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Angelina’s Italian Market by Courtney Kamm

Angelina’s Market, which opened in 2019, wanted to add a little bit of Sicily to the German town of Washington, Missouri — and that is exactly what they did. Owned by Angela Gewinner and her two children, Monica Buel and Joe Lanasa, the market was named after Angela’s late grandmother, Angelina Bommarito. Angelina arrived in America in 1901 and married her older cousin, Dominic Bommarito, who had established a bakery in downtown St.Louis. She often helped her husband in the bakery, and it was said that she made the most beautiful cookies and pies. Selling everything from cookies and pasta to Italian sauce and Volpi salami, Angelina’s Market is one stop shopping for all things Italian. A great place to stop for lunch with family and friends, Angelina’s also offers gift baskets and catering for special occasions or larger gatherings. Make sure to stop by the Italian Market during your next outing. You can find them at 24 W. 2nd Street in Washington, Missouri. Do you have a favorite deli sandwich or market item you get from Angelina’s Italian Market? Let us know at

May Day by Courtney Kamm

May Day is a public holiday celebrated

on either the first of May or the first Monday of May in some regions. This holiday holds a couple of different meanings: 1. It is an ancient festival marking the summer season, typically landing halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities in many European cultures. 1. In 1889, May Day was chosen as International Workers’ Day by the socialists, communists, anarchists, labor activists, and leftists in general around the world to commemorate the Haymarket affair that took place in Chicago, and the struggle for an eight-hour workday. These two celebrations are very different but fall under the same name, so make sure you know which May Day you are speaking of in conversation!

Teacher Appreciation Day by Courtney Kamm

Get your apples ready for your favorite teacher because Tuesday, May 3 is Teacher Appreciation Day! These last few years of virtual and hybrid learning have been tough on teachers, so here are a few gift ideas to show them just how much they are appreciated: 1. Homemade art 2. Bouquet of flowers 3. Box of chocolates 4. A gift card to a local restaurant 5. A small house plant

St. Louis, Missouri 63123



Cinco de Mayo by Courtney Kamm

Every year we celebrate the 5th of May with tacos, burritos, and margaritas, but do we really know what we are celebrating on Cinco de Mayo? Here are a few fun facts about the Mexican holiday: 1. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates a significant battle during the Franco-Mexican War, the Battle of Puebla, where Mexico went in as the underdog but came out victorious. 2. Although celebrated in America just weeks after the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo wasn’t officially recognized until 1933. 3. In Mexico, the holiday is mostly celebrated in the state of Puebla and in addition to food and drinks, locals put on a military parade with people dressed as French and Mexican soldiers, cheer on brightly colored floats, and reenact the battle on its original site. 4. Sure, tacos are a staple at any Cinco de Mayo party, but in Mexico, there’s one meal that stands above the rest. The holiday’s most beloved dish is mole poblano, a sauce made with dozens of ingredients including chili peppers and chocolate served over chicken. 5. According to the California Avocado Commission, we eat upward of 80 million pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. alone! That’s a lot of guac!

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May 1

Paintings on Stone: Science and the Sacred 1530 – 1800 Tickets at; St. Louis Art Museum


St. Ambrose LaFesta noon-7 p.m.; The Hill

Antonino Lombardo & Carina Marino

May 3-8

Paintings on Stone: Science and the Sacred 1530 – 1800 Tickets at; St. Louis Art Museum

May 4

editorial art MANAGING EDITOR

Anthony Gandolfo

ENGLISH EDITOR Marianne Peri-Sack

Wine Down Wednesdays 5-10 p.m.; Oliva on The Hill


May 7

Amanda Coyne

The Hill Wine Walk

11:30 a.m.-4 p.m; more info at


May 10-15

Courtney Kamm

Paintings on Stone: Science and the Sacred 1530 – 1800 Tickets at; St. Louis Art Museum

May 11


Clint&Co 2nd Wednesdays at Sal’s

Salvatore Gandolfo

Salvatore’s Italian Grill; 4145 S Old Hwy 94, St. Charles, MO; 6:30-11:30 p.m.

Wine Down Wednesdays 5-10 p.m.; Oliva on The Hill




DISTRIBUTION James Marino Alexandra Marino

MAIN OFFICE 314-722-6728


Via Delle Palme 7 91021 Campobello di Mazara (TP) Italia


May 15

Santa Fara Mass

Cav. Valerio Bianco

11 a.m.; St. Ambrose Catholic Church

May 18

Mauro Salamone

Wine Down Wednesdays 5-10 p.m.; Oliva on The Hill

Cav. Michael Lombardo

May 20

Oreste Magni

Anthony Nunziata | The Greatest Love Songs

The Blue Strawberry; 7:30 p.m.; Tickets: call Jim Dolan at 314-368-9507

May 25

Wine Down Wednesdays

Comm. Domenico Mancini Cav. Eugene Mariani, Ph.D. Prof. A. Perrone

5-10 p.m.; Oliva on The Hill

June 1

Dott. Nicolo’ Sangiorgio

Wine Down Wednesdays

Dr. Orazio Tanelli

5-10 p.m.; Oliva on The Hill

June 8

Antonino Tito

Wine Down Wednesdays

Gus Torregrossa

5-10 p.m.; Oliva on The Hill

June 12

Cristina Giancola Youngberg

The All-American Soap Box Derby More info at

June 24

Italian Vacation Wine Tasting

6-8 p.m.; Vom Fass St. Louis, 7314 Manchester Rd., Maplewood, MO

June 21-22

Opera Night Series - Broadway Nights

7 p.m.; $85; Dominic’s on The Hill call 314-865-0038 for more info or reservations

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June 26

Hill House Tour

The Hill Neighborhood Center;1-5 p.m.; tickets at eventbrite; $25

July 1

Please Recycle This Newspapaer

Special Edition at Salvatore’s

Salvatore’s Italian Grill; 4145 S Old Hwy 94, St. Charles, MO; 8 p.m.

