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The man who vanquish sin


The Work of God is continues growing

The MMM celebrated its 50th anniversary with the astonishing IX International Congress in Panama

june 2013


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beloved ,

the nations are waiting for us to spread the Gospel. The nations are crying out for men and women devoted to God, with a call from God, and with a vision that has transformed lives. dearly

Prophet Isaiah said: “Woe to me!” I

cried. “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, Jehovah of hosts.” (Isaiah 6:5). Isaiah had an encounter with sanctity, with divinity. He realized who he was; he realized he was not living accordingly, he realized that he was not saint enough; he realized that his lips were unclean, that they were impure, that he had said things he should not have said. But when the vision came he was cleaned, he was purified. He surrendered and he recognized God. Isaiah said: “Woe to me!” I cried. “I am ruined!”. Without God`s life we are dead. Without the power of God we are dead. Without God`s unction we are dead. Without the fire of God we are dead, without the presence of God we are dead, without the presence of God this Work would be nothing but an ordinary group. For this reason we should not let the presence of God go, as it is the presence of God that allow us to cross borders, it is the presence of God that calls us, it is the

presence of God that commissions us; it is the presence of God that gets into the man`s heart and leads him to serve Him. That presence of God is making us aware of the fact that this is a Work of vision, that this is a Work of God, that this is not another council, that this is not a company. This is the Work of God! Gustavo Martínez Along these 50 years God has defen- Rev. International President of W.M.M. ded his Work, but from here on there will be a greater stage, a major glory, the glory of this house will be greater than the along these 50 years God has first one. From now on defended his Work, but from here God will begin to appear on, there will be a greater stage, in a powerful way. If we a major glory, the glory of this have heard wonderful house will be greater than the things so far, from here first one. From now on God will on big things are going begin to appear in a powerful to happen, extraordi- way. If we have heard wonderful nary things. “But as it is things so far, from here on big written: What no eye has things are going to happen, extraordinary things. seen, nor ear heard, nor

the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9);this is what God has prepared for this Work in the present times. The time has come to commit ourselves, to surrender, to understand the vision. This is not the Work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, this is the Work of God. God bless you u


june 2013




Founder Director: Rev. Luis M. Ortiz June 2013 / Edition N° 713 (USPS 012-850) OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE WORLDWIDE MISSIONARY MOVEMENT The World-Wide Missionary Movement, Inc. is a non-profit church with a vision to plant new churches in the United States of America and its territories, and also with a missionary vision to plant new churches wherever God opens new doors all over the World. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY Movimiento Misionero Mundial, Inc World-Wide Missionary Movement, Inc San Juan, Puerto Rico Washington, D.C. Periodicals Postage Paid at San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

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adheres to the fundamental doctrines of Scripture, such as: • The inspiration of the Holy Scriptures: 2 Timothy 3:15-17; 2 Peter 1:19-21. • The Adorable Godhead in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Matthew 3:16-17, 17: 1-5; 28:19, John 17: 5, 24, 26, 16:32, 14:16, 23, 18:5, 6, 2 Peter 1:17,18; Revelation 5. • Salvation by Faith in Christ: Luke 24:47, John 3:16, Romans 10:13, Titus 2:11, 3:5-7. • The New Birth: John 3:3, 1 Peter 1:23, 1 John 3:9. • Justification by Faith: Romans 5:1; Titus 3:7. • Water Baptism by Inmersion, as commanded by Christ: Mattew 28:19; Acts 8:36-39. • The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, subsequent to salvation, speaking in tongues according to: Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4, 8, 2:4. • Divine Healing: Isaiah 53:4, Matthew 8:16, 17, Mark 16:18, James 5:14, 15 • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. • The Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Galatians 5:22-26. • Sanctification: 1 Thessalonians 4:3, 5:23, Hebrews 12:14, 1 Peter 1:15, 16, 1 John 2:6. • Ministry and Evangelization: Mark 16:15-20, Romans 10:15. • El Diezmo y el Sostenimiento de la Obra: Genesis 14:20, 28:22, Leviticus 27:30, Numbers 18:21-26, Malachi 3:7-10, Matthew 10:10; 23:23. • The Rapture of the Church: Romans 8:23, 1 Corinthians 15:5152, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. • The Second Coming of Christ: Zechariah 14:1-9, Matthew 24:30, 31; 2 Thessalonians 1:7, Titus 2:13, Jude 14, 15. • The Millennial Kingdom: Isaiah 2:1-4, 11:5-10, Zechariah 9:10, Revelation 19:20, 20:3-10. • New Heavens and New Earth: Isaiah 65:17, 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1.


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10 11 The Worldwide Missionary Movement celebrated its IX International Congress of the Work of God in Panama city. It was a joyful encounter.

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Drugged, with a knife in his hand; delinquency remained his way of life for years. He was raised in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Panama. Assaulting tourists and residences, Julio Klinger was just awaiting the death from a stab in the back, but he found the Lord. He was saved and became a loyal servant of God.

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Considered as the “Father of the Christian Reform”, Martin Luther was directly responsible of the foundation of this religious movement which is catalogued as the most significant revolution in the history of mankind.

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Words of Rev. Luis M. Ortiz.

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Correspondence Words of Rev. Rubén Rosas.




Reflections “O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens…” Psalms 8:1-4

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Glory Five decades of

The Worldwide Missionary Movement celebrated its IX International Congress of the Work of God in Panama city. It was a joyful encounter. 6

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june 2013


there were six days filled with faith, during which all human barriers were put aside to praise God. There were no languages to separate us, there were no cultures to divide us. Only the Word of God reigned with its big power at the imposing Figali Convention Center. Thousands of people coming from all five continents gathered in the capital city of Panama, always observing the principle of simplicity, the principle of humility, and companionship. There were no differences of nationalities, races or hymns. There were just people waiting for the Lord. The IX International Congress of the

All thenations were present, more than 10 thousand brothers gathered each day of the Congress which served to offer up the best praise to the Lord. With the ass

Worldwide Missionary Movement took place from 15 to 19 of May with the participation of more than 10.000 followers of the Lord. In that multitudinary and magnificent event the Work of God celebrated in a big way its 50th anniversary of founding. The opening ceremony of the IX International Congress took place in the night of the May 14 in the premises of the Figali Convention Center located in Panama city. Rev. Jose Arturo Soto, International Vice-President of the Work of God, was in charge of the inau8

Impacto evangelĂ­stic

international congress

guration journey of the event with a speech highlighting the main purpose of the International Congress, which was glorifying and praising the Creator, and at the same time celebrating the 50th anniversary of the WMM. VICTORY OF THE CREATOR

After wards, Rev. Jorge Ă lvarez, International Secretary, presented a few words on Rev. Luis Ortiz, founder of the WMM, while showing a video with images of the life of this servant of the Lord. Some minutes later,

sistance of the International Board Members and a crowd, the event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, a work without rest.

Rev. RubĂŠn Rosas was paid homage for his valuable contribution to the aggrandizing of the Work. Then, Ernesto Orillac, Vice-Minister of Tourism in Panama spoke on behalf of President Ricardo Martinelli and thanked the Movement for holding its International Congress in Panama for the second time. After wards, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, International President of the Movement, said that this event was a victory of the Creator. On May 15, during the first morning journey of the international event of the World-

wide Missionary Movement, the facilities of the Figali Convention Center welcomed again the thousands of participants attending the first service of the day. After the intervention of the Supervisor from Australia, Rev. Ricardo Villamizar, the Brazilian Supervisor, Rev. Henry Ramos, and the Priest Mahia Mathew, coming from one of the new churches of the WMM in Kuwait, presented their greetings. The prayers for the offerings came from Rev. HumbertoHenao, International Board Member of the Work, while the

g june 2013


THE CHOSEN INSTRUMENT The Board members highlighted the contents of the book “Chosen Instrument”, which was published because of the 50th anniversary of the WMM and was presented at the International Congress in Panama.


Impacto evangelístic

the book “Chosen Instrument” which summarizes the origin, development and progress of the Worldwide Missionary Movement was over whelmingly welcome at the IX International Congress of the WMM held in Panama city. The book, written by the editorial team of Impacto Evangelistic magazine, was read by hundreds of brothers and sisters, who discovered in its pages the great work that priests and missionaries are carrying out in more than 60 countries where the Work has been operating. The board of international members highlighted the content of the book, which consists of 190 colorful pages, with an impressive layout and presentation. The book is divided into seven chapters. The first two are dedicated to Rev. Luis M. Ortiz, his birth, growth, his devotion to God, and the founding of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. The third chapter deals with the founding and development of the Work in Colombia since 1963 until now. Chapters four and five describe the development of the WMM in the five continents. The sixth chapter lists the main events carried out by the Work in the course of its five decades, while the seventh deals with the development of the communication media devoted to spread the Word u

international congress

The Rev. Gustavo Martinez and Rev. Ruben Rosas. The opening ceremony was carried out to pay homage to one of the founders of the WMM.

g morning conference was in charge of the International Secretary Rev. Jorge Álvarez. The evening service in the second journey of the IX InternationalCongress was led by Rev. David Echalar, Supervisor in Italy. A choir built up by a hundred of Peruvian brothers praised the Creator with the hymn “You are worthy”. The reading of the Bible was carried out by Rev. Ciro Soto, while the missionary testimonies were shared by Rev. Rajan Muniandy, Priest in Malaysia, and by God`s Minister Aung Kyaw Moe, Priest in Myanmar. The Word of the Lord was offered by Reverend Carlos Guerra, Supervisor of the Work in the United States and Canada through the message “The Faith facing the challenge of the modern society”. EMOTIONAL JOURNEYS

In the morning of the third day of celebration activities on occasion of the 50th anniversary of founding of the Worldwide

Missionary Movement, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, Supervisor in Peru, was in charge of the celebration acts and of the International Congress. The same way, Jorge David Veramendi, Priest in Japan; and Carlos Contreras, missionary in Sweden, offered testimonies on their experiences as missionaries. Rev. Romulo Vergara, International board member prayed for the offering and asked the Lord to protect his people. To conclude, Rev. Alberto Ortega, Priest in the United States, preached the Word and talked about the mission of the WMM and its consequences in the nations. Some hours later, during the evening journey, the premises were once again the scenario of an exceptional journey of faith. Everything started when Rev. Carlos Medina, Supervisor in Spain, talked about the emotion expressed by more than ten thousand followers of the Lord who came to Panama. Later on, Rev. Enrique Centeno mentioned the second coming of Christ. Then,

g june 2013



Roger Falcon, Missionary in England, and Tomàs Córdova, Priest in Israel, spoke about the evangelizing work of the WMM. Furthermore, a video was displayed on the history of the WMM in the course of the last 50 years. The service concluded with a sermon by Rev. Álvaro Garavito, International board member, about the future of the Work. On May 17, in the morning, the members of the Movement had a moment to enjoy the landscape of Panama city, while the workers and priests of the Lord gathered in the convention centre in order to listen to the recommendations of the International President of the Work, Rev. Gustavo Martínez, who offered the conference “Reinforcing our principles”. Previously, some priests and missio-

naries walked across the main platform to share their progress on the Work of the Lord. Afterwards the International board member, Rev. Álvaro Garavito cheered the morning up with a praise. NEW ACQUISITION

