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creativity and inspiration While high season may be over, and the beach clubs are starting to wind down, that certainly isn’t the case at the SOCIETY offices! We’ve hit this October straight on the head and we can’t wait for you to discover all the fantastic things to do on the Costa Del Sol when things start to cool off. This issue we’re covering everything from fantastic new movie releases to our exclusive behind the scenes look at the goings-on of NYFW. We’re starting off with the topic of feminism and how hard it is to be a strong female superstar in the 21st century. Our inspirational cover star, Lady Gaga makes her debut in the soon-to-be released movie "A Star Is Born," and discusses what feminism means to her. It’s ‘the’ month for movie release this October with the eagerly anticipated 11th take on the "Halloween" franchise hitting our screens. And guess who’s back? Jamie Lee Curtis impresses once again in her role as Laurie Strode and the movie promises to bring us the perfect new Halloween shocker. What else is happening in the celeb world? While the Robbie Williams clan have welcomed a new family member, others have been devastated over the unexpected, tragic death of Hip Hop legend Mac Miller. Avril Lavigne, who’s living with Lyme Disease brings the fighting spirit through the release of her new song "Head Above Water." Plus, if you want to get to LA and become an actor/actress, now you can join Shia LaBoeuf’s newly opened theatre school? Read more in our Celebrity Flash on page 20.

The most important event this season has to be NYFW, and our fashion expert, Dominique Forsström had an exclusive look behind the scenes, revealing all you need to know about the latest trends in the Big Apple! Bringing things a little closer to home our interview introduces you to one of the most talked about Spanish newcomer artists: popsinger Brisa Fenoy. In our exclusive interview by Marbella-based photographer Irene Sekulic, the inspirational starlet talks about the power of living in the here and now, her hopes and fears, besides giving us an insight into her creative process. Coming from the Spanish pop-world straight to our love and relationship section, we thought that this month, instead of giving you some life advice, Features Editor Anna Gerlach would give you something to laugh about with the most hilarious love and sex headlines from Cosmo & co. Moreover, our Reflections’ Celebrity Hairstylist Jonathan Yeadon will explain to you why your visit to the hairdresser can actually help improve your mental health… And if you want to improve your physical health as well, Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Leila Glover can help you learn about foods that fuel you and the ones you should wave goodbye to.

’Til next time… Andy Clark

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Jamie Lee Curtis Are you ready for the new ’Halloween’?

The Quintessential Man A polo collection smart enough for every occasion


New York, New York

72 VW GTI Performance Day Three GTI models put through their paces…

Our Fashion correspondant Dominique Forsström, reports on NYFW


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Celebrity Spotlight


Image via Instagram // @ladygaga


Celebrity Spotlight


t’s unbelievable to think that it was over a decade ago we first heard the name "Lady Gaga" when her debut single "Just Dance" burst onto the scenes. Thinking back, you will probably remember Gaga for her daring outfits, theatrical music videos and remarkable voice. Glamour, extravagance and a provocative style have been Lady G’s essentials to impress the world and stand out from the crowd.

interview that, for both, this project was a jump right into the unknown. While this is the 43-year old Actor’s first Director’s job, Lady Gaga can be seen in her first leading role for a major motion film, which is - and we cannot wait - opening in cinemas on October 5th.

"If I'm gonna be sexy at the VMAs singing about the paparazzi I'm

But Lady Gaga is a lot more than just a pretty face. Born in New York as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the American artist with Italian roots, has undoubtedly shown one of the most astonishing style transformations in history. And it’s not only her fashion that has continuously evolved. From starting out as a singer and fashion icon, Gaga has made her way up to the top by becoming a symbol of contemporary feminism - an activist, record producer, businesswoman, designer, philanthropist and, probably her current and most interesting title, actress. Throughout her acting career she has starred in highly acclaimed movies and shows such as Sin City, Machete Kills and American Horror Story, where she showed stunning performances in various seasons. But her true breakthrough as an actress has actually just begun. This month she is celebrating a major acting gig, playing one of the main characters in the Bradley Cooper-directed retake of the 1937 published drama musical "A Star Is Born." During its premiere at the 75th Venice International Film Festival at the end of August, Cooper and Gaga unveiled in an

sensation in Hollywood. With brown hair and little-to-no makeup, Gaga performs on stage wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans! Being plagued by loneliness, the feeling of being ugly and insecure, the superstar has dived into a role that has uncovered the depth of her own insecurities.

gonna do it while cleaning the bathroom and reminding you of what fame did to Marilyn Monroe." To the media she explained; "It put me right in the place I needed to be, because when my character talks about how ugly she feels — that was real...I’m so insecure. I like to preach, but I don’t always practice what I preach.” She continues, “It's very lonely being a performer. There's a certain loneliness that I feel, anyway— that I'm the only one that does what I do. So, it feels like no one understands." In “A Star is Born” we witness a completely different woman to the Lady Gaga we have come to know, which demonstrates how changeable, passionate and, especially, what an amazing actress Lady Gaga is. Unlike the strong, diverse and self-assured Lady Gaga we know, in the movie we get a picture of what lies beneath. In her role she stars as a starlet who dreams of becoming a singing

Gaga first unveiled those insecurities in her Netflix documentary "Five Foot Two," where we finally got to see what lay behind her pop persona. What many people didn’t know when watching Gaga walking the red carpet on a white horse or arriving in an eggshaped sculpture held by 6 people to the Grammy Awards, is that the show she put on has always had a deeper


Celebrity Spotlight

meaning than just the "art"-factor behind it. She has been expressing her disregard towards sexism within the music industry, as well as simply showing the world that you can be anything you want to be. In the documentary she stated: “When producers — unlike Mark — start to act like, ‘you’d be nothing without me,’ for women especially, since those men have so much power, they can have women in a way that no other men can. And then I walk in the room, and it’s like eight times out of 10, I’m put in that category, and they expect from me what those girls have to offer, when that’s just not at all what I have to offer. That’s not what I’m here for.” “The methodology that I used to get out of that category was when they wanted me to be sexy or they wanted me to be pop I always put some absurd spin on it that made me feel like I was still in control,” she continues. “If I’m gonna be sexy at the VMAs singing about the paparazzi I’m gonna do it while cleaning the bathroom and reminding you of what fame did to Marilyn Monroe.” And so there is no wonder that the acclaimed entertainer is also seen as a major spokeswoman when it comes to feminism. At last, Gaga gives us, and probably every woman in their 30s, exactly what we want to hear, “I never felt comfortable enough to sing or wear my hair back,” she says. “I never felt


pretty enough or smart enough or a good enough musician. That’s the good part: I didn’t feel good enough, and I do now. Of all the things I deserve, that’s where I know I’m worth something.”

Summing it all up, one thing we know for sure is Lady Gaga has proven that she can be anything; that showing ones insecurities is a natural part of being a confident woman in the 21st century and that if someone tries to take advantage of her, they don’t know a thing about the real queen Gaga!


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in "A Star Is Born"

Celebrity Spotlight


Celebrity Spotlight




nspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers and co-writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have created a story following the events of the landmark 1978 film. Although Carpenter isn’t directing this one, he is still on board as Executive Producer. With crazy Halloween-fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming release, we decided to take a closer look behind the scenes of the classic shocker. Back then, Jamie Lee played the iconic role of Laurie Strode, the sister of fictional psycho murderer Michael Myers. Over 20 years later, in the 8th take on the franchise in 2002, she returned as the same character in "Halloween: Resurrection" - Only this time with direction by Rick Rosenthal, and alongside other A-list celebrities such as Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks. In the resurrection, we saw her accidentally killing a paramedic with whom her evil brother had swapped clothes. Consequently, the guiltridden Laurie becomes an inmate at the Grace Andersen Sanitarium. But instead of throwing the towel on this battle with her brother, she prepares herself for his return.

”It’s powerful. It’s oldschool. It’s terrifying.” Over the years we have seen an array of Halloween movies released following the original classic. To be precise; the new 2018 version is actually the eleventh in a franchise that also consists of novels, comic books, merchandise and a video game. While some versions have been better than others, this one promises to be a real shocker with killer production by Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions. The trailer for the newest version of the horror slasher sequel, (co-produced by Jason Blum himself, who is best known for his work on Get Out, Split, The Purge and Paranormal Activity), certainly promises to grab your attention. The story follows Laurie who has become a grandmother but is still filled with resentment towards her brother. Now she is waiting for him to escape prison. In the meantime, a British documentary crew visits Michael to make a film

Celebrity Spotlight

about the psycho’s terrifying past. However, their project becomes more interesting than expected when Myers escapes custody after a bus accident. What follows are spooky scenes involving Michael appearing in a closet (classic!), and attacking a woman in a public bathroom whilst in the background we hear the original film’s iconic music playing. Besides the fact that the new Halloween brings back Laurie and Michael, it also reflects pop culture’s current fascination with true crime, such as the popular series, Making a Murderer.

“John [Carpenter] didn’t write most of those films, so it was just all these new people making up stories. But with this one, we just literally cut the line. Whether or not people loved or hated those stories has no relevance to this movie." Jamie Lee Curtis’s return to the cast is thanks to actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. Curtis often refers to him as a family friend and her unofficial godson. When he learnt of the new Halloween movie, he assisted filmmaker David Gordon Green and tracked her down whilst she holidayed with her husband Christopher Gues, and urged her to take part in the new film. Curtis was in immediately, which isn’t a big surprise, because who wouldn’t be thrilled to star in the remake of the movie that launched her amazing international career as an actress? Producer Jason Blum, summed it up perfectly, “You can’t make ‘Halloween’ without John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis." He continued, “If you did, you’d be starting out with two and a half strikes against you.”

in her final confrontation with Michael, played again by Nick Castle, after he has haunted his sister since she first narrowly escaped his killer instinct over four decades ago. The movie hits cinemas on 19th October - so get yourself ready for some shocking scenes and another scary October 31st. What else is there left to say except… Happy Halloween!

For an interview with Virgin, Curtis stated that this Halloween film is going to be a worthy addition to the Michael Myers canon, “We shed all of that other stuff and just went back to what made the original so great,” she said. “John [Carpenter] didn’t write most of those films, so it was just all these new people making up stories. But with this one, we just literally cut the line. Whether or not people loved or hated those stories has no relevance to this movie." She continued, "It’s powerful. It’s old-school. It’s terrifying.” And so she returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes face-to-face

Photo by Inez & Vinoodh, styled by Edward Enninful



Entertainment charts


fter a "very long and difficult path," singer Robbie Williams and wife/actress Ayda Field have announced the arrival of their newest #teamwilliams member! The baby girl, named Colette (Coco) Josephine Williams, was carried via a surrogate. The couple married in 2010 and welcomed their first child Teddy in 2012, followed by their second son Charlie who was born in 2014. The message was released via Facebook and Instagram when Ayda published a black-and-white image of 5 hands, saying: "I spy with my little eye an extra little hand." She further stated: "So we have been keeping a very special secret! We are delighted to share with you that we have had a baby girl….welcome to the world Colette (Coco) Josephine Williams!! It has been a very long and difficult path to get here, which is why we have kept it on the down low. Family comes in all forms, and this little lady, who is biologically ours, was carried by an incredible surrogate mother, to whom we will be eternally grateful. We are over the moon to have this beautiful baby girl in our lives and so blessed that we live in a world which makes this possible. As with Teddy and Charlie, we ask that you respect Coco’s privacy and allow us to grow into our new team of 5!" Congratulations to the ever-growing Williams clan!


This month he was supposed to start his tour. In July he had released the video for his new song "Self Care," where he raps about his struggle with life and addiction. In an interview with Vulture, that Miller had completed in the week of his death, he stated: “I really wouldn’t want just happiness.” He continued, “and I don’t want just sadness either.” What’s so eerie about this video though, is the fact that Miller is shown in a coffin, singing about the small gap between life and death and the hardness of taking care of oneself, while carving the words "MEMENTO MORI" into the ceiling, which refer to a Latin Christian theory and practice of the reflection on mortality. While at the beginning of "Self Care," Miller approaches feelings of restlessness,

nostalgia and depression: "Somebody save me from myself, yeah," at the end, it all seems to flow into weightlessness and indifference when he talks of oblivion. In the wake of his death, thousands of tributes have been written. Ariana Grande also published pictures of Miller on her Instagram. The two broke up earlier this year because of his drug use. Grande states that the relationship had a "toxic" basis and that she had tried everything to get him away from his addiction problems. In a public message, she shared: "I have cared for him and tried to support his sobriety and prayed for his balance for years (and always will of course) but shaming/blaming women for a man's inability to keep his s*** together is a very major problem." While obviously it was Miller’s disease that caused his death in the end, Ariana has been attacked on social media for being the reason that Miller died. Whatever struggle he was going through, his death is one of the saddest tragedies of 2018 and we can only pray that he now rests in peace.


Images sourced via: Instagram

Robbie & Ayda Welcome a Baby Girl

ust a few weeks after releasing his 5th studio album "Swimming," the American rapper and ex boyfriend of Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, died in his San Fernando Valley home after a suspected accidental overdose at the young age of 26.

Photo via Instagram shot by Christiaan Felber for Vulture


Entertainment charts


EDUCATION I f you happen to be in LA at some point in the near future, you should totally check this out. Shia LaBoeouf has just opened his own theatre school named Slauson R.C., an unconventional, devised and experimental project, inviting basically everyone who wants to take part.

On Twitter he shared more information about the attendance requirements for the school, which was founded by La Boeuf himself, as well as Bobby Soto and Shelley Mitchell, saying that everyone who has a story to tell and is willing to share it, will be welcome every Saturday morning at 9am for a lesson with La Boeuf himself. What can you learn there besides meeting the Transformers star? On the school’s website it says: "We develop cutting-edge material in-house, through improvisation, nonfictional acting, and collaborative group work.” Shia is making acting classes more available to the people and we can only say: Well, done Mr LaBoeuf!


Head Above Water

op-punk singer Avril Lavigne has been battling against Lyme Disease for the past two years, fighting against her life-threatening condition at home, she has now released her new single "Head Above Water" which she wrote while laying ill in bed, talking about her experiences throughout this physical and emotional fight. “In [my mother’s] arms, I wrote the first song that I am releasing to tell my story,” she says.

On her website she wrote: "I spent the last few years at home sick fighting Lyme Disease. Those were the worst years of my life as I went through both physical and emotional battles. I was able to turn that fight into music I’m really proud of." She further stated, "I wrote songs in my bed and on the couch and recorded there mostly as well. Words and lyrics that

were so true to my experience came pouring out of me effortlessly. Truly… by keeping my spirits up, having goals to reach and a purpose to live for, my music helped to heal me and keep me alive." She has also created a section on her page, offering several resources to spread more awareness for the disease. The bacterial infection the 33-year old suffers from is spread via infected ticks and can usually be treated within a few months when spotted at an early stage. For Lavigne, unfortunately, the disease was identified at a later stage. It got to the point where the Canadian singer even "accepted death" and could feel her "body shutting down". Besides her, other famous celebrities such as Ben Stiller, Shania Twain, Kelly Osbourne and top model Bella Hadid have been fighting with Lyme disease.



YFW was a blur this year! While Lily Aldridge rocked the runway 5 months pregnant and Bruce Springsteen closed down Ralph Lauren’s 50th-anniversary celebration in Central Park, Kendall Jenner left NY and flew back home to LA after realizing that she wasn’t booked to walk in any shows. - Wow! But the craziest drama was set off by no one other than long-term enemies and rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Before being stopped by security that night, Cardi B sprinted over to Minaj’s table at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons celebration and – no, we are not kidding - threw her shoe at the American-Trinidadian rapper. Fortunately, she missed and was then taken out by security. Why would she do such an evil thing? Well, while both have had issues in the past, fighting over ridiculous unnecessities, Cardi B had enough when she caught Nicki badmouthing her daughter. How could she? On Miss B’s Instagram account she stated: “I’ve let a lot of sh** slide! But when you mention my child… is when all bets are f****** off!!” Wow, will this bitch fight ever come to an end? We are pretty certain that it has probably just begun…


Model, Fashion Editor, and Interior Designer  Dominique Forsström gives us a glimpse into design, fashion, architecture and lifestyle during NYFW in the city that never sleeps.



The belief in making cities more pleasing and beautiful pushed architects to do the things they did in New York. Photo MEKKI KADIRI


ew York is in a constant state of evolution, and while there are timeless icons worth revisiting, each year brings a steady flow of new elements to experience. From the themes of wanderlust and cultism that defined the Spring/Summer 2018 season at New York Fashion Week, to the architectural depth engraved in the city’s DNA, New York is a city that is at its best when designers in different fields are let loose in the department of pure creativity. Travel with me, between the fine lines that unite design, fashion and architecture… In a city filled with stunning skylines there is no doubt that the people of New York City have a love for architecture. From cloud-busting towers to stolid brownstones, the dense and diverse skyline is filled with offices, residences, civic institutions, churches and museums in a vast array of architectural styles. Who, for instance, hasn’t stood in awe of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings or marvelled at the sight of the Guggenheim? Indeed, while NY is filled with attractions and distractions, it is its buildings that define the city. New York’s very history is written in glass, steel and stone.



Architecture & Design Capital Recently, while attending the Enmateria Specs IX Encuentro Internacional de Arquitectura, in Santiago de Chile, I had the great pleasure of attending a conference by Daniel Libeskind. Libeskind is poetic in his love for what architecture can achieve. The way in which he expressed the design and meaning behind the original Ground Zero Master Plan was captivating, and standing in Lower Manhattan, everything made sense. Libeskind spoke emotively, translating the feelings that pervade this sacred piece of land into a threedimensional corollary. Central to his design was a 70-foot-deep pit that exposed two raw and potent symbols, the bedrock of the site and the famous slurry wall that withstood the assault. The geometries of that day and that hour— the paths of the fire trucks, the angles of the sun—ordered his site plan and the placement of the towers, on whose angular surfaces and faceted shapes the geometries were inscribed. His desire to bring the Niagara Falls to New York was the inspiration behind the design of the waterfalls that cascade into the center, clouding the actual depth, but giving the impression that it disappears. Water that renews, replenishes, heals, and, in Libeskind’s words, is a space to witness the resilience of America. Libeskind was the sole designer whose original scheme earned first place because he endowed his project with the most fragile architectural quality, aura. Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava’s World Trade Center Transportation Hub opened in the Spring of 2016. From its initial design through to its final completion, the project proved to be arduous for its symbolism, its physical complexity, as well as for the number of commuters it would need to accommodate. Last year, the interior of the Oculus (as it’s commonly known) opened the Westfield World Trade Center mall, featuring 365,000 square feet of retail space. Envisioned by Calatrava to symbolize a dove released from a child’s hand, the Oculus is situated at an angle in contrast to neighbouring buildings and even the entire grid of the city, thereby allowing the light to shine directly overhead and for the sun to move across its axis exactly on September 11th each year.


