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WELCOME VISITOR. Welcome to Tilburg, welcome to Incubate. We really appreciate your choice to visit us. But just to let you know, there is no turning back. ‘You are Incubate’ now. During our internship for Incubate we often heard the phrase ‘Incubate is a festival with a face’. But it’s not about just one face; it’s about all the faces that reflect the heart of this festival. It's about yours and ours. It's about all the faces of the mothers on posters hanging around Tilburg, those of the volunteers, the artists, the accidental passerby or the veteran visitor. Our four faces at the bottom of this page only represent a few of thousands. Since our first day until our last we’ve been treated equally to all those who contributed to Incubate. Our opinion had as much value as that of our chiefs, and so was our responsibility. This applied not only to us, but for all of those who joined the ranks during our march to this week. The ranks that you are about to join at this very moment. We are in this together, let us make it one hell of a week. Joost van de Pas, Bob Verhagen, Stein Damen and Yannick Verhoeven Marketing interns Incubate 2012


StationTaxi is offering the Incubate visitors during the festival a cheaper and set rate. For this set rate the taxi takes you anywhere within the city ring and will also bring guests to hotel Ibis and Bastion hotel. Rates: € 10 for a regular taxi (max. 4 persons) € 10 for a van (max. 8 persons)

(show you wristband to show you’re attending Incubate) Make sure to confirm the taxi rate before you get in the car. Please note that only StationTaxi offers this deal. They have Incubate signs in their cars. It’s best to call ahead to order a taxi and tell you are an Incubate visitor. But you can also get a cab at the taxi stands of course, just look for the Incubate sign, and confirm the rate beforehand.

TO ORDER A TAXI, CALL: +31 (0)13-5420800

Buro Bilan, richt zich op het ondersteunen van bedrijven bij het opzetten, continueren en optimaliseren van hun bedrijfsvoering. administratie, advies en financieel management

Een groot deel van ons klantenbestand bestaat uit ondernemers en stichtingen die werkzaam zijn in de culturele sector waaronder podia, boekings- en produktiekantoren, festivals, theatermakers, acteurs, beeldend kunstenaars en artiesten.

thuis in de culturele sector Dunantstraat 1d Postbus 3142 5003 DC Tilburg

T 013 535 87 78 F 013 542 02 71


Spoorlaan 21 i-k, 5038 CB, Tilburg

At the Ticket & Info Center you can buy tickets or exchange your e-ticket for a wristband. You can also get timetables, festival information, bus schedules and merchandise over there. Our team of ticket sellers is well informed and will gladly give you any advice on the extensive festival program. Opening hours: Monday 10th to Thursday 13th: 13:00 - 22:30 Friday 14th and Saturday 15th: 13:00 - 01:00 Sunday 16th: 13:00 - 22:00 Incubate info line: Tel: +31 6 45 43 19 89 For the latest festival updates check:, or download the official Incubate app from your app store.


International development organisation Hivos supports worldwide independent cultural initiatives that encourage creativity and create space for dialogue. Help Hivos to strengthen more voices, see how at








This week, you are the center of our universe.


Exhibitions and events A – Z


Open Source Film, A - Z, Solar Cinema


Zeebelt in Residence: seven days of theater


DIY conference speakers and panels


Music projects and artists A – Z




You, yeah you. You holding this book, flipping through it, a beer in the other hand. We are talking to you. You are the most important guest of this whole festival, did you know? This week, you are the center of the universe. It’s all about you. Because you are Incubate. Yes, you heard us: you are Incubate. After last year’s theme, ‘We Are Incubate’, we have taken the next step and have shifted the focus from ‘we’ to ‘you’. In 2012, the audience is now even more in the center of the stage. We invite you to be this years theme and to show us you’re worth it. Show us you can do it yourself. DIY: it can be an empty slogan or a call to arms. It can be a threat or a promise. Incubate puts you first: the public. The watcher turns into a visitor; the visitor into a participator. And now the participator becomes the activator. Because this year, Incubate is about activation. Participation means riding along with what is handed to you; activation means fixing your own ride. It’s a continuous process, at the core of creativity, and we dare you to make this festival your own. This year, many of our projects will depend on you. You can make radio, join debates, vote and perform. Help Leah Capaldi lose her voice during her karaoke performance ‘Seven Days, Seven Hours’. Voice your opinion with Steve Lamberts ‘Capitalism Works For Me’. Join the world’s biggest band by participating to Damo Suzuki’s Network. These are just a few examples of this year’s exciting program. Poetry, performance and art projects, waiting for your input. It’s obvious that we will hand you all the tools you need. The music, the art, the theatre, the debate. We will guide to the stage and the after party. We will show you the way to the booze and the breeze. But the rest is up to you. How exciting is that? Holland’s most exhilarating festival is all about you: that’s a wet dream even for the most modest of people. You are the activator; the orchestrator of your own experience. It´s your party and you can laugh, cry, dance, sing and shout if you want to. You are Incubate. Make it the best Incubate you ever had.



'The world right now is a strange place. Never before has it been easier to connect with so many people. We at Incubate love the fact we can talk to you, the visitor gone participant on different digital and real life platforms. We get so much feedback on which artists you want to see, meet and hear that we think we have a good feel for what’s going on in the world around us. Times have changed. We no longer decide everything, but we decide together with you and talk about the plans together. That is what “You Are Incubate” is all about. It’s our way of showing a new way of thinking about what a festival is. You get to jam with Damo Suzuki, send us your plans and projects, enter work in our Open Source Expo, Open Film or Open Radio program and just send us tips on cool new artists and bands. We are all part of Incubate!' VINCENT KOREMAN – ARTISTIC DIRECTOR INCUBATE


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The city of Tilburg itself will again be encapsulated in the Incubate festival, as this year’s theme stresses the importance of participation by everyone and anyone. ‘Inside Out’ is the large-scale art project that will take over the walls and facades of Tilburg for this whole week, celebrating Tilburg’s mothers in all their glory. French artist JR prefers to remain anonymous, while his art manifests openness, identity and a sense of community. He describes himself as a ‘photograffeur’; his is a different kind of street art, as he uses a camera instead of the more traditional spray can, marker or brush. JR’s art is centred on the principles of identity, commitment and freedom, or lack thereof. He makes his mark by using portraits of ‘ordinary people’, blown up to huge proportions and pasted onto houses, buildings, bridges and other ‘vertical limits’, and involving local communities in the artistic process. Art for the people, by the people and with the people involved; for JR art is first and foremost a human project, which should take place out in the open. JR has worked around the world, from the banlieues in Paris to the Separation Barrier in Israel and the favelas in Brazil, and now it’s Tilburg’s turn. The Inside Out project, winner of the 2011 TED Prize, transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of art. For Incubate 2012, this goal is translated into thousands of black and white portraits of the mothers of Tilburg, spread all over the city. As participation is a hugely important aspect of JR’s work, all the city’s inhabitants were invited to be a part of the project by sending in portraits of their mothers, and many of them have done so. Inside Out Tilburg will be the biggest implementation of the project so far, celebrating the beauty, diversity and strength of motherhood. Inside Out is a typical example of the candidacy of 2018Eindhoven|Brabant for the title of Cultural Capital ofEurope in 2018.



'I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we'll turn the world...INSIDE OUT.' JR, 2011



Philippe Vandenberg & Berlinde De Bruyckere

tm 28 oktober

De Pont in the Picture projectzaal tm 4 november

Wilhelminapark 1 Tilburg dinsdag - zondag 11-17 uur www.depont .nl


ART 'You uploaded a photo of your mom and made Inside Out possible. You submitted an artwork for the Open Source Expo and made the largest expo in it's kind happen. You submitted your idea for a project and now the guys from curated an exciting (or not?) performance-event, and Willum Geerts will leave bypassers confused. Steve Lambert wants your votes and Leah Capaldi wants you to sing-along. YOU ARE INCUBATE! Hell... even pigs participate in Incubate this year with S... MERIJN ­— CURATOR INCUBATE ART PROGRAM


SANTIAGO SIERRA – ‘THE DESTROYED WORD’ @ BOERDERIJ 'T SCHOP & DE NWE VORST Friday 14th, Boerderij 't Schop Masterclass: Thursday 13th, De NWE Vorst A gas chamber erected inside a synagogue and a room full of mud: two examples of Santiago Sierra’s attempt to challenge reality and our perception of it. At Incubate 2012, Santiago Sierra will perform the latest instalment of his project ‘The Destroyed Word’. The Spanish artist’s work revolves around the dismantling of structures that form national, political and economic systems, by the very people who are affected by those systems. He gives the underprivileged of the world the opportunity to empower themselves symbolically. Sierra has been known to hire workers to complete often pointless and/or unpleasant tasks in the name of his art, like paying a museum guard to spend 15 days behind a brick wall. Sierra’s project ‘The Destroyed Word’ is about the friction between creation and destruction. On Friday September 14th, the latest instalment of this estafette-artwork will be part of Incubate 2012, but not for long, as this project is –hence the namebased on the destruction rather than the preservation of it. As a part of the word ‘capitalism’, a 3,5 meter high character S will be created, entirely made of fruit and vegetables, ready to be eaten by pigs. A clear nod to the massive pig-farming industry that can be found in the province of Noord-Brabant.



STEVE LAMBERT ‘CAPITALISM WORKS FOR ME TRUE / FALSE’ @ BIBLIOTHEEK TILBURG CENTRUM Monday 10th – Saturday 15th At Incubate anyone is invited to talk about the pros and cons of capitalism, as Steve Lambert of the Center for Artistic Activism is putting their massive installation ‘Capitalism works for me TRUE / FALSE’ in front of the Public Library (Bibliotheek Tilburg Centrum). This project was funded by 434 backers at crowd-funding website and has traveled more than nine cities in the United States of America. This is the first time the installation will be placed in an European city. You’re more than welcome to join the discussion and voice your opinion about capitalism.


EXHIBITION: NEW JACKS 4.0 @ ­T ICKET & INFO CENTER (BKKC) Thursday 6th to 30th New Jacks shows what Incubate is all about: helping artists to hatch. For already the fourth time we invited young artists to create new work. Since last year we collaborate together with bkkc to present this exhibition by artists that graduated less than 5 years ago at a Brabant art academy. All five selected artist will work with the theme: “You are Incubate”. The selected artists are Jordy Koevoets, Petra van Noort, Angela de Weijer, Robert Lombarts and Erik van Liere.

▼ ERIK VAN LIERE "I’m showing part of a project; At the dawn of fall, non-economic space, which contains series of analogue black and white photographs of old sheds on the country side, organized on concrete plates. I had this idea for more than a year now, and it started when I was looking through a book of old photographs of the place I used to live. I grew up in the countryside and the photos showed the fields and the farm I grew up on. A lot of things where still the same as if they were concealed by a time capsule." Erik van Liere (1986) graduated at AKV St. Joost, Breda in 2011.


“I love people who do extraordinary stuff with sound. 'Exploded Views' is a growing collection of sounds derived directly from the Incubate festival. I'll record the typical or favorite Incubate sounds of visitors, and each sound will be exhibited in a small wooden audio module. Exploded Views can be played as a big sampler, by pushing as many or as few buttons as you like. I am looking for people who really want to contribute a special sound, as the number of audio modules is limited. I am curious if the contributors will feel part of a network, since they are all connected by the fact they invited me to join them to any possible event. Each of them 'owns' a piece of the work in a way.” Angela de Weijer (1987) graduated cum laude at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg in 2011.


ART ▼ ROBERT LOMBARTS What are your idols and why? “Diego Sindbert, because he is a good talker and even a better listener. Simba (the cat of a friend of mine), because he can't talk nor listen.” When did you know you wanted to be an artist? “During an internship at an advertising agency.” What are you showing at New Jacks 4.0? “I'm showing a life-sized photograph of a man covered in chalk, titled ‘Evaporate and Wonder’.” Robert Lombarts (1984) graduated in 2011 at AKV St. Joost, ‘s Hertogenbosch.


“Banalities and absurdities we consider as normal, they are part of everyday life and inspire me. For New Jacks 4.0 I'm presenting The Plastic Fantastic Wedding and Divorce Wall. It's a wall, inspired by the wedding chapels in Las Vegas, where people can marry and divorce in a split second. I want to see If the audience plays the game. Are you participating yes or no? Will you walk through and leave with a smile or will you reject the idea and installation?” Jordy Koevoets (1984) graduated at AKV St. Joost, Breda in 2011.


"I am going to make a mural showing different woman presenting themselves on the internet so they can be selected by men from all over the world. These mail-order brides are looking for a better life and they hope to find it somewhere else. I hope I can make people think about the subject but just enjoyment and a little smile is good as well. Paul McCarthy is an inspiration to me because his work is so free and seems to have no boundaries. His way of working is very opposite to mine. I envy that sometimes."


AFTER SCHOOL AVANT GARDE @ PARADOX The last couple of years we noticed there’s a need in the city of Tilburg for a quality program for children in which there is room for experimentation. Together with interested parents we continue our children’s program in 2012. Last year we saw that children really liked the experimental shows we do, as long as they can participate. After School Avant Garde offers participation for kids in Incubate. They get free access to a special program by independent artists. Creativity, fantasy, art and experiment are key, but the main inspiration remains fun! This program is for children between 4 and 12.

Monday 10th Floris Vanhoof – Sounds with food Tuesday 11th Gangpol & Mit – Making masks Wednesday 12th Will Guthrie – Rythmic workshop: Thursday 13th Ben Butler & Mousepad + Bertin – Casio and Robot suits Friday 14th Wiersma & Smeets



LEAH CAPALDI - '7 HOURS, 7 DAYS’ @ KOEPELHAL Monday 10th – Sunday 16th Performance artist Leah Capaldi likes to push people’s buttons in a variety of ways. In 2008 she did a performance entitled ‘Allure’, referring to Chanel perfume. Capaldi sprayed an obnoxious amount of the perfume on herself before taking the busy London subway during rush hour, registering people’s reaction to her. She repeated the performance last year for the Catlin Art Prize ceremony, hiring two actors to walk through the art loving crowd and abundantly spray both men and women with the perfume. According to Capaldi, different elements influence people’s reaction to her performances, gender being a significant one of them. She explores themes like desire, power and exploitations, and plays with stereotypes along the way.

At Incubate, Capaldi will perform ‘7 hours, 7 days’; a weeklong performance in which 65 love songs are sung, on repeat. The stage? A busy shopping mall in the center of Tilburg. Instead of perfume, Capaldi will now use her voice in overdose to trigger her ‘audience’, and will invite them to join her in singing. While her 49-hour performance carries on, Capaldi will inevitably start losing her voice, but hopefully not her spirit.

The former sculpturer now prefers performance art, often using her body as the main medium and testing its limits, and the limits of those around her.


EXHIBITION: OPEN SOURCE EXPO @ KOEPELHAL Monday 10th: Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th: Friday 14th and Saturday 15th: Sunday 16th:

18:00 – 20:00 (Opening) 14:00 - 21:00 14:00 - 22:00 13:00 - 21:00

For the Open Source Expo we asked you to present your artwork during Incubate. And so you did. With about 300 participants, we are very proud present the biggest Open Source Expo to date. No artist was turned down. Our curator included all pieces and put together a coherent exhibition. This year the Open Source Expo is held in the beautiful Koepelhal, a former railway workshop transformed into exhibition space. We would like to thank all participants for their contribution. Those whose work is shown are:

Adrie Kersten, Alexandra Klein, André Geertse, Anja Kok, Anne Vincent Dijkstra, Anneke Hendrikx, Annemarie Vermeer, Annemie Bogaerts, Annemieke Vochteloo, Annika Šakić, Ans van Oosterhout, Arewik Avakian, Arjan Onderdenwijngaard, Arjan van Beurden, Arno Mertens, Bart van Poppel, Bart Waalen, Baukje Spaltro, Beatrijs de Leeuw, Benno de Wit Bernadette Goossens, Bianca Runge, Bianca van Baast, Bjorn Roetman, Bodil Jane, Boris Labadie, Brigitte de Man, Brigitte Picavet,

Anne Vincent Dijkstra -­ X-Ray IV



Familie Breukers, Fieke van Berkom, Forces of Love, Frank Ter Beek, Frank van Erp, Frank Wiersema, Frans Beerens, Frans Denkers, Fred Geven, Fred van Esch, Gebi Rodenburg, Gemma van den Bungelaar, Gerda van de Glind, Gijs van Lith, Glenn Kruup, goother, Grand Foulard, Guido de Pooter, Guusje Houwen, Hanny Sprangers, Harrie Sengers, Helen Vergouwen, Helena Sanders, Hella van 't Hof, Hennie de Weert, Henny Overbeek, Henny Schakenraad, Henny van Huystee, HiredMonkeez, Hoi-Shan Mak, Ibo Pompe, Ide AndrĂŠ, Ineke Duyndam, Ineke van der Wal, Inge Koenen, Inge Peperkamp, Inge van de Goor, Ingrid de Rond, Ingrid Wens, Irene van den Besselaar, Irm Etman,

Arewik Avakian - Perceive

Carina Hesper, Catalijn Donders, Chiel Janssen, Chrisje van der Heyden-Ronde, Claire Bänziger, Clara Pouderoijen, Claudette van de Rakt, Coen Muskens, Colours of the Guitar-Design, Cor Jabaaij Cora van Wanrooij, Cornelia, Corry van Hoof, Daniel Bennett, Danni van Amstel, Danny Kieneker, Danny Scholtze, David Paans, Debra den Dekker, DEES, Denise Motz, Denz de Kroon, Dineke van Oosten, Dorenda Verhaegen, DutchPuh, Eefje Goos, Eleonora Eendenburg, Eline Ceelen, Ellawednaf, Ellen Rodenberg, Eric Botermans, Esther Bos, Etienne Reijnders, Etienne van Mil, Eva van der Moer,

Baukje Spaltro - wit netwerk


Karen Lustenhouwer, Karin Kunst, Karin Starmans, Karina Beumer, Karlijn de Groot, Kate, Kees Habraken, Kees Koomen, Kim Pattiruhu, Kim Peters, Kirsten Ploum, Koosje Schmeddes, KORryKRemers, KunstAnders, Kunstkoek, Laila Hassouna-Jansen, Leon Poirters, Leonie Maréchal, Leonieke van de Geer, Levi van Huygevoort, Lex van Lith, Lia Mast, Lies Geven, Liesbeth Meulders, Lilly Angerona, Linda Cieniawska, Lisa Bensel, Lise Sore, Lisette Durinck, lisetteh, Lodie van Dulken, Luciënne Smit, LukeDaDuke, Lydia Warris, Lydia Weijers, Maarten Claassen, Maarten Schepers, Maikel Kanters, Malou van Doormaal, Marc Labadie, Marco Maas, Margot Zweers, Margriet Ploum, Maria van Ewijk, Marieke Busser, Marieke Coenen, Marieke Mein, Marieke Plasier, Marieke Samuels,

Frank Ter Beek - Playtime

Jaap Groen, Jan Franken, Janine Hendriks, Janneke Kornet, Janneke Scheepers, Janneke Verhagen, Jason Eden, Jeffry Koopman, Jeroen Hoenselaar, Jeroen Jongeneelen, Jeroen van Loon, Jeroen van Toorn, Jessica Knoot, Jiri Buunk, Joam de Stoppelaar, Joep Dooper, Joep van Gassel, Jofke, Johan van Trijp, Johanna Haagsman, Jolanda Jansen, Jolanda Pulles, Jolande van Lith, Jonna van Hesteren, Jordy Koevoets, Jorina Kilsdonk, Jos de Waal, Jos van den Hanenberg, Jos van der Linden, Josée de With, Josja de Vree, Josua Wechsler, Judith Kramer, Julia BoixVives, Juliette Kalse, Just Quist,

Lydia Weijers - Zonder titel



MariĂŤlle van Deursen, Mariette van der Meer, Marijke Maathuis, Marit Maes, Marjanne van Helvert, MARLEENBOUKE, Marlou Severijns, Martijn de Boer, Matea Bakula, Mathilde van der Pol, Maykel Schoonus, Michael van Kekem, Michiel Corten, Miek van Dongen, Mike Kramer, MindTwist, Miranda Crawford, Miranda Vissers, Miriam Bruijning, Mirjan van de Hel, Myrthe Rootsaert, Netty Hoes, Nick Boers, Niels Ballemans, Niels Mud, Niels van Holland, Nienke Esther Grooten, Nino Ratmerg, Noor van Tilborg, Norbert Wille, Odiel, Overdoria Woolf, Parminderjit, Patjoelie, Paul van der Wees, Pauline Koehorst, Peter Jochems, Pieter Obels, pieterse, Qainriatha, Raoul Vermeer,

Lisa Bensel - No Title (Tower)

Frank Wiersema - damsel in distress


Silvia Kuijlaars, Silvie van den Boogaard, skills ltd, Stephan Vos, Susan de Boer, Susanne van Hoorn, Suus Touw, Suuz van de Vaart, Suzanne Scholten, Suzanne van Doremalen, Sylvia van Leeuwen, Tessa Reintjens, The Youman, Theo Verlind, Ties van de Ven, Tim Castelijn, Tim Ceustermans-Deschepper, Tina Vanderwerf, Toon Diepstraten, unimatrix9, Veerle Lavoir, Veerle Stevens, VosgaatVedder, WEEDA, Wil van Iersel, Wilfred Slobbe, WillyB, Wouter van de Koot, Yolanda Roosen, Yvette Winkler, Yvonne Timmersmans, ZoĂŤ d'Hont

Sigrid Calon - nr. 140 Rein Jansen, ReKo, Remy Habets, Renate Engelen, Renate Vos, Renee Lievens, Richard van Kruysdijk, Rik van den Broek, Robbert Peperkamp, Robert Muis, Roberto Voorbij, Robin Gerris, Roger Martinez, Roger Walschots, Rogier Janssen, Roland Maas, Ron Beumer, Roos Holleman, Roos Mols, Rosa Blanca Flor, Rosa van Oers, Rosanne van der Lugt, Roundhouze, Roy Rops, Ruben Mols, Ruben Olislagers, Sandra Schuurmans, Sandra v.d. Pluym, SandrArt, Sanne Maes, Sari Piek, Sarina Missot, shirley welten, Sigrid Calon,

Susan de Boer - zonder titel



PARTICIPATE PROJECTS @ VARIOUS PLACES These projects were established by members of the Incubate community after we called for ideas in November 2011. We are elated to present to you these three projects:



In addition to successful Open Source projects like Art and Film, this year there's also Open Source Poetry. So anyone interested could send in work, and we'd offer them a stage for their writings. Many entries were published on our blog inlog. org and one poem per person will be recited on Incubate Radio. To top it off, we selected participants to perform at the Incubate Poetry nights. They will get a workshop by one the professional poets performing that same night.