The fourth evening journey of the IX International Congress was led by Rev. Ricardo Manrique, Supervisor in Venezuela, and as in the previous days, the people of God enjoyed a big spiritual celebration. Rev. Pedro López, Officer in the Dominican Republic, and priest Rubén Castañeda were responsible for the Bible reading and the specials respectively. Rev. Rodolfo González, International

THE STRENGTH OF UNITY the organization of the IX International Congress of the Worldwide Missionary Movement represented a great responsibility which was assumed by the Church of Panama. “Unity, our greatest strength is unity” said the National Supervisor, Rev. Alcides Ramea, and he also explained the details of the organization, which demanded a great effort, for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Work. “More than 1,500 brothers have worked per day; 500 brothers in each of the three shifts. Last November, during the national retreat of the workers, the work teams were set up; and two months before the Congress, those teams were already working” he said. The Church of Panama organized committees for each of the activities to be carried out: lodging (national and international), trans-


Impacto evangelístic

international congress

port (via land and air), tourism, health, finance, administration, electricity, logistics, protocol, food (buy and supply) , ushers and security, cleaning, communications and sound, and construction. Each team had a president who coordinated with the central administration bodydirected by the international board member, Rev. Jose Soto.The Rev. Alcides Ramea, National Supervisor; Rev. Elisha Obando, Rev. Epifiano Asprilla, Rev .Roland Griffith and Rev. Melvin Byram are also part of this administration team. All the committees remained active for 30 days after the end of the Congress to evaluate the results of their work. “The government was also a key elementto the success of our Congress. The National Police, tourism and migration authorities were moved by God,” says the Rev. Ramea u

board member and President of the Work in Peru, talked about the role of the Christian family in the society and announced the purchase of a three-hectare land plot in North Carolina in the United States, which will be put at the service of God and of the Work. The next-to-last day, May 18, the IX International Congress of WMM had a journey filled with faith. The morning programme was led by the Supervisor`s Assistant in Africa, Edelmiro Dicombo, who gave Reverends Gustavo Martínez and José Soto some African souvenirs as a recognition for their leadership skills. The act was followed by the march of the more than 60 international delegations that arrived in Panamanian te-

rritory to take part in the 50th anniversary of the Work. At the end, Samuel Mejía, Supervisor in Colombia and Asia, spoke on the contributions of the languages to the accomplishment of the mission. The fifth evening of celebration on the 50th anniversary of the WMM, led by Rev. Gerardo Martínez, Supervisor in Chile, concluded with a big exaltation of our Lord Jesus Christ after the announcement of Rev. José Soto, International Vice-President and Supervisor in Europe of the World Missionary Movement, who proclaimed that the Work of God will soon cover the whole earth with His Word, and will turn into a global organization for the victory of the Christian and

Music, prayer and devotion. The Congress showed that the people of God is at His total service.

g june 2013



saving vision of God Almighty. Reverends Alejandro Roblero, Supervisor in Mexico, Henry Ramos, Supervisor in Brasil, Darren Richardson, Priest in Aruba, and German Cooper, missionary in Jamaica participated as well. IN RUSSIA AND CHINA

On the next day, the last morning service on May 19, the Supervisor of the Antilles and Africa, Rev. Clemente Vergara guided the international service. The symphonic orchestra of the congress cheered up the spirit of the audience with beautiful Christian melodies. In the course of the devotional, Sister Jomini Sam, wife of the Supervisor in India, sang a Christian hymn in Hindi language, thus captivating the followers of our Lord Jesus Christ who crowded the Figali. These performances were followed by the morning

conferences, offered by Reverends José Soto, Vice-President of the Work, and Rubén Concepción, International board member. Some hours later, in the last night of the IX International Congress, led by Rev. Luis Ayala, Supervisor of the Work in Puerto Rico and Haiti, an unforgettable closing act took place. Sister María del Carmen Valencia, wife of the WMM President praised the role played by women in the Work. Finally, Rev. Arturo Soto, Vice-Presidentof the WMM expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the organizing committee. He also reminded the participants that the main task of the Movement is to share the Word of God with all living beings around the world. He stated that soon the Work would grow to reach Russia and China. The announcement made the audience happy, as Gospel will keep being spread u

AN ARMY OF BROTHERS “of course we’re an army ... an army to serve the Lord.” Pastor Elisha Obando walks in the Church of Chorrillo, the dreaded Chorrillo, in Panama. The brothers prepare the food that will arrive in minutes to the Figali Convention Center to be offered to the thousands of brothers attending the Congress of WMM. Three teams have been formed to provide culinary support; 150 brothers participated on each of the three groups that are distributed in schedules from 5.00 am. to 10.00 pm. Pastor Obando, with a wide smile and good humor, is in charge of the food forthe Congress. His closest


Impacto evangelístic

international congress

collaborators: brothers Moisés Aguilera and Andrés Becerra. The Church of Chorrillo, due to its proximity to Figali, was the operation center for food preparation. There freshing “chicha” (papaya, pineapple and melon juice) was prepared by brother Peña and a group of women and men. “You must have everything organized to lead 150 brotheron every shift and 450 brothers in a day... an army,” says pastor Obando, who is also an assistant of the National Supervisor of Panama. In the six days of the Congress heshowed that everything was properly organized u

The Rev. Samuel Mejia, Carlos Guerra, Humberto Henao, Clemente Vergara and Alberto Ortega attended different worships that moved brothers and sisters and thatpraised Lord's presence at the event.

june 2013



Impacto evangelĂ­stico

congreso mundial

Representatives of the European continent: Rev. Carlos Medina and wife from Spain,and Rev. David Echalar from Italy.

june 2013



The 50 years of the WMM Five decades spreading the Word of God to every corner of the world mean a lot. The President of the Work highlighted the work during the inauguration of the International Congress. Rev. Gustavo Martínez

dearly beloved, we have reached the 50 years of missionary work. Who could have thought that something that started with a small group has turned 50 years later in a big Work with more than 5.000 churches around the world. Everything started with Rev. Luis M. Ortiz. God gave him the responsibility and the vision of starting this work. Rev. Ortiz, accompanied by his wife, sister Rebecca, and other brothers and sisters initiated the Work on February 13, 1963, in Puerto Rico with the name: WORLDWIDE MISSIONARY MOVEMENT. From Ortiz we learned to love the Work, to be loyal, to work selflessly, to fully devote ourselves to this noble work, and above all, to be willing to defend the healthy doctrine. We recall some of his advice and appropriate words. Following the quote:

“The big councils, the influential people, and the millionaires fall apart in a biblical, doctrinal, spiritual, moral, and ministry-oriented way. The real fruits of regret, of sanctity, of real conversions are gradually disappearing. But this Work – despised and underestimated by many – adheres to the Word of God, it gets stronger thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit and keeps giving birth to more children. Dearly beloved, in this Work where we are kept by God, we have to be fully committed and united. Nobody should be looking out for his own interests, or expecting to benefit by promoting his own image and ministry. We should all be united, working


Impacto evangelístic

international congress

like a team towards the growth and development of the Work of God and the glory of His name. Dearly beloved, as the Work grows, the problems get bigger. We can see this in the Bible, in the apostolic church, in the history of the church, and now among us.This is a Work of testimony, of purity, of sanctity, firmly based on the Word of God. Wrong things that arise and develop must be corrected, otherwise we would deviate from the way of wisdom, from the healthy doctrine of Christ, because “Whoever strays from the path of prudence comes to rest in the company of the dead” (Proverbs 21:16). We would turn into another group of mundane, impious, and corrupted people, and this should never happen in the name of the Lord. Amen.”

People used with power gradually joined the Work. They were able to handle every situation, and they depended on the hand of the Lord permanently. They did not care about sacrifices, and they would rather give up their own comfort with the aim to get to a place. Their passion for each soul was stronger, and that gave them the strength to go ahead. For this reason, the vision did not ceased but it spread far beyond expectation. It is worth to mention that among these loyal men there were those who infiltrate and were the cause of pain and tears, those who protected their own interests, advantages, and positions. As Rev. Ortiz said “They showed a big growth but their stakes (of prayer, of sanctity of the healthy doctrine) came loose so that their tent is vulnerable to the wind of fake doctrines, of worldliness, of sin and division”.

Others got damaged in the way. Spiritual neglect and a fake self-confidence made them deviate from the truth. They followed the path of Balaam, and were blinded by the personal gain; they rebelled like Korah, Dathan, Abiram, Absalom, and Diotrephes. However, in spite of everything, we are still standing to prove that this is not the Work of men but the Work of God. We live in times of dryness and spiritual indifference, of worldliness and apostasy. Many ignore the fact that they have become slaves of the idols they have built. Hedonism, pragmatism, and relativism are some of the most representative, and this remembers us the words of the British writer G. K. Chesterton, who said: “When people stop believing in God, they don’t stop believing, they believe anything”.

The eagerness to satisfy desires immediately –the future doesn`t matter – is based in the popular phrase of the ancient Latin Epicurean ‘seize the day’, which has caused the resounding decline of moral values and spiritual life, where consequences in the future are not important at all, and where the important thing is to satisfy the needs or desires of the moment. This has caused people to give free reign to their passions. Another god is relativism, and it has to do with the idea that everything is the same, true and false, sacred and profane, praiseworthy and harmful. Things that are good for some people might not be good for others, but both are right and both positions deserve respect and acceptance. As examples we can mention abortion, the homosexualism, and consumerism, among others. Jesus said: “You are the salt of the earth…” There are still people who can live in sanctity, in chastity, who can resist passions and carnal desires. The number 50 is very representative of the Sacred Scriptures. Fifty days after the resurrection, God gave the Holy Spirit to the Church. Every fifty years the jubilee– Jewish festivity where debts are cancelled and slaves are set free- was celebrated.We celebrate our 50th anniversary, and it is a good time to reflect and be aware that the Lord has been loyal and has never abandoned us. However, we cannot ignore the plots of our enemies, but it is also true that if God continues to be with us, the enemy will not be able to hurt us.