Ground Zero Master Plan by Daniel Libeskind Image: Studio Libeskind

WTC Transportation Hub

Victoria’s Secret Atelier 5th Avenue

PhD Rooftop at Dream Downtown

Fashion Week Mayhem On the catwalk, a mix of established and emerging brands shook up the schedules. Although we welcomed scattered showers, bursts of sunshine and that special city blend of heat and humidity (that could have made for an unpleasant combination for those trying to dash around the fashion circuit,) the crowd was familiar with the challenge and equipped to handle it with grace. How to style it out? Loose, floaty wrap dresses; practical jumpsuits; playful leopard-print pieces – these are the secret weapons of the season. This year was marked with the return of old favourites (Proenza Schouler and Rodarte were back after three years in Paris) and the big anniversary celebrations: Ralph Lauren’s 50th, Escada’s 40th, Longchamp’s 70th; with the latter two making their New York debut, also. Optimistic palettes was the strongest trend for Spring Summer 2019, where Kate Spade, Carolina Herrera, Sies Marjan, Boss and Escada all went big on pastel hues and punchy primary brights. For next season, think fewer florals and more block bold colours.   A visit to the Victoria´s Secret atelier showroom in Fifth Avenue was a must, showcasing the Balmain for Victoria’s Secret collection. This year’s lingerie extravaganza show will officially relocate back to its home in New York, where it all started in 1995. Some of this year’s most stylish fashion afterparties were held at the PhD Terrace at Dream Downtown. Imagine an exquisite panoramic Manhattan skyline view with direct lines of sight to the Hudson River and Empire State Building. The SoHo Grand Hotel, an ever-popular choice, has remained one of Manhattan’s most stylish outposts for celebrities and scenesters alike, as well as The Blond at the 11 Howard Hotel, a stylish place to kick off a night in NY, as its dark woods, low lighting and bronze masks glint in the shadows. To end the night, 1 Oak is the place of choice for celebrities looking for a good time in New York.



The Entertainment Charts

Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch Whenever Lana Del Rey releases a song, it's set to be filled with a full dose of inspiration and emotions and this track didn’t disappoint. SAFIA - Starlight Looking for a great beat and lyrics that will get stuck in your mind? SAFIA has the perfect new track for you!


October is currently exploding when it comes to new, hot music releases! We picked the best for you from Lana Del Rey’s soft tunes, Eminem’s freshest hip-hop beats and SAFIA’s upbeat new song with thought provoking lyrics. Time to put on your headphones and listen to what’s new. Get inspired and don’t forget: Music is only good when it’s loud!

MØ - Way Down Described by MØ herself as a “semiapocalyptic song”, this track touches on the state of the world’s current politics. With "Way Down," she invites us to escape the chaos for a moment.

Black Honey - Crowded City Brighton-based rock band "Black Honey" released another star struck song from their same-named album and we promise you: This one is set to make you want to get up and dance!

24 24

Eminem - Venom Dedicated to the new cinema hit "Venom," Eminem created the perfect hip-hop piece for the motion picture with its inimitable "Slim Shady" character tune.







PUERTO BANÚS Av. Julio Iglesias s/n Tel: 951 196 665 / 951 196 666




Interview and Photography by Irene Sekulic Kreoidea Studio Muah: Jorge Fortes


Revolutionary, defiant, and knowing exactly who she is, her music and her raison d’être, Brisa performs from the heart, contributing to making the world a better place. Brisa Fenoy is a Spanish ‘pop artist’. Pop; a genre that reaches the widest audience and captures us with its musical structure and catchy melodies. But Brisa is a fresh breeze. The Algeciras born and raised artist endeavours to add consciousness to this genre, enabling us to re-connect with ourselves, overcome our fears and remind us that we didn’t choose the circumstances, nor the place we were born. However, when we have the power to choose and make decisions, it’s our actions that define us. With her single “Jerico” she sent a powerful message regarding the humanitarian crisis of immigration, a cry that was heard by the entire occidental generation opposed to such cruelty.

I remember the first time I met Brisa, it was at a photoshoot for a hotel some years ago. Brisa was one of the models. I remember feeling captivated by her powerful beauty and the stunning aura that surrounded her. Kind, funny, extroverted and with a wonderful desire to “do”, take action. Years later - frenetic years - after her success with her latest album, her multiple collaborations, travels, concerts, videos, documentaries and international recognition, that same desire brings us to this photoshoot and interview. This is an intimate talk with Brisa, the woman behind the artist.


: Brisa, tell us about these photos.. why is the text “El Momento Es Ahora” (“The moment is now”) on your body? What does that mean to you and how do these words influence you?


Brisa: The ‘moment’ is the present,

and there is nothing like actually living in it. There is always a moment to achieve your goals and dreams and the moment is NOW! Stop regretting the things you didn’t do and get to work on making things happen. The past doesn’t exist, the future is not here yet so it is useless worrying about it, why not concentrate all of our energy into living in the moment.. the here and now. There is a really good book by Eckhart Tolle, “The Power of Now”, I would really recommend you apply this as a life philosophy.



: What moves you? What do you feel when you achieve your goals and you receive the feedback from the public?

Brisa: I feel I’m at peace and

connected to the universe. When I’m performing I feel like the crowd gives me back much more than I give them… I receive so much from my public; love, energy, appreciation, commitment. It’s incredible how you can be dedicated to something that is bigger and stronger than yourself. When you ‘give yourself’ to your passion, the energy multiplies and you feel it inside, everything connects and falls into place and you live in fullness.


: What are your fears and how do you overcome them?

Brisa: Yes I do have fears like

everyone. When we are kids fears get passed onto us. We’ve been taught throughout generations we are not enough or we always ‘lack something’. Sometimes when I get this feeling I try to control it, thinking in the present moment and telling myself that everything happens for a reason. Then, I breathe, and I just ”keep going”, flowing with the energy. Meditation, yoga, reading, and talking to someone I trust helps when I’m in a difficult situation. There is an author I watch a lot on YouTube, his name is Mario Alonso Puig, he is wonderful and helps me a lot to control my fears. Fear takes out the energy of our dreams.


: How does your creative process works? Tell us a little bit about your world.

Brisa: Each artist has their own

creative process, depending on their values or main objectives. Some of them may want to be commercial or just to get economic remuneration, some desire the fame and power, some want to make a change and some just want to express themselves. I want to express my view of the world in a different, conscious way. A collective awakening, to give love and look out for each other. I consider my art as a vehicle to communicate with the new generations. The entertainment industry is the fastest and most effective way to get the message across. To create music that is not meaningless, ephemeral, superficial


and empty… To create another kind of music with a different message, with a social consciousness. That’s my goal. I think I have a talent and I received a wonderful education from my parents. I feel a responsibility to make the most of my resources and potential for the common good. If we are slaves of the system, at least let’s be slaves of something we enjoy.. and furthermore let’s help to make a change. I’m only a link of the chain of people that want to transform reality, break the moulds and construct something new. That’s me, that’s my art and my existence will not have any sense without it. I understand that clearly. I believe in helping others and I feel people appreciate it, understand it. I can see more and more people “awakening”, more people telling me my art is helping them… so for me that’s very rewarding. I always wanted to help others that’s why I studied psychology. There is nothing like being able to do that and getting to people’s hearts and minds through your passion… that passion for me is music. And music is the fastest way to reach the younger generation, because they would rather watch YouTube than read a book nowadays.


: Is there anything else you want to say to our readers…?

Brisa: Always fight for your dreams,

stand up for your beliefs, believe in yourself and leave your fears behind. Respect yourself because that’s the only way to be respected. You have to do the work yourself first and then transmit it to others. Love yourself first. Believe in the “utopia”.. like Eduardo Galeano says:

“Utopia lies at the horizon. When I draw nearer by two steps, it retreats two steps. If I proceed ten steps forward, it swiftly slips ten steps ahead. No matter how far I go, I can never reach it. What, then, is the purpose of utopia? It is to cause us to advance.”



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Say hello to autumn, and goodbye to those days when laying by the pool was better than watching a movie, or… reading a book. However, now is the time to slowly grab that blanket, your favourite cushion and get ready for those cozy nights on the sofa. What’s missing? Right… some dazzling reads to add to your bookshelf and ideas for your must-watch list. We’ve got you covered with both…





Wow, how long have we been waiting for this iconic throw-back to the 70s? The answer… too long! 27 years after Freddie Mercury tragically lost his life due to HIV, his biography is set to hit the cinemas on October 24th. Telling the story of the King of Queen’s, Freddie himself and Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon during the band’s early beginnings up until their groundbreaking performance at Live Aid in 1985, this movie was made to "rock" you with everything 70s from legendary catsuits, hairy chests and fancy earrings.

The thing with psychological thrillers is that once you start reading, you cannot stop. The same goes for this hypnotic piece written by Edgar winning author Megan Abbott, who is well-known for her previous novels including "Die a Little", "Bury Me Deep" and "The Fever". In "Give Me Your Hand", she introduces us to protagonist Kit Owens, a brilliant scientist who reunites with her former high school friend Diane Fleming when they both apply for a position which would enable them to work with their idol on a ground-breaking new research project. However, a hidden secret starts a dangerous catand-mouse game and may tear them apart for ever.

VENOM When Tom Hardy plays one of the main roles in a movie, it’s always guaranteed to bring a lot of action, excitement and fury to the screen. In "Venom", the new terrifying Marvel superhero movie, (dedicated to one of Spiderman’s villain characters,) Hardy plays the role of reporter Eddie Brock, who becomes the host for an alien parasite and therefore establishes forceful superpowers which are set to, as the trailer states, embrace his inner anti-hero. Is he the villain or the superhero? Find out yourself on October 5th, when Venom hits the big screen.

22 JULY What makes this Netflix original drama so special? It is based on the true events of the tragedy that happened in Norway in 2011, retelling the story of when right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik committed two sequential lone wolf attacks against the government and killed 77 people in a Labour Party Youth Camp… a real life tragedy – not to be missed.


EXTRACTING THE STONE OF MADNESS: POEMS 1962 - 1972 When the nostalgia of the end of summer catches up with us, it’s time for some soothing poetry. "Extracting the Stone of Madness" is a translated collection of Alejandra Pizarnik’s masterpieces written between 1962 and 1972. Throughout her short life, the Argentinian poet created an astonishing and powerful compilation of work. While she made a huge impact on Spanish literature, she was also said to be the poet of the night, love, terror and tragedy, exploring themes of solitude, madness, childhood and death.


Tuna met Samba



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24/7/18 22:13

Let it Out

Playtime over, the man named Paul lost control of both himself and the traditional male narrative. He swayed as if struck, his lower lip quivered, and hot, salty eye-water began to course from his peepers, running in deep rivulets down his ruddy Geordie cheeks. More men rushed to give the man named Paul cuddles, but it was too late - the floodgates were open. As the tears pooled on the trampled turf, accumulating rapidly, the stunted disbelief of millions of men turned to startled screams as the waves threatened to engulf our very notion of steadfast masculinity. “What's happening?” we said. “W-w-what's that coming out his face??” we feigned. “That referee really is a wanker!!” we quickly concluded as we necked our pints and avoided collective eye contact. The next day the dust had settled, and with it, the great torrents of tears had turned to a kind of slushy mud of denial and defeat; the German men had gone on to kick the inflatable ball into a net more times than us and another man named Peter had joined our wanker list for being too slow to stop said ball with his gangly body. England were out of the 1990 World Cup. As much as we love our sport and its ability to bottle up our hopes, fears and outright prejudices, the tears of the man named Paul had rocked our fragile psyches, flying in the face of not just his team-mates, but millennia of male posturing. Men don't cry.


years ago, something monumental happened on a rectangular patch of grass in Turin, Italy. An English man in shorts named Paul tangled with a man who was a German man while both chasing after an inflatable ball. Another man, simultaneously and unceremoniously decreed a “wanker” by millions of men around England then held up a small, yellow piece of card. The man named Paul reeled. He'd seen one of these yellow bastards pointed his way just days before when playing ball with some Belgian men and he immediately understood the implications; Paul would not be allowed


to run around in shorts on another large patch of grass in a few days' time, chasing another inflatable ball against some Argentinian men.


Did a clearly heartbroken Clark Gable (an American man) cry at Scarlet O'Hara's final, desperate plea in Gone With The Wind? … NO, he chose not to “give a damn” about the woman he'd loved for a decade. Did Braveheart (An Australian man) cry when they dragged him behind a horse, hung him, stretched him a bit, then pulled his guts out and made balloon animals out of them.... NO, he trolled his captors by shouting “Freedom” for absolutely ages. Did Thag (a cave-man) cry when a mammoth trampled his entire clan in their sleep. NO, he invented fire, learned to make weapons out of flint and he fucked those big hairy elephants the fuck up.

So what did it mean when Gazza blubbed in front of the entire world? It was a truly iconic moment the papers threw copious amounts of ink at. The ensuing introspection might even have contributed towards a seismic shift in predetermined notions of masculinity, male vulnerability and even mental health. Were this man's extremely public tears an early indication of a borderline personality the media and public would soon learn was wracked with demons of self-doubt and addiction? Someone in desperate need of support and understanding? Was it simply the cathartic result of a monumental weight of expectation, pressure, determination and ultimately disappointment? A physically natural phenomena not solely reserved for women, babies and X-factor contestants, but even the occasional bloke??? …. Fuck that; the referee was a wanker, there were too many hot dog stands frying onions in the stadium that night and it's football, so shut up.

Surely not?! Ian Beale famously (at least as far as online memes are concerned) broke down completely on Eastenders in front of / on Phil (the half-man, halfscotch-egg symbol of peak masculinity), and it was pretty horrible to witness. Well, whilst Beale may be the poster-boy for what not to do in life, even a broken clock is right twice a day, however shit the broken clock's hair and whiny its voice. Indeed experts with far more scientifically grounded data than the proverb “A problem shared....” agree that offloading our emotions, sometimes through tears, is definitely good for us.

Media portrayals of “manliness” have great agency in our perception of what emotions we should show in the real world. If Dirty Harry's gun hand shook when he blew away some punks, we might have stopped to ask whether blowing punks away was always the best course of action. If Gordon Ramsay stopped effing and jeffing for just a minute, we might glimpse a vulnerable soul who's messed up his hollandaise and is terrified you'll notice. And if Arnie's big, massive muscles had stopped firing bazookas long enough for us to seriously question his woeful line delivery in the 80's... we might have seriously questioned his woeful line delivery in the 80's.... and then not made him Governor of California.

There are in fact three types of eyeleaks. Though the first two are involuntary – Basal defend against dryness, Reflex against onions and tear gas (or a typical night out in Lewisham) - Psychic are emotionally produced. Powerful feelings of anger, sorrow, anxiety or even love can elicit them, alongside good old fashioned physical pain. The brain's limbic system, which supports and drives a variety of functions including emotion and behaviour also has a degree of control (via the hypothalamus) over the autonomic system. The parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system controls the lacrimal glands which actually produce the tears via the nicotinic and muscarinic receptors. This is done through the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which..... right, this doesn't matter. Just next time you feel a little misty-eyed in public, blame your very human brain instead

The notion of unflinching male dominance, stemming from superior physical strength and aggression might be the reason you don't need to look left and right for mammoths when crossing the street these days but it's also culpable for centuries of bad behaviour, a whole lot of MeToo hashtags and a male suicide rate roughly three times higher than in women. Research conducted by mental health charity Mind reveals that in contrast to the majority of their female counterparts, 80% of men aged 18-34 keep schtum and put on a “brave” face when troubled. Internalising fear, sadness and anxiety is a recipe for deepening emotional isolation - nobody kills themselves without ultimately feeling very alone. But what's the alternative, guys? Like, erm, talking about our feelings and... and.. and doing crying????” (Once you're more comfortable with the concept, you can just call it “crying”)


of some imaginary dust speck and in the ensuing conversation, you might just find yourself feeling better. Even if your confidante (raised as they might be on a diet of Chuck Norris) is not particularly sympathetic, the very brain you just grassed on will tell your tear glands to secrete the natural painkiller leucine enkephalin to help regulate your emotions from going full-Beale. The cathartic, healing effect of crying is therefore not purely social, but biological too. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to be said for stoicism, poise and grit. I'm not advocating a world where every social interaction involves the sound of violins and dudes turn to puddles on the ground each time they're asked how work's going, but a little less stigma around occasional male tears could make the world a safer, less threatening place for men and women alike.... what's more, once those X Factor contestants can't just cry to stand out from the pack, maybe they'll piss off altogether. Ian Greenland is a photographer and writer. He is also a man who, though he has no issue with it, has not personally ever cried.... ...except at the birth of his son.... and when he was hungover and saw an elderly man drop his drink right before an elderly lady tripped and bumped her head..... …..and during Masterchef, when Ping said she just wanted to make her family proud.....


...hilarious love & sex advice from Cosmo & co. Sometimes, when life gets tricky and people have no idea how to cope with their social and mental problems, they take a journey down to the deepest corners of the amazing world wide web - or they buy gossip mags such as Cosmopolitan. And while losing oneself in the midst of a thousand magazines and websites, getting confused with ten million headlines that talk about love, beauty, sex, relationships, life, etc., we once in a while stumble across content that not only doesn’t make any logical sense, but truly cannot be taken seriously either‌



However, thank god these headlines exist, because otherwise, first of all, I wouldn’t be able to write this, hopefully humorous article about them. And secondly, who doesn’t want to laugh out loud when reading such wisely-formulated sex advice such as: "Untamed Va-jay-jays: Guess What Sexy Style Is Back?"


