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eing the most famous and consumed dish in the world is dangerous, because there can always be someone around the world who could take advantage of it. This is what happens to pizza, recognized as a historical Italian and Neapolitan heritage by the UNESCO. Therefore it could seem a foolish incredible reading that, outside Italy, there are those who claim pizza as a symbol of their land. Infact, there is a news from Chicago, Illinois, where they bake off the “Deep Dish Pizza” or deep dish, but on a closer sight it is a kind of dinghy with a 5 cm high edge, more like a cake than a pizza. It seems that the idea of this pizza dates back to 1943 by the hand of an Italian-American, although the true story of its origin is still unknown. But it is very popular and has become the culinary specialty not only

of Illinois but of the entire Midwest. A success that crosses borders and, considering that Americans are born Businessman, someone fears that Deep Dish Pizza could swallow up our beloved Italian tricolor pizza with marketing blows and super local franchise chains. No fear dear Italian Masters of the Italian art of pizza: it cannot happen, there is no game, there is no history. Really, there is no history because nothing is comparable with the at least three-hundred-year tradition of the Neapolitan original pizza, which has become the symbol of Mediterranean culture. It has had a great evolution starting from the first crushed bread to focaccia, becoming that dish that is today the most famous and consumed in the world and that the world loves eating, but that some business man would like to taste ... alone. Giuseppe Rotolo 3


from event to global brand


lected Best Food Festival in the World, with over 1 million visitors every year, Pizza Village has made Italian heritage an essential value. For over 10 years, has been celebrating an extraordinary journey into the pizza world. Innovation and culture are the leit motif contributing to the constant growth of the evetn, which started from Naples and then brought the Brand to Milan and New York, preparing it, with energy and passion, for the next destinations: London and Dubai. Pizza Village is a project to promote the symbol of Italianity all over the world: pizza. A real journey in which, year after year, the product, the “artisans” and the production chain have helped to tell the story of pizza by spreading its culture and traditions. The journey began in Naples 10 years ago with a great live event that established itself over time as the largest happe-


ning in Italy, with over 1 million visitors, becoming one of the most relevant popular festivals around the world. In 2019 there was the edition of records: 1,063,000 visitors and 131,000 pizzas baked in 10 days, a breathtaking village of 30,000 square meters. set up in the splendid setting of the famous Lungomare Caracciolo promenade, animated by the presence of 50 of the most renowned pizzerias. A rich program with large live events and concerts with completely free access, but also exhibitions, meeting and seminars, animation, entertainment and educational workshops for adults and children, everything told daily on radio and TV by RTL 102.5, official partner of the event. Pizza Village has grown and amplified its meaningfulness, with the development of a so-called “phigital” format, that is physical with the integration of a digital asset, becoming a multichannel communication project.


New York


In 2018, in fact, PizzaVillage makes its first appearance abroad and enters the scene as a special guest of the New York Pizza Festival, in the middle of the week of Columbus Day. A village set up in the famous Bronx neighborhood, a real party in one of the most Italian districts of the city starring the most renowned American pizza chefs, famous testimonials of world food and, above all, the “Dream Team” deployed by Pizza Village with some of the best known and recognized icons in the world: Master pizza makers and pizzerias who have written the history of the dish that mostly represents Italy and Naples. After Naples and New York, Pizza Village has also “invaded” the Lombard capital with the burden and the honor of representing the world of Pizza at the Milan Food City. Here a real village animated by the presence of the most celebrated and best-known pizzerias and hundreds of top player pizza makers coming from abroad and ready to “churn out” pizzas continuously for 4 days. And just as pizza cannot ignore the joy and pleasure of being together unconditionally, so Pizza Village

Londra awaits and plans the next major live events in Italy and abroad. Pizza Village, in fact, will land in Dubai. A project that involves major global leading partners in the food, beverage, tourism and entertainment sectors with an exhibition area, provides for the presence of Italian and local institutions as well as commercial spaces reserved for Italian and local partners and sponsors. A fantastic animated village that will welcome the most renowned local pizzerias from Naples and all over the world. In fact, 40 pizzerias are expected to participate, one of which is dedicated to the production of gluten-free pizzas, which will use only the classic wood-fired ovens and will offer a real tasting course in “slice” format. An exclusive area will also be set up to host the best pizza chefs in the world who, in collaboration with starred chefs, will offer unique and unrepeatable dinners. And finally, London calls Pizza Village, which responds to the invitation of the English capital and plans to fly to Northern Europe to bring the art of Neapolitan pizza across the Channel.


the TOOLS of the trade

everybody is crazy about We asked the pizza makers if and how the new Gi.Metal Box has improved their delivery service


months after the market launch of this innovative box for home delivery that keeps the quality of pizza and other hot foods unchanged, we interviewed the pizza chefs who use


