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Ho! Ho! Ho! It seems that that time of year is upon us once again and it’s no secret that I’m not Christmas’ biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not The Grinch who stole Christmas nor Scrooge but I simply can’t justify the time off work, the gluttony, the systematic consumption of mince pies and most importantly… the lack of productivity! Yes, as you may have gathered by now, SOCIETY is the office that never sleeps and we live, eat and breathe this magazine. It’s our life and our passion! The good news is that, despite Christmas’ unnecessary holiday period, it does bring with it a great deal of festive cheer, parties and events – and you all know that team SOCIETY doesn’t need an excuse to party! We party hard but we work even harder – and this month has been no exception - with new clients on board and an exclusive interview with Father Christmas himself, we’ve had our work cut out for us and have been grafting to bring you a bumper Christmas issue that is brimming with glitz, glamour and festive fun. Style gurus, Sisko Akt have FESTIVE FEVER as they sparkle in the most stylish party dresses about and Elle Morgan brings us some luscious layers to wrap up warm this winter. Ian Kuah takes the sleek and speedy Mclaren 570S for a spin and we hit Freudenhouse for cocktails and lingerie for our stunning Christmas Stocking Fillers fashion shoot. Of course, we attended the chic-est and most lavish parties in town in our Who’s in and Who’s Out event section and Natalie Rose Kern finally makes her way up La Concha for Positively Pink Breast Cancer charity. Of course it’s not all partying, fun and frolics. Our resident foodie, Bettina Campolucci Bordi gives us some simple life hacks to turn

our bad habits into good ones, and fitness fanatic Luke Christopher Hill offers us some top tips on beating the bulge over Christmas and surviving the fat-filled festive season without ending up with stomachs to rival Father Christmas himself!

Society Marbella published and produced by: PUBLISHER Andy Clark CREATIVE DIRECTOR Constanza Mtz.

Talking of food, we took a trip to La Cala for a stunning meal at Elliot Wright’s new beachside restaurant, Olivia’s and we wandered down to San Pedro’s new gastronomic strip to sample the exquisite organic, locally sourced fayre at km0.


From feasts to fasts we’ve covered all aspects of Christmas on the coast and we’ve rounded it off with a Marbella Christmas Special so that you’re not short of options to keep the family amused and entertained over this holiday period.


From Costa Jump to country walks there’s something for everyone and, whilst the thought of a room full of screaming children bouncing on giant trampolines sounds like my idea of hell, this new paradise for ankle-biters may just keep you sane on rainy days over the school holidays.

SALES SUPPORT Patricia Lopez

I’ll leave you to enjoy this fabulously festive issue of SOCIETY magazine and am off to sip brandy and munch on mince pies until the New Year – when we’ll be bouncing back with a bonanza New Year – New You brand spanking new issue!

Andrea and Dominique Forsstrom,

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to all of our readers and loyal clients! It’s been a brilliant 2015 – and 2016 is set to be bigger, better and even more beautiful! Until next time… Andy Clark



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Dare to dazzle!



Society’s beauty girl-about-town, Jess Miles, brings us festive beauty looks that will have you looking party-perfect all Christmas long!

50 Speedy Spin

Petrolhead, Ian Kuah, is loving the latest McLaren 570S!



Dear Santa...

In a last gasp effort to get off the VERY naughty list, we interview Father Christmas himself!!!

Read all about it!


The team at Bookworld brings us their current bestsellers.


Festive Fever! Fashion queens, Sisko Akt, sparkle in this seasons most glamorous party dresses.

Stylish Design from FOC

Fresh and Funky

Check out these fresh and unique designs that are certainly off the wall!

The dashing Danish disc demons give us the lowdown on the lastest tracks about.




Sexy Stocking Fillers

We head to Freudenhaus for a sultry shoot with underwear from Agent Provocateur that will put the spark into your Christmas!


All Wrapped Up

When the hills were alive with the sound of Natalie Rose Kern climbing La Concha...

Wrap up warm this Christmas with snuggly fashion from


Inside Storey

We chat to the Stylish Swedes from Storey and find out all about their revamping of some of Marbella’s most gorgeous residences.


Festively Fit

34 42

Luke Christopher Hill gives us some simple solutions to enjoy Christmas without over indulging and offers some alternatives for festive fitness.

Lofty Heights

The Marbella lifestyle experts from Loft and Roomers showcase their interior design skills.

Loving Life Society’s fab foodie, Bettina Campolucci Bordi, lets us in on her secrets for keeping healthy and happy.

Who’s in, who’s out

72 118

As usual, SOCIETY attended the hottest parties and events on the coast. Were you there?

Beachside Dining

A dash of glamour and a celeb or two, plus some seriously yummy food, has put Oliva’s firmly on the foodie map in La Cala.

Celebrity Spotlight

Santa Claus is coming to Town AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SANTA CLAUS By Eleanor McKenzie


Celebrity Spotlight


he SOCIETY team has partied all year, wined and dined at every fabulous new Marbella restaurant and bar, attended an amazing music festival in Gibraltar, swanned around art gallery openings, and brought you celebrity features with Paloma Faith, Daniel Craig and Jessie J. This month even our Features Editor, Natalie Rose Kern ---yes, the one who’s always ‘Nattering’-- had a speechless moment, because we landed the biggest celebrity interview of the year. You could have heard a pin drop in the office when it was announced that none other person than Santa Claus wanted to give us an exclusive interview – and in Marbella! We were told that his people would contact our people with details of the date and time for the interview, although the location would be something of a ‘Secret Santa Place’, and he’d send transport to collect us. Photography was not allowed and smart phones would be removed to prevent use of Facebook or Instagram. We knew then it would be up to the highly skilled graphic talents of Constanza Martinez and her assistant Alma Roda Ros to convey a likeness of the real Santa Claus to SOCIETY’s faithful readers. It was a task they felt ready to take on and they gave the editorial team instructions about the details we needed to make a special note of, such as eye colour, hair and dress style. Meanwhile, SOCIETY’s writers huddled together and mulled over what searching questions we could possibly ask Santa that would reveal the true nature of the man who has headed one of the greatest global corporate institutions for several hundred years. Finally, the instructions arrived – the interview would be at midnight that night. We were to wait at SOCIETY’s office for Santa’s people to pick us up. At exactly midnight, there was a knock on the door. With excitement and trepidation we opened it to find two men—who can only be described as extremely short—dressed in dark suits and wearing dark glasses (Rayban Aviator we noted!). They politely asked us to put on blindfolds and once we’d done that, they told us to all hold hands, click our heels and with a whoosh we were flying through the air. Before we could say “Jumping Jehosaphat Batman!” our feet hit the ground and

our blindfolds were removed. And there was Santa! Sitting at a table in an empty Marbella beach club (we can’t say which one!). There was silence except for the sound of the sea lapping the shore, and darkness except for the luminous full Marbella moon flooding the space like a spotlight. Santa smiled, a big beaming, kindly smile and invited us to sit down and start our interview. So, here it is – the SOCIETY Interview with Santa! Where does your Santa Claus concept originate? Well, I’d come across some information about a guy called St. Nicholas who lived back in the 4th century and they used to have a party for him around the 6 December. Now, he was well known for giving generous gifts to poor people and then some people in the Middle Ages thought, why don’t we all give presents to our kids on that day? But then, this guy called Martin Luther didn’t like this custom and banned the St. Nicholas celebrations. So, the kids were left without anyone to bring them presents in December. There was a collective groan from the SOCIETY writers at this - the thought of no presents at Christmas time. What happened next? I had been talking to a Dutch man called Sinter Klaas, and he had a fledgling business concept based on an idea he’d discovered that was popular in England during the reign of Henry VIII – you remember, the man with all the wives! They had a man called Father Christmas, who dressed up in red, fur-lined robes and brought the spirit of ‘good cheer’ to the festive season. The English had also decided that 25th December should be the main feast day, and that this would be a good time for Father Christmas to appear. Sinter Klaas was doing the same in Holland, and the idea was catching on around Europe. He paused and motioned to his helpers to bring him a shot of whiskey, and then changed his mind and admitted that as he was in Spain he’d have a glass of manzanilla instead. He confessed that he’d been partial to a drop of sherry for the last 100 years or so and was quite happy to have a drop with a cupcake or piece of shortbread. He patted his generously sized middle as he told us this.


Celebrity Spotlight

Then what did you do? We all asked in unison. I did what every smart businessman did at the start of the 20th century. I took a European idea and sold it to the Americans! I changed the name to Santa Claus and I hired that guy who wrote “The Wizard of Oz” –L. Frank Baum – to write a book called “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.” My mission statement from the start was “A Happy Childhood for Everyone” and that remains my organisation’s aim to this day. What do you say to the people who claim you don’t exist? It deeply saddens me that some people refuse to participate in the season of “goodwill to all men” and that they feel the need to destroy it for children and adults alike by pretending that people who want to make the world a better, cheerier and generally nicer place to live are somehow not living in the ‘real world.’ Saying I don’t exist and it’s all “Bah, humbug!” is a part of that negativity. But let’s not dwell on them, he added, “I could always get my own back by not stopping at their house! But, I hasten to add, I never leave them out. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and all that.” What’s your favourite Santa song? I do like to play Santa Claus is Coming to Town while I’m at work. My favourite is The Crystals version, although I also like The Muppet’s one as well. Mrs Claus doesn’t much like that song “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” though. (He sighs and shrugs his shoulders)


Are your headquarters really in Lapland? I’m afraid I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you that we have facilities of 4,000,000 square feet, which I believe makes us even bigger than Amazon and our packaging and delivery system is one of the most accurate in the world. Occasionally, a child gets the wrong gift, but overall our statistics are pretty much near the 100% benchmark. Is it true you come down the chimney? To be honest, that’s a bit of an urban myth. For example, take a look around Marbella – there aren’t a lot of chimneys, yet you all get your gifts! I’ve developed numerous ways of entering homes discreetly and have consulted with a number of worldfamous architects about ways of making my entrance and exit even more efficient. Santa paused and we took the opportunity to produce the all-important “SOCIETY Staff Questions for Santa” list. “Would you mind answering some personal questions from the team at SOCIETY,” we asked hesitantly. “No problem,” Santa beamed back. India wants to know if you have any advice about buying a gift for the person who is notoriously difficult to buy for? Hmm, well I always find that diamonds or a Porsche go down well with difficult people.

Erm, don’t be upset Santa, but Andy wasn’t very happy with his inflatable Jacuzzi last year! In fact, he often dislikes his presents! What can he do to be more appreciative? Well, there’s an easy way to solve this problem – no more presents for Andy! Then he won’t have anything to dislike. I’m considering stopping them for everyone over 50 anyway! Patricia Lopez would like to know if you think that eight days holiday over the festive period is sufficient? No, eight days is definitely not sufficient! But some employers don’t even want to give seven! In the good old days it was 12! Alma and Nattie would like to know if you could bring them a boyfriend this year because they’re very hard to find in Marbella. Can you do that? I’ll see what I can do! Personally, I think they’re not looking in the right places – they need the contact details for Millionaire Matchmaker? Could you arrange for Alma to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel – she’d be sure of a boyfriend then? I’m in negotiations with Ford and Elite Modelling Agencies in NYC about adding this gift to my range. I’ll keep you posted!

Celebrity Spotlight

“I do like to play Santa Claus is Coming to Town while I’m at work. My favourite is The Crystals version, although I also like The Muppet’s one as well”

Who gives you Christmas presents Santa? Well, Mrs Claus of course, and my assistants recently clubbed together to buy me a whole new transport system. The other one was no longer air-worthy! But, you know, you all give me a gift when you make an extra effort to spend time with your family and friends, and when you think about people all over the world who don’t have the comforts that you have and do something to help them. What would be your best Christmas present ever? I’m tempted to say a Flying Ferrari, but I know that my best present is your happiness, not just at Christmas, but everyday of the year! We all nodded our heads in agreement – because that’s what we’d like to wish all our readers - a very happy every day of the year from all of us at Society Marbella!



CHRISTMAS In Andalucia By Natalie Rose Kern

So, we might not get a classic ‘White Christmas’ here in Marbella but there is no shortage of festivities and seasonal cheer, as well as a plethora of fun and family-friendly activities to amuse the children over the school holidays. Whether it’s the grottos of Papa Noel, Christmas shows and Nativities in and around Marbella City, or whether it’s

taking a daytrip inland for some fresh country air and warm hearty food, this beautiful part of the world offers so much diversity over the winter months that you won’t have to worry about the kids getting bored, or about sinking into a Christmas slump at home because there is so much beauty and excitement to discover – right here on our doorstep!



hilst many think of Marbella as a summer holiday destination, the pretty Christmas lights that deck the cobbled streets over December transform the town into a magical fairyland and the Old Town at night is a picture perfect scene from a Christmas card. The Palacio de Congresos holds its annual Solidarity Christmas Bazaar, boasting an ice rink, many children’s attractions, rides, shows, stalls selling hot food and drinks, and much more. This is a great spot to take the children for a day of festive fun all under one roof. Then there are the Christmas concerts, Santa Claus’ house, puppet shows and children’s parties at the Plaza de la Iglesia over the whole month of December (times and dates have not all been confirmed at the time of SOCIETY going to press – so please check with the town hall or on the Net to avoid disappointment!) Of course it would not be Marbella without scintillating parties and boy, there are some sumptuous events in town, which will have you digging out your diamonds and fur - from the Lion’s Club and La Concordia dinners to the wide variety of stunning Christmas parties at La Sala – expect glitz and glamour all December long.


For the kids, the newly opened Costa Jump is already proving to be a smash hit (with little kids and big kids alike!) and then there’s the San Pedro Boulevard, which provides no end of fun with climbing frames, swings, slides, skate park, and the newest addition-Happy Days--that boasts a large children’s ice rink for the kids to enjoy their own winter wonderland, plus there’s even a crazy mini-golf course! Of course, the Puerto Banús ice rink is as popular with kids as it is with couples on a romantic first date, and at night the Plaza Antonio Banderas is a festive delight as the Christmas night market sprawls over the entire square, selling everything from jewellery and decorations to fashion and homewear. From night markets to an artisan markets – the beautiful Christmas market at La Virginia is always my favourite festive market of the year. Located along the pretty cobbled streets of La Virginia, you’ll find homemade cakes, mulled wine, unique works of art, handmade jewellery, soaps and scented candles alongside bespoke clothing, vintage finds and all sorts of oddities and treasures.

Calendar of

Festive EVENTS

Write a letter to Santa and drop it off at Santa’s Grotto in Parque de la Alameda in Marbella -be sure to leave your name and address so he can write back! From the 1st - 26th december

Meet Santa Claus at La Cañada 11th December

Fairytale Christmas Fancy Dress Party In aid of UNICEF Syrian child refugees and Málaga Children’s Orphanage with Christmas carols, fancy dress, raffle, mince pies, mulled wine and dancing The Wave Music Cafe, Puerto Banus TAPAS Choir Christmas Show

5th & 12th December, Benalmadena 13th December, Alhaurin el Grande

Yoga on the Beach at The Boardwalk, Marbella Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday of December - 9.30-10.30

Ecological Market “Guadalhorce” 5th December, Elviria 13th & 27th December, Mijas 19th December, Nueva Andalucia 5th December

16.00-20.00 - Lighting of the Christmas Tree & Christmas Market at Kempinski Hotel, Estepona 10.30-21.00 - Festival Arte Sano, San Pedro Alcántara 6th December

- 11.30-17.00 - Christmas Fayre (In aid of charity), La Cala de Mijas Lions - 10.30-21.00 - Festival Arte Sano, San Pedro Alcántara 12th December

- 8.00-17.00 - Festival of Colors, Sierra Nevada Street Entertainment, Plaza de la Iglesia San Pedro Alcántara 31st December

New Year’s Eve Fireworks, Music and Grapes - Orange Square, Marbella - San Pedro Alcántara - Plaza del Reloj, Estepona - Plaza Mezqita, Arroyo de la Miel 3rd December

18.30 - The Art Club Christmas Open Evening - Paintings for sale in aid of Aspandem & Virgen del Rocio. Enjoy exquisite art, wine, cheese and live guitar music. The Art Club, San Pedro Alcántara

MÁLAGA CHRISTMAS LIGHTS The beautiful city of Málaga, which has long been overlooked by tourists and expats alike, has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is fast becoming a tourist destination in its own right rather than simply the airport city where most arrive before heading to locations further west along the Costa del Sol. The opening of the Picasso Museum in 2003 triggered the city’s cultural rebirth, Málaga now has more museums than any other city in Andalucía; over 30 at last count - and new ones are opening all the time. Visitors are now flocking to this port city, which boasts excellent transport, superb restaurants serving varied cuisine from around the globe and fascinating monuments, from Moorish and Roman times as well as contemporary works of art. - While retaining its authentic Andalucian feel. The city’s profusion of quirky museums, delightful pedestrianised


It’s Europe’s southernmost skiing resort and might not have all the glitz and glamour of Val s’Isere but Sierra Nevada offers a welcome winter break from the coast and best of all – it’s barely two hours away! Unlike the many sprawling ski resorts of the Alps, Sierra Nevada is compact and efficient in its size and design. There are slopes for all abilities, great amenities from large cafeterias to boutique champagne bars, a reliable ski school with fun and friendly classes and instructors, hotels dotted about the centre of the town and chalets, bungalows and apartments scattered about the perimeter.

centre, innovative restaurants and stylish hotels, as well as its new arty district, SOHO are bringing a bohemian edge to this magnificent cultural city. In summer it’s too hot to explore properly so if you’ve not yet discovered the magic and marvel of Málaga then this winter is the time to do it – and what better time than Christmas! The Málaga Christmas lights are famous around the world for their splendor and each year is more breathtaking than the last. The city’s main street, Calle Larios, is decked with approximately 4 million LED lights and Málaga’s gorgeous pedestrian centre becomes a stunning winter wonderland, alive with people, festive music, cheer and activities and it’s a great place to visit during the day or at night. A giant Christmas tree is ablaze with colour and illumination in the plaza and children gaze in awe at the enchanted city at night.

If you’re spending the festive period in Marbella but fancy a few days away or an afternoon out with friends and family, why not break away from the coast and sample some fresh air, exercise and a little adventure!

P UEBLOS BLANCOS What better way to escape from the hustle bustle of the coast than to venture up to one of the pretty little Andalucian whitewashed villages for the day. The gorgeous Pueblos Blancos (white villages) of Mijas, Casares, Istan, Monda, Jimena and Guaro are built into the hills and the quaint white houses sit higgledy piggledy upon each other, like cubes of sugar sparkling in the sunshine. Enjoy the scenic winding roads to arrive at any of the hillside villages and amble about the cobbled streets where you’ll stumble upon Roman and Moorish architecture, handsome chapels and churches, quaint tapas bars and superb restaurants. In Mijas, why not visit the Mayan Monkey Chocolate factory – a great day out for the children, who can enjoy making their very own chocolate for gifts – or to eat themselves, of course! Or why not go on a tapas crawl and sample some of the gastronomic traditional Andalucian fare that these villages do so well.

