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Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Welcome to Lorain County

Photo: Iler Aerial Imaging

Greetings Welcome to Lorain County, with a population nearly 313,000. Lorain County is a wonderful place to call home, boasting a rich history and proximity to a major metropolitan area. There are not many communities that offer the rural, urban and suburban lifestyle that we enjoy in our great county. We are considered one of Ohio’s most dynamic regions with access to leading educational, entertainment and outdoor activities, not to mention nationally headquartered companies and entrepreneurial employers. As the ninth largest population in the State of Ohio and the fourth largest by total square miles, Lorain County is considered one of the most diverse, historic, and economically vibrant counties in the state.

you’re considering relocating your home or business, please think about all that Lorain County has to offer; you won’t be disappointed. You will find Lorain County is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. All of us serving the residents in Lorain County government strive to be accessible and responsive to the concerns of our residents. Please contact us to answer any questions or request further information. If you are already a proud resident of Lorain County, thank you for being a part of our community! And make sure you stop to say “hello” when you see one of us at an upcoming neighborhood event. See you in Lorain County, Michelle Hung, Matt Lundy, David J. Moore Lorain County Board of Commissioners

We pride ourselves in having a very business-friendly government that is open and accessible. County officials and employees take pride in serving the people who call Lorain County home, build a business here, or come for a visit. The services provided by our employees cover social needs, business development, recreational opportunities, public safety, courts, roads, and bridges. For locals and visitors alike, the most common question we hear is, “What’s new and exciting that we can experience in Lorain County?” The following pages will give you a snapshot of some of the “must-do’s” on your next visit. If

Michelle Hung, President Lorain County Commissioner

David J. Moore, Vice President Lorain County Commissioner

Matt Lundy, Member Lorain County Commissioner



County Overview

Lorain County Continues to Grow! We’re proud to operate our greenhouse with sustainable initiatives such as rainwater retention ponds and recycled wood boilers for heating.

Historically, Lorain County has grown in population almost every decade since the 1830 census. More recently, from 2010 – 2020 Lorain County had the largest gain of population added within the surrounding counties. Much of this recent growth is visible in the commercial and residential developments along the eastern edge of the County in the communities of Avon, Avon Lake, and North Ridgeville. While development may seem automatic to those communities mentioned above, some of Lorain County’s smaller communities have land for development but do not have infrastructure in place to meet the demand of the new development. The Lorain County Community Development Department works with our cities, villages, & townships to provide a comprehensive suite of services. The Department represents planning/zoning, stormwater, housing, and economic development and utilizes a holistic approach, often collaborating within the department or with other Lorain County offices on various projects. Director of Community Development, Rob Duncan says, “Our commitment is to continue to provide the resources necessary for our community to thrive, especially as we grow and welcome new business and residents.” When new development is anticipated, state law allows for creation of incentive districts to direct a portion of the increase in new taxes to help pay for the requisite infrastructure. This process is an economic development tool called Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and is used throughout Lorain County. Through the creation of three current or planned TIFs, our County is able to improve infrastructure


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Green Circle Growers grows mums across nearly 40 acres!

to serve over 1,200 acres for development while nearly 2,000 new homes are being built to support our budding population. While these new developments are able to benefit from having proper infrastructure, the benefit doesn’t have to stop there. Having adequate water, sewer, natural gas, and electric connections are crucial drivers for economic development, and allow support for bigger commercial/industrial projects. These projects only further increase investment and job creation, thus, increasing the tax base. Setting your sight on the southern part of the County, it’s hard to miss the rural landscape that offers a rich history embedded in Lorain County. Agriculture and farming are ingrained in many of the families that reside in the area and those families help fuel the food & agribusiness sector.

A great example of that commitment comes from a familyowned company headquartered in Camden Township that has been in business for more than 50 years. Green Circle Growers is one of the largest greenhouses in North America with over 150 acres of indoor growing space. They continue to expand their horizons as they are set to grow the business with a $120 million-dollar investment and creating 250 new jobs with a $15 million-dollar payroll. With the project in bloom, Green Circle Growers is bound to increase sales, market capabilities and continue to plant seeds for success. Whether you reside in the more urban northern half of the county, or in the rural southern half, residents and businesses are bound to benefit from the growth that is happening here in Lorain County.

Recycling is the Key! The Director of Lorain County Solid Waste

Management District, David Blevins has some exciting new ventures underway. The Lorain County Sustainability Learning Center will be collaborating with the Lorain County Port Authority and be housed together with the Collection Center, located at 540 S. Abbe Rd. in Elyria. The facility will house a fully furnished meeting room with an operable partition to provide for multi-use small or large classroom applications. Working with local sponsors, the District is developing educational and interactive displays to be used at the Sustainability Learning Center. While on their tours,

The amount of high-efficiency lighting at Green Circle Growers is comparable to the acerage of 27 football fields!

students will move through a pedestrian tunnel that will take them from the Sustainable Learning Center to the Collection Center. This construction project will begin in January of 2022, with a Spring tentative Grand Opening planned for Earth Day. Another exciting project in the works is a new Organics Facility. Harvest Quest under the direction of owner Shane ›› Continued on next page

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County Overview ›› Continued from previous page

Donnelly has decided to develop a property in the City of Lorain into a Phase IV organics facility which will accept yard waste and agricultural plant materials. The Solid Waste District is looking forward to helping Harvest Quest get the feedstock or raw materials needed to create good nutrient-rich compost and divert those materials from the landfill. Studies show food waste accounts for an average of 24% of all municipal solid waste in landfills across America. The goal of the Solid Waste District and Harvest Quest is to eventually be able to accept food scraps at this facility.

tagging programs where recycling bins are inspected for contaminants and an educational tag placed on the bin to inform the resident.

A large focus of the Lorain County Solid Waste District is educating the residents about recycling contamination. On average, a quarter of all items placed in recycling bins should be disposed of in the landfill. Recycling contamination accounts for higher costs to communities which get passed on to the residents.

Education is key! If residents know better, they’ll do better! The district’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Brandi Schnell, is available for educational presentations for student and adult groups.

There are areas where contamination soars high above the average rate. In those areas, you will see the Solid Waste District delivering targeted mailers and developing

The Lorain County Collection Center operated by the Solid Waste District is a nationally

Sales/ Service/ Support for: • Servers • Desktops/ Workstations • Laptops/ Notebooks/ Tablets • Firewalls/ Routers/ Switches • Wireless/ Wired Infrastructure • Cloud and On-Premise Email • Cybersecurity Solutions • Anti-SPAM Solutions • Business Telephone Systems • Back up/ Disaster Recovery • Server Virtualization • Website Development/ Hosting 440-322-ILER (4537) 440-458-5207 (Fax) 5061 N Abbe Road, Suite 3 Sheffield Village


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Supporting Businesses since 1994



w .




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award-winning facility located in the City of Elyria and open three days a week. The Collection Center is open to Lorain County residents for the collection and recycling or proper disposal of scrap tires, household hazardous waste, cardboard, electronic scrap materials, fluorescent bulbs and ballasts. These materials can be dropped off free of charge by Lorain County residents. Those residents who live in multifamily housing units or who are otherwise not offered curbside recycling can also bring their household recyclables to the Collection Center.

