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FROM THE PRINCIPAL 2021 Colour Run The oval was awash with colour!

Dear Parents Welcome to the beginning of Term Two. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family and friends and I trust that your holiday break was very resEul and that you are now ready for a busy term ahead.

Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful Mothers!

We have had an interesFng, but thankfully, very safe start to this term. With the second lockdown for this year, I extend a sincere ‘Thank you’ to all parents for your support in preparing the children for coming to school and adjusFng so easily to staff again wearing masks. The children all seem very eager and moFvated to be back at school and have engaged enthusiasFcally with the learning and also enjoying Fme with their friends. We are very grateful that we live in Australian and West Australia where we can conFnue to enjoy coming to school each day to learn and to be with friends. Thank you for following the communicaFon and the noFces. Being adaptable, generous and supporFve is crucial for ensuring that we are all safe in these (someFmes) very rapidly changing Fmes. We will conFnue to use Seesaw and SEQTA for communicaFng with all families. We celebrated Easter at the beginning of the holidays, and we conFnue to celebrate and reflect on the significance of this very important feast as we are now in the Season of Easter. This season lasts for 50 days from Easter to Pentecost. As we rejoice in the glory of Jesus and the joy and new life that he has given us in his resurrecFon we are very mindful that Easter is not just one day.

i-Read The Principal’s Reading Challenge is about to begin!

The Season of Easter is a very special Fme in our church year. The resurrecFon of Jesus provides us all with great hope. Today, and everyday, we conFnue to live in hope and share the message of ‘love for God and each other’ as given to us through Jesus. During the Season of Easter, and beyond, we conFnually reflect on how we share the message of ‘love for God and each other’ through all our interacFons.

Mother’s Day- 9 May 2021 ‘I’d like to be an ideal mother but I’m too busy raising my children.’ Even though this might be the situaFon for you, make sure that on Mother’s Day you are not too busy to take Fme to rejoice in yourself, because: Happy Mothers’ Day means more than have a happy day. Within these words lie lots of things we never get to say. It means, I love you, first of all, then thanks for all you do. It means you mean a lot more to me and I honour you. For many years now, psychologists have been saying that the bonding of a baby with its mother in the first few minutes of life is vital for stability of the new-born child. The mother-infant bond is an intense relaFonship of unparalleled human affecFon. It is the foundaFon of the child’s emoFonal and physical survival. No wonder the saying: “Mothers hold their children’s hand for a short Fme but their hearts forever,” and no wonder the Chinese proverb: “There is only one pre^y child in the world and every mother owns it.” There are many ways to answer the quesFon, “What is Motherhood?” One of those ways might be that, Motherhood means sharing in the creaFve power of God. Conceiving, carrying and giving birth to a human being, is as close as any person can get to the act of creaFon. This is the beginning of Motherhood, but it is far from the end. Motherhood is about nurturing, sacrificing, loving and ulFmately, lebng go. Jesus’ mother Mary experienced all of the above and had the added drama of losing her son for three days. Eventually, she and Joseph found Jesus in the Temple having a discussion with a group of Rabbis. When Mary rebuked Jesus “for treaFng us this way”, Jesus informed her that the Temple was the first place she should have looked: “Did you not

know that I must be about the things of my Father?” Poor Mary! Besides being embarrassed for Joseph, she probably found it hard to accept that Jesus was growing up with a mind of his own and his own sense of how his Father was leading him. Mary was caught up in the tension of fulfilling the daily responsibiliFes for her role of mother and parenFng the Son of God. All mothers are caught up in a world of tension as they try and be all things to their children. Loving God, As we honour all our mothers, we thank them for their love, their care, their generosity and their goodness to each of us everyday. We ask you to bless them with Your own special love, joy and peace today and always. Amen We wish all our Mothers and Grandmothers a wonderful day on Sunday 9 May 2021.