Pragmatism has been undermining the absolute truths, as it is based on the questions: Is it useful for me or not? Does it work for me or not? It is not a question of good or bad, it is not a question of true or false, so that the ethics and the principles depend on the usefulness or on the results, thus encouraging egocentrism for it focuses on the ego of the person. Self-fulfilling and satisfaction of the ego are a priority.

“In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage— with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.” (2 Timothy

4:1-5). Amen


june 2013


Delegations arrived from the five continents: America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. All of themshowed his devotion to Godin their own way and with their own customs. 20

Impacto evangelĂ­stico

congreso mundial

june 2013



Fifty years… and now, what? The Worldwide Missionary Movement grew with simplicity and humility as principles. Rev. José Soto

do not stop praising the Lord, because when we praise Him we attract heavens’ blessing to our life. When the Lord is praised, there He is in the middle of his town. In heaven we will praise him forever and ever. There in the house of the Lord, nobody will be remembering anything, neither the face he was given here, in the earth, nor the beautiful car he once drove for the first time; not even the wonderful family he had. We will remember, forever and ever, that he redeemed us with His precious blood. We have turned 50 years and there are perhaps some people waiting for negative aspects to be mentioned. Perhaps they are waiting us to leave those principles we have been defending all these years. Those who wait will have to look for a bed and a chair, so that they can wait in a comfortable way, because that time will never come. The principles are and will be the same for the Grace of God. God does not change. He is the same today and will be forever and ever. Christ never went wrong. He said all those words as the master of history, as the king of all things. He knows the past, the present and the future. He is from eternity until eternity. Fifty years… And now, what? First of all we will have to keep the same spirit. This cannot change. We have to maintain the same principles, the same spirit in this blessed Work. There is a principle known since the beginning of the Movement: the principle of humility, the principle of simplicity. Unfortunately, when this Work started 50 years ago many mocked it, and thought it would not succeed.


Impacto evangelístic

international congress

The first congress took place in year 1968 and 68 people attended the event. People laughed and wondered what kind of tournament that was. However, little principles should not be underestimated. God taught this Work the principle of simplicity. Do not believe, my dear brothers and sisters, in a new concept about a Mega Church. God bless crowded churches. I don`t judge anybody. The one who judges is the Lord. The kingdom of God is not necessarily interested in this aspect, as where two or three people gather, there will be the Lord. Then we should keep a total dependence of God and a humble spirit. It does not matter if he blesses you in excess, or if he gives you material things, and maybe some fame. Bring all of that to the feet of the Lord. It is also of utmost importance to keep, after 50 years, the principle of communion and companionship. We have to be very careful on this respect because the devil is very sutile and smart. The communion with one another is a crucial aspect to received God`s blessing. We have to keep this communion and take care– with a spiritual enthusiasm– this companionship, dear brothers and sisters. The same way, we have to keep on spreading the evangelical message. We can not distract the focus of our message. Our message has a focus, has a core which can not be change and which is Christcentric. With all due respect, my dear brother, dear fellow: you have no right to change the focus of God`s message. The gospel is a confrontation of a sinner with blessed God, the one and only, the one who can forgive sins and change lives. That is the meaning of Gospel. Gospel is the Power of God for the salvation of the ones who believe. It is a transforming verb, it`s a verb that saves and creates new beings. The drunken man is transformed into a sober man. The swindler and the thief are transformed in honest men. It makes the adulterous abandon his sin to live the life that God likes. Gospel is an all- round change. This is the focus of an evangelical message, and no other. Remember, dear fellow, that we made a commitment to Jesus Christ, not to men. One day we will have to give an explanation to Him. We do not disagree that God can bless, we do not deny the fact that God can give

good positions, but this is not the focus of evangelical preaching. We have to predicate sanctity, because without sanctity nobody will be able to see the Lord. Let us preach, my brothers and sisters, that Christian life is lived in sanctity. And sanctity reflects from the inside, but unavoidably, it has to be shown in the outside. From now on we should keep the vision God gave us. The one thing He wants to do is find the glasses where He can pour that vision, where he can transmit that feeling. That vision, dearly beloved, is global, and that is why this Work is called Worldwide Missionary Movement. The WMM is present in all world blocks. We are observing the big task: go and spread the gospel to all nations. This is the vision of the Movement, and that cannot be changed, cost what it may. On the glory of God, now the cold Russia is waiting for us. One of our brothers from Cuba wants to travel over there. This brother is currently studying and preparing to spread the Gospel. This is a little tap of God, who is

opening a door for us to come in and spread his blessed Word. There are also brothers and sisters who intend to invade China, which is the second geographic block where the WMM is not present yet. Brothers and sisters, let us storm onto the devil`s trenches. Let us fulfill God`s purposes by spreading the Verb of Christ. Just one more thing: Bethel Television is a powerful instrument for that purpose. Bethel has a big impact and represents the truth of God. You ought to know that there are traces of Bethel all along Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia, and America. I want to tell you humbly that we ought to support Bethel. You can send your missionary contribution to support this TV station of the Lord. To conclude, I would like to say to all my fellows in this holy ministry that we have to be aware of the fact that the work we do is only a complement to the objective of God. With the help of God we will keep on strongly acting in Jesus Christ. That power will make us move forward u june 2013


The Rev. Gonzalez defended the value of family and asked thebrothers to keep united one of the pillars of society.


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june 2013



What is the Work aiming to go? Without vision there is no projection, without vision there are no goals to reach, without vision there is no direction. Rev. Jorge Álvarez

vision is perception through the sight organ which means the things that God allows some people to see. We believe that the word vision has a great importance. We found it in the sacred register 97 times, that means that it has great importance; and what we could state about it is what we learned from the founder of this Work. One of my fellows used to say that brother Ortiz might be one of those persons who are chosen every 500 years when the mold is broken and there’s no other alike. God chose brother Ortiz to initiate the Work of WMM after he arrived from his missionary journey in Cuba, where he stayed until 1960 and where He told him to leave since there was a great Work to do and he couldn’t do it from there. He started to spread this vision in 1961 and a missionary magazine appeared under the name of Impacto Evangelistic. This magazine had only four pages; however, he knew in his heart how to begin this great Work and said: “I must start to write, we have to write on a board where the message can’t be erased, on a board that is perpetual, that is eternal”. And as the Lord had said that He had lifted up this Work for the Last Days, when the rise of the church would come, he started to write the magazine, under a main subject: “through the paths of America and the world”. With that message, he showed that the vision neither had limits nor bounderies because this vision went beyond the human and earthly limits.


Impacto evangelístic

international congress

In 1961, he began the Work with Impacto Evangelistic magazine. Afterwards, in 1963, he continued it through the means of communication under the same motto “Impacto Evangelistic”. In Puerto Rico there weren’t Christian radio stations. Nowadays, we have more than 25 radio and television stations, but in that time there wasn’t any. In 1963 he joined 3 radio stations, one in Puerto Rico and other in New York as well. The third one was in Panama. He also initiated the Biblical Institute Elim together with his sister Matilde Román in Puerto Rico. This Work started through the prayer. Ortiz didn’t want to call it council. All of a sudden, one of the sisters said: “well, you promote movement, so let’s call it Movement”. Then, another sister said: “but only movement is not enough. Since you are a missionary, let’s call it ‘Missionary Movement’”. And they continued praying because the brother Ortiz understood what they were saying since God had told him before; then, they continued: “no, this Work isn’t going to be only for Puerto Rico. It’s a great work, a Work which is going to cross the limits and reach all the continents. It’s a Work that is going to reach the ends of the earth, so it should be named Worldwide”. And this is the Work of the WMM. When the magazine came out, it started to be passed from hand to hand. There were either the means that we have now nor the resources, but the brothers read it and sent it to others. The magazine was carried from one country to another. One of the brothers said: “I don’t know how the magazine has come to South America and Central America and I’m being called from all the countries”. Thus, a vision of faith was introduced in the broad vision by the brother Ortiz. I remember once, that brother Ortiz came back crying from two countries where he had been invited to. Through a letter he told us that other councils wanted to join the WMM, but when he arrived there, they sat him down and told him: “What is the coverage you have for us?, How much money will we get?”. And Brother Ortiz answered them: “excuse me, this is not the vision I received.

That is not the vision that I carry, I have a vision of faith. “ Here we don’t ask for something, then give in return. In the vision of faith, God gives, God provides, God answers, God gives according to needs. We learned that this vision must be spread with faith, depending entirely on God and who God is guiding and talking to. This Work doesn’t have economic re-

sources, or organizes big marathons, or have large funds in banks. This Work is entirely a Work of faith. Brother Ortiz said: “we are delighted to say that this is a Work of faith and a Work of sacrifice; but if we really think like that, then, we have to sacrifice since there are many who say they are in the Work of faith, but they aren’t.” This is just like a marriage: if there is faith, there must be sacrifice. If there’s sacrifice, there must be faith. I would like to mention the following basic principles of the Gospel: - Salvation. - Divine health. - The Baptism in the Holy Spirit. - The second arrive of Christ. - Holiness. This Work began with holiness and we must continue in holiness. We can’t stop holiness, we can’t be an obstacle for holiness. Men have to dress as men and women as women. We are living in a time where everything is the same for the male and female gender; they don’t care if they use the same sort of clothes. Sometimes you see them from the back and you don’t know who the man is, because he has longer hair than the woman, and wears tight- fitting clothes. You must be a man and you must be a woman. We must follow the principles of the Word, the vision of this Work. We have to continue this vision, and this is our commitment: holiness to our God. We are resuming, reaffirming, and establishing these principles, which must be continued. This is not stopping; the person who doesn’t follow is a coward and cowards don’t fit in this Work. We need workers who preach holiness, cost what it may. There are people who abandon churches for that reason and go to other churches where they are received. We respect their decisions, because we want our people to be saint and to be covered by the holiness of our God. We must live in holiness, we must be saints, and here we need saintly workers in order to preach saintly messages which are guided by the Spirit of our God u june 2013



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Six days of devotion and praise. Figali Convention Center gathered thousands of brothers from different countries.


june 2013



The impact of the Christian family The great project of God is to form a big army with the families of the Earth which believe in Him and His Word. Rev. Rodolfo González

when the word of God is preached to a nation, this causes a great impact on people and families. The beginning of creation is without a doubt a historical fact. Many people continue making research in order to prove people that God doesn´t exist, that the man created himself and all the creation was done by itself. However, the goal of what the scientists have said is to tear down the veracity of the holy Bible, where it’s recorded that God created the man and the women in His own image and likeness. The beginning of creation had a purpose, because God does nothing by chance. There was a project, which still stands: to form a great army with the family of the earth that believes in Him and obeys His Word. The Word says that God has made the man and the woman in His own image. It says there: “male and female He created them”. He didn’t create two males, he didn´t create two females, he created male and female. God makes small things and then makes them bigger. Thousands of years ago there was only a couple; today we are more than seven thousand millions of human beings. However, the Word of God also says that when the number of people to be saved is complete, the trumpet will sound and the Church will go up to the house of God which He has prepared. God blessed the family and told them: “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish


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international congress

the earth”. That was the order He gave us

and it hasn’t been suspended yet. Some say that the earth is already full. That is false. The earth still has plenty of space. And there are some who say there is no food for so many people. I want to say that, only in the ocean, there is enough food for all of them. God will provide what it’s enough for us. Don´t be coward; stop thinking like some who say that we should reduce the family and stop acting like many of the family called Christian, who are using contraceptives. The “morning after pill” is being used by away ward youth that are committing many fornications. They use those pills for not conceiving. The Bible says that fornicators are not pleasing to God. The Lord established marriage. Therefore, He created man and woman. In verse 31 of Chapter 1 of Genesis we read: “And God saw everything he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day”.

