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To obtain a light and digestible pizza, Le 5 Stagioni has created two special products, Semina and Pizza Delight: they maintain intact the most noble part of the grain, giving friability and intense flavor. Suitable for your long leavening doughs. Find out your ideal flour on le5stagioni.it

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Pizza in the coronavirus era

ould we really need a pandemic (but we would have gladly done without it) to establish another record? In fact, for the much loved and beloved pizza, there is a new record, that of pizza at home which in recent times has registered, both in Italy and abroad, a real boom. The Italian dish has always been a champion of takeaway and home delivery, but with the arrival of Covid pandemic and the related straits, the delivery service has become a daily custom, the demand has literally exploded as well as the guys on two wheels who whiz around for deliveries at all hours. Then technology and increasingly innovative apps have done the rest, ordering and bringing home is always simpler and faster. Even restaurateurs and pizza chefs have understood the potential of the business and have adapted, also because with the decrease in seats on the premises, they must find other sales formulas. Therefore, today it is possible to taste excellent rounds, Neapolitan, Roman or in tasting mode, throughout the country, from the Val D’Aosta to the Valley of the Temples, but not only in Italy as we said, pizza and riders are a strong trend growth in many other countries around the world.

But it must be said that for lovers of high-quality pizza, it is not easy juggling the thousand and one proposals, including apps, flyers and word of mouth. The point of the dispute? The quality and yield of pizza compared to take-away: not all doughs come out as winners from the challenge with the home delivery carton, and not all recipes - think of the more complex or too humid ones - can survive the journey unscathed. customer’s home. The solution, for many professionals, is to propose more streamlined menus, with only recipes suitable for transport, or even cartons with special materials and technologies, which keep the heat without damaging the pizza. But will it be a phenomenon that will continue to grow and last even when the pandemic passes? (Hopefully soon) Some experts say that the delivery numbers will return to the pre-Covid era, but even if this were the case (but we don’t think so) one thing is certain, indeed very certain: pizza at home at the time of the coronavirus helped to alleviate and not a little, only hunger, but that need for simple and tasty normality that mankind always needs. At the time of Covid, then. 3

catering Trends




the future is digital


obile has undoubtedly grown in recent years. And, during the lockdown, it developed even faster. More and more restaurants are using catering apps. From food delivery, to online reservations through digital menus. Even the most sceptical restaurateurs have changed their minds. After all, the market moves in this direction. Giving up on it means losing an important slice of potential customers. Of course, on the other hand, there is the cost of joining an app to evaluate, but the benefits can be really important. First of all, a web application is accompanied by a digital menu,

which is essential not only for ordering online. Consumers prefer to view the menu even before arriving in the restaurant. Furthermore, with smartphones and digital kiosks, a few clicks are enough to select multiple products. With just a few clicks, you are ready to eat. On the table or directly delivered to home. In short, digitization is driving catering. The confirmation comes from Menù, a Zug-based company specializing in the development of digital ordering platforms: “Using a smartphone or a digital kiosk, you order 30% more,” said CEO Karl Heinz Koch, interviewed by Nzz am Sonntag. In 2018, Steve Easterbrook, who

was CEO of McDonald’s at the time, was already talking about it. He said the touchscreens installed in the chain’s various restaurants had generated revenue growth. But what drives us to order more? Basically, our control systems fall in front of a computer. And we tend to more easily order a few additional products, from dessert to a larger drink. All in all, one click is all it takes. And when it comes to digital menus, the contribution of a Modena-based startup, Dishcovery, specializes in multilingual digital menus combined with management software, is not lacking. It is a real marketing and sales tool specifically for ca5


tering, born in unsuspecting times from the intuition of Marco Simonini and Giuliano Vita during their experience in China. Here, the two experienced how difficult it is to order at a restaurant without knowing the language. Therefore, they decided to facilitate the understanding of the food and wine culture. Dishcovery allows you to completely digitize menus in different languages. Cultural barriers are thus overcome, providing added value above all to restaurants with tourist flows from abroad. The digital menus offer the dishes of the day related to the related photographs. Moreover, they also offer information on allergens and ingredients thanks to the link with Wikipedia. In addition, they are provided with suggestions in relation to wine-dish combinations. It is also possible to read the origins of the recipes thanks to links that refer to in-depth pages. Finally,