Everything is within walking distance and there’s a lovely welcoming feeling of community. Granted, it hasn’t got the aprèsski nightlife of St Anton or Courchevelle, but it’s a great spot to enjoy a weekend with family or friends and to enjoy a real ‘White Christmas’ without even having to board a plane.


The Entertainment Charts

Books always make a great Christmas gift. Whether it’s a little something for someone who’s notoriously difficult to buy for or an extra stocking filler to bulk up your sackful of suprizes from Santa, a book will always be well-received and appreciated. Here are a trio of current bestsellers available at Bookworld, Puerto Banús.

freaks Fitness y hy Happ t l a e H and


For Lovers of Crime and Mystery

My body journal book signing, kay hunter saber

The My Body Journal is a unique health journal that enables you to record, track and develop your health and movement routines. It will motivate you to develop a routine and then see patterns of behaviour that can be improved upon, or eliminated. You can track your walks, runs, Pilates, gym sessions, martial arts – any movement you do that makes you feel good. The action of writing a journal and the intimacy of recording your activities and thoughts means that it is not only the data that we record but also the emotional connection we have to our bodies and movement sessions. The My Body Journal has beautiful colour images with “words of

wisdom” interspersed throughout the diary pages to give inspiration and advice. These pages alongside the use of affirmations create a positive mind-body dialogue and this journal achievements, inspirations then becomes a powerful tool in and thoughts that pop up realising optimal emotional, mental throughout the day. and physical well-being. Kay thought long and hard The author is Kay Hunter Saber, an about so many details of ex-professional dancer who for the the journal but avoiding last 20 years has been teaching plastic packaging was high Pilates. She is a certified Lower-back on the agenda. So to keep specialist using breathing, yoga the journal neat, each copy and Pilates alignment techniques comes with an elegant elastic which are explained in this beautiful glitter- band that also doubles journal. She has been inspired by as a page marker or can be her own practice of keeping a worn as a headband! journal to help others achieve their goals and optimise their results “It really is the ideal gift, using this effective hard copy. The especially at Christmas for spiral bind, size and weight all add yourself and for those you up to make it perfect for keeping care about . What could with you where-ever you may go, be better than the gift of so it´s practical for writing down achieving improved health?”

The Road to Little Dribbling More Notes From a Small Island, Bill Bryson Twenty years ago, Bill Bryson went on a trip around Britain to celebrate the green and kindly island that had become his adopted country. The hilarious book that resulted, Notes from a Small Island, was taken to the nation’s heart and became the bestselling travel book ever, and was also voted in a BBC poll the book that best represents Britain. Now, to mark the twentieth anniversary of that modern classic, Bryson makes a brand-new journey round Britain to see what has changed. Following (but not too closely) a route he dubs the Bryson Line, from Bognor Regis to Cape Wrath, by way of places that many people never get to at all, Bryson sets out to rediscover the wondrously beautiful, magnificently eccentric, endearingly unique country that he thought he knew but doesn’t altogether recognize any more. Yet, despite Britain’s occasional failings and more or less eternal bewilderments, Bill Bryson is still pleased to call our rainy island home. And not just because of the cream teas, a noble history, and an extra day off at Christmas. Once again, with his matchless homing instinct for the funniest and quirkiest, his unerring eye for the idiotic, the endearing, the ridiculous and the scandalous, Bryson gives us an acute and perceptive insight into all that is best and worst about Britain today.



A barrel

of laughs for everyone

The Guilty David Baldacci When Special Agent Will Robie gets the call to make his first visit home since he was a teenager, it’s because his father, the local judge, has been arrested for murdering a man who came before him in court. The small, remote Mississippi town hasn’t changed and its residents remember Robie as a wild sports star and girl magnet. He left a lot of hearts broken, and a lot of people angry. Will and his father, Dan, are estranged, and his mother left years ago. When he visits Dan in jail, he finds that time hasn’t healed old wounds. There’s too much bad blood between the men, and although Will feels no good will come of staying around, he is persuaded to confront his demons by fellow agent Jessica Reel. But then another murder changes everything, and stone-cold killer Robie will finally have to come to grips with his toughest assignment of all. His family.

The Entertainment Charts

Funky and Fresh NOT FESTIVE!

As the festive season approaches and the dreaded Christmas music rings out in every shop, supermarket, surgery or bank, we know we can always turn to our favourite dynamic duo of music maestros to bring us something new, fresh and funky. Yes, our resident music experts, superstar DJs Wallem Bros. are here once again to bring us the hottest sounds in music and, whether we have a White Christmas or not, these tunes are sure to keep the Winter Blues at bay!


Couzare Feat. Cozy - Just (House) Great catchy and happy track that can get anyone in the party mood. Listening to this one a lot lately.


Anti-lilly & Phoniks - 14 Til (Hip Hop) Hip hop at its finest. Beat, lyrics and flow all on point. Reminds us of the 90s era.


Petit Biscuit - Sunset Lover (Tropical House) Mellow topical house track, recommended for anyone that is a fan of Kygo music.


1 4

4 26

3 5

GRADES - King (Deep House) Deep house track with a lot of variety. Put this one on before hitting the clubs.


Alice Boman - Be Mine (Chilled/indie) A beautiful yet simple song. Perfect song to listen to on a cold rainy night.




6 Drake - Hotline bling (Hip Hop) You probably already know about this song, it’s had countless parodies and memes made about it. Still a great song!


Ticket Price only 10€ Each ticket entitles you to taste five wines and accompanying tapas! to dr ink ba d wi ne .” “L ife is to o sh or t

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”

“More Wine, Less Whine” id t h e li q u r a p e is g a m s .” e e b h n t u f s ic e o ated “The ju ce of concentr sen q u in t e s

“I p r in w efer m ine y w for a m.” ter

“In Wine there is Truth”

+34 952 814 446

Natterings By Natalie Rose Kern


...with the Sound of Us Climbing La Concha!

Weeks of planning, ten thousand messages, daily weather monitoring, sponsorship gathering, hiking kit purchasing, fitness training (OK, maybe not that last one!) and we were all set for our mammoth expedition to climb the majestic La Concha Mountain for Positively Pink Breast Cancer Screening Charity.   But then came the torrential rain, thunder, lightening and ferocious storms on both of our planned Sundays - and it seemed that our charity climb was turning into an antiCLIMB-ax! We postponed, we rescheduled, we postponed, we scheduled AGAIN - but finally the sun showed her face for the first Sunday in weeks and we were off!  I say, “We were off!” but it didn’t quite get off to the start I’d planned. You see I’d meticulously organised my events, movements, provisions and babysitting around the climb each week but, fearing it would be rained off again, I held back on any organisation this time and headed out to cover a SOCIETY event on the Saturday night. Schoolgirl error! I awoke on Sunday at 9.30am. The sun was out - which could only mean one thing the climb would be commencing from El Refugio de Juanar in half an hour. There was no way I’d be there in time to join the others. I dressed myself and The Monkey, made a colossal picnic, packed rucksacks and we set off. By the time we reached the forest of Juanar the rest of the group had been climbing for an hour, but that did not deter us and we figured we would just set off at our own pace, dawdle, adventure and truly enjoy the afternoon. It was busy. I mean, really busy. Rush hour M25 kinda busy. But it was brilliant! There were families with small children rambling about, young couples walking their dogs, groups of friends sprinting up in activewear and older parties sauntering along on


a Sunday stroll. “Buenas dias!” Monkey called out to every passerby, “Buenas dias!” they all called back. Of course everyone knows La Concha, the statuesque backdrop of Marbella and the town’s most famous landmark - but to really KNOW La Concha you simply HAVE TO climb her. There’s hub of activity and life at the Refugio de Juanar and a formidable energy that carries you up. There’s stunning wildlife, amazing drops, ragged edges, a beautiful, diverse and varied landscape that is forever changing - pass through a picturesque flat and dry terrain of pretty olive groves, before entering a dark and dense pine forest with tall, emerald trees. As you ascend further, the paths become rockier and you venture over uneven ground, cliff edges and some challenging precipices. You don’t have a chance to get bored as the landscape is so varied and at every turn there’s a new view that will take your breath away - and the higher you climb, the more spectacular and impressive the view.

Well hello there and welcome to my little world! Expect a little silliness, a touch of controversy, a dash of humour, a splash of fun and a sprinkling of magic!

Clouds loomed about the summit and we prayed that the sun would burn them off before we reached the top. The mood was jovial and cheery and every man and his dog was smiling and exchanging pleasantries along the journey. We stumbled upon a couple foraging under a tree, collecting chestnuts. There were others picking mushrooms and more scouring for truffles, families picnicking on grassy mounds and dogs wagging frantically with delight. The conversation flowed throughout the hike, for by now we had also found some of the Positively Pink stragglers and we all chatted enthusiastically about everything from our home countries to life in Marbella. The monkey kept us entertained with mischief and anecdotes and bounced off, sprinting on ahead of us, before peering down upon us from cliffs and calling enthusiastically for us to catch up with him. From a super fit ex-SAS soldier and a seven-year-old boy, to a lovely Norwegian mother and daughter and an elderly couple, we had all ages, shapes and sizes heading up with us on our mission. As with long car journeys, there is only so long until children pipe up with those fateful words, “Are we there yet?” followed by the tedious repetition of “how much longer?” Luckily we were all avid gameplayers and from ‘I Spy with my little Eye’ to ‘The first person to see a ....’ games, everyone joined in and voices could be heard calling out “Concha?”, “cliff?”, “clouds”, and “climbers” up and down the track. Then came the singing. Instigated, of course, by my curly-haired little jungle child, who by now had found a stick that he used as his sceptre and was leading the way with rousing tunes. Within no time we were all singing along to songs from Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and, as our sounds echoed off the rocks, I conceded that we must be happiest climbing party ever to brave a mountain (although perhaps not the most tuneful!) We rounded a corner

and were met with a sea of brightly coloured climbers scattered about a giant overhanging precipice. I noted a great deal of pink - it was them! Our group! We’d actually caught up with them! We shouted across the valley and were greeted by thirty pairs of hands in the air, waving at us, “Where the hell have you been?” called out the organiser, personal trainer and owner of Things To Do Marbella, Glenn Ward. We traversed the rocky crag to meet them and hugged and kissed as we greeted our old friends and were introduced to new ones. Everyone was exhausted, mopping brows, sweating, sipping water and gazing down on the stunning Istan Lake, which was laid out before us, sparkling in the sunshine. It was magnificent. The sun seemed to be forcing her way through the clouds and we could now make out the peak and the path to reach it. There was no going back.  At this point though, a few members of the party almost did turn back, as we each had to climb, in single file, across a daring precipice. Of course my little boy was up, over and down in a flash but it wasn’t so easy for some and a great deal of encouragement, cheering and support was required to get everyone over the trickier, steeper parts - but surmountable they were and soon we were all on the final stretch and we could already observe small black silhouettes on the peak, arms raised with phones and cameras as they snapped away, photographing the view. We clambered a little longer, songs, games, excitable chatter, for by now we were quite delirious with exhaustion and finally we were there. 

Backpacks hit the dust, jackets, hoodies and jumpers were peeled off, picnics were unpacked and we just stood. In awe. Taking in the magnificence and splendour of the view. Grins spread wide across our faces and we admired Marbella, San Pedro, Estepona, Sotogrande and as far as Gibraltar, and on the other side Elviria, Benalmadena, Mijas, Cabopino... The clouds were still scattered about the horizon but the sights were sublime and the gorgeous landscape was jawdroppingly beautiful.

up on our triumphs and disasters over the past years as the sun began to set in the west and showered us all in its golden light, the sea shimmered on the horizon, the leaves shone in shades of amber, copper and rust and the sky turned pink.

for TEN HOURS! The Monkey stormed ahead with his stick unafraid of the hooting and wind rushing through the trees and we all followed on, shattered, cold, hungry, shivering, dreaming of a long bath and a warm meal.

Soon we were all scattered up and down the mountain and travelling down at our own speeds – some were running to catch the football, others hurrying down for Sunday roasts, some were sauntering leisurely and we had one casualty with a sprained ankle, who was hobbling down very bravely. Luckily the ex-SAS dude was at hand to help our wounded hiker and to aid an elderly lady as the light was fading… as it suddenly did.

We all remained in touch throughout Sunday evening until we knew that everyone had descended safely from what had become quite an adventure!

One moment we were marching away and the next we plunged into twilight and then, as we reached the final forest, we were all in pitch black. Luckily our little group had a head torch and the six of us huddled together walking gingerly in the dark and talking loudly to drown out the sound of the owls and the rustling bushes. How had it got so late? We couldn’t believe it! It was gone 7.30pm and some members of the party had been climbing



Many thanks go to Glenn Ward, for bringing us all together for this worthy cause and for his superb organisation - and a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part and who raised funds for Positively Pink. Big, small, old and young, the atmosphere was amazing and the energy infectious. If you’ve not climbed the Concha, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Whether it’s the adrenalin rush, the company, the fun, the sense of danger, the altitude, or the amazing views… when you’re standing on the summit of that mountain, you really do feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

Nattie xx


Local photographer, Gary Tapp, launched his drone camera and it went soaring up in the air and we all stood waving as it took photographs and videos of us. We all posed for photos at the summit and ate our picnics and soon enough we were heading back down again. I met a friend at the peak who I hadn’t seen in five years and we spent the next three hours of hiking catching


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We don’t ever recall there being a great story that started with “Do you remember that Christmas when we were eating the celery sticks and…” (That would be crackers!) Let’s all be honest – Christmas is a time to enjoy and be merry! It is a time to relax from the stresses of the year just passed and for many of us we find this through food and drink! However, it has become a norm to accept that it is justified to put on weight and that it is not physically possible to stay trim over the Christmas period.

OILS (FATS) Oil on roasted veg, goose fat potatoes, Turkey basted in oil…. (We really do like to cook with oil). Fats can be broken down into three categories; Saturated, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated. In layman’s terms, saturated fats (the bad fat sibling), which is often found in meats and dairy are harder for our body to break down and often get stored as fat in our bodies. Polyunsaturated fats (often a source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 found in sunflower oils, leafy greens and fish) and monounsaturated fats (found in special cooking oils; such as Olive, Canola, Hemp and Sesame) have both been found to help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol. (The good fat siblings!)

“I wish I didn’t put on those festive pounds, but it was Christmas…” or “I will start to diet again in January!” Sound familiar?! We thought so! Well, I am not here to lecture you about living the cleanest, healthiest Christmas (we too will be indulging in the Christmas festivities) but we are here to give you some tips on how to keep that waistline looking good this Christmas! (And it will be equally as delicious!)


COCONUT OIL This God among healthy foods is actually a saturated fat (uh oh!), but what makes it so fantastic is its incredibly high tolerance to high cooking temperatures. Therefore, it does not oxidize and break down into toxic particles like other oils such as vegetable oil. In addition, it is a ´thermogenic´, which means it is metabolised immediately (by our liver) and turned into energy. It can therefore help us burn more calories!


However if you insist on using other oils or fats this Christmas, feel free to use Goose fat because in terms of an animal fat it is one of the healthiest options we can use – it is high in monounsaturated fats!

So, we’ll outline just a few small changes you can make to your traditional Christmas Day to make it that little bit healthier and will provide some nutritional education and dismiss some myths about the foods we eat!

CHOCOLATE A dog is a man’s best friend and chocolate (or diamonds) are a women’s! But chocolate doesn’t have to be that naughty treat, if we eat the right chocolate! Cocoa, from which chocolate is made, has many health properties but we need to remember the higher the percentage of cocoa, the more abundant these properties are. It’s the additives that makes low percentage cocoa chocolate bad for us!


DARK CHOCOLATE It should be at least 70% cocoa, but the higher the better (and preferably organic).

Firstly, high percent dark chocolate has been found to have more antioxidants than blueberries and acai (the so called super fruits!). Antioxidants help prevent disease (heart attacks and cancer to name a few) and help prevent cell damage. Secondly, research shows that it can help reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol, which may reduce the risks of heart attacks. Yes, that does mean we’re telling you to go straight for the chocolate section, but remember a few cubes a day keeps the doctor away! Don´t overindulge.



Gary and Luke Hill, Owners and Coaches of Miss Fit Marbella, “The women only boot camp and fitness provider


And on the Tw

elfth Day of Ch

ristmas my true love sent to me: 12 Ferrero Roch er, 11 Types of ch eese, 10 Vol-au-v 8 Bucks Fizz, 7 ents, 9 Candy ca Chocolate gift b nes, ox es , 6 P igs in blankets… 5 Golden Roastie s, 4 Espresso M artinis, 3 Servin and a Christmas gs of trifle, 2 Bot cake covered in B tles of wine (no randy! brussel sprouts)

ALCOHOL Alcohol is always more in demand over the Christmas period. Whether it be, wine, beer, cocktails or spirits; what drinks should we be drinking to ensure we don’t pack on the pounds? Well, all alcohol carries calories (empty ones – as in there is no nutritional benefit to drinking, only social) but some alcoholic drinks contain less calories than others! Per measure, this is how our favourites stack up: Red or White Wine 120-150 calories per glass Beers 150-180 calories per pint Spirits 90-100 calories per measure (without mixer) Cocktails 120-220 per glass (depending on the cocktail)

Christmas Tip VERMOUTH, LIGHT BEERS AND STRAIGHT SPIRITS Vermouth is like the Arnie of the drinks world; it’s the healthiest with a mere 50 calories per measure! Light beers can provide a better calorie intake for you beer lovers with approximately 80 calories per bottle. Straight spirits can also keep the calories under the 100 mark.

Whatever you do this Christmas, remember that moderation is the key and that maintaining weight is simple….if we consume more calories than we burn, we will put on weight and vice versa.

Our recommendation is to drink a glass of water in between each drink. It should halve your calorie intake and ensure you are not dehydrated. You will thank me for this on Boxing Day!

So if you do let yourself eat a few naughty things this Christmas, make sure you do some exercise…and, if not, we know a fantastic women only boot camp that will help you out!


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Breathe Easy... The experts at HC Clinic offer you peace of mind in the face of lung cancer.

LUNG CANCER Lung cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers. People who smoke tend to be at greater risk for the disease, and studies have shown that female smokers may be more likely to

develop lung cancer than male smokers. But lung cancer can also occur in people who have never smoked.

TYPES OF LUNG CANCER There are two main types of lung cancer. The type you have depends on which cells the cancer began in. Non-small cell lung cancer is more common than small cell lung cancer, which tends to grow and spread faster than non-small lung cancer. Because small cell lung cancer tends to grow and spread quickly, the primary treatment is chemotherapy. Treatment for non-small cell lung cancer, on the other hand, usually involves surgery. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer It is the most common type of lung cancer and is usually treated with surgery. This form of the disease begins when the cells that make up the lining of the lungs, called epithelial cells, become abnormal and start to grow uncontrollably, forming a mass called a tumour.