Everything God created was good. God made us male and female for us to come together in marriage, for us to get married and not to fornicate. This is made by a world which doesn’t know God. Fornication is a sin that God condemns. The Word says: “fornicators will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

When God established marriage, Hew a saw are of His creation: they are going to breed and conceive and then the children will be born. Do you believe that God didn’t orientate Adam and Eve in how they had to guide their children? He did. The Bible says that God created us for His glory and praise, to serve Him, to bless us. God made man to live forever, but man’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden caused anguish, sadness and pain to the human family. We have the testimony of the case of Cain and Abel, the first two brothers. His parents, Adam and Eve, taught them to take responsibilities. One worked the land and the other raised sheep. One day God asked them through Adam to bring Him an offering, so Abel brought an offe-

who hate each other and this is happening around the world and even within Christian families, because they aren’t obeying the Word of God. At the end of chapter 4 of Genesis we read: “And Adam knew his wife again; and she bared a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, has appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the Lord.”

That is how God’s promise of blessing the human family was restored. While Adam and Eve kept obedience to God, there was blessing, the glory of God was with them. The marriage based on God’s will is something wonderful since the beginning of creation. Men who had their families in obedience to the Word of God were blessed by Him and multiplied. They were a powerful testimony because of their honesty, morality, convictions and the way they instructed their children, which was according to what is stated on Deuteronomy chapter 6, where it’s said that we had to instruct our children according to God’s law. Also, God told Abraham in Genesis chapter 12:3: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed...”

ring to God, with good disposition, but Cain didn’t bring a good offering. Cain saw that Abel was happy, because God had given him testimony and he had pleased Him. For that reason, Cain got angry at his brother. Currently, there are many siblings

This was always the desire of God: to bless all the families of the earth, not just those that are here, not only those who are part of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. God wants to bless His family. God wants us to be filled with His Word. Let´s instruct our children and talk to them about the kingdom of God Talking about the kingdom of God and preaching the Gospel is a blessing for us, is a blessing for our family. The world is full of hate. The world doesn’t have hope. But, only a couple who lives a Christian life is hope enough for people to come around. We must be an example. The world has many dishonest things that may attract other people, but if they see a well-formed Christian family, this could lead them into change and transformation u june 2013


Parade of the different participating delegations. At the beginning the International Board Members: Rev. Gustavo Martinez and Rev. Jose Soto. At the end: two historic founders, Rev. Rodolfo Gonzalez and Rev. Ruben Rosas.


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international congress

june 2013


CHRIST LIVES Beautiful motto presented by a group of brothers from the United States of America. We felt that Christ was present from the beginning to the end of the event. There were fervor and joy from God's people who expressed themthrough their praises and applauses. Christ lives, the Church lives.


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june 2013



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international congress

All continents, races and origins. Some of the 65 countries, where the Work is carried out, pass in front of the main stage.

june 2013



The preparation of the Church for Christ’s return The church that waits for Christ is not formed by any kind of people, is not a low level people. The Lord's church is a first class one. Rev. Álvaro Garavito

we have heard that the Worldwide Missionary Movement was born on February 13, 1963. Since then, the message of God has been spread and it has been preached through the media, which in those years wasn’t so good like the one we have now. Today we have a very powerful media which help us to reachall parts of the world. All the sorts of media have joined to transmit this conference. However, there is a very important and vital reason: we have been preaching the Gospel since many years ago. Therefore, we can’t reduce the efforts of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. Since the birth of this Work, we have said that Christ is coming soon to Earth. During two thousand years of Christian history, millions of people around the world have heard in the media that Christ is coming soon, that he comes to lead a church which is spread around the earth. Definitely, there are still scoffers that don’t preachanymore and that don´t want to hear that Christ is coming to earth. Nevertheless, just as there are scoffers, there are people thatare waiting. I wish it were tonight that His people could go up with the Lord to heaven. This people must have at least five vital and irreplaceable characteristics. The Word of God tells us about these five characteristics of the church that will go up to heaven in Ephesians 5:26-27: “That he

might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present himself


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international congress

a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless”.

The first characteristic is that we are not just any kind of people. The people that will go up in the rapture, the people that is waiting for the Lord, are not a religion. They are not religious; it isn’t a social religious group. It is a group of men and women scattered all over the world, who have washed their robes, their souls and their lives in the blood of Christ, and whose names are written in the book of life. Therefore, it is not just any sort of people. The second characteristic is that Christ will lead a glorious church, worthy of honor and praise. The first church was filled with that glory and it was worthy of praise and honor. When the glory of God is within a church, within a congregation, within a person, that person is worthy of respect. The hell respects him, the Devil and demons respect himand the forces of evil hold sincethere isauthority in the glory of the church. Blessed be God! The third characteristic of this church, which will go one day with the Lord, is that it is a church without stain. In the book of Revelation 3:4, we are told that everyone who is not stained is worthy. Only isworthy the one who has been made white in the blood of the Lamb. In Revelation 22:14, it says: “Blessed are those who wash their robes”, and chapter 3 verse 4 tells us: “But thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defileth their garments”. They shall walk with me wearing white, saidthe Lord, for they are worthy. Blessed be God! The fourth characteristic is that the church must not have wrinkles, and the word “wrinkle”refers to the fold that deforms; it is the deformed or irregular fold, which tends to form onclothes or any sort of fabric. We all need to iron our clothes before we put them on. Every person knows that he or she have to use an iron for his or her clothes and for other things where wrinkles, which deform the character and shape of the piece of cloth, tend to form. But the Lord also says that His church shall have no wrinkle. What does He mean? Should be there an iron? I have met a powerful iron, the iron of the Word of God. On the other hand, the fifth characteristic

of the church that goes to heaven tells us the Word of God in 2 Corinthians 6: 17-18 and 7:1, which speaks of holiness. This is the characteristic of good Christians. The word saint has its roots in a Greek word whichmeans consecrated, away from God. The people that are going to go with the Lord can’t be going with the world’s flow. Because, the one who loves the world becomes an enemy of God, but the one who loves God must become enemy of the world. In the book of 1 Peter 1:15 and Hebrews 12:14, the bible says that without peace and without holiness no man shall see the Lord. The church which waits for Christ is not any kind ofpeople; they are not low level people. The Lord’s church is not on offer or discount since the Lord’s church is a first class one. You are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people acquired by God for you to declare the virtues of that one who has called us out of darkness into His praiseworthy light. Hallelujah! In heaven any filthy thing can’t enter sin-

ce what is filthy is dirty, is disgusting and impure. The church that will go with the Lord is a holy church inside and out and in all its way of living. Therefore, in the altars cold and apathetic ministers aren’t needed, men who go to the altar to sleep. Lively men are needed to pray to God’s voice, to transmit the Word, the Word revealed from heaven. Blessed be His name! Finally, in 2 Peter 3:9-14 and in Revelation 21:27, the Word tells us, “there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth,” and we have said already that the definition of the word “defileth” is dirty, disgusting, andimpure. Therefore, any believer shall not enter heaven, but only those who are written in the book of life, because the people who will enter heaven will be different from the others. The people that shall go with the Lord is a holy people! It can’t be a twisted people, it can’t be a stained people, it can’t be a wrinkled people,it can’t be a people without purification. It’s a glorious people, which preserves the glory of the presence of God in its essence. Blessed be His name forever u june 2013


Delegations of Australia, Holland, Mexico and Guatemala are present in the Congress.


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international congress

Media contribute to the mission of evangelization by broadcasting to the entire world, through six satellites. The Impacto Evangelistic magazine sent a team of professionals to cover the activity.

june 2013



Theological instruction at the Postmodernism The Worldwide Missionary Movement faces challenges of the postmodern era and it is imperative to maintain and keep in mind the theological teachings received. Rev. Rubén Concepción

when we talk about the Worldwide Missionary Movement, we say that it is a Work that was born in the vision of a man named Luis M. Ortiz. 50 years have passed and now the Work is vast. Nowadays, we have different languages, different ministries, but there is only one instruction. The concept of instruction comes from the Spanish word formato, and it is related to the verb to form. What I want to tell you in this opportunity, dear brothers and sisters, is that we are many members, but the body is just one. We have a great commitment. The work of the church is not social, political or religious. We have the big commitment of letting people know the true God. We have heard many sermons about this Work in the postmodern era. And one of the basic characteristics of this era is that nothing is taken seriously. There is a lack of commitment, and it’s sad that people with vain faith exist. Today we live in the middle of a societyand people that live an emotional faith. There are others who have no faith at all, since they have lost faith in the church. The question that we have to ask ourselves this afternoon is not what I say about us, but: what does the world say about us? What do people say about us? Here, all of us are saints; here, we have all praised the Lord. Here, there is a spiritual unity, but is it this unity real?