July 19-20

Italian Serenade

6:30-9:30 p.m.; $85; Dominic’s on The Hill ; call 314-865-0038 for more info or reservations

Aug. 16-17

Opera Nights - Diner’s Choice

7 p.m.; $85; Dominic’s on The Hill call 314-865-0038 for more info or reservations


Sept. 16-17

Italian Fest - Collinsville, IL

221 W. Main St., Collinsville, IL; more info at

Oct. 9

Italian Heritage Parade and Festa

The Hill, St. Louis; noon; festival at Berra Park Please check events as they may have been canceled or postponed after publication

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Official Photographer

Cancer Care Foundation St. Louis, Missouri Oliva on The Hill August 30, 2021

Larry Romano and Bill Anselmo

Courtney and Christopher Serrone, Gina and Frank DiGregorio

Gus Torregrossa, Courtney and Christopher Serrone and John Viviano

Keith Ballentine and Gus Torregrossa

Mike Griffero, Christopher and Courtney Serrone and Maggie Griffero

Gus Torregrossa, Christopher Serrone and Joe Fresta Sr.




Mother’s Day by Courtney Kamm

Have you ordered your mom, step-mom, or grandmother something for Mother’s Day yet? Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood that is observed in different forms all throughout the world. Originally created by a woman named Anna Jarvis in 1908, it became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Jarvis went on to later denounce the holiday, and spend the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. Sounds like maybe she and her mom got into a fight… just kidding! She actually became disgusted with how the holiday had been commercialized and urged people to stop buying Mother’s Day flowers, cards, and candles. It is safe to say, the people did not stop. Today, 68% of people buy their motherly figure fresh flowers on the holiday and 72% give cards. Did you know more calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year? That’s a lot of phone traffic! What are you getting your mom this year? Keep City House Country Mouse on The Hill in mind this Mother’s Day ( or 314-502-9555)!

International Nurses Day by Courtney Kamm

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every year on May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Florence Nightingale is considered the pioneer of modern nursing. Each year carries a theme and for 2022 it is: “Nurses: A Voice to Lead — Invest in nursing and respect the right to secure global health.” Make sure to celebrate the nurses in your life this year on International Nurses Day!

TWStL 2022: “Tennessee Williams and Italy”

The 7th Annual Tennessee Williams Festival St. Louis, Aug. 18-28 The Tennessee Williams Festival St. Louis (TWStL) returns for its seventh year, giving center stage to a newly reimagined and sensual Fellini-esque production of William’s romantic Sicilian love story The Rose Tattoo, directed by David Kaplan and performed in the Big Top in the Grand Arts Center. “This year we celebrate the resilience of love, passion, community, art and the human spirit” said Carrie Houk, TWStL Executive Artistic Director. “How delightful to be moving into the light of 2022 with productions embracing the magnificence of those who ventured from abroad to begin anew. Saluti and avanti!” The Rose Tattoo tells the story of love, death, and resilience in a downtrodden but hopeful 1940s immigrant Sicilian community. Serafina delle Rose clings madly to her Italian identity, to the fanciful memory of her murdered husband, and to her free-spirited daughter. Will she find love with the banana truck driver? Are all the rose tattoos a sign?

