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Christmas seems an eternity away and we are slowly seeing the nights drawing out - thank goodness! However are you having trouble ‘sticking’ to your New Year Resolutions? If so we have some help and advice from our ‘guest blogger’ and Josh Mann our very own Mr Motivator to get you on track again. With Valentines around the corner, why not try our ‘how to’ make a Valentine arrangement for your loved one? We are sure this will give you some ‘Brownie Points’. All you budding performers out there - look out for the ‘Wymondhams got talent’ competition - this is bound to be very popular. Moving or improving your home? Helpful advice and local services to help you in this months edition. We hope you enjoy Issue 10.

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Thought Of The Month Am I Scrooge or Realistic? I like many others (I’m sure) will be excited about the fact Christmas is over in the shops for the next 6 months. Call me a grumpy old man if you wish but the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten in 21C Britain. Obviously separating the obvious (birth of our lord) it’s about spending time with the ones you love. Gone are the days where we used to count down to spending time with Dad on his day off from work. I finish with a conversation I overheard the other day, a young boy was explaining that his parents had bought him a Samsung Galaxy Tablet...and proclaimed it to be the cheaper iPad. I remember when I was younger I really wanted a bike so I picked the one I really wanted in the July and my parents saved till December to buy it! ...and to top it off a I saw a creme egg advert on TV New Year’s Day!! By Alex Wiseman

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Lee Brennan - The Lead singer Of 911





New ‘Real Ale’ Business Venture

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SWAGGER & JACKS Issue 10 2014

Swagger & Jacks Gentlemen’s Grooming

Swagger & Jacks is a Gentlemen’s Grooming Barbershop situated at 16 Bridewell Alley For more information visit: or call 01603 611 000.

The History of the Handlebar Moustache 
The Moustache dates back to around 300 B.C. and became synonymous with the military around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The higher a Soldiers rank, the more elaborate of a moustache he was permitted to wear. The most impressive of these designs being the Handlebar Moustache, which was only permitted to be worn by the highestranking officers as a symbol of power and importance. 
 The Handlebar Moustache became iconic with Western culture and film in the United States, and today remains the most desirable of Moustache styles. Photography by Jack Baxter

The Handlebar Moustache is easily identified by the length of its extremities, maintaining a uniform thickness throughout, with the ends being significant enough in length to be shaped and styled. These extremities are often curled at the ends using specialist Moustache Wax. The Swagger & Jacks Moustache Wax is a firm hold formulation blended with natural Beeswax, moisturisers and fragrant Lemon Oil. (Price: £9.95) Remove the lid of the tin and warm the surface of the Swagger & Jacks Moustache Wax with a hairdryer, scrape a small quantity of wax onto the back of your finger nail, and roll into a ball between your fingertips before applying into the Moustache. Comb, smooth and shape your Moustache into your desired design. Once applied, the wax dries clear without any PAGE residue and lasts all day! 7


Tattoo Artist Aaron Hardingham A little bit about me to start. My name’s Aaron Hardingham, I’ve been tattooing now for almost 11 years. It’s been a long road from starting in the industry at 17, to now owning my own studio. I really don’t enjoy the grungy, dark parlours I have worked in before, so I started this bright and friendly Stryke Studios Ltd, to cater to people who want a relaxed experience in a welcoming atmosphere! As most of my clients happen to be ladies, we have a whole hairdressing side to the business for you to enjoy too! I like to design all my clients’ artwork from scratch, every design is 100% HAND DRAWN and UNIQUE to my client. Even if you have artwork you want and it’s already drawn, we still need to go over what to expect from the tattoo process and how you should expect your artwork to look when it’s complete.

So, we sit down have a really good chat about what it is you would like. I show you some samples of work I’ve already completed (both design and finished tattoo) and we go over the details. I may give some alternatives and give you a rough idea on how the design could look. After that, you decide if I’m the right tattoo artist for you! Just a few things to think about: I have reached a point in my career where I only want to draw something unique to you, the client. No ‘off the wall’ stuff here. I want to spend time designing and actually tattooing your image exactly how it was drawn. This might sound a little strange, but the amount of times I’ve come across artists who can’t tattoo what they draw is staggering..! Just recently, I spent 12 hours designing an image and then a further 30 hours tattooing it onto the skin. It takes time to produce good work!!! You are getting your skin permanently inked, it’s ALWAYS worth spending the time to get it tattooed CORRECTLY and to the best of your artists’ ability. Yes, you can always find someone to tattoo your entire back in 2 hours, but I can almost guarantee you, it will look like you’ve been attacked with a crayon..!




Some people are worried the costs will be too great to get the work they want. I know this is a major concern, but if you really are wanting the work to be good quality, your artist can always spread your costs, so you only pay for what you get at the time, instead of paying for the whole lot upfront! It’s so much better to have a tattoo take more time and cost a bit more, than going to some scratcher and spending next to nothing on something you will want covered as soon as it’s complete.

go over and above these laws. If you are ever in doubt, you can always contact your local authority to check to see if the studio is registered and up to date on such things.

Make sure your artist can back up the work they claim they can do. They should be able to show you artwork they have drawn (in whatever medium they use) and should be able to show you the work once it’s tattooed onto their clients. Your ink will be there a while, be proud of your artwork, have some self-respect and choose your artist carefully.

For me personally, I like to talk my clients through what they should expect when getting a tattoo by me. From what it will feel like, to how the healing will happen and what to expect as a finished product. A lot of seasoned tattoo clients don’t really need this info, but I find it helps with newer clients who may be a little nervous. But enough from me please take a look at some of my sample artwork Lastly, make sure they keep a clean workspace. and some tattoo images! You can find all the bylaws on the minimum requirements online. Most established studios will I hope this was informative and useful to you as a new tattoo client or existing one, Take care.

Aaron Hardingham @ Stryke Studios Ltd 01603 626 666 tattooartistaaronhardingham





Eric Bristow Darts Night in Aid of Star Throwers The 5 x World Darts Champion ‘The Crafty Cockney’ Eric Bristow has agreed to provide an evening of exhibition darts, and a chance for local dart players to pitch their own darts skills against the former World Champion in a game of 501. The Eric Bristow Charity Darts Evening has been organised by Russell Baker, Lord of Little Moulton, who lives in Bracon Ash, near Wymondham, and with the help of Wymondham Rugby Club and the generosity of the local communities is hoping to raise much needed funds to go towards the care and support for local people and their families affected by cancer. Star Throwers is a cancer support charity dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer. Founded by an experienced cancer doctor, their team of passionate volunteers and professional staff give advice, support, counselling and complementary therapies to those in need, when they need it most.

A chance of a life time for some people to play the former World Darts Champion that will also go some way to hopefully help fund those suffering with cancer a chance of life itself without cancer”. Lord Baker continued, “I would personally like to thank Wymondham Rugby Club for their support for this event by offering the clubs facilities to stage the event; it only shows what can be achieved when the local people and businesses pull together. It’s very heart-warming”. Steven Ho, Star Throwers Norfolk Fundraiser said: “I am truly thrilled and excited about the Eric Bristow Charity Darts night that Lord Baker has arranged on behalf of Star Throwers, it’s going to be a fantastic night that will provide huge focus locally for Star Throwers and the funds raised will be a huge boost”.

Star Throwers makes information Pictured: Lord Baker available on the understanding and treatment of cancer and the choices of The event which is scheduled for Saturday 24th both conventional and complementary therapies. In May at the Wymondham Rugby Club has tickets on addition they provide support by doctors and nurses sale for just £15 per person. The evening will also who understand cancer problems and give time include a ‘closed’ bid for a Luxury Villa at Kololi to explain why specific symptoms occur and their Beach in Gambia worth £1,000, so a chance to bid management; a place where people with cancer for a fabulous holiday on the night.There will also be can receive all types of complementary therapies, which will produce a sense of well-being where live music and a raffle on the evening. cancer patients can feel relaxed in a positive friendly Wymondham Rugby Club are located on Tuttles atmosphere, and share their experiences with Lane East, in Wymondham. For tickets please contact people who are in a similar position to themselves. the Wymondham Rugby Club on 01953 607332, or Lord Baker said, “I am absolutely delighted to be able to help Star Throwers by organising the Eric Bristow Darts Evening. This event will be great for the local community and will provide the chance for 14 lucky people to play Eric Bristow at 501.

call Star Throwers on 01953 423304.

For further information please visit the Star Throwers web site and click on News & Events.



