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It’s March – and Spring is about to work its magic! It’s a busy time too. Not only do the people of Wales and Ireland go mad celebrating their saints’ days (St. David on the 1st and St. Patrick on the 17th) it’s also Mother’s Day on the 26th, so in this issue of SOCIETY we have chosen to celebrate motherhood. Firstly, we have taken a look at how mothers are celebrated around the world, from Mexico to Japan. We tend to concentrate on the things that divide us, but making a fuss of our mums at least once a year is something that brings us together. Did you realise that Mother’s Day

in China is quite a new phenomenon? The government was prepared to overlook that fact that it originated in the USA to bolster the Chinese reputation for honouring the older generations. Of course, not all mothers are models of good behaviour. In order to have a really wide range of opinion on the subject we have also included a feature about some of the worst mothers from the past 200 years. From neglect to crime to actual murder, we have assembled some of the less savoury characters who most probably won’t be remembered as the best parents of all time. Also in a nod to Mother’s Day, our cover girl is Beyoncé, who is not only mother to Blue Ivy but has recently revealed that she is pregnant with twins, releasing some very odd pictures to accompany the announcement. Sure, the woman has had a fantastic career, firstly with Destiny’s Child and now as a solo artiste, but surely we can’t be the only ones to think that she and Jay Z are losing the plot a bit? Right at the moment it seems as though she’s a whisker away from full-on megalomania, which isn’t really what we want from a pop star, even if she has had as many hits as Bey. Queen of R&B or very close to insanity? Read our feature and make up your own minds. Talking about contemporary music, have you noticed how many rappers have been turning to acting? Our Elle McKenzie has and is beginning to wonder whether there is some link between the urban stories told in genres like Rap, Hip-Hop and Grime and the rough-edged tales that are embraced by independent film companies and (increasingly) more mainstream TV. From Will Smith’s turn on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to 50 Cent’s project, Power, Elle looks at the extent to which music stars are taking to other narrative forms to tell their unique stories. It’s 25 years since we saw the back of Twin Peaks and now it’s almost time to welcome the sequel. If you’re anything like KJ Elsdon (who, I’m told, once attended a fancy dress party as The Log Lady) you’re looking forward to this with all the anticipation of a kid on Christmas Eve. Of course, 25 years is a long time and our expectations of what constitutes truly great TV have moved on. The quirkiness that marked out the original series of Twin Peaks as something completely new has been incorporated into many new productions, so dyed-in-the-wool fans may be disappointed. However, with the original team of David Lynch and Mark Frost in place, who knows? Maybe it will be as good as we remembered. If we thought we were busy in February, then the lives of Virginia Macari and Natalie Richardson, were even more hectic. From launching new beachwear lines to celebrating the first birthday of their beauty salon, this pair really are the ladies who launch! Read all about their latest activities in our Reality Bites feature. Apart from this we have the latest from King of Cotton, FOC goes green, Ian Kuah test drives the Huracan GT3 (the lucky, lucky devil!) and Padre Peter waxes lyrical about the benefits of garlic – it’s not just useful for warding off vampires, you know. Have a great March – and don’t forget Mother’s Day! ‘Til next time... Andy Clark


Society Marbella published and produced by:

PUBLISHER Andy Clark CREATIVE DIRECTOR Constanza Mtz. SENIOR DESIGNER Alma Roda Ros EDITOR Olivia Park CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Irene Moreno FEATURES EDITORS Eleanor McKenzie KJ Elsdon SALES EXECUTIVE Andrés Abia Arias SALES SUPPORT Patricia Lopez ACCOUNTS Amanda Petit CONTRIBUTORS Annabella Giles, AmyRose McDowell, Jonathan Yeadon, Dr. Ian Kuah, Elle Morgan, Julio García Valdés, Matt Roberts, Nicola McGeorge, Sam Owen, Wallem Brothers. PHOTOGRAPHERS Alex Nowicka Photography For all enquires please contact +34 600 812 418 Icon Publishing Group CIF: B93035210

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of All

By Kj Elsdon

From her early days as a third of girl group, Destiny’s Child to her current status as one of the most successful female solo artists in history, Beyoncé Knowles has the air of a woman who knows what she wants. Marriage to Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter has brought still more riches and a child, Blue Ivy. Pregnant again with twins and with yet another bestselling album in the charts, Beyoncé’s life seems to be just perfect – but is the whole carefully crafted carapace about to come crashing down around her perfectly-formed ears?



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orn in Houston, Texas on September the 4th 1981 to Matthew Knowles, a Xerox sales manager and Celestine, a hairdresser and salon owner, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was enrolled in dance classes when she was a child and soon showed real performing talent. When she was only eight years old she met LaTavia Roberson while auditioning for an all-girl group with her friend Kelly Rowland. The trio was selected along with three other girls and formed Girl’s Tyme and enjoyed mixed success, so much so that Matthew Knowles gave up his job with Xerox to manage the girls on a full-time basis.

afterwards, the group was signed by Columbia Records.

After changing their name from Girl’s Tyme to Destiny’s Child, a reference to a verse in the Book of Isaiah, their fortunes massively improved. The band would eventually dominate the charts during the latter part of the 1990s and early 2000s, but worldwide success was only achieved after a certain amount of turbulence which resulted in the creation of the final and most famous line-up of Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Later Beyoncé would admit that the legal battles launched by LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett (the fourth member of the original quartet) left her feeling depressed, even when Destiny’s Child was enjoying massive success.

With only one income the Knowleses experienced a certain amount of financial hardship, moving into an apartment and keeping a careful watch on expenses. Matthew cut the line-up to four and the girls were regularly signed to support other, bigger R&B groups, eventually being signed by Elektra Records. However, the time that he spent furthering his daughter’s career put an intolerable strain on his marriage and he and Celestine separated. However, luck was soon to change and, in October 1995, the girls were signed by Grass Roots Entertainment and started to record their first album under an agreement with Sony Music. Matthew and Celestine settled their differences and reunited and, shortly

By this time she was seriously involved with Jay Z, a rapper, songwriter, businessman, philanthropist and convicted felon (having pleaded a misdemeanour charge after being arrested for the stabbing of Lance Rivera) with the Midas touch. What he might have lacked in conventional good looks, he more than made up for in talent and all the push needed to turn Beyoncé from ‘the really talented one from Destiny’s Child’ into a global superstar along the lines of Madonna. The pair eventually married on April the 4th 2008, by which time she had produced another solo album, B’day, released to coincide with Beyoncé’s 25th birthday, which further consolidated her status as one of the most popular female music artistes in the world. By the time that I Am...Sasha Fierce was released in October 2008 a new release by Beyoncé had become an overblown and massively (self-)important international event, something at which she and Jay

ho I am in real w o t t n life re e f f i d y ho I r e am on s ge is very v ta


Following the band’s demise in 2006, the trio went their separate ways, embarking on solo careers. However, by this point her successes meant that Beyoncé had already begun to enjoy the kind of renown that allowed her to drop her surname. Appearances in films such as Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Fighting Temptations raised her profile still further. Her first solo recording, released in October 2002, was a cover of Jay Z’s ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde’ and her much anticipated album, Dangerously in Love was released in June 2003 with all the fanfare

that could be thrown at it. The reviews were sufficiently glowing and the sales strong enough for Beyoncé to plan a lengthy career in the music business; the fact that Dangerously in Love also netted five Grammys (Best Contemporary R&B Album, Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song, Best Rap/Song Collaboration and Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group) also represented a strong start by anybody’s standards.


The Entertainment Charts



The Entertainment Charts

Z had come to excel. Neither could be described as guilty of being unaware of their own pulling power and the pair began to seem locked in some kind of megalomaniacal pact. This air of self-importance received an official boost when Beyoncé was invited to perform the old Etta James classic, ‘At Last’ at Barack Obama’s inaugural ball on January the 20th 2009, presumably in a nod to the fact that she had played the singer on-screen in the biopic, Cadillac Records in 2008. She also starred opposite Idris Elba in Obsessed, further consolidating her position as a bankable movie star. Following the enormous success of ‘Crazy in Love’ in 2003, ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ became the song that truly defined Beyoncé – an up-tempo, somewhat bizarre ‘feminist’ anthem that informed men that nothing would induce a woman to make her ‘booty’ available faster than a good old-fashioned wedding ring. In truth, there was always something a little awry about Beyoncé’s adoption of her very special version of feminism. Somewhat hamstrung by rap and hip-hop culture’s use of crude and demeaning language to describe women, she responded by packaging herself as a scantily clad Gloria Steinem – who seemed, nonetheless, happy to be almost entirely the creation of Jay Z. In 2010, like the Pope announcing that he was to embark on a spiritual retreat, she announced that she would be taking a year off, “to live life, to be inspired by things again.” There is no question that the woman has a fearsome work ethic, but Beyoncé’s habit of positioning herself as a figure of international importance was becoming a little wearing for some. The year off was perfectly timed since, after releasing her fourth solo album, the unimaginatively titled 4, she and Jay Z welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy Carter into the world on January the 7th 2012. The tabloids couldn’t wait to provide pictures of the new arrival and the Carters generously responded by turning little Blue into a sort of mini-me fashion accessory, even taking her to the 2017 Grammy Awards dressed as Prince. Naturally, the international media responded like Pavlov’s dogs, photographs of the blinged-up trio circulating around the world. By the time that Lemonade garnered nine Grammy nominations Beyoncé had released a fifth, eponymously titled album and taken a very public knock when, in May 2014, footage of her younger sister, Solange battering Jay Z in a lift was leaked onto the internet. Speculation immediately began about the state of the Carters’ marriage,

THERE WAS ALWAYS SOMETHING A LITTLE AWRY ABOUT BEYONCÉ’S ADOPTION OF HER VERY SPECIAL VERSION OF FEMINISM. with some commentators positing that Solange’s outburst had been fuelled by rumours of Jay Z straying from the marital fold. The assault attracted millions of hits online, possibly because of its strangeness. Jay Z remained passive throughout the attack, absorbing every blow without retaliation or complaint, while Beyoncé appeared to be ignoring the situation altogether. Following the release of this extraordinary footage Matthew Knowles hinted that the entire incident might have been a publicity stunt: “It’s called a Jedi mind trick. The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot...all I know is the Jedi mind trick. Everyone’s talking about it. Ticket sales [for Beyoncé and Jay Z’s joint On The Run tour] went up. Solange’s album sales went up 200 per cent.”

Unfortunately we don’t yet know what Knowles Sr. thinks of his daughter’s announcement of her pregnancy. On her knees in a silky bra and a pair of shorts, bump exposed and covered by a green veil that looked, for all the world, like something a keen gardener would employ to keep the birds away from his raspberries, Beyoncé’s face conveyed the kind of breathless import that a Tudor courtier might have used to announce the arrival of a male heir to the throne. In another shot the singer poses on a chaise longue like a bargain basement Rokeby Venus, daughter Blue standing nearby. This time it will be twins and the world waits to see how much publicity Mr. and Mrs. Carter manage to milk from this ‘globally important’ birth.

Whether the one-sided fight was genuine or pre-planned, the Carters’ marriage seems to have survived, with Jay Z and Beyoncé leaving the 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony hand in hand and slyly flipping the finger to waiting photographers.

Those who are genuine fans of the Carters’ music and came to the party for hits like ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Halo’ should hope that Beyoncé and Jay Z don’t allow their overweening egos to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.


The Entertainment Charts


& Pictures

Whether you enjoy curling up with a good book or enjoying downtime with a drama series, Bookworld in Puerto Banus and Society’s KJ Elsdon bring you the top titles and series from the entertaining world of books and television.

Mus Readt

S SERIE t Mus h Watc

Prime Suspect 1973 - ITV

Great news for fans of Jane Tennison, especially those who have wondered how many battles she faced to end up as an authoritative Detective Chief Inspector. Prime Suspect creator, Lynda La Plante has obliged fans by writing about WPC Tennison’s early days on the beat. Back in the 1970s, the average Woman Police Constable could look forward to plenty of abuse – and that was just from her male colleagues. Prime Suspect fans are in for a treat as Stefani Martini steps into the role made famous by Helen Mirren.

Bone Box

Orange Blossom Days

The gripping new crime novel in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.

In a beautiful southern Spanish town, where the sea sparkles and orange blossoms scent the air, the gates of a brand new apartment complex, La Joya deAndalucía, glide open to welcome the new owners.

by Faye Kellerman

On a crisp September morning, Rina Decker stumbles upon human remains once buried deep beneath the forest grounds. She calls her husband, Peter, a former detective lieutenant with LAPD. Within hours, a beautiful woodland is transformed into a frenetic crime scene. When more human remains are found in the same area, Decker and McAdams know this isn’t just a one-off murder case. Winding their way through a dangerous labyrinth of suspects, they race to protect their community from a psychopathic killer still in the area.

16 16

Patricia Scanlan

Anna and Austen MacDonald, an Irish couple, are preparing to enjoy their retirement to the full, but the demands of family cause problems they have never foreseen and shake their marriage to the core. For Sally-Ann Connolly Cooper, a feisty Texan mother of two young teenagers reeling from her husband’s infidelity,.La Joya becomes a place of solace. Eduardo Sanchez, a haughty Madrileño, has set out with single-minded determination to become El Presidente of the complex’s management committee. But pride comes before a fall.

Marvel’s Iron Fist – Netflix

The fourth in a series of programmes leading up to The Defenders, a crossover mini-series, Marvel’s Iron Fist features Danny Rand, a martial arts expert who is able to call upon the power of the Iron Fist. Returning to New York City after being presumed dead for 15 years, Danny expects to reclaim his family company. However, when a threat emerges, he finds that he must choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.

Lethal Weapon - ITV

You’ve seen the movies – now watch the TV series! Following the same basic premise of the Mel Gibson and Danny Glover films, Lethal Weapon revolves around the bromance between veteran cop, Roger Murtagh who has returned to duty after recovering from a heart attack and Martin Riggs, a former Navy SEAL from Texas, who has relocated to Los Angeles following the death of his wife and child. Doubtless shenanigans involving car chases and explosions will ensue.

Urb. Coral Beach Km 176 Marbella Málaga +34 952 777 299

Beachside Chic...

Urb. Río Verde Alto s/n Marbella Málaga +34 952 861 382

The 3D


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twin peaks: 25 YEARS ON by KJ Elsdon


nce upon a time (actually 1990, but even a year is a long time in the history of TV drama) there was an American TV series. Not only was it a stonking great hit in its own right, it made its contemporaries look lumbering, clumsy and more than a little old-fashioned. When, after the second series ended in 1991, it was announced that the drama had reached the end of its run fans were bereft. Those who were patient were rewarded, in 2014, with the news that it would return – but, given that TV has moved on, is the decision to reboot Twin Peaks a wise one? If you’re of a certain age you will recall the massive impact made by the original series of Twin Peaks. Those of us who were fanatics even held TP parties, in which we would gather to watch the


latest episode with friends and some of the most dedicated (or unhinged, depending on your point of view) would dress up as their favourite characters. Just imagine that Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad had broken on a world caught up with the somewhat laboured storylines of Dallas and Dynasty and you will gain some understanding of what a monumental impact it had. Talk of who had murdered homecoming queen and all-round good girl Laura Palmer reverberated around the world for weeks before, during series two, it was not only revealed that she had a secret life but that she had been murdered by her father, Leland, who had been sexually abusing her. Called in to investigate the murder, FBI agent,

Dale Cooper seemed to work on a combination of traditional sleuthing and intuition, assisted by various strange characters who visited him from other worlds to offer cryptic clues as to the secret lives of the residents of Twin Peaks. Not only was this TV as it had never been seen before, it was genuinely creepy, unsettling stuff. Still, this was hardly surprising, given that one half of the team behind the series was also the mastermind behind cult movies such as Eraserhead and Blue Velvet. Once dubbed, “Jimmy Stewart from Mars” by Mel Brooks, who had chosen him to direct The Elephant Man, David Lynch’s visions tended to be a bizarre combination of mind-altering, damaging, psycho-sexual relationships

The Entertainment Charts


to be found in movies such as Lost Highway and Inland Empire. A movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was released in 1992 and claimed to put the Laura Palmer story to rest for good. Opinion on this prequel was mixed: some thought that it adequately dealt with some questions that the series had failed to answer, others that it sullied the memory of the original. Even though the final episode of the TV version had famously contained a scene where a ghostly Laura tells Agent Cooper, “See you again in 25 years” news of a reboot was an unexpected surprise to most TP aficionados. However, it seemed that Lynch and his co-writer, Mark Frost were determined to keep that promise. Casting issues raised their head very early in the process, as many of the original members were unavailable (Michael Ontkean, who had played a pivotal role as Sheriff Harry S. Truman, had retired from acting) or – even worse, in the cases of Jack Nance and Catherine E. Coulson – dead. Lynch and Frost were undeterred, getting together to write the new material and assembling a cast that included enough of the old guard to make the new project convincing while signing up fresh blood to depict new characters. That there will be a large audience for this new series is not in doubt. What is, perhaps, more of a challenge for the reboot team is to deliver a series capable of holding its own against

and saccharine-sweet visions of homespun America, which helped to set the scene for Twin Peaks, a town where teenage girls could be used as pawns in grown men’s games but the local ‘bad girl’ still thought that a modest tweed skirt and a pair of two-tone saddle shoes was the perfect fashion statement for school. It might have been unrealistic, but there were still plenty of people – including those who had no wish to subject themselves to something as disturbing as Blue Velvet - who quickly became enchanted with Twin Peaks. The series evolved into a sort of artistic gateway drug to the more hardcore cinematic weirdness


The Entertainment Charts

more recent productions such as Lost, Veronica Mars, Fortitude and Hannibal, all of which have been described as being heavily influenced by Twin Peaks. When it first burst upon the world, rather like the small creature exploding from John Hurt’s chest in Alien, viewers were puzzled, intrigued and ever so slightly alarmed by the new direction television drama appeared to be taking. Nowadays, the convoluted plot, trippy dream sequences and sense that the whole project has been hijacked by a surrealist with an overblown sense of humour forms a part of many series. One of the most surprising omissions from Twin Peaks 2017 is Michael J. Anderson who, as The Man From Another Place, delivered gnomic clues in a strange reverse speech, one of the many aspects that made the original series so unsettling. This trick was achieved by Anderson being asked to speak his dialogue into a tape recorder which was then played backwards and he was asked to repeat the reversed speech, which was then played normally. This resulted in an oddly syncopated delivery that, combined with Anderson’s unique dancing style, contributed


to the general air of unreality. When it was formally announced that he would not be playing a part in the new series, Anderson didn’t take it lying down. In an outburst worthy of a character in the series, he claimed that Twin Peaks’s central storyline was based on Lynch’s tortured relationship with his daughter, Jennifer: “He totally did NOT rape his own under-age daughter and then write a television series about it. She totally has NOT lived under a DEATH THREAT from her own father, all her life if she ever told. He NEVER had his “best friend” murdered. And he DEFINITELY NEVER suggested to me that I should kill myself! There’s a whole bunch of other stuff he never did either.” Proving that he was as legally savvy as he was embittered, Anderson’s Facebook outburst was so extreme that the more cynical entertainment correspondents briefly wondered whether this wasn’t all a twisted publicity stunt to attract more attention for the series. Not that this is necessary, of course. Back in the early 1990s, TV was very much the poor relation of cinema, so the arrival of Twin Peaks was an event the like of which we hadn’t witnessed since regular transmissions began. For two and a half decades it bestrode our collective consciousnesses like

a colossus, so its return is bound to be watched by millions around the world. However, as film’s fortunes have dipped, we have come to expect much more from TV. The manner in which we consume programmes has also changed, with more viewers subscribing to services like Netflix or watching box-sets via their TV service provider. The frisson that was delivered by the fact that we would have to wait for another week to see what would happen to Deputy Cooper, Donna Hayward, Audrey Horne, Bobby Briggs, Leland Palmer and James Hurley was at least partly responsible for its popularity. Many old sayings warn against revisiting places enjoyed in the past, but true Peakies won’t be able to resist another bite of the cherry pie and, if it’s accompanied by a cup of damn fine coffee, then so much the better. The new series of Twin Peaks will premiere simultaneously in the US and the UK. The first episode will be shown at 2am (UK time) on Monday the 22nd of May on SKY Atlantic and will be repeated at the more userfriendly hour of 9pm on Tuesday the 23rd of May.