Il Pensiero

Introducing the theme of an Italian circus, Kaplan’s take on Williams’ classic features aerialists, animals, singers and musicians. He surrounds Serafina with a dozen circus performers – including a ringmaster, a strongman, trapeze artists, and clowns – who perform the full text of the play. “This St. Louis Rose Tattoo is performed in a circus as a circus, the better to share what Williams called his ‘limitless world of the dream,’” said Kaplan. “Live goats, accordions, impassioned acting, a play that celebrates the wisdom of desire. What’s not to like?” Other festival events will occur on The Hill, a St. Louis cultural gem of a location: —The St. Louis Neighborhood Plays, a series of Williams’ one-acts, directed by Robert Quinlan (Associate Artistic Director Illinois Shakespeare Festival). “Tennessee Williams captured the dreams and struggles of an eclectic collection of St. Louisans in several early one-act plays, to be presented “promenade-style” at the Marketplace on The Hill,” said Quinlan. —thought-provoking Panels, hosted by TWStL scholar-in-residence Tom Mitchell, including The St. Louis Neighborhoods of Tennessee Williams, Tennessee Williams and his Significant Others and For the Love of Italy. From Mitchell: “It is surprising to see how much Tennessee Williams wrote about the neighborhoods of St. Louis where he grew up in the 1920s and 30s. His stories and plays reveal much about the city and about the playwright.” —Screenings of iconic films based on Williams’ works, to include “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (adapted from a Williams novella and featuring Vivien Leigh and Warren Beatty) and Boom (adapted from The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore and featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton). Other events to be held at various locations on The Hill: Tennessee Williams Tribute: Selections from Williams’ Italian-inspired writing Walking Tour of The St. Louis Hill Gelato Social Bocce Ball Competition La Dolce Vita Pool Party Additional events and locations to be announced in the coming weeks! The full festival itinerary can be found at Tickets can be purchased via Metrotix beginning in July. About the Festival In 2014, award-winning producer, casting director, actor, and educator Carrie Houk produced Williams’ Stairs to the Roof with such success that the ongoing annual Festival was established. The inaugural Festival in 2016 was themed “Tennessee Williams: The St. Louis Years,” followed by “The Magic of the Other” in 2017 and “The French Quarter Years” in 2018. The 2019 festival featured performances of Night of the Iguana and A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur. In 2021, the Festival spotlighted The Glass Menagerie and You Lied To Me About Centralia. The Festival has attracted thousands to its readings, panel discussions, concerts, exhibitions, and productions. The Festival, which aims to enrich

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Notary Services Carina Adriana Marino Saint Louis County State of Missouri

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the cultural life of St. Louis by producing an annual theater festival and other artistic events that celebrate the artistry and life of Tennessee Williams, was named the Arts Startup of the Year Award by the Arts and Education Council at the 2019 St. Louis Arts Awards. TWStL has garnered 12 awards from the St. Louis Theater Circle in the last two years and was recently nominated for four St. Louis Theater Circle awards for 2021’s The Glass Menagerie, which was performed where it was first imagined, at the very building in the Central West End where the Williams family settled when they moved to St. Louis. About Tennessee Williams Continued on page 6

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by Carina Marino


Rocco Naeger Joe Gandolfo Marisa Nicastro


Joe & Lisa Gandolfo - May 6 Leo & Rosanna Leone - May 27

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A Special Note: Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Linda who kindly helps in making this publication possible. Carina Marino

and the Il Pensiero staff Continued from page 5 Born Thomas Lanier Williams III in 1911 in Mississippi, Williams moved to St. Louis at age seven, when his father was made an executive with the International Shoe Company (where the City Museum and the Last Hotel are now located). He lived here for more than two decades, attending Washington University, working at the International Shoe Company, and producing his first plays at local theaters. He credited his sometimes-difficult experiences in St. Louis for the deeply felt poetic essence that permeates his artistry. When asked later in life when he left St. Louis, he replied, “I never really left.” Most people are familiar with the famous works that have garnered multiple Pulitzer Prizes, Tony Awards, and Academy Awards, such as The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly Last Summer. He also wrote hundreds of additional plays, stories, essays, and poems, many of which are only now seeing the light of day as his estate permits greater access. He is today considered by many leading authorities to be America’s greatest playwright.

Native Plant Sale at World Bird Sanctuary, May 14, 2022

Four Grow Native! professional members will sell a variety of native wildflowers, grasses,

Il Pensiero

shrubs, trees, vines, and sedges Native plants beautify landscapes and help support songbirds and other treasured wildlife. You can shop for native plants at this sale hosted by the World Bird Sanctuary on Saturday, May 14, 2022, located at 125 Bald Eagle Ridge Road, Valley Park, MO. The World Bird Sanctuary will host the sale rain or shine from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The World Bird Sanctuary charges an $8 entrance fee per vehicle. Enjoy the magnificent live birds while at the World Bird Sanctuary. Gaylena’s Garden, Ozark Soul, Papillon Perennials, and River City Natives, will supply a variety of native plants for your landscaping needs. “We are pleased to partner with the World Bird Sanctuary, who will host this native plant sale,” said Carol Davit, Executive Director of the Missouri Prairie Foundation. “Native plants—as the basis of food chains here and around the world— are critical to sustaining bird populations as well as monarch butterflies and other wildlife we all enjoy.” You can shop from all vendors during the sale. If you wish, you can also pre-order plants and have your order ready for pick up at the event. The following vendors are accepting pre-orders. When placing your pre-orders, please include your phone number and note that the order is for the World Bird Sanctuary sale in Valley Park on May 14. Gaylena’s Garden: Email or phone 573-694-3228. Pre-order deadline: May 13 at noon Ozark Soul: Email (preferred) or phone: 816-809-4062. Pre-order deadline: May 11 at 5 p.m. Papillon Perennials: Phone: 636-273-9688. Pre-order deadline: May 12 at 5 p.m. River City Natives: Email or phone: 314-492-1067. Pre-order deadline: May 12 at 5 p.m. Some vendors accept cash, check, or credit cards; some only cash or checks. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own crates or boxes for bringing their purchased plants home. The Missouri Prairie Foundation is a 56-year-old prairie conservation organization and land trust. In addition to its prairie conservation work, the Missouri Prairie Foundation also runs Grow Native!, a 22-year-old native plant marketing and education program, and administers the Missouri Invasive Plant Council. To learn more, visit or , or call 636-303-7418.