The community will benefit with increased availability of the Shred Truck to meet the needs of our rural township areas. There are a lot of exciting things happening over at the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District, to keep up on these and new developments please like and follow us on our social media. @lcsolidwaste @loraincountyrecycles @lorainrecycles

Lorain County businesses may bring in cardboard, electronic scrap materials, fluorescent bulbs/ballasts and household type recyclables as well at no cost to them. The District recently was awarded a grant from the Ohio EPA to purchase and install a portable paper shredder for the Center. We offer a shredding service where paper is locked up securely and shredded using the shred truck and then bailed along with cardboard. www.loraincountymagazine.org


County Overview

Ely Square Fountain and City Hall in Downtown Elyria

A New Beginning in Downtown Elyria Elyria Block Development, LLC is currently

constructing a new multifamily/mixed use construction project in downtown Elyria. The 48-unit building will combine retail units on the corner of Broad Street and

Washington Avenue with upscale apartments above and will contain a 3,000 sq. ft. wine bar with patio. The building is part of a combined downtown development project by Elyria Block Development. Aided by various redevelopment loans and grants, as well as funding by the Lorain County Port Authority, the developer is working with the City of Elyria to re-develop its classic downtown. The multifamily/mixed use project is situated on the site of a previous building that was demolished due to structural instability.

Design renderings for a new development for the former Uncle Vic's building-Broad Street looking East.


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022 NewRussiaTownship_Oberlin Magazine Ad Thursday, February 13, 2020 11:23:51 AM

When it comes to

Home Comfort,

you can trust the experts at Geisel

633 Broad St. Elyria


Our heating, cooling and plumbing professionals provide quality repair, replacement, installation, and emergency services for a wide range of heating, air conditioning, water heater, and plumbing systems.

Pioneer Plaza

As was the case with other midwestern cities, Elyria’s downtown was tired and needed redevelopment. Elyria Block Development purchased many of the buildings in Elyria’s downtown and with the aid of city and local leaders has set forth a plan to reinvigorate this district. The plan will enhance the city’s downtown which includes beautiful waterfalls and a classic town square. The city had recently renovated the historic fountain in the town square and is committed to working with Elyria Block Development to breath new life into the historic downtown district. In addition to the new building, Elyria Block Development previously facilitated the opening of the Foundry Kitchen and Bar restaurant in downtown Elyria which provides chef driven, locally sourced, from scratch dining. The plan is to provide a mix of retail, office and residential buildings in the downtown to serve a thriving living, working community.


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Veterans Helping Each Other Knowing what benefits you as a veteran or spouse of a veteran is eligible for can make a big difference in the quality of your life. For Lorain County Veterans, we help explain what you may be entitled to due to your service to our country. We assist veterans throughout the county in getting them answers to their questions. Through my service, what kind of benefits am I entitled to? Many veterans (and their spouses) go years without ever asking that question. Here is how we at the Lorain County Veteran Service commission can help. We have Veteran Service Officers (VSO) trained and ready to help veterans and their families file Service-Connected Disability claims and pension claims. We also help in signing up veterans for VA healthcare and assist with filing for final expenses. For those veterans experiencing financial difficulties, we have a dedicated team that can assist in helping to file for temporary Financial Assistance (FA). If approved for this

Lorain County Veterans Service Commissioners (L to R): Jose Torres, Samuel Wolfe, Stephen Bansek, Sara Markle, Joseph Gee.

program, we can assist veterans in paying for their housing expenses, car payments, and even utilities, to name just a few FA possibilities. Finally, we transport hundreds of veterans each year to and from their VA appointments at no cost to the veteran. Should you need transportation to your VA appointment, please call us at 440-284-4624.

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Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022


Dr. Roy A. Church University Center building

Best Value in Higher Education For 25 years, Lorain County Community College’s

University Partnership has been the best value in higher education. Whether you are just starting college or would like to begin a new career, LCCC and its University Partnership can give you a pathway to a degree and career – while saving

you an average of $74,000 compared to earning a degree at another four-year public university. LCCC’s University Partners include 14 colleges and universities that deliver 100 bachelor’s and master’s degrees right on the LCCC campus. LCCC’s University Partnership – the first of its kind in Ohio higher education – gives you convenient access to bachelor’s and master’s degrees at an affordable cost. LCCC and its University Partnership are the right path for you to earn your degree, save money and increase your earning potential over your lifetime. Visit www.lorainccc.edu/up and find your path to the best value in higher education.

The Right Choice for Parents and a Real Chance for Children What makes Constellation Schools unique?

We offer parental choice when it comes to selecting a school that offers quality education for your child in a safe environment. This is complimented by small class size, the integration of technology offering every child in grades 2 - 12 personal laptops, a foundation of character education and compassionate staff committed to the high academic success of our students. Constellation Schools enters its 24th year of educating children in neighborhood schools. “While our highly qualified teachers focus on specific educational needs, getting to know the whole child is a responsibility every employee takes seriously. Our efforts are focused on preparing all students to be ethical world citizens prepared for success in career, college and life! It is a privilege to serve our families, and we welcome the opportunity to become partners in the education of your child!” For more information, visit www.constellationschools.com. www.loraincountymagazine.org


The Amherst Exempted Village Schools “The mission of The Amherst Exempted Village School System is to prepare students to meet, to the best of their abilities, the academic, social, civic, and career needs of the future by providing high qualityprograms that will lay the foundation for continued learning and support the moral and ethical values of our community.” 550 Milan Ave., Amherst OH 44001 • 440-988-4406



Lorain County Schools Are Getting The Job Done Educators across the county believed that this

would be the year that schools would “get back to normal.” However, the 2021-22 school year has been anything but normal. Districts have experienced challenges of all types— whether it be tackling the topic of mask mandates, deciding if remote learning options should continue, and perhaps most importantly--judging how to address communities that have strong and polarizing opinions on these matters.

The mission of the Avon Local Schools is to educate the whole student in an inclusive environment that inspires personal excellence.

AVON Local Schools 440-937-4680


Counting down to progress:


all new schools opened in 2020


new schools opening in 2021


vote changes a city

Thank you Elyria! www.elyriaschools.org


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

I continue to be so impressed with how our educators, in their varying roles, have stepped up for students. Teachers, administrators, counselors, bus drivers, food service workers, maintenance staff, nurses, and paraprofessionals--to name a few--have made the best of yet another year of uncertainty. However, our educators have learned that change can sometimes produce positive outcomes; I have personally witnessed more technology integration and creativity in their classrooms than ever before. In addition, schools have increased wrap-around services as we have learned that educating our students is more than just learning academic content. Social workers and school counselors are now in all of our districts, meeting the social-emotional needs of our young people and their families. Nursing staff are helping parents navigate the changing health and safety guidance. Although these are just a few examples, I am witnessing each and every day new ways that educators have grown. Although our districts are facing many challenges, there is still a looming difficulty that is not often discussed. That issue is staffing our high-need areas. Schools are in desperate need of substitute teachers, bus drivers, and support staff. In regards to substitute teachers, a bachelor's degree in any field, coupled with a clean background check, are required for employment. Substitute teachers have flexible schedules and help maintain the education for our students. Without a large pool of substitute

Franco Gallo, Superintendent, Educational Service Center of Lorain County.