A motorised ensemble performs four unique compositions, created exclusively for Incubate. As an orchestrated coincidence, tonal and atonal layerings of sound, rhythmical patterns and tensed (de-) crescendo’s are created by sounds that mingle or contrast with the surroundings. These interventions temporarily transform the urban surroundings into a cinematographic background. Monday 10th, 18:00, Koepelhal Wednesday 12th, 15:30, Wilhelminapark Saturday 15th, 20:00, 013 Sunday 16th, 16:00, City center

This program is curated by Daan Taks. Open Source Poetry performers: Robby van Gerven, Wibo Kosters, Michal Nierobisch, Akim Willems, Von Solo, Arno Breuer and Jelmer van Lenteren


Wednesday 12th, 20:30, Kafee ‘t Buitenbeentje ACG Vianen , Collectief de Losse Klos, Peter Lauwereijsen, Bot, Barbara Beckers and the poets of the Open Source Poetry that were chosen.

Performance evening with Bas Schevers (NL/B), David Sherry (UK), Jean Charles de Quillacq (F), JODI (NL) and Pablo Wendel(D), curated by These performances are drawn from everyday situations. While appearing to be inconspicuous acts, they attempt to show the absurd, tragi-comical sides of daily life. The artists invite us to follow their lead and believe in their stories - or not.

Thursday 13th, 20:30, Kafee ‘t Buitenbeentje Gijs ter Haar, Renato Miguel Santos, Joke Kaviaar, Spit and the poets of the Open Source Poetry that were chosen. is an artblog by Michiel Huijben, Simon Kentgens and Diana Duta. Saturday 15th, 19:30, NS16


powered by tu/e strp meets discovery Festival

20:00-5:00 uur klokgebouw / strijp-s / eindhoven

experiment #22

FILM 'I visit a lot of film festivals, and my most favorite part of these festivals are the short film programs. With short films, you never know what you're gonna get, and I always leave the cinema totally blown away by the true originality of these films. This year we've made a special selection of the best of recent short films for you, including our Long Night of Short Films, so go check it out!' JANTIEN ­— CURATOR INCUBATE FILM PROGRAM


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews

LONG NIGHT OF SHORT FILMS @ DE NWE VORST (RODE SALON) Saturday 15th, 22:30 – 01:30 We've visited the filmfestivals of Europe as well as the world wide web for the very best and most original, freaky, moving, surprising, mind-blowing short films, and tonight we will screen them all together in Incubate's Long Night of Short Films! What to expect? Walking rubik's cubes, Otto von Schirach baking 'electric eel', how it feels to have a giant bird spider as a pet (no cage!), the freaky story of 2 Live Crew's Uncle Luke, some zombies and much, much more!

▼ TUMULT Johnny Barrington (2011, UK, 13 min) A tribe of Norwegian warriors after battle. Bloodied and wounded, their chief is dying. He is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different kind descends upon them.


Lucas Leyva (2011, US, 4 min) Told from the point of view of a dying shark, 'Reinaldo Arenas' metaphorically captures the current state of the aging Cuban-American exile community. Inspired by Cuban film and literature, this film creates a feeling of a particular moment in time.

▼ THE SCREAM Sebastian Corsor (2011, RO, 3 min) “I was walking along a path when suddenly the sky turned blood red: there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city. I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.” Edvard Munch, 1893


Jillian Mayer (2011, US, 13 min) Uncle Luke, of the hip-hop group 2 Live Crew, changed the face of hip-hop and fought for first amendment rights. As Mayor, he even ushers Miami into a golden era. Everything changes when a Nuclear Reactor has a meltdown and turns Miami into a post-apocayptic wasteland.


FILM ▼ LA MIGALA Jaime Dezcallar (2011, Esp, 14 min) A brokenhearted man seeks for something to bring feeling back to his numb state of existence. So he sets the most poisonous of tarantulas free in the house…making every day a life or death struggle.


Immanuel Wagner (2010, CH, 8 min) Two figures try to get along with each other. One of them has a nasty nose but no arms and looks like a rude person on first sight. But it is his secret that will make them friends.

▼ LUMINARIS Juan Pablo Zaramella (2011, ARG, 6 min) In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.


Bjørn Melhus (2011, GER, 14 min) Is it possible to ever come back from war? For those who have tasted it, returning home doesn't signal peace but a self-destructive assault of the mind.



Nara Denning (2011, US, 15 min) A man questions the fabric of modern life. He finds himself trapped within a system that transforms men into dogs. He desperately desires a real life while his aversion to reality causes him to live like a shut-in. Then he’s graced by the "Blue Fairy" who shows him that the freedom he seeks is in the realm of spirit.

Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core (2011, IT, 14 min) Detourned images organize themselves into evolving structures and twisted plots. Forget what you see while you are actually watching it, and soak in a vibrating, optical ancestry. A scream without reason.


Andres Meza-Valdes, Diego Meza-Valdes (2011, US, 17 min) A zombie apocalypse told from the point of view of housepets!


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ SLICK HORSING Kiron Hussain (2010, UK, 5 min) A portrait of leggy Lana kindling her photo-sensitive epilepsy. A pleasant drive. A smoking rabbit. A beautiful nightmare.


Duncan Skiles, Andrew Zuchero (2011, US, 6 min) In this modern adaptation of an Afro-Cuban Yoruba myth, Miami Bass legend Otto Von Schirach, playing the role of Chango the God of Thunder, battles to keep an interdimensional creature, the Serpent God Damballah, from ruining his dinner date.


Clément Deneux (2011, FR, 4 min) In 2011 the US government announced that they killed Osama bin Laden, the most terrifying terrorist in history. They made one mistake: they threw his body somewhere in Atlantic Ocean...

▼ AT THE FORMAL Andrew Kavanagh (2010, AU, 8 min) Modern and ancient rituals collide in this macabre depiction of a high school formal.


Lei Lei (2009, CH, 4 min) In the city of Magic Cube, all heads consist of magic cubes. In a Ping Pong tournament, a ball accidentally falls down a window, starting the protagonist’s journey. He meets a beautiful magic cube girl. The story emphasizes the importance of ‘love’ in a society that assimilates individuals.


FILM ► SWARMING Joni Männistö (2011, FIN, 7 min) A child discovers life inside a dead bird and starts to play with it.


Julia Ducournau (2011, FR, 21 min) Justine (Junior) is a 13-year-old tomboy with her own brand of humor. After an attack of stomach flu, her body undergoes a bizarre metamorphosis, leaving Junior looking like a real girl. Trouble is, being a real girl is a lot stranger than people think.

▼ LONG DISTANCE INFORMATION Douglas Hart (2011, UK, 8min) Alex and his father are as distant emotionally as they are in miles. In the waning light of Christmas day Alex phones home.


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews



Pieter De Vos (2012, BE, 53 min) Mathilde organizes the world's very first 'Miss Homeless' pageant. Fifteen women compete for the main prize: one year rent-free housing. 'Mathilde's Misses' uses the controversy of the election, to sketch a committed portrait of women at the edge of society. We follow three of the participants during 18 months, resulting in a dramatic story with the election as a backdrop. This documentary will have it's pre-premiere at Incubate! Sunday 16th, 14:30 -15:30 ,de NWE Vorst (small room)

Tristan Patterson (2011, US, 74 min) A lost skate punk falls in love in the stagnant suburbs of Fullerton, California in the aftermath of Americas economic collapse. Taking the viewer through a golden haze of broken homes, abandoned swimming pools and stray glimpses of unusual beauty, Dragonslayer captures the life of Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, a local skate legend and new father, as his endless summer finally collides with the future. Monday 10th, 22:15 - 23:30, Filmfoyer



Marie Losier (2011, US, 72 min) The modern love story between groundbreaking performance artist and music pioneer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and his other half and collaborator, Lady Jaye. The pair underwent daring sexual transformations for their “Pandrogyne” project, an attempt to dissolve the physical boundaries between them and become the same person. Mixing interviews, home movies, and performance footage, Losier brings us nearer to the artists than ever in a playful and moving revelation of a new romantic consciousness. Sunday 16th, 16:00 - 17:15, de NWE Vorst (small room)



LONG FILMS — OPEN AIR CINEMA @ DE NWE VORST GARDEN ▼ BELLFLOWER Evan Glodell (2011, US, 105 min) Bellflower follows two friends who spend their time building flamethrowers and other weapons in the hope that a global apocalypse will occur and clear the runway for their imaginary gang, Mother Medusa. While integrating into a new group of friends, they set off on a journey of betrayal, love, hate, and extreme violence more devastating than any of their apocalyptic fantasies. Tuesday 11th, 22:30 - 00:15 , de NWE Vorst (garden)


Orri Jónsson, Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir (2011, ICE/GER, 62 min) At the tender age of 70 she started recording and releasing her own music straight from the living room. 7 years later she had 59 albums to her name with more than 600 songs - an eccentric myriad of catchy compositions mixing in her pets, found toys, kitchen percussions and Casio keyboards. Sigrídur Níelsdóttir is the name of this Icelandic/Danish musician that became an adored cult figure in the Icelandic music scene. 'Grandma Lo-fi' is a cinematic tribute to her boundless creativity, created by three musicians and artists whom she inspired. Wednesday 12th, 22:30 - 00:00, de NWE Vorst (garden)



Keita Kurosaka (2010, JP, 55 min) This animated film is completely handdrawn by Keita Kurosaka. The 30,000 drawings took him 13 years to complete. In this dark sci-fi tale, 21st century Tokyo is depicted as a city at the edge of apocalyps. A big food crisis is coming. 5 scientists try to develop a 'dream food', both meat and vegetable. But when they succeed in making this animal/vegetable hybrid thats named 'Midori-Ko', the food has no intention of being eaten and flies away. Friday 14th, 22:30 - 23:30, de NWE Vorst (garden)

The Zellner bros. (2011, US, 83 min) KID-THING is a fever-dream fable about Annie, a rebellious girl whose existence is devoid of parental guidance. She spends her time roaming the land, shoplifting, vandalizing and making prank phone calls. Her routine is broken one day while playing in the woods; she hears an old woman calling from a mysterious hole in the ground, asking for help. Scared and untrusting of the unseen stranger, Annie deliberates on her course of action. Thursday 13th, 22:30 - 00:00, de NWE Vorst (garden)

In case of bad weather, these films will play in de NWE Vorst (Rode Salon).


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews

OPEN FILM @ DE NWE VORST & FILMFOYER There has been a big response to our call for work for the Open Film program 2012, resulting in much more films than we could possibly screen in the available screening time. So we made a selection, which resulted in 5 film blocks filled with absolutely great, original, cutting-edge films. Fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, and films that have a bit of everything: it's all there! You, the audience, can participate in the Open Film program as well by bringing out your votes for which film should win the very first Incubate Film Award!

The Award will be handed out on Sunday 16th, 20:30 @ De NWE Vorst (Rode Salon).



Secret Signals Rogier Arents (4 min) Faggots Robin Färdig (32 min) The Birdhouse Theory Wayne Horse (4 min) Who Shot Bambi? Sjaan Klijnee (14 min)

Man In Fear Will Jewell (11min) Last Exit Home Siar Sedig (12 min) ▼ Decapoda Shock Javier Chillon (9 min) A Day in a Life Nicolas Daenens (21 min)

Monday 10th, 19:45, Filmfoyer Sunday 16th, 15:00, de NWE Vorst (Rode salon)

Tuesday 11th, 19:45, Filmfoyer Sunday 16th, 16:00, de NWE Vorst (Rode salon)




The Big Common Denominator Tess Löwenhardt (5 min) Flashings in the Mirror Jasper Elings (1 min) Latrinalia Paola Pica, Simone van Boven, Yvonne Kemps (14 min) Finale Balasz Simonyi (8 min) This is how a Country Became Harko Wubs (25 min)

Jailbreak Guusje Kaayk (3 min) Water Stella Siu Lie Ang (5 min) Family Affairs Paulien Bekker (2 min) Shadow Jak Peters (4 min) ▼ On the Water Yi Zhao (8 min) Gallop Dominique Bongers (3min) Shagging Ponies-Flirting Eyes Raoul Groothuizen (4 min) Spiegeling Ryemma Stoop (5 min) De Vindtocht Eenzame Hoogte – Studio M (2 min) The Perceptionist Marleine van der Werf, Ruud Terhaag (10 min) Big Signal Evelien Lohbeck (2 min) Koffie Sjaak Rood (6 min)

Wednesday 12th, 19:45, Filmfoyer Sunday 16th, 17:00, de NWE Vorst (Rode salon)

OPEN FILM 4: EXPERIMENTAL A Brief Crack of Light Ted Alkemade, Vera Holland, Salih Kilic (7 min) Grief on Video Martijn van Hoek (9min) NB Flag Fieke van Berkom (2min) House of Doors Nishant Sharma (6 min) One Way of Going Liesbeth Marit (19 min) Coming Soon Fabrice Maruca (11min)

Friday 14th, 19:45, Filmfoyer Sunday 16th, 19:00, de NWE Vorst (Rode salon)

Thursday 13th, 19:45, Filmfoyer Sunday 16th, 18:00, de NWE Vorst (Rode salon)


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews



Solar powered outdoor cinema. CosyMo’s Solar Cinema and bkkc will show a vibrant short film programme at Incubate. The programme contains a selection of the Incubate Open Film entries + short films selected by bkkc.



We = bkkc and Incubate and we love film, especially films made by our local artists. In the open air film programme you will find a fine selection of shorts produced in Brabant.

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th, 21:30 - 00:30

Fata Morgana - Frodo Kuipers Koffie - Sjaak Rood Jailbreak - Guusje Kaayk ► Surfer’s Paradise - Spread Motion Z/W For Tracey - LADDS en T.r.a.s.h. Brainwave - Veerle Schepers A5 en kleiner Washed Ashore - Jonas Ott Sonic Fauna - Evert van der Veen Spiegeling – Ryemma Stoop NB Flag – Fieke van Berkom Shadow – Jak Peters A4 Secret Signals - Rogier Arents Shagging Ponies; Flirting Eyes – Raoul Groothuizen Last Exit Home - Siar Sedig Peter & the Farm – Dieper Beeld A3

A1 en A2



SHORT FILMS @ FILMFOYER For the Short Film programs we've made a selection of dutch and international short films of the past 2 years. Films that touch, shock, surprise, films in which the directors found the freedom to experiment and succeeded to create a strong story or idea in a short amount of running time.There's a new dosis of short films for you everyday @ the Filmfoyer.



Peter & the Farm Dieper Beeld (2011, NL, 19 min) Yellow Waste / Blue Heaven Martin Jørgensen (2009, DK, 19 min) Framing the Other Ilja Kok, Willem Timmers (2011, NL, 25 min) Monday 10th, 21:00 - 22:00

Deep Red Esther Urlus (2012, NL, 7 min) Crosscuts Tijmen Hauer, Regina Kelaita (2011, NL, 4 min) Dolls vs Dictators Martha Colburn (2011, NL/US, 11 min) Tampopo Head and the Name of the Dogs Toshie Takeuchi (2011, NL, 18 min) 20 Hz Semiconductor (2011, UK, 5 min) My....My.... Lei Lei (2011, CH, 5 min) Thursday 13th, 21:00 - 22:00

SHORT FILMS 2: FEARS Motor Simone Bennett (2012, NL, 9 min) Twelve Dark Noons Jacqueline Castel (2011, US, 16 min) Teve Musu / Our Father Marius Ivaskevicius (2010, LIT, 28 min) Tuesday 11th, 21:00 - 22:00

SHORT FILMS 5: ANIMATION Keha Mälu / Body Memory Ülo Pikkov (2011, EST, 9 min) The Last Bus


Martin Snopek, Ivana Laučíková (2011, SVK, 16 min)

Ookina Saifu / The Serenity Prayer Masakazu Sugita (2011, JP, 25 min) The Birds Upstairs Christopher Jarvis (2011, US, 9 min) Bon Voyage Fabio Friedli (2011, CH, 7 min) Attack of the Giant Brain Sucker Monster from Outer Space Guillaume Rieu (2010, FR, 19 min) Wednesday 12th, 21:00 - 22:00

▼ The Monster of Nix Rosto AD (2011, NL/FR, 30 min) Friday 14th, 21:00 - 22:00


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews

GO SHORT @ DE NWE VORST Go Short is the only Dutch festival exclusively for short film. In 5 days, 300 short films are screened and film professionals from all over Europe gather in Nijmegen. Besides screenings there are exhibitions, workshops, performances and parties. The 5th edition takes place from 13 until 17 March 2013.

PROGRAM 1: SOUNDS AROUND In these short films music is everywhere: it is in your ears and in your eyes. Music is the land you travel through and the house you live in. It is the soundtrack of break ups and make ups, of youth and old age. Image, story and sound merge, diverge and intermingle in Sounds Around. Sunday 16th, 18:00 - 19:00, de NWE Vorst (small room)

Love You More Sam Taylor-Wood (UK, 15 min, fiction)

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson (SW, 10 min, fiction)

Sigur Ros - Why Music Matters Felix Massie (UK, 2 min, animation)

Gallery / Galeria Rober Proch (PL, 5 min, animation) ► Binaural Swimming (Beach) Simon Ellis (UK, 18 min, documentary) Synesthesia Terri Timely (US, 4 min, artfilm)



PROGRAM 2: WHAT’S GOING ON In six short trips we take you all around the world, from the People's Republic of China to the pleasure island of Gran Canaria. These stories focus on moments of human interaction, personal or political, that can evoke sympathy, horror, indifference or laughter. This is what's going on, right now. Sunday 16th, 19:30 - 20:30, de NWE Vorst (small room)

Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys Jens Assur (SW, 24 min, fiction) 38,5 Grzegorz Dębowski (PL, 10 min, documentary) Felix Anselm Belser (GER, 1 min, fiction) The Runaway / La Huída Victor Carrey (SPA, 11 min, fiction) ► Falling Adriano Cirulli (UK / IT, 4 min, artfilm) Las Palmas Johannes Nyholm (SW, 13 min, artfilm)



THEATER 'Incubate offers me the satisfaction to show and combine a collection of performances which were made in Zeebelt. The pieces are mostly small-scale, intimate and obviously hand-made. I think it is the mentality of the artists and their explorers attitude that binds the program. The performances seduce the audience into concentration and openness. You’ll experience visual riches, visceral spheres and wonder. The goal of the program is to make you wonder about ‘life, the universe and everything’ and to enjoy the ride.' JUDITH ­— CURATOR ZEEBELT IN RESIDENCE


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews

ZEEBELT IN RESIDENCE @ HALL OF FAME ZEEBELT IN THE HAGUE IS THE SCENE FOR SINGULAR TALENT Zeebelt is the place where fresh young talent and singular spirits roam. With mostly unknown makers who dare to challenge their own craft by looking beyond its borders. They are involved in theatre, music, film, animation and fine art. Many Zeebelt performances aim at striking a universal and societal chord, often subjecting today's news to a critical view, enhancing awareness, arousing the senses. Zeebelt is part of DCR, an artistic breeding ground in The Hague with studios and an exhibition space, located in an old power plant at the edge of the city centre.



