Innovative Services NW Annual Report 2014-2015

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Changing Lives Together!

Creating Opportunties. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!

by Launda Carroll, President/CEO

Creating Opportunities… Achieving Results… Changing Lives! It’s not only the theme of this year’s annual report, it’s also the mission of Innovative Services NW. A mission that we hope you will be able to experience as you read stories of the children, adults and families highlighted this year.

Launda Carroll

These stories are a small sample of the more than 1,100 children, adults and families who receive life transforming services through our sixteen programs each week. What a privilege it is to work at Innovative Services NW and have the opportunity to see the amazing things that take place and the lives that are changed as a result! It’s what motivates and inspires us every day.

As with most things in life, achievements aren’t usually accomplished in isolation; it takes effort and teamwork. While our staff creates opportunities through expertise, dedication, and delivery of high quality services, it is the effort each child, adult or family makes to overcome the obstacles and challenges in their lives, that achieve the results. There are also many groups, organizations, business partners, donors, and dedicated individuals who help make these accomplishments possible, through their advocacy, support, funding of services and philanthropy. In this report you will read about our 2015 Caring Heart Award Winner, Mark McCauley, Clark County Acting Manager. Mark was honored for his work advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities in our community and his long term, on-going commitment to providing jobs for adults with disabilities. You will see all the organizations and businesses that employ adults with disabilities and other challenges through their partnership with our Supported Employment and Janitorial Services. You will also see the companies who sponsor our events or provide in-kind services; grant giving institutions who fund services and equipment; and individuals and organizations who donate their time and talent to make a difference in the lives of the children, adults, and families we serve. Respected American cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead, perhaps says it best, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Thank you for your support of Innovative’s programs and services and for helping us achieve our mission: Creating Opportunities. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!

Innovative Services NW 9414 NE Fourth Plain Road, Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 892-5142

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Our Leadership Team moving forward into FY 2016

Corporate Board of Directors Rob Woodard, Board Chair John Caton, Vice Chair Bobbi Heitschmidt, Treasurer Megan Shank, Secretary Dick James, Past Chair Deb Arbuckle

Max Ault Mary Dunford Karalee Ehline Liz Ferguson Madi Kozacek-Hantho Christine Lipinski

Debbie Marcoulier Sossna Mekbib Lindsey Salvestrin Monte Silliman Becky Weis

Our Leadership Staff

Launda Carroll President/CEO

Andrew Campbell VP, Finance and Administration

Matt Herring VP, Client Services

Jess Robertson Lori Collins Mike Cunneen Administrative Human Resources Director, Children’s Director Programs & ECEAP Supervisor, Pediatric Therapy

Susan Lehr Director, Health Programs & Early Intervention

DeLano Morgan Director, Employment Programs

Angela Fadlovich Sue Gassner Finance Manager Program Manager, Employment Services

Robin Gould Eva Halter Allison Kittelson Joseph Matter Executive Assistant Program Specialist Program Program Coordinator, & Administrative & Manager, Adult Coordinator, Transitions Youth Coordinator Day Health Supervised Visitation Impact

Sheryl Roach Senior Manager, Special Projects

Functional Boards Program Growth & Development Debra Arbuckle Max Ault Mary Dunford Karalee Ehline Liz Ferguson Sossna Mekbib Lindsey Salvestrin Megan Shank Rob Woodard Development Sean Guerrero Bobbi Heitschmidt Darcey Reed Lindsey Salvestrin Becky Weis Marketing Madi Kozacek-Hantho Christine Lipinski Rob Woodard Nominating/ Educational Bobbie Heitschmidt Dick James Becky Weis Building/Capital Management

Michele Smith Samantha RN for ADHC, Stevens Health & Education Family Services Coordinator, Coordinator, ECEAP Early Learning

Susan Veneruso Marketing, Grants & Systems Manager

Darleen Veter IT Administrator

John Caton Dick James Debbie Marcoulier Monte Silliman

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Early Learning & ECEAP

Creating Opportunties. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!


ur Early Learning program provides quality education and care for all children, ages eighteen months to five years. Our classrooms serve children with special needs, as well as those who are typically developing. We offer one of the only fully-inclusive Early Learning programs available in Clark County and are licensed to serve 104 children.