THE GREEN DRAGON Issue 10 2014

THE GREEN DRAGON “We hope all our customers, staff & suppliers had a fantastic Christmas, Happy New Year to you all.” This year we are looking forward to: Rock Choir every Monday from 7.30, this has 2 free taster sessions, and is run by Invidia Voices. Very professional and an ideal way to beat those winter blues, no auditions, and you don’t have to be able to sing! Open Mic night is on the 3rd Sunday of each month, come along, no need to book. Our ever popular fun Quiz night every Thursday from 8pm, includes a free raffle, interesting prizes with the money raised going to local Charities, including Starthrowers. To date we have raised over £5,000 for Starthrowers, and nearly £5,000 for other local Charities - huge thanks to all who have attended and contributed, especially Mickey the Demon Durrant, our Quizmaster who voluntarily gives of his time every week to make this successful. The next Charity fancy dress quiz is on the 17th April, only £6.50 a ticket, including Jacket Potato of your choice where the theme is military, to raise money for the 389th bombardier Regiment Museum based at Hethel. For those of you who don’t know they frequented the Green Dragon during the last war, and called themselves the Green Dragons after the pub. They even painting their aircraft to represent a Green Dragon. Keep an eye out for the return of Wymondham Carnival, to include Wymondhams got Talent with a top prize of £500, food, stalls, music and more, 26th July 2014! And don’t forget to book for Valentine’s day, Mothers Day, and put a date in your calendar for the next Beer Festival 23rd - 27th May - and bring some sunshine with you! Find us on Facebook PAGE


THE 389TH BOMB GROUP Issue 10 2014

The 389th Bomb Group Exhibition housed on part of the airfield at Hethel The land is privately owned. What was the Gymnasium, is today part laid out as a chapel and exhibition. Here a mural painted by Bud Doyle (a serviceman during WW2) is of the crucifixion and is above the alter, this room also has items donated by the airmen. The original organ is also back in place after spending time at other areas. The rest of the gymnasium is partitioned from the chapel this room displays artefacts dug up or found locally and part of WW2 memorabilia. The site also includes a newly built Nissen Hut from reclaimed and new materials. This was constructed by the volunteers who help out most weekends and when time allowed. This also has many artefacts donated by locals and ex servicemen. Some of which were based at Hethel during wartime. A recent arrival at Hethel is the 466 Bomb Group - Attlebridge. With nowhere to display memorabilia in their area of Attlebridge they were given space to do so at Hethel and also became volunteers to help keep the memory alive. To date many Americans have visited Hethel and are pleased to see what we are doing. We are also grateful to the young American servicemen based in East Anglia who have also given their support. Our next project is to erect a second Nissen Hut, so we are busy fund raising for this. We are not open to the public until April 2014 but anyone wanting more information can contact us via our email address at or telephone 01953 607147




Issue 10 2014

Mr. Motivator Having trouble keeping up with your New Year’s exercise routine? At Josh Mann Fitness it is my duty to ensure that you keep up your original motivation. Here are 5 great tips that will encourage you to stay motivated. 1. Set Small, Clear Goals If you have set the bar too high by setting goals that are too tough to reach, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Set smaller, more manageable goals and work your way towards the bigger aspirations. 2. Workout with a Friend (or even me) Having someone to work out with makes it much more fun, and will keep you more motivated. Exercising with a friend makes it much harder for you to skip your workout, because they will be there to hold you accountable. Let them encourage and motivate you when you don’t feel like exercising, and do the same for them. 3. Make It Fun Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. If you don’t like your exercise routine, change it up and make it more exciting. Keep trying new exercises until you find something you enjoy doing. If your exercise routine is fun you will enjoy it more, instead of dreading it. 4. Don’t Take It Too Seriously If you start treating exercise like hard work, that’s exactly what it will become. Make your exercises light, fun and exciting rather than looking at it as a chore you have to do. Be flexible and let yourself have fun. Eventually, you will realise that you’re actually enjoying working out, and before you know it, you will be looking forward to exercising. 5. Reward Yourself Don’t be afraid to offer yourself rewards for any small achievements. Just remember that if you’re working out to lose weight, don’t reward yourself with food! Josh Mann Fitness offers a range of health, fitness and nutritional services to help you achieve your goals. Website: PAGE


Twitter: @joshmannfitness Mobile: 07879 770723


Issue 10 2014


Make A Valentines Arrangement By Anna at Ragged Robin Florist

Supplies String, scissor, and tall slim vase. Flowers and foliages: 2 Aspidistra leaves, 4 steel grass strands, 1 Red rose, and 2 stems of pink astrantia.

Step 1 Hold your strands of steel grass, and divide into two and pull each half down to form 2 loops which will make a heart shape and tie together with string.

Step 2

Step 4 Then place your rolled aspidistra one side of the flowers and your grass heart on the other. And tie them all together.

Step 5

Get one of the aspidistra leaves and pull the tip down to Fill the vase with water and pop the flowers in the bottom of the leaf to form a roll and tie with string. (the stems may need to be cut a little shorter).

Step 3 With the second aspidistra leaf gently lay one stem of the astrantia, then slightly lower the red rose and under that the last stem of astrantia.

Step 6 Finally add any decorations you like, maybe a heart on a stick and a red ribbon around the vase like in the photo.

SIR TOBY’S BEERS Issue 10 2014

Sir Toby’s Beers a new ‘real ale’ business venture embarked upon by Father and Son team John and Toby Westgarth. John has previous business experience in accounting and franchising, whereas Toby is a History and Politics graduate from Queen Mary University of London. Toby enjoyed his three years in East London and the History and Politics discussions were particularly stimulating in such a culturally diverse University and City. However, Norfolk was always calling and after a bar management job in a pub on the Norfolk Broads, Toby and John has spent 6 months setting up a ‘real ale’ business that was launched in late November 2013, with Toby running it day to day. The first big question was can two people who have no previous experience in the brewing industry in Norfolk and Suffolk find the knowledge and help needed to make a start?. The answer was a resounding yes. John and Toby have quickly learnt that the brewers and those involved are incredibly friendly folk. They have every right to be too! They create



some fantastic real ales using local ingredients that give Norfolk and Suffolk beer a great name. Sir Toby’s Beers, aptly named after Sir Toby Belch, an interesting character found swaying in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, has sought out top quality bottled real ale from all over Norfolk and Suffolk. The many small breweries that Sir Toby’s Beers works with are experts at brewing in small batches and delivering to pubs across East Anglia. Sir Toby’s Beers therefore focus entirely on the bottled real ales that don’t always make it as far afield. They receive full support from the brewers, who often only sell the bottles from the brewery itself. Having the bottles also means that John and Toby can boast a huge variety of real ales that can now be found in one place. The 50 (and growing) different real ales contain bitters, IPAs, golden ales, porters, stouts, ginger and flavoured ales, so whether you’re a ‘chocolate nutter’, ‘golden pale ale’ fan or fancy a ginger infused real ale, Sir Toby’s Beers has something for everyone. After a successful December at various Christmas Markets, John and Toby are working on the next stage of the business. Sir Toby’s Beers officially lives on the internet and they aim for online presence and sales to be the main business in the years to come. Microbreweries are popping up everywhere in Norfolk and Suffolk. The brewers also nearly all use barley from Wells-Next-to-the-Sea, which increases the local economy and the quality of the ales. It’s therefore no surprise that John and Toby (and many others before him) believe that Norfolk and Suffolk ales have a very strong

case for being the best in the UK! John and Toby have developed bespoke packaging to ensure a safe journey for the ales through the post, so can send their fantastic real ales all over the UK. Indeed, a case of Norfolk Golden Ale made it to Cumbria just in time for Christmas! The team are also setting up their own ‘bottled beer festivals’. The beauty of having the ale in bottles is that they can transport an incredible range of different real ales to different venues at the drop of a hat. Sir Toby’s Beers is excited to be part of Feast on the Street, a collective of locally produced food and drink traders that can be found at various events all over East Anglia. This ‘real ale bar’ will also be available for private functions. Sir Toby’s Beers is also excited to be stocking an independent shop on The Norfolk Broads and is looking to supply similar places and Farm Shops in East Anglia.

SIR TOBY’S BEERS Issue 10 2014

Part of changing the way that bottled real ale is sold, Sir Toby’s Beers focuses on ‘Mixed Cases’. With every case of six real ales that can be bought online, customers will receive six different real ales from six different breweries that follow a particular taste, for example Bitters. John and Toby feel this formula will be attractive to real ale connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The business is also looking to seek out more small, tucked away breweries in the area. Toby has aspirations to learn more about real ale, brewing, community run pubs and the role of real ale and food. Toby looks to become a beer sommelier in the future. John and Toby would love to hear from anyone who is enthusiastic about anything to do with real ale, whether craft brewing is a hobby or they just enjoy a pint of it from time to time. Also, if your local pub has closed down or do not deliver on real ales, why not get in touch to organise a pub night for the local residents.