Documentary theater A performance by Andreas Bachmair and Johanna Biesewig about love, faith and the future. Bachmair and Biesewig lay bare their most personal issues. Would they be together, if situations would have been differently? The subject of other loves in their lives makes the tension between them heighten. Or is this enacted? Is the future they’re describing about themselves, about their characters or maybe about you? How would your life look if you had made other choices? Fundamental questions about faith and life mingle in a playful manner with representation and reality.

Multimedia performance Coproduction Theater Hebbel am Ufer Berlijn, Productiehuis Rotterdam, Zeebelt Life is like a stage:does magic disappear when your understanding increases? Based on the dialogue between a philosopher and a lady (in the piece a fat little girl) by Bernard de Fontenelle. A baroque stage decor made of mobile screens gets animated and unfolds in front your eyes. The philosopher understands the mechanism, rules and context. He sees the ropes, the machines, the tricks. The fat little girl is at the front and experiences awe, seeing nothing but miracles. The question appears: are you someone who seeks understanding or someone who prefers magic?

(Nicola Unger)

(Andreas Bachmair, Johanna Biesewig)

Monday 10th, 21:00, Hall of Fame

Tuesday 11th, 21:00


THEATER ▼ “ACHTERNA GEDRAGEN” (Tg. Zoogdier, Petra van der Schoot) Images and music Production: Igitur, Frank van der Weij, Zeebelt An ode to Dick Raaijmakers and a collaboration with Dutch recognized writer Toon Tellegen. One day, a strange message is whispered into a successful young woman's ear that the idyllic view from her window is not real. Suddenly the ground turns into a giant abyss. Driven by her imagination she chases her own fall. Surrounded by mysterious messages from the ether, she’s pulled into dream-like Morse-equipment, radios, fragile pulsating music and a haze of noises. Just before she reaches the bottom, she manages to tilt her vertical drop into a horizontal journey towards the unknown.


Thursday 13th, 21:00, Studiozaal Theaters Tilburg Performance installation Production: Zeebelt, Feikes Huis a moving one man performance of fragile beauty á la Michel Gondry or Jean-Pierre Jeunet. In an absurdist spectacle Jaime Ibanez tells tragicomic stories while setting his self made contraptions in motion; a moving one man performance of fragile beauty. Something to look out for if you like Michel Gondry (The Science of Sleep) en Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amélie) “I laughed very hard, if it happened while I was drinking milk, it would splash out of my nose, but i was out of milk, to experience this effect, i needed to get it from the supermarket first”. Wednesday 12th, 14:00 and 21:00, Hall of Fame


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ► “LOIE FULLER: YELLOW &

▼ “YOU ARE HERE” (Stephanie Pan)


(Ola Maciejewska)

Multimedia performance Production: Zeebelt, DasArts You Are Here: is a state of existence. Through text, music and sound written for voice, taiko, toy zither and live sampling; a live video feed of a lovingly prepared chocolate cake; a painstakingly and passionately self-constructed taiko, a process which took 1.5 years to complete; and a 10-meter dress, complete with 117 sitting places, made by the performer, to be inhabited by both the performer and the audience, You Are Here: offers a gently perverse perspective of the world.

Interdisciplinary performance With thanks to: Zeebelt, TENT A Dancing Dress that looks like premodern cyborg: what moves and how? Loie Fuller was an American dance pioneer of the late 19th century that manipulated gigantic robes into sculptural forms. This is a performance of shape shifts, instant freezes, and temporary sculptures. Fuller, the dancer, is here stripped down to a Dancing Dress (a 1894 patent or her), and looks like a pre-modern cyborg. When this compound of f lesh, meters of silk, and sticks of bamboo or aluminum moves, it is hard to discern who or what moves and how.

Thursday 14th, 19:00, Hall of Fame

Saturday 15th, 20:00, Hall of Fame


THEATER “INSTANT FICTION� Sarah van Lamsweerde

Production: Zeebelt, Tre Tigri, Zaal5, AntiFestival (Finland), with thanks to Het Veem Theater (In) live video installation Subtitled surveillance reality starring: you. Instant Fiction is a live video installation set in a place where people meet to talk, drink, sit together, laugh, stare out the window or read the newspaper. A closed circuit television system records and displays all that happens in the space, much like a classic surveillance situation. The only difference is that now, the real-time images are subtitled. Texts from an unknown film appear on the screen, turning a perfectly normal situation into a set with accidental actors. Instant Fiction is made possible with help of Beam Systems and Philips Friday 14th to Sunday 16th, de NWE Vorst Friday 14th, 11.30 - 14.00 and 17.00 - 21.00 Saturday 15th, 11.30 - 14.00 and 17.00 - 21.00 Sunday 16th, 16:00 - 20:00


DEBATE 'The DIY Conference brings together some of my all time heroes. And they should be your heroes too, really. I’m talking about Simon Reynolds, whose ‘Rip It Up and Start Again’ I’ve devoured, Damo Suzuki who made masterpieces with Can and other great participants like Sacred Bones, Freshheads, Aidan Moffat and No Fear of Pop. We’ll discuss the influence of bird watching on music and the end of rock as well as the museum of the future and the alternatives for capitalism. Join in to let us know your thoughts.' BARRY ­— COORDINATOR CONFERENCE


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews

DIY CONFERENCE @ DE NWE VORST Besides providing a lot of kicks during the festival, Incubate also offers contemplation with our DIY Conference. Do It Yourself mentality, ethics and aesthetics will be discussed as well as the value of culture within our society and other topics surrounding this. Like the festival, the conference is multidisciplinary and we’re focusing on practical info: besides lectures, there are also a lot of ‘How To…’-panels and master classes.




Simon Reynolds is a music critic and author of ‘Rip It Up and Start Again’ and ‘Energy Flash’. In 2011, he published the much-discussed book ‘Retromania’, about pop culture's addiction to its own past. He has contributed to magazines such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wire and Mojo. Reynolds will kick off the DIY Conference with a keynote on the context and background of Do It Yourself in pop culture. Not only will he talk about the origins, but he looks also to the present and beyond.

In his book ‘Capitalist Realism’, Mark Fisher surveys the symptoms of our current cultural malaise. We live in a world in which we have been told, again and again, that There Is No Alternative. Using examples from politics, films, fiction, work and education, Fisher argues that capitalist realism colours all areas of contemporary experience, while even holding out the prospect of an antidote.


DEBATE working with money. Annette Dölle will speak about the process of organizing this massive clean-up, about obstacles, culture issues, how to activate people and getting them to take part in it.


Powered by Hivos. At Incubate, we connect some of the most renowned Western of the moment with non-Western musicians. Does the internet really empower nonWestern music and culture, and does it create new opportunities for the artists, or does it break down their traditional culture, getting more and more mixed with Western inf luences? Jaïr Tchong from MCN wil moderate.




Damo Suzuki is the former singer of one of the most inf luential bands of the last century: Can. In 1983, the krautrock pioneer started the Damo Suzuki Network, which will play three shows in Tilburg in three days in three unique formations. With visitors as well as international musicians, and amongst them are Greg Haines, Cian Nugent and Mi Ami. At this Q&A Suzuki will be interviewed about the origins of and thoughts behind this project.

We ask a panel of esteemed writers, drinkers, fuckers and dancers (and druggists, ritual magicians and gardeners) what use is music when it is stripped of all of its functionality, when its sole purpose is to provide raw material for contemporary thinkers and critical theorists and their closed circuit ruminations. The panel is hosted by the Quietus and features (amongst others) Simon Reynolds as panelist.


Imagine an entire country to be cleaned in one day. No garbage on the streets anywhere. 50.000 people helping to get rid of tons of garbage. Done in only one single day! This is what Rainer Nolvak in Estonia did. With a grass root initiative, without


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews



Hosted by Gonzo (circus). This year’s theme is ‘You Are Incubate’. And in this talk, you are the panel! What exactly are the differences between DIY and independence? And when does an event lose its DIY-character? But most importantly: do you, the audience even care about these topics? Let us know your thoughts in a panel where the Incubate-audience and readers from Gonzo will take the stage as well, next to (amongst others) author Leonor Jonker.

Freshheads, who have aided Incubate with our digital appearances for years, will host its own program with guest speakers (including Somehow, LewisPR, Zorgvoorelkaar and Douw&Koren) that focus on the specialty of Freshheads: new internet and digital developments.


The old structure of the visual arts in which gatekeepers determine what the public gets to see is shifting towards a synergy between artists and their audience. With this idea we organized the Open Source Expo: artists apply with two to five art works, a curator chooses one and composes an exhibition with all selected works. Nobody gets excluded. With over 300 participants it’s a successful project. But there is also criticism. Why would an artist send in work for free? Why would a professional want to exhibit next to an amateur? What is the role of the curator without a strict contextual framework?





Chris Jones is a British filmmaker and co-author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook, a bestselling low-budget filmmaker bible. It presents different case studies of international low-budget successes like ‘The Blair Witch Project’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Saw’. Jones recently directed the Oscars shortlisted film ‘Gone Fishing’. He will give an outline for DIY and Guerilla filmmaking while sharing tips as well as inspiring examples from the book.

Robert Levine is the author of ‘Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back’, which the New York Times Book Review called “a book that should change the debate about the future of culture.” Levine has been covering pop culture, technology and the awkward dance between them for 15 years. He has been the executive editor of Billboard and has contributed to Wired, Rolling Stone and the New York Times, amongst others.



Hosted by Louder Than War and Incendiary magazine. How uncool is bird watching or fell walking? British Sea Power have carved a career on doing things that are uncool, or odd. Roy Wilkinson, manager of the band, will read from his book ‘Do It For Your Mum’; a non-fiction tale of family and rock music set against the life and times of the group. Roy's pal Clare will play the f lute. A discussion will ensue. Is rock dead? It will be a wunderbar prog-prose showcase. Did you see Bill Drummond last year? Then this promises to be a must-see as well.



Jasper Visser is a digital strategist. He aims at innovation in the cultural field, focusing on the opportunities of new media and innovative business models. He has worked at the Museum of National History in the Netherlands with digital and participatory projects. With us, he will discuss the future of the museum, even going fastforward to as far as 2022. What role will museums fulfill in our society, together with innovation and technology?

festival. Is it simply the only way for artists to make money these days? Why not take money from big business if you’re using it for good ends? We’re taking the discussion out of the bar and onto the stage. Taking seat in the panel are John Robb and Mats Gustafsson. Join us to let us know your perspective.



Hosted by The Quietus. Without a doubt you’ve ended up having this discussion before as well, most probably late in the evening with some friends. Is the artist responsible for checking where their money comes from? A reunited Refused recently played at the massive Coachella

Always had the dream to start your own record label? Or just curious how some of your favorite labels are staying on top of their game? This panel’s where you need to be. Record labels Sacred Bones, Holy Roar, Ref lections and Subroutine will discuss


DEBATE the artist’s independency. Ola Maciejewska (performance artist performing at Incubate 2012), will enrich the spoken words with a translation to a practical experience for all participants.

the ins and outs of setting up and running a label, plus the decisions they made along the way to keep ahead of the pack. How, why and when do they sign their new artists, do they keep a steady eye on what’s hip at the new blogs, or do they focus more on their local scenes? Gé Huismans from Gonzo (circus) will moderate the panel.



Incubate’s film program is rapidly growing, and for the first time, this year we are screening a lot of short films including the Long Night of Short Films on Saturday night. This panel will be a conversation about the pros and cons of making short films and why there still is only a small stage for it (at least in The Netherlands). The last years, short films have gained a lot of attention online, with sites for video distribution as well as various online short film festivals. But in the 'real world', short films do not make it to the cinema. In cinema, on television and on most film festivals: are short films underrated?

Who exactly are those guys blogging so enthusiastic about all that great new music? We decided it’s time to get some of those bloggers, who normally only speak to each other in digital surroundings, together at the table to ask them about the ins and outs of running a blog. How do they determine their news selection? How do they feel about copying from other sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum etcetera and how do they distinguish themselves from others? Are the blogs truly independent and does that even matter for their audience? Joining in are The 405, Disco Naïveté and No Fear of Pop, with Gerard Walhof (VPRO) moderating the panel.



Freshheads, who have aided Incubate with our digital appearances for years, will host its own program with guest speakers (including Somehow, LewisPR, Zorgvoorelkaar and Douw&Koren) that focus on the specialty of Freshheads: new internet and digital developments.

Jette Schneider works as an artistic manager will elaborate on her experiences of bringing together a multitude of actors to set up an open work environment for independent artists.If we want to create new potentials, we have to do it ourselves, but not alone. The DIY aspect will be addressed out of a practicebased perspective on how to create new potentials for creativity, innovation and



MUSIC 'We have spent blood, sweat and tears to book this music line-up of Incubate, now it's your turn to bleed your ears at the Consumer Electronics performance, sweat like hell while dancing your ass off to the deephouse of Moodymann and cry silently to the heartbreaking songs of Richard Buckner. But of course you’re allowed to experience the music program in any way you want, as long as you remember: You are Incubate' PETER ­— CURATOR INCUBATE MUSIC PROGRAM


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ A WINGED VICTORY



experimental, free jazz Albatre is a fresh new free jazz core / experimental trio hailing from Rotterdam. A joyously harrowing display of jazz elements, urgent distorted noise, frantic drumming and mood shifts bordering on the schizophrenic. Albatre's asskick music is more than the sum of the individual band member's backgrounds, forging one's abilities to create intriguing sounds Sunday 16th, Café De Plaats

ambient, piano, neoclassical The eventful meeting between Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Wiltzie at a Sparklehorse concert planted the seed for something beautiful. Imagine pairing the Greek winged goddess of victory Niké with the sullen Mark 'Sparklehorse' Linkous, reflected in piano driven, ambient compositions. The result? Songs so beautiful, they hurt. Thursday 13th, Paradox


psych folk, lo-fi, psychedelic Damon McMahon, the man behind psych folk project Amen Dunes, locked himself up in a cabin to record his debut DIA. The result: an almost claustrophobic album, best described as 'lock-yourselfin-your-bedroom'-music. After his debut LP, he moved to Beijing for a while to find inspiration for his latest record Through Donkey Jaw. Sonically reminiscent of the likes of Syd Barret, Spaceman 3 and Kurt Vile, but the new songs “do have quicker access to your brains pleasure center.” ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Sunday 16th, 013 Stage01


bass, dubstep Being a family therapist, a successful producer and a busy label boss; we’re really glad that Chafik Chennouf had some time left to play at our festival. Under the nickname of his grandfather, Akkachar, Chafik produces bass music, with influences from dubstep and global music. With his record label Rwina, which means ‘Never Ending Chaos’, he released tracks from Starkey, Eprom, but also from Krampfhaft & Jameszoo. This last artist invited Akkachar to play at his EP release party on Incubate. Friday 14th, Hall of Fame


drone, psychedelic, acid-folk John Bohannon - aka Ancient Ocean - cries a primal roar from the prehistoric deep blue. Soundscapes amalgamated with acid-folk, minimalism and drone metal evolve into a fuzzy wall of sound. On stage, Bohannon relies on his guitar, samples and an arsenal of stomp boxes. The perfect soundtrack for zoning out and falling asleep or some kind of deep sea excavation. Sunday 16th, V39




dub techno, minimal techno Andy Stott’s previous full-length Passed Me By (released by Manchester label Modern Love) was a dark yet surprisingly slow-paced techno record. “Anything above 110 bpm just sounded a bit Mickey Mouse, a bit fast, a bit daft. So I just slowed it down”, he explains. The result speaks for itself: fuse the dark ambient sounds of Burial with the hypnotizing music of The Field and you end up with one of the best techno albums of last year. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal

folk, singer-songwriter, ambient We already had the pleasure to have this Belgian songwriter at our festival together with Jessica Bailiff. Now she returns solo, something that she has been developing since 2000. Initially her music was mostly instrumental, but once she discovered that she could also sing, she added some vocals. Then she experimented with different instruments which yielded into a breathtaking release this year. We figured that the serene Pauluskerk would be perfect location for her return at Incubate. Saturday 15th, Pauluskerk


electro, techno, minimal At the turn of the century, Anthony Rother became responsible for the rebirth of electro. And no, we’re not talking about the filthy electro from the last couple of years, but subtle and dark electro on which the futuristic music of Kraftwerk is a huge influence. Through his own Data Punk record label we finally heard those vocoders and raw mechanical beats again. Apart from his own work, Rother is also known for his collaborations with artists like DJ Hell and Sven Väth Friday 14th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal

▲ ANGEL OLSEN US folk, singer-songwriter, lo-fi It wasn’t Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) who got the attention on his last record ‘Wolfroy Goes To Town’, but his protégé Angel Olsen. With her fragile, delicate voice she surprised many critics. ‘Strange Cacti’ is the name of her limited cassette (100 pieces) released last year. Luckily enough it‘s now available digitally and on vinyl as well. This cassette consists of six lo-fi songs about broken hearts and pursuing her inner self, guided only by her voice and guitar. Monday 10th, Paradox


noise rock, punk Antlered Man is on a mission to catchiness without pretentiousness and glossy. Like an assault on everything you thought rock music should be like. That also makes their music indescribable. Somewhere in between post-rock, metal, dark psychedelic rock twisted into a collective “Fuck you”. No do’s or don’ts just go. Friday 14th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje


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synth funk. With Mousepad he somehow merges ELO’s prog music with the typical Scandinavian Skweeesound, with the aid of live drums. Thursday 13th, Cul de Sac

hiphop, r&b Apex Aurilliuz is living in our own beautiful Tilburg, but has seen a lot of different places in the world. For four years he lived and worked in America. In that time he worked with Grammy-nominee Kurt ‘KC’ Clayton and Kool Koor from the Bronx. He also recorded an EP in Marseille, where he did some French collaborations, for instance, for his music video Try Again. Now, we’re glad to have this globetrotter playing together with American superstar Kid Ink back in Tilburg during Incubate. Tuesday 11th, 013 Kleine Zaal


▲ BILL ORCUTT US avant garde, improv, free folk Bill Orcutt - former guitarist of noiserockers Harry Pussy - went under the radar for several years after his first solo LP in '97. However, he resurfaced promptly in 2009 with the LP ‘A New Way To Pay Old Debts’, consisting of eight acoustic songs driven by visceral, spastic clatter, backed by either sung, grunted or chanted vocals. It's safe to say no one handles an acoustic guitar like Bill Orcutt, and we are all better for it. That fine line between 'genius' and 'crazy' is his to tread. Wednesday 12th, Paradox

sufi, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass Mayur Narvekar is a man of many talents. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, dj, label owner, you name it. Since the age of three he has been a tabla player and he earned his reputation as a percussionist in the following years. Today he is on India’s forefront of the combining the new music with the old. Playing tabla over electronic dance beats and participating in various projects like this Bandish Projekt, which also performed on Incubate 2010. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Thursday 13th, Studio



skweee, synthpop Joe Howe - the man behind Ben Butler and Mousepad, ‘Gay Against You’ and ‘Germlin’ - likes to do two things at shows. First: “engage the audience as much as possible.” And second: “play the sh*t out of keyboards”. While thoroughly mistreating his keyboards and synths, Howe manages to - strangely enough - create contagiously danceable

spoken word, jazz, piano With Rustie and Mogwai as fellow nominees, not everybody expected Bills Wells and Aidan Moffat to win the Scottish Album of the Year Award. And of course we’re a big fans of Mogwai, but ex-Arab Strap-singer Moffat and jazz musician Wells deserved it; ‘Everything’s Getting Old’ is a magnificent album filled with


MUSIC melancholic songs about the modern Scottish burden, atmospheric piano play and with contributions from two Belle & Sebastian-members. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Friday 14th, Pauluskerk

Type) as his best-known work. At Incubate, he will present his latest effort together with Vindicatrix: Earth, a live soundtrack for Ho Tzu Nyens silent film. About slowing down, decay and states of unconsciousness, the music was composed under the influence of heavy painkillers while recovering from a broken leg. Sunday 16th, De NWE Vorst Main Room


garage rock, lo-fi As the final days to the apocalypse are ticking down, Blood Beach is here to repair Satan’s tarnished reputation. Blood Beach's arsenal consists of howling guitars and eerie vocals, droning out some psychedelic hip-swingers, like a haunting siren dragging you to a dark abyss that would leave any Jedi Force-less. It’s no coincidence they're playing on the darkest day of this millennium, 9/11. If you consider playing it safe, then join the ranks of evil. Tuesday 11th, Cul de Sac

