of drilling in order to satisfy many exigencies, both of the professional pizza maker and the amateur one. At the HOST 2019 edition, Gi.Metal presented the last drilling united with an innovative design for the new line called Evoluzione and for its best seller Carbon and Gold. The new line Evoluzione was presented at the Host 2019 Thanks to the position of the holes, which are disposed on oblique lines, the discharge of the flour occurs in a double direction, with an enormous enhancement of the performance. The new drilling is also visible in the new 2020 advertising campaign, it says: “È FORATA. È GI.METAL” (It is drilled, it is by Gi.Metal), underlining the unique and inimitable drilling by Gi.Metal.

The pros of the drilling by Gi.Metal: Maximum fluency: very low friction between the dough and the shovel surface; Lightness: the head of the shovel has got less material and it is lighter; Perfect taste: the drilling allows to discharge all the exceeding flour, so the taste is genuine, without burnings and smoke savor; Less smoke: less flour in the oven means also less smoke in the restaurant; More hygiene: less burnt flour means also more hygiene in the oven; The first drilled shovel is called Azzurra, that has become a symbol of the company since many years.

gimetal.it 11

Bakery chef

a cura di Nico Carlucci


Professionality, passion and love for the white art: the new section of our magazine Pizza&core collection will be cared by Nico Carlucci. With his natural communicative ability, Nico Carlucci is very famous for his mastership and because he’s the partner of many important companies dealing with flours and mills. He’s also teacher of bakery and of white art at the E.n.a.p. Puglia in Corato and other institutes. In spite of his 25-years-experience, the philosophy of Carlucci has always remained the same: that is there is no limit in learning. With this new section he contributes to acknowledge all those who want to get some important suggestions about the white art.


Bakery chef Lab temperature: 29,2° C with 29% wetness Container temperature: 29,1° C Time of execution: about 3 hours Total weight of the final product: about Kg. 2,690 Pieces: about N. 65 breadsticks What is needed: plastic cloth and cotton cloth, round cutter, spray dispenser, scale, pans 60x40 lined with parchment paper.

Ingredients - Kg. 2 whole flour - Gr. 50 beer yeast (2,5% of the flour weight) 7,5° C - Gr. 20 malt (1% of the flour weight) 24,1° C - Lt. 1,2 water (60% of the flour weight) 1,3° C - Gr. 200 extra virgin olive oil (10% of the flour weight) 27° C - Gr. 40 fine salt (2,5% of the flour weight) 26° C * Seeds of flax, sesame and poppy

PROCEDURE Begin the dough in the mixing machine with spiral hook, by adding flour, yeast, malt. Mix all the ingredients for one minute. Ad 1,1 lt. water, slowly and divided into some parts, in order to let the dough to become smooth. After that add the extra virgin olive oil, slowly. This procedure should last 9 minutes at a speed 1. Add salt and the remaining 0,100 lt water and let the machine work for 3 minutes at speed 2. Pull out the dough (it will weigh about 3,510 kg at a temperature of 22,8° C), stretch it with a rolling pin and with a thickness of 2 cm. Let rest for 15 minutes at room temperature, by covering it with a plastic cloth, previously oiled. Cut the breadsticks with the help of a round cutter, smoothen them and put them in the pan. Let them rise for 1 hour, covering them with the cotton cloth at the room temperature (31,3° C). Bake them at 210° C for 20 minutes until they appear goldened. A VARIATION: with seeds of sesame or poppy, fennel, ginger, turmeric, you can prepare breadsticks of different flavour or colours. N.B. the quantity of water in the recipe could be varied in order to obtain a harder dough. The quantity of yeast could be varied depending on the room temperature. The cooking time could be varied according to the characteristics of your oven.


Every pizza chef has a story to tell that is revealed through his recipes.

Just like Salvatore, from Palermo, whose character is rustic and genuine. A personality that expresses itself through a dough made from a mix of classic 00 flour and Grano Franto, creating pizzas with a strong and decisive flavor Рjust like him! le5stagioni.it curtarolo@agugiarofigna.com Π+39 049 9624611

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Pizza&core International n 98  

The magazine dedicated to the world of pizza and catering

Pizza&core International n 98  

The magazine dedicated to the world of pizza and catering

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