P&F Colour Run We are very grateful to our P&F ExecuFve, Mrs Vanessa Gab, Mrs Jenny Allpike and Mrs Danielle Graham and the many parents who very generously volunteered their Fme to assist at the very successful Colour Run last week. We had amazing weather and the children (and parents) had so much fun, it was great to see this event was well worth the long wait.

The funds raised at this year’s event were nearly $7000. Infant Jesus School thanks all families for their very generous support of this event. The money raised from the Colour Run by the children will go towards supporFng our school iniFaFves. At the Colour Run there were a number of prizes organised by the P&F ExecuFve. These include P&F Carpark/bay for Term 2 2021 (AdministraFon Carpark). Well done to all winners!

i-Read – The Principal’s Reading Challenge We are currently reviewing the i-Read collecFon for each year level (PP – Year 6). In the coming weeks children will receive a ‘log’ to track the books that they have read for each term and for the year. There have been some new ediFons to the year levels to moFvate and inspire children to love reading. It will be very rewarding for the children to read as there are unlimited posiFve outcomes including: • improvement in concentraFon, memory, vocabulary and language skills • improvement in wriFng • developing self-esteem and independence – the more you read the more educated you become • developing imaginaFon, creaFvity and ideas • developing informed opinions and viewpoints • developing empathy, humility, kindness and a broader outlook on life • creaFng calmness • increased knowledge of the world (by broadening horizons and outlook on life) • improved outcomes in many other areas of the curriculum • development of skills for life-long learning It will be very exciFng to share this challenge with the children. Hopefully parents will also enjoy all the books or listening to reflecFons from the children about how much they love reading.

i-Excel This year the i-Excel iniFaFve has provided an extra curricula opportunity to share our giqs and talents in various curriculum areas. Last term a small group of Year 5 and 6 students parFcipated in a very challenging MathemaFcs compeFFon with approximately 20 schools parFcipaFng and 30 teams. During the compeFFon they were required to work as a team to solve extremely complex mathemaFcal problems. The students were very well prepared due the effort and enthusiasm of Mr Silla and the assistance of Miss Wong and they achieved 12th place overall - a fantasFc accomplishment.

Pre-Kindergarten 2022 - Applications are Now Due Enrolments are now being taken for siblings and new students wishing to commence Kindergarten at Infant Jesus School in 2022. Families with children eligible for Kindergarten in 2020 are required to fill out a Pre-Kindergarten Enrolment ApplicaFon Form. Infant Jesus School will conFnue to operate half day PreKindergarten groups next year with the days of a^endance being Tuesday & Thursday. Pre-Kindergarten places are limited, so it is important that parents within the Infant Jesus School community submit their applicaFons as soon as possible. Forms can be obtained from the office.