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international congress

After 50 years of missionary work, the Worldwide Missionary Movement faces this era with strength and integrity. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain and retain the theological teachings we have received. God has chosen men tolead us and currently this Work is run by an International Board which is directed by Rev. Gustavo Martinez. Together with him, we cansee eight men working in this job, because this Work has an authority delegated by God. When God called Rev. Luis M Ortiz, He delegated him an authority which heused in order to initiate the Work with a small group of men. But today, after 50 years, it has become a wide and great Work thanks to this International Board, which watches over the order of this Work. In 1987, at the V International Congress in Panama, the Rev. Luis M. Ortiz presented a study entitled “Integrated Ministries”; in addition, he showed us that there were “Parallel Ministries”, which are those that work next to the others, but they never integrate. The Rev. Luis M. Ortiz also talked about “Individualist Ministries”, which are always characterized by words like“me”, “what I did”, “what I do”, “what I have”, “what I have achieved”. This kind of ministry reminds us of Nebuchadnezzar who said: “the great Babylon which I have built.” The Rev. Ortiz also talked about “Disguised Ministries”, because there are people who wear clothing of saints, and haveappearance of sheep, but if we remove the clothing and examine his soul and heart, perhaps we will get surprised: sheep on the outside but wolf on the inside. They sing, praise God, speak in different languages, preach, and prophesy; they can do many things in disguise. However,they are not sheep! since they don’t obey, they don´t follow the Word and they don´t live in the Word. They are disguised people, they are disguised ministries. In addition, the Rev. Ortiz mentioned the “False Ministries”. How can we detect them? It’s easy: the one who has known God must be transparent, and not like those fake ministries. There are several liars in the altars, who don’t know that the altar is a process, it is a time in our ministry life. They ignore that transparency and friendship are forever. Tho-

se ministries are false, because even though it looks like they are shining, their shine is completely fake. The Rev. Ortiz also mentioned that there are “Lightning Ministries”, which he referred to as international, interdenominational, intercontinental, interplanetary, selfish, temporary, fake and wandering stars that could be taken out of its position by any wind of doctrine. But after 50 years, there are still men at the Worldwide Missionary Movement that live complying with the foundation of the Word. Today we can raise our flags and say to God: I’m on the foundation. I have not moved. Although I walked into the wind and there were people who came to me looking for his own interests, I’ve learned to follow the stepsof the master and to follow the narrow path. Adored be the name of the Lord. Hallelujah! We need to learn to be united in a single formation and defendour faith, but we also have to learn how to defend our faith from our brothers. Why? Is it worth to defend our faith by stabbing a brother in the back? We have to learn how to create a spiritual unity on our brothers in the battlefield where they raise a flag. Because when the enemy attacks, is really a brother who is attacking us, unfortunately. Nowadays, there is a Work that is a reserve of courageous and dedicated men and women. We are referring to the Republic of

Colombia, which is a reserve of missionaries, a reserve of faithful men and women. As a result of this Work, we now have martyrs. Near this place, God said, “I will distribute this Work and it will go to Peru together with a man who has avision”; and now, in Peru, we have media that cannot function without human resources. What I try to say is that Peru or Colombia or Puerto Rico isn’t the head of this Work; the head of this Work is Christ. What happened to Puerto Rico? Was it buried? No, it was not, because the Work had its origin over there and this can’t be changed. God entrusted this precious Word to us, so we thank the Lord for Puerto Rico, Colombia and Peru, which are collaborating with the Work. Who will be the one who answers the call and tells the Lord “here I am”? Would you tell Him that you’re not false, that you’re not in disguise, that you’re not walking along, that you’re part of this Work? Here I am Lord, Here I am Lord! Who will answer the call? Who will say “Here I am Lord, I’m going to form people, and I’m going to form nations”? Hallelujah! Here is the Lord, and we all united are one nation with different cultures, different languages, but following the one andonly God, the Lord, the Spirit. Do not forget: we are one! u

june 2013


The visit of pastor Edwin Alvarez from the Hosanna Community and Ernesto Orillac, thevice- minister of Tourism in Panama, who attended on behalf of the President of Panama.


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international congress

Some International Board Members, National supervisors and pastors of Colombia, Israel, India, UAE, Puerto Rico and Peru.

june 2013


Missionary Drama, objective lesson about the Lord's Church which must not rest on their work of evangelization.

Arrival of brothers, food court and security. The organization of the event covered all the details.


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international congress

june 2013


The 50th Anniversary Congress With an attendance of over ten thousand people from around the world, the Worldwide Missionary Movement held from May 14 to 19, in the Republic of Panama, the IX International Congress, and celebrated the 50th anniversary of God’s Work, created in the heart of the Lord and founded by Rev. Luis Ortiz on February 13, 1963. The event, held for six days at the Figali Convention Center in Panama City, was attended by over 60 delegations from the five continents.

International cuisine

Layout of the Figali Convention Center

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Audio equipment

Stage where the band is located

Staff and transmission equipment

Food court 40.0 mts

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Impacto Evangelístico Press Module

Public area


Airlines Copa, Avianca, Taca, Lacsa, Iberia, KLM, Delta, Air France and United Airlines were the airlines used to transport our brothers.


120.0 mts

Transmission mobile



Group of praise and worship

Parade of nationals The Congress had 1 television crane to capture the best images of the event. Over 6 HD cameras were used to cover this great event.

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2 Internet links with more than 20 GB of speed were used for HD broadcast.








Republic of Panama

10 000

It is a Spanish-speaking country the capital of which is Panama City. It hosted the IX International Congress of God’s Work and the celebration of the 50th anniversary. Its privileged position and topography allow it to be the only possible maritime link between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea through the 80 km of the Panama Canal. It has a population of 3,242,173 inhabitants along its 75,517 km2 and 2,490 km2 of coastline. It has about 1,500 islands and a maximum height of 3475 meters in the Baru volcano.


Tuesday, May 14

approx. attended each service.

Evening: Speech: “The International Congress and the 50 years celebration of the WMM”, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, International President. - Homage to Rev. Ruben Rosas for his valuable contribution to improving the Work. - The Panama Vice Minister of Tourism, Ernesto Orillac, spoke on behalf of the President of the Nation, and thanked the WMM for organizing the event on Panamanian lands.

Wednesday, May 15

Morning: Conference: “Historic Vision of the WMM”, Rev. Jorge Alvarez, International Secretary. Evening: Message: “Faith before the challenges of the contemporary society”, Rev. Carlos Guerra, Supervisor in the United States and Canada.

Thursday, May 16

Morning: Conference: “The mission of the WMM and its effects on nations”, Rev. Alberto Ortega, Pastor in the United States. Evening: Message: “The Church before the imminent coming of Christ”, Rev. Alvaro Garavito, International Officer.. - Video on the history of the 50 years of the WMM.


Airplanes approx. were needed to transport our brothers.

Friday, May 17

Morning: Workers meeting Conference: “Reaffirming our foundations”, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, International President. Evening: Message: “The impact of the Christian family”, Rodolfo Gonzalez, International Treasurer.


Committees were responsible for the organization of the Congress.

Saturday, May 18

Morning: Conference: “The effectiveness of languages for the accomplishment of the mission”, Rev. Samuel Mejia, Supervisor in Colombia and Asia. Evening: Message: “Fifty years of work ... now what?”, Rev. Jose Soto, International Vice President and Supervisor in Europe. -The Supervision assistant in Africa, Edelmiro Dicombo, gave Rev. Gustavo Martinez and Jose Soto African badges for their leadership. - Parade of the over 60 international delegations. - Missionary Drama where it was stressed that the Church must not rest on its work of evangelization.

Sunday, May 19

Morning: Conference: “The government and administration of the WMM”, Rev. Jose Soto, International Vice President. Conference: “The theological training before the challenges of post-modernism", Rev. Ruben Concepcion, International Officer. Noche: Message: “The Vision and its importance to the nations”, Rev. Gustavo Martinez, International President.


Transport Committee


worked every day, in three shifts, during the Congress.

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50 años

Pastor Julio Klinger and his wife, sister Ana Yanire. He defeated his hardest torments and emerged from the darkness.


Impacto evangelístico

Movimiento Misionero Mundial 1963-2013

1963 1963 1981 1984 1989

historia de vida

América Europa Oceanía África Asia

he used to get lost for three or four days, and he did not care if his family starved. Even though his girlfriend suffered from asthma, he did not listen her voice. She started to look for God. A brother, who was a neighbor from “El Chorrillo”, invited her to the Worldwide Missionary Movement. Ana Yanire used to read the Bible in that same home while Julio was selling drugs. He started to realize that she was changing and he resigned to lose her. “She will go with someone else”, he thought. She went to a fasting retreat with her two sons and told the brothers about her problem; they prayed for her husband. After a month, in the early morning, Julio called out God for the first time while he was consuming drugs without knowing Him. He limps on his left leg, though it is not that much, but he does. He says that a constant pain in his knee remains as a deep mark from his times of gangster and attacker. A wound which became a chronic malady in time and the legacy of a sordid stage of excessive drinking, sex and drugs. A fight with whom he believed was one of his best friends ended with a glass shattered on his kneecap. Julio Klinger remembers this injury as part of a past when he even forgot his name and he was simply called “Gallito”. A street fighter with no law or scruples. He was raised in the feared neighborhood “El Chorrillo”, a place with in the urban center of Panama. It was founded in 1915 by the black in habitants of the Antilles and became later a large hovel with gangs battling for the control of the streets and illegal businesses. It remains

nowadays as dangerous as 30 years ago. Klinger remembers, “I was born in El Chorrillo on August 15, 1961”. His home had no paternal model, so his mother assumed the upbringing of Julio and another two sons, Gisela and José. Afterwards, he discovered that her mom was adopted by his grandparents. His roots were lost. He was 13 years old when he lost the innocence. He started inhaling thinner, destroying his lungs with the derivative of petroleum. This was his beginning to a path towards doom and crime. It did not pass much time for him to get involved in minor thefts. Julio confesses, “I did not have to do it since my mom worked in the Panama Canal and gave me all what I needed, but the bad influences subdued my will”. DRUGS,HIS CHAINS

When he was 16 years old, he discovered that his stepfather once brought sacks of marihuana home to sell them in the neighborhood. Drugs business started to function a few meters from his bedroom. Furthermore, he saw how that grown man left his fisherman profession to become an attacker of tourists in the Bridge of the Americas. All of a sudden, her mother started to give him gold watches, necklaces and rings. He later understood the origin of that money: “My mother was also trafficking marihuana”, so he joined in the business.



He that is without

Drugged, with a knife in his hand; delinquency remained his way of life for years. He was raised in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Panama. Assaulting tourists and residences, Julio Klinger was just awaiting the death from a stab in the back, but he found the Lord. He was saved and became a loyal servant of God. Photos: Roberto Guerrero and personal documents

june 2013


Pastor Klinger in the present and in the past.He overcame obstacles, such as delinquency and drugs, and he devoted his life to the Lord in his youth, together with his wife and small children.


