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Exec & Committee Updates

January Board Recap!

After almost a year of hard work, I am proud to be bringing you my fifth and final edition of Key News. It has been truly such a wonderful and informative experience serving on the INDB, and it is coming to a bittersweet end. I am so grateful for each and every one of you for coming along this journey with me! I am sad to be retiring from this position, but I am excited for what my future holds. Those seeking to run for District Bulletin Editor at DLC should check out the important announcement on the conclusion page of this magazine.


This magazine is very DLC oriented, as this is the last Key News before DLC, and the last one in general. Be sure to check out the pages regarding the details of DLC and running for higher office. There is new information regarding running for Bulletin Editor, so if you are interested, please check that out as well. As always, there are executive and committee updates too! Please read through the whole magazine, as there is a lot of important information.




Exec & Committee Updates

Welcome to Key News 5!

Here’s what the exec board and committees have been up to!

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Governor’s Project & Board Recap

Japan Key Club

More information about Paige Hein’s Governor’s Project and a recap of January Board!

Learn about Hobart Key Club’s partnering with Japan.

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Learn more about the biggest event of the District and International Convention!

Conclusion of Key News 5. Information about running for Bulletin Editor.



DISTRICT GOVERNOR Paige Hein Hello Indiana Key Clubbers! Although the service year is coming to a close, it is a brand new year. Happy 2024! I encourage you all to consider choosing a theme for your year rather than a list of resolutions--check out this video HERE for more information. These past few weeks outside of Key Club, I've been getting settled back into my junior year classes, starting to condition for track season, and also joined 4-H to show my Haflinger pony in the draft horse project! This January has been a busy time in my role as Governor, as I've been making preparations and the agenda for the January board meeting and February board meeting, attending frequent International Council meetings/calls, developing incentives for and promoting my Governor's Project (more about that on 13!) , and supporting our LTGs and clubs through the end of the service year. It is totally normal to experience burnout during this time of year. Remember to find joy every day in the little things, take a complete break when you start to feel stress coming up, and remember that we are in the home stretch. DLC is just around the corner, and I can't wait to meet you! Thank you for your service and leadership in 2023, and I know we'll achieve great things and make a positive impact in our communities in 2024. If you need any help or support, don't hesitate to email me at the address; and don't forget to follow the 9 Governor's Instagram, @ingovernor.kci! 4


SECRETARY TREASURER Kendall Lemon Hello, Key Clubbers! I hope you all are settling into the new year by now as we're almost through January. Coming into the new year, I have now been accepted into two of my top three schools so far, still waiting on my #1! I really cannot grasp how much this year has flown by as I am halfway done with my senior year. The past year has been great and an absolute honor for me as I have been serving the most wonderful board. A few weeks ago during my Christmas break, I visited my dad in North Carolina and was able to visit UNC at Chapel Hill and go skiing while I was there. Although that time off allowed me to take some needed breaks from Key Club, I am coming into the new year in full swing as I am wrapping up my last few months in my term. I have been keeping busy attending bi-weekly exec/admin meetings, creating monthly LTG and club reports, keeping up with the LTG incentive chart, and successfully attending our hybrid January board meeting. Of course, Indiana wouldn't be Indiana without a snow blizzard on the weekend of January Board! I have also been getting ready for DLC which is crazy that it's only two months away now. I've been busy filling out scholarships and FAFSA and getting involved in events at my home club. Our Kiwanis club is getting ready to host their annual Chili Supper which is the biggest and most important event they have, so of course, I will be there helping out in every way I can. To add to all of these lovely things, I just started conditioning for my second and last season of tennis; I can't wait to get out on the courts! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the school year and keep giving back to your home, school, and communities! If you are an underclassman, I highly recommend considering running for a higher office position in Key Club, and if you are a senior, thank you for your devoted time to Key Club and continue to do great things in your community beyond Key Club. Remember, Circle K exists and I encourage you seniors to consider it if you are going to college! Thank you for reading my update everyone, 9 and I hope you love the rest of this magazine. 5


BULLETIN EDITOR ELLA FREIMUTH Hello everyone! Like I stated earlier in this magazine, this is my final Key News magazine! I have had the time of my life creating these for you all, and I cannot express how grateful I am that you guys read them. It has been my honor to serve you all as Bulletin Editor, and I have made so many amazing memories and created irreplaceable bonds. Enough from me about my bittersweet retirement as Bulletin Editor, let’s get into the good stuff! Key Club wise, I have been working hard on this magazine, creating the presentation for January Board, reviewing newsletters, creating graphics when needed, attending our biweely Executive/Admin meetings, and working on the DLC program with the Events and Planning committee. I appreciate all of the LtGs for their incredibly hard work successfully running their divisions and promoting DLC! I also want to thank the wonderful exec board for an amazing term! December was a busy month for me at school, as I had to study for finals and complete many projects on top of that. I also have been working a lot at Central Park Plaza’s ice rink, which has been very fun! On top of that, I received my college decisions, and I actually got into every school I applied to, which was super cool. Spending a lot of time on my college applications really paid off, as I was able to commit to my dream school, DePaul University in Chicago! I am very excited to live in the city, which has been a dream of mine for a long time. Well, I rambled long enough, but to end off my update, I just want to say that I hope to see you all at DLC so we can meet in person! DLC is truly such 9 a wonderful experience, so be sure to check out the informative page in this magazine! 6