Visit: Facebook - Sir Toby’s Beers Twitter - @sirtobysbeers PAGE



Issue 10 2014

By the time you read this I will have completed - or almost completed - my January dryathlon, hopefully raising a decent amount of money for Cancer Research along the way, and I will be celebrating being able to drink again with a family get together. My brother’s girlfriend is going to host a tapas Above: Keri Beevis evening, at which point we will be introducing the newest members of the clan to the delights of playing board games with the Beevs. Let me give you an example of why this is so amusing. This was my family playing Articulate on Boxing Day. For those of you not in the know, Articulate is played in teams and you have to describe the things given on the playing cards to your teammate(s) before the timer runs out.

The Diary of a Norfolk Family. By Mark King A printer is not the only piece of technology which has crept into the King household over Christmas. After much nagging by the children, my dear wife thought it would be a good time to get a joint present for them.

Above: Mark King

She had found in her own words “a fantastic deal” on a Wii. Yes one of them electronic game machines. True to her boast she had and it was very hard to say no after all the hard work she had put into finding it.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m competitive. I mean, okay, sure, I have a compulsive obsessive need to be the best at everything and I don’t like having losers on my team, but that’s normal, right? So I was not best pleased when we flipped coins for partners and I got saddled with Mum.

The other bits of modern machinery to recently arrive are touch screen telephones. Both our old contracts finished in the same month, and after discussing the pros and cons we decided to upgrade to 3G phones. 4G is now being rolled out across the U.K, but we thought it best to take one G step at a time.

This is me trying to describe Albert Einstein to her.

The children loved the Wii but it caused more problems than it solved with a new set of arguments while they fought over what games to play, and whose turn it was to play. Because we now have games on our phones we let one of the little rascals play on it while the other was on the Wii. Then they both wanted to play on the phones so the Wii is now sitting in the corner while the wife and I have two phones that are constantly flat, and which spend their time being recharged when not used like gaming machines in an amusement arcade.

Me: He is a Nobel Prize winning scientist. Mum: I don’t know any scientists. Me: He is the most famous scientist ever. You will know this guy. Mum: (Looks blank) Me: Okay, the last part of his surname is the same as the famous monster in the Mary Shelley book. Mum: Who is Mary Shelley? Me: (Head in hands) She wrote a book about a famous monster villain. Think, who are the two most famous movie villains? There is Dracula and…? Mum: Frankenstein? Me: Yes, so what is the last part of his name? Mum: Frankenstein? Me: No, the last part. Mum: Stein. Me: Yes, now who is the famous scientist? Mum: Albert Stein? Me: (Shaking head in disbelief) There’s another bit to his name, in front of Stein. Mum: I don’t know. Me: You do know. Brother: How do you say the number ‘one’ in German? Mum: Uno? This went on for quite some time and eventually we just had to tell her, Albert Einstein, to which she replied. ‘Oh, him. Yes, I’ve heard of him.’ PAGE


I must say I did get a fright yesterday when driving home with the news on the radio, and there was a feature about children running up thousands of pounds in charges on their parent’s phones by playing games that charge a small fee to buy extra add-ons. I’m now waiting eagerly for my next bank statement to see if my monthly payment for my phone hasn’t left me bankrupt. Follow on twitter: @author-king Second place shout out to my sister for her amusing answer when my brother described Ecuador. Brother: It’s a smallish country in South America, beginning with the letter E. Sister: Ethiopia.

GUEST BLOG Issue 10 2014

New Year’s Resolutions in the bin? Every January the car park to my local leisure centre is at bursting point, the pool, the gym and classes are all full of eager users. But come mid Feb, it is down to the same regulars who attend all year round. o, what happened to the droves of people that had set their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, or become healthier. They made a resolution, maybe ‘I am going to lose weight’, and maybe they added a how, ‘go to the gym 5 times a week’. Sound familiar? Resolutions are an idea, and a pretty flimsy one at that. Think back to New Year’s Eve did you make a resolution, how long did it last, a day or two, maybe a couple of weeks? It is not too late to make a change, but that change should be a goal with a why. Goals with a solid why behind them are more likely to last the distance and help you reach success. I recently met someone who had been admitted to and A&E because she couldn’t breathe properly mainly due to the fact of her smoking. Her first words to me where ‘I have to have it’. That there is the first problem, ‘I have to have it’. Our own internal language can be negative, but the key is that it is our internal language so we are the ones in charge, and we can reverse it. ‘I have to have it’, could be changed into ‘I used to need it, but don’t anymore because I am strong enough to do without it’. What about a very common one, ‘I can’t do it because I am not good enough’, flip it ‘I can do it, because I am worth it, no one has the right to make me feel anything less’. Okay I get it, just by reversing a negative statement does not mean that you believe it, after all they are just words. Then my first challenge to you is repeat your positive statement over and over, and every time your negative one comes through, visualise stamping on it, or throwing it out of that window because that is where it deserves to be, and then say your positive statement again and again. You will believe.

are so many reasons as to why. Next, you have to break why down, at times it can be a very emotional task. Take for instance my smoker, when I asked her she said due to her health. So we explored her health reasons, and she established that it will kill her, sooner rather than later. This would result in her not seeing her granddaughter grow up, possibly not even see her take her first steps. There were financial implications too, as smoking is getting more and more expensive each year and her husband is due to retire in the coming year, it is money they could well do with. My second challenge to you is find your why. So, you have your positive statements and your why, write them down and stick them on your bedroom mirror, or somewhere you will see them every day. For the tech lovers out there, note apps on your phone home screen is a great reminder. The key is to read it daily, feel it in your heart that this is what you are going to do, and no one, not even your negative side can stop you, know the reasons why you are doing it and know the negative consequences if you don’t. Now you have belief, and a why written down. You now need to track your progress. There are many ways to track your progress all dependant on what type of person you are. I have known people to make star charts and stick them on their fridge, others have made spreadsheets, or used photos, whatever suits you. However, I recommend you make it visual and stick it alongside your positive statements and why. Additionally, rope in someone to monitor your progress with you, as it offers encouragement. Friends and loved ones are great, but make sure they don’t lose track themselves. There are also coaches out there, but at a cost. You have to find what is right for you. I wish you the very best.

Once you have belief, the next task is to question why, why is this change important to you. You know you can do it, Article by Carla Andrews BSc (Hons) and nothing is going to stop. So why, is it for health reasons, Performance Development Coach financial reasons, personal growth or a better lifestyle, there Visit:



PINTEREST Issue 10 2014

Are You Ready To Discover Pinterest? Article by Paul Kirk - s a business you’ve probably got Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn in your social media arsenal but have you considered Pinterest? Pinterest is one of the newest mainstream social media sites, it started in 2010 and is rapidly becoming ‘the’ social media sharing platform. A recent Pew Research Centre study found that Pinterest is actually more popular than Twitter! Its’ focus is to allow users to catalogue and share images and other content by ‘pinning’ them onto themed boards - think of them as virtual pin boards. Users can then share other users content by ‘repinning’ them, liking their pins or following another users. So how can Pinterest work for your business? It enables you to quickly promote your own product or service on your boards making it easier for you to reach more people and potentially increase sales of your product or service. It doesn’t have to stop there though - take it a step further and create ‘boards’ around additional information that your followers might find interesting or inspirational. For instance if you sell wine, you could compliment your product boards with boards on wine production, recipe ideas and wine events. Become the ‘go to’ place on anything about your product or service. The more you can surround your product or service with complimentary information the more invaluable your Pinterest boards will become. So how can you pin or allow your business to be repinned? 1. Create your Pinterest business account Sign up for Pinterest as a business, rather than an individual, by going to and make sure you follow the steps to verify your business website. This will give prospective followers confidence in you and more importantly give you access to Pinerests’ Analytics. 2. Visual consistency Pick a profile graphic for your company that’s instantly recognisable and consistent with your other social media platforms. PAGE