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Increasingly rap stars are turning to acting in both films and TV series. Wa gwan with that cuz?

Hip hop and rap in its many forms has been dominating the music business for quite some time now and while it isn’t everybody’s musical cup of tea, and many a person from an older generation claims that it isn’t music at all, it has impacted on popular culture in ways that few might have thought possible since its emergence. Its influence has spread way beyond the music charts to include fashion, and we’re not just talking about the big labels like Roc Nation, and its expressions have become a part of the English language on both sides of the Atlantic to become an intrinsic part of the everyday conversation of youngsters under 30, especially those living in big cities. It’s also become very apparent that rappers have been invading culture in other ways, namely on the small and big screen. It’s interesting, because in the case of other musical genres the attempts to parlay musical fame into a cinematic presence has been very limited. Rap stars on the other hand are seemingly everywhere and we can trace their acting ambitions at least as far back as that wonderful TV series “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” starring Will Smith, who at the time was described as a “pop rapper.” It’s probably fair to say that Will made a good call when he went over to acting full time; he just doesn’t quite exude the attitude that

Tupac, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and a host of others have made an essential ingredient of rap swagger. So, how did this start rapper to actor thing start?

THE FASHION FOR URBAN STORIES In 1991, Mario Van Peebles cast Ice-T as a cop in “New Jack City” a film that is beloved by many. That same year, director John Singleton cast Ice Cube as a Los Angeles gangbanger in “Boyz in the Hood,” and both these movies helped open the floodgates for rappers to enter the world of acting. We’ve also seen Common, T.I. and RZA star alongside Denzel Washington in “American Gangster” and 50 Cent share screen time with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in “Righteous Kill”. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! But why has it happened? Well, on the one hand it is due to the nature of rap culture and on the other it is thanks to a proliferation of scripts with an urban setting for both cinema and television that has provided opportunities for rappers to grab the parts that mainstream actors couldn’t quite so authentically play. And, perhaps it also attracts a young audience who are encouraged to see that their favourite rappers are able to cross over the bridge from music to acting. Does it send a message that you don’t need to limit yourself to one career at a time when any career is hard to find?


The Entertainment Charts

series with great performances and it’s hard to understand why it has been overlooked in favour of “Atlanta”, a comedy TV series starring Danny Glover, which is about, guess what, hip hop! And, it features actor Donald Glover in a leading role (no relation to Danny) who is also known as rapper Childish Gambino. Rumour has it that 50 Cent will probably kill his own character Kanan off in Season Four because of this slight, but he has tweeted that he’s handing his part over to Floyd Mayweather. He signed the tweet off with “I got other shit to do.” He also commented on the network’s attitude: “Money, POWER, Respect, they do what they can. We do what we want.” If Floyd Mayweather takes over will we see more boxers turn to acting? Until then, we’ll see more rappers from the UK –Skepta for example – and from the USA portray the stories of boyz from the hood on our screens.

RAP CULTURE IS THE STORY Rappers, in many ways, are natural actors. Through their music (and music videos), they portray an imagesome of it true, some of it fabricated. Nevertheless, rappers exude bravado and many of them make money and sell records off a machismo attitude. While country and R&B artists may be singing about unrequited love, rappers are allowing fans into their lives by telling a very raw, passionate, and often dirty narrative regarding their life. Rap music is about pain, anger and adversity plus a touch of arrogance; some say that empathy with these qualities is what makes a good actor. It’s also true that rappers have been mostly cast in stereotypical roles. Remember “The Wire”? Idris Elba, Dominic West and Michael K Williams may have been its big stars, but most of the cast were unknowns and that added to the raw, authenticity of the story, because you felt they really knew those mean streets of Baltimore. Then Method Man turned up as Eastside crew member Cheese in season two, and nobody could say he was fresh off the streets. He’s a member of hip hop collective Wu Tang Clan and considered by some as one of the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time.

to the soundtrack of the album. In fact, though 2002’s “8 Mile” starring Eminem made over $240 million worldwide, the soundtrack of that album, which included a handful of tracks performed by Eminem like the chart topping “Lose Yourself”, went on to become the fifth best selling album of the year. There is no doubt a monetary gain is to be had when rappers are cast in films. Similarly the TV series “Power” also owes a lot to the soundtrack and performance by 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson. In fact, he produces it, wrote the title track and is a leading character in it. Currently, he’s a bit miffed with the Golden Globes for not nominating “Power” for Best Television Series. It is somewhat surprising that the show has been overlooked because it is Starz “highest rated show on the network and the second most watched show on premium cable in 2016.” It is a gripping

“In fact, he produces it, wrote the title track and is a leading character in it. Currently, he’s a bit miffed with the Golden Globes for not nominating “Power” for Best Television Series.”


RAPPERS BRING MONEY TO THE PARTY There’s also the appeal of what a rapper can contribute to a movie off-screen. The benefit of casting DMX opposite Steven Seagal and Isaiah Washington in 2001’s “Exit Wounds” is not just that it expands the demographic of the audience, but that DMX also contributed



The Entertainment Charts


5 Marbella’s superstar DJs and SOCIETY magazine’s favourite music maestros are here to bring you the hottest and hippest tracks of the month. The Danish duo have selected some banging beats from Pop to RnB and from House to Funk.




1 2 3

Skip Marley - Lions (Motivational) Bob Marley’s grandson comes up with this great motivational song. Can see this being used in many movies and commercials. Migos, Lil Uzi Vert - Bad and Boujee (Hip-Hop) This track is blowing up lately. Nice hiphop banger. KESI - God Dag (Hip-Hop) Most of you probably won’t understand the lyrics as they are Danish, but it’s good to support artists from our home country every once in a while.


NVOY, Natalola - Golden Touch (Electronic) Awesomely produced track. Great vibes from our UK friends.


Sampha - Like the Piano (Chilled) This guy has consistently made great music for a while now. His familiar yet unique voice makes his music stand out.


William Singe - Rush Australian 2012 X Factor contender brings a new dimension with this fresh version of ‘Crush’. Great vocals, nice chilled R&B vibes.








W e wou l d l i ke to i n v i te our F rie n ds & cl ie n ts to ce l e brate our



Tel. 951 518 680


Your attendance will enter you in to a prize draw of 250€ voucher of our services, along with more giveaways on the night! **

Reality Bites The story so far... February has been another busy month. Between planning my latest beachwear campaign and organising my son’s fifth birthday party I have hardly had time to think. Who knew that small boys’ parties could involve so much work? I am constantly grateful for the number of talented and dedicated individuals who live on this beautiful Coast and make all of our lives easier!

In the hair tonight?

Love is in the hair when it comes to my new hairdryer. The creators of this amazing product are the founders of Gold Fever Hair, so you know it has amazing technology. Like most working mums, I don’t always have the luxury of time to visit my favourite salon, Bardou in Puerto Banús every day after the gym, so I quickly jump out of the shower and dry my hair with my personalized LANAIBLO. It’s designed especially for girls with extensions. A big ‘thank you’ to my beautiful friend, Katie Jane Golden for gifting me this product, as it fits perfectly in my gym bag. You can buy these online if you want that fast drying experience.

Party Time

I have always enjoyed throwing my little boys’ birthday parties in The Marbella Club Kids Club, which I totally recommend. Martha the manager there is great - she helps you organise everything you need to make an incredible day for the children and the grounds there are second to none. This month, Thor turned five and he screamed at the chance of hosting the party in one of his favourite places, Funky Forest. He had a bird show, a bouncy castle, lots of superheroes, a disco, a foam party and other crazy fun activities for his 70 guests. Phew! It was a fantastic day. And I’m very proud of my boy for agreeing to donate some of his gifts to the orphanage in Málaga, a tradition we have kept every year.


Reality TV star and swimwear entrepreneur, Virginia Macari opens her doors exclusively to offer an insight into her travels and plans for the future.

R.I.P. Tara

I was saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Tara Palmer Tomkinson. I had the pleasure of meeting her many times in Dublin. She was introduced by a dear friend of mine, Gavin Lamb Murphy and we hit it off straight away. One time Gavin had kindly organised for Tara to model for me at a charity event. I remember Tara for the laughs and fun we had together. She was a beautiful, witty, funny, vibrant and vivacious girl and will be sadly missed.

The latest model

One of the most successful campaigns for Virginia Macari Beachwear Couture was shot by a very talented photographer, Adam Von Mack on the beaches in Tarifa with the stunning British celebrity model, Chloe Lloyd. The collection sold out within a few weeks of launching the swimwear photo shoot. I always take months organising and planning my photo shoots, as it is an important part of my business. Here Chloe is wearing one of my signature designs, an Italian lace beach skirt and a Swarovski encrusted silk bikini. I’m looking forward to announcing our our new face for the Summer ‘17 campaign next month!

Check out page 48!

Yoga al fresco

My quest for that killer body continues and one of my favourite ways to keep fit is yoga on the beach with the wonderful instructor, Lisa Marie Richards. Apart from its beauty, one of the perks of living in Marbella is that we have the luxury of being able to exercise outside. Lisa Marie hosts her classes in Puro Beach and I cannot think of anywhere that offers such stunning surroundings. The views are incredible and I always sneak off for a healthy smoothie afterwards in one of the cafés in Laguna Village at Puro Beach. Being a mum, a business owner and having a hectic social life I need something to release my stress, relax my muscles and clear my mind. Since I’ve become a yogi I have been sleeping better, I have much better posture and my body feels more toned and flexible. What more can a woman want?

Celebrity beautician, reality television star, and Director of Bardou Salon in Puerto Banús Natalie

Would someone please remind me what happened to February? One minute I was looking forward to Valentine’s Day – and the the next it was all over! I know that it’s the shortest month, but this was ridiculous. Still, I managed to fit in quite a bit of excitement, as you can see. Let’s hope that March will be as much fun!

Love is in the air – and in the spa


gives SOCIETY readers the chance to keep up with her latest exploits


Super Sushi

I went for dinner at Tahini Sushi Bar & Restaurant in the Hotel Melia, Marbella with some friends. Dinner was amazing – a great selection of sushi, which was beautifully fresh and great cocktails. This is definitely one of my favourite places to go, although we drank far too much after moving onto the champagne bar!

As well as sticking to my Lisa Marie programme three times a week - which is amazing and I’m definitely seeing some positive changes - I tried out the fat freezing treatment from Cryons, which is a great way of minimising any lapses from the true path!

I wore a beautiful bandage dress by Bronze and Golden. The fabric was so thick and stretchy it was like Spanx pants in a dress and perfect for over-indulging, as it held me in completely. My shoes were Versace and I carried my Chanel bag.

On Valentine’s Day my hubby surprised me with an amazing trip to Villa Padierna. We enjoyed facials, massage and a relaxed time in the spa, then had a gorgeous champagne lunch on the beautiful terrace overlooking the golf course. We’ve been together 13 years and have two children, but I think it’s so important to spend quality time together however busy our lives are. Plus he spoilt me rotten with some gorgeous goodies from Valentino and Jimmy Choo!

11//03//2017 7PM

Check out page


n Gossip Quenedon at the end of I’m off to Lo film an exciting to the month hanel ject with C t ro new TV p sh a ry hush hu 5! It’s all ve rovide but I will p the minute n I can. he updates w


WITHBardou AN EVENING OF COCKTAILS,its FOOD MUSIC BY on DJ AARON @ LICK Also is celebrating first &birthday March theFM 11th. We’d like to invite all our clients and friends to join us in celebrating a very successful first year. There will be food, **YOURcocktails, ATTENDANCE Lick WILL ENTER YOUbe IN TO A PRIZE DRAWmuch OF 250EURO VOUCHER drink, FM will DJing and more! We will also be holding a free raffle, OF OUR SERVICES, ALONG WITH MORE GIVEAWAYS ON THE NIGHT. with a 250€ Bardou voucher as the main prize. The fun starts at 7:00pm, so come along and join us in a toast to celebrate. Address; Locale 7, Casa Sevilla 2, Playas del Duque, Puerto Banus | +34 951 518 680

Rocking the Rock

I was so happy that we finally made it to the Sunborn in Gibraltar! We had a fantastic time, enjoying amazing cocktails on the top deck, followed by a superb dinner and dancing at La Sala. By the small hours my feet were aching, so it was lovely to be able to retire to our luxurious room and just revel in the fabulous view of the Rock. I just love it! I chose to wear a gorgeous dress, kindly given to me by Minxy Closet, which is coming soon to Marbella, YSL shoes which I teamed with my Louis Vuitton bag and Rolex and Cartier jewellery. My hair was styled by Paul at Bardou using Easilocks EAsi-in clip in hairpiece. These are amazing when you wanted to create the ‘wow’ factor in a short space of time as there is only one piece to clip in. Bardou is the only certified salon in Marbella offering Easilocks.

Fake it ‘til you make it!

After having a hairpiece fitted for my night on the Sunborn I decided I wanted to be a mermaid permanently, so decided to have some extensions applied, I went for Great Lengths, as these are 100 per cent human hair, ethically sourced and there’s also no glue or heat, so they won’t damage your natural hair. They come in numerous shades so can be colour matched perfectly and take only two to three hours to apply. If looked after properly they can last up to six months. We offer free consultations at Bardou with our extension experts.


Mothers Day Around the World

This year, Mothering Sunday as celebrated in the British and Irish tradition is on 26th March. The festival’s date is determined by when the fourth Sunday in Lent falls. Lent, as you may know, is the 40-day period of fasting before Easter and starts on Ash Wednesday. That’s the day after Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, which in 2017 fell on 28th February – the same day as Día de Andalucia.


ccording to historians, Mothering Sunday in England originated in the 16th century Christian practice of Laetere Sunday. This was a day when mothers were reunited with their children who lived away from home as apprentices or servants. As the day became more secularised, the festival became a day of showing appreciation for ones’ mother with gifts of flowers and a special lunch being popular ways of showing gratitude for everything Mum does for her children. La Sala Banús always rises to the occasion and puts on a Mothers Day lunch and its sister restaurant La Sala Gibraltar on the Sunborn Super Yacht Hotel is also honouring the occasion with a festive lunch

menu and a glass of cava for the mums. In Spain, Día de las Madres is always on the first Sunday in May, which this year is 7th May. Spaniards celebrate it in a similar way to British people and mothers living in Marbella have the advantage of being able to get treated on two days, and that doesn’t seem like too much to ask of one’s offspring. Other countries also celebrate Mothers Day and we thought we’d take a look at the diverse approaches to it in a selection of countries around the world.

“ La Sala Banús always rises to the occasion and puts on a Mothers Day lunch and its sister restaurant La Sala Gibraltar on the Sunborn Super Yacht Hotel is also honouring the occasion with a festive lunch menu and a glass of cava for the mums.”



United States of America

The United States celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. Anna Jarvis in Grafton, West Virginia, created the current holiday in 1908 as a day to honor one’s mother. Jarvis wanted to accomplish her mother’s dream of a celebratory day for all mothers. She kept promoting the holiday until President Woodrow Wilson made it an official national holiday in 1914. The holiday eventually became so highly commercialized that many, including its founder, Anna Jarvis, considered it a “Hallmark Holiday”, thanks to the millions of ‘Hallmark’ cards sold.


China is a relative newcomer to celebrating mothers but it is becoming increasingly popular and typically marked with gifts of carnations. The Chinese established it in 1997 to help poor mothers in rural areas. Although the government announced that “despite originating in the United States,” Chinese people needn’t hesitate to take the holiday because it “is in line with the country’s traditional ethics of showing respect to the elderly and filial piety to parents.”

The French government created an official Mothers Day in 1920 as a day for mothers of large families. This was in response to a dwindling birth rate. The arrival of American troops during WWI helped make the day more popular in France as they saw the Soldiers sending cards home to their mothers. Finally, the law of 24 May 1950 required that the Republic pay official homage to French Mothers on the last Sunday in May as the “Fête des Mères”. Since then the celebration has become more commercial and similar to the American and British traditions.


