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La Sala Gibraltar with the same fantastic quality, value and vibe you expect from La Sala but now with spectacular views of the harbour

Located on the


open 12.00 to 02.00

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and the rock whilst dining on the back of a super yacht.

Sunborn Five Star Luxury yacht

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LUNCHTIME Daily winter warming lunch specials from 12€

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fter a festive month filled with parties and celebrations (and a ridiculous amount of eating!) the New Year is finally upon us! Now is the time that we start to think about what the year is going to bring and what new and exciting things are coming our way - the whole ’New Year, New You’. Well, look no further as we have a whole bunch of new and fantastic things to let you in on! In celebration of the release of Star Wars’ latest episode: The Force Awakens, we have the baddest cover star in town, the one and only, Darth Vadar! As well as SOCIETY’s very own A-Z guide on everything you need to know before entering the dark side! For those who fancy starting the year on the lighter side, we’ve got a whole selection of brilliant features to make you healthier and happier! Local author, Eva George, gives us the lowdown on body image and how to become ‘size-happy’ in her new book, Size HH. Health and nutrition expert, Bettina Campolucci Bordi, who has been cooking up more of her delicious recipes, offers us the health benefits of herbs and spices and how to introduce them into your meal preparation. Spiritual guru, Margaret Buchanan offers us an insight into Yoga and explains how changing your breathing could change your life.

Madame Esmeralda reads the stars of our beautiful home of Marbella and suggests that January be the month we look at for rebooting our fitness regime - which I’m sure we can all agree isn’t the worst idea after the holiday season! And where better to get in shape than at the newly opened DY GYM. We chat to the gym’s owner, Kimo, who lets us in on how it all began and his big plans for the future. Also helping us along the healthy highway is our resident beauty girl, Jess Miles, who advises all of you ladies on how to create your own beauty regimes without spending a penny. Racing driver and motoring author, Ian Kuah, gives us a taste of the awesome Mercedes C-Class Coupe, and if you’re thinking of starting the year with a quick getaway, Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham proves to be the perfect city break to splurge in the sales. Once again the celebrations have been non-stop and we have done a pretty good job at covering them after all, we must start as we mean to go on!

Society Marbella published and produced by: PUBLISHER Andy Clark CREATIVE DIRECTOR Constanza Mtz. SENIOR DESIGNER Alma Roda Ros FEATURES EDITOR Natalie Rose Kern EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Charlotte Jacques EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Eleanor McKenzie HEAD OF COMMERCIAL Avi Hassidoff SALES EXECUTIVE Gabriel Moya

Happy New Year to you all! Let’s make this year just as brilliant as the last!

SALES SUPPORT Patricia Lopez

Until next time…


Andy Clark ACCOUNTS Amanda Petit CONTRIBUTORS Andrea and Dominique Forsstrom, Amy-Rose McDowell, Bettina Campolucci-Bordi, BookWorld, Daniel Boardman, Eva George, Dr. Ian Kuah, Elle Morgan, Hayley Reed, India Baltran, Julio Garcia Valdes, Margaret Buchanan, Padre Peter, Wallem Brothers. PHOTOGRAPHERS Julia Roder, Neil Andrew Egerton, Katerina Sol (by.lullaby), Zhuldys Serikbayeva For all enquires please contact +34 600 812 418 Office address: Edificio La Rotonda, 7. Avd.Manolete s/n, Nueva Andalucía Icon Publishing Group CIF: B93035210

GET A LOAN ON WHAT YOU OWN Immediate Cash Settlement


by r ec om m en d at ion & ap p oi n tm en t P u erto ba n Ăşs , M a r be ll a

951 508 084

d e l af ue n t e f i n e j e w e l l e r y .com

by r e c om m en d at ion & ap p oi n tm en t P u erto ba n Ăşs , M a r be ll a

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d e l af u e n t e f i n e j e w e l l e r y .com


Breathe In Breathe Out



Learn how changing your breathing can change your life with spiritual guru, Margaret Buchanon.

Bare Faced Cheek


Perfect your skin with homemade face masks from SOCIETY’s beauty girl, Jess Miles.

16 Star Wars Returns

Ahead Of The Game


FOC Design share the psychology of colours in interior design for 2016.

SOCIETY’s very own guide to knowing your Wookie from your Jedi.

Read all about it!



The team at Bookworld brings us their current bestsellers.

Top Coats

Fashionistas, Sisko Akt, warm up in their gorgeous new winter collection.

Sensational Sales

Malmaison in Birmingham turned out to be the perfect stay for a city break with retail therapy.



Wallem Brothers

the danish duo bring you their top tracks to take you through 2016 dancing.

Restaurant Nueva Kaskada never fails to impress.


Calm Karma Discover your inner karma in stylish yoga wear from

The Kimo Story The owner of the newly opened DY GYM tells us all about his new venture and plans for the future.


Exceptional Dining

Who’s in, who’s out



Style Size Counsel Healthy Our resident and Happy motoring Marbella resident, Eva George, lets us in on her new book about how to become your perfect size.

correspondent, Ian Kuah, takes the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe for a spin.

As usual, SOCIETY attended the hottest parties and events on the coast. Were you there?


Spice Up Your Life


Bettina Campolucci educates us on the health benefits we can receive from adding herbs and spices into our mealtimes.


Natalie Rose Kern took a trip to Mijas for a worthy cause.


The Entertainment Charts

By Natalie Rose Kern

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars! The latest sci-fi movie is everywhere you turn and it seems that there’s no escaping it. So, as we prepare to welcome the much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we take a look at the whole series of movies and get up to speed on the ever brilliant Star Wars saga. When Star Wars first hit our big screens back in 1977, it exploded and gave birth to a generation of Jedi Knights all over the world. A New Hope was closely followed by The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, and in 1983 came the infamous “Luke, I am your father” Return of the Jedi. Every 80s child owned a light sabre and a collection of Star Wars-inspired models, battleships and figurines, and every Christmas saw the trilogy screened on consecutive nights as small boys dreamt of being Luke Skywalker and bigger boys dreamt of Princess Leia. My brother leapt over furniture wielding his lightsabre furiously as I daydreamed of my very own pet Ewok and Princess Leia’s gold bikini.

EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE (1977) Part IV in George Lucas’ epic, Star Wars: A New Hope opens with a Rebel ship being boarded by the tyrannical Darth Vader. The plot then follows the life of a simple farm boy, Luke Skywalker, as he and his newly met allies (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2) attempt to rescue a Rebel leader, Princess Leia, from the clutches of the Empire. The conclusion is culminated as the Rebels, including Skywalker and flying ace Wedge Antilles make an attack on the Empire’s most powerful and ominous weapon, the Death Star. Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a wookiee and two droids to save the universe from the Empire’s world-destroying battle-station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader.

The vast array of fictional characters, heroes and villains became household names, the movies were iconic and we thought that the Star Wars trilogy was complete…until almost sixteen years later when the first of the prequels was released. In the ensuing trilogy we follow the adventures of a young Anakin Skywalker before he turned to the dark side and became one of the world’s most notorious baddies; Darth Vader.

Star Wars is once again in sequel mode—it’s been so long since the original cast has been on screen that this one could be called a postquel —and the

franchise has roared back with full force. The action in this latest movie begins 30 years after “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” the last of the series that wasn’t a prequel… So let’s recap from the beginning -

EPISODE V THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980) After the rebels have been brutally overpowered by the Empire on their newly established base, Luke Skywalker takes advanced Jedi training with Master Yoda, while his friends are pursued by Darth Vader as part of his plan to capture Luke.


The Entertainment Charts




After rescuing Han Solo from the palace of Jabba the Hutt, the rebels attempt to destroy the second Death Star, while Luke struggles to make Vader return from the dark side of the Force.

Two Jedi Knights escape a hostile blockade to find allies and come across a young boy who may bring balance to the Force, but the long dormant Sith resurface to reclaim their old glory.

Ten years after initially meeting, Anakin Skywalker shares a forbidden romance with PadmĂŠ, while Obi-Wan investigates an assassination attempt on the Senator and discovers a secret clone army crafted for the Jedi.

EPISODE III REVENGE OF THE SITH (2005) The Clone Wars is near an end, ObiWan and Anakin have been called to Coruscant which has been invaded by General Grievous and has abducted the Chancellor. A maturing Anakin Skywalker goes to the Dark Side of the Force and becomes Sith Lord Darth Vader. We experience the transformation in a dark, scary yet thrilling climax. The story here logically sets up the events of Episode IV, the original 1977 Star Wars movie in which Darth Vader goes to war against his own children, Luke and Leia.


The Entertainment Charts

We bring you SOCIETY’s guide to knowing your Wookie from your Jedi

By Natalie Rose Kern

Chewbacca Alderaan Nothing shows your enemies who is boss like blowing up their home planet, which is exactly what Darth Vader did to put Princess Leia in her place. That had to sting.

Bounty Hunters Rogues and Renagades such as Boba Fett were feared through the Empire as ruthless bounty hunters. We are thinking of adding him to our credit control office in 2016.


If you are going head to head with the Empire, then it helps to have an eight-foot tall hairy biped who is handy with an energy weapon as your wingman. Chewbacca the Wookiee came top of a poll of Greatest Cinema Sidekicks of All Time.

Death Star

If you really, really want to put a stop to those annoying rebels in the galaxy far, far away, nothing signals your intent more than sending over the Death Star. Just ask the smoldering piece of rock that used to be Alderaan...

Ewok Han Solo

Small and cute they may look, but the pint-sized furry warriors on Endor soon proved to be more terrifying than Teddies as they ambushed and defeated the Imperial Forces.

Everbody’s favourite space rogue with a winning grin and owner of the Millenium Falcon, the coolest spaceship of all time.


You either have it or you don’t. And if you’ve got it, use it!


If you are a bounty hunter, it’s never a good idea to sit across from Han Solo in the Mos Eisley Cantina, especially if Solo has a concealed blaster, as Greedo fatally found out...

Jar Jar, Binks No Sci-Fi character has ever attracted so much hatred as Jar Jar Binks. If George Lucas thought that Jar Jar would provide light comedy it backfired badly and audiences and critics alike hated him!

Kessel Run imperial Stormtroopers Always menacing in their white armour, the Imperial Stormtroopers have become cult figures in their own right. They even have an 8,000 strong international fan club, the 501st Legion, who dress up in replica armour at events and conferences. Some even made it to Malaga at the end of last year!

The stretch of space in which the Millenium Falcon set a galactic record time of less 12 parsecs. Pretty much like the tunnel under San Pedro, we imagine, but with less intergalactic traffic.

Princess Leia The feisty female hero in Star Wars was brilliantly played by Carrie Fisher. Plus THAT bikini and hairstyle when she was held captive by Jabba the Hutt had a lasting effect on a generation. Including Ross from Friends...


The Entertainment Charts

Mos Eisley

Captain Lorth


You upset Darth Vader at your peril. Captain Needa was killed by Vader for failing to capture the Millennium Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back.

Padame Amidala Any character that has Natalie Portman using Kiera Knightly as her body double gets our vote hands down!

qui–Gon Jinn

Played by Liam Neelson, which had us wishing he could reprise more of his hard man role in Taken. “If you harm my Padame, I will find you and kill you...”

R2 D2

Possibly the best and most iconic robot ever!


This decadent, dangerous frontier spaceport attracted a range of undesirables that would give Puerto Banus a run for its money!

obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Master, teacher to Luke Skywalker and Jeremy Corbin lookalike. Some could argue that Labour could do with using the Force a little at the moment...

Skywalker The Skywalkers are the central characters of the Star Wars saga – they are a bloodline with strong inherent capabilities related to the Force. Luke Skywalker is the protagonist of the original trilogy and his father Anakin is the protagonist of the prequel trilogy.

The Entertainment Charts

Tauntaun If you are freezing to death on the ice planet of Hoth, there is no better place to warm up than the insides of a recently killed TaunTaun, as Luke Skywalker messily discovered.

uncle owen

Luke’s uncle who came to a sudden end on his farm in Tatooine.

Wookiee vader The ultimate baddie. Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order.

The Wookiees were a species of tall, hairy humanoids that were native to the planet Kashyyyk. The most famous member of this species is of course the warrior Chewbacca, Han Solo’s best friend and co-pilot, who played a vital role in the Galactic Civil War by aiding the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Galactic Empire. We’re fairly fond of the Wookiees – although they have been known to rip people’s arms out of their sockets when provoked!



The TIE fighter was the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet. Carried aboard Star Destroyers and battle stations, TIE fighters were single-pilot vehicles designed for fastpaced dogfights with Rebel X-wings and other starfighters.

Yoda was a legendary Jedi Master and stronger than most in his connection with the Force. Small in size but wise and powerful, he trained Jedi for over 800 years, playing integral roles in the Clone Wars, the instruction of Luke Skywalker, and unlocking the path to immortality. Considered to be the voice of reason and wisdom, Yoda is one of the most-loved characters in Star Wars, for his dry sarcasm as well as his jumbled-up speak!


Strangly enough there aren’t a lot of Zs in the Star Wars universe. The only one our geek panel could come up with was rebel pilot Zev Senesca, who sounds as though he may have played bass for Frank Zappa!


The Entertainment Charts

The bookish team at Bookworld offer us a trio of fabulous novels to get stuck into this January – from John Irving’s tale of travel and mystery or Ryan Gattis’ breathtaking Los Angeles-based trial of action and violence, to Denis Lehane’s gangster tale of politics, law and justice.

Avenue of mysteries, john irving


world gone by, dennis lehane As we grow older - most of all, in what we remember and what we dream - we live in the past. Sometimes, we live more vividly in the past than in the present. As an older man, Juan Diego will take a trip to the Philippines, but his dreams and memories will travel with him; he is most alive in his childhood and early adolescence in Mexico. ‘An aura of fate had marked him,’ John Irving writes. ‘The chain of events, the links in our lives - what leads us where we’re going, the courses we follow to our ends, what we don’t see coming, and what we do - all this can be mysterious, or simply unseen, or even obvious.’ Avenue of Mysteries is the story of what happens to Juan Diego in the Philippines, where what happened to him in the past - in Mexico - collides with his future.

Joe Coughlin is untouchable. Once one of America’s most feared and prominent gangsters, he now moves effortlessly between the social elite, politicians, police and the mob. He has everything he could possibly want; money, power, a beautiful mistress, and anonymity. But in a town that runs on corruption, vengeance and greed, success can’t protect Joe from the dark truth of his past -- and ultimately, the wages of a lifetime of sin will finally be paid in full...

all involved, ryan gattis For six days, Los Angeles is a city ablaze. For six days, seventeen people are caught in the chaos. For six days, Los Angeles shows the world what happens when laws are no longer enforceable. Ernesto Vera is walking home from his job at a taco truck when three guys jump out of a car and assault him. Ernesto’s not in a gang, he’s not involved, but his sister is and when Payasa hears that her innocent brother has been murdered, she wants revenge.


As widespread rioting breaks out across the city, Ernesto’s death triggers an astonishing sequence of events, not just for the gangs involved, but for the firefighters, nurses and law enforcement who must deal with the consequences. In April 1992, after one of the most notorious, racially charged trials in American history, the city of L.A. exploded in violence. All Involved tells the interconnected stories of seventeen characters over six life-changing

days, and transforms the truly extraordinary story of the L.A. riots into a vivid, electrifying and addictive work of fiction. All Involved is a monumental achievement. Ryan Gattis takes the reader into the broken, outraged heart of Los Angeles during the `92 riots and doesn’t blink once at what he finds there’.





RINK NER & 1 D IN D T E F F BU ICKET CINEMA T ORN G & POPC IN T A E S IP V ay ay - Saturd d ri F y a d Thurs

Cines Teatro Goya: Av. Julio Iglesias s/n Puerto Banús. Tel: 951 196 665 / 951 196 666


The Entertainment Charts





Ritual, Lisa Hannigan - Josephine (Chilled) Clean male and female vocals and a great soothing instrumental. Nice vibes.


YEYEY - Set The Dogs (Indie) A pretty unknown artist with a great sound. 80s synths mixed with classical flutes. Great track for a road trip! Try it out!

Hotfire - Yesterday (House) So much bounce, so much good. That description didn’t make any sense, but just go and check it out and you will understand.

Music Maestros, Wallem Bros. join us this January with the top tracks to kick off our New Year and to keep us dancing throughout 2016.






Loosid - I Want U (House) Put the volume up loud and listen to the drop at 2:17. This will get any party started, trust us.

Zara Larsson, MNEK - Never Forget You (Experimental) Big song in the UK, and well deserved too. Great vocals from the Swedish Zara Larsson and MNEK killing it as always. Recommended for any party.

Perrion, Microphone Pre - Rollin (Hip Hop) We have been finding some awesome hip hop lately. Hip hop isn’t dead, you just need to search for the real stuff, or you know, just read our monthly recommendations.

When it comes to Restaurants & Wine Shops. We stand out from the crowd.

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D-Wine Marbella

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COLORECTAL CANCER Colorectal cancer is largely preventable with routine screening, including colonoscopy.

RISK FACTORS FOR COLORECTAL CANCER The following risk factors increase your chance of developing colorectal cancer, but they are all things within your control:

following these We also recommend for may lower your risk ich wh healthy habits, colorectal cancer: nds d fiber: HC recomme Fruits, vegetables, an d an its fru servings of you eat at least five y. da ch ea s ble vegeta l rate regular physica Exercise: Even mode the stairs, can help g activity, such as takin lorectal cancer. co for risk ur yo e reduc risk sity is an important Healthy weight: Obe l cancer. factor for colorecta life ices in your everyday Making healthier cho ! ks ris se the of can help reduce many

Some risk factors can’t be controlled. These include:


Patient Age: Most colorectal cancers occur after age 50


Family History of Lynch Syndrome or Familial Adenomatous Polyposis


Inherited disorders, dramatically increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer.