Michéal Castaldo’s Reimagined “Hotel California” in the Artist’s Native Calabrian Language



Michéal Castaldo, known for his crossover Italian ballads and Italian versions of popular hits from various genres, has turned his attention to a classic of American rock, the Eagles’ “Hotel California.” The fresh interpretation in the Calabrian Language pays homage to the original influences of the song. As fans of the Eagles well know, the working title of the demo was “Mexican Reggae.” “My Calabrian translation remains true to the meter, rhyme, and beat of the original,” says Castaldo. “The remix dance groove highlights the Reggaeton beat of the original song and brings out the flamenco flavors even more,” he adds. Featured during the bridge is the Andalusian Cante Flamenco vocalist Alfonso Mogaburo Cid. Michéal stands on the shoulders of Sting’s work with French-Algerian vocalist Cheb Mami on the song Desert Rose, Peter Gabriel’s work with Pakistani Qawwali vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Hans Zimmer’s work with Australian Glossolalia vocalist Lisa Gerrard on the Gladiator Soundtrack. The Calabrian Language Italy is made up of 20 regions and each region has its own language. When the regions/kingdoms were unified in 1861, the Florentine language was chosen to be the official Italian language. “My recording of popular American songs in Calabrian is my way of preserving the language,” notes Castaldo. “My hope is that those who know and love “Hotel California” will enjoy my interpretation and will learn a little bit of my beautiful native language in the process.” About the Artist Michéal Castaldo was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was a young boy. He studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As a vocalist, he has toured North America and Europe, including performances at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Rainbow Room, Shea Stadium, Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and Italy’s Teatro F. Cilea and Pescara Opera House. Michéal’s work stands on the shoulders of disticnt projects such as Sting’s work with French-Algerian vocalist Cheb Mami on the song Desert Rose, Peter Gabriel’s work with Pakistani Qawwali vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Hans Zimmer’s work with Australian Glossolalia vocalist Lisa Gerrard on the Gladiator Soundtrack. Credits: “Hotel California” was written by Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey. Calabrian lyrics were by Michele Castlado. It was produced by Stein Berge Svendsen and Michéal Castaldo. The Remix Digi release of “Hotel California” is credited to Lil Hamslice x DJ MC Cell, with engineering by Jon Gordon and Steve Addabbo. Flamenco Guitar accompaniment was performed by Italian musician Francesco Grant Energipsy. The “Hotel California” remix is available at digital online music e-tail stores worldwide and to stream at Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and YouTube.



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NIAF President Speaks to Italian Senators on Italian Stereotypes in America

Allegrini was invited to address the image of Italy in the United States, the perception of Italians in America, and Italian stereotypes The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) President RobertAllegrini spoke Monday morning to an assembly of Italian senators at the government palace, Palazzo Giustiniani, in Rome, Italy. Allegrini was invited by Brussels-based think tank and NIAF partner ItalyUntold to address the image of Italy in the United States, the perception of Italians in America, and Italian stereotypes. “When you ask, ‘What is the perception of Italy and Italians in America?’, it is a question that requires a complex answer. On the one hand, there is a lot that Americans love about Italy and Italians. There is a great love for Made in Italy products, from food, to fashion, to sports cars. There is admiration for Italian art and music, and appreciation for Italian creativity and lifestyle. So, in those stereotypically Italian excellences, there is a real admiration. But does this admiration translate into a constant respect and trust towards the Italian people and the country itself? I must admit that this is not the case,” said Allegrini. Allegrini continued his remarks adding, “Italians must realize that the Italian American community is one of their greatest assets and they must do more to support it because Italian Americans are immensely proud of their legacy. They are the first to come to the defense of Italy when it is attacked unjustly just as the National Italian American Foundation regularly does.” Italy is the fifth power in the world for trade surplus and the second European manufacturing country. Italian industries enjoy leading positions in many high technology sectors, from robotics to shipyards, and they build major infrastructure in more than 90 countries. The Italian language is the fourth most studied language in the world, a clear signal of the international attention to the country. The partnership between ItalyUntold and NIAF, which was solidified in November of 2021, aims at amplifying these positive messages and disseminating them globally, helping Italy’s repositioning within the international community. The conference was organized by Senator Laura Garavini, vice president of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Senators Fabio Porta and Francesco Giacobbe, in collaboration with ItalyUnTold. Other speakers included Giacomo Guarnera, president of Italicos do Brasil, and Giovanni Orsina, director of the Luiss School of Government. The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and protecting the Italian American heritage and culture. Based in Washington, D.C., it is the major advocate for nearly 25 million Italian

Il Pensiero

Americans, the nation’s fifth largest ethnic group. To learn more about the Foundation and to become a member, ItalyUntold is a Brussels-based think tank with the aim of promoting and defending the true image of Italy, revealing the ”untold” stories, and countering the prejudices of which Italy is still victim. To learn more visit italyuntold. org. For questions or information, contact