teachers, our current staff has only a few options: they must find ways to cover these areas during planning periods, create crowded, combined classrooms, and in some cases-move to remote learning. Bus drivers are also in high demand. Some districts are paying over $20 an hour for drivers, and will pay for training for those with no experience. Without enough drivers, districts must cancel field trips and extra-curricular activities, combine routes, or in the worst case scenario--resort to remote learning for those who cannot secure their own transportation. Along with bus drivers and substitute teachers, there is a need for all of the other support staff. These roles include teacher aides, custodians, and food service workers. These roles are imperative to meeting the needs of today’s students. The qualifications vary for these positions, but often they simply require a high school diploma or associate's degree. Overall, the current educational landscape is one of change and disruption. My hope is that 2022 brings more stability to our schools. In Lorain County, the schools are working to fill in gaps from the prior year, and are doing amazing work. Oftentimes, I wish the public could see more than what is displayed via glossy social media images. Outside of the assemblies, sporting events, and spirit days, educators are overcoming very real hurdles. For example, teachers are juggling various student absences for large periods of time, resulting in learning loss. There are also gaps in typical learning experiences, such as cooperative group work due to the pandemic and continually changing guidance. There is a shortage in the global supply chain, making our food service employees scramble to provide meals. This list only continues. In spite of all this, our educators are getting the job done. Thank you, school employees, for your continued perseverance and dedication to our children. I know with certainty that our students’ futures are bright because of your leadership during these difficult years. Educational Service Center of Lorain County, www.loraincountyesc.org, 440-324-5777


We Believe www.loraincountymagazine.org



Celebrating Scholarship Recipients At the end

of an extraordinary school year, the Community Foundation of Lorain County (Community Foundation) hosted a scholarship celebration on June 23rd to honor the 72 new students and 76 students receiving scholarships and scholarship renewals. In total, over $415K in scholarships will be distributed for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year in the competitive scholarship process. “Each year, the Community Foundation’s scholarship recipients are an impressive group of people,” says Cynthia H. Andrews, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Lorain County. “But in a school year like no other, this group of students have shown tremendous resilience and demonstrated a commitment to not only their education but their community. We congratulate them and look forward to seeing what they achieve in the next chapter of their academic careers. We thank our generous donors that year after year support scholarship programs that open the door to new opportunities across our county and beyond.” “We know that scholarships open the door to opportunities, but we know that isn’t enough,” shares Cynthia H. Andrews. “We are looking for 500 individuals to register to mentor students in Lorain County

and take the opportunity to connect with our youth and make a difference as they aspire to realize their promise. This program is a model of how we are putting our mission, Connecting People Who Care with Causes that Matter, into action.” Since its inception over 40 years ago, the Community Foundation has distributed over $9M in scholarships. The organization is proud of this number; the need for affordable, attainable education is immense. You can donate (any amount!) to a scholarship fund, create a scholarship fund of your own, sign-up to be a mentor, or share an idea with us on how we can creatively address the need in our community. To learn more about the Community Foundation scholarship programs, please visit peoplewhocare.org. In 2020, the Community Foundation of Lorain County received more than $6.1M in gifts and distributed approximately $6.2M in grants and scholarships. It ended the year with assets of $150M. To get more information about grants, scholarships, or updates about the Community Foundation, visit our website, peoplewhocare.org.

Celebrating The Black River LEAVE A LEGACY WITH

Lasting Community Impact Founded in 1980, the Community Foundation of Lorain County is made up of more than 670+ endowment funds valued at approximately $150M. We wisely invest the funds’ assets and the interest earned provides $6.2M annually in scholarships and grants to support individual and nonprofit organizations in Lorain County. A gift to the Community Foundation is unlike any other gift as it will continue to grow and have lasting impact on our community . . . forever. Education & Youth Development

Arts & Culture Programs

Strengthening Lorain County

Health & Human Services


Interested in learning more about establishing your own fund or recognizing a loved one? Find out how: peoplewhocare.org or call 440.984.7390


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Laying the Foundation The Lorain County JVS has been an integral part of the county and our communities for 50 years. Through the specialized programs offered, Lorain County JVS students build a strong economy by working, living, and giving back to our local communities.   Andrew Shaffer, 2018 Culinary Arts alumni, is the owner/ chef of Earth & Oak in downtown Lorain. “The culinary arts program laid the foundation for my passion in the culinary arts, and allowed me to get immersed into the culinary world. Through the instructors and working with past graduates, I also learned how many different career paths there are in the food world.” Lorain County JVS is a value to our communities. It is a cost-effective option for students to earn college credits and industry credentials. It sustains a pipeline of highly trained talent for local businesses and builds a strong local economy by helping workers meet their goals and businesses meet their needs.




Inspiring Our Communities Every Day Lorain Public Library System (LPLS) is the largest library system in Lorain County. Services are provided from six branches in Lorain, Avon, Columbia, North Ridgeville and Sheffield Lake as well as our Little Library on the Lake, open seasonally at Lakeview Park in Lorain. We also have Outreach Services for seniors including a Books by Mail program and one-on-one tech assistance. LPLS boasts an extensive array of e-Library resources available at LorainPublicLibrary.org. We offer books, movies, television series, music, magazines in a variety of languages, genealogy research tools, craft and DIY tutorials, professional training courses, homework help from live tutors, auto and home repair information and news sources; all available at no cost using just your LPLS library card. Visit our Main Library to use our Create Space, watch a cooking demo in our Culinary Literacy Center or grab some produce from our urban farm. There is always something to do at the library!

The six branches of your Lorain Public Library System offer a wide variety of services and programs for all ages.

MAIN LIBRARY • 440-244-1192 351 W. Sixth Street, Lorain, Ohio 44052

AVON BRANCH • 440-934-4743 37485 Harvest Drive, Avon, OH 44011

COLUMBIA BRANCH • 440-236-8751 13824 W. River Road North, Columbia Station, OH 44028

DOMONKAS BRANCH • 440-949-7410 4125 E. Lake Road, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054

NORTH RIDGEVILLE BRANCH • 440-327-8326 35700 Bainbridge Road, North Ridgeville, OH 44039

SOUTH LORAIN BRANCH • 440-277-5672 2121 Homewood Drive, Lorain, OH 44055

Visit LorainPublicLibrary.org for details.


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Herrick Memorial Library is a Destination The Wellington community is fortunate to have had a public library since

1846 in various buildings and storefronts before getting a permanent home in 1904 from then Ohio Governor, Myron T. Herrick. The Library has evolved over the years from just a place to borrow books to a destination place for information, education and entertainment. We offer books in digital and audio formats, DVDs, music, art prints, video games, genealogy materials, computers, information and research databases, telephone & email reference services, curbside delivery service, in-person and virtual infant and children’s story times through our YouTube connection, along with all of our regular adult and teen programs. Mon-Thur 10:00am – 8:00pm,

Herrick Memorial Library

Fri-Sat 10:00am – 5:00pm, Sun – Oct. through Apr. 1:00-5:00pm. Phone: 440-647-2120; Fax: 440-647-2103

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10 am-8 pm • Fri. & Sat. 10 am-5 pm Sun. 1 pm-5 pm (Oct. through April)

Wellington, OH

Phone: 440-647-2120

Fax: 440-647-2103

w w w.her r ickliboh.org

Offering Unlimited Possibilities of Lifelong Learning for All The Elyria Public Library System is happy to announce the completion of its building projects with the new downtown Central location at 211 Second St. in Elyria. Central is more than 20,000 sq. ft. offering our community a drive-thru service window, makerspace, 100+ meeting room, teen lounge, story time room, and a quiet reading room. All Elyria Public Library locations offer study rooms, collections of books, music, and movies along with computers and wireless printing. Even when the library is closed, you can still access the library’s digital collection via apps like Libby and hoopla. Visit the library’s website at www.elyrialibrary.org and follow us on social media for library news and updates. Central – 211 Second St. Elyria EPLS @ LCCC – 1005 Abbe Rd. Elyria Keystone – 133 E. Commerce Dr. LaGrange South – 340 15th St. Elyria West River – 1194 W. River Rd. N. Elyria Book Sculpture in front of the new library in Phone: 440-323-5747

Introducing the new EPLS Central Library! This hi-tech facility includes new opportunities for fun and learning for all. Now open for business at 211 Second St., Elyria, OH 44035.