WEBMASTER SAMANTHA BUNAG Hello, Key Clubbers! I hope everyone had a relaxing break and spent quality time with family and friends! In honor of the holiday season that just passed, I worked with the Service Committee to post their amazing '12 Days of Service' calendar leading up to Christmas. I also worked with the Member Development Committee a lot this quarter! I posted Member Recognition submissions on Instagram made by Gaby Alvarado (Farmland LtG), uploaded more videos for our INDB Table Talk series on our YouTube channel (Indiana District o Key Club International) from Andrew Julian (Calumet LtG), and also worked with Mahlia Scantlen (Sycamore North LtG) to upload the Chartering and Reactivation Manual on the district website ( Can you also believe that DLC is so close? I have worked closely with Paige and Jason ( Events and Planning Chair and Duneland LtG) to promote Paige's Governor's project and DLC! The latest project I did was with Tara (Service Committee Chair and Collegiate LtG), where the committee came up with ways to volunteer virtually and collaborated with me to create a web 9 page for it on our website. I hope to see you all at DLC 2024! 7

EVENTS & PLANNING Committee Update Committee Chair Jason Bunag Claire Brainard Tristen Slaven Gage Gonzalez Samaira Lee Brooke Munoz, Linh Nguyen, Haylie Houchin

Hey, Indiana Key Clubbers! Happy 2024! 2023 was a great year for the Events & Planning Committee! We were able to plan successful events, including a Key Club x Circle K Senior Night Google Meet and a Fall Rally at the Indianapolis Zoo! We now hope to round off this service year with another successful event, which is our biggest District event of the year, the District Leadership Convention (DLC)! The Events & Planning Committee along with the rest of the Indiana District Board has spent a long time and effort planning this event for you all. So we would love to see you all come to the Fairytale DLC from Friday, March 1st Sunday, March 3rd, 2024! Please be sure to have your advisor register yourself and other Key Clubbers from your club by the firm deadline of January 26th!

DLC is really an eye-opening event that I wouldn't want you to miss. It is a great opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone, meet and make new friends from Key Clubbers from around the state, participate in service projects, attend workshops, as well as dance the night away at the Governor's Ball on Saturday Night! Also, on Sunday you get to see the retirement of the old and installation of the new Indiana District Board! HERE is the DLC 2024 Registration Link! As always, if have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me


SERVICE Committee Update Committee Chair Tara Blanc Jean Allen Kaitie Shielder Amaya Hathaway Zoe Cusson Is your club looking for new and exciting service project ideas? Well, you should check out the Service Project Directory, found on the Indiana District Website! It has tons of amazing ideas, ranging from easy to hard. The Service Committee has been working super hard to keep this amazing resource updated with new ideas. We recently added a "Digital Volunteering" section for those interested in volunteering remotely. We have also been working on keeping the Indiana District's Bylaws updated and modern! While no changes have been made

recently, we encourage you to contact your corresponding division's LtG if you have any concerns or recommendations. Overall, the Service Committee has been working very hard this quarter to ensure the success of all the Indiana District Key Clubs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


KFAM & CONNECTIONS Committee Update Committee Chair Hailey Levarn Peyton Smith Yosan Tekle Madalyn Richardson Victoria Ayon The KFAM Committee has been hard at work for our last quarter! We've sent out a November board recap, along with a Q3 recap of the Indiana District Board's accomplishments to the Indiana Kiwanis, and Circle K Governors. We've been working on making transition materials for the 20242025 Kiwanis Family And Connections Committee, such as presentations with Programs And Partners contact information, the chair transition report, Kiwanis Tracker, and more! We've been focused on reaching out, connecting with, and building lasting relationships for ALL branches of Kiwanis.

And, we've worked on promoting varying branches of Kiwanis to our district board so they can work on creating connections themselves within their divisions. We've also spread the word about donating to Key Club Indiana District Governor Paige Hein's Governors Project to Kiwanis Clubs through word of mouth. We're also trying to get International Kiwanis contact information for the Indiana District! Overall, the last quarter of the KFAM Committee has gone smoothly and has been very productive, and I think we've truly accomplished a lot in such a short time. 10


Committee Update Committee Chair Andrew Julian Penelope Jones Gabriella Alvarado Mahlia Scantlen Van Cer Chin, Olivia Hummel, Holly Liang Anderson, Kyra Truong

The Member Development committee has been up to many great things. We have been keeping up with the Member Recognition Program, the Key Resources Google Drive, the Table Talk Series, Chartering and Reactivation, etc. We have been collaborating on a few more things before our time is up as the Member Development Committee!

So, for the most part, I would say that our time as the Member Development Committee has been great, and we have been trying to go out with a bang!