* Lack of exercise - obesity,particularly


History of Cancer: If you’ve had colorectal cancer before, you have an increased risk for developing it again.

* Smoking (studies show that smokers


Polyps: If you have precancerous colon polyps (abnormal growths on the inside surface of the colon and rectum), you’re more likely to develop colorectal cancer. This is especially true if they’re large or you have a lot of them.

* A diet high in red, processed, or heavily cooked meats.

* Drinking too much alcohol excess fat around the waist

are 30 to 40 percent more likely to die of colorectal cancer)

SCREENING FOR COLORECTAL CANCER in your rectum and colon to search for polyps in those areas. It’s the most effective way to detect colon and rectal polyps. Your treatment team will prescribe a clear-liquid diet and medication to clear out your bowel during the 24 hours before the procedure. You’ll also be sedated during the exam. Your doctor can usually remove any polyps that are detected, which then go to a pathologist (a doctor who specializes in diagnosing disease) for examination and analysis.

It does not require sedation. VC has limitations, however. For example, this study requires the same preparation as conventional colonoscopy, but if the study detects a polyp or other abnormality, you may need to undergo a colonoscopy.

Your treatment team may recommend one of the following colorectal cancer screening tests.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy is similar to a colonoscopy. The main difference is that your doctor uses a shorter tube to examine the lower part of your colon and rectum.

Colonoscopy is a procedure in which a thin, flexible tube with a light and a video camera on its tip is placed

Virtual Colonoscopy. This study uses CT scan technology to create 2-D and 3-D images of your large bowel.

Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) screens for colorectal cancer by detecting blood in the stool. You don’t have to follow a special diet before the test. FIT reacts to a part of the hemoglobin molecule (a protein found in red blood cells).

Oncologists can usually cure colorectal cancer if they find it early enough. But, the more colorectal cancer grows, the more difficult it can be to treat. In average-risk people with no symptoms, we recommend regular screening tests for colorectal cancer starting at age 50. Because more people are getting screened for colorectal cancer, we’re detecting the disease earlier and more often. As many as 90 percent of patients live five years or more after treatment, if the cancer is found and removed at an early stage.


Fecal Occult Blood Test. Colon or rectal bleeding can be a possible sign of colorectal cancer. A fecal (stool) occult blood test may detect small amounts of blood in your stool that are not otherwise visible.


COLORECTAL CANCER GENETIC TESTING Colorectal cancers can involve a number of different genetic mutations that cause normal cells to become cancerous. These changes in the

genes, called somatic mutations, are found only in cancer cells. They are not found in your normal cells and they can’t be passed down to your children.

For some advanced cancers, pathologists at HC will do molecular testing on the tumour to look for somatic mutations. These mutations can show certain behaviours of the tumour and predict how it might react to certain treatments. Knowing as much as possible about the tumour’s genetic makeup can help your treatment team choose a plan of care that’s most likely to help you. If you have metastatic diseases, our doctor will test biopsy samples for mutations in genes called EGFR, KRAS, and BRAF, which are common in colorectal cancer, as well as mutations in other less common genes. 


marbella dental cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Gerhard Steinruck DDS

Zahnarzt - Odontologo - Dental Surgeon

* Minimally invasive implants * Full ceramic Crowns and Veneers * Hygienist * Same day repairs * Sedation * Emergency

* 20 min Laser whitening from 100€ * Teeth cleaning including AIRFLOW from 50€


* Periodontal LASER Treatment (LANAP) * Denture Lock * Six months Smile White Braces * PARO Gum PROTECT SYSTEM * Motorized root canal treatment

Plaza Las Orquideas Nº2 Exit 173,5 - Casino 29660 Nueva Andalucía, Marbella

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We are delighted to announce that Cirumed Clinic is the first clinic in Spain to offer the new CoolMini


12 weeks after

Second Coolsculpting Session


What is the CoolMini?

The new CoolMini applicator is uniquely designed for small volume areas of fat. The applicator's size, shape and curvature is designed to comfortably fit these small, problem areas. Patients may see results as early as 3 weeks, with the most dramatic results generally observed 1-3 months following treatment. The CoolMini is the newest application using the trusted CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ patented technology and is perfect for targeting smaller areas of concern.



12 weeks after

Second Coolsculpting Session

12 weeks after

Second Coolsculpting Session

If you’re not already familiar with Coolsculpting…

Which areas can I treat with the CoolMini? The CoolMini applicator has been created targeting the treatment of troublesome areas such as double chin (submental fat), knees, axillary puffs under the arms (front and back) Can I be treated by the CoolMini? To determine if you’re a candidate for this applicator and how many sessions may be required it is important to evaluate the area and discuss your goals just as with the larger applicators. Don’t hesitate to call us for your free consultation!

Areas treatable with the NEW CoolMini Applicator.

What is Coolsculpting? The CoolSculpting procedure is a non-surgical, clinically proven procedure that selectively reduces unwanted fat using a patented cooling technology. The CoolSculpting procedure is cleared by the FDA for cold-assisted lipolysis (breakdown of fat) of the submental area, thigh, abdomen, and flank, or "love handles" in individuals with a Body Mass Index of 30 or less. The device is indented to affect the appearance of visible fat bulges in the submental area, thigh abdomen and flank. It works by gently cooling targeted fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells without affecting surrounding tissue, and the treated fat cells are gone for good. What can we offer? Here at Cirumed we have multiple interchangeable treatment applicators to tailor the treatment to your individual needs, depending on the area of concern. What’s more, Cirumed Clinic has two machines and we are the only clinic in Spain to offer dual sculpting, treating two areas at once saving you time in your busy day. Additionally, CoolSculpting is non-invasive and most treatments take just one or two hours.



COOLSCULPTING® BY ZELTIQ, A NON-SURGICAL CONTOURING TREATMENT THAT FREEZES STUBBORN FAT, WHICH THEN IS NATURALLY ELIMINATED FROM YOUR BODY. No needles, no special diet, no supplements, no surgery. And most importantly, little to no downtime. It’s safe, medically-cleared

DR. ALEXANDER ASLANI Chairman of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Hospital Quirón Málaga Hospital Quirón Marbella Director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella

Cirumed Clinic /// Edif. Panorama, Planta baja, Local 2 /// Ctra. De Cadiz, km 184 /// E - 29603 Marbella /// Tel: +34 952 775 346 /// /// ///



Kimo Story By Natalie Rose Kern


it, fashionable and stylish, Kimo is the epitome and embodiment of the Marbella lifestyle. He’s come to meet me to discuss his latest and most important project to date – DY Gym. Despite having travelled extensively and boasting successful and adventurous careers abroad, Kimo, like all self-respecting Marbellís has returned to his hometown to commence his most ambitious project yet. Born and bred in Marbella, of Arabic descent, Kimo attended the prestigious EIC School before heading off to boarding school – in Wales! “That must have been a shock to the system!” I exclaim and we both laugh and share boarding school stories, reminiscing about the mischief and mayhem of those days.


DY Gym Owner



Determined to embark upon a career in finance, Kimo underwent his training at Meryl Lynch where he flourished and, in 2003, he joined a Dubai-based portfolio management company that invested in the local region. His timing could not have been better – Dubai was booming in a big way and after a year of thriving business, growing success and lucrative triumphs, Kimo broke away to set up his own firm in Dubai, where he spent the next few years riding the wave of the roaring financial market. In 2008, the financial crisis hit, and its effect reverberated around the world as it took no prisoners and dragged the financial market to its knees. Kimo saw the tell-tell signs and before the crisis reached Dubai he cashed in his chips and sold the business – timing really seems to be his thing!

Whether it’s the weather, the community or the lifestyle that drew him back, Marbella pulled on him like a homing beacon and Kimo is back in Marbella and ready to take on the world. DY Gym is his brainchild and he has big plans for this unique concept of gymnasium, which is going to revolutionise the fitness world, as we know it. The gym in Centro plaza had long been the most frequented and popular gym on the coast and its enviable location and vibrant atmosphere had almost made it a Marbella landmark. But it was tired, aged and worn and with new modern fitness centres popping up all over the vicinity, Plaza had lost all of its credibility as a gym. The machines were always breaking, the equipment was frayed, tatty and damaged and the whole gym had lost its vitality, energy and buzz.

More and more locals were leaving Plaza in favour of other newer and more modern gyms but having trained at Plaza for over six years, Kimo wasn’t ready to hang up his hat on the gym and decided instead to turn it around. He wanted to breathe new life into it, transform, modernise and renovate it and had ideas that would raise the bar and turn the superb location around and create a revolutionary space that would redefine gyms forever. As a health and fitness freak himself, with a passion for anything risky, extreme, fast-paced and dangerous (he raced superbikes for three years for Emirates in Dubai) Kimo had specific ideas and plans for the gym and turned to his good friend, six-times Mr Olympia, Dorian Yates. The pair had been introduced through mutual friends and had forged a solid friendship.

Kimo describes Dorian as being surprisingly down to earth and humble. “His head isn’t blown up like some celebrities. He’s just a lovely, genuine, decent and honest guy. I like that about him!” Kimo asked Dorian if he would be interested in coming on board with his revolutionary gym concept and after meetings, talks and discussions it was decided. Plaza Gym would become the world’s first DY GYM. Featuring a full crossfit gym, high performance machines and the very best equipment as well as a wide variety of classes – and of course the DY restaurant and café – one of the elements that is most exciting to Kimo. “I’m really excited about the restaurant. My idea was to have fresh, healthy and calorie counted meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Gym food

is usually bland and boring, I wanted to bring a gastronomic twist to the gym’s café, boasting a molecular menu, precision meals which have been calorie controlled for whether you’re trying to bulk up or lose weight, and all are DY certified” With a fully certified DY kitchen, the most highly skilled trainers, as well as the most specialised of classes, including classes approved by the official Jiu-Jitzu school and Krav Maga. It’s going to be a gym that everyone can come to – newbies, seasoned veterans, gym bunnies and weight lifters. Whether you’re in need of slimming down, toning up, building bulk or simply keeping fit and having fun – DY Gym offers a wealth of fun, family-friendly fitness options so that your gym will become your whole lifestyle. From specialised classes to

delicious, healthy food, DY Gym will be the ultimate spot to socialise, catch up, train, chill and enjoy a healthier, happier way of life. Kimo’s Centro Plaza-based gym is set to be the first of many more to come. The plan is to open next year in Madrid and perhaps Valencia or Barcelona and Kimo has already been approached about starting up DY Gym franchises in Miami, Dubai, Moscow, Rio, London and Melbourne. The vision is to copy the prototype of the Marbella-based gym to open DY Gyms all around the world. With Kimo’s passion for success and hunger to realise this project and Dorian’s strong work ethic, it looks like the pair are just getting started and if Kimo’s enthusiasm is anything to go by, the future’s looking bright! DY Gym. Centro Plaza Nueva Andalucía



HH HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR Eva George encourages women to feel happy in their bodies.


eight loss, poor body image, obesity and eating disorders are something a large proportion of young girls and women are struggling with every day. Author, Eva George believes she has discovered a range of simple and practical ways for women to improve body confidence and become the healthiest version of themselves, without dieting or disrupting their lifestyles and has put everything she has learned into a book, designed for busy women and mums like herself. The result is Size HH. The title simply means to be size happy and healthy and it’s an easy to read, practical guide to making the most of your unique shape without dieting, or extreme exercise, plus how to make life-long healthier habit changes. The book is primarily focused on health rather than weight-loss and focuses on the 4 key areas needed to become Size Happy & Healthy; the mind, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. It has been written in a funny, accessible and honest style with even the busiest or least motivated people in mind and aims to encourage achievable, sustainable changes. To give readers the most up to date, factual information in the book, Eva consulted experts in sleep, mind training, psychology and nutrition, as well as getting inspirational stories from real women. The ebook and paperback is supported by a website offering challenges, tips and regular information to help women to reach their Size HH and stay there. Size HH ebook launched in December 2nd in association with award winning website Costa Women and is available via the website and all electronic readers including Amazon Kindle, Apple ibooks, Google Play etc.


The paperback book will be available to buy on January 10th. Eva once had such a poor body image that even at a young age and low weight she wanted to have surgery. But after two children and learning a few essential tips including; how to consciously make new healthier habits, incorporate exercise into a busy life and aim for healthy rather than skinny, she has found the ultimate balance.

About the Author Eva grew up on the East Coast of England and found her love of writing as a child but never had the confidence to pursue it as a career

until her twenties. Instead, she worked in a varied range of jobs including care work, make-up artist/ beauty therapist, promotions and marketing. During that time, Eva appeared in the media in some of the UK’s leading publications including The News of the World’s Fabulous Magazine, The Sun newspaper, and Lorraine Kelly’s TV show talking about self-image in young girls and how she was planning to have cosmetic surgery and botox at a young age because she hated her body. After appearing on Lorraine’s show, Eva didn’t go through with the botox or surgery but took off traveling instead, falling in love with Marbella and life on the Costa del Sol. It gave her time to mature, reflect and get the courage to follow her passion for writing. Eva landed her dream job working with media agencies in Marbella and writing for some wellknown brands and publications. Even though she specialised in health/ beauty writing, ghosts from the past about these subjects still haunted her… It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child that Eva realised she had discovered Size HH and felt compelled to start writing as a way to help other women who might feel the same. Two children later, the book is finally complete and Eva would like to let you in on a few need to know secrets so that you can discover Size Happy & Healthy too.


I do love this time of year. A brand spanking new set of months to fill with whatever we want! Naturally we all want to make this year an awesome one, so we find ourselves dusting off the willpower skills and setting a New Year’s resolution to see us off to a fine start. Three weeks in and it’s pretty much make or break time either we have begun to make our resolution habitual, or we can just about remember what it was… Habits are made a lot quicker and become more ingrained, not just through repetition but through repeating the action and feeling good at the same time. Chances are if your heart doesn’t give a monkey about your new year’s ressy, you could repeat it over and over but your willpower will find it ridiculously hard to keep it up long enough for it to turn into a habit. You see, your heart’s got to be in it too!



Feel-good Style


Embrace a new way of thinking Instead of thinking about all the things you should give up (whether it’s smoking, alcohol, sugar or junk food) think about all the things you have to look forward to by giving up, i.e feeling healthier, more energetic, better complexion etc. There is no need to throw the towel in completely if you happen to break the resolution either. Life is all about balance, one day you want to eat clean and treat your body like a temple, the next you want carbs, sugar and more carbs. It’s normal! Know that you can get back on track again any time you like - even the same day!

2.Keep your chin up

Literally; chin up, back straight, stomach in and shoulders back. Practicing good posture will make you appear brighter, more confident and it actually makes you feel better, instantly! Not to mention the positive effect it has on our muscles and circulation.

3. Find your motivation

Many of our News Year’s resolutions are about health related bad habits we know we should give up, but what is the real motivation for it? Is it to move away from your current state i.e

lose weight, or is it aiming towards something i.e a vision of a fitter, more energetic you? According to mindset trainer, Caroline Ferguson, aiming towards a healthier vision of yourself, rather than trying to move away from a current state is a much more sustainable way to motivate yourself.


Go for it We have a dozen fresh months waiting to be filled with memories and you have the power to make them into whatever you want! Everything starts with a thought, so be as creative as you like when thinking about what you want to achieve in 2016. Write it down or making a vision board to encourage some feel-good energy every time you look at it.


Last but not least, think about all the things you have to be thankful for from the previous years and what you could GIVE this year. Many of us think about what we can take from each situation, but not what we can give. Maybe its the simple things such as your skills, time, wisdom, love, kindness, or even forgiveness that you could offer this year.

THE IMPORTANCE OF AIMING FOR HEALTHY RATHER THAN WEIGHT LOSS (even if you really want to lose weight!) We all want to look good and feel comfortable in our bodies and for many of us that might mean losing excess fat that has been making us feel unhealthy or uncomfortable in our clothes. You may have tried every diet going in the past but struggled to find your ideal size or weight. Now you feel determined that this is your year! And why shouldn’t it be!? If you really want to bring your figure to its full potential this year, the only thing you have to do is aim for optimum health rather than weight loss. As we learned in the top 5 things, using weight loss as a goal is not sustainable motivation, but health and vitality is. Not only that, but when we only focus on being as healthy as possible, any excess weight will fall off where it should and your natural level of body fat will find its balance. No amount of money, no clothing size or body weight, no matter what you look like naked, none of this matters more than having great health and wellbeing. My aim for 2016? To continue living a life full of good health, happiness, love and laughter.



Breathe out the old… Breathe in the new…

Local yogi, Margaret Buchanan has been involved the fitness industry for most of her adult life. She began teaching as a professional Aerobics & Fitness Instructor more than 25 years ago but has since channeled her energies into Yoga – She travelled


t’s a new year – time to get fit, toned and trim - and clear your mind as well as working your body.

Yoga is designed to stimulate the body’s relaxation response, resulting in a feeling of wellbeing, strength, flexibility and calm connection to the higher self. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone and that you are never too old, too unfit or too inflexible to start and benefit from, a regular practice Think you CAN’T do yoga ? What do you really have to know to get started ...wait for it!!!

Inhale - Exhale – Repeat. Don’t let anyone fool you its not much harder than that.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga. It’s that simple.


Margaret blabla, Yoga Guru

to Thailand where she completed her certifications from the Hot Yoga method called ‘Absolute Yoga’. She then went on to complete her Vinyasa Flow teacher Training in Bali, and most recently she travelled to New York to train with “Strala” - a modern freestyle form of yoga.