Downtown Elyria.




Amherst Public Library As 2021 draws to a close, the Amherst Public Library is looking forward to the future! Our expansion and renovation project officially began construction in July and has been rolling along ever since. The project includes an approximate 7,200 square foot addition to the south of the existing building and a full renovation of the first and second floors.

Construction on the expansion and renovation project is expected to be completed in late spring 2022 and will result in an expanded and updated library that is poised to serve the greater Amherst community for generations to come! We are so excited to be growing along with our community and continue to be grateful for their support. For more information, visit www.amherstpubliclibrary.org.

221 Spring Street Amherst, OH 44001 440-988-4230 amherstpubliclibrary.org

Open Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9am - 8:30pm Friday and Saturday: 10am - 5pm Sunday: Closed

The new addition is taking shape on the south side of the library and is expected to be completed in late spring 2022!

Opening Your Window To The World The Grafton-Midview Public Library provides

free and equal access to information, knowledge, and ideas; promotes personal enrichment and life-long learning; encourages literacy and love of reading and fosters cultural and educational programs and partnerships in a welcoming community environment. We place great value in intellectual freedom, equal access, and respect and tolerance. We also

A GMPL card is the smartest sma arttest card in your wallet! wallett! LEARN THE


of our CARD!

440-926-3317 | www.gmplibrary.org


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

feel obligated to community responsiveness, kindness, service, integrity, and ethics, and practice excellent fiscal responsibility. GMPL has a new app available for our patrons! Our app allows you to check out your own books, search for upcoming events, and of course, explore our catalog! Visit your Google Play or Apple Store and search for Grafton-Midview Public Library. Get started enjoying your Library 24/7 all from the palm of your hand. For more information, visit www.gmplibrary.org.

Michelle Hung, President Lorain County Commissioner

David J. Moore, Vice President Lorain County Commissioner

Matt Lundy, Member Lorain County Commissioner

Tony Gallo, President Lorain County Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President Lorain County Community College

Business & Community Leaders Ed Oley, President Mercy Health

Edie Tiller, Homewood Branch Manager First Federal Savings of Lorain

Franco Gallo, Superintendent Educational Service Center of Lorain County

Stephanie Wiersma, CEO Lorain County Health & Dentistry

Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent Lorain County JVS

Sarah O'Bryan, Superintendent Constellation Schools

Kent Iler, President Iler Networking & Computing

Cindy Andrews, President Community Foundation of Lorain County

Michelle Williamson, Operations Manager Fidelity National Title

Sara Markle, Commissioner Lorain County Veterans Service Commission



Cindy Andrews, President and CEO

Constellation Schools in Lorain County



indy Andrews is President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Lorain County. Cindy has been at the Community Foundation for four years, during which she led the Board and staff in strategic planning. The four goals that guide the strategic direction of the Community Foundation are: Cultivating a culture of philanthropy in Lorain County; Strengthening Lorain County through leadership, grantmaking, and collaboration; Building excellent organizational capacity to support philanthropy and Stewarding and growing assets to ensure financial health and sustainability for the community. Cindy Andrews, President and CEO The Community Foundation has been serving Lorain County for 40+ years and will continue to connect people who care with causes that matter.

onstellation Schools: Elyria Community, and Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary and Middle Schools belong to the premier charter school network of Constellation Schools, which enters its 24th year of educating children. As important members of their communities, these K – 8 schools take pride in offering families a high-quality choice in educating their child. These tuition-free, public schools provide safe, nurturing learning environments focusing on social-emotional development and academic rigor. Our highly qualified teachers are committed to building relationships with every student so they feel welcomed and experience success. Individualized instruction seeks to engage students through interactive lessons in technology-rich Sarah O’Bryan, Superintendent classrooms. Constellation Schools look forward to meeting you and becoming partners in your child’s education.



Community Foundation of Lorain County 9080 Leavitt Rd., Elyria l 440-984-7390 l peoplewhocare.org

To learn more about our program, please call: Constellation Schools: Elyria Community at 440-366-5225 or Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Elementary and Middle Schools at 440-204-2130 www.constellationschools.com

Fidelity National Title

Edie Tiller




idelity National Title, located in Sheffield Village, has been serving Lorain County for well over 65+ years. They have the products, staff, and services to help you with all of your title insurance needs. Fidelity offers title & escrow services on both commercial and residential transactions. This company is highly respected and committed to giving their customers the service and attention they deserve. The Fidelity family makes up the largest group of title companies and insurance underwriters, issuing more policies than any other title company in the U.S. They perform title exams, 1031 Tax Exchanges, new development, construction, refinances, short sales, bilingual closings, outside closings, escrow and more. Fidelity is well known as an active member of the business community and as a Michelle Williamson, proud member of many local organizations, Vice President sponsoring local events within their industry and supporting various local charities. BUILT ON INTEGRITY, STANDING ON SERVICE.

021 marks First Federal Savings of Lorain’s 100th anniversary. A century of service to our communities and customers. We started out as Lake Erie Savings and Loan Company, which was established in October 1921 with a single location on Broadway in Lorain. In the next several years, the company acquired its federal charter, and converted to First Federal Savings of Lorain, and then expanded to the current seven locations. The mission of our institution was and continues to be, providing homeownership opportunities and a safe harbor for our customers’ life savings. In honor of our milestone, we look forward to celebrating with our customers and communities. There will be events, prizes, and special Edie Tiller, Homewood Office giveaways. Be sure to “Like” and follow Branch Manager us on Facebook for updates on the 100 year activities. We look forward to continuing to serve our communities for the next 100 years!

Fidelity National Title, 5340 Meadow Lane Ct., Sheffield Village 440-284-5131 • www.ohio.fntic.com/sheffieldvillage

Homewood Office 2233 E. 42nd St., Lorain 440-277-5809 For more information visit www.FFLorain.bank



Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022


For All Your Computing Needs!