For me, my love of the world of publications started at around 13 years old. At that time, I was starting to read teenie gossip magazines such as "Bravo." Within this awesome monthly tittle-tattle, there was a section named "Talk with Dr. Sommer." Dr. Sommer was obviously "the" sex-expert, introducing us teens to everything related to love, sex and co. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the specific headings that I used to love making fun of with my friends back then, but what I am pretty certain about is, that nothing I read by Dr. Sommer taught me anything about anything. Particularly nothing about the real world of sex and love. But hey, no hard feelings! In the following I will introduce you to some truly catchy articles that you might want to give a miss, unless that is, you need some cheering up this October! 1. Painfully beautiful – study finds pretty people more likely to fail in relationships Finally here’s the answer to all your problems: You are just too attractive. 2. 8 seriously cringy times people's parents found their sex toys: "I told my mum it was a torch." While this one is actually quite hilarious, the real question is: A torch? Seriously? 3. Be a lucky bitch!: Proven mind tricks will get you what you want First of all: Who the hell proved this? And come on, who actually wants to be a lucky "bitch"? 4. “My gyno talked to my vagina”: and other doc shockers

Here Is The Thing About

Pretty shocking, but maybe just a nice attempt to make you feel slightly more comfortable in a notso fun situation? I would find it more shocking if it talked back… 5. Why you should be a jealous bitch: and 6 other relationship secrets That’s exactly the relationship advice we all need! Thank you very much… And why exactly are we all wanting to be bitches? 6. Is it normal to fantasize about being single when you're in a relationship? - "I'm not unhappy with my partner, but I think about sleeping with other people." No. It’s not normal! Do you want to be single, or not? Time to make a decision! 7. 8 simple tricks to get *way* more matches on dating apps - hack your way to more matches. Really? When did we forget about values and staying true to ourselves? But hey, hacking your dating/ love life definitely sounds pretty healthy. 8. My friends treated me like their therapist - and I started hating them for it True story… 9. When your hoo-ha’s burning: don’t use this common cure! What on earth is a "hoo-ha“? 10. Meow!: Why acting just like a cat will get people to come to you Last, but not least… acting like a cat? Seriously? Whoever read this article and felt they had gained life-changing self-help advice from it must have found their way to a mental hospital by now. No further explanation needed...

Sweet talk with Anna Gerlach


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We are once again joined by Reflections’ celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Yeadon, whose A-List clientele includes Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell. Jonathan is loved not only for his mind-blowing colouring skills but his outrageous personality as well.

Therapy for Free This month Jonathan discusses why hairstylists are the go-to therapists for countless men and women.



I was skimming through Facebook last week in the salon, (whilst pretending to listen to another one of Gerry’s tedious martial arts stories,) when a certain news article caught my eye. Apparently the council in West Yorkshire are considering “upskilling” hairdressers and nail technicians to spot victims of domestic abuse. This is a subject close to my heart and one I have mentioned in a previous article, so I told Gerry to go and bore someone else and sat down to read the whole thing. Apparently the Kirklees council are looking at new ways of tackling domestic abuse and they say the solution could be via adopting an American initiative that led to salon workers being trained to recognize the giveaway signs. The project, which was rolled out in Illinois, was followed up by the national UK charity Women’s Aid. It aims to recruit workers who would then receive two days of training in how to respond and where to direct victims for help.

accountable. The ultimate point is to talk openly about what’s bothering you so that your anxieties don’t negatively impact your life.


If you genuinely love your clients, and people in general, you cannot help but get involved with their lives. My job involves understanding people, and taking a genuine interest in a way that maybe only their partner or family do. It’s about giving someone your undivided attention for an hour or two. It’s about listening and letting someone tell you whatever they want. It’s allowing someone into your life too. I always say hairdressing is about so much more than what I can do with my scissors and comb.

Kirklees’ service manager for domestic abuse and safeguarding partnerships, Alexia Gray, described it as “a model that is tried and tested”. She added: “The ethos behind it is trying to upskill people within the community, for example hairdressers or people in nail bars and finding places where people can go in and have a conversation and how they respond to that.” She called it “ a better way of looking at preventative work within communities”.


This was music to my ears. It is something that my colleagues and I have naturally done all our lives. A new poll suggests that hairdressers are the fifth most trusted profession in the UK. Why? Well one of my theories is that I like to think that a salon is much like a bar but without the alcohol. Well actually, it depends on what day it is as to how much alcohol is knocking about. Like a bar, a salon is a people based industry, its social and this tends to be where people open up about themselves. At the salon, a client can share tawdry details but not have to worry that the stylist will hold them

I am absolutely fascinated that someone is putting together a study on this subject. It is correct that we pick up on the first signs of abuse, whether its physical abuse, emotional abuse or drink and drug abuse, (the last two probably account for 90% of my clientele.) This study details how a system works with a network of social workers with whom hairdressers can report incidents of abuse. They can also be trained in ways to help the person deal with it or get the correct help needed and by help, I mean a professional help. Often

an outpouring from a client is because they’ve got no one else to tell, and it’s safe in my chair. However, we are ONLY hairdressers not social workers, though I am working on the latter. I have lost count of the number of times I have begun a client’s hair and by the end of the application I’m in the need of a stiff drink after being told something disturbing about their lives. I would like to think that I have been able to help my clients in some small way, even if it’s with the assistance of closure by just talking to someone about the problem. I actually should be on commissions from local therapists and lawyers, the amount of work I have given them. Long may it reign that our clients are safe in the knowledge that whatever they tell me stays with me. If anyone gave me a shot of truth serum, they would need to hand me a gun straight after to put myself out of my misery. A secret is only a secret if you don’t repeat it. To gain someone’s confidence is one of the biggest compliments you can ever be given. You cannot push someone to seek help, you can only hold their hand while they do so. Whilst I agree there is a place for meds in the treatment of mental health, I also believe that a lot can be said for the therapeutic effect of being able to talk to someone in a safe environment who is impartial. Someone to just be there for you and listen. I would never be arrogant enough to say I give advice or tell someone what to do. I think my job is to give my clients a different perspective and let them draw their own conclusion. If a system like this comes to Spain I would be more than happy to support it and get involved. I think it can only be a positive thing. Keep talking guys and we will keep listening. A problem shared is a problem halved and we will get through this together.

Ta-Ra! Love...Jonathan

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A Hammam is a traditional cleansing and beauty ritual. Authentic Hammam El Pacha provides guests with a signature bathing ritual that combines heat, fragranced steam, warm water, and a cold plunge pool to revitalise the body and soul.

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Leila Glover, Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, has recently launched in Marbella to help clients up and down the coast get mind & body beautiful.

Offering 1:1 coaching focusing on both mindset & nutrition. Using a proven system, her work comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a free consultation. Clients can feel safe with the knowledge that Leila’s coaching really works. Leila also has an online DIY program available – This is an 11 day fresh food elimination detox designed to help you really learn what works best for your body with a daily guide to support you! - And for a limited time a 1:1 coaching bonus. For more information or to book a consultation contact Leila on 621 208 220 or visit

Learning the difference between foods that fuel you & those you’d be better off forgetting can lead to a much healthier, happier you, with improved sleep quality, mental focus and memory & a leaner, de-bloated waistline too.

No two of us are the same, which means the choices we make around our lifestyle, including the foods we eat, should be unique. Just like we all enjoy different styles in fashion, music and movies, we also intuitively understand, on a very deep level, that one person's food can quite literally be another person's poison.   Be present when eating, not on your phone I have studied over or in the front of the TV – savour each mouthful. 100 different dietary Learn to slow down theories, so I get it. I Pile high your salad/vegetables and eat these first, understand that it can then your healthy protein followed by your complex feel overwhelming (brown) carbs when trying to choose what is right Keep a food diary while you get to grips with the foods for you. Let’s be that fuel you & those that don’t honest - we live in a world where Crowd out foods that don’t fuel you with foods that do it seems there is a new fad diet Drink a large glass of water 10-15mins before your meal every day, each to help curb overeating making claims to solve something



for mindful eating

for everyone, when really they know nothing about the uniqueness of what makes you YOU. Healthier lifestyle choices to suit your specific needs will give you the lasting results you crave – I’ve seen it time & time again. Understanding your individual needs - also known as bio-individuality - is an incredibly powerful way to give your mind & body what it needs. I have been using this approach with success since I began coaching and it has been scientifically proven (yes!). Even better, it has been recognised to lower the chance of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and much more. So….

What makes you YOU When determining your individual dietary needs, there are many things to consider. Some are fairly obvious, like your age, clothing size, gender and lifestyle. However some are less obvious such as heritage, blood type and metabolic type. For example, if you have Japanese heritage you will most likely thrive on a diet of rice, fish & sea vegetables. Similarly, if you’re of African descent, you would most likely benefit from a dairy free diet given


dairy did not form part of a traditional African diet. Your blood & metabolic type will likely also be reflective of this. Your blood type (A,B,AB,O) can be traced to a certain period of human history with unique differences in diet, culture, even social conditions. Becoming familiar with the strength & limitations of your blood type can definitely influence your health. Many type O’s feel energised by eating meat, while type B’s are better able to digest dairy. If you continually eat a food that is incompatible with your blood type, it could eventually lead to health problems.


what is the answer?

Listen to your body. It knows which foods fuel you. Research which foods are best for your blood type and your metabolism, and which foods were typical for your ancestry. Need help with this? Hire a Health Coach with expertise in bioindividuality. Start by making small changes, like adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet, as well as whole grains, and make a note of how you feel immediately after each meal and again a couple of hours later. If you’re hungry

again within the hour or falling asleep after your meal, something isn’t right! Learn to pay attention when you eat, so you can decide when you’re full and how you feel after eating those foods so that you become more mindful of what you are putting into your body. This will also help you recognise the difference between ‘real’ hunger and eating just because you’re bored or stressed. Even though each of us are distinctly unique, we all share the same intuitive instincts – if we learn to listen! Don’t ignore the personal messages your body is sending you.

And your metabolic rate tells its very own story too, – this is the rate at which your body converts the A ‘HANDY’ GUIDE FOR PORTION SIZES, IT IS ALWAYS WITH YOU AND NEVER CHANGES SIZE! foods you eat to energy to use. Some people can eat a ton of bread & pasta & remain lean while others will feel that they just look at a piece of bread and gain unwanted pounds. If this seems all a bit much to understand, working with a coach who is an expert in bio-individuality would be a great way to learn more about what foods work for you & why.

Recognising foods that fuel you VS. those that don’t This is really quite simple but so easily overlooked in the hustle of daily life; when you eat something your body can easily use as fuel you will feel energised, you will feel good! However the opposite occurs when something you eat isn’t right for your unique system; you could be left feeling lethargic, bloated even unwell. These symptoms although ‘normal’ to many shouldn’t be. Typically this is a result of an internal reaction which can lead to inflammation, and if left unchecked, could lead to bowel issues and disease. I have worked with many women who suffer from bloating, diarrhea or constipation) and simply just assume it is normal. Similarly, I have worked with many woman who struggle to shift unwanted pounds. All of these issues can be addressed by understanding your body’s unique needs.



“I can hon estly say Leila’s coa has been one of the ching most fun positive a damentall nd influen y tia my life. O pen, hones l experiences of Leila has been t, c on em “Working with s p tr a u th ctive she etic and ener, I had no motivated I didn’t k such an eye op me to level at I was n wh ow of h p uc os s m sible. The the right idea that so support of people is c and that so g on wr so s ru cial and th very person doing wa y rough a al and ch ange so quickl allenging with food much could ch it – , ks jo L ea urney ei tw la ed et w rg as ind wholeheart with some ta th her edly recom ispensable. I wi t bu sy ea l mend” wasn’t al mple strategies – AMY W support and si A in LKER, LO e confident NDON I now feel mor years. r fo ve ha I an myself th k you!” Fabulous, than


Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach





ur an Yo l Cle t! na er tio Exp i r t



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This month SOCIETY MARBELLA talks to Sofia Saide, the beauty and brains behind the PureSkin Boutique Spa. Since moving to the Golden Mile, PureSkin Boutique Spa has gone from strength to strength. As a benchmark for true luxury, it didn’t take long before word spread internationally. This year PURESKIN IS A SKIN Sofia and her talented CARE BOUTIQUE. A team of therapists FRAGRANT HAVEN OF won the Luxury Travel Guide’s prestigious CALM, SOFIA AND HER ‘Boutique Spa of the BEST-IN-CLASS TEAM Year’ award.


those who are looking for that little bit extra,” Sofia confessed. “We regularly treat clients who are staying at the Marbella Club, Villa Padierna or Finca Cortesin, which of course boast incredible spas, yet their clients are still choosing to visit us.”

“The Luxury Travel EXPERIENCE THAT IS Guide is an exclusive resource for the affluent TAILORED FOR EVERY traveller,” explained CLIENT. Sofia. “We were More than a spa or shocked and delighted salon, PureSkin is a to hear the news, it must mean we are skin care boutique. A fragrant haven of doing something right,” she added calm, Sofia and her best-in-class team laughing. “We have also been chosen deliver an effective experience that is to receive an award in the category tailored for every client. If you know your of Beauty and Wellness at the ‘Premios beauty products, you will be like a kid in Andalucía Excelente’ It is an honour to a candy store. The shelves are brimming be recognized for Five-Star quality. We with the latest cult skincare, tools and pride ourselves on delivering personalised makeup products. experiences which are defined by you as an individual, so the fact we have been “I have a hit list of brands that I would professionally acknowledged for this like to stock here. I must admit I am a means a lot to us.” little skincare obsessed.” Sofia admits And the admiration doesn't just stop there. The Luxos Magazine, a travel guide for the luxury lifestyle experience in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Brazil have featured the salon twice now. “It’s lovely to attract that kind of traveller,

sheepishly. You only need to take one look at Sofia’s glowing, flawless skin to know that her addiction is worth it. Her latest infatuation is with Omorovicza, a luxurious range which harnesses the mineral-rich waters of Hungary. Filled with potent antioxidants and antiinflammatories, the products grant both quick and cumulative age-defying benefits. “I can’t get enough of the Omorovicza Acid Fix. It is ideal for anyone whose skin is going through a dull lackluster stage. A multi-purpose treatment, Acid Fix exfoliates, peels, resurfaces, brightens and plumps the skin."


Another best seller is the Omorovicza’s purifying Moor Cream Cleanser. Jam-packed with mineralrich clays and a cocktail of conditioning essential oils to neutralize environmental stress and help combat congestion. The award-winning anti-ageing Perricone MD range has become very popular with clients. ’The Face Finish Moisturiser is selling like hot cakes,” gushed Sofia. “It gives that on trend glass skin; effect. If I use it on a client after a Hydra Facial, once they see their dewy skin they will ALWAYS ask me what I have used and where can they buy it.” Pure Skin is already renowned for their facial treatments but with the teams latest addition, Dilma, a dedicated nail technician, word has quickly spread that this is the place to go for nail care. Offering acrylic, gel, CND shellac and Kure Bazaar organic manicure and pedicures, Dilma’s nail art is now the talk of the town. From her Baby Boomer nails (blending the pink and white together, creating a seamless, gradient effect,) to encapsulating 3D flowers into the nails, her creativity knows no bounds. So what’s next for Pure Skin? “We want to bring in more facial treatments of course, because that’s what we are known for. Currently our most popular treatment is the Hydra Facial with many clients opting to combine it with Intraceuticals Oxygen treatments. I have my eye on one of the most innovative anti-aging machines currently on the market so watch this space.” Pure Skin Boutique Spa, T. 951 13 49 83

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Be Who


PHOTOGRAPHER Alex Mitrin @Alex___m___ MODEL Anna Rosen @_annarosen CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES Gunnel's Fashion Boutique

This year we are welcoming the autumn season with light pastel tones and cozy textiles. With a mix of vibrant colours, playful patterns and classic cuts, Gunnel’s Fashion boutique in Marbella provides you with a carefully selected assortment of everything that’s on trend. Model Anna Rosen demonstrates how to flawlessly combine those different styles from girly chic to sophisticated loungewear, while photographer Alex Mitrin captures each piece with his sharp eye for details. Gunnel’s Fashion is for the versatile woman who loves to express herself through beautiful pieces that always make the right statement.


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Chic Chic Happens Happens



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Chic ChicHappens Happens


Centro Plaza Local 18-19 Avda. Manolete, 29660 Nueva Andalucía (+34) 952 785 602 Instagram: @gunnelsfashionmarbella Facebook: Gunnels Fashion Marbella


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Exploring the depth of the countryside’s beauty, German fashion photographer Julia Roder perfectly captured the essence of life on a farm, combined with styling that features classic shapes, mixed with elegant elements such as middle-age inspired embroideries and shiny neon colors. The combination of futuristic textiles and a backdrop of pure nature creates an artistic collision of two timeless opposites, which in this case, work together just perfectly.

58 58

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COUNTRY Classics PHOTOGRAPHER Julia Roder @julia.roder MODEL Diana Arbuzova @dianaarbuzova MUAH Lena Tanevska @lena.tanevska_mua


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60 60

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61 61

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62 62

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63 63

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Royal Navy Polo Shirt in Egyptian Mako Cotton - EUR 85

64 64

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Today’s man is looking for a tailored approach to polo shirts: Polos smart enough to take you from the office to the rooftop bars of the city and from the airport lounge to the pool.


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Alloy Grey Polo Shirt in Egyptian Mako Cotton - EUR 85 Scarlet Red Piqué Polo Shirt in Sea Island Cotton - EUR 125 Dark Sapphire Piqué Polo Shirt in Sea Island Cotton – EUR 125


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Pirate Black on Pitch Black Limited Edition Polo Shirt – EUR 140

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Evening Blue Crew Neck T-Shirt in Supima Cotton – EUR 40


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Scarlet Red Piqué Polo Shirt in Sea Island Cotton - EUR 125


Niccolò P.

Chic Happens

POLO SHIRTS by Niccolò P. // PHOTOGRAPHER Jeremy Standley MALE GROOMING by Nicola McGeorge using Kiehls and Redken MODELS Augusto Rossillo, Daniel Garcia Cortes and Mayo Sanchez Moya



Our in-depth motoring review






t’s tough at the top, and when you are the progenitor of a whole new class of car, in this case the hot hatch that became a legend, you really have your work cut out to keep pretenders to your throne at bay.