The government of Álvaro Obregón imported the holiday from the US in 1922, with the newspaper Excélsior making a massive promotion campaign that year. The conservative government tried to use the holiday to promote a more conservative role for mothers in families, which was criticized by the socialists as promoting an unrealistic image of a woman who wasn’t good for much more than breeding. Nowadays the holiday in Mexico is a celebration of both mothers and the Virgin Mary and Día de las Madres is an unofficial holiday in Mexico held each year on 10th May.

Japan India

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It is more famous in urban areas, where gift giving to mothers is observed. The festival of Pâthâre Prabhu is celebrated on the same day in Mumbai and southern parts of India. It is based on a legend about a mother whose children kept dying when they reached their first birthday. Although this festival is also called “Mother’s Day”, it is unrelated to the modern celebration, which is copied from the US and is celebrated in the whole country.


It is celebrated on Shevat 30, which falls anywhere between January 30 and March 1 and was set to occur on the birthday of Henrietta Szold. Henrietta had no biological children, but her organization Youth Aliyah rescued many Jewish children from Nazi Germany and she also fought for several rights of Jewish children. She is considered the “mother” of all those children, and that’s why her birthday was set as Mother’s Day. The celebration has evolved into Family Day when young children are encouraged to celebrate love within the family but there is no giving of gifts.

Mother’s Day in Japan was initially commemorated during the Shōwa period as the birthday of Empress Kōjun (mother of Emperor Akihito) on 6th March and established in 1931. Since around1949 Japanese society changed the celebration to the second Sunday of May, the same as many other countries. Nowadays it is a commercialised holiday when children typically give their mothers flowers such as red carnations and roses as gifts.


Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on the birthday of the Queen of Thailand, Queen Sirikit on 12th August. It started being celebrated around the 1980s as part of the campaign by the Prime Minister of Thailand Prem Tinsulanonda to promote Thailand’s Royal family. As you can see, whether the date or the style of celebration are different to that of your native country, one thing remains constant – mothers around the world are recognised for their dedication and unconditional love. Flowers, chocolates, perfume, a beauty treatment or a fabulous feast goes some way to thanking them.




Mother’s Day is the time of year that we celebrate our mothers, buying cards and flowers and booking a table at her favourite restaurant. However, as history has shown, not all mothers are really worth celebrating. In fact, some of them are very bad women indeed!

By Kj Elsdon

Mary Ann Cotton It’s one thing to forget to wash your child’s games kit but it’s quite another to murder your offspring for financial gain. Born in County Durham in 1832, Mary Ann Cotton was a dressmaker, nurse and housekeeper who soon discovered that husbands and children equalled money – providing, of course, they were adequately insured first. Over the course of her murderous career, Cotton saw off a total of four husbands, two lovers and 11 of her 13 children plus two other people, who presumably had previously been advised to take up life insurance beforehand. Cotton’s tried and trusted modus operandi was to poison her victims with arsenic, a substance that was commonly at hand in Victorian households, not only as a poison for pests but as a substance to improve women’s complexions and to enhance sexual performance in men. Her lengthy murder spree eventually came to an end when a parish official, one Thomas Riley, became suspicious when Cotton complained to him that her last surviving child, Charles Edward, was “in the way” when she was nursing a patient with smallpox. When Charles Edward later died Riley alerted the police, requesting that the boy’s death certificate be withheld until a full investigation had taken place. Cotton then virtually signposted her guilt by making the insurance office her first port of call after her son’s death. Cotton was arrested but, in one final bizarre twist, her trial was delayed until she gave birth to her final child, Margaret Edith, in Durham Gaol. She was found guilty of murder and hanged on the 24th of March 1873. Only two of her children outlived her: Margaret Edith and George, from her marriage to her third husband, James Robinson.


M.A. Cotton

Ma Barker Immortalised by the Boney M song (although they failed to spell her name properly) and once called “the most vicious, dangerous and resourceful criminal brain of the last decade” by J. Edgar Hoover himself, unlike Mary Ann Cotton, Ma Barker was no real life Medea. Far from murdering her children for profit she preferred to put her boys to work. Herman, Lloyd, Fred and Arthur Barker were toting guns virtually when they were still in nappies and, rather than acting as a civilising influence, their dear old Ma was egging them on every inch of the way. You have to hand it to the Barkers, their resourcefulness was almost praiseworthy: murder, car theft, kidnapping, armed robberies, bank jobs – there was no end to their ambitions and, behind it all and pulling the strings, was Ma. However, with J. Edgar Hoover

proclaiming them America’s First Family of Crime, their run was bound to end in disaster and, on January the 16th 1935 in Ocklawaha, Florida it did. Hiding out in their rural rental property, which Ma had hired as Mrs. Blackburn, just a humble mother wanting to enjoy a holiday in the Sunshine State with her little cherubs, the Barkers’ extraordinary run of luck ran out. Arthur had already been apprehended in Chicago on January the 8th and, unknown to the FBI, Ma and Fred were the only people remaining in the property when the final shoot-out occurred. Both of the Barkers were killed. Herman had already committed suicide to avoid arrest after a bungled robbery, Lloyd was in prison, was released in 1938 and would be murdered by his wife in 1949. Arthur, who had been arrested just before the Florida siege, was killed trying to escape from Alcatraz Prison in 1939. Ma would have been so proud.

P.L. Travers

Martha Gellhorn

Many have commented on how the One of the finest war reporters of all time, Mary Poppins in P.L. Travers’s novels Martha Gellhorn’s parenting skills could bears scant resemblance to her more accurately be described as not of the same sugary movie creation but even the more standard. A strong, fearless woman who sadistic nanny of the Poppins books seems survived not only reporting on the rise of like an angel of goodness compared to Hitler, the 1938 war in Czechoslovakia and Travers herself. Born Helen Lyndon Goff in the Spanish Civil War, but marriage to Ernest Queensland, Australia in 1899, Travers had Hemingway, Gellhorn nevertheless clearly a difficult childhood thanks mostly to her lacked the empathy and compassion alcoholic father, Travers Robert Goff. After necessary to be a warm-blooded human a period spent touring Australia and New being, never mind a mother. In 1949 Gellhorn Zealand with Allan Wilkie’s Shakespeare adopted a boy from an Italian orphanage Company during which she took on a who she named Sandy and, if reports of her number of acting roles, including Titania in treatment of her son are to be believed, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Travers gave it would have been to Sandy’s benefit to up her theatrical ambitions, moved to the have remained at the orphanage. Gellhorn UK in 1924 and began writing for various seemed to regard Sandy as some kind of magazines under the pseudonym Pamela laboratory experiment, leaving the boy with Lyndon Travers. Comfortably ensconced relatives while she pursued her career and in an idyllic thatched cottage in Sussex sending him to a boarding school. She was with her friend Madge Burnand, Travers rather more ‘hands-on’ when it came to started writing her Mary Poppins pointing out improvements that he could novels in the winter of 1933. At the make in his character and appearance age of 40 and now living alone Travers though, constantly adopted a baby boy from Ireland, hectoring him who she named Camillus. One of the about losing weight. main reasons that Camillus’s ancestry Unsurprisingly the was later traceable was that he was pair’s relationship the grandson of Joseph Hone, W.B. eventually Yeats’s first biographer, who was trying foundered on the to raise his seven grandchildren and rocks of Gellhorn’s was obviously finding it a challenge. disappointment with Camillus was unaware of his family or her little experiment. of the existence of any siblings until his identical twin brother, Anthony Joan Crawford called on him at the age of 17. Travers claimed that she had no prior Showbiz parents knowledge of Camillus’s twin brother, n have shown that Martha Gellhor but others state that she had been they can be offered the pair as a sort of adoptive job spectacularly bad influences, but Joan lot and had mysteriously taken against Crawford was quite possibly Hollywood’s worst Anthony, refusing to have anything to mother. Like Travers and Gellhorn before her, do with him. Crawford chose to adopt and let’s just say that it wasn’t an unqualified success. Over the years the actress acquired five children, one of whom was later reclaimed by his birth mother, but it wasn’t until 1978 that the gooey stuff hit the fan for the star of What MA Barker Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Christina Crawford’s much anticipated memoir caused an instant sensation as she dished the dirt on her mother, claiming that Crawford only adopted her children to polish her public image, was a man-eater who brought home a string of unsuitable men whom her children were ordered to call ‘Uncle’, conducted various lesbian affairs, tried to strangle her and once beat her with a coat hanger. Christina Crawford was dismissed as an unhinged attention-seeker by some but she also had her supporters: Helen Hayes, James MacArthur, June Allyson, Rex Reed and Betty Hutton, who were all friends of Joan Crawford’s verified some of the more outré stories about her unique approach to parenting. Needless to say, Christina wasn’t named as a beneficiary in her mother’s will. Some say that this omission spurred Christina to write Mommie Dearest, others that the manuscript was underway when Joan was still alive and disinheriting her daughter was the only revenge she felt she could exact.

Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews In possibly the worst recent example of a mother seeking to benefit financially from her children, Karen Matthews was involved in the kidnapping and unlawful detention of her daughter, Shannon in 2008. Matthews, along with her boyfriend Craig Meehan and his uncle, Michael Donovan were deemed educationally subnormal and it has been argued that the planning and execution of this crime must have required the participation of a wider network, but this has never been satisfactorily proved. Having seen how the parents of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal the previous May, were deluged with donations, Matthews and her co-conspirators arranged the kidnap of Shannon from her school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire on February the 19th. A massive police hunt ensued and Matthews’s neighbours on the Moorside housing estate sprang into action to find the girl who, throughout, was being held captive in Michael Donovan’s house nearby. Police officers soon grew suspicious of Matthews, who was not sufficiently intelligent to mimic appropriate behaviour but the case was only cracked when police discovered that Meehan’s uncle Michael had a previous conviction for kidnapping a minor. Matthews eventually revealed that the plan was to drum up a large reward fund and then Donovan would return Shannon to the local police station, claiming that he had found her in the local market and sharing the £50,000 reward offered by the tabloid newspaper, The Sun. When eventually located, on the 14th of March, nine year-old Shannon was hidden in the base of a divan bed and, on being asked whether she would like to be returned to her mother said “no”. Matthews was sentenced to eight years in prison and released in April 2012 after serving half of her tariff. Attempts to provide her with a new identity have proved vexed, since she has shown herself incapable of sustaining the pretence that this involves. A recent BBC drama, The Moorside, posited that Matthews was an unwitting pawn in a game played by her male accomplices, but her tearful outbursts and protestations of love for her children (she had seven with several different men and all are now in the custody of the state) were dismissed as fake and she was labelled “pure evil” by several people close to the case.


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Sam Owen is a relationships coach, psychologist and author, frequently employed as a relationship expert for TV and major brands. She helps coaching clients globally, with her solution-focused, proactive approach to relationships, dating, anxiety and confidence.

Her latest book is entitled, 500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite-Sized Advice For Busy People. Follow her on Twitter, @samowencoaching, and visit her website,

In Sickness And In Health:

Your Happiness Equals Your Spouse’s Happiness


arriage research often looks at the effects upon the individual but one longitudinal study spanning 35 years discovers that the happiness of one spouse is closely associated with the happiness of the other. The data suggests that over the years, the spouses’ happiness waxed and waned at roughly the same time. For this study by Hoppmann et al. (2010), researchers used the data of all the 178 married couples that coincidentally happened to have both spouses involved in the Seattle Longitudinal Study. The Seattle Longitudinal Study included almost 6,000 participants between the ages of 22 and 101.



“ Our findings indicate that spouses not only report relatively similar happiness but also that happiness waxes and wanes in relation to the respective partner. These findings indicate that portions of the well-documented inter-individual differences in happiness in adulthood are in fact related to spouses. ” For this 35 year longitudinal study on couples’ happiness trajectories, the average age at Time 1 was 48.16 and this was only slightly younger than the average age of all participants in the Seattle Longitudinal Study. This is good to know as it means we can fairly extrapolate the findings to other married people in the Seattle Longitudinal Study. The married couples in the sub-sample did not differ in happiness, education or length of marriage at Time 1 either, allowing researchers to better compare like for like. Couples were married for more than 25 years on average, in this study, and had been married for 3-64 years at Time 1. The researchers write, “Findings provide evidence for significant spousal interrelations in levels and change in happiness over time that cannot be accounted for by several individual and spousal co-variates. It is important to note that spousal similarities in happiness trajectories considerably exceed in size what was observed in random pairs of women and men from the same data set. “Our findings indicate that spouses not only report relatively similar happiness but also that happiness waxes and wanes in relation to the respective partner. These findings indicate that portions of the welldocumented inter-individual differences in happiness in adulthood are in fact related to spouses.”

The researchers did consider the influence of education, age, the presence of children, and relationship length, but these factors did not change the pattern of results, suggesting that we directly and/or indirectly affect the happiness of our spouse, simply by being happy or unhappy ourselves. This speaks volumes for how closely connected spouses are and to an extent, the responsibility we hold over two peoples’ lives, not just our own. These findings also further reinforce the importance of having a teammate mentality because, in addition to wanting to see your beloved happy, it seems their happiness is indeed our happiness and their misery is our misery, and vice versa.

the help you want, ask them for it rather than getting hung up on why they’re not helping you; it might be that they haven’t realised that you want or need their help. Your happiness is their happiness and their happiness is your happiness. Be a team, appreciate one another, help one another, and deeply love one another. **Reference:

Hoppmann, C. A., Gerstorf, D., Willis,S. L., & Schaie, K. W. (2011). Spousal interrelations in happiness in the Seattle Longitudinal Study: Considerable similarities in levels and change over time. Developmental Psychology, 47 (1), 1-8.

We live interdependent lives, therefore our emotions are inevitably going to be interlinked and, given that our emotions influence our behaviours and thus what we achieve in life, emotion regulation is important for achieving goals, individual goals and relationship goals. When you marry you commit to stay with your partner in sickness and in health, whether you make the commitment implicitly or explicitly. Take care of each other and you indirectly take care of yourselves too. If you can see your spouse is unhappy, you owe it to them to help them out of the hole they have fallen into rather than getting hung up on how its many consequences are affecting you. Equally, if you have noticed that you are unhappy in some way, you owe it to your spouse to do what it takes to reinstate your mental well-being. If your spouse is not forthcoming with



We are once again joined by Reflections’ celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Yeadon, whose A-List clientele includes Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell. Jonathan is loved not only for his mind-blowing colouring skills but his outrageous personality as well.



This month Jonathan gets down and dirty, putting the spotlight on unsanitary salons. Last month, Society Marbella ran an article about hygiene, or the lack of it, in the make-up industry and, although I was disgusted by what I was reading, I wasn’t unsurprised. Over the years I have seen disinfection practices so poorly adhered to by salon professionals that I was expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and shout, “You’ve been punked!” Many technicians simply don’t think it’s important enough, while others don’t even know the correct procedures. I have found that, especially here on the Coast, salon sanitation doesn’t seem to be a big enough issue to most technicians when, in fact, it should be one of the top priorities in every salon. There are hair salons from hell and there are hair salons which are very diligent about practicing sound sanitation and cleanliness habits. Your best choice? The latter, of course, as your health depends on it.

have disappeared, but this is not actually the case. When dealing with someone who has a serious skin condition, the stylist should NEVER go onto the next client without properly sanitising their hands. My hands look like they belong to a 100 year old, as they are constantly either in water or being washed.

Let’s start with cross infection. One would hope that the days of contagious skin conditions such as scabies and impetigo

When dealing with barbering tools I use my ‘anti-everything’ spray, which gets rid of anything nasty - I might have to try it


All instruments and tools should be thoroughly sanitized in between clients (or sterilized where required). If your hairdresser starts to use a brush that’s still full of someone else’s hair, run for the hills. If you have freshly washed hair why would you want someone to start blow-drying it with a dirty brush? It would be like cleaning the floor with a filthy mop. Remember, you are always within your rights to demand that a stylist clean any utensil before using it on your person.

on Gerry, come to think of it! Since any barbering service requires direct contact with the customers skin, scalp and hair sanitation cannot be overemphasized. Barbering is a serious matter when it comes to health and safety. Think about it; if the stylist isn’t concentrating and takes the top off a client’s spot, their blade will then be contaminated with the client’s blood. If this isn’t dealt with the correct way and used on the next client the repercussions could be extremely serious. In most salons you SHOULD see jars of Barbicide which, in our salon, will usually be found near Gerry’s station, as he likes to think it’s for his use only. While on the subject of Gerry - have you seen what he has done to himself now? As if the sun-in episode wasn’t bad enough, he has recently updated his hairstyle to include a quiff. He has the audacity to accuse me of being trapped in the 80s when this new do makes him look like a cross between Bros and Nick Kamen!


Anyway back to the Barbicide, I can promise you I know of hairdressers that can’t even tell you where the Barbicide jar is in their salon, so always look out for one on the salon floor and that will give you an indication to how health and safety conscious the salon is. One of the most common health issues that we have to deal in hairdressing is, of course, head lice. They are a nightmare for a salon and can spread like wildfire. If a client comes in with this condition you have immediately to disinfect the gown, towel, basically whatever went near their head and the whole surrounding area. You see, head lice is a contraindication which means it is so contagious you cannot carry on with the service. I remember working at a client’s wedding and she had a gorgeous flower girl as part of her bridal party. When I started styling her hair, I swear to God her hair was actually moving. I pulled my client aside and explained I wouldn’t be able to do the flower girl’s hair as she seemed to have a case of head lice. She turned to me and said, “She got eggs?” Has she got eggs?! !It’s like she has the bloody

lice Olympics on top of her head! It is very embarrassing having to tell a client why you can’t treat them that day, but you have to do it, so handle it in a quiet, professional manner. What you do not do is what a certain stylist from a local salon I know did, carry on cutting the client’s hair, as she was too mortified to tell them they had nits, only for herself and two of the receptionists to become infected soon after. She was not in the staff’s good books, let me tell you.