3. Make it easy to be pinned Add the ‘Pin it’ button to your website pages - it’ll allow others to pin your pages/products themselves. Don’t forget to also include a link to your Pinterest account, like you do with Twitter or Facebook. If enabled, Pinterest can also post updates to your Facebook and Twitter feeds - saving you valuable time. 4. Create your boards These should showcase your brands products, services and related interests. Give your boards clear names but make sure you keep it to 20 characters or less to avoid them being truncated and choose a cover pin image that will grab people’s attention and give a taste for what’s inside. You can use draft or secret boards to help you collate images prior to publishing them to the public and don’t forget to reorder your boards to take advantage of seasonal interest or product launches. 5. Use ‘rich pins’ These allow you to include additional information like availability, reviews, prices, links or other useful information. You should ideally be looking to pin at least once a day and incorporate a mixture of your own pins and repinning of other people’s pins. We’ve only scratched the surface of what Pinterest could do for your business. It can be a great way to visually present your companies products/services and your related interests to your customers. While it may not be suitable for all businesses it certainly has merit if used correctly. If you want to find out more about Pinterest, any other social media platform or you need help planning your social media strategy don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at


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Issue 10 2014

by Nicole Saxton - Beccles

It is a shame we have to wait until we are adults, to learn that those annoying sayings our parents and grandparents told us are true. I grew up infuriated by the endless one liners that were given as answers to the important things I was asking. Why do we have to grow up and experience our own endless mistakes before we can sit back and say, “I should have listened, I understand now?” As a young teenager in the community I grew up in; parties were thrown in the local town hall. These parties were for people that were much older than I was, but I felt I was validated to go because I was mature and the people older than me had accepted me into their group, “Age shouldn’t limit us” I would suggest to my parents while I made a lengthy and persuading plea to them to let me attend. I would receive the following answer “No take your time, if you experience everything now you will have nothing left when you are older” This only fed my fury, the world is a large place and there will be plenty of things left for me to experience. I now know what they meant. Having adult experiences too young made me grow up a lot quicker than others my own age, causing me to miss out on some of those adolescent experiences. So in the long run experiencing more in the present caused me to experience less in the future. Another constant response in my early life depended on which of the three woman close to me I asked. If I felt ill, (which I sometimes used as an excuse - too often to get out of doing chores). I would stroll up to my mother in the kitchen “Mummy I feel ill” the standard initial response was “you need to sleep more!” of course if I was severely ill treatment was given, this was just the initial advice when I began my complaining. If my Grandmother was in the house and I approached her with the same complaint I would hear “you need to drink more,” a glass of water would be thrust at me, the final female is my aunt that also had a pre memorized response she would turn to me and hand me a banana explaining “they cure everything.” As a child I was constantly infuriated by these memorized boring responses, however now a mother of four my children are constantly complaining of illness at convenient times. I find myself spouting these three lines of advice on a loop, and 9 times out of ten they cure the problem. They equally infuriate my children as they did me, yet I continue the tradition.

A very scary thing is that my children are much smarter than I was, there are sayings that my parents used on me that I have dug out, only to be answered by a sharp bright 5 year old. We were enjoying our dinner when our daughter said after 3 forks full she was done. She explained that she was ‘full up,’ however I had also heard the theme music to her favorite program beginning. “Do you know there are starving children in Africa? They would love that food but they don’t have any!” she looked at me, I could physically see the thoughts rushing through her mind, her eyes seemed to be scanning through them. I felt slightly smug, our chatty child was speechless. I had won. She then responded “are you going to send them my leftovers?” amused I replied “no honey, it would be impossible, your food would be mouldy by the time it got there” my pleasure was cut short when she exclaimed, “so how is me eating all my food going to help the children in Africa?”. Oh dear, I couldn’t think of a response, all I could think of was my parents saying those exact words to me and myself as a child having no response. Why hadn’t I thought of that? I have however got a very successful saying from my parents which I will share with you. A car journey when you have children can be a nightmare. Especially if you have more than one child. When brothers and sisters are strapped tightly next to each other for a long time the outcome is inevitable. A fight will break out. Sometimes they are controllable, however on occasion the noise can rise dramatically drowning out any effort you make to quieten the situation with a fun-filled game of i-spy. Sometimes it also gets physical children kicking and struggling to rip each others hair out over an irritating song one of them has been annoyingly repeating. When a situation like this arises I always say, “If you don’t behave I will pull the car over and you will walk” occasionally this is enough; they are so scared at the thought of walking along the unknown roads alone, that they stop. However just as I was - my eldest two have occasionally been cocky “go on then, I want to walk” they push, I know what they are doing, they are calling my bluff. I don’t let them win. I pull the car over - as my Dad did. I stop the engine and take off my seatbelt, this performance is usually enough. By the time my hand touches the door pleas from the back can usually be heard saying, “We are sorry, so sorry, please we don’t want to walk” I have won, for the next 20 minutes the car is silent. PAGE



Iceni Interviews Lee Brennan The Lead Singer Of 911 Lee Brennan How did ‘The Big Reunion’come about? All very simple really. We went for a meeting after ITV contacted us, we decided as a group that we would be completely upfront about our stories on the show & I think they liked that. When you were asked to do the show did you ‘jump at the chance’ or did you have reservations about it? It was the easiest decision to say yes to the show. It was the right time for Spike, Jimmy & me; we know that any kind of profile for the band would be a positive thing. I wasn’t in a great place at the time so it became a good focus for me & in the end has changed my life! How did you feel about appearing on the show? Loved it! It was a bit strange having cameras following you around most of the time but in the end you forget & relax into it. I wanted to just be myself, show different sides to my character. My first interview lasted about 3 hours & was like a counselling session, I released a lot of emotion & just wanted to be honest about how I was feeling. Getting to know people from other bands & finding out where their lives have



taken them since we last met was really great! The production team were amazing; it really was team work at its best! What are your thoughts on this year’s line up for the show? It will be good TV I’m sure, looking forward to it! Obviously they got the best groups in series one lol! This year the show has a twist, a new band formed by solo artists - What do you think about this and can you see any drawbacks? I think 5th Story could be one of the most exciting parts of the show this year as when you have 5 characters thrown together anything can happen! Following the success of your 2013 tour, you have another tour commencing March - What do you enjoy most about touring? Every single moment! There was no pressure touring this time plus to get a chance to perform in arenas again was unreal! The May Big Reunion tour was the best time of my life, I have never partied as much in my life! I promised myself I would have the best time & I did. All of the bands together just had
 a laugh!


Jimmy Constable

Issue 10 2014

Spike Dawbarn

What do you enjoy least about touring? I guess when you wake up after the night before you just want to get back on stage instead of having to wait around all day. Do you have many disagreements and if so what are they usually about? There will always be disagreements when three different opinions are aired. The difference is now is that we listen & respect each other more now than we used to do. What changes have you encountered ‘this time round’ compared with back in the 90’s? Social media & downloads are the only things really, most other things don’t change!

How have your new album ‘Illuminate’ been received? The feedback from fans has been amazing. The songs are our best since our first album releases for sure. We’ve released it on our own label, it’s the best way to keep control of everything. I’m really proud of the new songs, loved being creative in the studio again! What have we got to look forward to in the future from 911? I think we will just enjoy the moment for now & see what happens. We have lots happening in 2014 & are just happy to have been part of such a great TV show! Have you anything else you would like to add? I love doughnuts!



Your Most Valuable Asset likely to be your home. With access to over 200 Insurance Schemes, our fully trained staff will search our panel of carefully selected Insurers to establish the correct levels of cover and protection required for your individual circumstances.

If your property is of non standard construction, unoccupied or you work from home, we can cater for these often complex and sometimes expensive policies, with our expert knowledge and understanding of your individual circumstances.

We can provide cover for just Buildings or Buildings and Contents in combination. In addition to standard cover, we can arrange to include Accidental Damage, together with Personal Possessions cover for items away from the home.

With over 35 years experience in providing Home Insurance at all levels, we would welcome your enquiry and would be pleased 
 to provide quotations 
 or advice. Article by Priory Insurance Brokers Ltd.


Issue 10 2014

Thinking Of Moving Home In Norfolk? Advice From Norwich’s Number One Independent Estate Agent‌ Moving to a new home is often the biggest investment people make in life. Selling your house and purchasing a new property can be a very stressful time but there is a lot you can do to make the process go much more smoothly. The first thing you have to consider is whether it is the right time to move home. Last year saw strong growth in the property market and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has predicted that house prices will rise by 8% this year and by 25% over the next five years. As well as this the Help To Buy scheme has enabled more first time buyers to get onto the property ladder. All this means that 2014 is a fantastic time to purchase a property. When looking for a new home it is important to do a lot of research about the local area. As an independent estate agent we know Norfolk inside out and back to front, which means we can help people find their dream home in their ideal location. It is a good idea to drive around the area and talk to local people to get a sense of the community you will be moving into. It is even possible to do this without leaving your home through social media. Twitter and Facebook are fantastic ways of finding out about local towns and there are a great variety of community groups to engage with, which is why we ensure we are constantly talking with local communities online. As well as using social media a lot of people use Google Street View to have a look at potential properties. Whilst this can be useful the images are sometimes dated which means new developments or extensions are not reflected so we advise caution when using it. It is also imperative to meet with a mortgage adviser as early as possible as this helps the process go much more smoothly. As an independent agent we also know the best local solicitors who will ensure your move goes efficiently and reliably. Finally, it is important to ask lots of questions! Estate agents are there to help, which is why we are open seven days a week so we can contact clients when it most suitable for them. For selling, buying or mortgage advice you can reach us on 01603 660000. Article by: Tim Miller - abbotFox



ICENI - PROPERTY Issue 10 2014

Moving Or Converting Your Home ?