However, the VW Golf GTI is more than just a cult car; it is also an international phenomenon. Volkswagen must sorely regret not having taken out a trademark copyright on the GTI moniker, but the real thing is indeed the ‘GTI’; any imitator is a mere GTi. The Golf GTI was born almost by accident. Its genesis was a weekend and after hours project of a handful of enthusiast engineers in late 1974, long before the word ‘compliance’


was ever uttered in the halls of VW’s Wolfsburg factory. The prototype ‘Sport Golf’ was created by dropping the 100hp single twinchoke carburettor 1,588cc motor from the Audi 80 GT into the smaller and lighter Golf, whose all-new platform featured MacPherson struts in front and a torsion beam rear axle with trailing arms and concentrically mounted coil springs and dampers. By this time Audi had already finished developing a more powerful and economical 110hp variant of the engine featuring Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection. So when the ‘Sport Golf’ became an officially sanctioned project in May 1975 this more powerful engine from the Audi 80 GTE was its power unit. “Official” meant the sales

and marketing department became involved, and shortly afterwards the ‘Sport Golf’ adopted the GTI title that was destined for greatness. There has always been speculation over the origin of these three letters. While it is clear that GT stands for ‘Gran Turismo’ in Italian, a popular suffix at the time for sporting derivatives of family saloons, no one at VW has ever been able to account for the ‘I’. The German word for Fuel injection is ‘Einspritzung’, hence the ‘E’ in Opel’s GT/E models from this period. One possibility is that VW made a conscious decision not to mimic its rival from Russelsheim, and instead extended the Italian influence to ‘I’ for “Iniezione.” The real reason has been lost in the mists of time.



Over four decades down the line, today’s Golf GTI is the seventh incarnation of its kind, and has also spawned an ‘R’ version that puts over 300hp to the tarmac very effectively through all-four-driven wheels. But an R is not a GTI in the purest sense, so apart from the Golf R pace cars at the VW GTI Performance Day we were invited to at the Ascari Circuit near Ronda, Spain, all the cars were frontwheel-drive GTIs. In the intervening years, the Golf has grown larger, more sophisticated and commensurately more expensive, locking out many enthusiasts who would like to buy into a brand new piece of the GTI action. So VW deftly handled their move up market by providing junior GTIs based on the Lupo and Polo. The excellent little Lupo is long gone now, its place on the VW starting grid now taken by the up! The up! GTI comes bearing 115hp between 5,000 and 5,500rpm, and 200Nm of torque from 2,000 to 3,500rpm, pumped out by a turbocharged 1.0 litre three cylinder motor from the EA211 engine family. Befitting its entry-level status, it is only

available with a six-speed manual gearbox. All cars including the Golf have grown larger over the years, and while it might appear on paper that the up! has many similarities in size to the original Golf that idea does not survive the measuring tape. The up! is a smaller car all round, so while cabin room is not off that of the Golf Mk 1, a much shorter nose and tail leave the newer car with a much less capacious boot, albeit one that can be deepened by dropping the adjustable floor panel. That said, in outright performance terms, the smallest GTI of the lot is not hard done by. Thanks to its turbocharged motor VW’s claim of 8.8 sec for the 0-100km/h sprint is actually a shade quicker than the original 1.6 litre GTI, while modern aerodynamics see to an impressive 196km/h (122mph) top speed, a good 16km/h (10mph) faster. The three-pot motor is willing and gutsy enough to make this miniature GTI feel reasonably rapid and fun on country roads, and its offbeat sound signature is quite sporty too. While peppy, this

motor does not rev to the skies, but as the torque curve is quite meaty and the car quite light, you quickly learn to use the mid-range thrust to good effect rather than aiming for the redline. Slightly uprated springs and dampers match the extra go, giving the up! GTI good handling and poise and a nicely damped ride in normal and brisk road driving. But there is no getting away from the fact that this is a very compact and quite tall package, and when you encounter mid-corner bumps while pressing on you will experience a slight rock-roll moment that is noticeably exacerbated by strong gusts of wind. When hustled on track the up! GTI is competent and potentially playful, but then the ESP intervenes to put a cap on the proceedings at the point where an experienced driver is just starting to have fun. Annoyingly there is no ‘Off’ button to edit the electronic nanny from the proceedings. The latest Polo GTI has 200hp and 320Nm from a detuned version of big brother Golf GTI’s turbocharged 2.0



litre four. Think about those numbers for a second because the current Polo is not physically dissimilar in size to the Golf GTI Mk 2, a car that debuted with a mere 112hp in 1.8 litre eight-valve form, and was later augmented by the 136hp 16-valve. The Polo GTI’s sub-7.0 sec 0-100km/h sprint against the stopwatch does not do it justice. Thanks to weight transfer and wheel spin no front wheel drive car, least of all a turbocharged one with a mighty dollop of low down torque, is able to transfer all its power to the tarmac off the line. Thus, despite the help of its trusty standard fit electronic locking differential the Polo GTI only does its best work once


launched and fully hooked up. VW’s chassis engineers did a fine job of sorting the suspension with new steering knuckles, bushings, springs, dampers, anti-roll bars and a reinforced rear torsion beam axle, so this relatively innocuous looking hot hatch has a far more impressive turn of speed on the fly than its Polo moniker implies. Our test car was also fitted with the switchable sport select dampers, and while all the cars here had the six-speed DSG, a six-speed manual will be available later this year. With Ascari being my home circuit, I was able to concentrate on the cars, and was quickly impressed by the

Polo’s stability, adjustability, and ability to put every one of its 200 horses down cleanly and effectively in the bends. One of the Golf R pace cars was driven by my old friend, racing driver Wolfgang Kaufmann, whom I used to test with at Hockenheim in the ‘90s. So there was no hanging about, and I wrung every ounce of everything out of the little Polo on track, which rose to the challenge. Trail braking into tighter corners to settle the front end and minimise understeer, I ran the unloaded inside front wheel well over the low kerbs, using every inch of track. The Polo GTI turned in crisply, tracked exactly to the


apex as requested and then exited on full throttle with perfect composure.

that is something that scores Brownie points in the pride of ownership stakes.

On the road the Polo GTI’s well-sorted chassis comes across with a nicely judged combination of ride and handling, making it a great town car that is both agile in traffic and easy to park.

In the old days, new technologies were always introduced on flagship models from where they trickled down the range. These days however, the rapid pace of advancement in on-board technologies means manufacturers can no longer wait for half-life facelifts to introduce features that will likely be superseded in less than three years.

The big, torque rich motor and sixspeed PDK transmission make the Polo GTI zippy away from the lights, while at the other end of the scale it is an effective motorway cruiser that returns decent fuel consumption numbers. In many ways it feels like a 21st Century spiritual successor to the Golf GTI Mk 2. It also has a sophistication that most rivals simply lack. The quality of its cabin for instance, leaves French and Japanese hot hatches trailing, and

Such timing saw the debut of the latest Polo coincide with the availability of VW’s second-generation Active Info Display telematics. Thus, in this respect the Polo GTI runs ahead of its bigger brother, and indeed any other current VW model apart from the new Touareg. As I had never driven the latest

Polo GTI before this event, its sheer competence on both road and track took me by complete surprise. Especially so on track where it rose to the occasion and gave the Golf GTI a good run for its money. The Golf GTI is now larger, heavier, and more powerful than ever, and has also become more sophisticated. Like the Porsche 911 from the other end of the VW Group, being more sophisticated can be both a good and bad thing. The DSG equipped Performance version we drove boasts 245hp, 370Nm of torque, and an electronic differential, which help it crack the 0-100km/h sprint in 6.4 sec, with top speed pegged at 250km/h (155mph). The optional adaptive damping is very effective and in Comfort mode, such is its ability to cosset you could well




be driving a slightly tauter version of a plain vanilla Golf. At the other end of the scale in Sport mode, the depth and breadth of the multi-link rear axle equipped chassis’ dynamic abilities on both road and track are sufficient to impress even a professional driver. Many loyal owners have grown up with the GTI brand, and VW is not wrong in thinking that the more sophisticated qualities of their new cars coincide with their needs now that they are on the other side of 50. Meanwhile the more hard-core GTI enthusiasts might well keep an immaculate Mk 1 or 2 in their garage for high days and holidays.


We always approach the first drive of a new Golf GTI with a mixture of high expectation and trepidation. Thoughts along the lines of “it has to be better than the outgoing model, but what if it isn’t,” are never far away until the Start button is pushed, we are a few miles down the road, and the new GTI has won its spurs. The latest Mk 7 Golf GTI never left us in any doubt that it deserves the hot hatch crown. The challengers from Ford, Honda and Renault might each be better it in one or two areas, but as an overall package the GTI is still the king. That said, as each generation of Golf GTI becomes better, faster, more economical, more sophisticated, and

more expensive, we enthusiasts should never stop asking if it is actually a better GTI? Over the years those three letters have come to stand for a great deal. Distinctive, engaging to drive, robust, reliable, well built; the optimum hot hatch that can be all things to anyone who needs such a car. As the Golf GTI has grown in stature so has its cost, and with an entry-level price tag of over £25,000 in the UK, it is a far cry from the £5,800 the Mk 1 cost back in 1981. Because of this, VW has been smart to capitalise on the GTI legend by applying it to the Polo and now the up! These less costly cars are the





entry points for potential long-term enthusiasts to climb on board and then move up the GTI ladder as their finances allow. Certainly all three are endowed with the famous VW build quality, one of the factors contributing to their desirability and relatively high residual values. From a driving dynamics point of view, applying the GTI moniker to the Polo and up! is not merely a cynical marketing exercise. It was very clear from my driving day that enthusiast engineers played a very big role in getting the two smaller GTIs properly sorted. Thus, by varying degrees these junior VWs wear their GTI badges with pride. While the Polo GTI is undoubtedly the more rounded and impressive of the two, the up! GTI is a barrel of fun within its much lower limits. Perhaps more significantly, it exhibits exactly the kind of spunky and occasionally flawed character that attracted many, myself included, to the original Golf GTI all those years ago.



Call us on 0800 1143685 Search ‘Hawthorns Retire’ online or on Facebook

Braintree, Essex Clevedon, Somerset Eastbourne, Sussex Northampton, Northamptonshire

A Retirement Option With A Sense Of Home There is now a new style of independent retirement living, one that brings together a community of like-minded retirees who value the quality of their lifestyle and want to be free of everyday worries. They’re welcoming communities and a place to make new friends.

What’s Included In brief, everything. To make budgeting transparent and easy, all your utility bills, quality dining, housekeeping, council tax, internet access, property and garden maintenance, plus trips out in the minicoach are all included in one simple monthly rental. So finances are clear and stress free.

The Hawthorns, England One of retirements best kept secrets and where friendly staff work hard to ensure that you have time in your life, to enjoy the happy retirement you’ve worked hard for. A choice of four locations in coastal towns or semi-rural positions in the centre of England each offer their own unique personality but with hotel quality services as standard.

Well-being A comprehensive well-being programme for mind, body, and soul helps you maintain your independence for as long as possible. The experienced management teams are on hand around the clock for your peace of mind in these safe and secure environments, and each apartment has a call alarm.

Property Options The Hawthorns independent retirement communities offer a choice of stylish and spacious 1-bed and 2-bed apartments and studios. They all have great restaurants and cafés, hair salons, lounges, and an active well-being programme and social calendar. All have beautifully maintained gardens and some even have dedicated cinema and spa therapy rooms.

Unlike purchasing a retirement property the Hawthorns is based on a rental model, meaning considerable savings; with just 30 days’ notice, it’s also very flexible. You don’t need to sell your existing home, just move in. You could even rent out an existing property until it’s the right time to sell. For more search ‘Hawthorns Retire’ online or on Facebook, or call 0800 1143685 to book your personal tour or talk to us about your retirement options.




LADIES We attended...

a fantastic ladies night hosted by OsteoStrong Marbella, a health and wellness centre that focuses on the foundation of our bodies - our skeletal system. What? You missed it? Don’t worry! This special event takes place on the first Tuesday of every month!

We enjoyed... the amazing catering including tasty cava and canapés, as well as a very refreshing and happy atmosphere thanks to OsteoStrong’s fantastic team and all the lovely ladies who attended!

We loved... how likeminded people had the chance to come together, and even promote their own health and wellness businesses. Our highlight was certainly the free bone density scan and hydromassage session!

Congratulations & a big thanks to... the entire OsteoStrong team for throwing such a great ladies night and helping Marbella’s women to improve their health.


Bones | Strenght | Balance



OsteoStrong® is a biohack that helps you strengthen the foundation of your body – the skeletal system. Unlike other health solutions, you don’t have to spend hours at a gym or exert physical energy that will leave you feeling tired by the time you’re done. Just show up as you are and we’ll handle the rest!

• Sweat-free • Painless • Fast: less than 10 minutes • Will not leave you feeling fatigued • Will not leave you feeling sore the next day • Once per week C/Jesús Puente, Local 15, 29660 Puerto Banús, Marbella T. 952 004 505










Charity Begins At



the 39th edition of the Ángel Jiménez “Memorial Andrés Jiménez” at the stunning Aloha Golf Club.


a fabulous three day competition commencing with a practice round and culminating with the all-important prizegiving and a superb buffet.


Malaga born professional golfer, Miguel Ángel Jiménez and a fine array of amateurs keen to support this fantastic event.


everyone involved in this event and a special thanks to sponsors, Sala Group and to Aloha Golf Club for organizing this competition where all proceeds are donated to a local charity.





LET'S Party ! We attended... the MTV Presents: Gibraltar Calling

warm-up party at La Sala By The Sea, the ultimate sun and beach club in Marbella!

We danced to...

fantastic beats from Club MTV’s top DJ, R3WIRE who came straight from Ibiza, bringing to us a wide and eclectic variety of genres, from main room house to underground bass. To support him, La Sala By The Sea’s resident DJ Scott Strutton put on his best tunes, accompanied by live musicians.

We loved...

the amazing atmosphere throughout the entire one-off event with MTV decor and exclusive giveaways.

Congratulations & a big thanks to...

La Sala By The Sea and Club MTV for making this day the perfect warm-up for the MTV Presents: Gibraltar Calling festival itself!





FLAMENCO OLÉ! We attended... an incredible "Noche Española" at Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel in San Pedro, where we all fell in love with the beauty of Spanish dance culture and the unforgettable tropical ambiance!

We admired... the amazing Flamenco show, while sitting back and enjoying the fantastic atmosphere and authentic Spanish vibes.

We loved... the delicious paella and sangria, as well as tapas in the hotel’s fabulous courtyard.

Congratulations & a big thanks to... Paloma Blanca Boutique Hotel for making this such a special event and for embracing the Andalusian spirit at its best.





Keep calm and SALSA WE ATTENDED... "La Noche Latina Vol.5" at Marbella’s first members club, Kitch.

WE DANCED TO... hot Latin rhythms with live music by The Cuban Mix, while polishing up our dance skills with the help of professional dance coaches.

WE LOVED... a night of fantastic dancing topped off with a taste of Kitch’s fine cuisine and tropical cocktails on the venue’s amazing terrace.

CONGRATULATIONS & A BIG THANKS TO... Kitch for making this the perfect event to practice our latino dance moves. See you at the next Kitch event! Book your table for dinner now: 659 09 12 44





Life's a Beach... We attended... the fifth Tarifa Beach Polo event held on the white sandy beach of Los Lances in beautiful Tarifa, where during two intense days of competition some of the best international polo players competed for the trophy. We shook hands with... familiar faces from Marbella, such as Gunilla Von Bismarck and Prince and Princess Pablo Hohenlohe who were enjoying the perfect beach polo ambience, as well as many polo fans and a dedicated international audience. We enjoyed... the fantastic tournaments competition where all four teams eagerly competed for the winner’s cup. Congratulations and a big thanks to... Isabel de Borbon and her polo events company Polo4Ever for organizing this high level polo event, as well as the winning team PERLAGE and OM Beach Club for hosting the After Polo Party. Photos by Mike Jackson





HELP IS AT HAND We attended... the annual fundraising event for Marbella’s non-profit animal shelter Triple A - Amigos of Abandoned Animals, which took place this year at La Sala in Puerto Banus.

We enjoyed... live music by local favourite Peet Rothwell, as well as entertainment by special guest Dorian Yates, the British bodybuilder and six time Mr Olympia champion who is a committed ambassador for the cause.

We loved... the delicious cava and canapés provided by La Sala! Plus the fantastic raffle and auction to raise additional funds, with prizes including sporting memorabilia, holiday vouchers and gym memberships.

Congratulations & a big thanks to... Steve Wiley - who has spent 6 years at Triple A as a volunteer - for organising the event and raising awareness for such a worthy cause. As well as the Triple A shelter for helping so many animals every year! Plus a special thanks to all contributors and, of course, La Sala for hosting the event this year.





SUSTAINABLE LIVING WITH A “VIEW” WE ATTENDED... the official cocktail launch for developer Wilma Sierra Blanca’s new development, named "The View," - a residential project bringing together contemporary architecture, intertwined with the beautiful surrounding nature.

WE ADMIRED... The View’s innovative concept that is built on the latest technology, as well as sustainability, eco-friendliness and therefore environmental protection.

WE LOVED... the elegant atmosphere of this exclusive event.

CONGRATULATIONS AND A BIG THANKS TO... Wilma Sierra Blanca for introducing Marbella’s real estate companies to "The View" and bringing another fantastic sustainable project into the world!



n 1962, the same year the Cuban Missile Crisis threatened to see us all off by way of nuclear holocaust, a professor from Michigan questioned the very notion of death itself in his book "The Prospect of IN LAYMAN'S Immortality". As America TERMS: WHEN and the soviets measured A GEEZER dicks, blaming any SNUFFS IT, inadequacy on the fact BUNG HIM IN A this was a particularly Cold War, Robert BIG FREEZER Ettinger embraced the TILL THE allure of plummeting FUTURE CAN temperatures, popularising the SORT HIM OUT. scientifically shaky theory of cryonics. Seeing death not as absolute, but a fluid concept relative to current legal and medical definitions, he posited that a body cryopreserved upon its expiration could be successfully revived at a time when medical technology had advanced sufficiently.... In layman's terms: When a geezer snuffs it, bung him in a big freezer till the future can sort him out. Despite witnessing untold death and destruction first hand whilst serving as a Lieutenant in WWII, Ettinger had an unshakeable belief in the possibility of immortality and optimism in the far-reaching ability of science and technology to create a utopian future. For him, today's fatal disease would be a mere twinge to be swiftly remedied by tomorrow's medicine. As such, he proposed that governments immediately initiate mass-freezing programmes. Admittedly the world's population was at the time half what it is today but there were still traffic jams and trains packed with the living, so it seems suggesting we keep all the dead ones too might have been a bit unrealistic.