Back to nature Regular readers will know that I have a slight obsession with Kérastase. I pretty much LOVE all their products and honestly they never let me down. So I am super excited that they have just launched the Aura Botanica collection, the brand’s most natural line to date. Kérastase Aura Botanica is a range of natural hair products enriched with a blend of botanicals and plant actives for exceptionally clean, weightless and radiant hair without the use of silicones, sulfates and parabens. I am so glad that the brand has finally listened to what their clients have been asking for.

Our shining star I have to do a shout out to my special little friend, Kazumi. She has been awarded the most improved educator within Fantasy Nails and rightly so. This is no more than she deserves, as anyone who is aware of her work as a nail technician will know that it is second to none. In fact technician doesn’t describe what she does – she is a ‘nail artist’.

“There are hair salons from hell and there are hair salons which are very diligent about practicing sound sanitation and cleanliness habits. Your best choice? The latter, of course, as your health depends on it.”

All products and treatments are available from: Reflections Hair Nails& Skincare, Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía + 34 902 325 324 / + 34 952 906 524 ·


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Annabella Giles has been a health and well-being journalist for more than a decade. Her editorial work takes on areas such as fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, mental health, health care and the latest alternative treatments.

FOR YOU? WHY SHOULD YOU JUICE? I have been regularly juicing for the past five years after a good friend of mine introduced me to its benefits. She explained that the body has to use a lot of energy digesting food, whereas with juices your body gets a rest from all the hard work and all the nutrients go straight into your system. You might be saying to yourself “Well, I eat a lot of cooked vegetables with my meal so why should I consider juicing?� When you cook vegetables at temperatures above 114 degrees, heat destroys the enzymes, which are naturally occurring chemical substances in the human body that help a chemical


reaction take place. Enzymes aid the digestion and absorption of food in your body. Fruit and vegetable juices that are sold in a shop or supermarket are no good either, as they must go through a pasteurising process before they can be sold to you. The reason for this pasteurising process is to give these drinks shelf life. However, during this process heat reaches about 120 degrees which destroys the enzymes. Nutritionally if you ate one raw carrot, your body would only be able to absorb about one per cent of the available vitamin A (beta carotene), because most of the nutrients in a carrot are locked in its fibre.

However, if you separate the liquid from the fibre, your body would be able to assimilate 90 per cent of the nutrients. There are many benefits of consuming these freshly made, health drinks: they aid in keeping organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys strong and healthy, they also help prevent colon cancer and keep your digestive system in tiptop shape. This is because they are a great supplier of protein, vitamins and minerals. These drinks also boost the immune system and promote goodlooking healthy skin.


The Detox After Christmas I like to give my body a cleanse with a juice detox. Last year I decided to follow Jason Vale’s 7Ibs in 7 Days. Many people swear by Jason Vale but for me the results were not what I had hoped for. I was constantly hungry and tired all the time. One day the lethargy got so bad I couldn’t even move from the couch. You are meant to see a burst of energy by day three, but this never happened to me at all during the detox. Yes I lost weight, but the negatives outweighed the positives. My sleep was disrupted as I kept waking up during the night with hunger pains. The other problem is it is a pain in the butt to make six juices a day - the mess is unbelievable, and you are constantly cleaning. It takes ages to prepare them and if you do not work from home you have no chance of getting through the seven days. This year I decided to try Pura Juice, a local company which delivers 100 per cent cold pressed, raw and unpasteurised juices to your home or office. YES! This meant I didn’t need to lift a finger. Their concept is to keep everything as local and natural as possible. This includes not just the produce but the packaging too. They use local markets and a local ‘bio’ fruit and veg delivery service. Of course, not all of the fruit can be grown locally but at least 80 plus per cent is. I also love the fact that the glass bottles they use for the juices are collected and reused. THE RESULTS After a lot of arguing, I finally resorted to blackmailing my other half into joining me on the juice detox.. He had been living it up for the last few months and his body was in need of some serious TLC. Each morning we were delivered six beautifully presented bottles of brightly coloured juice from Pura Juice. Not only did the juices taste delicious, we never once felt hungry. I was not only able to work full days without getting tired but I had enough energy to work out everyday. My skin started to glow, my concentration improved immensely and I slept soundly every night. I lost just under a kilo of weight, while my partner lost even more. He often has trouble breathing, as his nose gets blocked up due to an old injury, but this completely cleared up during the detox.

Menu Example

Day 1

1. REVIVE 500ml SPINACH, PARSLEY, CUCUMBER, APPLE, LEMON Boosts metabolism, alkalizing, antiinflammatory. 2. RESTORE 500ml BEETROOT, CARROT, PEAR, GINGER, LEMON Detoxifying, blood building, kidney flushing, heart health. 3. ENERGISE 500ml KALE, PEAR, PARSLEY, ROMAINE, CUCUMBER, LEMON, GINGER Lowers blood pressure, alkalizing, digestive aid, detoxifier. I loved the Radiant juice but both of us couldn’t wait till the evening when we could enjoy the nut mylks, which were the ultimate treat at the end of the day.

4. RADIANT 500ml CARROT, ORANGE, GINGER, TURMERIC Skin nourishment, anti-ageing, reduces blemishes, anti-inflammatory. 5. INTENSE 500ml SPINACH, CUCUMBER, PINEAPPLE, PARSLEY, ROMAINE, GINGER Extreme detoxifier, digestive aid, lowers blood pressure. 6. SOUL 500ml FILTERED WATER, CASHEW, MEDJOOL DATES, CINNAMON, VANILLA, HIMALAYAN PINK SALT. Mineralising, energising, nerve calming. The difference in this year’s detox to last year’s was astounding. Whereas with Jason Vale it was more like torture, the Pura Juice detox was a breeze, so much so that both of us have agreed to up our three day juice detox to once a season rather than annually, plus a full day cleanse once a week. Pura Juice +34 634 34 94 34



Matt Roberts is the UK’s leading fitness trainer. He has also written several bestselling books on the subject and worked with celebrity clients such as Tom Ford, Amanda Holden, Trudi Styler, Michael McIntyre, John Galliano, Mel C and The Saturdays. He also acts as a fitness expert for BBC Radio 2, BBC Breakfast, Sky News and frequently writes and runs seasonal promotions for The Times, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph.

EXERCISE TIPS Obviously you want to tone your body, but did you know that exercise can also have fantastic benefits for your mental well-being?



“Good yoga teachers understand the ebbs and flows of a person’s energy and confidence and can work to help this. The practice of getting into, holding and moving out of postures again requires great physical skill and mental concentration.”


Team sports


There is no doubt that getting outside and taking in the wider world provides us with a physical workout AND a mental change and break. The physical effect of power walking is greater than is often appreciated. In an industry that pushes HIIT training fairly extensively, moderate exercise often takes a back seat - and it shouldn’t. Mental benefits aside for a moment, using moderate cardiovascular exercise pre-breakfast allows your body most effectively to access its own fat reserves and perform at an optimal level. Psychologically, it’s a great change of scene and the effects of oxygen, endorphins and dopamine on the degree of high self-concept is clear and powerful. If you can, walk for 30-45 minutes every day before breakfast. When you get chance, go to some hills, woodland trails or coastal routes and spend a couple of hours walking and taking it all in.

This could be anything from netball and football, right through to cycling with a group or tennis with friends or as part of a club. The social effect of exercising is powerful physically AND mentally. Physically, you are considerably more likely to stay on a programme if you are doing something with friends or in a group than you are on your own. Adherence rates are higher over the course of 12 months when working with a buddy and this is critical to your physical success. Psychologically, you aren’t on your own and you are sharing the experiences, the highs and the lows, and realising that the difficult spells are not unique to you when it comes to exercise (or anything else for that matter!)

This has been shown for generations to have very strong psychological benefits, alongside some great physical gains. Good yoga teachers understand the ebbs and flows of a person’s energy and confidence and can work to help this. The practice of getting into, holding and moving out of postures again requires great physical skill and mental concentration. The breathing patterns that are required to undergo the discipline of yoga also provide valuable decreases in blood pressure, greater oxygen intake and can help muscle relaxation. Choose the type of yoga that suits your needs and personality and talk to the instructor to establish your personal needs, but make this part of your overall routine alongside your cardiovascular and resistance training.


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Lung Cancer Keeping It Away


ung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide.

Each year, more than 1.200.000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer worldwide (30.000 in Spain)

and 70 per cent of these cases are diagnosed at advanced stages, when the cancer is unlikely to be cured.

The Most Common Risk Factor for Lung Cancer Cigarette smoking is the

number one risk factor for lung cancer as 80 per cent of the cases are linked to smoking. The risk of lung cancer increases according to the number of packs of cigarettes smoked per year, as well as the duration of exposure to tobacco smoke.

How to Prevent Lung Cancer To this date quitting smoking is the best way to reduce mortality, which is why medical advice, nicotine replacement therapy and anti-smoking advertising campaigns are so important.


Late diagnosis of cancer is caused by a lack of symptoms in earlier stages. For this reason, developing populationscreening tools can help diagnose the disease in its early stages in people at risk of lung cancer. Prospective trials of lung cancer screening using chest radiography or sputum cytology have yielded negative results and are therefore not recommended methods at this time. The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) was conducted on 53.454 patients aged 55-74, who smoked 30 packs/year or had quit smoking less than 15 years prior. The results were published in 2011. Participants who underwent low-dose computed tomographic screening had a 20 per cent lower risk of death than those who only underwent chest radiography.

Therefore, lung cancer screening can reduce mortality in high-risk patients. The greatest risk is obtaining falsepositive results, which could lead to unnecessary biopsies, but a PET scan could confirm the results without having to resort to the biopsy. At HC Marbella we use automatic exposure control systems for dose reduction in chest computed tomography (Siemens CARE Dose4D™), which reduce the side effects of radiation. Not all patients need the same dosage to obtain optimal images for analysis. Therefore, we make

sure that no patient receives a higher radiation dose than is strictly necessary. Who is a good candidate for screening? In the guidelines from the main health organizations such as the American Cancer Society (ACS), the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), there is some discrepancy about who would most benefit from low-dose CT scans.


In summary, the ideal candidates are: •Patients aged 55-80 •Patients who smoke more than 30 packs per year. You can calculate your cigarette consumption by looking on the internet. •Patients in good health, with no comorbidities that would require curative surgical operations. Patients at high risk for cancer must discuss the pros and cons of the screening with their doctor, who will ultimately be the one to prescribe the test.

How often should I undergo screening? CT scans must be performed annually until the patient reaches the age limit or a comorbidity emerges that would impede curative surgical treatment. In addition to screening, we offer ‘quit smoking’ medication to all active smokers, in order to eliminate the main risk factor. Here at the Pneumology Department of HC Marbella, we recommend you consult your doctor if you have any current lifestyle risk factors.

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Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale BY

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Our in-depth motoring review

We drive one of this season’s hottest GT3 racecars







he Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo and GT3 are the only racecars in the world built on exactly the same production line as their Coupe and Spyder road car sisters. Both are based on the rear-wheeldrive Huracán LP580-2, whose 5,208cc 90-degree V10 produces 580hp at 8,000rpm, 540Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. Tipping the scales at 1,389kg this midengine road car features an ideal 48/52% front-to-rear weight distribution out of the box, and so has the right stuff on which to base a world-class racecar. “We homologated the Huracán GT3 with a lower output than the road car to cover the possibility of ballast and a smaller air restrictor on the engine being applied

should we fall outside the FIA’s Balance of Performance index,” explained Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s R&D Director. “This gives us the possibility to increase engine output as the season progresses if the opposition proves faster.” Thus, at this point the Huracán GT3 motor produces around 530hp with a 38mm diameter air restrictor in place, which is around 10% down on the road cars output. To improve durability the engine has strengthened crankshaft bearings and is mounted to the chassis with solid mounts. The secondary fuel injectors that reduce low speed emissions of the road car are not required, so the race motor has 10 fuel injectors dispensing 98 Octane juice from the 120-litre FT3 racing fuel tank. The ECU is

a Bosch MS6.4, which also looks after the traction control, shifting control, TFT display control and data-logging, while the bespoke electrics are taken care of by a fully configurable Cosworth Powerbox.

THE RIDE HEIGHT “The engine is both strengthened internally and under-stressed in power IS SET FOR REFLEX output compared to the road version so it should be able to go 10,000km between CAMBER, THE said EXTRA rebuilds if it is not abused,” Maurizio. Giving its all under race conditions, fuel 15MM OF GROUND consumption is in the order of 1.5 km/L! As you would expect the torsional stiffness CLEARANCE AT of the racecar is far greater thanTHE that of the road car. The Huracán GT3 uses REAR WORKING a hybrid construction with aluminium reinforced by carbon-fibre in the areas of WITH THE DOWN greatest torsional stress. Like the road going Huracán models, the FORCE OF THE GT3 has a carbon-fibre firewall.BIG REAR WING roll FOR The stout FIA-approved cage that extends to the rear contributes OPTIMUM BALANCE significantly to the cars torsional rigidity number of 45,000Nm/degree. This core AT is thenSPEED. wrapped in composite body panels made from a combination of CFK, Kevlar and glass-fibre.



Safety is a very important issue, and as the well as the integrated roll cage and six-point harnesses the Huracán GT3 also protects its driver with the latest 8862 Spec race seat that will resist an astonishing 75g deceleration, or three times the rating of the previous seat. A seven-nozzle fire extinguisher system looks after any unintended combustion. I was amused to see wooden blocks making up the front trailing edges of both the front and rear wheel arches. Maurizio explained that these are sacrificial sections for when you hit high kerbs on some tracks. “They serve the same aerodynamic purpose, but compared to carbon-fibre cost next to nothing to replace,” he said.

project is not unexpected and Dallara Engineering worked closely with Lamborghini’s race engineers to hone the aerodynamics, which give the GT3 a low drag, high down force advantage. Dallara was also responsible for the fully adjustable suspension, which uses Eibach springs and Öhlins dampers to support the bespoke double wishbones and uprights at each corner. The anti-roll bars are adjustable and the suspension pickup points have been altered to optimise the tyre contact patches. The rules allow these to be moved within a 50mm box, which provides a lot of leeway to set negative camber in the three to four degree range.

While all its competitors use quick release Dzus fasteners for some body panels, the Huracán GT3 is unique in applying this fixing method to all its body panels. As races can be won or lost in the pit lane, this makes a crucial difference when a quick replacement is required under race conditions.

The ride height is set for reflex camber, the extra 15mm of ground clearance at the rear working with the down force of the big rear wing for optimum balance at speed. This is a major difference between the 369,999 euro Huracán GT3 and the 240,000 euro Super Trofeo version, which has a bit more engine power but less mechanical grip and aerodynamic downforce.

The involvement of Italian motorsport genius, Gian Paola Dallara, in such a

The GT3 thus achieves its superior lap times through its superior handling and grip

and is over a second faster on a lap of Valencia. On a circuit with longer straights like Monza, the two cars are much closer in lap times, whereas at Silverstone the GT3 gains under braking and acceleration through the turns. Brembo supply the 380mm and 355mm vented steel racing brake discs, clamped by big six and four-pot callipers front and rear respectively, fitted with endurance race pads. Under the car big tubes direct extra cooling air to the brakes. The series eschews carbon ceramic brakes for cost reasons. The Bosch motorsport ABS system offers a choice of ten positions that the driver can select via a knob on the steering wheel. The same is true for the ten-position traction control that can be tweaked according to available surface grip and the degree of tyre wear. In terms of kerb weight, despite being shorn of air-conditioning and all the creature comforts demanded by Lamborghini’s road car customers, the GT3 still tips the scales at 1,230kg dry and 1,280kg ready to race with 30kg of ballast.



“Once again we started heavier than the minimum weight we are allowed of 1,200kg as this gives us room to manoeuvre,” he said. In a world where more and more supercars are gravitating towards turbocharging to meet ever tightening emissions laws, the Lamborghini V10 stands out as a paragon amongst naturally-aspirated high performance engines. Attached to a flywheel weighing 2.5kg, about half that of the Huracán road car version, the V10’s willingness to rev fast and high is noticeably enhanced, while the throttle travel is really easy to meter precisely. While the gearbox of the Huracán Super Trofeo racecar is mounted transversely as on the road car, the physical space required for the big underbody rear diffuser on the GT3 car required a technical solution in the form of an inline six-speed sequential gearbox made by Hör Technologie in Germany. Inputs from the paddle shifters reach the gearbox via a Megaline pneumatic actuator. I know the Valencia Circuit pretty well and was looking forward to really leaning on the mechanical grip that the slick tyres and aerodynamic downforce endow on the Huracán GT3. However, it was not to be.



Rain is not a regular visitor to Southern Spain, but unfortunately this was the Sunday when much of the country was blighted by heavy rain and flooding. Precipitation began early in the morning, and my first test session at lunchtime was more of an exploratory run to establish grip levels and the wet line whilst dodging puddles. After our test car was pulled back into the pits, the grid for World Final of the 2016 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo assembled. The rain became progressively heavier through the race, turning it into something akin to a boat race. The irony of the multiple Lamborghini V10 soundtracks emerging from the spray rather than the V12s favoured by offshore powerboat racers was not lost on us! In the streaming wet conditions, visibility and grip were at a premium, and as we watched the race from the big monitors in the VIP area, we could see some big slides and the odd excursion into the kitty litter. With the pace car and yellow flag working overtime, the race was effectively over eight minutes before the chequered flag fell.



THE RAIN BECAME PROGRESSIVELY HEAVIER THROUGH THE RACE, TURNING IT INTO SOMETHING AKIN TO A BOAT RACE. THE IRONY OF THE MULTIPLE LAMBORGHINI V10 SOUNDTRACKS EMERGING FROM THE SPRAY RATHER THAN THE V12S FAVOURED BY OFFSHORE POWERBOAT RACERS WAS NOT LOST ON US! Luckily for us, by the time Dennis Lind (No 60, Raton Racing) was proclaimed Pro Class World Champion in the World Final of the 2016 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, the rain had abated and it was time for our second test session. A good analogy for the technology gap between the cockpit controls of the Huracán GT3 and the Group C Porsche 962 I tested in the late ‘80s would be the difference between a current F-16 fighter jet and a Vietnam-era A4 Skyhawk. Electronics are a fact of life in today’s road and race cars, and the Huracan GT3’s controls require some explanation. Once you are in the fixed drivers’ seat with the detachable steering wheel in place, you find the perfect driving position by adjusting the pedal box fore or aft. ‘Lighting up’ the car requires sliding aside the transparent safety cover for the red ‘Main’ switch, giving it a push to wake up the electronics, and then pushing the green ‘Ignition’ button next to it. To actually start the car you then need to step on the brake pedal and pull one of the clutch levers below the paddle shifters and press the start/stop button on the steering wheel. Then you can pull the right paddle to engage first gear.