From My Readings Five forgo^en skill sets that contribute to student success At a Fme when we hear a great deal about growth mindsets, good mental health habits and creaFng digitally savvy students, we need to be aware of the skill sets that form the building blocks of longterm school success. These are skill sets contribute to success in other areas including literacy, numeracy, STEM, performing arts and other academic areas. While all these other mental skills and academic areas are important, the skills I want to focus on here are ones that can be taught, or at the very least drawn out, alongside every other skill when we as parents and teachers know what to look for. Following are five skill sets contribute massively to overall student success and contentedness at school. 1. Friendship skills The ability to get along with others is hugely important for children and teenagers. Those students with a strong set of friendship skills are easy to like, easy to relate to and easy to play with. The skills they possess include knowing how to win and lose well, how to approach others to join in a group and how to lead rather than boss. 2. Organisa8onal skills The ability to organise your Fme, your space, your items and other aspects of your life is a massive plus for any student. The best way to help children who are organisaFonally challenged is to introduce them to systems and processes to help them organise themselves. These processes include the use of visual reminders, anchoring (i.e. linking new behaviours to habitual behaviours) and the mapping out of acFviFes. 3. Op8mism skills It may seem strange to see opFmism as skill set, but as leading psychologist Professor MarFn Seligman discovered through his research, opFmism can be taught. Seligman found that while some children are more inclined by nature to see a glass as half empty than half full, all children are capable of developing an opFmisFc explanatory style through exposure and direct teaching. The skills of opFmism include being aware of self-talk, reframing negaFve events into posiFve events and the pracFce of perspecFve-taking. 4. Coping skills Kids will generally face a number of challenges during the course of their school lives including overcoming the disappointment of not being picked on a team, working their way through difficult learning situaFons and dealing with rejecFon. The impact of these challenges will depend on each kid’s own spirit, the support they receive and their coping skills. The good news is that coping skills can be taught or, at the very least, encouraged if adults know what to focus on. Coping strategies include parking problems for a while, normalising difficult situaFons and accepFng and moving on. Some kids will use coping strategies quite naturally, while others need parental and teacher input to help them cope with even seemingly minor challenges. 5. Relaxa8on skills The ability to relax and get away from it all is vital for the maintenance of mental health, which in turn affects a student’s ability to perform. Many of today’s kids live with pressure. That pressure needs to be released through relaxaFon and play, otherwise it can lead to anxiety and other mental illnesses. The ability to relax and unwind is paramount to your child’s school success. RelaxaFon techniques include mindfulness and meditaFon, parFcipaFng in hobbies and enjoying creaFve pursuits. These skills are part developmental and part environmental. That is, kids will naturally develop many of them as they mature but the skills also need to be nurtured environmentally. They need to be recognised, encouraged, taught and modelled by adults who children and teenagers respect and admire. That makes parents and teachers ‘Very Important People’ in the process of acquiring them.

Infant Jesus Family CongratulaFons to the Douglass Family (Amalee PK) on the safe arrival of your new baby sister, Savannah. May she always bring joy and happiness to your family. We keep Mrs King and her family in our prayers and thoughts with the recent passing of her much-loved Mum.

2021 Calendar - Term Two Some events on the Term Two calendar may be rescheduled when informaFon is available which could also mean that some events may take place ‘virtually.’

Congratulations! CongratulaFons to Nicholas Staltari in Year Six who has been awarded an academic scholarship for Chisholm College. Well done Nicholas!

Prayer for the Beginning of the Term Prayer for the beginning of the term As we commence a new school term, we renew friendships and reflect on what we strive to achieve each day through all our interacFons. “Everyone will know you are my friends if you love one another.” Let us show our love by making peace and trying to make things be^er. Let us show our love by caring about the happiness of others and by thanking them for their goodness to us. Let us love one another as we share our friendships, laughter, learning and meals in celebraFng together. Help us, Lord, to always be grateful and to love one another as Jesus has loved us. Amen. Everything comes from love, God does nothing without this goal in mind. St Catherine of Siena Wishing you a fantasFc week ahead,

Clare Moffat Principal


ANZAC Day ANZAC Day is a na,onal public holiday and is considered by many Australians to be one of the most solemn days of the year. Marches held in ci,es and towns na,onwide by veterans from all past wars, as well as current serving members of the Australian Defence Force and Reserves, with allied veterans and the Australian Defence Force Cadets and Australian Air League and supported by members of Scouts Australia, Guides Australia, and other uniformed service groups as well as schools and community groups. ANZAC Day marks the anniversary of the first major military ac,on fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. The acronym ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, whose soldiers were known as Anzacs. ANZAC Day remains one of the most important na,onal occasions of both Australia and New Zealand, a rare instance of two sovereign countries not only sharing the same Remembrance Day but making reference to both countries in its name. As a school we commemorated ANZAC Day on the first day of school, Tuesday 27 April, at 11.00 am in the Piazza. Many classes also learnt about the day in their classrooms.