He tells, “I was always drugged, I sold the product and consumed it. I was always attacking people, mainly tourists, as I knew that they were only staying for a short period of time and they would not present charges or stay to accuse me, so I was always free”. But he finally was taken prisoner for the first time, and he was sent to a juvenile camp. He did not stay too long since he escaped. Then, Julio returned to the streets but he was again captured by the police, who sent him to a place called “Escuela Chapala” (located in the Arraijan district, in the outskirts of the capital city). He escaped again. More experienced and increasingly more violent, he tried new drugs. The marihuana was not enough, so he tried pills which he ground and inhaled. Finally, he inevitably became a cocaine addict. Her mother tried to save him and sent him to the countryside of Panama, to Chitré, capital city of the province of Herrera. However, Julio restarted his robbery and drugs consumption when he was back at home. He assaulted residences and tourists with a knife, and he used to defend himself against rival gangs. PRISON, HIS TORMENT

He was 19 years old when he was recaptured stealing vehicles while being armed, but this time he was sent tothe prison of the Coiba Island, also known as the “Isla del Diablo” (Devil’s Island), located in the distant waters of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by a sea full of sharks. He was imprisoned for 14 days, but nobody preferred charges. Julio tried to change his life. He had a child 52

Impacto evangelístic

life story

from juvenile relation, even though he was out of control. He could not avoid the influence of the streets. At that moment of uncertainty, he met the woman who would later become his wife. He was about to be 21 years old while she was only 15. Julio confessed that he had a girlfriend and a son, but he was breaking it off. A few months after both of them met, a street fight almost destroyed his knee, a painful and constant reminder of the past which lasts until nowadays. “I was sent to the hospital and they made a bad operation, they ruined my leg’s tendon. I was crying because I was not able to walk. She visited me, she felt sorry about my situation and she came to live with me to take care of me without being married”. Ana Yanire left her grandparents and being a 15 year old woman she assumed the responsibility to look after an injured boyfriend who had apparently no future. Despite her age, she showed a maturity which wondered the indomitable criminal. Once recovered, Julio forgot all the efforts of her girlfriend and returned to the street life to steal and to get drugged. Ana Yanire got pregnant and thus her first child, named Julio, was born, and two years later, the second one, named Joel, was then born. Their father, however, specialized on the selling of drugs to maintain them. He used to get lost for three or four days, and he did not care if his family starved. Even though his girlfriend suffered from asthma, he did not listen her voice. She started to look for God. A brother, who was neighbor from El Chorrillo, invited her to the Worlwide

Missionary Movement. Ana Yanire used to read the Bible in that same home while Julio was selling drugs. He started to realize that she was changing and he resigned to lose her. “She will go with someone else”, he thought. She went to a fasting retreat with her two sons and told the brothers about her problem; they prayed for her husband. After a month, in the early morning, Julio called out God for the first time while he was consuming drugs without knowing Him. GOD, HIS SALVATION

He remembers, “It was strange”. He had listened years ago the Word in jail from a murderer. He heard Psalms 51: “… Deliver me from bloodguiltiness…” He says,“I liked that part and I asked God not to let me handle any weapon because I did not want to kill anybody, and I also asked Him to protect me to not be killed. It seems that God listened my petition and protected me because I have never killed anybody”. Stone-hearted but desperate, Julio wanted to suicide. He entered the sea and walk directly towards the waves; he wanted to die drowned but then a light appeared directly in front of his eyes. He stopped and came back to the land. Julio stated, “If God was sending me signals, I should follow them”. “I’m fed up with this life!”, cried him. Julio spoke one day with her girlfriend, who said, “Please, let’s go see the brothers”. It was Saturday, and that same night they went to youngsters’ worship. Asister put her hands onto his head and some other brothers helped her with the worship. Once on the altar, he felt


seven years ago, I went through a very tough moment. My elder son died, he was captured with drugs and he had a heart attack. He was 23 years old and left six children. He was born from a previous compromise. A few months later, her wife died while her sister was imprisoned. Pastor Julio Kingler declares, “Many things occurredin a blink of an eye, but God helped me one more time. Those were tough months, where I had to stay strong and pray a lot for spiritual force. I’m totally devoted to the Movement. We’ve seen the hand of God and I don’t forget from where He saved me” u

free. At that moment, Julio was 25 years old and Ana Yanire, 19. He asked to leave the underworld and to find a job to maintain his family. After ten days of participating in the church of the MMM in “El Chorrillo”, an ex-partner from the streets who selled drugs visited him. Julio answered, “You cannot enter my home”. The guy returned after a while and told him, “You are seriously in that business, but I will get you one kilo of drug to sell”. Julio responded, “God rebuke you”. Fifteen days later, the guy was slew on the street. After a month of his conversion, Julio had a dream: a main invited him some drugs but he refused them, but it was a warning. He tells us, “A man who was imprisoned with me looked for me and wanted to exchange some stuff for money and drugs”. He continues, “I helped him with the business but I warned him that I would not take the drugs and that I was only going for that day. Then, I went with him. He entered a house and I was waiting for him, but I started to think about it and said: I came back to the same. So I asked the Lord that this man would never come back again, and so he never did”. Six months later, Julio was baptized by Pastor Melvin Bryam. Afterwards, his daughter Yaziel and his son Aldair would be born. He started to work on the Panama Channel as a hydrographic assistant on 1 May 1987. It was the first signal of the power of the Lord. Julio passed several examinations after confessing that he consumed drugs. The company applied tests to him every two months but the results were always negative, as if his organism would have never tried any toxic substance. -“You are actually telling the truth, how is that possible?”, they told him. -“Christ changed me, He saved me, He healed me,” claimed Julio. Julio declares, “I haven’t finished sixth grade, but nowadays I work in an office as an administration manager.” Mr. Julio Klinger is nowadays Pastor of “La Chorrera” district, the “Balboa” neighborhood, and he is the national president of “Jóvenes en Panamá”. He has preached and witnessed in the United States and Costa Rica. “Everything is thanks to God”. One more proof of His great power u june 2013


50 years Worlwide Missionar Movement 1963-2013

1963 1963 1981 1984 1989

America Europe Oceania Africa Asia

Great The


Considered as the “Father of the Christian Reform”, Martin Luther was directly responsible of the foundation of this religious movement which is catalogued as the most significant revolution in the history of mankind.

Pablo Burgess (*)


Impacto evangelístic

while the preacher Girolamo Savonarola struggled for the purity of morals and Christian beliefs in the core of the civilized world, a boy who would later fulfill his dream and perform the monumental deed known as the Christian Reform was growing within the Teutonic forest. His name was Martin Luther. He was born on 10 November 1483 near Eisenach, Germany, in the bosom of a low- class family who, despite their situation, made everything possible for Martin’s education. Once finished his elementary studies in his hometown, Luther spent one year in a school of Magdeburg, and then went to a religious school in Eisenach. The lack of resources of his parents forced him to live as a “poor student”, i.e. a boy who was received into a hospice and had the privilege of begging for his bread to the wealthy members of the community. At Eisenach, he attracted the notice of the Cotta family, who even offered him a space within their home. Afterwards, in 1501, he entered the Uni-

heroes of faith

versity of Erfurt, which was then the center of intellectual activity in Germany. Meanwhile, his father had been prospering in his mining business and he was resolved to make his son a lawyer. MONASTIC LIFE

Martin Luther studied until 1505, when he suddenly left his law studies on 17 June to enter a monastery in Erfurt. This action was so unexpected that all sort of legendary explana-

tions emerged regarding this matter, but according to his writings,which are the only actual fact,certain “doubts” concerning the state of his soul made him took the monastic vows. These “doubts” tormented him after entering the monastery. He considered himself a sinner and yearned God’s forgiveness. However, he didn’t find what his soul was seeking in the monastic customs and practices, despite bothering his superiors with his constant confessions and harming his body by the strictest asceticism.

Disappointed, Luther focused on the study of the Holy Scriptures, a copy of which he had found chained to one of the university library columns. Partly by the study of the Scriptures, partly by the explanations of a fellow elder brother of the monastery, he came to understand that God’s pardon could not be reached through penances and “good deeds”, but by simply accepting His pardon. Thus, after two years of struggle, Luther found peace.

g june 2013



In 1510, his superiors sent him to Rome on a mission concerning the organization of the order. He expected to find exemplary manners of Christian life in the Pope and his court, but he remained surprised and horrified by the corruption existing in the places which he supposed truly saint. Even though, Luther considered necessary to follow the customs of the pilgrims to Rome, like climbing the “Scala Sancta” on his knees, among other things. All at once, he remembered the words of the prophet Habakkuk, cited afterwards by the apostle Paul: “The just shall live by his faith”. Then, he realized that all those penances and all the forced prayers were meaningless. INDULGENCE CONTROVERSY

In 1512, once back in his monastery, Luther graduated as Doctor of the Holy Scripture and accepted the post of professor of theology in the small and then recently founded University of Wittenberg. In the beginning of his labor, he taught the same theology which he had learned in Erfurt. However, he differed from other teachers because he looked at theology in a more practical way rather than based on philosophical principles, or the authority of the Pope or the church. Little by little he understood that it was impossible to reconcile his own principles with those of ancient theology. Therefore, five years passed. In 1517, a monk named John Tetzel arrived nearby Wittenberg. He was collecting money to finish the construction of the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome in exchange of indulgences authorized by the Pope himself and the archbishop of Mainz. Tetzel affirmed that “as soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs.” People understood that not only the pardon of their past sins could be bought, but even the right to sin for a few days in advance. This doctrine destroyed any bonds with morals. Luther knew the disastrous effectsof the sale of indulgences through the confessional. Then, outraged, he wrote his famous 95 Theses and nailed them to the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg on the eve of the “Solemnity of All Saints” in order to be read by every person coming to the celebration of the following day. 56

Impacto evangelístic

heroes of faith

Luther’s Theses argued that Pope Leo X could only remit the sins that he had imposed and that these penalties could only refer to the living as he has no “jurisdiction” beyond death; that absolution was a right of all pennants and that it is not indispensable. He also asked the Pope why he did not free all the souls from the Purgatory once and for all, if he truly owns that power, moved by compassion for their sufferings instead of freeing them one by one in exchange of money. These Theses prompted a great discussion which became increasingly intense during the next three years. PAPAL EXCOMMUNICATION