FREEZE By Ian Greenland


In fairness, Ettinger had some totally sound reasoning behind his proposals: He posited that to pay the premiums keeping mom a big lolly and dad a pop-sicle, family members would need steady work and would therefore live responsible lives. The fact humans routinely fuck up their jobs, reputations and relationships despite the incentive of living, breathing people depending on them was clearly lost on him. Furthermore, once immortality was achieved, he suggested crime would become extinct, since criminals would fear justice pursuing them beyond the grave.... I'm not even sure where to start with that one, but let's just assume he'd spent a bit too long staring into his freezer compartment. This presumption that immortality would secure for humankind a higher, nobler nature, though touching in its faith in our species, seems more than a little naĂŻve. If you conceived a way to eradicate hangovers from the world completely,

would you then expect to see a righteous reduction in drinking from a newly enlightened populous?... NO, it would be Jaeger-bombs for breakfast and Bloody Marys on the last tube home.

What's more, the UK's emergency response unit, Cryonics UK (we typically think of medical “emergencies” as events where life is in danger, not already over with, but we'll let them have it...) is entirely staffed by volunteers. At first heartening, this becomes a little more alarming when their website concedes they'll do their best, but since they're non-profit they may decide not to show up. You'd be mighty pissed off if your one chance at immortality was scuppered last minute because your response team had just ordered a pint when the call came through. Well, not pissed off, just dead, but it still seems a bit outrageous.

So, whilst some of Ettinger's ideas surrounding both the implementation and ramifications of this new approach to worm-food might seem a little misguided, does the basic technological tenet hold together? The answer, according to the majority of the scientific community is... “Absolutely fucking not. Are you mental?!?” As simple conceptually as it seems to halt an organism's degeneration through freezing, before reanimating it at a later date THIS PRESUMPTION with heat, what works for THAT IMMORTALITY leftover lasagna and Captain WOULD SECURE FOR Birdseye's fish fingers hits a HUMANKIND A HIGHER, few more roadblocks when NOBLER NATURE, dealing with the intricacies of human anatomy, and THOUGH TOUCHING in particular, our dizzyingly IN ITS FAITH IN OUR complex brains. Freezing SPECIES, SEEMS MORE and thawing processes are potentially lethal for cells, THAN A LITTLE NAÏVE. whilst countermeasures introduced in cryonics create their own problems. CryoBiologists still struggling in vain to freeze and thaw single organs without the cells turning to mush would scoff at the idea of a whole frozen human being successfully revivified. Yes Sylvester Stallone did it, but he's really muscly and that was in Demolition Man, a film.... besides, have you heard the way he speaks? There were definitely side effects. Whilst the world's leading Cryonics company Alcor admit the procedure does presently involve physiological damage, they're also leaning on the whole “don't worry, we'll know how to fix that in the future” angle. A somewhat less cavalier evaluation comes from Arthur W. Rowe, director of the Red Cross cryobiology lab who retorts "Believing cryonics could reanimate somebody who has been frozen is like believing you can turn hamburger back into a cow”. And it's not just the cryonic process itself that messes up matter, but the minutes, or hours a body endures before it's put on ice by one of the scant few emergency response teams operating in this niche field. Even participants expecting death and planning for it best they can are against the clock when the time comes. Within a few minutes of oxygen deprivation, the brain's hippocampal neurons are dead, resulting in inevitable global brain damage, likely long before the guys with the ice-packs and anti-freeze (yes, they pump you full of it) arrive – just something else for the future docs to fix then....

A high profile example of cryonic preservation saw the parents of a teenage cancer victim fight in the courts over her wish to be frozen. When the time came to transport her to the storage facility, Cryonics UK's sole ambulance suffered “mechanical failure” and was

but you'd still choose them over the nearest toddler gnawing on a Duplo block who works for rice-cakes. Crucially here, if the extension never gets built, you'll be none the wiser, so whilst critics point to cryonic preservation as creating false hope among vulnerable people, others see it as a nothing-tolose gamble. That being said, there are still fees involved, usually covered by specialist insurance policies. Whilst Michigan's Cryonics Institute charge $35,000 for whole-body preservation, with an annual membership fee of $120 (about the same as Netflix), Alcor will run you $210,000 plus $525 per annum for freezing and storage. Quite a jump, but then they're based in California so you might find yourself room-mates with your favourite frozen celeb / future friend. Russia's KrioRus take $36,000 but you won't get your own preservation chamber, instead rubbing cold shoulders with strangers in a group vat. Images of trying to separate congealed icecubes with a kitchen knife make this option seem particularly unappealing. Of course, you don't have to preserve your whole body. Alcor offer head-only preservation - a (rather large) snip at $90,000. The assumption is once again the tomorrow-people will be able to grow your body back for you in the time it takes to thaw you out on a towel next to the kitchen sink. It's unclear whether they chop your block off in the back of that plumber's van or once you arrive but once again, not really a job you want the volunteers jumping at. So why do people opt for this current, heavily flawed iteration of cryonic preservation when the odds seem so stacked against it working? Well why do people visit chain-smoking “psychic mediums” called Barbara in shopping centres in Bolton? Why do we sing “It's coming home” every 4 years when it clearly isn't? Hope? Desperation? Ego? A stubborn refusal to accept when our time's up, it's up?


$35,000 $120

substituted with “a van”. It's unclear whether this was borrowed from a local plumber or nicked off a campsite but the idea of the team, minus their full array of equipment, fanning the body with a dog-eared copy of The Sun found on the front seat is unsettling.

The lack of tangible consumer demand (approx 400 people already frozen worldwide with a few thousand signed up) means supply in this “industry” is still limited. Every scientific advancement requires pioneers, but pushing the limits of mortality itself, you sort of want the reassurance of big corporations with cutting edge technology, streamlined processes, and LOTS of fucking money flying around. When building an extension on your family home, you mightn't like the idea of giving tens of thousands of pounds to a building firm

Or maybe they know something we don't. Maybe they know something the majority of the credible scientific community don't.... Maybe life doesn't have to conclude at death. Maybe we can live forever. Maybe it's not really....


Ian Greenland


The Spanish

Photograph courtesy of ICAS-SAHP, Fototeca Municipal de Sevilla, Fondo Serrano

"S H O A " 102


aul Preston, of the London School of Economics, the world’s foremost historian of twentieth century Spain, produced a magisterial work on the Spanish Civil War entitled “The Spanish Holocaust” (ISBN 978-0-00-638695-7). The word “holocaust” comes from the Greek, and means “burnt offering to the gods”. Given the appalling record of the Nazis towards the Jews, the term may be regarded as being entirely appropriate, but a number of historians are coming round to the view that this is not an entirely appropriate word for such genocide. There is a better word in Hebrew: “Shoah”, which means “calamity”. No other word can truly sum up the European situation between 1940 and 1945. And no other word can better sum up Spanish history between 1833 and 1939. For over a hundred years Spain was torn bloodily apart. The peace that we enjoy today results from a turbulent recent history from which we can only hope lessons have been learned. Those who disregard history should not be surprised when it turns round and bites them in the bum. The illiberal and despotic Fernando VII altered the Law of Succession in Spain, the “Salic Law”, to permit his daughter Isabel to succeed him, thereby disinheriting his brother, Carlos María Isidro de Borbón. This became known as the “Pragmatic Sanction”. When Fernando died in 1833, mourned by nobody, his fourth wife, Maria Christina, became Regent on behalf of the infant, now Isabel II. His brother made a grab for the throne as “Carlos V”. His excuse was that he was born before the “Pragmatic Sanction” was approved. His supporters were known as “Carlists”, comprised mainly of conservatives, and land owners. The queen’s supporters were known as “Cristinos”, or “Isabelinos”, and numbered in their ranks the liberals and all those who sought a more democratic Spain after the rule of Fernando VII. Fighting became inevitable. It is agreed that there were two “Carlist Wars”; but it is possible that there was a third, and even a fourth. We shall see; you can make up your own minds! Spain had been in decline since its glory

days in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. When Europe was torn by the Napoleonic wars, Spain was first an ally of France, and then became its bitter foe. By 1833 the country was bankrupt, with most of its overseas possessions gone; Mexico was lost in 1821. The Carlists looked back to the golden past, and believed that it could be restored by armed might. The Cristinos, naturally, believed that right was on their side. Most of the fighting between 1833 and 1839 took place in the Basque provinces, Cataluña, Aragon and Valencia. Foreign volunteers flocked to both sides. Exactly one hundred years before the British battalion sailed to fight Franco, the 10,000 strong “British Auxiliary Legion”, with the full support of the British government, set out to support Queen Isabel II. The Carlists were defeated by the government forces, and harsh conditions were levied on the Basques, sowing the seeds for later conflicts. The peace treaty bore the charming name of “The Embrace of Bergara” (Abrazo de Vergara). The treatment meted out by the central government caused unrest in the whole of the north of Spain, and so led to the Second Carlist War (1846 – 1849) fought in the name of “Carlos VI”, the son of the brother of Fernando VII. This was a comparatively minor uprising, (rather than a “war”?) largely confined to Cataluñia, with smaller skirmishes in Galicia. Once again the government was triumphant.

In 1870 she abdicated in favour of her son, the future Alfonso XII (1874-1885). The Duke of Aosta, Amadeus, second son of King Victor Emmanuel of Italy, was invited to occupy the throne. He did not sit easily upon it, and when during the elections of 1872 government supporters used violence against Carlist candidates, the country again erupted into violence. Under “Carlos VII”, a grandson of Fernando, a separate state was declared in Cataluña and war again waged. The resultant chaos and the unpopularity of Amadeus led to the establishment of the First Republic in 1873. “Carlos VII” went off to claim the defunct throne of France, whilst Spain descended into total anarchy. General Arsenio Martinez Campos decided that enough was enough, and used the army to invite Alfonso XII to return to Spain to reoccupy the throne. This he did on December 27th, 1874. This did not signal the end of Carlist aspirations. The last pretender, Alfonso, died in 1936 without descendents, but this did not prevent the Falange Española seeking to prevent the accession of the Borbón Juan Carlos I in favour of a Carlist of the House of Bourbon-Parma. The causes of the Spanish Civil War (Carlist War Four?) are many and complex, and the war itself must be seen as a crossroads in history. The international aspect, with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union both using it as a giant laboratory for testing tactics and equipment they would use later in the century, does not concern us here.


Far more important was the Third Carlist War. This lasted from 1872 until 1876. In 1868 Queen Isabel II had been deposed by her own supporters. In the face of the Carlist unrest her regime had become increasingly authoritarian. Coupled with scandalous reports regarding the queen’s own private conduct (despite the fact that her appearance was somewhat less than “oil painting” material) and her habit of interfering in matters of government, an uprising drove her into exile in Paris.

But on the domestic front the Carlist conflicts came to an end under the Francoist boot. Meanwhile in early 1937 Pope Pius XI issued the encyclical: Divini Redemptoris. This dealt with the horrors of communism in Spain, and dwelt on the assassination of priests and religious. He also supported the Carlist idea of raising funds by means of what was basically a “crusader tax”. From a purely technical point of view, this makes the Spanish Civil Padre Peter, cleric for War was the last wedding ceremonies crusade in history! and regular contributor to SOCIETY Magazine









by ANNA GERLACH When autumn arrives and a day at the beach proves a bit chilly, it’s always a good idea to travel to Spain‘s beautiful cities to soak in some culture and history! With its beautiful harbours, century-old castles as well as a colourful food and wine culture, the magnificent city of Málaga has a lot to offer and definitely a very creative side to it. But what is there to discover aside from tourist hotspots like the world-famous Picasso Museum, the Catedral De La Encárnacion or the Roman Theater Alcazaba? We travelled to the city and put together a little list for you folks with some not-so-common places you should definitely include in your Málaga bucket list…


YOUR "HOME, SWEET HOME" IN MÁLAGA Hotels can be pretty boring, am I right? That’s why nowadays a lot of people seem to be switching from to Airbnb, a platform which lets you rent a private home and discover a holiday rental that is way more personal. Málaga offers hundreds of beautiful apartments around the town, so it can get a bit overwhelming finding the right place. We stayed at one incredible penthouse and I can tell you this much: The place rocked! Situated right in the heart of the historic center and just a couple footsteps away from La Inglesia De San Juan, this stunning Airbnb home ticks every box: Accuracy, Communication, Cleanliness, Value, Check-in and Location all rated with 5 stars! Cheap parking is right around the

corner and just a 4 minute walk from the apartment. When first entering this incredible place, we were impressed by the amazing views from the windows and the large terrace! Overlooking the beautiful Plaza Felix Saenz and Calle San Juan, this stylish, very bright and elegant residence on the 4th floor encounters two large master bedrooms, as well as one kid’s bedroom with two bunk beds, each one having its own bathroom ensuite. From the living room and bathrooms you can see the beautiful little patio via a majestic glass wall right at the entrance. The neon lights in the apartment can be converted to a wide range of different colours, creating a truly stunning ambiance. Besides the basic amenities, like a hair dryer, shampoo, centralized air conditioning etc., the American-style kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need during your stay, including


an oven, a microwave, toaster, electric kettle, and a Nespresso coffee machine. Also when it comes to the tech features, you are fully equipped here with two large TV’s, a SONOS sound system and free wifi. If you want a special, romantic trip, whilst still being able to just walk out the door and find yourself in the middle of Málaga’s fascinating old town, then this 5 star accommodation is the one for you! For bookings contact: Susana Siles Sánchez +34 607 65 66 98 Avda. Blas Infante, 14 Benalmádena (Málaga)

ORGANIC BREAKFAST Before starting your city tour, you probably want to have a good meal to soak up some energy. 'Byoko' is a fantastic organic breakfast and brunch restaurant where you can get original açaí bowls, chia pudding, porridge made from almond milk and a lot of different smoothies and juices. Alongside other healthy delicious plates with all kinds of allergy options and a coconut milk coffee that is just delicious! Almost everything here is organic, otherwise it’s clearly marked on the menu. THRIFT SHOPPING In the center of the fashion district you can find anything from typical Spanish stores like Zara, and all other Inditex brands, up to International brands, such as Swedish label '& Other Stories'. But as this is supposed to be a creative and an untypical guide to Málaga, we have another amazing tip for you: Walk towards the Biblioteca Canovas Del Castillo, and you will find the Flamingo Vintage Kilo store, which is the first boutique in Spain that specializes in selling vintage North American clothing. With their headquarters in Texas, this shopping destination offers carefully selected, perfectly preserved apparel with a peculiar style and an astounding quality. Featuring an amazing collection from the 70s, 80s and 90s, this store is begging for you to find some true vintage treasures!


BECOME A MUSICIAN WITHIN AN HOUR Not far from the vintage boutique lies something for those of you addicted to music. The 'Museo Interactivo De La Música Málaga' is one not to miss! Here you can discover permanent and temporary exhibitions of a variety of time periods and musical cultures. But it’s not only about looking at different instruments and musical objects, the real experience resides in exploring a variety of cultures through their music! What does that mean? In each gallery room you can sit down with an instrument, watch a video and learn basic piano and violin skills, rock the guitar or pound the bongos.

THE CEREAL BOOM After so much jazzing, you probably feel the hunger kicking in… and before you even realize, you are standing right in front of ‘The Cereal Boom’. But cereal for lunch? Are you kidding? Nope, I am not. But don’t you worry, this one-of-akind venue offers a lot more than simple breakfast snacks with a menu including almost every national and international cereal brand from Cinnabon, over to basic Kellogg’s Choco Crispies and Corn Flakes to Donut Shops and Reese’s Puffs… Who is hungry now? However, if you’re not feeling the sweet vibes and you’re still craving something more savoury, explore the large selection of sandwiches, salads, burgers, milkshakes etc. that The Cereal Boom offers - all dishes are available with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. We got the vegan burger which looked and tasted absolutely delicious, as well as an organic freshly squeezed juice that you can personalize with any ingredient on the menu.

MODERN ART FROM MÁLAGA & THE WORLD After exploring the colourful collection of cereals and more, it’s time for some real art. And if Picasso and co. are not really your cup of tea, the 'Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga' will probably be a more interesting place for you to visit. Featuring ever-changing exhibitions with works from local and internationally recognized artists from China, Europe and the US. The large rooms of this contemporary museum invite you to hold still for a second and breathe in some truly inspiring creativity. What are you waiting for? Time to pack your bags and start planning your Málaga adventure!


It’s not just a home; it’s a lifestyle. By pursuing excellence and quality in every project, Antima has established some of the most prestigious homes around the world. New Antima properties launching in Marbella this autumn. For more information please contact our exclusive listing agent Solvilla


YO U CAN D REAM OF PARAD I SE OR YOU CAN OW N I T Water Front Homes come alive with the Mediterranean and its light. A landmark design with perfect finishes, an exclusive selection of materials and sustainable construction, this is a place where contemporary architecture combines with easy and spacious living. Homes for a unique experience in a prime frontline beach location. Introducing our main developments on the Costa del Sol: The Island and Alcazaba Lagoon.


CASARES (2nd phase)

Luxury townhouses on the beach 3 to 5-bedroom apartments

2 and 3 bedroom apartments A turquoise lagoon

From 850.000 â‚Ź

From 269.000 â‚Ź

T. 9 5 2 8 8 4 4 0 0 w w w. w a t e r f ro n t h o m e s . e s

New landmark building on Estepona: its seafront location offers the privilege of living the sea all year round. Light, design and space combine in homes where the concept of luxury means so much more than simply the finest quality and superior services. Darya Estepona is set to become an icon of contemporary architecture on the Costa del Sol. Bespoke homes - 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes + Penthouse Prime Invest

Exclusive Homes Sea Front Location 15 mins. from Puerto BanĂşs 56 mins. from MĂĄlaga International Airport Roof terrace with infinity pool and jacuzzi Open plan living area with integrated kitchen (Italian luxury brand Valcucine) Underfloor heating & AC

952 884 400

Outdoor Gym Smart Home Automation: Integration of the ultimate technology and services in the home environment

Modern Marketing

Traditional Values

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva AndalucĂ­a (opposite La Sala)

Middle Floor Apartment New Golden Mile Amazing apartment in the New Golden Mile, between San Pedro and Estepona. Second floor , south orientated apartment, comprising an entrance hall, fully equipped kitchen with private terrace and separate laundry room. Living dining area with independent south facing terrace, main bedroom with en suite bathroom, and dressing area. 2 more double bedrooms sharing a second complete bathroom. Immaculate condition, ready to move in. Underground parking space included. Communal swimming pool and gardens.