Children Served in FY 2015 Low Income

Special Needs

158 75% 17%

This fiscal year, Innovative began offering, as a grantee through the State of Washington, the Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP). This comprehensive preschool program provides free services and support to eligible children and their families. Innovative’s Early Learning service options include Extended Day ECEAP, Part-day ECEAP with wrap-around, Pre-Kindergarten, and Toddler Early Learning and Care. Our program experienced a planned drop in the number of children we served throughout the year compared to previous years, as we moved to serve children with higher needs for longer periods throughout the year. We are also in our second year of Early Achievers (EA), a Washington State Early Learning quality standardization program. Through EA we participate in an ongoing process of growth to meet and exceed quality standards, developed by state and Early Learning professional organizations.

Harlow’s Movin’ On Up! Harlow, who started in the Early Learning program as an infant in 2013, recently graduated from the One’s classroom to the Two’s classroom. Her mother, Andrea, said, “We loved that the teachers made time for Harlow. ...I liked that I was always welcomed so warmly and seeing my daughter reach out for hugs as we left was heart-warming.” Harlow learned so much; from singing to counting, and she’s even able to recognize some colors. Andrea says, “She has learned about bugs, worms, and other things that take an effort to bring into the classroom. Exposure unlocks the mind to wonder and explore new things!” Harlow and her mom are both looking forward to what the next year will bring. Andrea is thrilled at the solid learning foundation that Innovative has helped her daughter build, “We chose Innovative Services after touring many different centers. The room was welcoming, stimulating and we were impressed... Being an educator, early learning Teacher Lindsay with Harlow components were important. We wanted to know that she was meeting developmental milestones and was being supported to do so.” Changing Lives! • page 4

Innovative Services NW Child Care

Pediatric Therapy Services


ur Pediatric Therapy program provides

Early Intervention Children Served in FY 2015


occupational, physical, speech, educational, and 285 Private Therapy Children Served in FY 2015 specialty therapies for some of our communities most vulnerable children. We serve children who have a variety of diagnoses, including developmental delays, genetic syndromes, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, prematurity, and traumatic brain injury. We also offer special instruction and multi-disciplinary evaluations. Our Early Intervention Services provide pediatric therapy for children birth to three years, through intervention in their natural environments. Our Private Therapy Services provides pediatric therapy for children, birth to 21 years old, through intervention in an outpatient clinic. Innovative’s Pediatric Therapy program values family participation in the therapy process. Parent education is essential and is incorporated into each therapy session. We also encourage and assist families in using the many sources of support and education available in our community. Intensive Physical Therapy has been added to the array of services we offer. Specially designed to help children and young adults work on low muscle tone, one-sided weakness, difficulties with coordination and balance, difficulty walking, and decreased endurance. The sessions are usually three hours per day, five days per week, for three to fours weeks, and sessions may be repeated after a eight to ten week break.

Specialty Therapies Offered by Innovative’s Pediatric Therapy

Beaming with Pride Olivia, who has cerebral palsy, is receiving Intensive Physical Therapy through a new program at Innovative’s Pediatric Therapy Center. It’s one-on-one time with a specially trained therapist who’s using state-of-theart equipment including a Therasuit® and a Universal Exercise Unit® Body Weight Support System.

Aquatic Therapy Feeding Therapy Intensive Physical Therapy

Olivia had been receiving Intensive Therapy across the river at a Portland Therapy clinic since she was three. Her mother, Carly is so excited that these services are now available much closer to their Battle Ground home. They have been working hard on strengthening Olivia’s legs with a goal of independent walking.

Incontinence Program Orthotics Clinic Sensory Based Therapy

“The Intensive Therapy gives the therapist time to work on Olivia’s arms, legs, and her whole body. It makes such a big difference. While I’m willing to work with her everyday at home, I’m not a trained therapist and I just don’t have the equipment to help her progress as much as Intensive Therapy can.”

Special Needs Equipment Fitting Therapeutic Listening

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Adult Day Health

I Creating Opportunties. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!

nnovative Services NW Adult Day Health Center (ADHC) provides an active, enriching, and

educational environment for senior citizens and adults with disabilities who need daytime care. ADHC offers a structured day program that promotes socialization and delivers skilled services. The center has two levels of care:

Clients Served in FY 2015 Senior Citizens

Developmental Disabilities Traumatic Brain Injury

58 50% 40% 10%

Adult Day Care includes activities such as art, horticulture, music, and intergenerational programs; two snacks and a hot lunch; assistance with personal care and transportation arrangements; behavioral monitoring; and a plan of care including oversight from a registered nurse. Adult Day Health adds skilled nursing care and restorative services. • Skilled nursing – medication administration, monitoring of unstable medical conditions, diabetic foot care, and caregiver/participant education and support. • Restorative services – assessment by an occupational therapist and a plan of care that includes ongoing goals and objectives to improve or maintain a functional mobility. Direct ongoing services are provided by the restorative aide, who keeps documentation on progress. Consultation around equipment maintenance and use is provided.