Dishcovery allows customers to order and pay directly from their mobile. The service is aimed at any type of structure operating in the catering sector. But following the covid emergency, Dishcovery has focused its business on home delivery and / or take- away facilities. Even today, customers can order dishes from mobile / tablet / computer, choosing between delivery or take-away options, and checking out directly from the menu. In restaurants, therefore, it will be possible to manage the menu in real time on all digital touch points. Instead, customers can access it with just one update. During the service, you can change the food & beverage offer, enter additional information (photos, descriptions, different prices for special menus or tastings, variations of the dishes, any promotions) and much more. Finally, the

software allows you to view statistical usage data and check the history of orders received, useful for marketing and sales analysis. Therefore, it is essential to choose the app on which to attend. It is also important to have a good marketing strategy. As well as an online presence on the main platforms. Only in this way will the restaurant business have a coherent image. And also create the conditions to strengthen relationships with customers. Moreover, the Institute of Health, the Horizontal Hospitality Manifesto and the Fipe Table have provided preventive measures against the infection from Coronavirus among which there is also the digitization of the menu, a service that has facilitated the reopening of catering in the compliance with the rules. And which today has become an integral part of the digital transformation of the sector.


Pizza Peels Gi.Metal offers a wide range of pizza peels and baking peels. Gi.Metal invented, patented and manufactured the first ever perforated pizza peel, which enables users to get rid of residual flour before putting pizzas into the oven. Gi.Metal has developed nine different products ranges, each with specific features: Azzurra Line A whole range of lightweight, highly resistant and flexible pizza peels which has been created to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding pizza makers: rectangular, round, and “by the meter� with smooth or perforated or embossed surfaces, handles in a set of sizes, different materials and for different types of ovens. Neapolitan line A range of products designed for pizza makers who work Neapolitan style, with high-temperature ovens and really high frequency use. Enhanced materials, exclusive round holes, laser cut, which make these products absolutely unique. America Line America line was born to enhance the work of american pizza makers preparing their traditional pizza pies. A unique combo of tradition new materials and lastest technology. Made in Italy and Us approved. A range designed for private users who are after high quality, light and easy-to-handle tools for their occasional use.


Le 5 Stagioni by Agugiaro & Figna presents

La Napoletana




Ask a master pizza maker what are the features of a real Neapolitan pizza and he will answer you: definitely rounded, with a raised edge - better known as “O ‘Cornicione”, naturally soft and fragrant. For best responding to all the variants of Neapolitan pizza dough, Agugiaro & Figna Molini has created two different types of flours: the Red Napoletana and the Green Napoletana. The first is a type “00” flour with a medium-high protein content, ideal for all direct and indirect doughs, capable of guaranteeing excellent development of the pizza rim. Always type “00” La Napoletana Verde is the reference dedicated to doughs capable of quickly reaching the best conformation of gluten, reacting promptly to thermal stress during cooking. Although the two references differ for different protein content, both are characterized by an extremely elastic and light texture, for a dough that is malleable at the right point.

Pizza dough using type 00 Neapolitan Red Ingredients for the dough - 1680 g of Neapolitan red flour - 1000 g of water - 0.5 g of 5 Stagioni Brewer’s yeast - 50 g of salt Procedure Dissolve the salt directly in the water inside the mixer (for a correct dough, the perfect water temperature is between 23/24 °) then add 150 g of flour. Add 50% of the flour with the baking powder and mix everything for about 3 minutes. Add the other ingredients and as soon as the dough becomes smooth and homogeneous remove the mixture from the machine. Let it rest in a covered tub for at least 2 hours, then divide into portions of 250 g each. Let it rise again at room temperature for about 10/12 hours or for 24 hours in the fridge. Season to taste and bake at 390 ° C. www.le5stagioni.it/