I have always been fascinated by the pit lane limiter device, regularly seen and heard in action in FIA GT and F1 races. At its core is a piece of software that limits the engine spark to prevent the car going over a set speed in each gear. On the Huracán GT3 that speed is 50km/h in first gear, and 80km/h in second. The system is activated by pushing a button on the top right of the aircraft yoke style steering wheel, and sequential blue LEDs illuminate from left to right across the top of the instrument panel as you go faster. With the pit lane limiter off the LEDs turn yellow, orange and red LEDs to show engine revs, and are easily seen in your peripheral vision. You can hear the limiter restricting the engine spark like a misfire, and no matter how hard you press the throttle the car will not go over an indicated 49km/h in first. So many drive-through penalties have been caused by drivers forgetting to engage this simple device! The paddle shift gearchange is not only lightening fast but also totally seamless. As I have always held, the smooth engagement of racing gearboxes gives the lie to silly marketing led road car paddle operated systems that deliver a ‘race car feel’ kick in the back when you are in Sport mode.

The last thing you need is a coarse interruption of power to destabilise the car when cornering on the limit, especially in the wet. Luckily Valencia has good drainage, so with a uniformly wet surface for the treaded Pirelli rain tyres to bite through the only real hazard was the patch of gravel on Turn 10, just off the race line, where a car had been dragged out of the gravel trap. Modern competition rain tyres are an engineering marvel, and with the variable traction control turned up to about 75%, I quickly found that I could deploy all the cavallini once the steering wheel was straight, and a fair amount of them exiting the more open bends. In fact, I could get enough exit speed from Turn 13 to reach almost 225km/h in fifth gear before braking on the 876m long main straight. In the dry, a faster exit speed from the preceding corner and a later braking point would easily have seen a 250km/h terminal speed before braking. I had been watching the lap times of the leading cars in the dry the day before and during today’s very wet race. The difference between wet and dry lap times on the 4.005 km track was about


13 seconds, with the fastest dry lap posted on Saturday in the Pro Class being 1:31.424 sec. Valencia has a couple of low speed bends that go on longer than you think when you enter them, and even in the dry you have to be conservative with the throttle if you are not to provoke understeer or indeed oversteer depending on how the car is set up. Taking modest entry speeds here in the wet I was thankful for the extremely easy to meter throttle and progressive power deliver of

the naturally aspirated V10. It occurred to me on one of these wet laps that a turbocharged car, especially one with sudden delivery characteristics, would have been a nightmare in these conditions. It is this delicate throttle control, superb steering, and well dialled in chassis that makes the Huracรกn GT3 feel all of a piece, intuitive to drive, and not a car that will turn around and bite you. Unless you are in a position late in a race where your tyres are going off and you have to really manage the front and rear




ends, this car handles in a very seat-ofthe-pants way that inspires a lot of driver confidence. This is a crucial characteristic that helps the driver, both in a long race and when dicing wheel-to-wheel. The Huracán GT3 derives a lot of its performance balance and competitiveness against other makes from its superb handling and excellent aerodynamics. That is certainly how it feels on track, and my over-riding impression of the car is that once you have mastered all the electronic gadgets that are part and parcel of a sophisticated modern racing car, it is user friendly and easy to drive. Even though I did not have the opportunity to really lean on it in the dry, the transparency of its controls, the exquisite feedback through the seat of your pants and the ease with which it can be recovered from a slide goes a long way to framing its good balance and progressive handling.


While watching the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing is exciting in itself, it is only when you see the Huracán GT3 snatching podium places in international GT races against some very distinguished opponents that you realise just how good this car really is.

BACKGROUND Lamborghini’s Squadra Corsa racing division has existed since 2008. In 2014 it was decided to field the all-new Huracán in a one-make series under the name Lamborghini Super Trofeo, first in Europe and then in the USA and Asia. Taking their new car a step further to contest the GT3 class in international championships took a little longer. The Huracán GT3 made its show debut in January 2015, and to say the response from potential customers was overwhelming would be putting it mildly. Lamborghini found themselves flooded with orders for 40 cars, a lot more than they had originally expected. Of these 40 cars, 20

went to customer teams, 13 were entered in various GT Championships with a total of 78 race weekends being contested. From day one, Lamborghini had promised full support for all their customer teams all over the world, with a particularly large number of teams in Australia. Thus, one of the most amazing things that transpired was Lamborghini’s ability to fulfil this promise of both on-site technical support and spare parts backup despite the sudden and unexpected growth in the number of racecars out there and the logistics nightmare it posed. As a result of the professionalism of the teams, who were well supported by Squadra Corsa, in the 2016 season Lamborghini Huracán GT3 racecars took the Championship titles in the GT Asia Series and the GT Open, came second in the British GT, and third in IMSA and the Italian GT. Within these various race series, the Huracán GT3 scored 18 overall victories, 17 seconds, 18 thirds and 22 pole positions, which speaks volumes for its speed and reliability.



anskrit records document the use of garlic five thousand years ago, whilst the Chinese are recorded munching it a thousand years later. The Greeks and Romans were very fond of it. Indeed, so keen were the Greeks on garlic that the great physician, surgeon and philosopher Galen of Pergamon (129 – 216 AD) praised it as the peasants’ “cure all”. His compatriots piled it in heaps at crossroads to placate Hecate, the goddess of darkness, as a specific against evil. Pedianos Dioskorides (c. 40 – 90 AD), author of “De Materia Medica”, about herbal medicine and related medicinal substances, was employed as a medic in the Roman army. He wrote about garlic:

an Egyptian medical papyrus of herbal knowledge dating to circa 1550 BC., extols the use of garlic for a variety of conditions including pharyngitis and headaches, -although it also suggests that half an onion (also a member of the “Allium” family) and the froth of beer is “a delightful remedy against death”! Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but recent epidemiological studies by the US National Cancer Institute have suggested that garlic and other members of its family may inhibit the formation and proliferation of tumours, and assist in the repair of damaged cellular material.

The plant retained, and, indeed, retains its popularity throughout the Mediterranean region, although more northern peoples have tended to regard it with some suspicion from the culinary a poultice it can help with bites from a point of view, although its medicinal rabid dog. Eaten raw and cooked it properties have long been recognised. cures coughs and boiled up and drunk with oregano will kill nits and lice”. Pliny the Dagainst gangrene, and as a treatment for dysentery. It will also eliminate Elder (23 – 79 AD) reported that African cold sores. To this day in Russia it is sold tribesmen ate quantities of the stuff, and as “Russian penicillin” in pharmacies, and that the Egyptians regarded both garlic regarded as a cheap excellent source and onions as sacred objects. Bowls of of vitamin B, manganese, selenium them were present at any ceremony and vitamin C. They also contain for the taking of oaths. Herodotus (484 – phosphorous, calcium, potassium, iron 425 BC) reported that they also fed the and copper. For maximum effect, the labourers engaged in the building of the pyramids with garlic in order to keep them cloves need to be crushed or chopped and left to sit before use. The chopping healthy and strong. The “Ebers Papyrus”,

“It is useful for treating the bites of the viper and other snakes if wine is drunk after eating it. In the form of


activates alliinase enzymes in the cells, and these are converted into active allicin during the resting process. Both alliin and allicin are sulphurcompounds which provide significant health benefits. These include the production of “ferroportin”, which permits the blood to carry iron around the body for use where it is needed. It has to be admitted that garlic may have an adverse effect upon one’s breath (chewing on parsley remedies this) but this is the result of the production of hydrogen sulphide gas, which actually helps our blood vessels expand and keeps our blood pressure in check. Unfortunately, garlic pills or capsules do not appear to have the same effect as garlic taken in food form. On the

plus side, research undertaken at Stirling university suggests that women are attracted to men who eat raw garlic.

It appears that the sweat that such men emanate has a more agreeable odour than the sweat produced by non-garlic eating gentlemen. Having said that, the

research also showed that such a result only arises after the consumption of at least four raw cloves which, it has to be said, is something of an effort! But all is not lost! Just as it is possible to find

Padre Peter, cleric for wedding ceremonies and regular contributor to SOCIETYMagazine

sweet lemons, so it is possible to find sweet garlic, which has all the

properties of its more pungent cousin and which, indeed, has far greater antioxidant properties. It has a faint licorice flavour, and does not cause the breath to smell. It is also very “PC” as it is a black variety! There are, in fact, over fifty varieties of this useful plant, with eighteen of them being produced in Spain, rejoicing in names like “Morado de las Pedroñeras”. It is this black variety which has been the subject of research by the University of Castilla-La Mancha with regard to colon cancer and the treatment of post peritonitis sepsis. The Ancients knew a thing or two!






The Crazy Pyjama Brunch at MOSH, which is undoubtedly one of Marbella’s most innovative restaurant and leisure venues. These guys always manage to come up with surprising ideas for a fun time and this event was no exception.

We turned up…

As requested in our nightwear at 1pm for the pyjama party that promised to only end “when the cats fall asleep.” Everyone got into the spirit of the ‘sleepover party’ even though it started in the afternoon and we had fun wondering if anyone had come straight from their bed to MOSH!

We loved…

MOSH’s fabulous cocktails that had been specially prepared for the party, the delicious food that is always fun and the incredible lengths MOSH always goes to, to create a party ambience by decorating the venue with themed props and performers.

A big thanks to…

The team at MOSH Fun & Food for one of the best Sunday brunch parties we’ve been to. We can’t wait for your next one!






The opening of the School of Healthy Nutrition at one of our favourite Italian restaurants, Noto. Natalia Belaiche founded the School to spread a healthy lifestyle and diet. Together with Noto, Natalia offered a day of healthy food in a relaxed ambiance.

We nibbled on…

The selection of dishes offered to all the attendees. All the recipes made with completely organic ingredients and mixed with highly nutritious superfoods. Natalia demonstrated how to prepare a special smoothie made of avocado, cocoa and super foods that made everybody’s mouths water! This and the yummy Italian food from Noto made the day a pleasure for the palate.

We kicked back at…

The presentation by Alexandra Kureneva, life coach and motivational speaker. She offered us a positive perspective on how to feel happy, confident in our own skin and sexy!!!

A big thanks to…

The School of Healthy Nutrition and Noto Food & People for hosting such a great event. We are looking forward to put all we learnt into practice!






The opening of Joffreys’s, a new restaurant in Las Mimosas, Mijas. Owners Lisa and Joffrey, the chef, welcomed us and all their friends to their new place, which is a lovely spot with great food.

We marvelled…

At the chef’s work. They have an open kitchen that allows the curious diner to see Joffrey at work creating delicious bites using top quality ingredients

We nibbled on….

The cava and canapés offered to the guests. We can’t wait to go back and try the yummy bites!

We relaxed…

Thanks to the generally chilled atmosphere. Everyone was enjoying the evening and the location, which is part of the charm of the restaurant. It’s a beautiful venue with a relaxed atmosphere and tasty food.

Special thanks to…

Lisa and Joffrey, they are the perfect hosts! Congratulations on opening your dream restaurant; we wish you lots of success!





LA SALA SUPER LEAGUE 2017 We attended…

The second fixture of this year’s La Sala golf tournaments. And what a spectacular tee-off it proved to be at Los Flamingos Golf in the Villa Padierna Resort on 18th February. Thankfully, it was a gloriously sunny day for the 96 golfers who turned up to play on this lovely course, which is in fantastic condition.

We enjoyed…

The ‘on course’ Gin & Tonic bar, which always provides some welcome refreshment halfway around the 18-hole course. Afterwards, everyone went to La Sala Banús for delicious canapés, champagne and the eagerly awaited prizegiving.

We congratulated…

The winners: That’s not a GImme who won the team prize and Mike Ritchie from The Barber Club, who was the individual winner.

A big thanks to…

La Sala and all the sponsors who make this tournament possible: HiFX, Jackson Grundy, Golfriends, The Barber Club and Speed Financial Solutions. The next event is on 18th march at la Cañada Golf. Contact Lindsey Medina +34 693 507 628 for more information or email





FISCHER’S CAR GALLERY CELEBRATES LOVE AT CASA CLUB MARBELLA We attended… The St. Valentine’s Celebration at Casa Club Marbella on the 14th of February 2017. It is a once a year occasion when the colour ‘RED’ is everywhere and the world celebrates the love and friendship among mankind.

We celebrated... with friends at this special “Valentine Dinner” at the Casa Club with a romantically decorated dining table scattered with rose petals

We handed out beautiful roses in different colours as presents for our lady friends. It was a wonderful evening full of LOVE and friendship, with great food and fine wine.

We enjoyed Steve Cline’s performance of fantastic love songs that we danced to all night long! We celebrated this day together in a really romantic style. More pictures at



The Definitive House & Home Bible

Now covering all areas of property – from interiors and furnishings to gardens, construction and décor – as well as showcasing the very best agents on the Costa del Sol. UTOPIA is bursting with informative features, the latest property news, stats and facts – and of course, we feature some of the most sought-after private addresses in the Marbella vicinity. This sleek, chic and avant-garde magazine is the only property guide you need to be on the pulse with the market in Marbella. Following UTOPIA’s groundbreaking success in Marbella’s property market and its growing popularity with local developers, the exclusive magazine has attracted the attention of architects, interior designers and furnishing stockists alike. Our new look UTOPIA has incorporated all aspects of HOUSE and HOME so that whether you’re an agent, homeowner or in search of your dream home, you will find stockists, designers, features, properties and articles that are current, relevant and contemporary – all in the most stylish property magazine in town. Distributed from Málaga to Gibraltar, as well as at leading international property and interior design fairs around Europe, UTOPIA is delivered to golf courses, restaurants, fashionable bars and clubs, in addition to the hotel bedrooms of all of the coast’s leading hotels. UTOPIA is the first magazine of its kind, specifically aimed at aspirational individuals in search of their slice of the idyllic Marbella lifestyle.


125€/ month To have your company featured in UTOPIA contact: +34 600 625 520






Another Bite

of the Cherry Pie



on Screen

Smokin’ ribs



Part of





Group 79

Modern Marketing

Traditional Values

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva AndalucĂ­a (opposite La Sala)


Ref: 2841287

Very nice and cosy 3-bedroom apartment in Selwo area. Southwest to west facing with seaviews.

Community garden and pool, padel/tennis court, play area for children and bbq area.

Living and dining area with direct access to the terrace, fully fitted kitchen with separate laundry, master bedroom suite and two guest bedrooms sharing one bathroom. Garage space and storage.

Walking distance to a restaurant, take-away, minimarket and La Resina Golf. A few minutes drive to the beach, 10 minutes to Puerto Banus and Estepona.

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Build Size: 100 m2 Terrace: 19 m2 Price: 229.000â‚Ź

To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva AndalucĂ­a (opposite La Sala)

T: +34 952 90 75 21 E:

APARTMENT IN LOS ARQUEROS Ref: 2850539 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Build Size: 104 m2 Terrace: 59 m2 Price: 325.000â‚Ź

This Spacious corner plot, ground floor apartment is offered for sale, Located on the sought after and popular development of Los Arqueros. This stylish and Modern apartment boosts 3 double Bedrooms with en-suite to master and a separate guest bathroom. An Open plan living area with a contemporary kitchen separated via a glass sliding door. To the rear of the apartment there is a large covered terrace area with beautiful views down the pool, the sea and golf. As the property is a corner plot there is also a substantial lawned area perfect for children to play on or sunbathing. To the left of the garden is a gate with steps leading down directly to the swimming area.

To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.

This is a gated community with 24 hour security. You can also find within the devolvement a golf course, padel and tennis courts and a clubhouse. This apartment is perfect for a permanent or holiday home and also for a rental investment. Please call now to arrange an internal inspection.

Modern Marketing

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva Andalucía (opposite La Sala)

Traditional Values

APARTMENT IN NUEVA ANDALUCÍA We are pleased to offer for sale this detached villa located in the popular area of Nueva Andalucia. This spacious 4 bedroom family home has been completely renovated by its current owners. The property comprises of a stylishly refitted Kitchen with integral appliances and a separate utility area. A spacious lounge/dining area with a working fireplace and double doors leading to the relaxing terrace area with views over the garden. Leading off the garden there is a beautifully redone guest suite with dressing area and ensuite, to the ground floor

you will find a further 2 bedrooms sharing a shower room and to the top is a generous master suite with walk in wardrobe, ensuite and roof terrace.

Ref: 2856590

This villa also benefits from off road parking for 2 cars, a garage and a lovely south facing garden with newly fitted pool. This is a property not to be please call now to arrange a viewing.

Plot Size : 426 m2

Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 Build Size: 173 m2 Price: 595.000€

To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.

Edificio La Rotonda, Avd.Manolete Nueva Andalucía (opposite La Sala)

APARTMENT IN LOS ARQUEROS We are delighted to offer for sale this stylishly reformed villa, located walking distance to the picturesque Spanish Pueblo of La Heredia in El Madroñal. El Madroñal is a gated community with 24 hour security and also benefits from a beautiful deli restaurant and public house in the village. This contemporary open plan living house has superb panoramic views reaching as far of Africa and Gibraltar. You enter via a grand entrance hall leading to - the master suite a beautiful double bedroom with balcony, a 4 piece ensuite and huge dressing room, the 2nd corner bedroom benefits from dual aspect windows, a large balcony and ultra-modern

ensuite, you can also find a jack and Jill bedroom with terrace and shower room. Downstairs is large open plan living area lounge, dining room, kitchen with stunning views to the pool and sea from all aspects, the area is elegantly presented with beautiful lighting and built in wine racks. There is a separate sung/tv room, a cinema room, laundry room, Shower room, wc and garage. The outside area has been beautifully landscaped with white tiled infinity pool area, grey decking, lawned sunbathing area and fantastic alfresco dining and BBQ area with cosy outside TV snug. This superb private villa is an opportunity not to be missed.