Margaret now concentrates on teaching fulltime in Marbella and uses her considerable life experience to help people realise the physical, mental and emotional benefits of adopting a yogic lifestyle and philosophy to their lives.

Once you rest your attention on your breath everything else begins to open up with ease. You may think you know yoga or have never tried it because it seemed too out there, esoteric, chant-filled and mystical – or maybe you think its too “OM” filled (translates as Oh my god I’m so bored!) So check out this feature over the next few months and you will learn that yoga is both cooler and simpler than you ever imagined and is fierce in what it can do to improve your life and your health.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old expression, “whereever you go, there you are” Well, it’s true, so we might as well start exactly where we are and make it a great place to be.

Everything you need is already inside you. Yoga will lead you to yourself. You will learn that there is no need to put a great elevated authority between you and what you need. You can be your own great authority.

“Practice regularly” These words are really the key to this magic kingdom, so I repeat, practiced regularly, yoga can cure your body, settle your mind and sky rocket your energy back to kindergarten levels. If your already lifting a cynical eyebrow and thinking “Really!!!?”, how about adding to that becoming a ridiculously happy person with a super healthy body and outlook and a calm focused mind. Now, can you think of a single reason NOT to try yoga?... I can’t!


“Everything you need is already inside.”

Meditation The benefits of a regular meditation

are being recognised in the western world more and more. The benefits include reduced levels of stress, increased sensitivity, improved focus and concentration, ability to deal with problems efficiently and calmly and less anxiety. Studies are showing what regular meditators have known all along, the secret to long lasting emotional, physical and mental health is in all this deep breathing mind calming stuff. But it’s not necessary to lock yourself away and sit crosslegged in a corner for hours on end. Just a few moments a day of practising mindfulness and mediation will have incredibly positive reverberations throughout your day. You’ll become more focused, calmer, more serene and content. Your mind will become clearer and you will get to know yourself better. Mediation practice focuses on the breath. There are many techniques and tools to use. You can try counting your breath, perhaps pausing at the top of your inhales and exhales. You could repeat a simple mantra in time with your breath, (my favourite is, and feel free to borrow it,”I am energised I am focused” or try simply, “I am breathing in, I am breathing out”).

What happens when you focus on the breath is you give your mind a chance to relax. Don’t worry about trying to empty your mind, thoughts will pop in, that’s normal, and when they do just notice them and simply guide your attention back to your breath. Don’t engage with the thought, don’t get carried away on your train of thought. Whatever thought comes in, just come back to your breath (come back to your mantra). Develop your selfawareness, remaining calm, staying right where you are in the ‘present moment’. What happens when you begin to meditate is that you begin to ‘feel’ into yourself. Becoming more and more aware of how you feel physically and emotionally. You begin to get more in touch with your intuition and creativity. You start to trust yourself more and you make better choices. Practicing self-care becomes a priority, making life better for you and all those around you. Just a few moments at the end of your yoga practice, or first thing in the morning before you start your day will open up a new world to you. It’s the start of an exciting journey ‘into you’ ...Enjoy the trip!

Namaste. Getting Started

Strala I discovered Strala because I wanted

yoga to be accessible to everyone. I teach many “Yoga virgins” in my beach classes in Marbella and have been researching ways to make people’s first experience of yoga more enjoyable and less intimidating this lead me to Strala.

The Experience This is a form of yoga that moves far

beyond poses, helping you blow past your goals and get into your dreams. It’s a freedom flow that expands your limits and cracks you wide open. You reveal your radiantly inspiring self. Your Body. You get strong, long, lean & smokin’ hot. It’s what you look like when you make friends with your body and respond to what you need.

Your Mind - elevated, connected, switched on... sparks are flying everywhere: You’re in the Flow. Your Health - immunity strengthens, your relaxation response is activated and stress dissolves. Imbalances have the space to rebalance, repair and restore to “optimal you”...your energy levels skyrocket. Your Life - gets fun, fearless, fabulous and radiant. Your Result - You look and feel fantastic. Because that’s who you are when you’re you, turned on. You are creative, inspired, connected to your intuition and to the world around you. You have the space to improvise, to move easily in everything you do and to create more than you dream. Your health shines bright. You get happy! :)



Bare Faced


So December has up and left us for another year which means (unfortunately) it’s the end of the festive party season! Although getting glammed up and wearing fancy makeup for parties is one of the best bits about Christmas, it does wreak havoc on your skin. The combination of wearing heavy makeup then forgetting


to take it off before bed and (ahem) having a few too many tipples over the Christmas period, causes the skin to get frustrated, break out, produce too much or not enough oil and just all round nastiness! Looking after your skin properly is so important - even more so when this is the case - and what better way to start your “New Year,

New You” skincare regime than setting yourself a goal to take the time and do one face mask a week for the whole year. This may sound a little daunting and a bit pricey but this is where I come in to help... Here I am going to tell you which masks benefit which skin types and how you can easily mock-up your own using every day ingredients if you don’t fancy the spending!

SOCIETY’s resident beauty girl-abouttown, Jess Miles, joins us for a spot of pampering following all the preening, plastering and plucking of the busy party period. This month we get naked, clean and back to basics with skin.



Combination Skin


For Oily Skin

Unfortunately oily skin is most prone to producing blemishes and blackheads and for this reason it is important to base your face mask selection around the antibacterial factors of the ingredients.


The trick with combination skin is to treat the different areas with different products. If you have an oily T-zone and dry/normal cheeks for example, you can mix things up by trying out these, which use some of the same ingredients to save you from messing around with two completely different masks!


Ingredients Oily areas: 1/2 cucumber 1 Egg White 1 tbsp Lemon juice Sprig of fresh mint


Dry areas: 1/2 cucumber Dollop of Natural yoghurt 1 tbsp of Coconut oil

Ingredients Completely natural Yoghurt Honey Lemon Green Tea

Cucumber is a very good ingredient for both skin types and depending on which ingredients you mix it with, it will activate differently thus benefiting your skin in different ways.

Mix the ingredients all together and applying, allowing to settle on your face for 10-15 minutes. The honey is super antibacterial, which may make your face slightly red but this will only last for a few minutes. Finish this off by applying a layer of egg white over any dilated pores you may have and leaving until dry to tighten them up.

Tip: Make sure you blend the cucumber really well. It is also a good idea to lay down on a towel for this mask as it is a little slippery!

TREAT YOURSELF: GlamGlow Youth Mud This mask is one of my favourite luxury products. Its not the cheapest, at 71 euros, but it is definitely worth the price when you see what a difference is made after just one use.

TREAT YOURSELF: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask The main ingredient in this mask is the Active Charcoal which picks up excess oil on the skin, making it amazing for targeting problem areas without drying out other areas of the face which don’t need it. This product is 24 euros, so it’s not too much on the pricey side and the benefits are definitely worth it.

Dry skin Dry skin at this time of the year is the most common problem but don’t worry! This mask is an absolute life-saver when it comes to dry skin and it’s not too rich so it can be used on a weekly basis, along with a nice hydrating serum.


Ingredients Half an Avocado Ground Coffee Natural Yoghurt Avocados are very high in natural oils so they work wonders on dry skin. Because of their high oil content, you will only need to use half an avocado. Save the other half to munch on and give your skin a boost from the inside! Coffee is a very good ingredient for softening the skin and helps to restore moisture.

TREAT YOURSELF: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque My favourite thing about this face mask is that it contains ingredients that actually alter your skin’s moisture absorption levels, which means that after some time of using it, your skin will reap the benefits. It’s 30 euros which is a small price to pay for radiant skin!



THE MODERN MAN’S MANE We get it: the whole grooming thing can be overwhelming. From trying to choose the right product to put in your hair, to growing a hipster beard and finding a haircut which suits your strangely shaped head. If you are in dire need of some styling options, this month Daniel takes you through everything you need to know to keep your mane in check. The men’s grooming industry is experiencing a major boom right now. Why? Because the entire male population has turned metrosexual. I mean, even the gypsies from San Pedro are rocking the latest version of the ‘fade’. Honestly these days it’s difficult to know who is gay and who is straight!



The Fade

Walk down the street, pick up a magazine, or turn on your telly - the close-cropped style can be seen on fashion forward gents everywhere. Fade haircuts are characterized by a chic finish of gradual hair length tapering. If you have noticed that barbershops are popping up everywhere, this is 100 per cent down to the fade because it is a style which barbers are renowned for. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you can’t get the same kind of finish at your local hair salon. There is a big misconception that hairdressers cannot cut it when it comes to the fade and, yes, of course, some can’t, but find yourself a good stylist and they will blend you a fade to perfection.

The Quiff

Last season’s fringes were blunt beasts, this year we are going softer with rockabilly quiffs. The quiff can be a short style at the front or it can be as long as, say, Justin Bieber’s current look. Larger, thicker locks are also increasingly popular. Not so blessed? Try a long, falling quiff with a textured back and sides. Just make sure you keep the length around your ears. Justin Bieber


Daniel Boardman, Senior Hair Technician at Reflections Hair, Nails and Skincare Salon in Marbella, trained under the multi award winning Errol Douglas MBE. Daniel cut his teeth working on shoots for the likes of Cosmo and Elle, while his Fashion Week experience gave him the skills to tackle any hair type or problem.


Matthew McConaughey

to a certain age people expect you to have greying hair and if you try to dye your hair an all over dark hue it’s ALWAYS obvious and it’s ALWAYS appalling. If you want to do a DIY job then you need to comb through the product rather than going for a full head tint. This will allow some of your natural colour to peek through giving you a yummy salt and pepper effect rather than a full on Elvis.

So slick Unless you’re sporting a buzz cut, the product is just as important as the cut. Don’t overload your barnet. The look you’re aiming for is, “I basically wake up like this”, not, “I’ve been in front of the mirror since 5am.”

The Classic

Think Matthew McConaughey. I love this look almost as much as I love Mr McConaughey. This style is all about looking au naturel. The classic cut is nice and simple around the ear, and this look is tapered not shaved/faded. This style is definitely more for your Hugh Grants. It’s classic, it’s suave and it’s never going to let you down.

Going long

Thank the lord that the AW15’s man buns are out and for those of you with longer locks it’s now all about chestlength hair. Just follow the lead of English singer-songwriter James Bay and ask your stylist for a tidy up to bring any split ends into line and take out any excessive weight. It really is a pretty low maintenance look. I usually only see my long haired clients once a year for a freshen up and then I won’t see them for another year when they return resembling Tom Hanks from Cast Away, begging me to fix them.

Some men like the gelled look; I personally prefer wax based styling aids such as the Redken Maneuver Working Wax €11,06. This lightweight wax with mouldable texture allows you to create different styles. Shampoo wise men lean towards products like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo €16,13, as the invigorating blend leaves the hair feeling refreshingly clean, which is very important for us guys. If you are looking at treatments, the Olaplex 30 minute treatment, €49 is great for frizzy or thick hair as it seals the bonds for a smoother finish.

If you are in the initial stages of hair loss then I would recommend Kérastase Densifique €56, which is a hair density activator that stimulates the hair to leave it denser and stronger. Remember there is only so much hair stylists can do. We can take it off but we can’t put it back on again and if you are starting to be mistaken for Donald Trump it’s time to get the clippers out and revamp your image, pronto!

Things are getting hairy The beard invasion is still going strong, but we will see a decline in numbers towards the end of the year. Keep your fur looking healthy with a beard oil - it’ll hold wayward strands in check. I like Captain Cooks Beard Oil, €18 which is a non greasy oil with soothing and regenerative ingredients such as chamomile and rosa moschata oil. The line also includes the Beard Soap €18 which is perfect for beard cleaning. If you suffer from in-grown hairs, regular exfoliation is key. This will lift any hairs that are just starting to in-grow and prevent dead cells and grime blocking hair follicles. Germaine de Capuccini 365 Soft Scrub €30,95 is gentle enough to be used daily.

Room for growth

The key with hipster facial hair is to make sure nothing looks too manicured or manscaped. Nothing too wild and overgrown either - you want to look like you’ve let go a little but not wondered into vagrant territory.

When men suffer from stress, the first place it shows is the hairline. Yes, that’s right - you really can blame your bald patches on your nagging wife. Hair loss is also influenced by genetics: if your granddad was as bald as a coot, chances are you won’t be giving Gandalf a run for his money.

Till next time!

50 shades of grey Men are often scared about having their hair coloured due to doddering rockers, Paul McCartney and Ronnie Woods’ poor attempts at hanging on to their youth. I am going to tell you straight up, when you get

James Bay

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Chic Happens

Top COATS Photography by Zhuldys Serikbayeva Production by Sisko Akt Art Direction by Gema Forsstrรถm


@SiskoAkt Stay in the know via our new fashion blog!


Chic Happens

Warmest Winter DOMINIQUE (left) Sunglasses are Michael Kors from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Poncho from LIKE A QUEEN; Black scarf is Valentino from ARMADIO DI MONDO. ANDREA (right) Poncho from LIKE A QUEEN; Black scarf is Armani from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Bracelets from LIKE A QUEEN; Sunglasses are Michael Kors from ARMADIO DI MONDO.


Chic Happens

Blue Hues Add a fun twist to your coat by looking for a design that mixes different tones, instead of the traditional monochrome fur coat. Pair it with minimal garments to really make your look stand out!

ANDREA Fur jacket from LIKE A QUEEN; Black and grey scarf is Valentino from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Bracelets from LIKE A QUEEN.


Chic Chic Happens Happens

Fur Obsession When wearing fur, choose subtle accessories and pair with naĂ­f dresses which are turned down, to balance out the extravagance of this Winter statement piece.

DOMINIQUE Big fur stole from LIKE A QUEEN; Ring and bracelet from LIKE A QUEEN.


Chic Happens

Black & White Graphics Checks, stripes, diamonds, zebra print and Rorschach-style motifs all came into play this season. Black and white prints create an optical style illusion, ready to be reflected on the streets.

ANDREA Black suitcase is Calvin Klein from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Black and white poncho from LIKE A QUEEN; Scarf from is Roberto Cavalli from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Furry long sleeve black jacket from ZARA; Watch is Michael Kors from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Rings from LIKE A QUEEN; Sport footwear is Prada from ARMADIO DI MONDO.


Chic Happens

Royal Winter Marsala was the color of 2015, and while it may be earthy, this wine hue defines sophistication in itself, and speaks of glamour and luxury - no matter what layer of clothing it has been added to. This season, add a touch of this royal colour into your look, and use gold accessories to make your outfit elegantly stand out.

DOMINIQUE Poncho from LIKE A QUEEN; Scarf around the collar is Gianfranco FerrĂŠ from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Black and white long jacket is Vintage; Black leather handbag is Chicca B Stone Bag from ARMADIO DI MONDO.


Chic Happens

Prints & Tribes When we think of Winter, we tend to pull towards darker tones that blend together. Make a difference and dare to wear a true winter white outfit with a tribal printed poncho like Andrea, to make your overall the centerpiece of your outfit. On the other hand, you can pair a printed dress with a timeless camel long-coat like Dominique, to accentuate your feminine and classic side.


Chic Happens

ANDREA (left) Poncho from LIKE A QUEEN; White dress is Versace from ARMADIO DI MONDO; White fur collar from LIKE A QUEEN; Beige scarf is Vivienne Westwood from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Choker and ring from LIKE A QUEEN. DOMINIQUE (right) Lond dress from LIKE A QUEEN; Sunglasses are Versace from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Long beige jacket is Vintage; Scarf is Pierre Cardin from ARMADIO DI MONDO; Gold bracelet from LIKE A QUEEN; Beige bag is Prada from ARMADIO DI MONDO.


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the One... Exclusive Designs


wedding photography by

Chic Happens Jade Skye Pull on and Go - 85€ Jewellery from 10€

60 60

Chic Happens



Feature & Content: Elle Morgan / Target Models / Styling: Elle Morgan Clothing & Accessories: Elle Morgan Boutique Laguna Village Photography by: Katerina Sol (by.lullaby) Model: Freddie@ Target Models International Make up and hair: Olga Shine Target Models is a highly professional, multilingual casting agency based in Marbella. We provide models, hostesses, dancers, singers and actors as well as production support including Production Managers, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Stylists and Location Scouts. Contact Target Models at: T: +34 952 908 778

61 61

Chic Happens

Jade Skye Oversize T - 59€ Jade Skye Sport Pant - 65€ Jewellery from 10€


Chic Happens Jade Skye Pull on and Go - 85€ Jewellery from 10€


Chic Happens Jade Skye Reversible Twist Top - 59€ Jade Skye Strappy Cami - 35€ Jade Skye Sport Pant - 65€ Jewellery from 10€


Chic Happens Jade Skye Double Cami - 49€ Jewellery from 10€


Chic Happens



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Jade Skye Tank Vest Lace - 45€ Jade Skye Fold Over Pant - 59€





DOING IT FOR THE KIDS! We attended Fabric Boutique’s Charity Christmas Ball at Olivia’s in La Cala.

We were thrilled to be part of this superb event, which was in aid of Wishlist - a charity that provides Christmas presents for the children at the Malaga Orphanage.

We dined on a sublime set menu from Olivia’s stunning cuisine, sipped on wine and danced with abandon for a night of pure joy and revelry.

We were delighted that a total of 7.000 euros was raised from the proceeds of the ticket sales, sponsorship, a fantastic raffle and auction. Michelle & Becky from Fabric would like to thank Olivia’s, all the sponsors, everyone who donated raffle prizes and all who attended the event for making it such a success.





TRÈS CHIC BOUTIQUE UNIQUE We attended the chic opening party of the fashion boutique, Unique, in the centre of Marbella.

