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n.123 December 2022

022 is almost over.

Is it a piety? Let’s say that luckily, it’s going away, it was a very hard year for everyone: Coronavirus, which still hangs around with its variants; the outbreak of a war involving us more than it could be imagined and foreseen; then the raw materials crisis, skyrocketing energy costs, speculation, inflation.

All happened in the same unlucky year. All these facts simultaneously with the growth of the Ho.Re. Ca. market, that is rapidly evolving and with a changeable consumer taste and lifestyle, who must deal with inflation and high costs of living. Analysts are already advising us about the next year: 2023 will not be better. Will they be right? What kind of year awaits the

Ho.Re.Ca. therefore?

Caution is the trend topic, no fears are felt. People are accustomed or resigned.

As a matter of fact, eating and drinking away from home is such a deeply rooted habit that a pandemic (although it was devastating) and a consequent crisis will not be enough to eradicate it. The eating out will not be renounced, at most there will be a spending review in the following months. Inflation and high costs are a fact. Ho. Re. ca. will continue to be one of the main assets of economy of the whole world, both in economic and social terms, a sector where pizza will continue to play the central role being the main actor.

Happy new year!

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Giuseppe ROTOLO

Following the success of the 2020 appointment, the baking art in its artisan and professional forms is back in Rimini with a unique and extraordinary review in terms of variety of technologies combined with products, ingredients and concept premises.

Having achieved the goal of bringing together the entire Italian bakery sector in a single large event, made in Italy companies of reference and leading European brands will be the outright protagonists in Rimini where they will be presenting the most innovative and representative solutions for the trade. The appointment, for all bakery and pastry operators from 5 continents, is in

Rimini on January 2023.

Ab Tech Expo is a complete and international event able to involve all supply chain processes, from product storage to preparation of recipes, from dough to production (dividing, forming, cutting), right up to leavening, cooking, cooling, cutting and end packaging, naturally including all the services relating to process quality.

The entire supply chain will be showcased in what is a not-tobe-missed event for anyone wanting to do business in the sector and discover all the new production and consumption trends, new premises formats and new marketing concepts.

4 events

Do you want to open a restaurant? Do you already have one, but want to make it special? Do you have an incredible passion for the Wild West, and would you like to decorate your restaurant like the set of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”?

A themed restaurant is a location where in addition to specific dishes, the décor, lighting and overall concept are also aimed at creating an immersive experience for the customer.

The bureaucratic process is identical to that of a classic restaurant, while as far as the furnishing of

a cura di Giovanni ROTOLO

the restaurant and future management is concerned, it is advisable to rely on qualified, tight-knit and experienced personnel.

Opening a themed restaurant can be a winning business choice, as long as passion and careful choice of décor and dishes are successfully combined.

It is important to be creative, but also to trust your instincts to create a unique and appealing restaurant.

Examples include “La piccola Borghesia” in Madrid, a place totally dedicated to children, or “Dans le Noir”, a restaurant offering a “blinding eyes” dinner experience.

“Submarino” in Valencia is also very special, a place where you can enjoy a fish dinner surrounded by more than 10,000 pelagic species.

For lovers of riddles, the “Enigma” chain offers magic shows, interactive games, humorous routines and puzzles to solve while dining.

“Pianeta Comico” is a place created for superhero lovers, where the décor and walls narrate the exploits of Batman&company while young and old enjoy nuggets, burgers, sandwiches and ribs.

At the “Muna Loa” restaurant, you can take a trip to the Hawaiian beaches while staying in Madrid, while the “Sana Sana” restaurant offers food plated on surgical trays and the use of scientific material such as test tubes and beakers.

There are also plenty of movie-

a cura di Giovanni ROTOLO

themed restaurants: ”Lumos Pub” in Ercolano inspired by the Harry Potter saga, “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” in Orlando, “Hobbiton” in New Zealand, entirely dedicated to the Lord of the Rings, the “Soupa Saiyan” in the United States, a tribute to Dragon Ball

In short, there are venues of all kinds, inspired by films, TV series, books, fairy places and atmospheres. If you want to create an iconic and recognisable place, focus on imagination, creativity and fun.

A different and engaging experience will undoubtedly intrigue your guests, in a place where you can not only eat, but also feed your eyes and heart, and why not, become a child again for a moment.

mondo HO.RE.CA

psychology in the pizzeria

When talking about atmosphere we metaphorically refer to something that is apparently not “palpable”, a certain je ne sais quoi that envelops words and places conditioning the moods and passions of those immersed in it.

Atmosphere is an important factor, as it leads to remembering an evening spent in a club with pleasure. The higher the pleasure, the higher the loyalty, a factor of prime importance for restaurant owners.

Our memory is strongly influenced by emotions and feelings. Our brain prefers and stores emotionally meaningful memories more effectively. For example, an olfactory memory is never purely a matter of the nose, sin-

ce an odour is stored together with the sensory and emotional context in which it was “experienced”. Recalling it therefore means associating it with a sensation and re-experiencing a situation in which that particular aroma impressed us, stimulated our emotions and was recorded in our mind.

Usually, these are memories with positive connotations linked to pleasant atmospheres. In most cases the decision to go out to eat is made not only to satisfy the need for hunger, but above all to have a pleasant experience.