A Safe Welcoming Place Gladwin was concerned about his mother, Martha. Martha lived in India until she immigrated to the United States in 1986, at the age of 64. Martha is now 93, does not speak English fluently, is hard of hearing, and unable to care for herself due to the onset of dementia. It was important to Gladwin to find the right care for his mother, who had always been a hard working and independent woman. According to her son, “She raised four children. Every morning she would wake up early to feed the chickens, and in the evening she would milk the cows. She was an excellent [home]maker and keeper.” Recently, Gladwin began bringing Martha to Innovative’s Adult Day Health Center (ADHC), and she has quickly grown to love coming each and every day. Gladwin said, though his mother has dementia, she enjoys socializing with the other adults in the program. ADHC recently helped celebrate Martha’s 93rd birthday. Gladwin is delighted to have found a safe, welcoming place for his mother, “She looks forward to it every morning!” Changing Lives! • page 6

Youth & Family Services


nnovative Services NW Youth & Family Services has

a distinct focus on helping families.

Supervised Visitation provides support and supervision for parents who are trying to re-establish parent/child relationships and attain reunification with their children. Many of the families we serve are involved with Child Protective Services and the foster care system, while other families are involved in custody disputes. A federally funded Access and Visitation Grant helps fund mediation for parenting plans and visitation enforcement, including monitored and supervised visitation and neutral exchange services. Case Aide provides one-on-one mentoring to physically or sexually aggressive youth whose behavior cannot be managed in a foster home or family setting without additional assistance.

Supervised Visition Children Served in FY 2015


Total Supervised Visitation Hours


Case Aide Children Served in FY 2015


Total Case Aide Hours


Transitions Youth Impact Youth Served in FY 2015


Youth Employed

24 3

Adoption Home Studies Completed Foster Homes we helped get licensed by state in FY 2015

Transitions Youth Impact assists young people in identifying and achieving their academic and employment goals by working with youth to reduce/eliminate any barriers, so they may ultimately become self-sufficient and financially independent. We serve current and former foster youth (ages 15-24), youth who have experience in the justice system (ages 15-24), and out-of-school youth (ages 16-24) who face significant barriers to education and employment.


Adoption Home Studies provides extensive, detailed written reports about prospective adoptive families, prepared by a Social Worker. Recruiting Foster Parents licensed by the state, to provide a safe, nurturing, licensed foster home.

Krystal Sees Importance in Helping Others “Personally, it made me feel like I had a chance,” Krystal said of the Transitions Youth Impact Program. “Everyone makes me feel welcome... [The Youth Impact Program] made it so I can get a job, experience, and training.” When Krystal was in fifth grade, her grandmother passed away due to malpractice. Krystal is passionate about working in memory care, to aid patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. “I want to provide the care people deserve and that my grandmother didn’t get.” Since joining Youth Impact, Krystal has already completed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training, thanks to funding assistance. She excelled in her classes and completed three clinical rotations at a local center for people gradually recovering their health and strength after an illness. She recently accepted a full-time position as an in-home caregiver, and will be taking her CNA licensure test at the end of July. Krystal is grateful that Youth Impact is there to help her reach her career goals. Changing Lives! • page 7

Janitorial Services

I Creating Opportunties. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!

nnovative Services NW Janitorial

operates one of the larger janitorial businesses in Clark County and provides work opportunities to a significant number of adults with developmental disabilities and/or other employment barriers. We have different programs and plans to help meet each individual’s unique employment needs.

Group Supported participants served in FY 2015


Competitive Employment Employees served in FY 2015


We support our participants every work day

Group Supported Employment is a worker-training program for adults with developmental disabilities who are on a pathway to community employment. Competitive Employment hires individuals with barriers to provide them with job training and extra support to maintain employment. Emphasizing exceptional training, consistent supervision, and personal support, Innovative’s Janitorial Services has provided intensive employment skills training to workers with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, as well as a wide range of other employment barriers.