President Marcia J. Ballinger


arcia Ballinger, Ph.D., has more than 29 years in community college leadership roles advancing student success, workforce and economic development, strategic planning, and institutional advancement. She is the sixth President of Lorain County Community College. Dr. Ballinger is engaged in the student completion movement at state and national levels serving in leadership roles for the Completion by Design project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Achieving the Dream and Jobs For the Future Policy Leadership Trust for Student Success. She provides leadership for the College’s economic development initiatives and serves on several boards involved in higher education and workforce and economic development, including MAGNET and NOCHE. She was chosen as a member of the 2021 Smart 50 in Marcia J. Ballinger, President Northeast Ohio, won the 2018 Crain’s Women of Note Award, and the 2018 Lorain County Alliance Mike Whitmore Award for Vision in Government.

ler Networking & Computing has been supporting businesses with their IT needs since 1994. Kent Iler, President & CEO, is passionate about technology, and has built a professional team of technology experts. “For All Your Computing Needs” means they can do it all for you: Wired/ Wireless Networking, Servers, Workstations, Cybersecurity solutions, Internet access, E-Mail hosting with Malware and SPAM protection, Website Development and Hosting, Backup/ Disaster Recovery, VOIP Phone Systems, Security Cameras, 3D Printing, and more, thus allowing top notch technology performance with the appropriate security. With the continued increase of cyber-attacks and Ransomware, Iler can make sure you’re not another victim and your technology is well tuned, helping you focus on running your business. Kent and his family have resided in Lorain County since 1998. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Elyria, and is a deacon at First Baptist Church of Elyria. Kent Iler, Owner Kent also started Iler Aerial Imaging in 2016 – handling professional video production and drones services/ training.



For more information on Lorain County Community College, visit www.lorainccc.edu

5061 N Abbe Road, Suite 3, in Sheffield Village 440-322-4537 www.iler.com www.ilerimaging.com

Stephanie Wiersma, CEO

Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent



orain County Health & Dentistry (LCH&D) is an independent, non-profit Community Health Center operating since 2002, under the direction of CEO Stephanie Wiersma. With a mission to improve the community’s health, particularly for those most in need, LCH&D provides primary and preventive health care of the highest quality to persons of all ages, at 7 locations in Lorain, Elyria and Oberlin. Services include adult & family medicine, pediatrics, optometry, OB/women’s health, general dentistry, integrated behavioral health and podiatry. Lorain County Health & Dentistry accepts insurance including Medicaid and Medicare, and discounts fees for qualifying insured and uninsured patients. The health center works closely with community partners to expand its reach into the most vulnerable neighborhoods. Ms. Wiersma is active in the local community and serves on the Board Stephanie Wiersma, CEO of Directors of the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers, and its Executive and Policy Committees. For more information, visit www.lorainhealth-dentistry.org



r. Glenn Faircloth has been the Superintendent of the Lorain County JVS since 2012. Under his leadership, Lorain County JVS continues to offer effective, highfunctioning programs that equip high school students with curriculum built on integrated academic and technical content and work-based learning opportunities. The JVS Adult Career Center connects motivated adults who want a new career, improve current job skills or enhance their daily lives with short–term training that leads to certifications and skilled positions in the workforce. Dr. Faircloth is a U.S. Army veteran. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Urban Educational Leadership, both earned at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He received his Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Miami University in Dr. Glenn Faircloth, Superintendent Oxford, Ohio. Dr. Faircloth ultimately believes that education is the true key to unlocking poverty, erasing ignorance and revealing opportunities! Lorain County JVS • 15181 State Route 58, Oberlin • 440-774-1051 • www.lcjvs.com www.loraincountymagazine.org


Sara Markle



SGT Sara (Nemec) Markle has called Lorain county her home her entire life. After graduating from Marion L Steele High school in 2000, Sara joined the U.S. Air Force National Guard, becoming a Health Services Management Specialist (4A071). She recently retired from the 178th Wing in Springfield OH, after serving over 20 years. Sara has 15 years of banking and finance experience as the Financial Center Manager at Fifth Third Bank in North Ridgeville and she uses those skills to give back, educate, and assist civilians and veterans. She has served five terms as the North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce chair and remains a board member today. Sara is currently serving as the ViceChair for the Veterans Memorial, a new project in North Ridgeville. The committee is actively raising funds to get the project off the ground and make the dream a reality. Sara Markle, Commissioner Sara resides in North Ridgeville with her husband Jody, daughter Samantha, and son J.D. For more information on the Lorain County Veterans Service Commission, visit www.loraincountyveterans.com

Discovery on the Go



iscovery on the Go is on a mission to deliver the library experience to youth throughout the community with visits to community organizations, schools and events. The program’s primary focus area is emerging literacy for youth who will be introduced to S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) to gain background knowledge, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. Discovery on the Go has tools such as Legos, art supplies, Blue Blocks, and Makey Makeys to provide fun and engaging S.T.E.A.M. programs. For more information on Discovery on the Go or to suggest a site visit, email outreach.services@lpls.info.

For more information, visit www.lorainpubliclibrary.org

Thank You

Edwin M. Oley, Market President



Lorain County!

dwin Oley has dedicated more than 40 years to improving the health of Lorain County residents. Always focused on community needs, Oley has built an impressive physician network within the Mercy Health system and expanded specialty services, giving Lorain County residents access to advanced care close to home. Under Oley’s leadership, Mercy Health has been regularly recognized for patient safety and quality as well as ten-time winner of the Northcoast 99 award, an honor that recognized 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. Oley has been recognized by organizations such as the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, the Ohio Latino Affairs commission, Cleveland Magazine, as well as receiving the Leadership Lorain County Eric Nord Award for his exemplary leadership. Ed and his family are proud to be residents of the Avon community. His wife, Loretta, is a third-grade teacher at Avon Heritage Elementary School Edwin M. Oley, Market President and his son, Casey, is a Junior at Avon High School. To schedule an appointment with a Mercy Health physician, call 877-930-DOCS. For more infor-mation, visit www.mercy.com.


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

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Alex Kaldy Community Consultant 440-263-2263

Bernice Kaldy Publisher 440-346-4482 bkimagebuilder@outlook.com

Scott Hughes Vice President - Sales 440-823-1908 shughes@imagebuildersmarketing.us

Health & Wellness

Privileged to Serve Lorain County Health & Dentistry opens a larger site at 801 Middle Avenue to improve access to affordable, quality healthcare for all persons regardless of ability to pay. Services include general dentistry and behavioral health, in addition to prenatal, and primary medical care. The Middle Avenue health center is open Monday-Friday and has weekly evening hours each Monday. Since opening on August 20, and through September 30, LCH&D served 1,064 unduplicated patients in over 1,350 medical and dental visits. It is clear that our patients depend on Lorain County Health & Dentistry. It is certainly our privilege to serve them.

The friendly staff at Lorain County Health & Dentistry.

Since 2002, LCH&D has provided high quality, comprehensive primary medical and dental care to persons of all ages and specifically seeks to serve low income, underserved persons. In 2020, during the pandemic, LCH&D treated 15,251 unduplicated patients in about 51,000 visits. Another 1,579 persons came for COVID testing only. Of patients seen in 2020, 92% had household income at/below 200% Federal Poverty Level ($53,000 for a family of four). For more information about Lorain County Health & Dentistry, please visit our website at www.lorainhealth-dentistry.org or call 440-240-1655.

An Ohio Community Health Center

Providing high quality and affordable medical, dental, eye care and behavioral health services. We do COVID testing and vaccines, too! Serving all ages at seven convenient locations in Lorain, Elyria and Oberlin.