Committee Update Committee Chair Jessica Kallubhavi Aiden Burke Gloria Spencer Raghav Bakshi, Angelina Boatman, Camden Bell

The District Initiatives committee has been hard at However, we are proud work! Our PenPal Program has been completed and Key to be having a table at DLC, featuring our own Clubbers have been connected across the state. Indiana District Merch. If you're attending DLC I For our last District event hope to see you at our DLC, we are glad to announce that 3 scholarships table! District Initiative is proud to serve the Indiana have been given to Key District this year. Clubbers in need from our DART program. Unfortunately, during this year DI is unable to launch our DIstrict Store 12 online.


ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Time is running out to donate to the 2023-2024 Indiana District Governor’s Project for environmental sustainability! All donations go towards supporting the non-profit Earth Charter Indiana’s youth programs. Sustainable living practices not only help reduce pollution but also conserve natural resources like water and energy. The issue of sustainability is important because if natural resources are not used carefully, they may not be available for future generations. The district is just over halfway towards hitting our goal of $2,500 raised by the end of DLC (3/3/24). We need your help hitting our goal and supporting just and sustainable living in Indiana! There is a brand new incentive for clubs to donate–The first 25 clubs who donate $75 or more will receive an exclusive patch for their club banner, pictured below!

You can donate online HERE today! Please make checks out to Earth Charter Indiana, put Governor's Project on the memo, and mail it to: Earth Charter Indiana 1100 W 42nd Street Suite 220D Indianapolis, IN, 46208 12 9



After dealing with Indiana’s indecisive weather, and changing meeting locations, January Board 2024 was held successfully! We were able to meet with some people attending on Zoom, as there were some weather issues. Lots of committee work was done, DLC preparations, graphics, workshops, and met with our International Trustee over Zoom. It was a very productive weekend!

As always, it was so nice to see everyone and hear about how they’ve been doing. It is crazy that this is the last time the INDB 23-24 will have an overnight board meeting. It was so nice to see how much everyone has grown and blossomed in their positions. This group has accomplished amazing things. 14

HOBART KEY CLUB FORMS SISTER CLUB WITH JAPAN Hobart Key Club has made history! Working with past Kiwanis Governor Taka Ogata, Hobart Key Clubbers Elijah Puente, Kenjie Decastro, Gracie Krejci, and Abby Allen have worked diligently for years to form a sister club with Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. This year, Gracie and Abby are chairing the committee and are hosting Zoom meetings between schools once a month. They are flying to Japan to represent the program this May. While they are there, they will also have the opportunity to visit their sister school, and hopefully make plans to start an exchange program.




DISTRICT LEADERSHIP CONVENTION As mentioned earlier, DLC registration is quickly approaching! If you haven't done so already, make sure that registration and payment are received by the FIRM deadline of January 26th! HERE is the DLC 2024 Registration Link if you still need it! Speaking of January 26th, whether you are running for a Lieutenant Governor position or Executive Officer position, as well as applying for any awards, ALL Statement of Candidacies and Award Applications are also due by January 26th. HERE is the view-only link to the Statement of Candidacy that must be completed and sent to the Key Club Assistant District Administrator HERE is the viewonly link to the Awards Packet, in which all award applications must be completed and submitted via email to the Key Club District Administrator

Now that Registration, Statement of Candidacy, and Award Application deadlines are out of the way, we can get into wonderful fairytale fun you get to experience at DLC 2024! Friday is where you get a chance to see everyone and have some Friday night fun and games! Then on Saturday, we get down to business doing service projects, attending workshops, and voting on District Executive Officer Positions and other bylaw or policy changes at the House of Delegates, but round off the day by dancing the night away at the Governor's Ball! Then unfortunately, Sunday is the last day of the convention, in which the old Indiana District Board will retire, and the new Indiana District Board will be installed, and of course many people will be sad saying goodbye to their new friends, but hopefully, they will be able to see each other at the next DLC!!! If you have any questions, please email Jason Bunag 16


Like I said before, it has been an honor creating these magazines for you all. Thank you all so much for supporting me and sharing these magazines. It is important to check all deadlines and make sure that everything for DLC is submitted and/or ready to go. Attending DLC literally changed my life for the better, and I am so glad I decided to go back when I did. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so if you have the opportunity to go, GO! REMINDER: CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR BULLETIN EDITOR MAY SUBMIT A SAMPLE ARTWORK. IT MUST BE AN 8.5 x 11 DIGITAL EXAMPLE PAGE OF KEY NEWS SHOWING A CLUB SERVICE PROJECT. CANNOT USE TEMPLATE. Send sample to by January 26th to be featured in DLC 2024 program.

Thank you all so very much for reading this magazine, and I hope to see you all at DLC! Please read thoroughly through this magazine, as there is a lot of important information and deadlines that should not go ignored. As always, yours in love, service, and friendship, Ella Freimuth.


Instagram: @inkeyclub Facebook: Indiana District of Key Club International TikTok: @inkeyclub Linktree: @indianakeyclub Youtube: Indiana District of Key Club International


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