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Indiana District of Key Club International


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Key Club History Recap

ICON August Board Meeting Sistrict? District? Division?!

What Have They Been Up To?

Governor Update + Project Sec/Tres Update Webmaster Update International Trustee Article Club Highlight Committee Updates

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Officer Training Back to School Upcoming Events

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Service Ideas


Key Leader Fall Rally DLC + Running

Editor's note

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Hello Indiana District!

My name is Vivian de Toledo Krainer, I go to Terre Haute South Vigo High School, and I am a senior! I used to be the Collegiate Division Lieutenant Governor, and I was elected as your District Bulletin Editor recently! Since I am new to this position, this is the first Key News issue I’ve worked on. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it!


Key Club History! On September 8th, Hobart Key Club made history when they signed off on an official international agreement to partner with the Canadian Academy Key Club of Kobe, Japan, and become sister clubs! This means Hobart Key Club is the first club in the United States to partner with a Key Club from Japan! Leaders from Indiana District Kiwanis, Indiana District Key Club, and Hobart Key Club all gathered at District Administrator Heidi Polizotto’s house to perform the official signing. Leaders from Japan Kiwanis and the Canadian Academy Key Club also zoomed in to view and celebrate this historical agreement alongside them. The official document will soon be shipped off to Japan for their leaders to sign as well. This has been an initiative Kiwanis Governor Taka Ogata has been pursuing throughout his term, and it has finally come to fruition with these two clubs! With this new partnership, each club hopes to support and collaborate on service projects, natural disaster relief, and the forging of cultural understanding and awareness. Hobart and Canadian Academy already have many activities lined up and can not wait for what this will bring for their clubs, the Indiana District, and the Japan District! --Kenjie DeCastro,

HHS Key Club Vice-President




ICON - Key Club International Convention The 79th Annual Key Club International Convention (ICON) was held in Washington D.C. from July 6-10th. The members who attended were able to experience many informative workshops, participate in impactful service projects, and meet Key Clubbers from all around the world. They were also able to listen to Keynote speakers like Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, and Lex Gillette, a blind Paralympic athlete who won a silver medal at the 2004 Summer Paralympics. The 2022-2023 International Board was also elected at the convention!

International President Lilian Thai

International Trustees Ahmed Eldeeb

International Vice-President Layla Nguyen

Shreya Mukunthan Taylor Petrofski Drew Reetz Shanelle Relucio Hope Roundcount Leo Shen

Are you sad you missed it? Don't worry, ICON is coming back! From the 6-9th of July, ICON 2023 is taking place in Anaheim, California!

Kava Sriram Ava Stamatakis Ayano Tamura Shuban Tiwari 4



INDB August Board Meeting On August 19-20th, the Indiana District Board had a meeting where we discussed many important topics. Everyone in the board gave overview on how their term has been going, and what they hope to accomplish through the end of their term! We also heard from each committee, and received information on important events like Key Leader, Fall Rally, and DLC 2023! We had the opportunity to listen to Taka Ogata talk about the Big Riley Event, where they strived to make 300 slime kits and 100 craft kits for the Child Life Zone! We also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Bruce Andrews, the Indiana Kiwanis GovernorElect, and Hope Roundcourt, our International Trustee! Hope also revealed to us that for the 2022-2023 year, we are in the Caninwins Sistrict, which accounts for Indiana, Eastern Canada, and California-NevadaHawaii KIWIN's Districts! The Indiana District Board is SO excited to work with all of you to make the best out of the 2022-2023 year! Be on the lookout for all of the events and projects we have planned for you! 5


Sistrict? District? Division?! If you are reading this magazine, there is a good chance you are in the Indiana District! The Indiana District is in the Caninwins Sistrict, along with the Eastern Canada District, and the CaliforniaNevada-Hawaii KIWIN'S District!

If you are in the Indiana District, click here to find your Division!

Do you want to find out where you fit in the Key Club world? Let me make things easy for you: Every Key Club member is divided into a Sistrict, District, and Division. A Sistrict is a collection of Districts overseen by an International Trustee, A District is a collection of Divisions overseen by the District Governor and the Executive Board, And a Division is a collection of home clubs overseen by a Lieutenant Governor!

