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November 2020

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To obtain a light and digestible pizza, Le 5 Stagioni has created two special products, Semina and Pizza Delight: they maintain intact the most noble part of the grain, giving friability and intense flavor. Suitable for your long leavening doughs. Find out your ideal flour on le5stagioni.it

Is a brand Agugiaro & Figna


The after Covid challenge


othing will be the same as before� is the mantra that we have been repeating many times in this terrible year. A very tough year for the world of pizza, with heavy reductions in the business for all operators and in all countries of the world affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A tsunami that will leave many victims on the field, especially those less resilient operators, who have shown less flexibility and adaptability. Nothing will be the same as before even with regard to consumers, whose behaviors and choices will guide the post-covid evolution. There will be new rules, new models, for example the smart working solution, which, to a large extent, will remain even when we will return to normality. If, from the one side, the job world changes, from the other side the outside catering changes as well. With the explosion of food delivery, new business spaces are opening up, everything changes: new

apps are launched and dark kitchens develop. In short words, nothing will be the same as before. An evolution that must not, however, scare us, because these processes of change were already in the making. They would still have arrived. Only they have arrived faster than it could be imagined. Therefore, the post-covid challenge for pizza professionals is more relevant than ever. Now it is indispensable. What are the guidelines for dealing with the after Covid pandemic? Strictness, discipline and professionalism. This is the recipe that a great pizza chef like Simone Padoan suggested to us. He claims that the change must be done in the full respect of the top-quality standards. Quality is the key word to win this challenge. We wish you all a Happy 2021. Giuseppe ROTOLO 3




13 thousand pizzas in 4 days


“We need to rethink the Milan of the future”. The words of the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala in support of the restaurant world and reported in the columns of the Repubblica article (November 5, ed), are immediately reflected in the Pizza Village @ Home event. The initiative, which took place from 5 to 8 November last in the Capital of Lombardia, through the delivery of pizza at home made by top players in the sector and many digital activities, recorded more than positive numbers. One of the Top Player pizzas made by Vincenzo Capuano: the Diavola alla nonno Enzo. Thirteen thousand pizzas in four days (11 thousand served and 2 thousand donated to charity), 33 quintals of flour used together with 130 liters of oil and 1040 kg of tomatoes and fiordilatte mozzarella, are the numbers of the work done by about 40 pizza makers in the two production hubs with deliveries entrusted to over 600 riders.

But, above all, 581,000 users reached, 8,300,000 total impressions, 124,926 minutes of video views (= 2082 hours = 34 days), over 150 published stories, 78 posts on Facebook and 80 posts on Instagram. These are the impressive numbers of the online initiative conceived and produced by the companies Oramata Grandi Eventi and AADV Entertainment, which thus outlined the guidelines of an absolutely innovative format. “A formula we started thinking about during the lockdown last March when we realized that, for this year, it would be impossible to produce the event, the original one in attendance - say the organizers -. In a deserted Milan, turned off by the curfew, surrounded by a surreal silence, with a heavy heart but, with the desire and determination to continue “to exist”, we were finally able to find a smile and, above all, to bring it into the homes of thousands of Milanese who have ordered our pizzas at home “. 5


Satisfaction, after so much effort, for having helped to indicate the right path for the world of catering that is experiencing a difficult and delicate moment, but also for having managed to create an initiative capable of shaking the world of events which, at this moment, is totally deleted. One of the Top Player pizzas made by Davidello and chef Antonio Sorrentino from Rossopomodoro: Three tomatoes “A success that we can only share with all those who have followed us in this new adventure, in the most difficult days, amidst anxieties and fears and in the uncertainty of the result - the organizers conclude -. Our pizza makers, our sponsors of all time and those who for the first time believed in us and in the project. We return home more than satisfied and more than


ever aware that we will succeed. Physical, virtual, at home and social, the Pizza Village and pizza will always be, in some way, in the hearts of Italians and beyond “. Pizza Village @ Home becomes, therefore, a format that can be re-proposed in other cities waiting for the next appointments, in presence, already scheduled in Naples for next June and in Dubai for October 2021. The event was supported and promoted by the Founding Partner Mulino Caputo , by the Main Partners Coca-Cola, Galbani Santa Lucia and by the Official Partners Birra del Borgo, Ciao - Il Pomodoro di Napoli, Acqua Minerale S. Bernardo, Vecchio Amaro del Capo, HARIBO Italia, Caffè Kenon, Official Delivery Partner Glovo. www.pizzavillage.it