Non-Emergency Help Line: 440-240-7025

24/7 Crisis Hotline:


Crisis Text Line 4hope to 741 741


Are you or a loved one struggling with mental health or addiction issues? We're here to help

(440) 240-1655 Medicaid | Medicare Commercial insurances accepted Sliding fee discount for qualifying patients Be sure to follow us on:

www.lorainhealth-dentistry.org REAL PEOPLE. REAL HEALTH. www.loraincountymagazine.org


Health & Wellness

Making Healthcare More Convenient Mercy Health – Cancer Center in Lorain County provides care in all cancer types, now with enhanced access to the expertise and specialists at the OSUCCC-James. As an affiliate of The James Cancer Network, Mercy Health — Lorain further delivers on our ministry’s promise of making health care more convenient by delivering care close to home, allowing patients to stay close to loved ones at a time when comfort is more important than ever. The OSUCCC – James is a wellestablished and highly respected National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center and cancer care provider for those in Ohio, the nation, and the world. Combining their expertise with Mercy Health’s legacy of compassionate care, creates a strong foundation for patient-focused care that can give those suffering from a

disease a sense of hope. Cancer care has been elevated to new levels, offering patients prevention and detection, the latest treatment options, and access to clinical trials. With more than 200 oncologists, each of whom specialize in just one type of cancer, the OSUCCC – James offers expert subspecialization, which leads to more profound integration with cancer research and, ultimately, to better outcomes. Together, in partnership with the current expert medical oncologists from American Oncology Network (AON) that care for patients at the Mercy Health Cancer Center, this network of expert physicians will be able to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient. Their expertise and skills are crucial in the accurate detection and successful treatment of cancer.

Cancer care in Lorain County is even stronger To learn more, visit mercy.com/loraincancer

part of the Healthy State Alliance


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Homes & Real Estate

Eye-Catching Charm on a Small Budget There are dozens of small, inexpensive home improvements that can boost your home's curb appeal. Adding a few upgrades to your house not only makes it easier to sell, but it also gives your house that nice, finished look that you can take pride in. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Update the Lighting

Consider both the style of your home and the function of your exterior lights. You want them to be able to adequately illuminate your entryway and make it safer. Look for fixtures that have the same mounting system as the current ones to save time and money.

Make an Inviting Seating Area

Setting out a few chairs or a bench in your front yard will make it feel inviting and welcoming.

Paint the Front Door and Garage Doors

Most exterior paint costs about $35 a gallon. Painting your front door can add some brightness and revive the look of your entry. Pick a bold color that stands out, but make sure it coordinates with the rest of the colors on your house

Plant a Tree, or Two

A well-manicured lawn with established trees, shrubs and plants will always boost a home's curb appeal. Start small with a few fast-growing trees and remember to water them often.

Install Window Boxes

If your house is lacking color, try adding window boxes. Install them on the front porch railings as well as below the windows. Window boxes are relatively cheap, or you can DIY them in an afternoon. And remember, you have to maintain the flowers to actually add curb appeal.

Clean and Pressure Wash

Give your home’s exterior surface a good spit-shine and polish to make it look fresh and well cared for. Rent a pressure washer and clean the driveway, walkways, fences, gutters, siding and whatever else looks grungy — you can even wash your patio furniture.

Replace the Mailbox

If you have a mailbox at the street, consider replacing it if it looks old and shabby.

Coordinate Colors

A gallon or two of paint can do wonders for curb appeal, and a cohesive color palette will make your home look more refined and well kept.

Add Window Shutters

If your home doesn’t have shutters, hang a few to add symmetry and personality to the exterior. Shutters should be the same height as the window trim.

Built on Integrity, Standing on Service!

Fidelity National Title is a FULL SERVICE title company with local service & national reach. We are a direct office for the world’s largest underwriter, Fidelity National Title. Offering Solutions for Residential through Complex Commercial Buying, Selling, Refinancing? Give us a call! Providing Title Insurance to Mortgage Lenders, Business and Government Agencies & Individual Consumers 5340 Meadow Lane Ct., Sheffield Village 440-284-5100 • www.ohio.fntic.com www.loraincountymagazine.org


Community Information

Important Phone Numbers LORAIN COUNTY CITIES Amherst 206 S. Main St. Amherst, OH 44001 440-988-4380 Pop. 12,681 www.amherstohio.org Avon 36080 Chester Rd. Avon, OH 44011 440-937-7800 Pop. 24,847 www.cityofavon.com Avon Lake 150 Avon Belden Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-933-6141 Pop. 25,206 www.avonlake.org

Elyria 131 Court St. Elyria, OH 44035 440-326-1400 Pop. 52,656 www.cityofelyria.org

Oberlin 85 S. Main St. Oberlin, OH 44074 440-775-1531 Pop. 8,555 www.cityofoberlin.com

Lorain 200 W. Erie Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-204-2002 Pop. 65,211 www.cityoflorain.org

Sheffield Lake 609 Harris Rd. Sheffield Lake, OH 44054 440-949-7141 Pop. 8,957 www.sheffieldlake.net

North Ridgeville 7307 Avon Belden Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-353-0819 Pop. 25,280 www.nridgeville.org

Vermilion 5511 Liberty Ave. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-204-2400 Pop. 10,659 www.cityofvermilion.com



VISIT US TODAY IN ELYRIA OR LORAIN Elyria – 226 Middle Avenue, Elyria OH 44035 Lorain – 621 Broadway Avenue, Lorain, OH 44052


of C our t


f Co







ai n

m m on P le

C o u nt y





Tom Orlando

Lorain County Clerk of Courts

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Overlooking Downtown Lorain Photo: Iler Aerial Imaging

Brownhelm Township 1904 North Ridge Rd. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-984-2243 www.brownhelm.org Camden Township 42 Court St. P.O. Box 172 Kipton, OH 44049 440-775-2015 www.camdentwp.us Carlisle Township 11969 LaGrange Rd. LaGrange, OH 44050 440-458-5667 www.carlisletownship.com


Columbia Township 25496 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-236-8802 www.columbiatwp.us

Amherst Township 7530 Oberlin Rd. Elyria, OH 33035 440-988-5894 www.amhersttownship.us

Eaton Township 12043 Avon Belden Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-748-2236 www.eatontownship.org

Brighton Township 21451 State Rt. 511 Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-4757 www.brightontownshipohio.com

Elyria Township 41416 Griswold Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-324-9462 www.elyriatownship.com ›› Continued on page 28



Community Information ›› Continued from page 26 Grafton Township 17109 Avon Belden Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-926-2166 www.graftontwp.us Henrietta Township 12050 Vermilion Rd. Amherst, OH 44001 440-965-4214 www.henriettaohio.org Huntington Township 45955 State Route 162 Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-0040 www.huntingtontwp.org LaGrange Township P.O. Box 565 LaGrange, OH 44050 440-759-3155 www.lagrangetownshipohio.net New Russia Township 46300 Butternut Ridge Rd. Oberlin, OH 44074 440-775-7782 www.newrussiatownship-oh.gov

Penfield Township 41012 State Route 18 Wellington, OH 44090 440-315-5607 www.penfieldtownship.com Pittsfield Township 16940 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-7223 www.pittsfieldtwp.us Rochester Township 52185 Griggs Rd. Wellington, OH 44090 440-657-3731 www.rochesterohio.com Sheffield Township 5166 Clinton Ave. Lorain, OH 44055 440-277-4215 www.sheffieldtownship.com Wellington Township 105 Maple St. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-7194 www.wellingtontownship.org

LORAIN COUNTY VILLAGES Village of Grafton 960 Main St. Grafton, OH 44044 440-926-2401 Pop. 5,895 www.villageofgrafton.org Village of Kipton 299 State Rd. Kipton, OH 44049 440-775-2181 Pop. 209 www.kipton.org

Village of LaGrange 301 Liberty St. P.O. Box 597 LaGrange, 44050 440-355-5555 Pop. 2,595 www.lagrangeohio.net Village of Rochester State St. South Rochester, OH 440-864-9445 Pop. 159 www.rochesterohio.com

Experience the Natural & Cultural Resources of Lorain County Since its creation in 1957, the Lorain County Metro Parks has served as a connection between nature and the residents of Lorain County. This valuable connection has proven vital during the recent pandemic for both the mental and physical health benefits of nature nearby.