Non-small cell lung cancer tumours can be put into further subcategories based on specific genetic mutations that can take place in cancer cells. Our doctors can identify these mutations during your diagnostic testing and use this information to determine what treatments might be most effective for you. Small Cell Lung Cancer It is less common than non-small cell lung cancer and accounts for about 13 percent of all lung cancer cases per year It develops in equal numbers among men and women. Diagnosis and treatment for small cell lung cancer is different from that of non-small cell lung cancer and usually involves chemotherapy.













Head & Neck



Leukemia Liver






It’s possible you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

Many other conditions can cause these issues. If you have symptoms like these, talk with your doctor to help you figure out what’s causing them.



You may not notice any symptoms of lung cancer - many people don’t. Often the first sign of the disease is an abnormal spot that appears on a chest x-ray or a CT scan for another medical condition.

* A new dry cough or change in a chronic cough * Shortness of breath or breathlessness * Loss of appetite * Fatigue * Chest pain * Repeated bouts of pneumonia or * Bronchitis * Coughing or spitting up blood.



REDUCING THE RISK OF LUNG CANCER SCREENING AND EARLY DETECTION Your doctors will perform a number of tests to obtain a diagnosis, determine if the cancer has spread to other parts of your body and develop a treatment plan. * * * * * * * * *

Chest x-ray CT scan PET scan Sputum cytology Fine-needle aspiration Bronchoscopy Endobronchial ultrasound Mediastinoscopy Thoracoscopy or thoracotomy


LUNG CANCER SCREENING GUIDELINES: WHO WE SCREEN Our doctors recommend screening for people based on their age and the number of years they’ve smoked. * People between the ages of 55 and 74 * People who have smoked at least one pack of cigarettes per day for 30 years should be screened with low-dose helical CT of the chest. Such individuals should have lowdose CT of the chest once a year for a total of three years.

OUR SERVICES Our Tobacco Treatment Program draws on a wide range of approaches to help you quit. We use safe and effective medications and the latest behavioural techniques to help you break this physical addiction and become skilled in using diverse strategies to resist urges to smoke. Therapies can include nicotine replacement and other tobacco cessation medications, along with practical behavioral strategies for managing tobacco urges and cravings. We also teach relaxation, stress management techniques, and mood management approaches, and offer counseling in individual and group settings. Preventing a relapse of tobacco use after quitting is central to our approach, and we provide coaching on specific skills for preventing or handling “slips” and maintaining longterm success. HEALTH BENEFITS OF QUITTING

People who have smoked QUITTING SMOKING Smoking, or exposure to tobacco products in any form, is the major risk factor for lung cancer. Nonsmokers who breathe the smoke of others, often called secondhand smoke, are also at increased risk for lung cancer.

but recently quit and those who continue to smoke are at ten to 20 times the risk of people who have never smoked.

TOBACCO TREATMENT PROGRAM Since it started, Tobacco Treatment Program has helped thousands of individuals stop using tobacco products. Sometimes, there’s no clear reason why a person develops lung cancer. In fact, up to 20 percent of people with non-small cell lung cancer have never smoked. That said, people who have smoked but recently quit and those who continue to smoke are at ten to 20 times the risk of people who have never smoked.

If you’re a current or former smoker, you may want to consider screening for lung cancer. There is an online tool that can help you better understand your risk as well as screening services for those who are at high risk. Other risk factors include exposure to asbestos or radon. These toxic substances can cause damage to the lungs, leading to cancer. Our program is open to everyone.

Health benefits to stopping the use of tobacco begin almost immediately. Within 24 hours, your heart rate returns to normal, your blood level of carbon monoxide (which reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen) declines, and your risk of a heart attack decreases. Over time, your lung function improves significantly. You will also likely feel and look healthier, save money, and protect other people from secondhand exposure to smoke. OUR TOBACCO TREATMENT TEAM Our Pneumologist and psychologist and physiotherapies experts understand physical and psychosocial addiction and emotional dependences. We are committed to helping you achieve your goal of a tobacco-free life. CONTACT US! HC Clinic Ventura del Mar, 11, Marbella T: +34 952 90 86 28



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Christmas and New Year!


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Photo: Raphael Tecksten

Our resident health and nutrition expert, Bettina Campolucci Bordi, gives us some small tweaks and changes to our routines in order to live happier and healthier lives!

Love Life

sionr p a sy u m o c self, oiving d n r l a u ll Loveards yos and a f the o w g to ndin some e I cane u ic gam surrtohings islth adve al r a e a h s ’ T t BES and i anger. ch give

Small changes that make the World of difference

Recently I have been asked a few questions about what I eat, what makes me happy, what do I recommend… The list goes on. To be honest, happiness and wellbeing is such a personal thing. What makes me jump for joy may not be someone else’s cup of tea and vice versa.

Listen to your body: This might be an old saying but what I am trying to say is that you REALLY need to listen to your body. If you are suffering from fatigue, indigestion, mood swings… Listen up! Your body is trying to tell you that you need to make a change. Whatever your current habits are, they ain’t working!

Eat less meat: Yep, I’m afraid this one can’t be avoided. Even the government of the United states, WHO and Unicef are all now saying we need to cut down our meat consumption for the sake of the environment and our current health status. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to cut it out completely - just make better choices! Go for quality versus quantity and make sure you know where your products come from and how they made it onto your dinner table. I can agree that being vegan or vegetarian isn’t for everyone but what ends up on your plate and how it get there is still within your power.


I have bad days and am far from perfect but have learnt some things along the way that make me look at life a little bit differently. All I can do is speak from my own experience and tell you what has made me feel better and makes me tick on a daily basis.

Pause technology: Try and have tech-free moments when you are bored. This might sound easy but try not to reach for your phone when waiting for the tube, when you are in a queue or in any moment of deliberate boredom. Don’t switch on the television just for the sake of the background noise. Wake up from mental hibernation and use your brain for what it was made for! THINK, solve, ponder and endure the company of yourself!

Exercise: Yes! Everyone knows this one but trust me, muscles are not made by wishful thinking or by a magic wand… only by actual exercise! Choose an activity that you really enjoy and stick to it. It can be as simple as making sure you go for a walk everyday. Physical activity makes you feel better - it’s proven! The fact that it makes you fit is an added bonus.


Take time out: Take time out from the buzz of the world - from traffic, from ‘have to’s’, from the media, from your phone, from family members that stress you out. Call it meditation, vacation, alone time - just make sure that you have time out every now and again. Whether this is on a daily basis by switching yourself off from the world for 5 minutes or by taking a holiday and relaxing for a longer period of time, it is important that at some point in our busy lives we are able to stop and just let ourselves have a moment.

Be Happy: This one is super important! Define and decide what makes you happy - what is your heart telling you? What makes you tick? What ignites that fire in your heart that we call love? It can be towards a person, passion, lover, friend… choose anything! Figure out what it is and do it MORE! Tell your head to stop arguing with your heart because when you do it results in happiness and that is something money can’t buy.

Eat more GREENS: Yes yes, I know you must have heard this a million times before, but your parents were right and so were their parents. Veggies and fruit are filled with vitamins, fibre, minerals and the best part is that the amounts are limitless so you can eat as much of them as you want! Do not limit your intake of fruit and veggies because they are so good for you.

Cut out drainers: Basically, cut out all the stuff that is negative in your life. This can be people, family members, work, situations or bad habits. You always have a choice, ALWAYS! If you choose to stick with something that is draining your energy you have to deal with the consequences. Another option is to limit the negativity which means if you have an incredibly annoying relative/person/work colleague, all you need to do is limit the time that you spend with them. Start thinking about the things in your life that you do just because you feel you have to rather then because you want to. That’s a good start.

Self love: If you love yourself, your relationship to everything else will change. This means that if you can look at yourself in the mirror and accept yourself for who you truly are, with all your faults and say “this is who I am and I am ok with it” then you have won half of the battle already. Love and compassion towards yourself, your surroundings and all living things is some of the BEST health advice I can give and it’s a real game changer. When we can value ourselves, our capabilities and the fact that every single one of us matter and that every single thing around us matters, that is when things within us bring profound change.

MY MOST MEMORABLE MEAL OF THIS MONTH: I have been going to Capuccino since it opened and have to say that there is no better place in Marbella to have sundowners. Not just that but recently they also added organic and vegetarian dishes to their menu! I love the Hummus with veggies and my daughter loves the pan con tomate – pricey yes but unbeatable sunsets!

hen @Bettinas_kitc co n. m bettinaskitche lucci@ bettinacampo om l.c ai gm





To achieve this hairstyle:

This look is very simple but effective and it looks fabulous on long hair and short hair alike. This is how I created it... First, brush the hair through and apply some heat protecting serum, I like to use this one (L’Oréal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Hot Curl Spray). This look normally works better on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed as it will hold the style better and won’t drop out as quickly. Once you have applied the serum, divide the hair in sections about an inch wide. Now, using a curling wand, - depending on how tight you want the curls, I find using a thinner wand for longer hair and a wider wand for shorter hair works best for this look- start to curl the hair from just below the root in both directions, I normally do one to the left and one to the right and carry on with this pattern. When you have finished curling all of the hair apply a generous amount of hairspray while the curls are still untouched; this will help them to stay in longer. Let the curls set for about 5-10mins and then tip your head upside down and start to run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up; do this from the root so as to add some volume. Flip your hair back the right way up and backcomb the roots a little if needed. Apply a little more hairspray and any accessories you want and there you have an easy, sexy, party-ready hair do!


Winter party season has arrived! This really is my favourite time of the year as you can really go for it with glitz and glam when doing your make-up. Nothing screams Christmas or New Year’s Eve party quite like some sparkly eye shadow and a glamorous hair do.

To achieve this makeup:

When I think of gold season I automatically think gold, warm toned browns and luscious lashes, so that is exactly what I did for this eyeshadow look; it’s timeless and sexy and something you can recreate for yourself. It may seem a little strange at first but for this look it’s best to do the eyes first, as it contains a lot of heavy pigmented colours and it’s inevitable that they are going to drop down onto the cheeks. By starting with the eyes it allows you to clean up underneath and get a flawless finish when it comes to applying your foundation. I started off by applying a pearlescent white shadow as a base; by using white first it makes the colours you layer over the top stand out a little more. On top of the white, I applied the KIKO water eye shadow in the shade ‘yellow’, this is a really bright gold and is perfect for this time of the year. Once I had applied this colour all over the lid, I started to apply a medium brown colour very gently in the crease of the eye and taking it out in the shape of a triangle. With this look it’s good to use something as a guideline, like a piece of tissue or a piece of body tape, it looks best when its super neat. Once the brown is applied and blended in to the gold, I started to apply the two darkest shades from the KIKO colour fever eye shadow palette in the shade ‘coral burgundy’ which is a very warm burgundy pink, again into the crease and out to the outer corner.

This colour over the top of the gold and the brown gives a lovely subtle warmth to the whole look and complements the colours wonderfully. I also applied a little of this colour with an angled brush along the bottom lash line, this outlines the eye and joins the top and the bottom together. Finish this off by adding a black liner inside the lower waterline. When this is all applied and blended so there are no harsh lines, apply a black liquid eyeliner along the top lash line; how you decide to apply this is totally up to personal preference. Some people like it really thick whereas some people like it very thin. Once you have tried out a few different styles it is easy to decide how you prefer to wear yours. To complete the eyes, apply a thick coat of mascara or some false eyelashes, my favourites are the Eylure Volume No.70 lashes, they add volume and length without looking fake. When the eyes are complete, apply your face makeup as you normally would, taking care not to go over the eye make-up and to finish the look, apply your favourite lipstick. This particular eye make-up goes just as well with a nude lip as it does with a deep plum, so it is purely down to personal preference. You can also make adjustments in colours so this look can carry you straight through to the New Year.

Our resident SOCIETY’s editorial beauty girl-aboutassistant and protown Jess Miles brings us the fessional make-up hottest beauty artist Jess Miles lets tips this festive us in on her top tips season to have you dazzlingwhen and it comes to beating the winter sparkling even more thanblues the with makeup star on the top and skincare. of your Christmas tree!


Now you’re set to go and festive party perfect! x Jess 45


Daniel Boardman, Senior Hair Technician at Reflections Hair, Nails and Skincare Salon in Marbella, trained under the multi-award-winning Errol DouglasMBE. Daniel cut his teeth working on shoots for the likes of Cosmo and Elle, while his Fashion Week experience gave him the skills to tackle any hair type or problem.


Seriously, A-list level glamour is a MUST as we bounce from party to party this season. Christmas dos are one hundred per cent worth pulling out the stops for on the tress front. This issue, Daniel is going to show you how to get serious hair envy from your family and friends.


First stop is to make sure your hair is looking its best and this means investing in a salon treatment - and not just any salon treatment. Just a quick warning, I am about to change your life. You can thank me later with anything from the latest Dolce & Gabbana collection. Please let me introduce you to Olaplex. The brainchild of scientists (NOT beauty insiders), this ‘Holy Grail’ of hair treatments can transform brittle and broken hair. It’s how Kim K went platinum and back without ruining her locks. Yes it is that good and I have fallen head over heels in love...AGAIN Kim Kardashian

Olaplex, developed in the US, was launched to great acclaim there at the end of last year - everyone from top hairdressers to the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fans. It has now hit Europe and we at Reflections are one of the first salons on the Coast to be offering this state-of-the-art treatment. There are tons of products that claim to repair hair, from proteins that make it feel stronger to keratin which smooths the cuticle. Those treatments work on a superficial level, making your hair appear healthier without actually healing it. Olaplex, though, works on a cellular level. It actually repairs the bonds of hair like little workers coming in and soldering chain links together. It doesn’t just make your hair look better, it reconnects the broken chain links in the hair’s cells. Olaplex means you can go further with bleaching and, as long as you treat the hair with it, you can bleach over and over again without turning hair to candy floss. Total freedom of colour and elimination of damage – see why I am so impressed? It’s a total game changer for the hair industry. My advice - book in for the full Olaplex 30 minute treatment, €49, at Reflections, before the party season starts. This will make sure that you outshine everyone and I think it’s worth every penny.



Middle part? Check. Sleek strands? Midi bob? Got it! If you are wanting to take your look up a notch then take notes from Kendall Jenner’s red carpet appearance for your next after-work event. Keep the cut neat and blunt as possible. Oh, and the secret to getting straight hair that doesn’t look limp is the product. Use a pea-sized amount of shine serum such as Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil, €37,20 once hair is completely done as a gloss.

Kendall Jenner


Around the holiday season people tend to go red. Why, people? I wouldn’t personally be that drastic just for Christmas. For me it’s more about freshening up the tone, shaking a healthy mane on the work do dance floor and just being a more polished version of yourself. You don’t want to lose yourself in the festivities. If you still don’t want to listen to me, then colour wise, I have said it before and I am saying it again - this time with an added eye roll - it’s still all about ash blonde tones and pure white is totally rocking it. Candy Crush colours are still going strong, pastel pinks, greens and blues. If you fancy being part of the rainbow hair revolution, make sure you talk to your stylist first as it takes a lot of upkeep.

Blake Lively

Image courtesy of Olaplex



We often turn to vintage beauty styles for inspiration during the holidays. Side-swept Hollywood waves is my Number One pick for family dinners, particularly if you are meeting the parents for the first time. Take inspiration from my muse (I wish!) Blake Lively, by wrapping hair around a oneinch curling iron and brushing the curls into yummy S-shaped waves. If you are heading straight from work to your office Xmas party and a salon visit is out of the question, then the sleek pony is about to become your best friend. One of the key looks from fashion week, it will totally transform your look in under ten minutes. If your dress has an interesting detail in the back, a high ponytail will show off every minute element and, no matter your age, a satin ribbon is basically instant holiday cheer. How fab-u-licious is this full-bodied up-do, beautifully demoed by Emma Watson? They key here is getting heaps of texture into your hair before working on the messy bun. Tong your hair all over first, and use some dry shampoo such as Redken Pillow Proof €16,88 for a matte texture. If you want to keep it simple then you can always book in from a blow-dry, but STAY AWAY from the big bouncy blow-dries they are soooo yesterday’s news. My clients are now asking for a look that is more about movement and less about curls.


This year all my friends and family will be getting the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Shampoo and Serum SET €48,50. One, because I can use my staff discount (oh come on - like you wouldn’t do the same!) and two, because they provide ultimate shine, softness and nourishment for all hair types. So basically I am giving them fabulous hair in a bottle. I know, I know, I am just too generous sometimes.

FOR THE LADIES de Capuccini The Ger maine s start from ck GLAM gift pa receive a u yo d an 0 € 45.3 e cream ey ry complimenta makeup and travel size . er ov rem

Christmas Gifts FOR THE GUYS Germaine de Capuccini Mens Hydrate Cream plus complimentary Energy eye roll on €35.15 Germaine de Capuccini Age Resist serum plus complimentary Energy eye roll on € 43.35 * both come with a luxury wash bag.

Emma Watson

All that’s left to say now is a big, fat,

Merry Chrimbo from me and the rest of the team at Reflections. See you in 2016, BABY!

All products and treatments are available from: Reflections Hair Nails & Skincare Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella + 34 902 325 324 / + 34 952 906 524



PinoGolf de Don Carlos, Coto de los Dolores

Local 28, Elviria

Marbella, 29600 Spain

+34 952 835 317

TheBeautySpot Where Beauty Begins...

Manicure 路 Pedicure 路 Nail Art 路 Beauty Treatments 路 Depilation +34 675 01 63 51

Avd de la Isla Verde,Urb Benamara Dos Hermanos. Edf Costa Del Sol Group, Estepona


GLOW WELLNESS & FITNESS Christmas, christmas, sweet christmas! December brings us the opportunity to share happiness and it is also the time to find the most original gifts for our loved ones - Give Glow; health, well-being and sport. 1. For the adults of the house: a month of aquagym classes - as well as getting up and active, you will also make new friends!.




A LUXURIOUS PROPOSAL FOR THIS CHRISTMAS This Christmas we are offering plenty of tempting ideas to surprise him or her.

We have the perfect Glow gift for your youngest: Cooking workshops at our Minichefs Glow Kids school.

ARABIAN RITUAL HAMMAM A unique experience!

Saturday, 13th February and 19th March: where we learn to make pizzas and potato bread and the part of science that we need to rely on in order to create dishes - Incredible, right? Imagine the results!

2. For the youngsters who want to enter the world of sport: The Junior Promotion (15-25 years) and for only 95€ a month; indoor cycle classes, kick boxing, zumba, aquacrossfit and many more fantastic experiences to lay the foundation for a healthy life!.

The benefits of this Ritual are incredible, not only for the sense of purification and oxygenation for our skin that lasts for weeks but because it awakens our sense and takes us to distant lands. Enjoy individually or as a pair. AN UNFORGETTABLE GIFT! Now with a 25% discount!

3. If they’re sporty, gym credit for either 5 or 10 days is the perfect gift - there’s no way you can’t succeed as you will be buying them the body of their dreams!.

This luxurious regenerating and firming pack is combined of 10 sessions including: - Champagne treatment. - Mesoterpia virtual facial. - 24K gold and polyglutamic acid facial. 4. For the person that travels a lot and can only find the spare time to go to the gym when they are in Marbella: we have a 15 day credit to use within a year for just 220€. A whole year of possibilities!. Now you have the most original gift right at your fingertips here at Glow Club!.