We sipped on glasses of cava and bopped about to the funky beats of superstar DJ, John Hobbs, who spun top tunes throughout the evening.

We perused the gorgeous collection of clothes and shoes - a fabulously fashionable array of stunning pieces and we compiled our “wish lists” of LBDs and killer heels.

We fell in love with the strappy, studded shoes and sexy sequined gowns.

We adore Unique’s complete range of smart, sexy and sophisticated pieces - there’s something perfect for work, home and of course parties!!!



Photo by Neil Andrew Egerton

Photo by Neil Andrew Egerton

Photo by Neil Andrew Egerton




the opening polo tournament weekend at the Marbella Polo Club, in Puerto Banús.

We watched

the matches, perused the grounds, munched on yummy food and even did a spot of shopping! Photo by Neil Andrew Egerton

We were thrilled to be

in attendance of the FIRST AND ONLY polo club in the area.

We chatted and milled about

this new and happening social club - a fantastic space where everybody is welcome to enjoy the grounds; whether it be a polo game, a picnic, horse rides, petanca games, croquet or any of the other outdoor activities that the club will provide. What a fantastic place for kids to play in the outdoors all year round!

We learnt about

the academy - The club will partner up with some of the schools in the area to offer children of all ages the opportunity to learn about horses.

We adored Photo by Neil Andrew Egerton

the fashion show, which featured hats by Shapó Olé that had been created exclusively for Marbella Polo Club and were inspired by Ascot. We can’t wait to go back! The club will hold events each week, from matches to fashion shows. There’s also a library and even an outdoor cinema!





SEASON FINALE OF LA SALA GOLF We attended the Sala Super League Christmas Final at the spectacular Santana Golf Course, followed by a fabulous threecourse Christmas lunch and prize giving at La Sala Puerto Banús.

We congratulated Stephen Carr who won the Overall Mens Individual and Catherine Shiels winner of the Overall Ladies Individual. The Overall Team winner was a tie between The Kitchen Room and The Mickeys. There will be a rematch to detemine the 2015 Champions - who will win a trip to Portugal.

We were thrilled with the amazing prizes, which included an electric trolley provided by Powakaddy.

We are delighted to announce that La Sala Super League has raised over 23,000€ for charities in 2015! Many thanks to the sponsors : Hiscox, Currencies Direct, First Chioce Property Spain, Powakaddy, Golfriends If you would like more information about joining Sala Super League 2016 please contact:





FINE WINING AND DINING WITH ESPAVINIA We attended the delightful Espavinia party, organised by Sophia Radford, at El Rincon de La Sala in San Pedro – where the finest wines, cheese and charcuterie were the order of the day.

We munched on Espavinia’s exquisite selection of tasty Manchego cheese, Consorcio of Jabugo, the finest of jamons (a 100% Iberian Acorn Ham by Martin Berasategui), salamis and cured sausages, along with an array of tasty fresh breads and crunchy crackers and we sipped on a superb Ribera del Duero from Bodegas Comenge.

We chatted and socialised with the chic-est of San Pedro socialites over a long and leisurely lunchtime gathering and were delighted to see so many familiar and friendly faces turn out for this fun gastronomic gettogether. We wish Espavinia every success for 2016. As the leading supplier of Spanish delicacies and local gourmet products, their quality is unbeatable and the produce is simply delicious!





FABULOUS FURNISHINGS AT FEYDOM We Attended the opening of Feydom’s fantastic new design studio in La Campana.

We Mingled with just about everyone; from Marbella socialites to designers, architects and many friendly faces. Several of whom came to mingle and left with a brand new sofa!

We Adored the delicious canapés such as salmon with dill ricotta cheese and caviar.

A Special Thanks from everyone at Feydom to all that attended, for an amazing night that they will remember always.






ELEGANCE AND BEAUTY IN SUPPORT OF CONCORDIA We Visited the beautifully decorated Puente Romano for the Elegance and Beauty event hosted for Concordia, the anti-AIDS association.

We Joined president and founder of the charity, Princess Marie Louise of Prussia, who showed great appreciation and gratitude to all who attended.

We Were Overwhelmed By Trocadero Arena’s generous donation of 10.000 euros and the valued support they have received from Mr. Walter Fischer over the past 21 years.

We Enjoyed exceptional entertainment! Ballet dancers, children singing and classic flamenco acts were the cherry on the cake of this exquisite evening.



Our in-depth motoring review


COUNSEL Mercedes’ new compact coupe is a real head turner



Motoring author, racing driver and photo-journalist Ian Kuah reports on the MERCEDES C-CLASS COUPE -




entleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are a common sight in Marbella, the wealthy centre of Spain’s Costa de Sol. Thus, it takes a very special car indeed to turn heads here. It may not have been the most expensive machine on the local roads by a long way, but the sleek new Mercedes C-Class Coupe attracted more admiring glances from the locals than I have experienced in any car for a very long time. The designo hyacinth red metallic paintwork of the C300 Coupe I drove on the first day may have had something to do with the way the car acted as an eyeball magnet, but others driving cars painted in more sober hues also reported a similar reaction from the public. On that score, Mercedes’ latest two-door is clearly off to a good start. More than just an ingrained part of their tradition, sleek two-door Coupes are also something of an art form at Mercedes. Standing 37mm lower than its saloon sister, with a bespoke body structure, the new C-Class Coupe has a drag coefficient of 0.26, 0.01 better than its shorter predecessor. As a wider car, its frontal area is up from 2.11 to 2.18 sq. m though, so its CdA of 0.57 is unchanged. Although the new structure is stiffer than before, thanks to the use of high-strength, lightweight steels and alloy for the front wings, bonnet and boot lid, overall weight is down 50kg model for model. With a ride height 15mm lower than its saloon and estate sisters on the basic 17-inch alloys, the C-Class Coupe comes with a choice of three suspension systems and many wheel and tyre options to tailor the performance of the four-link front and five-link independent rear suspension configuration to driver preference. The most sophisticated of these is the air suspension system fitted to my test car, which confers big car ride comfort with a wide choice of Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual settings. The only disadvantage of the air suspension is an optical one, with the gap between the tyres and wheel arches noticeably larger than a car with the steel sports suspension. The latter incidentally, has a firmer ride than the Sport setting of the air suspension, and its lower ride height gives the car a more purposeful stance. More than just a pretty face, the C-Class Coupe also walks the walk very convincingly. But how big a stick it carries is down to the engine you choose. In Europe and Asia where petrol engines are the default choice, the entry-level model is the C180. Powered by the turbocharged 1,595cc four-cylinder motor, this downsized M274 motor produces 156hp and 250Nm of torque.


In European markets this entry-level 1.6 litre engine and the 184hp 1,991cc version that powers the C200 both come with a sixspeed manual gearbox, with the 7G-Tronic Plus paddle-shift automatic gearbox mated to the more powerful engines being an option. The C250 and the C300 have more powerful versions of the 1,991cc engine, with 211 and 245hp, and 350 and 370Nm of torque respectively. All our petrol-powered test cars were the C300 version, which has pretty respectable performance and economy. When you are not sprinting to 100km/h in 6.0 sec, or testing the electronically limited 250km/h top speed, it sips unleaded at an average rate of 6.3L/100km, for a CO2 emissions figure of 146g/km. The performance of the new C-Class models is quite outstanding when you benchmark them against notable quick

cars from the past. In 1981, the 110hp, 1.6 litre VW Golf GTI, the premier hot hatch of its day, which tipped the scales around 900kg, sprinted to 100km/h in 9.2 sec and topped out at 174km/h. Despite weighing 1,475kg, today’s six-speed manual 1.6 litre C180 Coupe will cover that benchmark in 8.5 sec and continue on to 225km/h. Equally telling is the performance of the 1,565kg C300 Coupe against one of its venerable predecessors. With 245hp at 5,500rpm and 370Nm of torque from 1,300 to 4,000rpm, the flagship of the fourcylinder engine range equals the 6.0 sec 0-100km/h sprint of the legendary W124 E500, which weighed 1,700kg and was powered by a 326hp four-cam V8. How times have changed!


Four-cylinder it may be, but the 245hp and 370Nm of torque is about the output of the old 3.0 litre V6 Mercedes engine from a generation ago. And while it may lack a spine tingling V6, or rumbling V8 soundtrack, the aural signature of the fourpot motor is not entirely without merit. The slight offbeat rumble from the Lanchester balancer that keeps this 2.0 litre version of the M274 motor relatively smooth also gives it a slightly sporty aural character. There is certainly nothing wrong with the way it goes. Throttle response is keen, and the push from the motor pretty adequate on the open road. Overtaking ability on country roads was never in doubt, and with the drivetrain and suspension in Sport mode, you can make quite rapid progress with very little stress and relatively good fuel economy. The seven closely stacked ratios and paddle shift over-ride certainly help, and the motor never feels caught in between ratios. A nine-speed 9G-Tronic auto is on the way for the C220d and C250d turbodiesel models, and will enhance their already impressive efficiency even more. For those who insist on a greater cylinder count, two bi-turbo V6 models, the 333hp C400, and 367hp C450 AMG Sport 4Matic, sit between the C300 Coupe and the C63 AMG. Overall, the C300 is a smooth, refined and cultured way to cut a Mercedes coupe shaped dash without breaking the bank. Frankly, if engine downsizing results in cars like this I will not be complaining too loudly.



C63 S Coupe The drive from Malaga in the C300 Coupe ended at the Ascari Race Resort where the C63 S Coupes were waiting to be taken on track. As with the saloon and estate AMG models, the basic M177 wet sump motor delivers 476hp between 5,500 and 6,250rpm, with 650Nm of torque from 1,750 to 4,500rpm. All our test cars were the 1,725kg C63 S variant, which is rated at the same 510hp and 700Nm as the dry-sump M178 in the AMG GT. In this form, 0-100km/h takes just 3.9 sec, and the electronically limited top speed of 250km/h can be unlocked to 290km/h as part of the AMG Driver’s Package option. The C63 has a pointier nose than the standard Coupe, and each side of the bespoke 60mm longer alloy bonnet with its distinctive power bulges, bespoke wider AMG front wings also make the car 64mm wider overall. At the rear the extended arches add 66mm to overall width. The front and rear tracks are also wider, which helps the car’s stability, turn-in and mechanical grip.


The C63 Coupe has a different rear axle from its saloon sister, and a bespoke sub-frame to locate the six suspension links that optimise wheel control and the geometry on each side of the car. The new arrangement sees the centre of the tyre contact patches moved 25mm further out per side, and the unique suspension geometry has a bit more negative camber dialled in. In its base C63 form, the car comes on 9.0J and 10.5J x 18-inch wheels with 255/40ZR18 and 285/35ZR18 tyres. As with the saloon, the S version features 9.0J and 10.5J x 19-inch wheels, shod with 255/35ZR19 and 285/30ZR19 tyres. A third option for the Coupe only and worn by all our S spec test cars, uses 9.0J x 19-inch wheels in front, with larger 10.5J x 20-inch wheels at the rear, covered in 255/35ZR19 and 285/30ZR20 rubber. Apart from providing more mechanical grip, this set up is aesthetically superior too, giving

“ I did the first lap with the systems in Sport+, where the electronics allow you more leeway to throttle steer the car. Front-end grip into the descending lefthander after the pit exit was good”


the car a wider, more purposeful stance when seen from the front and rear threequarter angles. As with the normal Coupes, the suspension settings of the AMG cars are tuned for a more sporty drive than the four and fivedoor variants. And yet the ride quality has hardly suffered. Spanish roads in this area are not renowned for their billiard table smoothness, but I never felt the C63 S was in any way harsh here, and it even did well over the notorious local speed humps that upset many a standard car. As with the other C63 AMG variants, the standard C63 Coupe has a mechanical Drexler limited slip differential, while the S model comes with the clever electronic differential, which delivers a more or less infinitely variable locking action according to conditions.

Usefully, my track test car had a new set of tyres so I knew I was not going to have my verdict on the cars handling and grip skewed by the fat Michelins having been abused by a previous driver. Ascari is my home circuit, so I opened the taps wide from the word go. It was immediately obvious that the Coupe, with its wider tracks and sportier set-up



had more grip and was an even better handler than its saloon sister. The active engine mounts that are part of the S package help here too, stiffening up the drivetrain so the front end feels even more responsive on turn-in. I did the first lap with the systems in Sport+, where the electronics allow you more leeway to throttle steer the car. Front-end grip into the descending left-hander after the pit exit was good, and the rear end also seemed able to take a bit more power than the saloon as I unwound the steering lock down the short straight towards turn two.

the way out. Drifting is easy and fun but is not an advantage when you are on the stopwatch. As with my test of the C63S saloon at Portimão earlier in the year, it was very clear that under braking, turn in and exiting bends that the C63 S does not have the chassis ability of the similarly powered AMG GT to fully exploit it.

I spent a week and 1,200km with a C63 S AMG saloon back in September, and found it a smidgen too stiff for my liking, especially on some of the country roads in the former East Germany. The roads around Marbella are certainly no better surface quality wise, and yet the Coupe felt more comfortable and less like a hot-rodded car.

“Drifting is easy and fun but is not an advantage when you are on the stopwatch. ”

With a car of this performance but no downforce and slick tyres, the first kink on the back straight requires a dab on the brakes to settle the car before turning in. However, the second kink is flat out kerbto-kerb, and I had no trouble staying with the AMG GT pace car through this fastest section of the track. Feeling that the electronics were still preventing me power steering the car as much as I would like through the slower turns, I went to Race mode for the next lap. Now I could rotate the back end better on turn in, but had to watch losing time from power oversteer on


But this is also a question of horses for courses, and when you drive a four-door saloon you expect a certain measure of comfort, which the C63 S saloon does not always provide.

Now, following the pace car round on my home circuit, it was very clear that the race bred chassis of the GT in front was having a very easy time in the dynamic disciplines that had C63 S chassis dancing on the bald limit as it ran out of answers.

On the other hand, such a character suits the inherently more sporting coupe. The amazing thing was that with its wider tracks and bespoke rear axle, the two-door C63 S actually has a suppler secondary ride than the saloon, and I found it the more likeable daily use car.

This however, simply shows up the difference between an expertly adapted four-seat road car and a purpose-built sports car. The counterpoint of course is that the AMG GT cannot carry four people and their luggage across a continent in comfort, nor is it such a practical car for daily use. Such differing requirements justify AMG’s broad range of offerings.

Whether you go for a four or six cylinder version as a comfortable and classy style statement or the bombastic C63 AMG, the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe is a car with a long list of endearing strengths. It is also a car that you will invariably cast a longing glance backwards towards each time you have locked up and started to walk away.



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VILLA IN BENAHAVÍS This amazing villa was created with luxurious rustic design which unmistakably follows the French tradition. Well balanced and friendly, the cream-colored walls and turquoise shutters hide behind several trees, creating an attractive play of light and shadows. Visitors are welcomed in a large, long hall with terracotta flooring. This leads to a cozy and elegant hall in which stand out the fireplace and arches in the windows. The living room in turn leads to the terrace, garden, swimming pool, paddle tennis court and a separate gym. Its rustic style kitchen and the dining area in turn access a backyard. The master bedroom has a large dressing room, bathroom and balcony. The other

two bedrooms also have their own bathrooms. Apart from the toilets, the absence of fixed roof beams exposed to the view of the structure, providing a lot of character and a sense of space to each room. The property includes an attractive guest house with high ceilings and shutters that create a colonial atmosphere. The guest house includes a bright living room, a bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a garage. Surrounded by orange, lemon, hazelnut, fig trees and eucalyptus, San Jose Huerta defines perfectly the idea of luxury. The property is located in a charming and secluded urbanization of Fuente del Espanto located near San Pedro de Alcantara and Carretera de Ronda. Bedrooms: 8 Bathrooms: 9 Plot Size: 5,910 m² Living Area: 566 m² Price: 3,000,000 €

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VILLA IN MONTE HALCONES Brand new modern villa for sale in Monte Halcones, Benahavis. This contemporary style villa enjoys unbeatable panoramic sea views, an elevator and 6 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms. The large double height entrance hall leads to the open plan living room with fireplace, dining room and TV room, all with access to the terrace, the garden and the swimming pool. The kitchen is fully fitted with top of the range appliances and has a breakfast area. Also on this level is a large office, a guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a guest toilet. The first floor comprises the

master suite with large bedroom, ensuite bathroom and walk in wardrobe. Second large guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom shares a large terrace with the master bedroom, 2 further guest rooms each with en-suite bathroom complete this level. On the lower ground floor is a further guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a large games room and cinema room, staff apartment with separate entrance, laundry room, storage and a 6-8 car garage. Outside are landscaped gardens, swimming pool and barbeque area. Features include marble floors, hot and cold air conditioning, under

floor heating, Domotic system, central vacuum system, electric blinds, folding glass security windows and alarm. To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate. Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 6 Plot Size: 2,000 m² Living Area: 800 m² Price: 3,850,000 €



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Magnificent family home in the prestigious neighborhood of Hacienda Las Chapas in Marbella. On a plot of 2000 square meters, surrounded by mature trees is settled this villa that has been refurbished in a contemporary style and adapted to the needs of the family living there. A 30-meter drive way leads to the main entrance door, where we get a hall that leads to a huge living room with several areas for entertaining and space for a large dining table. To the right of the entrance is an office and a guest toilet. From the living room we can access to the south facing terrace with partial views of the sea and to the left is the kitchen, modern and complete with breakfast area. The floors of the house have been changed by natural stone; stairs with stainless steel handrail give the modern touch and leads to the first floor where is the master bedroom with en suite bathroom, a large dressing room and private terrace with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. And a guest double bedroom, with en suite bathroom. Downstairs are 3 more bedrooms, one en suite and another bathroom. Also a staff bedroom with its own bathroom. Ironing room, bodega and playroom. In the outdoor area are a huge garden with a fantastic swimming pool, garage that can be attached to the house and laundry room. The property has oil central heating in all rooms divided into two sections, ground floor and first floor, interior and exterior alarm with peripheral sensors. The neighborhood has an excellent 24 hour security service. And all amenities and services nearby in the shopping center within 600 meters. Just 10 km from Marbella and 15 km. to Puerto Banus. To arrange an internal inspection please contact Jackson Grundy Real Estate.