It’s a question that many home owners have carefully considered, particularly over the last few years during the downturn in the housing market. Converting your garage or loft space can create the extra space that you may need and also increase the value of your home. Before you make any firm decision it is worth discussing the advantages of an extra room with your local estate agents to be comfortable with the end result and value of your home once the conversion is completed. Converting your garage or loft may not result in the need to obtain planning permission but will most likely require building regulation approval. In all 
 cases, details of the conversion should be discussed with the Local Authority 
 Planning Department. Your property may be affected by covenants on the legal title. Covenants impose a burden, obligation or restriction on one parcel of land for the benefit of the owners of another parcel of land. They are usually put there by the original developers, previous owners or the vendors, and they are binding on any owners of that land and/or any future owners. A covenant may for instance prevent the use of the garage as living space. Your Solicitor will be able to advise you on the covenants they may affect your legal title. If you are considering buying or selling your home and would like an 
 estimate of cost, please contact Fosters Residential Conveyancing Department on 01603 723763. For more information on Fosters Residential Property services, which include frequently asked questions, please visit our website property pages PAGE



Issue 10 2014

The Hunny Bell Cross Country Run On The Stody Estate Break Charity, Bakers and Larners, The Stody Estate and the North Norfolk Beach Runners would like to invite you to The Hunny Bell Cross Country Run On the Stody Estate. Sunday 9th March 2014. Free entry with a sponsor form (minimum sponsorship £10) and a Medal for every Runner / Walker or Dog £50 TO THE HIGHEST SPONSORSHIP RAISED kindly sponsored by Ross Haddow. Adults - 5 miles - £10 entry Under 17s - 3 Miles - £5 entry Under 13s - 2 miles - £5 entry 10am Under 13 2 miles / 3.5 km 10.30 Under 17 3 miles / 4.5km 11am Adult 5 miles / 8km 11.10am Dog Walkers 3 miles/4.5km Please feel free to bring your dogs, for just £5 per dog you can walk the Cross country route. We also welcomed sponsored dogs Bakers and Larners Intersport are Prizes Sponsors. Medals for every runner and prizes for category winners, both women and Male Races supported and timed by the North Norfolk Beach Runners

For More information please contact Martin Green - 01603 670107 or




Issue 10 2014

Iceni Interviews Terry Lee

Station Manager Of

Future Radio Tell us a little about Future Radio?

What was the inspiration behind Future Radio?

Future Radio is Norwich’ Community Radio station. Broadcasting 24 hours a day since August 2007, our multi-genre schedule is packed with programmes presented and produced by real Norwich people - over 150 active volunteers - using our Norwich studios.

Future Radio was born after conversations between the founders of our parent charity (Dawn Jackson MBE & Sonia Bush), and our first Station Manager (Tom Buckham) - 10 years ago.

Chances are you know someone who has been involved with Future Radio at some point - since 2007 we have had over 500 volunteers who have contributed to our output. This form of local radio isn’t exclusive to Norwich we are one of around 200 Community Radio stations that exist in the UK – but I am proud to say that we are considered one of the best in the country. I think this is because we are not afraid to ‘do different’ - we are the alternative voice of Norwich, broadcasting for listeners who love music (not Simon Cowell ‘music’, I mean proper music), debate, and coverage of key local issues.

Norwich truly is a fine city – full of culture, characters and creativity. Future Radio is about reflecting the views of the different communities and communities of interest across Norwich, and creating intelligent, alternative radio that engages our thousands of listeners. Indeed, Ofcom found out last year that Future Radio’s listeners are the most engaged radio listeners in the UK when they produced their report ‘The Future for Small Scale Radio’. In short, Norwich and its people are our inspiration. Without their input, we’d just be talking to ourselves in a small, sound-proofed room. When did you commence broadcasting? Our first trial broadcasts were back in 2004, but we launched as a full-time radio station in August 2007 - the first song we played was Talking Heads - ‘Once In A Lifetime’. What are the main objectives of the radio station? To provide a diverse, accessible, and engaging community radio service which educates and supports the local and wider community, provides high quality output and promotes community development and cohesion. What demographic listeners do you aim at? Recent research has shown that, of our 42,000 monthly listeners, 85% of our listeners are between 25-49 years of age, 80% are employed, 60% are male, 40% are female and 50% are homeowners.



However, the eclectic nature of our schedule means there really is something for everyone. 

What area do you broadcast to? On 107.8FM, it’s Norwich and the surrounding area. I can listen in my car when I am driving to Cromer! You can also listen online around the world - What are you goals for the radio station in the future? Our goals are wide ranging. Generally, we hope to continue to provide the people of Norwich with the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome any disadvantages, to make positive life choices, and to engage the community and communities of interest in our activities, and provide them with a means to have their voice heard. This is what we have achieved so far, and this is what I wish for us to continue to achieve. I want everyone involved; staff, volunteers, listeners - to be proud of the noise we make. And finally do you have anything you would like to add? Anyone can get involved here at Future Radio, no radio experience is necessary! Just visit our website for more information about the various things you can do.


Shine On™ Competition We’ve teamed up with professional hair expert, Scott Cornwall, to give four lucky readers the chance to win a sample of his innovative Shine On™ conditioning hair glaze. Shine On™ is a collagen rich formula with a unique ‘diamond’ clear molecule to add shine, gloss and vitality to hair. Free from ammonia and harsh chemicals, it’s kind and gentle on the hair and suitable for all hair types and textures. It’s easy to use at home, only takes 20 minutes to apply and develop and lasts for up to 24 washes. Shine On™ is priced at £12.99 and available from selected Boots stores nationwide and online at

To find out more about Future Radio visit:

To be in with a chance of winning please email your contact details to: by 28th February 2014. Please state ‘Shine On’ in the subject line. PAGE



Issue 10 2014


When did you last take a trip out of Norwich by train? he chances are that most inhabitants of our fine City are familiar with the rail service in and out of Norwich. And no wonder. For as well as the frequent daily services that run through to London Liverpool Street and all points inbetween, the station also acts as a starting point to a cluster of other destinations across the country, including York, Newcastle and Glasgow where, in each case, the service available from Norwich requires just one change en-route. Even more impressive than that however, is the fact that you can reach destinations in the North West of England like Manchester and Liverpool from Norwich direct.

at Liverpool, fourteen different stations and five and a half hours later. Who said you can never get anywhere from Norfolk? Of course, you don’t even have to leave Norfolk to benefit from a visit to the station and letting the train take the proverbial strain. The Bittern Line is both a local and national success story, proof positive that regional branch lines can, if managed correctly and marketed professionally, be of social and economical benefit to the area that it serves.

Imagine that! You can take your seat here early of a morning and not have to move or The Bittern Line is a community railway partnership which supports and publicises worry about anything until your train arrives the line from Norwich to Cromer and Sheringham. The partnership, initially formed by Norfolk County Council and Anglia Railways in 1997, has been strengthened since then with new partners; the funds raised are used to promote it and the surrounding area with the goal of developing economic and environmental benefits to residents and tourists alike.



Image by Robert Quade

If you haven’t ridden the Bittern then take some time out one day to do so and take the opportunity to see parts of Norfolk that, whilst they may be familiar to you from your car, always take on a new look from the windows of a train. The line itself is not new. The stretch from Norwich to North Walsham was opened in 1874, extending as

ALL ABOARD Issue 10 2014

far as Cromer three years later with the stretch from Cromer to Sheringham being opened in 1887-using a section of line that was ‘purloined’ from the old Midland and Great Northern Railway - a good example of early recycling and being green! The line itself is around 30 miles long, connecting Norwich to those coastal outposts via the stations at places such as Salhouse, Hoveton and Wroxham, North Walsham, Gunton and West Runton. Much of its route takes in part of the Norfolk Broads as well as the designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the North Norfolk coast. For those of you who are real rail buffs - but it’s a treat for anyone-alighting at Sheringham gives you the opportunity of connecting to the famous Poppy Line which offers the chance to go back in time and travel on the railways as they were in their golden age.