MAKE-UP SCHOOL A gift for life! This is your opportunity to learn everything you have always wanted to know about the fascinating world of make-up. Whether you want to learn at a professional or personal level, the Arteness School at Glow Beauty (Puerto Banús) teaches the best courses. Check out our calendar for courses at unbelievable prices!

GLOW CAFE At Glow Café we look after you with products made specifically for athletes, with more than 30 years of experience in Europe we have Mutipower. Suitable for vegetarians and without aspartame: 100% Pure Whey Protein 2000g. It contributes 80% of high quality protein from three different sources (Isolated Whey, Whey protein concentrate and hydrolysed Whey. In flavours vanilla, banana, strawberry and chocolate).

Avda. Playas del Duque. Edif. Sevilla. Puerto Banús, Marbella. Málaga. 29660 • (+34) 952 908 507 • WWW.GLOWCLUB.ES

Chic Happens

Festive Season ANDREA (left) Dress from SSTRÖM by Gem; Jewellery from Swarovski. DOMINIQUE (right) Dress from SSTRÖM By Gem; Necklace from Swarovski; Bracelet is Vintage.

Diamonds are Forever We cannot help but remember all the Bond girls that have enchanted us throughout the years. Whether it was their gorgeous smiles or sensual looks, be inspired by their fierceness and dare to express the Bond girl in you! Black is the ultimate classic and powerful shade that will never go wrong, no matter your style, taste or personality. Andrea (Left) Dress from SSTRÖM by Gem; Jewellery from Swarovski; Heels from Mango. Dominique (Right) Dress from SSTRÖM By Gem; Necklace from Swarovski; Bracelet is Vintage; Heels from Zara.


Chic Happens

SISKO AKT Presents

Casino, Dice




And so the countdown begins! This New Year, forever classic meets seductive elegance in a shoot by Sisko Akt inspired by old Casino films and pure Hollywood glamour. The Finnish sisters take on glam, retro style, and play the role of seductresses in sparkling designs by SSTRÖM by Gem, in a James Bond-inspired story, creating a stylish series of images that play with luxury and style. These cinematic ensembles wouldn’t be complete without a stunning backdrop of graphic prints and bright lights from the Sunborn Casino - a perfect spot to welcome the New Year!

@SiskoAkt Stay in the know via our new fashion blog!


Chic Happens

Casino Love Affair A world full of mystery, invisible gestures, and secret codes are the tools used in a game where words are not spoken, and body language can be a deal breaker or winner. Follow these same rules with an elegant, sensual dress that hides enough to only reveal the unexpected. Dominique Dress by SSTRĂ–M by Gem, Jewellery from SWAROVSKI.


Chic Happens


Chic Happens



If you’re lucky enough to be attending a year-end party, you need to know how to dress for the occasion in a striking way. Most holidays are festive and a little crazy, and your style should reflect that.


SHOW A LITTLE SKIN Choose a skirt length that works for you. Short skirts are relatively standard for New Year’s Eve, but if you feel uncomfortable exposing too much skin, knee length skirts and long dresses are very glamorous possibilities. Choose an interesting neckline. Instead of a straight cut neckline, consider something a little more flirtatious, like a crossed strap or strapless neckline. If you prefer, try a festive V neckline keeping shoulders covered but part of your collarbone exposed.


If you feel a little wary about exposing the shoulders or chest area, but you have a pretty good skin tone, an open back dress could be the perfect option for you. A covered up front keeps your look classy, ​​ while the back gives an unexpected glimpse of your more sensual side.

For most people, there are not many occasions when you get the opportunity to wear a full sequined dress. On New Year’s Eve, however, sequins are a classic and remember to have fun as you can get away with nearly anything! Soften your look with a sequined skirt, especially if a sequined dress is too bright for your style. Match the skirt with a solid colour top or blouse. as it will offer a particularly nice contrast to your shiny skirt! Rely on your trusty little black dress. When all else fails, the little black dress will always come to your rescue! This makes the perfect background for dressing up with dazzling jewels and shiny shoes.

ACCESORIES Diamonds add glamour to your outfit, but remember: less is more! Try a simple pair of diamond earrings or a necklace with an attractive diamond, to draw the attention to your face or neck. The wearer will be sure to shine! Have fun and add some coloured jewellery! Colored




gemstones can add a little festive flair to your outfit, and give your look an unexpected touch. Combine the colours of the stones with other details of the outfit - for example, a brooch on your jacket - to make all the elements of your look come together in a seamless way. A clutch is the classic accessory

for parties. If you’ve gone for a matte colour in the rest of your outfit, a bright clutch can give your outfit a whole new look! You can also choose one with a subtle shine, either in gold or silver, or spice things up with one covered in sequins or glitter.

Chic Chic Happens Happens

All Eyes On Her A daring and enchanting Sharon Stone in the film Casino was a fanciful and head turning character who enjoyed having all eyes on her. A red dress is a showstopper and attention drawer for any festivity this month. Wear it with confidence and you will be sure to shine! Andrea Dress by SSTRĂ–M by Gem; Long Jacket is Vintage; Sunglasses by Michael Kors; Bracelet by Swarovski; Heels by BCBG Max Azria.


Party Dolls Whether you prefer a feline fringed dress accentuating your every move, or a short sequined skirt to express your strong, sparkly energy, let’s celebrate this magical New Year in style together! Dominique (Left) Dress from SSTRÖM by Gem; Bracelet is Vintage. Andrea (Right) Skirt from SSTRÖM by Gem; Blazer is Vintage; Black shirt from Dimension Azul; Gold cuffs are Vintage; Clutch from Psyco; Necklace & Earrings from Zara.


Sparkling Rush Hour Don’t be late when midnight strikes and step out in a stylish and daring ensemble, adding a touch of blue for good luck, tapping into your sexier and more playful side. Dare to wear a Swarovski crystal embroidered body and let your hair wildy loose and free to welcome the New Year! Dominique Dress from SSTRÖM by Gem; Tunic and heels from Mango.


Happy and Prosperous New Year! 57

Chic Happens

Photography: Joanna Kustra Models: Liza & Gabriela Hair & Makeup: Liza Mayne


Chic Happens



stm Chri


ta Cock by


Berry Bliss

Cinnamon MARTINI Belvedere vodka * Mandarin Napoleon * Cranberry juice * Cinnamon bitters *

Photo by Pedro Jaen,

Homemade jazmin foam



Chic Happens

stm Chri


tai Cock by



SMOKED MAPLE MANHATTAN Smoked Maple wood infused Gentleman Jack, stirred with organic red Vermouth and maple syrup with a dash of whiskey barrel-aged bitters on hand-carved ice, served in an

Photo by Pedro Jaen,

oak-soaked rocks glass.


Chic Happens


Chic Happens

Boulevard de la Fama 6, Local 6 T. 633 35 99 34


Chic Happens

Muelle Ribera, Local 12, Casa N. Puerto BanĂşs. T. 952 81 01 71


All Wrapped Chic Happens




Fur Gilet 175€ Scarf 19€ Peaches vest style top 29€ Peaches silky pants 49€ Hipanema necklace 69€ Tan bag 49€

66 66

Chic Happens Striped knitted wool jacket Jade Skye cami top Jade Skye relaxed pants Scarf Necklace

69€ 29€ 69€ 29€ 29€

Feature & Content: Elle Morgan / Target Models / Styling: Elle Morgan Clothing & Accessories: Elle Morgan Boutique Laguna Village Photographers: Katerina Sol (by.lullaby) & Maria Fesenko and Neil Egerton @Target Models International Models: Angela@ Target Models International and Andrea M @Target Models International Make up and hair: Sussi Jull @Target Models International Target Models would like to thank: La Canasta – Cafeteria Marbella, (Av. Ricardo Soriano 1, Marbella), for the use of their gorgeous Cafeteria. Flor Valentin (Centro Idea, Ctra de Mijas km 3, Tel +34 951 31 10 86, Target Models is a highly professional, multilingual casting agency based in Marbella. We provide models, hostesses, dancers, singers and actors as well as production support including Production Managers, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Stylists and Location Scouts. Contact Target Models at: T: +34 952 908 778

67 67

Chic Happens

Peaches chunky knitted jacket with fringing 79€ Scarf 19€ Jade Skye long sleeved scoop neck top 49€ Jade Skye pappardelle pant 59€ Damai leather fringed bag 195€


Chic Happens Peaches hooded jacket with fringing 69€ Tartan blanket scarf 39€ Pom pom necklace 29€ Jade Skye tear drop top 49€ Jade Skye relaxed pants 65€


Chic Happens Peaches striped knitwear with fringing 69€ Scarf 39€ Damai necklace 39€ Jade Skye tank vest with lace 49€ Jade Skye sport pant 65€ Hat models own

wishes everyone a very



Elle Morgan Boutique: Unit 31 Laguna Village (next to Purobeach) Estepona Elle Morgan Pop Up Boutique: Unit 7, Laguna Village Open Everyday 11:00-19:00 T: 647 869 831 Elle Morganboutique


Chic Happens





LIFE IN COLOUR! We attended: the opening of Sekretza, the new art and décor gallery in the heart of Marbella.

We joined: interior designers, landscape gardeners, real estate consultants, architects and wedding and event planners from up and down the coast.

We indulged: flutes of champagne and a delicious selection of tasty treats and mouthwatering canapés.

We met: some of the talented artists, whose art was showcased at the gallery, such as Arno Mueller of Toms Company, Wiktor Borowski of Glass studio Borowski and Jurgen Chaumarat, as well as local artists and painters such as Nomi Wilkens, Ose del Sol and Mugge Fischer, María Gutiérrez, Franchoise Fernández and Amparo Lopez Cruz.





A QUEEN’S TEA PARTY We headed to Restaurant La Meridiana for a sunny November afternoon organised by the Lion’s Club Cosmopolitan Marbella Puerto Banús.

We enjoyed a stylish fashion show with the latest trends from Like a Queen, which was showcasing its Fall/Winter collection.

We enjoyed a delicious high tea, tombola and raffle with great prizes all in aid of Charity for the Children – as well as some scrumptious cakes that we purchased, in support of the charity, to take home.

We were delighted with a beautiful dance performance by the Dancing School of Marbella, who thrilled us with stunning performances and some lively entertainment. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon amongst friends and we all had a great time. Congratulations to Like a Queen on another successful show – and of course, Lion’s Club Cosmopolitan Marbella Puerto Banús for the splendid organisation.





ENCHANTÉS À SMALLWORLD CAFÉ We attended the Beaujolais launch party at Smallworld Cafe in celebration of this year’s vintage Beaujolais Nouveau wine.

We mingled with Marbella socialites for an evening of wine tasting and canapé munching, whilst catching up on all the latest Marbella news.

We adored the vol-au-vents with escargots and the deep-fried Brie and Camembert!

We enjoyed a gloriously chic and sophisticated French-inspired soirée Merci beaucoup Smallworld Cafe!






designer, Karin Eensaar’s cocktail party to debut her fine jewellery and lifestyle collection ‘By Kariné’ at the Sea Grill in Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa.

We loved:

the lavishing By Kariné lifestyle collection - a modern fashion collection which presented a spectacular range of stylish yet practical women’s clothing; skirts, dresses, blouses and trousers made from gorgeous, quality fabrics to be suited just as perfectly with a casual pair of shoes for the daily work/meeting/school run, as with an elegant pair of stilettos to dance the night away!

We envied:

the luxurious jewellery line, designed delicately with precious stones and metals, every piece created to be, the designer quotes, “as unique as the person who wears it”. Jewellery pieces such as long pearl necklaces and stunning string cocktail rings proved to be an absolute must have!





ART IS TIMELESS AT PLAYAS DEL DUQUE We attended: the grand opening of Timeless Gallery’s headquarters office in Playas del Duque, Puerto Banús.

We admired: the elegant, classy pieces of art displayed around the gallery, which was simplistic and picturesque in itself. Each design was unique and told a beautiful story.

We enjoyed: wonderful art work, classic cocktails, delicious canapés, live music and fantastic company.





BARBARA’S 50TH BIRTHDAY BASH We attended Barbara’s brilliant and beautiful Great Gatsby-themed birthday bonanza at her stunning residence, Costa Bom.

We were in awe of the stunning costumes, outfits, accessories and décor - as it was literally like stepping back in time! Everyone looked amazing from head to toe and the villa had been decorated and styled to perfection.

We munched on a delicious selection of food - from burgers and hotdogs to curries and spring rolls from Masala - and a wonderful selection of light bites and tasty treats.

We enjoyed a wonderful variety of live music, from Charleston boogying girls to electronic sax and vocals from Masquerade.

We loved the pretty table centre pieces and decorations created with pearl necklaces and feathers by Barbara’s sister and all of the ladies’ gorgeous diamanté and feather headdresses.

We danced the night away in a whirl of feather boas and sequins and had a gloriously glamorous time.





SALA SUPER LEAGUE SEMI FINAL There was amazing sunshine and tricky greens at Alferini Golf Club, Villa Padierna, for the semi final event of Sala Super League. The day was hugely competitive with golfers playing at the top of their game.

We went on to La Sala, Puerto Banús, for an exciting prize giving event. Golfers enjoyed beers and delicious canapés and the well-deserved winners went on to receive a Garmin watch and a Bridgestone golf bag.

We’re coming up to the final event of 2015 where lucky Sala Super League golfers are in with the chance of winning a trip to Portugal! The final event will take place at Santana and members will enjoy a festive three-course lunch at La Sala followed by the Christmas prize-giving presentation.

At the top of the leader boards are Stephen Carr, Brett Little and Steven Godfrey for the individuals. The Mickey’s are leading the teams followed by The Kitchen Room and Team Pinker. We’d like to wish all members good luck going into the final on the 5th December. It’s all to play for… For more information or to sign up for 2016 contact Lindsey before 8th December:



Our in-depth motoring review

LESS IS MORE A cheaper McLaren does not mean less McLaren!



Motoring author, racing driver and photo-journalist Ian Kuah reports on the McLaren 570S.



The powered steering column and comfort seats


ports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series. These are the three flavours of the full McLaren model range as envisaged from the start. The P1 was the first expression of the Ultimate Series, and McLaren’s flag bearer, but there will not be another car in this Series for a few years. Now that the core of the McLaren business case has been well established with the MP4-12C, its 650S successor, and the mighty 675LT, it is time to go after volume with the Sports Series. This is a less uncompromising, less expensive, but still hand-built range of cars designed to hunt in Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8 and Porsche Turbo territory. Frankly, if a non-enthusiast saw a McLaren 570S drive past they would not believe it was an entry-level model. After all, with its new taillights,


make it easy to find the perfect driving position, it has even more P1-inspired styling cues than the more expensive 650S. However, the 540C and 570S are the new bread and butter McLaren models, and the cars that the Woking-based firm hopes will take sales up to their selfimposed cap of 4,000 units a year. The fact that McLaren have already taken 1,000 orders for their new baby even before customers have had the chance to sit in a car or drive one speaks volumes for the gravitas the brand has built up in a relatively short time. The 570S is launched in November as a Coupe, and McLaren told us officially that the Spider version will be along in 2017. Judging by the much greater take-up rate of the 650S Spider over the Coupe, the same sales mix will likely follow with the al fresco version of the 570S as well.

While the true entry-level car is the 540C, which will retail for £128,000 in the UK, McLaren chose to launch their new range with the 570S (£143,000 in the UK), whose design tenets, like all this motorsport-based company’s cars, revolve around advanced chassis, aerodynamics, high-tech materials, outstanding engine performance and low weight. Low weight was consistently chased here, and at 1,344kg (dry weight) the 570S is around 150kg lighter than any class rival. On that score, the advent of LED headlamp technology has been a boon. Each of these bespoke units weighs just 2.7kg, but is more powerful and consumes less power than the xenon equivalents that went before.


The engine powering the 570S is yet another variation of the twinturbocharged 3.8-litre flat-plane crank V8 in every McLaren model, and in this less powerful application, the engine’s internal code is M838TE. The engineers are continually improving its response, efficiency and sound, and compared to the 650S version it has 30% new parts including tubular exhaust manifolds in place of the ‘log’ style units. This more efficient manifold design also helps the exhaust harmonics towards a better soundtrack. The firing order of 1-8-3-6-4-5-2-7 makes the motor behave like two separate four-cylinder engines, and so the exhaust gases from each cylinder bank only meet for the first time at the rear silencer. Output is a healthy 570hp (562bhp) at 7,500rpm, with 600 Nm of torque from 5,000 to 6,500rpm. This is the first version of the McLaren V8 to feature start-stop technology, which helps it achieve an average fuel consumption of 10.7L/100km, along with 249g/km of CO2 emissions.

Against the stopwatch, this Sports Series car has major league supercar performance with a 0-100km/h time of 3.2 sec, 0-200km/h in 9.5 sec, and a top speed of 328km/h (204mph). Helping the cause is the smooth and rapid 7-speed SSG twin-clutch gearbox, whose steering wheel mounted paddle shifter action has now been honed to a very high level of tactile precision. It comes as no surprise that the absence of the active suspension elements featured in more expensive McLaren models removes the thin layer of feedback opacity that is a hallmark of all state-of-the-art suspension systems using such technology. Because of this, the 570S talks to you through the seat of your pants in a way that it’s more powerful, more techladen big brothers do not. It has a directness and clarity in what it is doing, even in what it is about to do, that I found quite refreshing. There is a bit more body roll, but the important thing is the subtle progression with which it adopts its cornering set.

Although it is a well sharpened tool, there is nothing sudden about the way the chassis reacts to inputs, and it feels perfectly measured in the best traditional sense of the term. And when you do find the limit, the linear characteristic velocity means it lets go progressively as well. The clarity of intent part was made abundantly clear during high speed testing at the demanding Portimão circuit, where the weather on the day was somewhat changeable, and a big shower descended on the track just before my session. Although the rain passed quickly and the sun returned to dry out the tarmac, I was still venturing out onto a damp circuit where less travelled parts; the two hairpin bends in particular, would remain slippery for a while. Like other McLaren models, the 570S also has variable ratio electro-hydraulic assistance, but the steering rack and front-end geometry are unique to this car. With 2.5 turns lock-to-lock it feels crisp and nicely weighted. The transparency of the 570S chassis really came into its own when driving in these semi-slippery conditions. The front end proved very lucid through the helm on the way into the 180-degree left-hand hairpins, a slow entry speed in second gear rewarded with a full report on just how much mechanical grip was available at the tyre contact patches. I could feel the steering go slightly light when treading the fine line between grip and slip, the back end continuing to track faithfully. This high level of seat-of-the-pants communication from the steering and chassis lets you know exactly when and by how much you can ease into the throttle as steering lock comes off on the way out of a turn. In the faster turns on the rapidly drying circuit, I was surprised at just how much mechanical grip the Pirelli Corsa tyres could generate. With no standing



water and a near consistently damp surface, I was pulling an indicated 145km/h on the exit from the righthander leading on to the main straight. In bone-dry conditions it would likely have been 165km/h or more, but this shows how far today’s track day rubber has come in terms of wet grip, even without the positive downforce of the 650S. McLaren has done a lot of work on the throttle response of their twin-turbo V8, and it allows you to meter in precisely the amount of power required. Thus, it is not difficult for a sensitive driver who knows not to be greedy with the throttle to ride the torque curve in a higher gear in such conditions to ‘float’ the car round a damp or wet track right on the limit of grip with no drama. McLaren told us that their new carbon-fibre tub is heavier but no less rigid than that of its bigger brothers, so despite having a lower sill to ease ingress and egress in its role as a daily driver, the 570S tub provides a solid platform for the suspension to work optimally.