Lakeview Park & Beach in Lorain

The park district preserves and creates diverse ecosystems while promoting and demonstrating the responsible use of our natural resources. Through educational and recreational public programming, the parks advance and support conservation of these exceptional resources, including the abundant wildlife native to this area. It is our focus to ensure the resources and wildlife species we appreciate today remain intact for future generations to enjoy.” For more information, visit www.loraincountymetroparks.com.


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Village of Sheffield 4340 Colorado Ave. Sheffield Village, OH 44054 440-949-6325 Pop. 4,135 www.sheffieldvillage.com Village of South Amherst 103 W. Main St. South Amherst, OH 44001 440-986-2222 Pop. 1,581 www.villageofsouthamherst.com Village of Wellington 115 Willard Memorial Square Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-4626 Pop. 4,799 www.villageofwellington.com

SCHOOL SYSTEMS Amherst Exempted Village School District 550 Milan Ave. Amherst, OH 44001 440-988-4406 www.amherstk12.org Avon Local School District 36600 Detroit Rd. Avon, OH 44011 440-937-4680 www.avonlocalschools.org

Avon Lake City School District 175 Avon Belden Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-933-6210 www.avonlakecityschools.org

Lorain City School District 2601 Pole Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-233-2271 www.lorainschools.org

Clearview Local School District 4700 Broadway Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-233-5412 www.clearview.k12.oh.us

Midview Local School District 13050 Durkee Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 440-748-5353 www.midviewk12.org

Columbia Local School District 25796 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-236-5008 www.columbia.k12.oh.us

North Ridgeville City School District 34620 Bainbridge Rd. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-4444 www.nrcs.net

Elyria City School District 42101 Griswold Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 440-284-8000 www.elyriaschools.org Firelands Local School District 112 N. Lake St. South Amherst, OH 44001 440-965-5821 www.firelandsschools.org Keystone Local School District 531 Opportunity Way LaGrange, OH 44050 440-355-2424 www.keystonelocalschools.org

Oberlin City School District 153 North Main St. Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-1458 www.oberlinschools.net Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City School District 1824 Harris Rd. Sheffield Village, OH 44054 440-949-6181 www.sheffield.k12.oh.us

Wellington Exempted Village School District 305 Union St. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-4286 www.wellingtonvillageschools.org Lorain County Joint Vocational School 15181 State Route 58 Oberlin, OH 44074 440-774-1051 www.lcjvs.com Lorain County Community College 1005 N. Abbe Rd. Elyria, OH 44035 1-800-995-5222 www.lorainccc.edu

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Lorain County Chamber of Commerce 226 Middle Ave 5th Floor Elyria, Ohio 44035 440-328-2550 www.loraincountychamber.com North Coast Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 275 Avon Lake, OH 44012 440-933-9311 www.northcoastchamber.com ›› Continued on next page

Reconnect. Refocus. Rebound. The Lorain County Chamber of Commerce

is dedicated to promoting and supporting our local business community. Our mission became even more critical when COVID-19 caused a shutdown of many of our local business operations. The County Chamber worked with our local Economic Development partners to form the #LorainCountyStrong movement to promote our local restaurants and retailers. Our Lorain County COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Relief Grant will soon surpass $500,000 in funds provided to help keep our small businesses open and their employees working! We continue to focus on Workforce Development and training and certification programs with our local educational partners, with transportation alternatives as an additional focus. Our membership continues to grow in spite of this difficult time because we have become a lifeline by providing value & critical information and resources to our member businesses. For more information and to help keep #LorainCountyStrong, visit www.loraincountychamber.com.




Community Information ›› Continued from previous page North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce 36097 Westminister Ave. North Ridgeville, OH 44039 440-327-3737 https://nrchamber.com Vermilion Chamber of Commerce 5495 Liberty Ave. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-967-4477 www.vermilionohio.com

MAIN STREET ASSOCIATIONS Lorain Growth Association 301 Broadway Ave. #101 Lorain, OH 44052 440-396-8538 www.loraingrowth.org

Main Street Lorain 301 Broadway St., Ste. 108 Lorain, OH 44052 440-670-1914 www.mainstreetlorainohio.org Oberlin Business Partnership 23 E. College St. Oberlin OH 44074 440-774-6262 www.oberlin.org Main Street Vermilion 685 Main St. Vermilion, OH 44089 440-963-0772 www.mainstreetvermilion.org Main Street Wellington 118 West Herrick Ave. P.O. Box 1 Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-3987 www.mainstreetwellington.org

Main Street Amherst 255 Park Ave. Amherst, OH 44001 440-984-6709 www.mainstreetamherst.org

Looking for a FUN and AFFORDABLE Ohio vacation? Now that we have turned the page on a year unlike any other, it’s time to get back out and explore some the great things you may have missed in Lorain County. We boast a vibrant region, with a variety of offerings including top rated schools, fabulous parks, unique shops, awardwinning wineries/breweries, choice restaurants and first-rate accommodations.

226 Middle Avenue #532


www.loraincounty.us 30

Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Our hoteliers are delighted to welcome you to your home away from home. A wide array of lodging options for your next family vacation, business conference, or romantic getaway are available for your visit. Whether you’re looking to book a luxurious hotel, experience the warm hospitality of a cozy bed and breakfast, or camp under the stars, we’ll help find the perfect pillow. If you are traveling to the area for business, visiting friends or family, or solely looking for a fun weekend getaway, an awesome and memorable experience awaits you in Lorain County, Ohio. Lorain County Convention & Visitors Bureau 440-406-3119 www.loraincounty.us

Connect to A Cause Celebrating 125 Years of Faith, Community, and Exceptional Care

Wesleyan Village 807 West Ave. Elyria, OH 44035 Anne Murphy, Director of Marketing 440-284-9025

Wesleyan Senior Living Foundation Tammy Bertrand, Director 440-284-9755

Wesleyan Meadows 5400 Meadow Lane Court Sheffield Village, OH 44035 Tracy Murphy, Sales Director 440-934-9400, ext. 4721


Friendship Animal Protective League 8303 Murray Ridge Rd., Elyria

Empower. Ignite. Defend. Potential.


Become a Mentor today! 440-227-6541 www.bigloraincounty.org

Hours: Tuesday thru Sunday 11:00 am - 4:30 pm

w w w . f r i e n d s h i p a p l . o r g

Be a BIG ! Get a BIG!