WorldCast a Huge Success

WorldCast, sponsored by the Silvio Laccetti Foundation, is a webbased educational experience linking high schools across the globe. In its first edition, students met face-to-face to discuss urgent local environmental problems which have a broad significance worldwide. By every measure, this Global Summit was a complete success. The two-hour WorldCast featured presentations from 9 schools in the NJ-NY Metro Area, Brazil and Italy. Topics included: The problems in the Brazilian Rain Forests, including the little known problem of wildfires therein; analysis of urban sprawl, urban ecoculture and infrastructural weaknesses in Venice and New York City; dilemmas of the Jersey Shore and tourism; conditions in the Polar Ice Caps as seen through student interviews of Enzo Baracco, a world-famous environmental photographer. New Jersey schools which participated included: Becton Regional in East Rutherford, Pt. Pleasant Boro and Watchung Valley Regional in Warren. Other schools included La Scuola d’Italia in New York City, Marco Polo Liceo in Venice, the Novara School District, Italy, Kirmayr Prep, Serra Negra, Brazil and the Rotary Interact Club in Serra Negra. WorldCast was headquartered at the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority’s Meadowlands Conservation Center in East Rutherford. Through the courtesy of Vincent Prieto President of NJSPEA and Terry Doss, Co-Chief Scientist at the Environmental Center. Ca’ Foscari University in Venice supplied the internet platform for the effort while the Education Office of the New York Italian Consulate played a role in coordinating trans-Atlantic communications. In all, over 100 students, and scores of institutions worked together with the Laccetti Foundation to realize this unique effort. Aside from meeting and learning from each other, most students were both excited and awed by presenting to a world audience from New Zealand to Greenland. As many students, teachers, and even parents commented afterwards, WorldCast was a growth experience for all involved.



La Patata del Fucino IGP torna in scena al Marca, l’attesa fiera di Bologna dal 12 al 13 aprile 2022, padiglione 30 Stand A8.

A trainare l’attività di promozione l’Associazione Marsicana Produttori Patate - AMPP Dopo il difficile biennio di assenza dalle manifestazioni commerciali nazionali più importanti, l’Associazione Marsica Produttori Patate - AMPP - torna ad essere locomotiva della campagna di promozione della Patata del Fucino IGP. Motivata più che mai l’Associazione rinnova la partecipazione ad una delle più autorevoli fiere d’Europa che ospita le maggiori insegne della DMO - Distribuzione Moderna Organizzata Con un proprio spazio espositivo, completamente rinnovato, al Padiglione 30 Stand A8, l’AMPP accende i riflettori sulla Patata del Fucino IGP per creare mercato, aprire nuove opportunità con i rappresentanti della GDO, manager, responsabili d’acquisto, stampa di settore e con i tanti visitatori che tra il 12 e 13 aprile affolleranno il Marca. Rodolfo di Pasquale, presidente dell’AMPP, ribadisce l’importanza del marketing nel sistema commerciale della pataticoltura italiana “Basta pensare che fino a qualche anno fa la patata era considerata a tutti gli effetti una commodity, mentre oggi possiamo finalmente distinguere il nostro prodotto dagli altri con l’ambito riconoscimento del marchio IGP che l’AMPP è riuscita ad ottenere per la produzione del Fucino”. Una spinta promozionale in tal senso è stata data anche dalla recente campagna RAI su TV e radio che ha contribuito a creare notorietà al brand. Anche la trasmissione RAI Lineaverde Explora si è interessata alla Patata del Fucino e l’ha resa protagonista del servizio dedicato al territorio. Prodotto e territorio diventano così uno volano dell’altro, in una simbiosi di elementi che concorrono a delineare le rispettive caratteristiche e peculiarità. Il Fucino conta il 90% della produzione pataticola abruzzese e con oltre 2,25 milioni di quintali all’anno è il primo areale produttivo d’ Italia. “Abbiamo raggiunto una produzione considerevole di patate, oltre il 60% certificate IGP - dichiara Sante del Corvo direttore dell’AMPP - Abbiamo realizzato ingenti investimenti per la modernizzazione e il potenziamento dei nostri impianti di conservazione e confezionamento che consentono di gestire oltre 400.000 di patate. Essere al Marca con la Patata del Fucino IGP costituisce per noi una vetrina prestigiosa di avvicinamento al mercato e nello stesso tempo di posizionamento nel panorama dei marchi che contano”. Elevare la qualità del prodotto è uno degli asset portanti della politica di sviluppo dell’AMPP. Costante è di fatto l’attività di studio e ricerca tesa al miglioramento Continued on page 9


A Division of DAS Acquisition Company, LLC

A Better Way To Buy A Home


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314-420-5723 Direct 314-628-2096 NMLS 1024710 MO 6507-MLO

Victoria DiGregorio Mortgage Banker

Email: Apply Online: Company NMLS 227262 Missouri Residential Mortgage Licensee 12140 Woodcrest Executive Dr. Suite 150 St. Louis, Mo. 63141

Continued from page 8 del prodotto selezionando le coltivazioni più adatte a soddisfare le esigenze del consumatore. Innovazione e tutela sono i cardini su cui ruotano le rigide regole della coltivazione controllata a cui hanno l’obbligo di aderire tutti i soci coltivatori dell’AMPP. La Patata del Fucino IGP ormai è un marchio identificativo del territorio dell’Abruzzo aquilano. Nel tempo della pandemia si è registrato un incremento dei consumi dovuto non solo alla facilità di conservazione del prodotto, ma soprattutto alle politiche di coltivazione e di promozione promosse dall’AMPP.