The simplified suspension arrangement still uses double wishbones all round, but in place of the active damping and anti-roll bars are conventional hydraulic dampers and hollow tubular steel anti-roll bars. The dampers are independently adjustable for bounce and rebound, while the anti-roll bars have short drop links that ensure their roll centres are coincident with the roll centres of the axles. “It actually took longer to perfectly calibrate this traditional set up than it normally does the active system,” said McLaren CTO, Carlo Della Casa. The extra effort was worth it, and even on the undulations that characterise the road between the Portimão Circuit and the highway, the 570S chassis really shone. These bumps can become pretty unsettling at big speeds, but the small Mac took them in its stride, every input being damped perfectly, the suspension instantly recovering, ready to address the next bump. The discernable difference between the suspension in its Normal and Sport modes is very obvious on the road. At 50km/h or less through towns and villages, Normal confers a firm but fluid ride. In a car with the very comfortable and supportive normal sports seats, you certainly feel that a long session behind the wheel will not be overly taxing on mind and body.

“Swing the wider opening doors open and first impressions are good.”

As you go faster, Normal starts to feel a bit soft as a trace of body movement seeps into the equation. Time to engage the Sport setting, which pulls everything back nicely, while never becoming harsh.

650S. Secondary ride comfort is only slightly affected, but on the other hand, I find the greater transparency of feedback from the 570S’s chassis makes for a more engaging steer.

If anything I was surprised how good ride and suspension control is compared to the active system in the

Of course part of that can be accounted for by the smaller wheels and tyres, which give up some


mechanical grip, but also make the handling more tactile. Here, 8.0J x 19-inch and 10.0J x 20-inch alloys are shod with 225/35ZR19 and 285/35ZR20 Pirelli PZero Corsa tyres. The brakes are good on both road and track. While the pedal travel is longer than a Porsche with PCCB brakes, I actually find that a positive trait as it makes the brake action easier to modulate. The carbonceramic discs and alloy calipers are the same as on the 650S, but the pads and calibration are 570S specific. Swing the wider opening doors open and first impressions are good. The leather on the side sills, seats and dashboard give the cabin an air of luxury, and as one engineer jokingly pointed out, “It is the first McLaren with two vanity mirrors!� McLaren put a lot of effort into making the 570S a more practical car for those who wish to use it as a daily driver. To that end, the lower, narrower side sills, and doors that open to a more vertical angle are a significant help in getting in and out more easily.

The powered steering column and comfort seats make it easy to find the perfect driving position, while an easy access feature moves the steering wheel and comfort seats apart when you switch off, a first in a car of this type. Of course if you opt for the one-piece lightweight race seats, you have to move them yourself. I drove to the track in a car with normal seats, did my hot laps in a car with race seats and drove back to the hotel in a car with race seats. Maybe I am getting old but I preferred the standard seats as the hard race seats get to your posterior on bumpy roads after a while, while the non-adjustable backrest means they will not fit everyone. Their high sides also make getting in and out of this low car more of a trial if you have to do it often. The all-new electronic instrument pack underlines McLaren’s illustrious racing heritage by only putting immediately necessary information in front of the driver.



The well-considered interior design continues with the latest incarnation of the central telematics display. While this started out as an embarrassment for McLaren on the MP4-12C, the latest system works very well indeed with a 7-inch touch screen whose user interface is pretty self-explanatory, and a match for anything else out there. For music lovers, one of the jewels in the 570S crown is the Bowers & Wilkins audio system. There are three levels to choose from, and our test cars all featured the top-of-the range 1,280 Watt, 12-speaker system, which is dynamic and musical, with convincing sound staging. The system uses the tweeter design from B&W’s Nautilus speakers for its centrechannel. This is the object above the air vents on the dashboard that one uninitiated soul who looked at the car suggested was a microphone! On the move, the well shaped A-pillars and vertical rear window provide excellent visibility. Even at an oblique T-junction, the glazing ensures good line of sight over your shoulder. This fine all-round visibility makes the 570S feel smaller than it is, and less intimidating than other mid-engine machines in traffic. Finally, a front lift function is optional, and well worth having if there are car park ramps and speed bumps where you live. Downsides? I spent a few minutes looking for the engine cover release. After a frustrating search I only managed to find a button on the drivers’ door that popped open the cover panel on the carbon-fibre rear deck, under which the oil and water top up points live.


“I could feel the steering go slightly light when treading the fine line between grip and slip” It transpires that you need tools to remove the engine cover, which will disappoint owners who would like to show off the 570hp twin-turbo engine to their friends. I hope McLaren does not pick up any more bad habits from Porsche! Like the 650S, the much less expensive 570S also uses aluminium for much of its bodywork. The normal engine cover is made from superformed aluminium, but our test cars had the optional carbon-fibre version, along with the rear diffuser, front spoiler lip, side intake blades and side sills in this material. Some of the cars had the optional carbon-fibre roof panel as well. In tailoring the 570S as their most road focused and practical model yet, for significantly less money than the 650S, McLaren has opened the door to a much larger market. Where previous models were rivals for the likes of the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Huracan, the 570S is pegged at around £143,000 in the UK. This drops it right into Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8 and Porsche Turbo territory, where its mid-engine credentials, head turning looks and strong performance make it a very attractive alternative. In the real world, the stopwatch performance of the 570S is not far behind the 650S, and is actually on par with the original 592hp MP4-12C, which weighed more. That means the 570S is a good match for the 610hp Audi R8 V10 Plus and 560hp Porsche Turbo S, both of which are

considerably heavier. That said, its 328km/h (204mph) top speed makes the McLaren the fastest car in this group. With no active aerodynamics, the 570S does not have the positive downforce of its bigger brothers. It has very slight downforce, but the actual aim was to make it aerodynamically neutral and balanced, and it certainly felt very stable at 265km/h, which is as fast as I could safely go on the day. After driving the baby McLaren 570S on road and track, I would not hesitate to say that its more intuitive, more analogue feel really appeals to my fingertips and seat of the pants. While the 570S might appear on paper to be a simplified, entry-level model to broaden McLaren’s market reach and make conquest sales from the class below the 650S, the result is a very complete and accomplished car in itself. The 570S is mature and well sorted, worryingly so for its potential rivals. In fact, if the 650S did not exist, and were McLaren not intent on rattling Ferrari with the 650S and 675LT, the 570S would be a worthy car in any company. Most importantly of all in this class, it looks and feels special. In fact, even if I had the financial wherewithal to buy the 650S, the greater tactile enjoyment the 570S delivers through its more direct and authentic feel, would seal the deal for me.



A vital support service, allowing you to focus on what you do best...


Featuring the very best property agents on the Costa del Sol, all the latest Marbella property news, stats and facts and some of the most sought-after private addresses, developments and urbanisations in the Marbella vicinity, this sleek, chic and avant-garde magazine is the only property guide you need to be on the pulse with the market in Marbella. Utopia’s groundbreaking success in Marbella’s property market and the exclusive property bible’s growing popularity with local developers has now attracted the attention of interior designers, architects, interior and furnishing suppliers alike. From 2016, UTOPIA will be expanding into all areas of property. From interiors and furnishings, to gardens, swimming pools, construction and decor, UTOPIA will encompass all aspects of house and home so that

whether you’re an agent, homeowner, developer or in search of your new home, you will find stockists, features, properties and articles that are current, relevant and contemporary - all in the most stylish property magazine in town. Distributed from Málaga to Sotogrande, and delivered to golf courses, restaurants, fashionable bars and clubs, as well as straight to the hotel bedrooms of all of the coast’s leading hotels, UTOPIA is the first magazine of its kind, specifically aimed at aspirational individuals in search of their slice of the idyllic Marbella lifestyle. With up-to-the minute property reports, reviews and of course featuring the most exclusive properties on our pages, we have the elite and fashionable Marbella market covered.






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Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 Plot Size: 1,163m² Living Area: 310m² Price: 1,450,000 €

VILLA IN BENAHAVIS Amazing 6-bedroom villa in Puerto del Capitan. Southwest facing, with spectacular views over the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. Built on two floors, on the ground floor we find a living room with fireplace, fully fitted kitchen with dining area, laundry area, guest toilet, two guest bedrooms and a bathroom, garage for one car, covered terrace, private garden and heated pool; and a beautiful chill out area.

On the first floor, a big master bedroom suite with terrace, two guest bedroom and two bathrooms and a study (the study could be a 6th bedroom).

Under floor heating in bathrooms, kitchen and living room, A/C with heating, alarm, gated community with cameras, security at night. Nearby all amenities, a few minutes to the beach, shopping, golf and Puerto Banus and Marbella. A great property, value for money!

To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.



VILLA IN BENAHAVÍS Unique, brand new and contemporary style defines this villa in Monte Mayor Country Club. South to southeast facing with spectacular views to the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains and the Coast. Open plan design with a spacious livingdining area and kitchen area (kitchen not included), fireplace, high ceilings, great views all around, large open terraces and direct access to the pool and bbq area. On the main floor there is a living area & kitchen, two guest bedrooms sharing one bathroom and a guest toilet. On the first floor the master bedroom suite and a further guest bedroom suite. On the garden level, one guest bedroom

suite, another bedroom with open bathroom, entertainment area and storage. Built to the highest technical specifications. Marble floors, shutters in the bedrooms, a very sophisticated heating/cooling system (Arcos Confort System) with underfloor heating/cooling and air heating/cooling all controlled by a Domotica system, elevator, carport for two cars, alarm. Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 6 Plot Size: 2,865 m² Living Area: 500 m² Price: 2,450,000 €

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva Andalucía (opposite La Sala) & Centro Comercial Centro Plaza. Nueva Andalucía

T: +34 952 90 75 21 E:



VILLA IN LA ZAGALETA A classical Andalusian-style villa for sale with panoramic sea and mountain views situated in the prestigious. La Zagaleta Golf and Country Club, enjoying absolute peace and tranquillity in one of the most secure estates in Europe. This traditional residence offers spacious accomodation on all floors. From the entrance hall there is an interior patio which gives added light to the ground floor, large drawing room with two distinct sitting areas, dining room, kitchen, guest cloakroom and two bedroom suites. To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.


Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 5 Plot Size: 6,434 m² Living Area: 892 m² Price: 3,400,000 €



Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 7 Plot Size: 2,050 m² Living Area: 1000 m²

Price: 2,450,000 €

A spacious cortijo style villa with stunning sea views towards Gibraltar and Africa. Situated in a secure private cul de sac in one of the best locations in the Urb, El Paraiso, just a few minutes walk to all amenities including golf and beaches. The property consists of a huge lounge with fireplace, leading out to a covered terrace with amazing views. Fully equipped kitchen with utility. Enclosed solarium, sitting area leading to a covered terrace, into the bedroom suites with siting room/ dressing rooms and en suite bathroom’s to them all. The first floor has a large bedroom and bathroom complete with Jacuzzi bath and walk in shower leading off the bedroom a private terrace with spectacular sea and surrounding views. The lower floor comprises a self contained suite including, bedroom bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. A games and party room complete with full size snooker table. Bodega including bar, tv room home cinema and fully equipped gym. A heated indoor pool with changing room and sauna with ample relaxation area and doors leading out to the garden. The mature gardens are beautiful with a BBQ terrace and lounging area around a large feature swimming pool complete with walk in beach (acts as pool heater) Pool room with toilet and shower. Gardeners equipment room and machinery room The property has full air conditioning, conventional central heating to all rooms. A water reserve tank. Alarm system. Domestic hot water heated by solar. To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva Andalucía (opposite La Sala) & Centro Comercial Centro Plaza. Nueva Andalucía

T: +34 952 90 75 21 E:


OFF THE WALL By Hayley Reed, Founder of Foc Design



The projects that we undertake are so varied here at FOC Design and our team members are constantly inspired and continually kept on their toes. We are fortunate enough to work on both residential and commercial designs and this requires us to keep our fingers on the pulse with the always evolving interior world, making sure our input is fresh and unique, not monotonous or repetitive.





t was once famously said that an Englishman’s home is his castle. This sentiment can be applied across all continents and species. Your home or nest is safe, warm and somewhere to always seek solace. The interior design reflects that and usually the colours, patterns and shapes are chosen to create a feeling of calm and comfort. For centuries however, creatives have used art, design and interiors to push boundaries. When making a political statement has been dangerous, people have been able to rely on the arts to send a subtle (or not so subtle) message. When something like wallpaper which is usually considered attractive, safe and homely is used to subvert expectation, often the effect is all the more shocking or unexpected. Wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, even crockery can be used to report on scandal or controversy and the result is both shocking and intriguing. Our natural curiosity and inherent secret desire to break the rules is awakened‌ Looking back over design history proves that being off the wall can very often lead to great things. Dali, Gaudi, even Caravaggio created works that in their



time were extremely risquÊ but looking at those images or buildings today we enjoy them without necessarily being shocked. Contemporary artists like Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and architect Zaha Hadid are prime examples of creators who use design as a medium to shock or surprise. Not just for the sake of shocking but because they enjoy exploring those areas of discomfort and they are passionate about what it unearths in them as designers and the subsequent effect it can also have on those who experience their work. When it comes to interiors, having carte blanche to create a space is integral to the very soul of interior design. New ideas, new concepts and pushing the boundaries may not be everyones cup of tea but continuing to challenge the notion of a space is both exciting and important. Head back to the 1890’s, the beginnings of Art Nouveau. An important shift in design that rocked the boat of the expected and



conventional, inspiring many designers even today. Often taking inspiration from the female form it was confrontational for many, bearing in mind that in those days a lady showing her ankle was seen as forward and vulgar. Many have seen the iconic Paris Metro stations designed by Guimard or wondered over the world famous Lalique glassware. Now, these examples of Art Nouveau define a time and place but at the time were subversive, risqué and challenging to many. A few years later the Bauhaus movement followed and it was yet another cutting edge concept considered extreme and bizarre. The choice to live in a Bauhaus style interior was a bold one at the time because it was so different from anything else that had been done before. Its supporters ignored all the rules of interior


design and started thinking about living spaces in a radical way. Here in 2015, do we have our own Art Nouveau or Bauhaus? Do we continue to push the boundaries of taste and the norm? The answer is of course, yes. Some of the examples featured in this article may be considered contemporary examples of “off the wall”. Interior design continues to reinvent itself and those of us who like to renew and reinvent our own spaces should take note. What can something as





COLLECTIONS our new art gallery Showroom: Edif. Casablanca - Golden Mile - Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella - 952 76 45 95 by


simple as a door handle say about you or your space? Perfect design is establishing a healthy balance between function and aesthetics but what if once the function part is covered, one takes the aesthetic to another level? Re-writing the very definition of a door handle from functional object to a functional object that can also challenge and question is inspiring. Suddenly a simple functional object is noticed, suddenly it makes you think. Inviting this concept into your home is easier than it seems. Don’t for one minute think that in order to achieve this your home needs a complete refurb with shocking bright wallpapers, skull door handles, neon signs and pinball machines converted into coffee tables. The idea is not to shock just for the sake of it but to find humour in the unusual. You can be playful and use just one of the aforementioned ideas, subtle but effective, and take pleasure in your guests faces each time they notice the unconventional feature. Finding functionality and beauty in the unexpected is always a pleasure. Every space is unique, and everyone should have at least one part of their home that is ‘off the wall’.

All available at FOC Design: Av de Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 16 Nueva Andalucía T. 952 817 129 ONLINE SHOP:


All available at FOC Design. Av de Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 16 Nueva Andalucía T. 952 817 129 | | ONLINE SHOP:


FOR CONTEMPORARY & MODERN SPANISH LIVING T : +34 951 277 443 | Mob: +34 610 654 422 |




Co-Owner, Stylist & Director Malin Gavenas


Linadela de Pasión

By Natalie Rose Kern


nter the cosy Nueva Andalucíabased boutique of STOREY interiors in the heart of Aloha Gardens and you are met with the perfect, snug, warm and exquisitely finished design that has put Scandinavia on the map in the word of interiors. Yes, those northern nations do ‘homes’ and interiors like nowhere else on earth and ‘Scandinavian design’ is widely regarded as the most fashionable, effortlessly cool and stylishly simple trend around. Whether its their cold winters that have made them pay such meticulous attention to their homes or whether they simply have an inherent Scandinavian fashion gene, no one does interiors like the Scandies do and can turn a house into a home with such elegance and warmth.


STOREY is no exception. The Swedish interior design and homestyling company boasts a fashionable, fun and friendly team of architects, interior designers and stylists who work tirelessly to transform properties by enhancing their characteristics and advantages, whilst personalising or depersonalising as much or as little as desired. With home decoration, the team offers a highly personalised service from conception to completion, ensuring that you enjoy the creative journey and that every element is in keeping with your style, character and personality and suits your lifestyle and your needs and wants in your home. With homestyling however, the team works to depersonalise the property and give it a ‘blank canvas feel’ that is light, bright, fresh and spacious,

Valentina Russell

Charlotte Lothigius


“STOREY IS NO EXCEPTION. The Swedish interior design and homestyling company boasts a fashionable, fun and friendly team of architects, interior designers and stylists who work tirelessly to transform properties...” the kind of property that looks contemporary and attractive, and that will attract potential buyers by bringing out all of the property’s qualities, downplaying its flaws and giving it a stylish finish that makes it look even better than showroom! The team at STOREY make rooms you want to live in – beautiful, homely full of character and warmth. From soft furnishings to finishing touches all of STOREY’s products are immaculately designed and crafted from the finest materials and they source fabrics and furnishings from Scandinavian stockists to give you that effortlessly stylish Swedish finish right here in Marbella. No job is too big or too small for this dedicated team of interior design gurus and their passion is evident. More often than not clients pop into the shop for a candle or cushion and within moments they are restyling their whole house. From having curtains made to wallpapering their guest bathroom, the efficiency and devotion with which the team at STOREY apply themselves to each job, means that you are guaranteed immaculate and impeccable results. Whether you want to brighten up your home with a few bright and beautiful pieces from their stunning selection of interior furnishings or whether you need a full-on makeover and styling session, look no further than this creative team of Stylish Swedes to transform your living space into a gorgeous sanctuary of sophistication and splendour. As Christmas approaches and we enjoy snuggly nights in by the fire and quality time with friends and family this is the ideal time to make your house a home. From soft and sensuous throws and blankets to fragrant candles and beautiful glass lanterns, STOREY’s interiors will make your Christmas abode so snug and stylish that you won’t want to leave home! Put your feet up and pour yourself a glass of glögg, these interior design experts will take care of the rest! – and it will be a lasting love STOREY!









Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad





Frohe Weihnachten



Joyeux Noël С Рождеством


-60% ALL





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SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PROMOTION FROM 20. 11. 2015. TILL 05. 01. 2016 Puerto Banus 3,5 km

Da Bruno

Marbella 1 km

CIBO Restaurant


Vrolijk Kerstfeest

Arabe Palace

Edificio Casablanca. Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe 29602 Marbella Tel: (34) 952 77 37 65 • Fax: (34) 952 82 21 48 • Email: • www.





he coast’s première Scandinavian furniture business hosted a fabulous relaunch party in late October 2015. The company that has shops in Marbella and Mijas is under new ownership, and to celebrate this new era in the Loft & Roomers story, they invited 300 guests to join them at the glittering occasion. Gastrogems Catering served creative canapés and drinks in a superbly decorated roof terrace setting at the Mijas furniture store, accompanied by wonderful live music by Paul “The Piano Man” Maxwell and Roberto Cantero on sax. The new owners took over on 1 September 2015 and the firm now has an entirely new Board of Directors and management structure. The company currently has two beautiful shops; one in Mijas and the other on Marbella’s exclusive Golden Mile where you can spot its colourful and creative furniture displays as you drive past. Both are outstanding showcases for the exceptional furniture that is the hallmark of the Loft & Roomers style.


WHY LOFT & ROOMERS? The company’s mission is to offer “Nordic Living for Less,” and it is a Scandinavian aesthetic and interior decoration philosophy that informs the name as well. ‘Loft’ refers to the simple and minimalistic style that we have come to associate with Scandinavian design, plus of course, a loft is a small space that requires thoughtful furnishing. ‘Roomers’ stands for a certain elegance combined with rustic and rural touches that add cosiness and warmth to every living space. A STYLE FOR EVERYONE One thing that is certain about the furniture stocked at Loft & Roomers; there is something for everyone and for every size of home. Studio dwellers will find storage furniture that maximizes space and those who work at home will find desk and shelving units, plus some funky and fun office chairs. There is furniture and fittings, plus lighting and accessories for every single room in the house, and the garden spaces haven’t been left out either, which is fortunate as residents on the coast have more use for outdoor furniture than many other Europeans.

Mijas, Ctra. de Mijas Km. 3.5 , Fuengirola 29650 ,Mijas Costa (Málaga)

But, Loft & Roomers don’t just offer a range of furniture that is suited to apartment living, their range of products is equally at home furnishing a large villa, and in great style. They also offer amazing wonderfully designed and complete furniture packages tailor-made to meet your requirements and pocket. Just enquire at either store. LOCAL SERVICE & MULTILINGUAL STAFF Loft & Roomers warehouses 95% of its stock in Spain; this makes the company one of the few furniture companies on the Costa del Sol that can truly offer a FREE and FAST delivery service. Added to this, the friendly and professional staff speak a total of 10 languages and have a wealth of experience in furniture and design. They are always on hand to help you make the right decisions.

Marbella, OASIS Business Center. Ctra. De Cádiz KM 183, Golden Mile, 29660 Marbella (Málaga)


Before 1848 € Save 1249 € NOW ONLY 599 €

• Black leather look • Wooden slats • Black legs 1 x HYPNIA FOAM MATTRESS 160x200 CM The Hypnia king size 160x200 cm memory foam mattress is a medium-firm rated support mattress, that ensures pressure relief during the night in right places, such as back, lower body and upper body. The mattress comes with a cool soft breathable cover, that helps you keep cool during nights. The cover is hypoallergenic. The mattress comes vacuum packed, in a 160x35x35 cm box, unfold itself in few hours but takes 24 hours to reach the correct hardness. The mattress includes 2 memory foam pillows. Note: due to the vacuum packing, the pillows might have caused a small stain on the cover of the mattress, hence this great price.




• Dining table dimensions: Dia:150 cm x H: 75 cm • Poly rattan nature • Base aluminum

• White high gloss table with 1 extension leaf • Brushed stainless steel foot • L: 180/230, W: 90, H: 75 cm

The Valerie dining chair is a stylish and robust dining room chair.

Before 1835 € Save 1149 € NOW ONLY 499 €

mers Logo / Compact Version, Colors on White Background:

d Color: White: Pantone White (or nothing)

Before 1493 € Save 794 € NOW ONLY 699 €

• Black or white PU leather look seat/back, Grey fabric seat/back • Sewing front/straight back • Sturdy chrome metal base

About colors, see:

d Color: White: CMYK: 0/0/0/0 (or nothing)

d Color: White: RGB: 255/255/255

d Color: White: WEB: # ffffff

MIJAS SHOP Ctra. de Mijas KM. 3.5, 29650 Mijas Costa Tel. 952 66 41 70 E-mail: OPENING HOURS Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-14 MARBELLA SHOP Centro Negocios Oasis, Ctra. de Cadiz KM. 183, Golden Mile, 29600 Marbella Tel. 952 77 21 39 E-mail:


Bluegray: Pantone 5415

PayOff Color: Light Gray: Pantone Cool Gray 9

Bluegray: CMYK: 56/24/11/39

PayOff Color: Light Grey: CMYK: 0/0/0/70

OPENING HOURS Mon-Sat 10-20 All furniture & accessory products are subject to change and availability.

AVDA Jose BanĂşs S/N, Edificio Malaga II, Marbella.

T +34 670 25 62 75



Treats for the

Tastebuds at

Photos by Julia Roder Reviewed by Eleanor McKenzie

The TOWIE Factor And that is exactly what you’d expect from the former TOWIE star, and now proprietor of one of the most talked about establishments on the coast. Would it surprise you to know that fans of the show fly from the UK just to dine at Olivia’s? This reviewer can reveal that a certain Plymouth-based girlfriend, when asked by her Jimenabased boyfriend what she’d like to do on a recent visit responded, “The only thing I really want to do is go to Olivia’s.” Competing with the attractions of Olivia’s is clearly something that a few may face!

La Cala de Mijas is one of the most up-and-coming places east of Marbella, so it is unsurprising that a restaurateur as ‘on-trend’ as Elliott Wright selected it to launch his Costa del Sol venture. This charming village that everyone locally simply calls ‘La Cala.’ Is a little gem of an area with a 2,000 metre-long beach and Olivia’s top floor Moët & Chandon champagne bar is the ideal place to sip on a glass of fizz while admiring a 180º sea view of the Mediterranean. It is total glitz and glam.

From AM to PM The restaurant sits right on the Paseo Marítimo, where you can watch the world go by – and at Olivia’s, you can do this all day long if you wish. Those who haven’t visited it may be under the impression that it is an ‘eveningonly’ venue. So, let me correct that impression and reveal that you can have an amazing breakfast here, drop in for a fresh juice after you’ve jogged along the ‘paseo’, or meet a friend for a mid-morning or afternoon coffee. Indeed, Olivia’s breakfast menu is one of its potential stars. You will have to travel far and wide to find a menu quite as diverse as the one that Elliott Wright has compiled. It starts off the usual “Full English” but before my eyes have travelled very far down it –having paused at Eggs Benedict, one of my top faves to start the day, and there’s no way I’ll ever make it myself! –they almost pop out at “Shakshouka, coriander & cumin bean tagine, baked eggs, baba ganouche, plum tomato & za’atar flat bead.” Wow! An Arabian breakfast, and Arab cuisine is my absolute favourite. No wonder there’s a star under it saying



“Recommended.” There’s also smoked kippers, Bircher muesli, bruschetta with feta, gravlax, corn fritters and breakfast enchiladas. I’d have to say this breakfast menu is “the whole enchilada.” Totally Terrific Tapas But Society was there for the new tapas menu. Now, I have to admit that after a significant number of years in Spain, my heart doesn’t so much ‘skip a beat’ when I hear “let’s do tapas” as start to beat out a funeral march. No more albondigas please, or at least make them only a three or four times a year thing! Anyway, my heart and stomach were very pleasantly surprised by the creativity that had gone into the culinary treats that Olivia’s calls tapas. Let’s see, where to start? Oh yes, the scallops. I’m devoted to scallops, they are food from heaven and the chefs at Olivia’s certainly know how to pan sear the king scallops that come served with crumbled black pudding and an apple gel. I bet those judges on MasterChef would give the dish top marks. We’d also ordered “Crispy pork belly,” which is served with baby apples, Burgos black pudding and cauliflower puree.” Yes, I’m also a black pudding fan. I know, it’s a bit like Marmite; people either love it or are revolted by the idea of it. However, I encourage you ‘black pudding avoiders’ to give these two dishes at Olivia’s a try and if you don’t like it, I’ll eat my…well, I’ll eat your leftovers!

it written on the menu. The confit was perfectly seasoned married well with the fig puree. However, the ginger salsa was out of this world – it certainly packs a punch and if you like your heat turned up, then this sauce will help. But, don’t be afraid – it’s not going to set your mouth on fire. The Thai red curry on the other hand was perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a curry at blast furnace level. It was extremely tasty though and I’d certainly recommend it as a ‘starter’ for anyone who has never this Thai dish before.

the staff at Olivia’s are charm and fun personified. The atmosphere here is very family friendly, as one might expect since Elliott Wright named the restaurant after his young daughter, yet it still manages to exude a sophisticated ambience suitable for an adult evening out. With live music and theme nights thrown in, Olivia’s must surely be the coast’s top destination for tapas and a treat! Children welcome! Olvia’s La Cala Tel. 952 494 935

The “Bulgogi beef with organic black and white sesame & spring onion” was a revelation. I’d never heard of ‘Bulgogi’, which is Korean grilled beef by the way. And we had some mouthwatering garlic chicken and mushrooms to round it all off. Every dish is so elegantly presented that often it looks too good to eat and

The “Prawn & avocado baby gems” are little, gorgeous dainty concoctions that freshen the mouth and zing the taste buds. They felt so light and airy as I devoured them that I was sure they must be calorie-free; until I was told not to be so daft! We’d also ordered something that was a first for all of us – “Warm garlic & chilli marinated olives with red pepper.” Warm olives? Hmm, unusual, but once we got our heads around the idea and our tongues had absorbed the stunning flavours, we were quite sold on warm olives. We’d definitely order them again! You can’t really have tapas without croquettes appearing somewhere, but Olivia’s has departed from the typical ham or cheese variety to serve up “Confit duck croquettes, fig puree and ginger salsa.” I felt thrilled just looking at



For Take-away, Home Delivery and Reservations, please contact: T. 952 906 748 Avenida Del prado. Local 4, Edificio Picaso, Aloha, 29660 Nueva Andalucia

NEW YEARS EVE Welcome Cava

STARTERS LOBSTER BISQUE Rich and creamy, highly seasoned lobster soup GRILLED GOATS CHEESE SALAD Warm goat’s cheese served on a mixed salad, with caramelized shallots, wall nuts, cranberry a nd a balsamic red wine reduction dressing TRUFFLE RISOTTO Creamy, rich truffle risotto with wild mushrooms THAI FISH CAKE Rich Thai fish cakes, made of salmon, shrimp & sole, on a bed of sautéed mushrooms and pak choi, served with a rich green curry sauce

MAINS LAMB SHANK Slowly roasted tender lamb shank, served with carrots, asparagus, rich, creamy mashed potatoes and its own gravy LOBSTER THERMIDOR A creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat with mushrooms, infused with brandy and a gratinated cheese top, served with sautéed mixed vegetables SALMON FILLET Pan- seared salmon filet served with sautéed leeks, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and a rich white wine sauce VEGETARIAN WOK Soba noodles, pack choi, pineapple, bell peppers, zucchini and carrots in a Thai sweet chilli wok sauce

DESSERT RASBERRY CRANACHAN TRIFLE CHEESECAKE Decadent and creamy, smooth cheesecake served with a wild berry glaze

DRINKS 1 Bottle of Water and Half a Bottle of Selected Wine


(taxes inc.)




Gourmet Cuisine


By Eleanor McKenzie


ome weeks ago I saw a status update on Facebook about this fabulous new, healthy restaurant in Nueva Alcántara that catered for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters. I scratched my head at that for a moment; could you really have carnivores and vegans in the same room without it all turning into a scuffle? Reduce your carbon footprint – but not your waist! So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this establishment for Society, especially as its reputation as one of the best restaurants around is rapidly gaining hold from one end of Marbella to the other. But first, why call a restaurant “Kilometro Ø?” I expect that many of you are familiar with the idea of your ‘carbon footprint’ and the need to reduce it: well that’s exactly what you’re doing when you eat at km.Ø, although you’re probably not going to reduce your waistline in equal measure, because the food is simply too delicious for you to do that! Transporting food is one of the numerous factors in creating a carbon footprint and the maxim “shop local” is one important way to do it. Flying food products half way


around the world increases greenhouse gas emissions, so the closer to home your food sources are, the better it is for the planet. And that is what Amanda Gedeon, the charming proprietor of km.Ø is striving to achieve—serving food that is locally sourced – or as close as possible to km.Ø. The km.Ø concept It’s really quite simple, and Amanda has launched her enterprise in one of the very best places to ‘shop local’ for top quality produce. Those of you who watch cookery shows will probably have noticed that chefs are increasingly explaining exactly where they get their raw ingredients from, so Amanda is right on the money in bringing this important trend to the Marbella restaurant scene. She tells me: “Everything we serve is indigenous to Málaga province, plus it’s organic and by buying from local farmers and farmers’ markets, we’re supporting the agricultural community that is so important to southern Spain.” It’s clear that Amanda is passionate about this and I asked her where she gets her supplies, “Our fruits and vegetables are from the Guadalhorce valley, our fish from the fishermens’ ports around the coast, our meat from Cádiz, our eggs and breads are from Coín, our oil from Málaga, our

wines from Ronda and even our craft beer is from La Campana!” Ah yes, the artisan beer from La Catarina – that went down a storm with one of our group on the night we visited. He really enjoyed sampling it! All Day Long You can eat at km.Ø from breakfast onwards. Although we were there in the evening, let me whet your appetite for a healthy breakfast with a few examples from the ‘desayuno’ menu. My eyes lit on the French toast with maple syrup and grated chocolate first, then the Eggs Benedict and Florentine, the breads with an assortment of accompaniments including wild salmon with cream cheese. Vegans have several options including a Chia pudding with seasonal fruits that is both gluten and refined sugar-free. Please note that they do offer gluten-free bread as part of their bread menu. You can have many of these dishes at lunch as well, or simply any time of the day. Lovely Location Now, let’s cut to the chase. What is the restaurant interior like and how great was the food we ate? First, let me say km.Ø is perfectly located just south of San Pedro’s lovely new boulevard. Find the road that heads straight to the sea from the large roundabout in the centre of the boulevard,


no Qui

al a S

and if you’re in any doubt look for the “public art’ in the form of a boat that’s parked in the middle of the road and you’re almost there. It is the first restaurant on what I now refer to as the San Pedro South Strip, but it could also be called “Food Street” because there has been an abundance of new openings, thankfully all diverse and totally different.


The interior is contemporary rustic with pale woods, whites, creams and of course, greens and greenery to create a relaxed atmosphere that appeals to a wide range of people looking for honestly good food. And good it certainly is.

Raw Sushi

The Main Attraction I have a passion for scallops and just had to have the “grilled duo of scallops over orange daikon, creamed sweet potato, a light garlic sauce and oligarum oil.” That’s olive oil with anchovies, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. Wow! They were exquisitely cooked to perfection and scallops are notoriously tricky. My dining companions made a beeline for the fish and both the Sea Bass and the slow cooked cod loin were deemed to be extremely satisfying. The fish were served on “black wheat”, which is what cooked in squid ink and vegetable julienne. I plumped for the free-range chicken breast filled with plum, dates and almonds served with a Mirin and Coconut sauce, (Mirin is a Japanese vinegar) while another guest raved about the succulent beef stewed in red wine. The meat dishes are served on a bed of peasant potatoes, dried apricots and green asparagus. The meat is of truly excellent quality and my very plump chicken breast was exceptionally moist. It was such a substantial portion that I had to beg one of the guys to help out.


te Raw W rap

zza Raw Pi

Still, the portion size didn’t stop one brave soul and self-styled “King of Cheesecakes” from ordering the “Roast banana and dulce de leche cheesecake with chocolate crunch.” The rest of us were so glad he did! It’s just to die for. And, really it’s good for you, because as Amanda explained to me, it is gluten-free and there’s no refined sugar in it either; she only uses panela or coconut sugar in the desserts. Delicious vegan desserts are also available, such as a “red wine and rum soup with blood orange sorbet and fresh fruit.” As I looked around the room, I realised that Amanda’s aim of feeding everyone from the ardent carnivore to the devoted vegan, and all ages, was happening right in front of me: at one table there was a young couple on a date, at another a family with children, and so on. The staff are super attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about the food and wines they’re serving, which is vital with such a contemporary venture. Book a table now – not only will you enjoy divine food, you’ll also be part of a new movement in dining. Avda. del Mediterráneo. Edif. los Arqueros. San Pedro de Alcántara. T: +34 951 48 05 49 / Km 0 - Kilometro 0




Julio Garcia Valdes joins us again this month to bring us a delicious combination of veal liver, caramelised onions, cream and black truffle paired with a full-bodied Bordeaux or perhaps a Spanish Ribero del Duero. Hearty winter warming perfection!

FEAT E of t URE he mon




of Fine Wine & Food

The ‘Little Blackbird’ Grape – “Merlot” as it is known in the world of fine wine is the main component of blended red wines from Libourne. Belonging to the right bank of Bordeaux, the area is located on the northern side of the Dordogne River and it is the place to go if you want to know the real Terroir of Merlot. The most famous wines of the right Bank: Petrus in Pomerol and Cheval Blanc in Saint Emilion are shining examples of the epitome of Merlot based wines commonly blended with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.



When you are in the mood for a robust traditional dish there’s nothing more satisfying than to try a modern version of one masterpiece of the Lyonnais cuisine, “Veal Liver with Onions”; a glimmering dish, a sweet and rich delight. At D-Wine Restaurant, a fresh piece of Veal Liver cooked to perfection is incomparably delicious, tenderly served with Pomme Duchesse potatoes, sweet and sour caramelised Onions, a Cream Sauce of Red Wine & Pata Negra topped with shaves of Black Truffle.





RIGHT BANK BORDEAUX to pair with Veal Liver

CH LE BON PASTEUR. Michel Rolland - Pomerol CH GAZIN. Bailliencourts dit Courcol Family - Pomerol CH VALANDRAUD. Jean Luc Thunevin - Saint Emilion CH HOSANNA. Jean-Pierre Moueix - Pomerol CH ROCHEYRON. Peter Sisseck - Saint Emilion If you prefer to enjoy a Spanish wine instead, try one of Ribera del Duero’s landmark wines. Very close in style to what the right bank of Bordeaux has to offer to wine lovers all over the world.