Ref: R3199120 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Build Size: 116 m2 Terrace : 42m2 Price: 220,000 â‚Ź

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva AndalucĂ­a (opposite La Sala)

T: +34 952 90 75 21 E:

Townhouse El ParaĂ­so Great location, close to all amenities, golf courses and beach. 3 bedrooms recently renovated townhouse in El Paraiso area, between Estepona and Marbella. The property comprises an entrance hall, open plan living area with a recently renovated kitchen, living room with fireplace, guest toilet, covered terrace and a more than 100 square meters private garden. On the second level, 3 good size bedrooms, the master with an en suite bathroom and private terrace; and another complete bathroom to share between the other 2 bedrooms. The property also has a private garage with electric door and private drive for two cars behind gates.

Ref: R3162991 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Build Size: 170 m2 Plot Sizev : 129 m2 Price: 325,000 â‚Ź

Modern Marketing

Traditional Values

Penthouse El Paraíso

Three bedroom immaculately presented duplex penthouse with private rooftop terrace and private swimming pool. This rare and unique property boasts fantastic sea views with a modern and perfectly presented interior. The apartment has direct elevator access, an underground car parking space as well as a large storage room. The grounds are perfectly manicured with a large swimming pool and sun terrace. Must be seen!

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva Andalucía (opposite La Sala)

Ref: R3219409 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2

Build Size: 143 m2

Terrace Size: 296 m2 Price: 745,000€

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva AndalucĂ­a (opposite La Sala)

Detached Villa Manilva

T: +34 952 90 75 21 E:

Amazing apartment in the New Golden Mile, between San Pedro and Estepona. Second floor , south orientated apartment, comprising an entrance hall, fully equipped kitchen with private terrace and separate laundry room. Living dining area with independent south facing terrace, main bedroom with en suite bathroom, and dressing area. 2 more double bedrooms sharing a second complete bathroom. Immaculate condition, ready to move in. Underground parking space included. Communal swimming pool and gardens.

Ref: R3166192 Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 6 Build Size: 667 m2 Plot Size: 1,500m2 Price: 875,000 â‚Ź




8 Duplex de 3 dormitorios. Junto a Puerto Banús. Grandes zonas ajardinadas.

desde / from

695.000 €

8 x 3 bedroom duplexes. Next to Puerto Banús. Large garden areas.

Impresión artística sujeta a modificación. Sin valor contractual. Artist impression subject to possible changes. With no contractual value.


Viviendas adosadas de 2 y 3 dormitorios. Amplias terrrazas. Zona central ajardinada con más de 1600 m². Visita piso piloto.

desde / from

258.000 €

2 and 3 bedroom semi-detached homes. Large terraces. 1600 m² central garden area. Visit the show house.

Impresión artística sujeta a modificación. Sin valor contractual. Artist impression subject to possible changes. With no contractual value.



26-27-28 October • Palacio de Congresos SAVE THE DATE

Discover the best Marbella has to offer at this home & living fair In case you are planning to purchase or refurbish a property, or you want to discover the latest living & house trends, you best pay a visit to this international home and living expo. The last edition received more than 1400 visitors.

Participating exhibitors interior and outdoor design construction and renovation companies real estate providers

architects home design and art telecommunication and lifestyle






OF COTTON The world’s finest linen and towelling





MARBELLA’S OASIS TO CHILL, DINE & DANCE BY ANNA GERLACH Introducing KAH - the newest restaurant and sun club with its modern architecture and impressive ambiance, located in the heart of Aloha. A sophisticated, innovative gastronomic experience, this venue attracts the Marbella crowd with its chilled vibe and fantastic service. Inviting its customers to enjoy the luxurious interior, KAH is divided into a pool lounge area, the kids club, as well as a bright day and night restaurant featuring beautiful food and uplifting tunes played by the resident DJ. KAH also comprises of a late night bar, as well as an extensive terrace and garden. Open all year, 7 days a week, this venue is the perfect location to chill out by the pool in summer and a cosy spot to dine in the winter.


belly, served with rebellion tomatoes. With beautiful presentation, this plate’s outstanding highlights were definitely the tuna with its rich flavour and the burrata cheese that just melted in our mouths. The third starter course was presented by Sushi Chef Aldo, who introduced us to a new, interesting addition to the menu: The lobster carpaccio, featuring numerous fantastic flavours and contrasts, such as curry, strawberry pearls, salsa, sundried tomatoes with garlic, guacamole, cream with seaweed and an unforgettable pesto! A dish that looked and tasted absolutely outstanding. EXPECT THE BEST


location for night-time and daytime, KAH transforms into the ultimate clubbing location post-midnight where dancing and dining with live entertainment, stylish decoration and amazing themed events make this the place to party until sunrise! With the intention to make every visit impressive, KAH stands out for its enthusiastic team, sophistication and impressive gastronomic experience. The highly varied and colourful menu features everything from Russian salad, to fine oysters, incredible angus beef, a selection of French and Spanish cheese, all kinds of pasta, pizza and fresh fish dishes, as well as a wide range of delicious sweet desserts, such as entremet of raspberry with white chocolate, a beautiful selection of ice-creams and sorbets including flavours such as matcha-tea and salted caramel, as well as stunningly decorated cakes. A FRESH START We started off with the "Grey goose" sea bream ceviche with radish, raspberries and wild salmon roe, which surprised us with its citrusy note, as well as an amazing flavour combination when the raspberries mixed with the salty touch of the caviar. It was just fabulous. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this light, very fresh dish. Our second choice was the Caprese salad with burrata and fillet of tuna

After beginning to understand the flavours of KAH, we couldn’t wait to discover what was on the menu for main course. One of our favourite dishes was definitely the pappardelle with scallops and tiger prawns. The scallops were cooked perfectly, with the ideal balance of being sweet and juicy, while the gambas were absolutely delicious and flavoursome. As we couldn’t get enough of the seafood at KAH - especially the prawns, we continued with 100g of the grilled white prawns – a typical seafood dish that always works and offers a slight sea salt flavour, not too heavy, and absolutely brilliant! If you are more the beef-lover, we can only recommend the black angus entrecote with crispy confit potato wedges. The accompanying sauce had a smoky touch and was the perfect addition to the soft, perfectly cooked beef.

TOO FULL FOR DESERT? Just kidding. Of course desert is always a must, especially when dining at KAH. The vanilla cheesecake with red fruits and coconut sorbet was pretty amazing and it will definitely make you smile when you see it make its way to your table. However, if coconut flavours mixed with crispy chocolate biscuits is more your style, you have to try the rice pudding! KAH is a stunning location and impressed us with its fantastic gastronomic culture, combined with its elegant sun club atmosphere. Whether your chilling, dining or just enjoying a dip in the pool after having an organic cup of coffee – at KAH your experience is sure to be a memorable one. Want to book a table, sunbed or a VIP reservation for an event at KAH? Do it now to get the best seat in the house!

KAH Marbella Tel. 696 690 002 12am- 6pm - Pool club & Restaurant 9pm- 6am - Dinner & Show 12am- 5am - Snack Menu





dedicated and friendly staff. The menu reminds us of a creative art piece featuring fantastic international dishes.

The lively location invites guests of all kinds with its funky modern design, a young, casual vibe, as well as its very

The first plate we tried was a very refreshing and quite interesting introduction: Red tuna ’Poke’ represents one of the main dishes of the Native Hawaiian kitchen and comprises of ‘Catch of the Day’ with rice and vegetables mixed in a bowl. In recent years it’s become very fashionable in California as a "healthy fast food" option. Pez Piña’s own version is served with mango, red tuna, edamame, wakame seaweed and cashew nuts.

hen it comes to international cuisines, Marbella represents a true foodie’s paradise! The gastronomy here is always advancing, surprising us with more and more unique food concepts and plates from all over the world. This summer, the creative fusion restaurant Pez Piña opened its doors on Marbella’s Paseo Marítimo, right next to the city’s highlight, its beautiful port. Pez Piña offers Japanese cuisine with a Brazilian twist and is the place to go if you are craving some original, delicious dishes, which we can assure you, you won’t find anywhere else in town.




PEZ PIÑA OFFERS JAPANESE CUISINE WITH A BRAZILIAN TWIST AND IS THE PLACE TO GO IF YOU ARE CRAVING SOME ORIGINAL, DELICIOUS DISHES, WHICH WE CAN ASSURE YOU,YOU WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE IN TOWN. Sticking with the healthy vibes, we moved onto a South American mix of rich flavours with the corvina ceviche and ’patacones,’ a crispy fried plantain that is very famous in Brazil. While the corvina was cooked with an array of chilis, homemade tiger’s milk, lime, corn and radish, the dish also boasted a welcomed citrus flavour! From this 5-star Brazilian treat, we jumped over to an amazing Spanish stew, served with Japanese oxtail gyozas. With a slight lemon tang and the standout yummy ponzu, there’s no doubt that this is one of Pez Piña’s star dishes.

Next up was one of our personal favourites, and also one of the most popular items on the menu, the red tuna pizza, which comes with a corn tortilla base, tasty aioli, thin slices of red tuna carpaccio, red onion and truffle oil to finish it all off. If you prefer to walk on the wild side, then don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you spice-lovers. The tuna urakami is absolutely delicious, consisting of spicy tuna tartar with avocado and mango, all wrapped on ’masare arare,’ a Japanese crispy rice, and last but not least, tobiko.

I wasn’t sure if anything else would actually fit into our full bellies, but we couldn’t leave without trying Pez Piña’s super popular dessert - the ’Kinder egg’. With a base of crunchy cookie, creamy Kinder egg ice cream and a thick layer of milk chocolate, this sweet temptation was the perfect finish! With its happy vibe, open-mindedness, welcoming atmosphere and amazingly fresh and trendy cuisine, Pez Piña was a delight to discover. It breathes creativity in every sense, featuring flavours from all over the globe, enriching Marbella’s gastronomy with its healthy state of mind. Avenida Duque De Ahumada , Nº 11, Local 6. Paseo Marítimo de Marbella. T. +34 608 67 48 64




By Christie Holland If being part of Marbella’s elite isn’t enough, now you can make it official. Kitch is Marbella’s first private members club with a mission to redefine the concept of social and dining experiences. However, unlike the tedious and traditionally expensive process of joining a members club, Kitch is accessible to everyone.


imply sign up at the reception to receive your personal membership card and begin reaping the benefits of being part of the Kitch club. Such benefits include, access to the exquisite venue for you and four guests plus invitations to all their events (check out page 94 for all details and pics from their latest soiree.)


As a members club should be, the magic of Kitch is only revealed once you head through the grand doors. Here you will find a majestic terrace complete with soothing water features and a nightclub adorned with velvet décor, grand chandeliers and gold accents. But what you don’t know is that Kitch’s hidden gem lies in the kitchen. We’ve tried and tested

a lot of restaurants on the coast, but no venue has had the luxury of turning our publisher into a risotto lover, that is until now. And it wasn’t just the risotto he was tempted to try, the tuna also but a smile on his face! But I am getting ahead of myself. We started with a delicate amusebouche of monkfish with tartare sauce; light, fragrant and the perfect glimpse of what was to come.


While the food takes the crown at this impressive venue, a special mention has to be given to the team; their attention to detail is second-to-none and the friendly yet professional waiters only enhanced the overall experience. Vegetable spring rolls served with a tomato & turnip chutney and red tuna tartare with avocado puree and wakame were our starters of choice. The latter, the very dish that turned our boss, who has never been tempted by tuna, into a fan. Imagine all the exquisite Japanese eateries we have frequented on the coast yet Kitch’s tartare manages to entice him! As we savoured our divine starters, I took a moment to ogle the impressive drinks menu boasting over thirty different whiskeys as well as beautiful and mature Spanish wines and a large gin selection. Risotto with shimeji, shitake mushrooms and green asparagus followed along with, in my opinion, the shining star; caramelized duck glazed with honey & ginger, served with glass noodles

and mangetout. If duck appears on a menu, you can normally guarantee it will be my dish of choice, and this did not disappoint.

" As a members club should be, the magic of Kitch is only revealed once you head through the grand doors."

cigar then you’re in the right place; from La Gloria Cubana to Romeo y Julieta, here you will find some of the finest cigars in the world, well… they do say you’re only as good as the cigar you smoke. You might expect this standard of cuisine to boast preposterous prices but you will be pleasantly surprised, as the prices fall lower than local competitors! So what are you waiting for, head to Kitch, sign up for your membership and get ready to experience fine dining with top quality produce and excellent service at very reasonable prices. Go on… join the club.

To conclude a rich, golden Sacher was perfectly complemented by tangy raspberry sorbet. Full and satisfied we decided to make our way to the terrace for a post-dinner cocktail and to sample one of the twenty custom shisha flavours on offer. If you are partial to a cheeky

KITCH Restaurant & Club Casa Rusia, Tel: +34 659 09 12 44



Bettina, our resident healthy travel foodie, will give us tips on hidden gems in places across the globe. Food has become such a big part of travel that people will spend hours scouring the best places to stay and eat. Here are some insider tips.

PLANT BASED Alternatives

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a variety of people that openly acknowledge the benefits of eating plant-based cuisine and want to make a change in the way they eat, the way they live, and the way they feel. Unfortunately, all of them had another thing in common – they didn’t know where to start. Whether you are going plant based or you have a newly discovered allergen, finding and sussing out food swaps can be hard work to begin with. With so many products out there right now. Finding the best solution can be a struggle.


ix years ago, my lifelong passion for food took me on an unexpected adventure. I started to run retreats and, thanks to my love for food and fresh ingredients, it was only natural that I did all the cooking. All the food was to be plant-based and glutenfree. My goal was to create dishes that tasted familiar, were comforting during a rough week, and could be recreated anywhere in the world. When I first started


my career in plant based cooking I was living in Spain and not many alternatives had hit the shelves yet. So I had to figure out how to best use products like nuts, seeds and left over chickpea water to mimic and replace certain animal products. The bad news, it took a lot of trial and error, the good news is that I used great quality basic ingredients to come up with simple tasty swaps. The best thing about introducing more plant based alternatives to your everyday

life is the variety you can include in your diet. It becomes more adventurous and I tend to see clients more enthused about trying and cooking with a bigger variety of fruits, greens and vegetables. No one can argue that those aren't good for you. What I can say for sure is that by including a much greater variety of plant foods I have felt heaps better and had more energy. So have the clients that I have cooked for over the years. What started as an experiment has quickly become my hobby and career. I love working with plants! At first it was a


challenge but slowly it has become an all encompassing passion. I love seeing the variety available, following seasons and finding solutions and cooking methods that excite and make people happy. As many movements before plant based seems to be a trend that will not go away anytime soon. With an ever growing population and strains on our environment. We now know that the way we have been consuming resources is not sustainable. By adding more plants to our diets and decreasing animal product intake we can make a difference. So we seek alternatives as we don't want to

Clever swaps...

MILK ALTERNATIVES Nut milks (almond, cashew, walnut hemp) or soy, coconut, rice and oat milk to name a few. BUTTER ALTERNATIVES Olive oil, coconut butter, avocado. EGG ALTERNATIVES Chia & flax (works a s great egg replacer) mashed bananas, sweet potato puree, apple puree. CHEESE ALTERNATIVES Cashew & macadamia based cheeses, coconut fat cheeses, tofu, potato based cheese. CREAM ALTERNATIVES Lots of options here: coconut, soy or vegetable cream.

compromise on taste or comfort. People also want to feel better, look better and live longer. Adding more plants helps towards all of this. Be aware that you can end up spending a fortune on alternatives. Start with what you know, the essentials and if you can make them from scratch give it a go. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive as long you use basic ingredients instead of pre packaged alternatives that can sometimes come with a higher price tag. The best combination is to have a fine balance.

ICE CREAM ALTERNATIVES Frozen blended bananas (add other fruits for flavour) SCRAMBLED EGG ALTERNATIVES Tofu scramble or chickpea/gram flour works really well.

Start off simple and add a few shop bought alternatives that you think are worth it! Essentially we all know that a plant based lifestyle is better for our bodies and for the planet. And while it can seem overwhelming at first, the truth is that making the switch to plant based living or include more of it can be pretty easy. Below I have listed my best alternatives that will be easier on your wallet and last longer in your fridge or pantry.

MINCE MEAT ALTERNATIVES Lentils, walnuts, black beans, quinoa. YOGURT ALTERNATIVES Coconut yogurt, almond yogurt, oat yogurt, soy yogurt

CHICKEN OR BEEF ALTERNATIVES Tempeh, quorum and seitan. YEAST ALTERNATIVES Use bicarbonate of soda instead. GLUTEN FREE FLOUR OPTIONS Buckwheat, rice, teff, corn, tapioca, potato flour, oat flour, gram, quinoa flour. EGG WHITE ALTERNATIVES Aqua faba - chickpea water that you whip (it works trust me).




Ellen Wallace is longtime international news journalist and the author of the popular book Vineglorious! Switzerland's Wondrous World of Wines. She writes regularly about European wines and travel and splits her time between La Costa del Sol and the Swiss Alps. Ellen’s


face of sherry by Ellen Wallace

The Spanish and expats in Spain, notably the British, don’t quite share the same view of sherry - by any account a very particular wine. To the Spanish, sherry is not one wine, but several. The many types of sherry mean different ones work well with different foods and it is the rare wine that can be served with every course of a generous meal. But for anyone who grew up in a British household, sherry is likely to be thought of as Gran’s tipple, not something you’d order with friends in a trendy winebar or restaurant.


nter 21st century sherry, and we’re all – Spanish included – in for a bit of rethink about these fortified (alcohol added) wines that are getting the specialists excited again after decades with little change.

What’s new

Some sherry makers are refocusing on terroir, the special magic of the place where the grapes are grown, or on exploring bottle aging, with a small group of professional friends called Equipo Navazos creating an international


sensation thanks to limited edition wines. Others, starting with Diez Merito are now making vintage sherries. Traditionally, sherry is made in soleras, oaks casks, where new wine is added to old and by the time it is bottled several harvests, or vintages make up the wine.

Organic wines are another trend. The best sherries are known as some of the world’s most complex wines, a great compliment. But sherry is something of an acquired taste, so if you’ve had only two sips in your life and you thought it was odd, it’s time to give it another try.