Silver Dollar City’s Street Fest Features Daring Acrobats, Living Gardens and HandCrafted Cuisine

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Take to The City Streets April 14 - May 1

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The City is in full color this spring with Street Fest, an eclectic festival that features worldfamous street performers, lively entertainment and specialty street foods from around the world. Skilled performers line the streets showcasing their juggling, acrobatic and comedy skills. Get into the rhythm April 14 – May 1, 2022 with live bands, musical groups and unique entertainment. For the street entertainment, walking tall through the Living Garden are stilt walkers, giant topiaries and living statues, plus one-man band Eric Haines. “This is our biggest entertainment year ever,” said Casey Robertson, Director of Entertainment and Events. “Street Fest is one of those festivals that we really have fun with. It’s vibrant, unique and there’s truly something for everybody. The talent and skills each of these artists bring is always impressive,” Robertson added. Throughout The City, a creative mix of performers from around the globe share

their talents and peculiar skills. See low wire acts like Giovanni and Brando Anastasini, America’s Got Talent knife-throwing finalists —The Passing Zone, drumming duo Buckets N Boards, BOOM! Hype crew, musicians, bands, acrobatic jugglers and more. Returning by popular demand, is the Street Fest Tasting Passport. Offering a variety of food samplings for the adventurous or indecisive eater. The tasting menu extends through 20 different eateries, each offering a new and exciting entrée. This year’s specialty foods include: artisan dipped cones, pork belly skewers, poutine chips, street mac and cheese Tatchos (loaded tots), Ravioli nachos, Belgian waffles, plus eggroll and noodle bowls. Continued on page 10

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Continued from page 9 About Silver Dollar City: Silver Dollar City, the 1880s-style theme park nestled in the Ozark Mountains near Branson, is internationally awarded for excellence in theme, presentation and operations. The picturesque, tree-lined “City” was founded atop the massive National Landmark, the great Marvel Cave, and offers 40 rides & attractions, a demonstrating crafts colony 100 artisans strong and hosts 10 world-class festivals and events featuring a variety of entertainment plus live concerts. The City is home to several roller coasters with recordsetting footprints and plenty of home-style foods.

Red Sauce

How Italian Food Became American By Ian MacAllen Praise for Red Sauce: “Like a bowl overflowing with pasta on some nonna’s table, there’s more than enough goodness to go around in Ian MacAllen’s loving tribute to the immigrant food that helped change America. You’ll read Red Sauce and understand the history of a certain strain of Italian cuisine and how it shaped our palates, but, most important, you’ll be hungry for more.” — Jason Diamond, author of The Sprawl and Searching for John Hughes “At a time when the food media seem to have forgotten the appeal and importance of Italian American food, Ian MacAllen’s Red Sauce is a restorative whose diligent research and engaging writing puts everything in perspective and shows why Italian American food continues to be a favorite both here and abroad.” — John Mariani, author of How Italian Food Conquered the World and The Dictionary of Italian Food and Drink “Sharing his vast knowledge of history, ingredients, and technique, MacAllen offers an in-depth history of the Italian contribution to America’s culinary landscape.” — Booklist In Red Sauce, Ian MacAllen traces the evolution of traditional Italian American cuisine, often referred to as “red sauce Italian,” from its origins in Italy to its transformation in America into a new, distinct cuisine. It is a fascinating social and culinary history exploring the integration of red sauce food into mainstream America alongside the blending of Italian immigrant otherness into a national American identity. The story follows the small parlor restaurants immigrants launched from their homes to large, popular destinations, and eventually to commodified fast food and casual dining restaurants. Some dishes like fettuccine alfredo and spaghetti alla Caruso owe their success to celebrities, and Italian American cuisine generally has benefited from a rich history in popular culture. Drawing on inspiration from Southern Italian cuisine, early Italian immigrants to America developed new recipes and modified old ones. Ethnic Italians invented dishes like lobster fra diavolo, spaghetti and meatballs, and veal parmigiana, and popularized foods like pizza and baked lasagna that had once been seen as overly foreign. Eventually, the classic red-

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checkered-table-cloth Italian restaurant would be replaced by a new idea of what it means for food to be Italian, even as “red sauce” became entrenched in American culture. This book looks at how and why these foods became part of the national American diet, and focuses on the stories, myths, and facts behind classic (and some not-so-classic) dishes within Italian American cuisine. Ian MacAllen is a writer and book critic. He has written reviews and interviews for Chicago Review of Books, Southern Review of Books, The Rumpus, Trampset, Electric Literature, and Fiction Advocate, with other nonfiction in The Billfold, Thought Catalog, and io9. His short fiction has appeared in The Offing, 45th Parallel Magazine, Little Fiction, Vol 1. Brooklyn, Joyland Magazine, and elsewhere. His maternal grandfather was born in Bagnoli del Trigno in Molise, Italy and his maternal grandmother’s family was from Naples and Sicily. He is descended from a line of Sicilian Strega. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Red Sauce: How Italian Food Became American Publishing April 2022 ISBN: 978-1-5381-6234-7 $32, Hardback 248 pages

Jess McCawley A bar in the nightlife district becomes a portal into others life as drinks are poured and memories made. A daughter lives through the loss of both of her parents in the span of a few short years, which is viewed by her faithful bartender. A view of the world seen by the often unseen, Go Before I Do is a story of growth, exploration, and understanding. The Super Fun Time Party Palace by Lize Lewy, directed by Rae Davis Featuring: Ashley Bauman, Jack Elias, Julie Birnstein The Super Fun Time Party Palace is a look into the banality of parenthood. Frankie and Jessie are first time parents who will try anything to make their 6-year-old son’s birthday a success, and in doing so, chaos ensues.