Veal liver with Black Truffles & Merlot-Based Wines. The liver melts in your mouth with an explosion of perfectly matched flavours, alongside the predominant fruity red cherry and plummy flavors of Pomerol & Saint Emilion Merlot based wines, so elegant in style with fine, grainy tannins and lovely purity complementing perfectly the texture and essence of the dish. Besides the most famous and expensive aforementioned Chateaux of the region there are dozens of vineyards producing very good and still affordable reds you can rely on and enjoy with this dish at D-Wine.


Padre Peter, cleric for wedding ceremonies and regular contributor to SOCIETYMagazine


Tis The Season

To Be ...



n 1843 Charles Dickens virtually invented Christmas as we know it today with the publication of “A Christmas Carol”. The novella was an instant success, and the “traditional” Christmas dinner was born, although turkeys swiftly superseded the goose as the centrepiece of the festive feast. (Not that a turkey can ever rival the succulence of a well cooked goose.) As Dickens had it, “There never was such a goose… Its tenderness and flavour, size and cheapness, were the themes of universal admiration. Eked out by applesauce and mashed potatoes, it was a sufficient dinner for the whole family”. (“Cheapness”?! How times have changed!) But in medieval times, a decorated boar’s head was the prime attraction in the great houses, borne in garlanded splendour on a decorated platter, accompanied by mince pies and the tuneful sound of merry carols. The pies first appeared at the festive board in the 13th century, as crusading knights returned from the Holy Land laden with strange spices. Nowadays they are normally fairly small, but when Henry VIII ordered one for his Christmas feast it was nine feet long and baked in a rectangle to represent the


sheep, fifty four lambs, two boars, nine pigs, five bacon hogs, three goats, seven kids, thirteen bucks, five does and a stag, over the festive period. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that not so many years later a Swiss visitor to England was able to write home aghast that “belching the table, and in all companies whatsoever, is a thing which the English no more scruple than they do coughing and sneezing. This is full strange to us that come from a country where custom has ordained that belching should be a privilege reserved totally to hogs”. (And this from a man coming from a country where, when John Calvin asked the mayor to stop coughing so loudly in church, received the brusque reply “If you want us to stop coughing we shall belch and fart!”)

Christ child’s manger. It also contained meat, as well as dried fruits and spices. Four hundred servants prepared that feast, and the king was not alone in enjoying such revelry. In 1552 Sir William Petre of Ingatestone Hall, with his guests and served by a mere twenty servants (headed by a “Sewer” – known today as a Steward!), managed to consume twenty thousand loaves of bread, a ton of cheese, seventeen oxen, fourteen beef cattle, four cows, twenty nine calves, a hundred and twenty nine

It is said that in 1714, King George I (sometimes known as the Pudding King) requested that plum pudding be served as part of his royal feast in his first Christmas in England. This may be so, but it was not until the 1830s that the “Christmas Pudding” as we know it today made its appearance in Britain. Dickens, (but of course – who else?) immortalised it: “Mrs Cratchit left the room alone – too nervous to bear witnesses – to take the pudding up and bring it in... Hallo! A great deal of steam! The pudding was out of the copper which smells like a washing-day. That was the cloth.


A smell like an eating-house and a pastrycook’s next door to each other, with a laundress’s next door to that. That was the pudding. In half a minute Mrs. Cratchit entered – flushed, but smiling proudly – with the pudding, like a speckled cannon-ball, so hard and firm, blazing in half of half-a-quarter of ignited brandy, and bedight with Christmas holly stuck into the top.” But although it had to wait until Victorian times to become established as a sine qua non of the Christmas festivities, the pudding’s origins can be traced back to the 1420s, when it developed from the Roman “pottage”, a sloppy mix of meat, vegetables and fruit which was served at the beginning of a meal rather than at the end. By the 1740s this was known as “plum porridge”, until in 1845 Eliza Acton published her definitive recipe for “Christmas Pudding”. This involved preparations being made on or just after the “Sunday next before Advent”, and as the Anglican collect for that Sunday begins with the words “Stir

up, we beseech thee, O Lord…” this became known as “Stir up Sunday”. Every member of the household should have a stir, traditionally going from east to west in memory of the journey of the Magi in that direction. The Christmas season, of course, lasts twelve days, ending on Twelfth Night, the feast of the Three Kings. This should be celebrated with “cakes and ale”; the “wassail bowl” being made with ale and roasted apples spiced with ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon, drunk with spiced cakes. On Twelfth Night the “King and Queen of the Bean” was traditionally elected. A cake containing a dried pea and a bean was baked, cut up, and portioned out. The happy male recipient of the portion containing the bean and the lady receiving the pea was then crowned, and ruled over the subsequent festivities. Here in Spain this festival tends to take precedence over Christmas, with children receiving their presents on

this day, and the “Fiesta de los Tres Reyes” sees considerable feasting and dancing. But having said that, at the beginning of the festive season ,”Nochebuena” (Christmas Eve) is also celebrated with a family feast, eaten late in the evening and lasting a couple of hours. It may have several courses, starting with some simple tapas or appetizers, followed by a nice soup, a main course, perhaps of roast lamb or turkey, and ending with dessert and coffee or after-dinner drinks, with turron, polvorones, or mantecados. It is also a time to celebrate in bars and cafes. Next door in Portugal the festivities tend to be rather less gastronomically inspired. The Christmas Eve meal is likely to consist of boiled salted cod, boiled cabbage, boiled potatoes, boiled onions, boiled eggs, and boiled chickpeas. To add variety, copious amounts of olive oil are poured over this delectable repast! Pass the port!



Get baking this Christmas with Bettina!

GUILT-FREE CHOCOLATE CAKE Best chocolate cake you will ever have, made mostly with vegetables! Crazy Right? But true. You will never look back!



2 big Sweet potatoes or 2 big Carrots

Preheat your oven to 180 C.

2-3 Beetroots (pre boiled very soft save some boiling liquid for blending)

Put pre boiled veg with the rest of the ingredients into a blender and mix together well. If you have trouble blending, add some of the veggie liquid to get a thick smooth cake batter.

12 Dates (pre soaked) 1 tsp of Baking powder 1 cup (120 grams) of Buckwheat flour 1/2 cup (60 grams) of Almond flour 4-5 tbs of Cacao powder 1/2 cup (120 grams) of Agave Vanilla pod Pinch of salt


If you are using a cake form then pre grease with some coconut oil. Alternatively, if you are using a silicone mold then this usually won’t be necessary. Spread evenly and stick in the oven for 20-30 minutes or until a hard outer layer is made but the inside is still nice and moist. When the cake is read allow to cool. Top off with chocolate mousse and fruit or enjoy exactly as it is!

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Happy Christmas from

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It’s Christmas out there Contact us today

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New Year´s Eve Menu 2015 LIGHT BITES Cristal Pastry With Anchovy And Tomato Ox And Foie Gras Bombon Melon Mini Cannelloni Stuffed With Seafood STARTER Foie Royale , Goats Cheese , White Chocolate And Passion Fruit INTERMEZZO Beef And Musrooms Cannelloni FISH Fish And Seafood “Suquet” (Casserole) MEAT Wagyu Sirloin Steak With Grilled Vegetables PREPOSTRE Caipirinha And Yogurt DESSERT Home-Made Chocolate Marquise WINE Gh. Mumm Champagne Atrium Chardonnay 2014 Abadia Retuerta Special Seletion Palid Rose Torello

Grapes And New Year´s Eve Party PRICE: 185€ (Incl. VAT)

T. 952 00 34 34 · · CL LAS YEDRAS, S/N C.C. ODEON, LC 9-10,NUEVA ANDALUCIA.

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Event Venues CORTIJO DEL MARQUES Location: Albolote (Granada). Tel. 958 340 077, LE PAPILLON Location: Urbanización Marbesa (Exit Camping Marbella Playa) Carretera de Cádiz Km. 193 Marbella T: 952 834 113; SALA BEACH Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882

HOUSE OF RILEY T. +34 673 415 374

THE COURTYARD MARBELLA Location: Carretera Ojen 2.8Km,,

PALACIO DE CONGRESOS MARBELLA Location: Calle Jose Melia 2 Tel. 952 828 244,

TIKITANO Location: Urb. Guadalmansa, Ctra de Cadiz 340 – KM 164 Estepona. Tel. 952 798 449,

PEDRO SANCHEZ RIDING Location: Ctra. de Ronda Tel. 952 788 189 SALON VARIETES THEATRE Location: C/ Emanicipacion, s/n Fuengirola Tel. 952 474 542 SELWO

VILLA DEL MAR: Loation: Marbella Club Hotel, Av. Alfonso de Hohenlohe Tel. 952 822 211

Little Black Book

Golf Courses

LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB Location: Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 815 206

ALOHA GOLF CLUB Location: Apdo. 141, Urb. Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 812 388

MARBELLA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz, N-340 KM 188 Tel. 952 830 500

ATALAYA GOLF CLUB Location: Avda. de las Golondrinas, Estepona Tel. 952 882 812

MONTE PARAISO Location: C/ Camino de Camojan s/n, Sierra Blanca Tel. 952 822 781

CALANOVA GOLF CLUB Location: Urb. Calanova Golf Club Tel. 951 170 194

SAN ROQUE CLUB CN 340, Km 127, 11360 San Roque, Cádiz, Tel. 956 61 30 30,

EL CHAPARRAL GOLF CLUB Location: Urbanizacion El Chaparral, N-340 KM 203, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 587 773,

SANTA MARIA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Urb. Elviria, Ctra. Cadiz-Málaga, KM 192, Elviria Tel. 952 831 036

EL PARAISO GOLF CLUB CN 340, km 167, Estepona 296880 Tel. 952 883 835

REAL CLUB DE GOLF GUADALMINA Urb. Guadalmina Alta, A-7, Km.170, San Pedro de Alcántara, Tel. 952 88 33 75,

FINCA CORTESIN GOLF CLUB Location: Carretera de Casares s/n, Casares Tel. 952 937 883 FLAMINGOS GOLF CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz KM 166 Tel. 952 889 157 LAURO GOLF 27 Location: Carretera de Málaga a Coin A-404, Alhaurin de la Torre Tel. 952 412 767 LA CALA GOLF RESORT Location: Urb. La Cala Golf, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 669 000 LA QUINTA GOLF ACADEMY Location: Urb. La Quinta Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 902 204 208


Location: Avenida Playas del Duque, Edificio Sevilla, Puerto Banus Tel. 952 908 507 QI SPORT Location: Inside Urb. La Alzambra, Puerto Banus Tel. 952 907 090 NCT Location: Urb. Monte Paraiso Golf Tel. 952 866 843 MGM Gym Location: Avenida de Manolete 10, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 817 219 TITAN ACADEMY Location: Gaudi N. 11/13, Estepona, Málaga, 29680 Tel. 951 518 057 ; 608 337 171

Interior Design Houses

SANTANA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra la Cala – Entrerrios, Mijas Costa Tel. 902 517 700

ELIGRASS T. 951 498 732

VALDERRAMA GOLF CLUB Location: Avenida de los Cortijos, San Roque Tel. 956 791 200

SECRETZA Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Marbella +34 952 764 595

Gyms and Tennis Clubs DY GYM Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía

STOREY DESIGN Aloha Garden, Local 1-2, Avenida del Prado s/n, Nueva Andalucía T. +34 672 216 848 ; + 34 951 279 258

DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE Location: Ctra de Istan, Centro Comercial Le Village Tel. 952 775 021

COCINAS PLUS Location: La Cala de Mijas Showroom, Bulevar de La Cala, Local 1, Mijas-Costa Tel. 952 58 77 59,

Make the perfect gift for the ones who love cooking

Showroom: Edif. Casablanca - Golden Mile - Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella - 952 76 45 95 -

Little Black Book

DESIGN SPACE Location: Avda. De Salamanca, Urb. Nueva Andalucia, Edif El Mirador, local 6, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 440,


EZ HOME SOLUTIONS Location: Poligono Industrial Norte C/ Carril De Picaza, 23, San Pedro De Alcantara, Marbella, 29670 Tel. 952 799 344 FOC DESIGN Av. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 16 Nueva Andalucía info@ T. 952 817 129 G VEGA CERAMIC Location: Polígono La Campana Nva Andalucía Tel. 952 816 848 INDIA EXOTICA Location: Calle Fragua 43, Marbella Tel. 952 778 500 JENSEN BEDS Location: Poligno Nueva Campana 23, Nueva Andalucia, tel. 952 90 88 55, MESSEG DESIGN Location: C/Aluminio 6, Poligono Industrial La Hermita Tel. 952 857 439 LA CASA BLANCA Location: La Colonia, Exit San Pedro, next to McDonalds, Tel. 952 78 91 98



4th, 5th, 11th, 19th November Jana Kask

25th December

31st December

Christmas Day Evening

New Years Evening

Nikki Rae

Mark Connor

Ample Salon And Two Terraces Prepared To Enjoy Your Dinner

LOFT & ROOMERS Location: Oasis Business Center, Ctra. De Cadiz km 183, Golden Mile, Marbella Tel. 952 77 21 39 MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Tel. 952 77 37 65, MOBILE & DISEÑO Location: A7 – Km. 189, 5, Marbella, Tel. 952 83 76 01, ROCHE BOBOIS Location: Centro Comercial Torre Real, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 78 58, NALIPEMI Tel. 660 676 322

Luxury Flights WORLD AVIATION Tel. 618 226 332 world JET EXPRESS,

Tel: 952 814 529

Ristorante Regina Marbella Edificio La Ruleta (next to Hotel Andalucia Plaza, behind the Casino) Nueva Andalucia, Marbella

Opticians ÓPTICA MARBELLA Location: Avda. Ricardo Soriano 21, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 46 24

SPECSAVERS Location: Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 12, Tel. 952 863 332, OPTIPRIX C.C La Canada, 30, Marbella, Tel. 952 82 03 56

Pets ADANA Location: Camino Padre Cura, Urb. Huerta Nueva, 14 Tel. 952 113 467 CLÍNICA VETERINARIA ZARPAS Y BIGOTES Location: Urb. Marbella Real, 13. Tel. 952 857 863/ 659 069 000, FAMA Location: Camino de Campanallas Tel. 620 354 885 MOBILE VET Location: Calle Santa Lucia, 23, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 07 33, POINTER VETERINARY CLINIC Location: Nueva Andalucía and & Estepona Tel. 952 906 626 / 952 804 165, TRIPLE A Location: Ojen Road, up from La Cañada Tel. 952 771 586

Photographers &Artists FRENCH KISS Centro Comercial Cristamar, Puerto Banus T. +34 657 106 780, +34 652 310 222, ANNA GAZDA Tel: 633 654 476; IMAGE GURU Tel. 662 434 400,, JAYDEN FA Tel. +350 54000029, JEREMY STANDLEY Tel: 607 717 565; JB FORT OWEN FARRELL Tel: 670 664 341, (+35) 387 268 28 32 NANI & ANTONIO PEREZ, Tel. 615 31 44 46 REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838, SOL WEDDING Tel: 678 486 069;

New Year´s Eve Menu 2015

Appetisers Melon In Aspic With Lobster White Chocolate Cheese Bombon With Dried Tomato Crayfish And Red Prawn Millefeuille With Cooking Apple Crunchy Wagyu Blood Sausage With Roasted Pepper

Starter Lobster And Red Prawn Soup With A Dill Aroma

Fish Slow-Cooked Atlantic Cod “Gadus Morhua”Served With Seasonal Vegetables

Between Courses Mango Sorbet, Tonic Bubbles And Juniper Berries

Meat Passion For Meat: A Trio Of Black Angus, Wagyu And Avileña-Charolais With Baby Seasonal Vegetables

Dessert 2016 SURPRISE

Wine G.h. Mumm Champagne Atrium Chardonnay Abadia Retuerta Special Selection

Grapes, New Year’s Eve Party, Free Bar, Music PRICE: €195 (incl.. VAT)

Tel: +34 952 92 95 78 | | Calderón de la Barca s/n, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella |

magna.indd 1


23/11/15 11:09

Little Black Book

Property Developers FOC DESIGN Av. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 16 Nueva Andalucía T. 952 817 129 QUAY PROPERTY GROUP Location: Mellior Vasari La Alzambra Local 3-1, Puerto Banus Tel. 951 319 728 PROPANA GROUP Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18

Radio SPECTRUM 90.4 FM Location: Centro Comercial Diana Blq 3 Local 27 y 28, Urb. Nueva Atalaya, Estepona, Tel. 952 90 50 00, TALK RADIO 91.9FM Tel. 952 799 953,

Real Estate Offices DELUXE GLOBAL Calle del Califa 3, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella. Tel. +34 951 403 755, DIANA MORALES Av. Cánovas del Castillo, 4, 29601 Marbella, Tel. +34 952 765 138,

ESPANA-HOLIDAYS Marbella Office; Location: Espana Holiday ApS, c/c Nuevo Rosario, Local 3, urb. El Rosario, 29604, Marbella. Tel. 951 310 462 ; 666 040 590 Nueva Andalucia Office; Location: New Era Sales Espana SL. Centro Plaza, Local 1, Avd. Manolete 1, 29660, Nueva Andalucia. Tel. 952 908 856 ; 674 061 675 FINE & COUNTRY Location: Marbella Club Hotel Boulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella Tel: +34 952 764010, JACKSON GRUNDY Ed. La Rotonda, Av. Manolete Nva. Andalucía & Centro Plaza Nva. Andalucía T: +34 952 90 75 21 MP DUNNE Centro Expo 11-12 (Opp. Marbella Club Hotel), Tel. +34 952 866 072, NEVADO REALTY Calle Camilo Jose Cela 18, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 825 517, QUESTATES Calle Francisco Villalon 13, Marina Banus 4, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 819 174, PRIME PROPERTY MARBELLA Tel. 951 082 367 PROPANA GROUP Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18 RHONE PROPERTY Avda. Ricardo Soriano 63, +34 952 766 288

THE REAL ESTATE GALLERY Avda. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 393, WASA INMOBILIARA Centro Comercial Plaza 65-66, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 818 000, WILLIAMS INTERNATIONAL, Tel. 662 528 363/ 951 120 274

Restaurants CASARES FINCA CORTESIN EL JARDIN Location: Carretera de Casares S/N Tel. 952 937 800, BENAHAVIS Indian MASALA Location: C. Com, El Pilar, Local 2 Tel. 900 525 801, International HEAVEN BEACH BAR Location: Playa de Guadalmansa km. 164, Estepona, Tel. 659, 220 570, TANINO Location: Calle Pino Real, 5 Saladillo Benamara, Benahavis Tel. 952 883 259, SAN PEDRO International