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owner will be responsible for any resulting damages to third parties. The owner will also be liable for a fixed penalty fine, the amount will depend on the gravity of the situation, the length of time the vehicle has been without insurance, and if this is a repeat offense. IN WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES IS INSURANCE NOT COMPULSORY? If your vehicle has officially been temporarily or permanently taken out of circulation, for example it has been scrapped, then no insurance is required. If you own a vehicle that is not being used and you wish to avoid paying for insurance, then you can apply to have it temporarily taken out of circulation. However, to do this the vehicle needs to have passed its MOT. If the MOT has expired, then it must be taken again and passed, before applying.

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of the Game By Amy-Rose McDowell Interior Designer at FOC Design






The most delicate rose pink and a serene, beachy blue, both designed to relax, but also contrast, while complementing each other.

The reasons given by Pantone® for this particular choice are based on the fast pace of modern living and the stresses it induces.


he New Year is recognised by most as an opportunity for new beginnings. We often set ourselves New Year’s resolutions and the season of spring, just around the corner, is when new life begins and everything in nature is reborn after the winter. At each year’s end, Pantone® choose a colour to represent the forthcoming year and for 2016 they have chosen two. They are Rose Quartz (PANTONE 13-1520) and Serenity (PANTONE 153919). These are the most delicate rose pink and a serene, beachy blue, both designed to relax, but also contrast, while complementing each other. The reasons given by Pantone® for this particular choice are based on the fast pace of modern living and the stresses it induces. Both colours had to create a feeling of intense relaxation, but individually the pink expresses compassion, composure and lightheartedness, whilst the blue conveys weightlessness, respite and a naturally connected sense of space. According to Pantone®, together these colours represent societal movements towards gender equality, as well as



Olivias Restaurant

The Boardwalk Marbella



The most powerful tool in a designer’s toolkit is colour. To understand the relationship between certain colour combinations is to have the power to relax, startle, placate and anger. the consumer’s increased comfort with using colour as a form of expression without being typecast. The creation of a feeling is something we are familiar with. The most powerful tool in a designer’s toolkit is colour. To understand the relationship between certain colour combinations is to have the power to relax, startle, placate and anger. With that in mind, here at FOC Design we listen to the needs of our clients before deciding on a colour scheme, from how the space is going to be used, to the personalities of the people using it. We have sourced some of our favourite images that incorporate the two colours of 2016, and we had a huge amount of fun doing it. The colours together really are eye candy and they invite the viewer to dive into the world of soft pink and gentle blue. Whether we like it or not, colour affects emotions and perceptions and the psychology behind it all goes deeper than one might realise. The modern field of colour psychology has been helped enormously by icons such as Swiss psychiatrist Karl Jung. Jung is considered the founder of analytical psychology and spent quite some time focusing on art therapy and the effect of colour on the mind.




PAINTINGS our new art gallery Showroom: Edif. Casablanca - Golden Mile - Bulevar PrĂ­ncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella - 952 76 45 95 by


His findings were that art and colour can be used to help feelings of trauma, fear or anxiety and can restore a person back to a place of balance and clarity. He not only worked with patients, but was also able to explore his own mind in order to gather this information. He recognised the use of dreams and their part in understanding the mental state, and his dream theories are widely respected. What psychologists have also taught us is that colour has a learned, or biologically innate, meaning for us. A preference for blue or green may be linked to a deep-rooted need for the habitats our ancestors would have preferred, or found beneficial in some way. Interestingly, women tend to gravitate towards warm colours, whilst men often prefer the colder side of the spectrum. Many believe that colour is almost a language or code, and that like other languages it has a set of rules that vary depending on culture or circumstance. There are of course some exceptions to the rule that have not gone unnoticed by those studying the subject; for example, gold is universally recognised as a symbol of wealth or sovereignty, and a woman in a red dress is considered more attractive. But, when it comes to colour our eyes can also deceive us; remember “that dress” in social media, which demonstrated that we all see colour differently. There are ways to learn how to combine colours like a professional, and how to make sure the balances are appropriate. Factors like the size of the space and light source are hugely important when considering colour, and these decisions are worth taking time over. Or, as broadcaster and wit Ned Sherrin once said:

“Good taste should be left to interior decorators.”


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COME AND SEE ALL ITEMS IN OUR MIJAS AND MARBELLA SHOWROOMS! MIJAS SHOP Ctra. de Mijas KM. 3.5, 29650 Mijas Costa Tel. 952 66 41 70 E-mail: OPENING HOURS Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-14 MARBELLA SHOP Centro Negocios Oasis, Ctra. de Cadiz KM. 183, Golden Mile, 29600 Marbella Tel. 952 77 21 39 E-mail:


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OPENING HOURS Mon-Sat 10-20 All furniture & accessory products are subject to change and availability.


Retail therapy weekend break in Birmingham. by India Beltrán

Combine shopping till you drop with a stylish city break to get the most out of the January sales. India Beltran travels to Birmingham with her husband to find out if the city can live up to its reputation as one of the best shopping destinations in the UK.

Where to Shop Birmingham is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you seek head-turning chic or eye-catching value it’s all there. Bargain clothes can be hunted down at the iconic Bullring, which was inspired by a Paco Rabanne sequinned dress. Then head over to The Mailbox shopping centre where fashion and lifestyle design clash head on with contemporary art and fine furnishings. Do also check out the alternative fashion store The Oasis, which is a totally unique aspect of Birmingham’s personality. They offer everything from tattoos to tutus, beads to boots, and everything else inbetween.

What is New The £600 million transformation of New Street Station was officially opened by the Queen at the end of 2015, (maybe don’t mention that The Duke of Edinburgh was overheard asking rail staff: “Do you announce in Brummie?”)


Now shoppers can flock to Grand Central and its sprawling John Lewis store, which is the largest JL outside London.

chic and seriously comfy suite. A bottle of bubbly and a handwritten card apologising for any inconvenience had been delivered from reception and we of course dove right in. Well it would have been rude not to wouldn’t it?

We thoroughly enjoyed the modern dining, served in seriously stylish surroundings at the chefs table in The Harvey Nichols Restaurant. We worked our way through the seasonal menu curated by Michelin-starred chef Glynn Purnell. The Spiced smoked haddock with sour crème fraiche potato and poached free-range egg yolk was a particular favourite

All the rooms share similar Gothic decor, with deep reds and purples predominating. Additional luxuries range from roll-top baths, walk-in monsoon showers, four-poster beds... all the ingredients needed for an exhilarating time. The crown jewel of this first class hotel is the Penny Black, which features a steam room, massage table and a cinema size TV.

Where we ate

Where we stayed Perfect for city breaks the Malmaison hotel epitomises style, elegance and sophistication – a real oasis of luxury in the heart of the city. One of the most conveniently located Birmingham hotels, Mal Birmingham is a converted Royal Mail sorting office right at the heart of The Mailbox. Upon arriving at reception there was a small confusion with our booking. While we waited for this to be sorted we were taken to the brand new Chez Mal Bar and offered complimentary classic cocktails. Now this I could get used to. Once we were checked in we were delighted with our spacious,

Hidden away at the back of the hotel is Le Petit Spa, with treatment rooms and a hot tub. Indulging in the latest ESPA treatments is a must have after carrying dozens of shopping bags all day. Another thing on your to do list after a hard day’s retail therapy in Birmingham’s shopping centres, is to sit back and enjoy a mojito (they are seriously good) at the Chez Mal Bar. Here, you’ll find everything from fantastic wines and champagnes to ice-cold beers and of course refreshing cocktails mixed by their talented staff. We relaxed to the soulful sounds of the resident singer before making our way into the Chez Mal Brasserie, where French classics are reinterpreted with rebellious British flair. The Mailbox, Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 2JR, United Kingdom T: +44 121 794 3004

Perfect for city breaks, the Malmaison hotel epitomises style, elegance and sophistication – a real oasis of luxury in the heart of the city.


MorE tHAn 1.000 – ca r p e ts –

Up till

-70% Winter sales FrOM 05.01 till 05.03

Puerto Banus 3,5 km

Da Bruno

Marbella 1 km

CIBO Restaurant


Arabe Palace

Edificio Casablanca. Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe 29602 Marbella Tel: (34) 952 77 37 65 • Fax: (34) 952 82 21 48 • Email: • www.


AVDA Jose BanĂşs S/N, Edificio Malaga II, Marbella.

T +34 670 25 62 75



Fantastic Fusions BY EWALD FICHTHALER Reviewed by Eleanor McKenzie Photos by Julia Roder


here could we go that would deliver fabulous food in a stunning location that wasn’t on a Marbella beach, we asked ourselves? We wanted somewhere special for our Christmas girly group outing and with the weather at the end of 2015 being so incredibly summery, we wanted to make the most of that as well. Given that we live in a part of the world that is awash with beautiful scenery, it actually wasn’t that easy to come up with a selection of restaurants that fitted the above criteria within a specified radius, I have to add, in case you all start shouting out suggestions for places in the hills above Mijas or Manilva. I’m sure there are glorious views of the Med and Africa from establishments in these parts and other areas of the coast, but we needed to be near Marbella town so that all the girls could make it without having to travel too far. And then somebody suggested “Nueva Kaskada” and we all looked at each other and agreed that we’d heard of it, we’d seen the adverts, but we didn’t know where it was. As it turns out it’s only about two minutes in the car from La Cañada on the road to Ojén, and the road that leads to it, is right beside the entrance to the crematorium and cemetery, if that helps you locate it more clearly.


So, we booked a table and hoped the weather stayed sunny, because we’d been told that the view down the valley and over Marbella to the sea, is one of the area’s best kept secrets. As we drove along the winding lane to the restaurant there were Ooohs and Aaahs of admiration. The view is stunning and what’s more, you feel as though you have discovered a country hideaway that only a privileged few know about. As we were about to discover,


Nueva Kaskada, under the direction of Chef and owner Ewald Fichthaler, is a culinary corner of Marbella that deserves to be known by many, but once you’ve been you may only want to share it with a select few. Ewald and his team greeted us with a glass of cava and led us to an outside table where we could make the most of the weather. Blankets were provided in case we felt chilly later. The exterior patio is spacious and tables are sufficiently far apart to make diners feel they have privacy. The same principle applies inside and when I went indoors to chat to Ewald, I discovered the most gorgeous open fire surrounded by glass. I could imagine how welcoming it would be on a chilly winter’s evening to walk in here and feel the warmth of the fire, and the welcome from the smiling, courteous staff. The kitchen is open as well, so there is the added spectacle of watching the experts at work, preparing the peerless dishes that Nueva Kaskada serves to its clients. To give you an idea about the experience that Ewald Fichthaler wants his diners to enjoy, let me give you a little information about his background. He’s from Swabia in Southern Germany and like many great chefs, his mother’s and grandmother’s cooking inspired him. He has ‘paid his dues’ at some of Germany’s top restaurants, including the renowned Restaurant Adler in Pfullendorf. Stints in the Far East encouraged a love of East Asian cuisine, and Ewald has brought that influence to Nueva Kaskada in the form of Euro-Asian fusion dishes. I couldn’t help noticing a photograph on the restaurant wall of Anton Mosimann, a close friend of my family, and Ewald revealed that he had cooked at Mosimann’s legendary Private Club, and for none other than Princess Diana. “It was an extraordinary experience,” Ewald reminisced, “both to work with Mosimann and to serve up dishes to some of the most famous people in the world.” Today, he had a group of giggling girls to serve, but I’m quite sure that we got exactly the same treatment from Ewald and his staff that we would have been granted had we been royalty – he’s that kind of man. But, enough, enough, let’s get to the serious stuff – the food! Actually, food is perhaps too mundane and average a word for the dishes served at Nueva Kaskada. On arrival, we were treated to a series of amuse bouches that included a divine ball of roasted fish with a honey and hoisin sauce. Just my kind of appetiser! The fresh chive mixed with ever so delicate cream cheese on the crispiest piece of bread was pretty moreish as well. Also, it was great to note that the waiters were very quick to replace anything that contained gluten for our friend who requires a gluten

free menu. The entrée won some “Ooooohs” for its artfully designed presentation. It was satay and tempura of langoustines with a soya dip prawn cocktail (heavenly!) and a touch of marinated salmon with lemon and ginger that was so beautifully thin you could see the plate through it. Everyone loved it! One of the party had the steak tartare with mustard and honey emulsion, and I must say that if you haven’t tried steak tartare before, then this is the place to be initiated into this classic dish. A few of us followed this starter with “Yang crispy poulard with Asian aromas in a soya-honey reduction served with Singapore noodles. The poulard was perfectly crisped and the Asian flavours were delicate, yet distinct. Like every other dish we had been served, this was also artistically presented to ensure that the meal was a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. The tournedos of beef in a blue cheese sauce and vegetable panache was another hearty delight, and if you love lamb, then the lamb chops in reduced port sauce, flavoured with salvia and served with polenta, were a truly succulent success. We still managed to make room for dessert, which was a selection of creamy accompaniments to a warm chocolate fondant in the shape of a heart. We all agreed that “We ” the chocolate fondant – in fact “We ” everything about Nueva Kaskada. It’s an inspiring restaurant in a marvellous location – and Ewald Fichthaler will make sure that your every visit is a special occasion. Restaurant Nueva Kaskada T. +34 952 864 478 Urb. La Montua C/Chorreadero



Our expert wine connoisseur, Julio from Dwine joins us once again with mouthwatering combination of roast suckling pig and Grenache wine.


FEAT E of t U he m RE on th

Wine & Dine at Home with Dwine G D-WINE DISH OF THE MONTH The Spanish roasted “Cochinillo” is widely known as a culinary delight. Suckling pigs are incredibly tender, succulent and absolutely delicious. In fact, due to their size and method of rearing, they are considered a real treat because of the more flavorful and tender meat.


orgeous Garnacha from Comando G Garnacha from Gredos is a private association of wineries making wines from Garnacha grapes, or Grenache, in the Gredos mountain range, close to Madrid. And winery project Comando G is the key to understanding the current success of this movement. Three provinces (Ávila, Madrid, Toledo),

and three appellations --Vino de la Tierra Castilla y León, Vinos de Madrid and Méntrida--have proved to be the ideal terroir for the best Garnachas in Central Spain. They are Burgundian in style and the climats (climat refers to an actual site that is unique because of its geographic characteristics) selected by the winemakers means that each wine produced perfectly expresses the place of cultivation.




Garnachas from Comando G at D-Wine


D-WINE ADVICE Roast Cochinillo and Grenache, A Perfect Match. The wine pairing with the Suckling Pig should be medium- light, floral and fruity as the meat is very delicate, which is why the Grenache from Gredos is an excellent choice for this dish. Garnacha in its purest form is eminently floral with wild berry notes, Mediterranean herbs and a touch of minerals. It is perfectly paired with our crispy, local suckling pork on a bed of caramelized sour apples, served with pan roasted vegetables and a touch of black truffle, dressed with wild berry compote. The suckling pig is wonderfully sweet and tender with crisp crackling, which is complemented perfectly by the refreshing bite of Garnacha from Gredos that clears the palate for the next mouthful.



Photo: Raphael Tecksten

Our resident health and nutrition expert, Bettina Campolucci Bordi offers us the tremendous health benefits of adding herbs and spices to your cooking.

Spice Up

Your Life hen @Bettinas_kitc bettinaskitche lucci@ bettinacampo om l.c gmai


ost of us have herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinet somewhere which often get added to recipes and culinary creations. Herbs and spices have been used since ancient times for their medicinal properties, mostly concentrated into teas and tinctures. More recently, their healthful value as a food ingredient has been realised.


Interestingly, most of them have health benefits attached to them, not to mention they improve the taste of so many foods! The problem is, most herbs and spices have been sitting on a grocery store shelf for so long and thus they don’t have much nutritional value left. I personally get any herbs fresh and spices I try and source organically and locally which minimises the shelf life.

When travelling to East Asia the use of herbs and spices is essential to any dish. Crushed into a curry paste, slowly cooked into a stew or sprinkled freshly on a dish. Herbs and spices have been and still are such a huge part of cooking and healing. This is also true for Europe. If you ask anyone from the older generation I am sure they will be able to tell you a lot more about the use of herbs and tinctures.


Favourite pl ac

TO EATe At Origin Org anic San Pedro you ca n have the best oven ba ked potatoes , vegan burger s with gluten free bread, lo ve fasts and som ly breake super fresh juices. Owned by a sibling duo, this orga nic and really well priced es tabl a definite go-to ishment is San Pedro area when in the !

MINT Mint is a great appetiser or palate cleanser. It also promotes digestion and soothes the stomach in cases of indigestion or inflammation. When you feel sick to your stomach, drinking a cup of mint tea can give you relief. I love using it in salads, tea and smoothies for that extra fresh taste.

CORIANDER The use of Coriander in food preparation is only the tip of the iceberg. Unbeknownst to many people, coriander is packed with potential health benefits that most people completely miss when they toss this garnish into the garbage after eating their meal. It has eleven components of essential oils, six types of acids (including ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin-C), minerals and vitamins, each having a number of beneficial properties. In other words, what a herby super star! I love using it as a fresh garnish on pastes, salads and curries!