Who better than them can tell us how Redbox is a revolution in deliveries? All the pizza chefs interviewed say they are satisfied with the purchase of the heated pizza box, there are those who even are thinking about the purchase of other boxes to broaden the range of action and be able to ensure an even better delivery service. 60% of our interviewees declare that they bought Redbox because they were interested in maintaining the quality of the delivered product: not only pizza, but also pasta dishes, hamburgers


the TOOLS of the trade

Manuel Maiorano, La Fenice Pizzeria Contemporanea in Pistoia says: «I am very satisfied with Redbox because it brings an improvement to the final product. It makes the pizza arrive hot and avoid the typical “rubber effect” of pizza transported with the classic bags. The pizza delivered will never be like in a pizzeria, just out of the oven, but it helps the product a lot, it improves a lot in terms of quality».

and fried food, perhaps the most difficult product to get hot and crunchy. Gianluca Procaccini, multiple award-winning Roman pizza chef, chose Redbox for his Pizza restaurant Il Campione on the coast of Ostia: «The problem of delivery is always the cold and chewy pizza and with Redbox we have solved it. We have also customized our machine with special graphics, with the model Redbox 12 at their inside. We now make up to 5 deliveries where we used to make a maximum of 2. This in about 40-45 minutes, the time in which the pizza remains hot». Luigi Lucchetti of Pizzeria Pizza e Fichi in Ostia adds: «With Redbox we deliver to the customer an almost perfect product. We also make a lot of fried foods, our own production of Supplì, which arrive crunchy and hot: the difference is evident».

Often Redbox is only one of the tools adopted by pizzerias to cope with the change that has overwhelmed pizzerias in the last year. It deals with a real food digitalization process in which the means and mode of transport of food are only variables, which often make the difference, within a much larger system. Domenico Bagnato of the Pizzeria Lievito in Reggio Calabria explains: «Redbox is one of the means of which the pizzeria is equipped, together with an innovative booking system that is released from the platforms, in order to achieve this goal: to keep the product as heat as possible even at long distances. Being able to deliver our products outside what is our ordinary delivery circuit was our main objective». In fact, 40% of respondents declared that they have chosen Redbox for the optimization of deliveries: by combining multiple deliveries, it is possible to broaden the usual range of action, optimizing times and saving on consumption and dedicated employees. «Since our pizzeria is not in a very central area, it was essential for us to be able to combine 2-3 deliveries, so we do just one lap instead of going back and forth to the pizzeria. This means saving time and fuel, in addition to the undoubted better quality of the pizza, which is immediately perceived by customers as well». Pablo Biagioli, Bargello, Pistoia.


the TOOLS of the trade

Luigi Lucchetti of Pizzeria Pizza e Fichi, Ostia (RM), tells us how he convinced himself to buy Redbox: «The first time I tried it I went beyond the delivery time, in the sense that I went further from the point delivery, I made 3 deliveries and the last Margherita I brought it back to the pizzeria. 1 hour and 03 minutes had passed and the pizza was still warm. An amazing result that convinced me to buy».

means used for delivery. «When you arrive at the home for delivery, you feel to have given to the customers a more accurate and complete service. When we take the pizzas out of the box and deliver them to the customer, we are amazed that it is so hot. The customer is curious because they haven’t never seen an oven in the car so they ask, they want to come and see it» Antonio Cacioli, Pizzeria La Ruota, Selvino (BG).

Some pizza chefs interviewed are enthusiastic and tell us that Redbox also has a positive effect on a psychological level: deliveries take place with no stress and less anxiety for the delivery boy. If the rider gets stuck in traffic or struggles to find the street number, he is calmer because the pizzas stay warm inside the box and the ticking of the clock is less stringent. Do customers have noticed something different in the delivery service? The satisfaction in terms of quality is felt above all by the customers, who find themselves in their hands an almost hot pizza, which manages to maintain the taste and flavor of the freshly baked pizza. Cristian Varriale of the Pizzeria Basilicò in Naples, tells us: «we had a positive response both financially and interpersonally, the satisfaction of the people was remarkable and really makes a difference compared to our competitors». Added to this is a healthy curiosity about the


Manuel Maiorano, La Fenice Pizzeria Contemporanea, Pistoia adds «The qualitative advantage is also perceived by the customers, especially those who are 4-5 km away. The customer notices it immediately because when you give him the pizza the box is hot».