Achieving Her Goals Michele, who is on the autism spectrum, came to work with Innovative’s Janitorial Program in April, 2007. She likes working for a nonprofit and really appreciates all the support she gets at her job. JoAnne Ryan works with Michele and said, “She is a really good worker, I depend on her alot each night to help me out. I can depend on her to always be in a good mood, and be happy.” The job stability, along with her commitment and hard work, has helped Michele realize one of her goals, to own her own home and become independent.

Changing Lives! • page 8

Employment Services


nnovative Services NW Employment Services

specializes in providing job placement, on-the-job training, and employment support to adults with disabilities and other employment barriers. Our program has been a leader in community employment services in Clark County, Washington for over 40 years. Our dedicated staff of Job Developers and Job Coaches assist individuals in overcoming disability-related barriers to employment, to realize their full potential as productive members of the community.

Career Development participants served in FY 2015


Individual Employment participants served in FY 2015


Average months to supported employment

28.9 $11.29

Average Hourly Wage for our participants

The services offered are tailored to match a job seeker’s interests, skills, and abilities to a business’s needs in the community, recognizing that every individual has specific contributions to offer. Natural support systems are built and maintained to follow each participant’s progress once a placement has been made to assure long-term success. Work-related needs, such as transportation, tools, and work-peer consulting are coordinated. Career Development is a program for clients not yet ready for individual placement. It helps them increase their socialization and communication skills, develop their work ethic and employment skills, and learn appropriate employment etiquette and attire. This is achieved through the participant’s involvement in integrated community activities such as volunteering, club participation and taking classes.

His Smile Keeps People Coming Back Joey, a Career Development participant with developmental disabilities, has been volunteering at the Southwest WA Blood Program for the past four years. Since being placed at the blood center, Joey has learned valuable skills about completing tasks and communicating with co-workers. Kelly Ferguson supervises Joey at the site, and has seen Joey grow in several areas. “Joey’s ability to connect with people really makes him a superhero. He is here consistently every week and has adapted well to changes at the blood center.” Joey’s tasks include stocking drinks and snacks in the canteen area, as well as helping donors set appointments. Kelly explains, “His million-dollar smile keeps people coming back. Joey really takes initiative and has come a long way in stocking all of the supplies.” Nicole Adams, Joey’s Career Development Specialist, has worked with Joey since 2013 and has helped Joey become more independent and focused on his tasks. “It is very rewarding to watch someone discover what they can contribute to the workforce and the world around them. Joey has improved in several areas and, with the right support, is succeeding at the blood center!”

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Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors

Creating Opportunties. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!

Thank You to our Janitorial Services Customers! Clark County • Auto, Print Shop & Elections • Center for Community Health • Children’s Justice Center • Community Services Youth House • Courthouse • CRESA (911) • Death Investigations • Family Court • Franklin Center • General Services • Information Technology Center • Juvenile Detention • Public Service Center • Public Works • Public Works, Brush Prairie • Sheriff’s Department - Central & Downtown Precincts - Corrections - Evidence Storage - Mabry Work Center • WSU Extension Washington State • Dept. of Corrections • Dept. of Fish and Wildlife • Dept. of Licensing • Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation

• Dept. of Social and Health Services (DSHS) - Aging and Disability Services Administration • DSHS - Child Support • DSHS - Children and Family • DSHS - Community Services Office • DSHS - SW Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities Services • Patrol Vehicle Inspection • Port of Entry • State Auditor Office

East West Martial Arts, LLC Fort Vancouver National Trust Human Services Council Humane Society of SW Washington Innovative Services NW Kids’ Space Kiggins Theater Living Waters Community Church Native Arts & Cultural Center Pact House Pinnacle Marketing Group Power Link Transmission Co. RED-D-ARC Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church Sea Mar - Battle Ground Second Step Housing Share Fromhold Service Center St. Anne’s Episcopal Church Sustainable Wealth Vancouver Business Journal Vancouver Roofing and Sheet Metal The Wellness Project

Seventh Day Adventist Conference Center A Family & Sports Chiropractic Clinic The ARC of Southwest Washington Ascend Holdings, Inc. Banner Bank Bimbo Industries Building Industry Association Cascade Aids Project Cascades Presbyterian Church City of Washougal Clark College Foundation Community Mediation Services Thank You to our Event Sponsors Congregation Kol Ami Council for the Homeless DS Properties #4, LLC East Woods Presbyterian Church