T: +34 952 90 75 21 E:

Ref: 2850’899 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 5 Build Size: 396 m2 Plot size: 632 m2 Price: 1.499.995€

To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.

% 50 LD

SO Naturally Modern Living

”Bask in the light, breathe in the mountain air, enjoy complete peace and tranquillity, at Palo Alto your ideal home awaits” • Contemporary architecture by Villarroel Torrico • Premium quality fittings by Gunni & Trentino • 5 minutes from La Cañada • Health Club, kids club, outdoor and indoor pools

• Easy and secure payment plan • Limited availability • 2 beds from €440,000, 3 beds from €530,000

TO BOOK A TOUR, CALL 900 102 322



Marbella’s Fresh

finest linen and towelling

igh quality at reasonable site.




OF COTTON The world’s finest linen and towelling Fresh, crisp and clean cotton is a highly desirable commodity and Egyptian cotton is the crème de la crème when it comes to superior quality linens. Whether you’re looking for sheets or

towels, Cotton C I A L L A C O L O N I A AV E N I DA D EKing L Aof V I R GinESan N Pedro D E LdeRAlcántara O C Í O is6the - 7coast’s leading supplier of refined linens and although it is new to us, the TA R A , M A R B E L L A , M Á L A G A T :company 0 3 3 4 has 9 5a 1long 2 3and 9 illustrious 3 0 5 history.


ing of Cotton was established in the UK in 1995, which is not that far back in time. However, the company can rightfully claim to have originated in Italy in 1880 as “Re di Cotone,” and it was thanks to a long line of family ties that the present business came into existence in Britain. Its primary mission was to supply the UK’s finest hotels with top quality bed linens,

towels, bathrobes, slippers and other accessories.

As often happens, guests enquired about where the hotels bought their products and as a result the retail operation was born with both online and bricks and

mortar outlets. And, fortunately Marbella residents can visit the store in Centro Comercial La Colonia and feel the quality at first hand.

The benefits of top quality cotton There are many excellent reasons to choose cotton bed linens. Nature has given cotton qualities that make it a smoother, softer and more comfortable choice. Cotton breathes,

so cotton sheets never feel sticky against your skin and it releases marks and stains more easily than other fabrics, making them easier to launder. To produce fine linens you


need fine cotton, and the quality of the cotton depends on the length of the individual fibres, or staples - the longer the staple, the better the cotton. Longer staples can be combed finer to remove more small fibres, allowing the cotton to be spun into a finer-textured thread with more tensile strength, and woven into a softer, more lustrous fabric. And that is just the beginning! There is also thread count to consider.

EGYPTIAN COTTON IS HAND PICKED WHICH GUARANTEES THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF PURITY Why thread count matters Thread count simply refers to how many threads – lengthwise and widthwise – are woven into one square inch of fabric. With finer threads, such as those produced with pure Egyptian cotton, more can be woven into each square inch and this produces a finer, softer and more flexible material. The

higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets. The thread count

of basic or standard cotton is around 150, but good quality sheets start at 180 thread count and a count of 200 and higher is considered ‘percale’. However, King of Cotton says that we shouldn’t assume that a high thread count automatically means luxurious bedding as there are other features that are much more important to measuring comfort, quality, and value, including the type of cotton, the feel of the fabric and the nature of the finishing process.


puts no stress on the fibres - as opposed to mechanical picking - leaving the fibers straight and intact. Combine these factors and you have a finished product that is softer, finer and lasts longer


than any other cotton product.

The King of Cotton price promise You may be thinking that this all means an outrageous price. Well, that’s why King of Cotton is so successful – it has a very clear price promise. The company believes that quality and price are not mutually exclusive. It prides itself on

supplying the highest quality items at affordable prices. And as part of

its promise, it has a dedicated team regularly checking King of Cotton prices against other online and high street competitors.

Egyptian cotton is world leader

The comfort of cotton

What is it about Egyptian cotton that makes it so desirable? Over the past three centuries, Egypt’s cotton has prevailed as one of the country’s biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the “best” cotton in the world, its softness, strength and superior characteristics, have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as unrivalled for quality throughout the world.

You will not be disappointed with the beautifully displayed selection of products available at the San Pedro boutique: quilts, sheets, towels, bathrobes, slippers and more in a tasteful and contemporary array of colours and designs will inspire you to instantly refresh your entire linen cupboard. Furthermore, the welcoming and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to take you through the thread counts and explain the virtues of specific bath towels. From personalised products for special occasions the same slippers that King of Cotton supplies to the Ritz Carlton hotels, it’s the place to go when you want to “slip into something more comfortable.”

Egyptian cotton has not gained such a reputation without reason. You don’t get to be the King of Cotton just by saying you are and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibres: •The length of the fibre makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn •The strength of the fibre makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress •Its ability to absorb liquids gives products made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colours. •As its fans will tell you - its softness feels like nothing else in the world. Furthermore, Egyptian cotton is hand picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity and the hand picking

Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro. Tel: +34 951 12 71 16



Use theTcYod1e7: SOCIE



From the middle of August you’ll find the world’s finest linen and towelling conveniently located with free parking. King of Cotton has an established reputation for high quality at reasonable prices, come and see for yourself or visit our website.




OF COTTON The world’s finest linen and towelling

K I N G O F C OT TO N , C E N T R O C O M E R C I A L L A C O L O N I A A V E N I D A D E L A V I R G E N D E L R O C Í O 6 - 7 2 9 6 7 0 S A N P E D R O D E A L C Á N TA R A , M A R B E L L A , M Á L A G A T : 0 3 3 4 9 5 1 2 3 9 3 0 5

SYZYGY Homes brings together a series of factors that produce a unique living environment on the Costa del Sol. An enviable location, exclusive modern Mediterranean design and the finest materials coincide to make SYZYGY Homes the ideal lifestyle choice, in the New Golden Mile. SINCE 1990

Discover more about this new living experience at

T A KE C ONTROL The options are endless... Audio, Video, Lighting, Heating, Aircon, Security within your property from afar

Book an appointment today for your smart home experience (+34) 952 800 544 | 662 100 300 | 675 040 872 | Avda de la Uniรณn 32, Jardines de Atalaya, Estepona

Create your own legacy Atlas Signature Homes - The Benhavis Collection Outstanding in every sense of the word, Atlas Signature Homes set the benchmark for architectural excellence and sophisticated living. Set within the stunning backdrop of Benahavis, we are offering a selection of just 10 exclusive plots for you to create your own dynamic living space. Working with award winning architects and world class designers you can bring your own idea of perfection to life.

Create your own home. Create your own legacy.

(+34) 951 350 068

Centro Comercial Atenea, Local 1 y 17 Ctra. N-340, Km. 168, 29680, Estepona, Mรกlaga


Green For Go! By Amy-Rose McDowell Interior Designer at FOC Design




reen is most likely to be associated with nature, fertility, growth, money and, probably most famously, jealousy. Psychologically, green is believed to be the great balancer - the perfect mix between head and heart. Red might be associated with extremes, such as love and anger, yellow might be associated with happiness, an eternal ray of sunshine, but green is somewhere in between; equilibrium, a moment of clarity. Some believe that the power of green is so important for our brains that this is why there is so much of it all over the planet. Another theory is that, given the

amount of stress we seem keen to endure as humans, it is simply common sense that we would feel the need to surround ourselves with the colour that best represents nature. Green is the colour that takes us right back to that stripped down moment of simplicity and clarity that allows us to remember what it means to be human in the first place. It is the colour of abundance (or wealth, as some interpret it) which is why it may also be interpreted as representative of property, materialism, possessiveness and jealousy. At traffic lights it means ‘go’. Green is recognised as a symbol of luck in most Western cultures. In China the colour represents infidelity - a green hat

All available at FOC Design.

Graham & Green



Cole & Son

indicates that a man’s wife is cheating on him. In Israel green represents bad news. In Spain a racy joke is ‘green’. The chosen colour for Pantone Colour of the Year is ‘Greenery 15-0343’. According to Pantone: “Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This shift is reflected by the proliferation of all things expressive of Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices globally. A constant on the periphery, Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront - it is an omnipresent hue around the world.” There are many fictional interpretations of the colour green, in the Arthurian poem, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, the knight is considered by some to be a living representation of the Pagan/Celtic Green Man (a



Cole & Son

Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow



symbol of fertility, seasonal renewal and ecological awareness). The Green Knight is portrayed as both good and bad in this particular poem with some even believing he represents the Devil himself. Interestingly J.R.R Tolkien described him as, “the most difficult character to interpret”. The Green Man is a recurring theme in literature with some even associating Robin Hood and Peter Pan with the same folklore. In The Great Gatsby a green light represents Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future. He reaches out toward the green light in the darkness as a guiding light to lead him to his goal. In the movie of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, the Green Mile itself is a metaphor for death, which to some also signifies new beginnings. So why, if this colour is historically so important and intriguing to us, do we struggle to place it in our homes? Indoor plants are one thing and we seem to be divided between the love/ hate camps on that subject - but furniture? Soft furnishings? Accessories?

All available at FOC Design.





r bo




Osborne & Little

e ttl








It seems to be considered risqué to use the colour that can be closely connected to the very beginning of time. Sure, it’s a statement, but will your neighbours really be gossiping if you choose to introduce it to your colour scheme? Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be buying an avocado sofa any time soon but it is still fascinating that the colour could be so taboo when inherently linked to our very existence. With any statement there are right ways to do it and wrong ways and,




n or







Graham & Green

Graham & Green

Jab Anstoets

essentially, if you like the result who is to say which nail you hit on the head? If you’re looking to sell or rent your home it’s probably a risk worth avoiding if you are unsure, but if it’s a case of personal preference then who’s to say if it works or not - after all, creativity is subjective. Here we have chosen some lovely items that give green a new lease of life and you should never be afraid to do what your instincts tell you. After all, won’t it be fun to give the neighbours something else to gossip about? All available at FOC Design. Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18, Puerto Banus Tel +34 952 817 129 | ONLINE SHOP:


Design knows no limits so neither do we!



welcome aboard t h e w o r l d ’ s f i r s t 5 - s ta r l u x u r y s u p e r ya c h t h o t e l

s u n b o r n g i b r a lta r , o c e a n v i l l a g e m a r i n a phone +350 200 16000 s u n b o r n g i b r a lta r . c o m














0 0 : 0 2 0 0 : 4 1 M O R F H C R A M h t

D-Wine’s Ecological Wine festival will offer visitors 12 Spanish Ecological Wines and Tapas made of organic ingredients, new products from traditional Spanish wine regions will be introduced during the event. The programme also includes a special guest presentation of an organic winery popularising the organic lifestyle, as well as live music, all in a relaxed environment. The event also aims at drawing attention to healthy eating and wine drinking which greatly contributes to the healing of your body and soul, which is easier to achieve with the help of meals and wines resulting from ecological practices . All the wines presented at the event will be available to buy including a 10 % discount for all participants.

Fine Dining Restaurant & Bodega

Award Winning Wine List of Over 6,500 Selected Wines

+34 952 814 446


Knowing which wine is the perfect match with each dish is the mark of a real expert, so we are very lucky that our sommelier, Julio, has all the answers.


FEAT NE of t U he m RE on th

The Hermit of

t a r o i r P


fter studying wine-making in Bordeaux, and spending two years working at Château Petrus in Pomerol, Alvaro Palacios returned to Spain and acquired his first vineyard, Finca Dofí, in 1989. In 1993, he located what is now regarded as his ‘crown jewel’ property in Priorat, a precipitous, northeastfacing Garnacha vineyard on welldrained schist that had been planted between 1900 and 1940. Alvaro named it L’Ermita for a small chapel, or hermitage, that sits atop the hill. L’Ermita is widely considered - along with Peter Sisseck’s Dominio de Pingus - to be the most important Spanish wine of the modern era. According to wine experts 2013 might be the best vintage ever for L’Ermita (100 Parker Points); no more than 640 bottles were filed. The rest of Alvaro´s Line in Priorat are Finca Dofi, Gratallops, Les Terrasses and Camins del Priorat.


Alvaro Palacios is convinced that the identity of Priorat lies in Garnacha and Carinena, rather than Cabernet Sauvignon. He has therefore increasingly reduced the percentage of Cabernet in his flagship L’Ermita and since 2006 has no Cab in the blend. Finally, from 2011, all his wines, except the entry level Camins del Priorat, are produced exclusively with Garnacha and Carinena. The 2011 Finca Dofi represents a huge jump in quality for this wine to a fresher style. Alvaro has been re-grafting all the Cabernet Sauvignon to Garnacha and Dofi has mostly used fruit from north-facing plots which gives it a special freshness. The best value “Les Terrasses Velle Vignes” was created in 1995 as an offering from Palacios made to satisfy the huge demand for his wines.


“He has therefore increasingly reduced the percentage of Cabernet in his flagship L’Ermita and since 2006 has no Cab in the blend. Finally, from 2011, all his wines, except the entry level Camins del Priorat, are produced exclusively with Garnacha and Carinena.” The grapes for Les Terrasses are sourced from different villages (Gratallops, La Vilella Baixa, Bellmunt, El Lloar, El Molar, Porrera, Scala Dei, Torroja and Poboleda) all of them grown on schist licorella soils. Finally there will be a new singlevineyard wine above Finca Dofi, called Aubaguetes (in the shade ) from the village of Bellmunt. It will be mostly Garnacha with some two per cent Cariñena form the usual licorella soils and it is due to be released in November this year. You may find a vertical collection of L Ermita from its 1993 opening vintage up until the latest and best release 2013 at D-Wine - just come and taste the best Wine and Food of Spain

D-Wine Tel.952 814 446 Centro Comercial Azalea, Calle Ana de Austria, 2.




By Eleanor McKenzie


here are occasions when American cuisine is just what the taste buds ordered and where better to experience the full on hickory smoked, barbecued style of cooking than at Jacks Smokehouse, which in case you haven’t heard is where Jacks American Brasserie used to be on Puerto Banús’s prestigious frontline. Jacks

has been a favourite eatery in the Port for many, many years, and has always enjoyed a great reputation for its food and service, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to sample and savour the delights of its new incarnation as Jacks Smokehouse.

As you can imagine, the newly renovated Jacks Smokehouse is a big favourite with the younger, international Marbella set who crave a good burger and a rack of ribs, and judging by the crowd of diners happily tucking into the meaty elements of the menu, it continues to attract a clientele with hearty appetites. Of course, another of Jacks’ attractions is that it feels authentically American. The interior décor takes you from Marbella to the southern states of the USA with a touch of Nashville glamour in moments. Plus, the outside terrace on a sunny day is the perfect place to perch and watch the supercars slide by and the yachts bob on the marina’s gentle waters. There is nothing you can’t learn about life and the people in Puerto Banús when you sit outside Jacks Smokehouse day or night. We reckoned that any visit to Jacks would require a good appetite and an empty stomach, so we starved ourselves in preparation for our visit. Of course, the downside of starvation is that when you arrive at a restaurant your eyes tend



to be bigger than your stomach and we were overwhelmed by the variety of dishes on offer in the revamped menu. So much so that several of us just couldn’t decide what to choose at first. However, after the initial cries of “Oh, I’ve got to have the ribs,” we all gradually calmed down and chose items that we could share, thus giving everyone ‘a bite of the burger’ so to speak.

amok. What a revelation it was and if you’re out on a date, or just out with a mate and you want to share a dish, then this is the perfect choice. Fish lovers do not despair. From the grill you have a choice of freshly Grilled Tuna Steak with black sesame crust, 5-spice Asian vegetables, soy, honey and ginger. Or, why not push the boat out and have the Whole Grilled Lobster with garlic butter. Yum!!

BURGERS, BURGERS! So, let’s start with the burgers on offer. You can have your burger straight or with cheese. You can also have a New York deli burger made from Angus beef, a Smokehouse burger or a Wagyu beef burger. Not keen on beef? Then the Jerk Chicken burger brings you a touch of Jamaica, there’s a Southern Fried chicken burger (move over Colonel Sanders) and for the non-meat eaters there is a five bean burger. Then there are the Combo Sliders with pulled pork, which top chef Gordon Ramsey has been encouraging every burger house in the USA to make in his show “Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.” Of course, there are no kitchen nightmares at Jacks; the service and the

quality of the food is perfection.

And, if you’re a hot dog fan, then you’ll be able to order a proper American one here. We selected the Smokehouse burger and the Jerk Chicken, both of which were delicious and the dressings were spot on. Please also note that all burgers can be served gluten free.

And, before we forget, there is an excellent pizza menu and a Kids menu with mini versions of the adult offering.

ARE YOU RIBBING ME? At least one of our party is a serious rib fan and you can usually predict that if they are on a menu, he’s going to order them. Imagine the smile on his face when he saw the Main course menu and saw the Slow Braised Beef Short Rib served with sweet potato mash and smoked shallot gravy. Or, should he have a half/full rack of 12-Hour Smoked BBQ Ribs served with coleslaw, shoestring fries and either Creole dry rub or Smokehouse BBQ sauce? It was a tough choice but in the end, the Smoked BBQ Ribs won the day. It is fair to say that not

every establishment can cook ribs so that they remain succulent and fall off the bone, but we can truthfully report that Jacks really does know how it should be done. We also sampled the Sizzling Fajitas and the Smoked Chicken with charred corn on the cob, mash and gravy. We felt as if we were close to dining with Frank Underwood in “House of Cards” when he goes to Freddy’s BBQ Joint for some real southern cooking.