Hot chili peppers… Never has there been a food to inspire both wonder and wariness, love and hate. If just the sight of some hot chilies in your Thai dish makes your stomach spasm, I have news for you: not all chilies are created equally. In fact, some are actually good for your stomach and can help heal it.

Ayurveda gives ginger the status of a virtual medicine chest. That’s because this wonder spice has timetested, digestion-friendly properties, in addition to its numerous other health benefits. In the East, ginger is liberally used in daily life. Gingerinfused foods, curries and pastes are a household favourite. Not to mention, it’s grandma’s antidote of choice for battling cold and flu.

PARSLEY Parsley and other green herbs and vegetables that contain high amounts of chlorophyll, have been shown to be effective at blocking the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines, which are generated when grilling foods at a high temperature. If you tend to like your grilled foods charred, make sure to pair them with green vegetables to help negate these effects.

DILL Dill is used a lot in Scandinavian cooking and is a personal favourite of mine. I use it a lot for dressings, sauces and dips. It’s a good source of calcium, manganese and iron and also contains flavonoids, known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. So all in all, very good for you!




Aubergines can sometimes be difficult to cook. Many cultures have different ways of making them tasty but I have to say that this recipe I am about to share is one of my personal favourite ways. You can actually make a big batch and help yourself throughout the week. Either enjoy on its own or use as a side because it goes well with so many different foods!



2 Aubergines sliced

Slice your aubergines lengthwise then dap with olive oil and sprinkle with salt (a tiny bit).

Olive Oil - for cooking Marinade: 1/4 cup Tamari Soy Sauce 1 tsp of Agave 1/2 grated Garlic Clove 1 tsp of Miso Paste (light colour) 1 tbs of Olive Oil Sesame Seeds black/white (doesn’t make a difference)


If you have a griddle pan use this to griddle your aubergine slices, if not then use a normal pan or slice and cook in the oven until nice and soft. In a small bowl add all your marinade ingredients and mix well. Arrange your cooked/griddled aubergines on a plate, drizzle the marinade on top and sprinkle with sesame seeds. This is one of those dishes that just gets better and better the more you let it marinate! Pre-make it to enjoy when you please or serve straight away as a delicious, warm side-dish!


Little Black Book Our comprehensive directory of local businesses

Banks & Financial Services TOURBILLON LIMITED Suite G2 The Eliott Hotel 2 Governor’s Parade. Gibraltar T. +350 200 66660 ABBEYGATE Tel. 902 87 77 28, BANCA MARCH Location: Camino de Camoján, 0, Marbella, Tel. 952 76 48 10, BANCO POPULAR Location: Av Ricardo Soriano, 36, Marbella, Tel. 952 76 57 05, CURRENCIES DIRECT Location: C. Orquidea, Local 6, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 90 65 81, FIDUCIARY Tel. 956 79 69 11, FLUENT FINANCE Location: Tales de Miletos 11, Edif. Banana Beach, Blq. C3, Marbella, Tel. 952 92 64 81,

GLOBAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT Tel. 952 768 376, HOLA CREDITO Location: CC Negocios Puerta de Banús (opposite Iceland). Tel. 951 319 538 HiFX Tel. 951 20 39 86, IBEX Location: CC. Benavista, Local 3, Estepona, Tel. 952 88 71 25,

AQWA MIST Location: Beneath La Sala Tel. 951 506 248 ITAPU Location: Calle Revuelta 18, Cancelada, Estepona, Tel. 952 88 79 04 FREUDENHAUS Location: Urbanizacion Jardines del Puerto 6, Puerto Banus Tel. 633 35 99 34

JYTSKE BANK Location: 76, Main Street, Gibraltar +350 20072782,

JOHN SCOTTS Location: Muelle Ribiera Casa F, Local 24, Marbella, Spain Tel. 644 954 872

LLOYDS BANK Tel. 902 02 43 65,

LINKS BAR Location: Aloha Pueblo, Marbella, Tel. 650 16 01 89,

MONEYCORP Tel. 952 587 657,

LEMMON Location: Local 12, Puerto Deportivo, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 45 73.

NORDEA BANK Tel. 952 816 925 SANTANDER Lugar Muelle de Ribera, 3-4, Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 76 45,

Bars & Clubs BAR SIX Avd. del Prado, Aloha T. +34 951 319 436

NEWS CAFÉ Location: Lugar Muelle de Ribera, Tel. 952 81 21 31 OLD JOY’S PUB Location: Frontline Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 42 83, SINATRA BAR Location: The Marina, Puerto Banus, SEVEN Location: Avenida Muelle de Ribera, Puerto Banús, Tel. 672 70 20 85,

talk radio europe

Little Black Book

SLAINTE Location: CL Manolete CC Iberico 7, Tel. 951 27 93 14,

NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239,

BOUTEE HAIR AND BEAUTY Location: Avenida del Prado, Plaza de Aloha, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 816 031

SUITE Location: Hotel Puente Romano Tel. 630 962 852

PLAZA BEACH Reservations: Tel. 677 64 47 37

CENTRO CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE Location: Centro Comercial Casablanca, Office 3, Crta de Cadiz Tel. 952 900 626,

SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Villa Marina, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 81 38 82,

CIRUMED CLINIC MARBELLA Location: Edif. Panorama, Planta baja, Local 2 Ctra. De Cadiz, km 184 Tel: 952 775 34

Beauty & Health

CLASSICAL ACUPUNCTURE Tel. 952 883 151 / 693 939 188

BARDOU Location: Playas del Duque, Puerto Banús.

CLINICA DENTAL SORIANO Location: Edificio Marbelsun, Calle Calvario 8, pl. 6, arpt. 11, Marbella, Tel. 951 317 021,

THE BANANA TREE Location: Avda Duque de Ahumada, Marbella, Tel. 952 82 48 52 THE LIVING ROOM Location : Avda. Del Prado, Urb. Aloha Gardens bloque 1, Tel. 619 06 11 47 THE OFFICE Location: Local 2-3 Centro Plaza Nueva Andalucía Marbella Tel. 693 780 299 THE PLAYWRIGHT Location: C. Manzana, Local 18, Pueblo Los Arcos, Elviria, Tel. 952 86 88 98, THE STUDIO Location: Avda. Del Prado, Urb. Aloha Gardens bloque 1, Tel. 951 31 97 42 TIBU Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, Puerto Banus, Tel. 952 81 09 18,

Beach Clubs PURO BEACH Carretera de Cádiz, km 159, Estepona T. +34 952 800 015, FINCA CORTESIN Tel. 952 93 78 00,

CENTRO SANUM Location: Centro Idea Ctra. de Mijas. Tel. 952 476 943 / 659 719 102,, MEGAWHITE T. +34 671 404 393 THE BARBER CLUB Location: Edificio Online, local 6, C/ Las Malvas, Nueva Andalucía +34 952 907 202; +34 952 907 203 ARIA MEDICAL GROUP Location: Centro Peninsula 8, Camojan Tel. 951 276 748 / 671 639 353 BODYWORKS Tel. 952 883 151,

CORTIJO CARE MARBELLA Location: C/ Joaquin Turina, Cortijo Blanco, San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella. Tel. 952 780 18, COSMOCLINIC AND ISABELLE’S Location: Carretera de Cadiz N340, Urb. Marbella Real, Local 1. Tel. 952 815 944 COSTA COSMETICA BEAUTY Location: C/Marqués del Duero 68, San Pedro de Alcántara Tel. 952 703 304 DENTAL CARE: C.C. Laguna Village, A-7, km.159, Estepona Tel. 952 936 552 / 615 071 563 DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE MARBELLA Tel. 952 775 021



Share your opinions by sending us your reviews and comments of local businesses or by commenting on our existing ones.


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OR ALL F€ 19


Centro Plaza Nueva Andalucía Marbella Tel. 952818861 WWW.CAFEYANX.COM


Little Black Book

EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL RESTAURANT & SPA Urb Miraflores Playa, Crta. A7 km.199, Marbella. Tel. 952 587 550

MARION DIAS Tel. 711 771 972 info@

THE HOUSE HAIRDRESSING Pino Golf de Don Carlos, Coto de los Dolores, Local 28, Elviria +34 952 835 317

MARK DENTAL CLINIC Location: C. C Benavista, Puerto Banus and Fuengirola Tel. 951 272 267 / 952 810 408 / 952 917 164

THE BARBER CLUB Ed. Online, Local 6. Calle Las Malvas Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 907 202/203

OCEAN CLINIC Location: Av. Ramon y Cajal 7, Marbella Tel. 951 775 518


HEALTHOUSE Urbanización Boladilla Baja, Esetepona 29689 Tel. 951 082 090

Q MAX LASER TREATMENTS @ THE WELLNESS STUDIO Los Naranjos Golf Club Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia. Contact Sara Tel: 628936396

THE NAIL PLACE Location: Av Manolete, Tel. 952 818 636

LOOK YOUR BEST Location: Calle Ramon Areces, Marina Banús, Edificio III Local 3, Puerto Banús Tel. 951 134 990

REFLECTIONS HAIR NAILS AND SKINCARE Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 902 325 324,

ENN CARE Location: Marbella Golf and Country Club, Ctra de Cádiz, N-340 Km 188, 29604, Marbella Tel. 663 048 477 HC MARBELLA Tel.952 908 628

LONG LIFE CLINIC Tel. 952 77 07 14, MARBELLA’S COSMETIC DENTAL CLINIC Location: Plaza las Orquideas 2, Exit 173,5 Casino, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 907 173, MARBELLA CHIROPRACTIC Location: Urbanizacion Guadalmina Alta, Centro Comercial 4, Local 8, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel. 952 880 398 MARBELLA VEIN CLINIC Location: Camojan Business Centre, Office 12 Tel. 952 867 003


PURE SKIN BEAUTY ROOM @The Wellness Studio Los Naranjos Golf Club Plaza Cibeles, Contact Sofia Tel: 661 279 575 RAFAEL BUENO PELUQUEROS CELEBRITY HAIR STYLIST Tel.: 952 107 196 SINERGIA PILATES Avda. de Espana 62, Estepona THAI MITICA Calderon de la Barca, 48, Nueva Andalucia + 34 951 279 250

TITANIUM CLINIC Location: CC Marbella Mar,2. Local 8 CN 340, Km179 Tel. 952 901 442 / 615 350 476 VILLAR-ARAGON CLINIC Plaza Joaquin Gomez Aguera 4, Marbella Tel. 952 823 155 WOOD HAIRDRESSING Location: C.C Le Village, Ctra de Istan Tel. 952 771 791

Boutiques & Stores AMIRA BOUTIQUE Location: CC Laguna Village, Local 19, Estepona, ANTONIO SEIJO Location: Avenida Ramón Y Cajal 7, Marbella Tel. 952 900 140,




T : 952 373 233 - Calle Hemingway, 38. Polígono Industrial Guadalhorce, Málaga

Little Black Book

ANTHONYS DIAMONDS Location: Avenida Ramon y Cajal 40 Tel. 952 588 795 BANG & OLUFSEN Location: Puerto Banús Main entrance. Tel: 95 281 72 50. ELLE MORGAN BOUTIQUE Location: Unit 31 Laguna Village (next to Purobeach) Tel. 647 869 831 FASHION VILLA Location: Paseo de Suiza, Elviria, Tel. 952 85 05 01 FEYDOM MUEBLES Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana, Nave, Nueva Andalucia, 15, 29660. Tel. 951 51 87 87, GLAMOUR HUNTER + 951 194 789 GUNNELS Location: Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 78 56 02 HOT OFF THE PRESS Location: Calahonda Commercial Centre Unit 7, Calahonda Tel. 952 930 392 MARBELLA DRESS COMPANY +34 667 585 410 MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edif. Casablanca, Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe Tel. 952 773 765

TWIST BOUTIQUE Location: Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara

Cafés BELLARIA Location: Calle Azahar (next to Casino H10 Hotel), Marbella, Tel. 951 31 90 23. D’ALICIA Location: Centro Commercial El Pilar (opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel) Estepona Tel. 952 823 761

TERRA SANA Location: Calle Las Malvas, Edificio On-Line, Local 8-9 Tel. 952 90 62 05

Car dealerships & Rentals CAR GALLERY Location: Calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso s/n, Edif. Ferroman, San Pedro de Alcantara Tel. 952 799 260, C. DE SALAMANCA Location: Ctra.N 340, Km.171, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 52 50

DEZENTRAL Location: Calle las Malvas Ed. Online 19 -20, Marbella Tel. 952 81 86 48

ELEGANCE (AUDI) SAFA C/ Juan de la Cierva 7, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 10 97

NELI G’S Location: Complejo Los Palmeras de Benavista El Paraiso, Estepona, Tel. 952 928 576,

EUROPCAR Tel. 902105055,

PAN Y MERMELADA Location: Urb. Marbella Real16, Avda. Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Marbella Tel. 952 86 63 23, PASSION CAFÉ Location: Calle Marqués del Duero, 68, Marbella, Tel. 952 78 03 44, SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046

HARO Location: Urb El Pilar, Estepona, Tel. 952 883 122, MARBELLA 4X4 LUXURY CAR HIRE Tel. +44(0)7850 515143 +34 671 152 493 MALAGA CAR Tel. 952 17 62 25, RACING LEGENDS Location: Urb. Nueva Andalucia Pol. Ind. Nueva Campana, nave 86, 29660 Marbella Tel. 637 93 79 59


Little Black Book

Delis DELISH Location: Calle Las Malvas 12. 29660 Nueva Andalucía Tel. 952 907 627 / 609 500 340 / 610 733 050 KOBE Location: Plaza Las Orquideas 6 y 7, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 951 398 618 / 628 330 396 / 665 119 263 DELICIAS DE LA HUERTA Location: C.Comercial Odeon, Local 1, Nueva Andalucia, Tel. 952 816 796, 628 330 396

Drink Suppliers

BEERS WINES AND SPIRITS Calle Manuel Franco Cubeiro 28 Nave 4 Poligono Industrial El Pinillo Torremelinos, Tel:+34 952 373 233 D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46, WINES UNPLUGGED


CINE TEATRE GOYA Location: Carrer de Av. Julio Iglesias s/n, Marbella. Tel.196 951 665 / 951 196 666,

TIMELESS GALLERY Location: Avda. Jose Banús S/N, Edificio Málaga II, Marbella. T +34 670 25 62 75 W

ESTUDIO61 Location: Calle Notario Luis Oliver 9, Tel. 672 296 074

Event Venues

FUNDACION PICASSO Location: Plaza de la Merced, 15, Málaga Tel. 951 926 060

CORTIJO DEL MARQUES Location: Albolote (Granada). Tel. 958 340 077,

HOUSES OF ART GALLERY Marbella Club Hotel Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella, Tel. 952857196 MARBELLA POLO CLUB, Tel. 639 30 85 55, PALACIO DE CONGRESOS MARBELLA Location: Calle Jose Melia 2 Tel. 952 828 244, PEDRO SANCHEZ RIDING Location: Ctra. de Ronda Tel. 952 788 189 SALON VARIETES THEATRE Location: C/ Emanicipacion, s/n Fuengirola Tel. 952 474 542


SELWO Autovia Costa del Sol, KM 162,500, Estepona, Tel. 902 19 04 82,

AVENTURA AMAZONIA Location: Avda. Valeriano Rodriguez Tel. 952 835 505,

TEAM4YOU Location: Puerto Banus Tel. 619 987 093

LE PAPILLON Location: Urbanización Marbesa (Exit Camping Marbella Playa) Carretera de Cádiz Km. 193 Marbella T: 952 834 113; SALA BEACH Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882 THE COURTYARD MARBELLA Location: Carretera Ojen 2.8Km,, TIKITANO Location: Urb. Guadalmansa, Ctra de Cadiz 340 – KM 164 Estepona. Tel. 952 798 449, VILLA DEL MAR: Loation: Marbella Club Hotel, Av. Alfonso de Hohenlohe Tel. 952 822 211


Reservations : 951 77 87 97

Complimentary parking for two hours in Playas del Duque

Reservations : 951 77 87 97 | Complimentary parking for two hours in P

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Golf Courses ALOHA GOLF CLUB Location: Apdo. 141, Urb. Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 812 388 ATALAYA GOLF CLUB Location: Avda. de las Golondrinas, Estepona Tel. 952 882 812 CALANOVA GOLF CLUB Location: Urb. Calanova Golf Club Tel. 951 170 194 EL CHAPARRAL GOLF CLUB Location: Urbanizacion El Chaparral, N-340 KM 203, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 587 773, EL PARAISO GOLF CLUB CN 340, km 167, Estepona 296880 Tel. 952 883 835 FINCA CORTESIN GOLF CLUB Location: Carretera de Casares s/n, Casares Tel. 952 937 883 FLAMINGOS GOLF CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz KM 166 Tel. 952 889 157 LAURO GOLF 27 Location: Carretera de Málaga a Coin A-404, Alhaurin de la Torre Tel. 952 412 767 LA CALA GOLF RESORT Location: Urb. La Cala Golf, Mijas Costa Tel. 952 669 000 LA QUINTA GOLF ACADEMY Location: Urb. La Quinta Golf, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 902 204 208

+34 952 814 446

LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB Location: Plaza Cibeles, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 815 206 MARBELLA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra de Cadiz, N-340 KM 188 Tel. 952 830 500 MONTE PARAISO Location: C/ Camino de Camojan s/n, Sierra Blanca Tel. 952 822 781

DYNAMIC TRAINING CENTRE Location: Ctra de Istan, Centro Comercial Le Village Tel. 952 775 021 GLOW WELLNESS & FITNESS