ALBERT Y SIMON Urbanización Nueva Alcántara Edificio Mirador, Bloque 4-B San Pedro Marbella Tel: 952 78 37 14, PASSION CAFE Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel: 952 781 583, MR. BURGER Avenida Luis Braille no 20 San Pedro de Alcántara Tel. 952 785 257 Spanish EL RINCON DE LA SALA Location: Calle Marques del Duero, San Pedro Tel. 951 506 249 El Rincon de La Sala takes the irrevocable values of La Sala, including terraces and prime location, then overlays a more Spanish style of cuisine and atmosphere. ALABARDERO BEACH CLUB Urb. Castiglione s/n San Pedro de Alcantara T. 952 780 552 PUERTO BANÚS American HARD ROCK CAFÉ Location: Calle Ramón Areces Esquina Marina Banús Tel. 952 908 024, JACKS AMERICAN BRASSERIE Location; Calle Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. Marbella. Tel: 952 813 625, Italian

CARPACCIO Location: Muelle Ribera, Casa M Local 20, Tel. 952 813 357, PIZZERIA PICASSO Location: C/ Muelle Ribera
 Local 48 / 49 Tel. 952 813 669 International AMBROSIA Urb. La Alzambra Crta. Nac. 340, Km. 175 Puerto Banús T. +34 685 201 206 SANTÉ Centro Comercial Puerta de Banús, Local 22, Puerto Banús T. +34 951 196 777 EL GRAN GATSBY Location: Puerto Banus A vanguard concept of the Mediterranean kitchen in the best spot of Puerto Banús, offering you an author’s kitchen with magnificent views over the Mediterranean sea INFUSCHIA Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, (Within the club Tibu Banus), Puerto Banus. Tel. 952 815 325, JOHN SCOTTS Location: Muelle Ribiera Casa F, Local 24, Marbella, Spain Tel. 644 954 872, LA SALA BANUS Location: Calle Belmonte Tel. 952 814 145 La Sala offers eight individually styled

settings to suit whatever mood you are in – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon drinks with friends, evening cocktails or private business meetings. OLD JOY´S PUB Location: C/Muelle Ribera, Lc. 58-59 Puerto Banús, Marbella Tel. 952 84 283 OCEAN CLUB Location: Avda. Lola Flores Tel. 952 908 137 SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882 Luxurious Balinese setting with an al fresco restaurant serving an appetising selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood platters to Thai fusion cuisine, sushi, creative salads and lighter dishes. SANTE Location: Centro de negoscios Puerta de Banús. tel: 951 196 777, santemarbella Oriental FETOUN C/ Francisco J. Villalón, Edificio Cristamar, Puerto Banús T. +34 610 742 202 NAGA THAI Location: C.C. Cristamar Tel. 952 815 319 Wide range of exquisite and exotic dishes enjoyed in stylish surroundings. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Takeaway and full catering service also available. THAI GALLERY Location: Puerta de Banus Tel. 952 818 392


NUEVA ANDALUCIA French LE DISCRET Location: Av. del Prado. Urb. Los Naranjos Country Club, Indian CURRY LEAVES Avda. del Prado, Centro Comercial Aloha Local 1d Nueva Andalucia, +34 951 319 669, MASALA Avda. del Prado, Nueva Andalucía, BOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT Location: Urb. Fuente Aloha Tel. 952 906 748 Exotic blend of fantastic fragrant food, with an ambiance inspired by rich culture, all topped off with excellent service. International D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46, THE FRESH FOOD CAFÉ Location: Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella Tel. 952 907 364 Fresh food, simple ingredients, always freshly prepared to order. MAGNA CAFÉ Location: Magna Marbella Golf Tel. 952 929 587, Exquisite cuisine in stunning surroundings. Bar and large terrace with breathtaking views.


STARZ Location: Centro Comercial Plaza, K3, Nueva Andalucía,Marbella. Tel. 952 81 63 13, YANX CAFÉ Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 952 818 861 A prized location and lively atmosphere make this a great choice all-round. Italian REGINA’S Location: Near Andalucia Plaza Tel. 952 814 529 Elegant surroundings with high-quality Italian dishes ranging from traditional to creative. Oriental

Tel. 952 822 211 Creative and affordable fine dining open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046, SUTTON Location: Urb. MarbellaMar, Milla de Oro, Tel. 952 770 760 VILLA TIBERIO Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 771 799 Highly popular restaurant set within stylish surroundings; al fresco at it’s best. Indian

ASIATICO ZEN Location: Calle Lirios s/n T el. 952 817 691

MASALA MARBELLA Location: Ctra. Cadiz Km.179 (opposite Marbella Club) Tel. 952 857 670,

SENSATIONS DELI & SUSHI Location: Av. Manolete, 20, Tel. 952 814 964 Innovative and tantalising sushi creations at competitive prices.

TAJ MAHAL Location: C/ Jazmines 17 Local 1 Tel. 952 814 719, Exotic Indian cuisine, perfect for intimate dining and takeaway.

TUK TUK Location: Urb. Aloha Gardens Tel. 951 279 188



CIBO Bulevard Principe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, 11, 29600 Marbella, Málaga Tel. 952 90 03 80



SUTTON Urb. Marbellamar, Milla de Oro, Marbella T. +34 952 770 760,

SUKHOTHAI Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 770 550 Fabulous Thai cuisine with intimate surroundings and cosmopolitan décor.

MC CAFÉ Location: Marbella Club Hotel

TAI PAN Location: Puente Romano Tel. 952 777 893, MARBELLA International BECKITT’S Location: Calle Camilo José Cela, Nº 4 Tel. 952 868 898, beckittsmarbella. com GARUM Location: Paseo Maritimo Tel. 952 858 858, Great for drinks, snacks and a la carte dining. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. NUEVA KASKADA Location: Urb. La Montua, Calle Chorreadero, Marbella Tel. 952 864 478, Open everyday from 7pm, enjoy fresh cuisine on their vast terrace. PACO JIMENEZ CULINARY ART Location: Plaza de los Naranjos, 11 (Orange Square, 11) Marbella Centre Tel. 952 77 36 10 / 627 625 952

PAELLA’S Y MÁS Location: Calle Jacinto Benavente 33, Entrance Ricardo Soriano 40, 29601 Marbella, Tel. 952 82 25 11, Japanese TAHINI Location: Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe, Tel. 952 902 936 EAST OF MARBELLA International ALBERT´S BAR & GRILL CABOPINO Location: Puerto Cabopino, Edf. B, Lc. B5 Tel. 952 836 886 LA DESPENSA DE ALANDA Location: Carretera de Cadiz Km 192, Elviria. Tel. 952 768 150 restaurante@alandaclubmarbella. com THE BEACH HOUSE Location: frontline beach Elviria Tel. 952 839 458 Idyllic location by the sea with stunning sunsets over one of the Coast’s best beaches. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

T SDAY NIGH R U H T Y R E EV 6 -10PM December January February






OR F L AL 19 €


IS VO T B 2 M UCH EE AIN ER F B C EN UR OU TIT GE RSE LE SA TE RM S S VE RM EA ( mi THE SA f r o n ND LS B m No CO 10, FO 2 peo EAR res ND 2 tric E R p 5 ITI t €t TH le ) R T ON in ions o1 O co on E S. . nju vo 4,9 PR . Yo cti uc 5 on he um I CE € So wit rs p us rry h a er OF th No ny tab av O o l UR


ea tak th e, b e-a er p ut vo wa rom not uc ys! he oti to b r! on e s. us ed



Tel. 952 82 25 11

Tuesday - Sunday 12:30-16:00 & 19:30-24:00 hrs.


C/Jacinto Benavente, 33 - Entrance Ricardo Soriano, 40 29601 Marbella

NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239 Nikki’s signature ‘global’ cuisine served in luxurious beach club surroundings either on he palm-shaded al fresco terrace, or from on the oversized beach beds.

PROPERTY PAINTERS Tel. 606 788 630,

STEPHANIE’S BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS Tel: +350 54012896 / +350 54015841,

REDLINE COMPANY Tending to all your marketing needs.



SUSANS SKIN CARE Location: Specialist Medical Clinic 1st Floor ICC, Gibraltar Tel.+350 20049999

International EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL & RESTAURANT Location: Miraflores. Tel. 952 587 637 El Oceano is an oasis of laid-back luxury, privately owned and operated, where guest comfort and satisfaction is paramount. The three restaurants serve up flawless food and the views are breathtaking. OLIVIA’S LA CALA Location:Calle Torreon La Cala de Mijas Tel. 952 494 935

Useful websites BEACHGROOVES Location: Apartado de Correos Nº 25, San Pedro de Alcantara Tel. 952 799 344, EXPLORE MARBELLA A comprehensive business directory with real reviews and daily deals. LÍNEA DIRECTA Insurance for your car, motorcycle, and home.




JAN STAELS PANADERIA Location: Sotogrande Blue Marina Shopping, Puerto de Sotogrande. Tel. 956 616 083,

Banks & Financial Services

SACARELLO’S COFFEE SHOP Location: 57 Irish Town, Gibraltar Tel. +350 20070625,

JYTSKE BANK Location: 76, Main Street, Gibraltar +350 20072782, TOURBILLON LIMITED Suite G2 The Eliott Hotel 2 Governor’s Parade. Gibraltar T. +350 200 66660

Beauty & Health: APHRODITE BEAUTY Location: 26/27 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel. +350 20062422 

CAFE SOLO Location: Unit 3 Casemates Square, Gibraltar. Tel. +350 200 44449 cafesolo.html

Restaurants: CAFE SOLO  Location: Unit 3 Casemates Square, Gibraltar. Tel: +350 200 44449 La Marmela (Fish) Location: Sir Herbert Miles Road, Gibraltar  Tel: +350 200 72373 Sky Restaurant (International) Location: Sunborn Hotel, Ocean Village, Gibraltar  Tel: +358 600 555 100

New Year´s Eve Menu 2015

APPETISERS Daiko Roll Filled With King Crab Crystal Eel With Salmon Eggs Foie Gras Puff Pastry With Caramelized Apple And Contrast Salad Pecorino Cheese Lollipop STARTER Pansy Flower cannelloni stuffed with seafood BETWEEN COURSES Lobster And Red Prawn Cream With Fennel Aroma FISH Slow-Cooked Wild Sea Bass With Asparagus And Tarragon Sauce MEAT New Zealand Rack Of Lamb With Rosemary Served With Roasted Aubergine Cream PRE-DESSERT Yoghurt Sorbet With Yuzu Foam, Basil And Citrus Fruit Peel DESSERT Snowman 2016 WINE G.h. Mumm Champagne Marimar La Masia Chardonnay California Abadia Retuerta Special Selection Palid Rose Torello

Grapes, New Year’s Eve Party, Free Bar, Music PRICE: 225€ (incl.. VAT)

Reservations: 951 77 87 97 | Muelle de honor S/N Edificio del Mar, Puerto Banús. Marbella

Love, love will take you there...


CAPPUCCINO MARBELLA C/ de José Meliá S/N · T. 952 868 790 (Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe)

Calle Tetuán, 7, 29601 Marbella Tel: 952 771 560 Open Monday - Saturday 6pm - Midnight

24th of december

Urb. MarbellaMar, Golden Mile, 29602 Marbella Open every day for lunch and dinner. T : 952770760

Momo & Lima DINNER - set menu 89€pp

25th. December Christmas

Sutton LUNCH - from 13:30 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT - 89€ pp

31st December

All 3 are open for NYE with their set menus. Live entertainment Sutton 159€ Lima 129€ Momo 129€

Plaza Practicante, Manuel Cantos 2,

29601, Marbella Tel: 952 866 630 Open ever y day except Wednesday 6pm - Midnight




rincess Katalin is fashion royalty. High end fashion model, 300 covers, shot by the most celebrated photographers, designer, stylist, entrepreneur. Her career took her around the world and she expanded her design influence globally.

range includes; soft pet beds and sofas, convertible carriers, blankets and adorable toy boxes.

After retiring from the fashion industry she moved to Marbella but this entrepreneurial lady couldn’t quite retire… she combined her love of animals with her fashion skills and passion for design to create KZW Pet Interiors – a top end furniture collection, which would provide the perfect beds and toy boxes for some of the world’s most lucky and loved pets!

Prices start from €29

KZW Pet Interiors has arrived here in on the coast, to give us discerning dog and cat owners the opportunity to pamper our pets in true Marbella fashion!

KZW Pet Interiors products are available online at: or contact +34 952 822 212.

Exuding elegance, the opulently styled pet beds have intricate embroideries and are made of the most gorgeous and highest quality materials. The

KZW Pet Interiors products are available online at: or contact +34 952 822 212.






KENYA Dr. Kai Kaye, Head Surgeon at Ocean Clinic Marbella and his team of seven doctors and nurses will travel to Kenya next March to perform life changing reconstructive surgery on children and adults. Organised in collaboration with the Pablo Horstmann Foundation Spain, the nine-day charitable mission is designed to help the poorest families in Lamu, an archipelago located in the northeastern coast of Kenya. The team will operate on patients with disfigurements such as cleft lips, cleft palates, tumours, burns, scars and other deformities. The initiative is not without its challenges, however – due to lack of facilities, the surgical team will have to supply and transport all necessary equipment. In total 400 kilos of material. Companies and individuals are invited to support the mission by helping to purchase the materials needed and ensure the team can operate on as many patients as possible.


The trip to Kenya follows a similar mission to Peru that Dr. Kaye and his colleagues undertook in 2013. The team were able to help nearly 60 patients in just nine days, including many children, all of whom have made wonderful transformations. To support the Kenyan mission, which takes place from 18-27 March 2016, please contact Ocean Clinic on 951 775 518 or: email



All you have to do is purchase a gift, wrap it up and label it with the sex and age of the child it is for and then deliver it to any of the many drop-off points along the coast.


The children in these houses range from 1-18 years, a great deal of whom are teenagers, so please don’t forget gifts for the older children! Toiletries, clothes, gadgets, sports equipment, schools bags, books and DVD’s (Spanish) are top recommendations for the 12-18 year olds. Whilst toys, learning activities, clothing, books and DVDs are the requests for those under 12.


Enjoy a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet with the Garum spirit! Salmon, ribs, Jansson’s temptation, pâtés and other christmas flavours.. Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10th to 12th of December,. Lunch at 14hrs and dinner at 19:30hrs. 36€ pp Includes Mulled wine & snacks. Paseo Marítimo, Marbella T.+34 952 858 858

ollowing last year’s tremendous success of ‘Costa Christmas Collections’ The team from the Boardwalk Restaurant in Marbella and Slainte Restaurant in Puerto Banus have teamed up with Karen Carter Southall to make this Christmas a happy one for the For exact clothing sizes children of Cuidad de Los Niños, the Alora please contact Kara Orphanage and the Amusivig (Houses of Robertson 672 575 644. DomesticViolence.) Whilst our children will be waking up to mountains of presents, please spare a thought for the children in orphanages, shelters and in poverty, who will be waking up to none.



lueBay Group together with the Salti Foundation donated a total of 4,694.85€ to charities fighting Breast Cancer. This year, the BlueBay Group joined forces with the Satli Foundation to collect funds in order to help various social causes. The funds raised were allocated to various local cancer charities in order that each of the worthy organisations may benefit. The monthlong BlueBay ‘Think Pink’ campaign was a resounding success and is set to become an annual event. The new endeavour within the restaurant chain BlueBay Gourmet group in Spain had the slogan “Dishes for a cause”, which donated 1€ from all pasta dishes and pizzas on the menu to the campaign BlueBay Thinks Pink.

Urb. Los Angeles, C/Guadalmedina 2 San Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga T: +34 952 88 24 88

Well done, Team BlueBay on a fantastic contribution!





etting the standard on the Costa del Sol for fitness and martial arts, Titan Academy strives to be the ultimate gym in the province of Mรกlaga. With award winning personal trainers and state of the art equipment the team at Titan guarantees to offer

the perfect exercise plan to suit your bespoke fitness requirements.

Whatever your fitness needs - Titan Academy caters for them!

Learn all about the wonderful world of martial arts and receive tuition from former world champions, aternatively try your hand at cross training, spinning, muay thai or yoga.

Titan Academy: Calle Gaudi, 11, Estepona. Tel. +34 951 518 057




mallworld restaurant hosted its first ever REAL ESTATE AGENT PARTY in partnership with Money Corp - for all of the realtors in Marbella and the surrounding areas. This was a fabulous opportunity for realtors from Estepona to Elvira to come together, network and build strong and solid relations in a friendly and fun environment. The event was a roaring success and paves the way for many more prosperous parties to come! Thank you Smallworld for bringing the biggest property moguls in Marbella together under one roof!


Avda. del Mediterráneo. Edif. los Arqueros. Local 8. San pedro de Alcántara. (34) 951 48 05 49


DIVERSE MENU. To satisfy everyone’s taste






e’ve talked about some of the advantages of using the services of Tourbillon Ltd to optimise your European lifestyle in respect of tax planning. Now we’d like to look at a very specific asset that Spanish law offers. This effectively ties in with the Tourbillon Limited family office in Spain which was set up to cater to high net worth individuals, and can benefit families who are considering relocating to Spain as an efficient tax jurisdiction. The asset in question is the “Beckham Law,” which is a Spanish tax decree of 2005, more correctly called Royal Decree 687/2005. What this law offers is this: individuals or families who meet certain prescribed criteria are able to benefit from a special status regime which caps their annual tax liability at a fixed level for up to 5 years on any income they earn in Spain. THE BECKHAM LAW IN SPAIN Individuals or families wishing to enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle might wish to stay full time in Spain or combine this with a Gibraltar presence. The fiscal advantages offered by the so-called “Beckham Law”, permit an individual and their family to enjoy all the above benefits coupled with residence in sunny Spain. Named after one of the first foreign nationals to benefit from the tax status, Spain’s “Beckham Law” may provide an ideal solution for foreign workers and professionals looking to relocate to Spain. Gibraltar is also on your doorstep with all that it provides to expatriates and the main Tourbillon Limited office.

* No tax on remittances to Spain in of income/gains from other countries

* No obligation to file From 720 in relation to foreign assets

* Certain qualifying conditions apply for

eligibility under the Beckham regime (including not having been resident in Spain in any of the 10 years preceding the date of arrival), upon which we will be pleased to provide advice on a case basis.

CONCLUSION The best solution for each client will be different depending on individual circumstances. Bespoke arrangements will be set up for each client after having considered all the facts. We would recommend seeking independent tax advice relevant to your situation.

For more information on the opportunities/seminars afforded by Tourbillon Limited; please contact us using the details below Private Client Direct Line: T +350 200 66660 or email Tourbillon Limited - Trinity House, Ocean Village Avenue, Gibraltar

WHY IS THIS REGIME ATTRACTIVE? Tax residents of Spain are normally liable to Spanish tax on a worldwide basis at progressive rates of (currently) up to 52%. Under this regime, an individual may benefit from the following tax treatment for the year in which they acquire Spanish residence and the following 5 tax (calendar) years:

* Income Tax at 24.75% on Spanish

source income such as earning and property income

* Income Tax 21% on Spanish-source

interest and dividend income only.

* No Spanish income tax on nonSpanish source income

* Capital Gains Tax (CGT) at 21% on the disposal of Spanish/sited assets only (i.e. no CGT on non-Spanish assets)

Tourbillon Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (Gibraltar). Licence Number FSC1118B.


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Society Marbella December 2015  

Society Marbella December 2015 Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a life...