After three years of discussion, Pope Leo X realized that it was not possible to persuade Luther and he planned to silence him by force as he could not make it by reasoning. For this reason, on June 15, 1520, the Pope warned Luther with the papal bull of excommuni-

cation which condemned 41 of the Lutheran Theses and also ordered all his ministers to capture and sent him to Rome unless he recanted his writings within the next 60 days. Along these three years of discussion, great crowds and many German princes had recognized in Luther the person who could save them from the oppression and corruption of Rome. Then, Luther published a pamphlet in response to what he named “the bull of the Antichrist” and, on December 10, 1520, he set fire to the bull together with the book of the canon law and other Romanist documents before a group of university professors, students, and many other people in the main square of Wittenberg. As a consequence, Luther was excommunicated by Pope Leo X on January 3, 1521, through the publication of the papal bull. THE DIET OF WORMS

After many diplomatic negotiations, the Spaniard King Charles I, assuming the title of Charles V, was elected Emperor of Germany. He was an energetic and dispassionate monarch, sometimes very tolerant regarding religious matters. When he came to the imperial throne, Charles saw alarmed that a great part of his subjects had accepted Luther’s doctrine and that the Empire was in bad terms with Pope Leo X. With the hope of improving the situation, Charles summoned Luther to appear before the Diet of Worms under his protection. At Worms, on April 16, 1521, Luther appeared before the assembly presided by the Emperor and his ministers, high prelates, priests, noblemen, and princes of the empire, as well as university doctors. They showed him his books and asked him if the books were his, and whether he was prepared to maintain or to abjure what he had written. Before all these high representatives, Luther’s usually strong character decayed and he asked for one day to prepare an answer. He spent that day praying in his room, asking God for the strength to confess his error, if he had committed it, or to maintain firmly his position, if he was telling the truth. When Luther appeared again before the assembly, the question was repeated and he answered that he would maintain his position as long as his doctrines were not proven false by the

testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason. When he was asked to give a final and categorical answer statinghis recantation, he declared that his conscience did not allow him to do so. He responded, “I cannot and will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. May God help me. Amen.” He immediately left the assembly without being bothered. Finally, Luther was ordered to return to Wittenberg under the same safeconduct after other conferences which were held due to the Emperor’s proposition to place Luther under the ban of the empire. Luther was intercepted on his way home by a battalion of horsemen who captured and escorted him to Wartburg, an impregnable Castle at Thuringia. This was planned by its own supporters, who profited this act to transport him to a safe place. Luther spent a year there, during which he translated the New Testament to the German language. LUTHER’S LEGACY

On April 19, 1529, the authorities of the Holy Roman Empire had a meeting to resolve the religious matters that deeply affected the German state. There, it was stated that all places where the evangelical doctrine had been established would have the liberty to continue its practice, but that regions where it had not been spread would have forbidden the publication of any anti-romanist propaganda. Immediately, the evangelical German princes protested against these statements, and this is the historical reason why all the supporters of this new Church were named “Protestants”. The last years of Martin Luther were filled with joys and sorrows, but his death on February 18, 1546, was that of a Christian that, like Paulus, had fought the good fight, had kept the faith and expected the reward that the Lord, the righteous judge, would give him that day. This way, Luther had the joy to see how more than half Europe was touched by the Christian Reform, of which he had been such an important figure and eloquent channel. This success was useful for the restoration of the evangelical truth, owing its beginning to the bravery, faith and perseverance of Martin Luther u june 2013


years Worlwide Missionar Movement


1963 1963 1981 1984 1989

America Europe Oceania Africa Asia

This is the Work of


“And it came to pass, that when all our enemies heard thereof, and all the heathen that were about us saw these things, they were much cast down in their own eyes: for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God.” Nehemiah 6:16. Rev. Luis M. Ortiz

the earth is the Lord`s (Psalm 24:1). Ask the Lord of the Harvest (Matthew 9:38). Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with what is my own? (Matthew 20:15). Apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5). We can do everything through Him (Philipians 4:13). THIS WORK WAS SET BY GOD. Through his prescience he foresaw the sad and alarming spiritual decadence, and the worldliness of the churches, specifically of Pentecostal churches and councils, so that he decided to lift this Work for this time of the end. THIS WORK WAS STARTED BY GOD. God inspired the name: “WORLDWIDE MISSIONARY MOVEMENT”. We registered it in February 1963. In the course of these 50 years God has brought this Work to 65 countries. He helped us to raise more than 5.000 new congregations; He has given us a body of ministers built up by around 6.000 fellows. “But God chose the foolish things of the world

to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things— and the things that are not— to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him.” (1 Corinthians 2:27-29). And

precisely because of the fact that we are nothing, God glorifies himself in us! 58

Impacto Impactoevangelístic evangelístic


THIS WORK IS RULED BY GOD. We believe and practice God`s direction, “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14). The Work of God cannot be ruled by any human government system, neither by anarchy, nor by dictatorship, autocracy, or democracy. These human systems are one worse than the other. It could be said that the democratic system is just regular, and because it is also human, it is infested with manipulation, corruption, and crime. Such systems are not the Work of God. God`s Work is ruled by God. “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us …” (Acts 15:28). This is what we believe in and what we practice. THIS WORK IS PROMOTED BY GOD. We are not hanging around, from town to town, from city to city, from country to country, from continent to continent, merchandising, buying congregations and temples, consciences, and priests, as this is God`s Work, He is the one who fosters it. Those who are required by Him are drawn to him through signals, miracles, and epiphanies. When He sees someone hurt himself, turn into a materialistic person, or commit adultery, for he is not an “example for the believers” anymore (1 Timothy 4:12), he has already disgraced himself, he has lost his ministerial dignity, he

has disqualified himself as a minister of the Lord, and God takes him out of this Work. THIS WORK IS DEFENDED BY GOD. The attacks of the darkness, of Satan`s instruments, of fake workers, and of the enemies of Christ`s cross are ongoing. We do not respond to these attacks, we deliver them to God, “who always leads us in triumph in Christ … and the gates of Hades will not overpower my church” (2 Corinthians 2:14; Matthew

16:18, VCR 1569). But those who succumb to sin, those who do not keep their personal testimony or their ministerial dignity, those are removed by God. Those who turn arrogant, those are removed by God. The aggressive ones, the gossipers, are removed by God. Those who do not forgive, those who are not able to reconcile to their brothers and sisters, those are removed by God. Those who use lie and untruth to justify their reprehensible behaviour, will be removed by God. Those with ambitions of grandeur and a high position will be removed by God. Those who place their personal interests before the interests of God`s Work, will be removed by God. And when God removes somebody, we are sorry for them. We still love them, but we cannot share their wrong actions. And when God removes who has to be removed, then he pours even stronger blessings and victories over the Work. Glory to God! THIS WORK IS MADE PROSPEROUS BY GOD. Prosperity is represented neither by real estate, nor by fabulous temples, big amounts of money at the bank, or political influence. The prosperity of this Work is represented by spiri-

tual and endless values: in saved and transformed souls, in lives of devotion and sanctity, in obedience to the Word and in healthy doctrine, in sacrifice and hard work, in Holy Spirit, and in Pentecost. And as we “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33), He blesses the Work and makes it prosper, by providing it with growth and development. THIS WORK IS HELD BY GOD. This is a Work of faith and sacrifice, of victorious faith in the immutable promises of God, and of joyful sacrifice on our side. We take big steps of faith and make commitments of behalf of God`s Work, and God responds and provides. He touches hearts, moves wills, speaks, inspires many to pray and to financially support this Work. God miraculously supports it, but it remains alive thanks also to the cooperation of those who “In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.” (2 Corinthians 8:2).

THIS WORK IS USED BY GOD. He uses it as a Work of progress, of missionary and evangelizing avant-garde; as the standard bearer of the healthy doctrine and of the neat testimony; as the standard bearer of the Pentecost; as a herald of the imminent raise of the Church. THIS WORK DELIVERS THE WHOLE GLORY TO GOD. We could say what great Nehemiah said: “And when all our enemies heard there of, and all the heathen that were about us saw these things, they were much cast down in their own eyes: for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God.”

(Nehemiah 6:16). Praised be the Lord!


june 2013


years Worlwide Missionar Movement


1963 1963 1981 1984 1989

America Europe Oceania Africa Asia

A life

alled for Service

“And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord... and as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: and he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.”Acts 9:1-6. Rev. Rubén Rosas

men are chosen and prepared by the Holy Spirit to perform specific tasks for the work of God. However, we found that when God begins to alter their lives, some get offended and feel a little embarrassed to devote themselves entirely. But there is something wonderful, the one who calls also gives training, power and authority. Throughout the Holy Scriptures we find men who were called by God for a specific task, but had to go through a process to make the decision to accept the challenge. Among these we can mention Moses, Paul and others. Moses’ hole life was a training process, but during his first forty years he received an education in the parental home, with the Israelites, although he had been adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter. This basic and fundamental education during his childhood was deeply engraved in his heart. He used to wear prince’s clothes and received Egyptian education, which enabled him to sit on the throne, but within himself he was concerned about not being able to


Impacto evangelístic


identify himself with any people. When he was young, his mind and heart didn’t long for greatness as the other nobles of the Pharaoh’s court; nor for hisriches, harem, palace, guards and large entourage. Starting the divine process, Moses intercedes and identifies himself with a Hebrew slave. There,he was subjected to the divine school which goes beyond human philosophy, since He takes us to the school ofeveryday experiences in His service. In my personal experience, God began His work with me since my childhood. During our family worship, my mother put me to her left side and my older brother to her right, took our hands, and prayed: Lord I give you my two sons so that you make them your workers. When I was nine years old I was aware of all the suffering, struggles and tears my parents had to go through- they were both pastors- and I thought to myself: Lord, do not count on me for your work, take my older brother. Despite my prayers I remained active in

the Church where my parents were pastors. I became a teacher of children when I was only 12 years old, and a youth teacher when I was 17. During every service where there was a special demonstration of the Holy Spirit, while many were enjoying themselves, I cried with sadness because when I was nine years I had expressed the Lord that I preferred to be dead than being a pastor. It is really sad that in the balance of our lives there are things that have greater value for us. I said no to the Lord because I wanted to study at the College of MayagĂźez in Puerto Rico, in order to have a great future. In the Church, I just wanted to be a simple member.