▲ BLACK DICE US electronic, experimental, noise The title of Black Dice’s latest album ‘Mr Impossible’ is an ample description. Be warned: reading this biography might become a bit trickier to grasp. Once formed as a noise rock formation, Black Dice started exploring more breakbeat driven, experimental sounds the past few years. At Incubate they might play a brawny electronics-driven set, or perhaps an uplifting kraut rock-influenced set... who knows? As of now, we know about as much as you do… ► Part of The Quietus Presents Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal


noise rock, math rock It’s fair to say this band from Deventer and Leiden are a rather odd bunch. Their music creates a weird link between the most sluggish form of math rock and raucous rock-'n-roll, emphasizing bizarre tempo changes and chord progressions. Boutros Bubba's music is like riding a bumpy road with sturdy surface and treacherous, slippery patches. At certain points the heavy drumming and tight guitar riffs give way to jumbling drunk segments and suspenseful improvisation. ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Sunday 16th, Extase


drone, ambient Dark, elusive and challenging, Marc Richter’s Black to Comm has been at the forefront of the ambient/drone and neo-classical genre for years, with ‘Alphabet 1968’ (released on



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alternative hiphop Since Ragen Farquhar started rapping at the age of 9 he developed into one of the most versatile artists on the scene, continuously pushing the envelope with unconventional beats and collaborations. Busdriver has the capability to turn lyrics into liquid by squeezing as many words as possible into bars. But he's not afraid to explore singing as well; he even confessed that his love for Neil Diamond has overpowered his usual set of influences. 25 years of experimental hip hop experience on stage. Friday 14th, Cul de Sac

indie, post-punk Since Rough Trade offered British Sea Power a home to release their LP’s, the ball started to roll for these Brighton-based indie-rockers. After their first two releases (but especially their third effort 'Do You Like Rock Music?') BSP swiftly gained popularity across the rest of Europe thanks to their stunning live shows. After an instrumental soundtrack and previous LP ‘Valhalla Dancehall’ BSP appears to have circumvented their preceding hype. Perhaps that’s precisely why BSP remains relevant. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Sunday 16th, De NWE Vorst Main Room


new wave, punk rock Together with The Clash and Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks are the godfathers of punk rock. Assaulting eardrums since '76, they've become world famous with hit singles like 'Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)', ‘Orgasm Addict’ and more classics. Not only influential in the realm of punk rock - but in indie rock as well. They're the perfect act for Incubate’s main stage. With over 35 years under their belt, Pete Shelley and pals are still hitting hard. We're Buzzcocks Addicts! Sunday 16th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


noise punk, math rock Five years ago Travis Kuhlman and Brian Lake started to work on songs in their basement. Inspired by the early grunge the tracks of Buildings, which also consists of bass player Sayer Payne, are getting the trash and noise treatment and can count on approval of fans from bands like Fugazi, Jesus Lizard and Pissed Jeans. No coincidence that these guys are saying that their own music is “designed for a nervous breakdown”. Sunday 16th, Cul de Sac


jazz, no wave A jazz trio from Amsterdam that’s being received by jazz critics everywhere with open arms. Their live performance is described with mere superlatives and great enthusiasm. From the moment the saxophonist, guitarist and drummer play the first note until the end, high energy and overwhelming sounds produced through excellent improvisation form the ingredients for this explosive trio. Friday 14th, Paradox


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and the Ostrich Feather"-member Phil Manzanera in the group Quiet Sun, as well as a short stint with Gong. At one point he briefly became kinsman with working classpunk legends Crass. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Saturday 15th, Cul de Sac

avant garde, noise rock, post-rock In a career that spans three decades, Carla Bozulich (The Geraldine Fibbers, Ethyl Meatplow) has immersed herself within a great number of bands and projects. Perhaps none have been so sonically brave as avant-garde trio Evangelista, formed with composer Dominic Cramp and bass player Tara Barnes. Evangelista has no intent of sticking to the basic principles of songwriting with their brooding sound, shifting from meticulous, sparsely arranged spoken word segments to primal eruptions of noise. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Sunday 16th, De NWE Vorst Main Room


avant garde, experimental, noise rock After a 14-year break Caspar Brötzmann decided to call his old buddies Eduardo (bass) and Danny (drums) to play again with his ‘Massaker’ in 2010. That same year his father Peter played with his free jazz project Full Blast at Incubate. While Peter is a virtuoso on saxophone, his son is a prodigy on guitar, drawing comparisons to people like Jimi Hendrix. Sunday 16th, Paradox

▲ CHEEK MOUNTAIN THIEF ICE folk, indie Cheek Mountain Thief is the new project of Tunng-frontman Mike Lindsay. After a performance in Iceland he fell in love with the country, so for this project he located himself in Husavik, built a studio there and made music with the locals. His studio had a view on Kinnafjöll, Cheek Mountain in English, hence the name. CMT’s music has a close resemblance to Tunng’s because of modest vocals of Lindsay. Only he ditched the electronics and made it a bit more orchestral. Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal


drone, experimental, post-punk Charles Hayward (1951) is an English drummer and founding member of the experimental rock group This Heat. This is merely one in a long line of devious projects: he played with Mal Dean's Amazing Band, Radar Favourites, Dolphin Logic, toured and recorded with old schoolmate and "Pooh



industrial, synth, experimental After industrial legends Throbbing Gristle fell apart, one half of the group - Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti - started releasing their own music on the then recently formed record label Rough Trade. Since 1981 this British duo were one of the first to experiment with electronic instruments like samplers, drum computers and other geeky stuff. They stood at the cradle of house and techno music and inspired modern-day artists such as Factory Floor, Carl Craig and Black Dice. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal

▲ COLDAIR POL folk, indie According to our friends from 3voor12 Kyst played “one of the most brilliant performances of Incubate 2011”. Now the singer from Kyst, Tobiasz Bilinski, is coming back to Tilburg with his other project, known as Coldair. This fall he released his record called Far South, full with melancholic folky tunes from the capital of Poland; Warsaw. For fans of Seabear and Sufjan Stevens Saturday 15th, Paradox


folk, blues, raga Luckily, no one ever told young Irish guitarist Cian Nugent how. His self-taught guitar style led to creating unconventional acoustic compositions. Nugent’s busy hands spin out 20 minute-long tracks built around ever expanding motifs. His diversity emerges from entangled notes to simplistic melodies to fingerpick around. He showcases versatility with touches of shoegaze distortion, free-jazz inimitability and minimalistic percussion. Saturday 15th, Pauluskerk


power electronics, noise Let's start by saying Con-Dom does not stand for a certain latex device, but for Control-Domination, a major theme in Mike Dando's body of work. He started this industrial-noise project in 1983 and besides making a ton of records - is famed for his hysterical performances full of crude electronics and fanatical live vocals. With controversial titles such as ‘Jesus Penis’ and ‘Sir Nigger’ and countless religious references in his artwork Con-Dom is something quite...uhm, different. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01


skweee, 8-bit, dubstep He’s been working in the music business since 1995 and has seen more genres than a normal iPod would see. Nowadays the music of Coco Bryce can best be classified as hiphop extraordinaire; a mix between skweee, 8-bit hiphop and dubstep. He is part of the Rotterdam movement Lowriders and he's got a track with other Incu12-artist Kelpe. Now this producer from Breda is invited by Jameszoo to play at his EP release party. Friday 14th, Hall of Fame


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sludge, doom, metal Conan was the talk of the town after this year’s Roadburn-edition thanks to a crushing, unwieldy show. No better reason to lure them back to Tilburg! This three piece delivers destructive doom/sludge with intense Sunn O)))-ish drones and percussion blows impacting like exploding tanks. Made to piss off sound engineers and please fans of slow and ultra-low tuned guitar drones, along with grooving mid-tempo parts. Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal

▲ CULT OF YOUTH US neo-folk, folk rock, new wave What started as a one-man bedroom project grew into a full band playing dark but uplifting neo-folk music. With Cult of Youth’s unique American folk twist, they differ from Death in June and other European neo-folk resemblances. Along with new-wave influences, Cult of Youth consists of a haunting string section, mysterious and occult vocals and lyrics, acoustic guitars and a hypnotizing drumming section. Feel free to join the cult! ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Sunday 16th, 013 Stage01


noise, industrial, power electronics Consumer Electronics sounds like a name of a band you could take your mother to see. And you can, but we doubt if she would like what she'd hear. The power electronics are interspersed with industrial sounds to create vast walls of noise. One half of Consumer Electronics was part of seminal industrial noise act Whitehouse, and worked with Merzbow. That means it's not a matter of íf your ears will bleed at this performance, but how quickly. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01


synth pop, r&b Together with fellow Montréal habitat Grimes, d’Eon was received as the new internet sensation. Together they’ve created a split mini album called Darkbloom. This year she gained world fame with pop record Visions, he released -after two ‘Music For Keyboard’ mixtapes- an avant-garde debut record called LP. His sound can be best described as a combination of dreampop, meets 90’s r’n’b, meets Esoteric synthpop. To make it more clear: something between How To Dress Well and Genesis. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Friday 14th, Studio


shoegaze, new wave, noise pop It’s no surprise that Crocodiles' name is a direct reference to Echo & The Bunnymens debut album, because a lot of their sound derives from the Bunnymen and similar bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain and Velvet Underground. But Crocodiles resolutely put their own spin on things, tailoring their songs with catchy hooks, super fuzzed out guitars, feedback noise and reverberated vocals. “Welcome to the art-punk renaissance”, as declared by Rolling Stone magazine last year. Friday 14th, De NWE Vorst Main Room




electronic, experimental, noise “Born from monkeys, live like apes” is the first thing that we can read on their website, and it makes perfect sence if you’re watching a show by Dagora. The group of three musicians is making improvising noise with two drumkits, a suitcase of selfmade electrical goods and everything else you could imagine (and yes we know what you’re imaging right now; toys, socks and Christmas bells). So you’re wondering how that sounds? Like a soundtrack of a movie where wild animals are fighting in space. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Thursday 13th, Cul de Sac

Damo Suzuki is the former singer of one of the most influential bands of the last century: Can. In 1983, the krautrock-pioneer starts the Damo Suzuki Network, later to become the biggest band on earth. He performed with 4,000 different local sound carriers in 40 countries. The Damo Suzuki Network will perform at Incubate three times! This will be three unique shows with completely different band members. Friday 14th, De NWE Vorst (Main Room): Damo Suzuki, Damon Palermo (Mi Ami, Magic Touch), Philipp Wulf (Messer), Marc van den Berg, Marijn Westerlaken (Those Foreign Kids), Steven Jouwersma, Tyson McShane (Slow Down, Molasses), Douwe Dijkstra, Bastian Ottenhus (Messer), Johan Westerkamp, Matej Banusic, Natasha Taylor. Saturday 15th, De NWE Vorst (Main Room): Damo Suzuki, Zé Trigueiros, Peter Maybury (Thread Pulls), René van Lien (Neon Rainbows), Cian Nugent, Adam Byczkowski (Coldair), Arnoud van Heereveld, Greg Haines, Clare Tavernor, Silvia Koellner, Joerg Goldhalm, Mike Kramer.

▲ DAMO SUZUKI JP improv Damo Suzuki is the former singer of one of the most influential bands of the last century: Can. In 1983 the krautrockpioneer started the Damo Suzuki Network: subsequently becoming the biggest band on earth, playing each live show with locals and friends in unusual line-ups. The band's capacity is estimated at around 450 members. DSN settles in Tilburg to play 3 shows in 3 days in 3 unique formations. Anyone can join, from visitors to international musicians of all skills, backgrounds and ages. ► Part of project: Damo Suzuki's Network Friday 14th, De NWE Vorst (Main Room) Saturday 15th, De NWE Vorst (Main Room) Sunday 16th, De NWE Vorst (Main Room)

Sunday 16th, De NWE Vorst (Main Room): Damo Suzuki, Bram Nigten (Wolvon), Sebastiaan Janssen, John Bohannon (Ancient Ocean), Denis Wouters, Jean DeLacoste, Wessel Maas, Kasper van Hoek, Tibor Bijl, Christina Beteringhe, David Aird (Black To Comm), Carla Bozulich (Carla Bozulich's Evangelista), Dominic Cramp (Carla Bozulich's Evangelista).








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neo-folk, apocalyptic folk Fusing traditional themes and acoustic instruments with experimental soundscapes and samples, Darkwood’s music is full of paradoxes. Lyrically their songs switch between German and English. To other artists this might be a bit confusing, but Darkwood manages these disparities adeptly and turns it into something brimmed with depth and poignancy. Their neo-folk (or dark/apocalyptic folk, whichever you prefer) is seldom heard in a live setting, making this occasion all the more special. Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal

▲ DEAD NEANDERTHALS NL grindcore, free jazz They’re pretty much our resident band. Since they tore ‘t Buitenbeentje into pieces last year, we can call them our biggest buddies. And Tilburg isn’t the only place they made friends. The duo toured all over Europe with their New Wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz and created their own record label called Norwegianism. Luckily, they still found some time to play Incubate... Twice. That's right: our friends will open and close our festival. Monday 10th, 013 Stage01 Sunday 16th, Cul de Sac


drone, doom, metal At times when Brian Daniloski is not going berserk on his noise rock project Meatjack, he transforms into his solo project Darsombra. Over some field recordings and soundscapes he uses and abuses his guitar for some trippy improvised drone and ambient music. Definitely not your typical background music, but well-textured and dynamic arrangements. He already played the 2010 edition of Incubate, but you know we rarely book artists twice unless with a good reason… Friday 14th, Little Devil


free folk, improv There is no limit on the music of Dead Rat Orchestra. They are constantly experimenting, reacting and interacting with their surroundings. Their music can be best described as folky minimalistic and cinematic soundscapes. Songs driven by a violin solo while the other two members fiddle around with a wide array of unconventional instruments. Not totally improvised, but neither fully composed. Interesting to find out which effect Incubate and Tilburg has on their music. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Saturday 15th, Pauluskerk


garage rock, punk rock A band with an ø and an æ: I guess that means this band is Scandinavian right? It also means more of that Nordic sound, because this Danish group prefers to sing in their native tongue. Don’t stop reading simply because you won't understand the language, rest assured: you WILL be singing (or shouting?) along in a heartbeat, because these rascals from Copenhagen are pretty adept at playing raunchy two minute barn burners! Sunday 16th, Sounds


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▼ DEEP TIME US indie pop Deep Time are a bewitching pop duo, comprised of Jennifer Moore on organ, electric guitar and vocal microphone, and Adam Jones on drums. They lure you into their musical cave with their seemingly harmless indie-pop. But when you're least expect it they take you by surprise. The tunes, they won't leave your head, and you’re caught in their web of easy-listening melodies. But don’t worry, it’s cosy here with the rest of the captives. Friday 14th, Paradox

avant-garde, minimalism, improv Diamond Terrifier, or <>T, is the English translation for Vajrabhairava, the Buddhist deity with 9 faces, 34 hands and 16 legs. Vajrabhairava has been described as a fearsome and intimidating force, conquering all evil spirits, including the Lord of Death, Yama. Imagine him reincarnated as Sam Hillmer: armed with saxophone, creating hellish sonic atmospheres in which even diamonds are bound to shatter. Sunday 16th, V39


lo-fi, surf, sample pop If you know Klaus Von Barrel from The KVB it’s probably weird to hear Die Jungen; this new project has absolutely nothing to do with gloomy darkwave music . Something changed Klaus as a person: he is in love. And of course we can imagine that he is not gonna make love songs with The KVB, so that’s why he started this band with his girlfriend. Debut album ‘At Breath’s End’ is full with romantic lo-fi songs that sounds like they were recorded in the ‘50s or ‘60s. Saturday 15th, Café De Plaats



deephouse, minimal DIEP is the organization from our beloved city that takes you on an exploration along dark deephouse, where they’re passing minimal techno and ambient. At Saturday night you can find Moodymann, Nathan Fake and Jan Jelinek in the Kleine Zaal; the two DIEP-resident dj’s, Bakvorm and Hosman, are gonna take over STAGE01. Where Bakvorm is always on a search for the right mix between deephouse and an organic sound, is Hosman trying to capture a certain atmosphere with minimal techno and ambient. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01

hardcore, death metal Prepare yourself for a steady dose of morbid and angry hardcore/deathcore at Incubate this year. Desolated started out as a deathcore outfit, similar to Suicide Silence and Job For A Cowboy. But recently however, they added the more down-tuned American hardcore elements to their music. A fierce kick in the teeth, with slow and brutal breakdowns for sloth approved dance moves in the mosh pit. Saturday 15th, V39


MUSIC ► DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS AUS garage rock, punk rock This dynamic duo from Melbourne is a perfect example of how a two-piece can potentially blow the roof clean off. Since 2004 they have built a reputation as a unique live act, exploring the realms of punk, rock-‘n-roll and garage rock performed with tremendous ferocity. Digger & The Pussycats successfully dwell the equilibrium between melodic pop songs and trashy punk screamers. Come and see for yourself why this is one of Australia's best export products. Wednesday 12th, Cul de Sac

▼ DR. DOOM NL grindcore, death metal This band rises above the slogan "it's just grind" and emerges as a real punch in everyone's face. Dr. Doom - a marvellous death metal and grindcore band from The Netherlands have been floating around the underground for six years, but shared the stage with legendary death metal acts such as Cephalic Carnage and Regurgitate. They released a well received full-length debut album, became a metal head household name and ...decided to call it quits. This will be one of two last shows ever! Monday 10th, 013 Kleine Zaal


hiphop To make our Kid Ink evening a bigger party than it already is, we invited two artists of the top of the hiphop scene from Breda and Tilburg. From our neighbour city Breda DJ EZD will be the man behind the decks. He is one of the guys from Shit Is Bangin’ and is also one of the driving forces behind the Boogiedown festival. The host of the evening can be named the ambassador of Tilburg: Timmietex. The first graduate rapper created ‘Kruikenzeikers’ into a modern-day anthem for our beloved city. Tuesday 11th, 013 Kleine Zaal


folk, alt. country, singer-songwriter Canadian song smith Doug Paisley made a unique piece of work with previous LP 'Constant Companion', on which he got contributions from Leslie Feist and Garth Hudson of The Band. Rolling Stone subsequently named it ‘one of 2010's best singer-songwriter albums’ while MOJO placed it in their Top 10 Best Albums of 2010. After Ryan Adams and Will Oldham, Paisley exemplifies a new generation of alternative country and folk prodigies. Sunday 16th, Pauluskerk


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hardcore, melancholie and crunk. The title of his album: “The Year Layman Pang Died” refers to the year 808. This number is also the type number of the legendary Roland drumcomputer which Eigenheimer used to make his drum sounds. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Wednesday 12th, Cul de Sac

contemporary composed Verso is a virtuosic duo with a great passion for both classical and contemporary music. Their combination of instruments, pan flute and guitar, is quite unique and used in a broad range of styles. In their compositions Verso is looking for similarities and contrasts. This leads to exciting concerts, where old music is mixed with newly written compositions. The duo played at a wide variety of locations, including Carnegie Hall in New York, Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and even wine castles around Cape Town. And now they can add Tilburgs Tostibar to their impressive list. ► Part of project: Tosti Sessions Wednesday 12th, Duvelhok


lo-fi, synth punk, electro punk Imagine Harry Merry and Quintron in a head-on car crash with Suicide, just outside Groningen, Holland. That picture in your head still does not sound like this great band. They sing in Dutch with a dark humorous twist. Lyrics about their brand new Nike's, the constantly evolving image culture, the digital freeway and calls to each other about missed rehearsal dates. This might be one of the most important Dutch lyrics sporting acts since Boudewijn De Groot and HET! Friday 14th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje

▲ ELISE MÉLINAND FRA folk, singer-songwriter Elise Mélinand is a Berlin-based Frenchwoman, multi-instrumentalist, songstress and cellist at Christina Vantzou. The combination of her soft, shrill and almost childlike vocals and the relaxed, intimate folk music (recorded with a collection of old analogue equipment) provide a stark contrast. Like her music summons the naivety and curiosity of childhood wrapped in a sense of helplessness. All comes together in intimate live shows. Saturday 15th, Weemoed


8-bit, lo-fi Eigenheimer is a very talented Dutch musical producer. This man creates sounds between zen and agrezzien. His music is often improvised, live-recorded, experimental and lo-fi. If you want to use genre-names, we would like to label this:



contemporary composed When your mother and father are both opera singers chances are high you end up as a) a punkrocker, b.) a classical singer. As it just so happens to be, Fanny Alofs chose b. She is a vocalist with a wide span of musical abilities and a skillful improviser, using her great range and lithe voice in various fields of music, including contemporary classical music, modern jazz, virtuoso or atonal. She has worked as a soloist with composers Steve Reich and Georges Aperghis, as well as conductors as Reinbert de Leeuw, Marit Stridlund and Jaap van Zweden. ► Part of project: Tosti Sessions Saturday 15th, Duvelhok



free jazz, improv If we’re gonna start with an American, a Spaniard and a Swede you’re probably gonna think this is a cheesy riddle. But nothing is further from the truth. This international trio is dead serious while trying to discover the edges of free jazz by improvising their whole set. Peter Evans (trumpet), Agustí Fernández (piano) and Mats Gustafsson (saxophone) all gained a lot of experience by working with some of the world's biggest musicians like Anthony Braxton, Barry Guy and even Sonic Youth. Saturday 15th, Paradox