Thank You to our Employment Services ParticipantSites! Angelbrook Senior Living, LLC Best Western Plus Inn and Suites, Battle Ground Burgerville #38 City of Camas Operations Center City of Vancouver Operations Center Clark College Clark County Juvenile Corrections C-Tran DejaVu Consignment Store Divine Consign DSHS DSHS - Child Support Enforcement Faith Center Family Wellness Center First Aid Only Firstenburg Community Center Fraternal Order of Eagles Friends of the Carpenter Habitat for Humanity

Humane Society Knights of Phythias Retirement Center Living Hope Church Loaves and Fishes/Meals on Wheels Martha’s Pantry Meals on Wheels People Momentum/Cross Fit New Seasons Market Northwest Bird Rescue Paws & Claws Thrift Store Round Table Pizza Salvation Army Thrift Store SW Washington Blood Program St. John’s Presbyterian Church The Treasure Trove Timberline Physical Therapy Van Mall Retirement Center Walmart Whole Foods Market

Thank you to our Grant Giving Institutions Columbia Bank Kaiser Permanente Nutter Foundation Changing Lives! • page 10

Snowman Foundation Anna C. MacAskill Schwab & Dwight L. Schwab Sr. Charitable Foundation

Advantage Sales and Marketing








Umpqua Bank & HOTSPOTS & RESTLESS Washington Federal FIND OUT AT Wheeler Foundation

Event Highlight Caring Hearts Raise More than $100,000! We are grateful to over 300 “Caring Hearts” who gathered at our Caring Hearts in Paradise event. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our event guests, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, and generous donors for making the event such a success! We will proudly use these funds to help provide services to more than 1,100 children, adults, and families we serve each week through our 16 different programs. We were pleased to honor our 2015 Caring Heart Award Winner, Mark McCauley, Clark County Acting Manager, for his work advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities in our community. Mark was honored for his long term, on-going commitment to providing jobs for adults with disabilities. We also heard the stories of two of Innovative’s clients. Our guests were delighted and inspired when 4-year old Daniel, born with Spina Bifida, (who doctors said would never walk) giggled and walked his way around the ballroom. They also heard stories about Michele Manly, an adult with disabilities who is reaching her goals through hard work and motivation, in our Supported Employment programs. Thank you again to all our Caring Hearts who help make this event such a success!

Thank You to our Caring Hearts in Paradise Planning Committee (Co-Chairs)

Bobbi Heitschmidt Lindsey Salvestrin Becky Weis

Leah Black Gloria Campbell Nancy Gaston Courtney Girabaldi Darcey Reed

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Thank You to Our Fiscal Year Creating Opportunties. Achieving Results. Changing Lives!

In-Kind Contributors A Secret Garden Aevum Photography Allure Salons Russell Brent Brewed Awakenings

Bull Run Distilling Company Gloria & Jim Campbell Columbia Credit Union Corwin Beverage Co.

Craig Stein Distributing Kathy & Peter Deschner Divine Consign Evergreen Wine Cellars

Terry Flower Garside Florist Matt & Val Hadwin High Fidelity Entertainment, LLC

Cash Contributors Nicole Adams Advantage Sales and Marketing Debra Arbuckle Deb & Guy Armstrong Max Ault Lindsey Avery Mary Bayer Kathy & Don Beck Dan & Danielle Benge Casey & Michele Bennett Ron & Kara Bertolucci Nedzib & Amra Biberic Broughton & Kelley Bishop Leah & John Black Luanne Block Colleen Boccia Mathew Brown Rhonda & David Buck Gloria & Jim Campbell Aricka Carroll Beryl Carroll Benjamin Carroll Launda & Rich Carroll John & Linda Caton Myong Clinton Richard Collins Mike & Pat Conn Wayne & Cindy Cooper Ken & Lori Cornelison

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Julie & Carl Cramer Lucy Cristaudo F.A. & L.M. Cristaudo James Crouse Douglas Daugherty, Jr. Judy Davis Lorrie Davis Sarah & Juan Del Moral Kathy & Peter Deschner Victoria Disney Judy Dresser Larry & EJ Easter Brian & Karalee Ehline JR & Meagan Ehline Sieglinde & Pete Eidenberg Gay & Stephen Enyeart Colleen Estlick Angela & Paul Fadlovich Katie Fennelly Christine & Terry Fink Kassie & Brad Fisk Linda Ford Gayla Frasier Bill & Sarah Fulk Jesse Gammelgard-Holyk Sue & Mitch Gassner Michael & Nancy Gaston Bob & Rita Gaylor Laurie Giacomini Michelle & Mark Giovannozzi