Equally as picturesque and valuable is the Wherry Line. This line, opened in 1844 runs from Norwich through to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, calling at stations and place names from another age. Brundall, Cantley, Haddiscoe and Somerleyton to name but four. Somerleyton is the epitome of a quiet rural station, two platforms, birdsong, rose bay willow herb and sunny days. It only needs Jenny Agutter for the romantic picture to be complete. Annual passenger usage soars and drops like the swallows that fly over the tracks. Only 9,850 passengers used the station throughout 2009/10, that’s around 26 people a day on average. Yet it survives and plays its part in the community it serves. And long may it and all of its sister stations continue to do so. An invaluable service maintained and polished by a special band
 of people.

Also known as the North Norfolk Railway, the Poppy Line offers an 11 mile round trip by steam whenever possible, connecting Sheringham with Weybourne and Holt. On the days the service runs one of its stream trains, the atmosphere, sights, sounds and scents stimulated are evocative of a forgotten time. It’s truly a day and experience that should appeal to all, even to those, such as this writer who are, sadly, too young to remember the age of stream. One trip on the Poppy Line can, I But what of the big City and our mainline promise, make you a fan station in Norwich? It is the sole survivor for life. of the three railway stations that we used PAGE


ALL ABOARD Issue 10 2014

to have in Norwich and was once known as which, on a good day, should certainly take Norwich Thorpe with the other two stations no longer than an hour now requires, for the named Norwich Victoria and Norwich City. poor rail traveller, a trip that can take nearly double that time and necessitate going via Norwich Victoria used to be the terminus Ely-which is further away from Norwich of the Great Eastern Line and was opened than Kings Lynn is, and by around 20 miles! in 1849. It remained in regular passenger But what would we ever have to grumble about use until 1916 when it reverted to goods use if our railway services were perfect or even, only, becoming a coal depot at the end of heaven forefend, logical? It is partially that the Second World War before being closed which makes travelling by train such a delight. completely in 1966. Its site is now occupied by a Sainsbury’s with what remains of the The current Norwich Station has six old track bed having been converted into the platforms with numbers One and Two footpath known as the Lakenham Way. usually the exclusive preserve of services to and from London Liverpool Street. It’s Norwich City station was opened in 1882 by an enjoyable run of just under two hours, the wonderfully quaint Lynn and Fakenham taking in destinations en-route such as Diss, Railway, going on to become the southern Stowmarket, Colchester and Stratford. The terminus of the Midland and Great Northern line immediately before the latter is almost Joint Railway which ran through from worth the trip on its own, giving, as it does, a Melton Constable. It was a popular station wonderful view of the Olympic Stadium and with services to Cromer as well as further Park, sights that became iconic to us all in afield, including Peterborough and Leicester. 2012. Passenger usage for Norwich Station During the Second World War however, it was for 2011/12 was recorded as 3,885,000, badly damaged by the Luftwaffe bombing equating to well over 10,000 users per day-a raids in April 1942 which almost totally sure sign of a healthy regional railway and destroyed the main building and surrounds. Its fate was ultimately sealed on those two station that is both popular and practical. terrible nights and the station eventually closed to passengers in March 1959, staying open for goods traffic for a further decade. Its site is where the roundabout on the A147 links Barn Road with St Crispins Road. The Friends Of Norwich City station have since been set up to help preserve what is left of the station infrastructure.

Despite its obvious joys and both practical and personal pleasures, our railway system has, like any other, quirks and irritations that help give it the reputation it has, both locally and nationally. One annoyance is the lack of a direct service from Norwich to Kings Lynn, lost in 1959 with the closure of part of the line in the South Lynn area. A journey that, if taken by car is around 44 miles and PAGE


So if you’re part of that-give yourself a pat on the back. It’s well deserved. Article By Edward Couzens-Lake Follow on Twitter: @edcouzenslake The Community Rail Partnership publish a guide to the Bittern and Wherry Lines. These are available from Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft stations. They also have a Smartphone app which is a free download for iPhone and Android. Further information at:


Issue 10 2014

Sweet Cheese Ice Cream, Maple Granola, Baked Fig, Smoked Oak Maple Syrup

Images By: Jamie Maxwell (

This is quite a simple dish with four very versatile elements, the Granola keeps for a couple of weeks and is great with yoghurt for breakfast or can even add a bit of texture to a game dish, the Figs can be roasted without the Sugar and work really well with Paté or cured meats. The Syrup, although it sounds a little technical, is really easy and tastes amazing.

Eric Snaith Head Chef at Titchwell Manor

In a large pan, melt all the ingredients apart from the Oats, once melted, add the Oats and mix well. Spread on a baking tray and bake at 170c for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool.

Serves 4 with left over Ice cream and Granola. For the Ice cream 650g cream Cheese 1lt whole Milk A pinch of Salt 1 small tin of condensed Milk Purée all the ingredients in a drinks blender, pass through a fine mesh sieve, then churn in an Ice cream machine. For the Granola 150g Maple syrup 1 g mild Curry powder 50g Butter 1g Salt 1g Cinnamon powder

For the Syrup 300g Maple syrup I tsp oak smoking Chips 4 whole Cloves ¼ Vanilla pod In a pan, warm the Maple syrup to around 60c. On a metal tray, burn the Chips with a blowtorch until thoroughly toasted and add to the syrup. Split the Vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds and add to the syrup with the Cloves. Stir and cover over night. For the Figs 4 Figs Cut the Figs in half and coat with the smoked Maple syrup, roast in the oven PAGE at 170c or until soft and sticky. 37

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF Issue 10 2014

Dishing The Dirt On Motorcycle Cleaning Norfolk.. Everyone has a passion. Whether it is for chocolate, roller coasters, ice cream or fast cars… For Graham, his passion is for motorbikes. A passion he has managed to turn into a successful business. From the moment he rode his first bike, a Yamaha ‘fizzy’, at the age of 16, he was hooked. 20 (ish) years ago, a modified bike was one that had been painted matt black and chopped with a hack saw. Back in the day it was not uncommon for an exhaust to fall off half way down the road. Nowadays, Graham still rides, and takes great pride in his Triumph Bonneville. And he has exchanged the matt black paint for top of the range wash and wax products. Graham’s passion for bikes shines through his business; Motorcycle Cleaning Norfolk. He offers a bespoke mobile wash and detail service, at a place and time convenient for his customers. Currently, he has approximately 50 regulars who call on him to clean


Issue 10 2014

the mud, salt and rust from their bikes. He has cleaned scooters, race replicas, choppers and off road trials bikes. He has turned up to bikes that are already clean and bikes that are caked in mud. Graham will wash your bike, offers various levels of service, and will wax, polish and detail. His customers notice a change in their bikes after the detailing. It creates shine, protects paint, alloys and plastics. His website is full of shiny pictures and glowing reports. Motorcycle Cleaning Norfolk covers all of Norfolk and even parts of Suffolk in order to clean your prides of motor joy. Graham loves meeting his customers and listening to their experiences of the motorbike world. He allocates his appointments for weekends and evenings, to fit in around his other job, as a Careers and Guidance advisor. With his two jobs, a wife and two young children (and another on the way) he rarely has time to himself. He believes he is extremely lucky, with a supportive family, and being able to do something he loves. For More Information Visit: Follow On Twitter: @motorcycleclean

Getting to know Motorcycle Cleaning Norfolk - Quick Fire A - Z Questions.. A is for Ale. Favourite Ale? Woodforde’s Wherry.

O is for Odd. Oddest food ever eaten?

I once ate chicken feet in black bean sauce. They were chewy. Don’t ask why I ate them…

P is for Potatoes. How do you prefer your potatoes? (no hesitation) Roasted. With extra virgin olive oil.

U is for UK. Favourite place to eat in the UK?

I’ve recently discovered Middletons Steakhouse and Grill. They cook the best steak I have eaten in a long time.

W is for Wine. Favourite wine?

Don’t underestimate Cawston Winery. (Broadland Wineries) With their fruity wines and Norfolk Mead.

Article By: Emma Eltringham Follow On Twitter: @atozofnorfolk Email: PAGE



Issue 10 2014

Every issue - Dave Lincoln of Horatio Creative ( will be answering any Web or Design questions you may have. If you would like to contact him, you can do so on Twitter: @HoratioCreative


What are the best times to Tweet and send messages out on Facebook? Do you have any other tips for using social media? @Jon_Clifton78 Thanks for the question Jon, by the way, I had a look at the images on your Twitter account and you have some really nice shots on there!