NAPLAN Testing As parents are aware, the na,onal tests in literacy and numeracy will be conducted next week. The Na,onal Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) will involve students at this school in Year 3 and 5. However, children in Year 7 and 9 are also assessed. These NAPLAN assessments are conducted in all states and territories in Australia at the same ,me. The results from NAPLAN will provide an important measure of how Australian students are performing in the content strands of numeracy, reading, wri,ng, spelling, grammar, and punctua,on. A major purpose of the assessment is to provide parents with informa,on about the progress of their children in rela,on to na,onally agreed benchmarks. Benchmarks represent the minimum expected standard of achievement in literacy and numeracy. Parents will receive a report on their child’s performance later in the year. However, it must be realised this assessment cannot replace the richer judgements made about your child by the classroom teacher throughout the school year and should be viewed in this light. We wish all students the best of luck.

includes items such as the hairstyles we wear, and the jewellery worn at school. Included below are the expecta,ons for these. Most importantly we need to con,nue to wear our school uniform with pride.

Expectations Children are expected to be well groomed and have a sense of pride in their appearance. Children are expected to look clean, neat and ,dy at all ,mes.

Jewellery/ Make-Up •Children should not wear valuable jewellery to school.

Apart from the fact that it can be lost or broken it is a distrac,on to themselves and others around them. •For safety reasons the only acceptable earrings are studs. Children who wear studs may wear only one in each ear. •Make up and nail polish is not to be worn while in school uniform.

Hair For health reasons all shoulder length hair needs to be ,ed back securely. If hair is longer than the bo\om of the collar, it must be completely ,ed back with an elas,c band in school colours. The school colours of blue and white should be used when using ribbon. Also; •Children’s haircuts need to be conserva,ve and appropriate to uniform expecta,ons. •Hair must be a natural colour. Extremes in hair colour and styles are not acceptable. •Children should avoid excess use of hair gel or hair products. •Dreadlocks or coloured beads are not permi\ed. •Excessively short hair is not permi\ed. A cut shorter than a number two is unacceptable. •Hair must be clean, brushed and kept off the face.

Sustainability Ministry Uniforms This term, all students are required to be in winter uniform. To assist parents and students in this transi,on, a two-week change over period is permi\ed. However, all students are required to be in full winter uniform by Monday 3 May 2021. This means all our students in Year 1 – Year 6 will be responsible for wearing the school ,e, which includes the top bu\on being bu\oned up correctly. The school uniform also

The Year Six Sustainability Ministry have discovered the large amount of paper waste classrooms can accumulate and were determined to do something about the issue! They were very excited to provide each year level with a Paper Recycling Bin!

Faction Friday and Building Faction Spirit All students from Year One to Year Six are allocated to a fac,on which they remain in for the ,me that they are at Infant Jesus School. There are special ,mes when we meet together as a fac,on which has usually only been for a sport carnival such as swimming, athle,cs or cross country. In 2019 we introduced Fac,on Friday where all students sit with their fac,on during recess ,me and lunch ,me. Children in the same family may even sit together as they will all be in the same fac,on. This provides lots of opportuni,es for all students in the same fac,on to learn about who is in the fac,on which will assist in the work and organisa,on for the carnivals. More importantly it will hopefully build fac,on spirit for all members of the fac,on. During the year children will also learn more about the history of the saint of their fac,on.

Book Club Loop Book Club Issue 3 Catalogue has been issued. To order books through Book Club all families will need to use the following steps: ‣ Parents will need to visit the Book Club LOOP plagorm (scholas0c.com.au/LOOP or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play) ‣ All book orders are to be paid by your Debit/. Credit Card. ‣ Cash payments will not be accepted at school. ‣ Your child’s order is submi\ed directly to school safe and sound and the books will be delivered to class. Book Club closes Thursday 6th May

Cyclone Seroja Appeal A big thank you to all the generous families who donated to the Cyclone Seroja appeal. Together we raised $406.55 $469.55 which will be donated to the Perth Lord Mayor’s Relief Fund. Congratula,ons to Year Four who raised the most funds!

Parking Around the School Just a reminder that footpaths and no parking zones around the school need to be kept clear. These spaces allow our children and families to move safely alongside roads and when cars are parked on footpaths. It makes it very dangerous when bikes, prams and children have to walk onto the road to pass parked cars.