Click here to find your District! 6


What Have They Been Up To? G O V E R N O R


Indiana District Governor Louis Gallegos Hello Indiana Key Clubbers! It's Governor Louis here with an update! As your Governor, I have been very busy the past few months, especially as we enter the school year. If you don't know, I am a member of my high school's marching band! This year's show is the music from James Bond, which is very fun! Regarding my work in Key Club, I've been in contact with the board, working with our new International Trustee, Hope Roundcount, and creating resources for my Governor's Project! Outside of Key Club, I've been spending time with my friends, and enjoying the rest of my senior year! I cannot wait for Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays, mainly because it is in the fall! I'm very excited about the many Key Club events happening in the next few months, including Key Leader, Fall Rally, and the INDB's November Board Meeting! I love hearing from Indiana Key Clubbers! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need to talk about anything, don't hesitate to reach out! Yours in service, Governor Louis Gallegos (219) 716-0440



Governor Project Hello Indiana! It's Governor Louis here! I am both excited and proud to announce that my 2022-2023 Governor’s Project will be an online fundraiser to benefit the Trevor Project! Your donation to my project will aid the organization in providing and expanding digital crisis services to youth free of charge, training volunteers, and providing resources to teachers and parents to make a more inclusive world. The Indiana District has until February 23, 2023, to reach our goal of $2,500! You have the opportunity to donate at the following levels to receive additional benefits, but any amount to support this organization will be greatly appreciated! -- Governor Louis Gallegos

The Trevor Project is a non-profit focused on suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth.

Click here to learn more about The Trevor Project! 8


Governor Project Designer Donation | $250 Premium social media shoutout posts, logo displayed on convention program, and name mentioned on

Director Donation | $500 Premium social media shoutout posts, logo displayed on convention program, name mentioned on, and business name on convention tshirt.

Producer Donation | $1000 Opportunity for a 5-minute scripted portion at our convention, audibly thanked during the opening session, the chance to host a convention workshop, premium social media shoutout post, logo displayed on convention program, name mentioned on, and business name appears on convention t-shirt.

Excited to donate? Visit! 9


What Have They Been Up To? Indiana District Sec/Tres Maya Narayan

S E C / T R E

Hi everyone! Since the last magazine, I’ve kept myself pretty busy! I starred in a musical at a professional regional theatre, I was Miss 4-H Junior Leaders in a pageant and placed Second Runner-Up, and I was accepted into the Broadway Artist Alliance of New York and attended a summer intensive in New York City. Fast forward to now: my senior year has been running smoothly so far. I have been keeping myself busy with being the Girls Golf captain at GHS as well as getting ready for college application season. Recently in golf, I was awarded NLC All-Conference and placed top 5 in the whole conference. When I’m not at golf or school, you can find me at Goshen’s football games, doing Key Club work, or keeping busy with AP/IB homework. Spooky season is officially around the corner (yes, I know it’s over a month away, but still!). That means candy and costumes! Although I am not planning on wearing any costume or going trick-or-treating for Halloween, I can’t wait to stay in and watch a spooky movie with friends!!




What Have They Been Up To? Indiana District Webmaster Jacob Lee

W Hello Hoosier Key Clubbers! As your District Webmaster, I have updated the District website, regarding Fall Rally and Key Leader promotion. Additionally, I have been managing the District's social media accounts such as Instagram and TikTok. From the accounts, I have been promoting Fall Rally and Key Leader as well. Outside of Key Club, I have been busy with schoolwork and fulfilling my requirements for the International Baccalaureate diploma. Additionally, I am still working on my college applications and attended Washington and Lee University's fly-in program, DIVE. Outside of school, I have been taking some time for myself such as binging on my favorite shows such as Spy x Family and Pachinko. If you have any questions about the District website or social media, please send me an email at Also, feel free to text me any questions at 317-414-2834 if you prefer texting instead. I will be more than happy to help!