▲ FAWN SPOTS UK shoegaze, noise pop "They’ve never even played outside York!” (John Robb in a text to Richard Foster). Well, that’s reason enough to get them on the bill. How more misfit can you get, regularly burning up a posh provincial town best known for a cathedral and a Viking visitor centre? John writes – “It’s an almost impossible trick to take the glorious rush of underground rock and make it into pop music without losing any of the imagination and energy but the band have pulled it off.” ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Sunday 16th, Extase

drone, psychedelic, kosmische Since 2003 Expo ’70 has been as productive as a TDK factory back in the 80’s, releasing countless limited tapes and CD-R’s full of droning psychedelics with elements of space rock, krautrock and (dark) ambient. The wide range of musical moods - from warm sounds to scary, gloomy sci-fi soundscapes - will do everything in order to place your organs in a different order during this buzzing live experience. For fans of Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Barn Owl and the older work of Earth! Sunday 16th, V39


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but also a deep interest in Asian arts and music. The duo lets the music speak for itself; the instruments freed from the restrictions of their respective traditions. ► Part of project: Tosti Sessions Tuesday 11th, Duvelhok


gothic rock This English goth-rock band has been on top of the food chain since 1984. A prime example of musicians who have consistently managed to stay away from the mainstream by being uncompromising in their vision. Their sound was innovative in the gothic scene, incorporating heavy metal elements to make a hard, bass and guitar driven sound underneath Carl McCoy’s growled vocals. The band's name refers to a Biblical race of giants or angel-human hybrids, known as the Nephilim. Friday 14th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


8-bit, glitch Filosofische Stilte (Philosophical Silence) a.k.a Luuk Graham is half Dutch, half Surinamese, 18 years old, and he lives in Holland. He started in music around the end of 2010 when he and a friend wanted to rap and thought it was appropriate they used their own beats. Filosofische Stilte makes beats you can’t put a label on. He uses a lot 8-bit arpeggiator, basslines and of course a good drum part. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Wednesday 12th, Cul de Sac


death metal From the Czech Republic comes Fleshless. Gore and torture are their middle names and that’s what they’ll bring. They walk the genres between melodic/brutal death metal and grindcore in their earlier work when they still used programmed drums. These days they’re going full throttle with real drums, disturbing screams, ten ton riffs and everything else the undead walking amongst us crave. Wednesday 12th, Little Devil


contemporary composed Possibly the world's first duo featuring the combination of a soprano saxophone and a Yangch’in. A what? A Yangch’in, a Chinese hammered dulcimer that sounds a little like a piano or harp. Or as a Chinese site puts it: When played slowly it sounds like spring dropping, in contrary, it is like the murmur of a little brook. The music of Filip and Kimho may just sound as poetic; it is described as enchanting and feeding the imagination of the audience. Both musicians have had a Western classical music training


bluegrass, hilbilly, mazurka Most people who hear Frank Fairfield for the first time probably don't believe this folk artist is only 26 years old. With his old 1930's look and his mysterious past Fairfield is a striking appearance. Ever since Fleet Foxes’s lead singer Robin Pecknold invited him on



tour he left his alcohol struggles in the past and became a full-time musician. Usually we never book the same artist twice, but this time he comes with a brand new project. Friday 14th, Paradox

death metal This Dutch old school death metal band is as unpolished and raw as they should be. Featuring three guys and a girl is a welcome anomaly and with their first full album out this year their ascent has begun. Picture dark, desolate woods, barren landscapes and the absence of colour. Funeral whore is reminiscent of early Grave and is likely to satisfy lost souls searching for a place to feast on the rotten. Wednesday 12th, Little Devil


lo-fi, beats Frietboer (31) is a producer/liveset who loves distortion and hiphop. Influenced by '90 dance music with which he converts his listeners into headnodding drones. He runs the Frietboerism label which features artist like Ivolve, Eigenheimer and Filosofische Stilte who are all playing at Incubate 2012. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Wednesday 12th, Cul de Sac

▼ GANG COLOURS UK electronic, soul Two of our favourite albums from 2011 were Nicolas Jaar's ‘Space Is Only Noise’ and the self-titled debut record of James Blake. Will Ozanne, better known as Gang Colours, took the best elements from both records and put it in his own album The Keychain Collections. Soundscapes, down tempo beats, melancholic pianos and the deep soulful voice of Ozanne are the keywords which makes Gang Colours so good. During Incubate this man is going to collaborate with Indian musician Mahesh Vinayakram ► Part of project: Global Mashups. Thursday 13th, Studio


hardcore/punk Extreme hardcore/punk band from MD. Dropped one of the best hardcore releases in recent history of mankind last year and have not looked back since. Think Nails, Cursed and Black Breath in a blender with an added touch of aggression. Friday 14th, V39


free jazz, noise Free jazz, noise, free noise, free form music; whatever you want to call it, these guys are experts at it. Combining the shrieks and improv of free jazz masterminds like Ornette Coleman and Coltrane's Ascencion with the harsh noise and bleak nihilism of the forward thinking modern noise movement, both Pollard and O'Really have been playing all over Europe as solo artists. Now they have combined forces to blow your mind, forming a trio with Marc Fantini on drums. Sunday 16th, Paradox



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idm, glitch Electro waltz, slaughtered swing, lyrical chiptune, broken folk, coconut cartoon, FM hits and more are forged by Gangpol & Mit into glitchy electronic music. Together with their signature visuals of graphic animation they create a playful hybrid of sound and visuals. At Incubate they will be working with children and together with them create the most beautiful masks. Tuesday 11th, Paradox

After the great version we did of this project last year, Generation Bass presents Global Mashups vol 2! Again we bring together vocalists, artists and producers from India and Indonesia, and have them work with upcoming stars in modern dance genres like dubstep, skweee, moobahton and tropical house. This project is powered by Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation. Thurday 13th, Studio, 22:00 – 01:15: Kangding Ray (FR) & Bandish Projekt (IN), Gang Colours (UK) & Mahesh Vinayakram (IN), Xander Harris (USA) & Nova Ruth (ID) Friday 14th, Studio, 23:00 – 02:15: Kelpe (UK) & Shreyas Dave (IN), d’Eon (CAN) & Runa Rizvi (IN), Neki Stranac (SLO) & Mc Bellal (ID)


synth pop, lo-fi Girlseeker hail from the very productive Copenhagen scene, in which mainly Iceage is breaking necks lately. Girlseeker was born through the anus of that indie punk scene. They sound like the retarded cousin of Ariel Pink or as Joy Division on an afterparty on poppers at 2 pm. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01

▲ GARDA GER indie, folk For the second record of Garda Kai Lehmann, the frontman, went to the Swiss Alps to write about his love sickness. He came back with ten songs which form the basis of the album A Heart Of A Pro and he finished it when he came back in Dresden together with his band. The vocals of Lehman are getting compared to Conor –Bright Eyes- Oberst and Matt –The National- Berninger and we must admit; it's hard to deny. Saturday 15th, Café De Plaats


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drone, psychedelic, space This Manchester based collective forge spiritual pathways with incredible sci-fi/cosmic jams and urban stoner grooves. Adored by the likes of Julian Cope - not least for their brilliantly psyched-out, shit kicking collaboration with White Hills, Gnod remain resolutely off kilter, striking poses and exploring sonic boundaries that most UK bands wouldn't dare to tread. ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Friday 14th, Extase

improv Truly out there experimental non-pop pop music. This is how Incendiarymag described Gul Night Out at a recent gig: “The set is kick started by a very decorous lady drummer sometimes being told how and when to play the most basic of drum patterns by Jacco, sometimes starting off on her own and waiting for the band to catch up. […]The toy mic had lasted about a song until Jacco’s destructive tendencies saw him brain the bass player with it, provoking a mini fight mid song…” ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Sunday 16th, Extase


sludge, doom, metal Ex-Taint frontman Jimbob Isaac returns to Tilburg after playing at our festival in 2010. But this time with his new unit Hark. This Welsh trio carry Taint's torch forward. Hark continue to fuse punk attack with Sabbathian dirge and post-whatever angularities. Headbangers can start to warm up their neck-muscles, as Hark will force ruthless banging of heads. Saturday 15th, Little Devil

▲ GREG HAINES UK ambient, neoclassical Greg Haines is an English musician and composer who has been living in Berlin since 2008. 'Minimalist' composers such as Steve Reich, Gavin Bryars and Philip Glass had a profound influence over his musical trajectory. He has made works for a range of disciplines, including dance choreographies, and with a lot of musicians to produce carefully constructed pieces that always hint to the minimalist composers that influenced him from the beginning. Saturday 15th, Paradox


improv, psychedelic, kosmische This duo brings psychedelic and experimental electro-acoustic live improvisation rituals from Antwerp, Belgium. Saturday 15th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje




dark ambient, drone, industrial Inspired by Pantera, Tool and Sunn O))), The Haxan Cloak (aka Bobby Krlic) is no typical Tri Angle signing. While most of their signings (oOoOO, Holy Other) are discovering the edges of witch house, this London based producer is making occult ambient music. His self titled debut according to FACTMag ‘one of the best albums of 2011' - contains hand-made percussion, cellos, violins and field-recordings which Krlic recorded all by himself. Friday 14th, 013 Stage01

freejazz, jazzcore Music for the connaisseur. This versatile Rotterdam and Brussels based trio makes jazzcore that turns into free improvisation, taking a back road over to noise avenue in order to eventually end up at freegrind central. The combination of tenor saxophone, bass guitar and drums makes for an exciting mix and is sure to keep you fascinated throughout the set. Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics are set up to give their audience a complex and intriguing experience. Sunday 16th, Sounds



indie, experimental When Gerrit van der Scheer lived in Indonesia, his dad worked there as a vicar, local people called him Herrek. Nowadays Van der Scheer lives in Rotterdam and gained fame with his former bands Adept and Bonne Aparte. Inspired by the modern-day Brooklyn scene with bands like Gang Gang Dance, Liars and Animal Collective he started to work on new music under this nickname and he got some help from his LUIK bandmate Lukas Dikker. Sunday 16th, Café De Plaats

Bowling, whilst listening to heavy metal and drinking beer at the same time: A combination of the best of these three amazing worlds. To keep the entertainment value and the musical value high, Dj Patchman Marco will take place behind the turntables. He will take care to let it stay 1982 forever! (Well, at least for this night.) Thursday 15th, Dolfijn Bowling

► HEIKO LAUX GER techno, house “I wanted to make my future audience as happy as this house track made me. I wanted to play this energy and to pass it on to others” - Heiko Laux on Farley Jackmaster Funk's 1986 release ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’. Now one of the most influential people in German house music, Laux is a renowned producer and head of Kanzleramt Records. He got inspired by early house tracks near Frankfurt, Germany, and harnesses that same energy and happiness to audiences worldwide. Friday 14th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ HJÁLMAR ICE reggae Remember the movie Cool Runnings, where five Jamaicans attempt to become a bobsleigh team? Well, Hjálmar is an equally peculiar endeavour: five pale, thick-bearded folks from Iceland join forces to play reggae music in their native language. This sounds like a cheap gimmick of sorts, while in fact Hjálmar consists of accomplished musicians who eagerly embrace the challenge of experimenting, while still maintaining the rehearsed, syncopated reggae grooves. If this doesn't spark your curiosity... Monday 10th, Cul de Sac


Hollandse Nieuwe (Fresh & Dutch) is a monthly compilation on leading Dutch indie music website 3voor12 with the newest Dutch music on it. And even more good news: All of these names are free to visit in the Cul de Sac venue! Monday 10th: Port Of Call, Saint Helena Dove Tuesday 11th: Those Foreign Kids, Mineral Beings Wednesday 12th: Filosofische Stilte, Frietboer, Eigenheimer Thursday 13th: Dagora


folk, slowcore While the name might cause you to stir in fright, House of Wolves is anything but dark and frigid: 'warm' and 'ethereal' are words to describe singer-songwriter Rey Villalobos whose musical moniker is in fact the English translation of his family name - more accurately. Come inside, listen for yourself and tell us how you would describe it. Sunday 16th, Sounds



alt. country The Horse Company is one of those scarce jewels in the Dutch music scene. With an engine like that other horse company Ferrari and the gentleness of a horse whisperer. Their debut album dropped like a bomb, and got many positive reviews by the usually so grumpy Dutch critics. But it’s live where they truly excel. A band with a bright future. At their Incubate show they will play songs of their new album for the first time ever. Friday 14th, Cul de Sac

psychedelic, blues rock Howlin Rain brings back memories to rocks heyday: almost as if CCR, CSN&Y, Hendrix, Zeppelin have been resurrected within frontman Ethan Miller. Their appearance suggests they just walked out of San Francisco’s widespread hippie commune. But their music defines more than just schmaltzy recollections. Each note and impact spatters with energy and intensity. Above all, Miller and consorts are skilled musicians who mastered the intrinsic of three decades of rock music. Retro at its finest. Sunday 16th, 013 Kleine Zaal



minimalism, ambient, psychedelic A head-on shredfest presented to you by Ben Greenberg, the fret-master known for gigging around in an armada of bands. About his album cover he said: “If you frame anything right you can make it look like space.” Something he certainly succeeded in. Live, endless repetitions with subtle variations are combined with an energetic performance giving it something spectral. Space telescope ‘Hubble’ broadens mankind's view, but this Hubble serves as a microscope that expands your view on minimalism. Sunday 16th, V39 ▲ IDES OF GEMINI US stoner, doom, post-rock Imagine being followed by a choir of ghosts in ancient, desolated and haunted ruins of the city of Constantinople (hence their album title). Your soundtrack would be Ides of Gemini, the brand new project of vocalist/ bassist Sera Timms of Black Math Horseman signed to Neurosis´ Neurot label. The term “dream doom” has been floating around to describe their beautiful side, but on the other hand their music sounds more intense and more terrifying than any black metal band you can imagine. Highly addicting! Saturday 15th, Little Devil


indie, post-rock, krautrock Renowned for Arab Strap and various solo projects, Malcolm Middleton will come to Incubate with his newest brainchild ‘Human Don’t Be Angry’. One of the ground rules of this project was not to do any interviews, so it’s hard to figure out what the premise behind this project is. But what we do know is that Middleton wanted to focus on guitar. He also stated that this project ‘feels like wearing a disguise’. Let’s find out which disguise he’ll be wearing in Tilburg then. Friday 14th, Pauluskerk



punk, hardcore, noise rock Iceage was supposed to play Incubate 2010 but had to pull out the last minute. In any case, we are lucky to have them on the bill for this years edition! Their live performances perfectly translate their sound on record; a wave of bombastic, noisy and fast post-punk riffs with a vile hardcore/punk sound. File this one under catchy and intense; their 20 minute sets are all it takes for Iceage to knock your socks off. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01

thrash metal Insanity Alert is a thrash band from Innsbruck, Austria. They started in 2011 and are influenced by the likes of S.O.D., DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bones Brigade, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Slayer. Their mission: Thrash hard, smoke weed, drink beer, watch football and skate once in a while. Sunday 16th, Little Devil


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between jazz, hiphop and tropical beats. On Incubate 2012 he's going to host his own stage, which will be distributed by Rwina Records. Friday 14th, Hall of Fame

house He doesn’t want to use a laptop during his performances, is using free software Audacity to make tracks and is sampling Whitney Houston and Lady Gaga. Ital, better known as Daniel Martin-McCormick (also part of Mi Ami & Sex Worker) is a typical cross-patch in the experimental house scene of today. His tracks are getting released by Planet Mu and Silk 100%, and according to XLR8R he’s one of the best new artists of 2011 and is mostly known for his extraordinary live performances. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal


techno, house, ambient “The way Jan Jelinek makes music, is not a method, it is an exploration”. This Berlinbased producer takes a genre, decomposes it, records samples and makes an album from his search. In 2001 he made ambient techno composed from jazz records, four years later he lets us hear his take on krautrock with his album Kosmischer Pitch. He doesn't call himself a musician, but a sound designer; it might take him a full year to complete one track. Every scratch, glitch or bleep is considered. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01


electronic, minimalist, hardcore Exactly 100 kilometres below Tilburg lies the Belgian town Leuven, a beautiful city with a lot of old buildings. Maybe not the first place you think of when you hear the experimental tracks from Ivolve. This guy from Leuven makes minimal experimental tracks, where ambient and hardcore go hand-in-hand. It’s not weird to see that he mentions Boards of Canada and Dutch rapper Steen as his inspiration. Wednesday 12th, Cul de Sac

▲ JAPANDROIDS CAN noise pop, indie Japandroids got an awful lot of praise from critics, scene kids and music lovers alike, mainly because of their infamously frenetic live shows. Fun fact: their debut LP Postnothing was supposed to be their swan song before calling it quits. One final time - on the verge of losing something they cherished - they played their guts out in a mere


hiphop, jazz, tropical A lot has changed for Mitchel van Dinther, since he played at the opening of New Jacks at Incubate 2011. This year his hard work as Jameszoo finally paid off; he received invitations from Noorderslag, 5 Days Off, Motel Mozaique and PITCH. With his 2012 EP release Guanyin Psittacines he lets us hear his unique mix



30 minutes. Apparently it paid dividends: three years later they unleashed the fantastic 'Celebration Rock' as noise pops newly branded figureheads. Sunday 16th, 013 Kleine Zaal

lo-fi, garage rock New lo-fi trio around Jelle Vanlerberghe. With Steve Marreyt (aka Edgar Wappenhelter, Kraak) on drums and Wim Lecluyse (aka Circle Bros, Morc records) on bass. For fans of Beat Happening, Gories and Dead Moon. Saturday 15th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje


garage rock Swampy garage rock ‘n’ roll with a blues influence and background. This four-piece from Rotterdam is known for their powerful and energetic stage performance that leaves neither the band nor the audience standing still. It’s like The Cramps meets Robert Johnson in an acid trip. Sunday 16th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje


techno, house If a techno artist calls his influences ‘everything that touches me’, you know this individual is bound to do something a little more devious than the rest of the techno league. His debut ‘Reality To Midi’ brought the late nineties romance and melody back into techno. Nowadays, Heil is one of the leading producers in the German techno scene. No stranger to experiments, his latest tracks shift more towards tech house, yet they remain highly faithful to the 'Heilstyle'. Friday 14th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal

▲ JENNY HVAL NOR folk, experimental, ambient Norwegian multidisciplinary artist Jenny Hval is the total package, writer and journalist, performance and musical artist. She blends her background in writing with many forms of performance expressions. Music, literature and visuals are seamlessly interwoven with her characteristic voice. A voice that is accessible but complex at the same time, profound and beautiful. Friday 14th, De NWE Vorst Main Room


folk "She looks like she fell asleep in the eighties and woke up today”, someone remarked in a comments section on YouTube. As far as looks go, we couldn’t agree more; but Dutch songstress Jæ's music is much harder to trace back to the eighties. As a matter of fact, we go back in time even further: beautiful folky, pre-war blues, with her stunning voice as the epicenter. Jæ - real name Jessica Sligter occasionally resides in Oslo, Norway, where she recorded her debut LP as well. Saturday 15th, Pauluskerk


Free concerts, art and film

Dent May Nzca/Lines Telepathe Black Dice King Tuff Trust Mmoths Moon Duo The Haxan Balam Acab Cloak Liars Japandroids Purity Ring Dan Deacon Blood Chains Of Diamonds Love


per month 84

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MUSIC ▼ KID INK US hiphop With three mix tapes, a successful debut album Up & Away and collabs with Meek Mill and Soulja Boy under his name, it seems that Kid Ink is a superstar in the making. Before this tattooed whizz kid embarked on his own career, he produced and wrote songs for Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) and Sean Kingston. With Chris Brown and Tyga’s remixes of his latest single, it’s clear that 2012 is gonna be THE year of this LA-based rapper. One thing's certain: Kid Ink takes SWAG to a whole ‘nother level. Tuesday 11th, 013 Kleine Zaal


electronic, techno, ambient Kangding ray's music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way of merging beats and atmospheric soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions. KR combines machines with real instruments in a subtle and rhythmic suite, integrating noises, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, voices and field recordings, blending techno grooves with dark textures, always on the edge between experimental music and club culture ► Part of project: Global Mashups Thursday 13th, Studio


electronic, hiphop, jazz It’s hard to categorize the recordings of Kelpe; it seems that he’s taking inspiration from jazz, hiphop and electronic music of WARP. Think Dimlite, Boards Of Canada and the early sound of Four Tet. This London-based producer made with this mesmerizing mix four stunning albums. At our festival he's going to collaborate with Indian flute player Shreyas Dave. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Friday 14th, Studio


jazz Mixing all kinds of jazz with electronic music, recording/performing with Carl Craig, Q-Tip and Stevie Wonder, it looks like Kelvin Sholar is a man of extremes. Raised by a musical family, Sholar was already on stage when he was in utero. Nowadays he is a well-educated classical pianist with a well-stocked cabinet full of jazz trophies. Maybe Kelvin Sholar’s name isn’t wellknown to the general audience, but behind the scenes he’s a big name and that’s not for nothing. Sunday 16th, Paradox


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Now they will host the foyer, where you can find Jonathan Mendiola, Pejiej and Katarie behind the decks. Friday 14th, 013 Foyer Saturday 15th, 013 Foyer

noise rock, indie Google ‘Killed by 9v Batteries’ and your third hit will be a page where you're asked if you could die testing a 9v battery on your tongue. Okay, perhaps, this isn’t the most practical band name here at Incubate 2012, but without a doubt the most original one. For their third LP these noise-rockers from Austria visited electronic wizard Patrick Pulsingers studio. An unusual combination to say the least, but as a result 'The Hux' became their most balanced and melodic effort ever. Saturday 15th, Cul de Sac

► KING MIDAS SOUND UK dub, electronic Kevin Martin, the workaholic behind The Bug, surprised friend and foe in 2009 with his latest project King Midas Sound. This time around, he worked together with poet Roger Robinson & Japanese artist Kiki Hitomi. His previous album Waiting For You had the dark and low dub sounds of London combined with Robinsons melancholic whispery voice. Hyperdub released a revised version of this record last year with a little help of artists like Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance and label boss Kode9. Wednesday 12th, 013 Kleine Zaal


electronic, juke, footwork It might sound a bit corny, but Krampfhaft really breaths music. By day, Joris van Grunsven is a sound-engineer, at night a successful producer/DJ. With his ‘Makin’ Magic’ EP he lets us hear that UK-bass doesn’t necessarily has to come from the UK. And he’s got a bright future ahead; The Gaslamp Killer is a fan and together with Jameszoo Joris is selected to go the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC. But first he’s going to play at the Incubate party hosted by Jameszoo. Friday 14th, Hall of Fame


For our Friday night we arranged the top of the German techno/house scene with names as Johannes Heil and Anthony Rother. To make the evening even a bigger party we invited our local friends from Klub Tilt. They have proved the last couple of years that they know how to give a party in our beloved city. Earlier they invited for their parties artists like Âme, Nathan Fake and Mathew Johnson.