National Simultaneous Storytime…from space! The Na,onal Simultaneous Story-,me (NSS) is held annually by the Australian Library and Informa,on Associa,on (ALIA). Every year a picture book, wri\en and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country. This year Na,onal Simultaneous Story-,me takes place on Wednesday 19 May 2021 at 9:00am from the Interna,onal Space Sta,on! The book, ‘Give me some Space!’ By Phillip Bun,ng is about a girl called Una who dreams of a life in Space. To celebrate this day, all children at Infant Jesus School are invited to come dressed in the theme of ‘Space’ and as a school we will gather in the hall to watch the book being read from space. Children are encouraged to create a costume with what they have at home… they may come dressed as an astronaut, an alien, a space robot, the stars or even a planet! Please note- parents are not expected to purchase a costume for this day. The day is meant to be a fun way to promote reading amongst our students.

National Simultaneous Storytime is Wednesday 19 May 2021.

WE ARE CALLED Saint Catherine of Siena 29th April is St Catherine of Siena’s feast day. At Infant Jesus School, our fac<on of Siena is named a>er this special saint. Catherine was from a very large family. She had twenty-five brothers and sisters. Her family lived in Northern Italy. Her father was a wool dyer and her mother ran the household and took care of all the children. Catherine did not go to school and did not have a formal educa<on. St. Catherine of Siena had a deep love for Christ from a young age and when she was very young, Catherine began to find quiet places where she could pray and talk to God. When her family tried to persuade her to get married at the age of 16, she cut her hair short and began fas<ng in protest. At the age of 18, she joined the Dominican Third Order. There were many disagreements in the Church during Catherine's life. The pope, Pope Gregory XI, was living in France instead of Rome. Catherine believed that God wanted the disagreements to end so she began to write to the pope. She successfully convinced the Pope to move back to Rome. Catherine helped care for vic<ms of the Black Plague in the city’s hospitals, caring for the worst pa<ents and even burying those who had died. Today she is one of the patron saints of nurses. As our world baXles a global pandemic, may we ask St Catherine to protect us and our school community.

Parish News The Infant Jesus Parish is holding a Mother’s Day Fair and Giant Plant Sale on Saturday 8 May. Visit the parish to purchase cra@s, plants, succulent bowls and different planters. All money raised helps support our Parish.



Project Compassion On Wednesday some Year Five students joined a Zoom session with Caritas Australia and other Catholic schools around Australia to share how our school had lived out the 2021 Project Compassion moXo to ‘Be More’. The students shared the different fundraising ideas from our school and listened to how other schools raised money. They engaged in discussions about the role Caritas plays in our Global community and learned different ways Caritas was helping the less fortunate.


Mother’s Day Gifts / Plants galore Succulent bowls and novelty planters Beautiful handmade crafts / Raffles Children’s activities CASH & CARRY


& GIANT PLANT SALE “One way we raised money was through Bread and Butter Day. Woolworths donated the bread so all the money raised went straight to Project Compassion.” - Arabella, Year Five.

Hundreds of plants including: Indoor plants


Shade plants


Garden plants

9AM – 3PM

Succulents & Cacti

“My and I created comics at 47 friends WELLINGTON ROAD, MORLEY home which we then sold at school. We each made a comic to sell and raise money for Project Compassion.” - Xavier, Year Five.

Terrariums, Handpainted pots


Mother’s Day Gifts / Plants galore Succulent bowls and novelty planters

Macrame hangers

Beautiful handmade crafts / Raffles

Novelty pots and planters

Children’s activities CASH & CARRY

Potted colour



Kindy Class News What an exci+ng start we had to Term Two! Last Friday we enjoyed the Colour Run which was a lot of fun as we ran around the oval and got sprayed with a rainbow of colours. This week, we have been talking about our mums and the love they show us each day. We created an iBook in which we celebrated our mothers in recogni+on of everything they do for us. Next week we will explore why God made the universe for us and how we can look aGer it as God wants us to.We are looking forward to an exci+ng term ahead!