IT October Article

International Trustee Hope Roundcourt HEY INDIANA! I am so excited to talk to you all again and I’m so excited to see all the amazing things your clubs are doing on your club Instagrams and through the messages you’ve sent me! I also want to congratulate Indiana on having the most Sistrict Shout-Out applications—but just so you know, KIWIN’S and Eastern Canada are very close behind, so go fill out more spotlight applications ASAP to ensure your biggest supporters get the appreciation they deserve (link: Last time, I gave you pointers on membership engagement and recruitment. Now, your governor has started an AMAZING district project and I know that you’re all trying to fundraise for it. For this reason, I’d like to give you all some fundraising tips: INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING: 1. Go door to door. When you do this, make sure to wear your Key Club shirts, have your materials ready and organized, and offer plenty of information about the fundraiser at hand. If you can have flyers to pass out, QR codes to scan, or other materials for them to read about the cause, then have them easily accessible. 2. Think about your audience. What kinds of businesses are most likely to donate to a LGBTQ+ mental health organization? Small businesses or large ones? Coffee shops, art stores, thrift stores, or all three? What kind of people are most likely to donate? 3. View the sponsorship toolkit: GROUP FUNDRAISING: 1. Advertise well in advance; depending on the scale and context of the fundraiser, you’ll want to start advertising at least two weeks in advance to ensure that people know it’s happening, bring money, and get excited. 2. Ask your local Kiwanis club to attend the fundraiser! 3. Incentivize, incentivize, incentivize! Make it a competition. Provide prizes or an activity for donors to participate in. Here’s a helpful list of fundraising ideas: I highly recommend that you also check out the sponsorship toolkit. Between these tips and the sponsorship toolkit, amazing fundraisers are possible. However, if you need more ideas or information (or just want to chat!), reach out and I can help! Thank you for being such amazing supporters of our sistrict! Yours in Service and Always in Friendship, Hope Roundcount (217) 433-3809 @caninwins @h.roundcount


Club Spotlight Washington Township Key Club The Washington Township Key Club has been going above and beyond in District, Division, and club participation. They are a large club for a small school having 1/4 of the school coming to the call-out meeting on August 17th! Recently, they raised $900 for a family in the school going through difficult times, and played a fundamental role in volunteering at booths and driving golf carts in the Popcorn Fest, and directing runners at the Popcorn Panic 5k. Club submitted by Duneland Lieutenant Governor, Paige Hein.


Way to go, Washington Township!


What Have They Been Up To? Events & Planning Committee Nicole Bunag Mission: Successfully plan, promote, organize, and execute all aspects of Fall Rally, DLC, and other events in the District.

Hello! I am Nicole Bunag, the Johnny Appleseed Lieutenant Governor and Events & Planning Committee Chair! The Events & Planning Committee has planned, organized, and discussed lots of events and topics for this Key Club year! We have finished finalizing Fall Rally details, which is November 19th, more info and registration can be found on the Indiana Kiwanis Website! Fall Rally is a fun, day event where Key Clubbers across Indiana come to meet new Key Clubbers, learn, and have fun! Currently, we are working on District Leadership Convention (DLC) directives. DLC is a weekend event that goes more in-depth about learning new things, meeting new people, having fun, voting on our district positions, and more! The Events & Planning Committee is working really hard to meticulously plan out each event making sure you have a great time from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. We’ve run into a few obstacles, but with great communication and problemsolving, we were able to get them fixed! Overall, we want to give you an experience that you never want to leave, learn a lot, and create new friends!



What Have They Been Up To? Service Committee Paul Bontrager

Mission: Successfully plan, create, promote, organize, and execute safe, effective service projects/campaigns.

The service committee has been busy at work keeping the district up to date on all things service! The Service Project Directory (SPD) subcommittee has been very busy with promoting the SPD through emails and social media graphics. They have also been collecting service project ideas from clubs around the state to put on the directory. Finally, they have just started planning the upcoming year! Next, the Bylaws and Elections subcommittee has been busily working on updating documents, creating parliamentary procedures guide, and keeping the district updated on needed changes to the bylaws and policies. Finally, our marketing rep has been very busy making many social media graphics, promoting service, that have been posted on the district Instagram page! The Service Committee has been doing a great job and they are working together very well in order to serve our district. As the chairman I could not be more proud of the great work they have accomplished. 15


What Have They Been Up To? K-Fam & Connections Committee Alyssa Toscani

Mission: Publicize and communicate with all preferred charities and partnerships, other organizations Key Club works with, and maintain close connection between all branches of Kiwanis to build a transparent, effective, and powerful District. Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa Toscani, I am the Calumet Division Lt.G and I serve as the Kiwanis Family and Connections Committee Chair! During the first half of this service year, my committee has been hard at work! We have worked on gaining contact with the Kiwanis and Circle K District Boards, we created many excerpts for Lt.G newsletters about our Preferred Partners and the Kiwanis Family, we created a spreadsheet of nonprofits in Indiana to help Governor Louis with their Governor Project, and we are in the beginning stages of planning International Projects with the Japan and the Philippines, as well as our SistrictCAN-In-Wins! I could not be more happy with all of the work that our committee has done! Jeff, Mackenzie, Javier, Shivam, and Jessica have done such a great job! We are looking forward to the rest of this year and we cannot wait to show you all what we are working on soon! 16