A self-respecting restaurant must be able to provide an experience of sight, taste, smell, hearing and last but not least, touch. But what can be done to make it an unforgettable


psychology in the pizzeria

and seductive experience? There are many elements that contribute to reach this result. How do you get to make a magical environment? What are the ingredients?

Personalising and giving a precise identity to your venue is indispensable for it to be remembered. A good organisation of the space and a safe and comfortable environment predispose customers in a favourable way. Always offer excellent quality, wellprepared food, accompanied by a wide choice of beverages, whether wine or beer. Be hospitable and welcoming and make all guests feel equally important. Take care of the cleanliness of all environments so that they are impeccable and then create an engaging and pleasant atmosphere, in other words create a project that can make everything harmonious and coherent.

Nothing can be improvised and left to chance, everything must be planned and studied. A project, like a venue, is never the same as another and must always take into account the identity of the location, it must tell a story of a place, of a territory, with its flavours and traditions.

Uniquiness is a winning factor. Everything must be aimed at enhancing the quality of the gastronomic experience. The use of light is of paramount importance in deciding the success or failure of the experience. Food is perceived more succulent and appetising in the right light, so lighting has to be designed in such a way as to provide an unforgettable multi-sensory journey.

In short, let us always keep in mind, everything that is able to emotionally move creates stronger and more lasting memories.


project by introducing the first peel in its series and revolutionising the concept of ‘pizza tools’. In fact, starting on 3 November, the first exclusive limited edition peel by Gi.Metal will be available for purchase at A limited number of pieces were produced, which are worth buying right away.

The Limited Edition project stems from the desire to support pizza makers as they naturally evolve. Gi.Metal is aware of the fact that this profession is changing: in fact, pizza makers now also run their own business, and believe it is very important not only to use innovative and reliable work tools, but also to source quality products that they can include in their menu. The personal image has become more important than ever, since it allows pizza makers to set themselves apart, making their brand stand out.

Gabriele Lastrucci, Sales Director of Gi.Metal, explains:

«I like to think of pizza makers as “artists”, driven by a shared passion and yet different from each other, original and unique. We combined quality, innovation and aesthetics, which are our hallmark, with values such as the originality and uniqueness of pizza makers, and it all came naturally».

“Be Unique” is actually the motto behind the project, which will involve releasing several peels in a limited series, with a brand-new look and excellent technical performance. Its special laser-cut


customised handle is a prime example of the fact that Gi.Metal offers an outstanding level of quality. A name, a principle that guides pizza makers in their job, an inscription for someone special: all these options are offered to customers in order to create a unique and distinctive item.

The logo has been transformed to give the Limited Editions a distinct identity: the ‘swoosh’ are born, becoming the eternal beating heart, for pizza makers around the world and their art.

The packaging is special too. It was designed in such a way as to make sure that the customer’s journey ends with the same level of care that was put into the project. The pizza peel case is one of a kind: it fits the product like a glove, protecting it on the outside. The result is a slow, enjoyable discovery of this one-of-akind, inimitable peel.

A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of the ‘Limited Edition #1 - Be Pink’ peel will be donated to ActionAid projects aimed at supporting women’s empowerment and protecting women’s rights. Gi.Metal has been aware of these issues for years and embraces them wholeheartedly by making sure to avoid gender bias and creating a healthy, productive work environment.

The ‘Limited Edition #1 - Be Pink’ peel, the first one in the new series, stands for quality, tradition, performance, style, and originality. It is pink, which is a rather unexpected colour. Symbolising purity and elegance, pink is traditionally associated with women, but has now become a universal colour.

Be Pink stands for courage, expertise and self-will, which are typical traits of those who are making a name for themselves in the wonderful world of pizza, constantly striving for uniqueness and value.

The pizza peel head, which is part of the Evoluzione Line by Gi.Metal, offers excellent technical performance and has a sophisticated design. It is also ideal for high-temperature ovens.

Two rectangular head sizes (33 and 37) and three handle lengths (60, 120 and 150) will be available, but only a limited number of pieces will be produced.


Sweet potato fries made from sweet potatoes have been popular for years; thus, they cannot be missing from a modern menu. But how can you serve your guests tasty sweet potato fries that meet all your needs? Sweet Potato Fries from Farm Frites is the answer.

Origin and trends

Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives and more variety, and the sweet potato is perfect for them.

The sweet potato or “Batata” is a tuber that grows on the roots of the sweet potato plant. Its origins, like those of the common potato, are found in South America, where the Incas already cultivated it 800 years after Christ.

It is said that it was Columbus who brought the first specimens to Europe. Although the potato and the sweet potato can both be considered tubers, these vegetables are not related. Sweet potatoes are not in the solanaceae family, but in the convolvulaceae family.

Menu differentiation

With Sweet Potato Fries the chef offers something new with the taste that customers expect. For example, with their sweet flavour, these gluten-free potatoes go well with many dishes and are also perfect to accompany a dessert.

Farm Frites constantly invests in innovating the Sweet Potato Fries production. Customers and consumers recognise the superior quality. The potatoes are longer than the standard, with skin and a crispy coating that keeps them hotter for a longer time. Moreover, they are very quickly ready, in just 1.5 to 2 minutes.