Amanda Gloudeman Dino Gojak Kari Groat Shirley Gross Alan & Patti Grube Marcia Grzybowski Carl & Donna Gustafson Matt & Val Hadwin Larry & Eva Halter Dick & Nancy Halvorson David & Julie Hannan Steve & Jo Marie Hansen Gina & Christopher Harold Caralee Harrell Julie & Luke Hatcher Peggy Hays Jim & Mary Heid Bobbi & Keven Heitschmidt Billy Henry Matthew Herring Erica Higgins Jean & Steve Hix Clint Holcombe Edie Honesto Hood River Lavendar Farm Barb & Bob Howard Emily Huse Patty Ingraham Dick & Jeanette James Kyra & Benjamin John

2015 Cash and In-Kind Contributors Rick Johnston Greg Kimsey La Bottega Café Latte Da Coffeehouse & Wine Bar

Luepke Florist Barb Macnab Lynn & Mark Miller Pacific Continental Bank

Dawn Johnston Benita Joseph Diane & John Kaiser Joyce & Arlo Kilpatrick Jayne King Jerry & Jeanie King Bret & Julie King Allison Kittelson Anton Koenig Jeanne & John Kojis Carol Kolson Carollee & Randy Kraut Geoff Kunkle Thomas Kvinge Prebble La Dage Laura Ladd Lake Shore Community Church Jeanne & Rhoady Lee Adam Leitgeb Jessica Lightheart & Gregg Brown Jill Lightheart Ron & Sue Lightheart Josh & Katie Lingo Jim & Mary Kay Lodwick Michele Manly Debbie & Jim Marcoulier Sharell & Don Martin Joelle Mastro

Pacific Office Automation Janet Perlstein Ronda & Dale Peterson Portland Trail Blazers

Mark Matthias Mark & Elizabeth McCauley Tom & Carol McCaulley Karin McElheney Anne McEnerny-Ogle & Terry Ogle Susan McFadden Lynn & Mark Miller Nance Morgann Betty Sue & William Morris Kevin & Pam Myles Alan & Ann Nielsen Jayme Nunn Stephanie Olson Daniel & Diane Pape Melody Partridge Lyn Penberthy Arturo Perez Todd Peterson & Rebeka Lang Ronda & Dale Peterson John & Sheri Petrusich Dave & Chris Pilot Todd & Kristy Pisarczyk Mike & Laura Plymale Mark Quann Diana Rainis & Ted Hauk Julie Rawson Darcey Reed

Real Living Darcey Reed Carol Reynolds Rightline Equipment Rick & Donna Robinson

Don Relyea & Donna Haney Andrea Reynolds Mandy Rigby Sheryl Roach Rick & Donna Robinson JoAnne Ryan Karen & Gary Sahlstrom Cindy Salisbury Lindsey & Steve Salvestrin Samantha Sandford Lee Anne & Aaron Schiller Kristina Schroeder John & Cynthia Schroeder Sarah Schurr Jon & Natalie Sequeira Chad & Hollie Sessions Megan Shank Monte Silliman Michelle Smith Ron & Jennifer Stangel Paul & Leslie Stednitz Peg & Herb Steinmeyer Kathleen & Rick Stellfox Stewart Title Melissa Stinger Mary Strehlow Melvin & Evelyn Sugihara Whitney Swenson Carol & Rick Terrell

Star Photography Northwest Kayla Tiano & Robert Foster Vancouver Hilton

Michelle Thor Irene Tikerpuu Pettengill Ron & Vernell Torgensen Cathy Treadwell-Nelson Keith Tucker & Sabrina Flores David & Kara Uhrich United Methodist Women, First United Methodist Church Troy & Shari Van Dinter Susan Veneruso Shannan & Walter Vines Anne & Gerry Vitort Kevin & Nicki Wann Dick Weil Becky Weis Miriam & Christopher Whiting Whole Foods Market Bernice Wilson Susan Wolff & John Wulle Rob & Toni Woodard Sandra Wurzer Terri Yandt Raif & Elizabeth Zacca Rob & Nancy Zetlmaier Youping Zhong & Donghai Huang Judge Darvin Zimmerman

Innovative Services NW has made every effort to recognize and include all donors for Fiscal Year 2015. We apologize if your name has been omitted.