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andwich & Snack Show and Parizza are the must-attend events for helping professionals from the snack food and Italian food sectors develop their businesses. Designed for food-to-go and street food vendors, Sandwich & Snack Show and Parizza help buyers looking to develop, enhance or relaunch their business through new trends and new concepts in snacking, and suppliers wanting to showcase their new products, solutions, equipment and technologies. Sandwich & Snack Show and Parizza give you



a cura di Marianna Calderaro

Veli di seppia

on beetroot pineapple with salad and edible flowers Vacuum and CBT Vacuum cooking has multiple benefits, the food is protected from the external environment, does not undergo stress and retains all the nutrients inside. Vacuum cooking can be done in CBT but also at cold due to the osmosis process. In this issue I propose a recipe that is simple and quick to realize with the use of vacuum packing. A fresh appetizer that with its colors transports us into the spring season, the most colorful of the year, which has always been a source of inspiration for artists, musicians and chefs who are inspired by the scents and the blossoming of flowers. Edible flowers as well as being a decorative element in the dish boast countless beneficial properties. Teacher, chef, cooking tutorial and gastronomic consultant, Marianna Calderaro is a FIC member, a passionate professional and will handle this new section on Pizza core International. Her experience and preparation were formed with the Professional Course at the Eccelsa Institute; participated in professional courses and won competitions; she collaborated with ALICE TV where he carried out cooking tutorials within the television program “Casa Alice”, she also took part in the 7th Edition of Masterchef, working under the guidance of chefs Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Antonia Klugman. Selected as a teacher by the CEF (European Training Center), she currently works at Masseria Montalbano - Masseria Villaggio of the sixteenth century. 10

Ingredients for 4 people: Cuttlefish veils - 700 g of Cuttlefish heads - Evo oil with lemon thyme

- 10 mint leaves - to taste extra virgin olive oil - to taste salt

Beetroot pineapple - 300 gr of Pineapple - 100 ml of beetroot centrifugate

Salad - 50 gr of baby spinach - 50 grams of valerian - 50 gr of red baby lettuce - 100 gr of Polignano carrots - 20 gr of edible flowers

Lime and mint emulsion - 1 lime

PROCEDIMENTO Clean and wash the cuttlefish, separating the heads, overlapping them, covering the outside and forming rectangles, put in a 100% vacuum-sealed bag. Cook in the ronner at 65 ° C for 40 minutes. Then put in the fridge and bring at low temperature. Slice thinly with a slicer. Pour the oil into the vacuum bag, add the lemon thyme sprigs, cook at 50 ° C for 1 hour. Let it cool down. Emulsify the lime juice, mint leaves and extra virgin olive oil, season with salt. Clean the pineapple cut into thin slices of 5 mm. Cut them and put them in the marinade under vacuum with the centrifuged beetroot, keep in the fridge for 12 hours. Wash and peel the carrots, slice with vegetable peeler, form curls and store in water and ice. Clean the salad, add the carrot curls and dress with lime and mint emulsion. Drain the pineapple from the centrifuged juice, dab with absorbent paper. Arrange the pineapple on the plate, place the cuttlefish veils on top, season with lemon thyme oil, arrange the salad and decorate with edible flowers. 11

L’inserto dedicato al mOndo della pasticceria, gelateria e caffetteria

e t o n t e e w s a n o e d u l c n To co


presents the Cremini and strawberry




dedicato ai pastry chef

Cremino Bellini Cremino Bellini The Bellini Cocktail was born in Venice, in the most exotic and sophisticated Italian city, by a bartender of the most famous and celebrated restaurant: the Harris Bar. Let’s see which are its characteristics: - simplicity, it is composed of only two ingredients; - the perfume: few fragrances with a scent of peach; - the artistic inspiration: it is dedicated to a painter; - elegance: it is served in a flute. Fugar has transferred the Bellini cocktail into the world of desserts. The result is a delicate “cremino”, suitable to decorate cream and fruit trays. In pastry lab it will give originality and refined contrast if inserted in leavened products such as Colomba and Panettone. It can make the difference if proposed together with a mousse or served as an insert in cakes.

Strawberry Caipiroska Cremino The Caipiroska leads our minds to the warm Brazilian beaches, to convivial moments. It is prepared with fresh fruit or juice crushed with herbs and sugar on vodka is poured. It is considered a tonic for the body and spirit. In the version proposed by R&D Fugar for ice cream and pastry, has managed to evoke, with a Cremino characterized by a label without alcohol, the color and flavors of strawberry Caipiroska. Later, the collaboration with the masters of the school Arte Dolce di Rimini led to the creation of sweets that can give color and freshness to the shop. There are many possible combinations. In the ice cream parlor in particular in the hot season, originality is created in a tray, with the opportunity to fill lemon, strawberry, coconut, raspberry, basil ice creams .... and here we suggest just a few. In confectionery the strawberry Caipiroska cremino can qualify a leavened product, a mousse, a cake, where it will be inserted as a palette. fugar.it


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