His majesty: the dessert the extra gear of catering


he dessert at the restaurant is even more the protagonist, and the experts in the catering sector, speak of it as a panacea for the end-of-evening proceeds. From starred cuisine to fast food, in fact, it seems that serving quality sweets at the end of a meal is a way to attract customers by involving the five senses: from sight to taste, from touch (playing on textures), to smell. A well-made dessert would therefore be able to increase profits and extend the hours of use of the restaurant, in the early afternoon for example. But coupled with a cocktail it is also able to lengthen the evening. Desserts must be light, with less fat and less sugar,


both for health reasons, and to avoid overloading the palate, which normally reaches dessert after a path of savoury and savoury dishes. One thing is certain: to learn how to make desserts you must first of all apply yourself in finding a certain manual skill. It is also essential to know how to recognize the perfect raw material. A necessary condition for the execution of large and small desserts, because catering pastry is a serious matter. So ... don’t miss our new “sweet temptations� section, proposals and ideas from companies for the preparation of a perfect dessert after a meal. The customer will come home sweetly!




Sacher: what a passion!


axima is the new PreGel bakery pastry line in a “maxi� format dedicated to artisan laboratories. A complete range of products for the creation of traditional sweets, following a few simple steps for greater efficiency in preparation. We present Sacher Maxima, a product to create the base of the favorite cake among chocolate lovers. Sacher Maxima is a balanced mix of cocoa, chocolate and almond flour to obtain a Sacher base with an enveloping flavor and a soft, regular and freezing stable structure. Garnish the surface with Maxima Bitter Cream for an irresistible, creamy and

intense flavor glaze. The Maxima line is completed with the Five Star Chef line: for a very high-quality filling, try the Apricot Pastry Filling, a fine sauce with 85% of fruit in pieces stable in cooking and freezing.

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Pezzotto 2.0 di Davide Civitiello



We introduce you the Pezzotto 2.0, a very tender “cornicione” filled with ricotta and mint, and on top of fried zucchini, mozzarella and pecorino cheese.


Ingredients for 10 pizzas Pizza dough: - 1 liter of water - 50 grams of fine salt - 1.6 kg of Caputo 00 flour Red Sack - 1 gr of brewer’s yeast For the garnishment: - 1 kg of cottage cheese - 500 gr of zucchini - 800 gr of “fior di latte” mozzarella - 100 gr of mint - 50 gr of EVO oil - 50 gr of Bagnolese pecorino cheese

Put the water in the mixer, then add the salt and let it dilute for 5 minutes, then add half the Caputo Sacco Rosso 00 flour, the yeast and start working the machine, after about 5 minutes start putting the the rest of the flour, once you have put all the flour, you will then have reached your “Pasta Point”. Let the dough work for a total of 20 minutes, once these have elapsed, put it in a plastic container and cover it. After 12 hours of rising, we gently remove our dough from the container and place it on the work table, we begin to divide it into many loaves of the same weight, approximately 250-260 gr. to obtain pizzas with a diameter from 28 to 32 cm. Let’s put them in a plastic container with a lid at a temperature of 20-22 ° and wait another 12 hours. When the blocks have doubled their volume, they are ready to be rolled out. First of all, we will not use the rolling pin but we will roll out our dough from the edge towards the center in order to have a thicker part centrally and to be able to easily close the cornice that will be filled with ricotta. Cut the mozzarella into strips with a knife and let it drain. Dilute the ricotta with the help of milk until a creamy effect is obtained and add the salt and chopped mint. Cut the zucchini into slices and fry them in extra virgin olive oil, once ready put some grated pecorino cheese on top of the latter. Season the cornice with the previously prepared mint ricotta and close it; in the center of the pizza season with the zucchini you have prepared and the “fior di latte” cut into strips. Then cook your pizza in a wood oven for about 90 seconds.