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Financial Reporting Statement of Financial Position

Assets Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Pledges Receivable - Current Accounts Receivable - Contracts Accounts Receivable - Insurance & Other Allowance for Bad Debt Prepaid Expenses Total Current Assets Non-Current Assets Funds held by Community Foundation of SW Washington EveAnn Memorial Fund Pledges Receivable - Non-Current Undrawn Loan Balance Loan Origination Vehicle Furniture & Equipment Building & Project Costs Land Less: Accumulated Depreciation Total Non-Current Assets Total Assets



695,336 59,041 430,751 114,312 (36,141) 19,465 1,282,764

633,578 87,790 232,728 88,893 (35,599) 58,935 1,066,325



8,067 0 443,689 16,778 54,933 682,167 6,273,189 934,456 8,455,937 (1,701,857) 6,754,080

8,088 60,000 0 0 54,933 652,505 6,231,331 934,456 7,985,543 (1,485,439) 6,500,104



Liabilities & Net Assets Current Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses Notes Payable - Current Portion Total Current Liabilities Long-Term Liabilities Notes Payable - Long Term Total Long Term Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted: Designated Net Assets Undesignated Total Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets

Changing LIves! • page 14

83,677 572,608 56,223 712,508

71,068 544,935 60,217 676,220

2,458,858 3,171,366

2,010,801 2,687,021

0 4,738,546 4,738,456 126,932 4,865,478

0 4,734,267 4,734,267 145,141 4,879,408



Statement of Activities Current Temporarily Unrestricted Restricted 6/30/2015 6/30/2015 Changes in Net Assets Revenues Grants - Federal 157,959 0 Grants - State 1,015,008 0 Program Income 3,809,227 0 Donations 93,550 58,577 Other Miscellaneous 4,317 0 Special Events 85,570 0 Investment Income and Losses 1,529 0 In-Kind Income (1,245) 0 Total Revenue 5,165,915 58,577 Net Assets Released from Restriction 76,786 (76,786) Total Revenues and Other Support 5,242,701

Combined 6/30/2015

Combined 6/30/2014

157,959 1,015,008 3,809,227 152,127 4,317 85,570 1,529 (1,245) 5,224,492

169,431 540,378 3,821,000 385,177 13,713 158,074 6,617 19,538 5,113,928






Expenses Program Expenses Management & General Fund Raising

4,454,639 579,545 204,238

0 0 0

4,454,639 579,545 204,238

4,135,569 493,412 240,210

Total Expenses

















Net Assets at Beginning of Year





Net Assets at End of Year





Change in Net Assets Before Effects of Extraordinary Item Extraordinary and Unusual Item Write-off of Capital Campaign Pledges Change in Net Assets

Innovative Services NW 9414 NE Fourth Plain Road Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 892-5142 Changing LIves! • page 15

Innovative Services NW Who Are We? Innovative Services NW is a 52 year old nonprofit organization.

We provide a continuum of services including early learning, therapy and child care for children; employment training and job support for teens and adults; adult day health services for seniors and adults with disabilities; and intervention, education, and support for foster youth and families.

Partnerships: Innovative Services NW’s approach to addressing community needs is one of collaboration. We have always partnered with families, physicians, and other health care and educational professionals to meet the individual needs of each client and their family. Community collaboration has been an intricate part of our programs, both through direct service and through our involvement on numerous community interagency committees.

Our Core Purpose To support efforts that help each individual reach their maximum potential.

Our Values Innovation Service Commitment Inclusion Volunteers: • The Innovative Services NW Board of Directors, currently made up of 17 community members who volunteer an average of four to six hours of their time each month to program oversight and policy. • Innovative Services NW utilizes 10-20 hours of internship from Clark College and Washington State University (WSU) interns for the Family Support Programs on a weekly basis. Therapy interns from 13 different colleges and universities across the United States receive needed hands-on training for their coursework, but also provide donated time to enhance services for our therapy clients. The Adult Day Center utilizes art interns from Marylhurst College four hours per week and Nursing Interns from Clark College four to eight hours per week. • Community organizations and businesses, such as The Assistance League of SW Washington, Kaiser Permanente, Keller Williams Realty, and Umpqua Bank donate hundreds of hours annually to our different programs. • Volunteers from local high schools and churches donate time for on-site projects and fundraising events.

Respect Community Quality

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