Sherry basics Three main classifications: Fino, the driest (manzanilla, fino, amontillado) Olorosso (olorosso and palo cortado) Dulce (Pedro Ximénez, Moscatel) Three grapes: Palomino for finos and olorosos; Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel for sweet sherries Two basic styles (and scores of variations on these!) Biologically-aged wines where flor, a veil of yeasts, protects the wine from


and an additional bond was created when the Scottish whisky industry began to use sherry casks for aging.

The all-sherry dinner There are two good ways to learn about sherry. One is a trip to the Jerez region, just a couple hours by car from Marbella, with a tour of a bodega, a visit to the market, a meal featuring, of course, the acorn-fed pork specialties from the area, and a walk through a vineyard or two.

oxidation and influences the wine’s character Oxidative-aged wines where a slow exchange of air in the cask oxidizes the wine. Key element: soil Albariza, a very white chalky soil particular to the Jerez region, gives the grapes a special flavour.

A Spanish-British love affair Jerez, from which the wine takes its name, is one of the world’s oldest wineproducing regions, with more than 3,000 years of winemaking. Sherry as we know it today had its start in the 15th century, when coopers perfected the art of making 500-litre barrels, called botas, that one man could roll and that could be stored easily. The Guild of Raisins and Harvest of Jerez published its statutes on the 12th August 1483, shortly before Columbus’s “discovery” of the New World, when the

race was underway for explorers to find new lands for their rulers. The official sherry producers’ web site notes that “Wine was an essential commodity in the ships’ provisions, both as commercial goods for trading in the Indies, and for its indispensable alimentary qualities for the crew. A major part of the cargo of the ships of the era was wine... the five ships in which Magellan sailed from Sanlúcar on the first voyage round the world on the 20th September 1519 [loaded]. 253 butts [500 litre casks] and 437 odres (wineskins) of ‘Vino de Xerez’ for a total crew of 246. The cost to the Crown was “more than the total spent on munitions.” England had become so keen on sherry by the end of the 18th century that 90% of the Jerez’s wine was exported to Britain. Ties remained strong even during the 1796 – 1808 wars between Spain and England when the wine had to sail on ships flying other countries’ flags. By 1850 sherry and port were 90% of all English wine imports,

Another is an all-sherry dinner at the new (2017) Sherry House in Fuengirola, which is making a bid to be listed by the Guinness Book of Records for having more sherries (330+ at last count) than anyone else in the world. The record-holder for the moment is in Japan, with under 300 sherries. The restaurant is part of the Pura Cepa group, which has a popular tapas, wine & gin bar in La Cala de Mijas. The special menu is an excellent way to learn that yes, you can have sherry wine with every course. Jerez bodegas, my recommendations Numerous bodegas offer guided tours and tastings, a great way to learn about the solera system and the different types of sherry. Three I like, whose wines are very good: Lutsau

Diez Merito

William Humbert

Other useful links: Equipo Navazos project

Pura Cepa Sherry House, Fuengirola Sherry Producers website

International sherry week events (October 8-14) details:



DELICIAS GOURMET GROUP INAUGURATES A GASTRONOMIC SPACE IN THE CLUB DE CAMPO OF THE EXCLUSIVE RESIDENTIAL URBANISATION LA ZAGALETA The Delicias Gourmet Group is the leader of the gourmet market on the Costa Del Sol. Now the company has initiated a project in La Zagaleta, which is considered the most exclusive urbanization in Europe!

INTRODUCING: BE LAGOM CONCEPT BY ALTUR HOMES Be Lagom represents an exclusive project by the multinational promoter Altur Homes, who are dedicated to high quality residential property development. The word "Lagom" is Swedish and used to enhance the virtue of the midpoint. It means "the right amount", avoiding excess and extreme limitation, which allows a better understanding of what makes people happy and what enhances a better mental well-being. According to the experts, Lagom represents a state of happiness that is neither exalted nor euphoric - it is precisely the quality of balance that seems to be the secret of true, sustainable happiness. The unique, breakthrough concept is the first of its kind on the Costa Del Sol, housing 13 luxury villas, inspired by the needs and preferences of the most demanding residents of our planet. A focus on sustainability and an organic approach to food and a circular economy is a mediumterm project encompassing the strategies of Europe 2020 that aims to generate smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. With over 5000m2 of Mediterranean gardens, growing organic fruit orchards, an abundance of flowers and trees, as well as stunning landscaping, this project is set to enhance the beauty of the surrounding views and countryside. Located in Alquería in the municipality of Benahavís, Altur Homes created this project for buyers who appreciate a privileged situation and the exclusivity of luxury design, while taking into account the growing demand for conscious living. Architecturally, the use of wood and stone, combined with iron is recalling traditional construction elements, whilst focusing on warmth and the integration of nature. For more information contact: Javier Hernández (Chief Executive Officer) Marina Romero (Chief Operating Officer)


Located in the club house of the infamous residential golf course, the gastronomic space offers a carefully selected assortment of unique products of the highest quality. The recently opened shop "Gourmet Shop La Zagaleta by Delicias Gourmet Group" features an interior decor following the same aesthetic as the other establishments within the group and is characterised by wood textures and light tones combined with modern lines. Offering a unique, very distinct experience from the rest of the conventional shops in the area, the shop sells exclusive cheeses, selected wines, fresh fruits carefully selected daily, as well as high quality meats. The go-to location to source those unique ingredients for special moments! For more information visit:


Left to right: Sandra Stark (Managing Director, Retirement Living) and Sherrie Hewson

ACTRESS AND MEDIA STAR SHERRIE HEWSON AS AMBASSADOR FOR THE HAWTHORNS The Hawthorns independent retirement communities announced stage and TV star Sherrie Hewson as the new ambassador for their services, as well as the brand of all-inclusive rental senior living. Sherrie, showing a great passion for the older communities, represents a force that requests better choice and improved standards for those seeking a certain style of retirement. Improving The Hawthorns quality approach to independent living, while creating the right type of safe and secure, as well as fun and friendly communities, are her main goals. Being impressed by the hotel style living provided within the truly all-inclusive package and the flexibility offered through the rental model, Sherrie sees this project as a compelling offer. Bringing her energetic and lively ideas and personality to the residents and staff of the Hawthorns communities, Sherrie will be visiting each of them in the near future. For more information visit:

ROTARY AT ASCARI RACE RESORT The track day at the Ascari Race Resort on Saturday 18th August was organized by the Rotary Club Ronda-Serrania to raise money for the AOPA Association, which helps and guides parents of autistic children in the Ronda area. As Ascari is a private facility, this event was a rare chance to gain first-hand experience of Spain’s longest race track, which Fernando Alonso has called “The best in the world!” Some of the 100 people who drove Ascari’s Fiat Abarth 595 and 124 Spider behind a pace car were also treated to hot laps beside a professional driver in an Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, or Radical SR3 racecar. The day was well attended by 250 Rotarians and their families from sister clubs as far afield as Granada, Marbella, Marbella-Guadalmina, Estepona, and Benalmádena-Torremolinos. The Rotary District Governor, Jesús Martínez, came all the way from Mallorca to support the event. For more information contact:


t i m i l t ’ n do your

, r e w o p e h You have t

s s e c suc

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Fashion TV & Kitch Present Angel & Devils Halloween Fashion Party. 31.October.2018. | 21:00h URB. AZALEA BEACH, CASA RUSIA, 29660 MARBELLA, MÁLAGA

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TOURBILLON LIMITED Suite G2 The Eliott Hotel 2 Governor’s Parade. Gibraltar T. +350 200 66660 ABBEYGATE Tel. 902 87 77 28, BANCA MARCH Location: Camino de Camoján, 0, Marbella, Tel. 952 76 48 10, BANCO POPULAR Location: Av Ricardo Soriano, 36, Marbella, Tel. 952 76 57 05, CURRENCIES DIRECT Location: C. Orquidea, Local 6, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 90 65 81, FIDUCIARY Tel. 956 79 69 11,

talk radio europe

FLUENT FINANCE Location: Tales de Miletos 11, Edif. Banana Beach, Blq. C3, Marbella, Tel. 952 92 64 81, GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT Tel. 952 768 376, HOLA CREDITO Location: CC Negocios Puerta de Banús (opposite Iceland). Tel. 951 319 538 HiFX Tel. 951 20 39 86, IBEX Location: CC. Benavista, Local 3, Estepona, Tel. 952 88 71 25, JYTSKE BANK Location: 76, Main Street, Gibraltar +350 20072782, LLOYDS BANK Tel. 902 02 43 65,

Bars & Clubs BAR SIX Avd. del Prado, Aloha T. +34 951 319 436 AQWA MIST Location: Beneath La Sala Tel. 951 506 248, ITAPU Location: Calle Revuelta 18, Cancelada, Estepona, Tel. 952 88 79 04 NEWS CAFÉ Location: Lugar Muelle de Ribera, Tel. 952 81 21 31 OLD JOY’S PUB Location: Frontline Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 42 83, SINATRA BAR Location: The Marina, Puerto Banus,

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SANTANDER Lugar Muelle de Ribera, 3-4, Puerto Banus,Tel. 952 81 76 45,

THE LIVING ROOM Location : Avda. Del Prado, Urb. Aloha Gardens bloque 1, Tel. 619 06 11 47


Funds raised from this event empowers vulnerable children and orphans.

Mr Maph

Friday 16th November 9pm the launch begins 50â‚Ź entrance Champagne & Canopies Live Entertainment


t h g i N h Launc

Soul Music & DJ Collective Calling

The launch of a live music tour with Mr Maph in partnership with Collective Calling. The duo form "Marbella with Love"

La Discret Restaurant, Grill & Garden is a lovely Spanish Hacienda recently renovated with Taste, Style and Elegance. Our chef Herman Stephan has designed an exquisite menu with French influences. A list of the most iconic cocktails will provide you with another “excuse” to extend you dinner with us!


Avenida Los Girasoles Nº 23

+ 34 951 334 473

Beauty & Health

SALON LA VIDA Urb. Aloha Pueblo, Local 23, Nueva Andalucia. T: 952 92 91 06/680 238 480, BARDOU Location: Playas del Duque, Puerto Banús. MEGAWHITE T. +34 671 404 393 ARIA MEDICAL GROUP Location: Centro Peninsula 8, Camojan Tel. 951 276 748 / 671 639 353 BODYWORKS Tel. 952 883 151, BOUTEE HAIR AND BEAUTY Location: Avenida del Prado, Plaza de Aloha, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 816 031 CENTRO CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE Location: Centro Comercial Casablanca, Office 3, Crta de Cadiz Tel. 952 900 626,

DENTAL CARE: C.C. Laguna Village, A-7, km.159, Estepona Tel. 952 936 552 / 615 071 563

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DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE MARBELLA Tel. 952 775 021 dynamicmarbella. com


SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Villa Marina, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 81 38 82,

CRYSTAL HEALING ENERGY CENTRE Location: No.35 A7 Centro Comercial Costasol - (166km). Bel-Air Estepona. Tel: 697 972 032

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PLAZA BEACH Reservations: Tel. 677 64 47 37

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EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL RESTAURANT & SPA Urb Miraflores Playa, Crta. A7 km.199, Marbella. Tel. 952 587 550, ENN CARE Location: Marbella Golf and Country Club, Ctra de Cádiz, N-340 Km 188, 29604, Marbella Tel. 663 048 477 HC MARBELLA Tel.952 908 628 marbellahighcare. com HEALTHOUSE Urbanización Boladilla Baja, Esetepona 29689 Tel. 951 082 090 LOOK YOUR BEST Location: Calle Ramon Areces, Marina Banús, Edificio III Local 3, Puerto Banús Tel. 951 134 990 LONG LIFE CLINIC Tel. 952 77 07 14,


NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239,

COSMOCLINIC AND ISABELLE’S Location: Carretera de Cadiz N340, Urb. Marbella Real, Local 1. Tel. 952 815 944

est a

FINCA CORTESIN Tel. 952 93 78 00,

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PURO BEACH Carretera de Cádiz, km 159, Estepona T. +34 952 800 015,

CORTIJO CARE MARBELLA Location: C/ Joaquin Turina, Cortijo Blanco, San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella. Tel. 952 780 18, c

Award Winning Wine List of Over 6,500 Selected Wines


Beach Clubs

CLINICA DENTAL SORIANO Location: Edificio Marbelsun, Calle Calvario 8, pl. 6, arpt. 11, Marbella, Tel. 951 317 021,

Fine Dining Restaurant & Bodega


TIBU Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 09 18,

CLASSICAL ACUPUNCTURE Tel. 952 883 151 / 693 939 188

the nti

THE STUDIO Location: Avda. Del Prado, Urb. Aloha Gardens bloque 1, Tel. 951 31 97 42

CIRUMED CLINIC MARBELLA Location: Edif. Panorama, Planta baja, Local 2 Ctra. De Cadiz, km 184 Tel: 952 775 34 es


THE PLAYWRIGHT Location: C. Manzana, Local 18, Pueblo Los Arcos, Elviria, Tel. 952 86 88 98,

+34 952 929 999 Avenido del Prado, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

MARBELLA’S COSMETIC DENTAL CLINIC Location: Plaza las Orquideas 2, Exit 173,5 Casino, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 907 173, MARBELLA CHIROPRACTIC Location: Urbanizacion Guadalmina Alta, Centro Comercial 4, Local 8, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel. 952 880 398 MARBELLA VEIN CLINIC Location: Camojan Business Centre, Office 12 Tel. 952 867 003 MARION DIAS Tel. 711 771 972 MARK DENTAL CLINIC Location: C. C Benavista, Puerto Banus and Fuengirola Tel. 951 272 267 / 952 810 408 / 952 917 164 OCEAN CLINIC Location: Av. Ramon y Cajal 7, Marbella Tel. 951 775 518 Q MAX LASER TREATMENTS @ THE WELLNESS STUDIO Los Naranjos Golf Club Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia. Contact Sara Tel: 628936396 REFLECTIONS HAIR NAILS AND SKINCARE Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 902 325 324, PURE SKIN BEAUTY ROOM @The Wellness Studio Los Naranjos Golf Club Plaza Cibeles, Contact Sofia Tel: 661 279 575 RAFAEL BUENO PELUQUEROS CELEBRITY HAIR STYLIST Tel.: 952 107 196 SINERGIA PILATES Avda. de Espana 62, Estepona THAI MITICA Calderon de la Barca, 48, Nueva Andalucia + 34 951 279 250 THE HOUSE HAIRDRESSING Pino Golf de Don Carlos, Coto de los Dolores, Local 28, Elviria +34 952 835 317

WOOD HAIRDRESSING Location: C.C Le Village, Ctra de Istan Tel. 952 771 791

GIBRALTAR & SOTOGRANDE APHRODITE BEAUTY Location: 26/27 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel. +350 20062422 STEPHANIE’S BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS Tel: +350 54012896 / +350 54015841,

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Boutiques & Stores BOUDOIR BOUTIQUE Locaton: Cl Las Violetas nº4-5, Marbella. Tel. 952 813 068,, DE LA FUENTE Calle Sierra Blanca 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 90 20 80 LOFT & ROOMERS Oasis Business Center, Ctra. De Cádiz KM 183. Tel: 952 77 21 39, NIMROD MESSEG Calle Aluminio 6, Marbella. Tel: 952 85 74 39, TIMELESS GALLERY Avda. José Banus s/n Edf. Málaga ll, Local 24. Tel: 670 256 275, UNIQUE FIRES Tel: 951 27 74 43, ANTONIO SEIJO Location: Avenida Ramón Y Cajal 7, Marbella Tel. 952 900 140,

HOT OFF THE PRESS Location: Calahonda Commercial Centre Unit 7, Calahonda Tel. 952 930 392 MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edif. Casablanca, Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe Tel. 952 773 765 TWIST BOUTIQUE Location: Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara, YORKSHIRE LINEN Location: Avenida de Andalucia (Av Carmen Saenz De Tejada), Nave 11. Tel. 952 197 577,

Cafés D’ALICIA Location: Centro Commercial El Pilar (opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel) Estepona Tel. 952 823 761 DEZENTRAL Location: Calle las Malvas Ed. Online 19 -20, Marbella Tel. 952 81 86 48 NELI G’S Location: Complejo Los Palmeras de Benavista El Paraiso, Estepona, Tel. 952 928 576, PAN Y MERMELADA Location: Urb. Marbella Real16, Avda. Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Marbella Tel. 952 86 63 23, PASSION CAFÉ Location: Calle Marqués del Duero, 68, Marbella, Tel. 952 78 03 44, SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046

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ANTHONYS DIAMONDS Location: Avenida Ramon y Cajal 40 Tel. 952 588 795

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BANG & OLUFSEN Location: Puerto Banús Main entrance. Tel: 95 281 72 50.