ON THE GRILL There is also a Grill menu. How about a Longhorn 28-Day Dry-Aged New York Strip Loin, or a Prime Irish Fillet Steak or Argentinian Rib Eye? Or, a Jacks 40-Day Dry-Aged Galician Tomahawk Steak for Two? Well, we had to try the latter. The combination of Galician and Tomahawk in the same phrase had our imaginations running

THIS RESTAURANT HAS A GREAT LOCATION, A MENU THAT SUITS JUST ABOUT EVERYONE’S TASTES AND A WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE. THERE’S EVERYTHING TO LIKE ABOUT JACKS SWEET ENDINGS We were more or less fully satiated by now, but it would have been rude to leave without sampling the dessert menu. SOCIETY has more than one Brownie lover, but when we saw that there was also Key Lime Pie and an Oreo and Peanut Cheesecake, a Knickerbocker Glory and Cherry Pie we went a bit sweet crazy. We may have walked in with empty stomachs but we certainly left Jacks Smokehouse with well-filled ones. This restaurant has a great location, a menu that suits just about everyone’s tastes and a welcoming atmosphere. There’s everything to like about Jacks – make sure you pay it a visit! Muelle Ribera, Local 23-25, Puerto Banús, Tel. 952 81 36 25



Little Black Book Our comprehensive directory of local businesses

Banks & Financial Services

LLOYDS BANK Tel. 902 02 43 65,

TOURBILLON LIMITED Suite G2 The Eliott Hotel 2 Governor’s Parade. Gibraltar T. +350 200 66660

MONEYCORP Tel. 952 587 657,

ABBEYGATE Tel. 902 87 77 28, BANCA MARCH Location: Camino de Camoján, 0, Marbella, Tel. 952 76 48 10, BANCO POPULAR Location: Av Ricardo Soriano, 36, Marbella, Tel. 952 76 57 05, CURRENCIES DIRECT Location: C. Orquidea, Local 6, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 90 65 81, FIDUCIARY Tel. 956 79 69 11, FLUENT FINANCE Location: Tales de Miletos 11, Edif. Banana Beach, Blq. C3, Marbella, Tel. 952 92 64 81, GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT Tel. 952 768 376, HOLA CREDITO Location: CC Negocios Puerta de Banús (opposite Iceland). Tel. 951 319 538 HiFX Tel. 951 20 39 86, IBEX Location: CC. Benavista, Local 3, Estepona, Tel. 952 88 71 25, JYTSKE BANK Location: 76, Main Street,  Gibraltar +350 20072782,


NORDEA BANK Tel. 952 816 925

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SANTANDER Lugar Muelle de Ribera, 3-4, Puerto Banus,Tel. 952 81 76 45,

Bars & Clubs BAR SIX Avd. del Prado, Aloha T. +34 951 319 436 AQWA MIST Location: Beneath La Sala Tel. 951 506 248 ITAPU Location: Calle Revuelta 18, Cancelada, Estepona, Tel. 952 88 79 04 NEWS CAFÉ Location: Lugar Muelle de Ribera, Tel. 952 81 21 31 OLD JOY’S PUB Location: Frontline Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 42 83, SINATRA BAR Location: The Marina, Puerto Banus, SEVEN Location: Avenida Muelle de Ribera, Puerto Banús, Tel. 672 70 20 85, SLAINTE Location: CL Manolete CC Iberico 7, Tel. 951 27 93 14, LA SUITE Location: Hotel Puente Romano Tel. 630 962 852 suiteclubs. com THE LIVING ROOM Location : Avda. Del Prado, Urb. Aloha Gardens bloque 1, Tel. 619 06 11 47

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Great, Challenging Fun for the Whole Family!

A World of trampolines on the Costa del Sol!


Fiestas, Parties, Cumpleaños Groups, y Birthdays, mucho más! and Groups

horario Edificio Lunamac, for more info verano (2 julio - 28 agosto): Calle Carril de Picaza s/n, 10-22 hrs Poligono Industrial, 29670, San Pedro de Alcántara

tel: 952 787 018 e-mail:


Air Co

much more!

itio nd n


Visite para más Go to información

€ 10

/hour Adults/Children


€ 2 for compulsary anti-slip SOCKS (reusable)

We start on the hour, every hour!

Opening Hours MON-WED-THURS 15 - 20 hrs TUESDAY closed FRIDAY 15 - 22 hrs SATURDAY 10 - 22 hrs SUNDAY 10 - 20 hrs school & public hols. 10 - 22 hrs









THE OFFICE Location: Local 2-3 Centro Plaza Nueva Andalucía Marbella Tel. 693 780 299

SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Villa Marina, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 81 38 82,

THE PLAYWRIGHT Location: C. Manzana, Local 18, Pueblo Los Arcos, Elviria, Tel. 952 86 88 98,

Beauty & Health

THE STUDIO Location: Avda. Del Prado, Urb. Aloha Gardens bloque 1, Tel. 951 31 97 42 TIBU Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 09 18,

Beach Clubs PURO BEACH Carretera de Cádiz, km 159, Estepona T. +34 952 800 015, FINCA CORTESIN Tel. 952 93 78 00, NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239, PLAZA BEACH Reservations: Tel. 677 64 47 37

SALON LA VIDA Urb. Aloha Pueblo, Local 23, Nueva Andalucia. T: 952 92 91 06/680 238 480, BARDOU Location: Playas del Duque, Puerto Banús. MEGAWHITE T. +34 671 404 393 ARIA MEDICAL GROUP Location: Centro Peninsula 8, Camojan Tel. 951 276 748 / 671 639 353 BODYWORKS Tel. 952 883 151,

CIRUMED CLINIC MARBELLA Location: Edif. Panorama, Planta baja, Local 2 Ctra. De Cadiz, km 184 Tel: 952 775 34 CLASSICAL ACUPUNCTURE Tel. 952 883 151 / 693 939 188 CLINICA DENTAL SORIANO Location: Edificio Marbelsun, Calle Calvario 8, pl. 6, arpt. 11, Marbella, Tel. 951 317 021, CORTIJO CARE MARBELLA Location: C/ Joaquin Turina, Cortijo Blanco, San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella. Tel. 952 780 18, COSMOCLINIC AND ISABELLE’S Location: Carretera de Cadiz N340, Urb. Marbella Real, Local 1. Tel. 952 815 944 COSTA COSMETICA BEAUTY Location: C/Marqués del Duero 68, San Pedro de Alcántara Tel. 952 703 304

BOUTEE HAIR AND BEAUTY Location: Avenida del Prado, Plaza de Aloha, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 816 031

CRYSTAL HEALING ENERGY CENTRE Location: No.35 A7 Centro Comercial Costasol - (166km). Bel-Air Estepona. Tel: 697 972 032

CENTRO CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE Location: Centro Comercial Casablanca, Office 3, Crta de Cadiz Tel. 952 900 626,

DENTAL CARE: C.C. Laguna Village, A-7, km.159, Estepona Tel. 952 936 552 / 615 071 563



is a wonderful feeling

BEAUTIFUL THINGS FOR BEAUTIFUL HOMES... SPECIALISTS IN EGYPTIAN COTTON LINEN AND TOWELS, BEDS, DUVETS AND BEDSPREADS, RUGS, FURNITURE, CURTAINS AND MUCH MORE ... Urbanización Carolina Park, Golden Mile, Marbella T. +34 952 773 165 DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE MARBELLA Tel. 952 775 021 EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL RESTAURANT & SPA Urb Miraflores Playa, Crta. A7 km.199, Marbella. Tel. 952 587 550, oceanohotel. com ENN CARE Location: Marbella Golf and Country Club, Ctra de Cádiz, N-340 Km 188, 29604, Marbella Tel. 663 048 477 HC MARBELLA Tel.952 908 628 HEALTHOUSE Urbanización Boladilla Baja, Esetepona 29689 Tel. 951 082 090 LOOK YOUR BEST Location: Calle Ramon Areces, Marina Banús, Edificio III Local 3, Puerto Banús Tel. 951 134 990 LONG LIFE CLINIC Tel. 952 77 07 14, MARBELLA’S COSMETIC DENTAL CLINIC Location: Plaza las Orquideas 2, Exit 173,5 Casino, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 907 173, MARBELLA CHIROPRACTIC Location: Urbanizacion Guadalmina Alta, Centro Comercial 4, Local 8, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel. 952 880 398

MARBELLA VEIN CLINIC Location: Camojan Business Centre, Office 12 Tel. 952 867 003 MARION DIAS Tel. 711 771 972 MARK DENTAL CLINIC Location: C. C Benavista, Puerto Banus and Fuengirola Tel. 951 272 267 / 952 810 408 / 952 917 164 OCEAN CLINIC Location: Av. Ramon y Cajal 7, Marbella Tel. 951 775 518 Q MAX LASER TREATMENTS @ THE WELLNESS STUDIO Los Naranjos Golf Club Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia. Contact Sara Tel: 628936396 REFLECTIONS HAIR NAILS AND SKINCARE Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 902 325 324, PURE SKIN BEAUTY ROOM @The Wellness Studio Los Naranjos Golf Club Plaza Cibeles, Contact Sofia Tel: 661 279 575 RAFAEL BUENO PELUQUEROS CELEBRITY HAIR STYLIST Tel.: 952 107 196 SINERGIA PILATES Avda. de Espana 62, Estepona

THAI MITICA Calderon de la Barca, 48, Nueva Andalucia + 34 951 279 250 THE HOUSE HAIRDRESSING Pino Golf de Don Carlos, Coto de los Dolores, Local 28, Elviria +34 952 835 317 THE BARBER CLUB Ed. Online, Local 6. Calle Las Malvas Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 907 202/203 THE BEAUTY ROOM SAN PEDRO Tel: 655 013 064, THE NAIL PLACE Location: Av Manolete, Tel. 952 818 636 TITANIUM CLINIC Location: CC Marbella Mar,2. Local 8 CN 340, Km179 Tel. 952 901 442 / 615 350 476 VILLAR-ARAGON CLINIC Plaza Joaquin Gomez Aguera 4, Marbella Tel. 952 823 155 WOOD HAIRDRESSING Location: C.C Le Village, Ctra de Istan Tel. 952 771 791

GIBRALTAR & SOTOGRANDE APHRODITE BEAUTY Location: 26/27 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel. +350 20062422


Often copied but never beaten… OPEN ALL DAY EVERY DAY Tel. 952 818 861 Centro Plaza Nueva Andalucía Marbella


Coming Soon!





T : 952 373 233 - Calle Hemingway, 38. Polígono Industrial Guadalhorce, Málaga


STEPHANIE’S BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS Tel: +350 54012896 / +350 54015841,

SUSANS SKIN CARE Location: Specialist Medical Clinic 1st Floor ICC, Gibraltar Tel.+350 20049999

Boutiques & Stores BOUDOIR BOUTIQUE Locaton: Cl Las Violetas nº4-5, Marbella. Tel. 952 813 068,, DE LA FUENTE Calle Sierra Blanca 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 90 20 80 LOFT & ROOMERS Oasis Business Center, Ctra. De Cádiz KM 183. Tel: 952 77 21 39, NIMROD MESSEG Calle Aluminio 6, Marbella. Tel: 952 85 74 39, TIMELESS Avda. José Banus s/n Edf. Málaga ll, Local 24. Tel: 670 256 275, UNIQUE FIRES Tel: 951 27 74 43,

AMIRA BOUTIQUE Location: CC Laguna Village, Local 19, Estepona, ANTONIO SEIJO Location: Avenida Ramón Y Cajal 7, Marbella Tel. 952 900 140, ANTHONYS DIAMONDS Location: Avenida Ramon y Cajal 40 Tel. 952 588 795 BANG & OLUFSEN Location: Puerto Banús Main entrance. Tel: 95 281 72 50. ELLE MORGAN BOUTIQUE Location: Unit 31 Laguna Village (next to Purobeach) Tel. 647 869 831 FASHION VILLA Location: Paseo de Suiza, Elviria, Tel. 952 85 05 01 FEYDOM MUEBLES Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana, Nave, Nueva Andalucia, 15, 29660. Tel. 951 51 87 87, GLAMOUR HUNTER + 951 194 789 GUNNELS Location: Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 78 56 02 HOT OFF THE PRESS Location: Calahonda Commercial Cen-

tre Unit 7, Calahonda Tel. 952 930 392 MARBELLA DRESS COMPANY +34 667 585 410 MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edif. Casablanca, Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe Tel. 952 773 765 TWIST BOUTIQUE Location: Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara, YORKSHIRE LINEN Location: Avenida de Andalucia (Av Carmen Saenz De Tejada), Nave 11. Tel. 952 197 577,

Cafés D’ALICIA Location: Centro Commercial El Pilar (opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel) Estepona Tel. 952 823 761 DEZENTRAL Location: Calle las Malvas Ed. Online 19 -20, Marbella Tel. 952 81 86 48 NELI G’S Location: Complejo Los Palmeras de Benavista El Paraiso, Estepona, Tel. 952 928 576,


Little Black Book

PAN Y MERMELADA Location: Urb. Marbella Real16, Avda. Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Marbella Tel. 952 86 63 23, PASSION CAFÉ Location: Calle Marqués del Duero, 68, Marbella, Tel. 952 78 03 44, SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046 TERRA SANA Location: Calle Las Malvas, Edificio On-Line, Local 8-9 Tel. 952 90 62 05

Car dealerships & Rentals CAR GALLERY Location: Calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso s/n, Edif. Ferroman, San Pedro de Alcantara Tel. 952 799 260, C. DE SALAMANCA Location: Ctra.N 340, Km.171, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 52 50 ELEGANCE (AUDI) SAFA C/ Juan de la Cierva 7, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 10 97 EUROPCAR Tel. 902105055,

HARO Location: Urb El Pilar, Estepona, Tel. 952 883 122, MARBELLA 4X4 LUXURY CAR HIRE Tel. +44(0)7850 515143 +34 671 152 493 MALAGA CAR Tel. 952 17 62 25, RACING LEGENDS Location: Urb. Nueva Andalucia Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana, nave 86, 29660 Marbella Tel. 637 93 79 59

Delis DELISH Location: Calle Las Malvas 12. 29660 Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 907 627 / 609 500 340 / 610 733 050, KOBE Location: Plaza Las Orquideas 6 y 7, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 951 398 618 / 628 330 396 / 665 119 263 DELICIAS DE LA HUERTA Location: C.Comercial Odeon, Local 1, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 816 796, 628 330 396

Drink Suppliers CUVEE CARBON Tel: 666 669 653,, BEERS WINES AND SPIRITS Calle Manuel Franco Cubeiro 28 Nave 4 Poligono Industrial El Pinillo Torremelinos, Tel:+34 952 373 233 D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46,

Entertainment CINE TEATRO GOYA Carrer de Av. Julio Iglesias, Marbella. T.951 196 665 / 951 196 666, COSTA JUMP Poligono Industrial, fase 2, Calle Carril de Picaza, San Pedro de Alcantara (ITV & Parque 3 Jardines) Tel: 952 787 018, AVENTURA AMAZONIA Location: Avda. Valeriano Rodriguez Tel. 952 835 505, ESTUDIO61 Location: Calle Notario Luis Oliver 9, Tel. 672 296 074

Selected Fruits & Vegetables Pata Negra Ham International Cheese Organic Food Coffee & Tea Dips and Foie gras Oil and Vinegar Confectionery and Bakery Cantabrian Anchovies Special Albacore Tuna Fish Canned Vegetables Nuts Homemade Jams


Take-away, Home Delivery and Reservations

T. 952 906 748

Avenida del Prado. Local 4, Edificio Picaso, Aloha, Nueva Andalucia

FUNDACION PICASSO Location: Plaza de la Merced, 15, Málaga Tel. 951 926 060 HOUSES OF ART GALLERY Marbella Club Hotel Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella, Tel. 952857196

Event Venues CORTIJO DEL MARQUES Location: Albolote (Granada). Tel. 958 340 077,

ATALAYA GOLF CLUB Location: Avda. de las Golondrinas, Estepona Tel. 952 882 812 CALANOVA GOLF CLUB Location: Urb. Calanova Golf Club Tel. 951 170 194

MARBELLA POLO CLUB, Tel. 639 30 85 55,

LE PAPILLON Location: Urbanización Marbesa (Exit Camping Marbella Playa) Carretera de Cádiz Km. 193 Marbella T: 952 834 113;

PALACIO DE CONGRESOS MARBELLA Location: Calle Jose Melia 2 Tel. 952 828 244,

SALA BEACH Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882

EL PARAISO GOLF CLUB CN 340, km 167, Estepona 296880 Tel. 952 883 835

PEDRO SANCHEZ RIDING Location: Ctra. de Ronda Tel. 952 788 189

THE COURTYARD MARBELLA Location: Carretera Ojen 2.8Km,,

FINCA CORTESIN GOLF CLUB Location: Carretera de Casares s/n, Casares Tel. 952 937 883

SALON VARIETES THEATRE Location: C/ Emanicipacion, s/n Fuengirola Tel. 952 474 542 SELWO Autovia Costa del Sol, KM 162,500, Estepona, Tel. 902 19 04 82, TEAM4YOU Location: Puerto Banus Tel. 619 987 093 TIMELESS GALLERY Location: Avda. Jose Banús S/N, Edificio Málaga II, Marbella. T +34 670 25 62 75 W

TIKITANO Location: Urb. Guadalmansa, Ctra de Cadiz 340 – KM 164 Estepona. Tel. 952 798 449, VILLA DEL MAR: Loation: Marbella Club Hotel, Av. Alfonso de Hohenlohe Tel. 952 822 211

Golf Courses ALOHA GOLF CLUB Location: Apdo. 141, Urb. Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 812 388

EL CHAPARRAL GOLF CLUB Location: Urbanizacion El Chaparral, N-340 KM 203, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 587 773,

FLAMINGOS GOLF CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz KM 166 Tel. 952 889 157 LAURO GOLF 27 Location: Carretera de Málaga a Coin A-404, Alhaurin de la Torre Tel. 952 412 767 LA CALA GOLF RESORT Location: Urb. La Cala Golf, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 669 000 LA QUINTA GOLF ACADEMY Location: Urb. La Quinta Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 902 204 208 LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB Location: Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 815 206