▼ LAIBACH SLO martial industrial, avant-garde, EBM Laibach is a Slovenian avant-garde music group associated with industrial, EBM, and neo-classical musical styles. The name "Laibach" is the German name for Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana. Due to their use of totalitarian aesthetics Laibach have been been accused of being both far left and far right when it comes to their political stances. Their standard reply? "We are fascists as much as Hitler was a painter". Laibach ist part of the "Neue Slowenische Kunst" movement (NSK). ► Part of The Quietus Presents Sunday 16th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal

cumbia Everybody’s favourite all girl Cumbia orchestra. In 2006 six girls decided to exploit their Cumbia queer side by the means of what they call ‘tropi-punk’, combining the Latin vibe with a punk and rock 'n' roll attitude. In the years following they played everywhere, literally everywhere. Jails, schools, islands, gay prides, discos, book fairs, weddings, festivals, churches and here they are at Incubate festival. With the same shit ton of attitude and energy as always. Sunday 16th, Cul de Sac


coldwave, post punk, shoegaze The phrase “Dance music for the clinically depressed” may refer to Joy Divison’s ‘Unknown Pleasure’ but make no mistake; it's exactly how 'Always Then - The KVB's new LP - was once described. KVB is an abbreviation of Klaus Von Barrel; a young indiviual with pitch black soul. His darkwave and postpunk sounds like a gloomy homage to Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch, The Human Leagues Phil Oakley in his preDare! days and Gary Numan. Saturday 15th, Café De Plaats


doom, sludge, metal No, this is not about love between women. It's about freedom. Following one's own path and on that musical path, blending all kinds of metal into one psychedelic cocktail. These guys don't give a rat's ass about musical boundaries or how things are supposed to be done or presented. This makes them one of those bands that some people can't comprehend. That's why we warn you: Lesbian is not for pussies. Monday 10th, 013 Stage01


death metal The band comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a city that stages at the same time astonishingly beautiful settings and a murky underworld of violence and degradation almost never seen by outsiders. This innate attitude is unmistakably noticed in every aspect of their unrelenting, visceral Death Metal. Saturday 15th, Little Devil


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ► LEIF VOLLEBEKK


singer-songwriter, folk, blues Leif Vollebekk is a pureblooded troubadour. With his soulful voice as most powerful instrument combined with sparse instrumentation, the Canadian singer-songwriter takes you for a ride through long gone memories, painful loves and vast journeys. Leif Vollebekk is chosen as this year’s artist in residence at organic farm ‘t Schop in Hilvarenbeek, just outside of Tilburg. Saturday 15th, Hall of Fame Sunday 16th, Boerderij 't Schop Timeschedule for lunch concert @ Boerderij 't Schop 11:30 Covered wagon leaves at the bus stop in front of the 013 venue 12:00 Start of the lunch 12:45 Concert Leif Vollebekk 14:00 Departure covered wagon back to Tilburg and stops in front of the 013 venue


noise The N.K.O.T.B. of noise. A glorious sound too, where electric shapes and frequencies, angular and angry noises bounce around an empty room. Although these two guys are relative outsiders, they've crafted their way into the honour gallery of noise with strong performances and equally great releases. The European answer to Wolf Eyes, but with some old Black Dice in there as well. Saturday 15th, De NWE Vorst Main Room



Louder Than War celebrates its own label launch at Incubate and Dutch - based Incendiarymag celebrates being 10! The two webzines have joined forces to bring a related theme to their curatorship of Extase: “Cultural Cringe”. V39 will host a number of



bands that don’t fit – bands who are old, ugly, uncool and un-rock, ignored acts, nobodies, bands singing in strange languages, and bands who are strangers in their own lands.

dark wave, minimal synth Lust For Youth is a boy-girl duo from Göteborg, Sweden with a strong fondness for eighties music. They forge bursts of dark industrial synth noise, somewhere between veterans New Order and upstarts Cold Cave. Or - to quote one review of their riveting debut LP Solar Flare - “the best way to explain the feeling of listening to this album is the Terminator scene where Sarah is in the Tech Noir club, minus the guns, blood, and crazy future guy.” ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01

Friday 14th, Extase: Gnod, Ravage! Ravage!, The Membranes Saturday 15th, Extase: Nouveau Vélo, Plant Duw, Paranoid Visions Sunday 16th, Extase: Fawn Spots, Gul Night Out, Boutros Bubba


punk, noise rock Along with Iceage one of the precursors of the ‘New Way of Danish Fuck You’movement. This movement from Copenhagen primarily consists of young punk rebels, who like to mess things up and call their fans ‘victims’. With members of Sexdrome and Girlseeker on board, Lower only released a demo and one 4-track EP, yet they have already established quite a buzz around their live performances. ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01

▲ MAGIC TOUCH US house, disco Damon Palermo - partner in crime with Daniel "Ital" Martin-McCormick in Mi Ami - goes by the name Magic Touch, to present a brief interpretation of the last three decades of music, converted into nineties house music. Good old fashioned synthesizers, infectious beats and wide array of samples are the perfect subsurface for a sweaty night. Wonder if ya can still bust a move during this rave extravaganza? Then it's time to grab that pair of Levi's 501's in the back of your closet. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01


slowcore, folk At the start of the year, Dutch foursome LUIK released their breathtaking debut 'Owls', drawing elated reviews across the country. Their sparse, subtle sound draws comparisons to Low and Codeine: Lukas Dikker’s whispering woebegone vocals, the serpentine basslines entangled with slow paced, off kilter drums and Gerrit van der Scheers haunting minimalistic guitar playing. LUIK´s beauty is not easily encapsulated, but therefore all the more compelling to those lending an ear., Sunday 16th, Pauluskerk






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MUSIC howling at the moon while performing a ritual sacrifice. This comes wrapped with a glamorous look, inspired by the likes of Sister Sledge and Roxy Music. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Saturday 15th, Paradox

carnatic music, indian classical music Mahesh Vinayakram is an award-winning and leading artist in the field of carnatic and world music. The Indian vocalist started his career at the age of 12. Coming from a long (family) tradition of spirituality and music, Vinayakram is not afraid to explore the boundaries within. Like collaborations with Dub FX and Gang Colours during Incubate. A world class vocalist from a genre you’d probably not encounter often. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Thursday 13th, Studio


death metal, grindcore What happens when you grow badass facial hair and get an overdose of Motörhead through the tour van speakers? You change your style from down and dirty grindcore to crusty, full throttle rock-‘n-roll! Malignant Tumour like it raw, rawer, RAWEST with whiskey soaked barn burners addressing every rock star vice you can think of: partying, booze and sluts, you name it. But above all, expect a healthy dose of humour from this much maligned tumour residing in the Czech Republic. Sunday 16th, Little Devil

▲ MARK SULTAN CAN garage rock Unfortunately, Montréal-based garage rock tag team The King Khan & BBQ Show called it quits after a shouting match in Sydney. Luckily, Mark Sultan - the man behind BBQ - can easily live without King Khan. With one foot on the bass drum, the other one on the snare while simultaneously playing guitar, Sultans unpolished rock-‘n-roll, doo wop songs ooze with a deliciously jangly garage rock vibe. With so many styles at his disposal, the Canadian-born´s nickname ‘Jukebox punker’ is right on the money. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Sunday 16th, Cul de Sac


tribal noise, psychedelic London-based threesome Maria & The Mirrors' driving force consists of duelling drums and shrieking vocals by two feisty females, tied together by a variety of electronic devices, creating a wall of pummelling sturdy electronics. Almost like some sort of modern tribe of banshees,


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews


death metal Spawn from the deep underground and incarnated in a time in which other, now world famous, metal bands also saw first light. Master is a legendary name known and loved by death metallers as one of the early bands who helped create the genre. They’ve been playing one style and one style only since the very beginning and it’s theirs. Paul Speckmann and friends never back down and never give up. Get ready for fast, deranged music fuelled by raging and gnarly vocals. Wednesday 12th, Little Devil

▲ MEG BAIRD US folk, singer-songwriter “No one is listening to you, or to me” - sings Meg Baird on her latest record ‘Seasons On Earth’. We can assure you, we HAVE listened to her quite a lot! Maybe you remember Baird as one of the frontwomen in psych-folk outfit Espers, or perhaps from her solo albums. No matter, the Philadelphia-based singers' voice sounds equally impressive wherever and with whomever she performs. No wonder she has worked with acclaimed artists like Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Sharon van Etten and Sharron Kraus. Sunday 16th, Pauluskerk


folk, singer-songwriter Although Elliott is better known as his electronic alter-ego The Third Eye Foundation, he marked a stylistic switch by recording under his own name in 2003. Liberated from the yoke of his semihipsterish pseudonym, Elliott reinvented himself as a sincere, gifted and inspired singer-songwriter. His latest album, aptly titled ‘The Broken Man’ hovers somewhere between Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen. Saturday 15th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


singer-songwriter In 1995 friends of Meindert Talma pressed some of his recordings on a single as a birthday gift. Unexpectedly Talma’s birthday gift-record became successful and he became one of the local heroes in the music scene of Groningen. In the years following Talma developed into a very wayward artist as he also wrote 2 novels and a collection of poetry. His books are, just like his songs, very personal and also intertwined with his music. Talma sings in Dutch but is nevertheless also an interesting guest music wise for the international visitors. Tuesday 11th, Paradox


hiphop Mc Bellal is a veteran of the Indonesian hiphop scene, as part of the A.P.A. crew, several guest appearances and as main MC in Jalan Surabaya. He often freestyles, sometimes even the whole set. Forms an interesting Global Mashup couple together with the Serbian producer Neki Stranac. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Friday 14th, Studio




post-punk, punk The Membranes is a post-punk band formed in 1977. Their first release was in 1980, and over the next 11 years they would go on to release six studio albums. The band pioneered the avant-noise scene of Big Black and Sonic Youth for several years. As a celebration of both their long links with the Dutch underground, and the launch of their new single the legendary swamp-punk noiseniks, The Membranes play in the Netherlands for the first time in over 20 years. ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Friday 14th, Extase

slowcore, folk Serbian duo Mesta gives you minimalistic, carefree, folky soundscapes. Borislav and Senka met in the local orthodox Christian choir, which explains the hymnal influences in their spiritual songs. Another remarkable inspiration is Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, who was fascinated by gravity and falling. Expect a modest folk-tinged slowcore set, two voices carefully blended together, creating a warm and euphoric atmosphere. Sunday 16th, Pauluskerk

▼ MGŁA POL black metal Mgła (pronounced: mgwaah), meaning “fog” in Polish, is an underground black metal band hailing from Kraków, Poland. Mixing uncompromising black metal with haunting melodies and raw aggression Mgła attracted a lot of attention in the underground in the past years. In the beginning of 2012 they released 'With Hearts Toward None' which is according to us at Incubate one of the best black metal releases this year. We think you would agree. Get into it. Saturday 15th, Little Devil


noise rock, indie The Men has been on critics’ shortlists for the past couple of years and it looks like this year will be no different with their vigorous DIY(“Our band could be your life”-bands)approach and sound. While retaining some of the fuzzy indie-rock noise from previous albums, they create more space for dynamic and catchy punk hooks. If you ever want to meet the entire Incubate crew at once, just move to the front row! ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Sunday 16th, 013 Kleine Zaal


neue deutsche well, hamburger schule, krautrock Messer is currently seen as the salvation of the German guitar rock. With one leg they stand in the eighties/Neue Deutsche Welle and with the other in the nineties/Hamburge schule. And then they also mention seventies bands like Neu! and Can as influences. Combined with their own ideas Messer results in a very addictive, gruff and gritty indie rock. Friday 14th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ MI AMI US house, disco Nobody expected art punk band Mi Ami to make this kind a change after losing their bass player. The two remaining guys, Damon Palermo and Daniel MartinMcCormick, decided to put their guitar and drumkit aside and started to work with synths and drum machines. Dolphins, their first release as a duo, sounded as “a meltin, dystopian refraction of left-field new age, lush soundscapes and Italo daydreams”. However the new record, Decade, got a more four-on-the-f loor kind of vibe with disco basslines. Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal


hardcore Belgium supplies us with a hardcore band that’s up to the task of producing violent but honest and pure live sets. This five-piece dove into the scene back in ’09 without any expectations and they’ve been playing show after show all over Europe ever since. Expect them to be highly energetic and overwhelming when they take the stage and leave you out of breath and hungry for more. Saturday 15th, V39


drone, ambient Next to Incubate-acts like LUIK and Herrek, Mike Koldin is another act from Samling Records; a duo consisting of Michiel Klein and Keimpe Koldijk who make ‘free floating ambient’. They released their wonderful, dark cassette Becloud really limited; only 25 pieces. Luckily for you, they also offer these tracks as a free download on their Bandcamp and they are playing this year’s Incubate so you can hear a melancholic improvised set made with handmade synths. Sunday 16th, Café De Plaats



synth, improvised, ambient The dreamy synthesizer sounds by the Sarajevo-born Belgian Mia Prce sound random, improvised and loose. This simple, slow and natural approach makes her music sound sympathetic, warm and relaxing. It makes us think about sailboats, watching old cartoons or just lying in the grass doing absolutely nothing. Saturday 15th, Weemoed

experimental, electronic Mik Quantius is a German vocal artist and probably best known for his work with Embryo. It is most likely that he got stuck in an acid trip while being abducted by aliens. His vocal range is occasionally comparable to Captain Beefheart and Nick Cave, but don’t expect any other similarities. While performing he uses his voice and body as some kind of weird instrument combined with keyboard and percussion. He shows you the strange beauty and versatility one's voice can have. Thursday 13th, Cul de Sac



blogger with his dreamy, melancholic chillwave. Even the mighty Flying Lotus was impressed. His most recently released EP is a kindred spirit to comparable MacBookwizards Gold Panda and Baths. Friday 14th, 013 Stage01

contemporary composed Miriam Overlach, harpist, provides the right balance between traditional and innovative music. The German musical all-rounder enjoys performing as a soloist, chamber musician and improviser as well as in different ensembles and orchestras. Her interest in contemporary developments in classical music concerns new compositions and performance practices. And if that isn’t enough; she is also part of the Flemish Philharmonic. We are glad this busy bee has time to play at Incubate. ► Part of project: Tosti Sessions Thursday 13th, Duvelhok


post-rock How can you tell stories without words? Paint without paint? The answer is simple, - post-rock. It’s a treacherous business to describe post-rock granddaddies Mogwai without pretentiousness and exaggeration. It would be best to describe them without words just like their music, but to give it a try: Imagine prolonged, instrumental and mostly guitar-based compositions, climaxing with a cinematic display of dynamics, rhythms and melodies. Mogwai -as one of the post-rock pioneers since 1995- has a unique talent to create wordless music that makes you speechless. Live at its best. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Saturday 15th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


hardcore, metal This four-piece brings dark, technical and heavy hardcore to the gutters of Tilburg. Hailing from Cornwall and Devon, Monolith signed to Holy Roar Records earlier in 2012. Debut EP I, Misanthrope was released this March and the band is currently working on the first full length. The lyrics vocalist Luke spits out for Monolith are all about anger and the depravity of men. Backed by one guitar, one bass and one drumkit, Monolith leaves nothing up to your imagination and moshes straight in the face. Saturday 15th, V39

▲ MMOTHS IRE electronic, indie The day Jack Colleran found out he passed his high school exams he immediately flew to LA to sign a record deal. As of right now, this young Irish kiddo is emerging at a blistering pace. By his moniker Mmoths, Colleran conquered the hearts of every


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews


deephouse, detroit techno Even though he was born in LA, Moodymann and Detroit City are interconnected for life. Together with Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr. stood at the cradle of the early 90's techno/house scene of Detroit. Besides his mind blowing DJ-sets, furthermore stacked with black soul and funk, this living legend is just as famous for his colourful appearance, and likewise, his quotes: “A lot of people, after work, go home and fuck their wives. I go home and I fuck that MPC all night long” Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal



psychedelic, free folk, blues MV & EE is a collective built around artistic neo-hippies Matt Valentine and Erika Elder. This peculiar twosome has been a precursor to experimental folk or the so-called “new weird americana”. Rotating around Valentine and Elder is a vibrant cast of additional musicians. On stage they create their own little universe with their homemade sound, lights and projections. The Home Comfort Sound System produces an astral psychedelic cine-show. Total psychedelic freedom. Saturday 15th, Duvelhok


garage rock Suddenly they were there, as suddenly as the Red Sea divided it's waters. Mozes and the firstborn dropped their debut album ‘I got skills’ with much bravado. With terms like ‘the messiah is here’ and ‘resistance is futile’ that left nothing to the imagination. The average band member is 18, but nevertheless these youngsters are following their Ten Commandments. Result is a skittish and youthful bunch who delivers a surprisingly aged and skilled rock sound. Sunday 16th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje

◄ NAPALM DEATH UK grindcore, death metal 25 years ago they were responsible for creating one of the most influential grindcore albums of all time and today they’re still going strong. Their music is a sonic assault on the eardrums and live they’re guaranteed to tremble the fainthearted with their ferocity and intensity. They still reign supreme, never giving up their politically charged and critical mindset that defines the band’s work. “Napalm Death, 30 years on, are still relevant and still essential” - Terrorizer (UK) Monday 10th, 013 Kleine Zaal