Pizza and cocktail

the ideal combination


izza and cocktails: an innovative combination to try. A very widespread trend in AngloSaxon countries and which finds more and more supporters also in Italy. Perfect for evenings with friends or seasonal “Aperipizza�. But what are the best associations between the different pizza flavors and the most popular cocktails? Some of them combine perfectly with Pizza Margherita and are also perfect as a pre-pizza cocktail. Gin-Tonic, Negroni, Gin Fizz. With a good Vegetarian pizza, the Moscow Mule, one of the most popular cocktails of the moment, is also good. While the Friariella pizza, with the classic and tasty Campania vegetables, goes very well with the Cucumis Collins, proposed by Molinari, prepared with a slice of crushed cucumber to which 60 ml of Sambuca Molinari Extra, 30 ml of lemon juice and 60 ml of sparkling


water. The 4 Formaggi is served in overseas bars with the Manhattan (one of the most famous whiskey-based cocktails), but it also goes well with the Spritz which lightens this rich taste and refreshes the palate. If you are in the mood to try new flavors and combine them with truly innovative cocktails, then you can customize the Pizza Creativa, white with mozzarella, with strong and decisive ingredients, such as grilled vegetables, rocket, bacon or crispy bacon, and accompany it with a rum-based cocktail spiced with mint, lime, vanilla and brown sugar. And then there is also the Shrimp Pizza Cocktail, a real must on the Eighties appetizer menu, which today seems to be back in fashion and is also used in an original way to enrich pizza. In short, pizza and alcohol seem to be a new but winning combination for the Bel Paese. Libro’s, a historic chain of piz-


zerias that crossed borders by becoming the first Pizzeria Alcoolica, is well aware of this, accompanying the best French champagne and the trendiest cocktails to the traditional local pizza. Among the various reasons, therefore, why it is advisable to offer a selection of cocktails in the pizzeria, first of all, there is the one that the customer seeks not only quality, but also style and novelty. In short, a sensory experience as well as a taste. Second, introducing a drink proposal allows you to expand your clientele and open the place even at aperitif time, perhaps with mini-sized pizzas as an accompaniment to the cocktail, as well as extending the opening hours. Pairing with drinks seems to be the future of the pizzeria. The incidence of the target between 18 and 34 in the away-from-home sector, in fact, is around 32%. An audience with an average spending capacity who lives their free time in company, who loves going to the restaurant and tasting a cocktail. In this

context, the pizzeria can become a meeting point for lunch at night. Another important aspect of the “matching� of pizza and drink mix, is the fact that it is not necessary to hire a barman. If you lack the space for a complete bottle rack or the budget to create a real cocktail bar, you can delegate the creation of the menu, the selection of labels, staff training and initial coaching to a consultant barman. After all, to intrigue customers and increase business opportunities it is sufficient to offer a few simple drinks, quick to make and perhaps based on ad hoc preparations. The new format can potentially be successful anywhere, being needful to consider that the classic relevant criteria such as centrality, type of influx and neighborhood, competition must be kept in mind when choosing the location. However, it is essential that there is a coherent idea behind it, supported by an effective marketing plan.


The food delivery revolution signed by Gi.Metal Redbox is the innovative delivery proposal, ensuring an incomparable quality of delivered food, as though it were consumed at the restaurant table


he home pizza delivery, as any other hot food suitable to be delivered, is a much requested service for the pizza shops, with an incredible massive growth during the lockdown period. This service is becoming more essential but it is not always linked to the quality concept, a concept beloved by the pizzaiolo who engages all his passion, from the choices of flours, the rising of the dough, up to the selection of the ingredients for cooking first class pizzas. When the pizza is delivered to the customer’s home, instead of being served at the table, the

quality is often compromised, causing not only the discontentment of the customer but a dislike for the delivery services in general. How can you keep your pizza quality level high, when you deliver at home? The answer is RedBox, the new box for professional home delivery that maintains the quality of the pizza and of any other hot food, ensuring the maintenance of heat and crispiness thanks to a patented system of temperature and humidity control. Pizza, pasta, fried food, hamburgers and any other hot food maintain the right degree of warmth and humidity, enhancing the most refined and sophistigimetal.it



cated ingredients without compromising taste and quality. Only with RedBox it is possible to adjust and keep constant the set temperature for all deliveries, adjusting it from 65° up to 120 °. The patented RedBox system is electric, powered by a specific lithium battery, with large capacity. RedBox is designed to be used on all types of cargo scooters, both electric and gas, and on cars (4 seats or more, with folding rear seats) allocated in the trunk, with a special adaptation kit. Wouldn’t you want to improve the quality of your home delivery? Gi.Metal Delivery Solutions offers different purchase options, rental or financing to grant the best delivery services. Personalized quotes can be provided according to your needs www.gimetaldeliverysolutions.it

Why chooser Redbox? • Red Box technology maintains the quality of the food delivered • An appropriate control unit, special heat diffusers, sensors and proprietary technology allow the set temperature to be adjusted and maintained (65°/120°) • Patented temperature and humidity control system: the food stays dry and its taste is preserved • Extremely durable stainless steel structure, easily washable and sanitisable • Suitable for cargo scooters, both electric and gas, and for almost all cars • Perfect for the delivery of pizza, pasta, fried food, hamburgers and so on.