SATE looks forward to a return to live, in-person productions in its 2022 Season of Party starting with the sixth annual Aphra Behn Festival. To kick off the Season of Party, SATE will present its sixth annual Aphra Behn Festival, April 29-May 1, 2022 at 8 p.m. (CST) at Centene Center for the Arts, 3547 Olive Street, in midtown St. Louis. Established in 2017, the Aphra Behn Festival’s goal is to give women interested in directing and writing for theatre an opportunity to get more experience, experiment, and hone their craft. The Festival is named for the fascinating poet, translator, and spy, Aphra Behn, who is widely considered to be the first English woman to make her living as a playwright. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased through Eventbrite. For more information, please visit Masks and proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours are required. In 2022, SATE will produce three original plays written and directed by women artists. All three plays will be presented each evening in the following order: Repurposed, by Michelle Zielinski, directed by Elizabeth Van Pelt Featuring: Ciera Thomas, Nicki Huber, Taylor Kelly Will a downcast visitor on a dreary day find meaning in strange modern art? And which is stranger, the art or the other people? Reply Hazy, Try Again … Go Before I Do by Hazel McIntire, directed by LaWanda Jackson Featuring: Eric Satterfield, Greta Johnson,

Why on May 15, 2022 is a little known French saint being honored with a big celebration by the Italian church in St. Louis? The answer starts with the immigration of Italians to the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century. While the immigrants came to the U.S. to make a better life for their families, they wanted to maintain many of the customs that they brought from their homeland. One of the most obvious customs these immigrants brought with them was to continue to make and eat the food that was part of their daily life in Italy. In small towns in Italy, the church is the cultural center for the town. Individuals became very devoted to the patron saint of the town. As immigrants settled in the U.S., they sought to remain loyal to the saints they prayed to in Italy. For immigrants from the Sicilian town of Cinisi, their patron saint was Santa Fara. She was a French nun who died in 658 and her sainthood was confirmed in 1017 after several miracles were attributed to her intercession. One immigrant from Cinisi was Giovanni Biondo who came to St. Louis in 1903. In 1910, as President of the Santa Fara Society, he commissioned a statue of Santa Fara. The statue arrived broken into many pieces, so another statue was ordered, but its delivery was delayed by World War I. Finally in May 1922 a new statue arrived, and it was placed in Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church downtown. It remained there until the church was closed in 1975. At which point, the pastor Monsignor Continued on page 12

SATE presents the sixth annual Aphra Behn Festival, April 29-May 1

Festival Stage Manager: Emma Glose Festival Designers: Bess Moynihan, Liz Henning, Grace Sellers, and students from East Central College, Allie Medows, Emma Adams, Sara Schaible, Sarah O’Bannon, Ashley Henke, Adrian Smith, Grace Allgaier Festival Graphic Design by Dottie Quick SATE’s 2022 Aphra Behn Festival is made possible by funding from the Missouri Arts Council and The Steven Nelson Memorial Playwright’s Fund.

Why Is a Little Known French Saint Being Honored at St. Ambrose?



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COMITES Presidente Luigi Sciortino Facebook: Comiteschicago Illinois 3502 N. Harlem Ave. Chicago, IL 60634 +1 773-414-0636

500 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1850 Chicago, IL 60611 phone: 312-467-1550 fax: 312-467-1335

Emergency Number Italian Citizens ONLY: (accidents, arrests, serious medical problems, etc.) +1 312-909-0304 Emergencies between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. CT, contact the MAECI at 011 39 06 36912666

THOMAS BOTZIOS– CONSOLE GENERALE Hours: (open to public) Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Onorario D’Italia/Honorary Vice Consul Joseph Colagiovanni Office: 314-275-0351 Mobile: 314-705-2413 VISTI/VISAS 312-995-5487 PASSAPORTI/DOCUMENTI VIAGGIO/ NAVIGAZIONE/ PASSPORTS/ TRAVEL DOCUMENTS 312-995-5485 AIRE/ 312-995-5485 ELETTORALE/ ELECTORAL 312-995-5485 STATO CIVILE E CITTADINANZA/ VITAL RECORDS AND CITIZENSHIP 312-995-5484 UFFICIO STUDENTI/CODICI FISCALI/ EQUIPOLLENZA TITOLI DI STUDIO/ COMMERCIALE/ STUDENT OFFICE/ FISCAL I.D./EQUIVALENCY OF DEGREES AND PROFESSIONAL TITLES/ COMMERCIAL 312-995-5486 NOTARILE/NOTARY 312-995-5483 UFFICIO SCUOLA/ EDUCATION OFFICE 312-995-5489 Italian Trade Agency 401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1720 Chicago, Illinois 60611 312-670-4360 Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo/ Italian Government Tourist Office 500 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2240, Chicago, IL 60611 312-644-0990