MUSIC ▼ NEON RAINBOWS NL noise rock, indie Neon Rainbows rose from the ashes of, or what remained from Feverdream. The remaining feverdreamers added a bass and guitarist player and suddenly they were 4 again. Their music is a mix of pop and shoegaze with a Sonic Youth-like noise touch. They got booked right after their performance at Incubate Scene Report, a monthly evening were we support scenes from different towns. That they convinced us of their music performance in just 30 minutes should say enough. Friday 14th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje


techno Aside from being part of the ‘King Of Limbs-remix team’ last year, we didn’t hear a lot from Nathan Fake lately. After his last dancefloor oriented album from 2009 Fake is now finally back with the brand new 'Steam Days', where he returns to his organic warm ambient techno sound from his debut 'Drowning In A Sea Of Love' but with a reinvented twist. Now we can’t wait to hear these fresh new tracks of this Border Community-signed musician live at our festival. Good to have you back Nathan! Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal


moombahton Neki Stranac is a moombahton dj and remixer. He comes from Belgrade, Serbia. Not the first country you think of when you hear his exotic dance beats. Neki has been into music, switching from genre to genre, from an early age, until he discovered moombahton two years ago. Since then he’s been travelling the world promoting his moombahton music. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Friday 14th, Studio



post-punk, noise rock, garage rock This post-punk/noise rock/garage band from our southern neighbours in Belgium produce a unique sound not soon to be found anywhere else in these regions. So it’s no surprise they’re one of the winners of the internet contest. With their high on-stage energy and taste for experiment this band will rock your socks off. Saturday 15th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje

thrash metal, black metal Thrash, with two h's, in its most filthy, loud and ruthless incarnation. Nekromantheon summon the musical legacy of bands like Kreator, Sadus and Destruction to create a tornado of sound of their own. Turning venues into tombs, their riffs eat their way through your chest, straight to your heart, to turn it into one rotting piece of worthless flesh. The only thing that keeps you standing is the kick of the pounding bass drum that takes over the function of your heart. Enter at your own peril. Friday 14th, Little Devil





















▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ► NEW LOWS US hardcore punk, metalcore When new music comes from the Deathwish label (ran by Converge’s singer), it’s got to be good. And New Lows is definitely no exception here. This is one of the rawest metalcore bands you’ll find at the moment, taking the old Ringworm sound mixed with sludgy and muddy breakdowns and raspy and furious vocals. Not for the fainthearted attendees, as this band will inflict some serious injuries during their live performances. Friday 14th, V39


piano, neoclassical, ambient Nils Frahm´s penchant for delicate, minimalistic neo-classical piano music has made him a kindred spirit to the likes of Ólafur Arnalds and Library Tapes. His most recent album is called Felt for a reason: he put felt in his piano to mute the tones because he didn’t want to disturb his neighbours. Coincidentally, he really liked this sound. Every show of Frahm is a unique experience, because his playing is mostly based on improvisation. Thursday 13th, Paradox


post-punk Provincial lads making a tremendous racket that brings the Undertones to mind - due to their engaging lyrics, fuzzy, pedal-swamped guitar textures and a chippy, lively presence they have slowly became something of a cause célèbre. As with Rats on Rafts last year, they’ve been going about their business for a few years, completely ignored by the Randstad trendies who had no idea of this supremely talented band right there under their noses until it was rammed right up there. As the old adage goes, “if they were British…” ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Saturday 15th, Extase

▲ NGUZUNGUZU US r&b, techno, house LA-based oddball duo Nguzunguzu scope quite an eclectic kaleidoscope of sounds: Asam Maroof and Daniel Pineda create a glitzy mixture of slick nineties R&B, contemporary dance music and future bass. Maroof recently collaborated with M.I.A. on her Vicky Leekx-mixtape and subsequently became her touring DJ. Luckily Asam was still able to find the time to work with Pineda on Nguzunguzu's latest effort 'Warm Pulse', released this summer. Get ready for some serious shebangin'. Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ NOVA RUTH ID hiphop Nova Ruth is one of Indonesia’s most versatile artists. She had several successes as a hip hop artist as one half of Twin Sister, as a singer in the story telling acoustic project Mimimintuno, but also as a designer and entrepreneur. Today she’s actively collaborating with locals and international musicians. Something she'll also be doing at Incubate with producer Xander Harris. Indonesia meets Texas, here we go. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Thursday 13th, Studio

► NURSE WITH WOUND UK dark ambient, industrial, avant-garde Nurse With Wound started back in ’78 as an experimental project by Steven Stapleton. Deep, dark and often disturbing music highly inf luenced by everything from free jazz to Krautrock. NWW released more than 30 titles and maintains an ever-changing list of collaborators (291 and still counting). NWW draws inspiration from almost every music genre imaginable, altered by Stapletons own absurdist humour and surrealism. In 30 years NWW has become as infamous and obscure as its legacy beckons. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Friday 14th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


During Incubate, Open Source Radio will rule the airwaves again! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there’s the best in alternative, weird and popular music, radio-plays, interviews, debate and talks for everyone in Tilburg to enjoy on the ether, for the rest of the world, there’s a live stream online. The program has been brought together by famous pirate radio jockey’s, local house dj’s, music and radio enthusiasts and local residents and business people that talk about their own record collection. 10-16 September 24h a day @ 105.9 FM Monday 10th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 Majjem Radio Jeroen Frencken 03:00 Garden Of Eyes Brain Waves Session #4 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt 08:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 09:00 De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen 12:00 Open Source Radio 13:30 Moving Furniture Records DJ Team Sietse van Erve 14:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 15:00 Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 16:00 3voor12 Tilburg 18:00 What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne 19:00 Open Source Radio


MUSIC 20:30 22:30

Radio MOBi Joachim de Vries & Marcel de Vries BDMNTN INTERGALACTIC SPACE TAPES RADIO Anan Striker

Thursday 13th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 Rubber & Leather Koen van Bommel Sander van Dalsum 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt 08:30 Spel Academie voor Popcultuur Jan Pier Brands 09:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 10:00 De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen 12:00 WORM Radio 15:00 Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 16:00 3voor12 Tilburg 18:00 What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne 19:00 X rated Bob Rusche 22:00 Occulte Wetenschapen Live inbel show

Tuesday 11th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 MK ULTRA KREW Koen van Bommel Sander van Dalsum 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt 08:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 09:00 De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen 12:00 Open Source Radio 13:30 Moving Furniture Records DJ Team Sietse van Erve 14:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 15:00 Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 16:00 3voor12 Tilburg 18:00 What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne 19:00 Open Source Radio 20:30 Rik & Anne Nynke Anne Nynke Knol & Rik Möhlmann 22:30 Down The Rabbit Hole Jeroen Holthuis

Friday 14th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 Rocket Martins’s Triple Trippy Tune’s Pieter van Rooij 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt 08:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 09:00 De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen 12:00 Radio Komkommerschijfje Robin Geurts 13:00 Red Light Radio Tako & Abel 14:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 15:00 Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 16:00 3voor12 Tilburg 18:00 What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne 19:00 Open Source Radio 22:30 BDMNTN INTERGALACTIC SPACE TAPES RADIO Anan Striker

Wednesday 12th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 Majjem Radio Jeroen Frencken 03:00 Iron Lady Tanya Harts 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt 08:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 09:00 De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen 12:00 Open Source Radio 13:30 Moving Furniture Records DJ Team Sietse van Erve 14:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 15:00 Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 16:00 3voor12 Tilburg 18:00 What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne 19:00 Open Source Radio 20:30 Gijs Radio Gijs Deddens 22:30 SNOW Adri Schokker & Ruben Boxman

Saturday 15th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 Majjem Radio Jeroen Frencken 03:00 Iron Lady Tanya Harts 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews


08:30 09:00 10:00 12:00 13:00 15:00 16:00 18:00 19:00 20:30 22:30

sludge, doom A sludge/doom band hailing from the north of the Netherlands, Ortega has been actively playing live shows since 2008, finally unleashing their first album ‘1634’ in January 2010. This album infuses their brooding metal sound with eerie soundscapes and menacing throb, making Ortega quite an anomaly among peers. Some have been brave enough to compare ‘1634’ to Mastodons 'Leviathan'. Ortega's latest EP ‘A Flame Never Rises On It’s Own’ was released earlier this year. Saturday 15th, Little Devil

De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor Pandering Sluts: a short history of selling out in the 90's' Craig Schuftan Kirileigh Lynch De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen Radio Komkommerschijfje Robin Geurts Red Light Radio Rege Satanas & Brain Fried Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 3voor12 Tilburg What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne Open Source Radio Subbacultha Carly Blair Garden of Eyes Levi van Huygevoort

Sunday 16th: 00:00 Neonlight Daan Taks 01:00 Rocket Martins’s Triple Trippy Tune’s + Guests Pieter van Rooij 04:00 De Zweefhut Vincent Koreman 05:00 Open Source Radio 06:30 All Things Exsperimental Robert de Witt 08:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 09:00 Pandering Sluts: a short history of selling out in the 90's' Craig Schuftan Kirileigh Lynch 10:00 De Herrie van Perry Perry Witteveen 12:00 Radio Komkommerschijfje Robin Geurts 13:00 Red Light Radio Niels Post & Baby Bosma (Aux Raus) 14:30 De Platenkast van Natasha Taylor 15:00 Anker Inc Admiraal Oosterbroek 16:00 3voor12 Tilburg 18:00 What’s It All Aboot!? Steph Byrne 19:00 Ridder Radio Willem de Ridder 20:30 Subbacultha Carly Blair 22:30 Garden of Eyes Levi van Huygevoort

▲ PARANOID VISIONS IRE punk rock, anarcho punk This infamous punk rock band from Dublin found overnight success after 30 years of kicking against the music business. Fiercely DIY and totally uncompromising, Paranoid Visions fought overwhelming odds by scoring two top ten hits in Ireland last year. During the eighties en nineties PV ran their own label, F.O.A.D. (Fuck Off And Die) and started the FOAD2U2 campaign (meaning Fuck off and die to U2) 1987. Can’t get better (or more cringe-worthy) than slagging off U2 in their own backyard. ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Saturday 15th, Extase




noise, electronic, avant-garde Rubén Patiño, also known as Pato, works in the field of computer music, an activity he combines with occasional incursions in the installation field. Patiño’s works are characterised by an algorithmic compositional style that is both irreverent and hyper energetic. Originally from Barcelona, he is currently pursuing a master's degree in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Saturday 15th, Paradox

ambient, techno Pete Namlook is an influential ambient techno producer and composer from Frankfurt, Germany. He has collaborated with many artists such as Klaus Schulze, Bill Laswell, Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) and Richie Hawtin. Incubate is very honoured to have Pete Namlook, since he hasn’t performed for eleven years. His performance at Incubate 2012 will be an extended DJ-set though, it will be his first in The Netherlands since 1993! Friday 14th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


noise When Odal meets Vulvax you get Pink Sock. Sounds like the physical meaning of 'pink socket': "A physical manifestation resulting when the rectum turns inside out and is pulled out of the anal opening during sex".... it's a noise band. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01

▼ PLANT DUW UK punk, soul, motown Despite playing their burning and psychotic Welsh language rock at kids’ parties, shopping centres and Welsh prime time TV, Plant Duw have only played twice in London and certainly have never left the shores of the UK. This is their continental debut. Do not miss. ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Saturday 15th, Extase

▲ THE PEEP TEMPEL AUS garage rock Forming in 2009 as a two-piece, The Peep Tempel developed their distinctive sound in their studio/rehearsal space called the Wing Sing La. Living next door to each other Blake Scott and Steven Carter formed a musical bond that transpired into two 7 inch vinyl releases. Both were released, and found a receptive audience on Radio throughout Australia. Their live show is a blast of frenetic energy. Concise, authoritative and marked by percussive precision, angular riffs and raw power – The band certainly makes up in dynamism what it lacks in subtlety. Sunday 16th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ► PORT OF CALL NL folk, singer-songwriter Pieter van Vliet (aka Port of call) is Netherlands very own Justin Vernon. Somewhere in the forest of our lovely country lays a small cabin in which Van Vliet writes his songs. From one alone-in-the-forest-comparison to another, his music is less Bon Iver-y and more ’into the wild-ish’. Build around an acoustic guitar and strong vocals and often dressed with some percussions, ukuleles, harmonicas and the other ram bam. With his voice as most powerful, screaming, whispering or just singing. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Monday 10th, Cul de Sac

▼ PRETTY LIGHTNING GER psychedelic, blues rock Childhood pals Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas usually occupy the drums and guitar in Datashock. Signing these two Germans was a bold move for Finnish label Fonal, who exclusively harbour artists from Finland. But when you hear the psychedelic blues rock from this two-piece you immediately understand why. Their debut album was made by locking themselves in a room, to ironically create liberating music built for living outdoors, for driving on the highway, for hunting wildlife and so on. Thursday 13th, 013 Kleine Zaal


psychedelic, drone, experimental Primordial Undermind was spawned by exCrystalized Movements guitar prodigy Eric Arn. These psych-rockers, currently residing in Vienna, Austria, are about as adventurous and mind expanding as their name suggests: exuberantly jaunting the realms of psychedelic rock, prog, kraut, drones or whatever genre enthrals them at the particular moment. In doing so, they defy the very conventions of music, turning punk classics such as the Dead Kennedy’s “Kinky Sex” into an 8-minute long pandemonium of sound. Sunday 16th, Paradox


The Quietus (since 2008) is one of the coolest, most honest online music publications from the UK. We at Incubate are major fans of them, and that's why we asked our pals from London to present a route (check your timetable for venues and times) for the Incubate Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In chronological order: Friday 14th: Nurse With Wound, Black Dice, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, Chris & Cosey, Ramesses, Andy Stott


MUSIC Saturday 15th: Dead Rat Orchestra, Drum Eyes, Charles Hayward, Maria & The Mirrors, Mogwai, Ital

Crushing walls of sound, thick heavy riffs and psychedelic overtones will overtake the venue during their Black Hash Mass. Don’t come unprepared. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Friday 14th, Little Devil

Sunday 16th: Silver Apples, Mark Sultan, British Sea Power, Reigning Sound, Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, Laibach

▼ RAIME UK minimalist techno, dark ambient If you enjoyed Demdike Stare at last years edition of Incubate, Raime should be right up your alley! Deep ambient with dubbed-out percussion, metallic drones and industrial soundscapes. Sometimes they lean towards a (dub) techno vibe, often times relishing in groovy, sketchy Shackleton rhythms. Their label? Blackest Ever Black. Pretty much sums it up. Friday 14th, 013 Stage01


doom, stoner, metal With band members who played in Electric Wizard when they released the 'Dopethrone' and 'Come My Fanatics...'-albums, it's safe to say we're dealing with legends of doom metal here. To Ramesses however, the past remains superfluous to proving their point. Light doesn’t dare to enter when they turn on their amps, and it doesn’t need to.


▲ RAVAGE! RAVAGE! NL synth pop, dark wave A mélange of electronic-glam noise and courtesan attitudes that wouldn’t have shamed the court of Charles II. Despite having a blazing attitude that is off kilter with much of what’s around in level-headed the Netherlands at the moment, this is a glossy Gothicke pop band of the highest tradition. Having the temerity to describe themselves as “John Foxx's sons eating glass candy with Siouxsie's naughty daughters” should give you some indication of what will be served up. ► Louder Than War & Incendiary Present Friday 14th, Extase

DO 27-09 CHARLIE JONES’ BIG BAND (BE) - CD RELEASE Kunstzinnige mix van gospel, folk en soul

VR 28-09 CLUB V00D00

Hét onafhankelijke indiefeestje van Breda met band & V00d00 GOLD DJ’s


Underground gitaarband lanceert nieuwe EP in Mezz


Atmosferische synthrock met ratelende ritmes


Psychedelische, diepe blues en drony improvisaties


Muzikale duizendpoot bekend van The Posies

ZA 01-12 THE ORB (UK)

Psychedelische ambient technodubgroep



▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ REIGNING SOUND


garage rock There are not many people in contemporary pop who can turn everything they touch into gold. Greg Cartwright is one of those individuals. Well, if you like thrashed gold, anyway. Starting out in the Compulsive Gamblers, he found acclaim as Greg Oblivian in the awe-inspiring fuckedup-blues/garage/rock band The Oblivians. As frontman of Reigning Sound he explores the more poppy side of fuzzed-out garage, creating gems that can leave you with tears in your eyes, as well as make you dance with joy. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Sunday 16th, 013 Kleine Zaal

▲ RM HUBBERT UK folk, flamenco RM Hubbert (Hubby for friends) was once a member of Glasgow post-rockers El Hombre Trejeado, one of THE bands in the flourishing scene, along with Mogwai and Ganger. He translated the post-rock vibe to the acoustic guitar and added flavours of samba, folk and flamenco. On his new record the vocals to his songs are provided by his friends Alex Kapranos, Alasdair Roberts, Emma Pollock and Aidan Moffat. Friday 14th, Pauluskerk


electro, dubstep, electronic Architect or musician? To say the least, Rudi Zygadlo’s productions are as intriguing as they are ingenious: maze-like contraptions in which you wander astray. Just as you think you found an exit, the rabbit hole goes even deeper. Countless influences are blended within his unique sound. Futuristic pop songs mashed with wide ranging styles, from dubstep to seventies, indie and Eastern classical. A versatile artist, equally known for his stunning live performances. Can you imagine? Friday 14th, 013 Kleine Zaal

RICHARD BUCKNER US, singer-songwriter Richard Buckner is that stranger at the edge of the bar who fills your evening with stories about misery, bad luck and loss. He does this with modest, whiskey-soaked songs that draw you into his world. A true storyteller, Buckner’s voice lingers somewhere between whispering and singing. His following grows steadily with each album, while many of his peers have named Buckner as an influence, including Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Join the man in his compelling musical journey. Friday 14th, Paradox


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sufi, bollywood Being part of Kavalant Gharana for all her life, Runa Rivzi’s life revolved around music since childhood. Back in India she is known for her appearances in Bollywood movie songs as well as her solo work. As a female Sufi singer, the music she brings is highly devotional and inspired by great poets of the Indian and Pakistani culture. Runa Rivzi speaks to the youth culture in India and her voice has been described as energetic and vibrant. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Friday 14th, Studio

Saturday: American label Sacred Bones and Copenhagen label Posh Isolation team up for a line-up of Danish and Swedish bands. Sunday: Sacred Bones presents four bands from their label. Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01: Iceage, Vår, Lower, Lust For Youth, Girlseeker Sunday 16th, 013 Stage01 & Kleine Zaal: The Men, Amen Dunes, Cult Of Youth, UV PØP

▼ SADISTIC INTENT US death metal Hailing from Los Angeles, California Sadistic Intent is spreading it’s infectious death metal since ’87 and now there coming for us. This is a band that has been loyal to their true death metal roots like a dog to it’s bloody bone. Raw and old-school without the tassels but with the technicality and fierceness you need when you’re into banging your head in unison with fellow metallers. Sunday 16th, Little Devil

▲ SABIR MATEEN US jazz One of the prime avant-jazz musicians, actively performing and recording since the 70's. Sabir Mateen played with nearly every icon the genre has to offer, in pretty much all possible formations. His main instrument is tenor sax, but as a multi-instrumentalist he carries himself equally well: alto sax, clarinet, flute and various percussion instruments. Notorious for his eclectic live performances, you're never quite sure what to expect: however, a quality trademark show is all but guaranteed! Monday 10th, Paradox


MUSIC ▼ SAINT HELENA DOVE NL folk, singer-songwriter She’s known as the best kept secret from Zeeland; Saint Helena Dove. And we’re honest.. maybe it’s for the best. The music from Janine van Osta is in fact really intimate and we don’t want her to lose herself into the 3FM-madhouse. This winter she released her four-track counting EP where her voice sounds like she’s the Dutch Joni Mitchell. And Saint Helena Dove is doing this.. outstandingly. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Monday 10th, Cul de Sac


indian classical music A professional flute (bamboo) artist and teacher. “Flute is my temple, music is my worship” as said by the man himself. Discover how versatile a flute can be as he collaborates with producer Kelpe for Global Mashups. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Friday 14th, Studio


psychedelic, electronic Silver Apples created music years before similar ideas were adopted in electronic and rock music. In the 60’s, Lennon and Hendrix praised the duo. But, unsurprisingly, people where not quite ready. Their trademark was a homemade synth, consisting of 9 oscillators. Simeon Coxe played it with his hands, elbows, knees and feet (while singing) with Dan Taylor, deceased in 2005, on drums. Today, Simeon replaced his oscillators for a phrase sampler but the cacophony of beeps, buzzes and beats remains. ► Part of The Quietus Presents Sunday 16th, 013 Kleine Zaal

► SEX WORKER US electronic, experimental, drone Sex Worker is the side project of Mi Ami singer Daniel Martin-McCormick. Born from the desire to connect with the audience in a more intimate way, instead of being loud. Intimate, electronic soundscapes based on the concept of alienation and mournfulness. All framed in the context of personal suffering in a larger social context. Music that provided healing to its creator after a 3 year period of depression. Live, the touching lyrics and vocals bring you into a comfortable and intimate space. Saturday 15th, Cul de Sac


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ SLEEPY SUN US psychedelic rock In the aftermath of touring the whole wide world with their well-received album Fever, San Francisco-based rockers Sleepy Sun had to bid lead singer Rachel Fannan farewell. Most fans were pretty curious if the guys could survive without their beloved girl. After releasing Spine Hits - produced by QOTSA-member Dave Catching - last spring, we can wholeheartedly say YES. This new record is a bit more lightweight, but still has that trademark Californian psychedelic groove-rock sound. Thursday 13th, 013 Kleine Zaal