God had told me that he needed me, and when He calls, he does not forget. Maybe you have not had the opportunity to serve God since your childhood or adolescence, but the caller makes no distinction regarding age, social class or race. He made no distinction while calling Saul of Tarsus on his way to Damascus. His intentions were not the best, because hehad letters and credentials to go catch Christians throughout the region and put them in jail. For him this was a service to God, although it was wrong. His prayers were observed by Jesus and He appeared on the road and called him “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am

g june 2013



Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks” (Acts 9:4-5).

It is difficult and dangerous to kick against the Lord, because maybe you do not have the opportunity that I had. In my struggle I joined the army and went to a battlefield in Korea. Three and a half months later there was a massive Chinese offensive, leaving the troops of the United Nations and the United States trapped and isolated. During the retreat I was leading a unit of Texans and my life was really in danger, but the Lord protected me, perhaps giving me the opportunity to accept His call. We were only three Americans left there, alone in “no man’s land” for three days, with no food or water. During the day we remained hidden and at night we went out to try to get where the rest of our troop was. Despite the situation, I did not ask the Lord to save me, nor to have mercy upon me, for in my heart there was something that said: If you ask for mercy, then you have to surrender and accept the call of God. On our way, we found a line of trucks, and among them there were some Puerto Rican soldiers. I asked them for food since we hadn’t eaten anything for three days. Their answer was: a dead soldier is better than 62

Impacto evangelístic


two; we are going to the battlefront. However, we were sent on a truck to Seoul to look for food. It was a tortuous road between mountains, and after an hour away there was an explosion. I only remember flying through the air and then I was unconscious in a hospital in Seoul for seven days. When I regained some energy I tried to pray as usual, but inside me the Holy Spirit was calling me saying “I need you”. And I said “don’t count on me”. My condition was critical: right side of groin destroyed, shattered femur, bladder perforation, separation of urethra and bladder, and spine injury. Yet, I still said “don’t count on me to become a pastor.” Then I was transferred from Seoul, Korea, to Japan in order to undergo surgery for a second time. Then they took me to a room where one of the doors led to the freezerof the hospital, where they put the dead bodies. Although the severity of my condition, I could see that my bed was headed towards the freezer. After a few minutes I noticed that the person in front of me was taken to the freezer, and then the person who was behind me was also taken to the same place. The night came and I had to stay awake, because if I fell asleep they might have thought I was dead.

I spent three days in that place and then they decided to transfer me to the United States. They took me at 7 am on a bunk right to the airport runway in Japan, but the plane didn’t arrive until 7 pm. All this delay was because the plane had two broken engines. I was just like Jonah when he refused to go to Nineveh and went to Tarshish, which became a problem. There were 225 wounded soldiers, but I was the most critical. After only three hours flying, the plane began to have mechanical problems: it was plunging. All those injured were given life jackets, but they injected me and I fell asleep. I was really suffering my foolishness, as I told the Lord: Don’t count on me. God in His love and mercy was taking methrough the school of suffering and putting me to the test in order for me to react. When God called Moses he was shepherding his father in law’s sheep on the slopes of Mount Horeb. He suddenly saw something exceptional and rare, a bramble that burned with fire and was not consumed. He came closer and “God called unto him... and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I. And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place where on thou standest is holy ground.” (Exodus 3:4-5). Forty long years had

to pass for Moses to hear the voice of God calling him. I don’t know how much time has gone by for you to hear the voice of God calling, but the Lord asks us to remove everything that prevents us from being in His presence and obeying his call. Due to technical problems, the plane was forced to land on a small island near Hawaii. I was almost dead when I woke up, and the plane was taking off for the United States. We had to land again, this time in Hawaii, and I had a deep bleeding. An ambulance was waiting for me and it took me to the operating table immediately. I spent one day in recovery and then travelled to California to the operating table again. God’s mercy was definitely what was holding me. After a while in California I was transferred to San Antonio, Texas, where I was taken to the operating room once again. Despite everything that was happening to me, I did not clamor for God because with in

there was only one answer: Lord, don’t count on me. I spent a year in a hospital, and all that was left of me was bones and skin. I had six operations, but my condition was still critical. I tried to read the Bible once, and when I opened it, the Lord led me to Jeremiah. My heart then started beating rapidly, so I closed the Holy Book and kept telling the Lord: Don’t count on me. On Christmas 1951 at 10 am,the doctors came to take my body measurements. They left and Mayor Chanon stayed. He told me that they would prepare me to be transferred to the base of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico, so that I could share with my family and friends. I would return later to continue with another treatment and undergo surgery. During those days, I was withdrawn of any antibiotics as I was immune to them. This resulted in a decompositionin my body, I was rotting. When the doctors saw my condition, they decided to perform my seventh surgery in that bed and without anesthesia. There was still another treatment which was skin transplantation. If this did not work they would stick my left arm to my abdomen because this would produce skin tissues. When the doctor explained the whole process, I went into a state of fear and I thought nobody was going to save me this time. My condition was miserable, I was bedridden and paralyzed from the waist down. The last thing the doctor said was that if this didn’t work, they would have to remove my bladder. It was then that I meditated profoundly on the Lord and said: I surrender, if you do not let the doctorsoperateon me again I surrender unconditionally to do your will, however, wherever and whenever, but heal me. I surrendered to the Lord on December 14, 1951. I gave Him all my goals and aspirations. The next day there were no doctors or nurses, and I had no antibiotics. On December 16, Mayor Chanon, seven specialists and a nurse came to visit. When they removed the bandages, they found that I was completely healthy. God Almighty had heard my prayer and put His healing hand on my body. Hallelujah! u june 2013


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Archaeology The

the Bible

Findings related to scenarios and periods of humanity have clarified the cultural context of many of the events recorded, verifying the credibility of the Bible. here are some archaeological discoveries key to biblical studies: 1.The Behistun Inscription (1835): Carved on rock, in three languages, in cuneiform writing. It opened the possibilities for deciphering cuneiform scripts. It is known as “the key to other keys.” The Behistun inscription, engraved on the side of a cliff, contains the same text in three languages, explaining the history of the conquests of King Darius I, and is illustrated with carved images of the sovereign along with other characters. 2.The Moabite Stone (1868): It contains the story of the victory of Mesha, king of Moab, against Ahab and Joram, kings of Israel. The inscription dates back to the Late Iron Age (840 BC). Its importance in biblical studies is threefold: (1)It serves for the study of ancient writing (paleography). The Moabite language is closely related to the biblical Hebrew. Comparing both helps to understand the Hebrew writing style at the time. It helps to fix the date of other inscriptions and writings by comparing the style of the letters. (2) The Moabite Stone alsohelps in the religious field to give us a particular perspective on the god Moloch. (3) The historical value is given when corroborating a historical event narrated in the Bible (2 Kings 3:1-27).


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3.The Hittite empire (1871, 1906): The most important thing is the discovery in 1906 of the Hittite state archive with over 20,000 cuneiform texts, part Akkadians and part Hittites. The interpretation of Hittite texts began in 1915. The most important part of these findingsare the treaties of vassalage or sovereignty. The model they follow appears in one way or another in various parts of the Old Testament. Since Mendenhall studies, these treaties have helped to understand better the importance of the issue of the alliance (covenant) in the Old Testament. Various cultural elements from the time of the patriarchs have been enlightened by these findings. 4.The Code of Hammurabi (1901): The stele containing the law code was discovered in 1901 by French archaeologists. It was written by Hammurabi, king of Babylon. He lived four or five hundred years before Moses. There are many similarities between the laws of Hammurabi and the Mosaic laws. The talion law appears in the text of Hammurabi. This discovery helps biblical studies to locate the Mosaic laws in a broader context and to open the eyes of many skeptics who do not accept the antiquity of the Mosaic laws. On the other hand, the laws of Hammurabi allow torecognize the difference between general and universal laws, and those characteristic of the people of God.

5.Nuzi and Mari (1925 and 1936): Over 20,000 tablets from the fifteenth century BC were found in Nuzi; and those found in Mari were from the same period (over 20,000). Both discoveries have shed light on the historical and cultural context of the patriarchs; the stories about the relationship between Abraham and Hagar (Genesis 16), that of Jacob and Bilhah (Genesis 30), and the adoption of a slave as anheir (Genesis 15: 2). All these cases are corroborated by the customs of Abraham’s contemporaries, narrated in the Nuzi tablets. 6.Lachish Letters (1935): The Sentinel’s room in the former Lachish fort provided 21 potsherds. They describe, in detail, the last days of Judah. These writings were made in the haste and danger of an attack: Babylonian armies were approaching. The sentinel scribbled the bad news on pieces of clay. This discovery is important for biblical studies because it speaks of a prophet who proclaimed a warning message. This prophet was undoubtedly Jeremiah. Several of the expressions in these writings appear inthis prophet’s writings (Jeremiah 6:1, 38:4, cf. 34:7). Lachish letters also provide strong evidence to support the historicity of captivity and exile. They are also important because they show how paleography Hebrew was written at that time.

7.The Dead Sea Scrolls (1947): This is the most famous archaeological discovery of modern times. Excavations at the site (Qumran) have provided information on the life and customs of the Jewish sect known as the Essenes. The most important thing was the discovery of a large number of rolls or fragments (over 600). These scrolls were stored in eleven caves. The Essene Jewish sect lived between the second century BC and the first century A.D. There are several contributions from this important discovery: a)All the books of the Hebrew canon were found at Qumran, except forthe book of Esther. This not only presents some interesting facts about the canon, but it offers, especially for scholars, a Hebrew text thousand years older than the one used in the critical editions (scientific) of biblical Hebrew. The study of the text on the scrolls provides information about the diversity of textual traditions, so that we can better assess the Masoretic Text (MT). It is important to know that several scrolls and fragments are closer to the Greek translation known as the Septuagint (LXX) than to the MT. b)Some Targums (translations of biblical books into Aramaic) have been found. For example, the Targum of Job, written in the second century BC. Scholars can use them to rebuild the Hebrew that served as a basis for the Aramaic translation. Furthermore, they help to understand the history of interpretation, since they show us how a specific passage was understood at the time. c)A large quantity of books known as Pseudepigrapha (Enoch, Jubilees, The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs) were found. Now we have, both in Aramaic and Hebrew, books that were only known in Ethiopian Greek translations. These books are very important to reconstruct the diversity of theological thought in intertestamental Judaism and that of the first century. Much of this theology is reflected in several books of the New Testament. d)Finally, many of these scrolls are documents written by the Essenes themselves. Now we have the opportunity to learn in detail the theological characteristics of one of the main sects of Judaism. Scholars have found a great amount of common features between the Essenes and the New Testament u june 2013


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