Pre-Primary Class News We have had a wonderful start to Term Two. The children have a6ended their first whole school Mass in the hall and par:cipated with excep:onal behaviour. This term, the children have had the opportunity to take home reading books for the first :me. It has been lovely to see the children excited about choosing a book that they can share with their families at home. The children will also be taking home a special Pre-Primary friend. His name is Monty Bear. We look forward to hearing the children share their experiences with their Pre-Primary class.


Child Safe Framework at Infant Jesus School The person of each individual human being, in his or her material and spiritual needs, is at the heart of Christ’s teaching: that is why the promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic school. Congregation for Catholic Education 1997, par 9.

The Child Safe Framework and the Code of Conduct are clearly linked as both focus on the safety and well-being of our children. At Infant Jesus School the purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students. The Code applies to staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians and all who come to our school. The term ‘parents’ includes guardians. Infant Jesus School has a Code of Conduct in place, and as parents, you sign this and agree to this. All staff are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Conduct Statement 4: You conduct yourself in accordance with laws, agreements, policies and standards relevant to your relationship with the school community. Staff Example of Specific Behaviours, but not limited to: •Staff to follow all procedures and protocols as stated in the Staff Handbook and Policies. •Returning school property to correct locaJon in good condiJon and noJfying the

appropriate person of any issues.

Parents Example of Specific Behaviours, but not limited to: •Returning school property to correct locaJon

in good condiJon and noJfying the appropriate person of any issues.

Students Example of Specific Behaviours, but not limited to: •Adhere to Bullying policy. •Students adhere to classroom and school

behaviour expectaJons. •Respect all school property. •Returning school property to correct locaJon in good condiJon and noJfying the appropriate person of any issues.

Volunteers Example of Specific Behaviours, but not limited to: •Returning school property to correct locaJon in good condiJon and noJfying the

appropriate person of any issues.

Visitors Example of Specific Behaviours, but not limited to: •Returning school property to correct locaJon in good condiJon and noJfying the

appropriate person of any issues.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY In Year Two the students have been having a blast learning how to program the robot Dash. They have learnt that Dash uses code to know what the user wants it to do. The Year Twos have begun to code using block coding and have loved wri<ng different code for Dash to follow.

“We coded Dash’s lights to change colour!” - Blake “Dash is a robot and a piece of hardware. He uses code to know what to do.” - Makayla "Dash connects to my iPad using Bluetooth. Then he reads my code and knows what to do.” - Roman “I wrote code to tell Dash to do a dance. You can also code him to speak.” - Claudia

P&F News

Colour Run 2021 A very big thank you to all the families, teachers, student and parent volunteers who helped make this year’s P&F Colour Run so fantas@c. All the kids had a great @me geBng blasted with colour powder. Together, with the student’s sponsorship dona@ons we raised nearly $7,000 which will go toward future school resources. This is an amazing success. The student who raised the highest sponsorship amount was Year 1 student, Jared Harrison who won himself and his family a $200 voucher to Adventure World. Congratula@ons!

P&F Car Bay Raffle Congratula@ons to the Mennell family from PPW who have won the use of the P&F car bay for Term 2. The raffle was held via the Flexischools app with many entries raising just over $250. Congratula@ons to the Mennell family!

Entertainment Book Make mum’s day this Mother’s Day or spoil yourself with an Entertainment Membership, you will also receive a bonus $20 eGiW Card for Priceline or Woolworths! Save on dining, travel, ac@vi@es, shopping and more. 20% of every membership will also go towards Infant Jesus School. Click here to purchase today h[ps://www.entertainment.com.au/orderbooks/8423y3



Contact Us 17 Smith Street, Morley Western Australia 6062 9218 1700



We promote Truth and Justice in the spirit of Infant Jesus. We value the individuality of each person. We show respect and kindness to all. We work hard to be the best we can. We cooperate and engage in open communication 3with one another.

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Veritas, Week 2, Term 2  

Veritas, Week 2, Term 2  

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