▲ SLOW DOWN, MOLASSES CAN indie, folk, post-rock Slow Down, Molasses are a sprawling indie rock collective from Saskatoon, SK. The band brings together a cast of 9 (and sometimes more…) members to create their own unique wall-of-sound. Songs that began as sparse, dust-covered arrangements have developed into full-fledged, lush indie-folk anthems filled with strings, horns and layers of feedback drenched guitars and sweet vocal harmonies. With so many members on stage, the band doesn’t hesitate to incorporate new and sometimes unconventional instrumentation; from toy pianos to typewriters, you never know what you will find on stage. Friday 14th, Cul de Sac



sludge, doom, metal Slomatics from Belfast reporting for duty to bring you a blitzkrieg of total chaos and destruction. As their name might indicate, these guys like it slow; Electric Wizard riffage mixed with Melvins grooves and some DNA from the New Orleans family (Eyehategod, Sourvein). With two maximum low tuned guitars, who needs a bass player anyway? As a trio, Slomatics will do enough damage as it is! Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal

sludge, doom, metal Starve’s own description of their music “The music of Starve is a soundtrack to all the filth, despair, injustice, fear and greed we see in the world around us.” makes this biography easy on us. You could swear their music came straight from the dirty south from the same scene as Eyehategod and Sourvein, but it’s filthy Dutch sludge music all the way here! Sunday 16th, Little Devil




disco, deephouse Stijn Selecter is co-founder of the Wirwar soundsystem in 1996, organising lots of squat parties in the most freaky locations. and he also became Crackbeats resident-dj in 2004. Stijn Selecter plays very diverse tunes with great skills, from mashup/breakcore to tekno to 8-bit, oldskool house, breakbeat, jungle, electro, surf/exotica/boogaloo/soul and a lot more!! Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal

psych rock, noise rock A sun flare produces about 6 × 1025 joules of energy, that’s about 50 million trillion atomic bombs. So it takes a lot of balls to name your band after such a powerful phenomenon. But this Portuguese power trio's attempt to match that brute force is quite successful. Like a full throttle fuzzed out Les Rallizes Dénudés worship with an unmatched energy. Non-stop solo freak-outs that will blow you away. Sunday 16th, V39


stoner, doom Stinking Lizaveta tell their stories by compelling melodies, hypnotizing rhythms, passion and detail. Back to the instrumentation core of a drummer, bass player and guitarist, the band has been grooving on Sabbath riffs for the past 15 years. They combine a unique brand of sweaty instrumental stoner rock (think Karma to Burn) with progressive and psychedelic rock elements. Is it worth mentioning they’ve played the Roadburn festival too? You probably already guessed it! Friday 14th, Little Devil

▲ SUSANNA BORSCH GER contemporary composed Known as a wolf in sheep clothing Susanna Borsch lets her recorder fight with machines, flies with seemingly endless dance lines and runs through both the latest new compositions as well as the old and proven. Susanna Borsch is one of the few instrumentalists able to interpret both contemporary and early music with complete ease. She has played in many different ensembles. ► Part of project: Tosti Sessions Monday 10th, Duvelhok


contemporary composed Stump & Schouten are both virtuoso on the bass clarinet. Normally Petra Stump & Fie Schouten are both part of the Bass Clarinet New Generation, but for our Tosti Sessions they’re going to play together as a duo. ► Part of project: Tosti Sessions Friday 14th, Duvelhok


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews



stoner, doom, post-rock Tarentatec barely released any studio recorded material for the time they have been active since 2003, but who’s got the time for that when you’re constantly on the road? They can be compared with the bands they toured with like Schnaak (Incubate 2011) and Stinking Lizaveta (also playing this year), but also with a healthy dose of Melvins and Frank Zappa on a heavy improvised stoner jam trip. Friday 14th, Little Devil

noise rock, indie Already featured on the Incubate scene report of Haarlem earlier this year, this twoman band left us wanting for more. Their music can best be described as noisy punk in the vein of No Age, A Place To Bury Strangers and Liars. Guitarist Marijn is also owner of the boutique guitar/effect webshop Digitaar, which explains the wall of noise that comes from his guitar. ► Part of project: Hollandse Nieuwe Tuesday 11th, Cul de Sac

▼ THE TELESCOPES UK shoegaze, noise rock According to many, shoegaze started with Alan McGee’s Creation record label: bands like The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and The Telescopes. The latter stood at the dawn of modern-day shoegaze with their single The Perfect Needle. During the making of debut LP Aftertaste, Stephen Lawrie and cohorts were experimenting more with noise and spacerock and together with Spacemen 3, they became one of the founders of these genres. The Telescopes can count Portishead among their fans. Sunday 16th, 013 Stage01

▲ THREAD PULLS IRE noise rock, no wave “Amazing live performance, best band of the day, will definitely try to book them for Incubate this year.” That's what our curator Peter Meeuwsen wrote on our blog about the Thread Pulls-gig at Eurosonic last year. So it’s not really surprising that this Irish duo is playing this years edition of Incubate. These guys spew a strange concoction of no-wave and noise rock: think No Age meets These New Puritans, played with a bass guitar, drum kit and oh yes.. a trumpet! Saturday 15th, Cul de Sac



hardcore punk German hardcore punkers Together don’t think twice about flinging aggressive but melodic tunes into the audience. If you’re into screaming your lungs out and getting all sweaty and what not, we suggest you learn the songs and tie your shoe laces ‘cause this band will get the crowd going. Between the five of them there’s enough energy to go around but just in case, bring some of your own just to soup it up! Saturday 15th, V39

▲ TIAGO SOUSA POR piano, neoclassical, ambient Not restricted by the formalities of genre or academics, Tiago Sousa prefers his own unique approach to piano playing. While performing with miscellaneous artists - such as Goodbye Toulouse and Jesus - Sousa started the Merzbau Label, one of the first and foremost Portuguese netlabels. The past few years he has been a prolific solo artist, performing minimalistic compositions with the piano as gravitational center. Saturday 15th, Paradox


Enjoy the great grilled glory of a tosti (Dutch for grilled cheese sandwich) while listening to contemporary chamber music of fine young composers and musicians. De Link, platform for uncommon chamber music, was kind enough to host the event by providing the musicians and the venue. The Tostibar offers a variety of cheese sandwiches for you to enjoy along with the music.


Monday 10th, Duvelhok: Susanna Borsch Tuesday 11th, Duvelhok: Filip Kimho Duo Wednesday 12th, Duvelhok: Duo Verso Thursday 13th, Duvelhok: Miriam Overlach Friday 14th, Duvelhok: Stump & Schouten Saturday 15th, Duvelhok: Fanny Alofs

dancehall, reggae Tippa Irie is a legendary dancehall MC from the UK. He arrived on the scene in the early 80s as an MC on the reggae soundsystem Saxon Studio International and got his first national exposure with the Top 40 hit “Hello Darling” in 1986. He has been on the forefront of reggae dancehall scene ever since. He is one of the originators of the “fast chat” style that sped things up, which can be heard a lot in modern day rap. Tippa Irie represents some of the best dancehall outside of the Caribbean. Saturday 15th, Hall of Fame


hardcore, thrash You ever feel as if your mind had started to erode? You ever feel as if the energy of Suicidal Tendencies, the speed of D.R.I and the craziness of Paul Baloff (Exodus) all comes together in one big wave of complete and utter annihilation? Toxic Shock from Belgium are THE new band when it comes down to crossover/thrash. Friday 14th, V39




▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ TREVOR WATTS &



drone, folk Twinsistermoon is the solo project of Mehdi Ameziane, one half of the French duo Natural Snow Building. In 2011 NSB gave a grisly good performance in the Pauluskerkand for this edition Ameziane returns solo at the same location. The experimental drones from NSB are exchanged for more twisted psych folk, but the striking charismatic voice of Mehdi still sounds as devoted as always. Now it’s your chance to see one of his rare live performances, in a church.. whoah! Saturday 15th, Pauluskerk

jazz Two jazz pioneers who earned their stripes and reinforced the genre ever since the seventies. They have been playing together on and off for over 20 years while their individual careers took them into different trajectories within the many realms of jazz. With a wide range of styles, Watts and Weston perfectly counterbalance each others musical spirit; Weston’s piano as driver and Watts’s sax as navigator. Get a glimpse of what happens when two innovators with technical brilliance collide. Wednesday 12th, Paradox


dub, dancehall, reggae United Sounds is one of the best soundsystems out there and one of the best export products of Tilburg. They are making people skank since 1993 with a reggae foundation, which gets interspersed with dancehall and dubplates. Known for a good party thrown together with MCs, selecters, singers, many friends and tunes. Their message is clear: United we work, United we stand! Wednesday 12th, 013 Kleine Zaal Saturday 15th, Hall of Fame

► TU FAWNING US indie, folk Portland-based quartet Tu Fawning began as a collaboration between Joe Haege (Menomena, 31Knots) and Corrina Repp, eventually becoming a full fledged band when Toussaint Perrault and Liza Rietz added new ingredients to the groups devious, eclectic sound. Their latest LP "A Monument" tipped the scales more evenly between Repps evocative vocals and Haeges anomalous experimentation. On stage, Tu Fawning walks a musical tightrope between dark abysses and clear skies. Monumental indeed! Saturday 15th, 013 Kleine Zaal


▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews ▼ UV PØP UK dark wave, industrial UV PØP is the musical vehicle of John Kevin White, who started the band in 1981. They recorded under this banner up until 1997 when he disbanded the group from Sheffield. Simple and barren songs, build up out of repetitive guitar loops and dry beats, breath the desperation of the eighties mixing new wave influences with industrial and darkwave. In 2010 White resurrected the band for live shows only, which now brings them to Incubate. ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Sunday 16th, 013 Stage01


grindcore, death metal With a band name like Vile there’s not much left to explain is there? This no holding back American brutality force has been plowing down metal crowds since the nineties with their menacing death metal attack, akin to Deicide and Gorgasm (who played Incubate last year). Vile’s maniacal technical prowess is upheld by a steady groove and atmosphere, adding some progressive elements to their undying ferociousness. This one's for the bangers! Saturday 15th, Little Devil

▼ VIRALS UK powerpop, indie After he was last seen fronting lauded Dionysian punks Lovvers, Shaun Hencher returns to the stage with his latest project, Virals. Following Lovvers' less than dramatic demise, Virals offers a new beginning, with Shaun predominantly writing, playing and recording by himself. With that new beginning in mind comes a fresh approach to songwriting: a sunny West Coast sprightliness to accompany Hencher’s suitable English demeanor. Friday 14th, Cul de Sac


post-punk, lo-fi, synth pop Earlier known as War, the band changed his name this year to Vår, Danish for ‘spring’. Luckily for the not-Danish speaking visitors is the pronunciation still the same. Dance music from a punk-like perspective, the outcome of that clash is something quite accessible and repulsive at the same time (and no, it's not dubstep). Vår features two of Denmarks fiercest singers -Iceage and Sexdrome - brainwashing you with analogue synths, drums, pedals, guitars and washed-out vocals. Prepare to dance to songs about sibling murder and the like! ► Part of project: Sacred Bones and Posh Isolation Present Saturday 15th, 013 Stage01


MUSIC ► VVOVNDS BEL hardcore Belgium delivers once again; a young Belgian hardcore band steps up with the release of an amazing demo and fast and furious live shows. Vvovnds is the next big thing! Noisy, harsh and violent hardcore which can be compared to the likes of Void, Das Oath and Some Girls. Sunday 16th, Little Devil


▼ WARM DIGITS UK electronic, krautrock, psychedelic They’re describing their own music on their Soundclound profile as ‘Krautophonic Blizzard-Wave’, and we must admit; we couldn’t describe it any better. Warm Digits is a duo from Newcastle/Manchester with a predilection for Deutsche 70s krautrock; Neu!, Can and und so weiter, but mixing it with modern day electronical music. These guys already collaborated with Field Music and worked on remixes for UNKLE & Maximo Park. Their performance has been judged as 'The tightest live set we have ever witnessed!' Saturday 15th, Cul de Sac

stoner, doom, metal Call it old-fashioned, call it stoner, this is some great doomy heavy rock from Bergen, Norway. Members of black metal band Syrach plus other alumni rockers from the eerie coast town form this dark alliance, which references some classic Lovecraftian imagery with Old Gods and what not. Great propulsive proto-metal with a true headbangers vibe. Sunday 16th, Little Devil


improv, jazz If you’re calling Chewbacca as one of your sources of inspiration it isn't hard to imagine what kind of drummer Will Guthrie is. This Aussie, who recently settled in the French place Nantes, played all of over the world together with a lot of different artists and went from being a straight edge jazz drummer to making DIY-electronic music. Especially for fans of the last year performing Chris Corsano, this improvising show with a lot of different (home-made) percussion is something to look forward to. Wednesday 12th, Paradox




▼ Scan with Layar for audio and video previews


noise rock, indie These three bearded men from the northern part of the Netherlands bring postnoise alternated with enchanting, mellowed out dreampop. With amps in overdrive and lots of reverberated vocals this band made quite a name for itself in a short period of time. They also seem to have a mission to go with their music as they themselves declare: Wolvon gives comfort to those in need. Or as we like to say: Get your Wolvon! Saturday 15th, Kafee 't Buitenbeentje

▲ YANN TIERSEN FRA post-rock, neoclassical, ambient Let’s just skip the part where this French multi-instrumentalist became well-known by doing the film scores of 'Amélie' and 'Good Bye Lenin!'. With his last two solo albums Yann Tiersen shows that he deserves a second opinion; this music is more comparable to the sounds of Sigur Rós and Efterklang (also featured on his last album). Immerse yourself within Tiersens wonderful world, where he'll be treating you with a mixture of bombastic postrock and ambient with a (mind you) cinematic feel. Saturday 15th, 013 Dommelsch Zaal


synth pop, disco Xander Harris is a producer from Texas who - according to FACTMag - made one of the best albums of 2011 with 'Urban Gothic'. This record, released by Not Not Fun Records, encompasses horror and italo-disco inspired synth pop. Talking about a good combination. At our festival Harris will be working together with female Indonesian rapper Nova Ruth. ► Part of project: Global Mashups Thursday 13th, Studio



uk garage, house “Without question, his set was one of the festival’s standout moments” Our friends from XLR8R were really clear about the set of xxxy at Sónar. Besides being on fire behind the decks, this London-based producer also proved himself with releasing several top-notch 12”. It sounds like he’s trying to find the best combination between UK Garage, house and post-step. And according to FACTmag Rupert Taylor is doing this outstandingly; they named 'Ordinary Things' one of the best tracks of 2011. Friday 14th, Hall of Fame

psychedelic, lo-fi, dub These two young Belgian musicians have a taste for spun out dreamy, floating sounds occasionally complimented by pop-like rhythms and guitar tunes. Eclectic, ambient, dub and psychedelic, it’s almost too much description for the weightless and enchanting songs this duo produces. Both play multiple instruments on stage which makes for a interesting performance. Rightfully one of the winners of the Incubate internet contest. Saturday 15th, Weemoed



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INCUBATE CAMPSITE @ LEIJPARK, TILBURG Incubate has its own campsite once again. Close to the city center in Leijpark, at a 20 min walk from most venues, or easily accessible by bus. You can crash here for the low low price of just 10 euros a night per person. It's open from 13:00h on Friday 14th until 12:00h on Monday, 17th. There are toilets, hot showers and running water on site and these are also included in the ticket. Of course you can get coffee, tea, juice and bottled water at the campsite during the information desk's opening hours (which correspond with check-in times). Check-in times: Friday 13:00 – 20:00 Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 Sunday 10:00 – 14:00 Check out is before 12h the day you leave. On Monday you can check out between 08:00h and 12:00h. (Campsite needs to be empty at 12:00h) Security will be on site 24 hours a day to make sure your stuff stays in its place. When not full, you can still get tickets at the campsite. Please be aware: The campsite is for tents only; no vehicles of any kind are allowed onto the ground. The campsite is located in the Leijpark. If you're by car, it’s next to the A58/N269. Exit the A58 through the N269 (Tilburg Oost / Hilvarenbeek) and at the first major intersection turn left on Ringbaan Zuid. At your left you will see the Leijpark. By bus: Catch one of the many busses from Tilburg city center to Leijpark. Travel plans on By taxi: Catch a cab for 10 euros per cab (special Incubate price). Order taxi via +31 13 5420 800





Eindhoven is candidate for the European Capital of Culture in 2018. It would be a great opportunity for this region. That's why we support the candidacy and 2018 supports us.


Getting sentimental about an internet company? These guys already supported us from the beginning and provide you with a kick ass website, panels during the conference and a free app.


Home is where the heart is. Not only the city of Tilburg, but also lots of inhabitants of our home town support the festival.We're proud of being here.


Supports us with connecting the festival with the local surroundings, like you can see at the Santiago Sierra project, the residency at 't Schop and the Friday night in the 013 main hall, where we connect producers from Frankfurt with visuals from Kent, Antwerp, Frankfurt and Tilburg.











013 Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV Tilburg

KOEPELHAL NS-plein 3, 5014 DA Tilburg

DE BEUKENTUIN Ir Mettropweg 3, 5528 NV Hoogeloon

LITTLE DEVIL Stationsstraat 27, 5038 EA Tilburg

BIBLIOTHEEK TILBURG CENTRUM Koningsplein 10, 5038 WG Tilburg

NS16 NS Plein 16, 5014 DA Tilburg

BOERDERIJ 'T SCHOP Esbeekseweg 2, 5081 ED Hilvarenbeek

DE NWE VORST Willem II straat 49, 5038 BD Tilburg

CAFÉ DE PLA ATS Piusplein 61, 5038 WP Tilburg

PARADOX Telegraafstraat 62, 5038 BM Tilburg

CUL DE SAC Heuvel 48, 5038 CS, Tilburg

PAULUSKERK Heuvelstraat 141, 5038 AD Tilburg

DUVELHOK St. Josephstraat 133, 5017 GG Tilburg

SOUNDS Nieuwlandstraat 33, 5038 SM Tilburg

DOLFIJN BOWLING Ringbaan Oost 2a, 5013 CA Tilburg

STUDIO Heuvel 7, 5038 CN Tilburg

EXTASE Heuvelring 112, 5038 CL Tilburg

STUDIOZA AL THEATERS TILBURG Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1, 5038 TN Tilburg

FILMFOYER Louis Bouwmeesterplein 1, 5038 TN Tilburg

TICKET & INFO CENTER / BKKC Spoorlaan 21 i-k, 5038 CB Tilburg

GALERIE KOKON Stationstraat 38/40, 5038 ED Tilburg

V39 Veemarktstraat 39, 5038 CT Tilburg

HALL OF FAME NS Plein 5, 5014 DA Tilburg

WEEMOED Heuvel 12, 5038 CN Tilburg

INCUBATE CAMPING @ LEIJPARK Leijpark, 5022 AX Tilburg KAFEE 'T BUITENBEENTJE Heuvel 15a, 5038 CN Tilburg



Stichting Incubate PO Box 327 5000 AH Tilburg The Netherlands Chamber of commerce nr: 18079496 VAT sales tax nr: 81485166b01 Staff Vincent Koreman, Artistic director Joost Heijthuijsen, External management Barry Spooren, Finances Tineke de Mug, Operational management Jelle Agema, Marketing Artistic team Jantien Borsboom (film) Merijn Denkers (art) Peter Meeuwsen (music) Marketing Erik Luyten Yannick Verhoeven Stein Damen Joost van de Pas Bob Verhagen Dyon Schlebos Sponsoring Lotte Monfrooij Production Marnix Baert Loes Hermans Wout Hoste Steph Byrne Niki van Rooy Lenny van Keulen Graphic Design Ingo Oszkinat, art director Björn Roetman

Project Management Tim van Akkerveeken Veerle Lavoir Bas van Duren Milou Posthumus Marinke Kerkhoff Natasha Taylor Katrien Ligt Loes Everink Minke van Hoof Mark van Soest Jan Wirken Mark van Soest Daan Taks Contributed to this festival guide Miriam van Ommeren, Jasper Willems, Marlies van Randwijk, and you the Incubate community. Board Marijn ten Harmsen van der Beek, Chairman Mike van Gaasbeek, Secretary Arend Hardorff, Treasurer Bente Bollmann, Member Bas van Heur, Member Thanks Thanks to all our volunteers: You are Incubate! We couldn’t do this without you all. All the partners of the hard-working Incubate employees: Thank you for your patience, confidence and support! We love you. Disclaimer Although we tried to be good and contacted people, we may have missed on copyright issues. If you spot something of yours that we used without your permission, we’re sorry. Drop us an email and we will either remove it or credit you for the picture. Paradoxically, everything else contained within this guide belongs to everybody. We’ve created it for our community; you can do with it whatever you like. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.




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