Location: Avenida Playas del Duque, Edificio Sevilla, Puerto Banus Tel. 952 908 507 QI SPORT Location: Inside Urb. La Alzambra, Puerto Banus Tel. 952 907 090

SAN ROQUE CLUB CN 340, Km 127, 11360 San Roque, Cádiz, Tel. 956 61 30 30,

NCT Location: Urb. Monte Paraiso Golf Tel. 952 866 843

SANTA MARIA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Urb. Elviria, Ctra. Cadiz-Málaga, KM 192, Elviria Tel. 952 831 036

MGM Gym Location: Avenida de Manolete 10, Nueva Andalucia Tel. 952 817 219

REAL CLUB DE GOLF GUADALMINA Urb. Guadalmina Alta, A-7, Km.170, San Pedro de Alcántara, Tel. 952 88 33 75,

TITAN ACADEMY Location: Gaudi N. 11/13, Estepona, Málaga, 29680 Tel. 951 518 057 ; 608 337 171

SANTANA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Location: Ctra la Cala – Entrerrios, Mijas Costa Tel. 902 517 700

Interior Design Houses

VALDERRAMA GOLF CLUB Location: Avenida de los Cortijos, San Roque Tel. 956 791 200

Gyms and Tennis Clubs DY GYM Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía

ELIGRASS T. 951 498 732, SECRETZA Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Marbella +34 952 764 595 STOREY DESIGN Aloha Garden, Local 1-2, Avenida del Prado s/n, Nueva Andalucía T. +34 672 216 848 ; + 34 951 279 258

Tel: 952 92 95 78 路

Calder贸n de la Barca s/n, Nueva Andaluc铆a, Marbella

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COCINAS PLUS Location: La Cala de Mijas Showroom, Bulevar de La Cala, Local 1, Mijas-Costa Tel. 952 58 77 59, DESIGN SPACE Location: Avda. De Salamanca, Urb. Nueva Andalucia, Edif El Mirador, local 6, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 440, EZ HOME SOLUTIONS Location: Poligono Industrial Norte C/ Carril De Picaza, 23, San Pedro De Alcantara, Marbella, 29670 Tel. 952 799 344 FOC DESIGN Av. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 16 Nueva Andalucía T. 952 817 129 G VEGA CERAMIC Location: Polígono La Campana Nva Andalucía Tel. 952 816 848 INDIA EXOTICA Location: Calle Fragua 43, Marbella Tel. 952 778 500 JENSEN BEDS Location: Poligno Nueva Campana 23, Nueva Andalucia, tel. 952 90 88 55, jensen-beds. com MESSEG DESIGN Location: C/Aluminio 6, Poligono Industrial La Hermita Tel. 952 857 439

LA CASA BLANCA Location: La Colonia, Exit San Pedro, next to McDonalds, Tel. 952 78 91 98


LOFT & ROOMERS Location: Oasis Business Center, Ctra. De Cadiz km 183, Golden Mile, Marbella Tel. 952 77 21 39

ÓPTICA MARBELLA Location: Avda. Ricardo Soriano 21, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 46 24

MARBELLA CARPETS Location: Edificio Casablanca, Golden Mile, Tel. 952 77 37 65,

SPECSAVERS Location: Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 12, Tel. 952 863 332,

MOBILE & DISEÑO Location: A7 – Km. 189, 5, Marbella, Tel. 952 83 76 01,

OPTIPRIX C.C La Canada, 30, Marbella, Tel. 952 82 03 56

ROCHE BOBOIS Location: Centro Comercial Torre Real, Marbella, Tel. 952 77 78 58,


NALIPEMI Tel. 660 676 322

Luxury Flights WORLD AVIATION Tel. 618 226 332 world JET EXPRESS,

ADANA Location: Camino Padre Cura, Urb. Huerta Nueva, 14 Tel. 952 113 467 CLÍNICA VETERINARIA ZARPAS Y BIGOTES Location: Urb. Marbella Real, 13. Tel. 952 857 863/ 659 069 000, zarpasybigotes. com FAMA Location: Camino de Campanallas Tel. 620 354 885 MOBILE VET Location: Calle Santa Lucia, 23, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 78 07 33, POINTER VETERINARY CLINIC Location: Nueva Andalucía and & Estepona Tel. 952 906 626 / 952 804 165, TRIPLE A Location: Ojen Road, up from La Cañada Tel. 952 771 586

Selected Fruits & Vegetables Pata Negra Ham International Cheese Organic Food Coffee & Tea Dips and Foie gras Oil and Vinegar Confectionery and Bakery Cantabrian Anchovies Special Albacore Tuna Fish Canned Vegetables Nuts Homemade Jams


Photographers & Artists FRENCH KISS Centro Comercial Cristamar, Puerto Banus T. +34 657 106 780, +34 652 310 222, ANNA GAZDA Tel: 633 654 476; IMAGE GURU Tel. 662 434 400,, JAYDEN FA Tel. +350 54000029, JEREMY STANDLEY Tel: 607 717 565; JB FORT OWEN FARRELL Tel: 670 664 341, (+35) 387 268 28 32 NANI & ANTONIO PEREZ, Tel. 615 31 44 46 REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838, SOL WEDDING Tel: 678 486 069;

Property Developers FOC DESIGN Av. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, 16 Nueva Andalucía T. 952 817 129 QUAY PROPERTY GROUP Location: Mellior Vasari La Alzambra Local 3-1, Puerto Banus Tel. 951 319 728 PROPANA GROUP Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18 Propanaestates. com

ESPANA-HOLIDAYS Marbella Office; Location: Espana Holiday ApS, c/c Nuevo Rosario, Local 3, urb. El Rosario, 29604, Marbella. Tel. 951 310 462 ; 666 040 590 Nueva Andalucia Office; Location: New Era Sales Espana SL. Centro Plaza, Local 1, Avd. Manolete 1, 29660, Nueva Andalucia. Tel. 952 908 856 ; 674 061 675 FINE & COUNTRY Location: Marbella Club Hotel Boulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Marbella Tel: +34 952 764010, JACKSON GRUNDY Ed. La Rotonda, Av. Manolete Nva. Andalucía & Centro Plaza Nva. Andalucía T: +34 952 90 75 21 MP DUNNE Centro Expo 11-12 (Opp. Marbella Club Hotel), Tel. +34 952 866 072, NEVADO REALTY Calle Camilo Jose Cela 18, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 825 517, QUESTATES Calle Francisco Villalon 13, Marina Banus 4, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 819 174, PRIME PROPERTY MARBELLA Tel. 951 082 367 PROPANA GROUP Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus, Local 18 Propanaestates. com RHONE PROPERTY Avda. Ricardo Soriano 63, +34 952 766 288 THE REAL ESTATE GALLERY Avda. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, San Pedro de Alcantara, Tel. 952 799 393, WASA INMOBILIARA Centro Comercial Plaza 65-66, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Tel. +34 952 818 000, WILLIAMS INTERNATIONAL, Tel. 662 528 363/ 951 120 274



SPECTRUM 90.4 FM Location: Centro Comercial Diana Blq 3 Local 27 y 28, Urb. Nueva Atalaya, Estepona, Tel. 952 90 50 00,


TALK RADIO 91.9FM Tel. 952 799 953,

Real Estate Offices DELUXE GLOBAL Calle del Califa 3, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella. Tel. +34 951 403 755, DIANA MORALES Av. Cánovas del Castillo, 4, 29601 Marbella, Tel. +34 952 765 138,

FINCA CORTESIN EL JARDIN Location: Carretera de Casares S/N Tel. 952 937 800, info@hotelcortesin. com BENAHAVIS Indian MASALA Location: C. Com, El Pilar, Local 2 Tel. 900 525 801, masalamarbella. com International HEAVEN BEACH BAR Location: Playa de Guadalmansa km. 164, Estepona, Tel. 659, 220 570,


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TANINO Location: Calle Pino Real, 5 Saladillo Benamara, Benahavis Tel. 952 883 259,

HARD ROCK CAFÉ Location: Calle Ramón Areces Esquina Marina Banús Tel. 952 908 024,


JACKS AMERICAN BRASSERIE Location; Calle Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. Marbella. Tel: 952 813 625,

International ALBERT Y SIMON Urbanización Nueva Alcántara Edificio Mirador, Bloque 4-B San Pedro Marbella Tel: 952 78 37 14, PASSION CAFE Centro Comercial La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara. Tel: 952 781 583,

Italian CARPACCIO Location: Muelle Ribera, Casa M Local 20, Tel. 952 813 357, PIZZERIA PICASSO Location: C/ Muelle Ribera

MR. BURGER Avenida Luis Braille no 20 San Pedro de Alcántara Tel. 952 785 257

Local 48 / 49 Tel. 952 813 669


AMBROSIA Urb. La Alzambra Crta. Nac. 340, Km. 175 Puerto Banús T. +34 685 201 206

EL RINCON DE LA SALA Location: Calle Marques del Duero, San Pedro Tel. 951 506 249 El Rincon de La Sala takes the irrevocable values of La Sala, including terraces and prime location, then overlays a more Spanish style of cuisine and atmosphere. ALABARDERO BEACH CLUB Urb. Castiglione s/n San Pedro de Alcantara T. 952 780 552 PUERTO BANÚS American


SANTÉ Centro Comercial Puerta de Banús, Local 22, Puerto Banús T. +34 951 196 777 EL GRAN GATSBY Location: Puerto Banus A vanguard concept of the Mediterranean kitchen in the best spot of Puerto Banús, offering you an author’s kitchen with magnificent views over the Mediterranean sea

JOHN SCOTTS Location: Muelle Ribiera Casa F, Local 24, Marbella, Spain Tel. 644 954 872, LA SALA BANUS Location: Calle Belmonte Tel. 952 814 145 La Sala offers eight individually styled settings to suit whatever mood you are in – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon drinks with friends, evening cocktails or private business meetings. OLD JOY´S PUB Location: C/Muelle Ribera, Lc. 58-59 Puerto Banús, Marbella Tel. 952 84 283 OCEAN CLUB Location: Avda. Lola Flores Tel. 952 908 137 SALA BY THE SEA Location: Urb. Marina Villa (beachside) Tel. 952 813 882 Luxurious Balinese setting with an al fresco restaurant serving an appetising selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood platters to Thai fusion cuisine, sushi, creative salads and lighter dishes. SANTE Location: Centro de negoscios Puerta de Banús. tel: 951 196 777, santemarbella

Tel. 952 82 25 11

Tuesday - Sunday 12:30-16:00 & 19:30-24:00 hrs.


C/Jacinto Benavente, 33 - Entrance Ricardo Soriano, 40 29601 Marbella


INFUSCHIA Location: Plaza Antonio Banderas, (Within the club Tibu Banus), Puerto Banus. Tel. 952 815 325,

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FETOUN C/ Francisco J. Villalón, Edificio Cristamar, Puerto Banús T. +34 610 742 202

D-WINE Location: Calle Norte 2, Marbella, (Take exit for Cortijo Blanco, immediately after the San Pedro) Tel. 952 81 44 46,

NAGA THAI Location: C.C. Cristamar Tel. 952 815 319 Wide range of exquisite and exotic dishes enjoyed in stylish surroundings. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Takeaway and full catering service also available. THAI GALLERY Location: Puerta de Banus Tel. 952 818 392 NUEVA ANDALUCIA French LE DISCRET Location: Av. del Prado. Urb. Los Naranjos Country Club, Indian CURRY LEAVES Avda. del Prado, Centro Comercial Aloha Local 1d Nueva Andalucia, +34 951 319 669, MASALA Avda. del Prado, Nueva Andalucía, BOLLYWOOD RESTAURANT Location: Urb. Fuente Aloha Tel. 952 906 748 Exotic blend of fantastic fragrant food, with an ambiance inspired by rich culture, all topped off with excellent service.

THE FRESH FOOD CAFÉ Location: Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella Tel. 952 907 364 Fresh food, simple ingredients, always freshly prepared to order. MAGNA CAFÉ Location: Magna Marbella Golf Tel. 952 929 587, Exquisite cuisine in stunning surroundings. Bar and large terrace with breathtaking views. STARZ Location: Centro Comercial Plaza, K3, Nueva Andalucía,Marbella. Tel. 952 81 63 13, YANX CAFÉ Location: Centro Plaza Tel. 952 818 861 A prized location and lively atmosphere make this a great choice all-round. Italian REGINA’S Location: Near Andalucia Plaza Tel. 952 814 529 Elegant surroundings with high-quality Italian dishes ranging from traditional to creative. Oriental ASIATICO ZEN Location: Calle Lirios s/n T el. 952 817 691

SENSATIONS DELI & SUSHI Location: Av. Manolete, 20, Tel. 952 814 964 Innovative and tantalising sushi creations at competitive prices. TUK TUK Location: Urb. Aloha Gardens Tel. 951 279 188 GOLDEN MILE International SUTTON Urb. Marbellamar, Milla de Oro, Marbella T. +34 952 770 760, MC CAFÉ Location: Marbella Club Hotel Tel. 952 822 211 Creative and affordable fine dining open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Location: C.C. Le Village Tel. 952 771 046, SUTTON Location: Urb. MarbellaMar, Milla de Oro, Tel. 952 770 760 VILLA TIBERIO Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 771 799 Highly popular restaurant set within stylish surroundings; al fresco at it’s best. Indian MASALA MARBELLA Location: Ctra. Cadiz Km.179 (opposite Marbella Club) Tel. 952 857 670,

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TAJ MAHAL Location: C/ Jazmines 17 Local 1 Tel. 952 814 719, Exotic Indian cuisine, perfect for intimate dining and takeaway. Italian CIBO Bulevard Principe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, 11, 29600 Marbella, Málaga Tel. 952 90 03 80 Oriental SUKHOTHAI Location: Marbella Mar Tel. 952 770 550 Fabulous Thai cuisine with intimate surroundings and cosmopolitan décor.

cuisine on their vast terrace. PACO JIMENEZ CULINARY ART Location: Plaza de los Naranjos, 11 (Orange Square, 11) Marbella Centre Tel. 952 77 36 10 / 627 625 952

Japanese TAHINI Location: Hotel Gran Melia Don Pepe, Tel. 952 902 936 EAST OF MARBELLA International ALBERT´S BAR & GRILL CABOPINO Location: Puerto Cabopino, Edf. B, Lc. B5 Tel. 952 836 886


LA DESPENSA DE ALANDA Location: Carretera de Cadiz Km 192, Elviria. Tel. 952 768 150

BECKITT’S Location: Calle Camilo José Cela, Nº 4 Tel. 952 868 898, GARUM Location: Paseo Maritimo Tel. 952 858 858, Great for drinks, snacks and a la carte dining. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. NUEVA KASKADA Location: Urb. La Montua, Calle Chorreadero, Marbella Tel. 952 864 478, Open everyday from 7pm, enjoy fresh


EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL & RESTAURANT Location: Miraflores. Tel. 952 587 637 PAELLA’S Y MÁS El Oceano is an oasis of laid-back luxury, Location: Calle Jacinto Benavente 33, En- privately owned and operated, where trance Ricardo Soriano 40, 29601 Marbella, guest comfort and satisfaction is paraTel. 952 82 25 11, mount. The three restaurants serve up less food and the views are breathtaking.

TAI PAN Location: Puente Romano Tel. 952 777 893,



THE BEACH HOUSE Location: frontline beach Elviria Tel. 952 839 458 Idyllic location by the sea with stunning sunsets over one of the Coast’s best beaches. Open daily for lunch and dinner. NIKKI BEACH Location: Hotel Don Carlos Tel. 952 836 239 Nikki’s signature ‘global’ cuisine served in luxurious beach club surroundings either on he palm-shaded al fresco terrace, or from on the oversized beach beds.

OLIVIA’S LA CALA Location:Calle Torreon La Cala de Mijas Tel. 952 494 935

Useful websites BEACHGROOVES Location: Apartado de Correos Nº 25, San Pedro de Alcantara Tel. 952 799 344, EXPLORE MARBELLA A comprehensive business directory with real reviews and daily deals. LÍNEA DIRECTA Insurance for your car, motorcycle, and home. PROPERTY PAINTERS Tel. 606 788 630, REYNARD PRODUCTIONS Tel. 673 505 838,

Make the perfect gift for the ones who love cooking

Showroom: Edif. Casablanca - Golden Mile - Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella - 952 76 45 95 -



Padre Peter, cleric for wedding ceremonies and regular contributor to SOCIETYMagazine


s the chimes peal from the Puerta del Sol on Nochevieja in Madrid, Spaniards join with their families to gulp down a grape for each chime of the clock. Canny members of the family surreptitiously peel and de-pip their grapes (a hair grip is ideal for this). This custom, known as “Las doce uvas de la suerte” became established in 1909. In that year there was a bumper grape harvest. The vine growers popularised a custom which had begun in 1895 at the royal court. They realised that this was a wonderful way to dispose of the huge amount of grapes from the harvest! It is believed in some areas that this practice leads to a year of prosperity, whilst in others it wards off witches and evil. Quite naturally, a lot of noise accompanies this custom, with dancing, singing and often fireworks. Many people will be wearing red underwear, which they will have received as a gift to signify the New Year. You cannot buy this symbol of good luck for yourself, but having received it you must wear it! Of course, Spain is not unique in greeting the New Year in a special manner. Many British ex-pats continue to follow customs brought from “home”. It is not grapes that bring good fortune, but the first guest to cross the threshold. Ideally it should be male, tall and dark, bearing with him a nugget of coal to provide warmth for the year, and, hopefully, a bottle of whisky, a loaf of bread and some salt. In Wales he will have had to wait for the back door to have been opened and then shut, symbolising the exit of the Old Year. Then he can enter by the front. Getting rid of the old year figures in a number of customs. In the Netherlands it is purged by Christmas trees being burnt on bonfires. In western Europe January 1st has generally been accepted since about 700 B.C. as New Year’s Day, and many countries, like the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and the United States regard it as a national

holiday. But during the Middle Ages in various locations other dates were also occasionally used, such as the 1st or 25th of March, 1st September, 25th December or Easter Day. When, however, the new Gregorian calendar supplanted the old Julian calendar in 1582, January 1st became firmly established, although in Scotland it had to wait until 1600, whilst in England and its colonies 1751 began on March 25th and contained 282 days, with 1752 beginning for the first time on January 1st. In Orthodox countries where the Churches still adhere to the old Julian Calendar (such as Russia, Ukraine or Serbia) the civil New Year is celebrated on the 1st January of the Gregorian calendar, but the religious observance is held on the 14th. The liturgical Church calendar in Catholic and many Protestant countries still starts on September 1st, whilst the Eastern Orthodox celebrates thirteen days later. Each country tends to have its own traditions, but many do not share January 1st as New Year’s Day. The Chinese New Year (the “Lunar Year”) begins on the new moon of the first lunar month, which can fall anywhere between the 21st January and the 21st February. The Vietnamese share the Chinese calendar, but the Koreans celebrate both on January 1st and at the beginning of the Lunar Year. In Tibet the New Year may fall at any time between January and March, depending upon a solar-lunar cycle. India’s celebrations depend upon regional differences, and Nava Varsha may take place in March or April. In Kutch, however, which is largely a desert area, the New Year has to wait until the arrival of rain, usually in June or July. In Kashmir the lunar calendar is again used, and ancient scriptures are consulted as the day is regarded as the one upon which the Lord Brahma created the universe.