Child Enrichment Services Family Support Services Senior Enrichment Services Shelter and Emergency Services

Helping communities grow stronger by meeting critical needs and empowering individuals and families. Schedule a tour by calling 440-233-8768

Visit us at


Welcome to a place for healing. OUR PROGRAMS: - Crisis Services - Behavioral Health Services for Children & Adolescents - Behavioral Health Services for Adults - Sexual Assault Services & Child Advocacy - Residential & Housing Services

NEED HELP NOW? Call us anytime: 800-888-6161


TNC_LorainAd_.indd 1

Lorain County Children’s Crisis Care Center 6115 Olivet Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035 440-240-1851 • www.blessinghouse.org

10/5/21 10:19 AM

• Summer Day Camp • Zipline Canopy Tour • Recreational Tree Climbing

• Team Building Programs • SEL & STEM Programs • Workplace Retreats

commongroundcenter.org www.loraincountymagazine.org


301 Broadway Avenue l Lorain

Advertiser Index Photo: Jason Shafer Photography

w w w . D o d i e s D o c k s i d e . c o m



Friendship Animal Protective League........................................p 31 www.friendshipapl.org

Blessing House............................p 31 www.blessinghouse.org

ASSESSMENTS/APPRAISALS/ LICENSES/TAXES Lorain County Auditor.....................Inside back cover www.loraincounty.com/auditor

RESTAURANT AND BAR 10 East College Street | Oberlin, OH. | 44074 440-775-7001 thehotelatoberlin.com/1833-restaurant

Home of the

BThouursrbdaon ys

Scratch Kitchen

525 Broad St., Elyria • 440-281-9181

Dine in - Pickup - Delivery


CLEANING/RESTORATION Duraclean....................................p 25 www.duracleanohio.com

Lorain County Clerk of Courts...p 26 www.loraincounty.us/clerk



Lorain County Community College................p 11, 21, Back cover www.lorainccc.edu

First Federal Savings of Lorain.................................p 9, 20 www.fflorain.bank


City of Avon Lake.........................p 5 www.avonlake.org


Commstar Credit Union...............p 7 www.commstar.org

Award Winning Pizza


COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE Holland Computers....................p 30 www.hollandcomputers.com



Lorain County Chamber of Commerce..............................p 29 www.loraincountychamber.com

Lorain County Convention & Visitors Bureau...........................p 30 www.loraincounty.us



Community Foundation of Lorain County.................p 14, 20 www.peoplewhocare.org

The Lodge at New Russia Township Hall...............................p 8 www.newrussiatownship-oh.gov

Patio Now Open in Avon!

820 Center Rd. Avon, OH 440-517-0078

7660 Leavitt Rd. Amherst, OH 440-985-7429

1833 Signature Restaurant and Bar

Corporate Meetings

70 Guest Rooms and Suites

Weddings l Social Events

Dine-In • Carry-Out • Catering


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440•775•7001 | 10 East College St. | Oberlin, OH 44074


Lorain County Magazine & Community Guide | 2022

Avon Lake City Schools....... p 12 www.avonlakecityschools.org

ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified Company

Elyria City Schools................ p 12 www.elyriaschools.org Lorain City Schools.............. p 13 www.lorainschools.org North Ridgeville City Schools................................. p 13 www.nrcs.net Oberlin City Schools............p 13 www.oberlinschools.net Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools..........................p 13 www.sheffield.k12.oh.us

EVENT PLANNERS Hometown Vendors LLC .................................Inside back cover www.hometownvendors.org

FLOWERS/GIFTS A Secret Garden Floral Design ...........Inside back cover www.asecretgarden-floral.com

HEATING, COOLING & PLUMBING SERVICES Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing...................................p 9 www.gogeisel.com

HOSPITALS/MEDICAL FACILITIES Mercy Health........................p 22, 24 www.mercy.com

HOTELS The Hotel at Oberlin..................p 32 www.thehotelatoberlin.com

LIBRARIES Amherst Public Library...............p 16 www.amherstpubliclibrary.org Elyria Public Library System.......p 18 www.elyrialibrary.org Grafton-Midview Public Library........................................... p 16 www.gmplibrary.org Herrick Memorial Library...........p 18 www.herrickliboh.org Lorain Public Library System...................................p 17, 22 www.lorainpubliclibrary.org

MEDICAL & DENTAL CLINICS Lorain County Health & Dentistry............................p 21, 23 www.lorainhealth-dentistry.org

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES MHARS Lorain County...............p 23 www.mharslc.org

METAL SPINNING AND FABRICATION Elyria Metal Spinning Co. ............ Inside bk. Cover www.elyriametalspinning.com

NETWORKING & COMPUTING Iler Networking & Computing..........................p 6, 21 www.iler.com l www.ilerimaging.com

PARKS/COUNTY METRO PARKS Lorain County Metro Parks........p 28 www.loraincountymetroparks.com

Providing our customers with cost effective, precision spun metal parts. 7511 W. River Road South l Elyria 440-323-8068

SCHOOLS/PUBLIC CHARTER Constellation Schools....p 11, 20 www.constellationschools.com

SENIOR SERVICES Wesleyan Senior Living Foundation..........................p 31 www.villageliving.org

SHOPPING CENTERS/MALLS Avon Commons......... Inside front cover www.avon-commons.com

A.J. Rose Manufacturing Co........p 1 apply@ajrose.com

REAL ESTATE/TITLE SERVICES Fidelity National Title...........p 20, 25 www.ohio.fntic.com/sheffieldvillage

RESTAURANTS 1833 Restaurant.........................p 32 www.thehotelatoberlin.com/1833restaurant Dodie's Dockside Restaurant.....p 32 www.dodiesdockside.com Foundry Kitchen & Bar...............p 32 www.foundrykitchen.bar

SOCIAL SERVICES Big Brothers Big Sisters.......p 31 www.bigloraincounty.org

Check out Hometown Vendors LLC Craft Shows at hometownvendors.org ■


If interested in being a vendor email Hometownvendors@outlook.com

Neighborhood Alliance.......p 31 www.myneighborhoodalliance.org The Nord Center..................p 31 www.nordcenter.org

VETERANS SERVICES Lorain County Veterans Service Office.................p 10, 22 www.loraincountyveterans.com

ZIPLINE CANOPY TOURS Common Ground Zipline Canopy Tours.......................p 31 www.commongroundcenter.org

Moosehead BBQ Grill.................p 32 www.mooseheadbbq.com

SCHOOLS/CAREER & TECHNICAL Lorain County JVS................p 15, 21 www.lcjvs.com

J. Craig Snodgrass, CPA, CGFM Lorain County Auditor

226 Middle Avenue, 2nd Floor • Elyria, Ohio 44035 General ..................................... (440) 329-5207

Real Estate ............................. (440) 329-5212


Auditor Snodgrass ........ (440) 329-5170

Special Assessments ... (440) 329-5210

Amherst Exempted Village Schools ...........................p 12 www.amherstk12.org

Appraisal ................................. (440) 329-5488

Tax Exemption .................. (440) 329-5739

Board of Revision ........... (440) 329-5374

Tax Map .................................... (440) 329-5272

Homestead ........................... (440) 329-5222

Owner Occupancy ........ (440) 329-5203

Licenses - Dog, Vendor, Junk Yard, Cigarette............................ (440) 329-5717

Weights & Measures.... (440) 329-5657

Avon Local Schools.....................p 12 www.avonlocalschools.org

www.loraincounty.com/auditor • auditor @loraincounty.com

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