What Have They Been Up To? Member Development Committee Vivian de Toledo Krainer

Mission: Aim to increase membership in the district by creating, promoting, and distributing various resources to Lt. Gs and clubs. Hello again, Indiana District! The member development committee has been very busy! The District & Club Resources subcommittee is finishing up a recruitment video, to give members crucial information on Key Club as an organization, and why join it! The Club Chartering & Reactivation subcommittee has been aiding Lieutenant Governors in the chartering and rechartering clubs process and contacting potential Kiwanis Clubs that would be interested in sponsoring new clubs. The Member Recognition subcommittee created a form to submit club members to be recognized in the Indiana District Instagram, so be on the lookout for when it is officially open! Our Marketing Representative is using social media to reach new members, and give our members an opportunity to see what the District positions really consist of. Our members Parker, Paige, Ella, Ishna, and Raghav have all been working really hard, and I couldn’t wish for a better team! I’m looking forward to seeing everything we accomplish before the end of the quarter! 17


Officer Training!

Northeast House The Northeast House held Officer Training on Saturday, September 9th. Our theme was the beach. Officer Training was super fun! After an interesting start to the event, we launched into training our officers (in-person and virtually). We then watched Top Gun: Maverick and ended the day with a late pizza lunch! --Samaira Lee, Northeast House Leader

Northwest House The Northwest Officer Training was a great success! We held our training at the Valparaiso Public Library where all six LT. Gs attended in person along with Governor Louis Gallegos and District Administrator Heidi Polizotto. We had members from the Calumet Division, Arrowhead Division, and the Duneland Division attend in person with a few attending virtually! The Explorer Division and Land of Lakes Division, unfortunately, had no members show up, however, a later meeting is being prepared for those divisions. The meeting itself was a great success, officers were informed of their duties, roles as officers, and how to culture successful clubs! Officers were also informed of the upcoming district events such as Key Leader, Fall Rally, and DLC 2023. Resources such as websites and apps were presented to officers to facilitate their clubs and manage communication. After business had finished, we took time to eat lunch, talk, and take pictures with our attending officers! Overall, the officer training went spectacularly! --Javier Reyes, Northeast House Leader



Officer Training! Southeast House

The LTGs of the Southeast house are excited to host their officer trainings in the coming weeks! Due to concerns about attendance, each LTG will be hosting their own officer training for each of their divisions. Each LTG will share the dates with their divisions soon! The overall theme for these trainings will be a red carpet theme, so make sure you come in your most fabulous suit or dress! We look forward to seeing you at our trainings and we hope you will have a fun and informative time with them! --Paul Bontrager, Southeast House Leader

Southwest House While the Southwest House's Officer Training hasn't happened yet. It is scheduled to happen on the 1st of October! The theme is beach, and they are really excited to see all of their officers then!

What House Am I In?

Houses are divided by divisions! Northwest House Arrowhead Division, Calumet Division, Cedar Division, Duneland Division Explorer Division, Land of Lakes Division.

Southwest House


Bufallo Trace Division, Circle City Division, Collegiate Division, Hoosier Division, Lincoln Division, Sagamore Division, Southwind Division.

Northeast House Cardinal Division, Johnny Appleseed Division, Potawatomi Division, Sycamore North Division, Sycamore South Division, Wabash Valley Division.

Southeast House Capitol Division, Farmland Division, Heartland Division, Indy Metro Division, Rose Division, Scenic Hills Division.

Want more information? Contact your Lieutenant Governor!


Back to School!

Columbus North HS Key Club Callout Meeting

Valparaiso HS Key Club Callout Meeting

Terre Haute South Vigo Key Club HS Callout Meeting

By now, we've already gotten used to the rhythm of the school year, so take advantage of this time to recruit new members! Announce call-out meetings, hang up flyers around the school, and don't be afraid to bribe them with some food to spark their interest! It might make them show up, but all that the club offers will make them stay. Be sure to show potential members what Key Club is really about: Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness.