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Chicago Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago 500 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1450 Chicago, IL 60611 phone: 312-822-9545 fax: 312-822-9622 Dott. Luca Di Vito, Director

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Continued from page 10 Adrian Dwyer gave the statue to Giovanni Biondo’s daughter, Rose Sita. The statue remained in her home until May 1988 when the pastor the Italian church in St. Louis, asked Mrs. Sita if she would donate the statue to St. Ambrose. She was reluctant to part with it, but she realized the statue belonged in a church where others could pray to the saint. On May 15, 2022 there will be a Santa Fara Anniversary Mass at St. Ambrose in honor of the statue being in St. Louis for 100 years. Fr. Jack Siefert, the pastor of St. Ambrose, is planning a celebration in honor of Santa Fara. He is inviting all the Italian priests in the Archdiocese to concelebrate the Mass. Fr. Siefert is encouraging all the Italian organizations to participate. In fact, he hopes that the descendants of Italian immigrants attend this Mass to rediscover their Italian roots and once again get connected with their Italian traditions. To help defray some of the expenses, parishioners and friends of the parish are invited to sponsor memorial candles for $10. The candles will be labeled with the names of loved ones and placed on the altar rail before Mass and can be taken home after Mass. Individual donations may be made to help defray the costs of the reception. Checks should be made out to SCA. This should truly be a memorable event in the history of St. Ambrose and the Italian community of St. Louis. For questions, contact Angelo Sita 8159 Briarhaven Trl. Apt. 201 St. Louis, MO 63123 314-435-4120

Graza Reinvigorates the Olive Oil Segment with First-to-Market EVOO in Squeeze Bottles

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A new single-origin olive oil brand putting an emphasis on premiumization by way of unparalleled freshness at an affordable price point—Graza—launched two products: Sizzle and Drizzle. First of its kind, Graza comes in proprietary squeeze bottles inspired by the tools of our favorite chefs and uses Picual olives from Andalusia in Spain, a prosperous agricultural region, to deliver an extra virgin olive oil that’s always fresh, extra nutritious, and never blended. Graza was founded on the belief that olive oil should be made with the highest of standards from a single origin. Unlike other brands in the market that are either prohibitively expensive or lowquality and blended, Graza is committed to providing real and exceptional olive oil at an accessible price point of $15 - $20. Graza’s Founders, Andrew Benin and Allen Dushi, recognized that many olive oil labels are misleading consumers, downplaying that they are blended with soybean, hazelnut, corn oils, or chemically-processed olive pomace oil. With this in mind, Graza is on a mission to produce pure, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, while continuing to be fully transparent in its process. “After spending two years living in Spain, I was enamored with Spanish culture and couldn’t help but notice that olive oil was the glue to every meal,” said Benin, CEO and co-founder of Graza. “After digging a little deeper, I found that quality products with fair pricing were hard to come by in the U.S., and we wanted to create an olive oil that’s not only affordable, but also top notch, rad, and fun to use, so we landed on squeeze bottles and Picual olives from Spain.” “We want everyone to be able to embrace their inner chef in the kitchen and experiment with new ingredients – whether you’re a next-level home cook or someone who has burned pasta in the microwave,” added Dushi, COO and co-founder of Graza. The real deal, Graza is made from Picual olives that are harvested and pressed immediately, delivering an extra



fresh and nutritious olive oil. By sourcing olives from Spain, Graza is able to make some of the freshest olive oil in the world. Additional product details include: Drizzle: Harvested during the first week of October, these olives produce a super flavorful, punchy oil packed with polyphenols and antioxidants. Best consumed raw for an optimal experience and can be drizzled on anything – think pasta, salads, or avocado toast. Available in 16.9 FL OZ for $20. Sizzle: Sizzle is harvested at peak season in December when the olives begin their shift from green into a beautiful purple and green color, yielding a greater amount of oil. Extremely flavorful on its own, but a workhouse that works best in high levels of heat. Great for searing, roasting, and frying. Available in 25.3 FL OZ for $15. The slightly smaller bottle comes in at $20 while the larger comes in at $15. Both products come from the same tree and olive varietal, but the differing harvest times yield distinctive oils that serve diverse purposes. Graza believes in having both products readily available in the kitchen, and keeps the prices top of mind to ensure the masses have access to both bottles for less than leading competitors. Drizzle and Sizzle can be purchased at with more to come. To learn more about Graza, please visit About Graza Graza makes top-notch, super-fresh, extra virgin olive oil more accessible, affordable, and easy to use. Founded in 2021 by Andrew Benin and Allen Dushi, whose personal mission is to enable all home cooks to have a blast in the kitchen, using amazing olive oil for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Graza was born with Drizzle and Sizzle. First of its kind, Drizzle and Sizzle are available in fun, chef-inspired squeeze bottles. Using Picual olives from Spain, Graza is able to make the freshest, most desirable olive oil in the world. To learn more about Graza, please visit or follow on Instagram (@getgraza).