As we all know, social media is a great way of communicating with both customers and other businesses, #norfolkhour on Twitter is a great example of this. It happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 8.30pm with a friendly community of local businesses, so drop in and say hello! However good social media is, managing a successful account it is also another constraint on your valuable time, so are you making the most of this? Back to your original question - In regard of the best times to use Twitter and Facebook, you can’t beat a good old fashioned bit of trial and error, different groups of users (businesses / customers / peers), are generally active at different times, I’m sure you have noticed that you get more responses from your followers are certain times of the day, rather than others. What do the stats say? On Facebook, traffic on the site builds after 9am, with the peak times being between 1pm and 4pm, so this would be the optimum time to post. Traffic starts fading after 4pm, with the worst times to post being between 8pm and 8am. The peak time to post in the whole week is Wednesday at 3pm. On Twitter, users start building after 11am, with the peak times being 1pm - 3pm. Users start dropping off at 3pm, with the worst times to post being 8pm to 9am. Most of the twitter traffic happens between Monday - Thursday. These stats were found at http://socialmediatoday. com/brianna5mith/1453951/best-times-post40 social-media-infographic. PAGE

Some Other Tips For Using Social Media Limit Your Social Media Platforms - In my opinion, it is better to target the 2 or 3 platforms that would most benefit your business, and engage your users, rather than attempting to do too many, and not managing any of these properly. I think it looks worse to clients, if you have an account that hasn’t been updated and with unanswered messages, than if you don’t have one at all. Engage With Your Users - People have taken the time to find, follow and read your accounts. Make them feel part of your community and welcome them in. Take the time to respond to their messages and comments, if they have made suggestions or left feedback, listen to these and take note of what is being said. Even if the comment is negative, the users perception of you can quickly be turned around with a message to them addressing their concerns. Keep a Record of Your Social Media Followers - This does not have to be anything too formal, just make a note every month of the amount of followers you have. This will help you keep track of how your audience is increasing (or decreasing) - and what is effective for you in terms of marketing your account. Be Social, not a Salesperson - If you are trying to use your account to promote services or products, try not to force this message on your users too much as they will get bored of hearing about it. The occasional ‘humblebrag’ is ok, especially if you are up for an award or have received a good testimonial, however they will soon unfollow if this is all you talk about. Try to keep your content conversational and also write posts that provoke a response (but in an uncontroversial way), this will build a stronger engagement with your audience. People are also more likely to comment, re-tweet or share ‘feel-good’ content that have positive associations. Remember - “you are marketing to humans not robots” (Erica Domesek, P.S. I Made This).


Issue 10 2014

Independent Review Orpheus Odyssey by Bernadette Seymour This story is a day to day account of the journey Husband and Wife team Dudley and Bernadette take with dog Harry as they embark on a two year adventure on their yacht Orpheus. Bernadette tells us of the trials and tribulations and the happy times they have living aboard their yacht, the places they travel to, and the mishaps that occur. If you are a fan of Sailing you will like this book. Sharon Piggin - Norwich



ICENI - MUSIC Issue 10 2014

FREYA ROY ...IS A 17-YEAR-OLD SINGER-SONGWRITER FROM SUFFOLK. 2012 saw the release of her debut EP entitled ‘Wait in the Water’ which proved to be popular around the area, securing her places at many local festivals including Cambridge Folk Festival. Over the past few years, Freya has developed her jazz-influenced, folk/ indie/blues sound using a loop station.

Photography by Chris Calderwood

Artwork by Poppy Roy

During live performances she builds up harmonised, soulful vocals over layered beats and bluesy and jazzy guitar licks and progressions. In December 2013, Freya released her self-recorded second EP entitled ‘Tomorrow’ which she launched with a regional tour. Dates included Norwich, London, Cambridge, Somerleyton and her hometown of Halesworth, Suffolk.

Photography by Nick Ilot




Issue 10 2014

When working mum event managers Lucy and Sarah met through the Mum2Mum business networking group at the end of 2012 they had 2 choices, consider each other as competition and avoid each other or work together and go for gold and that’s what they’ve done, so in the spring 2013 they sat down for a cup of tea and brain storming session and with both of their mums turning 60 that year came up with the Later Life Show, a show for over 50s about embracing your retirement. Completely new to Norfolk the show which takes place at the Norfolk Showground on Wednesday 19th March from 10am until 4pm will include a fashion show featuring models in all shapes and sizes over the age of 50 wearing clothing from local boutiques put together by Image Consultant Sarah Morgan. The show will be opened by Let’s Talk Magazine’s Carol Bundock who will act as compere guiding you through the day, there will be singing from Broadbeat Choir and guest speakers talking about a wide range of subjects including dating in later life, family history, wills and probate, finances, a second income and care plans. Lucy and Sarah are delighted to be supporting Cancer Research UK with the show who will be coming along to talk to people about forming a local fundraising team or the charities free will service for the over 55s. An auctioneer from Keys Fine Art Auctioneers will be giving valuations on the day so do bring along any heirlooms you would like valued. There will be demonstrations of the new Hydrotherm Massage Bed and Bioneuro Dry Therapy System from Get Fit Stay Fit. The Hearing Care Centre Ltd will be offering free ear health checks and the Sportspark will be demonstrating fitness in later life. Many exhibitors will be offering special discounts to attendees of the show. Lucy and Sarah will be running a competition to win a free holiday from Easton’s Holidays. By simply filling in the back of your ticket with your contact details you could win a luxury holiday to Yorkshire’s Beautiful Dales. With 4 Nights bed, breakfast and dinner at the Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel & Country Club in Shipley, a free home taxi collection & return, this luxury executive scenic coach tour goes through the beautiful Dales and includes excursions to visit to Fountains Abbey, the City of York and Harlow Carr Gardens. The show will include a café where you can enjoy a spot of light lunch or tea and cake. There is a quiet relaxation area where you can take the weight off your feet and take stock of all you have seen and learnt before you head back out to enjoy the rest of the show. With ample free parking available and special buses laid on by Easton’s Coaches collecting from the north and south of Norfolk, (see website or ring Eastons Holidays 01603 754155 for full details) it’s easy to get to the show which takes place on Wednesday 19th March 2014, 10am - 4pm. Tickets are on sale now at £7. For ticket sales please telephone 01603 568 286 and leave a message, post a cheque to: Tickets, Pinetta, Highland Road, Taverham, Norwich, NR8 6QP or go to the website and book online (please note there will be an online booking fee).You can buy them in person from Lucy and Sarah at the Buy Local Norfolk event in the Forum, Norwich on 13th February. Limited tickets will available on the door at £8. For further information about the show or to book a stand please see, email PAGE or ring 01603 516 416.


ICENI - MOTORING Issue 10 2014

Young Motorists Reminded Not To Cut Corners With Car Maintenance Students are being urged to set some pennies aside for servicing and maintaining their cars this term. - a site which operates nationwide to help car owners find rated mechanics in their local area – is encouraging young drivers to budget sensibly as they return to university, to keep their cars in top condition for the rest of the winter period. The site clocked a 25 per cent increase in job requests in January last year, and early indications are that this month is going to yield similar results while UK motorists struggle to keep moving in harsh weather conditions. The issue of staying safe on the roads is especially important for younger drivers. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed that drivers under 25 are at greatest risk of crashing or being injured. They make up just 9 per cent of licence holders, and yet they are involved in almost a quarter of all crashes resulting in injury or death. The team at advise students to carry out weekly checks of tyre pressure and tyre tread depth - and to remember that less than 3mm is dangerous in wintry weather. They should also check oil and water levels, lights and wiper blades on a weekly basis. If anything looks worn or broken, students shouldn’t attempt to fix it themselves to save money, but should ask a local garage for advice instead. Ian Griffiths, CEO of said: “Taking a car to university can be a great asset. It’s practical for students with weekend jobs, it’s a great way of exploring your new city, and it’s useful for travelling to work placements. However, with hectic nature of a new term, along with the expense of living costs and new books, it can be easy to forget about budgeting for basic car costs such as servicing, MOT, vehicle tax and general maintenance.” “Students can be vulnerable when it’s their first full year away from home, and they may be living in an unfamiliar city without access to a mechanic they know and trust. By using our site, young drivers can post their job requests online for free, compare quotes from nearby mechanics, and read feedback from other customers before making their decision.” “The last thing a busy student needs is an expensive breakdown, especially in the midst of an exam week or before an important lecture, so the best way to keep a car in good condition is to get to know a trusted local garage and make regular visits, especially in these winter months.” is free for motorists to use. More than 26,000 jobs have been posted on and in excess of 4,000 mechanics have signed up.