100% sustainability


ven more consumers have the issue of sustainability at heart: they do not only want healthy food, but also from sustainable production. Food and environmental sustainability for Farm Frites, a Dutch company leader in the production and processing of potatoes, is not a trend, but a business philosophy. Together with tradition and innovation, the Dutch company has started the integration of sustainability into the growth strategy in a global context that is increasingly at risk. Farm Frites’ sustainability process starts from the soil and continues right up to the table. The Dutch company, in fact, collaborates with farmers in the region to create sustainable and viable businesses. A continuous research that starts from the care of the land and from crops with low environmental impact, an essential prerequisite for obtaining natural and high-quality potatoes, then transformed into Farm Frites fries.



THE AMBITION OF FARM FRITES IS IN FACT THAT OF: • reduce the CO2 impact in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, finding alternatives for natural gas and increasing the percentage of green electricity; • reduce the water impact and increase the portion of water reused internally through effective water and filtering systems; • reduce the energy impact and increase the percentage of renewable energy. In 2025, Farm Frites will reach another important milestone and will be recognized as a producer active in promoting 100% sustainability in its production chain: from producer to consumer, in favor of world nutrition. THE SUSTAINABLE ACTIVITIES BY FARM FRITES • less water waste • re-use of purified water • less emissions of plant protection products • transition from diesel to electricity or to hydrogen, from fossil raw materials to sustainable energy • reduction of packaging and the use of recycled and sustainable packaging materials

INGREDIENTS - 1 Pizza disk - 150 g of Farm Frites potatoes - 1.250 g pizza loaf - 80 g of tomato pulp - 80 g of mozzarella - 70 g of slices of Parma ham - 30 g of fresh spinach - Butter - Oregano - Extra virgin olive oil PROCEDURE Cook the spinach in the pan with the butter. Roll out the pizza dough and spread the tomato sauce on the surface. Garnish with mozzarella, cooked spinach and Farm Frites potatoes. Bake in the pizza oven for 4/5 minutes at 340°C. In exit, add with Parma Ham, oregano and Evo oil. Suggestion: Rustic Spicy home style BBQ potatoes.


THE LATEST NEWS FARM FRITES Finest The thinnest and crispest fries. 5 mm of goodness and authentic flavor.

Rustic Fries Homestyle Homemade French fries are increasingly important on menus. Customers expect quality fries with a full and authentic flavor. 13

Bakery chef

a cura di Salvatore Vullo


The Italian Morbidone with hybrid leavening

Bakery chef

Ingredients 500 gr of re-milled durum wheat semolina 500 gr of type 1 w 250 200 gr of ready-made licoli (liquid mother yeast) 20 gr of brewer’s yeast 20 gr salt 35 gr of sunflower oil 35 gr of extra virgin olive oil 40 grams of granulated sugar 550/600 ml of water Turmeric & ginger variant: 3 gr of ginger

Vullo e r o t a v l a S by The luck of belonging to the world of the white art together with that of cooking, made me understand that research is fundamental in my work, because a dish or a sandwich is a creation that must be balanced both with the needs and final goal of the product. I wanted a sandwich that wasn’t the usual American “BUNS”, but something more versatile and that belongs to us. I combined the two most used flours in Italy “Grano Duro & Grano Tenero” I thought of the ingredients in respect of the various nutritional needs, vegan, vegetarian and intolerant. Only the method remained: with hybrid leavening, it had to be everyone’s sandwich. Thus, the “Italian Morbidone” was born, an excellent sandwich as it is, to be filled both sweet and salty, with the possibility of being grilled or fried.

and 7 grams of turmeric Cocoa variant: 40 gr of bitter cocoa

Procedure Mix the flours and yeasts with 500 ml of water for 2 minutes, add sugar and salt and the rest of the ingredients in first speed, then the rest of the water until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough, passing in second speed in the final part for a few minutes. Let the dough rest in a container for 20-30 minutes, fold it and leave for another 20 minutes. Break into 100 g batters and round by placing the batter on seeds to taste or without seeds on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Leaven in the cell for an hour and then flatten the rolls evenly and let them rise at 30 ° C with 75% R.H. up to doubling the volume. Bake at 250 ° C for about 10 minutes with steam until golden brown. 15


Pizza with Swordfish Cream Pizza topped with swordfish cream sauce Demetra, buffalo mozzarella, small yellow dates, Taggiasca olives and finely sliced raw swordfish.


Ingredients for n. 1 pizza • 30 gr. Demetra swordfish cream sauce • 60 gr. buffalo mozzarella • 20 gr. Demetra Taggiasca olives without stones • 50 gr. finely sliced raw swordfish • n. 7 Demetra small yellow dates • fresh basil q.s. • Wiberg lemon-flavoured oil dressing q.s.

Stuffing pizza base with swordfish cream sauce, buffalo mozzarella, small dates, Taggiasca olives and baking it in the oven. As soon as the cooking is finished, topping the pizza with finely sliced raw swordfish, lemon-flavoured oil and fresh basil.

Demetra è importatore esclusivo per l’Italia e la Francia di Wiberg DEMETRA SRL - Via Roma, 751 - 23018 TALAMONA (Sondrio) ITALY Ph. +39 0342 674011 - Fax +39 0342 674030



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