C. DE SALAMANCA Location: Ctra.N 340, Km.171, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 52 50


ELLE MORGAN BOUTIQUE Location: Unit 31 Laguna Village (next to Purobeach) Tel. 647 869 831

EUROPCAR Tel. 902105055,

THE NAIL PLACE Location: Av Manolete, Tel. 952 818 636

FASHION VILLA Location: Paseo de Suiza, Elviria, Tel. 952 85 05 01

TITANIUM CLINIC Location: CC Marbella Mar,2. Local 8 CN 340, Km179 Tel. 952 901 442 / 615 350 476

FEYDOM MUEBLES Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana, Nave, Nueva Andalucia, 15, 29660. Tel. 951 51 87 87,

THE BARBER CLUB Ed. Online, Local 6. Calle Las Malvas Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 907 202/203


VILLAR-ARAGON CLINIC Plaza Joaquin Gomez Aguera 4, Marbella Tel. 952 823 155

HARO Location: Urb El Pilar, Estepona, Tel. 952 883 122, MALAGA CAR Tel. 952 17 62 25, RACING LEGENDS Location: Urb. Nueva Andalucia Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana, nave 86, 29660 Marbella Tel. 637 93 79 59

A unique restaurant, offering worldwide cuisine and a warm welcome in the heart of Elviria

CC Los Pinares de Elviria Local 18 T. +34 951 569 173 M:+34 682 320 325


Delis DELISH Location: Calle Las Malvas 12. 29660 Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 907 627 / 609 500 340 / 610 733 050, KOBE Location: Plaza Las Orquideas 6 y 7, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 951 398 618 / 628 330 396 / 665 119 263 DELICIAS DE LA HUERTA Location: C.Comercial Odeon, Local 1, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 816 796, 628 330 396

Drink Suppliers BEERS WINES AND SPIRITS Calle Manuel Franco Cubeiro 28 Nave 4 Poligono Industrial El Pinillo Torremelinos, Tel:+34 952 373 233 D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46,

Entertainment CINE TEATRO GOYA Carrer de Av. Julio Iglesias, Marbella. T.951 196 665 / 951 196 666, COSTA JUMP Poligono Industrial, fase 2, Calle Carril de Picaza, San Pedro de Alcantara (ITV & Parque 3 Jardines) Tel: 952 787 018, AVENTURA AMAZONIA Location: Avda. Valeriano Rodriguez Tel. 952 835 505, ESTUDIO61 Location: Calle Notario Luis Oliver 9, Tel. 672 296 074 HOUSES OF ART GALLERY Marbella Club Hotel Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella, Tel. 952857196

dalucia Tel. 902 204 208

TIMELESS GALLERY Location: Avda. Jose Banús S/N, Edificio Málaga II, Marbella. T +34 670 25 62 75 W

LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB Location: Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 815 206

Event Venues CORTIJO DEL MARQUES Location: Albolote (Granada). Tel. 958 340 077, LE PAPILLON Location: Urbanización Marbesa (Exit Camping Marbella Playa) Carretera de Cádiz Km. 193 Marbella T: 952 834 113;

MARBELLA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz, N-340 KM 188 Tel. 952 830 500 MONTE PARAISO Location: C/ Camino de Camojan s/n, Sierra Blanca Tel. 952 822 781 SAN ROQUE CLUB CN 340, Km 127, 11360 San Roque, Cádiz, Tel. 956 61 30 30,

SALA BEACH Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882

SANTA MARIA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Urb. Elviria, Ctra. Cadiz-Málaga, KM 192, Elviria Tel. 952 831 036,

THE COURTYARD MARBELLA Location: Carretera Ojen 2.8Km,,

REAL CLUB DE GOLF GUADALMINA Urb. Guadalmina Alta, A-7, Km.170, San Pedro de Alcántara, Tel. 952 88 33 75,

TIKITANO Location: Urb. Guadalmansa, Ctra de Cadiz 340 – KM 164 Estepona. Tel. 952 798 449,

SANTANA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra la Cala – Entrerrios, Mijas Costa Tel. 902 517 700,

VILLA DEL MAR Loation: Marbella Club Hotel, Av. Alfonso de Hohenlohe Tel. 952 822 211

Golf Courses ALOHA GOLF CLUB Location: Apdo. 141, Urb. Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 812 388 ATALAYA GOLF CLUB Location: Avda. de las Golondrinas, Estepona Tel. 952 882 812 CALANOVA GOLF CLUB Location: Urb. Calanova Golf Club Tel. 951 170 194

MARBELLA POLO CLUB, Tel. 639 30 85 55,

EL CHAPARRAL GOLF CLUB Location: Urbanizacion El Chaparral, N-340 KM 203, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 587 773,

PALACIO DE CONGRESOS MARBELLA Location: Calle Jose Melia 2 Tel. 952 828 244,

EL PARAISO GOLF CLUB CN 340, km 167, Estepona 296880 Tel. 952 883 835

PEDRO SANCHEZ RIDING Location: Ctra. de Ronda Tel. 952 788 189

FINCA CORTESIN GOLF CLUB Location: Carretera de Casares s/n, Casares Tel. 952 937 883

SALON VARIETES THEATRE Location: C/ Emanicipacion, s/n Fuengirola Tel. 952 474 542


Tel. 619 987 093

FLAMINGOS GOLF CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz KM 166 Tel. 952 889 157

SELWO Autovia Costa del Sol, KM 162,500, Estepona, Tel. 902 19 04 82,

LA CALA GOLF RESORT Location: Urb. La Cala Golf, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 669 000

TEAM4YOU Location: Puerto Banus

LA QUINTA GOLF ACADEMY Location: Urb. La Quinta Golf, Nueva An-

VALDERRAMA GOLF CLUB Location: Avenida de los Cortijos, San Roque Tel. 956 791 200,

Gyms and Tennis Clubs DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE Location: Ctra de Istan, Centro Comercial Le Village Tel. 952 775 021, GLOW WELLNESS & FITNESS Location: Avenida Playas del Duque, Edificio Sevilla, Puerto Banus Tel. 952 908 507 NCT Location: Urb. Monte Paraiso Golf Tel. 952 866 843 MGM Gym Location: Avenida de Manolete 10, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 817 219 TITAN ACADEMY Location: Gaudi N. 11/13, Estepona, Málaga, 29680 Tel. 951 518 057 ; 608 337 171

Interior Design Houses ELIGRASS T. 951 498 732, SECRETZA Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Marbella +34 952 764 595,

Open seven days a week from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

Open seven days a week from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm calle caridad 8 Marbella

Av. de los Girasoles, Nueva Andalucía Tlf : 952 816 796

Tlf : 951 35 60 39



Open seven days a week from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

@Casakobemarbella Plaza de las Orquídeas Nueva Andalucía T. 951 39 86 18

Selected Fruits & Vegetables Special Albacore Tuna Fish Confectionery and Bakery Cantabrian Anchovies International Cheese Dips and Foie gras Canned Vegetables Pata Negra Ham Oil and Vinegar Homemade Jams Organic Food Coffee & Tea Nuts

Extraordinary Gourmet with the best national and international selection of products Selected Fruits & Vegetables, Finger food and shopping International Cheese, Wine & Champagne, Pata Negra Ham, Oil, Dried fruit Dips, Foie gras, Organic Food, The Authentic Gourmet Experience

Wagyu Kobe, Angus Beef from Nebraska, White Veal, Free range Ecological Chicken, Duck Goose, Game, International Cheeses, Meat and Cold Cuts…. and much more. |

STOREY DESIGN Aloha Garden, Local 1-2, Avenida del Prado s/n, Nueva Andalucía T. +34 672 216 848 ; + 34 951 279 258, DESIGN SPACE Location: Avda. De Salamanca, Urb. Nueva Andalucia, Edif El Mirador, local 6, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 440, EZ HOME SOLUTIONS Location: Poligono Industrial Norte C/ Carril De Picaza, 23, San Pedro De Alcantara, Marbella, 29670 Tel. 952 799 344, FOC DESIGN Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18, Puerto Banus, Tel +34 952 817 129, G VEGA CERAMIC Location: Polígono La Campana Nva Andalucía Tel. 952 816 848 GRASSify Tel. 694 442 331,, INDIA EXOTICA Location: Calle Fragua 43, Marbella Tel. 952 778 500 JENSEN BEDS Location: Poligno Nueva Campana 23, Nueva Andalucia, tel. 952 90 88 55,

Opticians ÓPTICA MARBELLA Location: Avda. Ricardo Soriano 21, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 46 24 SPECSAVERS Location: Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 12, Tel. 952 863 332, OPTIPRIX C.C La Canada, 30, Marbella, Tel. 952 82 03 56

Pets ADANA Location: Camino Padre Cura, Urb. Huerta Nueva, 14 Tel. 952 113 467 CLÍNICA VETERINARIA ZARPAS Y BIGOTES Location: Urb. Marbella Real, 13. Tel. 952 857 863/ 659 069 000, FAMA Location: Camino de Campanallas Tel. 620 354 885 MOBILE VET Location: Calle Santa Lucia, 23, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 07 33, POINTER VETERINARY CLINIC Location: Nueva Andalucía and & Estepona Tel. 952 906 626 / 952 804 165, TRIPLE A Location: Ojen Road, up from La Cañada Tel. 952 771 586,

MESSEG DESIGN Location: C/Aluminio 6, Poligono Industrial La Hermita Tel. 952 857 439

Photographers &Artists

LA CASA BLANCA Location: La Colonia, Exit San Pedro, next to McDonalds, Tel. 952 78 91 98

JULIA RODER Tel: 678 521 108,,

LOFT & ROOMERS Location: Oasis Business Center, Ctra. De Cadiz km 183, Golden Mile, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 21 39

ANNA GAZDA Tel: 633 654 476;

MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Tel. 952 77 37 65, MOBILE & DISEÑO Location: A7 – Km. 189, 5, Marbella, Tel. 952 83 76 01, ROCHE BOBOIS Location: Centro Comercial Torre Real, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 78 58, NALIPEMI Tel. 660 676 322

IMAGE GURU Tel. 662 434 400,, JEREMY STANDLEY Tel: 607 717 565;

FOC DESIGN T. 952 817 129 QUAY PROPERTY GROUP Location: Mellior Vasari La Alzambra Local 3-1, Puerto Banus Tel. 951 319 728 PROPANA GROUP Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18

Radio BEACHGROOVES 97.1 Tel. +34 616 353 623, info@beachgrooves. com, SPECTRUM 90.4 FM Location: Centro Comercial Diana Blq 3 Local 27 y 28, Urb. Nueva Atalaya, Estepona, Tel. 952 90 50 00, TALK RADIO 91.9FM Tel. 952 799 953,

Real Estate Offices CROWN ESTETS Hotel Puente Romano. T: 952 765 620 MARBELLA FOR SALE Edificio Marina Banús, Calle Francisco Villalón, Bl.4, Local 8, Puerto Banus. T: 952 90 73 86, ENGEL & VÖLKERS MARBELLA Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, La Poveda, local 5 (CN 340, Km 178.2), 29602 Marbella, Málaga Teléfono: 952 86 84 06, DIANA MORALES Av. Cánovas del Castillo, 4, 29601 Marbella, Tel. +34 952 765 138, JACKSON GRUNDY Ed. La Rotonda, Av. Manolete Nva. Andalucía & Centro Plaza Nva. Andalucía T: +34 952 90 75 21


MP DUNNE Centro Expo 11-12 (Opp. Marbella Club Hotel), Tel. +34 952 866 072,

OWEN FARRELL Tel: 670 664 341, (+35) 387 268 28 32


NANI & ANTONIO PEREZ, Tel. 615 31 44 46 REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838, SAVE THE ROBOTS FILMS Tel. 600 625 520 SOL WEDDING Tel: 678 486 069;


Property Developers

WASA INMOBILIARA Centro Comercial Plaza 65-66, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 818 000,

Tel: 952 92 95 78 ·

Calderón de la Barca s/n, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella


Little LittleBlack BlackBook Book

Restaurants SOTOGRANDE Trocodero Sotogrande Paseo del Parque s/n, 11310 San Roque, Cádiz. Tel. 678 456 047, L’Olive de La Reserva La Reserva Golf Club, Avda. La Reserva, s/n +34 956 785 252 CASARES FINCA CORTESIN EL JARDIN Location: Carretera de Casares S/N Tel. 952 937 800, BENAHAVIS Indian MASALA Location: C. Com, El Pilar, Local 2 Tel. 900 525 801, International HEAVEN BEACH BAR Location: Playa de Guadalmansa km. 164, Estepona, Tel. 659, 220 570,

TANINO Location: Calle Pino Real, 5 Saladillo Benamara, Benahavis Tel. 952 883 259,



HARD ROCK CAFÉ Location: Calle Ramón Areces Esquina Marina Banús Tel. 952 908 024,

ALBERT Y SIMON Urbanización Nueva Alcántara Edificio Mirador, Bloque 4-B San Pedro Marbella Tel: 952 78 37 14,

JACKS AMERICAN BRASSERIE Location; Calle Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. Marbella. Tel: 952 813 625,

PASSION CAFE Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel: 952 781 583,



MR. BURGER Avenida Luis Braille no 20 San Pedro de Alcántara Tel. 952 785 257 URBAN BISTRO Av. Mediterraneo, ed. Los Arqueros Beach, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel. 951 518 105 Spanish ALABARDERO BEACH CLUB Urb. Castiglione s/n San Pedro de Alcantara T. 952 780 552

CARPACCIO Location: Muelle Ribera, Casa M Local 20, Tel. 952 813 357, PIZZERIA PICASSO Location: C/ Muelle Ribera Local 48 / 49 Tel. 952 813 669 International MISTER NOODLES Avda. Manolete 14, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 951 40 00 08, EL GRAN GATSBY Location: Puerto Banus A vanguard concept of the Mediterranean kitchen in the best spot of Puerto Banús, offering you an author’s kitchen with magnificent views over the Mediterranean sea

Best Rices & Fideua in Marbella Reservations

+34 952 82 25 11

Calle Hermanos Salom, 3 Entrance Ricardo Soriano, 40 29601 Marbella


VOVEM PASEO MARÍTIMO Avda. Duque de Ahumada nº 9. Marbella Reservas: 952 00 88 22

VOVEM NUEVA ANDALUCÍA C/ Yedras S/N. Marbella Reservas: 952 00 34 34


INFUSCHIA Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, (Within the club Tibu Banus), Puerto Banus. Tel. 952 815 325, JOHN SCOTTS Location: Muelle Ribiera Casa F, Local 24, Marbella, T. 644 954 872, LA SALA BANUS Location: Calle Belmonte Tel. 952 814 145 La Sala offers eight individually styled settings to suit whatever mood you are in – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon drinks with friends, evening cocktails or private business meetings. OLD JOY´S PUB Location: C/Muelle Ribera, Lc. 58-59 Puerto Banús, Marbella Tel. 952 84 283 OCEAN CLUB Location: Avda. Lola Flores Tel. 952 908 137 SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882 Luxurious Balinese setting with an al fresco restaurant serving an appetising selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood platters to Thai fusion cuisine, sushi, creative salads and lighter dishes.


D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46,

MASALA MARBELLA Location: Ctra. Cadiz Km.179 (opposite Marbella Club)Tel. 952 857 670,

THE FRESH FOOD CAFÉ Location: Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella Tel. 952 907 364 Fresh food, simple ingredients, always freshly prepared to order. MAGNA CAFÉ Location: Magna Marbella Golf Tel. 952 929 587, Exquisite cuisine in stunning surroundings. Bar and large terrace with breathtaking views. STARZ MARBELLA Location: Centro Comercial Plaza, Local 60-62 Nueva Andalucía,Marbella. Tel. 952 81 63 13, YANX CAFÉ Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 952 818 861 A prized location and lively atmosphere make this a great choice all-round.



TOP THAI Centro Plaza, Av Manolete, 1, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 951-31-97-78,

ASIATICO ZEN Location: Calle Lirios s/n T el. 952 817 691

NAGA THAI Location: C.C. Cristamar Tel. 952 815 319 Wide range of exquisite and exotic dishes enjoyed in stylish surroundings. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Takeaway and full catering service also available. THAI GALLERY Location: Puerta de Banus Tel. 952 818 392 NUEVA ANDALUCIA Indian CURRY LEAVES Avda. del Prado, Centro Comercial Aloha Local 1d Nueva Andalucia, +34 951 319 669, MASALA Avda. del Prado, Nueva Andalucía, BOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT Location: Urb. Fuente Aloha Tel. 952 906 748 Exotic blend of fantastic fragrant food, with an ambiance inspired by rich culture, all topped off with excellent service.



SENSATIONS DELI & SUSHI Location: Av. Manolete, 20, Tel. 952 814 964 Innovative and tantalising sushi creations at competitive prices. TUK TUK Location: Urb. Aloha Gardens Tel. 951 279 188 GOLDEN MILE International MC CAFÉ Location: Marbella Club Hotel Tel. 952 822 211, Creative and affordable fine dining open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046, VILLA TIBERIO Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 771 799

TAJ MAHAL Location: C/ Jazmines 17 Local 1 Tel. 952 814 719, Exotic Indian cuisine, perfect for intimate dining and takeaway. Italian CIBO Bulevard Principe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, 11, 29600 Marbella, Málaga Tel. 952 90 03 80, Oriental SUKHOTHAI Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 770 550 Fabulous Thai cuisine with intimate surroundings and cosmopolitan décor. TAI PAN Location: Puente Romano Tel. 952 777 893, MARBELLA International BECKITT’S Location: Calle Camilo José Cela, Nº 4 Tel. 952 868 898, GARUM Location: Paseo Maritimo Tel. 952 858 858, Great for drinks, snacks and a la carte dining. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. NUEVA KASKADA Location: Urb. La Montua, Calle Chorreadero, Marbella Tel. 952 864 478, PACO JIMENEZ CULINARY ART Location: Plaza de los Naranjos, 11 (Orange Square, 11) Marbella Centre Tel. 952 77 36 10 / 627 625 952 PAELLA’S Y MÁS Location: Calle Jacinto Benavente 33, Entrance Ricardo Soriano 40, 29601 Marbella, Tel. 952 82 25 11, Japanese TAHINI Location: Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe, Tel. 952 902 936

The sweetest experience in town Gelato | Pastry | Coffee | Bread | Lunch 8AM - 2AM - Sun: 3PM - 2AM _____________ Tel. | 952036306 1 Puerto Banus, Marbella. Calle José Saramago Ed 7A

EAST OF MARBELLA International

MIJAS COSTA International

ALBERT´S BAR & GRILL CABOPINO Location: Puerto Cabopino, Edf. B, Lc. B5 Tel. 952 836 886 LA DESPENSA DE ALANDA Location: Carretera de Cadiz Km 192, Elviria. Tel. 952 768 150 THE BEACH HOUSE Location: frontline beach Elviria Tel. 952 839 458 Idyllic location by the sea with stunning sunsets over one of the Coast’s best beaches. Open daily for lunch and dinner. NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239 Nikki’s signature ‘global’ cuisine served in luxurious beach club surroundings either on he palm-shaded al fresco terrace, or from on the oversized beach beds.

EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL & RESTAURANT Location: Miraflores. Tel. 952 587 637 El Oceano is an oasis of laid-back luxury, privately owned and operated, where guest comfort and satisfaction is paramount. The three restaurants serve up flawless food and the views are breathtaking. OLIVIA’S LA CALA Location:Calle Torreon La Cala de Mijas Tel. 952 494 935,

Useful websites CABIFY Download the app! - CONFLICT INTERNATIONAL +44 (0)20 7917 2939,

GRASSify Tel. 694 442 331,, EXPLORE MARBELLA A comprehensive business directory with real reviews and daily deals. LÍNEA DIRECTA Insurance for your car, motorcycle, and home. MEDIA OVEN PROPERTY PAINTERS Tel. 606 788 630, REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838, SAVE THE ROBOTS FILMS Tel. 600 625 520


A new multifaceted gastronomic concept arrives to Marbella


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 21:00

Saturday 11:00 - 18:00

Society Marbella October 2018 - Lady Gaga  

Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a lifestyle magazine: it is used as a...

Society Marbella October 2018 - Lady Gaga  

Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a lifestyle magazine: it is used as a...