Little Black Book

MARBELLA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz, N-340 KM 188 Tel. 952 830 500 MONTE PARAISO Location: C/ Camino de Camojan s/n, Sierra Blanca Tel. 952 822 781 SAN ROQUE CLUB CN 340, Km 127, 11360 San Roque, Cádiz, Tel. 956 61 30 30, SANTA MARIA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Urb. Elviria, Ctra. Cadiz-Málaga, KM 192, Elviria Tel. 952 831 036, REAL CLUB DE GOLF GUADALMINA Urb. Guadalmina Alta, A-7, Km.170, San Pedro de Alcántara, Tel. 952 88 33 75, SANTANA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra la Cala – Entrerrios, Mijas Costa Tel. 902 517 700, VALDERRAMA GOLF CLUB Location: Avenida de los Cortijos, San Roque Tel. 956 791 200,

Gyms and Tennis Clubs DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE Location: Ctra de Istan, Centro Comercial Le Village Tel. 952 775 021,


GLOW WELLNESS & FITNESS Location: Avenida Playas del Duque, Edificio Sevilla, Puerto Banus Tel. 952 908 507 NCT Location: Urb. Monte Paraiso Golf Tel. 952 866 843

DESIGN SPACE Location: Avda. De Salamanca, Urb. Nueva Andalucia, Edif El Mirador, local 6, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 440,

MGM Gym Location: Avenida de Manolete 10, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 817 219

EZ HOME SOLUTIONS Location: Poligono Industrial Norte C/ Carril De Picaza, 23, San Pedro De Alcantara, Marbella, 29670 Tel. 952 799 344,

TITAN ACADEMY Location: Gaudi N. 11/13, Estepona, Málaga, 29680 Tel. 951 518 057 ; 608 337 171

FOC DESIGN Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18, Puerto Banus, Tel +34 952 817 129,

Interior Design Houses

G VEGA CERAMIC Location: Polígono La Campana Nva Andalucía Tel. 952 816 848

ELIGRASS T. 951 498 732, SECRETZA Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Marbella +34 952 764 595, STOREY DESIGN Aloha Garden, Local 1-2, Avenida del Prado s/n, Nueva Andalucía T. +34 672 216 848 ; + 34 951 279 258, COCINAS PLUS Location: La Cala de Mijas Showroom, Bulevar de La Cala, Local 1, Mijas-Costa, Tel. 952 58 77 59,

INDIA EXOTICA Location: Calle Fragua 43, Marbella Tel. 952 778 500 JENSEN BEDS Location: Poligno Nueva Campana 23, Nueva Andalucia, tel. 952 90 88 55, MESSEG DESIGN Location: C/Aluminio 6, Poligono Industrial La Hermita Tel. 952 857 439 LA CASA BLANCA Location: La Colonia, Exit San Pedro, next to McDonalds, Tel. 952 78 91 98


Reservations : 951 77 87 97

Complimentary parking for two hours in Playas del Duque

Reservations : 951 77 87 97 | Complimentary parking for two hours in P


Little Black Book

LOFT & ROOMERS Location: Oasis Business Center, Ctra. De Cadiz km 183, Golden Mile, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 21 39 MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Tel. 952 77 37 65,


MOBILE & DISEÑO Location: A7 – Km. 189, 5, Marbella, Tel. 952 83 76 01,

OWEN FARRELL Tel: 670 664 341, (+35) 387 268 28 32

ROCHE BOBOIS Location: Centro Comercial Torre Real, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 78 58,

NANI & ANTONIO PEREZ, Tel. 615 31 44 46

NALIPEMI Tel. 660 676 322

Opticians ÓPTICA MARBELLA Location: Avda. Ricardo Soriano 21, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 46 24 SPECSAVERS Location: Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 12, Tel. 952 863 332, OPTIPRIX C.C La Canada, 30, Marbella, Tel. 952 82 03 56

Pets ADANA Location: Camino Padre Cura, Urb. Huerta Nueva, 14 Tel. 952 113 467 CLÍNICA VETERINARIA ZARPAS Y BIGOTES Location: Urb. Marbella Real, 13. Tel. 952 857 863/ 659 069 000, FAMA Location: Camino de Campanallas Tel. 620 354 885 MOBILE VET Location: Calle Santa Lucia, 23, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 07 33, POINTER VETERINARY CLINIC Location: Nueva Andalucía and & Estepona Tel. 952 906 626 / 952 804 165, TRIPLE A Location: Ojen Road, up from La Cañada Tel. 952 771 586,

Photographers &Artists JULIA RODER Tel: 678 521 108,, ANNA GAZDA Tel: 633 654 476;


IMAGE GURU Tel. 662 434 400,,

REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838, SAVE THE ROBOTS FILMS Tel. 600 625 520 SOL WEDDING Tel: 678 486 069;

Property Developers FOC DESIGN T. 952 817 129 QUAY PROPERTY GROUP Location: Mellior Vasari La Alzambra Local 3-1, Puerto Banus Tel. 951 319 728 PROPANA GROUP Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18

Radio BEACHGROOVES 97.1 Tel. +34 616 353 623, info@beachgrooves. com, SPECTRUM 90.4 FM Location: Centro Comercial Diana Blq 3 Local 27 y 28, Urb. Nueva Atalaya, Estepona, Tel. 952 90 50 00,

ESPANA-HOLIDAYS Marbella Office; Espana Holiday, c/c Nuevo Rosario, Local 3, urb. El Rosario, 29604, Marbella. Tel. 951 310 462 ; 666 040 590 Nueva Andalucia Office; New Era Sales Espana SL. Centro Plaza, Local 1, Avd. Manolete 1,Nueva Andalucia. T. 952 908 856 ; 674 061 675, FINE & COUNTRY Location: Marbella Club Hotel Boulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella Tel: +34 952 764010, JACKSON GRUNDY Ed. La Rotonda, Av. Manolete Nva. Andalucía & Centro Plaza Nva. Andalucía T: +34 952 90 75 21 MP DUNNE Centro Expo 11-12 (Opp. Marbella Club Hotel), Tel. +34 952 866 072, NEVADO REALTY Calle Camilo Jose Cela 18, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 825 517, QUESTATES Calle Francisco Villalon 13, Marina Banus 4, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 819 174, PRIME PROPERTY MARBELLA Tel. 951 082 367 RHONE PROPERTY Avda. Ricardo Soriano 63, +34 952 766 288 THE REAL ESTATE GALLERY Avda. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 393, WASA INMOBILIARA Centro Comercial Plaza 65-66, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 818 000,

TALK RADIO 91.9FM Tel. 952 799 953,


Real Estate Offices

Trocodero Sotogrande Paseo del Parque s/n, 11310 San Roque, Cádiz. Tel. 678 456 047,

MARBELLA FOR SALE Edificio Marina Banús, Calle Francisco Villalón, Bl.4, Local 8, Puerto Banus. T: 952 90 73 86, SPACE MARBELLA Plaza de las Orquídeas 3, Nueva Andalucia. Tel: 951 052 766 / Marbella Old Town, Calle Africa 2. Tel: 951 203 716, DIANA MORALES Av. Cánovas del Castillo, 4, 29601 Marbella, Tel. +34 952 765 138,


CASARES FINCA CORTESIN EL JARDIN Location: Carretera de Casares S/N Tel. 952 937 800, BENAHAVIS Indian MASALA Location: C. Com, El Pilar, Local 2 Tel. 900 525 801,

Tel: 952 92 95 78 ·

Calderón de la Barca s/n, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella

Little Black Book



HEAVEN BEACH BAR Location: Playa de Guadalmansa km. 164, Estepona, Tel. 659, 220 570,

ALABARDERO BEACH CLUB Urb. Castiglione s/n San Pedro de Alcantara T. 952 780 552

TANINO Location: Calle Pino Real, 5 Saladillo Benamara, Benahavis Tel. 952 883 259, SAN PEDRO International ALBERT Y SIMON Urbanización Nueva Alcántara Edificio Mirador, Bloque 4-B San Pedro Marbella Tel: 952 78 37 14, PASSION CAFE Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel: 952 781 583, MR. BURGER Avenida Luis Braille no 20 San Pedro de Alcántara Tel. 952 785 257 URBAN BISTRO Av. Mediterraneo, ed. Los Arqueros Beach, San Pedro de Alcántara. Tel. 951 518 105

PUERTO BANÚS American HARD ROCK CAFÉ Location: Calle Ramón Areces Esquina Marina Banús Tel. 952 908 024, JACKS AMERICAN BRASSERIE Location; Calle Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. Marbella. Tel: 952 813 625, Italian CARPACCIO Location: Muelle Ribera, Casa M Local 20, Tel. 952 813 357, PIZZERIA PICASSO Location: C/ Muelle Ribera Local 48 / 49 Tel. 952 813 669 International MISTER NOODLES Avda. Manolete 14, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 951 40 00 08,

AMBROSIA Urb. La Alzambra Crta. Nac. 340, Km. 175 Puerto Banús T. +34 685 201 206 EL GRAN GATSBY Location: Puerto Banus A vanguard concept of the Mediterranean kitchen in the best spot of Puerto Banús, offering you an author’s kitchen with magnificent views over the Mediterranean sea INFUSCHIA Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, (Within the club Tibu Banus), Puerto Banus. Tel. 952 815 325, JOHN SCOTTS Location: Muelle Ribiera Casa F, Local 24, Marbella, T. 644 954 872, LA SALA BANUS Location: Calle Belmonte Tel. 952 814 145 La Sala offers eight individually styled settings to suit whatever mood you are in – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon drinks with friends, evening cocktails or private business meetings. OLD JOY´S PUB Location: C/Muelle Ribera, Lc. 58-59 Puerto Banús, Marbella Tel. 952 84 283

+34 952 814 446


+34 636 309 993

Calle Norte 2, 29670, Marbella, Malaga

D-Wine Marbella

Info & Reservations


Little Black Book

OCEAN CLUB Location: Avda. Lola Flores Tel. 952 908 137 SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882 Luxurious Balinese setting with an al fresco restaurant serving an appetising selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood platters to Thai fusion cuisine, sushi, creative salads and lighter dishes. SANTÉ Centro Comercial Puerta de Banús, Local 22, Puerto Banús T. +34 951 196 777 Oriental TOP THAI Centro Plaza, Av Manolete, 1, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 951-31-97-78, FETOUN C/ Francisco J. Villalón, Edificio Cristamar, Puerto Banús T. +34 610 742 202



NAGA THAI Location: C.C. Cristamar Tel. 952 815 319 Wide range of exquisite and exotic dishes enjoyed in stylish surroundings. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Takeaway and full catering service also available. THAI GALLERY Location: Puerta de Banus Tel. 952 818 392

International D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46,

NUEVA ANDALUCIA French LE DISCRET Location: Av. del Prado. Urb. Los Naranjos Country Club, Indian CURRY LEAVES Avda. del Prado, Centro Comercial Aloha Local 1d Nueva Andalucia, +34 951 319 669, MASALA Avda. del Prado, Nueva Andalucía,

NEW ‘Golfer’ MENU!

BOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT Location: Urb. Fuente Aloha Tel. 952 906 748 Exotic blend of fantastic fragrant food, with an ambiance inspired by rich culture, all topped off with excellent service.

THE FRESH FOOD CAFÉ Location: Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella Tel. 952 907 364 Fresh food, simple ingredients, always freshly prepared to order. MAGNA CAFÉ Location: Magna Marbella Golf Tel. 952 929 587, Exquisite cuisine in stunning surroundings. Bar and large terrace with breathtaking views. STARZ MARBELLA Location: Centro Comercial Plaza, Local 60-62 Nueva Andalucía,Marbella. Tel. 952 81 63 13,

Three Course Menu Everyday for Lunch and Early Dinner (7pm-8pm)

OPEN MONDAY 16 MAY Av. del Prado. Urb. Los Naranjos Country Club. Nueva Andalucía


Tel: +34 952 929 321

YANX CAFÉ Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 952 818 861 A prized location and lively atmosphere make this a great choice all-round. Oriental ASIATICO ZEN Location: Calle Lirios s/n T el. 952 817 691 SENSATIONS DELI & SUSHI Location: Av. Manolete, 20, Tel. 952 814 964 Innovative and tantalising sushi creations at competitive prices. TUK TUK Location: Urb. Aloha Gardens Tel. 951 279 188 GOLDEN MILE International LA PARRILLA GOURMET Bulevar Alfonso von Hohenlohe (In front of Marbella Club Hotel), Marbella. Tel. 952 827 880, SUTTON Urb. Marbellamar, Milla de Oro, Marbella T. +34 952 770 760, MC CAFÉ Location: Marbella Club Hotel Tel. 952 822 211, marbellaclub. com Creative and affordable fine dining open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046, SUTTON Location: Urb. MarbellaMar, Milla de Oro, Tel. 952 770 760 VILLA TIBERIO Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 771 799 Highly popular restaurant set within stylish surroundings; al fresco at it’s best. Indian MASALA MARBELLA Location: Ctra. Cadiz Km.179 (opposite Marbella Club) Tel. 952 857 670, masalamarbella. com

TAJ MAHAL Location: C/ Jazmines 17 Local 1 Tel. 952 814 719, Exotic Indian cuisine, perfect for intimate dining and takeaway. Italian CIBO Bulevard Principe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, 11, 29600 Marbella, Málaga Tel. 952 90 03 80 Mexican ZAPATA TEX-MEX Location: Golden Mile. Carretera de Cádiz Km. 178,5 Marbella. Tel.: +34 952 86 72 83 Oriental SUKHOTHAI Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 770 550 Fabulous Thai cuisine with intimate surroundings and cosmopolitan décor. TAI PAN Location: Puente Romano Tel. 952 777 893, MARBELLA International BECKITT’S Location: Calle Camilo José Cela, Nº 4 Tel. 952 868 898, GARUM Location: Paseo Maritimo Tel. 952 858 858, garummarbella. com Great for drinks, snacks and a la carte dining. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. NUEVA KASKADA Location: Urb. La Montua, Calle Chorreadero, Marbella Tel. 952 864 478, Open everyday from 7pm, enjoy fresh cuisine on their vast terrace. PACO JIMENEZ CULINARY ART Location: Plaza de los Naranjos, 11 (Orange Square, 11) Marbella Centre Tel. 952 77 36 10 / 627 625 952

Everything happens in happiness

Mallorca Ibiza Marbella Madrid Valencia

coming this summer, the first hotel cappuccino in palma de mallorca Cappuccino Marbella. C/ de José Meliá S/N · T. 952 868 790 (Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe)



PAELLA’S Y MÁS Location: Calle Jacinto Benavente 33, Entrance Ricardo Soriano 40, 29601 Marbella, Tel. 952 82 25 11, Japanese TAHINI Location: Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe, Tel. 952 902 936 EAST OF MARBELLA International ALBERT´S BAR & GRILL CABOPINO Location: Puerto Cabopino, Edf. B, Lc. B5 Tel. 952 836 886 LA DESPENSA DE ALANDA Location: Carretera de Cadiz Km 192, Elviria. T el. 952 768 150 THE BEACH HOUSE Location: frontline beach Elviria Tel. 952 839 458 Idyllic location by the sea with stunning sunsets over one of the Coast’s best beaches. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239 Nikki’s signature ‘global’ cuisine served in luxurious beach club surroundings either on he palm-shaded al fresco terrace, or from on the oversized beach beds. MIJAS COSTA International EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL & RESTAURANT Location: Miraflores. Tel. 952 587 637 El Oceano is an oasis of laid-back luxury, privately owned and operated, where guest comfort and satisfaction is paramount. The three restaurants serve up flawless food and the views are breathtaking. OLIVIA’S LA CALA Location:Calle Torreon La Cala de Mijas Tel. 952 494 935,

Useful websites CABIFY Download the app! - CONFLICT INTERNATIONAL +44 (0)20 7917 2939, EXPLORE MARBELLA A comprehensive business directory with real reviews and daily deals. LÍNEA DIRECTA Insurance for your car, motorcycle, and home. PROPERTY PAINTERS Tel. 606 788 630, REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838, SAVE THE ROBOTS FILMS Tel. 600 625 520




La Sal

For more information and bo

Email reservations@LaSalaBanus.c


here can be few people in Marbella and even farther afield who don’t know La Sala. The successful and prestigious group has altered the Marbella social scene since its first appearance and now it has appointed a new CEO who will lead its further expansion. This will include beach clubs and a possible strategic alliance with a prominent global hospitality group, to take the company into the next phase of its very ambitious growth plans. Sala Group currently operates six locations worldwide, with a pipeline of proposed projects for 2018 and it has been acknowledge within the industry as one of the premier hospitality groups in Spain and Europe.

The new CEO, Federico González, took up the position on the 6th February. He holds a law and economics degree from Deusto University in Bilbao and an MBA from INSEAD business school in France. He brings his extensive corporate experience to the group, having worked previously for Audi UK, amongst others, as well as his broad experience as an entrepreneur and property developer. Commenting on his appointment he said, “I’m honoured to have been chosen for this very exciting opportunity. This is a group that has achieved unparalleled success since its foundation. To be offered the

chance to lead our 300 employees to greater success is a challenge I am greatly looking forward to.” In response, Steve Hampson who has been CEO since 2012 said: “Fede is an excellent fit for our business, his local and international experience will prove invaluable as the group formalises our expansion plans for 2017/18”. Hampson will remain with the business as a Director focusing on International and Strategic Affairs. It sounds like there are exciting days ahead for Sala Group both in Spain and internationally.









951 569 661

Local 15, Centro Comercial Le Village, Carretera de Istán, KM 1, 29602 Marbella


TAKE AWAY & FREE DELIVERY* /smallworldcafe



+34 622 49 11 88

952 771 046

Local 15, Centro Comercial Le Village, Carretera de Istán, KM 1, 29602 Marbella *Delivery within 3km radius of SmallWorld Cafe. Available every day from 1pm - 4pm & 7pm - 11pm.

B R EAKFAST, BRUNCH & LUNCH /panymermelada



MARBELLA (GOLDEN MILE) Urbanisation Marbella Real 16, Avenida Bulevard Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 29602 Marbella NUEVA ANDALUCÍA (NEAR H10 CASINO) Calle de las Malvas 14, 29660 Nueva Andalucía

952 817 591 952 866 323

Society Magazine March 2017 - Queen Beyoncé  

Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a lifestyle magazine: it is used as a...

Society Magazine March 2017 - Queen Beyoncé  

Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a lifestyle magazine: it is used as a...