This celebration has been observed amongst brahmins for many millennia. Bengal celebrates on the 14th or 15th of April, followed closely by the Punjab, Assam, Orissa, and a number of other states. Offerings are made to the gods and lamps are lit to eradicate darkness and to provide light to make auspicious sightings. In Sri Lanka the New Year is linked to the harvest, at a time which is determined by astrologers as the sun moves from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries. The calculations are so precise that a determination is made as to when part of the sun is in Pisces and part in Aries. This is known as Nona Gathe, and is a neutral period which is neither old or new year! Muslim states follow a lunar calendar that has 354 days, thus ensuring that New Year’s Day (Maal Hijra) varies from year to year.It is a sombre celebration in mosques, and is celebrated quietly with special prayers and readings. A major part of the holiday is the telling of the hegira, Muhammad’s flight from Medina to Mecca. In Iran “Nowruz” is celebrated according to the vernal equinox on the 20th or 21st March, and this custom is followed by the Parsees in India. The Jewish celebration of the New Year takes two days, and is called Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year). It commemorates the culmination of the seven days of creation, and marks God’s renewal of His world. It takes place in the month of Tishri, which falls in September or October. Celebrants gather to pray and to wish each other health and happiness as they offer gifts of apples dipped in honey to symbolise a sweet new year. The celebrations end on Yom Kippur which is the holiest day of the Jewish year, the Day of Atonement, “For on this day He will forgive you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from all your sins before God” (Leviticus 16:30). Not a bad way to begin a New Year!


Natterings By Natalie Rose Kern


ituated in the lowlands of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, surrounded by pine forest at 428 metres above sea level, sits the beautiful, little whitewashed village of Mijas Pueblo. Only seven kilometres from the busy and bustling coast and nestled in the mountainside, this gorgeous little Andalusian village’s traditional charm has been attracting day trippers, holidaymakers and expats for many years, yet it has somehow managed to retain much of its traditional Andalusian way of life and character, with its cobbled, narrow winding streets, higgledypiggledy houses and alleyways, dazzling whitewashed walls, stunning architecture, breathtaking views…and donkeys Mijas’ famous donkeys. From the brightly coloured donkey key rings and figurines displayed outside all the tourists shops, to the Mijasemblazoned T-shirts and postcards for sale, Mijas is all about the donkeys – and you can’t miss them. The supposed ‘attractions’ of the town, are these poor creatures; they are not roaming the fields nor housed in stables, they are used as taxis to haul (often very large) tourists up and down the cobbled streets of the village, dressed up in thick heavy blankets in the 40degree heat.


The Times are a

CHANGING Natalie Rose Kern visits the beautiful town of Mijas, which is making headlines for the wrong reasons

It is not a highlight nor an ‘attraction’. It is in fact a grotesque spectacle of animal abuse and cruelty. For many years there has been growing concern about the treatment of these animals, and over the past decade there has been furious debate over the abolition of the burros taxis (donkey taxies), with many national and international animal charities campaigning for an end to the barbaric treatment of these poor souls yet the practice continues. The donkeys are tied so tightly, their heads lashed to poles for long periods of time without being able to move even to drink in the scorching summer heat, plus they are outfitted with sweltering blankets and the badly fitting tack bites into their skin producing obvious sores and infections. When a donkey DIED in 2007 after being dragged behind a cart in the main street in front of crowds of tourists, there was a national outcry.

SEPE (Sociedad Española para la Protection de los Equinos) campaigned hard to end the barbaric treatment by the donkey operators and it also held a public demonstration demanding that the animals be controlled and monitored by the local Ayuntamiento veterinarian. SEPE was backed by over 40 national and international charities and the media throughout Spain, but, unfortunately, the donkey handlers got off the hook by agreeing to have inspections of the animals every six months - a ludicrous agreement for animals that are in obvious need of weekly care and assistance. The systematic torture of the donkeys continues and, despite having recently fabricated a small shaded canopy under which the donkeys can stand, the handlers’ mistreatment of the mules continues to shock and appall – and the complaints are louder than ever!

From their broken hooves and the fly-infested cuts on their faces, to the donkeys’ deplorable living and working conditions, the Internet is awash with horror stories and outrage from tourists around the world, who have been disturbed and appalled at the sight of the poor beasts on their recent trip to Mijas. I see this as a terrible shame. The town is otherwise so delightful and such a stunning corner of Andalusia and yet, it is rapidly growing in notoriety for its animal abuse rather than its beauty and splendour. This summer, the donkeys’ plight was once again in the spotlight when a video was posted on YouTube of a donkey handler kicking and dragging a donkey that had collapsed in the baking heat. There was uproar once more as the video circulated, shocking witness statements were heard and petitions were signed…this time surely something had to be done.

winter afternoon we flocked to Mijas from up and down the coast and took to the town square with our handmade signs, banners and placards, demanding justice for the donkeys, using our voices to shout for their rights. There were hundreds of us - of all nationalities and from all corners of the globe, and from all walks of life – we were united in our purpose and our voices rang out, echoing around the village. Unsurprisingly perhaps, neither the donkeys nor their imprisoners were in attendance. The usual spot where the donkeys are tied to the posts and where the handlers idle in the shade was deserted. Fearing the disgrace and embarrassment of being humiliated in public the donkey taxis stayed away for the day and we chanted passionately throughout the afternoon.

There is no place for abuse and blatant mistreatment of animals in Mijas. The tourists are horrified, the expats are disappointed and the locals are dissatisfied and frustrated. Mijas now has ‘eco tuk-tuks’ for the tourists who really can’t manage to wander about the tiny village on foot, rendering the donkeys redundant. Surely we cannot allow for the poor creatures to endure this intolerable subsistence to continue any longer? I urge you to write to the town hall of Mijas. Sign the petitions. Make your voice heard. Just because a custom has survived for this long does not mean it has to continue. I saw an enthusiastic and determined population united in their quest to bring about change and to abolish this archaic business.

“There is no place for abuse and blatant mistreatment of animals in Mijas. The tourists are horrified, the expats are disappointed and the locals are dissatisfied and frustrated.”

And yet… Mijas local and spiritual healer, Mark Bajerski has been campaigning for many years on behalf of the donkeys, bringing papers, petitions, videos and photos to the attention of the town hall to no avail, so he decided the time had come to make a stand in peaceful public protest. After weeks of planning and organisation, on a sunny

What struck me the most was how many Spanish locals turned out to protest. I was delighted, for whilst the expat voices are making waves, it is the local Spanish population that will really have the power to influence the town hall and the government. “No Burros Taxis” they shouted, “Animals have rights!”, “Donkeys are not tools!” they cried. Families with children, Spanish youths and little old ladies were all as vocal and impassioned in their chanting. I gazed around and listened as the organisers took it in turn to deliver speeches and the crowd applauded and responded enthusiastically. I could feel a shift taking place; an empathy and understanding for the donkeys’ wretched existence was written on the faces of all. The burro taxis’ time is over.

These donkeys endure an existence of squalor, dilapidation, humiliation and suffering… needlessly.

The current petition on requires 10,000 signatures. At the time of SOCIETY going to press the figure stands at 8.470. Please take two minutes of your time to make a difference and put an end to this unnecessary cruelty. If not for the donkeys, then for the reputation of Mijas, Andalusia and Spain. We are currently in a position to turn fortune around – to transform the lives of these tired and anguished creatures and to redeem the reputation of the town. The disgraced town hall can no longer ignore the complaints and abuse. It is time to take a stand. Add your signature today!

Nattie xx



Name : Marbella

Marbella’s 2016

Date of Birth : 11 June 1485


Overview of Marbella’s Character With the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius you’re a strong, positive, versatile thinker. Although, some less kind people may say you have the split personality so common among Gemini people. You’re at your happiest when you feel free and there’s lots of travel involved, which may account for the way that visitors from all over the world are magnetically attracted to you. Indeed, the Sun was in your 10th house at the time of birth; this indicates that you’ll have honour, success and prestige throughout your life. In general, the presence of two Air signs in your chart means that you have a sharp and clever intellect with an unusual interest in the strange and unorthodox, particularly in things like esoteric philosophies. Indeed,

Fortunately, the combination of Virgo in your Ascendant and Mercury in the 10th house means that you have an unusual aptitude for successfully undertaking any business related to commissions or dealership and you’re likely to have several professions simultaneously. This would probably account for the prevalence of “Mr 10%” around town, and the mercurial element in your horoscope suggests that


Once you’ve recovered from your three royal visitors and taken down the tree, put the lights away and recycled anything that’s made of paper - like all the cards your friends sent - then it’s time to get 2016 under way in all seriousness. Planetary aspects this month suggest it might be time to renew that gym membership, look for a personal trainer or join a boot camp - there are some women-only ones near you!



A month for some quiet contemplation and more recharging of batteries, however, this time you’ll feel inclined to put that famous intellect of yours to use. You might decide to head over to a bookshop near you and find a good book to curl up with, or a class where you can learn how to cook quinoa, chia seeds, or something similarly esoteric and exotic. Don’t forget to put your green and white dress on for Andalucia Day on 28th of the month. Oh, and here’s the big news - it’s a Leap Year. Make sure you’re looking nice and romantic.


Main planets at time of birth : Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius and Ascendant in Virgo

you’re not too concerned with facts, but you are a very gifted persuader. Venus is in your ninth house, and this is likely to express itself through a love of harmony and the arts. Frankly, you have a very refined taste in culture. Plus, Venus in this position makes you appear very congenial, kind and sympathetic to everyone around you; you’ll always be the popular girl at the party! Just don’t ask too many prying question about what is going on around you, or you might turn people off. Finally, that 10th house Sun has given you a fantastically vital individuality and people will recognise there aren’t many others like you. You have a great spirit and vibrancy and you’ll find that many powerful people will do their best to help you ascend through life and stay at the top.

Marbella’s Stars for 2016



you are adept at performing some form of magical act at almost every turn, especially when you’re challenged by a lack of interest in you. Indeed a downturn in your fortunes only seems to bring out that Virgoan ability to analyse the situation critically and use your ability to persevere with some ingenuity until you’re in a winning position again.

Place of Birth : Andalucía , Spain



March Not really one of your best times of the year, is it? It’s neither winter fiesta time nor summer party. This month might take you skiing in the Sierra Nevada, one of your favourite places to dash off to for the weekend and around the 17th, prepare yourself for a an excess of “craic” and Guinness flowing instead of Cruzcampo. Of course, the month ends with Semana Santa, so you’ll need to compose yourself for visitors from far and wide, because it’s a holiday right around Europe and guess what, they all want to come to your place.

April This month you need to take a deep breath and over the next four weeks start to get organised for ‘The Season’ with military-like precision. Leave no pavement unwashed and no exclusive beach club closed in the effort to make 2016 the best Marbella season ever.


Love, love will take you there...


CAPPUCCINO MARBELLA C/ de José Meliá S/N · T. 952 868 790 (Hotel Gran Meliá Don Pepe)





Phew, time to kickback and relax. You’re nearly there - the season is almost over and you can congratulate yourself on a job well done. Of course, never let it end with a whimper; pull yourself together and make sure it goes out with a bang!

It’s like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one. By now you should have assembled your wardrobe and have all your party dresses lined up ready to begin the Season. Jupiter in conjunction with Venus suggests popping champagne corks, pool parties and love in the air. No doubt you’ll be the hostess with the mostest, Marbella!


December Things are hotting up Marbella, but for the moment you’ve still got time to enjoy the sun with locals before the ankle biters appear in tow with parents from places where the sun rarely shines, and your lovely relatives from Madrid descend with their entourages. Grasp the opportunity to have some intimate evenings with your closest friends before you have to share yourself with the rest of the world. Your personal party (feria) for you and your patron saint San Bernabe on 11th June promises to be just brilliant this year - but then isn’t it always, darling!




There’s one thing you can say about October - it has a lot of holidays. You’ll need them of course after all that partying from May to September. The weather is still good, so there are still opportunities to take it easy and chill out on the paseo with a vino or two. Then there’s Halloween at the end of the month - another party! They just keep coming your way, don’t they?






You’re busy, busy, busy this month - it’s party, party, party and celebrities galore enjoying a bit of you before they move on to Ibiza. It’s also time to put your artistic side on show and this month will see artists from Mallorca to Miami and from

Madrid to Montevideo arrive in town to show off their work. The stars also suggest that musical concerts by starlight may also be on the agenda - so don’t forget to make sure your dancing shoes and vocal chords are in tiptop order.




This month it’s just hot, hot, hot but you’ve got polo matches to attend and it’s a good time to get on the water in a luxury yacht and feel a nice cool breeze ruffling your hair. This month could bring some surprise appearances by international celebrities; who knows, the planets are never specific enough to give you an actual name!

The stars suggest that this may be the one month that you can actually relax, but on the other hand, you may find that you’ve got so much to do in preparation for December and Christmas, that you end up packing two months into one. Try taking milk thistle for your liver and take your dancing shoes to the cobblers!


It’s the last month of the year and you start it with a long holiday just to make sure businesses and residents wind down super early in preparation for the holiday season. With stars shining brightly in the night sky and all over your streets, you can be sure of a great end to 2016 - and looking back, you’ll realise what a blast it has been. It’s been one of your best year’s in the last decade and your horoscope for 2017 is looking success-filled with excellent placements of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, plus Venus in Libra is going to make you look stunningly attractive to everyone.

Enjoy your 2016 Marbella

Your star is shining bright and blazing a trail across the sky this year!



large portion of our clients, quite naturally, do not want to take unnecessary risks with their investments, but do wish for greater returns. An important part of our job, through our advice, is to assess our client’s investment risk or, more specifically, limit their ‘downside risk’, i.e. the chance that the client will lose money in an investment. The reason that risk needs to be controlled is that neither we, nor our clients can control events. Banks can go into crisis mode, terrorist attacks can happen, wars start. As a result, markets can crash and all we can do is to stand by and watch it happen. We do not know when these things are going to happen, but we know that they will. History tells us so. Markets are cyclical and what goes up will generally come down. The FTSE100 and S&P500 are at reasonable levels at the moment, but it is unlikely this situation will last. So, what are Structured Notes and what have they got to do with limiting investment risk? In simple terms a structured note is a hybrid security that includes several financial products, typically a stock or bond plus a derivative. A simple example would be a five-year bond tied together with an option contract.

The addition of the option contract changes the security’s risk/return profile to make it more tailored to an investor’s comfort zone because the investment can be automatically returned at a pre-agreed time or price. This makes it possible to invest in an asset class that would otherwise be considered too risky (whilst also providing guaranteed returns/ income). To ease understanding, let me give you an example in terms of how the element of protection is provided. Please note that this is NOT a recommendation to invest: Note: ABC Bank FTSE100 Income Plan Income: Guaranteed 7% Per Annum regardless of the performance of the FTSE 100

Term: 5 year term Capital Risk: If the FTSE100 falls to below 50% of its initial level at maturity, the capital returned is reduced by the percentage that is below the initial level. For example, FTSE100 is at 6,200 on 01/01/16 (initial level), then 2,560 on 01/01/21 then 40% of capital is returned. Should the level be 3,101 (at maturity), 100% of the capital will be returned. Income is unaffected i.e. 35% is paid over the term. Your capital is also at risk should ABC Bank be unable to honour its obligations. This is called ‘counterparty risk’, which is present in any investment, subject to Investor Compensation Scheme provisions. Hopefully you can see how Structured Notes can form part of a strategy to control ‘downside risk’. Is this type of investment appropriate for you? We recommend that you talk to a regulated professional. This article is a statement of opinion intended to be of general interest and not an invitation or recommendation to invest in the products referred to, or any similar product.

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Society MarbellaJanuary 2016  

Society Marbella December 2015 Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a life...

Society MarbellaJanuary 2016  

Society Marbella December 2015 Society Marbella is the most avidly read monthly magazine on the Costa del Sol. It is not just read as a life...