Key Leader Key Leader is an event open to ALL High School students focused on building your leadership skills! The event focuses on service leadership as the first, stresses that leadership comes from helping others succeed. It is a weekend full of workshops, discussions, different activities, and meeting other High Schoolers from all around Indiana!

When: Check in from 4-6pm on 11/04, checkout 12:00pm on 11/06 Where: YMCA Camp Tecumseh

12635 W Tecumseh Bend Rd, Brookston, IN 47923

How Much: $50



Fall Rally Fall Rally is an opportunity to learn more about Key Club, develop new leadership skills, and participate in teambuilding activities. Along with growing as a leader by attending Fall Rally, participants will play games and pursue fun activities at Fall Rally such as zip lining, laser tag, rock wall, and more!

When: 11/19 at 12:30-7:00 PM Where: Zip City

6650 Bluff Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217

How Much: $50

Includes full day attraction pass, t-shirt, room, and credit card fees



DLC Do you want to become more involved? DLC, or District Leadership Convention, is approaching! The event features an amazing Keynote speaker, distinguished officer awards, Indiana District Board elections, and workshops to improve on the four core values of Key Club: leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness. At DLC, you may also run for different positions! That is where we elect our Lieutenant Governors, District Bulletin Editor, District Secretary/Treasurer, and District Governor.

When: 02/24-02/26, 2023! Where: Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Airport 2501 S High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46241



Running At DLC The positions you are allowed to run for at the 2023 District Leadership Convention are Division Lieutenant Governor, District Bulletin Editor, District Sec/Tres, and District Governor. It is never too early to start thinking about running! If you are interested in running for a position, reach out to your Lieutenant Governor with any questions.

Lieutenant Governor Oversee a division and make sure they are There is one Lieutenant receiving the information coming to the district, Governor per division, Create monthly newsletters with important information, Organize and host 5 Division Council Meetings, Organize and execute 1 division-wide event.

and to run for the position you need to turn in a statement of candidacy, a letter of recommendation, and give a speech to your division!

District Webmaster Manage the District's social media and website, Create graphics for social media when needed, Work with the marketing representatives of each committee.

We have one Webmaster per district, and to run for the position you need to turn in a statement of candidacy, a letter of recommendation, and give two speeches throughout the convention. 24


District Bulletin Editor We have one Bulletin Editor per district, and to run for the position you Create graphics for social media if needed, need to turn in a statement of candidacy, a letter of Make sure the District branding is to date with recommendation, and give two speeches throughout the International Brand Guide. the convention.

Design 5 District Magazines,

District Sec/Tres Create monthly reports for Lieutenant Governor We have one Secretary/Treasurer per to monitor how they're doing, Create the District Budget, Process reimbursements, Write meeting minutes for board meetings.

district, and to run for the position you need to turn in a statement of candidacy, a letter of recommendation, and give two speeches throughout the convention.

District Governor Oversee the achievement of each board member, Communicate District status with International, Organize and work alongside committees. 25

We have one Governor per district, and to run for the position you need to turn in a statement of candidacy, a letter of recommendation, and give two speeches throughout the convention.


Service projects Difficulty: Easy

Making cards for hospitalized children

Making non-slip socks for a local hospital

Difficulty: Medium

Cemetery cleanup

Miracle Minute

Difficulty: Hard

Cutest and ugliest pet contest

Key Club carnival booth

Check out the Service Project Directory for more ideas!



Service projects Trunk or Treat Organize or attend a Trunk or Treat! Find a safe space to host the event, decorate your cars, and give out candy to local kids!

Organize a Post-Halloween Clean-Up Halloween can leave a LOT of trash behind, so get a few club members together to do a neighborhood clean-up after the holiday!

Donate Old Costumes Donate your old costumes to schools in your community so that less fortunate kids also have the chance to dress up!

Trick Or Treat At Your Local Sernior Care Center Contact your local Senior Care Center and organize an afternoon where you can take elementary school kids Trick or Treating from door-to-door at the facility.


Closing Remarks Thank you so much for reading through the magazine! I hope you enjoyed! Don't be afraid to reach out, just shoot me a text or an email if you have any questions or concerns.

Social Media District: @inkeyclub Sistrict: @caninwins International: @keyclubint

District: @IN_KeyClub International: @keyclub

District: Indiana Key Club

District: @inkeyclub