Issue 10 2014

New MG3 By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist Follow Tim on twitter @carwriteups or visit: ome cars try too hard to look funky. The new supermini from MG is one of them. For me, the renowned MG name should be associated with class - not boy-racer, go-faster stripes and cheap interior plastics. Sorry to say the MG3 has both. But all is not lost because this little car will attract a wedge of the British motoring population for one big reason - the very low price tag. You see, the MG3 3Form Sport VTi-Tech model I drove only costs £9,549. For that sub 10 grand figure you get a small hatch which will certainly appeal to young and style conscious buyers. Exterior highlights include 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels, light-emitting diode (LED) lights, a sport-design bumper, side sill extensions, a rear spoiler, a sportsdesign rear valance, chrome exhaust finishers and MG insert headlamps. Furthermore, as it’s all the rage for cars aimed at the younger end of the motoring market to have an array of styling options, MG has made its latest model a blank canvas so it can be ‘personalised’. With three trim levels, 10 colours and a range of at least 10 graphic packs, young drivers with their first pay packet will be spoilt for choice! The combinations are almost endless. It’s all been done before by other manufacturers though and the attempt seems a tad contrived. Step inside and key features of the MG3 include air conditioning; a six-speaker audio system; Bluetooth; DAB radio, USB input, automatic lights and wipers, rear parking sensors, and fabric seats with part-leather trim. That’s a whole lot of kit - but the plastic-fantastic cabin spoils the party. Most surfaces, from the doors to the dash, feel hard and, well, cheap. That said, the car is cutprice – so it’s a classic case of ‘you get what you pay for’. The most surprising aspect of the MG3 is the amount of space and versatility in an incredibly compact fivedoor package. The ‘rolled and raised’ front dashboard design creates an airy forward cabin space and increased legroom, while allowing excellent access to the controls. This theme is continued in the rear of the car, where the front seats are sculpted to allow your rear passengers

enough space to travel in comfort. Best of all, the MG will accommodate four six footers; a level of room typically associated with larger cars. Behind the wheel, the MG3 delivers impressive levels of body control, sharpness and a willingness to corner. Powered by a hale and hearty 103bhp 1498cc petrol engine, it darts about like a minnow, delivering sure footed handling and impressive ride comfort. The 0-62mph scurry of 10.9 seconds and top speed of 108mph makes the MG3 suitable for most trips, from jam-packed urban routes, to fluid British B-roads or cruising on a European motorway. At just four-metres long and with five doors, the MG3 is really easy to drive and park too. It’s also practical with a small, but deep rectangular boot that will take the weekly shop – or even a child’s buggy. It has a distinctive stance and its ‘hockey stick’ shaped daylight running lights help give the MG3 a front ‘face’ unlike any other car. PROS • Good to drive • Easy to park • Cheap to buy and run CONS • Contrived • Interior plastics FAST FACTS • Max speed: 108 mph • 0-62 mph: 10.9 secs • Combined mpg: 48.7 • Engine: 1498cc 4 cylinder 16 valve petrol • Max. power (bhp): 103 at 6000 rpm • Max. torque (lb/ft): 101 at 4750 rpm • CO2: 136 g/km • Price: £9,549




Shapewatchers: Not A Diet But A New Approach To Fat Loss And Fitness Just launched in January “it’s time I changed shape” resolutions is ShapeWatchers, a new and innovative way to become the shape you want to be. For achievable results, it’s time to stop chasing weight loss and start ShapeWatching. ShapeWatchers has worked for Donna and Andreas, the people who demonstrate the programme on the website. They have used ShapeWatchers to change shape and sustain that change, just through regular quick and simple exercises, coupled with our nutrition and hydration tips.You can read Donna and Andreas’s inspiring stories on the site. All the exercises can be done anywhere, requiring no special equipment. They are shown being done just in casual clothes, not gymwear. Each exercise takes less than 1 minute and week by week, these build into a carefully designed sequence which helps you to burn bulky fat and just retain leaner mass. In this way you change shape even without significant changes to your weight.Your weight will steadily reduce, but it is the change to a firmer shape that is the most striking result. Kirkland Hay, the originator of ShapeWatchers, says, “I’ve developed ShapeWatchers over a 20 year period, testing and refining it to the point where it is now - a genuinely different approach for normal people to feeling fitter and healthier. It’s simple and easy to use and it really does work. I’ve always believed that a focus on weight is the wrong approach, as this only tells us how heavy we are. It’s really our shape that matters to us and how we look, not our weight. ShapeWatchers is aimed primarily at people who currently take little or no exercise but know they need to do more, but find it difficult to get started. ShapeWatchers is quick, easy and safe to do, and ideal as a way to get going and to start to make a change to your shape. As part of the programme, I’ve created a series of free videos with hints and tips on making the most of ShapeWatchers – search for ‘ShapeWatchers’ on YouTube and you’ll find them or go to”



Using a simple self-assessment tool on the website you can track the morale-boosting progress of your change in shape. It’s a quick and easy process to register at The complete programme is available on a low-cost monthly subscription, the perfect way to a new you.

ICENI - HOROSCOPES Issue 10 2014

Horoscopes Aries 21 March - 20 April

Libra 24 September - 23 October

Things look promising as Venus forges ahead, while the general pattern of influences encourages a steady improvement. A Full Moon mid-month in Leo, can be the thumbs up you need to take action on a creative or romantic plan. Despite no New Moon this month, a Jupiter Uranus link can see you edging closer to getting an exciting plan up and running.

The month ahead might have more than the usual romantic significance. The Full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day no less, can coincide with a special date night or even a surprise message, and one which is filled with tender feelings. You could also get unexpected help from someone to fulfill a plan or goal that is of particular importance to you.

Taurus 21 April - 21 May

Scorpio 24 October - 22 November

Mercury rewinds for three weeks this month, yet Venus, your personal planet, turns direct from early on. Despite this one step forward two steps back scenario, you may make more progress than you imagined. Plus, it’s possible you’ll get support from an unlikely source. You could find yourself in the spotlight around the time of the Full Moon on the 14th. Get ready to be noticed!

If you’ve been perplexed by the attitude of certain people, key relationships may show improvement that is both heartening and generally positive. Once the Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, creative opportunities can show up encouraging you to bust out the paints, craft materials or anything else that gives you a sense of deep-seated fulfillment.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

Sagittarius 23 November - 21 December

It may seem as though the Universe is conspiring against you, as delays could be a common feature. Yet, it’s not so, as the planets may also be counseling caution concerning a meaningful goal or project. Obstacles can be a sign that fate is playing its hand, and that a better route may become available further down the line, Gemini.

Finances can exhibit a more positive glow, as Venus pushes ahead in your money zone. You may have had to dig deeper into your resourceful nature over recent weeks, but now it seems to be paying off. You have a chance to get ahead and can feel justifiably proud of yourself, if so. A delayed goal could lead you to take a more successful route, in time.

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

You may notice a very proactive energy in the air, pushing you to move out of your comfort zone. It’s possibly the same feeling you’ve had for some time, only you might find it harder to ignore. Whatever your plan, Mercury will be retrograde for much of February, so use this opportunity to research key facts. After that, it can be full steam ahead.

Mistakes could happen, whether you’re talking in person, texting, emailing or amping up your body language. Missed clues and mixed signals could result in some embarrassing moments, so take it easy as Mercury will be in its retro phase for three weeks of the month. Yet, renewed confidence in yourself could still make this a memorable few weeks.

Leo 24 July - 23 August

Aquarius 21 January - 19 February

This month coincides with Valentine’s Day and a Full Moon in your sign. Whatever your relationship status, this can be a time of dramatic gestures and romantic opportunities. Plus, a Jupiter Uranus link can spur you on concerning an idea. Though in seedling form, it can be a fine time to act, if you have a good feeling about your prospects.

February can have extra sizzle, as a Full Moon in the amorous Leo on Valentine’s Day, could mean someone’s willing to pull out all the stops for a special evening out. If romance doesn’t appeal, there’s an opportunity to make a delightful new friend. Plus, new social contacts could pave the way for positive developments in the future.

Virgo 24 August - 23 September

Pisces 20 February - 20 March

You could find you’re more confident about the weeks ahead, perhaps because you’ve already made headway through your own efforts, and the results are beginning to show. Mercury’s first retrograde phase of 2014 might slow things a little, yet this could be to your benefit as you continue to assess your situation and pick your route carefully.

Mercury regresses in your sign over this month, so watch out for mistakes that could cause embarrassment. You may also be deeply attuned to your sixth sense, which could be helpful in a key situation. Once the Sun moves into your sign at the start of week three, you can feel revitalized at every level, and ready to get going on important hopes or projects.

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